the wind. Maitland pointed at the sky around them. ‘The air's lighter already! The wind's dying down, you can hear itp 185 WFN 1961
to come with me now ...‘ The Shore Raid An elaborate air-and-sea ballet was taking place, an over-rehearsed performance that rarely deviatedp 57 RP 1994
internment centre, and had unluckily fallen foul of the American air-attacks. At the same time the absence, with few exceptions, ofp 931 DT 1977
the nuclear bombers. Once we came across a run-down British air-base where World War II Liberators sat in parking bays farp 89 KW 1991
and began a pleasant, month-long acclimatisation period at a Toronto air-base, being prepared for the social and psychological hazards of ap 107 KW 1991
on the long, straight road from Moose Jaw to the air-base. At the demolition derbys in the shabby stadiums of eastp 262 KW 1991
Anatomy Library at the flat Cambridgeshire countryside, with its American air-bases and their glowing vision of a third world war, Ip 93 KW 1991
and which seemed to hover so promisingly over the American air-bases near Cambridge. During the next weeks we met again andp 105 KW 1991
Hausfrauen. Years of experience in the bars outside the American air-bases made them more than a match for a sixteen-year-old, especiallyp 146 RP 1994
Kerans examined the compass, swinging the bearing gently in its air-bath and then aligning the pointer and scale. He tried top 45 DW 1962
old bedspread. Looking at them, he visualized the scenes of air-battles and armadas, the sinking of the Petrel, and even thep 174 ES 1984
the south. Deer Lake was out of bounds, while mock air-battles and unauthorised low-flying were court martial offences. The mink-farmers ofp 108 KW 1991
its contained marine life expired in a slow deflation of air-bladders and buoyancy sacs, lay everywhere, over the ticket booths andp 125 DW 1962
driver of a dumper truck crossing the overpass switched his air-brakes on and off in a series of sharp detonations. Althoughp 32 CI 1974
the evolutionary slope. Three hundred million years ago we became air-breathers and left the seas behind. Now we've taken the nextp 58 M69 1957
great zone of transit between the gill-breathing fish and the air-breathing amphibians with their respiratory rib-cages, the very junction where wep 43 DW 1962
its 500-kiloton war-head, a wingless monster so different from the air-breathing cruises, could climb beyond the stratosphere and then plunge downp 215 HA 1981
of tail-fin and radiator grille, body panel and windshield hood, air-brushed in vivid pastel and acrylic colours, seemed to fascinate herp 111 C 1973
the nuclear bomb, selecting -- so Wayne guessed -- an air-burst a thousand feet above the centre of Las Vegas, overp 217 HA 1981
little mad. Look around you, Richard. What do you see?‘ ‘Air-cargo warehouses. Shopping malls. Executive estates.‘ As Maxted listened to mep 101 KC 2006
materialized. What was he doing except sitting in his white-walled, air-conditioned lounge, playing Bartok quartets on the stereogram? Meanwhile Larsen hadp 137 ZT 1960
patio was a long chromium counter, as inviting as an air-conditioned bar seen from a dusty street, glasses and decanters reflectedp 24 DW 1962
worthwhile after all.‘ After a cool jungle night in the air-conditioned cabin, the next day Connolly began discreetly to reconnoitre thep 448 QR 1963
Sea as Gerard O'Neill suggests. Instead, I see acres of air-conditioned Greyhound Bus interior, glinting, slightly greasy railings, old rivet-heads needingp 229 UGM 1979
soil raked by bulldozers, for the moment occupied by an air-conditioned pavilion fit for some latter-day caliph resting en route fromp 65 UGM 1989
happen here. Rio is a total media city.‘ From the air-conditioned bar he gazed contentedly at the procession of giant floatsp 235 KW 1991
Hotel, ready to startle an unwary film executive. In the air-conditioned corridors of the conference centre the scientific films filled thep 256 KW 1991
The windows would have been closed. The entire house was air-conditioned.‘ Hennessy tried to steer me across the terrace, a curatorp 50 CN 1996
to the supermarket, where a dozen customers hovered in the air-conditioned aisles and the Spanish check-out girls sat at their tillsp 214 CN 1996
in Bel Air and Holland Park.‘ I wandered around the air-conditioned suite, with its dressing room and double bathroom. Despite Jane'sp 34 SC 2000
that she might be drunk, and I thought of the air-conditioned bars hidden away in the Palais des Festivals. Here, inp 108 SC 2000
on their clipboards before returning the silky pelts to their air-conditioned racks. ‘Television commercials and mink coats rented by the hourp 218 SC 2000
business parks.‘ ‘Aren't they the same thing? Eden-Olympia as an air-conditioned Sinai ...?‘ ‘Absolutely.‘ Penrose pointed approvingly at me, the alert studentp 256 SC 2000
