itself. The Astro-Messiah Colonel Thomas Jefferson Stamford, USAF (ret.). Born 1931, Brigham City, Utah. Eagle scout, 1945. B.S. (Physics), Caltechp 1095 OOA 1984
certain vague reservations, he supported the invasions of Manchuria in 1931 and China in 1937, promoted those responsible and was wellp 51 UGM 1989
again, in ‘Night Windows‘ of 1928 and ‘Hotel Room‘ of 1931, as if glimpsed from a passing elevated train or throughp 67 UGM 1989
and enjoyed a brief happiness. However, Japan invaded Manchuria in 1931, and began to ransack the cities and countryside. Years ofp 37 UGM 1992
that when I was a baby (in the summer of 1931 or 1932) the amah pushing my pram missed her footingp 43 ML 2008
I was a baby (in the summer of 1931 or 1932) the amah pushing my pram missed her footing on thep 43 ML 2008
himself as a patron of the avant-garde, underwriting Balanchine's Ballet 1933 and befriending Dali and Magritte at a time when theyp 72 UGM 1991
for the other. Celebrity followed its publication in France in 1934, though it was not until 1961, nearly thirty years afterp 113 UGM 1991
France, and was a popular attraction until its death in 1934. Pooh, Thwaite claims, was the Milnes‘ name for a swanp 119 UGM 1992
China a committed communist. He survived the Long March in 1934-5, served as a political commissar during the war against Japanp 54 UGM 1993
seen for himself since the Japanese invasion of China in 1937, the old battlegrounds at Hungjao and Lunghua where the bonesp 14 ES 1984
and he knew that his father doubted it too. In 1937, at the start of the war against China, two hundredp 24 ES 1984
had devastated the Nantao and Hongkew districts of Shanghai in 1937. Street after street of Chinese tenements had been levelled top 25 ES 1984
had attacked the Japanese infantry columns advancing on Shanghai in 1937. Jim stepped into the waist-high grass. Like the water inp 30 ES 1984
perimeter ditch of the airfield was an old battleground of 1937. Here the Chinese armies had made one of their manyp 32 ES 1984
canal. Jim could remember visiting Hungjao with his parents in 1937, a few days after the battle. Parties of Europeans andp 32 ES 1984
boom of sunken freighters which the Chinese had scuttled in 1937, in an attempt to block the river. The sunlight shonep 40 ES 1984
blocked by heaps of sandbags packed against the windows in 1937 to protect them from stray shells fired across the riverp 54 ES 1984
built entirely from green bricks. During the Sino-Japanese War of 1937 it had been holed by shell-fire, and now resembled ap 127 ES 1984
bombed and overrun during the fighting around Lunghua Aerodrome in 1937. The damaged buildings nearest to the airfield had been excludedp 164 ES 1984
armoury of rusting weapons and unstable ammunition abandoned during the 1937 hostilities. Jim peered through the grass at the pointed cylinderp 166 ES 1984
Japanese ran amok as they had done in Nanking in 1937? The Japanese always killed their prisoners before they made theirp 237 ES 1984
Olympic Games. Captured by the Japanese after their invasion in 1937, the stadium became the military headquarters for the war zonep 257 ES 1984
supported the invasions of Manchuria in 1931 and China in 1937, promoted those responsible and was well aware of the preparationsp 51 UGM 1989
number was up. Japan, militarized and expansionist, invaded China in 1937, an action aimed as much at the European powers. Thep 219 UGM 1991
Bloody Saturday Every afternoon in Shanghai during the summer of 1937 I rode down to the Bund to see if thep 9 KW 1991
Road, eager to see the latest Hollywood musical, Gold-Diggers of 1937. But of all the places of wonder, the Great Worldp 19 KW 1991
of them, had never touched their imaginations. In Shanghai, from 1937 to the dropping of the atom bombs, we had beenp 94 KW 1991
first sign that the lights would really dim came in 1937, when Japanese forces invaded China and seized its coastal citiesp 287 UGM 1995
about such a birth). My sister Margaret, born in September 1937, was delivered by Caesarean, but I never heard my motherp 3 ML 2008
was extravagant but cruel. Even before the Japanese invasion in 1937 there were hundreds of thousands of uprooted Chinese peasants drawnp 10 ML 2008
care? When I was 6, before the Japanese invasion in 1937, an old beggar sat down with his back to thep 15 ML 2008
was aware of the difference at the time. Japanese Invasion 1937 In 1937 the street spectacle that so enthralled a smallp 25 ML 2008
of the difference at the time. Japanese Invasion 1937 In 1937 the street spectacle that so enthralled a small English boyp 25 ML 2008
until recently director of the Soane Museum) was born in 1937, but the seven-year gap between us meant that she neverp 32 ML 2008
and the skill of their pilots at first hand since 1937. In many ways life in Shanghai instilled a kind ofp 39 ML 2008
at the barbed-wire fence first erected around the Settlement in 1937 and now in disrepair. Helped by the English friends, wep 58 ML 2008
the outside world -- the sudden scene-shifting I witnessed in 1937 and 1941. If anything, the years in Lunghua offered thep 81 ML 2008
in the school classrooms had lost their glass during the 1937 battles around Lunghua. Somehow my father persuaded parents to contributep 93 ML 2008
Japanese kill. But a state of war had existed since 1937, and now peace was supposed to have come to thep 107 ML 2008
be obtained. Some of her surgeons favored the profilometer (Straith, 1938), by which Her Majesty's nose would emerge after operation withp 18 QER 1976
began to appear in the Cambridge Daily News, and in 1938 he won a full-time scholarship to a local art schoolp 105 UGM 1990
