A car moved down the drive. He handed the girl ajar of ointment, happy to be present at a vernissage nop 69 THF 1969
For the first time, people were leaving their front doors ajar and moving casually in and out of each other's apartmentsp 30 HR 1975
re-enters our suite. After a pause, she leaves the door ajar. Her actions are calm and unrushed, but totally conspiratorial. Withp 860 60Z 1976
cool night air to invade the solarium. Leaving the door ajar, he wheeled himself to the telephone beside the screens. Asp 998 MA 1978
she would sometimes undress in my bathroom with the door ajar. Later I guessed that this was her way of provingp 16 KW 1991
join her in the palace of light. Its doors stood ajar among the homely elms. In that paradise vision all herp 207 KW 1991
in the air as Dr Valentina's cabin door remained tantalizingly ajar. The TV cameras followed the crew as they drove inp 1177 MFM 1992
our conversation she had deliberately left a number of doors ajar for me, but I assumed that most of them wouldp 91 CN 1996
dancers around her and then fell against Crawford's chest, mouth ajar below her unfocused eyes. Her hair had grown into ap 295 CN 1996
from now on ...‘ The Last Party LEAVING THE BEDROOM door ajar, Sanger watched the sleeping young woman for a few momentsp 301 CN 1996
had reached home at midnight to find the front door ajar. In the lounge the cannabis and cigarette smoke hung inp 168 SC 2000
the smoking room was the library, its leather-padded doors slightly ajar. I stepped into the high-ceilinged room, its stale air heavyp 238 SC 2000
I noticed that a pair of carved oak doors stood ajar. I stepped through them, switched on a table lamp andp 299 SC 2000
and set off quickly down the steps, leaving the door ajar behind her. She wore a patent leather coat and highp 235 MP 2003
draught from a door onto the dark that had come ajar. A desperate woman was sitting on my father's bed, aboutp 135 KC 2006
amahs, as the dogs bounded around her. The gates were ajar, and I walked up the drive past the untended gardenp 108 ML 2008
was deliberately hyperventilating. He was chanting what sounded like ‘Allahu akbar‘, the expulsive God-is-Great cry used by the whirling dervishes top 1090 OOA 1984
feet I realised that he had been chanting, not ‘Allahu akbar‘, but ‘Astro-naut‘ ... Astro-nought ...? Matthew Young: the Personal History of ap 1093 OOA 1984
figure of Strangman, tails of his jacket pushed back, arms akimbo, the light breeze lifting his chalk-white hair. He was grinningp 102 DW 1962
shin bones provided the only lighter colouring. Standing there, arms akimbo with a sort of jaunty arrogance, he seemed to representp 442 QR 1963
and political reasons?‘ ‘No, I don't.‘ Ryker stood up, arms akimbo again, measuring Connolly. ‘I mean the real reasons, Lieutenant.‘ Connollyp 446 QR 1963
explosions. He shouted again at Thorensen, who was waiting arms akimbo below the steps of the summer house. His long facep 102 CW 1966
or not. Altogether, the children existed in a state closely akin to sensory deprivation. Far from hating their parents when theyp 63 RW 1988
account of follies, blunders and delusions is an unsettling experience, akin to reliving an extended hangover. The core of his bookp 243 UGM 1992
are worth it if we produce another Bill Gates or Akio Morita.‘ ‘The victims will be glad to hear it.‘ ‘Dop 297 SC 2000
Samurai of the Epic The Warrior's Camera: The Cinema of Akira Kurosawa Stephen Prince In 1971 Japan's greatest filmmaker, Akira Kurosawap 25 UGM 1991
of Akira Kurosawa Stephen Prince In 1971 Japan's greatest filmmaker, Akira Kurosawa, director of Rashomon and The Seven Samurai, slashed hisp 25 UGM 1991
He was wearing the stolen uniform trousers of an El Al flight engineer. 24) With my last money I bought himp 1101 ATQ 1985
the centre. He and Ward walked towards the cafes -- Al's Fresco Diner, Ylla's, the Dome -- which stretched down top 481 VH 1963
were quietly forgotten. The Heathrow bomb was blamed on unknown al-Qaeda extremists. Kay Churchill was the only resident to receive ap 290 MP 2003
