the Mexican shipping agent, the US Coast Guard, the world's agro-chemists and their despicable science that had deprived him of hisp 1164 DCG 1990
the rosemary-flavoured tobacco leaf which the economists at the Institut Agronomique had decided would transform the economy of these neglected peoplep 12 DC 1987
the cooperative farms on which the bureaucrats at the Institut Agronomique had squandered their funds. The southward advance of the desertp 16 DC 1987
The small but determined parties of colonists -- doctors, chemists, agronomists and engineers -- had set out into the rural backwatersp 877 UC 1976
with the highest skills -- computer specialists, systems analysts, architects, agronomists. For the first time in history we'll be recruiting anp 161 HA 1981
there was no sign of that second army of bureaucrats, agronomists and World Bank advance men whom I expected to seep 93 DC 1987
reading the flapping headlines on the newspaper stands. QUEEN MARY AGROUND NEAR CHERBOURG High Winds Hamper Rescue Launches A good numberp 8 WFN 1961
The streets had almost been drained. The approaching scow ran aground on the sidewalk, pushed off again and then stuck finallyp 122 DW 1962
the lake, would go on until the craft ran immovably aground on a mud-bank. As the steamer passed, Quilter stepped downp 14 D 1965
graceful craft with a tall white funnel, which had run aground in the centre of the channel. The deck was levelp 138 D 1965
Without looking up, I waited for the dinghy to run aground. As the last drops of water fell from my handsp 53 UDC 1979
The dredging platform had broken from its moorings and run aground on the mud-flats along the opposite bank. However, Stark hadp 212 UDC 1979
the first of the wharves, she let the coracle run aground on the beach. She sat in the darkness, surveying mep 100 DC 1987
over the wheel. Convinced that I would soon run us aground on the gravel cliffs below the airstrip, she left thep 107 DC 1987
sand-bank emerge from the brown water. The Salammbo ran gently aground, the hull hissing along the sand, and then began top 132 DC 1987
we moved towards its source. Wary of running the ferry aground in the dark, I steered through the open doors ofp 136 DC 1987
to and fro as if waiting for us to run aground. Once we had drifted out into the deep channel, Noonp 138 DC 1987
quest for the source of the Mallory had already run aground. At night, as I lay in the wheelhouse, listening top 150 DC 1987
broken glass. ‘Dr Mallory ... do you wish to run us aground, sir?‘ I was still staring at the soldiers in theirp 162 DC 1987
the ferry sheered to port. We were about to run aground on a causeway of mud that formed the northern wallp 171 DC 1987
our journey. Twenty feet from the cascade, the Salammbo ran aground on the gravel bed, almost midway between the eastern bankp 233 DC 1987
know I've said that before ...‘ I let the raft run aground on the shingle. Noon fell sideways in the water, andp 239 DC 1987
had begun to jettison the cargo after running the freighter aground. But the elderly diesels had seized and the winch hadp 1162 DCG 1990
trawler was hit by gun-fire: they would either run her aground in the lagoon or scuttle her astride the reef. Thep 53 RP 1994
on the deck, she filmed the Dugong when it ran aground on the reef. Captain Wu had loyally followed the ordersp 70 RP 1994
against the Jaguar, drumming his leather baton on the windscreen. ‘Ah, Dr Gregory. Good morning.‘ He pointed his baton at thep 292 IO 1962
time.‘ He left them and went through to his study. ‘Ah, Gorrell, there you are.‘ It was Thornwall Harrison, the attorneyp 349 PE 1962
Dr Mellinger's sublime communion with himself ‘And Hinton, sir?‘ ‘Hinton? Ah, yes.‘ Dr Mellinger turned to face them, like a bishopp 524 MO 1963
trace of him. Dr Normand thinks we should inform --‘ ‘Ah, yes, Dr Normand.‘ The Director revived suddenly. ‘I have askedp 526 MO 1963
door. Dr Normand stepped into the office. ‘Good afternoon, Director.‘ ‘Ah, Normand. Do come in. Dr Booth and I have beenp 527 MO 1963
desk. For a moment he failed to notice his deputy. ‘Ah, yes, Normand. I wonder where that file is? You didn'tp 528 MO 1963
on such things.‘ Pereira packed the tooled metal face away. ‘Ah, well, whenever we escape from anything we always carry ap 440 QR 1963
He took the manual Connolly handed him. ‘What the --? Ah, I see, this makes it even more clear. Of coursep 456 QR 1963
