World War II who had spent years on tacky desert airfields like Muroc and Edwards Air Force Bases in California, wherep 274 UGM 1979
on little more than their own will. A Landscape of Airfields As the driver filled the truck's radiator with water, Drp 137 ES 1984
in them. They were now entering an area of military airfields. These former Chinese bases, which once guarded the Yangtze estuaryp 140 ES 1984
that it was those lawns that had provided the emergency airfields for the Battle of Britain. As he was aware fromp 173 ES 1984
flew in from the air bases on Okinawa, strafing the airfields around Shanghai, attacking the Japanese forces concentrated at the mouthp 232 ES 1984
around the city, jockeying among themselves for control of the airfields, dockyards and railway lines, and above all for the stocksp 331 ES 1984
shot down as they tried to fly to their home airfields in Japan. Jim stepped over a collapsed section of thep 334 ES 1984
first American daylight raid took place over Shanghai. Flying from airfields near Chungking, Fortress bombers attacked the dockyards at Yangtsepoo. Atp 47 KW 1991
the landscape around Shanghai. Behind the hedges lay forgotten wartime airfields, from which the bombing offensive against Germany had been launchedp 84 KW 1991
the tones of the House of Commons. Meanwhile, on the airfields that ringed the university, American bombers were massing for ap 89 KW 1991
world of the American nuclear bombers flying from their Cambridgeshire airfields, readying themselves for the final global war. The Berlin Airliftp 102 KW 1991
was never found. Had he managed to land on isolated airfields in Alberta and the North-West Territories, refuel with the helpp 110 KW 1991
David, who spent endless afternoons driving him to remote light airfields. But David had taken Miriam's death badly -- far fromp 217 KW 1991
there, the family restaurants and literate bookshops, and the light airfields with their casually parked planes that had first made mep 4 SC 2000
and their fees, golf courses near Marbella and Sotogrande, light airfields in the Algarve. The last folder was labelled ‘Sports Diaryp 192 KC 2006
of air combat, sadly, rarely rise above the level of Airfix art, while those of the sea war, such as severalp 74 UGM 1991
feeling the contours of his father's mind in these graceful airframes and wing designs. Several of the aircraft featured extensive control-surfacesp 875 UC 1976
along the motorway. We reached the multi-storey car-park behind the airfreight building. I drove around the canted concrete floors of thisp 61 C 1973
her secretary watched me critically from the forecourt of the airfreight offices. Karen stood behind Catherine, a cocked elbow almost touchingp 66 C 1973
Western Avenue was an encampment of car-hire firms, all-night cafeterias, airfreight offices and filling stations. The evening air was crossed byp 159 C 1973
From the roof of the multi-storey car-park next to the airfreight building I waited for Vaughan to appear. As I expectedp 214 C 1973
on a bicycle tour of the French Concession, taking his airgun in case he ran into the group of French twelve-year-oldsp 16 ES 1984
as Jim waited in the doorway, the amah carrying his airgun like a bearer, this member of a volunteer infantry inp 18 ES 1984
tennis court, an infantryman racing across the lawn with his airgun, shooting himself down into the flower-beds and rising again top 61 ES 1984
junction with Grosvenor Place, two ten-year-old boys played with their airguns, dressed in camouflage fatigues and military webbing, part of thep 234 MP 2003
about your reputations?‘ ‘Oh, we'll bring the girls,‘ Harry said airily. ‘And Steve here can come along and hold your coatp 7 PB 1956
we ought to do?‘ Raymond shrugged. ‘Why worry?‘ he said airily. ‘When it starts tearing the house down cut it backp 44 VS 1957
you like to choose one of the designs?‘ Freeman waved airily. ‘Any of them will do. Pick one that's strong andp 259 MF 1961
night?‘ she asked. ‘It's a total time waster.‘ Faulkner gestured airily. ‘It's an interesting social document.‘ Slumped down into the wingp 250 OM 1961
across the name somewhere else before. ‘Who's Hardoon?‘ Marshall waved airily. ‘Just one of the people I'm dealing with.‘ He tookp 69 WFN 1961
Labour Party Headquarters?‘ ‘I'm a kind of consultant.‘ She waved airily, but her face was blank. ‘I used to be atp 80 MP 2003
two or three hundred feet below one of the principal airlanes into the city. For years I had suffered the nerve-shatteringp 102 NZ 1959
He remembered the nets closing around him in the hot airless road, like the capes of bull-fighters called out to thep 58 D 1965
nowhere else, its narrowing walls crushing its writers against their airless and over-stuffed furnishings. With few exceptions -- Graham Greene pre-eminentp 137 UGM 1978