police, 344; Frankfurt police, 359; divorces HRH, 371; wins Miss Alabama contest, 382; go-go dancer, 511; applies for writ of habeasp 943 I 1977
jokes on him. But while he was stationed at Montgomery, Alabama, he met Zelda Sayre, his future wife and a destructivep 110 UGM 1982
President Reagan. 1983, forms the evangelical trust COME Incorporated, tours Alabama and Mississippi as self-proclaimed 13th Disciple. 1984, visits Africa, SEp 1096 OOA 1984
and the baby, and now runs a small airline in Alabama. He was one of the few black commissioned officers. Halder'sp 31 SC 2000
on his jetty the previous morning, watching him like an alabaster lizard, and he had automatically assumed that it bore ap 98 DW 1962
took her elbow in a surprisingly tender gesture. Then the alabaster soap-dish caught her on the side of the head. Ap 666 BM 1966
to a statue in a nearby alcove, calling on this alabaster knight to be his witness. ‘I spoke to your brotherp 77 CN 1996
then looked away when he saw Bodkin's surprise at the alacrity with which he had volunteered. He felt curiously light-headed, thoughp 102 DW 1962
meeting of the Watch Committee, he accepted the invitation with alacrity, certain that with every member of the committee present thep 385 WT 1962
and offices were unlocked. In a hairdressing salon -- an Aladdin's cave of chromium gadgetry, mirrors, thousands of coloured bottles --p 881 UC 1976
pantry was filled with cases of whisky and gin, an Aladdin's cave of gold and ruby bottles, but there were onlyp 75 ES 1984
at last I heard him laugh. Every day was an Aladdin's Cave of schemes and enthusiasms. Alice and Lucy, seven andp 170 KW 1991
The dark cavern of the cargo hold resembled a cut-price Aladdin's cave, crammed with wooden crates and cardboard cartons. Neil wasp 104 RP 1994
King Saud's larger-than-life replica of the White House and the Aladdin's cave apartments of Puerto Banus. Unreality thrived on every sidep 17 CN 1996
its collection of memorabilia, ejection seats and radial engines, an Aladdin's Cave of possibilities far more potent and enduring than anythingp 390 SC 2000
been switched off for months, and each refrigerator was an Aladdin's cave of rotting cakes and lurid cordials. He found ap 135 MP 2003
pointed to the dome visible through his windows. ‘So many Aladdin's caves, a hundred neon palaces filled with treasure.‘ ‘The onlyp 84 KC 2006
roads, and caught sight of the machine circling the jai alai stadium on the southern outskirts of the town. A cloudp 1042 MSA 1982
week. Crowds of gamblers pushed their way into the jai alai stadiums, blocking the traffic in the Bubbling Well Road. Anp 36 ES 1984
American suits stood on the street corners, shouting the jai alai odds to each other. In the pedicabs outside the Regencyp 56 ES 1984
jostled each other by the betting booths of the jai alai stadium, and the morning audience packed the entrance of thep 19 KW 1991
Studebaker, which he borrowed to take us to the jai alai stadium. In the car-park she squatted expertly across David's lapp 67 KW 1991
earsplitting gongs and grimacing masks; a trip to the jai alai stadium with its ferocious Chinese gamblers and Filipino players withp 35 ML 2008
of property and financial scams, of rigged bets at jai alai games and the Shanghai racecourse, had added salt to theirp 73 ML 2008
the Delages, among the earliest colonists of the business park. Alain Delage was the chief financial officer of the Eden-Olympia holdingp 38 SC 2000
not correct.‘ ‘A shame. When did it happen?‘ ‘Last night. Alain drove back from Cannes. Some taxi driver, a Maghrebian ... hep 52 SC 2000
bastards. I think Fontaine died in the main administration building. Alain Delage took over from him. Does it matter?‘ ‘It slightlyp 70 SC 2000
if watching the punishment of a slacking gladiator. I recognized Alain Delage, the bespectacled accountant who gave Jane a lift top 72 SC 2000
