a scuffle in the nettles behind the Zero. A Japanese airman stood twenty feet from him. He wore a pilot's baggyp 279 ES 1984
the fence contained only the body of a dead Japanese airman. Sections of Lunghua Airfield -- the pagoda, barracks and controlp 307 ES 1984
west of the airfield. The sight of this dead Japanese airman, floating face down in the canal among the Mustang drop-tanksp 307 ES 1984
out his thoughts of the hospital and the dead Japanese airman in the canal beyond the wire. The time had comep 309 ES 1984
the trees. A car passed me, carrying an off-duty American airman and his family. They wore civilian clothes when they venturedp 284 KW 1991
outfly his rivals, as much by pure aggression as by airmanship. None of the other competitors would rise to his baitingp 875 UC 1976
office blocks and hotels of the Shanghai Bund. The Fallen Airmen All morning the sound of artillery fire had crossed thep 330 ES 1984
of the bowers of nettles in which the dead Japanese airmen had lain. As Dr Ransome stood formally on the terracep 350 ES 1984
surrounded Cambridge were a constant reminder, as were the American airmen who visited the pubs and cinemas with their English girlfriendsp 138 ML 2008
the open surface of the compound. The barracks was the airmen's quarters of a small airfield. Beyond the buildings were thep 46 WFN 1961
sand-sea, Qattara Depression, Egypt; (6) Reproduction of Max Ernst's ‘Garden Airplane Traps‘; (7) Fusing sequences for ‘Little Boy‘ and ‘Fat Boyp 9 AE 1966
1945, of the sand-sea Qattara Depression; (6) Max Ernst's ‘Garden Airplane Traps‘. He turned to Dr Nathan. ‘You say these constitutep 34 AW 1966
by the series of paintings by Max Ernst entitled Garden Airplane Traps, pictures of low walls, like the brick-courses of anp 852 NTM 1976
music and smell chewing-gum. I anticipate a continuous vague low-key ‘airplane fear‘. A warning glimpse of what life will be likep 229 UGM 1979
a set of unique space-age neuroses, born of that vague ‘airplane fear‘, a half-conscious dread that will surge through the nervousp 229 UGM 1979
long fugues are strange, for the first time since the airplane attack I have a vague memory of the dead timep 1024 NFS 1981
repetition but, I hope, makes more sense of them. "Garden Airplane Traps." "Voracious gardens in turn devoured by a vegetation thatp 9 AEa 1990
and humiliated him by forcing him to kneel in the ‘airplane‘ position with his arms outstretched behind his back. After yearsp 55 UGM 1993
by a vegetation which springs from the debris of trapped airplanes ... Everything is astonishing; heart-breaking and possible ... with my eyes Ip 852 NTM 1976
were still killing the Japanese in batches. ‘You like those airplanes, Jim?‘ ‘I'm going to be a pilot, Basie, one dayp 324 ES 1984
by a vegetation that springs from the debris of trapped airplanes." Max Ernst, in formal Life. The nightmare of a groundedp 9 AEa 1990
It beats me you're ever fit to climb inside those airplanes.‘ ‘Yvette, let me tell you. A few drinks make thosep 114 KW 1991
it as he rode back in the taxi from London Airport, after waiting a fruitless forty-eight hours for his Pan-American flightp 7 WFN 1961
and counter-announcements. Something about the build-up of confusion at the airport warned Maitland that it might be another two or threep 7 WFN 1961
two suitcases, shouldered his way-through the melee of passengers and airport police to the car foyer, and climbed into a taxip 7 WFN 1961
It took half an hour to get out of the airport, and then the Great West Road was a chain ofp 7 WFN 1961
picked up the liner at Southampton had been at the airport, Maitland remembered, but she had been over a week latep 8 WFN 1961
was on the ninth, but on his way to the airport he had optimistically assumed that he would never see itp 10 WFN 1961
the roadway. While the taxi was coming he phoned London Airport, and after a long wait was told that all flightsp 16 WFN 1961
more than notice the existence of the wind. At the airport he had regarded it as merely one facet of thep 20 WFN 1961
had been severely injured in the plane smash at Orly Airport, but at least he was lucky enough to be alivep 28 WFN 1961
decently forgotten, given a statue outside a railway station or airport car park and left to the pigeons. Connolly would havep 436 QR 1963
was part of the ground approach system of the city airport ten miles to the east. Three minutes later, as hep 416 SM 1963
felt sure that the signs were not part of the airport approach system. Neither of them was in line with thep 416 SM 1963
so worried, Robert? Isn't it something to do with the airport?‘ Franklin stared at the dark hull of the sign. ‘Sop 417 SM 1963
idea,‘ he said. ‘Must be something to do with the airport.‘ He had a fresh cigarette in his mouth, but hisp 418 SM 1963
ago when the party of scientific attaches landed at Miami Airport on a conducted tour of the stricken area there wasp 606 IM 1964
technical missions and tours. As we drove westwards from Miami Airport it was immediately obvious that in a sense the newspapersp 607 IM 1964
bewilderment and indignation was palpable. All the way from Orly Airport the newspaper headlines on the kiosks blazoned the same storyp 574 LL 1964
STAEL. This time, as my taxi carried me from Orly Airport to the Madeleine, it was no idle amusement that madep 584 LL 1964
parents to drive home along the corniche road from the airport. Overcome by this long-forgotten memory, he woke uncertainly from thep 589 TB 1964
of the title is the main observation platform at Orly Airport. The long pier reaches out across the concrete no-man's-land, thep 28 UGM 1966
of mannequins. The hero is a small boy, visiting the airport with his parents. Suddenly there is a fragmented glimpse ofp 28 UGM 1966
young woman he had seen as a child at Orly Airport. They fall in love, but their relationship is marred byp 29 UGM 1966
