hear it.‘ ‘Do you know, they might. Petty criminals, clochards, Aids-riddled whores -- they expect to be abused. We're doing themp 297 SC 2000
the bird as an emblem of the nuclear guilt that ailed Dr Barbara and, by extension, the war-time Americans. Neil, inp 62 RP 1994
the planes of her body like a pilot touching the ailerons and fuselage of an unfamiliar aircraft. He stood up andp 1077 MNF 1982
pilferers. In the last months the circle of starving or ailing older villagers planted outside the camp gates -- none werep 927 DT 1977
and former amateur jockey sat on his bunk beside his ailing son. With his black hair and lined yellow face likep 183 ES 1984
pushed Mr Maxted away, tired of having to support this ailing figure. ‘Later, Jim. Perhaps it will come later.‘ ‘I don'tp 238 ES 1984
meeting with Harare, six weeks earlier, I had persuaded the ailing guerilla leader of the need to complete the Mallory barragep 232 DC 1987
of these creatures following me behind the foliage. A dozen ailing women, sick children tied to their backs, were resting inp 259 DC 1987
of every downward step in the deepening political crisis, the ailing President's declaration of war and the following nuclear exchange, wasp 1116 WW3 1988
she had seized control of the expedition. Monique helped her ailing father to a seat, concerned by his unsteady gait andp 114 RP 1994
All morning he had helped Monique to care for her ailing father. A chronic kidney infection had flared up, resisting thep 122 RP 1994
to land, unload its consignment of stores and evacuate Monique's ailing father to Papeete? Neil remembered her speaking to Captain Garfieldp 124 RP 1994
in their refusal to aid the two hippies and their ailing child. Mrs Saito and Monique were united against the waveringp 142 RP 1994
had hunted for taro to pulp and boil, feeding the ailing giant as his head lolled against his knees. As thep 200 RP 1994
and shielded his wounded arm from the eyes of the ailing albatross on the cliff above him. The women's anger hadp 223 RP 1994
to think of feigning exhaustion, but Sangster pointed to an ailing widow who had been injured by police truncheons and showedp 232 KC 2006
small off-the-beach cinema out of competition. Dassin, a kindly but ailing old man still recovering from open-heart surgery, found him particularlyp 261 ML 2008
were overlayed by sharp transverse spasms, feed-back from some cardiac ailment. The house was not only frightened of us, it wasp 307 TDS 1962
in as an auxiliary nurse, even on occasion diagnosing minor ailments and supervising the administration of drugs. Characteristic of Loughlin isp 850 NTM 1976
saw his patients undressed, and the location of any intimate ailments was always indicated by the patient by means of diagramp 948 ICU 1977
propelled them here. I soon saw that almost all their ailments were mental in origin -- my fall from the skyp 102 UDC 1979
and marriage would be followed by a series of mysterious ailments, anxious visits to a test clinic, a positive diagnosis andp 1125 LCC 1989
far as I know.‘ ‘Good. People are coy about sexual ailments, for sound Darwinian reasons. In your case, sharing the marriagep 244 SC 2000
five feet away, he raised the gun and took careful aim. ‘There may seem little to it,‘ Tristram whispered to Aurorap 228 S5 1961
Traven science is the ultimate pornography, analytic activity whose main aim is to isolate objects or events from their contexts inp 36 AW 1966
of a coffin. To resolve them again is the greatest aim of natural science -- as you and I have seenp 84 CW 1966
-- however crude, he understands that we have the same aim, it's a question of method ...‘ Ventress swung on his heelp 92 CW 1966
ammunition belt through the flaking weather-board. But the young soldier's aim was probably sharper and more steady. The flare-pistol lay onp 979 OAU 1978
from the blockhouse. Beside Ogden the young German was taking aim. The long barrel of the machine-gun followed the running figurep 980 OAU 1978
