light. Reflected below it, like an expressway illuminated by an aircraft's spotlights, a long lane of light several hundred yards inp 370 CS 1962
over my head, the propellor rotating slowly like a toy aircraft's. The light poured from its wings in a ceaseless fountainp 209 C 1973
were throwing clods of earth into the water, imitating the aircraft's splash. The Cessna had vanished in the current, swept awayp 21 UDC 1979
current. I was surprised by the immense span of the aircraft's wings, the outstretched fins of a huge ray. A shoalp 52 UDC 1979
I blundered after them with my arms raised like an aircraft's wings. I saw a white flag flash between Jamie's legsp 82 UDC 1979
stained with blood that seemed to have leaked from the aircraft's cockpit. They were waiting for me to die and setp 197 UDC 1979
he crept up on the unsuspecting beast, then edged the aircraft's shadow forward until the animal was at the centre ofp 158 HA 1981
and out of the deserted streets, steering it with the aircraft's shadow until it at last reached the safety of thep 158 HA 1981
help you.‘ ‘Marion --?‘ But before Franklin could speak, the aircraft's engine racketed into life. Fanning the tailplane, Slade deftly turnedp 1014 NFS 1981
the young French pilot watched me without expression through the aircraft's bubble canopy, like a tourist observing some curious native ritep 127 DC 1987
shipped the sea-anchor and rowed the few oar-lengths to the aircraft's position. His second descent carried him down to the planep 152 RP 1994
beach. Forrester could remember the Club Nautico, presiding like an aircraft-carrier over the bars and nightclubs of Ampuriabrava, packed with peoplep 832 LFA 1975
metal coils that covered their surface. A line of red aircraft-warning beacons was already alight along the top strut, and Franklinp 415 SM 1963
of Nationalist troops. For reasons of their own, the Japanese aircraftsmen and ground crews made no attempt to escape, and livedp 307 ES 1984
cylinder with a circular dial, a pocket compass carried in aircrew rescue kits. ‘Hey, soldier!‘ The man had revived abruptly, hisp 168 DW 1962
damp palms on the suede leather of the camera case. Aircrew Rescue They walked along the airfield perimeter, avoiding the coilsp 40 JAC 1970
What was he doing here, at a hospital for injured aircrew? Connections, only connections Dr Manston walked through the deserted tablep 43 JAC 1970
to the military airfield, where some hundred or so allied aircrew shot down during the air attacks on Shanghai had beenp 928 DT 1977
the creeks and paddy fields for the bodies of Japanese aircrew. The Kuomintang units which had seized part of the airfieldp 324 ES 1984
and buttocks, then thrown down the bank with the other aircrew. Squatting beside the body, Jim snapped the key from thep 338 ES 1984
British prisoners in Lunghua hospital. He would raise the Japanese aircrew lying in the ditches around the airfield, and enough groundp 340 ES 1984
memorial stones of the local villagers, and of six RAF aircrew who had been interred during the war. None of Pierce'sp 296 KW 1991
honour guard that attended the burials of recently discovered wartime aircrew, and two former pilots from his squadron made the journeyp 296 KW 1991
Japanese had lost the war. He had seen captured American aircrews who were held for a few hours in the Lunghuap 223 ES 1984
which Jim assumed he had learned while interrogating captured American aircrews. He wore a chromium wristwatch, and the Colt pistol inp 274 ES 1984
Jaw in Saskatchewan. As part of the Nato agreement, the aircrews of its European members received their flight training in Canadap 106 KW 1991
two months after the war's end, sustained by the American airdrops. These were Britons with no homes to return to, nop 114 ML 2008
owners were testing their rigging and engines, while their wives aired the cabins and buffed the brass. Only Andersson sat quietlyp 249 CN 1996
I sensed that he was glad to hear my questions aired. Once away from the women, his manner became more friendlyp 145 SC 2000
a small selection of cans and cereal packets. A chasuble aired on a metal frame, and a folding wooden foot tablep 101 MP 2003
