had reportedly flown from Guam. Pacific islands with their silent airstrips among the palm trees, Wake Island above all, have ap 33 AWa 1990
litter-strewn steps, and with luck found a more or less airtight room off the central corridor. Patricia sat down weakly onp 48 WFN 1961
was a revolving door; heavy rubber flaps making the seal airtight. Inside the building the air was filtered, the suites ofp 60 WFN 1961
Games In the Psychiatrist's Chair Anthony Clare Interviews crowd the airwaves, a confessional babble only too open to eavesdroppers. At almostp 271 UGM 1992
junction with the main road in the background a British Airways advertisement hoarding is riddled with bullet holes. A sullen-faced youngp 954 TW 1967
she resembled a leather-garbed parakeet, a punk madonna of the airways. Worn NASA flashes on her shoulder gave her a biker'sp 1046 MSA 1982
either side of the stove were a deck-chair with ‘Imperial Airways‘ stitched into its fading canvas, and a camp-bed covered withp 94 ES 1984
lay under the quilt as Basie sat in the Imperial Airways deckchair and made wire toys from old pipe cleaners. Basiep 101 ES 1984
deaconess, Bible Society Bookshop; Angelina Gomez, twenty-three, air hostess, Iberian Airways; Phoebe Adams, forty-three, cruise protestor, Camp Orange, Greenham Common. 40p 1102 ATQ 1985
corrupt parties, and the muscle squad of two former British Airways executives who quietly burgled and vandalized their way across thep 298 CN 1996
towed a 747 across the perimeter road to the British Airways maintenance hangar. Acres of car parks stretched around me, areasp 240 MP 2003
a last line would draw itself under the former British Airways pilot, an absentee parent I once hero-worshipped but rarely metp 5 KC 2006
earlier my father -- Captain Stuart Pearson, formerly of British Airways and Middle East Airlines -- set off on one ofp 13 KC 2006
my masquerade has worked. No one suspects an old British Airways pilot. Chief regret is that I have frightened my neighboursp 196 KC 2006
is still plagued by mosquitoes, and in 1991 the British Airways Travel Clinic warned me to leave the area before duskp 62 ML 2008
have been a hotel-casino on the Las Vegas strip. Its airy corridors were hung with Pop art posters, and Dick wasp 303 KW 1991
entry code, Maxted beckoned me into the hallway of an airy penthouse, apparently built as an afterthought from sections of glassp 97 KC 2006
Coming out for a drink?‘ a Fire Captain across the aisle asked. ‘We have a ten-minute break here.‘ ‘No thanks,‘ Franzp 34 CC 1957
stood up. ‘Of course I do.‘ He walked down the aisle between the desks, white coat unbuttoned, hands sunk deep inp 50 M69 1957
Holding one of his arms, Conrad noticed in the dim aisle light a glint of metal inside the sleeve. Quickly hep 154 CH 1960
a hurry, Newman?‘ Stacey asked dryly. He sauntered down the aisle to Conrad, smiling sardonically. Baffled, and face reddening with embarrassmentp 155 CH 1960
parody of themselves. A shot rang out in the next aisle, followed by screams and shouting. Although she heard nothing, thep 124 SS 1960
the stage looked exposed and derelict. He raced down the aisle, wondering why Madame Gioconda had decided to leave without tellingp 132 SS 1960
the frosted glass, and at the far end of the aisle there was a sudden scurrying in a large cage byp 175 VT 1960
beam sideways off the pew into the centre of the aisle. Immediately two or three people trapped below the pews beganp 37 WFN 1961
domestic appliances. Flashing the torch, Lanyon walked slowly down the aisle. On the left, down the centre of the storeroom, wasp 99 WFN 1961
on the torch again and they ran quickly down the aisle past the stacks of radios and washing machines. As theyp 99 WFN 1961
crates, then saw a third moving nimbly halfway down the aisle, a heavy Mauser in one hand, the long barrel pointedp 100 WFN 1961
think of them?‘ Strangman pivoted at one end of the aisle and swung back, barking at the Admiral to cover thep 93 DW 1962
his hand in Kerans‘ back and propelled him along the aisle out of the hold. Five minutes later, as they drovep 94 DW 1962
light coating of silt covered the carpeted steps of the aisle. In the centre of the dome the water was atp 107 DW 1962
walked back down the steps and stopped half-way down the aisle, head held back, determined to engrave the image of thep 107 DW 1962
the pressure had fallen steeply. Dizzying, he stumbled up the aisle and tried to free the air-line from the handle, certainp 108 DW 1962
to shelter there during the night, Kerans walked down the aisle, pausing listlessly as the rain renewed itself. Reaching the altarp 166 DW 1962