below me the thousands of stranded birds cowered in the airless streets, helplessly flicking their wings at the scattered bank-notes. Ip 160 UDC 1979
foray into the empty city. As Wayne trudged down the airless, dune-filled canyon that had once been Seventh Avenue, he soonp 35 HA 1981
except at a primitive agricultural level. The freezing winters and airless summers of the American Midwest sapped the confidence of thep 47 HA 1981
local ornithologist. Sheppard unlatched the doors and stepped into the airless interior. A musty and unpleasant odour hung around him, notp 1082 MNF 1982
First, I ought to see him. A month in that airless room ...‘ ‘Dr Mallory!‘ Kagwa punched my shoulder with the palmp 98 DC 1987
deck, and then bundled me down a companionway into the airless cabin with its reek of stale scent and damp plasterp 196 DC 1987
and provincial towns, late-night bars embalmed in the empty night, airless offices and filling stations left behind by the new highwayp 68 UGM 1989
opening, but in the sweeping searchlight I could see the airless interior of the store-room, a mysterious inner world like thep 43 KW 1991
for attention had sent him bounding ever higher through the airless dust of celebrity, and there was nothing now to pullp 242 KW 1991
to those gruesome tales and eerie coloured plates with their airless Pre-Raphaelite gloom, unearthly complexions and haunted infants with almost autisticp 180 UGM 1992
that TV needed. Together they freed the medium from the airless, studio-bound realm of stilted news announcers and staid game showsp 243 UGM 1992
Only then are they likely to break free from the airless monoculture that threatens to entomb us. For anyone with thep 134 UGM 1993
Engine failure becalmed them for three days, a purgatory of airless boredom broken only by squalls of burning rain. Dr Barbarap 61 RP 1994
him to steal its entire contents. I wandered through the airless house, trying to put a hundred memories of my childhoodp 286 UGM 1995
the kitchen. I tried to visualize him living in this airless villa with the sedated Bibi Jansen, a curious menage evenp 174 CN 1996
still does.‘ I followed him to the staircase, past the airless bedrooms with their graffiti and stink of paint. I acceptedp 205 CN 1996
Frank's apartment for the last time. The silent rooms seemed airless, and all too aware that Frank would never return. Theyp 327 CN 1996
news bulletins were broadcast from the basement, a maze of airless recording studios and edit suites. Here I had once lostp 188 SC 2000
in the central hallway. Statues of condottieri stood in their airless niches, darkness flaring in their eye sockets and nostrils. Ap 236 SC 2000
Lubetkin's too-precious penguin walkways to the over-busy prints in Liberty's airless emporium. No one was injured, and little damage was donep 205 MP 2003
hair. ‘David ...?‘ Surprised to find me, Sally moved across the airless room, unsure that I was her husband. ‘Are you livingp 217 MP 2003
shift in the air, a cold front moving across the airless room. ‘When was this?‘ ‘Yesterday. He knocked on the frontp 220 MP 2003
an uneaten sandwich in a plastic wrapper, mummified by the airless heat. I turned the ignition key, and heard the faintp 242 MP 2003
Discipline as a means of instilling love ...? The flat was airless, and I needed to pace a car park somewhere top 56 KC 2006
high galleries closer to the sun, rather than in this airless clinic with its erratic air conditioning. ‘Good ...‘ I patted thep 238 KC 2006
with illustrations inspired by the Pre-Raphaelites and Beardsley, full of airless gothic interiors and lantern-lit forests. They probably prepared me forp 20 ML 2008
furniture and kitchen equipment in place. I walked around the airless rooms, watching the sunlight play on the swirls of dustp 109 ML 2008
but the Pre-Raphaelite painters, and Burne-Jones in particular, presented an airless and over-imagined realm as suffocating as the children's books Ip 154 ML 2008
airfields, readying themselves for the final global war. The Berlin Airlift, the Korean War, a re-arming Europe belonged to a realmp 102 KW 1991
in the American mind long after its routed troops were airlifted from the roof of the Saigon embassy in perhaps onlyp 12 UGM 1991
a stack of pastel suitcases on the pavement, the gaudy airline stickers clearly visible. ‘Hold it,‘ Lanyon snapped at Goldman. ‘They'rep 40 WFN 1961
And what would be the point? He's not running an airline or railway system. Why should he need to know thep 447 QR 1963
and plunged through the roof of a bus filled with airline passengers. The crushed bodies of package tourists, like a haemorrhagep 7 C 1973
himself would later die, plunging through the roof of an airline coach, its cargo of complacent destinations multiplied by the deathp 14 C 1973
policemen gathering together the crushed suitcases and handbags of the airline tourists. I thought of Vaughan's body, colder now, its rectalp 18 C 1973
