suicide barrier and the open sky. Every three minutes an airliner went over, throwing a fleeting shadow down the steps, itsp 405 M99 1962
totem towers of Megalopolis?) Aligning itself on the glideway, an airliner began its final approach over the city, its six hugep 406 M99 1962
white surface of the roof. Three hundred feet above, an airliner roared over. In a lucid interval provided by the noisep 410 M99 1962
and he looked up at the sky, almost expecting an airliner to plunge from the distant haze and disintegrate on thep 430 RE 1963
Inspector that we would return in time for the commercial airliner which was due to land at Barcelona from Paris somep 587 LL 1964
dents in the bonnet and roof. He stared at an airliner filled with tourists lifting into the western sky, his sallowp 13 C 1973
rehearsed our separate parts the real thing will begin.‘ An airliner was coming in over central London, wheels lowered above thep 50 C 1973
the evening sky like lanterns hung on the horizon. An airliner rose from the runway four hundred yards to our leftp 92 C 1973
up her window, shutting out the noise of a climbing airliner. ‘We won't come here again -- you'll have to findp 120 C 1973
a drink for him, staring across the runways at an airliner lifting into the air over the western perimeter of thep 194 C 1973
Times THE AIR DISASTER The news that the world's largest airliner had crashed into the sea near Acapulco with a thousandp 820 AD 1975
-- in effect they were double-decker versions of an earlier airliner -- there was something about the figure 1000 that touchedp 820 AD 1975
that the aircraft had crashed somewhere. The flight-crew of another airliner had seen the huge jet explode in mid-air, probably thep 821 AD 1975
no one had actually witnessed the descent of the stricken airliner into the sea. Somewhere above the mountains the explosion hadp 821 AD 1975
a flash, perhaps, or even a sight of the stricken airliner plummeting overhead towards the sea. I stopped my car inp 822 AD 1975
distance, it struck me as cruelly ironic that the huge airliner, the culmination of almost a century of aviation technology, shouldp 824 AD 1975
simple animal level. ‘The aircraft -- have you seen the airliner?‘ I called out. Some ten of the men and womenp 824 AD 1975
The identification tag carried a coloured picture of the huge airliner. Tearing it off the bag, I showed the picture aroundp 825 AD 1975
ran towards it, then faded into the stony soil. ‘The airliner? It's up there? Good!‘ Delighted with them, I took outp 825 AD 1975
me that there were still no signs of the giant airliner, of any debris or the hundreds of bodies. Looking aroundp 825 AD 1975
journalist would have reported the first sighting of the crashed airliner in the Pacific. My editor would be waiting with growingp 826 AD 1975
of the high-rise like passengers on board an automatically piloted airliner, they were free to behave in any way they wishedp 36 HR 1975
he were high over the city in a lavish executive airliner fitted with boudoir and cocktail bar. Their conversations, even theirp 61 HR 1975
she would go to the police. Narrowly missing a stationary airliner, I took off on one of the parking runways. Ip 14 UDC 1979
an immense disaster. I was almost convinced that a huge airliner had crashed on to this suburban town or that itp 18 UDC 1979
major disaster in Shepperton? A factory explosion, or a crashing airliner?‘ When she shook her head, looking at me with ap 32 UDC 1979
I often had a fantasy of being married in an airliner -- I think I was in love with a pilotp 92 UDC 1979
looking into the sky and the waiting sun. Like an airliner at take-off, the procession rose into the air behind mep 158 UDC 1979
which contains cockpit voice-recorder transcripts in the last moments before airliner crashes. The supreme courage and stoicism shown by these menp 71 THFa 1990
a remote mountain range viewed from the window of an airliner. A progressive dismemberment of herself was taking place, until shep 266 KW 1991
the nervousness of a passenger volunteering to parachute from an airliner. A benign conspiracy was already in motion. Many of myp 333 KW 1991
count backwards from one million. 5.00 Newsflash. Either an airliner crash or a bank collapse. Viewers express preference. 6.00p 1174 GVD 1992
to the apartment city of Marina Baie des Anges. An airliner made its descent towards Nice Airport, its winged shadow tremblingp 330 SC 2000
the kerb, and stared at its ruptured fuel tank. An airliner cruised over central London, and hundreds of broken windows trembledp 6 MP 2003
it had worked so hard to secure. I watched the airliner cross the Fulham skyline, then lost it among the exposedp 6 MP 2003
Astronomer Royal had once scanned the imperial heaven. Perhaps the airliner was bringing back to London the last delegates to thep 28 MP 2003
in human history, interrupted by meaningless acts of violence. The airliner soared over Twickenham, undercarriage lowered, confident that firm ground waitedp 28 MP 2003
dismounted from the courtesy buses and reclaimed their cars. An airliner came in to land, turbofans sighing as it eased itselfp 240 MP 2003
in the sunlight, waiting for the noise of a landing airliner to fade among the terminal buildings. Once again I wasp 244 MP 2003
presence alone giving hope to the natives. He watched the airliner land, and his tolerant gaze seemed to bless an infinityp 244 MP 2003
close to occupational therapy.‘ Gould shielded his eyes, watching an airliner lift itself from the runway. It braced its wings againstp 249 MP 2003
the glider. Its delicate wings, almost as long as an airliner's, had drifted across the forest canopy, kept company by thep 1042 MSA 1982
hobs and the control panels with more dials than an airliner's cockpit. In the study, virtually a self-contained office, Penrose demonstratedp 25 SC 2000
