my eye on her all the time. ‘Don't look so alarmed,‘ she said with amusement. ‘I've never heard anything like thatp 5 PB 1956
amusement. ‘I've never heard anything like that before.‘ I wasn't alarmed. It was that thirty years at Vermilion Sands had narrowedp 5 PB 1956
Gregson asked. ‘On a Supersleeper.‘ ‘Super -- !‘ Gregson broke off, alarmed. ‘Three or four weeks! What do you mean?‘ ‘There's onlyp 32 CC 1957
glare of the lamp. He felt too sluggish to be alarmed by what Vansittart had just said. Despite the doctor's frankp 407 M99 1962
long as I can remember.‘ Renthall studied his face. However alarmed, he was obviously relieved by the signs of activity. ‘Ip 373 WT 1962
to offend him. The intensity of his idee fixe had alarmed me. ‘But isn't our best plan simply to sit backp 583 LL 1964
the governor the car shot forward at high speed. An alarmed track official attempted to mount the car, which continued onp 720 AE 1966
the nurses held up to my face I resembled an alarmed contortionist, startled by his own deviant anatomy. ‘I'm sorry.‘ Ip 29 C 1973
had skidded into the rear of the airline bus. The alarmed faces of several Varig passengers peered through the rear windowp 98 C 1973
that matter, no one at his office would be particularly alarmed by his absence taking for granted that he was illp 29 CI 1974
for a big man.‘ ‘Where are we -- the traffic ...‘ Alarmed, Maitland tried to sit up. The young woman stood atp 61 CI 1974
vast building, migrating endlessly in search of change or excitement. Alarmed by the drunken crowd reeling towards her, the young womanp 33 HR 1975
whisky into their glasses, gesturing with the decanter in an alarmed way as if about to toss it over the balconyp 37 HR 1975
Dick!‘ As they made their way from the blockhouse, the alarmed figure of Mme Saunier was hurrying along the beach towardsp 981 OAU 1978
against my abdomen. The mongol was tugging at my wrists, alarmed eyes under his overloaded forehead. The girl cried out, shakingp 30 UDC 1979
Touched by this little rite, I stepped into the arbour. Alarmed, the children turned to face me. Rachel threw the lastp 50 UDC 1979
on their haunches by the steps of the mayor's office. Alarmed by the pounding engines and flashing pistons of the steam-carsp 118 HA 1981
her shirt. Pepsodent joined them, large white eyes roving like alarmed searchlights. A wing of the glider flapped loose in itsp 123 HA 1981
out for the security of the distant walls. He looked alarmed, like a startled patient. ‘I haven't taken part in anythingp 174 HA 1981
police car. The pilot pedalled rapidly, propeller flashing at the alarmed sun, and Mallory caught a glimpse of blonde hair andp 1042 MSA 1982
an emptying world even to notice the young doctor whose alarmed presence filled the tiny room. By a last irony, towardsp 1114 MWM 1985
helm to starboard, throwing Mr Pal to the deck. The alarmed soldiers ran from the beach to the nest of riflesp 163 DC 1987
water jetting against the hull I saw the young whore's alarmed eyes as she struggled to free herself from this diseasedp 250 DC 1987
of terror that rang the bars of its cage. ‘Noon ...!‘ Alarmed for the girl, I began to search the empty cabinsp 252 DC 1987
edge of her chair in Atlanta, would not be too alarmed by the vicious blade in his hand. Captain Wu waitedp 58 RP 1994
was dark again, lit only by the albatross circling the alarmed sky and by the sea rinsing the black shores likep 156 RP 1994
vision from her mind. Even the albatross were deserting her. Alarmed by the seaplane, thousands of the birds had left thep 175 RP 1994
by them the man slapped its roof with his hand. Alarmed, the driver looked over her shoulder, and through the confusedp 144 CN 1996
and courtyards were protected by high walls, and from the alarmed expression of a maid watching me from a second-floor balconyp 170 CN 1996
and reassuring way. Far from deriding me, she seemed genuinely alarmed by my moment of panic. Despite this show of affectionp 8 DYF 1996
looked down from the window, moustache bristling and pallid eyes alarmed behind his rimless spectacles. Then he recognized the dishevelled Englishmanp 100 SC 2000
bombazine dresses, capping each other's memories. ‘They don't seem too alarmed. Did the husbands have any idea what Greenwood was planningp 144 SC 2000
I raised my right fist, ready to hit back. ‘Paul ...‘ Alarmed, Frances held my wrist. ‘Calm down. You're safe here.‘ ‘Francesp 225 SC 2000
through the scatter of roof debris they closed their eyes, alarmed by the erratic excursion and the panic that now grippedp 272 KC 2006
Yangtze against the expected American landings. This must have deeply alarmed my parents and other adults in the know, however uncertainp 90 ML 2008
in Knightsbridge to the 4/6 menu, an extravagance that alarmed the waitresses, to whom I had proudly shown a photographp 191 ML 2008
