Still, at least he was human.‘ ‘Human enough to play Alain's games with you?‘ ‘Paul, we agreed not to talk aboutp 320 SC 2000
appeared a small interval of neutral space. Goodbye, Hiroshima. Goodbye, Alamagordo. ‘Goodbye, Moscow, London, Paris, New York ...‘ Shuttles flickered, a ripplep 601 TB 1964
bunkers. Time was different here, as it had been at Alamagordo and Eniwetok; a psychic fissure had riven both time andp 1042 MSA 1982
raincoat waving from the steps of the hotel at El Alamein, had only three hundred yards to plunge the car top 289 IO 1962
holding the line as their grandfathers did at Arnhem and Alamein. Fine men, careful to protect me, though I was ap 194 KC 2006
Victoria, the assassination of Lincoln and the siege of the Alamo. As a climax to this season of instant history, thep 807 GTS 1972
counter on an abacus, had been plucked away. Goodbye, Los Alamos. Again, a block seemed to vanish. The corridors around himp 601 TB 1964
daughters. Robert Oppenheimer, director of the A-bomb project at Los Alamos, was a self-torturing neurotic who flirted with the far leftp 159 UGM 1993
physicist after Einstein. Apart from his wartime years at Los Alamos, Feynman spent his entire career within the American university systemp 159 UGM 1993
was instantly recognized, Feynman was summoned by Oppenheimer to Los Alamos, and soon became the enfant terrible of the bomb projectp 160 UGM 1993
authorities had clamped a security cordon as tight as Los Alamos's around their own affected area in the Pripet Marshes ofp 606 IM 1964
like forgotten chess pieces. They stopped for the night at Alamosa, banked the engines of the three cars with wet slackp 113 HA 1981
Why should Hardman's reactions be any different?‘ Kerans smiled. ‘Touche, Alan. I don't want to interfere, having more or less droppedp 40 DW 1962
planet.‘ Kerans laughed. ‘I'll willingly take a small bow there, Alan. But what are you suggesting -- that Homo sapiens isp 41 DW 1962
ghostly deltas and luminous beaches of the submerged neuronic continents. ‘Alan,‘ he asked over his shoulder, still watching Riggs stamping aboutp 44 DW 1962
managed a rueful laugh. ‘Are you trying to frighten me, Alan? I wouldn't know yet, but it felt deep enough. Godp 71 DW 1962
said to Bodkin: ‘You'd better lend me Hardman's alarm clock, Alan. Or better still, remind me to take a phenobarbitone tonightp 72 DW 1962
the sun lifted into the sky. At last Kerans spoke. ‘Alan, I'm not sure whether I shall be leaving.‘ Without replyingp 74 DW 1962
along the bedroom walls will be breached. What about food, Alan? How long will the stocks in the deep freeze lastp 79 DW 1962
would prefer us. All right then, that seems pretty fair. Alan will be over in the station until the level risesp 79 DW 1962
the sea. He leaned behind Beatrice and said to Bodkin: ‘Alan, Strangman's searching for the treasure you've hidden down there.‘ Bodkinp 100 DW 1962
troupe of trained alligators, he peered down at the surface. ‘Alan! Look, for heaven's sake! Beatrice, can you see?‘ Kerans kickedp 118 DW 1962
move south across the silt flats. What do you think, Alan?‘ Bodkin shook his head slowly, still staring out blankly atp 122 DW 1962
square. ‘You two go, I must stay here.‘ Kerans hesitated. ‘Alan,‘ he warned him gently. ‘Strangman has everything he needs nowp 122 DW 1962
Bodkin slipped and fell heavily into a bank of silt. ‘Alan! Hurry!‘ Kerans started to go back for him, the caiman'sp 126 DW 1962
cone of cool air projected by the air-conditioner. ‘I know, Alan, Strangman's insane and dangerous, but for some reason I can'tp 128 DW 1962
Everything is starting to get back to normal.‘ ‘What about Alan -- you said you'd look for him.‘ ‘I'm afraid he'sp 148 HR 1975
across the distant mountains, came a smaller, neatly built man, Alan Ladd as the mysterious stranger in Shane. They stood togetherp 102 HA 1981
space-ship, but John Wayne and Henry Fonda, Gary Cooper and Alan Ladd, each about a mile high. And they weren't visionsp 109 HA 1981
of the space agency. ‘He was the last astronaut -- Alan Shepley -- the only one who didn't come back. Andp 1047 MSA 1982
house he watched the glider moving towards the space centre. Alan Shepley -- the first man to be murdered in spacep 1048 MSA 1982
ran between the river and the abandoned kitchen garden, fastening Alan Warrender's faded silk bath-robe around my waist. Did his widowp 87 DC 1987
