on one of the desks against the back wall, playing aimlessly with a pencil. At thirty he was the youngest memberp 50 M69 1957
them voices chattered and whined fretfully, fragments of conversation drifted aimlessly over the air. Somewhere a woman pleaded in thin nervousp 124 SS 1960
get away. For the first two days he had lounged aimlessly around the deserted chalets, pleasantly fuddled by the barbiturates Baylissp 140 ZT 1960
housing estates in Tokyo. For a year he had drifted aimlessly, but a few colour photographs of the vermilion sunsets atp 360 CS 1962
edged and shunted like coloured fleas, and people milled about aimlessly on the pavements. Nothing of any interest seemed to bep 409 M99 1962
he grumbled, wiping the sweat off his chin and fiddling aimlessly with the thermostat. ‘They gave me a booklet when Ip 346 PE 1962
time. Bodkin had become lost in his private reverie, punting aimlessly around the narrow creeks in search for the submerged worldp 83 DW 1962
on to her knee Mrs Osmond stood up and prowled aimlessly around the room, straightening her skirt. ‘Julia, what is thep 375 WT 1962
following the thread of the radio commentaries as they switched aimlessly from one station to the next. ‘They're about to launchp 428 RE 1963
a while they no longer charged any admission, but drifted aimlessly from town to town ... Before I could pursue this trainp 742 R 1967
a car. When we reached the television-commercial studios Catherine drove aimlessly around the car-park, reluctant to let me out. Waiting byp 54 C 1973
the projecting steering columns and windshield vizors. At first I aimlessly followed the perimeter roads to the south of the airportp 59 C 1973
dunes, everything had changed. Instead of spending his time wandering aimlessly along the beach, or gazing from the balcony at thep 811 DFW 1974
time than hang around the bars and amusement arcades, driving aimlessly around the streets in their various cars. The influx ofp 918 UC 1976
the northern outskirts of Las Vegas, Love and Hate flew aimlessly along the empty boulevards. They circled and dived like neuroticp 231 HA 1981
silk shoes. She stared through the smeary windscreen, fingers playing aimlessly with a tasselled umbrella. The schoolgirl I had followed fromp 159 SC 2000
to a halt, held up by the crowd that surged aimlessly along the pavement like a tide swilling to and frop 286 SC 2000
artificial rocks had lost its direction. Eddies of scum circled aimlessly, exhausted by the attempt to return to the main channelp 39 KC 2006
logic, a slime mould impelled by gradients of boredom and aimlessness. Trying to lose them, I crossed the perimeter road. Aheadp 120 KC 2006
not so much in terms of finite political and social aims as of the precise psychology he intended to impose onp 221 UGM 1969
surprising that an artistic movement so avowedly international in its aims should have identified itself so closely with a single cityp 89 UGM 1991
that her passionate defence of the albatross concealed more devious aims. Nevertheless, Neil found himself increasingly committed to the great whitep 37 RP 1994
of moderation and good sense, its commitment to the Reithian aims of education and enlightenment, had been an elaborate cover behindp 149 MP 2003
be gratuitous, and no serious revolution should ever achieve its aims. Yesterday evening, Sally and I joined friends for dinner atp 293 MP 2003
part of The Atrocity Exhibition. Moorcock approved of my general aims, but wanted to go further. He knew that I respondedp 216 ML 2008
Beachy shot John J. Concannon. And John J. Concannon shot Ainslie Dinwiddie. And Ainslie Dinwiddie shot Dianne Zimmerman. And Dianne Zimmermanp 101 GOA 1990
J. Concannon. And John J. Concannon shot Ainslie Dinwiddie. And Ainslie Dinwiddie shot Dianne Zimmerman. And Dianne Zimmerman shot Gerson Zelmanp 101 GOA 1990
and reputed, believe it or not, to be an aphrodisiac. Aioli, the sauce to end all garlic sauces, was invented byp 247 UGM 1993
the town. Champagne cocktails at the Blue Bar, then an aioli at Mere Besson. Afterwards we'll go to the Casino andp 69 SC 2000
It lay on our table at Mere Besson beside the aioli of cod and carrots, and Jane was well aware thatp 77 SC 2000
fetid stench of growth and decay hung in the humid air, slowly swirling round the car as it laboured over thep 9 VN 1951
behind the reefs and hills, lulling ourselves on the rose-sick air. When the wind began to blow cool across the sandp 9 PB 1956
like a spectral fountain, pour its luminous notes into the air. The music remained with me even after she'd gone, hangingp 10 PB 1956
her chair. I felt curiously sleepy, almost sick on the air she'd left behind, and at 11.30, when I knewp 10 PB 1956
out of the window, listening to the dull hum of air through the ventilator shaft which rose out of the streetp 24 CC 1957
had already repeated twenty times. ‘I was suspended in the air above a flat stretch of open ground, something like thep 24 CC 1957
What have you got there?‘ ‘It's a device for measuring air velocities,‘ Franz told him. The manager grunted and released thep 26 CC 1957
tail. Franz picked it up and launched it into the air. The model glided for twenty feet and then slithered top 26 CC 1957
As they ran forward the model lifted gracefully into the air and followed them around the stadium, ten feet off thep 26 CC 1957
the model accelerated across the floor, two feet in the air, a bright trail of coloured smoke spitting out behind itp 27 CC 1957
them a woman who had been looking out into the air started to simper nervously. Two bystanders took her by thep 28 CC 1957
The ventilator and exhaust shafts were silent and already the air was stale and soupy. ‘Pyros,‘ Gregson murmured. ‘We should havep 30 CC 1957
which were out everywhere, their long snouts sucking at the air. The dial needles stood safely at zero. ‘Let's wait inp 30 CC 1957
closed for good.‘ Franz nodded, listening to the dull humming air. ‘Eventually there'll be nothing left but these black areas. Thep 35 CC 1957
strange fixation? For one very obvious reason.‘ He tapped the air with his forefinger. ‘Because every night it's given a prettyp 58 M69 1957
theatres -- eddied through and kept it alive. Now the air was flat and motionless. Lang listened carefully. The whole placep 59 M69 1957
merged into the skirting board, the square baffles of the air vents vanished into the grey distemper. Above, like the undersurfacep 60 M69 1957
of the corner squares, now and then gazing into the air for inspiration, while his eyes roved up and down thep 60 M69 1957
Nothing there. Odd. I should have thought we'd use the air in here within half an hour.‘ ‘Easily,‘ Avery said. ‘Youp 63 M69 1957
high-pitched wailing sounded from the statue across the pleasant morning air, grating the teeth of passers-by. ‘Raymond Mayo is having itp 39 VS 1957
to replace the acoustic drape. A hat sailed through the air over my head and landed neatly on one of thep 41 VS 1957
to the quiet melodies carried on the warm eddies of air, and then lay back drowsily. I heard Carol light ap 42 VS 1957
of the shoulder struts. It was springing elastically as the air moved across the vanes and went on vibrating against myp 42 VS 1957
movement was corkscrew. The plinth had been carried into the air and hung somewhere in the middle of the tangle, revolvingp 44 VS 1957
it getting its new material? From the ground?‘ ‘From the air. I don't know yet, but I imagine it's rapidly synthesizingp 45 VS 1957
heap to one side, random notes sounding out into the air. Separated from the main body of the statue, the fragmentsp 46 VS 1957
the balcony at the end of the corridor for some air. ‘Never mind,‘ Carol said bravely. ‘At least it's all overp 48 VS 1957
himself for tolerating the man so long. ‘Let's get some air,‘ he said brusquely, shouldering past one of the amplifier rigsp 68 T12 1958
until later anyway.‘ They went out into the warm evening air. Sheringham turned on the Japanese lanterns and they stretched backp 68 T12 1958
Sheringham -- Maxted broke out of his reverie abruptly. The air in the patio had become suddenly cooler, almost as ifp 70 T12 1958
silent evening sky, hoping that the vertical current of cold air that had sliced down into the patio would soon dissipatep 70 T12 1958
shaken by the sheer physical violence that hung in the air. The ambulance drove off, the crowd dispersed, the directors returnedp 98 NZ 1959
250-foot steel bowl of the telescope humming faintly in the air above us. ‘Tell me, Quaine,‘ Tallis suddenly asked, ‘where wouldp 72 WG 1959
everything he said had the same deliberately ambiguous overtones, that air of private mystery recluses and extreme introjects assume as ap 72 WG 1959
telescopic boom mike that cantilevered three feet up into the air, hovering a few inches from my mouth. It was ap 76 WG 1959
I tipped the platform and watched it spring gently. ‘The air bath is still intact.‘ I ran my fingers over thep 76 WG 1959
geologists are out there ...!‘ but the five-minute siren shattered the air and by the time it stopped Tallis had disappeared downp 78 WG 1959
Talus had kept from me. The basin was empty, the air warmer, strangely silent after three days of the Chrysler's enginep 84 WG 1959
thermo-alarm strapped to my wrist rang, warning me that the air temperature was 85 degrees, ninety minutes to noon. I re-setp 87 WG 1959
up a huge cloud of dust 150 feet into the air. It was now over 95 degrees, and the ash hillsp 87 WG 1959
centre of the plateau was a pulsing blur, as the air trapped in the basin throbbed upward into the sun. Ip 87 WG 1959
his seat. A hundred yards from the basin's edge the air suddenly cleared and we could see the tops of thep 87 WG 1959
other, slid into the basin and sprinted through the boiling air to the megaliths looming up in the centre. I half-expectedp 88 WG 1959
to build these crazy things!‘ It was 115 degrees. The air was beginning to turn yellow and we were breathing inp 89 WG 1959
Mayer stopped, the blue dust swirling about his legs. The air was humming as the basin floor expanded in the heartp 89 WG 1959
detonation and watched the silver shell soar swiftly through the air towards him, ready to duck. The shell missed him byp 90 WG 1959
back. Below, the megaliths rose up into the thin blue air, their lower halves cut by the shadow-line of the sinkingp 93 WG 1959
from, and the door to which hung somewhere in the air around me. Had I dreamed everything, assembling the entire fantasyp 93 WG 1959
cursing the other warders as the reveille bell split the air. Later, Newman sang out the other events on the dailyp 150 CH 1960
restaurants and arcades built on platforms thirty feet in the air. Conrad, however, was looking only at the clocks. Never hadp 158 CH 1960
the opposite balcony when a shot roared out into the air. There was a sharp tinkle of falling glass and thep 163 CH 1960
others blazing through at speed. Twice he fired into the air, stopping the car afterwards to call out, his words lostp 163 CH 1960
midnight, wake to hear them again in the thin clear air of the morning. Some went down to the police stationp 167 CH 1960
cafeteria railing he could hear the thunder distinctly, cleaving the air only a thousand feet above his head, the huge clapsp 196 LW 1960
pulling on his ancient overcoat and deerstalker, the clear evening air was still stirred by occasional rumblings. Mr Goddard's house wasp 196 LW 1960
as a telescopic ladder. Together they hoisted it into the air, and by pulling on a system of ropes extended itp 201 LW 1960
lower half of a home-made ladder, jutting up into the air at an angle of 45 degrees. The top section, ap 202 LW 1960
to. The ladder must have pointed straight up into the air.‘ The commissionaire nodded. ‘Mr Masterman and Mr Streatfield, too. Whatp 202 LW 1960
cat had a chance to do more than test the air. He shut it into the kitchen, then hurried off top 203 LW 1960
the sound stage on the second floor, making the faded air feel leaden and angry. Exhausting but at least impersonal, thesep 106 SS 1960
an uproar of boos and catcalls that filled the tortured air, driving her away towards her couch where she lay gaspingp 106 SS 1960
accumulated during the day. By the time he finished the air was clear again, the atmosphere lightened, its overtones of fatiguep 106 SS 1960
the couch. Madame Gioconda emerged from the cushion, sounded the air carefully with two or three slow turns of the headp 109 SS 1960
furniture throbbed for days with disintegrating residues that made the air seem leaden and tumid, an entire room virtually uninhabitable. Anp 112 SS 1960
at the same time oddly exhilarated, into the cool midnight air. At last he accepted that he would have to actp 113 SS 1960
exquisite, flickering patterns. The whole thing was inaudible, but the air around Mangon felt vibrant and accelerated, charged with gaiety andp 114 SS 1960
the cathode tube. He lay back and savoured the glistening air for a moment. ‘Well, how are things?‘ Just then thep 115 SS 1960
the dressing table. ‘Mangon!‘ The cry riveted him to the air. He dropped what was left of the frame, saw Madamep 119 SS 1960
collect his wits. The sounds of LeGrande's abuse dinned the air, and he broke away and ran off to fetch thep 119 SS 1960
the walls, focused on the abuse screaming out into the air. Not complete conversations. Long fragments, up to twenty syllables. Dependingp 120 SS 1960
he nodded his head rapidly and gestured triumphantly in the air. Bemused, Madame Gioconda gazed uncomprehendingly at the notes. Then shep 121 SS 1960
and meaningful as the landscape of a mescalin fantasy, the air tingling with a thousand vivid echoes of her voice. Theyp 121 SS 1960
three feet were visible above the dunes, but the charged air hit Mangon like a hammer, a pounding niagara of airlinersp 122 SS 1960
felt only an overpowering sense of depression and irritation. The air seemed to grate and rasp. Mangon noticed her beginning top 122 SS 1960
felt from the stockade of aircraft noises, but instead the air seemed brittle and frenetic, darting with sudden flashes of tensionp 123 SS 1960
and whined fretfully, fragments of conversation drifted aimlessly over the air. Somewhere a woman pleaded in thin nervous tones, a manp 124 SS 1960
I was a fool --‘ ‘STOP!‘ The cry split the air like the blade of a guillotine. They both straightened, staredp 126 SS 1960
in the driving-cab and left Mangon mouthing silently at the air like a stranded fish. He had taken the hint. ‘Whatp 128 SS 1960
was still a disorganized jumble, but there was now an air of purpose about it. Making his way through the flatsp 130 SS 1960
in the corridor, and oblique atmospheric shifts cut through the air as the players on the stage tuned their instruments. Mangonp 133 SS 1960
a steady green light shone downwards through the flowers. The air in the cue-box began to sweeten, a cool motionless breezep 134 SS 1960
bowl of the radio-telescope revolving slowly in the clear afternoon air, as Kaidren tirelessly trapped the sky, sluicing in millions ofp 173 VT 1960
pale blue wails half-hidden in the dim light. Outside the air was bright and oppressive, the heat waves rippling up fromp 173 VT 1960
narrow saddle that ran between the hills to an abandoned Air Force weapons range on one of the remoter salt lakesp 183 VT 1960
universe is now virtually over!!! According to K. there are Air Force generals who take this nonsense seriously, but I suspectp 185 VT 1960
carefully. He looked more subdued than usual, there was an air almost of deference about him. ‘Good,‘ Kaldren said. ‘By thep 186 VT 1960
the sky. ‘Kaldren!‘ he shouted up suddenly into the silent air, half-hoping he might be jolted into losing his footing. Kaldrenp 187 VT 1960
concentrated on the puzzle, then pulled it out of the air and swallowed it in a gulp. Without waiting, Powers slippedp 191 VT 1960
his hands and slipped it into his pocket. The dawn air was cold, and he turned up the collar of hisp 194 VT 1960
to the door and stepped out into the clear open air. Grouped in a loose semicircle, the chalets seemed to shrinkp 141 ZT 1960
to reach the corner. A third shot roared through the air, the flash reflected in the bathroom window. He had almostp 149 ZT 1960
enough to be chopped up into single cubicles, and the air was stale and dead, cardboard walls hung with damp laundryp 269 B 1961
came to life, its windows opening to the cool dusk air, Granger strode down to breakfast at the Neptune Bar, gallantlyp 235 DE 1961
genetic shifts accelerated by the radio-phosphors, reared up into the air on either side of the road like enormous cacti, turningp 237 DE 1961
the Russians‘.‘ A long rolling crump reverberated through the night air, echoing away among the coral towers. Flashes of light flaredp 238 DE 1961
atmosphere. Eventually only a narrow layer of denser, oxygen containing air was left, little more than a mile in depth, andp 239 DE 1961
and streaked with salt, and he gasped at the damp air. To the west, just above the long bulk of thep 241 DE 1961
wish you'd look after me this way. I'm gasping for air too.‘ They were five miles from the lake when Holidayp 242 DE 1961
the bank and began to kick the mud-wall into the air, then resumed his target throwing. ‘Juranda! Get away from therep 242 DE 1961
time now, and no one's throwing their hats in the air. The universe itself is just a time machine that fromp 285 GA 1961
of his hand and was spinning straight up into the air as if tossed by a juggler. It landed on thep 287 GA 1961
Then it exploded. There was a blinding pulse of expanding air, followed by a tremendous eruption of smoke and hurtling particlesp 287 GA 1961
over to the window and stared out through the stinging air. The crowd was fanning out across the road, people runningp 287 GA 1961
by the open window, basking in the crisp early morning air. Downstairs, while he waited for breakfast, he pulled his oldp 257 MF 1961
up and down its length it reared up into the air like a terracotta arm holding an enormous silver jewel. Satisfiedp 248 OM 1961
silence. Here and there a tree stirred in the warm air, or a window opened and caught the sunlight, but otherwisep 252 OM 1961
the squall vanished. The dust stilled and faded, leaving the air as motionless as it had been a few moments previouslyp 210 S5 1961
I heard the thin piping refrain sound again into the air. Low, but clear and strangely menacing, it sang in myp 210 S5 1961
ears, the planes of sound shifting about me in the air. Looking around for its source, I noticed the dust flickingp 210 S5 1961
with her alarm. Overhead the rays soared upwards into the air, their arcs wider now that she was awake. ‘Sorry top 211 S5 1961
the sand, the rays swinging like pendulums through the dim air above her, taking with her the pool of amber lightp 212 S5 1961
printed. ‘Delicious scent,‘ he commented, fanning the sheets through the air. ‘One way to get round an editor.‘ He started top 215 S5 1961
of the chairs. With a shout I sprang into the air, knocking the glass out of my hand. I had satp 217 S5 1961
own darkening mood, so dominant was her presence that the air itself paled as she did. Again I felt that herp 222 S5 1961
set's a total wreck.‘ He paused while I cursed the air, then said: ‘Look, though, is she really serious about thep 225 S5 1961
carp in the pool provided a glimmer of light. The air was still and unbroken, as if the house had beenp 231 S5 1961
and as I went down the steps a gust of air moved through the house and caught the door, slamming itp 232 S5 1961
the driver yelled back. ‘Just heard ITV's gone off the air. Crystal Palace tower came down this morning. Supposed to bep 9 WFN 1961
cobbled yard behind the block was deserted. Gusts of dust-laden air were billowing past the single lamp. Finally dislodging the boltp 11 WFN 1961
called Andrew Symington, an electronics engineer who worked for the Air Ministry. Symington and his wife lived in a small housep 17 WFN 1961
had turned the side streets into corridors of high pressure air that rammed against the stream of cars, forcing them downp 17 WFN 1961
Catherine wheel of flickering light fell directly out of the air into the roadway in front of them. Braking sharply, thep 17 WFN 1961
from one of the side streets tossing them into the air and then flinging them back onto the hood. Panicking, thep 18 WFN 1961
words, it's almost as if a complete shell of solid air, with its axis at the poles, were revolving around thep 20 WFN 1961
the dark wind, the throb of their engines filling the air with menacing thunder. When the opposing lines were 200 yardsp 24 WFN 1961
against the far wall, sending clouds of spray into the air over the submarine's stern. Lanyon waited until the last ofp 26 WFN 1961
stepped out into sharp daylight and a vicious tornado of air that whirled past him, jockeying him across a narrow yardp 31 WFN 1961
buildings. Stinging clouds of grit and sand sang through the air, lashing at his face and legs. Before he could grabp 31 WFN 1961
could grab it, his peaked cap sailed up into the air and shot away on a tremendous updraught. Holding tight top 31 WFN 1961
were taped with cotton wadding, but a steady stream of air whistled through the clutch and brake housings, chilling Lanyon's legsp 31 WFN 1961
dials, avoiding the army and navy channels. ‘For once the air force got nothing to say,‘ he commented with a shortp 33 WFN 1961
a short laugh. ‘AFN Munich should still be on the air.‘ A rain of pebbles against the side of the carrierp 33 WFN 1961
windswept empty streets. Lanyon dozed off in the cold greasy air inside the carrier. He woke just as they crossed thep 34 WFN 1961
unbuttoned his oilskin. ‘Paris, theoretically, or in an emergency the air force base near Toulon. I take it this rates asp 41 WFN 1961
against the heavy nose armour, then lifted sharply into the air and careened over the sandbagged hood with a tremendous clatterp 43 WFN 1961
wall, from which clouds of dust took off in the air like supercharged steam. ‘Bad driver,‘ Patricia Olsen commented dryly. Theyp 43 WFN 1961
than when they left the carrier an hour earlier. The air was full of large pieces of grit that flicked andp 47 WFN 1961
that matter -- could use a strong breath of fresh air. But I realize now that a garbage-disposal job of thisp 49 WFN 1961
a few communications specialists such as Symington recruited from the Air Ministry and industry, its job was to act as anp 52 WFN 1961
to be accounted for by the passage of these enormous air volumes over the disturbed ocean surfaces. We've done our bestp 54 WFN 1961
as one would expect, that the velocity of the global air stream declines with decreasing density, and that at 45,000p 54 WFN 1961
with decreasing density, and that at 45,000 feet the air speed is approximately 45 mph at the equator and 30p 54 WFN 1961
felt the building shudder slightly as a massive draught of air struck it, stirring the foundations in their clay beds. Thep 59 WFN 1961
rubber flaps making the seal airtight. Inside the building the air was filtered, the suites of offices and the operations deckp 60 WFN 1961
leading to the transport bay and the service units, the air seeped in through the casing of sandbags, driven by thep 60 WFN 1961
thick with dust and grime, chilled by sudden gusts of air bursting through pressure points. Marshall put up his collar, ledp 60 WFN 1961
from the car's radio, the elevator rose slowly into the air on its single pylon, carrying the car upward into ap 61 WFN 1961
toward the National Gallery. It was one o'clock but the air was dark and grey, the sky overcast. Only the continuouslyp 61 WFN 1961
sky overcast. Only the continuously flickering tracerlike striations across the air gave any indication of the air stream's enormous speed. Theyp 61 WFN 1961
tracerlike striations across the air gave any indication of the air stream's enormous speed. They reached Canada House and the Cunardp 61 WFN 1961
their occupants to sustain alone the terrors of some apocalyptic air raid. Most of the smaller office buildings had been leftp 62 WFN 1961
her off and punched the hatch sections up into the air. Air whirled into the cabin, gusts of stinging dust carriedp 65 WFN 1961
off and punched the hatch sections up into the air. Air whirled into the cabin, gusts of stinging dust carried downp 65 WFN 1961
Hesitating for a moment, Marshall heaved himself up into the air, head and trunk out of the hatch. Immediately the windp 65 WFN 1961
like a weathered rock, shoulders flexing as he gasped for air. A network of fine blue veins webbed his cheeks andp 67 WFN 1961
on his knees, feeling the swollen veins across his face. ‘Air bruises,‘ Maitland told him. ‘Minute haemorrhages. They'll be all overp 67 WFN 1961
a heavy steel superstructure that carried the wind easily. The air in the suite was quiet and filtered, hanging motionlessly overp 68 WFN 1961
wooden wall partition which was springing backward and forward as air pressed its way past. ‘Do you think this place willp 76 WFN 1961
around the outer circular road. Ours is the U.S. Air Force base at Brandon Hall, near Kingston. The deep bunkersp 77 WFN 1961
the mounting rumble from the streets outside. Gusts of filthy air drove through, and the floorboards below Maitland's feet were thickp 77 WFN 1961
the scanty illumination provided by the storm lanterns. Gusts of air poured in, spurning white cement dust like escape valves blowingp 83 WFN 1961
the apartment house. All the apartments had been abandoned, and air whirled around the stairway, changing its direction every few secondsp 84 WFN 1961
apartment, pushed back the door. The hall was in darkness; air swirled through from the lounge, dragging at the litter ofp 84 WFN 1961
skin. He caught her as she rode a gust of air that swept out through the balcony, pulled her against himselfp 85 WFN 1961
frame; then spun her head over heels into the open air. Down on his knees, Maitland saw her for an instantp 86 WFN 1961
maze of rooftops beyond. A few feet from him the air pounded at the door frame, ripping away the masonry fromp 86 WFN 1961
end by impassable walls. Disturbed for half a minute, the air quickly settled, soon was completely still. Suddenly he felt weakp 88 WFN 1961
K., darling. You sleep. I'm just going to smell the air.‘ He covered her carefully, then stood up and stepped acrossp 91 WFN 1961
the pillbox, head stooped to avoid the roof. Outside, the air whistled past interminably, the turbulence around the hill face makingp 91 WFN 1961
it had been drained, the bed eaten smooth by the air passing overhead, strewn now with countless boulders and rock fragmentsp 92 WFN 1961
the cigarette, watching a large wooden shed sail through the air 50 feet off the ground about half a mile awayp 92 WFN 1961
see across to the sheer brownstone face twenty yards away. Air gusted into the ravine, but small firs and thornbushes stillp 93 WFN 1961
of the ravine, he slid along through the downdraught of air, trying to see where the narrow corridor led. Overhanging shelvesp 94 WFN 1961
said in a playful tone. ‘Well, thanks.‘ A vortex of air whirling down the face of the cliff pulled at thep 95 WFN 1961
down from the roof, darting forward during the clear periods. Air swirled around them, exploding with vicious snaps as vortices spanp 96 WFN 1961
gradually opening out into a wide-walled valley, across which the air stream moved like a huge wave front over a rockpoolp 96 WFN 1961
negative-pressure field would probably suck them straight up into the air and whirl them away toward the hills in the westp 96 WFN 1961
pointed at Patricia. The shot roared out into the confined air, slamming against the tiers of metal cabinets, the flame flashingp 100 WFN 1961
then fired quickly. The power of the .45 stunned the air for a moment, and the two men on the farp 100 WFN 1961
and the sounds were lost. Gradually Lanyon noticed that the air had begun to come to life in the passageway. Oddp 105 WFN 1961
out toward the sea on the endless conveyor of the air stream. The scene reminded Lanyon of World War II Berlinp 107 WFN 1961
bottom and wrenched it back. Immediately a gust of foul air drove up into their faces. They had entered the sewersp 108 WFN 1961
the bottom of the course, its surface rippled by the air driving across it. Flashing his torch, Luigi examined the roofp 108 WFN 1961
enough for us to get out.‘ The speed of the air moving past them increased sharply. They rounded a bend andp 109 WFN 1961
still sheltered by the overhang of the pier, but the air roaring past sucked at them like a giant vacuum. Theyp 110 WFN 1961
without any difficulty, but somewhere a ventilator had collapsed and air poured through the vents, blowing the papers off the desksp 111 WFN 1961
collect?‘ Matheson shook his head. ‘No, I gather they're top air force and embassy VIP's. May even be the ambassador andp 112 WFN 1961
out considerably over the past few days. There was an air of authority and confidence about him that suggested he hadp 112 WFN 1961
tower and stern quickly vanishing in a roar of escaping air. At last the pyramid was complete. Sliding painfully down itsp 115 WFN 1961
the grey apex shining above them into the black reeling air, they made their way over to a single trap doorp 116 WFN 1961
shields a hundred feet above, his body swaying in the air exploding around him. Then he too turned and stepped throughp 116 WFN 1961
screen exploded and the splitting plates careened away into the air, bouncing off the sides of the pyramid, dragging with themp 116 WFN 1961
-- six feet of topsoil were now travelling through the air. He sat down on the desk behind Symington, patted thep 118 WFN 1961
on the weather front?‘ Symington shrugged. ‘They went off the air about an hour ago. Pulled out to Dulwich. I don'tp 118 WFN 1961
helplessly from their hand holds and spun away into the air. Marshall slammed one fist into the other. ‘What are theyp 124 WFN 1961
second later, by a third shot. The sounds stunned the air. Flashes of light reflected off the glass panels of thep 133 WFN 1961
when they heard you go around the side.‘ The drab air of the bunker was stained with sharp sweet fumes thatp 133 WFN 1961
transmitter. For a few minutes he coughed uncontrollably, fighting for air, his body drowning in the enormous lake of ice whichp 135 WFN 1961
silent. The ventilator system had been turned off and the air was stale and motionless, still stained by the acrid fumesp 135 WFN 1961
Marshall paused to steady himself, trying to conserve what little air he could force into his lungs. The wound through hisp 135 WFN 1961
the bottom of the ice lake. Around him the stale air grew steadily colder. A few sounds shifted somewhere above inp 136 WFN 1961
how long an individual can stand up to a 350-mile-an-hour air stream. Thank God for the Underground system.‘ Maitland echoed thisp 142 WFN 1961
with black sandy grit forced in under tremendous pressure, the air damp and cold as the air stream carried with itp 145 WFN 1961
under tremendous pressure, the air damp and cold as the air stream carried with it enormous quantities of water vapour --p 145 WFN 1961
to describe -- pretty rough. Solid roaring wall of black air -- except that it's not air any more but ap 147 WFN 1961
roaring wall of black air -- except that it's not air any more but a horizontal avalanche of dust and rockp 147 WFN 1961
over 10 degrees, as they climbed the exit ramp. The air in the tractor became suddenly cooler, as if a powerfulp 149 WFN 1961
remembered someone at the base telling him that the surface air temperature was now falling by a full degree per dayp 149 WFN 1961
was now falling by a full degree per day. The air stream moving over the oceans was forcing an enormous uptakep 149 WFN 1961
way that the Oklahoma farmland had literally disappeared into the air in the 1920‘s. As he turned away from thep 151 WFN 1961
left to right across their path. Ahead, high in the air, something loomed for a moment, a lighter patch of skyp 156 WFN 1961
few seconds later he realized that the strip of lighter air was still in front of him. Straight ahead, its massivep 156 WFN 1961
its straight profiles, the perfectly pointed apex, cleaving the dark air stream like the prow of a liner. He gestured Hallidayp 156 WFN 1961
to see the walls around them soar upward into the air, the apex of the pyramid disappear. Seconds later the rectangularp 157 WFN 1961
sitting position, then let go of his hands. Gasping for air, Maitland tried to control himself, spread his legs apart andp 160 WFN 1961
the storm wind filled the office, a blast of rushing air like the sounds of an experimental wind tunnel at maximump 163 WFN 1961
been built out off the main group of shelters. The air, carried to them by a small ventilator, was damp andp 172 WFN 1961
with an oily dust, to a low drift of warm air that made them sluggish and uncomfortable. Maitland traced this top 172 WFN 1961
his head, Maitland suddenly saw the drip move through the air, the minute sparkle of light reflected in the red stormp 173 WFN 1961
pouring forward into the centre of the floor. ‘There's no air coming through!‘ Waring shouted at the others. ‘Must be ap 173 WFN 1961
never shift this weight of concrete. Must have been some air driving up the shaft.‘ The elevator creaked upward and finallyp 176 WFN 1961
stared obsessively into the night, watching the whirlwind of black air. Maitland hesitated, then left him. As he crossed the roomp 181 WFN 1961
the section 20 yards away abruptly rise up into the air like the limb of a drawbridge. For a moment therep 182 WFN 1961
the still intact section of tunnel attached to the bunker, air swept past Maitland under pressure, and he was dragged forwardp 182 WFN 1961
A narrow projection of ceiling separated them from the open air stream, but above this was another toppling piece of masonryp 184 WFN 1961
God to save them. Suddenly Maitland shouted out into the air, began to pound insanely on the wall of the ledgep 185 WFN 1961
size of this one, and send it off through the air. Make sense?‘ ‘In a way.‘ Strangely, the completely abstract conceptsp 324 13C 1962
stopped when a faint tang of brine touched the cool air. Ten miles away, hidden by the lines of dunes, wasp 356 CS 1962
often the stain of brine would hang on the evening air, reminding Bridgman why he had first come to the beachp 357 CS 1962
the circle of books on the makeshift shelves, the shadow-filled air playing over his shoulders through the long night as hep 357 CS 1962
motels further down the beach. Bridgman searched the still, crystal air for any signs of the wardens, but the sand-car hadp 365 CS 1962
shadowless streets, now and then shouted up into the hot air, listening to the echoes boom away among the dunes. Laterp 367 CS 1962
another of the giant prefabricated sections was cantilevered into the air and staked to the ground. Already the eastern horizon wasp 368 CS 1962
Obscured by the clouds of dust carried up into the air by the sand-storm, the satellites shone with little more thanp 369 CS 1962
sand. A huge curtain of white dust lifted into the air and fell slowly to the ground. The sounds of thep 370 CS 1962
an immense glistening pall of phosphorescing gas hung in the air like a silver veil, particles within it beading and winkingp 370 CS 1962
ran on through the darkness as the beam probed the air. Above, the glistening pall was slowly fading, the particles ofp 371 CS 1962
mellowed magnificence of the villa. Here, in the garden, the air seemed brighter, the sun warmer, while the plain was alwaysp 298 GT 1962
contained a thousand faces, the crystal seeming to drain the air of its light and motion. As the flowers swayed slightlyp 299 GT 1962
and motion. As the flowers swayed slightly in the evening air, they glowed like flame-tipped spears. Many of the stems nop 299 GT 1962