expected baby. If the strength of the identification was sometimes alarming, this was probably because she was having her first childp 255 MF 1961
Sam Brownes of these sweating and overweight men, by their alarming genitalia that they freely exposed whenever they wanted to urinatep 22 ES 1984
concerned with the drilling project.‘ ‘And you succeeded!‘ Kagwa shouted, alarming the young helmsman. ‘You succeeded beyond all your dreams. Beyondp 94 DC 1987
view. They were the faces of nonentities; this humanity was alarmingly sub-normal, all pig-eye or owlish vacuity. Was this a populationp 141 UGM 1966
guessed he had run through many times, an amalgam of alarmist best-sellers, Economist think-pieces and his own obsessive intuitions that hep 219 CN 1996
been passed and extinction is inevitable. To compensate for this, alarms have been built in which alter the form of thep 181 VT 1960
the suite, Kerans sealing the air-locks and setting the thermostat alarms so that the air would be a pleasant eighty degreesp 16 DW 1962
too difficult, all you have to do is re-set both alarms after each twelve-hour cycle. They'll wake you once every tenp 36 DW 1962
and have a look at the planetarium.‘ He waved Beatrice's alarms aside. ‘Don't worry, Strangman and the Admiral will take goodp 101 DW 1962
they were having to check up on some dozen false alarms each hour. Behind them, like a hostile jury, sat ap 577 LL 1964
acres, is ringed by a steel-mesh fence fitted with electrical alarms, and until the tragic murders was regularly patrolled by guardp 13 RW 1988
them a chance to raise the alarm -- especially those alarms that ring inside the head." "The loudest kind. Imagine tryingp 45 RW 1988
now all the children have risen, alerted by their own alarms and the paging signals on their computer screens. Graham Lymingtonp 67 RW 1988
bijouized, the ancient walls pierced by air-conditioning vents and security alarms. Sansom's house, painted a dove-egg blue, stood on a cornerp 148 CN 1996
anyone could see from the defensive nervous system of security alarms and surveillance cameras. At the pool-side terrace below Frank's balconyp 159 CN 1996
spattered across the desk ...‘ ‘You heard the shots?‘ ‘Not really. Alarms started ringing, all the elevators stopped. I was amazed atp 116 SC 2000
Why so long?‘ ‘She has to switch off the fire alarms. There are dozens of them.‘ She pinched my cheek inp 118 MP 2003
Vera had decided on a quick cigarette, once the fire alarms were disconnected. Somewhere a window had been opened onto thep 121 MP 2003
prima donna, particularly one very conscious of the tradition, now alas meaningless, Melba -- Callas -- Gioconda. To serve at allp 107 SS 1960
numerous other pioneers tried for so many years to re-open. Alas, the original tenants are no longer interested. In all probabilityp 258 UGM 1969
into the bedroom of a strange woman we usually find, alas, a husband with one foot on the floor in thep 5 UGM 1990
gangway towards a welcoming party of good-time girls, but that, alas, is how most eighteen-year-old males see sex, certainly those fromp 111 UGM 1991
didn't have to change the spark plugs every ten miles.‘ ‘Alas. And those twin carburettors that need to be balanced? Morep 13 SC 2000
can do that for you ...?‘ ‘Assuming you have any children. Alas, today's corporate city is superbly talented, adult and virtually childlessp 254 SC 2000
for his principles.‘ ‘I hope I am. Aren't we all?‘ ‘Alas, no. Protest is one thing, action another. That's why wep 62 MP 2003
and doctors -- there was no shortage of lecturers. And, alas, no shortage of teachers for the camp school that soonp 71 ML 2008
Venusians, if that's what you mean. He was born in Alaska, for some years taught psychology at Mexico City University. He'sp 484 VH 1963
the shallow waters of the Bering Straits between Siberia and Alaska. By pumping the cold Arctic water south into the Pacificp 49 HA 1981
manager of Amoco desalination plant. Childhood in the Gulf area, Alaska and Aberdeen. Educational misfit, with suspected petit mal epilepsy, butp 1093 OOA 1984
sent the missiles on their way (into unpopulated areas of Alaska and eastern Siberia), were well aware that war had beenp 1116 WW3 1988
that nuclear bombs had landed in the deserted mountains of Alaska and eastern Siberia was lost in the torrent of medicalp 1122 WW3 1988
help of Soviet sympathisers and somehow make his way across Alaska to the Bering Strait? It seemed unlikely, and I preferredp 110 KW 1991
station. His most important gift was the Dugong, a 300-ton Alaskan shrimp-trawler which he planned to equip as a floating marinep 42 RP 1994
of the low hills reaching toward the mountain shield at Alassio. All the crops in the adjacent fields had long beenp 32 WFN 1961
photographs: moodily visiting a Spanish charity with the Duchess of Alba, or seated with Soraya and other members of cafe societyp 749 CSC 1967
role in its creation. The foam-white seabirds, hunters of the albatross ... With an effort he said: ‘I was asleep.‘ Judith kneltp 653 GTN 1964