Charles B. Wheat shot William Bender. And William Bender shot Alan Washburn. And Alan Washburn shot Julie Adams. And Julie Adamsp 103 GOA 1990
shot William Bender. And William Bender shot Alan Washburn. And Alan Washburn shot Julie Adams. And Julie Adams shot Susan Sanerp 103 GOA 1990
bailiffs were due to arrive in minutes, determined to evict Alan and Rosemary Turner, both entomologists at the Natural History Museump 197 MP 2003
cap, began to shout back through a hailer. Kerans shrugged. ‘Alan's right. We've everything to gain by showing ourselves. If wep 88 DW 1962
evening after Bodkin's disappearance leaned across the cushions to say: ‘Alan's gone. Old Bodkin. Did he see you before he leftp 129 DW 1962
through the lining of the lateral wall, placed between the alar cartilage and the lateral cartilage. These incisions were carried forwardp 19 QER 1976
of the nose tip after previous unsatisfactory surgical intervention, asymmetrical alar cartilages presented special problems difficult of solution by the usualp 19 QER 1976
impossible to tell. However, there's certainly no cause for any alarm. These billows have mass, and I think we can expectp 17 E 1956
the pundit was sitting at the table with his models. ‘ ... alarm. The billows have mass, and I think we can expectp 19 E 1956
round to full amplitude. Above the orderly room door an alarm bell shrilled out through the silence. ‘Weren't you with themp 64 M69 1957
to say something to him. Suddenly she jerked violently in alarm, her hat toppling. Her voice had frozen! Her mouth andp 123 SS 1960
out of her cavernous throat, and Mangon swung round in alarm to see her gibbering apoplectically, pointing helplessly to her throatp 123 SS 1960
earlier than was essential. At first he had kept an alarm clock by his bed, tried to compress as much activityp 169 VT 1960
cross the lake, and I keep on sleeping through the alarm clock. I may leave my place and move in therep 170 VT 1960
goodbye to Anderson he suddenly decided to throw away his alarm clock, escape from his futile obsession with time. To remindp 170 VT 1960
try to unwind yourself a little. I'm not trying to alarm you, Larsen, but this problem may be rather more complicatedp 139 ZT 1960
for that evening's dinner into the auto-cooker and selected the alarm, lowered the air-conditioner, refrigerator and immersion heater settings, switched openp 244 OM 1961
the centre drawer of his desk he took a small alarm clock, fitted with a battery and wrist strap. Sitting downp 245 OM 1961
abruptly. He sat up with a jolt, fumbling with the alarm clock, which had been set to wake him at 11p 247 OM 1961
it, he saw that it was only 10.55. The alarm had not rung, nor had he received a shock fromp 247 OM 1961
like blunted rectangular clouds. Anchored to reality only by the alarm mechanism clamped to his wrist, Faulkner craned his head fromp 249 OM 1961
fields in a cloud chamber ... With a shattering blast, the alarm rang out, the battery driving sharp spurs of pain intop 249 OM 1961
wrist strap, massaging his arm rapidly, then slapped off the alarm. For a few minutes he sat kneading his wrist, re-identifyingp 249 OM 1961
day. When he did be wouldn't bother to set the alarm ... ‘Harry!‘ he heard his wife bellow. He sat up withp 250 OM 1961
the next morning he was out on the veranda again, alarm strapped to his wrist. For the next hour he layp 250 OM 1961
around him, his mind free of its anxieties. When the alarm woke him at 11.00 he felt refreshed and relaxedp 250 OM 1961
Louise Penzil's car pulled into the drive he disconnected the alarm and sauntered out into the garden, head down to shutp 251 OM 1961
down waiting for his embarrassment to subside before setting the alarm mechanism. He was listening carefully for any sounds from thep 251 OM 1961
quiet and stillness were unbroken. Lying on the veranda, the alarm mechanism discarded on the floor below his chair, Faulkner sankp 252 OM 1961
involuntarily, the light radiating from her gown increasing with her alarm. Overhead the rays soared upwards into the air, their arcsp 211 S5 1961
door opened and Deborah peered around, her eyes wide with alarm. ‘Simon, what's happening?‘ She gaped down at Symington uncomprehendingly. ‘Youp 131 WFN 1961
on his face, a faint but nonetheless detectable hint of alarm. ‘What's the matter?‘ Maitland asked him. The guard, a tallp 168 WFN 1961
