heavy duty model used for shielding VIPs and commentators at airports -- and mounted its nozzle in the cue-hood. Alto stoodp 131 SS 1960
people still left each day for their offices and studios, airports and auction-rooms. Despite the scarcity of water and heating, thep 95 HR 1975
Forrester had visited. They had vacated a hundred cities and airports as if leaving them in serviceable condition for their successorsp 833 LFA 1975
-- from fashion to industrial design, from the architecture of airports and department stores to the ways in which we furnishedp 224 UGM 1977
cities in the sky, but seedy housing estates and third-rate airports? More important, are we right to become nervous whenever governmentsp 229 UGM 1979
fund of strange stories about the sexual activities at international airports. Carried away by these visions, I immediately proposed to herp 13 UDC 1979
malls, abandoned citrus farms and retirement estates, silent ghettoes and airports. Losing interest in Mallory, the birds were rising into thep 1041 MSA 1982
waitresses and the tired eyes of air-traffic controllers at out-of-season airports. I believe in the genital organs of great men andp 37 WIB 1984
century ago is still there, far from our marinas and airports and international hotels, waiting for the determined traveller among thep 114 UGM 1991
slap? 9.30 The Travel Show. Visit the world's greatest airports and underground car parks. 10.30 Home-makers of Yesterday. Nostalgicp 1173 GVD 1992
to our broadcast greetings. The cities and their suburbs, the airports and highways remain silent. Meanwhile we are carrying out ap 1185 ROP 1992
these things are there? You must be a menace at airports. How on earth did you become a travel writer?‘ Herp 85 CN 1996
way. ‘All the upgrades in existence lead to the same airports and resort hotels, the same pina colada bullshit. The touristsp 54 MP 2003
home and watch it on television.‘ ‘People like going to airports.‘ The woman gazed at the sky, as if it hadp 90 MP 2003
If they can, they opt for zones without meaning -- airports, shopping malls, motorways, car parks. They're in flight from thep 133 MP 2003
was five, flown millions of miles to the most dangerous airports in the world, survived two attempted hijackings and then diedp 5 KC 2006
an empty carousel like evidence being assembled before a trial. Airports, arrivals and the departure of one old pilot filled myp 13 KC 2006
had my father been playing? Years of mismanaged third world airports brought out a nasty strain of racism in senior pilotsp 56 KC 2006
car and appliance sales. We like roads that lead past airports, we like air-freight offices and rent-a-van forecourts, we like impulse-buyp 101 KC 2006
uniforms, each led by a brass band drumming out martial airs. The crowd roared and cheered, tossing confetti and streamers intop 286 GA 1961
me in these green glades and sensed in its sweet airs. A new race would spring from Noon and myself asp 122 DC 1987
in the drowsy silks of her body. The soft river airs, the sweetened odours of lagoons, breathed over me as Ip 185 DC 1987
Esterel, taking with it the hang-gliders who sailed the evening airs. The hotels along the Croisette retreated into themselves, withdrawing behindp 154 SC 2000
Arm in arm, standing in the gondola of an invisible airship, we flew across the rooftops of this jungle town, Ip 151 UDC 1979
office blocks and hotels like the hull of a vast airship. With its visual echoes of the Millennium Dome in Greenwichp 15 KC 2006
In some ways the dome reminded me of a crashed airship, one of the vast inter-war zeppelins that belonged to thep 279 KC 2006
the audience, fascinated by a lecture on Roman roads or airship design. My father once delivered a lecture on ‘Science andp 71 ML 2008
of them. And that was on top of a hundred airships, cargo-submarines and enough spare parts to give every man onp 896 UC 1976
ramp the horizontal door was retracted and the 180 mph airstream moving across the flat parade ground lifted the carrier outp 78 WFN 1961
the slight lateral movement of the building in the surrounding airstream sent a warning ripple across the flat surface of thep 22 HR 1975
Stockholm suggested that the fall-out vectors in the North American airstream emanated from somewhere south of the Great Lakes -- Cincinnatip 31 HA 1981
proudly roughing the wilderness in the high-chrome luxury of their Airstream trailer, as incongruous among the pine cones and silver birchp 1061 MNF 1982