he reminded Ransom of a land-locked mariner and his stricken albatross, deserted by the sea. The Coming of the Desert Inp 22 D 1965
that sidled past the ship; the air filled with yellow-billed albatross while the expedition members flew kites and read Swinburne top 253 UGM 1966
in support of its campaign to save the Wake Island albatross from extinction -- tens of thousands of the goony birdsp 813 DFW 1974
identified him as one of their own, a crippled old albatross who had taken refuge on this remote roof-top beside thep 79 HR 1975
he had kept his antique flying-helmet: I can --! Fulmar, albatross, flamingo, frigate-bird, condor ... IGNITION! Abandoning his car, Halloway walked throughp 921 UC 1976
corner of the globe, flamingos and frigate-birds, falcons and deep-water albatross, as if sprung from the cages of a well-stocked zoop 7 UDC 1979
as a new species of winged man. I remembered Baudelaire's albatross, hooted at by the crowd, but unable to walk onlyp 11 UDC 1979
would have enticed her into the sky, as some shy albatross. But for that sudden panic of aerial lust, and thep 62 UDC 1979
from me and dressed her with the wings of the albatross. In turn she dressed me with the beak and talonsp 219 UDC 1979
most impressed him was a late-twentieth-century man-powered machine, the Gossamer Albatross, a delicate pedal-driven glider, now a dusty relic but oncep 77 HA 1981
filmy wings dipping above his head. ‘McNair, it's the Gossamer Albatross. You've brought it all the way from Washington for mep 103 HA 1981
Louis. McNair had spotted the rotting carcase from the Gossamer Albatross, which he had dismantled from its exhibition stand in thep 110 HA 1981
Chrysler. McNair waved excitedly from the cockpit of the Gossamer Albatross. His voice was lost in the chittering of thousands ofp 119 HA 1981
deserted pavement, Wayne rested on the pedals of the Gossamer Albatross, three hundred feet above. The previous night's lightning had cutp 158 HA 1981
Looking out at the brilliant air, Wayne pedalled the Gossamer Albatross towards the Desert Inn, careful not to impale the aircraftp 164 HA 1981
Lincolns and Cadillacs bothered to look up at the Gossamer Albatross, and the plane was remarkably easy to fly. The originalp 164 HA 1981
the car, and let the miniature undercarriage of the Gossamer Albatross cut bright white plumes through the black water. With ap 165 HA 1981
into exploding blocks. A series of tornadoes seized the Gossamer Albatross, flung Wayne across the handlebars and snapped the wings abovep 166 HA 1981
diameter 15 million light years. RUSHING TO PARADISE Saving the Albatross ‘Save the albatross ...! Stop nuclear testing now ...!‘ Drenched by thep 9 RP 1994
light years. RUSHING TO PARADISE Saving the Albatross ‘Save the albatross ...! Stop nuclear testing now ...!‘ Drenched by the spray, Dr Barbarap 9 RP 1994
of the atoll. ‘Say no to biological warfare ...! Save the albatross and save the planet ...!‘ A passing wave swerved across thep 9 RP 1994
the matter?‘ ‘I'm here, Dr Barbara.‘ ‘That's Saint-Esprit ahead. The albatross island!‘ ‘Saint-Esprit?‘ Neil stared doubtfully at the deserted coastline, whichp 9 RP 1994
Papeete, their meagre rations and sodden bunks counted for nothing. Albatross fever was all. If Saint-Esprit, this nondescript atoll six hundredp 10 RP 1994
or even a roll of lint to bandage a wounded albatross, there were aerosol paints, a protest banner, a machete, andp 11 RP 1994
ashore unseen, giving Dr Barbara time to find the threatened albatross and rally the full force of her indignation. Oar raisedp 11 RP 1994
be a French agent, posing as a defender of the albatross in order to keep watch on this eccentric expedition. Eightp 12 RP 1994
dreams for them. In Kimo's mind the freedom of the albatross to roam the sky deserts of the Pacific had mergedp 12 RP 1994
the military airstrip, destroying an important breeding-ground of the wandering albatross, the largest of the Pacific sea-birds. Saving the albatross, Drp 13 RP 1994
wandering albatross, the largest of the Pacific sea-birds. Saving the albatross, Dr Barbara soon discovered, held far more appeal for thep 13 RP 1994
Now that they had arrived at Saint-Esprit, where were the albatross? As they coasted towards the beach a flock of boobiesp 13 RP 1994
had secretly been curious to see, but there were no albatross. ‘Neil! You'll be fine when we land.‘ Dr Barbara wipedp 13 RP 1994
nervous as you are.‘ ‘I'm not nervous. Where are the albatross?‘ ‘They're here, Neil. I'm sure the French haven't killed themp 14 RP 1994
haven't killed them.‘ ‘Do we leave if there are no albatross?‘ ‘There are always albatross.‘ Dr Barbara held his head againstp 14 RP 1994
we leave if there are no albatross?‘ ‘There are always albatross.‘ Dr Barbara held his head against her shoulder, a proudp 14 RP 1994