answered the door, hanging on to the collar of an airedale delighted to find us on the step. A smiling womanp 89 MP 2003
in a nick. A child screamed, setting off a deranged Airedale that started barking and biting. Trying to escape, husbands collidedp 94 KC 2006
over this friendly chaos, welcoming and cheerful, surrounded by four Airedale dogs, nursing a new baby and asking me about thep 22 ML 2008
the Chinese table-mongrels but spaniels and dachshunds, red setters and airedales released into the hungry streets of Shanghai by their alliedp 103 ES 1984
years. I knew the boys would have grown, and the Airedales would be older, but Mrs Kendall-Ward would be the samep 108 ML 2008
and finesse of press attaches at every embassy from Buenos Aires to Bangkok were strained to their not inconsiderable limits. Ip 574 LL 1964
tragic love across the divide set in a shabby Buenos Aires dance hall. Halder moved with his light-footed grace, but hep 318 SC 2000
compound. The barracks was the airmen's quarters of a small airfield. Beyond the buildings were the control tower and two orp 46 WFN 1961
All inhabitants on mainland. ARCHANGEL: 68 mph. No casualties. Intact. Airfield and harbour closed. CAPE TOWN: 74 mph. 4 casualties. Intactp 53 WFN 1961
of Caporals he had discovered in a cupboard at the airfield, lit one carefully and went over to the gun slitp 91 WFN 1961
the past days they had managed to get from the airfield to their present retreat, and with luck they would keepp 92 WFN 1961
they've been forced to dig into the shelters at the airfield. They're O.K. there for three weeks, but after thatp 118 WFN 1961
to those hypno-drills.‘ He looked out bleakly at the abandoned airfield stretching away to the cold tundra beyond the perimeter, andp 327 13C 1962
range. The concrete aisles stretched into the darkness across the airfield. In the suburbs of Hell Travis walked in the flaringp 14 AE 1966
As he spoke a searchlight in the centre of the airfield lit up the target areas, outlining the rigid figures ofp 16 AE 1966
put on his shoe. ‘No ...‘ He was hobbling towards the airfield when the explosion lit up the evening air. The Explodingp 16 AE 1966
old bombers lay heaped together. The runways of the former airfield radiated from her in all directions. Dr Nathan was kneelingp 35 AW 1966
of the large government plantations ten miles up-river. Here an airfield had been constructed and the many hundreds of scientists andp 170 CW 1966
with one hand, swinging it off the motorway towards the airfield. ‘Relax, Karen.‘ In a mimicry of Dr Nathan's voice, hep 56 GAN 1967
the next afternoon, but instead of going to the Nantao airfield we set off for Hongkew riverfront. Tulloch told me wep 73 THF 1969
of the camera case. Aircrew Rescue They walked along the airfield perimeter, avoiding the coils of barbed wire overgrown by grassp 40 JAC 1970
the rain-streaked windows he could see the perimeter of the airfield and the beach beyond. He opened the door of thep 43 JAC 1970
of the aircraft taking off from the runways at the airfield. The skies of his mind were filled with the geometryp 47 JAC 1970
lifting into the air over the western perimeter of the airfield. He had telephoned me that morning, his voice barely recognizablep 194 C 1973
familiar drone of a single-engined aircraft flying from the light airfield behind the resort, Melville clambered up to the ridge throughp 814 DFW 1974
sedan through the deserted streets of the resort towards the airfield. For some reason the noise of her light aircraft beganp 814 DFW 1974
solo flight across Africa, testing her aircraft at this abandoned airfield beside the dunes, coincided powerfully with his own dream ofp 815 DFW 1974
turned on to the unmade road that led to the airfield, and parked beside her American sedan. The Cessna, its enginep 815 DFW 1974
feel several days of true grief. He drove to the airfield and wandered around the empty hangar. Traces of her over-hurriedp 819 DFW 1974
they drove at random around eastern Suffolk, visiting one abandoned airfield after another. In his February 1975 Diaries (a few weeksp 851 NTM 1976
we soon noticed that none had landed at the military airfield adjacent to our camp. Dwindling but still substantial numbers ofp 926 DT 1977