larger possible progression, the computer scanning his progress sounded an alarm on the desk and he would have to start afreshp 335 13C 1962
As I stepped forward it suddenly jerked away, almost in alarm, the entrance retracting and sending a low shudder through thep 306 TDS 1962
the feel of --‘ He broke off, face creased in alarm. The ceiling was only five feet above our heads, contractingp 307 TDS 1962
Fay's bedroom, found the cut-out switch and stabbed the sprinkler alarm. The house was still throbbing, but a moment later itp 319 TDS 1962
contraption on the bedside table which appeared to be two alarm clocks clipped back to back, crude metal extensions from thep 36 DW 1962
completed within 3 days. Kerans looked down irritably at the alarm device on the table, resenting his diminishing control over hisp 38 DW 1962
the clock, Lieutenant. If I were you I'd set the alarm so that it rings continuously.‘ Leaving the sick-bay, they madep 38 DW 1962
and he playing about with -- the electric heater and alarm clocks?‘ Bodkin slid the gramophone record into a rack ofp 40 DW 1962
to keep him awake as long as possible -- the alarm clocks may do it.‘ ‘If he remembers to keep themp 44 DW 1962
As one of the men on the roof shouted the alarm Kerans reached the balcony. Hardman swung himself like an acrobatp 63 DW 1962
remedy, he said to Bodkin: ‘You'd better lend me Hardman's alarm clock, Alan. Or better still, remind me to take ap 72 DW 1962
him as he stepped out of the elevator, wide-eyed with alarm. ‘Robert, what's happening?‘ She put her hands on his shouldersp 87 DW 1962
they're trapped or dying they smack the water as an alarm signal to each other.‘ He put a forefinger on Beatrice'sp 99 DW 1962
pressure. For some reason, Kerans felt a slight stirring of alarm. Although fully aware of Strangman's malice and unpredictability, he feltp 105 DW 1962
cabinet loomed in a corner. Suddenly, with a shock of alarm, he saw what appeared to be a man in anp 106 DW 1962
down at him intently -- Beatrice, her eyes wide with alarm, Bodkin frowning seriously, a motley of brown faces under khakip 109 DW 1962
up at the Admiral. Beatrice watched him disappear below with alarm, a slender hand on her throat. ‘Robert, he's insane. Whatp 121 DW 1962
Her relief and pleasure at seeing Kerans gave way to alarm. She glanced anxiously around the room. ‘Darling, leave me herep 148 DW 1962
unless compelled, had prevented Dr Mellinger from raising the general alarm during the first hours after Hinton's disappearance, when some doubtp 522 MO 1963
the hundreds of houses it submerged, and he felt no alarm for the drowned people who were sleeping undisturbed in thep 474 NWS 1963
a pair of small wing mirrors, was a cheap three-dollar alarm clock, ticking away loudly. An over-and-under Winchester shotgun leaned againstp 444 QR 1963
his big hands, with great care placed it beside the alarm clock, the almost inaudible motion of its pendulum lost inp 445 QR 1963
the ornamental hands and numerals. Then he picked up the alarm clock and with an almost valedictory pat, like an officerp 445 QR 1963
in an absurdly motionless posture. The mechanism of the old alarm clock had obviously been fully wound, and the buzz soundedp 446 QR 1963
just now you remarked on the fact that his old alarm clock kept good time. Does it occur to you top 447 QR 1963
when they were standing side by side. That type of alarm clock is the cheapest obtainable, notoriously inaccurate. Often they losep 447 QR 1963
place of its arrival. Connolly realized now how the old alarm clock had told the correct time -- by using hisp 455 QR 1963
on his shoulders and squeezed him, then drew away in alarm. ‘Darling, where did you get this peculiar suit? For heaven'sp 540 SA 1963
is bolted into the wall behind it. But the electric alarm circuit which flows through the bolts was not interrupted ...‘ Ip 577 LL 1964
as one of the women pretended to flinch away in alarm. The man with her held a few shreds of strawp 740 R 1967
car and raised her hands in a polite gesture of alarm as her mother's head struck the rear window and cannonadedp 128 C 1973
mesh fence. None of the spectators showed any signs of alarm. They looked down at the scene with the calm andp 155 C 1973
waited as he climbed these first gradients of excitation and alarm, eyes roving around the glass-enclosed mezzanine as he picked fromp 194 C 1973