get as many birds as you can.‘ ‘There are no albatross. Only these boobies.‘ ‘Just film the birds -- any birdsp 15 RP 1994
living wreaths feasting on a set of aerial tombs. No albatross had yet appeared, but a steel tower stood on thep 15 RP 1994
than the sun. For all Dr Barbara's passion for the albatross, the nuclear testing–ground had a stronger claim on his imaginationp 15 RP 1994
Long enough to make the film. We can't help the albatross yet, but we can show people what's happening here.‘ ‘Doctorp 17 RP 1994
I came,‘ Neil assured her. ‘I want to save the albatross, Dr Barbara.‘ ‘I know you do. I wish there werep 17 RP 1994
you. We've got to protect everything here, not just the albatross but every palm and vine and blade of grass.‘ Shep 17 RP 1994
is it, Kimo?‘ Dr Barbara called. ‘Can you see anything?‘ ‘Albatross, doctor ... just albatross.‘ ‘Albatross ...?‘ Dr Barbara seized Neil's arm andp 20 RP 1994
Dr Barbara called. ‘Can you see anything?‘ ‘Albatross, doctor ... just albatross.‘ ‘Albatross ...?‘ Dr Barbara seized Neil's arm and hurried him acrossp 20 RP 1994
Barbara called. ‘Can you see anything?‘ ‘Albatross, doctor ... just albatross.‘ ‘Albatross ...?‘ Dr Barbara seized Neil's arm and hurried him across thep 20 RP 1994
to the headland beside the prayer-shack. ‘Kimo! Where are the albatross? I can't see a single one.‘ ‘There are plenty, doctorp 20 RP 1994
offhand way at the hillocks of sand and beach-grass. ‘Every albatross you need.‘ ‘Kimo ...?‘ ‘Over there.‘ ‘Dr Barbara ...‘ Neil lowered thep 20 RP 1994
They're not in the sky any more ...‘ A colony of albatross had nested among the hillocks, taking advantage of the windp 20 RP 1994
the empty runway, as white as the feathers of the albatross. ‘They must be here somewhere.‘ ‘Maybe they're bored. Killing isp 21 RP 1994
powdered coral, white dust rising at her heels, a dead albatross clasped in her arms. Her chin and forehead were streakedp 22 RP 1994
ten acres of rain-forest or the murder of a hundred albatross. The hospital was almost a mile from the rally, butp 24 RP 1994
defence against the protest movements, the repeated slogan ‘Save the Albatross‘ seemed to drum from the loudspeaker. Every mention of thep 24 RP 1994
to drum from the loudspeaker. Every mention of the wandering albatross -- no specimen of which, an amateur ornithologist in thep 24 RP 1994
the hospital car park, bearing the stylized image of an albatross. On the television screen the basketballing evangelist had begun hisp 25 RP 1994
took was aimed at every one of us, at every albatross and dolphin and minke whale. We're with you, Neil, lyingp 25 RP 1994
sail to the island, Neil? You aren't interested in the albatross.‘ ‘Maybe not. Saint-Esprit's a nuclear test-site, like Eniwetok and Kwajaleinp 26 RP 1994
about.‘ Neil let this pass. ‘She wants to save the albatross. Is there something wrong with that?‘ ‘Maybe there is, Neilp 26 RP 1994
patented by Dr Barbara, had a short shelf life. The albatross was her trademark, that long-winged, ocean-soaring, guilt-bringing bird. But practicalp 27 RP 1994
banner and shouted in a strong English voice: ‘Save the albatross! Stop oil pollution now!‘ Before she could confront Neil thep 29 RP 1994
noticed the slogan hand painted in red ink. ‘"Save the Albatross",‘ he repeated. ‘Do they need saving?‘ ‘They certainly do. Stillp 30 RP 1994
They certainly do. Still, I'm glad you've heard of the albatross.‘ ‘Everyone has.‘ Neil gestured to the evening sky over Diamondp 30 RP 1994
guest at the hotel.‘ ‘Look ... it's too bad about the albatross, but I have to go.‘ Neil was aware that atp 31 RP 1994
face behind the leaflets, he noticed that the Save the Albatross Fund invited contributions to the treasurer and secretary, Barbara Raffertyp 31 RP 1994
Barbara. Now, stand there and shout with me. Save the ... albatross!‘ Neil left her shouting at the bored tourists as theyp 31 RP 1994
endangered species. Remembering those fraught days, he sympathized with the albatross, wings weighed down by all the slogans and moral blackmailp 32 RP 1994
needed that -- you've done your bit today for the albatross.‘ She noticed Neil glancing proudly at his rubber-mounted underwater watchp 34 RP 1994
to amuse her, he added: ‘Think of it as my albatross.‘ ‘Really? What are you trying to save?‘ ‘Nothing. It's hardp 34 RP 1994
threshold. ‘Now you know why I want to save the albatross.‘ Neil felt the pressure of her fingers on his palmp 35 RP 1994
woman; perhaps she would protect him as well as the albatross? ‘When I swim to Molokai you could come along. It'sp 35 RP 1994
policeman who told her of the threat to the wandering albatross on Saint-Esprit. Inspired by the image of the great sea-birdp 36 RP 1994
now decided to join, hoping that public concern for the albatross would revive the flagging anti-nuclear cause. Offering his savings, hep 36 RP 1994