flew above the space centre, machines that concealed some other aim? Some other escape? FIVE Fifteen minutes later, as Mallory spedp 1050 MSA 1982
earth at their feet. ‘Sanger -- tell Miss Matsuoka to aim her camera at someone else.‘ ‘You're careless of life, doctorp 61 DC 1987
welding. I turned the sights away from Kagwa, and took aim at the underside of the starboard float. Before the pilotp 133 DC 1987
diagonally behind the pilot and giving himself ample room to aim his carbine at the young woman. Driven frantic by thisp 240 DC 1987
me envy all earlier generations. At the start, my only aim was to save Lucille. I forged signatures, hoodwinked a distractedp 1128 LCC 1989
taboo during the period of one's patriotic duty, the desired aim being an open promiscuity and the greatest possible stirring ofp 1129 LCC 1989
a bony elbow, as if to make me miss my aim. ‘Who did you shoot?‘ ‘Private Kimura.‘ ‘You shot him yesterdayp 32 KW 1991
he had readily agreed. ‘Except for one thing -- our aim is to analyse, not arouse. Think of this vast humanp 265 KW 1991
responsible for him. This time, she knew, the French would aim higher than Neil's feet. As their tempers rose they hadp 61 RP 1994
the shore, while Werner shook his head over Neil's clumsy aim. The commando raid was over. Led by Carline, who hadp 134 RP 1994
drenching Neil in the volatile oil, and urged Monique to aim a burning taper at him as he lay among thep 229 RP 1994
from his victim's femoral artery Greenwood had taken more careful aim, then shot him twice through the chest. The second photographp 180 SC 2000
reunite her with her daughter. I raised my fist to aim a blow at Christie, who swayed towards me in anp 28 KC 2006
only the windows of the watch-towers seemed able to reflect, aimed unerringly at his head. He broke off to glance atp 386 WT 1962
feet away he sees the barrel of a light machine-gun aimed at him by Sergeant Paley. Crushing the pack in hisp 96 TW 1967
chauffeur stood up and lunged at me, his right fist aimed at my forehead. Sidestepping into his arm, I caught hisp 804 SGW 1970
more restrictive legislation will be enacted all over the world aimed at the control of the car, concerned not merely withp 264 UGM 1971
social influences. Like most legislation, it will tend to be aimed at the mass rather than at the individual car. Top 264 UGM 1971
to a computer-controlled traffic flow. Ultimately, I feel, all legislation aimed at the car is really aimed at the one featurep 265 UGM 1971
I feel, all legislation aimed at the car is really aimed at the one feature that provides both its greatest freedomp 265 UGM 1971
were in position, the first mounted alongside the track, lens aimed at the point of impact, the second pointing downwards fromp 122 C 1973
a straight or a hollowed-out bridge line was to be aimed at, whether her nose was to be retrousse or notp 18 QER 1976
scanning the rooflines for any waiting gunman with a shotgun aimed at his heart. ‘Paul! That's my water, Paul‘ Angrily, Waynep 98 HA 1981
from him, its head tilted to one side as it aimed at Mallory's throat, its yellow claws more pointed than Hinton'sp 1045 MSA 1982
plane. A flock of parachutes sailed towards the ground, perhaps aimed at an exhausted group of Lunghua prisoners abandoned by thep 289 ES 1984
challenged his own pallid skin. Jim avoided the rifle barrel aimed at his head. ‘There were cupboards and wardrobes.‘ ‘Wardrobes?‘ Tullochp 313 ES 1984
mob. There was a confusion of yodelling whoops, weapons playfully aimed at the sun, and knees twisting to the music thatp 10 DC 1987
runway, pointing to the undergrowth that surrounded the tractor. They aimed their rifles at the deep grass, as if about top 36 DC 1987
bullet by Mrs Warrender? She raised the heavy rifle and aimed the barrel towards the Salammbo, jerking her head as ifp 213 DC 1987
Tracy, and in America the comic book was now openly aimed at an adult readership. In Britain, which lacked the necessaryp 77 UGM 1991
Japan, militarized and expansionist, invaded China in 1937, an action aimed as much at the European powers. The invasion led onp 219 UGM 1991