crystal dissolved, only the outer petals remaining intact, and the air around Axel became bright and vivid, charged with slanting raysp 299 GT 1962
great ornate shadow across the lawn and the dark brilliant air. Her face was serene and intelligent, her hair, swept backp 299 GT 1962
the low, fragmentary sounds of voices carried across the empty air, a sullen murmur punctuated by cries and shouts, but quicklyp 300 GT 1962
stems of the dead flowers reared up stiffly into the air, but the whole garden had lost its bloom. Axel passedp 302 GT 1962
many summers -- ‘Axel!‘ The tumult outside roared into the air, a thousand voices bellowed only twenty or thirty yards awayp 302 GT 1962
along the wall. Then a heavy tile whirled through the air over their heads and crashed into one of the conservatoryp 302 GT 1962
the terrace, the Countess clasping the brilliant dying jewel, the air closing in upon them as the voices outside mounted againp 303 GT 1962
light sped away, the Countess raised her palms to the air, as if releasing an invisible bird, then in a finalp 303 GT 1962
up to 120 and burned along through the cool night air, letting the brine-filled slipstream cut into his six-day tan. Lollingp 289 IO 1962
Bortman?‘ Christian stared out through the window into the dark air. ‘It was never entered. Some World Bureau investigators saw mep 295 IO 1962
I've only been on the 99th floor.‘ He searched the air dismally, then gave up. ‘You know, I can't remember ap 408 M99 1962
previous day. He strolled about the roof, letting the cool air clear the sweat from his face. There were no suicidep 409 M99 1962
Forbis turned to the balcony, dry mouth sucking at the air. ‘And --?‘ Fowler snapped, his voice harder. ... And ... and ... Numblyp 410 M99 1962
Trantino interrupted her reverie, sailed the jet-ball expertly through the air towards her. Annoyed, Margot caught it with one hand andp 341 PE 1962
The colonel pulled out a memo-tape. ‘Have they their own air and land forces?‘ Tony shook his head. ‘I'm afraid notp 344 PE 1962
room above, and a sick musky odour seeped through the air. Tony pulled himself off the sofa. ‘They must have hadp 351 PE 1962
wire. The sharp hissing sound of para-rays sucked through the air from the drive. Margot hid back in her slumber seatp 351 PE 1962
lying comfortably on his back, gently breathing a cool amber air. The noise had died away, but he could still hearp 352 PE 1962
amusement park, but there was enough bizarre extravagance in the air to make one realize that the giants had only justp 305 TDS 1962
lounge, the others, successively smaller and spiralling upwards into the air, the bedrooms and kitchen. Many of the hull plates hadp 305 TDS 1962
the same time my ears started to sing. Mysteriously, the air pressure inside the lounge was building up, gusts of oldp 307 TDS 1962
he muttered as we ran out into the hallway, the air whooshing past us. I had a shrewd idea what wasp 307 TDS 1962
as the ceiling began its outward leg and sucked the air in through the doorway. He reached the emergency panel andp 307 TDS 1962
the walls in the hallway darken and retreat defensively. The air became clouded and frenetic, like a dull storm-filled day. ‘Fayp 313 TDS 1962
veins that bunched the walls in on each other. The air pressure mounted but I felt too tired to open ap 314 TDS 1962
the irritation out of me, pouring it back into the air until the walls of the cloakroom darkened and seethed. Ip 315 TDS 1962
walls as the room converted itself into a sphere. The air pressure mounted. I tumbled over to the vents, reached themp 318 TDS 1962
the vents, reached them as they clamped around my fists, air whistling through my fingers. Face against the openings, I gulpedp 318 TDS 1962
Face against the openings, I gulped in the cool night air, and tried to force apart the locking plastex. The safetyp 318 TDS 1962
ceiling, I pulled off my tie, gasping at the thudding air. Trapped in the room, I was suffocating as it duplicatedp 318 TDS 1962
inversion layers a hundred feet above the water, pockets of air would heat rapidly, then explode upwards like escaping balloons, leavingp 8 DW 1962
Anopheles mosquito, the size of a dragon-fly, spat through the air past his face, then dived down towards the floating jettyp 10 DW 1962
he smiled appreciatively when they stepped into the clear ivory-cool air of the penthouse, and sat down thankfully in one ofp 13 DW 1962
the air-locks and setting the thermostat alarms so that the air would be a pleasant eighty degrees in two hours‘ timep 16 DW 1962
landing stage, Riggs pausing occasionally to savour the cool gilded air in one of the public drawing rooms overlooking the lagoonp 16 DW 1962
across the lagoon. Golden waves glimmered up into the boiling air, the ring of massive plants around them seeming to dancep 16 DW 1962
stone-headed creature snapped out and plucked the bat from the air. There was a brief piercing squawk and Kerans caught ap 18 DW 1962
the roof of the base and arced upwards into the air towards them, the pilot swinging the tail as he changedp 25 DW 1962
thin sunlight into the low wide lounge, and the refrigerated air was cool and soothing. Beatrice stretched out on a longp 28 DW 1962
Kerans‘ surprise the air-conditioning unit had been switched off. The air pumped in through the ventilator was never more than twentyp 35 DW 1962
sprung off their drawing pins, and hung forwards into the air like the peeling hull-plates of a derelict ship, moored againstp 39 DW 1962
her. As he pushed back the glass doors the hot air trapped inside the lounge hit his face like fumes ventedp 49 DW 1962
of whiskey resting on her smooth knees. The thick hot air in the room reminded Kerans of Hardman's cabin during thep 49 DW 1962
that hung from the sky like diaphanous curtains, but the air over the city was clear and vivid, the exhaust vapourp 52 DW 1962
the jungle below. The chances of seeing Hardman from the air were infinitesimal. Unless he had taken refuge in a buildingp 52 DW 1962
ferocious sparrow, his little jaw jutting fiercely at the open air. He noticed Kerans gazing up at the sky and shoutedp 53 DW 1962
to the wide french windows over-looking the balcony. A little air funnelled through, and Kerans let it play over his facep 61 DW 1962
up like white obelisks above the fern fronds. The yellow air of the noon high seemed to press down like ap 61 DW 1962
the tow-rope over his shoulders, jerking its bows into the air with demoniac energy. Riggs buttoned the flap of his bolsterp 63 DW 1962
his engine, and the blades were swinging slowly through the air. Roused from his attempt to reach the water, Hardman lookedp 64 DW 1962
them. The flame from the barrel stabbed through the dazzling air, and with a short cry Wilson fell across the carbinep 64 DW 1962
shadows he could hear Hardman's exhausted breathing, pumping the scalding air into his lungs. Shaking the square with its noise, thep 66 DW 1962
an agonised acceleration of its engine slid out of the air into the square, then picked up just before it touchedp 66 DW 1962
no longer continuously visible, looming in and out of the air like the architecture of a spectral city. In the centrep 66 DW 1962
the windows of the adjacent office blocks rise into the air. They settled about three feet below deck level, on ap 76 DW 1962
by the starboard bridge. Dimly below they could hear trapped air bubbling from the retorts and glassware in the laboratory, andp 76 DW 1962
along the shore tossed and flurried by the still surging air. A thin pall of red vapour drifted away to thep 82 DW 1962
temperature was only eighty degrees, comparatively cool and pleasant, the air free of the enormous clouds of mosquito which would laterp 84 DW 1962
was being torn apart. Droves of bats erupted into the air and scattered frantically across the lagoon, their screeching masked byp 85 DW 1962
the mouth of the inlet rose several feet into the air, what seemed to be an enormous log-jam crushed down itp 85 DW 1962
birds overhead, Nile plover and stone curlew, piercing the morning air. More and more of the alligators joined the pack, cruisingp 85 DW 1962
and the mingled grunts and curses drifted across the steaming air. ‘But tell me, Doctor,‘ Strangman pressed, apparently dissatisfied with Keransp 89 DW 1962
his real identity, Strangman was no ordinary freebooter. A curious air of menace pervaded the depot ship, its crew and theirp 90 DW 1962
another sailor followed them closely, continually hosing them with ice-cold air from a faucet on the wall. Strangman snapped his fingersp 92 DW 1962
floated slowly around it, occasionally disrupted by bubbles of trapped air erupting from the interior of the dome. To his rightp 102 DW 1962
heard dimly relayed over the headphones. Immediately the hiss of air through the intake valves in the helmet increased and thep 103 DW 1962
the water from any other sounds, the noise of the air pump and the relayed rhythms of his own respiration drummedp 104 DW 1962
drummed steadily in his ears, increasing in volume as the air pressure was raised. The sounds seemed to boom around himp 104 DW 1962
the job. They worked more slowly, presumably unaccustomed to pumping air at the maximum pressure. For some reason, Kerans felt ap 105 DW 1962
kill him by so crude a method as blocking the air supply. Both Beatrice and Bodkin were present, and although Riggsp 105 DW 1962
Kerans‘ death more trouble than it was worth. As the air hissed reassuringly through his helmet, Kerans moved forward across thep 106 DW 1962
for the invisible audience that seemed to watch him. The air pressure inside his helmet had increased sharply, as the menp 107 DW 1962
tender flowers. He breathed slowly, soothing them with the cool air. ‘They were pulling it from above. Didn't you stop ...‘ Bodkinp 109 DW 1962
that cable himself, quite deliberately. Why?‘ Here Strangman tapped the air magisterially. ‘Because he wanted to become part of the drownedp 110 DW 1962
The whole thing's fantastic!‘ Laughter rocked out into the darkening air as Strangman rolled about mirthfully on the chesterfield, dabbing hisp 119 DW 1962
to fire salvo after salvo of coloured star-shells into the air overhead. ‘The Ballad of Mistah Bones‘ Half an hour laterp 122 DW 1962
Kerans nodded, hunching himself inside the narrow cone of cool air projected by the air-conditioner. ‘I know, Alan, Strangman's insane andp 128 DW 1962
he reached the perimeter wall star-shells were bursting into the air, spitting magnesium fragments across the roadway. Strangman and the Admiralp 131 DW 1962
an excited rantando, white teeth flashed and snapped at the air like demoniac dice, hips swivelled and heels stamped. The Admiralp 134 DW 1962
with a grunting heave tossed the dripping fronds into the air over the throne. Kerans swayed forward helplessly as the sweetp 134 DW 1962
the continuum by the immense heat. Across his skin the air burned like a flame. He stared listlessly at the marblep 137 DW 1962
their heads, Kerans sat in the rocking throne, the cool air slowly reviving him. He watched the ceremony below with semi-consciousp 138 DW 1962
an upended wheel of the cart rumbled slowly in the air. Staggering helplessly with laughter, Strangman slapped Big Caesar and thep 139 DW 1962
with his foot. As their oaths rang Out into the air, Kerans drew himself back behind the pillar, then tiptoed quicklyp 141 DW 1962
the un-breached dial of the safe. Darkness fell from the air, throwing long shadows into the suite as Kerans‘ fingers racedp 144 DW 1962
sleek curved hull of the depot ship rose into the air like the velvet belly of a stranded whale. Kerans crouchedp 145 DW 1962
mouth and a cone of white smoke dispersed in the air like silver dust. For a full two or three secondsp 146 DW 1962
and a whirling silver blade three feet long cleft the air and spun towards his head like an immense scythe. Wincingp 149 DW 1962
himself against the wall Big Caesar launched himself through the air at Kerans, the knife driving through the air in ap 149 DW 1962
through the air at Kerans, the knife driving through the air in a short arc like the tip of a propellerp 149 DW 1962
saw the long barrel of the shotgun sticking into the air as the Admiral manoeuvred about. Kerans jumped down into thep 150 DW 1962
the others on. As the long knives lanced through the air after him Kerans turned and raced around the paddle, tryingp 151 DW 1962
towards the far shore, its hull sticking up into the air like the belly of an expiring whale. Spurts of steamp 161 DW 1962
down onto his chest and face, praying for the cooler air of the evening. The surface of the water turned top 163 DW 1962
storm-clouds moved overhead between himself and the sun, and the air grew markedly cooler, falling to ninety-five degrees at noon. Thep 164 DW 1962
cumulus, only four or five hundred feet above, dimmed the air like a solar eclipse, and he revived sufficiently to startp 164 DW 1962
horsetails and fern trees reached a hundred feet into the air. He rested again below a tree on the edge ofp 165 DW 1962
A faint almost inhuman cry sounded thinly into the wet air, like the groan of a stricken animal. Kerans looked aroundp 166 DW 1962
honeymoon. THE SINGING STATUES Again last night, as the dusk air began to move across the desert from Lagoon West, Ip 395 TSS 1962
by a thin metal skin and three feet of vibrating air. Fumbling for some way of widening the responses, I easedp 397 TSS 1962
and a low melodious chant murmured out into the still air. Standing behind the statue, I watched Lunora respond to thep 400 TSS 1962
for the source of the melodies crossing the vivid evening air. At last I recorded the final tape, for the firstp 402 TSS 1962
warning me. I suppose it means there'll be an overpowering air of embarrassment when Julia and I go to the cinemap 377 WT 1962
brighter than it had been for several months, and the air in the streets seemed to sparkle with the light reflectedp 378 WT 1962
in high humour, the windows wide open to the brilliant air. ‘Charles, what's the matter with you?‘ she chided him whenp 379 WT 1962
on the cafe terrace, the silent watch-towers suspended from the air around him, when he saw Hanson hurrying along the streetp 383 WT 1962
seat. He looked up at the watch-tower hanging from the air on the other side of the road, controlling himself whenp 384 WT 1962
the cabin. The shuttered observation tier hung emptily in the air like an out-of-season gondola. ‘By telephone? Or do they semaphorep 385 WT 1962
intervening roof-tops, the towers seemed to rise upwards into the air like rectangular chimneys over an industrial landscape, wreathed in whitep 386 WT 1962
explanation dissatisfied him. The ray of sunlight had cleft the air like a silver blade, with a curious luminous intensity thatp 386 WT 1962
the door open, Renthall snapped his fingers contemptuously at the air. ‘So they've had second thoughts after all. Discretion is thep 386 WT 1962
completely exposed to the score of watch-towers hanging in the air around them, and he wondered whether Mulvaney was out ofp 388 WT 1962
guests sitting out below the watch-tower, placidly inhaling the cool air. None of them seemed in the least perturbed by thep 389 WT 1962
and the gay ribbons of the bunting fluttered in the air. Twenty yards from Mrs Osmond's he saw her come throughp 392 WT 1962
he was conscious of the watch-towers hanging in the bright air, but he kept his eyes level with the gates andp 393 WT 1962
reminding him that the school had started without him. The air was fresh and crisp, the light glimmering off the pavementsp 393 WT 1962
light, and abruptly the whole sky sparkled as if the air was opening and shutting. Then, as suddenly, everything was motionlessp 394 WT 1962
filled by an overwhelming need to escape into the open air for the few last moments before he died. The eastp 514 EG 1963
cold autumn wind. The casements were slightly loose, and the air lanced around them. The villa was poorly heated, only thep 517 EG 1963
leaves whirled about the stones in a vortex of chilling air, and overhead the low clouds raced seaward. The two menp 518 EG 1963
look at the garden, Mr Constantin. A breath of fresh air, it will do you good.‘ ‘Of course, Malek, it's kindp 519 EG 1963
the veranda towards the french windows. Outside the cold morning air whirled in frantic circles around the small stone yard, thep 520 EG 1963
if Hinton had escaped, he had literally vanished into thin air. However, one small consolation, Dr Mellinger reminded himself as hep 521 MO 1963
the patients demanding their breakfasts drifted across the warm, insulated air. Fortunately the walls were thick, and the rates charged byp 525 MO 1963
through the picket fences, and the broken spray filled the air with the wine-sharp tang of brine. Off-shore the deeper swellsp 472 NWS 1963
rotated in the bright sunlight, casting rainbows in the vivid air. Undisturbed since the rainstorms in the early spring, the longp 473 NWS 1963
in the middle of the road, head raised to the air. Not wishing to appear any more eccentric than he wasp 474 NWS 1963
brine was carried away off the hedges on the midnight air. The next morning he told Miriam: ‘It was a dreamp 476 NWS 1963
beside his sleeping wife and go out into the surging air, wading through the deep water towards the headland. There hep 477 NWS 1963
the water around him. His eyes smarted in the saline air. He reached the lower slopes of the headland almost exhaustedp 478 NWS 1963
of the breakers overlaid by the treble of the keening air. Carried by the music, Mason climbed the flank of thep 478 NWS 1963
along the parapet. ‘Wait!‘ His shout was lost on the air. Mason ran forwards, and the figure turned and stared backp 478 NWS 1963
the flimsy wooden rails was swinging loosely in the crisp air. ‘But thank you for warning me. I suppose we mustp 479 NWS 1963
now the batteries would have been corroded by the humid air. Recently certain of the UN Space Department agencies had begunp 439 QR 1963
and sat with his back to the fan, letting the air blow across his fading hair, carrying across to Connolly ap 439 QR 1963
the greasy bamboo poles and throwing a gust of foul air into their faces, Connolly looked back across the open discp 441 QR 1963
hung over this inland lagoon, a flat pall of dead air that in a curious way was as menacing as anyp 441 QR 1963
down-shore, the great trees leaned like corpses into the glazed air, and the haze over the water embalmed the jungle andp 441 QR 1963
tree. Withdrawing his pistol, he fired two shots into the air in the hope of attracting Ryker and Pereira. He satp 450 QR 1963
in the distance a low cry sounded into the midnight air, diffusing like a wraith over the jungle. Beside him, sittingp 455 QR 1963
were broken, and the gyro bath floated freely on its air cushion. Like a graceful bird the indicator needle glided upp 456 QR 1963
the manual, Connolly leaned forward and tossed it through the air on to the pier. Ryker tried to catch it, thenp 458 QR 1963
the truth. Everywhere bare haunches and shoulders jutted into the air, limbs lay in serpentine coils. Despite the sunlight and thep 426 RE 1963
Pelham could almost see the festering corona, sustained in the air by the babble of ten thousand transistor radios, reverberating likep 426 RE 1963
of the final countdown at Cape Kennedy, boomed into the air over their heads. Pelham said: ‘IRM's -- innate releasing mechanismsp 429 RE 1963
masked by sunglasses. There was a sharp edge to the air, an unpleasant and almost sinister implication of violence hidden belowp 429 RE 1963
Propelled by one of the off-shore swells, a little slack air moved over the beach, carrying with it the sweet odourp 429 RE 1963
with an intense luminous light, vibrant and spectral, and the air over the beach, grey by comparison, made the lines ofp 434 RE 1963
background the music of the funfair revolved in the empty air. Then, with a galvanic surge, everyone on the beach beganp 434 RE 1963
unlatched the door and stepped out into the cold night air he had a last obsessive thought, of a fair-haired, middle-agedp 538 SA 1963
had pursued him all day, hang fleetingly on the damp air. Most of his mind seemed willing to accept the identificationp 539 SA 1963
isolated chords at first, the fragments hung on the afternoon air, the sustained tremolos suspended above my head like the hummingp 542 SG 1963
over the hills. Droves of startled rays scattered in the air like clouds of exploding soot, their frantic cries lost amongp 544 SG 1963
great gargoyles of red basalt that uncoiled themselves into the air like the spires of demented cathedrals. From the Red Beachp 544 SG 1963
the surface, the reefs of ragged sandstone reared into the air like the rusting skeletons of forgotten ships. The whole ofp 545 SG 1963
terrace towards the hoardings in the distance. ‘Let's get some air. Kanin will keep this up for a couple of hoursp 546 SG 1963
almost plaintive notes that drifted away across the still afternoon air towards the labyrinth of great hoardings that now surrounded thep 548 SG 1963
and carmine which bled away in horizontal layers across the air. Someone had rearranged the screens to form a narrow spiralp 549 SG 1963
his speeding Maserati would rise progressively higher into the pale air. He had lost interest in Aphrodite 80. Fortunately Kanin hadp 554 SG 1963
angular terraces of the summer-house hung in the grey opaque air, as if suspended by invisible wires from the indigo cloudsp 554 SG 1963
roof of the summer-house and then lost on the midnight air. From the loggia I looked down at the labyrinth ofp 554 SG 1963
the dunes and waited for me in the cool amber air, hands deep in his jacket pockets. ‘You're a better painterp 555 SG 1963
The harsh song of the rogue sculpture still pierced the air. Two miles away, through the haze which partly obscured thep 556 SG 1963
loom forward, their red barbs clawing towards us through the air. The light drove through the opaque surface of the lakep 556 SG 1963
a cloud of jewelled spiders and scorpions rose through the air and engulfed Charles Van Stratten. Hands raised helplessly to shieldp 557 SG 1963
a series of concrete caissons, it reared high into the air above the approach roads, visible for miles. Franklin craned upp 415 SM 1963
patterns of light flashed on and off, illuminating the evening air. The patterns were random and broken, as if the signp 423 SM 1963
why are you here?‘ Shepley leaned back, letting the cool air drain the sweat off his face. ‘Once I tried top 461 TT 1963
rituals. Now, let's see.‘ They paused in the cool, unbreathed air, the votive light throwing a pale ruby glow over thep 463 TT 1963
glow over the gold drapes parting across the chancel. The air became curiously hazy and mottled. Within a few seconds itp 463 TT 1963
bookshelves vanishing as the cone contracted. Narrow bands of dead air appeared across it, one, at the level of the man'sp 464 TT 1963
-- he heard the track hum faintly in the cool air. He jumped back behind a low mound, tracing its windingp 466 TT 1963
sand, where it began to unravel in the quietly moving air. Bridges protested but Traxel shook his head. ‘It is ap 470 TT 1963
the drive in Cameron's Buick. ‘What is it -- an Air Force weather station?‘ ‘Have you ever heard of Charles Kandinskip 480 VH 1963
five minutes, as the mobiles revolved delicately in the warm air, deciding whether to approach Kandinski. Then he stood up andp 486 VH 1963
the sun. People were walking about through the fresh morning air, and he caught the clean scent of peach blossom carriedp 490 VH 1963
clouds of hot ashy dust that swirled high into the air behind him. Two miles along the canal the track camep 493 VH 1963
The space-craft rotated at speed before it rose into the air. This surface is abrasive enough to have scratched off ap 493 VH 1963
smile showed behind his dusty beard. ‘The F-109s at the Air Force Weapons School begin their target runs across here. Itp 494 VH 1963
sand off his knees. ‘A geologist from Gulf-Vacuum and an Air Force ballistics officer. You'll be glad to hear that theyp 494 VH 1963
the valley. This apparently sourceless corona fitfully illuminated the darkening air, as if coming from a lighted mineshaft. Putting away hisp 499 VH 1963
waited until the spasm subsided, shivering faintly in the cool air, an unfamiliar undertone of uneasiness in his mind. The airp 499 VH 1963
air, an unfamiliar undertone of uneasiness in his mind. The air seemed to vibrate strangely with an intense inaudible music thatp 499 VH 1963
ground. He told me to call General Wayne at the air base and alert the Strategic Air Command.‘ Ward chewed hisp 500 VH 1963
General Wayne at the air base and alert the Strategic Air Command.‘ Ward chewed his lip. ‘I don't know what top 501 VH 1963
through an aperture between the ribs. Retreating from the fouled air, which hung like a cloud over my head, I turnedp 646 DG 1964
manufacturer were responsible. The giant's remaining foot rose into the air, a steel hawzer fixed to the large toe, evidently inp 647 DG 1964
for God's sake.‘ Gifford's thin shoulders shivered in the dusk air, but he ignored the discomfort. He looked down at hisp 628 DS 1964
later they drank their whiskies together in the dark tinted air. Revived by Mechippe's massage, Charles Gifford sat upright in thep 629 DS 1964
albino forms exposed on the slopes in the hot noon air. Their chalk-white skins and raised heads, in a reclining posturep 634 DS 1964
they'll send a helicopter. They could see us from the air.‘ ‘Helicopter? You've got a bee in your bonnet, Louise. We'llp 635 DS 1964
uncertainly. Fifty yards away, Richard Lowry sat in the open air outside his tent, watching her quietly. Involuntarily, before she couldp 635 DS 1964
muted by the still warm sand and the dark talcum-like air. ‘Gun,‘ he said. ‘Yes, sir.‘ Easing himself slowly to hisp 638 DS 1964
tottered unsteadily, trying to focus his eyes through the tinted air. There was a sudden flash and roar as the revolverp 638 DS 1964
That's the trouble!‘ Maitland raised his cane and struck the air vigorously. ‘I can feel them all out there, watching mep 650 GTN 1964
gulls, but to Maitland their ravenous pecking filled the warm air like the cries of some savage Dionysian chorus. He hadp 650 GTN 1964
sound like tearing cloth, the entire flock rose into the air. Maitland sat up stiffly in the wheelchair, the cane claspedp 650 GTN 1964
the gravel. A line of trees swayed in the warm air, muffling Judith's last surge of acceleration. For once the gullsp 652 GTN 1964
his own. Yet the cliffs drew nearer, rising into the air above him, as if their identity reflected some image deepp 652 GTN 1964
past him, seemed dead. Suddenly the gulls rose into the air, their cries drowning the sounds of Judith's voice as shep 656 GTN 1964
ground like an immense scythe, the gulls wheeled into the air over his head and swirled over the house. Quickly Maitlandp 656 GTN 1964
into cascades of rippling colour that lanced away into the air around us. Then, slowly, the coruscation subsided and the imagesp 609 IM 1964
lurch it made a laboured ascent, swinging sideways through the air, and then moved away across the forest roof, its churningp 613 IM 1964
roof, its churning blades apparently gaining little purchase on the air. There was a confused shout of ‘Fire!‘ from the soldiersp 613 IM 1964
of a stricken animal, the aircraft slid backwards through the air and plunged towards the forest canopy a hundred feet belowp 613 IM 1964
moss investing the great oaks with brilliant jewelled trellises. The air was markedly cooler, as if everything were sheathed in icep 613 IM 1964
faces, were disappearing around a bend -- but the icy air blocked my path like a refrigerated wall. Turning up thep 614 IM 1964
drive towards the house, and with relief found that the air was at least ten degrees warmer. The sunlight shone throughp 615 IM 1964
seed-plants of green glass three feet high rose into the air like exquisite ornamented sculptures. I reached the forest again andp 615 IM 1964
shoulders shaking like a transparent cuirass. Its jaws mouthed the air silently as it struggled on its hooked legs, unable top 616 IM 1964
soles of my shoes, despite our constant movement -- the air was always icy, the dark shadows perpetually closing and unfoldingp 618 IM 1964
fell away and slowly deliquesced, vanishing without trace into the air. Then I realized why Captain Shelley had brought the jewelsp 622 IM 1964
a street of temples, a thousand rainbows spangling the gilded air with a blaze of prismatic colours. Shielding my eyes, Ip 623 IM 1964
in endless concentric patterns. The overlapping arcs hung in the air like the votive windows of a city of cathedrals. Everywherep 625 IM 1964
among the trees, a cascade of particles diffusing in the air behind him. I flinched back behind the cross, but hep 626 IM 1964
wake faded I heard his voice echoing across the frosted air, the plaintive words jewelled and ornamented like everything else inp 626 IM 1964
beaches, was a fitting prelude to the final chapter. The air bled diamonds around us, sparkling off the immense spires ofp 586 LL 1964
carrying the sweep of his strong jaw forward into the air like a spear. Elegantly suited though he was, his wholep 587 LL 1964
limousine by a tornado of dust. Enchanted from the placid air, for ten minutes the squall seethed backwards and forwards acrossp 587 LL 1964
of the spurs and let it fall away on the air. ‘I'm not sure why, but fossils fascinate me -- they'rep 570 PCD 1964
time heard that faint plaintive cry, lost on the reeling air. ‘H-h-e-e-lp!‘ Closing my eyes, I let the image of thep 573 PCD 1964
the island with images of burning bombers falling through the air around him. Later, with the attacks of beri-beri, the nightmarep 589 TB 1964
the dunes that screened the lagoon. Through the cold night air he could see the abandoned Superfortresses lying among the palmsp 589 TB 1964
of the dunes, the tall palms leaned into the dim air like the symbols of a cryptic alphabet. The landscape ofp 589 TB 1964
the double line of fossil imprints, uncovered by the evening air, wound its serpentine way among the hollows like the footfallsp 589 TB 1964
the plain below it the recording towers rose into the air like obelisks. Traven walked down towards them. On their greyp 594 TB 1964
had cracked, a line of palms hung in the motionless air. The target lakes were smaller, filled with the broken bodiesp 594 TB 1964
a gigantic die-plate, devised to stamp out rectilinear volumes of air the size of a house. Three of the sides werep 595 TB 1964
open space beyond, was a crescent-shaped shadow, poised in the air above the ground. During the next half an hour itp 601 TB 1964
the great oak-panelled house, and all unmistakably revealed the same air of hushed expectancy. The following morning Falkman was lifted fromp 560 TP 1964
into a dark olive-green bower. Behind the lowered blinds the air was dim and stifled, and with her rich red hairp 564 TP 1964
minutes of light left before the dusk descended, when the air hung motionlessly under the trees in the garden, a faintp 564 TP 1964
Of course. Go back to bed and rest. This thin air is bad for the complexion.‘ ‘I feel all right. Ip 658 VD 1964
from the crater. A pall of ash hung in the air around him. ‘What's he waiting for?‘ the woman asked. ‘Anotherp 662 VD 1964
drifting past the open windows that swung in the warm air. Nothing moved in the streets. Ransom had assumed that ap 8 D 1965
the bodies of the drying fish turned slowly in the air. ‘Tell your mother to move the barge,‘ Ransom called acrossp 10 D 1965
her. The crumbling surface of the bank rose into the air like clouds of bone-meal. She looked down with preoccupied eyesp 15 D 1965
their hooks in the drying sheds, rotating in the warm air. The boathouses were deserted, and the untended fishing craft werep 22 D 1965
them. His long twisted jaw gave all his actions an air of unpredictability, but during the previous months he had becomep 24 D 1965
Johnstone pulled the men apart, the shot-gun raised in the air. His burly figure was a good head taller than thep 26 D 1965
swimming pool a fountain threw rainbows of light through the air. Taking his ease at the edge of the pool wasp 27 D 1965
Beyond the withered hedges his neighbour's watch-tower rose into the air, but the smoke from the refuse fires veiled the viewp 28 D 1965
Judith in the drive. The fine ash settled through the air from the unattended fires, and he climbed into the carp 30 D 1965
and prevented almost all evaporation of surface water into the air space above. Although the structure of these polymers was quicklyp 31 D 1965
shorelines but always deposit their cargo into the dry unsaturated air above the sealed offshore waters, never on to the cryingp 32 D 1965
of the city, the long plumes rose high into the air, drifting away like the fragments of an enormous collapsing messagep 35 D 1965
What's on your mind?‘ Ransom asked, as Lomax sprayed the air with a few puffs of scent from a gilt plungerp 41 D 1965
the pool. Despite its length the veranda was claustrophobic, the air dead and unoccupied. A peculiar scent hung about, coming fromp 45 D 1965
The smoke pall hung over the distant city, but the air was brighter, reflected off the white ash that covered thep 46 D 1965
gardens the smouldering incinerators added their smoke to the ash-filled air. Abandoned cars lay by the roadside, or had been jerkedp 47 D 1965
living quarters near the gates. A bird's cry pierced the air, ending in a flat squawk. Ransom walked along the wallp 50 D 1965
been stilled, and there was a sharp tang in the air. Ransom moved between the lines of tanks towards the servicep 50 D 1965
his eyes cleared in the darkness. Suspended in the dim air around him, their pearly bodies rotating like the vanes ofp 50 D 1965
sweeping behind him like a train. A fly circled the air above his head, then alighted on his neck. Absent-mindedly, Quilterp 50 D 1965
billows of the burning oil fires still rose into the air over his head. A door swung open, reflecting the sunp 55 D 1965
over the pavement. As he approached, it rose into the air, cast at him off the ground. Ransom turned and clamberedp 57 D 1965
his back in the huge hammock, then lifted into the air on a dozen arms as if he were about top 57 D 1965
it. The smells of paint and tar drifted across the air. Behind him the stern bridge of the trawler reached intop 58 D 1965
the net, and Jonas's powerful arms lifted him into the air, like a fisherman hauling in an immense catch. Ransom stoodp 62 D 1965
of the burnt-out house across the avenue lifting into the air like clouds of fireflies. He had reached home at sevenp 64 D 1965
shot up into the night sky. The shaft of glowing air illuminated the tiles in the darkened bathroom as he climbedp 64 D 1965
on to the roof and lifted it high into the air as if inspecting the stars. Torches flickered across the lawnp 64 D 1965
conscious man through the vestry and out into the cool air of the churchyard. He laid him down among the gravestonesp 67 D 1965
subsided into a deep sleep, his lungs seizing at the air. As his men returned along the street Ransom left himp 67 D 1965
city was heavier, and a dozen plumes rose into the air. The truck by the minister's house was loaded to itsp 68 D 1965
the Reverend Johnstone's pulpit, its charred rail rising into the air like the launch's bridge. Frances and Vanessa Johnstone, the minister'sp 69 D 1965
the brittle crust, he stopped to let it clear. The air was in fever, the angular sections of the concrete embankmentp 75 D 1965
brittle trees along the banks, ciphers suspended in the warm air. Ransom began to speak, but this cryptic alphabet seemed top 76 D 1965
dozen hands seized the bonnet and jerked it into the air. A knife flashed in the bo'sun‘s brightly scarred handp 77 D 1965