as if they suspected that her passionate defence of the albatross concealed more devious aims. Nevertheless, Neil found himself increasingly committedp 37 RP 1994
increasingly committed to the great white bird. Chanting ‘Save the albatross‘ gave an unexpected focus to his life. When, two monthsp 37 RP 1994
resume nuclear testing on Saint-Esprit, but Dr Barbara and the albatross were launched and airborne. A defence committee was formed whilep 38 RP 1994
remained a mystery to Neil. The Dugong Defender of the albatross, champion of islands, and all-purpose media star, Dr Barbara Raffertyp 39 RP 1994
told him of the billionaire benefactor who had joined the albatross campaign. This was Irving Boyd, a reclusive thirty-five-year-old computer entrepreneurp 41 RP 1994
could walk untainted by any moral opprobrium and where the albatross would forever fly above her head. A film of moisturep 43 RP 1994
more if I died -- that would really save the albatross, doctor.‘ ‘Neil ...‘ Dr Barbara shook her head at this mischievousp 44 RP 1994
tried not to think of Dr Barbara, Saint-Esprit or the albatross. But memories of the disbarred physician and her passionate breathp 45 RP 1994
Death‘ into ‘Dr Life‘. All lives were precious, but the albatross and manatee now outranked the lowly human being. Moreover, Neilp 45 RP 1994
the manatees and the dugongs prayed.‘ ‘I prayed for the albatross, Mr Boyd.‘ ‘Everyone prayed for the albatross. Meanwhile, I hopep 48 RP 1994
prayed for the albatross, Mr Boyd.‘ ‘Everyone prayed for the albatross. Meanwhile, I hope you take part in the sanctuary islandp 48 RP 1994
learned of Dr Barbara and her mission to save the albatross. The family firm had for decades supplied its pharmaceuticals top 51 RP 1994
to find out. Of course, I want to save the albatross, but there's more to it than that. In a sensep 52 RP 1994
nuclear casualties of World War II. ‘We can save the albatross, Neil,‘ she assured him. ‘Of course we can, Mrs Saitop 55 RP 1994
whether her remark was a question. ‘If we save the albatross we can help the spirit of many people in Hiroshimap 55 RP 1994
And the other people today. They live on in the albatross.‘ Her husband sucked at his sake. ‘It's England's sacred birdp 55 RP 1994
violent outboards, the inflatables leapt almost vertically through the spray, albatross flashes baiting the weary captain as he once again signalledp 57 RP 1994
Hiroshima ossuary, which he hoped to bury beside the dead albatross on the quiet sands of the Saint-Esprit lagoon. Relieved thatp 60 RP 1994
but she stumbled on the greasy steps, almost losing the albatross bandeau around her forehead. ‘Dr Barbara, why don't we ...?‘ ‘Neilp 60 RP 1994
to stay on board. You've done enough to save the albatross. Promise me you won't try to swim ashore.‘ ‘Dr Barbarap 60 RP 1994
tried to quiz Neil about the special symbolism of the albatross, viewing the bird as an emblem of the nuclear guiltp 62 RP 1994
in the expedition members than in the plight of the albatross. ‘We can't dress you up in shining armour.‘ ‘Why notp 64 RP 1994
really making a documentary about us -- not about the albatross?‘ ‘You seven, and the albatross,‘ Bracewell explained. ‘Let's face itp 64 RP 1994
us -- not about the albatross?‘ ‘You seven, and the albatross,‘ Bracewell explained. ‘Let's face it, you've got some pretty strangep 64 RP 1994
the birds.‘ Neil was surprised to hear himself defending the albatross. ‘You make it sound like a sitcom -- "The Dugongp 64 RP 1994
it sound like a sitcom -- "The Dugong and the Albatross." Janet, it isn't a joke. The French --‘ ‘Of coursep 64 RP 1994
stench of the beaches. The killing of the fish and albatross continued, but to no clear purpose. The Champlain slipped throughp 65 RP 1994
and engine exhaust, Neil could smell the stench of dead albatross from the beaches of Saint-Esprit and see the camera-towers ofp 68 RP 1994
at the runway's edge, gazing at the dead fish and albatross which a work party from the Sagittaire were burying inp 69 RP 1994
Standing outside the prayer-shack between Kimo and Dr Barbara, an albatross banner draped over his arm, Neil listened to Monique asp 69 RP 1994
draped in the Stars and Stripes and intricately decorated with albatross wing-feathers. Neil had helped Mrs Saito to fold the pleatsp 69 RP 1994
potatoes, on this quiet headland overlooking the dunes where the albatross had once reared their young. He remembered his father's funeralp 69 RP 1994
the widow's trembling arms. Wary though they were of the albatross expedition, animal rights groups in the United States and Westernp 70 RP 1994
explosions, and frightened by the cannibal gulls devouring the dead albatross on the beach, they returned to their shady dens atp 72 RP 1994
her party of protesters, and then lingered over the rotting albatross on the beach below the ancient blockhouses and towers ofp 72 RP 1994
at the voracious gulls tugging at the carcasses of the albatross. Monique ran after the Sagittaire's captain, her caustic tones lostp 73 RP 1994