the entire weekends sealed inside the chromium womb of the Airstream, itself so like an astronaut's capsule. Was Elaine trying top 1066 MNF 1982
at the hotel. He passed the rusting hulk of an Airstream trailer, its steel capsule overgrown with lianas and ground ivyp 1044 MSA 1982
a store of gasoline in an underground tank near the airstrip. As he listened, first to the megaphones shouting his namep 600 TB 1964
of the collision corridor below the flyover resembled a secret airstrip from which mysterious machines would take off into a metallizedp 18 C 1973
Cessna had gone, taking the lady dentist back to the airstrip. Melville had forgotten about her as he pushed the heavyp 814 DFW 1974
quietly. She no longer slept in the hangar at the airstrip, and during her weekend visits moved into Melville's beach-house. Needingp 816 DFW 1974
the wing tanks he had installed, took off from the airstrip. He knew immediately from the pitch of the engine thatp 819 DFW 1974
biplane was lining up at the end of the concrete airstrip. Its engine blared across the deserted resort like a dementedp 828 LFA 1975
back in her sun-seat, staring vaguely at the now silent airstrip. At one time Forrester had played up the element ofp 828 LFA 1975
on the footbridge over the canal dividing the marina and airstrip at Ampuriabrava from the beach hotels in Rosas, at thep 830 LFA 1975
had gone, disappearing into the mountains. As he searched the airstrip Forrester noticed the dark-robed figure of a young woman inp 831 LFA 1975
no signs of the young woman. Behind him, facing the airstrip, was a roadside restaurant abandoned years before. Through the salt-stainedp 833 LFA 1975
through the hot sunlight. Somewhere around the hangar beside the airstrip the young woman was waiting for him, perhaps watching himp 834 LFA 1975
of the abandoned cars in the parking lot beside the airstrip. Following Gould's illuminated pathway, Forrester crossed the canal. When hep 834 LFA 1975
gazed through the fading light at the causeway of the airstrip. A section of the porous concrete seemed to have collapsedp 837 LFA 1975
11 a.m., but Gould's aircraft still stood on the airstrip. For some reason the doctor was late. ‘It's a longp 840 LFA 1975
the light airfield at Titusville. Little traffic visited the shabby airstrip, and a retired commercial pilot dozed in his dusty officep 1071 MNF 1982
the rigging crew, and began to extend the town's weed-grown airstrip. A new earth ramp, reinforced with wire mesh, ran forp 18 DC 1987
aircraft piloted by a Japanese photographer landed soon after the airstrip extension was complete. This mysterious young woman, who camped inp 18 DC 1987
veterinary who had run the animal breeding station near the airstrip. A few months before my arrival he had been shotp 22 DC 1987
house sat in the bush half a mile from the airstrip and seemed almost derelict. The cage doors were open top 22 DC 1987
to escape.‘ I pointed to the trucks heading towards the airstrip. ‘Why all this military action? I thought you'd already stolenp 27 DC 1987
brief cloudburst would have been welcome as we reached the airstrip. The Dakota had already landed, and was taxiing through itsp 29 DC 1987
the control tower. One squad set off to patrol the airstrip perimeter, weapons raised to the forest canopy as if thep 29 DC 1987
from the government information office, gazing sceptically at the weed-grown airstrip and the silent forest. ‘Doctor ...‘ Sanger clasped my injured handp 32 DC 1987
eyes from an unpleasant spectacle. Soldiers were running across the airstrip, some taking shelter behind the control tower, others shouting top 35 DC 1987
the cargo hold. The soldiers guarding the perimeter of the airstrip waved across the runway, pointing to the undergrowth that surroundedp 36 DC 1987
been abandoned in the tract of forest that separated the airstrip from the shores of Lake Kotto. She had thrown awayp 36 DC 1987
forest road that ran from the eastern end of the airstrip to the shores of Lake Kotto. He climbed the lastp 38 DC 1987
the ceiling of a subterranean palace whose arches supported the airstrip, a submerged cathedral of mud. The soil wept through itsp 39 DC 1987
artificial reservoir, I assumed, created by the construction of the airstrip. I gazed down, seeing my own face reflected in thep 40 DC 1987
into the long bracelets of soil that led to the airstrip. A thin stream of water, little more than the widthp 40 DC 1987
I'll take that mercy flight after all.‘ ‘Be at the airstrip by twelve noon. It's a shame, doctor. Professor Sanger tellsp 44 DC 1987