city. For years I had suffered the nerve-shattering roar of airliners flying in overhead at two-minute intervals, shaking the walls andp 102 NZ 1959
air hit Mangon like a hammer, a pounding niagara of airliners blaring down the glideway, the piercing whistle of jets jockeyingp 122 SS 1960
ascending ramp of the flyover, the flight paths of the airliners lifting from the distant runways of the airport. The youngp 22 C 1973
logic the firemen racing towards the burning wrecks of crashed airliners might trace obscene or humorous slogans on the scalding concretep 23 C 1973
take place involving all these cars. The passengers in the airliners lifting away from the airport were fleeing the disaster areap 50 C 1973
one jam to the next. Overhead, the engines of the airliners taking off from London Airport wearied the sky. My glimpsep 54 C 1973
on a piece of gum as he gazed at the airliners lifting from the airport. ‘Vaughan, you're not on a bloodyp 113 C 1973
The evening air was crossed by the navigation lights of airliners and maintenance vehicles, by the thousands of headlamps flowing alongp 159 C 1973
her white breast in my hand lit by the ascending airliners, the shape and tenderness of her nipple seemed to rapep 176 C 1973
any excitement for us. Through the fading afternoon light the airliners moved across our heads along the east-west runways of thep 178 C 1973
to embark on a voyage into the night. Overhead, the airliners moved like observation planes sent up to supervise the progressp 221 C 1973
and would rise in huge flocks into the flight-paths of airliners at take-oft Melville's real interest had been in the islandp 813 DFW 1974
set off in my car I remembered when these huge airliners had come into service. Although they represented no significant advancep 820 AD 1975
alcoholic distress. He began a futile search among the parked airliners for the Trident jet then being prepared for the 3p 854 NTM 1976
could see the control tower, and the tails of parked airliners as high as three-storey buildings. The entire surface of thep 886 UC 1976
away in a huge metallized dream. Curious to see the airliners, Halloway followed the perimeter fence towards the entrance. He guessedp 886 UC 1976
these vehicles. His eyes were forever straying to the moss-covered airliners parked by the terminal buildings. ‘And you're sure they allp 891 UC 1976
at the distant towers of the city. Despite the moss-covered airliners by the terminal buildings, Halloway noticed that he was nop 891 UC 1976
his mind, as high perhaps as these skyscrapers, built of airliners, freight trains, walking draglines and missile launchers, larger than anythingp 924 UC 1976
the terminal buildings I was completely alone. Surrounded by parked airliners, I walked down the empty aisles with my vacuum-cleaner, sweepingp 11 UDC 1979
I began to visit the airport each day, watching the airliners and the thousands of passengers taking off into the skyp 13 UDC 1979
over the suburban gardens. At Kennedy Airport hundreds of abandoned airliners sat on flattened tyres, mesquite and prickly pear grew throughp 42 HA 1981
serve. Most of the machines that surround our lives -- airliners, refrigerators, cars and typewriters -- have streamlined their way intop 21 UDa 1990
to the past. The skies over Shepperton were crossed by airliners taking package tourists to the holiday beaches of Corfu andp 127 KW 1991
actors in an endlessly running day-time serial. In the future, airliners would crash and presidents would be assassinated within agreed conventionsp 250 KW 1991
shallow tank filled with lobsters, sidling around each other like airliners looking for a runway. I took Madame Duval's arm andp 325 SC 2000
the Victorian panes, and trembled in the ceaseless drone of airliners landing at Heathrow. The handicapped children in their dormitory bedsp 126 MP 2003
on the traffic, conscious of the tail fins of parked airliners a few hundred yards inside the Heathrow perimeter. ‘I'm notp 170 MP 2003
the giant signs, workmen still crawling across its girders. The airlines over the city had deliberately been routed away from thep 420 SM 1963
the facade of his nightclub, the winged emblems of long-vanished airlines pulsed through the overloaded air, the roof-sills of bars andp 907 UC 1976
escorted‘ its greatest leading ladies, Howard Hughes bought and sold airlines and film studios, personally designed a brassiere for Jane Russellp 47 UGM 1977
Apparently, instead of flying people back from the Canaries the airlines have been sending their planes on to the Caribbean top 969 HWT 1978
to hide his fatigue. ‘How was the flight?‘ ‘Late -- airlines run on their own time, two hours behind everyone else'sp 22 CN 1996
Captain Stuart Pearson, formerly of British Airways and Middle East Airlines -- set off on one of his regular Saturday afternoonp 13 KC 2006
tables in the central atrium, like passengers abandoned by their airlines. I strolled among them as they checked their watches, reassuringp 226 KC 2006
public relations. This was a world of cars, offices, highways, airlines and supermarkets that we actually lived in, but which wasp 166 ML 2008
set, he prepared to climb into the sleeping cylinder. The airlock was three feet in diameter, waist-high off the floor. Thep 326 13C 1962
by the telescopic gangway that plunged into one of the airlocks. Two hundred and seventy degrees true, he thought, gazing upp 33 CC 1957
storm wind raging above was immediately apparent. Despite the giant airlocks and overlaying ramps the narrow corridors were thick with blackp 145 WFN 1961
from their craft. The decontamination teams were poised by the airlocks, ready to board the spaceship and evacuate its atmosphere forp 1178 MFM 1992
the bathroom fluting and whining as the pressure fell and airlocks interrupted the system. The next morning, when I stepped ontop 225 KC 2006