she was aware that all her hopes of saving the albatross had been buried with the camera-man in this island gravep 73 RP 1994
party had given up the pretence of burying the dead albatross and were throwing broken eggs at each other. The lastp 74 RP 1994
back.‘ She spoke bravely, shaking her head over the dead albatross and the camera-towers as they walked towards the waiting launchp 75 RP 1994
alone now. Look -- the world's come to save the albatross.‘ The View from a Camera-Tower ‘Neil, stand clear! She's goingp 76 RP 1994
commando force. Unsettled by the mast's demolition, a dozen wandering albatross circled the peak, keeping a safe distance from the crowdp 78 RP 1994
the warm concrete roof of the camera-tower, smiling at the albatross as they soared effortlessly on the thermals. When they swoopedp 78 RP 1994
from Papeete, loaded with food and medical supplies for the albatross expedition. Neil feared for them, wondering how they would survivep 79 RP 1994
to the oil-soaked beaches among the bodies of the poisoned albatross, threatened by the impatient guns of the corvette. Surprisingly, thep 79 RP 1994
wide circle around the peak. The first of the wandering albatross had returned to Saint-Esprit. Remembering this signal moment, the fruitp 81 RP 1994
entering the lagoon, a banner draped from its foretop. ‘Bravo Albatross! Bravo Dr Rafferty! Bravo Neil Dempsey!‘ Neil listened to thep 82 RP 1994
of Saint-Esprit, but even if they returned in force the albatross sanctuary would soon be so well established that a vastp 82 RP 1994
It's safe to wake up now.‘ ‘I'm dreaming of the albatross, David.‘ ‘You don't need to -- they've come back top 82 RP 1994
the camera-towers. So far he showed little interest in the albatross, and spent his time scouring the old bunkers for barbedp 82 RP 1994
the Bracewells had soon noticed, the would-be saviours of the albatross had little in common apart from their vague yearnings forp 83 RP 1994
pushed back his straw hat and surveyed the endlessly circling albatross. ‘Serious fellows, aren't they? But they have a lot top 84 RP 1994
join their camp-fire parties on the beach. Saint-Esprit and the albatross were a game to be played like the water-sports atp 85 RP 1994
and donated stores would keep the original members of the albatross expedition going for at least a month. More seabirds hadp 85 RP 1994
soldiers in their months of occupation, but at least the albatross now soared above the peak. Despite this success, Neil feltp 85 RP 1994
that he was staying on Saint-Esprit, not to save the albatross, but in the hope that the French would resume theirp 85 RP 1994
haunt its calm waters, a myth more potent than the albatross. Voices sounded outside the tower, the laughter of a manp 86 RP 1994
the notion that Dr Barbara had a life beyond the albatross. He had gladly thought of her as a substitute motherp 87 RP 1994
Frenchmen as a lover, but because her passion for the albatross was less single-minded than he imagined, and coexisted with otherp 87 RP 1994
But the French won't harm you, Neil -- you're the albatross boy.‘ Neil frowned at this and searched the horizon forp 89 RP 1994
tank might be ready to launch itself at the nesting albatross. Or were nuclear weapons and their support equipment moved aroundp 90 RP 1994
and Monique led the journalists on a tour of the albatross nesting among the dunes, provoking only two of the pairsp 92 RP 1994
French people. They've saved a great deal more than the albatross. They've saved Saint-Esprit and its wild-life, and above all they'vep 93 RP 1994
through which we step into the next century. Save the albatross, save Saint-Esprit, and save the twenty-first century. ‘Dr Rafferty, you'llp 94 RP 1994
a refuge for all living creatures, not just for the albatross. I want every threatened plant and animal to know thatp 94 RP 1994
Too many people coming to Saint-Esprit. Nobody's thinking about the albatross any more. Let's get that Dakota down and then wep 97 RP 1994
tea, Dr Barbara lived among the clouds with the great albatross. More than a hundred had returned to Saint-Esprit, after crossingp 101 RP 1994
Kimo, Monique and the Saitos had gone and even the albatross had abandoned her. The Gift Mountain The world, however, hadp 102 RP 1994
Barbara Rafferty show? Laddie, you look like you're saving the albatross.‘ Neil stepped under the starboard propeller, an icy spear thatp 104 RP 1994
I've more than half a mind to start saving an albatross myself. As it happens, donations from the good peoples ofp 104 RP 1994
the radio-cabin, where Neil brought him his meals. The unsettled albatross strutted among the dunes, beaks testing the wind for thep 106 RP 1994
resting in his daughter's tent, Didier insisted on seeing the albatross. After the long walk down the runway, he stood smilingp 109 RP 1994