substantial numbers of Japanese troops held the landscape, patrolling the airfield perimeter, the railway lines and roads to Shanghai. Military policep 926 DT 1977
were held in the gendarmerie barracks attached to the military airfield, where some hundred or so allied aircrew shot down duringp 928 DT 1977
that we were about to be turned loose at the airfield gates. Instead, we were put aboard the same truck thatp 928 DT 1977
of some local embarrassment before the Americans landed at the airfield. Hodson was asleep beside his truck. His said bottle followedp 932 DT 1977
Once a week the executive jet landed at the light airfield, and then the two hostesses would walk past the diving-boardsp 60 IY6 1979
floor of the swimming pool, and drove to the light airfield at Titusville. For an hour he flew the rented Cessnap 1062 MNF 1982
his curiosity, Sheppard drove late one afternoon to the light airfield at Titusville. Little traffic visited the shabby airstrip, and ap 1071 MNF 1982
relics, Mallory assumed, from some forgotten museum at a private airfield near by. There were a Spad and a Sopwith Camelp 1037 MSA 1982
pursuing Dodge before being forced to land at his secret airfield. Mallory listened to the police radio, the tuneless static thatp 1041 MSA 1982
attraction of Dr Lockwood's parties, in fact, was the disused airfield at Hungjao. Although the Japanese controlled the open countryside aroundp 25 ES 1984
should take Mr Maxted on his secret expedition to Hungjao Airfield? ‘Don't miss the film show, Jamie. I rely on youp 27 ES 1984
the galvanized hangar, but little else remained of this military airfield from which Chinese fighters had attacked the Japanese infantry columnsp 30 ES 1984
aviator. A shallow ditch formed the southern edge of the airfield. Lying in the deep nettles was the fuselage of ap 30 ES 1984
model banked steeply and soared across the perimeter of the airfield. It skidded along the roof of an old concrete blockhousep 32 ES 1984
insects. ‘Ta-ta-ta-ta-ta ... Vera-Vera-Vera ...!‘ Beyond the overgrown perimeter ditch of the airfield was an old battleground of 1937. Here the Chinese armiesp 32 ES 1984
calling to him. He stood in the centre of the airfield, but could see the hundreds of Japanese soldiers in thep 34 ES 1984
don't suppose so.‘ Hand in hand, they walked across the airfield. Nothing moved except for the ceaselessly rippling grass, rehearsing itselfp 34 ES 1984
turned east at the crossroads, setting course for this distant airfield. ‘We're going to Lunghua Airfield, Dr Ransome,‘ Jim called betweenp 157 ES 1984
setting course for this distant airfield. ‘We're going to Lunghua Airfield, Dr Ransome,‘ Jim called between his knees. The physician layp 157 ES 1984
warm air rush into his face. They approached the military airfield, the largest grass aerodrome that he had seen near Shanghaip 157 ES 1984
the driver pressed on to the southern perimeter of the airfield. The smooth grass fell away into a broken terrain ofp 158 ES 1984
Others climbed the shallow slope to the edge of the airfield, wicker baskets laden with stones clasped to their chests. Thep 158 ES 1984
filled with stones and broken bricks that ran across the airfield into the night. Basie pushed past him and dropped thep 159 ES 1984
Lunghua Aerodrome in 1937. The damaged buildings nearest to the airfield had been excluded from the camp, and it was herep 164 ES 1984
a bank of nettles surrounding a forgotten blockhouse on the airfield perimeter. Leaving his shoes on the blockhouse steps, he wadedp 164 ES 1984
behind the trap. An aircraft was taking off from Lunghua Airfield, clearly silhouetted against the yellow facades of the apartment housesp 164 ES 1984
the American fighters with the ventral radiators that strafed Lunghua Airfield were called ‘Mustangs‘, the name of a wild pony. Jimp 168 ES 1984
in Jim's eyes as the Mustang fighters which strafed Lunghua Airfield. Did the Americans bring out a new-model Mustang every yearp 174 ES 1984
this had ended. After the American fighter attacks on Lunghua Airfield, and the first bombing raids on the Shanghai dockyards, thep 181 ES 1984
