several days about their projected parents‘ association, and the tyro alcoholic Eleanor Powell. Wilder had obviously been excluded. Laing's pointed usep 56 HR 1975
on the wrong side of the dividing line with her alcoholic husband. She had come up ostensibly to plug her coffee-potp 98 HR 1975
appeared at the airport, already in an extreme state of alcoholic distress. He began a futile search among the parked airlinersp 854 NTM 1976
of the most resourceful of the clans, distilling a crude alcoholic spirit from the chemical laboratory equipment. Were the visions inp 66 HA 1981
legend in the first place. Jazz-age darling, spoiled genius and alcoholic writer romantically dying the slow Hollywood death, Fitzgerald played thesep 109 UGM 1982
and sweet, with a pulpy texture and a tang like alcoholic mango. It slightly numbed Johnson's mouth and left a pleasantp 1170 DCG 1990
middle-class Illinois childhood, outwardly respectable but deeply marred by his alcoholic parents. He suggests that the children of alcoholics, trying top 9 UGM 1991
1.00 pm Live from Parliament No.12 -- The Alcoholic MP. 1.30 The Nose-Pickers. Hygiene programme for the kiddiesp 1173 GVD 1992
father was an unsuccessful carpenter and farmer, a violent and alcoholic man who thrashed and terrorized his son. Fortunately the boyp 216 UGM 1994
say -- I spend my time with senile accountants and alcoholic airline pilots, bringing them back from the dead ...‘ ‘That's ap 193 CN 1996
to a convicted antiques dealer, two lesbian marriages and an alcoholic Concorde pilot, and was a haven of bad company andp 8 MP 2003
hated her, but he was under her thumb. A real alcoholic, who wanted me to just fade away. I was twelvep 81 MP 2003
off huge quantities of chlorine gas. Lethal stuff for an alcoholic with a weakened heart. I went and put on myp 82 MP 2003
with all her lodgers, from eighteen-year-old film students o an alcoholic cartoonist ejected from his home near the marina by hisp 162 MP 2003
speaking, feinting around the furniture like dog handlers cornering an alcoholic pit bull, but I was sure that they knew whop 110 KC 2006
more about my alcoholism and drug use.‘ ‘You're not an alcoholic. You're not a drug user.‘ ‘That's not the point.‘ Cruisep 179 KC 2006
of the science magazine Discovery, but had become an argumentative alcoholic. After his death I was left alone to produce thep 190 ML 2008
a car smash, and then disappeared into a limbo of alcoholics hospitals and psychiatric wards. When she died five years afterwardsp 312 TDS 1962
by his alcoholic parents. He suggests that the children of alcoholics, trying to deflect attention from their shame, seek out thosep 9 UGM 1991
Sol. Is that why you stay here?‘ ‘Among all the alcoholics in the sun, groping each other like ancient lobsters?‘ Laughingp 192 CN 1996
offering to cure his chronic depression before it slid into alcoholism. With a grasp, he remembered too the rest of thep 410 M99 1962
and a converted submarine pen (here the problem had been alcoholism, we could feel the gloom and helplessness come down offp 308 TDS 1962
-- masturbation, illicit adventures, frigidity, perversions, disenchantment, divorce, neuroses, psychoses, alcoholism and drug addiction, prostitution and sex crimes. What the bookp 257 UGM 1969
of their high-strung mother, a doctor's widow slowly sliding into alcoholism, at one time seemed too close for comfort. However, Charlottep 13 HR 1975
herself increasingly unsympathetic towards Loughlin's erratic mental behaviour and incipient alcoholism. It is almost certain that but for her death shep 853 NTM 1976
signs of a deepening sense of guilt. The relapse into alcoholism, silence and pseudo-mysticism, and the mental breakdowns, suggested profound anxietiesp 1020 NFS 1981
Grande Motte, Wake Island, Eniwetok, Dealey Plaza. I believe in alcoholism, venereal disease, fever and exhaustion. I believe in pain. Ip 39 WIB 1984