across the river.‘ As the dust clouds rose into the air behind them there was a shout from the bridge. Catherinep 77 D 1965
the tiller in the sunlight, her hair lifting in the air like the fleece of some Homeric ram. The negro's questionp 82 D 1965
the main channel, a siren sounded into the hot afternoon air. Philip Jordan pointed two hundred yards to starboard, where Captainp 82 D 1965
the roof-tops as the canopies of smoke lifted into the air over their heads. ‘They're burning Mount Royal,‘ Ransom said; ‘Lomaxp 83 D 1965
disappearing in a wide arc on the glowing tide of air, Philip waved to Quilter, who stood gazing after them asp 85 D 1965
Rusting lighters lay along the banks, which jutted into the air like lost cliffs facing each other across a desert. Despitep 86 D 1965
aircraft hangars. Around them tall distillation columns streamed into the air, their vapour mingling with the smoke of the fires burningp 90 D 1965
of garbage fires drifted across the blank sky, and the air was touched by the sweet smells of unburied sewage. Ap 92 D 1965
them, the stench from the once marshy ground thickening the air. The trailers near by belonged to two circus families, whop 96 D 1965
the antique horses on their spiral pinions lending a carnival air to the scene. The dark-eyed womenfolk and their daughters satp 96 D 1965
gate. With a whoop, the drum was lifted into the air and borne away, then flung to the ground twenty yardsp 97 D 1965
spray from the scattered water formed ragged rainbows in the air, Ransom climbed down from the dune and rejoined the othersp 97 D 1965
broke out. Most of the tracers flew high into the air, their arcs carrying them away across the estuary, but Ransomp 98 D 1965
from trough to crest, they shone damply in the cold air, the pools of brine disturbed by the inshore wind. Sometimesp 103 D 1965
dunes. The spires of ruined distillation columns rose into the air, and the roofs of metal huts carried off their foundationsp 104 D 1965
of polished ice. At this moment, a shout crossed the air. A dozen men rose from behind the bank surrounding thep 105 D 1965
west. Feet splashed after them through the brine, and the air was filled with whirling paddies and salt spray. Trying top 107 D 1965
among the salt flats. Ransom pushed himself ahead, the salty air stinging the weal on his face. By luck Jordan's paddlep 108 D 1965
the rusting columns of the half-submerged stills rose into the air, their shafts casting striped shadows on the brilliant white slopesp 116 D 1965
The stern castle of the ship, jutting high into the air, was topped by a large whale-bone cross. This was thep 118 D 1965
like the fish he had chased at dawn. The cold air in the cabin and her white skin, like the washedp 124 D 1965
as he lay beside her in the bunk, the chilled air from the sea blowing over him through the porthole, hep 125 D 1965
as she lay back against the white pillow, the cold air in the cabin turning the black spirals of her hairp 125 D 1965
the sand, and sections of barbed-wire fencing rose into the air for a few yards. Here and there the roof-timbers ofp 126 D 1965
the old negro's secret grave, a rock hurtled through the air past his head. He crouched down and watched the rockp 130 D 1965
her violet silks ruffled like half-furled sails in the warm air. Ahead of them the river continued its serpentine course betweenp 137 D 1965
the dust into soft plumes that drifted away on the air behind them. Everywhere the sand was mingled with the finep 137 D 1965
warehouses stood on the bank, single walls rising into the air with their upper windows intact. A road ran towards thep 138 D 1965
upwards through the girders, drifting away into the cold night air. While the two women prepared their meal Ransom and Philipp 140 D 1965
the long tresses lifted about her head in the cool air. Unlike Philip, the sounds of the night seemed to havep 141 D 1965
blades and the detached doors of cars. The cold morning air refreshed him, and he was glad that Mrs. Quilter wasp 142 D 1965
in the sunlight, billows of smoke pouring upwards into the air. The flames moved from one coach to the next, thep 142 D 1965
the shells of metal towers and chimneys rose into the air. Even the channel of the river was more crowded, andp 145 D 1965
to them when the harsh sounds of barking crossed the air from an isolated building a hundred yards along the bankp 147 D 1965
into life, and with a shout launched itself through the air at Ransom. Knocked sideways into the water, Ransom felt thep 153 D 1965
fist pounded on the back of his head. Gasping for air, Ransom had a last glimpse through the flying furs ofp 153 D 1965
his former height and gazed about with a more self-composed air. As he listened to his mother he cocked one eyep 154 D 1965
the rough terrain. Twenty yards behind him, towering into the air like an idol in his full regalia, came Quilter, Ransomp 161 D 1965
ahead of them the low monotonous harangue sounded into the air. Then, as they mounted one of the dunes, they sawp 161 D 1965
the dunes, the bright trail dissolving crisply in the warm air. At last Lomax himself emerged, fully accoutred and pomaded, mincingp 167 D 1965
its hands. With a squawk the bird rose into the air and fluttered past Lomax's face. There was a shout acrossp 170 D 1965
towards Lomax. There was a gleam of silver in the air and a long blade appeared from the shaft of Lomax'sp 170 D 1965
flight and pursuit faded, and Lomax's laughter crossed the settling air. ‘Quilter, you bloody fool ...!‘ he managed to get out, chokingp 173 D 1965
and empty. The water had sunk without trace, and the air seemed blank and without sparkle. Quilter strode along the bankp 173 D 1965
A cloud of white talcum shot up, churned into the air by Lomax's kicking feet as he lay upside-down in thep 174 D 1965
sun seemed to be receding into the sky, and the air was becoming colder. To his surprise he noticed that hep 176 D 1965
mind for so many years. The light failed, and the air grew darker. The dust was dull and opaque, the crystalsp 176 D 1965
This spinal landscape, with its frenzied rocks towering into the air above the silent swamp, has attained an organic life morep 87 UGM 1966
Is this Heaven?‘ Pullman at last blankly inquired of the air ... Thousands of people overflowed the cafe terraces. As they beganp 141 UGM 1966
breaks. Sand-devils perform on the borders of the plain, the air murmurs and thunders by the outposts of Beelzebub, in thisp 142 UGM 1966
the huge Finner whales that sidled past the ship; the air filled with yellow-billed albatross while the expedition members flew kitesp 253 UGM 1966
a used car lot? The Concentration City. In the night air they passed the shells of concrete towers, blockhouses half buriedp 14 AE 1966
towards the airfield when the explosion lit up the evening air. The Exploding Madonna. For Travis, the ascension of his wife'sp 16 AE 1966
then onto the Parkland Hospital and from there to Love Air Field. It is one of the most hazardous courses inp 720 AE 1966
the abandoned landscape near the overpass, the perspectives of the air seemed to invert behind him. At times, when Xero approachedp 32 AW 1966
up at her, face hidden by the peak of his Air Force cap. ‘A trap.‘ She stood beside him as hep 32 AW 1966
tanks seemed to let an extra dimension into the damp air. A hundred yards away, across two parallel settling beds, shep 37 AW 1966
part of his world. The sky remained constant, the warm air touching the shreds of test papers sticking up from thep 37 AW 1966
The great fans of the guardia civil Sikorsky beat the air over the apartment block. Quimby bent down and retrieved twop 668 BM 1966
glaciers like closed jewels. By contrast, in Africa the night air was still warm. On the west of the dusk linep 670 DF 1966
the empty irrigation systems seemed to revolve in the hot air, swerving toward him. To the east the margins of thep 670 DF 1966
pall of the dusk, the angular building rose into the air like a white bird. In the students‘ gallery hung thep 671 DF 1966
the empty hotels, whose curtain walls lifted into the sunset air. Beyond the Fine Arts School the chalets of the studentsp 671 DF 1966
of the hotel, its cerise facade raised against the dimming air. ‘A neighbour?‘ The woman nodded at this. ‘Thank you forp 676 DF 1966
to the suggestion. Halliday felt himself shiver in the cooler air moving toward the river out of the dusk. He bowedp 677 DF 1966
and set off with his head down, the cold night air blowing fragments of frosted glass into his face. Two milesp 682 DF 1966
knocked out the windshield. As he drove on westward the air grew warmer, the rising dawn lifting in front of himp 682 DF 1966
now sending a plume of grey smoke into the placid air, he tightened his bandoliers and stepped down the creaking gangwayp 702 SBD 1966
she had built from the remains of the pergola. An air of dilapidation hung over the house -- most of thep 702 SBD 1966
his sleep were broken by the faint ripple of the air in the rigging overhead, the muffled hoot of an aerialp 706 SBD 1966
the deck, sliding the barrel of the rifle into the air, he caught a last glimpse against the moonlit night ofp 706 SBD 1966
outstretched wings, feeling their buoyancy and the cutting flow of air through the feathers. A few stronger gusts moved across thep 709 SBD 1966
the updraught, and he found himself able to glide, the air rushing past his face. He was a hundred yards fromp 710 SBD 1966
could see the dark green arbours towering into the dull air like immense cypresses, sombre and motionless, touched only by faintp 12 CW 1966
windows of the Hotel d'Europe hung listlessly in the dark air, the narrow shutters like coffin lids. Here, in the centrep 21 CW 1966
dark tiers of the forest canopy rose high into the air like an immense wave ready to fall across the emptyp 27 CW 1966
free.‘ He gestured with his hands, enclosing little parcels of air. ‘Just small areas, you see. It's not dangerous, your friendsp 28 CW 1966
meant as a joke, you know ...‘ She gestured in the air. ‘A figure of speech?‘ ‘Exactly. If he had seen ap 31 CW 1966
prism-like quartz. As the priest waved the statuette in the air, shaking it in a paroxysm of anger, the crystals seemedp 34 CW 1966
continued to shake the carving, then lowered it from the air and felt the crystalline surface. ‘Balthus, what on earth --p 35 CW 1966
its dull surface. The crystalline sheath had vanished into the air. ‘Obscene, obscene ...!‘ he muttered to Dr. Sanders, as the latterp 35 CW 1966
Sanders picked up the glasses and held them in the air. One of the largest pairs he had seen, their framesp 36 CW 1966
outside the entrance of the hotel, and let the night air play on his creased suit. The faint odour of Louise'sp 40 CW 1966
the hose-pipe at his head. Tossing the suitcase through the air in front of him, the youth slid below the railp 44 CW 1966
and a vivid geyser of flame lifted into the dark air. Knocked back against the tiller, Ventress looked up at thep 45 CW 1966
yards along the shore a signal flare rose into the air over the harbour. Its muffled light burned with a dullp 46 CW 1966
sections of the catwalk steamed and spat in the dark air. The police moved along the other catwalks with their machetesp 47 CW 1966
window. The last traces of Louise's scent dissolved in the air as he watched the dawn lift over the distant hillsp 47 CW 1966
storage silos. Everywhere the forest hung motionless in the warm air, and the speed and spray of the motor-boat seemed top 54 CW 1966
up at the dark forest draining all light from the air. ‘You'll see, Doctor. We'll soon be there.‘ ‘When were youp 54 CW 1966
erupted into cascades of colour that rippled away into the air around them. Then the coruscation subsided, and the images ofp 68 CW 1966
light glanced out of the bowl and vanished into the air. All over the inspection area, as far as the perimeterp 74 CW 1966
lurch it made a laboured takeoff, swinging sideways through the air, and then moved across the forest roof, its churning bladesp 74 CW 1966
forest roof, its churning blades gaining little purchase on the air. The soldiers and the visiting party stopped to watch thep 74 CW 1966
bellow of a stricken animal, it slid backwards through the air and plunged tail-first toward the forest canopy a hundred feetp 74 CW 1966
around them were hung with glass-like trellises of moss. The air was markedly cooler, as if everything was sheathed in icep 75 CW 1966
was still shouting soundlessly to him -- but the cold air blocked his path like a refrigerated wall. Turning up thep 76 CW 1966
Sanders ran up the drive toward the house. Here the air was at least ten degrees warmer. Reaching the porch, hep 77 CW 1966
shoulders shaking like a transparent cuirass. Its jaws mouthed the air silently as it struggled on its hooked legs, unable top 79 CW 1966
the crystal splinters embedded like needles in his hands. The air in the house was cold and motionless, but as thep 86 CW 1966
been fitted with a chimney flue. Yet despite the cold air in the house he felt less chilled than invigorated. ‘Runningp 89 CW 1966
A second later a shot roared out into the cold air. As Ventress swung round, pushing Sanders away with one handp 90 CW 1966
alcove lunged forward across him. The knife flashed in the air past Sanders's face, its white light diving among the reflectionsp 93 CW 1966
shout up to Ventress, a shot roared out through the air over his head. Ducking down, he saw the Negro withp 93 CW 1966
if deciding whether to abandon him to the forest. The air was always icy, the dark shadows closing and unfolding aroundp 97 CW 1966
whipped one arm and tossed a steel net through the air over Ventress's head. Knocked off balance, Ventress sidestepped and fellp 102 CW 1966
free the shotgun. Ten feet away, the mulatto slashed the air experimentally, then ran forward to deliver the coup de gracep 102 CW 1966
Dr. Sanders the darkness around him seemed absolute, the black air inert and empty. After the endless glimmer of the vitrifiedp 119 CW 1966
exactly happened?‘ Sanders glanced across the table, puzzled by Max's air of detachment. ‘You've probably seen as much as I havep 129 CW 1966
along the banks. Two hundred feet above the jungle the air seemed to glitter continuously, as if the crystallizing atoms werep 130 CW 1966
Sanders stepped over the fence, then walked through the dark air toward the hotel. Ten minutes later, as he stood atp 139 CW 1966
of the crust fell away and deliquesced, vanishing into the air. Then he realized why Thorensen had brought the jewels top 147 CW 1966
in a street of temples, where rainbows spangled the gilded air with a blaze of colours. Shielding his eyes, he layp 148 CW 1966
Sanders caught a glimpse of a three-inch ball crossing the air toward him. With a sharp whistle it passed over hisp 151 CW 1966
in the water, and the steel ball arched through the air, striking the trees a hundred yards from the summer housep 153 CW 1966
and settled itself, blades of carmine light lancing into the air. Kagwa and the mulatto knelt down by the cannon againp 153 CW 1966
next hour a series of dull explosions punctuated the still air. The two Negroes worked away at the cannon, and atp 153 CW 1966
yards from the summer house, its bridge high in the air above them. Ventress, however, seemed composed, watching the banks forp 156 CW 1966
smoke of its exhaust hung around them, fouling the crisp air. Each time it came a few yards closer, its bowsp 156 CW 1966
than by its legs. The left foreleg hung in the air frozen within the crystal armour. As it moved the lightp 157 CW 1966
With a galvanic heave the huge beast rose into the air on its hind legs and hovered there like a jewelledp 158 CW 1966
on a footstool beside the altar, sheltered from the embalming air by the jewels in the cross. This emblem had beenp 160 CW 1966
in endless concentric patterns. The overlapping arcs hung in the air like the votive windows of a city of cathedrals. Everywherep 162 CW 1966
and legs. Freed again, the child's deformed hands clasped the air. With a Start it clambered to its feet and ranp 166 CW 1966
among the trees, a cascade of particles diffusing in the air behind him. He flinched back behind the cross, but thep 167 CW 1966
wake faded Sanders heard his voice echoing across the frosted air, the plaintive words jewelled and ornamented like everything else inp 167 CW 1966
the sandbank. The first flight of gulls rose into the air and began to turn like a scythe towards the shorep 683 TIM 1966
the sea, the screams of the gulls tearing at the air over their heads. Involuntarily Conrad moved away towards the rowp 683 TIM 1966
of five, when the deaths of his parents in an air disaster had left him an orphan, his relationship with hisp 685 TIM 1966
a grey veil. By contrast, Dr Knight's self-confidence and casual air, however brusque and aggressive, quickened Conrad's pulse. Towards the endp 687 TIM 1966
Above the noise he saw the gulls rising into the air above the beach, and heard their harsh cries as thep 696 TIM 1966
in a transcendental geometry. Impressions of Africa. A low shoreline; air glazed like amber; derricks and jetties above brown water; thep 41 YCM 1966
point to the strange and confusing figure of an unidentified Air Force pilot whose body was washed ashore on a beachp 81 YMC 1966
see.‘ Helicopter. The huge fans of the Sikorsky beat the air fifty feet above them as they drove into the townp 83 YMC 1966
the prints. They showed: (1) a thick-set man in an Air Force jacket, unshaven face half hidden by the dented hat-peakp 83 YMC 1966
one picture?‘ Lieutenant 70. An isolated incident at the Strategic Air Command base at Omaha, Nebraska, December 25th, 197 --, whenp 83 YMC 1966
the gentle debris of wings and fenders floated into the air. The cars rocked slightly, worrying each other like amiable whalesp 84 YMC 1966
Here and there a passing tender severed a torso, the air behind the cars was a carnival of arms and legsp 84 YMC 1966
was found of the driver, believed to be a retired Air Force pilot. The Him. The noise from the beat groupp 86 YMC 1966
moved towards him, her white skirt lifted by the cold air. ‘When do we see you again? This time, it's beenp 86 YMC 1966
CRY HOPE, CRY FURY! Again last night, as the dusk air moved across the desert from Vermilion Sands, I saw thep 722 CHC 1967
fleeing school of rays, firing the darts into the overheated air and losing myself in an abstract landscape composed of thep 722 CHC 1967
to one side, a puncture in its starboard tyre. The air seemed to gild itself around me as I lowered thep 723 CHC 1967
cold Martini, when a large white ray appeared in the air overhead. Detaching itself from the others, who sat quietly onp 723 CHC 1967
hours I lay in the empty sand-sea, burned by the air, the giant ray my dead companion. Time seemed suspended atp 723 CHC 1967
opal hair, like antique silver, made a chasuble of the air. Unsure whether this strange craft and its crew were anp 723 CHC 1967
the thermal rollers, the island seemed to float upon the air, the villa with its terrace and jetty barely visible inp 724 CHC 1967
some rough game with the sand-rays, knocking them from the air with his heavy hands and then pitching them out overp 727 CHC 1967
terrace, and found the library windows swinging in the cold air, the curtain drawn back from Hope's portrait. In the paintingp 728 CHC 1967
along the beach. The white rays revolved in the dim air over his head. Five minutes later the white-haired figure ofp 728 CHC 1967
rare fauna of the dunes. Drifting out of the dusk air with a broken yard two years earlier, he had droppedp 729 CHC 1967
the sand-rays wheeling above the rock spires in the blood-red air. Shortly afterwards, the first curious changes began to occur top 730 CHC 1967
the white triangle of Rademaeker's sail rose into the night air as he raised his anchor. Halfway down the staircase Ip 731 CHC 1967
white sails of an immense sand-schooner rose into the night air, its bowsprit pointing towards me. Lying on the sand atp 732 CHC 1967
boomed among the rock spires, startling the rays into the air. Pushing back the velvet curtains, I stepped into the roomp 733 CHC 1967
was already casting off, its sails lifting in the night air. Rademaeker beckoned to me with his bloodied wrist. ‘Get top 733 CHC 1967
schooner, listening to the sonic sculptures wail in the disturbed air as the last shots echoed across the empty desert. Atp 733 CHC 1967
steering with his one strong hand. In the cold night air I tried to explain why Hope had shot at himp 733 CHC 1967
of the towers was Coral D, and here the rising air above the sand-reefs was topped by swan-like clumps of fair-weatherp 744 CSC 1967
clumps of fair-weather cumulus. Lifted on the shoulders of the air above the crown of Coral D, we would carve seahorsesp 744 CSC 1967
their cables, they would hang above me in the afternoon air like amiable ciphers. One evening, as I wound the glidersp 744 CSC 1967
I looked up, Nolan was soaring high in the tinted air above Coral D. The wind, guardian of the coral towersp 745 CSC 1967
to join Nolan. Ugly crab on the ground, in the air the hunchback became a bird with immense wings, outflying bothp 745 CSC 1967
and tossing them over his head like bouquets to the air. Two months later, as we drove out to Coral Dp 746 CSC 1967
Ten minutes later, the three cloud gliders rose into the air and the first cars began to stop on the highwayp 746 CSC 1967
Manuel, his candy-striped wings slipping and churning in the disturbed air. Shouting happy obscenities, he flew with his twisted knees, hugep 746 CSC 1967
the highway towards Vermilion Sands. Manuel slid out of the air, stalling his glider to a landing beside my car asp 746 CSC 1967
of some marine grotto. Van Eyck's glider rose into the air, soaring upwards to the cloud that hung above Coral Dp 747 CSC 1967
a flurry of torn fabric. Van Eyck fell from the air, steering his glider down to a broken landing. I ranp 748 CSC 1967
away. ‘Talk to Nolan, major. I'm not responsible for his air piracy.‘ He stood in the cockpit, gazing over the carsp 748 CSC 1967
angular cornices of the summer house jutted into the vivid air as if distorted by some faulty junction of time andp 749 CSC 1967
an exhausted volcano, a broad-topped mesa rose into the glazed air, its shoulders lifting the thermal currents high off the heatedp 750 CSC 1967
the twisted pillows of a sleepless giant. Columns of turbulent air moved within the clouds, boiling upwards to the anvil headsp 750 CSC 1967
cumulus of Coral D, but storm-nimbus, unstable masses of overheated air that could catch an aircraft and lift it a thousandp 750 CSC 1967
dissolved in a series of violent shifts in the disordered air. As I entered the drive behind a truck filled withp 750 CSC 1967
Those are tigers, tigers with wings. We're manicurists of the air, not dragon-tamers.‘ ‘Don't worry, a manicure is exactly what you'rep 750 CSC 1967
one's portrait in the sky out of the sun and air -- some people might say that smacked of vanity, orp 750 CSC 1967
over the lake. The three gliders hung in the overheated air, clumps of cloud-cotton drifting past them to dissolve in thep 750 CSC 1967
were lit by the sun setting behind the mesa, the air crossed by wraiths of cirrus like the gilded frames ofp 752 CSC 1967
climbing again as the turbulent updraughts threw him across the air. As the cheekbones began to appear, as smooth and lifelessp 752 CSC 1967
passed the shoreline, and then broke up in the evening air as if ripped from the sky by an irritated handp 752 CSC 1967
of Leonora, had begun to tilt, rotating in the disturbed air. The jaw lengthened, the glazed smile became that of anp 752 CSC 1967
next cloud. Shards of dissolving tissue fell from the darkening air, the spray concealing whatever ambiguous creation Nolan was carving. Top 752 CSC 1967
Barely half a minute after he rose into the darkening air, dwarfed by an immense tower of storm-nimbus, Charles Van Eyckp 753 CSC 1967
spinning towards the ground, his glider toppled by the crazed air. He recovered fifty feet from the villa and climbed onp 754 CSC 1967
immense train. The hundreds of eyes gleamed in the electric air before the storm, sheathing her body in their blue flamesp 754 CSC 1967
skipped among the rocks, disappearing from sight in the darkening air. On the terrace a small crowd gathered to watch. Thep 755 CSC 1967
from the dark billows it was buffeted by the shifting air, but Manuel soared in and began to cut away atp 755 CSC 1967
tossed over the roof of the cloud. Fighting the insane air, Manuel plunged the glider downwards and drove into the cloudp 755 CSC 1967
The pieces of Petit Manuel's glider fell from the bright air. Beatrice Lafferty and I drove across the lake to collectp 755 CSC 1967
striking in the hills behind the mesa. In the electric air the villa had lost its glitter. Half a mile awayp 755 CSC 1967
its trunk swaying towards the lake. The first gust of air struck the yacht. Beatrice shouted again: ‘Raymond! Nolan's there --p 755 CSC 1967
in the whirlwind. His wings held steady in the revolving air around the funnel. Like a pilot fish he soared inp 755 CSC 1967
house, I lost sight of him. An explosion of dark air overwhelmed the villa, a churning centrifuge of shattered chairs andp 755 CSC 1967
wrecked villa, now and then flicking the debris into the air. Shreds of canvas and peacock feathers fell around us. Wep 756 CSC 1967
tiles. An eddying smile floated towards me from the disturbed air, and wrapped itself around my leg. Leonora's body lay amongp 756 CSC 1967
electrified gondolas of the wheel rose high into the evening air, so that all the music and light of the fairp 739 R 1967
a few moments later we were revolving through the brilliant air, the fairground spread below us. During the two or threep 739 R 1967
him. A moment later a dozen coins showered through the air around the dwarf's head. He scuttled about, warding them offp 741 R 1967
figure lay in the dust with his legs in the air. The sailor in front of me caught the hat andp 742 R 1967
all the mass of power we have. Power in reserve, air power, land power, and power from the sea. We've gotp 955 TW 1967
and from 10 to 7 a.m. for the 3rd Air Cav, and support units in -- GI REACHES OVER ANDp 957 TW 1967
mm rocket, killing one civilian and wounding four others. First Air Cav. ground elements in Operation Pegasus killed 207 enemy inp 962 TW 1967
leathernecks ambushed enemy elements, calling in support by artillery and air attack. The marines took no casualties while killing 156 communistsp 962 TW 1967
identity. Outside Kline walked in the sculpture garden of the air terminal. His aloof, cerebral face warned Trabert that his rendezvousp 45 DM 1967
of the stadium, echoing through the departure bays of the air terminal. Coma: This beautiful but mute young woman, madonna ofp 45 DM 1967
in the laminated suit across the forecourt of the deserted air terminal. The metalled light shivered across the white steps likep 46 DM 1967
played out in complete silence against the background of the air terminal. The young man looked back at Dr Nathan, asp 46 DM 1967
silence before a million auto deaths hung in the morning air. A Mere Modulus. As Margaret Trabert hesitated among the passengersp 48 DM 1967
of his hands tracing a last cipher across the blunted air. Epiphany of these Deaths. The bodies of his wife andp 48 DM 1967
centre of advanced study -- gave the conference an overstuffed air only slightly eased by the presence of the local mayorp 770 CA 1968
to London my curiosity came back a little. In the Air France bus to the TV Centre at White City Ip 771 CA 1968
of fame and exposure and --‘ ‘They vanished into thin air. What are you suggesting -- some kind of conspiracy?‘ ‘Inp 774 CA 1968
Let's face it, eleven young men have vanished into thin air. What happened to them?‘ Charles stared down at the photographsp 774 CA 1968
and Chou was a boy with a fist in the air who was the chief Red Guard. ‘Yen Hsi Shan. He'sp 778 CA 1968
the saw grass. The launching towers rose into the evening air like the rusting ciphers of some forgotten algebra of thep 760 DA 1968
wrist and forearm. His sharp nose made circles in the air. He had the eyes of a nervous bird, forever searchingp 763 DA 1968
patched black denims. He moved his hands restlessly in the air, as if conducting a chamber ensemble hidden behind the sandp 763 DA 1968
sat on a car seat. The older wore a frayed Air Force cap over his eyes. With his scarred hands, hep 763 DA 1968
her final orbit. When I went out into the night air, the relic hunters had gone. From the rim of thep 764 DA 1968
time. As Judith stood up and shouted into the night air, an immense blade of light cleft the sky. The expandingp 765 DA 1968
behind me. A curtain of dust lifted into the darkening air like a vast spectre of powdered bone. The sounds ofp 766 DA 1968
had landed. A pall of phosphorescing gas hung in the air, particles within it beading and winking. Judith had gone, runningp 766 DA 1968
display frames the images of Nader and JFK, napalm and air crash victims revealed the considerable ingenuity of the film makersp 20 UD 1968
underpass, the huge fans of the Sikorsky sliding through the air like the wings of a crippled archangel. A multiple collisionp 21 UD 1968
silver firs growing through its sections. Shivering in the cold air, Talbot looked out over the landscape of broken overpasses andp 22 UD 1968
arch over an invisible child, the hands passed through the air above the plaza. They hung in the sunlight like immensep 23 UD 1968
him. The fans of the helicopter turned in the dark air, casting elongated ciphers on the dying concrete. Transliterated Pudenda. Drp 23 UD 1968
engineers watched a crushed Lincoln dragged away through the morning air. The hairless plastic mannequin of a woman sat propped onp 23 UD 1968
pump the British Museum Library into the world's largest hot air balloon, although in other senses the book has a certainp 161 UGM 1969
murder proved without exception to be most feared, followed by air disasters, domestic electrocution and drowning. Death by automobile accident wasp 99 CRA 1969
from the burning personnel carrier rose through the wet dawn air, Major Pearson could see the silver back of the riverp 781 KG 1969
months against two divisions of rebel troops. Supported from the air by helicopter drops, the Americans fought on from their deepp 782 KG 1969
a drowned moon. The shell whined away through the damp air, the explosions lifting the broken soil. Between the impacts camep 782 KG 1969
right. Pearson looked around the fortified position shielded from the air by the ragged willows, counting the pinched faces of thep 782 KG 1969
the beating of gongs and drums sounded through the empty air, echoing off the metal roofs of the abandoned town. Fire-crackersp 788 PTD 1969
The smoke from hundreds of mess fires rose into the air, blocking off Mannock's view of the blue-chipped mountains that hadp 788 PTD 1969
across the water as a huge catherine-wheel revolved into the air above a line of tanks parked along the shore, itsp 789 PTD 1969
Half a mile inland vast dust-clouds were climbing into the air. Everywhere the collapsible huts and command posts were coming downp 792 PTD 1969
a crude emplacement. Mannock watched him working away, as the air was filled with the noise of tank-engines and gongs. Whenp 793 PTD 1969
rooftops. Immense fragments of Bardot's magnified body illuminated the night air. A Confusion of Mathematical Models. Holding her cheap Nikon, hep 60 SCN 1969
he waited by the lake shore. Cinecity. In the evening air Travers passed unnoticed through the crowd on the terrace. Thep 72 THF 1969
feet. Wearing their dead motley, they waited in the dim air like faded clowns. The nightclub had been deserted since thep 795 SGW 1970
night-music began, the dry metallic sounds muffled by the powdery air. I walked along the shore through the darkness. The beachcombersp 800 SGW 1970
disappear among the hills. By the abandoned nightclub the dark air drew its empty signatures across the dunes. ‘Say goodbye top 805 SGW 1970
the storm the causeways of a highway cloverleaf crossed the air above his head, the parapets at angles to each otherp 39 JAC 1970
this strange braille. As the radio blared into the damp air a young woman leaning on a balustrade fifty yards awayp 39 JAC 1970
-- a road accident casualty, the surviving passenger of an air crash, an eccentric rapist? During the storm she had shelteredp 40 JAC 1970
the stadium. As the artificial smoke rose into the evening air the crowd began to leave. The men's faces were pinchedp 40 JAC 1970
been filled with hundreds of glowing fragments, like an immense air force on fire. Vorster stood up as the audience cheeredp 43 JAC 1970
3) 500 imaginary autopsy reports of the first Boeing 747 air disaster; (4) Sequence of perspective drawings of corridors at thep 44 JAC 1970
breasts: of store dummies, pubertal girls, menopausal matrons, a mastectomised air hostess. The soft belly of the lower mammary curvature describedp 47 JAC 1970
These wounds of Gabrielle Saltzman were keys to the locked air, codes that deciphered the false perspectives of time and landscapep 49 JAC 1970
-- a city ruthlessly ruled by the automobile, with its air clouded by exhaust gases and its man-made horizons formed byp 262 UGM 1971
years. The thousands of mercenaries fought with savage fury, the air was split by non-stop artillery barrages, waves of cavalry chargedp 808 GTS 1972
of his own death. A taxi driver helped two shaken air hostesses from a small car into which Vaughan had collidedp 9 C 1973
of the other victims of the crash. Across the night air these gradients fell like streamers from the office towers andp 18 C 1973
I had become so excited by the conjunction of an air hostess's fawn gaberdine skirt on the escalator in front ofp 41 C 1973
the car-park opposite the air-freight building. Overhead, across the metallized air, a jet-liner screamed. When the aircraft had passed I raisedp 77 C 1973
on his silver overall trousers and groping blankly at the air a few feet in front of him, Vaughan persuaded Helenp 87 C 1973
the back seat, Vaughan drove at speed through the night air, one elbow on the door sill, tapping the roof withp 87 C 1973
our left, wired by its nervous engines to the dark air. Beyond the perimeter fence long lines of metal poles stoodp 92 C 1973
crushed this vehicle -- some Francophile suburban housewife, perhaps, or Air France stewardess? Did she instinctively mimic the postures of thisp 109 C 1973
us. The scars on his mouth and forehead caught the air like sabre wounds. He hesitated, watching the technicians lift thep 123 C 1973
metal rails. The mannequin rider sat well back, the onrushing air lifting his chin. His hands were shackled to the handlebarsp 124 C 1973
of eight. The tail of the machine rose into the air. The mannequin, Elvis, lifted himself from his seat, his ungainlyp 126 C 1973
disdain. The rear wheel of the motorcycle lifted into the air behind him, and seemed about to strike him in thep 126 C 1973
the overpass. The red glow of brake-lights burned the night air, touching the images of Vaughan and the young woman withp 143 C 1973
massive traffic jams on the motorways seemed to suffocate the air, and I nearly believed that Vaughan himself had conjured thesep 147 C 1973
the rest of my body and brain, hesitated in the air, wondering how to embrace his waist. Vaughan turned towards mep 147 C 1973
the western suburbs of London. Brake-lights flared in the evening air, glowing in the huge pool of cellulosed bodies. Vaughan satp 151 C 1973
rotating blue light on its roof flicking at the dark air like a whip. Above us, on the crest of thep 151 C 1973