to dig up some of the cracked flagstones from the aisle with his clasp knife, carried the pieces back through thep 168 DW 1962
by side with our backs to the altar, as the aisle transformed itself into an occluding tunnel of glass pillars, hisp 625 IM 1964
first half an hour he restricted himself to the perimeter aisle, now and then trying one of the doors with thep 590 TB 1964
by some freak of perspective only those in a single aisle were visible at any point within the maze. As hep 595 TB 1964
canvas sheet, laying it behind the graves in the next aisle. Biddle, the older of the two, a lean man inp 559 TP 1964
city, Ransom walked down to the church and entered the aisle just as the small, manually operated organ concluded its shortp 36 D 1965
twenty of the fishermen, their thin faces staring down the aisle at the pulpit. For a few moments they stood togetherp 37 D 1965
open doors. Ransom waited, and then slipped away down the aisle and stepped out into the sunlight. In the distance hep 38 D 1965
of a steel mill. Striding up and down the narrow aisle between the rail and the bars was Catherine Austen. Herp 50 D 1965
to the vestry door the blond-haired bo'sun darted from the aisle. His face and chest were lit by the flames asp 67 D 1965
long body around his arms. He carried it down the aisle to the altar, and lifted it up to the crossp 161 CW 1966
fail him. As the deep frost penetrated the church, the aisle transformed itself into an occluding tunnel of glass pillars. Withp 162 CW 1966
He was watching the Novotny girl walking along the concrete aisle. She laughed, disengaging herself from Koester. Where were her ownp 27 UD 1968
Suddenly bored by the young woman, he climbed the concrete aisle and walked among the empty seats, staring at the curvedp 59 SCN 1969
of the seat beside me, and then stroked the damp aisle of Helen's perineum. Her hand pressed against my right testiclep 81 C 1973
supermarket a pyramid of dog-biscuit cartons had collapsed across the aisle. Wilder filled a basket with three of the cartons andp 121 HR 1975
within our living rooms will show us moving down the aisle against a cathedral backdrop. Our wedding night will be ap 227 UGM 1977
cathedral interior and showed us walking together down an immense aisle. For our honeymoon we went to Venice. Happily we sharedp 949 ICU 1977
while I performed some kind of obscene act in the aisle -- press the blood from my hands against their bleedingp 71 UDC 1979
the nearest pew. He dragged the oak form across the aisle, scattering the hymn books across the tiled floor. ‘Blake, takep 75 UDC 1979
of Shepperton. Arm-in-arm, they sailed through the air above the aisle, a concourse of embracing figures, delightedly filming each other onp 182 UDC 1979
her, Wayne ran down the carpeted steps of the central aisle. The waiters made no attempt to stop him, and nonep 126 HA 1981
since the remote past. We press on, following the same aisle that separates two adjacent lounge concourses. We rest briefly atp 1087 RUS 1982
against the walls in a dusty jumble. I entered the aisle and stood between the pews. Then, as I stepped forwardp 1099 OOA 1984
Henry, Jim ... You'll have to fight your way down the aisle.‘ ‘God, woman, I'm kneeling by the altar.‘ He placed hisp 129 KW 1991
woman in a black business suit calling from the central aisle. She backed away from me, startled to see an intruderp 207 SC 2000
the Jaguar here. My car is parked in the next aisle with the roof up. Keys under your seat. Try notp 328 SC 2000
ten francs, and carried the trembling flame down the side aisle. Dozens of votive offerings hung from the walls, memorials top 329 SC 2000
Citroen surged away. I watched the car move down the aisle, cut sharply in front of a courtesy bus and setp 263 MP 2003
of astral zero, I was propelled upward to the stars. Aisles of light broke and splintered around me, I passed Aldebaranp 91 WG 1959
listening to the dim haunted echoes reflected through the long aisles of apartment blocks on the far horizon, involuntarily counting thep 166 CH 1960
the baffles he picked their way carefully through the quieter aisles. Around them voices chattered and whined fretfully, fragments of conversationp 124 SS 1960
the man back. He pointed to an area a few aisles away. They climbed between the baffles, Mangon helping Madame Giocondap 125 SS 1960
as he cavorted happily in the narrow interval between the aisles. ‘Now don't tire yourself out or you'll lose it againp 127 SS 1960
and Powers liked to wander on foot down the gunnery aisles that had been marked down the two-mile length of thep 183 VT 1960
towers, leaned on the rail and looked out along the aisles towards the sight-screens. Ricocheting shells and rockets had chipped awayp 183 VT 1960