himself up to date on any fresh activity at Lunghua Airfield. The stairway to the circle was partly blocked by piecesp 186 ES 1984
across the abandoned land. In front of him was Lunghua Airfield. The concrete runway moved diagonally across its grassy table top 186 ES 1984
fallen from the sky on to the graveyard of Lunghua Airfield, as if a titanic aerial battle was taking place farp 187 ES 1984
running across the flooded paddies to the west of the airfield as the Japanese hurled the tyres and metal plates fromp 187 ES 1984
grass between the camp and the southern edge of the airfield was rarely patrolled. Jim's practised eye searched the dips andp 188 ES 1984
Chinese coolies was at work in the centre of the airfield, repairing the concrete runway. The men carried baskets of stonesp 188 ES 1984
than a dozen special attack units had arrived at Lunghua Airfield, which they used as their base for suicide missions againstp 189 ES 1984
devotional firecracker. The sound of this lone machine-gun crossed the airfield, soon drowned by the complaining drone of an air-raid sirenp 190 ES 1984
perimeter fence and hurtled along the concrete runway of the airfield, the height of a man's head above the deck. Inp 191 ES 1984
of leaves and dust boiled from the ground. Around the airfield the anti-aircraft guns turned towards the camp. The tiers ofp 191 ES 1984
mounds. They rose as they crossed the perimeter of the airfield, then dived again to fire at the Japanese aircraft parkedp 192 ES 1984
seamen were imprisoned at Lunghua Camp? Whenever they attacked the airfield the fighter pilots hid until the last moment behind thep 192 ES 1984
The first flights of attacking planes had swept across the airfield. Clearly visible against the apartment houses of the French Concessionp 192 ES 1984
the sky. The pilot was trying to escape from the airfield, but as his Mustang began to lose height he rolledp 193 ES 1984
coming down among the canals to the west of the airfield. A stench of burnt oil and engine coolant filled thep 193 ES 1984
nearby ward. Through the window was the pagoda at Lunghua Airfield. Already the flak tower appeared in a new light. Forp 201 ES 1984
vanished among the clouds. None of the Japanese at Lunghua Airfield had given the aircraft the briefest glance. Fires were stillp 205 ES 1984
within them, as if this small cemetery beside the military airfield were doing its best to resurrect a few of thep 205 ES 1984
camp with my heart-beat. If they want to hit Lunghua Airfield they have to drop their bombs about a thousand yardsp 209 ES 1984
of them down.‘ ‘But they're shooting them down over the airfield,‘ Jim explained. ‘Then they've already dropped their bombs. If theyp 210 ES 1984
think there are any pheasants. It's too close to the airfield.‘ ‘There are pheasants, Jim. But we need to move thep 219 ES 1984
American aircraft. None of the dozen serviceable Zeros at Lunghua Airfield had taken off to intercept them. ‘B-29s, Basie?‘ ‘That's itp 222 ES 1984
down two days earlier as it took off from Lunghua Airfield, torn apart by the machine-guns of the Lightning fighters thatp 231 ES 1984
its superstructure. Throughout all this, the concrete runway at Lunghua Airfield remained intact. By an heroic effort, the Japanese engineers continuedp 233 ES 1984
from her grave, as white as the runway at Lunghua Airfield. For Jim, a curious vacuum enclosed the camp. Time hadp 234 ES 1984
force police was wading across the canal that separated Lunghua Airfield from the camp. To the east, the long bend ofp 237 ES 1984
of creeks and canals that separated the paddy fields. Lunghua Airfield fell behind them, and the apartment houses of the Frenchp 252 ES 1984
and webbing, and reminded him of the runway at Lunghua Airfield. ‘Right, Jim ...‘ Mr Maxted stood up, and Jim was awarep 253 ES 1984
seen as he helped to build the runway at Lunghua Airfield. He knew that he was awake and asleep at thep 259 ES 1984
her the ashen pallor of the Chinese labourers at Lunghua Airfield. Mrs Vincent would build a strange runway, Jim reflected. ‘Jamiep 265 ES 1984
the blockhouse, he set out towards the safety of Lunghua Airfield. Its western perimeter was little more than half a milep 277 ES 1984