a hand on her buttocks. This pervasive sexuality filled the air, as if we were members of a congregation leaving afterp 157 C 1973
feet apart, hands on my breast bone, inhaling the floodlit air. I could feel my wounds again, cutting through my chestp 157 C 1973
firms, all-night cafeterias, airfreight offices and filling stations. The evening air was crossed by the navigation lights of airliners and maintenancep 159 C 1973
part of this midsummer nightmare, true creature of the electric air. A line of cars waited their turn to pass throughp 159 C 1973
The soap stream hit the bonnet and windshield, hiding two air hostesses and a steward in its liquid glaze. When Ip 160 C 1973
through the darkness to the drainage vents. Sucking at the air through his scarred lips, Vaughan lay back exhausted, staring atp 162 C 1973
faint music of the transistor radio sounding into the night air as the gantry returned to its start position. Catherine criedp 163 C 1973
radiator grille, sending a cloud of vapour into the night air. He stared down at his half-erect penis, looking back atp 169 C 1973
reversed out by a young housewife. The front and rear air spoilers plunged Vaughan into a trance of recognition, as ifp 170 C 1973
body, the tang of the mustard leatherette, hung in the air. The chromium controls reared in the shadows like the headsp 178 C 1973
after the crash. His hands made small movements through the air, marking out the trajectories of the internal impacts within thep 186 C 1973
traffic lights, reflecting the thousands of lights in the night air as we sped along the expressway, the harsh phosphorescent tubesp 191 C 1973
staring across the runways at an airliner lifting into the air over the western perimeter of the airfield. He had telephonedp 194 C 1973
roving around the glass-enclosed mezzanine as he picked from the air the first motes of fused light and movement. We walkedp 194 C 1973
to grow from them and lift me into the speeding air. An icy nimbus was gathering around the roof of myp 195 C 1973
the steering wheel, pushing the car unaided through the golden air. Two airport coaches and a truck overtook us, their revolvingp 196 C 1973
The daylight above the motorway grew brighter, an intense desert air. The white concrete became a curving bone. Waves of anxietyp 197 C 1973
across them. Strips of rusting chrome leaked into the overheated air, patches of intact cellulose bled away into the crown ofp 200 C 1973
Vaughan, floating with him on the warm amnion of illuminated air, encouraged by the stylized morphology of the automobile's interior, byp 201 C 1973
if frightened of what I might find in the open air. I stepped on to the roadway, mechanically brushing these motesp 204 C 1973
darkness below the bridge. Everything had become drab again. The air and light were exhausted. I stepped into the road, movingp 205 C 1973
had gone. The light changes became less frequent, and the air over the motorway steadied itself. The last silver and goldenp 206 C 1973
column of exploding dust and torn newspaper rose into the air as it slid sideways across the access road. Vaughan's bloodiedp 206 C 1973
pass at me. Shreds of torn paper eddied through the air around me, pasting themselves at various points against the crushedp 207 C 1973
climbed into the sky above the airport. Through the brittle air I watched the traffic move along the motorway. The memoriesp 208 C 1973
through the sliding gravel into the street. Through the dawn air its engine sounded a cry of pain. I saw nop 219 C 1973
limit, a blow-out collapsed the front nearside tyre. The exploding air reflected from the concrete parapet seemed to detonate inside Robertp 7 CI 1974
stung his hand. Shielded by the high embankment, the still air was heated by the afternoon sun. A few cars movedp 9 CI 1974
The towers of the distant office-blocks rose into the afternoon air. Searching the warm haze over Marylebone, Maitland could almost identifyp 13 CI 1974
of his way. He waved his hat in the exhaust-filled air, shouting over his shoulder into the engine noise. ‘Emergency ...! Stopp 15 CI 1974
any time since the crash. Even in the warm, exhaust-filled air he shivered irritably; he felt as if his entire nervousp 16 CI 1974
the bend the driver saw Maitland staggering between his headlamps. Air brakes hissed and slammed. Maitland side-stepped casually out of thep 16 CI 1974
at the maze of concrete causeways illuminated in the night air, he realized how much he loathed all these drivers andp 17 CI 1974
he lost control. Maitland felt the car rush through the air towards him. Before he could shout the car had plungedp 18 CI 1974
legs knocked away and was flung backwards through the dark air. Injury and exhaustion ‘ ... Catherine ... Catherine ...‘ The sound of his wife'sp 18 CI 1974
facades of the high-rise apartment blocks hung in the night air like rectangular planets. For the first time since his accidentp 19 CI 1974
lifted himself into a kneeling position. Gasping at the night air, he no longer tried to control himself. He leaned helplesslyp 20 CI 1974
pain in his injured leg, and for the cold night air that lay over his body like a damp shroud. Ap 21 CI 1974
on the high span of the overpass, rising into the air like some disused back entrance to the sky. Maitland liftedp 21 CI 1974
to his belt. The long grass swayed in the night air, a corridor of crushed blades marking the route he hadp 21 CI 1974
The clear liquid splashed around his feet in the cold air. Sitting unsteadily in the rear seat of the Jaguar, Maitlandp 21 CI 1974
gave up all sense of time. Stirred by the night air, the grass pressed closer against the windows, shutting out thep 21 CI 1974
the haggard figure standing among the abandoned cars. The cold air drummed at Maitland's chest. Even in the pale sunlight hep 24 CI 1974
The rusty axle of the saloon car rose into the air above his head. The tyres and engine had been removedp 25 CI 1974
overwhelming sense of relief. He raised the canister into the air, and shook the clear liquid. He was certain now thatp 27 CI 1974
made only a faint notch. Maitland shivered in the cold air. Moving the wrench and box spanner along the ground, hep 29 CI 1974
tyres, each of which weighed a hundred pounds. The dark air bit at his bruised lungs. Shivering in his damp clothesp 30 CI 1974
and climbed a flight of steps that lifted into the air from the remains of a garden path. These ruins werep 30 CI 1974
no reply he calmly continued on his way. The light air swirled the candy wrappers around his injured leg. As hep 31 CI 1974
overnight case. The vivid scent of his after-shave filled the air. He took out his patent dress-shoes and dinner-jacket. The overnightp 33 CI 1974
the cloudburst broke across the island. The gusts of rain-filled air levelled the swirling grass. The cars moving along the motorwayp 33 CI 1974
the deep grass, drawing the stems even further into the air. This luxuriant growth seemed to Maitland an almost conscious attemptp 35 CI 1974
the tunnel of the overpass, its headlamps turning through the air twenty feet above his head. Maitland lowered himself to thep 38 CI 1974
in his left hand, the burning spill held in the air above his head. When he was six feet from thep 39 CI 1974
the last smoke from the engine rose through the dark air. A light rain was coming down, the drops hissing onp 41 CI 1974
the smoke-streaked windows the tall grass swayed in the warm air. In these first minutes after he had woken, Maitland layp 42 CI 1974
narrow entrance led under a tilting lintel into the open air. Maitland dragged the sheets of galvanized iron towards the stepsp 47 CI 1974
and guide him. The spiral curves swerved through the inflamed air, the visual signature of epilepsy. His own brain -- thep 50 CI 1974
of his bruised chest and diaphragm. Sustained by the cold air, he moved through the grass, looking round calmly at thosep 51 CI 1974
eucharist of his own body. ‘I am the island.‘ The air shed its light. The air-raid shelter Traffic drummed above hisp 52 CI 1974
The crutch was snatched away and flung into the open air. Powerful hands seized him by the arms and hurled himp 55 CI 1974
the air-raid shelter, and being dragged into the open evening air, but the pain of these blows had been dissolved byp 58 CI 1974
leapt into a somersault. His powerful body whirled in the air. He struck the ground heavily, barely holding his balance, legsp 68 CI 1974
the repeated pacing about and measuring of himself against the air, it was clear that this next acrobatic turn represented hisp 68 CI 1974
the kindest terrain. When he finally leaped again into the air, attempting a backward somersault, Maitland already knew that he wouldp 68 CI 1974
young woman. The high causeway of the overpass spanned the air a hundred yards to the east, and he could seep 74 CI 1974
shoulders moved above the grass as she strode towards the air raid shelters. The fire signal ‘Jane! Come here ... Jane!‘ Hisp 74 CI 1974
flames caressing the worn fabric. Black smoke lifted into the air. Maitland stood up, balancing on one leg, and began top 77 CI 1974
He caught his balance and whirled the crutch through the air. Crouching down, shoulders below his hips, Proctor evaded the swingingp 78 CI 1974
stair well. His fever was returning with the cold evening air. The young woman smiled at him, taking his hand lightlyp 82 CI 1974
London. It was shortly after eight o'clock, and the cool air refreshed him after the night of fever. His injured legp 85 CI 1974
dense and luxuriant growth. Maitland shivered in the cool morning air. Through the doorway of the shelter he could see hisp 86 CI 1974
bent below the waving blades. Reviving himself on the cold air, Maitland wrapped the shawl tightly around his chest and setp 87 CI 1974
-- any family or friends?‘ Proctor stared blankly into the air, as if trying to fathom this question. He leaned acrossp 92 CI 1974
in a characteristic pose. ‘Catherine ...! Stop ...!‘ Maitland shouted into the air. The car, unmistakably his wife's, slowed as it approached thep 93 CI 1974
and the young woman were cavorting about in the open air by the entrance. Proctor tottered to and fro, the half-emptyp 94 CI 1974
evening-dress trousers. The sweet scent of hash hung in the air. Smoke drifted from the leaking stub in Jane's mouth asp 94 CI 1974
The odour of Proctor's sweet sweat rose through the still air, like that of a well-groomed domestic animal. With his leftp 102 CI 1974
his nose each time he picked himself up. The warm air moved across the island, soothing both the grass and hisp 111 CI 1974
it away, carrying it across the island. Climbing into the air, the note swirled over the passing traffic, dived down andp 113 CI 1974
catch the second note, but it whirled away on the air. He clambered around Maitland like a nervous dog, trying top 113 CI 1974
fixed on the rows of banknotes fluttering in the afternoon air, Maitland gathered them up. ‘I was delivering a wages satchelp 113 CI 1974
gazed back uncertainly in Maitland's direction, hands searching the unfamiliar air as the traffic roared past three feet above him. Withp 114 CI 1974
Maitland clambered to his feet. Waving the crutch in the air over his head, he hobbled across the stony ground towardsp 114 CI 1974
her, dimly aware of her voice drumming through the darkening air. He was convinced that his body was no longer absorbingp 118 CI 1974
by the sight of the vehicle, Maitland fumbled in the air for the crutch. He whispered hoarsely, a reflex cry forp 121 CI 1974
away. But the old acrobat had already leapt into the air. He caught the loose coil, swung free and pulled himselfp 122 CI 1974
hands. Jack-knifing his body, he propelled the cradle through the air. At the top of the next swing he swivelled inp 123 CI 1974
the top of the next swing he swivelled in the air, reversed his hands and propelled the cradle back again. Hisp 123 CI 1974
grappled with the ropes, he was carried backwards through the air. The repair vehicle picked up speed, its engine drowning Maitland'sp 123 CI 1974
the rope around his neck. He was carried through the air below the overpass, until the ropes became entangled in thep 123 CI 1974
of his ragged shirt, and lay bare-chested in the warm air, the bright sunlight picking out the sticks of his ribsp 126 CI 1974
go away for ever. He had been discharged from the Air Force in confused circumstances, and during his convalescence after thep 813 DFW 1974
stood on the balcony of the beach-house inhaling the carbonated air, trying to free himself from the uneasy dreams that hadp 817 DFW 1974
careful not to expose too much of it to the air. Although often exhausted in the damp winter air, he feltp 819 DFW 1974
to the air. Although often exhausted in the damp winter air, he felt increasingly calm, sustained by the huge bulk ofp 819 DFW 1974
as I did, learn to welcome it. Sunday Times THE AIR DISASTER The news that the world's largest airliner had crashedp 820 AD 1975
final three hundred feet of the mountain rose into the air towards the peak, separated from its twin by the valleyp 825 AD 1975
continued high over his head, magnified by the currents of air that surged erratically around the building. The last of thep 11 HR 1975
his nude sunbathing on the balcony, and his generally raffish air obviously unnerved her. She dearly felt that at the agep 12 HR 1975
the noise of the party came down from the bright air, as if the sky itself had been wired for soundp 14 HR 1975
During these days after the drowning of the dog, the air of over-excitement within the high-rise gradually settled itself, but top 22 HR 1975
in his sports-clothes. He shielded his eyes from the strong air currents that rose off the face of the high-rise. Thep 25 HR 1975
hair made him look uncannily youthful, as if the cooler air at these great heights had somehow preserved him from thep 27 HR 1975
the psychiatrist was noncommittal. ‘There's a quickening pulse in the air, all right, but has it anything to do with goodp 31 HR 1975
elevator shafts, the blare of music falling across the dark air. Death of a Resident A cloudless sky, as dull asp 33 HR 1975
of a Resident A cloudless sky, as dull as the air over a cold vat, lay across the concrete walls andp 34 HR 1975
an almost official status, forums at which the residents could air their problems and prejudices. Most of their grievances, Laing noticedp 38 HR 1975
be wrong with the air-conditioning ... there should be some fresh air on the balcony.‘ Holding his arm, she picked up herp 41 HR 1975
Fragments of glass flicked away like knives through the night air. A large, ungainly object whirled past, no more than twentyp 41 HR 1975
bedroom. They lay asleep together, breathing unevenly in the stale air. The remains of a meal left from the previous dayp 44 HR 1975
play in the streets, where tolerance and sophistication civilized the air. Wilder had something different in mind. As he listened top 47 HR 1975
realized. As he massaged his cheeks Wilder listened to the air humming erratically in the air-conditioning flues behind the shower stallp 48 HR 1975
pressing on him through the walls and ceiling, forcing the air from his chest. He was sure that he had drownedp 48 HR 1975
the warm summer weather the apartment was heavy with stagnant air. Wilder noticed that he had already begun to accept thep 50 HR 1975
concrete legs. Wilder opened the windows, hoping for some fresh air, but the apartment soon filled with dust and powdered cementp 50 HR 1975
pumping in the silence. A kitchen chair whirled through the air towards his head, hurled down by an assailant three floorsp 63 HR 1975
and one destinations. He walked out into the cold night air. Holding his neck, he looked up at the face ofp 67 HR 1975
furniture. He raised his stick and slashed at the stale air with the same stroke he had used against Wilder. Atp 76 HR 1975
about it. The french windows swung in the early evening air. The Alsatian had escaped, hunting by itself on the five-hundred-feet-longp 79 HR 1975
Royal approached, a group of the gulls dived into the air, soaring down to catch the scraps flung from a balconyp 79 HR 1975
powerful running throw hurled the bird far Out into the air. It plummeted towards the ground, in an almost unending downwardp 80 HR 1975
agitated by Royal's confused state, they rose excitedly into the air. Royal was thinking of his wife, of the possible assaultsp 85 HR 1975
swoop into the corridors. He watched them wheel through the air, listening to their cries as he thought of the violencep 85 HR 1975
vandalized changing cubicles, Royal waved his cane at the humid air, trying to stir it into life. He would soon suffocatep 88 HR 1975
she had accepted it, the threat of violence in the air had matured Anne. Standing by the fireplace in the columnist'sp 92 HR 1975
walked on to the balcony and stared into the morning air, as if glad to have the three extra floors beneathp 98 HR 1975
door he was struck immediately by the cooler light and air, like the harsh atmosphere of an alien planet. A sensep 102 HR 1975
the window pillar against his shoulder, Laing remembered the stale air in his apartment, tepid with the smell of his ownp 103 HR 1975
the chromium trim of the hundreds of cars filled the air with knives. He turned away from his car, and walkedp 103 HR 1975
He was not ready yet to venture into the open air, face his colleagues at the medical school, catch up withp 103 HR 1975
wandered around the half-empty rooms. As he inhaled the stale air he was refreshed by his own odour, almost recognizing partsp 104 HR 1975
knew -- that an assailant might attack him from the air outside his balcony. Drinking steadily from a hip-flask of whiskyp 106 HR 1975
the corridor. He stood outside the doorway, as the stale air moved past him to the open balcony. He relished thep 131 HR 1975
hand. Mrs Wilder stood beside him, gazing into the night air as Royal tasted the heavily spiced dish. Like a well-trainedp 135 HR 1975
of hundreds of birds. Their wings flared in the dark air as they struggled to find a perch on the crowdedp 139 HR 1975
shoulder height. The beams of light cut through the night air, scattering the birds into the sky. A portable cassette playerp 140 HR 1975
number of nerves and muscles. The chant rose into the air. The torch-beams beat rhythmically across the darkness, striking Royal's facep 142 HR 1975
it into his face. A gabble of birth-cries filled the air. ‘Royal ...‘ the jeweller's widow shouted warningly. ‘Here's Wilder!‘ Startled byp 143 HR 1975
and fell obliquely down the steps. Shivering in the cold air five floors below, Richard Wilder watched the sunlight approach himp 155 HR 1975
day, and the smell of animal fat hung in the air around the fire by the entrance to the den. Wilderp 159 HR 1975
abattoir. Wilder climbed to the 37th floor, smelling the icy air moving across his naked body from the open sky. Hep 161 HR 1975
37th floor was deserted, apartment doors open on the bright air. Too exhausted to think, he found an empty apartment, barricadedp 161 HR 1975
of the river. Washed by the recent rain, the morning air was clear but frozen, and the river flowed from thep 162 HR 1975
in his body. The shrieking of the gulls filled the air, and seemed to tear at the exposed tissues of hisp 162 HR 1975
heads and balustrades in a continuous fountain, soared into the air to form an expanding vortex and dived down again towardsp 162 HR 1975
the sculpture-garden for them alone. Royal shivered in the cold air. He wore his safari-jacket, and the thin linen gave himp 162 HR 1975
the wind moving across the concrete roof. In the over-lit air the white fabric was grey by comparison with Royal's chalk-likep 162 HR 1975
the birds. It was late afternoon when Wilder woke. Cold air moved through the empty room, flicking at a newspaper onp 164 HR 1975
out of the apartment. The corridor was silent, the cold air stirring the tags of refuse on the floor. He carriedp 164 HR 1975
He was half-way up the staircase, climbing towards the open air, when something blocked his path. The gaunt figure of ap 165 HR 1975
chest. When the brief explosion had faded across the cold air, Wilder climbed the last of the steps. The architect's bodyp 166 HR 1975
of the birds that the explosion had driven into the air. Confused by this game, and its unexpected turns, Wilder steppedp 166 HR 1975
the Alsatian with a skewer. He shivered in the cold air flowing up the face of the high-rise, with an effortp 170 HR 1975
sharply in his seat, almost pulling the aircraft into the air. It rose steeply over the broken concrete causeway, banked andp 828 LFA 1975
if leaving them in serviceable condition for their successors. The air in the restaurant was stale but cool. Seated behind thep 833 LFA 1975
The small aircraft rose steeply, as if jerked into the air by a huge hand. Thirty seconds later Forrester began top 837 LFA 1975
a huge gust of silver paint was vented into the air and fanned out behind them. It hung there in ap 838 LFA 1975
Forrester saw that these lines of paint sprayed from the air were part of an elaborate series of trails leading intop 838 LFA 1975
her own body. Even thirty feet away, hovering in the air like an invisible angel, I find this violence unnerving. Ip 859 60Z 1976
they come, our orgasms seem to take place in the air above the bed, like the aerial copulation of exotic andp 861 60Z 1976
nails at its worn eyes. Instantly it buckles as the air spurts from the dented plastic. At this moment I amp 862 60Z 1976
basic substratum of which the universe was composed. The very air they were breathing in the assembly hall at that momentp 842 LDG 1976
visualized them displayed secretly around my sitting room, filling the air with their invisible but dignified presences. Inside the shop ap 865 S 1976
dining table, her placid smile and serene gaze illuminated the air. Not one of my friends failed to be taken inp 866 S 1976
morning, madam ...‘ ending in a mumble. Shivering in the cool air, he gazed at her open-mouthed, clearly stunned by her beautyp 869 S 1976
the taxi at my door, let myself into the cool air of the house and rushed upstairs. Dishevelled but happy, Ip 871 S 1976
the overlit water. The tapered wings shivered in the cold air, as if the were trying to rip open the cockpitp 873 UC 1976
the calm sky. On the ground, by contrast, the turbulent air sweeping up the face of the cliffs seemed to havep 873 UC 1976
moment a sudden gust would sweep them all Into the air together. In front of Halloway were thirty feet of miniaturep 873 UC 1976
the craft apart or, with luck, catapult it Into the air. Halloway signalled the boys aside, and gripped the catapult releasep 873 UC 1976
this strange aircraft. Borne along by the fronts of warm air, Halloway and his glider made their transit of the Soundp 877 UC 1976
knees, and stretched out his arms to seize the vivid air. He was not alone in the sky. On all sidesp 877 UC 1976
they passed Halloway as if guiding him through the crowded air. No longer hunted by the vegetarian inhabitants of Garden Cityp 877 UC 1976
large ceramics works on the southern shore, letting the hot air reflected from the roof-tiles lift him as high as possiblep 878 UC 1976
he crossed the ruined bridge, losing height in the cold air over the water, Halloway counted the cars in the parkingp 878 UC 1976
approach-roads when their owners set out on foot. The salt air had stripped away their roofs and body panels, exposing thep 878 UC 1976
had achieved, with its protein-hungry populations, its limitless pollution of air, soil and sea. By the time it reached the oppositep 879 UC 1976
a warehouse roof, the glider rose again in the warm air lifting from the hot concrete of the roads and parkingp 879 UC 1976
the white and chromium cabinets stood in the sunlight. Warm air rose from this field of metal, carrying the glider highp 879 UC 1976
Out of this sunburst huge wings moved in the bright air. A powerful aircraft, with a wing-span as large as hisp 880 UC 1976
face of the building which had dashed him from the air, Halloway had climbed across the splintered wings of the gliderp 880 UC 1976
lay down in the rear seat. In this warm, stale air, almost unchanged for thirty years, he rested quietly, massaging hisp 880 UC 1976
then running obliquely behind him, sounded faintly through the dark air. Heart racing, Halloway crouched among the cars. Nothing moved acrossp 882 UC 1976
Nothing moved across the street. He filled his lungs with air, and broke away with a burst of speed, darting inp 882 UC 1976
glass aeroplanes, their wings like mirrors, that circled the dark air over his head, waiting to carry him away to somep 883 UC 1976
road raised on concrete stilts carried him high into the air, and changed course in a series of giant loops. Ploddingp 883 UC 1976
came the sounds of collapsing masonry. Falling glass split the air. Halloway leapt down from the pyramid, holding to a columnp 884 UC 1976
of poppies, as the last petals fell through the unsettled air around him. When he reached the side-street he found thep 885 UC 1976
ten-storey car park whose canted floors spiralled up into the air behind the terminal buildings. As he passed the elevators onp 886 UC 1976
stylized computer typeface, glowed in Halloway's eyes, hovering in the air two feet from him. Can you hear me? You're notp 888 UC 1976
man's hand. Although there were windows in the cabin the air outside was almost opaque, as if they were contained byp 889 UC 1976
of a hundred cars throbbing around him in the exhaust-filled air. Teach me to fly! Within an hour Olds had recoveredp 891 UC 1976
among the cars, its broken wings stirring in the light air. As Olds moved around it, inspecting the inverted cockpit withp 894 UC 1976
flowers, and a dense cloud of petals billowed into the air, staining the sky like a miniature sunset. Halloway turned andp 894 UC 1976
gardener. Soon millions of leaves were drifting through the coloured air. There were white streets where they found daisies, yellow avenuesp 894 UC 1976
claw that now held a single automobile, carried in the air fifteen feet from the ground. In the control cabin ap 895 UC 1976
palisade of towers that rose two hundred feet into the air. A group of heavy cranes and a buttress of scaffoldingp 895 UC 1976
the structure would rise some four hundred feet into the air. The old man beckoned Halloway to the rail. Everything aboutp 896 UC 1976
the government, we were turning them out so fast the Air Force kept the war going just to get rid ofp 896 UC 1976
tractor with one hand on the automobile suspended in the air over his head. ‘I was thinking of setting up onp 897 UC 1976
the windows of grand limousines a hundred feet in the air, the white mist of mile-a-minute vines hovered like steam abovep 898 UC 1976
surprise from the waist-high grass, shotgun raised hesitantly to the air as if thinking twice about trying to make an equalp 903 UC 1976
for a year. After that‘ -- Halloway gestured at the air -- ‘we'll find something else.‘ His hand on Halloway's shoulderp 904 UC 1976
the winged emblems of long-vanished airlines pulsed through the overloaded air, the roof-sills of bars and amusement arcades were trimmed withp 907 UC 1976
memorial of cars rose over three hundred feet into the air, a cathedral of rust. The vines and flowers that climbedp 907 UC 1976
her white hands the loose petals that drifted in the air. Now, on her balcony, she was dressed in a bizarrep 908 UC 1976
waving in an invisible wind, leaves beating at the passing air. Then, by the lake at the centre of the parkp 919 UC 1976
the ground. Other trees were following, branches grasping at the air, a million leaves whirling together. As Halloway watched, gripping thep 919 UC 1976
from the city, with its now barren stone and dying air. The sky was filled with a legion of flying creaturesp 920 UC 1976
oaks and marigolds, elms and daisies still hung in the air, brighter than the neon facades of the bars and amusementp 920 UC 1976
and wild-fowl. The noise of a hundred generators filled the air, turned up by someone to their greatest output. It tookp 920 UC 1976
Window glass and pieces of sharp chrome flicked through the air, landing on the sidewalk around him as he crouched behindp 923 UC 1976
As ii left the building and sailed into the open air it seemed to fall towards the ground, but its wingsp 923 UC 1976
as little as possible during the next few days, the air way being cleaned with pledget of cotton wool. The splintp 19 QER 1976
and the arguments that warped themselves out of the stifling air. As he weighed the key in a pale hand thep 6 IY1 1976
of the parked amphibians. The wings shivered in the silent air like those of tired angels, their attention wandering in thep 8 IY1 1976
antennae were visible above the coastal hills. In the cooler air, he wandered amicably among these sensitive bowls, as delicate andp 9 IY1 1976
and timed to the nearest second, its print-outs primed with air tickets, hotel reservations and divorce petitions. Thus we may seep 227 UGM 1977
on their backs, waved their arms and legs in the air and whimpered pathetically. Sex played a continuing if ambiguous rolep 268 UGM 1977
some hundred or so allied aircrew shot down during the air attacks on Shanghai had been concentrated in an attempt top 928 DT 1977
I hurled the tarpaulin into the canal, so that the air could play over their faces as we sped along. Whenp 935 DT 1977
to the harsh beat of my engine in the deserted air. A hundred yards behind me a narrow lane led acrossp 935 DT 1977
among the wharfs and quays of a small Japanese naval air base. In the village behind the base there were shallowp 937 DT 1977
I walked down to the concrete ramp of the naval air base. In the deep water below the wharf lay thep 938 DT 1977
was empty, like the uncurtained bathroom and kitchen. But the air had moved, somewhere behind him a heart had beaten, lungsp 990 MA 1978
The faint voice of another human being hung on the air, the spoor of an unfamiliar body. There was an oddp 991 MA 1978
towards the psychological maintenance devices which everyone was encouraged to air for at least an hour each day on the televisionp 992 MA 1978
He unlocked the front door, waiting for the cool night air to invade the solarium. Leaving the door ajar, he wheeledp 998 MA 1978
complete the jig-saw. The foul smell still hung on the air, and Pangborn decided to take a shower before going outp 998 MA 1978
younger man. His face was still numb from the sea air, and he was intent on his communion with the emptyp 972 OAU 1978
he stood on the roof, lungs pumping in the cold air, the sea already seemed far below, the villa bidden behindp 974 OAU 1978
had stumbled upon, in some way preserved by the freezing air, or perhaps by the lime leaking from the hastily mixedp 976 OAU 1978
the sunlight, and swung his arms lazily in the cool air as he waited until Angela appeared thirty seconds later. Togetherp 976 OAU 1978
by the high privets, the garden was warm, and the air coming off the beach had an almost carnival sparkle. Asp 977 OAU 1978
cocked the trigger and fired the fat shell into the air over Foster's head. The pilot looked up at its weakp 980 OAU 1978
a new logic, a conceptualized violence that would transform the air disaster and the car crash into events of loving gentlenessp 986 Z2 1978
and even the lightest cleaning would pollute and agitate the air. Because the artificial climate within the colony is sensitive top 230 UGM 1979
an embarrassing twenty-four hours suspended three hundred feet in the air above her apartment when she chased her escaping handbag ratherp 231 UGM 1979
spent years on tacky desert airfields like Muroc and Edwards Air Force Bases in California, where the only local notables theyp 274 UGM 1979
Unsettled by the helicopters, the birds are rising into the air, and I know that it is time for me top 7 UDC 1979
by a sympathetic magistrate, I was befriended by a retired air hostess who now worked as a barmaid at a Londonp 13 UDC 1979
had just been convicted of soliciting at the West London Air Terminal. She was a spirited and likeable girl with ap 13 UDC 1979
river as it rose towards me. Falling apart in the air, its tail impaled by the branches, the aircraft plunged intop 15 UDC 1979
then at his heavy feet, encouraging them to kick the air. The other boy, a stocky, large-skulled mongol, whispered something top 18 UDC 1979
their figures lit by the vibrant light that suffused the air. A deep, premonitory glow lay over the mansion, the amusementp 18 UDC 1979
face swam, its firm and spartan features leaking across the air into an angry grimace. Exhausted, I leaned against Dr Miriamp 22 UDC 1979
of oral rape. Someone with powerful arms had crushed the air from my lungs -- a man of my own sizep 25 UDC 1979
through her pores. I felt that her grubby feet and air of untidiness stemmed not from any lack of hygiene butp 29 UDC 1979
people there.‘ I remembered the deep light that suffused the air above the town, as if some fiercely incandescent vapour hadp 33 UDC 1979
senses seemed to be magnified -- scents collided in the air, the shop-fronts flashed gaudy signs at me. I was movingp 36 UDC 1979
hand, his forehead glaring like a helmet in the overbright air. He ordered the teenagers away and then stared at mep 36 UDC 1979
of lessons at a flying school, a commission in the air force, I would either bring off the world's first man-poweredp 38 UDC 1979
the motorway receded further from me. Gasping at the dusty air, I stared down at my feet. Had Miriam St Cloudp 38 UDC 1979
backwards, shutting my eyes and hand-holding my way along the air. As I left behind the derelict car and the oldp 39 UDC 1979
to one of the gondolas and swung himself into the air, showing off his muscular physique not so much to intimidatep 43 UDC 1979
the submerged cockpit of the Cessna, his bands crushing the air from my chest, mouth clamped on mine as he suckedp 49 UDC 1979
scuffed earth at my feet, the dust rising into the air, I realized that I had been mimicking this titanic underwaterp 49 UDC 1979
setting sun had reached the horizon, and the once clear air was now misty and opaque. Faint clouds hovered over thep 54 UDC 1979
elms rose from the bank as if propelled into the air on enormous lifts, the tailplane began its semaphore, the Tudorp 54 UDC 1979
human mind, and exhilarated like no bird by the plunging air and the spear-like branches of the dead elms, I realizedp 56 UDC 1979
form of a bird. I sailed grandly through the cold air. I could see my huge wings and the fluted rowsp 56 UDC 1979
mammal. I tasted the foul spoor-lines that stained the night air. I was no graceful aerial being, but a condor ofp 56 UDC 1979
to mate with the wind. My cries crossed the rushing air. I circled the Tudor mansion. Hovering by the windows ofp 57 UDC 1979
salon a white form huddled. One wing feebly touched the air, as this lyre-bird struggled free from the sleeping mind ofp 57 UDC 1979
circled above her, urging this sensitive creature to trust the air. Across the London road, above the butcher's shop, two falconsp 57 UDC 1979
testing her eager beak on the scents of the night air. Encouraging them to follow me, I flew up and downp 57 UDC 1979
to impale herself on a television aerial, then seized the air and climbed up to join me. But I was notp 57 UDC 1979
plumage, parents with their excited nestlings, ready to mount the air together. As I soared above them I could hear theirp 57 UDC 1979
I flew across the park to the river. The night air was white with thousands of flying creatures. Together we circledp 58 UDC 1979
mate with her on the wind. Around me the night air was filled with buffeting and screaming birds. The huge flockp 58 UDC 1979