true canopy of time. Like jostling radio beacons, their long aisles interlocking at countless angles, they plunged into the sky fromp 193 VT 1960
left,‘ Lanyon muttered. They moved forward down one of the aisles. He brushed against a square waist-high object that gonged metallicallyp 98 WFN 1961
strange currents and moods; the sand swirls surging down the aisles of dunes and the proximity of the horizon enclosed thep 493 VH 1963
surface, he gazed with a phlegmatic eye down the surrounding aisles and at the line of doors facing him. Each afternoonp 589 TB 1964
by the Atomic Energy Commission, and the wilderness of weapons aisles, towers and blockhouses ruled out any attempt to return itp 590 TB 1964
uniform solidity. As he entered the first of the long aisles, Traven felt the sense of fatigue that had dogged himp 595 TB 1964
foundation of a guard-house into the weapons range. The concrete aisles stretched into the darkness across the airfield. In the suburbsp 14 AE 1966
Hell. Departure. The next morning, Travis wandered along the gunnery aisles. On the bunkers the painted figure of the screen actressp 17 AE 1966
Terminal Posture. Lying on the worn concrete of the gunnery aisles, he assumed the postures of the film actress, assuaging hisp 17 AE 1966
from the sky, but now he hurried down the winding aisles between the birds, a wicker basket under his arm, intentp 705 SBD 1966
looked out through the dawn light at the converging concrete aisles. Soon the climax of the scenario would come, JFK wouldp 28 UD 1968
the reclamation zone he drained the freezer compartments, swept the aisles and re-stacked the pyramids of canned goods, like a dedicatedp 906 UC 1976
alone. Surrounded by parked airliners, I walked down the empty aisles with my vacuum-cleaner, sweeping away the debris of journeys, thep 11 UDC 1979
churchyard. We sailed through the vivid air, climbing the long aisles of the sun. We invited the birds to join usp 218 UDC 1979
Second Coming that has launched the 13th Disciple down the aisles of space from the altar of the Mare Imbrium. Alreadyp 1098 OOA 1984
down corridors of light that ran between them like the aisles of an open-air cathedral. ‘You've found a story,‘ my wifep 1112 MWM 1985
had seen endless reflections of himself receding to infinity down aisles speckled with red confetti, a true blood wedding. "Satisfied, Sergeantp 28 RW 1988
primped and polished stone of the university. The runways were aisles that led to a more meaningful world, gateways of memoryp 284 KW 1991
have absconded from reality for the evening, ambling down the aisles of the theatre with their sable coats and pop-corn cartonsp 345 KW 1991
whose harness she had demonstrated so many times in the aisles of her aircraft. She tore at the nylon straps andp 67 RP 1994
or misfits who were potential hijackers. They hovered in the aisles of her mind, ignoring her demonstrations of the oxygen maskp 133 RP 1994
the supermarket, where a dozen customers hovered in the air-conditioned aisles and the Spanish check-out girls sat at their tills likep 214 CN 1996
be the last to go.‘ He stared at the silent aisles, working out his challenge to this eventless world. We leftp 215 CN 1996
population, reminding it of happier days spent in the confectionery aisles. As I drove towards Cannes a light aircraft was takingp 148 SC 2000
have been empty, but the retinal impact of its deserted aisles still surprised me. In the week since putting away thep 324 SC 2000
police officers, ushers and witnesses roamed up and down the aisles, a cast straight from the pages of Lewis Carroll. Whatp 43 MP 2003
closed the doors and ran to NFT2. I searched the aisles for Kay or Vera. The screen loomed above me, ap 121 MP 2003
Nuremberg rally. The ranks of sales counters, the long straight aisles, the signs and banners, the whole theatrical aspect.‘ ‘No jackbootsp 105 KC 2006
from the bottom up, from a thousand checkouts and consumer aisles. The promises were visible and within arm's reach in thep 177 KC 2006
were crammed into the entrance hall and the nearby shopping aisles. Staff, sports-club supporters, customers caught in the riot, and passers-byp 215 KC 2006
knew that the Metro-Centre was ready to sustain them. The aisles and concourses were their parks and neighbourhoods, and they wouldp 225 KC 2006
darkness, an uncanny transformation. As people moved down the unlit aisles, searching for tin-openers and disposable wipes, the strange gloom gavep 226 KC 2006
all day, for anyone hungry enough to venture between the aisles and risk blundering into a meat locker that incubated everyp 267 KC 2006