about their favourite topic, themselves. Many describe their unhappy childhoods, alcoholism and failed marriages with a frankness we would find embarrassingp 271 UGM 1992
will intrigue. Anthony Hopkins speaks ‘frankly‘ about his period of alcoholism and his insecurities, but his page-long soliloquies sound like thep 272 UGM 1992
social reasons. By the same token, the great appeal of alcoholism, and the reason why it will never be eliminated, isp 278 UGM 1992
Before he arrived it was one huge, money-churning de-tox unit. Alcoholism, ennui and benzo-diazepine filled our beds. Bobby Crawford pops hisp 121 CN 1996
bouncing cheques and credit card overruns. Double-parking, like adultery and alcoholism, was a vital part of the social glue that keptp 88 KC 2006
the product a little. I could talk more about my alcoholism and drug use.‘ ‘You're not an alcoholic. You're not ap 179 KC 2006
drug user.‘ ‘That's not the point.‘ Cruise watched me patiently. ‘Alcoholism, drug addiction. They're today's equivalent of military service. They givep 179 KC 2006
and doors were shut. Nowhere was there a single darkened alcove or shadow-trap. Neill had insisted on this, reluctantly acknowledging ap 55 M69 1957
even more. This was the unique spectacle, in a quiet alcove of the billiards saloon, of Mr Durrant introducing his bankp 203 LW 1960
down the stairs outside Ward's cubicle. Built into a narrow alcove in a bend of the staircase between the fourth andp 267 B 1961
lamp back on its base. Susan was standing near the alcove by the bookcase, her face tense, anxiously fingering one ofp 15 WFN 1961
one of the pillars. Lanyon pulled Patricia back into an alcove between the door and the stack of TV sets. Hep 99 WFN 1961
storeroom, reached the door just as Patricia, hiding in the alcove a few feet from him, screamed. Dazzled for a momentp 100 WFN 1961
on the far side of Hardoon's desk was a shoulder-high alcove sealed by high shutters. Hardoon drew reflectively on his cigarp 161 WFN 1961
immersed in the exhilarating persona of Gloria Tremayne, exploring every alcove and niche in search of her. In the evenings Ip 312 TDS 1962
apartment on the sofa or sat numbly in a quiet alcove on the gaming deck of the depot ship. Most ofp 127 DW 1962
below the bridge, entered by a panel door in an alcove behind the bar. He waited by the door until ap 147 DW 1962
from the jarring discharge of the Colt. They crossed the alcove, and raced past the deserted bar. Overhead a voice shoutedp 149 DW 1962
from the rain, Hardman became slightly restless in the dark alcove, but soon fell into a shallow sleep, now and thenp 169 DW 1962
stairs into a marble-floored hall. A desk stood in an alcove on the left, and a pretty red-haired receptionist looked upp 533 SA 1963
apologies and slipped away. Professor Cameron was waiting in the alcove outside the banqueting hall when Ward stepped out of thep 500 VH 1963
of worlds without meaning. However, grouped together in a small alcove Halliday found the surrealists Delvaux, Chirico and Ernst. These strangep 671 DF 1966
and he turned and waited among the pillars by the alcove on his left, dozens of reflections of himself glowing inp 92 CW 1966
pillar on his left, as the Negro hiding in the alcove lunged forward across him. The knife flashed in the airp 93 CW 1966
the steps of the court, he beckoned me towards an alcove. ‘Your brother is here, until they return him to Zarzuellap 19 CN 1996
he'd agreed.‘ Danvila gestured to a statue in a nearby alcove, calling on this alabaster knight to be his witness. ‘Ip 77 CN 1996
blithe and carefree.‘ Beyond the sitting room was a dining alcove with a small blackwood table and chairs. I imagined Sansomp 149 CN 1996
own bathrooms. Even secretaries have a sofa in a private alcove, where they can lie back and dream about the loversp 17 SC 2000
began to distort the sphere, ballooning out one of the alcoves like a bubble of over-extended gum. Stamers tapped my elbowp 306 TDS 1962