We were doing them a favour.‘ ‘And the parked limousines? Alain Delage and the other bigwigs were watching the whole thingp 73 SC 2000
their posts at Eden-Olympia. Asterisks marked those who had died. Alain Delage. CFO, Eden-Olympia holding company. * Michel Charbonneau. Chairman, Eden-Olympiap 99 SC 2000
their colleagues informally. Penrose, moreover, sat in the next office. Alain Delage headed the list. I remembered that Simone had mentionedp 99 SC 2000
hit list? Thoughts of Saint-Exupery ‘Monsieur Delage! Could you wait? Alain ...!‘ I had left the Jaguar a hundred yards from thep 100 SC 2000
door of his limousine, gloved fist raised warningly at me. ‘Alain I'm glad I caught you.‘ I stepped past the aidep 100 SC 2000
trying breathlessly to call to him. ‘Mr Sinclair? It's you?‘ ‘Alain ...‘ I forced the guard's hand from my chest and drewp 100 SC 2000
with a Range Rover parked outside the Delages‘ house. But Alain had recovered his poise. The tentative hands that had straightenedp 102 SC 2000
was frustrated, and knew it. My irritation was magnified by Alain Delage's veiled threat. He had flattered me by referring top 108 SC 2000
me a lift to Cannes seemed to be saying that.‘ ‘Alain Delage? Be careful with him. He looks like a mousyp 114 SC 2000
building, where earlier that afternoon I had caught up with Alain Delage. Routine security checks the next morning would log thep 119 SC 2000
last night -- problems with the car. Who was here?‘ ‘Alain Delage and Simone. We had fun, watching some screwy sexp 170 SC 2000
waking up ... think about Jane being fucked by Halder or Alain Delage. Fucking someone else makes her a stranger again, strangerp 230 SC 2000
should have joined us at dinner.‘ I turned to find Alain Delage standing in his shirtsleeves by the doors. He greetedp 238 SC 2000
The finest graded pelts. We should give one to Jane.‘ ‘Alain, that's kind of you. But her generation they have ap 239 SC 2000
a film for Wilder Penrose.‘ ‘They're props, then?‘ ‘That's it.‘ Alain smiled at me, happy to display a freshly chipped toothp 239 SC 2000
involved in these crimes?‘ ‘Senior management at Eden-Olympia. Pascal Zander, Alain Delage, Agassi and any number of company chairmen and managingp 245 SC 2000
them with my hands. I saw the robbery take place. Alain Delage and another guest were watching a video taken atp 246 SC 2000
troubling. A few prostitutes have needed remedial surgery. Your friend Alain Delage is a little too free with his fists. There'sp 261 SC 2000
about it?‘ ‘Simone and I saw it on the news. Alain was driving through Theoule as the gang sped off andp 270 SC 2000
up.‘ She rubbed the infected needle mark on her thigh. ‘Alain said he saw you later at the Villa Grimaldi.‘ ‘Ap 270 SC 2000
those emotions. With Simone I can switch off.‘ ‘What about Alain?‘ ‘He likes to watch. Sorry, Paul ... you're too sane. Ifp 271 SC 2000
we stay here any longer I'll go to bed with Alain. I don't want that to happen.‘ She sniffled into ap 271 SC 2000
Jane, I stood up at my table. With Simone and Alain Delage, she was attending a seven-o'clock reception for a Franco-Germanp 276 SC 2000
around her shoulders, walking into the Palais des Festivals with Alain and Simone Delage. I, meanwhile, was stuck in a lavatoryp 278 SC 2000
see clearly into the rear seat, where Jane sat between Alain and Simone Delage. All were in evening dress, Jane withp 286 SC 2000
He was aggressively drunk, gesturing in a coarse way at Alain Delage, who seemed bored by him. Simone held Jane's handp 286 SC 2000
crowd into her ear. When the traffic failed to move, Alain spoke to the chauffeur. The front passenger door opened andp 286 SC 2000
chief. On a third-floor balcony of the Villa Grimaldi stood Alain Delage, fastening the cufflinks of his dress shirt as hep 294 SC 2000
seen him sharpening his spade. What was he doing here?‘ ‘Alain set up one of his little games. He didn't tellp 302 SC 2000
man. I have to cope with too much Belgian angst. Alain and Simone are quite prudish, in their own way.‘ ‘They'rep 302 SC 2000