Captain Kagwa being transmitted at that very moment from the airstrip antenna, preparing the local flora and fauna for the electronicp 45 DC 1987
police trucks stopped outside the barracks before returning to the airstrip. A suitcase in each hand, I walked between the bullet-riddledp 45 DC 1987
of Lake Kotto had come from the spring beside the airstrip, whose mouth the tractor had opened the previous afternoon. Whyp 46 DC 1987
the old oak, or the seeping water would undermine the airstrip. My feet slipped in the damp undergrowth between the treesp 48 DC 1987
returned to the forest road and set off towards the airstrip. I felt elated but vaguely guilty, and remembered a childhoodp 48 DC 1987
stepped from the trees at the eastern end of the airstrip. One of Kagwa's sentries stood by the runway, rifle slungp 49 DC 1987
source in the overgrown terrain to the north of the airstrip. Two hundred yards away, a small arm of the streamp 49 DC 1987
natural containment wall. I assumed that the weight of the airstrip itself was expressing this trapped fluid, perhaps from a relicp 49 DC 1987
original water table of Lake Kotto. Angry voices crossed the airstrip, an altercation that moved like a skidding stylus from Frenchp 50 DC 1987
suitcases, and then beamed serenely at the forest around the airstrip, as if expecting to see his magnified image projected uponp 50 DC 1987
French oil-company workers who had built their camp beside the airstrip. Looking down at this floating parade, I felt as ifp 51 DC 1987
interior of the car. The Dakota's engines sounded from the airstrip. The slipstream raked through the trees, and a whirlwind ofp 52 DC 1987
However, even before I reached the waste ground beside the airstrip the stream was flowing more strongly. The current tugged atp 53 DC 1987
miles to the north-east of Port-la-Nouvelle, it flowed past the airstrip to empty into Lake Kotto. Each morning when I wokep 57 DC 1987
I followed the stream's course through the forest, past the airstrip and Nora Warrender's breeding station, I soon found that thep 58 DC 1987
into the forest. Two miles to the north of the airstrip the stream was still ten feet wide, flowing through thep 58 DC 1987
eager to rid himself of this nuisance that threatened the airstrip, distracted his men, and altered the strategic balance of thep 58 DC 1987
merely a publicity stunt, he now lived on at the airstrip, waiting for the Dakota to return and collect his broadcastingp 60 DC 1987
bank, enticing the river into the low-lying ground beside the airstrip, and let it expire in a hopeless duel with thep 69 DC 1987
earth rampart which Captain Kagwa's men had constructed beside the airstrip, and looked down at the channel of brown water thatp 72 DC 1987
gravel which we had excavated from the shoulder of the airstrip would be driven forward by the tractor and dropped acrossp 73 DC 1987
canopy a helicopter of the provincial gendarmerie was approaching the airstrip. Once owned by a French oil consortium, its shabby paintworkp 74 DC 1987
clouds of earth and spray. The helicopter had overflown the airstrip, the pilot unnerved by the sight of part of thep 75 DC 1987
two hundred yards wide, filling the entire valley beside the airstrip, which the waters had swept away since the fiasco ofp 77 DC 1987
She spent the morning near the military camp at the airstrip, watching Professor Sanger's television monitors and scrounging for scraps fromp 80 DC 1987
full caparison of boughs and foliage. As we approached the airstrip I watched a giant beech lose its hold on thep 92 DC 1987
alert for the nearest television lens. As we approached the airstrip, however, I noticed that all trace of Sanger's film equipmentp 93 DC 1987
of earth and gravel, marking the point at which the airstrip ended abruptly at the water's edge. The soil had stainedp 95 DC 1987
evening swells. Captain Kagwa was spending the night at the airstrip beside his beloved helicopter, and only a small guard unitp 101 DC 1987
river, lit from below by the reflected searchlights of the airstrip, like the floor of an open-air nightclub. Drifting trees, trunksp 107 DC 1987
soon run us aground on the gravel cliffs below the airstrip, she left the wheelhouse and ran forward to the bowsp 107 DC 1987
used by Port-la-Nouvelle's pig-farmers, she steered our course past the airstrip. At first I ignored her, but when a huge sand-barp 107 DC 1987