lurid sheen. Jim rested on the perimeter road of the airfield, then climbed through the wire fence and walked up top 278 ES 1984
to the nearest of the abandoned aircraft. Far across the airfield, below the massive flak tower of Lunghua Pagoda, were thep 278 ES 1984
over Shanghai, waiting for the Americans to arrive at Lunghua Airfield. Although he had eaten nothing for two days, his mindp 279 ES 1984
he turned away and continued his bad-tempered patrol of the airfield perimeter. Jim watched him beating at the sugar-cane, perhaps tryingp 279 ES 1984
nettles to the yellowing grass at the edge of the airfield. He began to follow the Japanese, fifty yards behind himp 280 ES 1984
next hour they moved around the southern edge of the airfield, the young pilot with the boy in tow. The barrackp 280 ES 1984
Lunghua Camp rose through the heat. Far away, across the airfield, the Japanese ground-crews lounged in the sun beside the burnt-outp 280 ES 1984
throughout the war. Was it about to land at Lunghua Airfield? Jim began to wave to the pilot in the glass-domedp 283 ES 1984
ridge of the bomb crater towards the perimeter of the airfield when he heard the leisurely drumming of a B-29‘sp 284 ES 1984
by the wine. From the balcony Jim gazed across Lunghua Airfield. Carefully he opened his tin of Spam. It was ap 303 ES 1984
He rested his eyes on the reassuring geometry of the airfield runway. Four hundred yards away, the young Japanese pilot walkedp 304 ES 1984
watched the pairs of Mustangs circle the pagoda at Lunghua Airfield. An hour later the air drops began to the prisoner-of-warp 305 ES 1984
and explored the overgrown terrain between the camp and Lunghua Airfield, hoping to find the turtle which he had released inp 307 ES 1984
the body of a dead Japanese airman. Sections of Lunghua Airfield -- the pagoda, barracks and control tower -- were nowp 307 ES 1984
the waste ground to the south and west of the airfield. The sight of this dead Japanese airman, floating face downp 307 ES 1984
They passed Lunghua Pagoda at the northern edge of the airfield, the barrels of its anti-aircraft guns still pointing to thep 312 ES 1984
and generals ... They were passing the eastern perimeter of Lunghua Airfield. Jim leaned across Basie and hung from the window. Hep 324 ES 1984
aircrew. The Kuomintang units which had seized part of the airfield were still killing the Japanese in batches. ‘You like thosep 324 ES 1984
old kilns and chimneys, together with the proximity to Lunghua Airfield, had drawn the communist garrison to this modest backwater. Accordingp 326 ES 1984
but Jim ignored them and set out again for Lunghua Airfield. Smoke rose from the Olympic stadium, a thin white plumep 333 ES 1984
covered the waste ground beside the northern perimeter of Lunghua Airfield. A screen of trees and rusting fuel tanks separated himp 333 ES 1984
them, Jim set out across the grass expanse of the airfield. Inside one of the ruined hangars a group of Japanesep 334 ES 1984
strode through the grass towards the southern perimeter of the airfield. The ground rose to the overgrown hillocks left by thep 334 ES 1984
spotter plane. The sound of small arms fire crossed the airfield, as Basie and the bandits tried to break into thep 338 ES 1984
raise the Japanese aircrew lying in the ditches around the airfield, and enough ground staff to rebuild a squadron of aircraftp 340 ES 1984
guns at Pootung and Hungjao had fallen silent. Across the airfield a column of trucks had stopped by the hangars andp 341 ES 1984
they drove along the perimeter road, Jim stared at Lunghua Airfield, now a dream of flight. Dozens of US Navy andp 348 ES 1984
fuelled the fire. He gazed through the wire at the airfield, and at the concrete runway pointing to Lunghua Pagoda. Densep 348 ES 1984
its contraband waters through the dry river-bed beside the disused airfield. Had a secret aircraft landed in the darkness? When Ip 7 DC 1987
told the teenage driver that I would walk to the airfield. Beyond the garage was a looted appliance store. Captain Kagwa'sp 45 DC 1987
shallow pond that stretched towards the ruined hangars of the airfield. I gazed down at this green coast, with its tractsp 220 DC 1987