me Miriam St Cloud's sleeping body. Their wings beat the air away from me, suffocating me in a vacuum of feathersp 58 UDC 1979
storm, we could hear thousands of birds rushing through the air. There's been a fair amount of damage. But I imaginep 60 UDC 1979
me. I could remember my swerves and plunges through the air over the moonlit town as vividly as the flight ofp 61 UDC 1979
harsh smell of the birds, the coarse beauty of the air hung about my body, the acrid odour of sea-birds feedingp 61 UDC 1979
mated with her on the deep bed of the night air. Thinking of my fall, I asked Mrs St Cloud: ‘Isp 62 UDC 1979
fleece now played freely around her shoulders, testing the river air like the eager birds I had seen in my dreamp 63 UDC 1979
she have become, some chimeric being to shock the morning air? ‘They're going.‘ Mrs St Cloud waved to the sergeant. ‘Heavenp 63 UDC 1979
I imagined myself and Mrs St Cloud copulating on the air. I knew that there were four of us present, lockedp 64 UDC 1979
bloody mouth around her lips and nostrils, and sucked the air from her throat. No longer concerned with her sex, Ip 64 UDC 1979
me Mrs St Cloud lay exhausted, lungs pumping the sunlit air through her bloodied mouth. She lay on her back, ap 65 UDC 1979
the fairground as they scrambled around me in the whirling air. Soon after dawn the river had disgorged this antique Pegasusp 67 UDC 1979
lay in the shallow pools. As I approached them, the air swayed around me. Ignoring this, I pressed on. Suddenly thep 68 UDC 1979
unsettled them. They would have preferred me safely in the air. Could they sense radiating from my mind those inverted perspectivesp 71 UDC 1979
As I peered into the nave through the warm, musty air Father Wingate tossed his straw hat onto the font. Hep 75 UDC 1979
Father Wingate unlocked the doors and let the fresh morning air clear the dust from the church. He watched the windp 77 UDC 1979
to my mouth, tasting again the smell of the night air, the sebum of my wings. Father Wingate led me top 77 UDC 1979
mirror waiting to play a trick on me. Everywhere the air had become a vibrant yellow drum. A heavy sunlight freightedp 81 UDC 1979
place at last in time and space, that gave the air its vibrancy. Already I was convinced that the light camep 81 UDC 1979
and screeched, dragonflies leaked electric glimmers on to the stifling air. On a branch of a silver birch ten feet fromp 83 UDC 1979
in a burst of foam. As I hung in the air, showing myself to the hundreds of people on the bankp 85 UDC 1979
shoulders across the delighted children. As I turned in the air the tennis players came through the trees to cheer mep 85 UDC 1979
fro across the river in shallow leaps that stitched the air and water into a table-lace of foam. Below me thep 86 UDC 1979
through the crowded waves, urging them to leave the suffocating air. The party of tennis players threw aside their rackets andp 87 UDC 1979
and swam blindly into the tail of the aircraft. The air rushed from my lungs in the violent water. No longerp 88 UDC 1979
a last exhausted race for the sun I seized the air. I woke in the insect-filled meadow, lying on the wetp 88 UDC 1979
of a wedding ceremony held ten miles up in the air.‘ ‘Miriam, I'll rent an aircraft.‘ ‘Again? By the way, Stark'sp 92 UDC 1979
really had a childhood fantasy of being married in the air, or had I imposed it upon her? A sickly cyclamenp 92 UDC 1979
hard fists. For a moment, as she sucked at the air, she stared at me with real terror. When she ranp 93 UDC 1979
its inhabitants were themselves the consequential dream. As the night air soothed my bruised chest I sensed the power flowing fromp 93 UDC 1979
huge ferns and liverworts. A startled macaw clambered into the air beside me. Crossing the park, it shook carapaces of lightp 96 UDC 1979
a hand around her head, trying to restrain the overlit air. ‘Macaws, parakeets, now a marmoset -- what else are youp 97 UDC 1979
them. ‘A marmoset?‘ Recognizing the creature, I jumped into the air, trying to seize its tail. ‘It's escaped from Stark's zoop 97 UDC 1979
patients into the surgery: a teenage girl with acne, an air hostess with menstrual pains, an incontinent cinema commissionaire. For allp 102 UDC 1979
-- leave them alone!‘ She frowned angrily at the brilliant air, trying to shut out the light that poured off thep 103 UDC 1979
had waxed so lovingly for her, reflected the same glowing air. Unwilling to confront this beautiful young woman with whom Ip 104 UDC 1979
between the parked cars towards the illuminated town. ‘See!’ The air was bright with flowers and children. Without realizing it, Sheppertonp 105 UDC 1979
the grass like marine plants on a drained sea-bed. The air was filled with the racket of unfamiliar birds. Screamers trumpetedp 108 UDC 1979
between the children, their lurid plumage leaking across the noisy air. The hot bodies of the women pressed against my skinp 110 UDC 1979
the mammals, birds and fish, which together ruled the earth, air and water. It only remained for me now to meetp 114 UDC 1979
of the fire Antlers sprang from my head, seizing the air through the sutures of my skull. I cropped at thep 114 UDC 1979
quietly feeding together. But for the first time a nervous air shivered the leaves and flowers. An almost electric unease hungp 114 UDC 1979
a forgotten flame. Now and then Jamie hooted at the air, reminding the sky and the trees that he still existedp 117 UDC 1979
pelicans sat on the roof of the conservatory. The evening air was lit from below by the plumage of thousands ofp 118 UDC 1979
from the aircraft. ‘I am the fire ...‘ And the earth, air and water. Of these four realms of the real worldp 118 UDC 1979
carpeted floor, grateful for the soft pile, for the passive air doing as little as it could to unsettle me. Ip 124 UDC 1979
altar, aware of the faint scent that hung in the air. I could smell Miriam's body around me, her lips andp 125 UDC 1979
and amiable fish, where there were no drowned aeroplanes. The air played on my bruised chest, carrying from the church thep 126 UDC 1979
deep mists over the radiators, gorged itself on the morning air and climbed the glass windows, clutching at the neon signsp 127 UDC 1979
the first customers. Already Shepperton was taking on a carnival air, a processional route being prepared for a triumphal motorcade. Ip 127 UDC 1979
of the town, I left new life clambering into the air behind me. Egged on by the rising sun, which hadp 127 UDC 1979
out of the empty streets, a pagan gardener recruiting the air and the light to stock this reconditioned Eden. Everywhere ap 128 UDC 1979
and filling-station, the tropical foliage leaked its light into the air. The sun rose over the sleeping town, a slow giantp 128 UDC 1979
bank a postman was waving his arms at the overlit air, trying to drive away a flock of orioles who swoopedp 129 UDC 1979
pierced the cracked macadam and quivered fifteen feet in the air, their trunks forming a palisade across the embankment of thep 129 UDC 1979
an hour I had been lying in the warm morning air, my body cared for by the sun. I was happyp 132 UDC 1979
off, conjure all sorts of extraordinary treasures out of the air for her. Even though I still had little idea ofp 132 UDC 1979
swordfish leapt from the water, its white sword piercing the air as it saluted me. The river was crowded with fishp 133 UDC 1979
park. As I ran past the tennis courts the warm air rushed against my naked skin, eager to lift me fromp 134 UDC 1979
darkness below the cages. As its door swung in the air I saw one of the vultures picking in a desolatep 137 UDC 1979
the roses and dahlias. And the birds were everywhere. The air was a paint-pot of extravagant colours hurled across the skyp 140 UDC 1979
was ready to fly again. It was now noon. The air was still, but a strange wind was blowing into myp 144 UDC 1979
into my face. My skin was swept by a secret air, as if every cell in my body was waiting atp 144 UDC 1979
I raised the plastic model and launched it into the air. As people ducked, the aircraft swerved between the telephone linesp 145 UDC 1979
a pair of immense soft wings waiting to take the air. Miriam paused in the street below me, a great whitep 146 UDC 1979
I was pleased that she admired my powers over the air and the birds, my command of the forest, even thoughp 147 UDC 1979
in her wedding gown, ready for her marriage with the air. Already the wind was moving across the roof of thep 148 UDC 1979
wings of Miriam's dress, eager to carry her into the air. ‘Blake, can you hold me?‘ Steadying herself, she reached forp 148 UDC 1979
stumbled and released the train. Her hands flurried at the air until they found my shoulders. The crowd was silent, peoplep 148 UDC 1979
falling helplessly from the sky, their wings confused by the air that failed to support them. Stranded on the rooftops, theyp 148 UDC 1979
of the filling-station. Sparrows and robins plummeted from the still air. A new kind of sky now covered the town. Ip 149 UDC 1979
her waist, and stepped forward with her into the open air. First Flight We fell together. Miriam's hands seized my chestp 149 UDC 1979
I caught our falling bodies and steadied us against the air. In the street below people were running in all directionsp 150 UDC 1979
hung vertically above her, and rose fifty feet into the air to form an immense head-dress. Calm now, I began top 150 UDC 1979
head-dress. Calm now, I began to breathe again. A cool air moved up the face of the building and caressed thep 150 UDC 1979
last she grew calm, confident of her mastery of the air. Her hands moved inside mine, feeling for the pulse ofp 150 UDC 1979
The last of the birds fell past us through the air. Lifting Miriam gently, I propelled us into the sky. Wep 150 UDC 1979
her wedding dress, illuminated wings that carried us across the air. The three crippled children squinted up at us from thep 151 UDC 1979
of a glass lake. My true realm was the vivid air, this commonwealth of space and time where we shared ourselvesp 151 UDC 1979
to my chest a corona of light shivered in the air around us. I pressed her against me and felt herp 152 UDC 1979
illuminated glass created by a master jeweller. I searched the air, but Miriam had gone, slipping away through the hundred doorsp 152 UDC 1979
roof of the car-park, the wedding dress filling the sunlit air, displaying to the silent people below the chimeric union ofp 152 UDC 1979
disbelief. Mrs St Cloud wandered across the road, scanning the air over her head. In some way the sky had mislaidp 153 UDC 1979
roof. Opening my arms, I released Miriam to the sunlit air. She stepped backwards from me, taking the wedding dress withp 153 UDC 1979
I knew that she now acknowledged my rule of the air. Her face was still blanched, as if her body hadp 153 UDC 1979
of Shepperton, I could at last make my escape. The Air is Filled with Children ‘Blake, can we fly?‘ ‘Teach usp 154 UDC 1979
scrap of breadfruit. Everywhere the birds were rising into the air again. ‘David! Jamie!‘ I decided to distract them. ‘All ofp 154 UDC 1979
dozens of birds into my body, snatching them from the air and bundling them through the trap-doors of my hands. Myp 155 UDC 1979
for their last flight to the unseen paradises of the air. Flying fever swept through Shepperton. Children raced around the shoppingp 155 UDC 1979
the heads of the children and lifted myself into the air. Three feet from the ground, I moved along at thep 156 UDC 1979
and down in the road, trying to climb onto the air. A middle-aged woman struggled with the sunlight falling into herp 156 UDC 1979
leaned down, took her shoulders and lifted her into the air. Squealing with delight as she held down her skirt, shep 156 UDC 1979
held down her skirt, she floated free on the noisy air, leaned over and helped her younger brother into my armsp 156 UDC 1979
and helped her younger brother into my arms. Suddenly the air was filled with children. They shrieked happily when they lookedp 156 UDC 1979
left the ground. Legs pedalling furiously, she soared into the air and embraced her daughter, smiling happily as they sailed towardsp 156 UDC 1979
kicking and jumping, doing everything to climb on to the air. A young man broke free, then helped his girl-friend upp 157 UDC 1979
old soldier with the shooting stick rose stiffly into the air. Sailing along, he waved his stick at me as ifp 157 UDC 1979
find to their astonishment that they too were in the air. By the time we reached the park more than ap 157 UDC 1979
after us. Helmet in hand, he clambered on to the air and sailed along serenely at the rear of the processionp 157 UDC 1979
been a secret catapult which would propel him into the air. David lumbered behind him, out of breath and too puzzledp 157 UDC 1979
the squeals of the other children falling from the crowded air. I waited for them to join us, and held upp 158 UDC 1979
hands. With a last effort David climbed on to the air, eyes wide at the sudden lightness of his great headp 158 UDC 1979
Like an airliner at take-off, the procession rose into the air behind me, watched by the curious deer feeding among thep 158 UDC 1979
wide circle three hundred feet above the rooftops. The cool air quietened everyone. Beside me the children sailed along with theirp 158 UDC 1979
eager pelicans, waiting for me to come down from the air and rescue her from these suitors. Directly above the churchp 159 UDC 1979
were expressionless, sunk now into an entranced wakefulness. The cool air ruffled the girls‘ skirts, and flicked at the hair ofp 159 UDC 1979
was the ten-year-old girl who had joined me in the air, her right hand still clutching a sweet. I held herp 159 UDC 1979
eagerly. I pressed her against my naked body. The cool air rushed furiously between us, opening a hundred vents to ourp 159 UDC 1979
slender arms, steering me as I reached across the bright air to embrace her younger brother. ‘Stephen ... come here.‘ I heardp 159 UDC 1979
the hundreds of men and women poised in the running air with outstretched arms. ‘Emily ... Amanda ... Bobby ...‘ Quickly I embraced thep 160 UDC 1979
residence within his mouth. They hung around me in the air, waving and smiling when I drew them into me onep 160 UDC 1979
in the sky, I moved in huge strides across the air. I had become an archangelic being of enormous power, atp 160 UDC 1979
the startled farm-workers. But as I sped northwards through the air a strange gradient turned me against myself. The wind leanedp 161 UDC 1979
The sky was brightening as we rose through the cool air. I felt the townspeople lying serenely within me, sleeping passengersp 161 UDC 1979
back upon myself. Angrily I swerved away from the solid air. I pretended to climb towards the sun, and then plungedp 161 UDC 1979
appliances and furniture suites. The ground rose through the rushing air. At the last moment I again felt the steadying affectionp 161 UDC 1979
across the roof of the car-park. Releasing them into the air behind me, I gave up any attempt to escape andp 161 UDC 1979
stop outside the supermarket. As everyone happily dismounted from the air I leaned helplessly against a parked car, like some dementedp 161 UDC 1979
we had left behind us, elaborate cat's-cradles that stitched the air together into the choreography of an archangelic ballet. I couldp 162 UDC 1979
marked my futile attempts to escape, dissolving into the unsettled air above Walton Bridge and the film studios. Despite my angerp 162 UDC 1979
of my body. Their chilled skins let corridors of cool air through the humid afternoon. However, there were no longer asp 162 UDC 1979
all my powers. The more I showed it to the air and the sky the greater my hope of winning themp 165 UDC 1979
concrete ramp from which I had launched myself into the air. I decided not to return to the St Clouds‘ mansionp 165 UDC 1979
I wanted them to praise my breath and sweat, the air that had even briefly touched my skin, my semen andp 166 UDC 1979
had been focused upon Shepperton. I smiled into the crowded air, thinking of all the failures in my past life --p 167 UDC 1979
the clouds of birds rising and falling in the liquid air drove the aircraft back, its crew confused by the hundredsp 168 UDC 1979
were taking off their clothes. They strolled through the warm air, below street-lights coloured by orchids and magnolia, plucking flowers fromp 169 UDC 1979
through their affection for each other they could regain the air. None of them was aware of their sex, as innocentp 174 UDC 1979
kept back by the clouds of birds driven into the air by their beating fans. As a flock of excited fulmarsp 177 UDC 1979
scent of blossom excited by the late afternoon sun, the air in the street formed a sweet sea on which wep 179 UDC 1979
fans drove a storm of leaves and insects into the air. Holding tight to the head-dress, I felt the pressure ofp 181 UDC 1979
slowly from the sky. Losing its purchase on the changing air, the helicopter slid sideways towards the roof of the churchp 181 UDC 1979
now a powerful glider trying to lift me into the air. Through the whirl of petals I saw that the centrep 181 UDC 1979
frantically at the retreating helicopter. But I now controlled the air. Followed by the crowd, Iran forward across the petal-whipped grassp 181 UDC 1979
the worshipping townspeople of Shepperton. Arm-in-arm, they sailed through the air above the aisle, a concourse of embracing figures, delightedly filmingp 182 UDC 1979
hand. He stared up at the congregation circling the dark air of the nave ten feet above his head, and atp 183 UDC 1979
For the second time that week I fell through the air. At the foot of the altar I lay dying amongp 183 UDC 1979
I could see the jungle burning in the warm night air. Thousands of terrified birds cowered in the branches of thep 184 UDC 1979
before dawn the streamers of my blood sank through the air, long tassels that extended from the wound in my chestp 185 UDC 1979
forced landing. Once again I had been plucked from the air, at the very moment of my marriage to Miriam Stp 185 UDC 1979
beside me, I waited as my blood fell from the air. At dawn a party of deranged aviators arrived. ‘Blake! He'sp 185 UDC 1979
from the film studios, a motley of uniforms from the air spectacular -- antique open-cockpit flying suits, fleece-lined jackets, broad-shouldered airlinep 186 UDC 1979
head-dress, the pennants of my blood shivered in the cool air. Stark ran ahead, raising his rifle to the sombre treesp 187 UDC 1979
head-dress. The streamers of my heart rose on the cold air and fluttered at their faces, the lost spirits of theirp 192 UDC 1979
strange fungus coated the feeble trees, feeding on the nitrogenous air. A foul miasma hung over the park and deformed thep 196 UDC 1979
of parched conduits, I felt the marmoset's lungs draw the air through my mouth, I felt the spaniel's dim brain atp 198 UDC 1979
light, as if my real self was diffusing through the air and lay within the bodies of all these creatures whop 199 UDC 1979
Only Jamie kept up his spirits. He hooted at the air over his head, testing the sky in the hope thatp 201 UDC 1979
a violent eagre rushed into my empty blood vessels. The air began to clear. My loins came alive in the handsp 206 UDC 1979
the sun. Already the first people were rising into the air, the bank manageress and the television actor. They beckoned mep 207 UDC 1979
flew around me hand in hand, willing me into the air. At last I felt the air cool my bruised toesp 207 UDC 1979
willing me into the air. At last I felt the air cool my bruised toes. I threw the crutch away, andp 207 UDC 1979
couple delighted with their first flight. We soared through the air beside the motorway, no longer concerned that the drivers inp 208 UDC 1979
in this small sky, I sank downwards through the quiet air. I stood on the roof of the car-park, exhausted byp 209 UDC 1979
with their ancient eyes, great wings raised to still the air. ‘Mrs St Cloud ...! Father Wingate ...‘ They had gone to joinp 210 UDC 1979
his strong shoulders merged with mine. I rose into the air, and released them to the sky above the park. Likep 212 UDC 1979
ride the sky. I flew away to the cool, uncrowded air above the film studios and released him towards the sunp 213 UDC 1979
bony mouth clamped against my lips, trying to suck the air from my lungs. As his brittle ribs merged with minep 215 UDC 1979
stippled feathers with a lolling head, exhausted by the strange air. ‘Blake, will it be strong enough to fly?‘ I tookp 218 UDC 1979
thrashed us with their soft spears, urging us into the air. Miriam struggled with her hair, which rose above her intop 218 UDC 1979
thousands of wings. Everywhere the birds were lifting into the air. As Miriam swayed towards me I gripped her hands. ‘It'sp 218 UDC 1979
the sky above the churchyard. We sailed through the vivid air, climbing the long aisles of the sun. We invited thep 218 UDC 1979
to join us, welcome guests at the wedding-feast of the air. We moved in and out of ourselves, a concourse litp 218 UDC 1979
an immense panoply of living creatures was rising into the air. A cloud of silver fish rose from the river, anp 219 UDC 1979
to its heart. Already I saw us rising into the air, fathers, mothers and their children, our ascending flights swaying acrossp 220 UDC 1979
30,000 feet, sex with them now in the over-heated air of their cabin would vaporise his bloodstream. At orgasm hisp 63 IY6 1979
purpose-built sanatorium with well-lit rooms, sunny grounds and a self-evident air of up-to-date medical practice and devotion to the well-being ofp 1002 HFF 1980
Cape Kennedy Space Center, the Space Shuttle landing at Edwards Air Force Base after a test flight, and the recovery ofp 11 HA 1981
clockwise in the water, its sails limp in the calming air. Steiner stared at the great towers of Manhattan now lessp 19 HA 1981
giant saguaro cactus raised its thirty-foot arms into the overheated air, an imposing sentinel guarding the entrance to a desert naturep 36 HA 1981
Great American Desert At seven o'clock that evening, when the air at last began to cool, a small reconnaissance party setp 40 HA 1981
the beaches of California from the south. The warm, moisture-laden air blowing over the coastal mountains produced torrential rainstorms and flash-floodsp 50 HA 1981
to disappear, leaving a leaky question mark on the quivering air, as if he were slipping away into a parallel continuump 52 HA 1981
fire beside the diving-board. The sparks flickered in the dark air, reflected in the shallow water of the swimming-pool, and inp 63 HA 1981
distant voices of Orlowski and Ricci calling through the night air. Wayne listened to the camels stirring under the date palmsp 63 HA 1981
Wayne and Steiner would ride out through the cool dusk air to search for damp potash lakes and salt pans, anyp 70 HA 1981
deserted, its great state-rooms and offices open to the evening air. The sand rolled up to the windows and spilled acrossp 72 HA 1981
left out of everything. Why don't you go to the Air Force Museum?‘ ‘I was there today,‘ Wayne lied calmly. ‘Ip 75 HA 1981
the start of the broadcast, sharp nose sniffing the dusk air as if he could smell the explosion. He embraced Annep 85 HA 1981
of a new cargo cult. Shielding Anne from the cool air, Steiner draped his burnouse over her shoulders, a gesture byp 86 HA 1981
his hat and let it unravel away on the night air. A Bureaucrat snatched it from the sand and began anp 87 HA 1981
leaping from the ground, strange wingless machines speeding through the air, all mixed up with bizarre images in the sky, everythingp 88 HA 1981
of dream, an embalmed yellow world of sand and amber-like air. We have entered the area of deepest desert, an almostp 94 HA 1981
Saloon above his head, Wayne ran forward through the overheated air. Giants in the Sky Later that afternoon Wayne at lastp 99 HA 1981
reached up to the gunbelt a thousand feet in the air. The silver-tipped bullets pointed down at Wayne like a rowp 101 HA 1981
for his rifle, hoping to fire a shot into the air and bring the giants back to save him. They passedp 102 HA 1981
set off together towards the mountains in the west. The air had cleared, and a dome of unstressed blue porcelain hungp 102 HA 1981
came on, he noticed a curious machine soaring through the air above the town, an aircraft of gossamer foil with ap 103 HA 1981
spray cooled his forehead, and with each mouthful of surging air Wayne felt his confidence return, pumping up every nerve andp 105 HA 1981
boot -- and McNair pedalled the man-powered plane into the air to scan the surrounding desert. It was on one ofp 110 HA 1981
America. Across the Rockies Higher ground now, and cooler dust-free air in which they all breathed more freely. They were movingp 113 HA 1981
steam-cars laboured up the gradient, pistons flagging in the thinner air, everyone stared at the opalised trees that climbed the mountainp 113 HA 1981
slack and slept under the stars in the cool mountain air with its scent of amber and pyrites and death. Thep 113 HA 1981
the villa-fortresses of some race of latterday Incas. As the air grew even colder, their breath shorter, they stopped at ap 114 HA 1981
signalled the cars behind to halt. In the cold, thin air the steam from the panting engines condensed in a wetp 114 HA 1981
dripping forest world. It was warmer now, a temperate, humid air. They passed a giant tropical oak beside a small streamp 116 HA 1981
a small valley lake three hundred feet below them. The air cleared. The quilted cloud-base, a soft upholstered ceiling, lifted abovep 116 HA 1981
above them, the roof of a huge green boudoir. The air was thicker here, hot and damp, the humid atmosphere ofp 116 HA 1981
appeared, sharp-bladed parasols raised to the incessant drip of moist air swirling across them, there were tamarinds and groves of forestp 116 HA 1981
tapestries from the stately arms of the oaks. The saturated air leaked moisture on to everything it touched, a glimmer ofp 116 HA 1981
visible between the forest walls, the manpowered glider circled the air. They had stopped to change a tyre on the Galaxyp 118 HA 1981
he resembled one of the demented birds, drunk on the air. Wayne jumped from the Chrysler and ran towards the gliderp 119 HA 1981
soared along the road, its reversed propeller churning the hot air. As Wayne and Anne caught the wingtips, McNair was alreadyp 119 HA 1981
elegant hotel orchestra. The singer's voice rose on the night air, crooning in a relaxed but showy baritone half-familiar to themp 123 HA 1981
a deafening volume of sound freighted every molecule in the air. But as he hesitated in the glare of the spotlightp 126 HA 1981
empty. ‘Still, you've made a start. Already you have an air force.‘ It was a clever guess. Paco gestured dismissively. ‘Justp 133 HA 1981
looked out on the lights of the evening city, the air in the suite tasted curiously sterile. An elaborate secondary air-conditioningp 134 HA 1981
unit. It drummed faintly in the blue light, sucking the air away from his skin, decontaminating the sealed room. ‘Come inp 135 HA 1981
of the Manson operation, and at the old Hughes Executive Air Terminal, which handles the communications set-up. I noticed that apartp 141 HA 1981
ago, when I went out for a breath of evening air, a jeep patrol led by Ursula and two gun-toting girlsp 143 HA 1981
as a runway. A dozen rainbows shimmered in the night air, then came together to form an immense three-dimensional figure asp 144 HA 1981
Beach. Paco pointed out its two main tributaries, the Bel Air River and the Hollywood River, both strong brown channels ap 147 HA 1981
flocks of cranes and flamingos. As we circled over Bel Air and Beverly Hills I could see alligators sunning themselves besidep 147 HA 1981
at the overgrown gardens of the abandoned mansions. From the air Los Angeles is a bizarre sight. The great freeways arep 147 HA 1981
waist-guns pouring fire into the flocks of helpless birds. The air was a whirlwind of noise and bloody feathers, thousands ofp 150 HA 1981
trying to defend his small herd bathing in a Bel Air hotel pool. The female and her young luckily escaped intop 151 HA 1981
the youngsters yelling ‘Edwards‘ to each other -- presumably Edwards Air Force Base. I tried to climb into the cockpit asp 156 HA 1981
in Fremont Street, raised its delicate muzzle to the rain-washed air and gazed at the glittering facade of the Golden Nuggetp 158 HA 1981
of downtown Las Vegas, soaring on a carpet of warm air that rose from the thousands of illuminated signs below. Hep 159 HA 1981
his aerosol container, and explained cryptically: ‘Headquarters of the Strategic Air Command.‘ Wayne nodded in agreement, without knowing why. ‘The militaryp 162 HA 1981
into the sky to think. Looking out at the brilliant air, Wayne pedalled the Gossamer Albatross towards the Desert Inn, carefulp 164 HA 1981
breathless paraplegics ...‘ Pedalling confidently, Wayne climbed high into the clear air, an eager Icarus in his acetate wings, and twice asp 164 HA 1981
among the glittering streets. Legs cycling happily, Wayne mounted the air again. He loved his mild flirtations with Anne, an elaboratep 165 HA 1981
into the sky, climbing the staircases of sunlight. The cool air sucked and whispered at the fabric of the plane, ticklingp 165 HA 1981
its harsh blades slashed at the sunlight and chopped the air into exploding blocks. A series of tornadoes seized the Gossamerp 166 HA 1981
tree-trunks, but a sombre, magisterial oak strode across the confused air and struck Wayne and his wounded glider to the groundp 166 HA 1981
you're good, Wayne, you have a nice feel for the air. A lovely plane for its day, though basically just ap 170 HA 1981
only a few points of condensing moisture in the humid air marked out the crystal surfaces of their delicate geometry. Drp 176 HA 1981
transparent pane a ripple of stress lines trembled in the air. ‘An amazing material, Wayne, one of the hundreds of newp 176 HA 1981
the inner surface, together they produce an enormous rise in air temperature. You can see I've had to tie her downp 176 HA 1981
In effect, the plane generates its own cushion of warm air, if we cant the wings like a helicopter's blades they'llp 176 HA 1981
ran off from the pilot's handles and disappeared into the air. ‘It's remarkable, doctor.‘ The craft quivered as Wayne propelled himselfp 176 HA 1981
of forty or fifty men working together could build an air force in next to no time.‘ Dr Fleming smiled cannilyp 177 HA 1981
tried to visualise himself flying this suicidal craft into the air. It was time to get back to Manson, back top 178 HA 1981
obviously a marked increase in activity, a tension in the air that had nothing to do with any search for Waynep 179 HA 1981
the pall of black smoke that leaned across the jungle air. ‘It's been good of you to look after me, butp 180 HA 1981
plumes of incandescent smoke across the forest canopy, fists of air that punched the walls of the Convention Center. Before Waynep 184 HA 1981
knees, Wayne shielded his face as hot dust scalded the air. A glass biplane disintegrated, its staywires shredding, crystal panes breakingp 184 HA 1981
like drunken skaters on the broken glass. The warm, sticky air of the jungle poured through the shattered doors of thep 186 HA 1981
to east across Las Vegas. As fragments of the bright air fell around him, Wayne took shelter under the portico ofp 187 HA 1981
and flak jacket, that rose a thousand feet into the air above the city. Now that his batteries atop the Sandsp 196 HA 1981
had been pulled, this barely dimmed the corona of luminous air that hung over the city. Huge fires were burning aroundp 200 HA 1981
within this diffuse and magnified image, as insubstantial as the air, all their resentment and violence emerged clearly. Within the over-largep 200 HA 1981
held an ivory ball which he tossed loosely in the air, ready to flick it like a firework into the rotatingp 205 HA 1981
They moved in a rigid tandem, blades scrambling across the air, firing their rockets and gatlings into the unguarded vehicles. Jeepsp 221 HA 1981
blades spun, and the two robot helicopters rose into the air. Advancing down the Strip was a curious procession of somep 223 HA 1981
was pointing towards the Convention Center. Floating through the morning air was an immense cloud of pale-winged dragonflies. Their delicate membranesp 232 HA 1981
dozens of the craft, Sunlight Fliers released to the benign air from the doorways of the Convention Center. They drew nearerp 232 HA 1981
web of silver wires. His free legs swung in the air, and now and then launched into a burst of make-believep 232 HA 1981
pilots were all children, bright faces lit by the morning air, the sometime members of Manson's militia. There was Enrico atp 232 HA 1981
behind Enrico, as the great dragonfly rose steeply into the air. ‘They're coming for us! Anne, Wayne -- leave the tankp 233 HA 1981
the turret. They stood beside the tank, shouting into the air as a dozen of the Sunlight Fliers hovered above themp 233 HA 1981
a wizened robin released from his cage to the kindly air. Anne climbed behind Dr Fleming, hands around the old scientist'sp 233 HA 1981
to the sun. Pepsodent and Heinz rose nervously into the air behind a couple of twelve-year-old aces with a minute's flyingp 234 HA 1981
by the name of Wayne?‘ Laughter came down from the air. Ursula's monoplane hung above him, wingtips teasingly out of armsp 234 HA 1981
cheerfully and canted the wings. An instant wave of warm air propelled the Flier towards the sky. The roofs of thep 234 HA 1981
Nevada border twenty minutes later, soaring through the clear mountain air. They had spread out soon after leaving Las Vegas, andp 235 HA 1981
at the subtle wing-warping that steered the Flier through the air, so like its namesake at Kitty Hawk. Far away top 235 HA 1981
and weed-choked swimming pools of the small town near the air base, in the silent runways with their dusty jets sittingp 1011 NFS 1981
on a forgotten planet. In a locked hangar at the air base were a Porsche and an antique Jaguar. His colleaguesp 1011 NFS 1981
tottered off among the mirrors, his clenched fists pummelling the air. Seeing him, the pilot banked steeply around the sun-tower, thenp 1013 NFS 1981
to be sure what he would do next. This former air force pilot and would-be astronaut, whose application Franklin had rejectedp 1013 NFS 1981
cult airport with wooden control tower and planes in the air base car park, a cruel parody intended to punish thep 1013 NFS 1981
Cutting the engine, he let the microlight die in the air, then stalled the flapping machine on to the service roadp 1013 NFS 1981
mirrors, the small, vicious propeller that shredded the light and air, time and space. This failed astronaut had first come top 1015 NFS 1981
While Franklin was away at a conference, Slade arrived by air force ambulance, posing as a terminal patient. With his whitep 1015 NFS 1981
Trippett, rather than on the volunteer panels of housewives and air force personnel. But the old astronaut intimidated him, touched allp 1017 NFS 1981
time, a moving face seemed to smear itself across the air, the human body became a surrealist monster. For Franklin, andp 1019 NFS 1981
middle of a sentence, some mysteriously burnt-out scrambled egg, the air force sergeant who looked after the Mercedes annoyed by hisp 1019 NFS 1981
across the car park he looked out over the deserted air base. Two hundred yards from the control tower, a youngp 1020 NFS 1981
runways left their homes and trailers and strayed across the air base, staring into the dusk like the wives of forgottenp 1020 NFS 1981
soared away into the sky. Hunting for Slade, the excited air surged around Franklin. He stood up, hands raised to shieldp 1021 NFS 1981
and the constant arguments that warped themselves out of the air. Yet curiously those had been happy days, filled with thep 1023 NFS 1981
