against Neil's face, pummelling his skin and almost stripping the albatross-emblazoned windcheater from his shoulders. Standing on the bridge behind Captainp 58 RP 1994
was filming their arrival with a video-camera, panning from the albatross-tipped peak of Saint-Esprit to the line of tents in thep 206 RP 1994
All the other satellites aloft are showing the same increased albedo, seems more and more like a case of "Hubble bubblep 607 IM 1964
of hours he had spent hanging around the guardhouse -- albeit at Basie's instigation -- would count in his favour. Hep 166 ES 1984
checks for the B-29 Super-fortress Enola Gay; (3) electroencephalogram of Albert Einstein; (4) transverse section through a pre-Cambrian trilobite; (5) photographp 34 AW 1966
notoriety as auto-crash fatalities, e.g. James Dean, Jayne Mansfield, Albert Camus. Simulated newsreels of politicians, film stars and TV celebritiesp 97 CRA 1969
15 percent James Dean, 9 percent Jayne Mansfield, 1 percent Albert Camus. In an open category test, volunteers were asked top 98 CRA 1969
crashes for them. Around the deaths of James Dean and Albert Camus, Jayne Mansfield and John Kennedy he had woven elaboratep 15 C 1973
extreme. A faded agency picture of the car in which Albert Camus had died was elaborately re-worked, the dashboard and windshieldp 136 C 1973
435 E Ecclesiastes, Book of, 87 Eckhart, Meister, 265 Einstein, Albert, first Princeton visit by HRH, 203; joint signatory with HRHp 941 I 1977
from HRH, 555 Rubinstein, Helena, 221, 234, 242 S Schweitzer, Albert, receives HRH, 199; performs organ solo for HRH, 201; discussesp 944 I 1977
still hangs in Tiananmen Square. Sunday Times Fallen Idol Elvis Albert Goldman The Hollywood cynic who commented, on hearing of Elvisp 39 UGM 1981
pulls all the current out of the mains. According to Albert Goldman, for at least the last decade of his lifep 39 UGM 1981
that. Sunday Times Elevators and Relativities The Private Lives of Albert Einstein Roger Highfield and Paul Carter Einstein: A Life inp 149 UGM 1993
all this is set to end. The Private Lives of Albert Einstein is a hand grenade lobbed into the sacred templep 149 UGM 1993
know that. Look, I admire her, but why pretend she's Albert Schweitzer? Neil, the whole point of the trip is thatp 64 RP 1994
believe the official story. This young English doctor, practically the Albert Schweitzer of the Cote d'Azur, was working too hard forp 129 SC 2000
the arson attacks on the National Film Theatre and the Albert Hall. During the final moments of the revolt, as thep 7 MP 2003
to this bombastic structure, more bunker than museum, of which Albert Speer would have thoroughly approved. Like all our friends, Sallyp 180 MP 2003
on the evening of the smoke bomb attack on the Albert Hall. He had been away for a week, helping ap 205 MP 2003
and saw cerise smoke rising from the roof of the Albert Hall. By the time we reached Kensington Gore the entirep 206 MP 2003
and absurd. He left me by the steps of the Albert Memorial, and disappeared into the crowd, cadging a lift fromp 206 MP 2003
found. Had he managed to land on isolated airfields in Alberta and the North-West Territories, refuel with the help of Sovietp 110 KW 1991
while he slept. Three feet below the surface a small albino python swam past, searching for a way out of thep 98 DW 1962
Kerans that he had seen a curiously large number of albino snakes and lizards since Strangman's arrival, appearing from the junglep 98 DW 1962
attracted by his presence. There had even been a few albino iguanas. One had sat on his jetty the previous morningp 98 DW 1962
impression of powerful nervous grace, but this mass of articulated albino flesh sprawled on the beach resembled the diseased anatomical fantasyp 429 RE 1963
hour earlier. Once he caught a glimpse of their motionless albino forms exposed on the slopes in the hot noon airp 634 DS 1964
interest in her. Yet her skin was of an almost albino whiteness, unmarked by any freckle or blemish. Miranda gave himp 45 D 1965
surface, and it resembled the weathered dusty hide of an albino elephant. The wheels broke the crust, and their footsteps churnedp 137 D 1965
remember of this over-polite but sharp-eyed young man was his albino skin, so like Judith's pale eyes and opal hair, thep 761 DA 1968
the gates. With his dungeon pallor and bandaged hands, this albino figure frightened Jim, the first of the dead to risep 304 ES 1984
22) Approx. 5 ft 7 in, aged thirty-three, slim build, albino skin and thin black beard, some kind of crash injuriesp 1101 ATQ 1985
white breasts, like a greengrocer assessing a new variety of albino melon. When Fortunata flicked at her extruding nipples with littlep 248 KW 1991
had been remarkable. Though his hands and face retained their albino-like whiteness, he seemed almost to have put on weight. Hep 980 OAU 1978
grating on the Western ear. She had shown us an album of her sculptures, interesting chromium constructions that compared favourably withp 40 VS 1957
around the central table, turning the pages of a leatherbound album, I looked down at the discarded prints below my feetp 96 C 1973