their weapons, surrounded by a lake of mud. The entire airfield was now a waterlogged marsh covered with waist-high grass wherep 224 DC 1987
its forward flow. But beyond the marshy perimeter of the airfield the river was dying in the desert wastes. I imaginedp 225 DC 1987
him staring across the swamp grass and creeks of the airfield. He was gazing towards the south to the hazy mistp 228 DC 1987
to reappear. Guam in 1947. The B-29s which bombed the airfield beside Lunghua Camp, near Shanghai, where I was interned duringp 33 AWa 1990
Idzumo simply to fill in time before returning to their airfield. The French and British warships sat at their moorings nearp 22 KW 1991
like the stunt pilots at the aerobatic displays at Hungjao Airfield. ‘Jamie, leave your bike! Come with us!‘ The white fendersp 23 KW 1991
had increased, and antiaircraft batteries were dug in around the airfield to the north of the camp. Lunghua pagoda was nowp 37 KW 1991
while I watched the Japanese night-fighters warming up at Lunghua airfield. ‘Look out, young Jim.‘ Mr Sangster, a sometime accountant withp 40 KW 1991
the blade lost in the rumble of engines at the airfield. Within ten minutes I had loosened the first brick. Carefullyp 43 KW 1991
mortar, steadily enlarging the aperture. The distant lights of the airfield threw silhouettes of the perimeter fence-posts on to the wallp 43 KW 1991
ground between the perimeter fence of the camp and the airfield boundary, reflected in the surface of a flooded paddy fieldp 44 KW 1991
in the deep grass between the perimeter fence and the airfield. Already the would-be escapers had stopped and were waiting forp 44 KW 1991
the Japanese. As they strengthened the anti-aircraft defences of Lunghua airfield all concern for the escape attempt was forgotten. After ap 47 KW 1991
squadrons of B-29s had broken off their attacks on Lunghua airfield, but armed Japanese soldiers still waited by the anti-aircraft gunsp 49 KW 1991
could see the burnt-out hangars and cratered runways of Lunghua airfield, surrounded by the wrecks of fighter aircraft, and the unchangedp 50 KW 1991
feet above the camp, and the anti-aircraft guns at the airfield remained silent. Sergeant Nagata and his men, who had onlyp 51 KW 1991
ran towards the canal marking the southern perimeter of the airfield. A cloud of mosquitoes rose from the stagnant water, greetingp 54 KW 1991
realm. Beyond the crater was the boundary road of the airfield, roofless hangars standing beside the bombed engineering sheds. Caught byp 54 KW 1991
Sunday afternoons I drove Miriam on my motorcycle to Cambridge airfield, where we watched Richard Sutherland circle the field in hisp 89 KW 1991
the last Thursday in November I drove out to Cambridge airfield. I knew that Miriam often skipped her sports afternoon atp 95 KW 1991
Harvard from the parking apron. Snow lay across Moose Jaw airfield, draped like overnight laundry on the windsocks and the grillesp 99 KW 1991
Harvards were taking off and making right-hand circuits of the airfield, solo trainees and student pilots with their instructors in thep 100 KW 1991
away. I learned later that he had never contacted the airfield, perhaps hoping that I would freeze to death behind myp 119 KW 1991
Piper, it had flown from the west, where Fair Oaks airfield lay in the woodland beyond Chertsey. It turned in ap 127 KW 1991
me in 1969 after the road accident near Fair Oaks airfield in which Sally and David Hunter were involved. Luckily, neitherp 213 KW 1991
the football helmet when we set off for Fair Oaks airfield. Her visits to Shepperton, though less frequent, always calmed Sallyp 214 KW 1991
stood on tip-toe and kissed David, her crutch ruled the airfield. Sally clung to his arm, glad to test this dangerousp 216 KW 1991
the Tiger Moth, David made a formal circuit of the airfield, and I sensed that he was exposing her to thep 216 KW 1991
that she was off to see David at Fair Oaks airfield, and for a moment I felt a small part ofp 230 KW 1991
site. I thought of the Mustangs that had strafed the airfield next to Lunghua camp, and the downed pilots hunted byp 289 KW 1991
at the controls of this Spitfire, sitting on its grass airfield somewhere in southern England in 1940. Had he or Ip 297 KW 1991
