asylum; (5) Facial grimaces, during press conference, of Armstrong and Aldrin; (6) List of pH levels of settling beds, Metropolitan Waterp 44 JAC 1970
the American licence plates and the photographs of him with Aldrin and Armstrong (this was before the lunar flights in 1969p 214 ML 2008
my sister in 1949, and rented a house in the Aldwick Bay estate, to the west of Bognor. After my father'sp 122 ML 2008
followed him to the edge of the pit. Pints of ale were passed round, but no-one drank. Wrenches in hand, Edwardp 295 KW 1991
happy with his computers, his weekend walks and pints of ale. I was lucky to meet two fellow writers and theirp 274 ML 2008
makes a certain amount of sense. There's the good fairy, Alec Guinness, with his laser-wand and a smooth line in morallyp 16 UGM 1977
the wall beside us, advertising sets of Edwardian crucibles and alembics. She had spread her thighs, imitating her posture in David'sp 224 KW 1991
villas of the Residencia Costasol began to appear through the Aleppo pines that ran down to the deserted beach. The housesp 210 CN 1996
Brodie was right. Mrs. Allison greeted Hargreaves cheerfully, and seemed alert and self-contained. The lip swelling had subsided, and the lispp 9 VN 1951
forwards with a minimum of effort. Both felt strong and alert; Avery was sweating slightly, but this was due to thep 52 M69 1957
observation window in one of the doors. Here, at constant alert, a group of orderlies and interns sat around waiting byp 53 M69 1957
they assembled in the lecture room. They felt cool and alert again. The peripheral numbness and slight head torpor had gonep 56 M69 1957
trigger disaster in an already oversensitized psyche.) Neill was fully alert to this. At the end of the first two weeksp 57 M69 1957
followed the wall opposite him down to the far corner, alert for the telltale signs of a retractable panel. For somep 61 M69 1957
again.‘ The old man watched him shrewdly. He had an alert bird-like face, twin folds under his chin like a cockerel'sp 164 CH 1960
he was a small neat figure with greying hair and alert sensitive eyes. His forehead was broad, with a marked slopep 279 GA 1961
each day. For the first hours he felt fresh and alert, but his energy faded rapidly and after each meal anp 263 MF 1961
I broke off. She was watching me in a remarkably alert way, almost as if she were going to swallow mep 213 S5 1961
ignored him, picked up the mouth tube. ‘Starboard torpedo station! Alert! Charge No. 2 tube with main HE heads.‘ Waiting forp 114 WFN 1961
him. I'd leave them here, but they'll put out an alert within five minutes and we'd be picked up before we'dp 126 WFN 1961
body hasn't been found, anyway. Marshall managed to get an alert through before he died. The gunmen were working for someonep 151 WFN 1961
building was wearing a uniform, moving about busily at standby alert. A huge broad-shouldered woman with sergeant's stripes handed Tony overp 344 PE 1962
Together we can be ready for the next landings and alert the world. I am only Charles Kandinski, a waiter atp 496 VH 1963
far he had found little success in his attempt to alert people to the folly of venturing into space. All thatp 498 VH 1963
me to call General Wayne at the air base and alert the Strategic Air Command.‘ Ward chewed his lip. ‘I don'tp 501 VH 1963
zone, sitting around doing nothing but with your optic nerves alert, a no-man's land between sleep and consciousness. I'd expect allp 655 GTN 1964
the sharp arrow-like cheekbones. His eyes had the over-intense but alert look of a half-educated migrant preacher constantly distracted by thep 60 D 1965
intelligent face, set above a strong jaw, seemed composed and alert. She looked up as Dr Mallory and Halliday lowered thep 673 DF 1966
first time she looked directly into my face, her eyes alert and adult above the white adolescent mask. ‘I live nearp 799 SGW 1970
balustrade fifty yards away ran back to the car. Her alert, childlike face stared at him through the windshield while hep 39 JAC 1970
was now far weaker physically, his mind felt clear and alert. He knew that whatever he decided to do in hisp 42 CI 1974