to resist, I watched myself step into the car. ‘Paul ...‘ Alain Delage drew me towards the jump seat. ‘I'm glad wep 315 SC 2000
the Mercedes I drummed on the glass behind his head. ‘Alain -- the police are on their way. We need top 315 SC 2000
the night, at the closed filling stations and supermarkets, while Alain Delage flexed his thighs and the two women huddled togetherp 317 SC 2000
that the dance might continue once the music had stopped. Alain Delage was filming the tango, and behind the camcorder hisp 318 SC 2000
door, all too aware of the danger he had faced. Alain Delage had taken over as Eden-Olympia's security chief, and Wilderp 318 SC 2000
in everyone else.‘ ‘That's thoughtful of you. Who was driving?‘ ‘Alain, I think. Zander was very drunk. I could smell itp 320 SC 2000
you never left it.‘ ‘I did.‘ Jane seemed genuinely indignant. ‘Alain and Simone both said I went down to Zander withp 320 SC 2000
before.‘ ‘He was good. That was highly skilled offensive driving. Alain probably brought in a police pursuit specialist.‘ ‘Paul ...‘ Jane staredp 320 SC 2000
with their chipped nails. ‘Jane, listen to me for once. Alain is dangerous. I watched his eyes while you were dancingp 320 SC 2000
was nothing prurient about her exploitation of Jane. She and Alain approached the freeports of sex like sophisticated tourists in ap 322 SC 2000
I could rely on Wilder Penrose to protect me, but Alain Delage might want me out of the way so thatp 322 SC 2000
few principles. He wanted to fuck my wife so that Alain and Simone could watch.‘ ‘I'm shocked. That is going toop 340 SC 2000
Vallauris road ...?‘ ‘I was giving everyone time to catch up. Alain Delage told me to take the coast road to Juan-les-Pinsp 343 SC 2000
and decide that social Darwinism deserves another go. Listen to Alain Delage and Penrose talking together and you know they're justp 344 SC 2000
back of Delage's Merc. Still, she was there.‘ ‘That's why Alain brought her along. And she genuinely thinks it was anp 346 SC 2000
is fine. Eden-Olympia is very powerful.‘ ‘And over-confident. Penrose and Alain Delage think nothing can stop them. We need tapes ofp 349 SC 2000
it?‘ ‘I'm thinking of Jane.‘ ‘Good. She's Simone Delage's lover. Alain is at the heart of everything now. Use Jane top 350 SC 2000
patients getting their faces bloodied, all these repressed executives like Alain Delage that he's turned into playgroup Nazis. Now Wilder seesp 352 SC 2000
fumes from the flare drifted through the marquee. A grim-faced Alain Delage, once again the harassed accountant, was calling to hisp 358 SC 2000
plaque, pointing to the empty sky with his silver trowel. Alain Delage spoke to a senior police officer, but his menp 358 SC 2000
to be disloyal. We think very highly of Halder.‘ ‘Good. Alain Delage shouldn't play games with him.‘ ‘Does he? That's unpleasantp 363 SC 2000
my car. Sorry about the Jag. All this graffiti everywhere. Alain thinks the wrong people are getting into Eden-Olympia.‘ Later, asp 370 SC 2000
broke in.‘ ‘They?‘ ‘People working for Eden Olympia -- under Alain Delage's orders.‘ ‘And if we leave now?‘ ‘They'll call itp 373 SC 2000
Frances?‘ ‘I hate to say it, but maybe he did. Alain Delage finds him useful. He has a bunk in thep 379 SC 2000
shy affection that I had noticed at their first meeting. Alain nodded to her, unsure of Jane but still confident inp 382 SC 2000
last seconds before a collision. ‘Paul over here.‘ Seeing me, Alain Delage beckoned me to the doorway and made room forp 383 SC 2000
I'm glad I came. What exactly is going on?‘ ‘Paul?‘ Alain was surprised by my studied but aggressive tone. ‘It's Janep 383 SC 2000
pads, populated by menageries of perverse creatures like Simone and Alain Delage. The scent of Jane's dress clung to my handsp 387 SC 2000
my targets would still be asleep. I would start with Alain and Simone Delage, drowsy after their late night in thep 391 SC 2000
stare back into her accusing eyes. Then I would shoot Alain as he sat up, drenched in his wife's blood, moustachep 391 SC 2000