pentecostal presence, a vaguely bio-morphic blur that hung in the air like a photograph taken with the perimeter camera. My pistolp 1026 NFS 1981
roof-tops. Franklin stood up, shielding his eyes from the vivid air on the balcony. He watched the aircraft circle the surroundingp 1027 NFS 1981
Slade attacked him? There was a faint image on the air of a wounded woman ... Las Vegas was deserted. Here andp 1027 NFS 1981
his clock. It was almost noon when he reached the air base. The clinic was silent, its car park empty. Weedsp 1027 NFS 1981
a warning of the onset of the next fugue. The air seemed to warp itself around him. Holding the door-frame, hep 1028 NFS 1981
Franklin gazed round the silent laboratory, listening to the empty air. He retrieved his wristwatch from the waste basket and leftp 1029 NFS 1981
the maze of diagonal lines, the desert landscape around the air base resembled the perimeter photographs of Marion and Slade togetherp 1029 NFS 1981
same moment. He stood up and steadied himself against the air. The hills undulated around him, the copulating bodies of allp 1030 NFS 1981
the two kites in the sky above his head. The air was engorged with light, a flood of photons crowded aroundp 1031 NFS 1981
away, fingers outstretched like a child's to catch the brilliant air. Smiling at everything around her, she tried to talk top 1032 NFS 1981
left a hundred replicas of herself behind her, seeded the air with a host of identical twins. Seen from the speedingp 1033 NFS 1981
farm, and the reflected light from its propeller filled the air with knives. Since his arrival at Soleri he had seenp 1034 NFS 1981
and down, a juggler palming pieces of light in the air. ‘Slade! Leave the old man!‘ Franklin ran forward into thep 1035 NFS 1981
time, as if he now accepted the logic of the air and the light, the vibrating propeller and the happy oldp 1035 NFS 1981
on the runways for you.‘ Franklin swayed against the brightening air. Trippett was still conducting the propeller, impatient to join thep 1036 NFS 1981
a naked angel pinioned against the stained glass of the air. ‘Doctor? I could save ...‘ Slade beckoned to him, his armp 1036 NFS 1981
The silver pistols multiplied. Like dragonflies, they hovered in the air around Franklin long after the aircraft had taken off intop 1036 NFS 1981
stood among the mirrors, as the aircraft multiplied in the air and crowded the sky with endless armadas. Ursula was comingp 1036 NFS 1981
foot across the desert, he at last reached the empty air base. In the evenings he sat on the roof abovep 1036 NFS 1981
of his elaborate attempt to lure Sheppard into the open air. For weeks now he had been hanging around the desertedp 1061 MNF 1982
blocked by a man-powered aircraft that had lifted into the air from the forest clearing. Twice the size of the Cessnap 1063 MNF 1982
and tore off the passenger door. Stunned by the roaring air, Sheppard limped the craft back to Cocoa Beach, and broughtp 1063 MNF 1982
lit by that same luminescence he had glimpsed from the air, a flood of photons released from the pavilion in thep 1063 MNF 1982
from a precarious gondola suspended at its core, through an air like fire-glass that might melt the dusty windows of hisp 1064 MNF 1982
north of the town. Two others followed it into the air, and the trio swayed across the placid sky, flown byp 1071 MNF 1982
memory, tenderness and desire, was a key to the vivid air, to that new time and space which the first astronautsp 1072 MNF 1982
the swimming pool, a large man-carrying kite hung in the air. The painted figure of a winged woman was silhouetted againstp 1072 MNF 1982
whatever ambiguous message he had sent up into the fierce air. Almost tripping over the woman's shadow, Sheppard paused to gazep 1072 MNF 1982
Sheppard threw away his sunglasses and looked up into the air. He was surprised that the sky was far closer top 1072 MNF 1982
leaping up and down in an attempt to gain the air with his one wing. Too surprised to laugh at Martinsenp 1073 MNF 1982
to his own youth. The flow of light through the air had begun to slow, layers of time overlaid each otherp 1075 MNF 1982
derelicts as they were all about to rise into the air, a flight of angels. Suddenly a humdrum world had returnedp 1075 MNF 1982
bird was clearly visible. Sheppard breathed freely in the gold-lit air. There were no kites in the sky, but to thep 1077 MNF 1982
to rise from the ground. They hung silently in the air, their golden fans lit by the sun. Sheppard stepped ashorep 1081 MNF 1982
them. A giant butterfly spread its harlequin wings against the air, halted in midflight. Avoiding it, Sheppard strode towards the entrancep 1081 MNF 1982
sun. Martinsen stood in the entrance, staring at the bright air with the toneless expression of a sleepwalker woken from ap 1083 MNF 1982
Island. Hung from the Apollo gantries, a canopy of diamond air stretched across the forest. There was a glimmer of movementp 1083 MNF 1982
own reflection He took one of the birds from the air and smoothed its plumage searching for that same key hep 1084 MNF 1982
set it free, Sheppard lifted the orioles down from the air and caressed them one by one. He released the giantp 1084 MNF 1982
sky. Standing naked on the balcony, Mallory let the amber air warm his skin. He counted the ribs below his shoulderp 1037 MSA 1982
unnourished sleep of the grave. Already sweating in the humid air, Mallory returned to the bedroom. Anne had woken, but layp 1038 MSA 1982
Losing interest in Mallory, the birds were rising into the air. A dappled shadow crossed the car park, and Mallory lookedp 1041 MSA 1982
the roof of the hotel. Its twin-bladed propeller struck the air like a child's paddle, driven at a leisurely pace byp 1041 MSA 1982
against the sky. The powered glider side-slipped out of the air, circled and soared along the bridge, its miniature undercarriage onlyp 1042 MSA 1982
from her throat. ‘Hinton!‘ As Mallory shouted into the noisy air the pilot leaned from the cockpit and pointed to ap 1042 MSA 1982
the pilot was shooting blank ammunition left over from some air display. Then the first bullets struck the metalled road ap 1043 MSA 1982
the fish were ready to take their place in the air. Mallory welcomed them. He knew that he had been walkingp 1044 MSA 1982
halt. Mallory hung in mid-step, his bare feet in the air above the ground. Parked on the tiled path beside thep 1044 MSA 1982
the figure of a young woman who hung in the air with outstretched arms above the diving board. Suspended over thep 1045 MSA 1982
clothing she had ever worn? A true child of the air, born and sleeping on the wing. With her overbright mascarap 1046 MSA 1982
the gulls and swallows were again gathering, drawn into the air by the distant drone of an aero-engine. ‘Listen -- anp 1047 MSA 1982
its own length. Pedalling swiftly, she propelled it into the air, climbing over the chromium rockets of the theme park. Thep 1048 MSA 1982
he had locked Shepley into the docking module, vented his air supply and then cast him loose in his coffin, keepingp 1049 MSA 1982
his antique aircraft at Cape Kennedy, some native of the air who had so far eluded the half-hearted attempts to groundp 1049 MSA 1982
as Hinton opened the throttle. The biplane gazelled into the air. In a gust of wind across the exposed causeway itp 1050 MSA 1982
and undernourished man. The years in prison and the rushing air above Cape Kennedy had leached all trace of iron saltsp 1050 MSA 1982
seen as the cheetah sprang towards him. Time left the air, wavered briefly as he struggled to retain his hold onp 1052 MSA 1982
of it, doctor, true flight. We'll live forever in the air!‘ ‘Hinton ...‘ Mallory backed along the deck as Hinton seized thep 1052 MSA 1982
wanted Hinton to vault the rail, step out onto the air and challenge the birds. If he pressed his shoulders ... ‘Doctorp 1053 MSA 1982
at the edge. His skin had become part of the air, invaded by the light. He needed to shrug aside thep 1053 MSA 1982
time and light. He would fly ... A flurry of charged air struck his face. Fracture lines appeared in the wind aroundp 1053 MSA 1982
gantries of the space centre. An aircraft hung in the air above them, a primitive helicopter with an overhead propeller. Thep 1056 MSA 1982
above their heads. An antique autogyro, it lumbered through the air like an aerial harvester, its free-spinning rotor apparently powered byp 1058 MSA 1982
Mallory looked up at the billows boiling into the stained air. The forest was flushed with heat, the foliage glowing likep 1058 MSA 1982
a shower of sparks the burning craft lifted into the air and fell back upon the Sopwith Camel. Ignited by thep 1059 MSA 1982
their faces, as if they were already moving through the air together. Although Hinton's hand was around Anne's waist, they seemedp 1059 MSA 1982
fruit onto his shoulders and hands. Dolphins flew through the air over the nearby sea. Once he immersed himself in thep 1059 MSA 1982
to draw his Mauser and fire a shot into the air. But the Japanese were careful with their ammunition. Two soldiersp 23 ES 1984
at Hungjao, a place of magic for Jim, where the air ran with dreams and excitements. There was the galvanized hangarp 30 ES 1984
picked up his model glider and launched it into the air. Caught by the wind, the model banked steeply and soaredp 31 ES 1984
Japanese seaplane landing on the river at the Nantao Naval Air Base. He thought of the crashed fighter at Hungjao Aerodromep 37 ES 1984
message across the river. Two miles upstream, beyond the Naval Air Base at Nantao, was a boom of sunken freighters whichp 40 ES 1984
firework display, burning pieces of the Petrel soared into the air and then splashed into the water. Jim felt numbed byp 43 ES 1984
him. He listened to the seaplanes flying from the Naval Air Base at Nantao. ‘ ... ah ... ah ...‘ The soldier shook his headp 50 ES 1984
Jim in the Avenue Petain, shouting slogans into the noisy air. They stamped away, clumsily marking time below the baroque facadep 56 ES 1984
As he climbed the staircase to his mother's bedroom the air was stale with the smell of strange sweat. His mother'sp 62 ES 1984
sofa in his mother's bedroom. Her presence hung on the air like her scent, holding at bay the deformed figure inp 64 ES 1984
lay down. He watched the aircraft turning in the cold air that moved through the empty apartment. He and Patrick hadp 70 ES 1984
empty apartment. He and Patrick had spent hours inventing imaginary air battles in the sky of that bedroom above the Avenuep 70 ES 1984
let himself into the house, opening the shutters of the air vent in order to hide the broken pane. Quickly Jimp 80 ES 1984
the Japanese seaplanes moored to their buoys at the Naval Air Base. He waited for the pilots to come out inp 89 ES 1984
the river, but Jim fell asleep quickly in the cold air. His thin body seemed to float on the night, hoveringp 89 ES 1984
against the door frame. A familiar scent hung in the air, reminding him of his mother's bedroom in Amherst Avenue, thep 93 ES 1984
a flying boat about to take off from the Naval Air Base. A Japanese patrol boat had closed the channel, givingp 96 ES 1984
fishy grain. Basie talked, his devious voice circling the fume-filled air with its scent of cologne and Craven A. He thoughtp 99 ES 1984
more luxuriant.‘ ‘Luxuriant?‘ Basie savoured the word in the grey air. He gazed at the houses around them, at the Tudorp 106 ES 1984
his mat below the transom window. The stream of fresh air soon revived him, and one by one he pulled awayp 115 ES 1984
a hand to calm him. But Jim relished the foetid air, the smell of human fertilizer from the open sewage congsp 126 ES 1984
it with water from his canteen. Holding it in the air, he beckoned Jim towards him. Jim took the bottle, bowedp 135 ES 1984
invent some spoof for Dr Ransome. There was a self-confident air about this young physician that he distrusted, the same attitudep 138 ES 1984
kite, and stand on the shoulder of the wind ... The air rushed into his watering eyes as the truck sped alongp 140 ES 1984
estuary, were being occupied by the Japanese Army and Navy Air Forces. They passed a bomb-damaged fighter base where Japanese engineersp 140 ES 1984
Perhaps, when the war ended, he would join the Japanese Air Force and wear the Rising Sun stitched to his shouldersp 141 ES 1984
blaze, and the smell of warm fat drifted across the air. Somehow Jim had to catch the eyes of the soldiersp 143 ES 1984
to return to the detention centre in Shanghai. The evening air settled over the burnt-out stockyards. The Chinese coolies finished theirp 144 ES 1984
the window to watch any passing aircraft. The entire Japanese air force seemed to be on its way to attack thep 150 ES 1984
catch the American pilots who would soon fall from the air. There were thousands of coffins, enough to take Dr Ransomep 152 ES 1984
the south of Shanghai. The afternoon light rose into the air, as if returning to the sun a small part ofp 156 ES 1984
row of parked aircraft, feathers of bone against the darkening air. Jim studied the aircraft, recognizing the plump fuselages and radialp 156 ES 1984
Americans must have won the war.‘ Jim let the warm air rush into his face. They approached the military airfield, thep 157 ES 1984
guards patrolled the perimeter road, their bayonets cutting the sombre air. Two single-engined transport aircraft were parked on the edge ofp 157 ES 1984
nettles. Clouds of ashy white dust rose into the evening air, as the military vehicles in front of them tipped theirp 158 ES 1984
stone and rubble on to the ground. Armed soldiers and air force police guarded the valley, rifles in hand, their uniformsp 158 ES 1984
the runway their chalky figures seemed to illuminate the evening air. Around them the Japanese sentries watched without moving. Fifty feetp 159 ES 1984
aircraft, but Jim could smell their engines on the night air. He inhaled the odour of oil and engine coolant. Alreadyp 160 ES 1984
their hourly patrol of the camp. Now that the American air attacks had become a daily event, the Japanese soldiers nop 163 ES 1984
once he stepped through the wire fence Jim felt the air steady around him. He ran along the cinder path, hisp 167 ES 1984
Ransome had warned him not to run, but the American air attacks and the imminent prospect of the war's end madep 168 ES 1984
every year or every month? Perhaps there would be an air raid that afternoon, when he could check the latest designp 174 ES 1984
to the Mustangs and Superfortresses. Jim looked forward to the air raids. Beside the Packard was a small section that Jimp 174 ES 1984
his parents. This unknown English couple, perhaps dead in an air raid, had almost become his mother and father. Jim knewp 175 ES 1984
camp, beyond the world of guards and hunger and American air attacks to which he himself was passionately committed. He wantedp 176 ES 1984
himself with the thought that there might be an American air raid that afternoon -- who did he want to winp 182 ES 1984
run for Basie and Private Kimura, and then the afternoon air raid -- all in all, a full programme until thep 184 ES 1984
over the children squatting on one step. As the warm air ruffled the ragged strips of his shirt he ran offp 185 ES 1984
into the familiar and reassuring world of the camp. The Air Raid On his way to the hospital, Jim paused top 186 ES 1984
concrete apron, all that was left of the once invincible air wing that had flown from Lunghua. Around the edges ofp 187 ES 1984
of what seemed to Jim to be the entire Japanese Air Force. Scores of rusting aircraft sat on their flattened undercarriagesp 187 ES 1984
the runway that carried the Zeros and Hayates into the air war against the Americans. Jim was well aware that hisp 188 ES 1984
Jim was well aware that his commitment to the Japanese Air Force stemmed from the still fearful knowledge that he hadp 188 ES 1984
drilled through Jim's head. Excited by the prospect of an air raid, Jim peered at the sky through the open roofp 190 ES 1984
minute the camp was deserted, leaving Jim to conduct the air raid alone from the balcony of the assembly hall. Hep 191 ES 1984
hall. He listened keenly, already suspecting a false alarm. The air raids came earlier each day, as the Americans moved theirp 191 ES 1984
towards the perimeter fence. A tornado of noise filled the air, from which emerged a single-engined fighter with silver fuselage andp 191 ES 1984
with silver fuselage and the Stars-and-Bars insignia of the US Air Force. Only thirty feet above Jim's head, the Mustang's wingsp 191 ES 1984
in a searing flash above the assembly hall, stunning the air. Dust cascaded from the concrete roof and poured on top 192 ES 1984
the Japanese, but the Mustang fighters were the Cadillacs of air combat. He was too breathless to shout to the pilotsp 192 ES 1984
anti-aircraft batteries around the runway were still firing into the air. Cat's cradles of tracer stitched the sky, threads of phosphorusp 192 ES 1984
an unbroken flak ceiling. Jim had never before seen an air attack of such scale. A second wave of Mustangs crossedp 193 ES 1984
towards the ground. Out of control, it slid across the air, and its wing-tip sheared the embankment of a disused canalp 193 ES 1984
cartwheeled across the paddy fields and fell apart in the air. It exploded in a curtain wall of flaming gasoline throughp 193 ES 1984
stench of burnt oil and engine coolant filled the disturbed air. All over the camp, miniature tornadoes of leaves and deadp 193 ES 1984
way ever since his arrival at Lunghua. He welcomed the air raids, the noise of the Mustangs as they swept overp 194 ES 1984
Jim's head, white with dust as if aged by the air raid. ‘Jim, I need you at the hospital. Sergeant Nagatap 195 ES 1984
beard with his straw coolie hat. Although unsettled by the air raid, he watched Jim in a weary but patient wayp 195 ES 1984
bomb blast. In fact, it was a reprisal for the air raid, as the prisoners would know to their cost thatp 196 ES 1984
Dr Ransome stopped to catch his breath. He forced the air into his bony chest, staring at his reflection in thep 197 ES 1984
where the thirty patients lay on their bunks. After every air raid there were a few deaths, from shock or exhaustionp 198 ES 1984
with Sergeant Nagata today. And don't tell him about the air raid.‘ Noticing that Jim's eyes were fixed on the signetp 199 ES 1984
in front of the prisoners. The scale of the American air raid had clearly shaken him. His jaws clenched as hep 200 ES 1984
Perhaps Sergeant Nagata would appreciate a first-hand account of the air raid? But the sergeant strode into the men's ward, shoutingp 200 ES 1984
of which Sergeant Nagata would disapprove. The memory of the air raid excited Jim. The Mustangs still streaked across the campp 201 ES 1984
peasants in the burial mounds. Jim longed for the next air raid, dreaming of the violent light, barely able to breathep 202 ES 1984
the Japanese could muster as a reprisal for the American air raid. The young pilot, barely older than Jim, wore hisp 204 ES 1984
to join the RAF.‘ ‘I'm going to join the Japanese Air Force.‘ ‘Oh? The Japanese ...?‘ The missionary widows tittered, still unsurep 205 ES 1984
packing cases, trying to remember the song. Upset by the air raid, the women ignored Mr Wentworth and listened to thep 213 ES 1984
as Demarest returned to his cubicle. ‘There just isn't enough air for him in the whole of Lunghua. Isn't that itp 217 ES 1984
Mustangs took it all with them. Did you see the air raid?‘ ‘I heard it, Jim ...‘ Basie glanced darkly at Jimp 217 ES 1984
Dr Ransome's medical cabinet?‘ ‘There weren't any tomatoes, Basie. The air raid spoiled them.‘ ‘Those Filipino pilots ... Never mind. Tell mep 220 ES 1984
the clay venturi, where, as Dr Ransome had explained, the air moved most swiftly. As soon as the drinking water hadp 224 ES 1984
be soaked. As Jim straightened the spine he heard the air raid siren sound from the guardhouse. After a few secondsp 226 ES 1984
the prisoners ought to celebrate, throw their clogs in the air, seize the air raid siren and play it back atp 232 ES 1984
to celebrate, throw their clogs in the air, seize the air raid siren and play it back at the incoming Americanp 232 ES 1984
confusion had exhausted everyone in Lunghua. During July the American air attacks had become almost continuous. Waves of Mustangs and Lightningsp 232 ES 1984
continuous. Waves of Mustangs and Lightnings flew in from the air bases on Okinawa, strafing the airfields around Shanghai, attacking thep 232 ES 1984
of prisoners turned to watch them. A second platoon of air force police was wading across the canal that separated Lunghuap 237 ES 1984
fallen back, lungs aching as he gasped at the humid air. Only the lengthy halt at a canal checkpoint saved himp 245 ES 1984
think of a joke that would cheer Mrs Philips. ‘It's air I'm short of after all that walking, not food.‘ ‘Yesp 247 ES 1984
wife crying in the yellow grass. The sunlight charged the air above the canal, an intense aura of hunger that stungp 249 ES 1984
Jim went to drink at the water's edge the evening air was filled with the stench of defecating women. Jim stoodp 255 ES 1984
when the rain had stopped, the flashes of an American air raid lit up the stadium, like the sheet lightning ofp 259 ES 1984
head against Mr Maxted's chest. The rapid flashes of the air raids filled the stadium and dressed the sleeping prisoners inp 260 ES 1984
games and hallucinations continued until the late afternoon, when an air raid at Hongkew again lit up the stadium, Jim layp 267 ES 1984
for the noise of hacksaws or cutting equipment, but the air was empty, as if the fury of the American bombardmentp 278 ES 1984
its wings by the scrap-dealers. The pilot sucked at the air, distracted by Jim's patient gaze like an older schoolboy forcedp 280 ES 1984
higher pitch of one of its starboard engines cracking the air. Too weak to move, Jim waited for the bombs top 283 ES 1984
with coloured parachutes. Dozens of canopies floated gaily on the air, as if enjoying the August sun. The vivid parasols remindedp 283 ES 1984
scarlet canopy of the parachute was billowing gently in the air that moved along the canal. Holding the cold treasure top 284 ES 1984
teased from its shell. He waved his bandages in the air, bloody pennants that signalled some special kind of anger top 285 ES 1984
vision of all the abundance of America falling from the air, Jim laughed happily to himself. He began his second, andp 287 ES 1984
road. The verges were littered with the debris of the air attacks. Burnt-out trucks and supply wagons lay in the ditchesp 291 ES 1984
throttled back so that the silver machine whispered through the air. Then Jim saw that its guns were cocked, their ejectionp 291 ES 1984
his mouth, Jim walked into the men's ward. The decaying air streamed down the plywood walls, bathing the flies that fedp 302 ES 1984
the nettles. His baggy flying suit, lit by the evening air, reminded Jim of another pilot of the dusk who hadp 304 ES 1984
circle the pagoda at Lunghua Airfield. An hour later the air drops began to the prisoner-of-war camps near Shanghai. The squadronsp 305 ES 1984
The group of mud dwellings had vanished, sucked into the air by the boiling cloud of its own debris. The cachep 328 ES 1984
The cabin steward squinted through the dust falling from the air. He had been stunned by the concussion wave of thep 329 ES 1984
were filled with water. Hidden from the sun, a gloomy air lay over the slack tide that swilled against the beachp 330 ES 1984
Jim stopped by a shallow irrigation ditch, in which an air force private lay with his hands tied behind him. Hundredsp 334 ES 1984
his magazine. He tossed the tin of Spam into the air, caught it with one hand, but on the second throwp 335 ES 1984
the long grass. But the valley was empty, its bright air devoured by the flies. The figure moved slightly, crushing thep 336 ES 1984
doors opened and a swarm of flies fled through the air, their feast-days done. Brushing them from his face, over whichp 341 ES 1984
now a dream of flight. Dozens of US Navy and Air Force planes sat on the grass, factory-new fighters and chromium-sheathedp 348 ES 1984
a rectangle of silver light that hung in the night air, a window into another universe. As the army technicians onp 350 ES 1984
revenge. The army projectionists had rewound their film, and an air battle started again over the heads of the crowds. Asp 351 ES 1984
is the assassin's true target. The Dream of Death by Air ‘ ... in the Second Fall, their attempt to escape from theirp 1093 OOA 1984
Eagle scout, 1945. B.S. (Physics), Caltech, 1953. Graduated US Air Force Academy, 1957. Served Vietnam, 1964-9. Enrolled NASA 1970; deputyp 1095 OOA 1984
the silent debating chamber of the Commons, breathing the stale air. However, there was not the least explanation anywhere of whatp 5 SAJ 1984
time I was living in an out-of-order cubicle in the air traffic controllers‘ washroom in Terminal 3. 22) Approx. 5 ftp 1101 ATQ 1985
Florence Burgess, fifty-five, deaconess, Bible Society Bookshop; Angelina Gomez, twenty-three, air hostess, Iberian Airways; Phoebe Adams, forty-three, cruise protestor, Camp Orangep 1102 ATQ 1985
seize the first offer of a free drink, the whole air of failure ... no doubt you think that I am ap 1105 MWM 1985
astronaut?‘ ‘Of course ...‘ The waiter flicked a bottle-top into the air and treated the sky to a knowing sneer. ‘Who elsep 1107 MWM 1985
I was not run over. This sense of a loosening air persisted as I rode back to Ipanema. My fellow passengersp 1112 MWM 1985
of its impact. In this story of an insane US Air Force general who launches an all-out nuclear attack on thep 18 UGM 1987
memorials in a valley of bones. I inhaled the scented air. If I was to be executed, it seemed only justp 12 DC 1987
welcomed the sharper whiteness of the dust which the night air had washed against the flattened tyres. From the tower ofp 17 DC 1987
he stepped on to the beach he touched the hazy air with an officious hand, still trying to calculate the thousandsp 21 DC 1987
seemed almost derelict. The cage doors were open to the air, and rotting animal feed lay in open pails, pilfered byp 22 DC 1987
I'll talk to Harare -- he'll let them go ...‘ The air was silent. The guerillas had switched off their radios. Plumesp 24 DC 1987
to shoot us. Fame Signal flares were falling from the air, like discarded pieces of the sun. The nearest burned throughp 25 DC 1987
could see on the Dakota's fuselage the faded livery of Air Centrafrique. Harare and his guerillas had gone, vanishing into thep 25 DC 1987
The noise faded, and the co-pilot's window opened to the air. A blond-haired man in a safari jacket, with a deepp 29 DC 1987
your national anthem. However, I can arrange your flight with Air Centrafrique. The Dakota returns today.‘ ‘So soon? Hope comes andp 43 DC 1987
the damp undergrowth between the trees. Confused by the darker air below the canopy, I had strayed from the forest roadp 48 DC 1987
slipstream raked through the trees, and a whirlwind of dusty air seethed around the basin. Behind me, the sunlight briefly touchedp 52 DC 1987
atmosphere of a new world. I breathed the fresh, Edenic air, almost believing that I had planted and watered a forgottenp 59 DC 1987
return and collect his broadcasting studio. Stranded in Port-la-Nouvelle until Air Centrafrique received payment from his sponsors in Tokyo, Sanger campedp 60 DC 1987
of the odder denizens of the forest. Irritated by this air of small conspiracy, I threw the clods of earth atp 61 DC 1987
my feet, sending a shower of wet mud through the air. ‘Leave that water. And get out!‘ ‘Of course, doctor.‘ Spatteredp 63 DC 1987
river, recruiting three elements of nature against the fourth. Earth, air and fire would be brought to bear together -- thep 73 DC 1987
ground beside the runway, and soon evaporate in the hot air. Lastly, I had transported a hundred gallons of diesel fuelp 73 DC 1987
below him. As a million dead leaves swirled into the air I tried to wave the helicopter away. My feet slippedp 74 DC 1987
steered it towards the day. Now the sun and the air would take over from me, and I was eager top 99 DC 1987
her, I watched the crocodile skin swaying in the night air, its armoured plates lit by the kerosene lamp on thep 100 DC 1987
barracks came to his aid. I waved helplessly at the air, trying to start the huge diesel in its pit belowp 103 DC 1987
wheelhouse a violent blare of noise and light filled the air. A siren wailed through the flashes of a rotating beaconp 109 DC 1987
port rail a cascade of red-flecked spray leapt into the air. A huge spine, more than fifty feet long, rose fromp 119 DC 1987
engine, and saw Captain Kagwa's helicopter loom out of the air above our heads. Two yellow pontoons were attached to itsp 123 DC 1987
petalled cloud drifted towards the desert a storm of furious air thrashed the groves of myrtle and bamboo beside the beachp 124 DC 1987
the engine, the blades thudding as they cuffed the warm air. Mooring line in hand, Captain Kagwa stepped from the cockpitp 125 DC 1987
below the cloud of blossom that sailed high into the air above the floral shore. Escape As I well knew, thep 128 DC 1987
our journey on foot, and be relentlessly hunted from the air. Fifty yards beyond the port bow a steel post rosep 130 DC 1987
wake of foam and diesel exhaust that lifted into the air. Kagwa leaned sideways in the cockpit, and fired again atp 131 DC 1987
cockpit, carbine in hand, as the idling propeller cuffed the air over his head. Kagwa stepped backwards into his water-filled footstepsp 133 DC 1987
noise and spray the helicopter rose six feet into the air, and a trickle of water emerged from the lower ofp 134 DC 1987
dived through the surface, moving freely through a realm where air and water had merged into each other. A broader sunp 137 DC 1987
sun lay over us, its warm hand pressing upon the air, which had become thicker and heavier, muffling the sounds ofp 137 DC 1987
of the ferry pilot's canvas chairs. Bathed in the cool air funnelled through the anchor housing, I listened to the clickingp 139 DC 1987
head ducked through the foam, and long legs kicked the air. Her childhood and adult life were merging into each otherp 142 DC 1987
own name ... The smell of simmering rice crossed the evening air from the stove beside the wheelhouse. Noon had swum top 146 DC 1987
left the rifle, I watched them emerge from the misty air. A quarter of a mile downstream, the lights swung togetherp 147 DC 1987
which he had come to rest. Even in the dim air I could see his emaciated arms and the exposure soresp 149 DC 1987
For a few seconds the haze dissipated in the cool air, and Kagwa's spectral soldiers turned into a force of strong-backedp 150 DC 1987
cumulus clouds, another army of ghosts that haunted the night air. The Salammbo was moored in a quiet inlet on thep 150 DC 1987
to the desert. A series of sharp snaps crossed the air. Parties of soldiers were moving along the bank. Blades flashedp 154 DC 1987
course to the passing stream. A high squeal pierced the air, the cry of a forest pig trapped by the soldiersp 154 DC 1987
responses to pain and thirst, to the sun and the air. Against my thighs, I felt the smooth rush of waterp 156 DC 1987
shore. A door of the Mercedes slammed in the quiet air. Noon stepped from the passenger seat. She had taken thep 166 DC 1987
forever drifting within the mirage of a golden sea. The air was filled with unfamiliar birds which had made their homep 168 DC 1987
the sole marine life. Their unwearying cries crossed the bronze air, as their winged bodies, the cryptic letters of a stylizedp 168 DC 1987
alone would guide me towards it. She touched the hazy air with her hand, nosing it like a wine-taster inhaling ap 170 DC 1987
of tall reeds that grew from the submerged banks, the air around them festering with flies and mosquitos. A host ofp 170 DC 1987
the ferry. The wriggling form in its beak covered the air with a calligraphy of pain. Looking down at these primitivep 171 DC 1987
stumbled into the awning. I watched him grapple with the air and sunlight. Noon stepped behind the limousine, gazing without expressionp 180 DC 1987
shouting from the bows, hands raised to catch the confused air streaming around the vessel. For a few seconds he disappearedp 182 DC 1987
among the lights and monitors, nostrils flicking at the passing air for any scent of Captain Kagwa. As he swung betweenp 184 DC 1987
crabbed across the water. The rotating arms chopped at the air, dappling Noon's frightened face. Looking upwards through the broken roofp 187 DC 1987
noise of the helicopter enveloped him, Sanger fired into the air. The brief crack was lost in the thumping blare, butp 188 DC 1987
Sanger's oily feet, and looked up into the late afternoon air, listening for Kagwa's helicopter. Too exhausted to continue our voyagep 191 DC 1987
the papyrus swamps. The light was softer, and the saffron air above the river was still warm and honeyed, but inp 191 DC 1987
a sepia light lay over the river. Panels of dark air rose from the surface, as if sections of a dreamp 192 DC 1987
flow again. A few rails and coucals called to the air in a half-hearted way, but they too seemed defeated. Evenp 195 DC 1987
You can go on the deck. Your time for fresh air.‘ ‘Thank God for that ... now, where is Noon?‘ ‘The childp 196 DC 1987
chest that pumped like a leaking ventilator at the humid air. Far from being able to commandeer their vessel, I wasp 198 DC 1987
wrapped in oily rags to protect them from the humid air. Beside the rifles lay an assortment of ammunition clips andp 201 DC 1987
weapons. None had been exposed to the damp soil or air of the river valley. I picked up the Lee-Enfield, myp 201 DC 1987
was the last survivor of a unit attacked from the air by Captain Kagwa's helicopter. Although I had identified him, inp 209 DC 1987
river bend. Scores of the white plumes rose into the air, and confirmed that Noon and I had at last reachedp 216 DC 1987
last reached the main channel of the Mallory. The warm air rushed to greet us, its soft breath whispering like ap 217 DC 1987
punt pole and drew a cryptic message on the musky air, and then stumbled deliberately, sending a silken tremble through thep 237 DC 1987
raised the unloaded Lee-Enfield, hopelessly pointing it at the confused air. A signal shell rose into the afternoon sky, fired fromp 240 DC 1987
ghostly vapour of its slowly beating engine rose into the air like the smoke from a floating crematorium. Mrs Warrender stoodp 243 DC 1987
deranged orang in a zoo. My chin bobbed at the air, the mechanical gesture of a desperate mammal trying to reopenp 247 DC 1987
leaned against the stem rail and breathed in the night air as if trying to free herself of the taste ofp 248 DC 1987
booth. I stepped into the small cell, inhaling the stale air filled with the tang of rifle oil and flaking plasterp 249 DC 1987
of the banana trees hung above the crusting soil. The air was filled with a dark, vibrating cloud, a weatherfront ofp 258 DC 1987
were resting in the shade. They stepped into the insect-filled air and raised their hands to me, a walking misery ofp 259 DC 1987
o'clock?‘ ‘We've lost her -- she can hide behind the air.‘ ‘Our bearing? Three o'clock or nine o'clock?‘ ‘Midnight ... for God'sp 269 DC 1987
along the gutter of a vast natural abattoir. The damp air was without taste or texture, no longer touched by thep 269 DC 1987
blood from her mouth. Her shoulders trembled in the cool air, and her ribs pumped in a feverish shudder. From thep 271 DC 1987
the camera lanyard from his neck. Sanger scrabbled at the air, kicking me with his small feet. ‘The camera, Mallory! Wep 274 DC 1987
frozen sleep, adrift among the islands of mud. As the air cleared we woke to find that the mountains had recededp 279 DC 1987