pleasant change from Dr Barbara and her puritanical regime. The albatross were returning to Saint-Esprit, however deep he dug the campp 110 RP 1994
through the darkness, eager to be close to her beloved albatross, an ascent she made whenever she weighed an important decisionp 111 RP 1994
Their original reason for coming to Saint-Esprit, to save the albatross from the threatened nuclear tests, had faded into the dustyp 114 RP 1994
The hippies on the beach aren't interested in saving the albatross or anything else. If we wait much longer Saint-Esprit willp 119 RP 1994
what you're hoping to protect there.‘ ‘Aren't we protecting the albatross?‘ ‘Something more, I feel ... something special that belongs to Drp 122 RP 1994
doctor?‘ Dr Barbara hesitated, her attention held by the scattered albatross and the Dakota's silver wings as they turned across thep 123 RP 1994
The Dakota circled the atoll, its slipstream scattering the ever-cautious albatross, their confused wings like leaflets dropped from a rescue aircraftp 124 RP 1994
the peak, where she stood in the darkness among the albatross. The next morning Neil was not surprised to find thatp 125 RP 1994
always appraising, she said: ‘So you came to save the albatross?‘ ‘Yes ... in a way.‘ ‘What way? You mean you don'tp 127 RP 1994
more violent future than that which had once awaited the albatross. The Attack on the Beach The attack was about top 131 RP 1994
wooden club and aimed it at the largest of the albatross soaring above the wreck of the Dugong. He was aboutp 132 RP 1994
it be, he wondered, before they began to cage the albatross? Of course, the cages were for the creatures‘ benefit. Unfetteredp 136 RP 1994
with a large consignment of threatened plants -- found the albatross returning in their thousands to the island, guarded by ap 138 RP 1994
cycads, he saw that Werner was kneeling beside a dead albatross. The German was plucking its wings, as if to findp 139 RP 1994
angry fist. ‘It's not your island! Saint-Esprit belongs to the albatross and any other creature that needs sanctuary ...‘ ‘My baby needsp 141 RP 1994
the sanctuary members, as she tested everything on Saint-Esprit. The albatross, the endangered plants and animals and all those on thep 142 RP 1994
Barbara. Not yet. We look after the animals. And the albatross.‘ ‘They're in danger, Neil. That's why we started the sanctuaryp 142 RP 1994
about important matters. Life and death, her precious animals.‘ ‘The albatross,‘ Trudi reminded her. ‘Naturally. Never forget the albatross.‘ Inger brushedp 150 RP 1994
animals.‘ ‘The albatross,‘ Trudi reminded her. ‘Naturally. Never forget the albatross.‘ Inger brushed the sand from Neil's nipple. ‘One day they'llp 150 RP 1994
ocean floor. Saint-Esprit was dark again, lit only by the albatross circling the alarmed sky and by the sea rinsing thep 156 RP 1994
cemetery beside the prayer-shack. Saint-Esprit, its fluted cliffs and its albatross seemed to slide into the lagoon as he ran towardsp 157 RP 1994
in the Blood Wringing a cry from the air, an albatross soared past the summit, its black wing-tips outstretched as ifp 158 RP 1994
unknown terminal, a nomadic tribe misplaced by time. Thousands of albatross now gathered at Saint-Esprit, the one undoubted success of Drp 158 RP 1994
the clinic, apparently oblivious of Saint-Esprit, the sanctuary and the albatross circling above her. ‘They're just making her a scapegoat becausep 160 RP 1994
with that. It was given freely.‘ ‘Then think of the albatross.‘ As Major Anderson raised his oar, ready to strike Carlinep 161 RP 1994
to her, they found that she had gone. Were the albatross aware of their reprieve? Leaving the cliff, Neil made hisp 162 RP 1994
rocky perches, wary eyes on the changing wind. A single albatross soared along the beach, drawn to the stream where Drp 162 RP 1994
the scraps into the air, laughing to herself as the albatross plunged towards the rocks below. Neil stood up and climbedp 163 RP 1994
you'd come. How did you find me?‘ ‘I followed the albatross.‘ ‘I should have guessed -- we've been together too longp 163 RP 1994
as if she had spent too much time among the albatross and was waiting for his wings to unfurl themselves. ‘Havep 163 RP 1994
If the French take you away from Saint-Esprit all the albatross will die. No-one's said anything about Gubby, not even Trudip 164 RP 1994
Unsettled by her drugged calm, Neil tried to ignore the albatross that circled the weather-station, screaming over the bones. ‘Trudi hopedp 165 RP 1994
taking in the darkened cave. Outside the weather-station a dozen albatross veered like flecks of flayed skin against a sky thatp 166 RP 1994
may eat me ...‘ ‘Wolfgang and Werner are eating the dead albatross,‘ Neil told her. ‘What happens to the sanctuary now?‘ ‘It'sp 170 RP 1994
It wasn't just sentiment, doctor. You wanted to save the albatross.‘ ‘I do now.‘ Concerned for Neil, she wiped the bloodp 170 RP 1994