of Harvards waited their turn to reach the runway, engines aimed at the back of my head. ‘Moose Jaw tower, thisp 101 KW 1991
on the beach at Santa Margarita, and the mad ferryman aimed his bows at any passing swimmer. A week later, whenp 146 KW 1991
ocean of blood shed by the slaughtered birds. Had she aimed the pistol herself, Dr Barbara could not have found ap 25 RP 1994
moment in the Nimitz. That French bullet he took was aimed at every one of us, at every albatross and dolphinp 25 RP 1994
atomic war stuff is over now.‘ ‘Not for me.‘ Neil aimed the remote control at her and pressed the mute buttonp 26 RP 1994
reef entrance. The captain defended his bows, and his crewmen aimed their hoses at Carline and Kimo when they swerved andp 61 RP 1994
Lying on his back, he raised his wooden club and aimed it at the largest of the albatross soaring above thep 132 RP 1994
would be the first stinging aces, and a high kicker aimed at my head, but then he would lower his gamep 185 CN 1996
magistrates‘ court. The vicious kicks that the cat lovers had aimed at my chest and genitals three days earlier, and roughp 44 MP 2003
office, and tried to shield them from the combat boots aimed at their faces. Kay Churchill caught me when I trippedp 116 MP 2003
drifted into the chamber from the foyer below, she expertly aimed her paint jet at the portraits, endowing them with ap 156 MP 2003
a drawer, eviscerated in a fury that seemed to be aimed at their one-time wearer. Upstairs, in the cell-like rooms, Verap 237 MP 2003
that the police were being abused. But the boos were aimed at a family BMW leaving the estate. The parents andp 265 MP 2003
vodka, as if he felt that the Metro-Centre bomb was aimed at him. This cable presenter, housewives‘ pin-up and local ombudsmanp 143 KC 2006
The school was run on English lines with a syllabus aimed at the School Certificate examinations or their pre-war equivalent, heavilyp 17 ML 2008
managed to put his left hand on the stair rail. Aiming carefully, Kroll shot him twice, first in the back, thep 134 WFN 1961
he enjoyed reproving the tramp. He added a second blow, aiming the crutch at the thread of silver scar tissue runningp 104 CI 1974
Anne that Manson had fired one of the two Titans, aiming the huge missile, for some inexplicable reason, not at Losp 195 HA 1981
where's the rifle?‘ I placed the oar against my shoulder, aiming the handle at the sentry. ‘The rifle? You hid itp 101 DC 1987
a bloody pelt of hair and scalp. Although Kagwa was aiming his revolver at my head for a second shot, Ip 127 DC 1987
I lined my fingers on his shaven head, as if aiming Sergeant Nagata's Mauser pistol, and snapped my thumb. ‘Jamie, Ip 32 KW 1991
going to heaven ...‘ Dick adjusted the tripod of his cine-camera, aiming its ferocious little lens at my face. Already I resentedp 197 KW 1991
the radio mast high above them. Neil broke the spell, aiming a stone through a window of a storage shed. Moniquep 81 RP 1994
delinquent spirit of the drowned city, apotheosis of all its aimless violence and cruelty, Strangman was half-buccaneer, half-devil. Yet he hadp 114 DW 1962
Even these distant sounds brought with them a threat of aimless violence, as if the whole landscape were about to fallp 68 D 1965
in scrap-yards, masturbate as they move on worn tyres to aimless destinations. After a near collision at a traffic intersection semenp 17 C 1973
she was reducing their relationship to the level of this aimless domestic banter. Yet there was something not entirely calculated aboutp 70 CI 1974
private behaviour of my neighbours. She cannot grasp that this aimless minor traffic around their bodies, the applications of sun-oil, thep 858 60Z 1976
if used to dealing with the human strays that Christie's aimless garrulity drew to him. A large American car had stoppedp 92 KC 2006
took several weeks to become effective. Disbanded puppet troops and aimless militia units still roamed the outskirts of the city, andp 111 ML 2008