taking with it the watery, confused light. Through the clear air Noon's silver craft slid through a narrow neck of waterp 280 DC 1987
the lava dunes, her strong shoulders emerged through the steaming air. Watching her confident stride, I could see that Noon wasp 281 DC 1987
the victims were killed by gunshots fired in the open air, and it is inconceivable that the intended victims did notp 18 RW 1988
switched on the hair dryer, feeling the rush of warm air across my face and forehead, ruffling my hair. I listenedp 28 RW 1988
evil dream. However, all these speculations soon faded into the air. There was no word from the kidnappers, and Marion Millerp 38 RW 1988
so memorable. The hair dryer whirred into life, blowing hot air across my face. "She's now holding the dryer in herp 42 RW 1988
thing any other way -- and there's a rush of air that blows her fringe into her eyes. She pushes itp 42 RW 1988
talking about his kite. The boy raises it into the air, demonstrating how he will fly it. There is a soundp 74 RW 1988
his breakfast. Its engine ticks softly in the crisp morning air. Dr. Edwina notices that her son has left a magazinep 74 RW 1988
outside the gates of the Reagans‘ retirement home in Be! Air, and occasionally the former President would totter out to posep 1117 WW3 1988
is forecast for the DC area tonight, and the 8th Air Cavalry have exchanged fire with Soviet border patrols north ofp 1120 WW3 1988
had begun to lay waste entire Japanese cities, a growing air of unreality had settled over court life. Between visits top 51 UGM 1989
one of those wayward young women who affected an antic air as a way of rising above the occasion. ‘Well, it'sp 1127 LCC 1989
rallies, in which thousands of well-drilled participants slashed the dawn air with their karate chops and chanted in a single voicep 1143 LTP 1989
a sense, the lack of any response reflects the tranquil air of this London suburb. If I were living, not inp 1130 TES 1989
and all the consequences that flow from it. Fortunately, an Air India 747 ambles across the sky, searching none too strenuouslyp 1130 TES 1989
again step through the front door. I would accept the air and the light, and the electric power and water thatp 1131 TES 1989
-- the visual continuum around me, and the play of air and light. The house begins to resemble an advanced mathematicalp 1133 TES 1989
one's home in its true light. Dazed by the vivid air, I blunder into Margaret's bedroom. The wails are strangely displacedp 1135 TES 1989
hands to the striped paper, then fumble through the overlit air towards the landing. At last I reach the top ofp 1136 TES 1989
open french window, and was trapped when a gust of air closed the door. She follows me around amiably, waiting top 1136 TES 1989
their pets, and I resigned myself to a diet of air. Fortunately, the television rental company intervened to provide a generousp 1137 TES 1989
confusion, and the nervous younger soldiers were firing into the air to keep up their courage. Signal flares were falling overp 1154 WF 1989
anywhere for thirty years -- there are no armies or air forces, and all disputes are settled by negotiation and compromisep 1157 WF 1989
defensive biographies of Chandler, Fitzgerald and co., and a stale air hangs over these anecdotes. He never asks why these pre-eminentlyp 4 UGM 1990
seemed to concentrate the Caribbean sunlight, painting on the warm air a screen of electric tones that Johnson had only seenp 1161 DCG 1990
life. The palms rose like flagpoles into the vivid Caribbean air, pennants painted with a fresh green sap. Around them thep 1162 DCG 1990
open deck behind the wheel-house, he inhaled the acrid chemical air of the lagoon. At least it masked the odours ofp 1162 DCG 1990
convenience hung in tatters, its fabric rotted by the acid air. Johnson stepped onto the stern ladder, steadying himself against thep 1162 DCG 1990
of rotting vegetation that towered a hundred feet into the air. Cathedrals of flower-decked foliage were falling into the waters ofp 1170 DCG 1990
angels, their crimson plumage leaked its ravishing hues onto the air. When he fixed his eyes onto them they seemed suspendedp 1171 DCG 1990
the others by a fraction of a second, blurred the air around her, an exotic plumage that sprang from her armsp 1171 DCG 1990
had stopped and Christine was ready to rise into the air ... He would teach Christine and the child to fly. ‘Christinep 1171 DCG 1990
in his mind, so that a ball thrown into the air would never appear to land ...‘ A tide of dead fishp 1172 DCG 1990
should never be shown at the scene, say, of an air crash, which gags our natural response (and civic sense thatp 93 LNEa 1990
to the psychotic imagination, sanctioning everything) did have a carnival air, a media phenomenon which Stanley Kubrick caught perfectly at thep 9 AEa 1990
done a week ago, despite the destruction rained from the air and the huge number of casualties on the Iraqi sidep 11 UGM 1991
more electric pink these days as the whole of Bel Air blushes for Nancy. By now everyone knows about her Whitep 33 UGM 1991
so much as the theatre of war. The images of air combat, sadly, rarely rise above the level of Airfix artp 74 UGM 1991
A forest of curious monuments and obelisks rises into the air, there are restless stone lions that seem to have strayedp 90 UGM 1991
the cockpits of rusting Japanese aircraft. A sea of superheated air covered the tarmac, carrying the forgotten scents of the Yangtsep 173 UGM 1991
Avenue Haig. The fuzzy street lights, perspiring trees and microwave air seemed to be those of any sub-tropical city, and Ip 174 UGM 1991
interior was that of an American house with five bathrooms, air conditioning and a squash court-sized kitchen. The staff welcomed usp 174 UGM 1991
the Chinese districts of Shanghai involved huge naval, army and air forces, and was the first full-scale rehearsal for the Secondp 219 UGM 1991
of the seriously insane -- above all James Tilly Matthews's ‘Air Loom Machine‘, a persecuting engine which this patient believed top 239 UGM 1991
batteries at Woosung. When I woke into the warm, sticky air the storm had passed, and the washed neon signs ofp 14 KW 1991
sing-song girls. A haze of frying fat gleamed in the air, and formed a greasy film on my face, mingling withp 19 KW 1991
disciplined as the Military Tattoo. The planes lumbered through the air, as if the pilots were bored by their targets andp 22 KW 1991
a violent cascade. Arms of hurtling foam punched through the air and soared high above the radio aerials and mast-tops ofp 22 KW 1991
filled the street with white ash. A wave of burning air struck my chest and threw me to the ground besidep 24 KW 1991
it was still there. The explosion had sucked all the air from the street and it was difficult to breathe. Gesturingp 24 KW 1991
I waited for someone to call to me, but the air was silent and ringing, like the pause after an unansweredp 25 KW 1991
example of how mass death could now fall from the air. At the time, as I rested in my bed atp 26 KW 1991
stone from the step and hurled it high into the air over the parade ground. Jamie, you're in trouble! Sergeant Nagatap 35 KW 1991
that I admired. One day I might join the Japanese Air Force, just as my other heroes, the American Flying Tigersp 36 KW 1991
heat faded from the cinders below my feet. The night air was chilled by the flooded paddy fields and the mazep 42 KW 1991
camp. He searched for a phrase, and then let the air leak from his lungs, visibly resigned that he would neverp 47 KW 1991
and stood in the deep grass. Staring at the silent air, they seemed oddly self-conscious, as if they had forgotten whop 50 KW 1991
asleep under quilts of silky mud. Standing in the overbright air, I signalled to Peggy as she pressed against the wirep 50 KW 1991
the direction of everything? I felt uneasy in the open air, a tempting target for some brooding Japanese sentry. I jumpedp 50 KW 1991
person to enter this empty world. Dragonflies hunted the lacquered air, swerves of electric blue reflected in the oil leaking fromp 54 KW 1991
raced between his fingers, sending shimmers of light into the air, as if this dead soldier was tapping the underside ofp 54 KW 1991
than solar, lay over the derelict fields, as if the air had been charged by the energy radiated by that sombrep 55 KW 1991
waiting room and ticket office, faded time-tables hanging in the air. Sitting on the concrete platform were four Japanese soldiers. Theyp 55 KW 1991
The Chinese choked, his throat knotting while he fought for air. Trying to ignore him, I faced the soldier coiling thep 56 KW 1991
throat in a forced way, as if releasing to the air a stream of thoughts that no longer concerned him. Exhaustedp 57 KW 1991
trying to strip himself for his death. When the last air left his crushed chest he stared with wild eyes atp 61 KW 1991
around the silent house, with its strange smells and musty air. There were Chinese newspapers on my father's desk, and ap 63 KW 1991
and nakedness, I let David order me into the night air, but twenty minutes later, when the chauffeur and I returnedp 68 KW 1991
they waved us away. A fetid stench floated on the air, as if vented from an exposed sewer filled with bloodp 72 KW 1991
seats, to a greater audience he had glimpsed from the air. He watched me encouragingly while I kick-started the Triumph's heavyp 97 KW 1991
and stuttered into life another layer of sound stiffened the air, the bull-throated roar of exhausts and intakes. The windows ofp 99 KW 1991
the windshield. The blades lurched in unwieldy staggers against the air. I cracked the throttle, increasing the fuel supply to thep 99 KW 1991
pilots with their instructors in the back seat, the junior air arm of Nato preparing itself for the even colder andp 100 KW 1991
marshy forests of Byelorussia armed with pieces of the sun ... ‘Air Force two niner niner one ...‘ A Canadian flight controller leanedp 100 KW 1991
the back of my head. ‘Moose Jaw tower, this is Air Force --‘ A crackle of squawks interrupted me. However clearlyp 101 KW 1991
on the column and the aircraft rose comfortably into the air, its broad wings breasting the thermals that rose from thep 101 KW 1991
helped by being thrown around thousands of feet of overlit air. As always, I went up into the sky to calmp 102 KW 1991
new weapon. ‘You know, we ought to join the American air force. You'd look great in a USAF uniform, Jim, drivingp 104 KW 1991
scattered to the safety of the snow. However illicit, these air games helped to sustain us. The Frenchmen swung away top 108 KW 1991
on a training flight. Every Canadian instructor took to the air and searched the wintry landscape within a 100-mile radius. Hisp 110 KW 1991
Norwegians were self-contained, the British blurry with drink, in the air as on the ground. The French, for their part, werep 110 KW 1991
the bathroom. ‘How come they ever let him into the air force?‘ ‘It's all part of the communist conspiracy,‘ David explainedp 114 KW 1991
knowing that it was time for me to leave the air force. Whatever mythology I constructed for myself would have top 119 KW 1991
a dragon-fly that veered too close. Trying to repaint the air, we moved through the willows to the water-splash that crossedp 123 KW 1991
The warm light over Shepperton reminded me of the illuminated air that I had seen over the empty paddy fields ofp 127 KW 1991
grip the headboard. Midwife Bell averted her nose, but the air was heavy with the smell of anaesthetic gas. ‘We'll bep 134 KW 1991
sister. Seen through my sleepless eyes, Shepperton had changed. The air was more vivid, as if the town was being litp 135 KW 1991
a dreamy swaddling whose skin flinched at the light and air. ‘Lucy?‘ I suggested. ‘Yes ... Lucy.‘ Miriam beckoned me to thep 136 KW 1991
and held my penis in her hand. Knees in the air, she smiled as I massaged her feet and calves, andp 136 KW 1991
dusk the first marijuana smoke began to overlay the warm air, pricking at the children's nostrils. Sorry to leave, we gatheredp 149 KW 1991
exhausted since 1957.‘ She sailed the straw horns into the air. ‘They're wonderful, take it from me. Everything turns into ap 155 KW 1991
sides of the inflatable. During the short journey the sea air seemed to revive her, and she smiled at me confidentlyp 158 KW 1991
watched the clouds of talc and dust drift through the air, repatriating themselves to Figueras. In the garden the children werep 165 KW 1991
as the scents of Miriam's body floated on the summer air. Dorothy was carving the cold roast in the kitchen. Shep 166 KW 1991
routines as formalised as the aircraft emergency drills rehearsed by air hostesses in the minutes after take-off. I waited for themp 175 KW 1991
slow-motion photography. Fragments of deranged dreams veered across the night air above the raucous neon. The lurid glare still hung inp 177 KW 1991
With a noisy swoop Sally Mumford lifted Lucy into the air and held the excited six-year-old against her shoulder, while gatheringp 179 KW 1991
small stoves from which a sweet pine-smoke rose into the air. They reminded me of the Chinese peasants I had seenp 185 KW 1991
Giant fragments of amplified prose had toppled away through the air like sections of a glacier. No-one had heard a wordp 185 KW 1991
suspended above the nave of a cathedral, rising into the air as I stepped away from her. The perspective lines ofp 199 KW 1991
I waited for the unravelling tape to loop into the air. The black plastic case had separated from the frame, butp 202 KW 1991
were floating free from the surfaces around me. The summer air had become a translucent prism and the blades of uncutp 202 KW 1991
drew them towards the sky. A haze of dense ruby air suffused the foliage of the cherry trees. The scarlet paintworkp 202 KW 1991
glowing carapace that some skilful technician had painted on the air, and which I wanted to press down onto the rustyp 202 KW 1991
balloons they had bought at the sweet-shop. Globes of painted air hovered between their hands. Behind them a young woman walkedp 204 KW 1991
trees hung with pendants of ice carved from the crystallised air. My eyes were exhausted by the whiteness of the worldp 205 KW 1991
What were you really trying to do?‘ I conducted the air, thinking of a reply. ‘"Place the logic of the visiblep 208 KW 1991
veer. For a moment I saw Peggy suspended in the air above the pear tree, angel of our suburb. I imaginedp 209 KW 1991
splash in a few minutes ...‘ Hallucinations sang on the summer air, skipping towards the water meadows and the magic glade byp 212 KW 1991
away from Shepperton, had bought tickets for the Fair Oaks air show, where David was taking part in a formation flightp 213 KW 1991
a model aircraft in the nursery, surrounded by his own air display of World War II fighters, exquisite replicas that seemedp 213 KW 1991
the car park she noticed a television crew filming the air display. Sally pulled off the helmet and assumed the hard-eyedp 214 KW 1991
I sensed that he was exposing her to the entire air show, a naiad of the air he had brought downp 216 KW 1991
her to the entire air show, a naiad of the air he had brought down from the clouds. After they landedp 216 KW 1991
keeping her memory alive. A week before the Fair Oaks air show he came up to me in a Soho restaurantp 217 KW 1991
Glad to be together, we spent the afternoon roaming the air show. At the end of the day, when we returnedp 218 KW 1991
of the damaged cars, a London taxi carrying two Japanese air stewardesses and their suitcases. Watched by a police sergeant, thep 219 KW 1991
appreciative audience that had now arrived. Spectators returning from the air show were leaving their cars in a side-street and inp 220 KW 1991
if she were still recovering from the collision after the air show. ‘I didn't feel a thing,‘ she told me, clearlyp 221 KW 1991
had moved away to the whirling lights and the rushing air far out on the rim. I was too dull forp 223 KW 1991
princess, who turned the starlings into peacocks and calmed the air with her graceful hands. I wanted to invite her top 229 KW 1991
a shower of embers from her cigarette into the night air. Reluctantly, she moved over to allow the faster car top 230 KW 1991
I thought of her with David, making love on his air bed, as she had often told me, under the wingsp 231 KW 1991
sign. I listened to the wheels spinning in the night air. Around me cars were slowing, horns competing with each otherp 231 KW 1991
at their feet. A cigarette lighter flared in the night air. Before I could speak Sally Mumford pushed between the girlsp 232 KW 1991
that Shanghai race-course of my childhood? Chilled by the winter air, the spectators shuffled their feet on the wooden stands. Nostrilsp 233 KW 1991
seen even one of the two thousand patients taking the air. Anyone, I found, could drive through the gate-house without beingp 258 KW 1991
in their haunted way at the mystery of the open air. Puzzlingly, the exercise yards were all of different shape, somep 258 KW 1991
sense of everything, but you needed television to fill the air with it, play all that horror and pain over andp 269 KW 1991
coffee-table books and not with highbrow biographies. Its comfortably lived-in air and children's toys heaped in a corner might have starredp 285 KW 1991
line, waking from its deep riverine sleep into the open air. When we set off in the rowing skiff the lastp 288 KW 1991
it.‘ I stared across a lake of grass. An entire air force could have disappeared into this world of forgotten creeksp 289 KW 1991
her swelling abdomen. Her smock rose in the shifts of air to reveal her long brown legs. Minute pearls of scarp 289 KW 1991
the lighter, sending its smoky exhaust into the clear estuary air. Cables unwound from the winch and the crown block descendedp 292 KW 1991
at the daylight as if newly born into the fresh air of the Norfolk estuary from the deep memories of decadesp 297 KW 1991
to find the French windows open to the cool November air. Dick was sitting in his woollen dressing-gown at the bottomp 311 KW 1991
arms clasped around the unicorns‘ necks, wide eyes cutting the air. Henry would sit stiffly in his silver aeroplane, embarrassed atp 314 KW 1991
at some new idea, conjured themselves from the eddies of air and light. Generously, the park released its hoarded treasures. Stirredp 314 KW 1991
documentary, but I felt an immense sense of release. The air outside the crematorium was so bright and pungent that Ip 316 KW 1991
the domestic streets and gardens glowed with the same vivid air I had seen during my experiment with LSD, and inp 317 KW 1991
hands tugged at the horses‘ manes, pig-tails streamed in the air and cries of alarm gave way to frowns of deepp 317 KW 1991
firm arms held me as I stumbled across the veering air. ‘Jim -- you nearly fainted!‘ Cleo Churchill pressed my cheeksp 318 KW 1991
brushing the hair from her eyes, knees raised in the air as I caressed her vulva. Engorged with blood, her labiap 322 KW 1991
hands and steadied her breathing. The girl gasped at the air, and her eyes focused on the circle of people. Shep 329 KW 1991
mother, coughed and rubbed her nose, sucking great gasps of air over her swollen tongue. Two cars had backed to thep 329 KW 1991
were parked in lines, generators drummed at the cold morning air, sending their current through a maze of cables to thep 332 KW 1991
and the fragrant beach fires, embers glaring in the freshening air. ‘Tell me -- when they show the film in Londonp 348 KW 1991
cruelty and dashed hopes anywhere on our planet. From the air this one-time Caribbean paradise is a sun-scorched clinker, its forestedp 240 UGM 1992
women guerrilla army against the Playboy -- reading GIs? ‘First Air Cavalry ground elements in Operation Pegasus killed 350 enemy womenp 278 UGM 1992
safe touch-down of the Zeus IV space vehicle at Edwards Air Force Base in California, marked an immense triumph for thep 1175 MFM 1992
the Zeus W's combined on-board computers. Romance was in the air as Dr Valentina's cabin door remained tantalizingly ajar. The TVp 1177 MFM 1992
this impromptu levity, NASA planned a lavish reception at Edwards Air Force Base, where the Zeus IV would land. Every Congressmanp 1177 MFM 1992
aboard, enough to last the crew for 40 years. Its air, water and human wastes were recycled, and there were enoughp 1180 MFM 1992
the only constant sound was that of the circulation of air. After six months the NASA psychiatrists concluded that the crewp 1181 MFM 1992
pain and violence is as natural to them as the air they breathe. War above all is their most popular sportp 1185 ROP 1992
their hotels in Nice and St Moritz to test the air. A tasty, nostril-twitching scent of king worship is blowing fromp 248 UGM 1993
deeps urging on a reluctant steed. Listening to the spuming air above the coral towers, he had found an inlet throughp 11 RP 1994
of foam and coral debris that erupted as the trapped air burst from the gasping walls. The reef fell away, slantingp 11 RP 1994
worked on the outboard motor, clearing the sand from the air intakes. ‘We'll wait for high tide, two hours from nowp 17 RP 1994
extended to the horizon, below which lay a grey, marbled air, the perfect film-light. Despite her ragged clothes, the sores onp 18 RP 1994
rain-sodden ash. Fragments of broken shell trembled in the cool air, blurs of down quivering on their serrated edges. Dead chicksp 20 RP 1994
to extend the runway.‘ Kimo spoke matter-of-factly. ‘On Midway the Air Force killed thirty thousand goonies last year. They get intop 21 RP 1994
had worked on the wartime Manhattan Project. As a young air force radiologist in the 1960s, Neil's father had attended thep 33 RP 1994
I've found a ship!‘ Neil pulled her hands from the air and pressed them together, trying to calm her. ‘That's greatp 41 RP 1994
water into the sea. ‘Monique is a chief steward with Air France,‘ Dr Barbara told him. ‘But she's given everything upp 47 RP 1994
her hospital visits Dr Barbara had often described this high-principled air hostess. Now in her late thirties, Monique Didier was thep 47 RP 1994
on the Paris-New York and Paris-Tokyo runs. After repeated warnings, Air France had lost patience and sacked her. Neil was alreadyp 47 RP 1994
Even Irving Boyd stirred from his meditations and tapped the air to the cheerful rhythm. He invited the troupe onto thep 50 RP 1994
the New Age tambourines, eco-banners floating on the cool harbour air and an amiable wraith of pot-smoke lifting through the Chinesep 50 RP 1994
tried to restrain her whirling hands, moving across the night air like deranged birds. ‘Dr Barbara, that means there's no pointp 56 RP 1994
had exploded, sending a cloud of oily smoke into the air, and the shock wave rolled over the swells and drummedp 65 RP 1994
beside her. Vocal chords numbed by her anger, the former air hostess stared at the vomit-stained life-jacket whose harness she hadp 67 RP 1994
dented by the downdraught of the helicopter. Through the seething air, stained by smoke and engine exhaust, Neil could smell thep 68 RP 1994
naval chaplain rapidly concluded his service. Soil flew through the air as the corvette's captain spoke briefly to the dead man'sp 73 RP 1994
I haven't been able to think ...‘ Neil could feel the air sighing from her chest. The bones that once carried herp 73 RP 1994
his rust-stained hands against his knees and gasped at the air, waiting for his lungs to catch up with him. Carlinep 77 RP 1994
into two sections. Baseball caps and panamas rose into the air as Carline dragged the upper segment across the runway likep 78 RP 1994
I won't deal with him.‘ Dr Barbara's hands cut the air as she stared down at the portly figure trying top 91 RP 1994
series of movable press conferences, which sprang spontaneously from the air around the expedition members like dust-devils. Bouquet and the crewp 92 RP 1994
sea. Now, check out our visitor -- Captain Garfield, Inter-Island Air Charter. A fresh pomelo would kick-start the day ...‘ The seaplanep 103 RP 1994
themselves to the supplies and equipment sitting in the open air beside the runway, and carried away a dome-shaped greenhouse intendedp 109 RP 1994
against the breaking waves. Dr Barbara strode through the night air, the sweat cooling on her forehead. Still fuddled by thep 111 RP 1994
his head over the destruction, hands raised to the night air as if trying to weigh the deviant sky. Only Kimop 113 RP 1994
expedition was back on its proper course. Lungs flushed with air, blonde hair flying from her forehead like a battle pennantp 114 RP 1994
of vines and palmettos. The fronds swayed in the sea air that cooled the narrow valley, giving Neil a glimpse ofp 130 RP 1994
followed her to the beach, waving his cudgel in the air. The German women sat beside the fire, watching without anyp 134 RP 1994
gate, his huge arms raised as if to calm the air. ‘We can give something to the baby. Just for nowp 141 RP 1994
the rusty wire. She was snapping her fingers at the air when Neil appeared beside her, two cans of dried milkp 142 RP 1994
the flagstone and rose towards the surface, shedding the spangled air from his lungs into the startled faces of the watchingp 152 RP 1994
mouth. Fever in the Blood Wringing a cry from the air, an albatross soared past the summit, its black wing-tips outstretchedp 158 RP 1994
With a coarse shout, she hurled the scraps into the air, laughing to herself as the albatross plunged towards the rocksp 163 RP 1994
the last embers of the fire faded in the evening air, Dr Barbara sat forward on the canvas stool and blewp 169 RP 1994
one who's understood me.‘ Dr Barbara shivered in the cool air that rose from the sea, chilling the damp cave. Shep 171 RP 1994
through her chipped teeth as he fought and gasped for air. At the end Neil would take her sweat-drenched head inp 173 RP 1994
or Inger would miscarry. Nothing could dim their appetite for air, sun and food. Monique stood in the bows, swimsuit rolledp 182 RP 1994
scarcely smaller pregnancies of their own. The hard-working and over-serious Air France hostess had become a sedate Juno, forever playing herp 182 RP 1994
Trudi was running down the sand, her fists pummelling the air. She raced through the surf and seized the bows ofp 184 RP 1994
the summit, hoping to lose his fever in the cooler air of the high ground. As he climbed the last stepsp 198 RP 1994
everyone slept in their tents? Refreshed by the cool summit air, Neil ran down the lower slopes of the hillside andp 202 RP 1994
to test us ...‘ Neil stood up, trying to grip the air as his feet slipped in the sand. Through his feverp 208 RP 1994
door closed behind him he shuffled into the grey, foetid air. A scent of rotting blossoms rose from the disordered vegetationp 214 RP 1994
held his rib-cage between his hands, trying to force the air into his lungs. He could hear his erratic heart poundingp 218 RP 1994
staring at the lagoon. Too exhausted to take to the air, it sat glumly on the iron railing, unable to readp 221 RP 1994
tinder fire at their feet and hurled them into the air. ‘Monique, Inger ...!‘ Neil wiped the oil from his mouth andp 228 RP 1994
seized her jerry can. She showered the fuel into the air, drenching Neil in the volatile oil, and urged Monique top 229 RP 1994
the beat of the helicopter's fans as they cuffed the air. Shouting at the flames, she ran down the path, followingp 229 RP 1994
fabric, and then stepped from the clinic into the open air. Nursing his wounded arm, he walked through the drifting ashp 232 RP 1994
tunic, then leaned on his shoulder and gasped at the air. Satisfied that she was awake, he turned to Patsy, slappingp 234 RP 1994
lethal needle. ‘The children, Neil. And Nihal ...‘ Anne sucked the air through her teeth. ‘Don't let Dr Barbara touch them ...‘ Neilp 234 RP 1994
her to care for Patsy, he backed into the open air, uncertain how to force Dr Barbara to revive the womenp 234 RP 1994
bolder men stepped through the barbed-wire fence, testing the empty air. I joined them, and cautiously walked to a grave-mound twop 284 UGM 1995
Japanese into a flak tower, rose into the humid August air. During the American raids the pagoda had lit up likep 285 UGM 1995
The choking sing-song of the dying Chinese floated on the air as he sang himself towards his death. I have neverp 285 UGM 1995
place in the outlying suburbs. The combined land, naval and air assault was a preview of the battlegrounds of the Secondp 287 UGM 1995
of Wales, two huge battleships sent north from Singapore without air cover. The little men squinting through their glasses proved top 289 UGM 1995
British Empire. I had always avoided Gibraltar, with its vague air of a provincial England left out too long in thep 9 CN 1996
of having a real destination, the great undying illusion of air travel. In fact we sit in a small cinema, watchingp 9 CN 1996
and the dolls dancing together with their feet in the air. Even the briefest confrontation with police at a border crossingp 13 CN 1996
smoke of his cigarette. He waved one hand, clearing the air between us. ‘Mr Prentice, the Spanish judges, like their Englishp 30 CN 1996
enclave, which seemed to combine the best features of Bel Air and the Left Bank. Opposite the gates of the Clubp 37 CN 1996
the bounding balls was the only sound to disturb the air. I crossed the terrace and entered the bar at thep 37 CN 1996
Hennessy checked himself, and let his smile drift across the air. ‘It's something rather elusive. You have to find it forp 43 CN 1996
ash swirled around us like milled bone, restlessly hunting the air. Hennessy pushed back the door and beckoned me towards himp 48 CN 1996
must have driven them back.‘ I sniffed at the damp air, trying to catch a scent of the hospital corridors ofp 49 CN 1996
visited my mother in the American clinic at Riyadh. The air in the drawing room carried the mould-like odours of ap 49 CN 1996
of heliotrope that the woman had left on the night air. At last I saw her beside the pool, dancing shoelessp 58 CN 1996
way over the rough ground, his slender hands parting the air. He moved with light but deliberate steps, his eyes searchingp 63 CN 1996
ten-second intervals, as if he were unconsciously starving himself of air. He smiled in a tender but almost remote way, likep 67 CN 1996
a car that swerved around him. He stared at the air with his arms raised to the sky, as if waitingp 71 CN 1996
agitated by yet another setback. His hands fumbled at the air as if searching for an exit from this ever-more-confusing casep 77 CN 1996
myself into his dreams as they hovered on the night air above his pillow, faithfully waiting for him to return. Anp 79 CN 1996
the furniture like dust-sheets. A faint scent hung on the air, an effeminate aftershave of the kind favoured by David Hennessyp 82 CN 1996
and stepped on to the balcony, breathing the cool night air with its hints of jasmine and honeysuckle. ‘I'm trying top 86 CN 1996
hands gripped my throat. Powerful but sensitive, they controlled the air I was able to gasp during the brief moments whenp 92 CN 1996
structure that resembled a large turbine. ‘The intake manifold draws air from a pipe on the kitchen roof. The air isp 105 CN 1996
draws air from a pipe on the kitchen roof. The air is filtered and humidified, then either cooled during the summerp 105 CN 1996
the landing. Its door had vanished, sucked into the night air by the vortex of flame and gas. ‘This was thep 110 CN 1996
way of escape. Since the air-conditioning had been supplying cool air, all the windows were tightly closed.‘ The forensic team hadp 110 CN 1996
Below the window, perhaps cooled by the inrush of cold air through the shattered glass, a television set and video-recorder hadp 111 CN 1996
his cigarette and scrawled a cryptic symbol on the night air. ‘Who can say? So, you're in Estrella de Mar top 139 CN 1996
the driver looked over her shoulder, and through the confused air I saw Paula Hamilton's anxious face. ‘Paula!‘ I shouted. ‘Waitp 144 CN 1996
de Mar skyline. The silver diamond trembled in the morning air, like an arrow marking a bedroom window on a holidayp 152 CN 1996
his cigarette and watched the smoke sail across the gleaming air, smiling at Paula as she remonstrated playfully with him. Despitep 153 CN 1996
tennis machine. Yet his boyish face had an appealingly stoic air. As he grinned at Paula he looked down at thep 154 CN 1996
and white stilettos. They pretended to blink at the open air, as if sunlight was a phenomenon they had never experiencedp 164 CN 1996
the castellated wall, I caught my breath in the cool air. Stretched out beneath me were the peninsular heights of Estrellap 168 CN 1996
see who I was, the glider pilot hovered in the air above me, so close that his booted foot almost touchedp 168 CN 1996
hang-glider withdrew from the hill-crest, its canvas cracking in the air. Miguel stood at the pit's edge, the calcinated soil crumblingp 168 CN 1996
hovered over my head, its steel guy-ropes singing in the air. The pilot's gloved hands clasped the control bar, as ifp 169 CN 1996
as it descended towards Estrella de Mar. Hovering in the air like an observation craft was the hang-glider, its wings placedp 171 CN 1996
walls, but now filled a collection of cardboard cartons. The air seemed motionless, as if the windows and doors to thep 173 CN 1996
feel really sorry for oneself. There's something special in the air here -- and I'm not thinking of your hang-glider.‘ ‘Butp 176 CN 1996
to a nearby security alarm that shrilled through the evening air. ‘In a sense Crawford may be the saviour of thep 180 CN 1996
taste for fire.‘ Sanger's nose was lifted to the night air. He seemed sensitive to every sound, to every squeal ofp 182 CN 1996
had time to think everything over.‘ ‘Exactly.‘ For all his air of a dogged but tired schoolmaster, Danvila was watching mep 184 CN 1996
and BMWs per square foot than in Dusseldorf or Bel Air. Who designed it all?‘ ‘The main developers were a Dutch-Germanp 212 CN 1996
the deserted pathways. Sprinklers turned their rainbows through the scented air, irrigating the crisply-mown grass of the central reservation. Set backp 212 CN 1996
unlocked, alarm systems disconnected, and someone else is breathing your air. Besides, they bring in uneasy memories of the outside worldp 213 CN 1996
people to snap the locks and step out into real air again. Think, Charles -- if it works you can writep 220 CN 1996
the swankiest show on the coast. Believe me, Charles, sea air is what people need. Now, here's Elizabeth, looking more handsomep 221 CN 1996
For some reason I felt a stir of interest. The air around me had become crisper. ‘What do we do, Davidp 229 CN 1996
Sprinklers swayed across the lawns, conjuring rainbows from the overlit air, local deities performing their dances to the sun. Now andp 235 CN 1996
unit on the instrument panel, sending a stream of cooler air into our faces, and lay back against the head-rest, sop 237 CN 1996
had raised itself on one elbow to taste the quickening air. Waiting for Crawford to begin his morning inspection tour, Ip 251 CN 1996
gaze. An impromptu arts festival had conjured itself from the air, drawing troupes of eager volunteers from the sleepy afternoons. Thep 252 CN 1996
the Club Nautico.‘ ‘Good.‘ Cabrera moved his arms through the air, as if scything the deep grass that grew invisibly aroundp 275 CN 1996
corridor of my mind. In this new and more bracing air I was free of the restraints that had hobbled mep 276 CN 1996
route. A cloud of petals and confetti hung in the air over the revellers‘ heads, borne aloft by the lungs ofp 286 CN 1996
long face remained, its severe expression unmoved by the festive air. As the thieves‘ fates were decided in a loudspeaker-borne cracklep 290 CN 1996
behind Paula, his gothic features barely visible in the greasy air. When he nodded, his head was bowed. ‘That's impossible!‘ Ip 315 CN 1996