days among the fossil plants and animals. They visit Orly Airport, where he decides that he will not go back top 29 UGM 1966
deliberate caution, he waited in the empty apartment near the airport overpass, disengaging himself from the images of his wife, Catherinep 44 DM 1967
of Ralph Nader on the advertisement billboards that lined the airport approaches. Later, when he saw the young man in thep 44 DM 1967
but I was still sceptical when we flew to Orly Airport the next morning. Every two or three years there werep 769 CA 1968
listened to the helicopters flying along the motorway from the airport. Symbols in a machine apocalypse, they seeded the cores ofp 19 UD 1968
seat lay a packet of promotional leaflets for a new airport terminal, an abstract design that looked like some unfittable piecep 42 JAC 1970
an automobile interior, the unique postures of passengers on an airport escalator -- all in all, close to the world ofp 207 UGM 1971
film actress, his car jumped the rails of the London Airport flyover and plunged through the roof of a bus filledp 7 C 1973
earlier I found him on the lower deck of the airport flyover after the first rehearsal of his own death. Ap 9 C 1973
Vaughan met in the all-night cafes and supermarkets of London Airport, were the first cousins of the patients illustrated in hisp 10 C 1973
along the express highways on the northern perimeter of the airport. On the calm summer evenings these fast boulevards became ap 10 C 1973
of an injured woman driver. A middle-aged cashier at the airport duty-free liquor store, she sat unsteadily in the crushed compartmentp 11 C 1973
trolley. On our way to Vaughan's apartment he recognized an airport whore waiting in the forecourt of a motorway restaurant, ap 11 C 1973
we drove at night along the western perimeter of the airport, Vaughan swerved on to the verge and struck a largep 12 C 1973
spectator. Yet the next morning, on the roof of the airport car-park where we abandoned the car, Vaughan calmly pointed outp 12 C 1973
imaginary disasters he described as we cruised together along the airport expressways. He dreamed of ambassadorial limousines crashing into jack-knifing butanep 13 C 1973
from the observation platform of the Oceanic Terminal at the airport, from hotel mezzanine balconies and studio car-parks. For each ofp 16 C 1973
actress in her hotel suite. I drove back towards the airport. The lights along Western Avenue illuminated the speeding cars, movingp 18 C 1973
of the airliners lifting from the distant runways of the airport. The young woman was carefully steered from her car byp 22 C 1973
in an empty ward of the casualty hospital near London Airport. In this quiet terrain of used-car marts, water reservoirs andp 26 C 1973
remand centres, surrounded by the motorway systems that served London Airport, I began my recovery from the accident. Two wards ofp 26 C 1973
my legs, I listened to the aircraft rising from London Airport. The geometry of this complex torture device seemed in somep 27 C 1973
widower seated beside her? After a runway accident at London Airport her body would be marked for years by the bruisingp 27 C 1973
Later I learned that she had been badgered at the airport by police officers investigating the road-death. Clearly the accident andp 30 C 1973
unseen sexuality hovered over the queues of passengers moving through airport terminals, the junctions of their barely concealed genitalia and thep 40 C 1973
thinking of the strange tactile and geometric landscape of the airport buildings, the ribbons of dulled aluminium and areas of imitationp 41 C 1973
was a graduate student specializing in accident surgery at this airport hospital. His strong hands carried a briefcase filled with photographsp 42 C 1973
the perimeter fence at the deserted standby runways of the airport. An immense peace seemed to preside over the shabby concretep 47 C 1973
-- how long for?‘ ‘A week. I'll be near the airport. You'll be able to keep an eye on me fromp 48 C 1973
that extended from the motorways to the south of the airport, across its vast runways to the new apartment systems alongp 48 C 1973
Drayton Park stood a mile to the north of the airport in a pleasant island of modern housing units, landscaped fillingp 48 C 1973
of radiator grilles, the motion of cars moving towards London Airport along the sunlit oncoming lanes, the street furniture and routep 49 C 1973
along the flyover which crossed the entrance tunnel to the airport. Sitting nervously on the veranda as Catherine watched me fromp 49 C 1973
cars. The passengers in the airliners lifting away from the airport were fleeing the disaster area, escaping from this coming autogeddonp 50 C 1973
defensive.‘ From the forecourt I watched her leave for the airport in her sports car, her white crotch flashing a gayp 51 C 1973
control no aircraft were landing or taking off from the airport runways. The traffic along the motorway was stationary in ap 53 C 1973
Overhead, the engines of the airliners taking off from London Airport wearied the sky. My glimpse of an unmoving world, ofp 54 C 1973
aimlessly followed the perimeter roads to the south of the airport, feeling out the unfamiliar controls among the water reservoirs ofp 59 C 1973
From here I moved around the eastern flank of the airport to the motorway interchanges at Harlington, where the rush-hour trafficp 59 C 1973
the same model as my own, I turned into the airport access road. A massive traffic jam blocked the tunnel entrancep 60 C 1973
I pulled across the oncoming lanes and drove into the airport plaza, a wide area of transit hotels and all-night supermarketsp 60 C 1973
station nearest the tunnel slip-road I recognized the trio of airport whores strolling up and down a small traffic island. Seeingp 60 C 1973
the passing cars. I followed the traffic stream through the airport tunnel. The woman's hard body beside me in the rentedp 61 C 1973