face was raised in a warning gesture, a rictus of alarm and concern, as if frightened of what I might findp 204 C 1973
young woman and touched her shoulder she looked with sudden alarm at these luminous contours, as if aware that she hadp 835 LFA 1975
light that irradiates the screen. Fascinated, with no sense of alarm, I watch the movements of this mysterious intruder, the articulatedp 862 60Z 1976
curtain-walling, the pilot's white face staring at Halloway in obvious alarm. Without warning, this timid intruder vanished as suddenly as hep 880 UC 1976
for turning tail and leaving the city at the first alarm. Sooner or later he intended to come to terms withp 886 UC 1976
operational headquarters. The lavish wall-maps and communications equipment, the electric alarm signals that ran to so many of the stores andp 905 UC 1976
way. During that first night after Olds had given the alarm he spent the long hours until dawn in the top-floorp 908 UC 1976
Pill, the, denounced by HRH, 611 Q Quai d'Orsay, expresses alarm at HRH initiatives in Third World, 651; concludes secret accordsp 944 I 1977
that sealed my house from the world outside, the electronic alarm signals, steel grilles and gas-tight doors. At last the bellp 950 ICU 1977
tearing my skin. Above us there was a cry of alarm, Rachel's blind scream. I caught our falling bodies and steadiedp 150 UDC 1979
manner. Steiner had watched with amusement, hands raised in mock alarm, nodding to Wayne as if to say: look out, rememberp 56 HA 1981
a major tremor from the centre of Boston!‘ Breathless with alarm, she pointed at the cracked windows. ‘We've lost contact withp 83 HA 1981
around the old scientist's waist, and gave a cry of alarm when he roguishly let the Flier rise straight up likep 233 HA 1981
pilot. His own hands were shaking, an understandable reflex of alarm. For all Slade's ironic drawl, his naked body was asp 1013 NFS 1981
trapped aircraft ... Above the causeway the gulls were wheeling in alarm, screaming against the sky. The powered glider side-slipped out ofp 1042 MSA 1982
but the soldier at the tail-gate was already bellowing in alarm. With a weary sigh, the Japanese driver pulled on thep 147 ES 1984
the assembly hall. He listened keenly, already suspecting a false alarm. The air raids came earlier each day, as the Americansp 191 ES 1984
killed her husband. ‘N'doc ...‘ There was a soft grunt of alarm. Noticing me, the girl sat up and reeled in herp 65 DC 1987
zebra drinking by the bank looked up at us in alarm. Delighted with this, Noon began to play the cassettes top 118 DC 1987
deck. In their cages the macaques and marmosets chittered in alarm, scrambling frantically across their bars. ‘Fanny, we're sinking! Poupee!‘ Thep 212 DC 1987
beyond the starboard rail, reassuring Sanger as he bleated in alarm from the window grille of his cabin. I placed myp 213 DC 1987
the cascade. Behind me I heard Noon shout out in alarm. She ran along the beach after the mooring line, convincedp 233 DC 1987
disoriented child, but she pulled away from me, stiffening in alarm. ‘Noon -- it's all right ...‘ She was pointing at thep 264 DC 1987
met from his wages. It was he who gave the alarm, after discovering the first of the bodies as he deliveredp 8 RW 1988
the place, every staircase and Jacuzzi and diving board, every alarm switch and electric socket. But then they'd been here forp 35 RW 1988
stab wound might give them a chance to raise the alarm -- especially those alarms that ring inside the head." "Thep 45 RW 1988
Jasper, he has to supervise the three children on his alarm roster (Andrew and Emma Zest, and Roger Sterling). Most difficultp 66 RW 1988
men? 6:09 a.m. Annabel Reade listens to the alarm under her pillow. In the dim light of the bedroomp 67 RW 1988
to erase the signal before they leave. Switching off the alarm, she gets out of bed, unsteady but refreshed, and gladp 67 RW 1988
-- in his excitement the previous day he dropped his alarm clock, and he wakes at 6:05 to see thep 68 RW 1988
across the landing and opens the cabinet of the burglar alarm system. He disconnects the electrical circuit that links the windowsp 69 RW 1988
my beleaguered research department. Then, as I set the burglar alarm, I realised that I could change the course of myp 1130 TES 1989
Afterwards I lean against the door, exhausted by this false alarm. The effort of smiling at the officer reminds me ofp 1133 TES 1989
