advent calendar.‘ ‘Armed attacks?‘ ‘Shotguns, pumps, semi-automatics. The bullets have Ahmed and Mohammed written on them. Key security personnel wear sidearmsp 376 SC 2000
radio, boiling a series of identically consistent eggs without the aid of a timer. Then he gave himself away. Stacey, shrewderp 155 CH 1960
the streets just negotiable. Most of the hoteliers, with the aid of local shopkeepers, had built narrow roofed corridors of sandbagsp 39 WFN 1961
herself away and Marshall was about to go to her aid when he heard Musgrave jabber excitedly over the intercom. ‘Lookp 64 WFN 1961
of food, trying to leave their homes to reach the aid stations. They're being sucked out of their doorways before theyp 76 WFN 1961
tunnels had been badly breached. As he stepped through the aid post something struck the ceiling above his head, splitting thep 87 WFN 1961
his tyres, shaking the chassis of the car. Ostensibly an aid to lane discipline, the surface of the road was coveredp 415 SM 1963
It's not your father, I hope --‘ ‘It's Kandinski,‘ Ward aid hurriedly. ‘He's out in the desert, near the farm-strip. Hep 500 VH 1963
the young woman moving towards me on her stick. This aid was clearly an affectation, a postural disguise that allowed herp 43 C 1973
to free the chute himself. Steele immediately came to his aid, bringing with him a complex multi-bladed cutting device. While thep 39 HR 1975
may seem, this transformation of our private lives with the aid of video-systems and domestic computers is already at hand. Micro-computersp 226 UGM 1977
of the television screen. Margaret's insemination was of course by AID, and like all children David's and Karen's only contact withp 947 ICU 1977
together than any couple we knew. In due course, through AID, Karen was conceived and born, and soon after her secondp 950 ICU 1977
gear, ready to transform this parish church into a Flanders aid station, a front-line chapel gutted by the forces of darknessp 75 UDC 1979
masterpiece of nostalgia and regret, The Great Gatsby, without the aid of this tragic but extraordinary woman. Her first mental breakdownp 110 UGM 1982
memories ever be repaid. All of them avoided the government aid centre by the bus depot. This unit, staffed by ap 1070 MNF 1982
and garden parties, the countless bottles of Scotch consumed in aid of the war effort (like all children, Jim was intriguedp 12 ES 1984
member of a volunteer infantry in velvet blue ready to aid the Russian war effort. ‘Not the BB gun, Jamie. Notp 18 ES 1984
sacks of rice, suggested that the chief recipient of any aid was Sanger himself. It was his television career he hopedp 35 DC 1987
Dakota and the control tower Sanger had set up his aid station and television studio. A plastic tent with a transparentp 50 DC 1987
help me dam or divert the stream. Even with their aid it was soon obvious the current was too strong forp 58 DC 1987
until the men sleeping in the barracks came to his aid. I waved helplessly at the air, trying to start thep 103 DC 1987
but his White House staff took advantage of the hearing aid he had always worn to insert a small speaker, sop 1117 WW3 1988
to swap shifts, and Lucille feigned a pregnancy with the aid of a venal laboratory technician. Marriage or any monogamous relationshipp 1129 LCC 1989
wet grass. ‘Dear God -- do you know any first aid?‘ ‘No, but I think ...‘ The cold river-water streamed from myp 328 KW 1991
eye of Dr Valentina. Millions of viewers rallied to their aid when the Zeus IV passed through an unexpected meteor stormp 1176 MFM 1992
and the teams of doctors and psychiatrists summoned to their aid. Were the astronauts in the last stages of a fatalp 1179 MFM 1992
the kind achieved by Greenpeace, Amnesty International and the Live Aid concerts of the 1980s, had eluded Dr Barbara. The Frenchp 27 RP 1994
this amiable but obstinate youth who had come to her aid. ‘Perhaps you're a true fanatic. Physically very strong, but mentallyp 34 RP 1994
figures approaching him along the runway, like an over-worked UN aid official greeting a party of spectres. The stores soon revivedp 98 RP 1994
the women who were most stalwart in their refusal to aid the two hippies and their ailing child. Mrs Saito andp 142 RP 1994