spectators sitting on their cars around the perimeter of the airfield. The heads of state, diplomats and generals consulted their watchesp 1178 MFM 1992
sign of movement. As evening fell, the spectators beyond the airfield perimeter began to disperse. Powerful arc-lights bathed the spacecraft, andp 1179 MFM 1992
made the mistake of insisting on regular maintenance reports. An airfield construction company in Seattle offered a free second runway inp 108 RP 1994
day the Mustangs and B-29s had attacked the nearby Japanese airfield and the Shanghai dockyards, but now they had failed top 283 UGM 1995
canals and deserted villages. To my right the Japanese military airfield lay between the camp and the broad arm of thep 285 UGM 1995
but now its guns were silent and unmanned. Avoiding the airfield, with its restless Japanese sentries, I climbed the embankment ofp 285 UGM 1995
to fall, and the American bombing raids on the Japanese airfield next to the camp provoked the guards into senseless actsp 292 UGM 1995
legs. An advertising plane was taking off from the Cannes-Mandelieu airfield, and I realized that my shadow was probably one ofp 36 SC 2000
drove me from my house in Maida Vale to the airfield in north London. She was surprised by the aircraft inp 43 SC 2000
introduce her to some of the pilots at the Cannes-Mandelieu airfield, an engaging crew of French, American and South African flyersp 281 SC 2000
behind the Esterel. The scent of aviation spirit crossed the airfield as mechanics fuelled a twin-engined Cherokee for an early flightp 387 SC 2000
huge bulldozers were parked on the runway of the disused airfield within the circuit. Dozens of police and soldiers in overallsp 200 KC 2006
across two dried-out rice paddies to an abandoned Chinese military airfield. There was a single empty hangar, but on the edgep 31 ML 2008
a single empty hangar, but on the edge of the airfield, forgotten in the long grass, was the shell of ap 31 ML 2008
On my last visit, as I stepped out onto the airfield, several Japanese soldiers were inspecting the hangar and ordered mep 31 ML 2008
the hangar and ordered me away. Years later, this small airfield became the site of Shanghai International Airport. In 1991, whenp 31 ML 2008
anti-aircraft guns onto the upper decks. Nearby was a military airfield, Zero fighters lined up in front of the hangars. Onp 64 ML 2008
of a few Japanese planes taking off from the nearby airfield. An hour's chess with a talkative 12-year-old was an hourp 74 ML 2008
twin-engined Lightnings, flew in from the south to attack Lunghua airfield. As they approached, barely twenty feet above the abandoned paddyp 97 ML 2008
attacks on Shanghai took place almost daily, and once Lunghua airfield had been neutralised the first waves of B-29 bombers appearedp 98 ML 2008
appeared in the sky, immense four-engined aircraft that bombed the airfield, Shanghai dockyards and railway junctions. They passed overhead and thenp 98 ML 2008
been deserted for years. I skirted the perimeter of the airfield, where I could see Japanese soldiers patrolling the burnt-out planesp 105 ML 2008
moored off the Bund, and American aircraft landed at Lunghua airfield, but the transfer of power took several weeks to becomep 111 ML 2008
back to Lunghua, following the road that led to the airfield. An hour later a Japanese army truck passed me. Ip 111 ML 2008
pedal around Shanghai again. I often went out to Lunghua airfield, and was invited aboard the huge American transport planes linedp 114 ML 2008
children. I once climbed through the fence around a British airfield and crept into one of the parking bays protected byp 138 ML 2008
fictional possibility. Or so I thought, staring at the silent airfield, with its empty runways that stretched into a snow-blanched infinityp 167 ML 2008
an unheated barrack room on the edge of a disused airfield, waiting to be called by the two flight lieutenants whop 168 ML 2008
Sun in the scene where the Mustangs are attacking the airfield next to Lunghua Camp, and the fighter aircraft move inp 257 ML 2008
on one of the huge runways laid across the grass airfield at Hungjao where I had once sat in the cockpitp 266 ML 2008