in the evening.‘ A loose hierarchy of prostitutes occupied the airport and its suburbs -- within the hotels, in discotheques wherep 61 C 1973
for the thousands of transit passengers who never left the airport; a second echelon working the terminal building concourses and restaurantp 61 C 1973
or blackmail. After our meeting on the roof of the airport car-park I was continually aware of Vaughan's presence. He nop 65 C 1973
between this generous pose and the glass curtain-walling of the airport buildings, the showroom glitter of the new car. Sitting herep 66 C 1973
her surgery. ‘Thanks.‘ She walked ahead of me. ‘To the airport, if you could.‘ ‘The airport?‘ I had an odd feelingp 71 C 1973
ahead of me. ‘To the airport, if you could.‘ ‘The airport?‘ I had an odd feeling of loss. ‘Why -- arep 72 C 1973
me that she worked in the immigration department at London Airport. Holding herself well away from me, she leaned back againstp 72 C 1973
Heavy traffic jammed the northbound motorway from Ashford to London Airport. The sunlight burned on the overheated cellulose. Tired drivers leanedp 72 C 1973
watched the jetliners lifting from the distant runways of the airport. To the north of the terminal buildings I could seep 72 C 1973
could see the high deck of the flyover straddling the airport entrance tunnel, clogged with traffic that seemed about to re-enactp 72 C 1973
me of her work in the immigration department of the airport, and of her difficulties over the probate of her husband'sp 75 C 1973
After the inquest I let Catherine drive me to the airport. For half an hour I sat by the window inp 76 C 1973
Western Avenue, the service buildings and perimeter fence of the airport on our left. I kept the car in the slowp 78 C 1973
service road among the reservoirs to the west of the airport. When I put my arm around her shoulders she smiledp 78 C 1973
or waited for her in the reception lounge outside the airport immigration offices, it seemed incredible to me that I hadp 82 C 1973
concrete road through west Northolt, a residential suburb of the airport. Single-storey houses stood in small gardens separated by wire fencesp 87 C 1973
and deferential, confiding to me endlessly in the latrines of airport hotels, inquiring whether she would treat Seagrave's wife and smallp 90 C 1973
through a development zone on the southern fringes of the airport, an unlit area of three-storey apartment buildings for airline personnelp 92 C 1973
collided with an airline bus at the entry to the airport underpass not far from the site of my own accidentp 97 C 1973
same -- the automobile, moving along the highways around the airport, in the traffic jams on the flyover, parked in culs-de-sacp 101 C 1973
Vaughan had followed me from the police pound to the airport reception area, from the multi-storey car-park to Helen Remington's housep 101 C 1973
drowned by the blare of aircraft taking off from the airport. Gabrielle walked in the centre, her shackled legs in ap 104 C 1973
powerful gyroscope that pointed only towards the foot of the airport flyover. Waiting for Catherine to leave for her flying lessonp 105 C 1973
I spent the morning haunting the approach roads to the airport. From the parking aprons of the filling stations along Westernp 107 C 1973
our first sex acts, in the anonymous bedrooms of the airport hotels, I would deliberately inspect every orifice I could findp 112 C 1973
gum as he gazed at the airliners lifting from the airport. ‘Vaughan, you're not on a bloody stunt track now.‘ Vaughanp 113 C 1973
next week, Catherine drifted through the departure lounges of the airport like a queen in rut. Watching her from my carp 118 C 1973
we park among the reservoirs to the west of the Airport. During the previous week Helen had shifted her field ofp 119 C 1973
within a motor-car, either in the multi-storey car-park at the airport, in the lubrication bay of her local garage at nightp 120 C 1973
computer programmers from his former laboratory, a young dietitian, several airport stewardesses, a medical technician at Helen Remington's clinic, as wellp 132 C 1973
in a tobacco bag in the dashboard locker. Two sharp-faced airport whores, barely older than schoolchildren, were arguing with him throughp 139 C 1973
the supermarket, I watched the aircraft taking off from London Airport across the western perimeter fence, constellations of green and redp 139 C 1973
Western Avenue, the traffic stream edged its way towards London Airport. Vaughan opened a wine bottle and passed it to thep 140 C 1973
of nearly stationary vehicles, was the illuminated plateau of the airport, but I felt barely able to do more than pointp 142 C 1973
technology reached its climax as the traffic divided at the airport overpass and we began to move forwards in the northboundp 142 C 1973
of street furniture and roadside trim. As we left London Airport, heading inwards towards the city on the fast access roadsp 144 C 1973
Half an hour later I had turned back to the airport and stopped the car in the shadows of the multi-storeyp 144 C 1973
eyes on the young women he picked up near the airport. Using their bodies, he recapitulated the deformed anatomies of vehiclep 145 C 1973
me all day, for ever waiting for me at the airport entrances, in the forecourts of filling stations, almost as ifp 146 C 1973
Vaughan's eyes. Even the giant aircraft taking off from the airport were systems of excitement and eroticism, punishment and desire waitingp 147 C 1973
They want to question Vaughan about an accident near the airport. Some pedestrian -- they think he was run over intentionallyp 150 C 1973
You're right, Ballard -- there's an all-night car-wash in the airport service area.‘ He held the door open for me, hisp 158 C 1973
discharged their own quickening chemicals. We drove westwards towards the airport. I watched Catherine in the rear-view mirror. She sat inp 158 C 1973