lens trained through windshields and revolving doors. Vaughan opened the album at random and handed it to me. Leaning back againstp 97 C 1973
movements in some way calmed by my immersion in his album. I turned the next pages. Vaughan had compiled an elaboratep 98 C 1973
the door. I turned the pages. The remainder of the album, as I anticipated, described the course of my own accidentp 100 C 1973
He turned through the photographs, now and then tilting the album to emphasize an unusual camera angle for me. I watchedp 102 C 1973
unusual camera angle for me. I watched Vaughan close the album, wondering why I was unable to rouse myself into atp 102 C 1973
parody of a breast. My meeting with Vaughan, and the album of photographs documenting my accident, had quickened all my memoriesp 105 C 1973
as an afternoon. At lunch I was looking at some album photographs of my mother and father, and a formal weddingp 1025 NFS 1981
tape machine on which he recorded his steady decline; an album of nude Polaroid poses of a woman doctor he hadp 1040 MSA 1982
mood he would draw elaborate sailing ships in Jim's autograph album. His grey cupboard of a kitchen was filled with starchedp 71 ES 1984
Hollinger house. In the centre drawer was an old photographic album that Mother had kept as a girl in Bognor Regisp 56 CN 1996
the deserted restaurant I fell asleep on the sofa, the album across my chest, and woke after midnight as a boisterousp 56 CN 1996
a framed photograph of myself on his mantelpiece, and an album lovingly filled with cuttings from Campaign about my then successfulp 16 KC 2006
to find your legs.‘ Lang pulled one of the Bach albums out of its rack in the record cabinet. He putp 54 M69 1957
Sitting there in the evenings, surrounded by his books and albums, Ward steadily forgot the city outside. Luckily he reached thep 275 B 1961
in the back seat. Finally I searched through my record albums, selected Toscanini conducting Tristan and Isolde, in the scene wherep 401 TSS 1962
through the Bartok and Webern quartets left behind in the albums. This music was the first sound Halliday heard when hep 670 DF 1966
Vaughan collected the grimaces of casualty nurses in his photographic albums. Their dark skins mediated all the sly sexuality which Vaughanp 24 C 1973
shining down on the old movie magazines, the discarded record albums and flak jackets. Wayne knelt on the metal floor, straighteningp 202 HA 1981
bedroom, mixing her perfumes together and idling through the photograph albums of herself before her marriage, stills from an enchanted filmp 19 ES 1984
made him feel ever more empty. He leafed through photograph albums, filled with images of a vanished world of fancy-dress partiesp 83 ES 1984
Carried around in our heads, they touch our memories like albums of family photographs. Turning their pages, we see what seemsp 61 SCNa 1990
a strange haircut, whom I scarcely recognised in our snapshot albums. As if cued by these memories, a young man inp 315 KW 1991
after years of illness died in a nursing home in Albuquerque, only months before the wonder-drug streptomycin that would have savedp 160 UGM 1993
collision and hostility. From the balcony he watched the huge, Alcatraz blocks of the nearby high-rises. The material about these buildingsp 52 HR 1975
committed in full view of a thousand million television witnesses? Alcatraz had been re-commissioned for Hinton, for this solitary prisoner isolatedp 1049 MSA 1982
the day and night. This was a warm, friendly, junior Alcatraz. Swimming at eight, breakfast eight-thirty, archery classes, origami, do thisp 33 RW 1988
Sally, sweet ... Jim, she got you out of that little Alcatraz of yours.‘ David stood glamorously by his Tiger Moth inp 216 KW 1991
for cultural shelter against its brutalist walls. ‘Undressed concrete, David. Alcatraz revival, always beware. Built by the sort of people whop 151 MP 2003
We're neighbours -- I saw you this afternoon at Eden-Olympia.‘ ‘Alcatraz-sur-Mer.‘ ‘Where?‘ ‘Catch up. It's my nickname for Eden-Olympia.‘ ‘Not badp 110 SC 2000
is the greatest victim. Acapulco, 143 Acton, Harold, 142-7, 213 Alcazar, Siege of, 22 1-5 Alimony, HRH pays, 172, 247, 367p 940 I 1977
at Maitland like a down-at-heel witch who by some confused alchemy had conjured an over-large victim into her lair and wasp 61 CI 1974
terrifying vacuum that expanded around the characters. By some unexplained alchemy, a film can effortlessly transform sentimental cliches into something emotionallyp 4 UGM 1990
Kennedy assassination and the suicide of Marilyn Monroe, a unique alchemy of the imagination was taking place. In many ways thep 190 KW 1991
kitchenette and getting plenty of ice ready for the martinis (alcohol was just the thing, Larsen readily decided, a wonderful CNSp 145 ZT 1960
murder on the liver.‘ Beatrice waved him away. ‘I know. Alcohol kills slowly, but I'm in no hurry. Go away, Robertp 50 DW 1962
sea had always impressed Ransom by its simple justice. Cetyl alcohol films had long been used as a means of preventingp 32 D 1965
the timbers of the ice-locked ship were being converted into alcohol in the bilges, weights and measurements of the expedition membersp 253 UGM 1966