he knew my motives too well. Floodlights blazed around the airstrip command post and the soldiers were setting flares for thep 108 DC 1987
itself in the rear seat. The helicopter rose from the airstrip, but we had already left the buoyed waterway, free ofp 108 DC 1987
line of landing lights in the approach to the military airstrip. The metal humps of a hangar and several workshops stoodp 131 DC 1987
river. As I steered past the upper storey of the airstrip control tower, still marked with the name of the Frenchp 131 DC 1987
and radio equipment I had last seen at the Port-la-Nouvelle airstrip. So the Captain still kept the River Mallory a secretp 152 DC 1987
with the same hate she had first displayed at the airstrip. I looked down and realized that her fist was clenchedp 266 DC 1987
flowing through the subterranean conduit which surfaced at the Port-la-Nouvelle airstrip, and later in the channel of the Mallory itself. Nonethelessp 279 DC 1987
Desire The desert is closer today. Standing beside the abandoned airstrip at Port-la-Nouvelle, on the eroded shoulder of the dam whichp 284 DC 1987
for a secret plane to land here at this remote airstrip, carrying the emissaries of another secessionist movement. I am waitingp 287 DC 1987
that the French engineers on Saint-Esprit had extended the military airstrip, destroying an important breeding-ground of the wandering albatross, the largestp 13 RP 1994
Escorted by the mosquitoes, they set out to locate the airstrip, and followed the narrow beach under the overhang of palmsp 18 RP 1994
drainage ditch and stepped through the screen of palms. The airstrip swept past them, freshly surfaced with pulverized coral, its eeriep 19 RP 1994
pointing to the empty sky. At its southern limit the airstrip ended in a barrier of dunes, where an army bulldozerp 19 RP 1994
entrails from his running shoes and followed her down the airstrip. She strode through the powdered coral, white dust rising atp 22 RP 1994
to film this contrived scene. A hundred yards from the airstrip, by the path that led up the hillside to thep 22 RP 1994
beckoned his men forward, and together they strolled towards the airstrip. ‘They're here! Kimo, take the camera!‘ Dr Barbara snatched thep 22 RP 1994
and then tore himself from her and ran across the airstrip towards the forest, camera in hand. When he reached thep 23 RP 1994
isn't interested ...‘ He was about to follow Kimo across the airstrip when the French sergeant raised his right hand. He unbuckledp 23 RP 1994
Ne bouge pas!‘ Cursing Dr Barbara, Neil sprinted along the airstrip through the trail of bloody feathers. Kimo was running amongp 23 RP 1994
very quickly, and you know the secret pathways to the airstrip.‘ ‘They're not really secret ...‘ Neil realized that Dr Barbara hadp 47 RP 1994
later that the military base was no more than an airstrip depot where some thirty French soldiers lived in tents pitchedp 65 RP 1994
up with him. Carline was reversing the bulldozer across the airstrip, and the rope stiffened above the forest canopy, frayed threadsp 77 RP 1994
of the deserted camp, Dr Barbara led everyone to the airstrip. Joined by the yacht-crews who were coming ashore, they wanderedp 81 RP 1994
the forest path that ran from the beach to the airstrip and strolled like idling lovers between the shadowy trees. Neilp 86 RP 1994
the Croix du Sud set up a bar on the airstrip beside the bulldozer, and this served as the combined nerve-centrep 92 RP 1994
chuckled over the sally all the way down to the airstrip. Despite these grandiose pronouncements, and the complete lack of progressp 96 RP 1994
rare smile. After moving the heavy sections away from the airstrip and its flying grit, Neil and Kimo spent the restp 105 RP 1994
mist of coral dust that now hung permanently over the airstrip. The largest part of its cargo was a desalination plantp 105 RP 1994
set up a hunter's blind on the camera-tower beside the airstrip, where they sat behind a screen of camouflage netting withp 108 RP 1994
Barbara.‘ Shortly before dusk, Trudi and Inger shuffled down the airstrip and appeared at the gates of the camp. They satp 140 RP 1994
the assault on the peaceable Germans, Neil waited by the airstrip. Kimo and Mrs Saito set off through the forest, butp 155 RP 1994
monasteries and Sardinian abbeys. The Estepona road skirted a private airstrip beside an imposing villa with gilded finials like a castellatedp 16 CN 1996
goggles, standing beside a Stearman biplane parked near a forest airstrip. With him were a village headman, his Filipina wife andp 101 MP 2003