traps in her mind as in mine. At the north-west airport entrance I turned the car into the service area. Onp 159 C 1973
concept car with truncated rear fenders Vaughan's gestures towards the airport whore sitting between us became stylized and exaggerated, mystifying thisp 170 C 1973
drove along the perimeter highway to the south of the airport; I held the car carefully on the apex of thep 171 C 1973
pay the prostitutes and part-time whores who hung about the airport and its hotels, I watched Vaughan explore every byway ofp 171 C 1973
Tired of the Lincoln, Vaughan borrowed other cars from the airport parking lots, using a set of trade pass-keys which Verap 173 C 1973
of perverse possibilities. As I sat with her by the airport fence in her darkened car, her white breast in myp 176 C 1973
sexual acts were exploratory ordeals. As she drove towards the airport I watched her handle the unfamiliar controls. The complex ofp 176 C 1973
moved across our heads along the east-west runways of the airport. The pleasant surgical odour from Gabrielle's body, the tang ofp 178 C 1973
already conceived their deaths. As we strolled together through the airport parking lots, searching for a car to borrow, Vaughan wouldp 183 C 1973
streets of the housing estates to the south of the airport, I watched over my shoulder as Vaughan moved this womanp 191 C 1973
and the huge corona of light that hung over the airport. As I looked at the evening sky it seemed asp 191 C 1973
the doors. Vaughan encouraged me to drive faster than the airport access roads allowed. When I braked sharply at the intersectionsp 192 C 1973
voice barely recognizable, and suggested that we meet at the airport. Seeing him again, tracing the outlines of his buttocks andp 194 C 1973
placed the sugar cube on my tongue. We left the airport through the exit tunnel, crossed Western Avenue and ascended thep 195 C 1973
wheel, pushing the car unaided through the golden air. Two airport coaches and a truck overtook us, their revolving wheels almostp 196 C 1973
radiator hood. Glass aeroplanes climbed into the sky above the airport. Through the brittle air I watched the traffic move alongp 208 C 1973
I'd left the car in the parking lot at the airport.‘ She reached out and held my elbows in her handsp 210 C 1973
morning to say that Vaughan had followed her to the airport. As she spoke in her calm tones I carried thep 214 C 1973
courtship was taking place, I drove my car to the airport. From the roof of the multi-storey car-park next to thep 214 C 1973
spanned. We jumped a set of traffic lights as the airport traffic closed towards us. Somewhere over our heads Catherine movedp 215 C 1973
Day by day Vaughan followed Catherine around the expressways and airport perimeter roads, sometimes waiting for her in the damp cul-de-sacp 217 C 1973
lull before dawn when no aircraft took off from the airport the only sound we could hear was the kicking exhaustp 218 C 1973
that all the aircraft he had watched rising from the airport had now left. After Catherine and I had gone hep 218 C 1973
deserted side-streets and pedestrian precincts, the concourses of the silent airport, the spectators moved towards this huge stage, drawn there byp 222 C 1973
the flyover. The aircraft rise from the runways of the airport, carrying the remnants of Vaughan's semen to the instrument panelsp 224 C 1973
is certainly a change from all the professional doomsayers and airport thinkers hawking the latest eco-crisis. Yet somehow the book isp 165 UGM 1974
pilot was throttling back on his final approach to London Airport, and the noise of the four huge turbofans drowned outp 40 CI 1974
photographs. ‘Look at those runways, everything is there. A big airport like the Wake field is a zone of tremendous possibilityp 816 DFW 1974
had died two weeks after crashing her Cessna at Nairobi airport, Melville had recovered sufficiently to feel several days of truep 819 DFW 1974
coachloads of deranged young couples were coming in from the airport at Gerona. Forrester jumped from the roof of the carp 832 LFA 1975
death of Judith Loughlin in her hotel bedroom at Gatwick Airport. There is no doubt that the role of the stillp 849 NTM 1976
attempt to hire the main No. 2 runway at London Airport: ‘"Don't you understand, man, I only need it for halfp 851 NTM 1976
for half an hour. There's a special cargo going out." Airport manager totally baffled. "What, for heaven's sake?" But I couldn'tp 851 NTM 1976
at the Gatwick hotel, and the shot fired at the airport security guard, inevitably recall Rimbaud and Verlaine, but Loughlin mayp 852 NTM 1976
he spent much of his spare time stumbling around the airport ice rink. 10 A vital role seems to have beenp 852 NTM 1976
to find that his wife had set off for Gatwick Airport with Dr Douglas, intending to catch the 3.15 pp 852 NTM 1976
London and on down to Gatwick, where you paralysed the airport for an hour by buzzing all the BEA jets parkedp 853 NTM 1976
lunch in the hotel restaurant that Loughlin appeared at the airport, already in an extreme state of alcoholic distress. He beganp 854 NTM 1976
crossing was three miles behind him, Halloway came across the airport. As he approached the perimeter fence he could see thep 886 UC 1976
as high as three-storey buildings. The entire surface of the airport, the concrete runways and grass verges, was covered with thousandsp 886 UC 1976
had left the city, Halloway began to relax again. The airport was a zone that he found curiously reassuring, and inp 886 UC 1976
on the other side of the perimeter fence. At the airport entrance, in the centre of a traffic island, Halloway foundp 886 UC 1976
the structure, Halloway made his way around it into the airport. Service roads led in all directions to the terminal buildingsp 886 UC 1976
new as the models that covered the runways of the airport. Cord. Stutz. Chrysler Imperial. Halloway climbed the deck to thep 887 UC 1976