appreciating that I had crossed a desert to reach this air-conditioned oasis. ‘We hope you'll visit us again. Here in thep 39 KC 2006
they went out of their way to lay on an air-conditioned bus and car and smooth our path around any obstaclesp 265 ML 2008
a trace. The next day we set off in our air-conditioned bus for Lunghua, and spent most of the morning tryingp 270 ML 2008
along the shores of the Persian Gulf. Behind him the air-conditioner murmured quietly, cooling the pale blue wails half-hidden in thep 173 VT 1960
the walls, listening to the low soothing hum of the air-conditioner. His argument with Bayliss had refreshed him and he feltp 139 ZT 1960
dinner into the auto-cooker and selected the alarm, lowered the air-conditioner, refrigerator and immersion heater settings, switched open the oil storagep 244 OM 1961
degrees below the ambient temperature of the lagoon, and the air-conditioner normally kept the room at an even 70 degrees. Butp 35 DW 1962
the low couches, alternately chilled and roasted as the erratic air-conditioner above them varied its perimeter. Outside, half an hour beforep 89 DW 1962
keep forgetting that.‘ He turned up the volume of the air-conditioner, smiling at Kerans, who gazed watchfully at the wry, pervertedp 113 DW 1962
those haunted Triassic swamps.‘ He picked a book off the air-conditioner, a copy of Donne's poems, and extemporised a line: ‘Worldp 113 DW 1962
his bunk, cooled by a homemade fan and the fading air-conditioner. Like himself, Bodkin seemed to be isolated on a smallp 128 DW 1962
inside the narrow cone of cool air projected by the air-conditioner. ‘I know, Alan, Strangman's insane and dangerous, but for somep 128 DW 1962
the next evening he found that Bodkin had gone. The air-conditioner had exhausted its fuel, and Bodkin, deliberately it seemed, hadp 129 DW 1962
around it were silent, only & distant whir of an air-conditioner in the depot ship reminding Kerans that he was notp 136 DW 1962
of his bedroom, he saw that the shutters of the air-conditioner had been closed. Jim listened to the bell drill throughp 60 ES 1984
the garbage wall moving, the dim scraping of some buried air-conditioner against the keel plates, urging the Salammbo to resume itsp 258 DC 1987
southwards across the kelp flats, and one by one the air-conditioners in the bedrooms switched themselves off. While the town slowlyp 235 DE 1961
and bales, a random selection of household effects -- refrigerators, air-conditioners and the like -- and units of machinery and officep 62 CW 1966
metal debris embedded in the barrage, the refrigerators, photocopiers and air-conditioners scavenged from the airbase. The huge brassiere of the damp 230 DC 1987
the load walls were beginning to crack, and the 250-amp air-conditioning unit had worked without a halt. Although it had beenp 10 DW 1962
over the windows were drawn, and to Kerans‘ surprise the air-conditioning unit had been switched off. The air pumped in throughp 35 DW 1962
tenants, but the individual resident in isolation. Its staff of air-conditioning conduits, elevators, garbage-disposal chutes and electrical switching systems provided ap 10 HR 1975
his neighbours, of trivial disputes over the faulty elevators and air-conditioning, inexplicable electrical failures, noise, competition for parking space and, inp 18 HR 1975
of the twenty elevators were put out of action. The air-conditioning had been switched off, and a woman passenger trapped inp 20 HR 1975
shoulder, Laing said: ‘Something seems to be wrong with the air-conditioning ... there should be some fresh air on the balcony.‘ Holdingp 41 HR 1975
her. The blinds in the living-room were lowered, and the air-conditioning had been switched off. Children's toys and clothes lay aboutp 44 HR 1975
cheeks Wilder listened to the air humming erratically in the air-conditioning flues behind the shower stall, pumped all the way downp 48 HR 1975
found it difficult to revive them. At five-minute intervals the air-conditioning ceased to work, and in the warm summer weather thep 50 HR 1975
residents that dog excrement had been deliberately dropped into the air-conditioning flues by the upper-level tenants. Strong winds circulated around thep 50 HR 1975
garbage-disposal chute. Suspicious that they might be tampering with the air-conditioning ducts, Wilder pushed through them, but was briskly shouldered asidep 51 HR 1975
wife and children a break from his ceaseless pacing. The air-conditioning now worked for only five minutes in each hour, andp 54 HR 1975
said vaguely, ‘Everything's fine. There's some slight trouble with the air-conditioning, but it's being fixed.‘ This growing defiance of reality nop 56 HR 1975
one.‘ The tampering with the electricity system had affected the air-conditioning. Dust was spurting from the vents in the walls. Exasperatedp 57 HR 1975
around them like a stone frost. Wilder had blocked the air-conditioning vents during the night, and the apartment was without soundp 59 HR 1975