the media glare, then rejecting the watching world and its aid. They had coped with these challenges, but by laying duckboardsp 148 RP 1994
changing tack before she could summon Sonny Gardner to her aid. ‘What about Dr Sanger? I keep thinking of that scenep 132 CN 1996
knew that none of the residents would come to my aid, let alone admit me to the shelter of their gardensp 170 CN 1996
young district officer he so resembled, reaching out for the aid of a passing traveller. ‘We may fail but it's worthp 220 CN 1996
one friend he had relied upon to come to his aid. As he beamed at me proudly his face seemed almostp 222 CN 1996
Even so. Some people find violence is a useful marriage aid. A special kind of tickler. You're so involved with thep 86 SC 2000
that she wore one of the cuirasses as an erotic aid, but I could imagine Frances harnessing up without comment. Seeingp 112 SC 2000
the lighthouse, patiently waiting for it to come to her aid and bathe the darkness of the Cote d'Azur in itsp 332 SC 2000
stickers. Kay Churchill, the woman who had come to my aid, put her shoulder to the door and forced it openp 48 MP 2003
hobby.‘ ‘Undercover?‘ Remembering my £100 fine for going to her aid, I said: ‘I'm impressed.‘ ‘Someone has to keep the streetsp 157 MP 2003
centre of the off-motorway town that had come to my aid. Spreading my map over the elderly menu, a book ofp 7 KC 2006
as if I were trying to sell him a sex aid, and moved a deeply bitten forefinger from his babyish lipsp 82 KC 2006
a long day shorter. Think of it as a business aid.‘ ‘Why not? I feel for you. Trying to educate sixp 84 KC 2006
the suitcase. Two Asian men approached, but neither offered any aid, so I stopped the woman and took the suitcase fromp 170 KC 2006
trying to grasp how it had become a useful kitchen aid for the busy Brooklands home-maker. Without thinking, I picked thep 269 KC 2006
and how little we did to help Poland, to whose aid Neville Chamberlain had committed us when he declared war onp 126 ML 2008
dead doctors who in a sense had come to my aid, and with a vast fund of anatomical metaphors that wouldp 145 ML 2008
of the home as a prime selling point and sales aid for the consumer society. We are what we sell andp 189 ML 2008
afternoon of my accident I had attended a conference with Aida James, a freelance director we had brought in. By chancep 35 C 1973
to start work on a new feature film at Shepperton. ‘Aida telephoned to say how sorry she was. Can you lookp 35 C 1973
van loaded with Egyptian costumes for a forthcoming production of Aida. Before anyone could find the driver, Crawford shouted his thanksp 165 CN 1996
to the limit. I was contacted by a Hammer producer, Aida Young, who was a great admirer of The Drowned Worldp 252 ML 2008
made? I knew that outfits like Hammer worked fast. But Aida assured me that this was just window dressing, and theyp 253 ML 2008
He was affable but gloomy, and listened without comment as Aida launched into a chapter-by-chapter account of The Drowned World, withp 253 ML 2008
them as vividly as I could. ‘Too original‘ Hinds commented. Aida agreed. ‘Jim, we want that Drowned World atmosphere.‘ She spokep 254 ML 2008
in surrealist biology. There was a silence as Hinds and Aida stared at each other. I assumed I was about top 254 ML 2008
glamorous lunch in a restaurant with Roman decor. Hinds and Aida were excited and cheerful, already moving on to the nextp 255 ML 2008
his hands, beckoned in an unsettling way to his military aide carrying the briefcase of nuclear launch codes. The boos ofp 1178 MFM 1992
voice, Delage lowered his head and stepped behind a male aide. The chauffeur held open the door of his limousine, glovedp 100 SC 2000
Alain I'm glad I caught you.‘ I stepped past the aide, who was handing a black valise through the open windowp 100 SC 2000
across the drive to retrieve his peaked cap, which the aide had located under a nearby car. ‘I'm glad security isp 101 SC 2000
pass it to Mr Zander.‘ He spoke quickly to his aide, a slim young man who still seemed shaken by ourp 102 SC 2000
have followed Delage's limousine to Cannes, tipped off by the aide, then lost me as I zigzagged on my abortive errandsp 111 SC 2000