an olive-skinned man in the midnight-blue uniform of an Arab airline pilot. A thin stream of urine trickled involuntarily between herp 22 C 1973
she was dressed more for a smart lunch with an airline executive than to visit her husband in hospital. Later Ip 30 C 1973
a complete amatory encounter, from the first chit-chat at an airline cocktail party to the sexual act itself. The climax ofp 31 C 1973
the engine nacelles of giant aircraft, the buccal pouts of airline hostesses. Two months before my accident, during a journey top 41 C 1973
a southward queue. Along Western Avenue the stalled cars and airline coaches sat in their lanes, waiting for the lights top 53 C 1973
along her thigh. Her vulva was a wet flower. An airline coach passed, the passengers bound for Stuttgart or Milan peeringp 56 C 1973
wheel. Pushing her aside, I peered over the balcony. An airline coach had rammed the rear of a taxi parked outsidep 62 C 1973
traffic lanes of the flyover, the aluminium walls of the airline coaches shutting off the sky. As I watched the packedp 65 C 1973
to the endless newscasts on their radios. Sealed inside their airline coaches, would-be passengers watched the jetliners lifting from the distantp 72 C 1973
car swerved from the fast lane and veered towards an airline coach coming out of the roundabout. As the semen oozedp 74 C 1973
Catherine's office. I called to her and stopped behind an airline bus, beckoning her into the passenger seat. Swinging her handbagp 77 C 1973
the motorway, the afternoon sunlight crossing the windows of the airline buses and cars. My hand moved around the outer curvaturep 79 C 1973
during her lunch-hour, and with which of the pilots and airline executives?); the news programme played while she percolated the coffeep 83 C 1973
the expressways. Catherine was away for three days, attending an airline conference in Paris, and out of curiosity I took Helenp 84 C 1973
separated by wire fences. The area was inhabited by junior airline personnel, car-park attendants, waitresses and ex-stewardesses. Many of them werep 87 C 1973
the airport, an unlit area of three-storey apartment buildings for airline personnel, half-constructed hotels and filling stations. We passed an emptyp 92 C 1973
By coincidence, her small sports car had collided with an airline bus at the entry to the airport underpass not farp 97 C 1973
minutes after she had skidded into the rear of the airline bus. The alarmed faces of several Varig passengers peered throughp 98 C 1973
a mistake. Startled, Catherine took refuge in front of an airline bus in the nearside lane. Vaughan drove alongside the busp 113 C 1973
fist. To our right the high wall of a double-decker airline coach formed a cliff of faces. The passengers at thep 151 C 1973
and movement. We walked to his car, double-parked alongside an airline coach. A few paces ahead of me, Vaughan moved likep 194 C 1973
effort to answer the teasing pressure of his hand. An airline coach sped towards us, its silver hull irradiating all sixp 198 C 1973
blunted. Their drivers sat stiffly behind their wheels, overtaking the airline coaches filled with mannequins dressed in meaningless clothing. An abandonedp 205 C 1973
his body was so disfigured by its impact with the airline coach below that the police first identified it as minep 220 C 1973
the junction with Western Avenue. The crushed roof of the airline coach rose above the heads. I held Catherine's arm, thinkingp 221 C 1973
into the shoulder of the road. Maitland turned as an airline coach passed along the motorway. The passengers on the upperp 11 CI 1974
towards him in procession, followed by a second group, an airline coach taking up the rear. A breakdown truck towing ap 17 CI 1974
He looked round at the motorway embankment. The roofs of airline buses and high-topped trucks moved along the eastbound carriageways. Thep 24 CI 1974
made a second step. Gasping for breath, he watched an airline coach move westwards along the motorway. None of the passengersp 24 CI 1974
horns and engines. At intervals the high face of an airline bus sped past, the passengers visible behind their windows. Maitlandp 36 CI 1974
Damned quiet ...‘ Maitland murmured aloud to himself. No cars or airline buses moved along the motorways. The aerial balconies of thep 43 CI 1974
A line of saloon cars appeared, hemmed in behind an airline coach and a fuel tanker moving abreast through the overpassp 77 CI 1974
his wife's, slowed as it approached the rear of an airline bus. Unsure whether he was seeing an hallucination brought onp 93 CI 1974
at, the afternoon traffic -- an intermittent stream of cars, airline coaches and fuel tankers -- Maitland turned his gaze westwardp 102 CI 1974
her, and she was carried away among the trucks and airline coaches. After an hour, when the police had failed top 125 CI 1974