of the high-rise, containing a freight elevator, and the water, air-conditioning and electrical supply trunks. Wilder waited as the elevator descendedp 64 HR 1975
deliberately took his time over this last ritual task. The air-conditioning had ceased to function, and the absence of its vaguep 68 HR 1975
towards their new Jerusalem meant nothing to Anne. As the air-conditioning and electricity supply began to fail, and it became dangerousp 70 HR 1975
response to the apartment building, deliberately abusing the elevators and air-conditioning systems, over-straining the power supply. This carelessness about their ownp 76 HR 1975
tonight.‘ Anne gestured helplessly at the half-filled cases. ‘It's the air-conditioning -- I can't think.‘ ‘You won't get out now evenp 77 HR 1975
they had the same struggles with the declining water-supply and air-conditioning. In a calculated gesture, Royal and Pangbourne offered them thep 91 HR 1975
pork, and a stale loaf of bread. Now that the air-conditioning had ceased, the rooms soon became stuffy. Recently Laing hadp 101 HR 1975
building's derelict state -- almost no water was flowing, the air-conditioning vents were blocked with garbage and excrement, rails ripped offp 120 HR 1975
lobby. There was no electric current now to run the air-conditioning system, but the hotel was cool. In the two basketworkp 832 LFA 1975
most dutiful lover. At huge expense I had a complex air-conditioning system installed in my house, of a type only employedp 868 S 1976
worked away at the apartment block, repairing the elevator and air-conditioning units. With almost magical ease he moved around the buildingp 903 UC 1976
air in the suite tasted curiously sterile. An elaborate secondary air-conditioning system had been built inside the rooms, overhead pipes ranp 134 HA 1981
then broke the glass pane of a window housing the air-conditioning unit. He let himself into the house, opening the shuttersp 80 ES 1984
loft of a furniture depository. Bedsteads and wardrobes, refrigerators and air-conditioning units were stacked above each other, rising in a slopep 262 ES 1984
Tudor exteriors were themselves facades, hiding American bathrooms, kitchens and air-conditioning. There was something odd in the notion that the homep 332 KW 1991
into a head-high chamber that contained the central heating and air-conditioning system. Cabrera stepped through the inspection door and pointed top 105 CN 1996
on the staircase begins to rage he switches on the air-conditioning system ...‘ Cabrera paused, waiting as Paula gripped my arm top 106 CN 1996
calmly as I could to Cabrera. ‘This dismantling of the air-conditioning system and turning it into an incendiary weapon -- Frankp 106 CN 1996
driven into the jacuzzi as a fireball erupted from the air-conditioning vents. ‘Poor devil,‘ I commented. ‘Dying by himself in ap 108 CN 1996
that went wrong?‘ ‘It's too deliberate for that. The re-jigged air-conditioning system ... this was a serious business.‘ We rejoined Cabrera inp 110 CN 1996
so intense, she had no way of escape. Since the air-conditioning had been supplying cool air, all the windows were tightlyp 110 CN 1996
street had been tastefully bijouized, the ancient walls pierced by air-conditioning vents and security alarms. Sansom's house, painted a dove-egg bluep 148 CN 1996
Cabrera's timetable was pretty well right.‘ ‘But who rigged the air-conditioning system? Frank?‘ ‘I did.‘ Andersson stared at his hands, tryingp 320 CN 1996
it with gasoline. After Mahoud left he switched on the air-conditioning system to warn the Hollingers. But no smoke came outp 320 CN 1996
people didn't know about Mahoud and the petrol in the air-conditioning system -- that was Betty Shand's idea, along with Hennessyp 323 CN 1996
and inhaled the evening air. The scent of disinfectant and air-conditioning suddenly seemed more real than the sweet tang of pinep 74 SC 2000
white cream. With the windows closed to seal in the air-conditioning, the brief sounds of gunfire would have been barely audiblep 179 SC 2000
against the seat, and let the icy breeze from the air-conditioning system play across his face. ‘Mr Sinclair?‘ With an effortp 199 SC 2000
police sirens and helicopters filling his head. Halder adjusted the air-conditioning fan, and watched the sweat evaporate from his shirt. Tryingp 200 SC 2000
led to his own death. The Delages slept with their air-conditioning on, and no one would hear the shots through thep 391 SC 2000
cloud cover. I guessed that an electrical fault in the air-conditioning plant was to blame. The fire would be brought underp 202 KC 2006
cameras. In return, the police would hand over a portable air-conditioning plant that would cool the intensive care unit. At thep 222 KC 2006
conditions in the dome were steadily deteriorating. Without the powerful air-conditioning units, the temperature inside the mall continued to climb. Thep 232 KC 2006