an hour. Within thirty minutes he was driving around the airport at speed, roaring along the perimeter roads and down thep 887 UC 1976
geese rose from the reservoirs to the east of the airport, fleeing from the noise of the careening vehicle. When hep 887 UC 1976
take on any opponent now, Halloway headed out of the airport. As he left the main gates he was already movingp 888 UC 1976
this museum of cars in the centre of the abandoned airport. His fingers fluttered across the keys of the calculator. Asp 889 UC 1976
looked down at the thousands of vehicles that covered the airport. The breakdown truck lay on its side by the pyramidp 890 UC 1976
thousands of cars parked on the runways of this abandoned airport. Here, moved by some profound compulsion, he spent his timep 891 UC 1976
burning fuel and the noise booming out over the deserted airport, made Halloway feel that the entire city had begun top 891 UC 1976
next morning Olds and Halloway set off together from the airport. Olds selected, apparently at random, another breakdown vehicle from hisp 891 UC 1976
had given him back his self-confidence. As they left the airport, circling the pyramid of radiator grilles, he flicked a seriesp 891 UC 1976
Halloway took the wheel fir the return journey to the airport, after they dismantled the glider and lashed the sections top 894 UC 1976
goodbye to Olds, who returned with the sailplane to the airport, and spent the night in one of the small hotelsp 899 UC 1976
from the thousands of cars that surrounded him at the airport and the memories of his accident, had become the centralp 902 UC 1976
afternoon when Halloway could spare the time to visit the airport he found his sailplane on the roof of the carp 902 UC 1976
the promise of flying lessons, Olds drove in from the airport each afternoon, equipped with his generators, cables and tool-kit. Scepticalp 902 UC 1976
in his grand design. While Halloway drove over to the airport to collect the generators stored in the basement of thep 903 UC 1976
add, ‘Wait until you repair the jet planes at the airport.‘ Olds shook his head, watching Halloway reflectively, not taken inp 903 UC 1976
six arc-lights he had removed from the facade of the airport terminal building. ‘We'll set them up around the square, sirp 904 UC 1976
there are millions of cars here. The tankers at the airport -- some of them are half-full of aviation fuel, enoughp 904 UC 1976
this neighbourhood back to life. Olds drove in from the airport with a yellow-hulled fuel tanker, filled with enough aviation spiritp 905 UC 1976
switchboards and circuitry. But one afternoon, after returning from the airport with a small lathe for Olds, he knew that hep 906 UC 1976
on the electrically operated vault doors before leaving for the airport, and the piles of old banknotes lay exposed in theirp 907 UC 1976
retreated to his rooftop eyrie above the garage at the airport. Without him everything soon began to run down. Halloway drovep 912 UC 1976
flights of birds taking off from the reservoirs around the airport, thousands of wild geese moving westwards across the city. Uneasilyp 912 UC 1976
FLY! I CAN FLY! By the time Halloway reached the airport the siege was well under way. Stillman and his menp 922 UC 1976
wings suddenly climbed on to the light wind crossing the airport. It soared along, engine blaring, a few feet above thep 923 UC 1976
everyone else, had been leeched out of him in half-empty airport lounges, in those office blocks trying to disguise themselves asp 77 IY2 1977
down by Kafka, or a one-way ticket from the nearest airport. Now that Britain shows all too many signs of becomingp 137 UGM 1978
tonic effect of stepping from an aircraft on to the airport tarmac of a strange country. In the novels of Grahamp 138 UGM 1978
still being built. Everywhere people were coming in on the airport buses from Sheffield and Manchester and Birmingham, within half anp 969 HWT 1978
waited in the lobby with our suitcases packed, but the airport bus never arrives. ‘After an hour or so the desk-clerkp 969 HWT 1978
it.‘ ‘I've just talked to the met. people at Cherbourg Airport. There's a front coming in from the Scillies. The barometer'sp 979 OAU 1978
past few days they had followed a deranged itinerary -- airport cargo bays, the approach roads to missile silos, secret apartmentsp 985 Z2 1978
known that only ten minutes after taking off from London Airport the burning machine was to crash into the Thames, wouldp 7 UDC 1979
clearly remember when I entered that unguarded hangar at the airport. Seven days ago my mind was as cool and stressedp 7 UDC 1979
summer I had worked as an aircraft cleaner at London Airport. In spite of the incessant noise and the millions ofp 11 UDC 1979
hostess who now worked as a barmaid at a London Airport hotel and had just been convicted of soliciting at thep 13 UDC 1979
and Saint-Exupery of man-powered flight. I began to visit the airport each day, watching the airliners and the thousands of passengersp 13 UDC 1979
as an aircraft cleaner. On the southern side of London Airport was a section reserved for light aircraft. I spent allp 14 UDC 1979
crossing the car-parks, plastics factories and reservoirs that surrounded the airport, I had no idea what course to set. Even thenp 14 UDC 1979
had always excited me. About five miles south of the airport the engine began to overheat. Within seconds it caught firep 15 UDC 1979
afternoon housewives and catch the first bus back to the airport. At the same time I found that I was laughingp 35 UDC 1979
would cross the bridge and catch the bus to the airport -- I felt confident and light-footed, skipping along in myp 37 UDC 1979
lay to the south of Shepperton, even further from the airport, at least it would spring me from this zone ofp 46 UDC 1979