was silent and ringing, like the pause after an unanswered alarm. I could no longer hear my feet as they crackedp 25 KW 1991
horses‘ manes, pig-tails streamed in the air and cries of alarm gave way to frowns of deep seriousness. Watching them sailp 317 KW 1991
computer networks, which have reacted with a sudden show of alarm, as if well used to mistrusting these declarations of goodp 1184 ROP 1992
gave way to another, perhaps explains the reason for their alarm. Given these people's hunger for violence, it may be thatp 1186 ROP 1992
eyes slowly blinking behind the thick lenses like an ever-wary alarm detector. ‘We prayed for you, Neil,‘ he said in ap 48 RP 1994
that stared from her cheeks and forehead like semaphores of alarm. Outwardly she seemed calm and almost serene, as if shep 215 RP 1994
the bonfire that Mrs Saito had lit during a false alarm and then doused with sea-water, releasing a vast steam-cloud thatp 225 RP 1994
Swedish wives took part in the monotonous singing. Since the alarm first raised by their husbands, who now lay in eachp 227 RP 1994
I would learn elsewhere. ‘As a matter of fact, the alarm was raised by a passing motorist. No one called thep 52 CN 1996
they seemed. On the hill-slopes below the club a security alarm sounded, drilling like a metal cicada at the night. Thep 81 CN 1996
and walked to the window, listening to a nearby security alarm that shrilled through the evening air. ‘In a sense Crawfordp 180 CN 1996
problem -- gates and front doors need to be unlocked, alarm systems disconnected, and someone else is breathing your air. Besidesp 213 CN 1996
picking those who would send out the largest ripples of alarm. I imagined them dozing through the siesta hours as Crawfordp 238 CN 1996
to her quirky and mocking character, she shows almost no alarm. Her eyes have noticed the falling cornice, and I likep 6 DYF 1996
to admire the way he carried it off. Once the alarm was raised he must have known all the doors wouldp 29 SC 2000
his slip of the tongue. ‘Jane, I didn't mean to alarm you. Everything happened in the garage. David shot the hostagesp 29 SC 2000
is still at large, perhaps planning his revenge, has sent alarm bells ringing throughout the business park, still struggling to regainp 131 SC 2000
many ways he was a decent man. But we mustn't alarm them.‘ ‘I'm sorry.‘ I watched the animated widows in theirp 144 SC 2000
test, tapping yes-or-no answers to alternative-choice questions, while a standby alarm offered an emergency package entitled ‘What to do till thep 155 SC 2000
get careless, they leave doors unlocked, forget to set the alarm system.‘ ‘Bachelet was head of security. Still, Greenwood might havep 179 SC 2000
One thing bothers me -- why didn't Penrose raise the alarm?‘ ‘Greenwood locked the outer doors when he left, trapping Penrosep 186 SC 2000
guilty, a revelation to them ...‘ I listened to a car alarm sounding in the avenue, and imagined the French police burstingp 262 SC 2000
done anything? I'm amazed.‘ Jane rolled her eyes in mock alarm. She placed her hands on my chest. ‘Dear husband, you'rep 269 SC 2000
gear. Behind him stood Frances Baring, blonde eyebrows springing in alarm. She pressed her hands to my cheeks, staring into myp 280 SC 2000
pointed to the road ahead, where brake lights flared in alarm. The Audi overran the stone kerb, struck the sea wallp 312 SC 2000
disappeared into his kitchen, and a woman's voice cried in alarm. Leaving enough cash to settle the bill, I folded thep 10 KC 2006
toughened glass. Then, after the third blow, I heard an alarm shrill far below me. Thirty minutes later I was sittingp 109 KC 2006
of his own, knowing that I would set off the alarm, and had told the security men to release me halfp 110 KC 2006
fell heavily to the ground like a stricken rhino. Its alarm lights came on, blinking in panic. Expert hands reached behindp 119 KC 2006
it.‘ She winced at the tireless seesaw of a distant alarm. ‘Richard, I warned you strange things are going on.‘ ‘I'mp 133 KC 2006
was held up at the hotel.‘ I decided not to alarm her over the dead barrister. ‘There was a security problemp 238 KC 2006
which they never refer) alerts a reflex of rather old-fashioned alarm. If women aren't needed to do the dusting, what hopep 228 ML 2008
the air, as if everyone felt threatened by some inner alarm that had started to ring. No one would have noticedp 239 ML 2008