he admires Picasso, Matisse and, surprisingly, the Pop Artists. In 1938 he joined the V & A, whose walls closed aroundp 80 UGM 1991
world's first car museum, in Turin, opened as late as 1939, but today even Sotheby's and Christie's deal in motoring ephemerap 233 UGM 1984
the last great French painter. Hopper's ‘New York Movie‘ of 1939 might easily have been painted by Degas had the latterp 68 UGM 1989
pillar of Fleet Street and the Garrick. Then, in April 1939, a few months before the outbreak of war, Searle enlistedp 105 UGM 1990
his life James was driven by an intense restlessness. In 1939 he abandoned England and settled in America, staying first withp 72 UGM 1991
Nathanael West's The Day of the Locust, first published in 1939 remains the best of the Hollywood novels, a nightmare visionp 121 UGM 1993
close sooner than I could have guessed. War in Europe 1939 In September 1939 the European war began, and quickly reachedp 37 ML 2008
I could have guessed. War in Europe 1939 In September 1939 the European war began, and quickly reached across the worldp 37 ML 2008
than our nostalgia. Should we have gone to war in 1939, given how ill-prepared we were, and how little we didp 126 ML 2008
freedom were more than slogans; for the first time since 1939 people were no longer fearful of the future. The print-dominatedp 235 ML 2008
Anaxagoras, 35, 67, 69-78, 481 Apollinaire, 98 Arden, Elizabeth, 189, 194, 376-84 Autobiography of Alice B. Toklas, The (Stein), 112 Avignonp 940 I 1977
pun, James Joyce brought the novel up to date, circa 1940, with his vast cyclical dream-rebus of a Dublin publican whop 126 UGM 1964
little man haunting bookshops unrecognized‘. His last royalty statement in 1940 from Scribners reported sales of forty copies for all hisp 110 UGM 1982
of a crowd outside the gates of Buckingham Palace in 1940. The blurred images of a man and a woman standingp 175 ES 1984
in the hope that China might be host to the 1940 Olympic Games. Captured by the Japanese after their invasion inp 257 ES 1984
the Surrealists George Melly For two decades, from 1920 to 1940, Paris and surrealism conducted a passionate affair, broken off whenp 89 UGM 1991
sitting on its grass airfield somewhere in southern England in 1940. Had he or I been a few years older wep 297 KW 1991
gangster's Chrysler with running boards and whitewall tyres, and a 1940 Lincoln Zephyr convertible. Beside them stood Chinese chauffeurs in pre-warp 336 KW 1991
West and his wife died in a car crash in 1940. One wonders what he would have made of Hollywood Boulevardp 122 UGM 1993
school I passed through their military checkpoints. By now, in 1940, I owned my first bicycle, and on the pretext ofp 288 UGM 1995
vehicle One Million Years BC, itself a remake of the 1940 Hollywood original starring Victor Mature and Carole Landis. Hammer specialisedp 252 ML 2008
style, Leonardoesque skies and grottoes, comes through strongly during the 1940s and 1950s in paintings such as his ‘Hypercubic Christ‘. Thesep 96 UGM 1969
is far more modern than the science fiction of the 1940s and 1950s, in that it is no longer tied top 203 UGM 1974
imaginative reserves possessed by the United States in the 1930s, 1940s and 1950s lay in that huge system of excitements andp 204 UGM 1974
blueprints. Meanwhile his daughter, dressed for the day in a 1940s business suit, with boxy shoulders and a skirt of brownp 899 UC 1976
down to simple pique. Sharp observer though he was of 1940s and 1950s s-f, his prediction in New Maps of Hellp 189 UGM 1981
out to expose Hirohito's true role in the 1930s and 1940s -- a formidable undertaking, given the maze-like complexity of Japanesep 50 UGM 1989
hotel rooms sum up the America of the 1930s and 1940s, the antithesis of the folksy and sentimental Saturday Evening Postp 66 UGM 1989
As Hamilton points out, the disappointments of the 1930s and 1940s screenwriters were compounded by the Hays Office and its ludicrousp 5 UGM 1990
role that the bare breasts of Polynesian islanders performed in 1940s wildlife documentary films. A first appearance of Vaughan, who wasp 68 THFa 1990
that magical table. During the dark days of the late 1940s, when I was first discovering surrealism for myself, the namep 70 UGM 1991
as he picked up the bill, and by the late 1940s James was already developing certain Howard Hughes-like symptoms of separationp 72 UGM 1991
and Spain of the 1930s and in Europe during the 1940s, seem to show no understanding at all of the worldp 83 UGM 1991
an end to the barbarous treatment of women. The late 1940s were a time of runaway inflation, when emaciated women pinnedp 37 UGM 1992
used to be, but films really were better in the 1940s and 1950s, and this account of the making of Casablancap 6 UGM 1993
credit for himself. Lucid and entertaining, Gilliat reminisces about the 1940s, the golden years of British film, and though now inp 24 UGM 1993
from the lounge, the sweet strains and swoops of a 1940s tango. I went downstairs, still wearing David Greenwood's kelp-stained dinnerp 317 SC 2000
and children were far more formal in the 1930s and 1940s, and our house reflected this, an almost cathedral-like space ofp 22 ML 2008
not a picturesque social relic. Middle-class people in the late 1940s and 1950s saw the working class as almost another speciesp 125 ML 2008
like Jung's, were easy to come across in the late 1940s, but reproductions of surrealist paintings were extremely difficult to findp 133 ML 2008
stuck in a deeply provincial outpost, England in the late 1940s. Few of the painters, philosophers, writers and film-makers I admiredp 133 ML 2008
honour. He had dominated London publishing throughout the 1930s and 1940s, and had a huge influence on literary editors and readersp 191 ML 2008