lips, and offered him a draw. Trying to keep himself alert, and frightened of falling asleep, Maitland fixed his eyes onp 82 CI 1974
He watched Maitland deferentially, but his dim tramp's eyes were alert for any false move. Maitland settled the crutch under hisp 104 CI 1974
maintenance worker who might hand the licence number to an alert policeman. Maitland peered into the grimy interior of the carp 104 CI 1974
it to Proctor.‘ ‘Not yet.‘ Maitland sat up, his mind alert. He pointed a hand at Proctor. ‘I want him top 117 CI 1974
ventilation shafts and elevator heads, watching him with their unusually alert eyes. Thinking that they might already have dined off thep 81 HR 1975
of unconscious preparation for the emergency ahead. He himself felt alert and confident -- despite the bruises on his shoulders andp 95 HR 1975
explore himself, and the strong element of unpredictability kept everyone alert. Although he might wheedle at their breast he could easilyp 172 HR 1975
Garden City. As he gazed down at Halloway with his alert but neutral expression he looked as if he had beenp 889 UC 1976
treads of armoured troop carriers, the whole panoply of nuclear alert. Waiting patiently, confident that the logic of the new zodiacp 987 Z2 1978
The girl was the brightest of the trio, with an alert, pointed face and a lively, questing nose. The larger ofp 29 UDC 1979
I felt like a child in a holiday hotel, senses alert to the smallest blemish in the paintwork of the ceilingp 124 UDC 1979
shyly between the dusty cars as if embarrassed by this alert and clear-minded tenant who had taken up residence in hisp 202 UDC 1979
the roof of the Desert Inn. He looked pale but alert, as if he had decided long ago to dispense withp 151 HA 1981
long metal tube, unmistakably the barrel of an anti-aircraft weapon. Alert now, Wayne decided to land on the narrow deck besidep 166 HA 1981
sky, and drummed at the roof of the Convention Center. Alert again, Dr Fleming tapped the buttons on his transmitter. Thep 184 HA 1981
on his face. His left hand had already keyed an alert button. Somewhere electronic servos were clicking and humming. ‘Minneapolis top 208 HA 1981
curious way. Above the sick, damp mouth were two very alert eyes. The roulette wheel rotated on its death round, castingp 215 HA 1981
war-lord's secret command post. ‘Paco --!‘ Manson sat up, uncannily alert. He peered suspiciously at the monitor screens, beckoning the youngp 223 HA 1981
up, and was peering through the window in a surprisingly alert way. The slack musculature of his face had drilled itselfp 1015 NFS 1981
By the end of the first year they would be alert for only a few minutes each day, no longer ablep 1019 NFS 1981
terrace across the square. Although deeply asleep, he remained inwardly alert and gestured with his hands in a rhythmic way, happilyp 1031 NFS 1981
he looted the local supermarket, Sheppard became aware of this alert young psychologist watching him over the dusty windshield of herp 1070 MNF 1982
avoiding Anne Godwin and her questions. Then he saw Sheppard's alert eyes staring at him above the carton. He paused, andp 1071 MNF 1982
among the beer bottles and aerosol cans seemed to remain alert. She ignored the music, her small hands clasped around thep 21 DC 1987
to the water, as if urging the river to be alert, spurring it on with encouraging strokes of the paddle. ‘Mrsp 65 DC 1987
suffered slight brain damage after a beating. However, she seemed alert enough as she pursed her lips in a sceptical wayp 89 DC 1987
black conquistador sailing up his private Amazon, with one eye alert for the nearest television lens. As we approached the airstripp 93 DC 1987
I was careful not to overstrain the engine, or to alert Harare's patrols with any excessive noise. The ferry's cruising speedp 108 DC 1987
let the raft drift on to her. Careful not to alert Sanger, who was staring myopically at the stained cliffs, Ip 271 DC 1987
the NATO headquarters staff at Northwood, received an incorrect war alert order and were parachuted by error into the Pangbourne estatep 22 RW 1988
any Chinese collaborators in the surrounding countryside that a security alert was under way, and told the few informers within thep 31 KW 1991