silver trowel, presented on a velvet-lined tray by an attractive aide in a sky-blue uniform. In front of the platform wasp 355 SC 2000
and turned him to face the crowd, like the senior aide of a president with the first signs of Alzheimer's andp 122 KC 2006
the steps where my father had met his end. An aide carried a pile of St George's shirts, neatly pressed andp 242 KC 2006
in automobile accidents could be imitated within half an hour, aided by the application of suitable coloured resins. Convincing radiation burnsp 11 AE 1966
behaviour of crash victims. The great majority of cases were aided by any opportunity of unconscious identification with such fatalities asp 99 CRA 1969
disconnecting the propeller as the ferry remained motionless in midstream. Aided by Noon, Sanger leaned against the radiator grille of thep 186 DC 1987
should defend Dr Barbara, as if suspecting that he had aided her. ‘Suffocation can do hateful things to the brain. Drp 160 RP 1994
five-man crew of the Constellation and two of the general's aides had been killed outright. Now Van Damm had been broughtp 28 WFN 1961
Westmoreland discussing US policy in Vietnam. There were the usual aides, secretaries and Secret Service men out on the lawn. Onep 777 CA 1968
for the boiled rice on which he and his two aides subsisted. Abandoned in disgust by the journalists and the freelancep 60 DC 1987
commands, as well as President Reagan, Mr Gorbachev and their aides, and the submarine officers who decrypted the nuclear launch codesp 1116 WW3 1988
grin, his eyes unfocused as he stood supported by two aides, the ever-watchful First Lady standing in her steely way besidep 1122 WW3 1988
from his tunic. There was a flurry of confusion while aides grappled with each other around the podium. The cameras swervedp 1122 WW3 1988
a series of devastating naval defeats cooled his ardour. His aides noticed that he spoke increasingly of his friendship with thep 51 UGM 1989
seems a remarkably shrewd comment, and no doubt his military aides snapped their fingers as they recognized an astute career movep 11 UGM 1991
Delage, once again the harassed accountant, was calling to his aides, who sprang to life and began shouting into their mobilep 358 SC 2000
civilization, and I hoped that one of the Home Secretary's aides would point it out to him. I tried to thinkp 8 MP 2003
of Cambridge by a proctor and his bulldogs (his bowler-hatted aides). We had to be back in college by ten, orp 146 ML 2008
went on in their minds? The astronauts‘ subsequent careers -- Aidrin's breakdown (he is now working as a Cadillac salesman inp 273 UGM 1979
and take off into the western sky. ‘All the radio aids are ready,‘ he told her on the weekend before theyp 818 DFW 1974
activity had been encouraged. Pornographic hotel decor, lobbies crammed with aids and appliances, ceaseless sex-films shown on closed-circuit television, all thesep 834 LFA 1975
camera, with its infra-red and X-ray scanners, its computerized diagnostic aids, revealed far more than any unaided human eye. Perhaps Ip 947 ICU 1977
Valium addiction and lists the deaths of his friends from Aids, a fear of which may have led to the slightp 60 UGM 1989
last decade of the 20th century by the scourge of Aids and the pandemic of associated diseases clustered around its endlesslyp 1125 LCC 1989
had invented, then seemed to be the new frontier, though AIDS has recently cooled our ardour. Even so, the mass mediap 54 GANa 1990
point, and the process may receive an unhappy impetus from AIDS. It's hard to visualise, but the day may come whenp 61 SCNa 1990
amiable, asking me to declare that I suffered from neither Aids nor psychosis (except, perhaps, an excess of memory?) and thatp 173 UGM 1991
age of five. There were no cheerful posters or visual aids in those days, apart from a few threatening maps inp 179 UGM 1992
La Linea with a fresh stock of condoms and sex aids? She noticed me watching her in my rear-view mirror andp 12 CN 1996
the extended seminar he had been conducting with full visual aids, had been wasted on this obtuse Englishman. ‘Madness -- that'sp 202 SC 2000
the ground about a range of men's colognes and grooming aids. Fragments of the sales pitch boomed through the night airp 73 KC 2006