Saint-Esprit? It wasn't the birds -- there's no shortage of albatross in the world.‘ ‘You said they were threatened.‘ ‘So theyp 170 RP 1994
threatened.‘ ‘So they are, but they'll survive. Whether a few albatross or laboratory rats and beagles die isn't here or therep 170 RP 1994
if welcoming a convert. ‘Saint-Esprit isn't a sanctuary for the albatross, it's a sanctuary for women -- or could be. We'rep 170 RP 1994
endangered species of all. We came here to save the albatross and what did we do? We turned Saint-Esprit into justp 170 RP 1994
rage and cruelty ...‘ Neil listened to the cries of the albatross in the darkness. He could hear their wings on thep 171 RP 1994
to calm her, he caressed her cheeks, listening to the albatross bicker over the bone tip. He knew that Dr Barbarap 173 RP 1994
Honolulu, but affection was far from Dr Barbara's mind. The albatross screamed through the nights, crying to the bones. The whitep 173 RP 1994
her arms and shoulders under the curious gaze of the albatross. ‘What is it, Neil? Have they brought us a cowp 174 RP 1994
about to dismiss a vision from her mind. Even the albatross were deserting her. Alarmed by the seaplane, thousands of thep 175 RP 1994
you see anything?‘ He stared at the summit, which the albatross were circling in a cloud of black-tipped wings. ‘Someone's unsettledp 193 RP 1994
look after the monkey house and I'll look after the albatross. Keep your eyes peeled for any fires.‘ ‘They've gone, Davidp 193 RP 1994
boomed through the wreck of the Dugong. Above him the albatross circled, crying mindlessly at the sky and aggravating the sharpp 198 RP 1994
dead beside the prayer-shack. Standing on the cliff among the albatross, Neil followed the course of a single cumulus as itp 201 RP 1994
the summit,‘ Neil told him. ‘I wanted to count the albatross.‘ ‘Why, for Pete's sake? Save your energy. Did you seep 203 RP 1994
and had rambled to himself about the seaplane and the albatross, confusing them in his mind. ‘Why do you stay, Davidp 204 RP 1994
slept together in the weather-station, surrounded by the bones and albatross droppings. When she smiled at the visiting couples he noticedp 208 RP 1994
his fever was most intense and a frieze of wounded albatross paraded across the ceiling, he called to Dr Barbara asp 212 RP 1994
the weather-station, surrounded by the white plumage shed by the albatross. The threat of the French return and the prospect ofp 215 RP 1994
Saint-Esprit. But you're much stronger than Professor Saito.‘ ‘So the albatross might catch it?‘ ‘Perhaps they will.‘ Dr Barbara returned thep 216 RP 1994
these few small deaths and another yet to come. The albatross sailed over the banners proclaiming their safety on Saint-Esprit. Thep 220 RP 1994
ferns beside the runway he counted three of the dead albatross on the landing pier, their dishevelled wings hanging through thep 221 RP 1994
like flowers on a funeral pyre. Could he eat the albatross? Thinking of their oily flesh, and the cruel malady thatp 221 RP 1994
sailed on the Dugong together. We came to save the albatross ...!‘ ‘You came to save yourself.‘ Monique tried to slash hisp 223 RP 1994
shielded his wounded arm from the eyes of the ailing albatross on the cliff above him. The women's anger had startledp 223 RP 1994
refocused itself. He tasted the salty wind stained by the albatross droppings, and could smell the bonfire that Mrs Saito hadp 225 RP 1994
the Dugong. Secure in his sky-island, Neil watched the sickly albatross totter along the cliff, shaking the heavy vapour from theirp 228 RP 1994
some infected bird released from the sanctuary, and the healthier albatross had begun to leave Saint-Esprit. Neil finished the blood-stained baguettep 228 RP 1994
a blizzard of unsettled insects swept the cliff face. The albatross rose from their rocky perches, soaring out to sea asp 228 RP 1994
mouth and shouted up to the women. ‘You'll kill the albatross ...!‘ Monique pointed to him and shook the jerry can. Lookingp 228 RP 1994
the secret rock-pools below the cliff. Watched by the dying albatross, he trapped the fish and crabs as an immense anvilp 230 RP 1994
friend. Her shirt was stained with the yellow craw-fluid of albatross, but she seemed unaware of the destruction around her, thep 233 RP 1994
in the centre of the runway, smiling at a sickly albatross that tottered towards her from the beach. ‘Dr Barbara!‘ hep 234 RP 1994
bird on the runway. ‘Neil, we must kill all the albatross.‘ The Secret Door Lowered from the helicopter, the last ofp 235 RP 1994
relief. As he stood, drenched in blood, among the slaughtered albatross Mrs Anderson cupped her small hands over his eyes, tryingp 237 RP 1994
in blood as she slashed with her machete at the albatross, firing dementedly at the dying birds with Carline's pistol whilep 237 RP 1994
on the runway, spattered with the entrails of the dead albatross. She had thrown away the pistol and smiled a lastp 238 RP 1994