she gave up, dismissively throwing an arm across the gloomy air, aware that I would never rally myself to challenge Crawfordp 325 CN 1996
something on the baseline and ricocheted almost vertically into the air, soaring over the wire screen. I ran the few pacesp 327 CN 1996
as if already smelling the scent of blood on the air. Behind him Elizabeth Shand and Hennessy sat in the rearp 329 CN 1996
thousands of tons of marble lost their grasp on the air and collapsed to the ground. Among them was my wifep 6 DYF 1996
ground trembled and a cataract of masonry fell from the air. A vast cloud of pulverised marble enveloped the square, andp 8 DYF 1996
at the University of Florence, which would pay for our air fares, and then we would be free to enjoy ourselvesp 8 DYF 1996
my hands, and a section of cornice fell through the air, followed by a scatter of fragments each larger than myp 9 DYF 1996
were a mirage, a virtual city conjured into the pine-scented air like a son-et-lumiere vision of a new Versailles. But workp 8 SC 2000
She lay against the worn leather seating, breathing the bright air into her lungs and slowly exhaling. She patted the darkp 9 SC 2000
gesture of male solidarity. In reply, a fist punched the air. ‘Paul?‘ Jane sounded wary. ‘Is that ...?‘ ‘Wilder Penrose? It probablyp 13 SC 2000
their owners to return. Over the immaculate gardens hung the air of well-bred catatonia that only money can buy. ‘The medicalp 20 SC 2000
his real target?‘ Jane carried her glass to the open air and released the trapped insect. ‘I love it here, butp 28 SC 2000
an amateur pilot?‘ ‘No. His father was in the US Air Force, stationed at a base near Mannheim. The mother wasp 31 SC 2000
the sealed garage, eager to escape into the warm August air. Jane had left the sun lounge and was sitting byp 32 SC 2000
of a doctor's job. It happens every day in Bel Air and Holland Park.‘ I wandered around the air-conditioned suite, withp 34 SC 2000
the open doorway of the breakfast room, letting the warm air bathe my legs. An advertising plane was taking off fromp 36 SC 2000
the hills above Grasse, its pennant shivering in the cooler air. The ligaments in my knee had begun to ache --p 40 SC 2000
I need time to freshen up.‘ ‘Fine. I'll get some air on the roof and bring the car round to thep 69 SC 2000
sat in his corner, head swaying as he gasped for air. I circled the ramp above them, trying to attract theirp 72 SC 2000
I settled myself in the Jaguar and inhaled the evening air. The scent of disinfectant and air-conditioning suddenly seemed more realp 74 SC 2000
my fellow-passengers. The sweat and stench of violence quickened the air and refocused the world. Without starting the engine, I releasedp 74 SC 2000
that aches and throbs. We're here, Paul. We breathe this air, and we see this light ...‘ I watched her chin liftp 79 SC 2000
low-slung Japanese confection with huge wing mirrors, grotesque spoiler and air intakes large enough for a ramjet. To my puritan eyep 82 SC 2000
is a designed-in feature, along with free parking and clean air. Our guards are for show, like the guides at Euro-Disneyp 84 SC 2000
stare into himself, then made an obscene gesture at the air and turned to me. ‘You want my help, Mr Sinclairp 85 SC 2000
The greater a crime, the longer its effects poison the air. Have you found anything else?‘ ‘Not at the villa. Butp 87 SC 2000
it.‘ Zander opened a window and let in the warm air, which he inhaled in short but hungry breaths. Recovering hisp 87 SC 2000
lay on his desk. The Hit List An almost drugged air floated across the lake, a rogue cloud that had driftedp 88 SC 2000
freedom from morality.‘ Penrose sat back, hands raised to the air, part conjuror and part revivalist preacher. He was watching mep 95 SC 2000
towards Juan-les-Pins and the Antibes peninsula, his propeller shredding the air and throwing shards of sunlight across the vivid sea. Ip 107 SC 2000
to the instrument panel. I needed the rush of icy air over the canopy, and the flood of light that irrigatedp 107 SC 2000
afternoon tourists. I stood in the sunlight, savouring the scented air she had left behind her. I realized that she hadp 118 SC 2000
through the waters around the les de Lerins. The cool air moved over the windscreen, carrying away the sweat of fearp 118 SC 2000
with a flourish, and tossed the towel high into the air. I embraced Jane, surprised by her cold skin. Over herp 120 SC 2000
I felt as elated as the rainbows conjured into the air by the lawn sprinklers. The insane, tearaway drive along thep 124 SC 2000
was also present. A slim young man with the pensive air of a doctoral student, he taught at a lycee inp 141 SC 2000
Did he ...?‘ ‘Kill them?‘ Bourget hesitated, one hand touching the air as if searching for a blackboard. ‘It's hard to decidep 142 SC 2000
Layers of dust and humidity formed strata in the soft air, through which the hotels of the Croisette trembled like uneasyp 148 SC 2000
pilots and cloaked this miniature museum. The gyrocompasses and Strategic Air Command fuselage art -- ‘SAC Time‘, with naked blonde andp 149 SC 2000
festival city's dreams of lust and fortune. Inhaling the heady air of north African tobacco, and the cheap aftershave of nerve-gasp 157 SC 2000
clipped steps of a dressage horse. She sprang into the air and jack-knifed into a clumsy pike before following her handsp 167 SC 2000
a barely audible voice that seemed to come from the air around us. ‘We're talking about thoughts, not deeds. We don'tp 173 SC 2000
watching us suspiciously from her bedroom window. ‘We need fresh air, Mr Sinclair. Fresh air and fresh minds ...‘ The Roof Deckp 183 SC 2000
her bedroom window. ‘We need fresh air, Mr Sinclair. Fresh air and fresh minds ...‘ The Roof Deck The early day shiftp 183 SC 2000
time there. My mother worked at the base PX. The Air Force looked after her when my old man left forp 201 SC 2000
Remember that when you reach the top. All that rarefied air. There must be a temptation to feel like God.‘ ‘Godp 202 SC 2000
the light, she exposed her nervy beauty to the open air, the lack of confidence and untrusting mouth. Aware of myp 208 SC 2000
get outraged over corporate skulduggery -- it's part of the air they breathe. Have you heard any talk of "ratissages"?‘ ‘Cullingsp 210 SC 2000
in the Rue Valentin last night ...‘ I gestured at the air, unsure how to explain my interest in an eleven-year-old girlp 210 SC 2000
Miramar headland, and spears of foam leapt through the dark air like berserk acrobats. The vacant house we were visiting wasp 213 SC 2000
floor of the drawing room and glowed brightly in the air, a fire-creature breathing the wind. Intrigued by it, and tiringp 215 SC 2000
on the terrace table began to flutter in the evening air. I turned it face down, and then read the printedp 216 SC 2000
pelts seemed to drain the last light from the evening air, distilling the lees of the sun in their exquisite filamentsp 216 SC 2000
winded me. I forced myself to breathe, gasping the night air with its reek of burnt insects, fear and Japanese scentp 222 SC 2000
an affable pickpocket. As the sleeves filled with the night air I felt myself soar between the apartment towers of Marinap 224 SC 2000
a new kind of pornography.‘ She shivered in the night air, and stared at the photograph of Olga Carlotti, the businessp 227 SC 2000
Jane.‘ ‘Come on ...‘ I gazed into the block of night air between the apartment buildings. Logic and reality curved at Marinap 228 SC 2000
the passenger seat of the BMW and let the night air rush into my face, thinking affectionately of Frances. She madep 235 SC 2000
of its members. An aggressive male banter crossed the night air, watched at a distance by the stewards. Only Zander wasp 237 SC 2000
slightly ajar. I stepped into the high-ceilinged room, its stale air heavy with the immemorial odour of unread books, pierced byp 238 SC 2000
savouring the curious perfume that had drifted across the night air from the Cardin Foundation. In their terror, the Japanese modelsp 238 SC 2000
it happen dozens of times. People complain about the recirculated air and pathogens breeding in the filter fans. Of course, nonep 257 SC 2000
breeding in the filter fans. Of course, none of the air at Eden-Olympia is recirculated.‘ ‘And the filters? They screen somethingp 257 SC 2000
to. How do you know?‘ ‘I booked the drivers‘ return air tickets. If there's an ambulance it means people will bep 283 SC 2000
balconies. Barely pausing, he raised his palms to the night air, as if puzzled by my choice of film fare forp 287 SC 2000
below their parked car. As the sail caught the shifting air it seemed to vanish for a few seconds, then appearedp 288 SC 2000
lay back in the passenger seat and let the night air sweep across me, carrying away the last musty scents ofp 288 SC 2000
his large hand, then steadied himself and inhaled the night air. He was bored and drunk, but not as drunk asp 292 SC 2000
the window as a firework rocket whistled through the night air and exploded in a puffball of crimson light. A flushp 298 SC 2000
across an armchair. A coarse masculine odour hung in the air, a blend of sweat and genital steroids, the unmistakable spoorp 300 SC 2000
myself. The band had turned up its amplifiers, filling the air with immense blocks of reverberating sound. The social stratification ofp 304 SC 2000
last traces of Zander's cologne blow away on the night air. When we reached the Vallauris road Frances stopped at thep 307 SC 2000
Frances accelerated and hurled the little BMW through the dark air, wheels almost losing their grip on the unlit macadam. Atp 309 SC 2000
stone kerb, struck the sea wall and whirled into the air before plunging onto the beach below. I took the wheelp 312 SC 2000
the espadrilles. I ran along the dark sand, the night air cutting through the open seams of Greenwood's dinner jacket. Thep 312 SC 2000
hand, throat muscles working while she gasped at the night air. She strode into the waves and gestured with her shoesp 313 SC 2000
hung from the walls, memorials to disasters at sea, to air and road accidents, many illustrated with fading photographs and newspaperp 329 SC 2000
with a transparent lid and a plasticine model of an air crash. A child's fingerprints were visible in the broken wingsp 329 SC 2000
where I'd go?‘ ‘He didn't. You started by nosing the air, and you didn't like the smell. You talked about goingp 335 SC 2000
didn't pull the trigger.‘ ‘Maybe not.‘ She inhaled the pine-scented air, trying to rally herself. ‘But I have to finish David'sp 349 SC 2000
take the stand and be our chief witness.‘ The High Air Applause eddied across the rows of guests, an approving murmurp 355 SC 2000
flare from the open cockpit. The flare rose into the air, hovered above the refreshment tent and exploded in a globep 357 SC 2000
played by an involuntary steel band. Banners fluttered across the air, advertising a supermarket in Le Cannet, a kitchenware store andp 358 SC 2000
climbed into the sun, his wings shedding light into the air. Groups of guests walked to their cars, while others satp 358 SC 2000
Someone should have jotted down the registration number.‘ ‘A Czech air force basic trainer. Slow, but fun to fly.‘ ‘I betp 359 SC 2000
People are impressionable, they snatch powerful emotions out of the air. The one thing Eden-Olympia doesn't need is its own Greenp 360 SC 2000
go for a drive above Grasse. I need the high air to think in ...‘ The first signs of revolt had appearedp 360 SC 2000
Var plain. Penrose filled his huge chest with the cold air, holding his breath as if only an over-oxygenated brain couldp 362 SC 2000
raised his strong chin to the sun, inhaling the cool air. ‘Who told you about the paedophile ring -- Halder?‘ ‘Notp 363 SC 2000
plane rose from the valley below. He snatched at the air, trying to seize the miniature aircraft, no larger than ap 364 SC 2000
into the kitchen, and caught an odd odour in the air, a medley of cheap aftershaves that were almost familiar. ‘Francesp 371 SC 2000
clicked their heels and stared for inspiration into the night air. The older women in their sixties gazed at each otherp 380 SC 2000
the corridors of the night. At any moment the dark air could open like a trap and release a spasm ofp 381 SC 2000
near my feet. As its embers flared and died, the air around me seemed to lighten. My anger had passed, andp 382 SC 2000
family friend, willing her to succeed. Looking across the night air at this dangerous couple, I imagined their Roman predecessors, administratorsp 382 SC 2000
The Cherokee moved down the runway, rose confidently into the air and made a wide turn over the sea towards thep 392 SC 2000
save them. They rejected all offers of help, refusing to air their real grievances or to say whether any grievances existedp 6 MP 2003
from the balconies and offering their slogans to the unlistening air. I crossed the road to Grosvenor Place, Kay's raffish cul-de-sacp 7 MP 2003
All these trips? Let's face it, they're just a delusion. Air travel, the whole Heathrow thing, it's a collective flight fromp 16 MP 2003
her chest, blood speckling her arms. Dust swirled in the air, billowing above the boutiques and bureaux de change, a franticp 16 MP 2003
delegates to the Celebration conference, skins toned by the Florida air, minds numbed by the babble of podium-speak. In my secretary'sp 28 MP 2003
funeral director, a suave figure in morning dress with the air of a senior concierge who could always supply tickets top 29 MP 2003
handsome face and all its insecurities were open to the air. Not for the first time, I suspected that it wasp 31 MP 2003
the bomb?‘ ‘It's possible. Someone crammed a bag into an air shaft behind a lavatory cubicle. Only fifty feet from thep 31 MP 2003
discounted the holdall with its audio-cassette stuffed into the lavatory air vent near the Terminal 2 carousel. The muddled threats aboutp 37 MP 2003
hall's entrance foyer and ticket office. Placards rose into the air, and a pole carried a small cage occupied by ap 39 MP 2003
thunderflash explode in the exhibition hall. Startled by the harsh air burst, and the re-echo of slammed doors, the visitors aroundp 40 MP 2003
seized her shoulders from behind. He lifted her into the air like a child and threw her at his feet amongp 41 MP 2003
as if my bruised ribs had been opened to the air. Barely able to breathe, I stepped into the daylight ofp 45 MP 2003
with office staff heading for the sandwich bars. All the air in the street had vanished. I was about to faintp 46 MP 2003
against a parked car, and managed to draw a little air into my lungs. Then a woman's arm gripped me aroundp 46 MP 2003
her car keys onto the coat stand. She sniffed the air, clearly unsure whether she liked her own body scent, andp 48 MP 2003
advice.‘ I caught myself breathing too deeply, and eased the air from my lungs. ‘Learn the rules, and you can getp 52 MP 2003
According to Henry Kendall, the tape found in the Heathrow air vent had contained a similar tirade. I remembered the amateurp 55 MP 2003
hips, she laughed good-naturedly as they were snatched from the air and tossed around the crowd. I joined in the applausep 75 MP 2003
here,‘ I suggested. ‘There's a distinct Third-World feel in the air.‘ ‘David, this isn't a joke.‘ Eyebrows knitted, Kay glanced atp 85 MP 2003
weekend.‘ ‘So you have cheap flights? Do you feel that air travel is a bit of a con?‘ ‘It's one ofp 90 MP 2003
He pushed back his visor and gulped at the night air. In the harsh magnesium light I could see his unsettledp 98 MP 2003
Leaning back in the pillion seat, I let the night air rush through me, sweeping away all anger and panic. Ip 100 MP 2003
distracted, and he glanced at the street with the uneasy air of a fugitive expecting the police to appear at anyp 101 MP 2003
All the same, there's a hint of violence in the air. It's more than talk.‘ Dexter shook his head, a fingerp 105 MP 2003
touch with someone at the Yard?‘ ‘No. It's ... in the air we breathe.‘ ‘You've obviously got a feel for the subversivep 112 MP 2003
window had been opened onto the night, and a cooler air moved around me, the street scents of diesel fuel, rainp 121 MP 2003
Smoke flowed over my head and vented itself into the air, rising towards the promenade deck of the Hayward Gallery. Thep 121 MP 2003
terrace beside the Festival Hall, gasping at the damp river air. I could barely stumble, but my pursuer had given upp 123 MP 2003
frost, the armature of a swan that sailed the dark air. A corporate party was taking place in three of thep 123 MP 2003
we rose above County Hall the fires lit the night air and seemed to burn on the dark water of thep 123 MP 2003
the gondola rocked in the billows of smoke and overheated air. ‘You did well tonight, David.‘ ‘You remember me?‘ ‘Of coursep 125 MP 2003
underlying bones, and he moved jauntily in the quiet Sunday air. He was at home in this one-time asylum, and itp 130 MP 2003
a fly in his hand, then released it to the air and watched it swerve away. ‘The General Medical Council hasp 132 MP 2003
why the firebombs?‘ Gould let his limp hands circle the air. ‘It's a matter of momentum. I have to keep thep 137 MP 2003
waited for Sally to call to me, but the undisturbed air carried no trace of her morning shower, the aroma ofp 142 MP 2003
smoke bomb shot a gust of black vapour into the air. A startled security guard tripped over one of the barriersp 155 MP 2003
kicks and baton blows, we were bundled into the smoke-stained air of Portland Place. In half an hour we would bep 156 MP 2003
bomb gave a sharper edge to London's grey and muffled air. Boredom and volatility marked the future. The device exploded onp 162 MP 2003
duties or responsibilities, its empty car parks roamed by off-duty air hostesses and betting-shop managers, a realm that never remembered itselfp 168 MP 2003
Through the open windows I listened to the flutter of air over the grass aerodrome, the fabric of parked gliders shiveringp 174 MP 2003
Why?‘ He looked back as a glider rose into the air, released the towing cable and soared away with the icyp 174 MP 2003
to enter the estate, put off by the menacing middle-class air. Removed from their expensive schools, bored teenagers haunted Sloane Squarep 198 MP 2003
crowd fell silent, and the sergeant's megaphone died on the air. The bailiffs stepped into the street and stared at thep 203 MP 2003
Police cars sped across Putney Bridge, sirens cutting through the air. A lane had been cleared for them, and buses stoodp 207 MP 2003
head craning at the swaying branches, hands clutching at the air like a devout seminary student gazing at a rose windowp 208 MP 2003
and peered into the empty lounge. Someone had disturbed the air, and the sunlight caught a faint drift of motes carriedp 217 MP 2003
condemned tenement. Her groomed hair, modest but expensive make-up and air of confidence made me realize how far the residents ofp 217 MP 2003
Gould told me.‘ ‘What?‘ I felt a shift in the air, a cold front moving across the airless room. ‘When wasp 220 MP 2003
last seized the Fiat Uno and lifted it into the air. Forming into a double file, they were ready to pourp 226 MP 2003
swaying over their heads. Chortling toddlers were lifted into the air to give them a better view and, more to thep 226 MP 2003
played around its wheels and then leapt high into the air. Fanned by the nearby helicopter, the orange billows swayed acrossp 228 MP 2003
off through the morning traffic. The helicopter withdrew, and the air began to clear as the smoke dispersed. Within fifteen minutesp 230 MP 2003
strolled down Nelson Lane towards the marina and the clearer air that lifted off the river, free of the soot andp 235 MP 2003
midstream, crews watching the entrance to the marina. A combined air, sea and land assault on Chelsea Marina might easily havep 236 MP 2003
flying overall in my hands. Vera's perfume hung in the air, a sharp mineral tang of an exotic explosive. Beside mep 237 MP 2003
tracked down the owners. Joyriders, criminals escaping abroad, even overdue air travellers unwilling to pay the surcharges often abandoned their carsp 241 MP 2003
everything around him. Even as he sniffed at the kerosene-stained air I felt that he made sense of the world byp 244 MP 2003
dreamed of it, Richard.‘ ‘I know ...‘ Gould gestured at the air, as if conducting the sunlight. ‘I have to concentrate onp 245 MP 2003
rang off and gripped the phone like a grenade. The air around me was clearer. The lines of parked cars, thep 251 MP 2003
He turned from me and raised both hands into the air. There was an answering pulse of headlamps from a carp 262 MP 2003
Fawkes display. Scraps of charred paper were falling from the air, and I picked an ashy fragment of a credit-card slipp 264 MP 2003
TV units had packed away their cameras. Jeers filled the air around me, and I assumed that the police were beingp 265 MP 2003
joined Scotland Yard?‘ ‘Professional back-up.‘ Henry coughed on the smut-filled air. His tie was neatly knotted, but he looked dishevelled byp 266 MP 2003
its cradle, surprised by how light it seemed. A brighter air filled the stuffy room. I knew that I would soonp 271 MP 2003
new infections around today, not all of them courtesy of Air India. I'll see if the bathroom is clear.‘ He steppedp 274 MP 2003
stepped forward and strode over to the Saab, his sandy air ruffled by the helicopter's downdraught. ‘Mr Markham? I'll take thatp 287 MP 2003
the engine of the helicopter, a noisy carnival filled the air, the braying horns of the middle-class returning to Chelsea Marinap 288 MP 2003
the nearby town, it had materialized out of the empty air, alerted by the wayward imagination of an impatient driver inp 7 KC 2006
flagstaffs in front gardens, giving the anonymous town a festive air. Whatever else, the people here were proud of their Englishnessp 8 KC 2006
engine bullied its way through the crowd, siren turning the air into a headache. I followed on foot, pushing past thep 10 KC 2006
back seat. His small congregation had vanished into the smoky air. ‘You're with him?‘ The policewoman opened the passenger door forp 11 KC 2006
up and pulled back the door, gasping at the scented air, the man had gone. Feet sounded unevenly down the stairsp 20 KC 2006
burble of exhaust. But another noise drummed across the night air, coming from a football stadium half a mile away. Lightingp 35 KC 2006
guessed that the recorded clip would not be appearing on air. ‘I've seen him before,‘ I told Carradine. ‘Years ago. EastEndersp 46 KC 2006
kin.‘ ‘In Fairfax's office?‘ I raised my hands to the air. ‘He claimed that he no longer represented Christie. But he'sp 50 KC 2006
of another kind. I recognized my father's scent on the air, an old man's soft breath, the sweet tang of tobaccop 53 KC 2006
carrying a rolled-up newspaper in his right hand, tapping the air like a bandmaster beating time. His bulky chest and shouldersp 57 KC 2006
that. These towns along the M25. There's something in the air. I take it there are right-wing groups here?‘ ‘Many. Theyp 58 KC 2006
this terrible place.‘ ‘You don't like it? Prosperous Surrey, clean air, leafy lanes to walk the Labrador?‘ ‘All that crap. Itp 63 KC 2006
aids. Fragments of the sales pitch boomed through the night air, drumming like fists against the windows of the cowed littlep 73 KC 2006
your teenagers?‘ ‘I don't need to. It comes with the air they breathe. Remember, Richard, consumerism is a redemptive ideology. Atp 86 KC 2006
good cheer, the pain-blessed grunts and shouts, rose into the air towards the circling blimp. Nearby, a women's athletics club werep 88 KC 2006
power tool during a building-site tea break -- and general air of neglect made him look erratic and unfocused, a methadonep 89 KC 2006
I lay back, aware of Maxted's hot breath on the air. ‘More race riots and arson attacks, more immigrant hostels putp 104 KC 2006
window at the dome of the Metro-Centre, fists gripping the air as if trying to steady the world around him. ‘Drp 105 KC 2006
the towns around Heathrow. You can feel it in the air.‘ ‘And the fuhrer figure?‘ ‘He hasn't arrived yet. He'll appearp 106 KC 2006
heads and rocked the lift. I stepped into the night air, and searched the sky for the burning debris of thisp 110 KC 2006
me, and caught the tang of whisky on the dark air. ‘Mr Pearson?‘ Sergeant Mary Falconer seemed surprised to find mep 110 KC 2006
entrance, trying not to breathe until I reached the open air, and an even deeper darkness than the night. The Geometryp 117 KC 2006
the Metro-Centre plaza and filled my lungs with the sooty air, trying to expel the tang of dust and burnt rubberp 118 KC 2006
and raised my head to a brief eddy of cooler air. Tom Carradine had gone, ending his frantic tennis game withp 118 KC 2006
strode through the press of people, his fists punching the air. He was moving at random, gathering more and more spectatorsp 119 KC 2006
the square. The aftershock thrashed the trees, sucking at the air in my lungs and straining my ribs. A vacuum engulfedp 124 KC 2006
For years she told me he had died in an air crash. Cheques would arrive on my birthday and she'd claimp 134 KC 2006
smoking a cigarette and drawing small sketches on the dark air with its red tip. ‘Right ...‘ David Cruise took my handp 137 KC 2006
myself; but Cruise waved my name into the misty dawn air, taking for granted that he was too famous to identifyp 138 KC 2006
beyond his favourite left profile. ‘Good, good ...‘ He savoured the air, as if relishing the tang of burnt rubber. ‘Wonderful ... unlimitedp 138 KC 2006
multi-storey car park, giving a festival kick to the noisy air. A sports parade headed down the high street, led byp 151 KC 2006
incredible.‘ ‘Right. Banners flying. There's a new pride in the air, all along the motorway towns. People are more confident, morep 165 KC 2006
and microwaves ...‘ ‘They're part of people's lives. Consumerism is the air we've given them to breathe.‘ Julia had turned away, refusingp 165 KC 2006
paused at the door and stared hard at me. ‘The air they breathe? Richard, people breathe out as well as breathep 166 KC 2006
confection that might have been worn by one of Mussolini's air marshals. ‘Thanks, Tom.‘ I waited as he helped me fromp 172 KC 2006
from me, racing through the startled shoppers staring into the air. The two marshals followed him, manhandling young mothers and oldp 174 KC 2006
prank -- no one's hurt.‘ The marching bands filled the air, and the crowd pressed through the doors, Christie's slogan alreadyp 174 KC 2006
the central atrium. After the moments of ugly violence, the air in the Metro-Centre was pleasantly cool and scented. The ambientp 175 KC 2006
huge success. What do you make of that?‘ ‘It's the air we breathe.‘ ‘You're right.‘ He pointed to a reproduction onp 178 KC 2006
want.‘ ‘They are children!‘ Cruise threw his hands in the air, then gave a middle-finger salute to the picture window. ‘Ip 180 KC 2006
A tang of seared paint and charred plastic filled the air, seeping into the privet hedges and touched by a thirdp 182 KC 2006
against the players. The Stricken City There was too little air in the flat. Even with the windows open, I feltp 199 KC 2006
unmuffled exhausts and the hacking gasps of carburettors hungry for air. Only a small section of the circuit remained, but inp 200 KC 2006
vent in the roof of the Metro-Centre. In the still air it climbed vertically, trembled and then dispersed into the cloudp 202 KC 2006
from his jacket. He reached out to clutch at the air, eyes rolling under their lids. His smile seemed to driftp 205 KC 2006
through him.‘ Maxted stepped into the Mazda sports car. ‘On air! My God, I have to hand it to you peoplep 207 KC 2006
politics left today.‘ We sat in the stalled traffic, the air dinned by a rising clamour of horns. Supporters in Stp 209 KC 2006
drowned by the blades of army helicopters cuffing the night air. Searchlights swept the storm of dust stirred by the downdraughtp 211 KC 2006
the faint smoke from its barrel faded on the sweating air. The assistant commissioner lowered his megaphone, and the constables dismantlingp 216 KC 2006
that in a few minutes they would breathe a different air, but none of them noticed me. There were tired mothersp 221 KC 2006
next morning, when I stepped onto the balcony, the outside air was as warm as the tropics. Both Maxted and Ip 225 KC 2006
disposable wipes, the strange gloom gave the impression that an air raid was imminent. Entering one of the larger hardware storesp 226 KC 2006
the long climb to the seventh floor, where the saturated air seemed to perspire into a heavy mist. But someone wasp 228 KC 2006
sight of the object as it flew through the misty air, but it landed ten feet from me, a bronze nodep 229 KC 2006
melted ice cream oozing from their cabinets, and a foul air rose from the defrosting meat freezers. The water pressure wasp 233 KC 2006
prisoner. The Metro-Centre, once bathed in a cool and scented air, was turning into a gigantic sty. At two o'clock thatp 233 KC 2006
level, and the tang of polish hung on the unmoving air, making me feel almost giddy. By sweeping out these templesp 235 KC 2006
sun, rather than in this airless clinic with its erratic air conditioning. ‘Good ...‘ I patted the bandage with its clumsy bowsp 238 KC 2006
still wearing a shirt and tie, and maintained his professional air under the shabby lab coat. ‘As long as Cruise hangsp 241 KC 2006
militia. After thirty seconds on the balcony, inhaling the over-ripe air with its guarantee of another tropical day, I wiped thep 244 KC 2006
sofa beside the window, trying to breathe the humid, microwave air, I heard helicopters crossing the dome. Searchlights swerved and loudspeakersp 245 KC 2006
distant sounds of army helicopters. Sangster's hands gestured at the air, as if conducting an invisible choir. His tail figure dominatedp 250 KC 2006
of supporters ran beside them, firing their shotguns into the air. Someone stumbled and I had a glimpse of the bed'sp 253 KC 2006
cap missing, giving off a potent stench in the overheated air. I backed away from it, aware that the smallest sparkp 268 KC 2006
escaping for ever from suburban life. He gasped at the air and turned to me, seeing me for the first timep 269 KC 2006
filled her lungs. ‘It tastes of ... trees and sky.‘ ‘Fresh air! We're there, Julia ...‘ Ahead of us, though, were a dozenp 273 KC 2006
Masked figures in dark uniforms moved through the intensely lit air. Behind us an even brighter glow illuminated the interior ofp 274 KC 2006
clouds of super-heated dust that had burst into flame as air was drawn into the dome. I could feel the hugep 275 KC 2006
flexing in the heat. A gale rushed past us, cooler air speeding through the vents of a furnace. ‘Wake up, thep 275 KC 2006
on the lights. Once the police opened the doors the air flooded in. One spark somewhere was all it needed. Insteadp 277 KC 2006
gone, inhaling the last traces of her scent on the air. Tapping the ground before each step, I moved through thep 279 KC 2006
real possibility of a fascist republic had vanished into the air with all the vapourizing three-piece suites and discount carpeting. Ip 279 KC 2006
I suspect, against the background music of endless night-clubbing, daredevil air shows and ruthless money-making. Meanwhile, every day, the trucks ofp 5 ML 2008
Years later, in her sixties, she became a veteran long-haul air traveller, and visited Singapore, Bali and Hong Kong, but notp 8 ML 2008
the first time in the history of warfare a coordinated air, sea and land assault was launched against Chiang Kai-shek's Chinesep 25 ML 2008
all this in at a glance, the polluted and exciting air I breathed. If they were in the mood, the Britishp 29 ML 2008
could imagine the sounds of battle, machine-gun fire and rushing air, but because I was alone with this stricken but mysteriousp 31 ML 2008
be no match for the Royal Navy and the Royal Air Force. Japanese pilots flew inferior planes and had notoriously badp 39 ML 2008
before antibiotics and public health concerns for vitamin-enriched foods, clean air and water. Childhood, for families of any income, was ap 44 ML 2008
was in force, but everything seemed to be rationed, the air we breathed, hope of a better world, and the briefp 49 ML 2008
was five weeks away by P&O boat. There was no air link, and the only direct contact with England was byp 52 ML 2008
the world. The Attack on Pearl Harbor 1941 The Japanese air attack on Pearl Harbor, the American naval base near Honolulup 53 ML 2008
but there was a faint smell of sewage on the air, shared with a million mosquitoes. And then there were thep 64 ML 2008
to speak to him but he cut me dead. American Air Raids 1944 My parents‘ memories of Lunghua were always muchp 89 ML 2008
the Pacific were falling back under fierce attacks by American air and naval power, and US submarines were taking a heavyp 90 ML 2008
like the sudden closure of the camp. The first American air raids over Shanghai had begun in the summer of 1944p 97 ML 2008
Christmas tree, gunfire flickering from its upper decks. Whenever an air attack was imminent a warning siren sent us to ourp 97 ML 2008
off and waited for army engineers to inspect them. The air attacks on Shanghai took place almost daily, and once Lunghuap 98 ML 2008
deserted villages and drained paddy fields. Demoralised by the unending air offensive and the sinking of most of their shipping byp 101 ML 2008
barbed wire. They stood in the deep grass, inhaling the air outside the camp, as if testing a different atmosphere. Ip 102 ML 2008
the wrecks of canal boats and trucks caught in the air attacks, and the bodies of Chinese puppet soldiers. After anp 105 ML 2008
putty-faced people moved around, shabbily dressed and with a haunted air. Looking down from the rail, I noticed that the streetsp 121 ML 2008
like marooned Arctic travellers in their survival gear, a frozen air numbing our faces, the plumes of our breath visible inp 123 ML 2008
Americans but the French, British and Dutch armies, navies and air forces? The sight of the three colonial powers defeated orp 126 ML 2008
set in England (the bomb sites and black market, the air of compromise and defeat, the sports jackets and shabby drinkingp 132 ML 2008
was continually hampered by the weather. Ice crystals in the air produced extraordinary atmospheric effects, such as the triple suns thatp 164 ML 2008
heart died, and I realised why I had left the Air Force and travelled all the way from Moose Jaw. Thenp 178 ML 2008
of its film studios, which gave it a slightly raffish air. Mary assumed that we would stay there for no morep 184 ML 2008
America, began to appear in Britain. Change was in the air, affecting the nation's psychology for good or bad. Change wasp 192 ML 2008
September, when San Juan beach was deserted and the cold air was beginning to come down from the mountains, we leftp 201 ML 2008
my imagination to emerge from its burrow and test the air. Kingsley Amis made a point of inviting me out top 204 ML 2008
She was walking past our house, skirt floating on the air, smiling cheerfully to herself. She saw me watching her fromp 205 ML 2008
black hair and craggy profile giving him a handsomely Byronic air. I never met a woman who wasn't immediately under hisp 212 ML 2008
drunk so quickly. There was a huge tension in the air, as if everyone felt threatened by some inner alarm thatp 239 ML 2008
of advertising, the programmes included. Publicity and promotion are the air that Americans breathe, and they take it for granted thatp 259 ML 2008
twitched disapprovingly at the familiar odour that stained the evening air -- night soil, still the chief engine of Chinese agriculturep 266 ML 2008
Lights glimmered through the perspiring trees, and above the microwave air I could see vast skyscrapers built in the 1980s withp 266 ML 2008