a small zone of lightness hiding in one of the alcoves, as if to obliterate its presence, but at the lastp 316 TDS 1962
marble formed little loggias that led away to the private alcoves and dining rooms, while the divided central stairway was ap 92 DW 1962
through the entrance. He peered carefully among the pillars and alcoves, following the steps which led up into the mezzanine. Thep 104 DW 1962
found almost uncomfortable. His eyes roved about, searching the shabby alcoves for some hidden perspective. ‘May I take something in returnp 24 CW 1966
by Dali and Francis Bacon. Everywhere we moved, in the alcoves between the marble semi-columns, in gilt miniatures on the mantelshelvesp 751 CSC 1967
shrines wherever he could find a suitable space, in corridor alcoves, medicine cabinets and unoccupied beds. Although touched by the devotionp 74 IY2 1977
fractured sunglasses and blood-stained tampons. Other shrines appeared in corridor alcoves and unoccupied beds, relics of a yet to be experiencedp 1016 NFS 1981
the balustrade and limped down the ramp, searching the lift alcoves for a telephone that would put me through to thep 72 SC 2000
feet, doors being hurled from their hinges, startled Arabs in alcoves and shocked women staring across dishevelled beds. The sound wasp 296 SC 2000
from the screen to the surrounding streets. But its tiled alcoves, like the corners of a huge public lavatory, offered ap 75 KC 2006
of dog-eared books, billets-doux and cigarette butts stubbed out in alcoves. Sangster had left a few seconds before me, and Ip 81 KC 2006
Aisles of light broke and splintered around me, I passed Aldebaran, soared over Betelgeuse and Vega, zoomed past Antares, finally haltedp 91 WG 1959
00015 mm, but that's a long way to urge an Aldebaran Torpid. They are giant viruses embedded in bauxite mountains, andp 349 PE 1962
called the next day. Our huge son, solemn as any alderman, was asleep in his mother's arms when I reached thep 126 KW 1991
Vehicles were still arriving, stopped and checked by military police. Aldershot, the chief garrison town of the British Army, was onlyp 200 KC 2006
The Woman Journalist The Cosmic Cabaret Billion Year Spree Brian Aldiss Brian Aldiss's exuberant title gives a fair summary of allp 202 UGM 1974
read the last chapters of this book. (These sections, where Aldiss brings the history of science fiction up to the presentp 202 UGM 1974
go but forward, and the road is closed. However, as Aldiss points out in Billion Year Spree, these matters are ofp 204 UGM 1974
I would say, at the start of the Industrial Revolution (Aldiss fixes on Mary Shelley's Frankenstein), science fiction has been distinguishedp 204 UGM 1974
Moorcock's fiction ‘gives rise to little more than incurious bewilderment‘. Aldiss, in Barefoot in the Head, ‘interlards an adventure story withp 190 UGM 1981
Journalist The Cosmic Cabaret Billion Year Spree Brian Aldiss Brian Aldiss's exuberant title gives a fair summary of all the excitementsp 202 UGM 1974
and technology that runs in an intact line through Wells, Aldous Huxley, the writers of modern American science fiction, and suchp 92 UGM 1969
in Taos, and then moving to Los Angeles, drawn by Aldous Huxley and the Vedanta movement. But the Hollywood intellectuals werep 72 UGM 1991
enough to notice that the welcoming banner misspelt his name. Aldous Huxley, writing in 1927, described Shanghai as ‘life itself ... densep 219 UGM 1991
to take part?‘ ‘Cleo ... that's unfair. Think beyond the film. Aldous Huxley took LSD as he died -- perhaps this isp 299 KW 1991
emigrating to Hollywood, following the shadows of Scott Fitzgerald and Aldous Huxley to the writers‘ building on the studio lot andp 121 UGM 1993
offered little help. I enjoyed Evelyn Waugh and Graham Greene, Aldous Huxley and George Orwell, but most English novelists were farp 132 ML 2008