contented cattle would revive me before I returned to the airport. Cooling my hands in the water, I paddled towards thep 53 UDC 1979
as vividly as the flight of the Cessna from London Airport. The crying of the lust-crazed birds, my own weeping forp 61 UDC 1979
flown across the park on its way south from London Airport, but was unaware that the aircraft lay in the waterp 62 UDC 1979
given me no money for my return fare to the airport. About to open the purse, I found myself holding thep 83 UDC 1979
would soon be stranded. Again, on the road to the airport, at the northern boundary of Shepperton where only three daysp 129 UDC 1979
palisades I had set up by Walton Bridge. On the airport road they stepped from their cars and photographed the cactusp 134 UDC 1979
the people of Shepperton, many of whom worked at London Airport and the film studios, be interested in the shabby wreckp 137 UDC 1979
in the bamboo palisades by Walton Bridge and on the airport road. Loaded with their booty, they looked back at Sheppertonp 143 UDC 1979
groves at the foot of Walton Bridge and along the airport and London roads were thicker now, heavy palisades at whichp 145 UDC 1979
woman I had nearly murdered in her apartment near London Airport. These crimes and lusts were the first stirrings of thep 166 UDC 1979
prickly pear sealed off the roads to London and the airport. Half a mile from the station an incoming train stoodp 167 UDC 1979
beyond which lay the open road to London and the airport. Large gaps had been burned through this once impenetrable forestp 189 UDC 1979
an interview with Dr Gabor recorded that afternoon at Nice Airport before she flew back to Paris that I was telephonedp 1006 HFF 1980
long queues of holiday jets on the runways of Kennedy Airport, happy vacationers lying by the swimming-pools of Miami, raking thep 11 HA 1981
creosote bushes had taken over the suburban gardens. At Kennedy Airport hundreds of abandoned airliners sat on flattened tyres, mesquite andp 42 HA 1981
we're resting here in a shady hangar out at the airport. Crossing the Wabash two days ago another of the baggagep 91 HA 1981
I recorded that last message to you. We reached Kennedy Airport, and of course found nothing. I decided to check thep 107 HA 1981
the jumbled auditorium at the Sahara, these revealed a half-lit airport somewhere near Las Vegas; a lakeside restaurant terrace where Annep 136 HA 1981
a very strange place. Spent this morning at McCarran International Airport, the main engineering base of the Manson operation, and atp 141 HA 1981
the force is here in Vegas, mostly working at the airport, rebuilding the old helicopters in the engineering hangars, reconditioning everythingp 141 HA 1981
lowered the blinds and watched for three hours as the airport radars scanned the sky over Las Vegas, waiting for anp 156 HA 1981
fire at Manson's Sea-King as it took off from the airport. Wayne was hovering ten feet above the open deck, tryingp 166 HA 1981
toys ...‘ Wayne listened to a gunship passing overhead to the airport. ‘I thought Mr Manson put all this together.‘ ‘Nonsense. Charlesp 174 HA 1981
sounds of Manson's helicopter flying to and from Las Vegas Airport. There was obviously a marked increase in activity, a tensionp 179 HA 1981
helicopters and the gunfire from the weapons range at the airport. When they stopped briefly for lunch Dr Fleming pointed withp 181 HA 1981
Fleming flinched as a series of explosions sounded from the airport weapons range. ‘But his methods are a little too drasticp 182 HA 1981
off along the Strip. Somehow he had to reach the airport, almost certainly the new operations centre, with luck he wouldp 190 HA 1981
sky. Wayne assumed that they were photographing the city and airport, trying to estimate Manson's military resources and troop-deployment. Had theyp 195 HA 1981
together, careening in and out of the hotels towards the airport. The last strongpoint, outside Caesar's Palace, came into view. Certainp 202 HA 1981
space programme,‘ he termed it proudly), building a cargo cult airport with wooden control tower and planes in the air basep 1013 NFS 1981
motorway, and not a single aircraft flew overhead towards London Airport. B crossed the road and knocked on several doors. Throughp 3 SAJ 1984
oil stains on the engine nacelles of 747s parked on airport tarmacs. I believe in the non-existence of the past, inp 38 WIB 1984
I believe in maps, diagrams, codes, chess-games, puzzles, airline time-tables, airport indicator signs. I believe all excuses. I believe all reasonsp 39 WIB 1984
1) Yes. 2) Male (?) 3) c/o Terminal 3, London Airport, Heathrow. 4) Twenty-seven. 5) Unknown. 6) Dr Barnardo's Primary, Kingston-upon-Thamesp 1101 ATQ 1985
deceased on 17 February 1986, in the chapel at London Airport. He was praying in the front pew. 21) At thep 1101 ATQ 1985
I wish to go back to my cubicle at London Airport. 91) Between Princess Diana and the Governor of Nevada. 92p 1104 ATQ 1985
of science-fiction are as ‘real‘ as an office block, an airport or a presidential campaign. His original title was Tarzan versusp 19 UGM 1987
M4 motorway, and the ready access it offers to Heathrow Airport and central London, an ease of access that might wellp 13 RW 1988
fit for some latter-day caliph resting en route from Nice Airport to his summer palace in Super-Cannes. Cautiously entering the pavilionp 65 UGM 1989
tourists failed to catch their return flights from the nearby airport. Instead, they remained in their hotels and apartments, lay besidep 1140 LTP 1989
ambles across the sky, searching none too strenuously for London Airport. Mrs Johnson, who shares something of its heavy-bodied elegance, gazesp 1130 TES 1989
in their teens when they were murdered during the notorious Airport Massacre -- in one of the worst of many atrocitiesp 1147 WF 1989
brother or cousin. The Nationalist militia were based at Beirut Airport, a wilderness of weed-grown concrete on which no plane hadp 1148 WF 1989