thinking that he had lost consciousness, but his eyes were alert. ‘Dick, they're here ...‘ ‘You can tell them to wait.‘ Hep 312 KW 1991
their simple beds. Despite their extreme age they were clearly alert, tidy and reasonably well nourished. Most mysteriously, across their eyesp 1183 MFM 1992
that Monique prepared soon revived him. He sat up, became alert again and offered Neil an informed commentary on the odoursp 137 RP 1994
posed beside Dr Barbara, aware that the Andersons would never alert the French authorities while Neil remained with her, fearful thatp 173 RP 1994
had sailed for Tahiti to gain more accurate news and alert the world-wide network of animal rights activists. Their impulsive departurep 213 RP 1994
touched his forehead. ‘You'll stay on Saint-Esprit forever.‘ Another air-raid alert was taking place. Supervised by Mrs Saito, the women ranp 218 RP 1994
from exposure, the Andersons had survived their intended death-voyage to alert the French authorities on Tahiti. As Dr Barbara expected, theirp 237 RP 1994
Park and the Sixteenth Arrondissement. Everyone in the town seemed alert and confident. Customers crowded the bookshops and music stores, orp 36 CN 1996
me Frank's guilty proxy, might have been an attempt to alert me to some undiscovered evidence. At eight that evening Paulap 136 CN 1996
patiently. ‘You're not asleep. By now you're wide awake, more alert than you've ever been before. The break-ins are like thep 243 CN 1996
positive side. Since the Hollinger fire people are much more alert to what is going on, even here in the Residenciap 274 CN 1996
to hold his attention. ‘Dr Penrose? Are you --?‘ ‘Paul?‘ Alert again, Penrose turned to me. ‘The aircraft, they're such ap 26 SC 2000
the bubbles sparkle in my hair. Surprisingly, I seemed more alert than I had been since arriving at Eden-Olympia. ‘He calledp 57 SC 2000
away, but disturbing the surface would probably trigger a full-scale alert. Yet Zander was a potential collaborator, the only person Ip 88 SC 2000
No doubt the security apparatus at Eden-Olympia was at fill alert, with a Range Rover parked outside the Delages‘ house. Butp 102 SC 2000
the pool or having a shower.‘ ‘But why no general alert?‘ ‘Vadim's death looked like suicide. We had orders to actp 189 SC 2000
two most senior people in the business park. A full-scale alert must have been under way.‘ ‘Not yet. Greenwood was fifteenp 192 SC 2000
The secretary didn't know what had happened until the security alert ten minutes later. Then she had a nervous breakdown.‘ ‘Grimp 192 SC 2000
when the security men challenged him. By now the general alert had gone out.‘ Halder cruised along the central avenue, holdingp 195 SC 2000
to the digital security panel beside the entrance. ‘If the alert was on, his electronic passkey wouldn't have worked. How didp 196 SC 2000
the warring elements in his face, the lax mouth and alert eyes, at last seemed to be synchronized. ‘These robberies andp 252 SC 2000
an air-conditioned Sinai ...?‘ ‘Absolutely.‘ Penrose pointed approvingly at me, the alert student in the front row of the lecture hall. ‘We'rep 256 SC 2000
syringe and fastened the leather wallet. I needed to be alert if I was to cope with Zander's death and thep 323 SC 2000
complicity of the local utility companies, everyone around me was alert and determined. Kay and her fellow block-leaders had done theirp 225 MP 2003
and experts turned their backs on the burnt-out house. An alert police inspector relayed a message from the Volvo's woman driverp 281 MP 2003
Dick, my God! That's you!‘ She shrieked loudly enough to alert a security guard. I took this as a powerful unconsciousp 9 KC 2006
ran back to me. For the first time she was alert and focused, as if the script she had been followingp 111 KC 2006
football hooliganism. The town's police force, he added, was on alert but was being kept in reserve. Disappointed by their enemiesp 127 KC 2006
devices,‘ he darkly informed his cable viewers. ‘Be on the alert, and check your garages and basements. Every one of usp 204 KC 2006
near the North Gate.‘ ‘Mary Falconer?‘ Julia sat forward, suddenly alert. ‘What was she doing?‘ ‘Keeping an eye on Sangster. He'llp 256 KC 2006