first mouthfuls of the warm Burgundy. He winced as the alcohol stung his cut mouth and gums. Within seconds the winep 21 CI 1974
a third of the bottle, even this small quantity of alcohol had bolted through his brain, kicking away its fragile supportsp 92 CI 1974
operated to its own rhythms, generated by a combination of alcohol and insomnia. On the balcony diagonally above him one ofp 12 HR 1975
Within half an hour, fuelled by a constant flow of alcohol, the parents took over from their children. Charlotte laughed openlyp 29 HR 1975
concourse. As he expected, there was a heavy run on alcohol, and long lines of impatient residents stood outside the liquorp 30 HR 1975
deprivation.‘ Drinking steadily and without any self-control, Laing felt the alcohol bolt through his head. He knew that he was deliberatelyp 96 HR 1975
negative strips, flakes falling from this internal sun. Muddled by alcohol and excitement, Laing clambered to his feet with his neighboursp 109 HR 1975
woman to step into the sun. Already, thanks to the alcohol and an over-scrupulous monogamy, he could feel his loins thickeningp 831 LFA 1975
all the while the sexual drive continued unabated. Feeling the alcohol surge through him, Forrester swayed through the hot sunlight. Somewherep 834 LFA 1975
entered his wife's room. Befuddled by a heavy overdose of alcohol and amphetamines, he decided to revive himself in a bathp 854 NTM 1976
puberty. But despite her own well-developed taste for drugs and alcohol, Gladys seems to have offered Presley rock-like support throughout herp 39 UGM 1981
expedition leader had given him a sharp nose for illicit alcohol, black market electric batteries, an overweight suitcase lined with coalp 27 HA 1981
in cellars and bond-stores. I'm having to distil off the alcohol to get at the 25 per cent residue of waterp 91 HA 1981
and Martin, the mother had been dead of drugs and alcohol for too many years to be singing as this straw-hairedp 126 HA 1981
the war effort (like all children, Jim was intrigued by alcohol but vaguely disapproved of it) had soon produced enough moneyp 12 ES 1984
larger, he placed the smaller in his mouth. The fiery alcohol stung his tongue, but he sucked on the dark sweetp 90 ES 1984
a white piano -- no, just whisky.‘ ‘Never mind the alcohol. Frank and I aren't planning to open a bar. Werep 105 ES 1984
being screened from a sleeping mind. I steered between them; alcohol and fever guided my hands. The Mallory had spread outwardsp 192 DC 1987
elevated into the ultimate alternative life-style, particularly if combined with alcohol or suicide to make the headiest cocktail of them allp 237 UGM 1991
him. He enjoyed being drunk, but Dr Barbara kept the alcohol locked away from him. ‘I'd like a son one dayp 187 RP 1994
before Christmas. Not only was the smallest drop of festive alcohol the target of their silky hands, but even a singlep 12 CN 1996
heads still gazed over shelves stocked with the least enticing alcohol I had ever seen. My parents, after their usual bickeringp 4 SC 2000
will analyse everything: liver enzymes, cholesterol, prostate markers, the lot.‘ ‘Alcohol levels, recreational drugs ...?‘ ‘Everything. It's so totalitarian only Eden-Olympia couldp 67 SC 2000
unlimited supply. The older, teenage boys were experienced users of alcohol and pot, but I was the youngest dealer in thep 125 SC 2000
medicine cabinets and Arabic posters warning against the dangers of alcohol and tobacco. Jane had told me that Greenwood was treatingp 152 SC 2000
among the suntanned Cannoises. He seemed slightly drunk, not from alcohol but exhaustion, his broad grin failing to mask his unfocusedp 152 SC 2000
the dead man's blood had indicated a high level of alcohol in his system. There were no witnesses to the accidentp 318 SC 2000
I managed to stand, propped upright by the ballast of alcohol. ‘The local vicar? He was at Hammersmith Grove this morningp 57 MP 2003
which everyone I visited in Brooklands had plied me with alcohol. Even my father had left a substantial supply of ginp 110 KC 2006
football supporters broke into every Asian supermarket and looted the alcohol counters, making off with crates of beer that they stackedp 125 KC 2006
of ice cream. On shelves within easy reach was enough alcohol to float the dome into the North Sea. Like Tonyp 225 KC 2006
size of my house in Shepperton). The huge consumption of alcohol may have played a prophylactic role; in later years myp 10 ML 2008
though she knew people who were morphine addicts. But bridge, alcohol and adultery are the royal cement that holds societies togetherp 40 ML 2008
which histories of internment often overlook -- the absence of alcohol. After years and sometimes decades of heavy drinking (the corep 74 ML 2008
buy. In many ways my three children brought me up. Alcohol was a close friend and confidant in the early daysp 203 ML 2008
a barricade of gin and tonics, while the young proclaimed alcohol to be the real enemy of promise. Tired of allp 210 ML 2008
felt at the time. I ordered a fair quantity of alcohol, and treated the first night like any gallery opening, havingp 239 ML 2008