single major incident along the Green Line. North of the airport there's even a de facto ceasefire between the Fundamentalists andp 1153 WF 1989
had caught the squalor of camp life (rather like Gatwick airport during a peak-travel baggage strike), and the peculiar impassivity ofp 104 UGM 1990
mother in Nassau, living in a plywood bungalow by the airport with her invalid boyfriend. Needless to say, they had neverp 1163 DCG 1990
anything -- running errands as a six-year-old for the Nassau airport shoe-blacks, cadging pennies for his mother from the irritated touristsp 1164 DCG 1990
life and unhappy childhood under the screaming engines of Nassau airport. Lolling back in his canvas chair, on which was stencilledp 1168 DCG 1990
new breed of man and he, Johnson, errand runner for airport shoe-shine boys, would be the father of an advanced racep 1169 DCG 1990
Their contents remain completely hidden, until one flies into London Airport. It always surprises me to see that I live onp 82 YMCa 1990
paintings, seems to me to be an example of the airport concourse approach to exhibitions, closer in spirit to the Motorp 80 UGM 1991
vast metropolis of lights, and touched down at Shanghai International Airport, on the site of the old Hungjao aerodrome where asp 173 UGM 1991
and took control. Super-efficient, they exchanged telexes with Hong Kong Airport, and my suitcase was on the next flight to Shanghaip 174 UGM 1991
about this three days later when we left for the airport. I had come to puberty in the camp and developedp 177 UGM 1991
BBC crew, he was one of the first of the airport thinkers, always available to give an executive-lounge interview. Sally tookp 191 KW 1991
to make the first move. Since our arrival at Rio airport he had scarcely taken his eyes from the women whop 244 KW 1991
wanted to put the receiver down and head for the airport. Cleo spoke last, reassuring me that all was well andp 251 KW 1991
with the 18-year-old self she had last seen at Idlewild airport in 1962, catching a plane to Europe. Another Sally Mumfordp 286 KW 1991
once been a JAL pilot and now worked at London Airport. I was puzzled why David should have invited this impassivep 297 KW 1991
unthinkable now. Away from the safety zone of the international airport, the car-rental office and the resort hotel, today's unwary travellerp 240 UGM 1992
a start into a world of motorways, shopping malls and airport concourses which lie around us like the first instalment ofp 192 UGM 1993
is now a suburb not of London but of London Airport, and one can see the influence of Heathrow in thep 183 UGM 1994
arms as he was carried from the plane at Honolulu Airport -- so different from the aggressive stance she had takenp 28 RP 1994
waved goodbye to his mother and Colonel Stamford at the airport, he found himself thinking of Dr Rafferty. A week laterp 31 RP 1994
cockatiel or condor released from its cargo crate at Papeete airport. ‘It's a bit soon, Kimo. Are you waiting for onep 97 RP 1994
of racing foam. ‘I always wanted to manage a small airport,‘ he reflected as he removed his head-phones. ‘You get top 103 RP 1994
the mess-tent, the clinic, the plant lab? They destroyed my airport! We have to act!‘ ‘All right. We'll send Neil downp 126 RP 1994
microphone as he mused upon the fate of his marooned airport. Kimo, even more disoriented than Neil by Dr Barbara's absencep 159 RP 1994
our hopes of discovering somewhere new. We arrive at an airport identical to the one we left, with the same car-rentalp 10 CN 1996
I collected my car from the rental office near the airport I found that an immense traffic jam had closed thep 11 CN 1996
purposes, but a near-strangulation might well send me to Malaga airport and a speedy return to the safety of London. Atp 99 CN 1996
California and Texas. But soon after we landed at Pisa airport and took the train to Florence her interest in thep 8 DYF 1996
her solicitor. We had packed in silence, and reached Pisa airport with two hours to spare before our flight. Inevitably wep 8 DYF 1996
busier than you think. The place is probably riddled with airport TB and the kind of viruses that only breed inp 7 SC 2000
could even have a plane crash -- there's a small airport at Cannes-Mandelieu.‘ ‘I'll think about it.‘ I searched for myp 16 SC 2000
help to build a community, along with traffic jams and airport queues. Eden-Olympia has its own TV station -- local newsp 18 SC 2000
bureau. Mr Nagamatzu needs me to drive him to Nice airport.‘ ‘Frank ...‘ Penrose held his fingernails up to the sun andp 22 SC 2000
Half the world's psychologists jammed the baggage carousels at Nice Airport. There was even a televised debate in the conference roomp 27 SC 2000
come to Eden-Olympia?‘ ‘The pay. It's better here than Nice Airport or the Palais des Festivals.‘ ‘That's a good enough reasonp 59 SC 2000
you remember those touts near the taxi ranks at Moscow Airport? They had everything for sale -- drugs, whores, diamonds, oilp 66 SC 2000
their real fulfilment -- running an investment bank, designing an airport, bringing on stream a new family of antibiotics. If theirp 94 SC 2000
your spare time to good use. I'm off to Nice Airport, but we can speak en route to the heli-shuttle inp 102 SC 2000
away. ‘And think about Saint-Exupery ...‘ A Fast Drive to Nice Airport A publicity plane flew along the Croisette, its pennant flutteringp 107 SC 2000
Cannes a light aircraft was taking off from the Cannes-Mandelieu airport near La Bocca. I pulled onto the verge, earning ap 148 SC 2000
and followed the access roads that led to the small airport. Single-engined aircraft were parked in their green collapsible hangars, likep 148 SC 2000
into the Jaguar, another rolling museum of itself, left the airport and drove into the industrial suburb of La Bocca. Asp 149 SC 2000