about for a way of reaching them, I noticed my airline bag packed with camera equipment. The identification tag carried ap 825 AD 1975
fool ...!‘ When he stared uncomprehendingly at me I took the airline tag from my pocket and showed him the picture ofp 826 AD 1975
academics and advertising executives, along with a smaller group of airline pilots, film-industry technicians and trios of air-hostesses sharing apartments. Byp 10 HR 1975
he held with his friends on the lower levels -- airline pilots and hostesses sharing apartments -- had already put himp 14 HR 1975
on the 10th floor. Annoyingly, the young sister of an airline pilot's wife on the 1st floor had declined to baby-sitp 28 HR 1975
adapted most successfully to life there, were not the unruly airline pilots and film technicians from the lower floors, nor thep 35 HR 1975
recent incidents represented a last attempt by Wilder and the airline pilots to rebel against this unfolding logic? Sadly, they hadp 36 HR 1975
above. Wilder pushed his way towards the centre, where two airline pilots were standing on a lobby sofa and selecting thep 58 HR 1975
the 5th floor he met the dozen members of the airline pilots‘ raiding party returning from another of their abortive missionsp 62 HR 1975
the ravings of the injured man that he was an airline pilot. He was sitting on the burning bed in thep 854 NTM 1976
on the sidewalk around him as he crouched behind an airline van. Fifty feet high, the flames of the burning gasolenep 923 UC 1976
thick-set man with a hard beard had leapt between the airline buses and was staring at him, his left eye inflamedp 985 Z2 1978
are now devoted entirely to the recreation of late twentieth-century airline cuisine. Even so, the excess heat produced by half ap 230 UGM 1979
air spectacular -- antique open-cockpit flying suits, fleece-lined jackets, broad-shouldered airline uniforms. As they stared down at me, axes raised uneasilyp 186 UDC 1979
and finance houses, yucca and mesquite shaded the doorways of airline offices and travel agents. At the intersection of Fifth Avenuep 36 HA 1981
cut in, his commentary a high-pitched gabble of show-business gossip, airline information and plugs for a local automobile dealer. ‘Ursula, forp 132 HA 1981
all children. I believe in maps, diagrams, codes, chess-games, puzzles, airline time-tables, airport indicator signs. I believe all excuses. I believep 39 WIB 1984
ancestry, Sanger had perfected the rootless international style of an airline advertisement, which his audiences took for objectivity. After a dayp 31 DC 1987
help me pass out these leaflets? I'm going to the airline office across the street.‘ ‘Well ... it's not my --‘ ‘Comep 35 RP 1994
wife and their middle-aged daughter, the widow of a Canadian airline pilot. Having given most of their supplies to the expeditionp 87 RP 1994
-- I spend my time with senile accountants and alcoholic airline pilots, bringing them back from the dead ...‘ ‘That's a rarep 193 CN 1996
abandoned her and the baby, and now runs a small airline in Alabama. He was one of the few black commissionedp 31 SC 2000
the few black commissioned officers. Halder's never met him.‘ ‘An airline? That's impressive.‘ ‘I think it has two planes. For Halderp 31 SC 2000
her forties, dressed like a hostess working for a private airline, stepped from behind the wheel. She walked to the nearestp 160 SC 2000
Your back ...?‘ She drifted away, sinking her face into the airline mask. I sat beside her, waiting until she breathed steadilyp 168 SC 2000
the fewer moral choices we have to make.‘ ‘Exactly. The airline pilot doesn't wrestle with his conscience over the right landingp 255 SC 2000
team pushed a trolley through the melee of passengers and airline personnel. A barely conscious woman lay on the trolley, ragsp 16 MP 2003
have a small problem with my balancing organ. Oddly enough, airline hijackers tend to suffer from it. One could see thep 174 MP 2003
hangar. Acres of car parks stretched around me, areas for airline crews, security personnel, business travellers, an almost planetary expanse ofp 240 MP 2003
in Brooklands and, after a lifetime of flying, the old airline pilot had returned there to pass his retirement. I wasp 4 KC 2006
rows of popular novels, cricket almanacs and restaurant guides to airline destinations: Hong Kong, Geneva, Miami. At some point I wouldp 18 KC 2006
of the mantelpiece was a framed photograph of a youthful airline captain standing with his crew beside a BOAC Comet, presumablyp 18 KC 2006
fire at random into a lunch-hour crowd, killing a retired airline pilot about to buy his favourite tobacco. A scrum ofp 27 KC 2006
have been wearing one when he was shot. A retired airline pilot in his seventies? The Asian family in the nextp 102 KC 2006
that.‘ I helped her from the car. ‘There's an old airline first-aid kit. Have a drink while I call a taxip 133 KC 2006