this curved space? We're coming in to land at Babylon airport. One day the whole Cote d'Azur will be like thisp 224 SC 2000
out.‘ ‘Bird droppings and toilet wastes from aircraft using Nice Airport. Then people worry about security inside their office buildings. That'sp 257 SC 2000
technicians. People find all the togetherness they need in the airport boarding lounge and the department-store lift. They pay lip servicep 263 SC 2000
Baie des Anges. An airliner made its descent towards Nice Airport, its winged shadow trembling across the faces of the hotelsp 330 SC 2000
know him. She's chummy with the rodeo pilots at Cannes Airport.‘ Penrose held a smoked salmon fillet to his nose, smellingp 359 SC 2000
to find her.‘ ‘Right. And then?‘ ‘We'll head for the airport, drive into Italy, anything to get her away from herep 377 SC 2000
come back from Marseilles I'll leave the Peugeot at Nice Airport. They'll think you flew to London. Take care, Mr Sinclairp 386 SC 2000
Consul, and soon after be on her way to the airport. While she flew back to London, high above the Rhonep 388 SC 2000
the showroom of Nostalgic Aviation and set off through the airport access roads to the coastal highway. The Cherokee moved downp 392 SC 2000
a renegade intellectual from the dubious world of video-conferencing and airport seminars. But the suit was a disguise, which I hadp 4 MP 2003
arrival. My mobile rang as we were leaving for Heathrow Airport and a three-day conference of industrial psychologists in Florida. Ip 13 MP 2003
What about the flight?‘ ‘Delayed. Nothing's taking off. The whole airport is down.‘ ‘So what do we do?‘ ‘Have a largep 14 MP 2003
The picture swam into view, and I recognized a familiar airport concourse. ‘David ... look.‘ Sally sat forward, gripping the sticks besidep 16 MP 2003
When the first rescuers reached him, a policeman and an airport security guard, the young man began to comfort a middle-agedp 18 MP 2003
could keep an Institute appointment and meet her at the airport. ‘The Publications Committee ... Arnold asked me to chair it. Forp 20 MP 2003
to the reports of rescue work at Terminal 2. The airport was closed indefinitely, as police searched for explosives in thep 25 MP 2003
Twenty minutes later, we entered the operational zone of the airport, a terrain of air-freight offices and car-rental depots, surrounded byp 128 MP 2003
haunted by security guards and attack dogs. Somewhere near the airport we stopped by a cluster of high Victorian buildings thatp 128 MP 2003
the air-freight terminal. ‘They're living in the suburb of an airport.‘ ‘They like that. They like the alienation.‘ Gould took myp 133 MP 2003
a little colour into his cheeks. We turned off the airport road and entered East Bedfont, moving past a small businessp 171 MP 2003
dozing beside me, only stirring when we approached Heathrow. The airport had as great a hold on his imagination as itp 178 MP 2003
background noise drowned his voice, the sound of a busy airport concourse. ‘Richard? Where are you? Heathrow?‘ ‘These security cameras ... Ip 201 MP 2003
and seemed to hover above the signposts pointing to the airport terminals. I waited as a tractor towed a 747 acrossp 240 MP 2003
shirt and tie, as if he had come to the airport in order to apply for a job as a concoursep 244 MP 2003
lot.‘ I took out the mobile and waited until the airport was silent. Gould leaned against the car, picking at hisp 250 MP 2003
architect at Chelsea Marina works for a firm carrying out airport maintenance. He supplied me with an identity pass. I putp 253 MP 2003
rusting car, he was a kind of mendicant physician, haunting airport car parks with his cure-all nostrum. Putting me straight, hep 255 MP 2003
more passionate world ... Wishful thinking, I told myself as Heathrow airport shrank into the rear-view mirror, and more than a littlep 3 KC 2006
Nothing now made sense except in terms of a transient airport culture. Warning displays alerted each other, and the entire landscapep 6 KC 2006
fully at ease within the catchment area of an international airport. Here, a filling station beside a dual carriageway enshrined ap 7 KC 2006
machine. But at least these Thames Valley natives with their airport culture would never start a war. A pleasant middle-aged couplep 8 KC 2006
before his death I drove a close friend to Gatwick airport, at the end of my happiest months in many yearsp 9 KC 2006
that the policewoman thought of a shopping mall and an airport as tourist attractions. I had witnessed a very suburban formp 11 KC 2006
lapels. Consumer announcements broke through the background music, emphasizing that airport security ruled. Surprisingly, no one was embarrassed by the uniformedp 38 KC 2006
going mad, without realizing it.‘ ‘All these retail parks, the airport and motorway culture. It's a new kind of hell ...‘ Sangsterp 85 KC 2006
at Rotherhithe.‘ Julia glared at me meaningfully. ‘And that strange airport they want to build on the Isle of Dogs.‘ ‘Sop 164 KC 2006
sense of community, people get that in traffic jams and airport concourses.‘ ‘Or the Metro-Centre?‘ I suggested. ‘The People's Palace?‘ ‘Andp 168 KC 2006
that it was about to rehearse the seizure of Heathrow Airport after a terrorist attack. A soldier sat in the drivingp 200 KC 2006
these spectacles were designed to promote a new hotel or airport, a new department store, nightclub or dog-racing track. Nothing wasp 27 ML 2008
later, this small airfield became the site of Shanghai International Airport. In 1991, when I stepped down the gangway of thep 31 ML 2008
modules from some high-tech design office working on a new airport terminal. I think he was aware of this, and sometimesp 220 ML 2008
on with me to Shanghai. We landed at the International Airport, on one of the huge runways laid across the grassp 266 ML 2008
moments with my head bowed, and driven straight to the airport. At 9 on that first morning we gathered in thep 270 ML 2008