man. A smile played like a snake on his lips. ‘Ah, Miss Emerelda,‘ he greeted her in a purring voice. ‘Ip 551 SG 1963
The gyro-car cleaned the rail. It led us straight here. Ah, hello, Doctor,‘ he greeted the Old Man as he climbedp 469 TT 1963
Dr Nathan approached, holding his gold-tipped cigarette to one nostril. ‘Ah, Dr Austin ... What do you think of them? I seep 9 AE 1966
him contemptuously, bare feet planted wide on the pony skin. Ah well, he thought, there had been worse moments. At Dunkirkp 665 BM 1966
the rusty rail. He gave up with an elaborate shrug. ‘Ah, she's a strange one. Lost her man, you know, Crispp 705 SBD 1966
the young woman in the white coat entered the laboratory. ‘Ah, Doctor Austin.‘ He pointed with his cigarette to the journalp 81 YMC 1966
Have a look at them.‘ Charles picked up the first. ‘Ah, there's Georges. He looks older here, those TV cameras arep 774 CA 1968
almost touching. Koester took her arm with a nervous gesture. ‘Ah, Dr Austin ...‘ The flow of small talk modulated their sexualp 25 UD 1968
the cracked cement. The blood-milk flowers, like the blossom of ah aberrant gladiolus, effloresced between my legs, as if in responsep 98 UDC 1979
effort, those missing eighteen minutes always were difficult to explain. Ah, Wayne, you're awake!‘ He skipped over to Wayne in hisp 172 HA 1981
that answered the sun. Escape from the Hospital ‘Mitsubishi ... Zero-Sen ... ah ... Nakajima ... ah ...‘ Jim lay in his cot in the children'sp 50 ES 1984
the sun. Escape from the Hospital ‘Mitsubishi ... Zero-Sen ... ah ... Nakajima ... ah ...‘ Jim lay in his cot in the children's ward, andp 50 ES 1984
the seaplanes flying from the Naval Air Base at Nantao. ‘ ... ah ... ah ...‘ The soldier shook his head, stumped again, and searchedp 50 ES 1984
seaplanes flying from the Naval Air Base at Nantao. ‘ ... ah ... ah ...‘ The soldier shook his head, stumped again, and searched thep 50 ES 1984
keen to impress Jim with this staggering feat of arms. ‘ ... ah ... ah ...‘ ‘Nakajima,‘ Jim said. ‘Nakajima Hayabusa.‘ ‘Nakajima ...?‘ The soldier sighedp 53 ES 1984
to impress Jim with this staggering feat of arms. ‘ ... ah ... ah ...‘ ‘Nakajima,‘ Jim said. ‘Nakajima Hayabusa.‘ ‘Nakajima ...?‘ The soldier sighed deeplyp 53 ES 1984
Johnson.‘ ‘Maybe I'll be as clever as you, Dr Christine.‘ ‘Ah, I think you're moving in a much more interesting directionp 1170 DCG 1990
understand that.‘ ‘I'm trying not to. You're very frank, Paula.‘ ‘Ah ... but that's the artful way of hiding things.‘ Warming top 121 CN 1996
high stern bridge which Jonas had paced like a desert Ahab, hunting for his white sea. Ransom glanced at Philip Jordanp 148 D 1965
the edge of the reef on which he seemed collision-bent. ‘Ahab ...!‘ he cried in warning. But the ship had reached thep 711 TMY 1966
My God, you could see the crew, Ishmael and Tashtego ... Ahab was there, and the mates, Melville's three momentous men! Didp 711 TMY 1966
way, the Pequod this evening ... it's a pity you missed Ahab. They were all there, exactly as Melville described them inp 713 TMY 1966
open divan, eh? What are you playing next -- Captain Ahab, Jonah?‘ Barbara Quimby came up behind him, and the twop 730 CHC 1967
up, clearly rejuvenated, standing behind his huge desk like Captain Ahab sighting the white whale. ‘Brilliant. Jim, who's your agent?‘ Wep 255 ML 2008
question,‘ Georg said ambiguously. ‘Incidentally, the figure is that of Ahasuerus, the Wandering Jew.‘ He pointed to the man's feet. ‘He'sp 581 LL 1964
painters‘ studios were informally incorporated into their paintings -- perhaps Ahasuerus would move around, posing as himself, driven by a sortp 581 LL 1964
by his black robes and crossed sandal-straps, the figure of Ahasuerus stood among the throng on the crowded canvas. The unusualp 582 LL 1964
the pose was again that of the retouched Leonardo, with Ahasuerus now looking with an expression of deep compassion at thep 582 LL 1964
the Veronese were now cleaned a rather different version of Ahasuerus would be found. Veronese's original depiction.‘ ‘Exactly. After all, thep 582 LL 1964
the characterization completely at odds with the legendary role of Ahasuerus. By now the intensity of Georg's conviction was communicating itselfp 582 LL 1964
Are you seriously suggesting, Georg, that the black-robed figure of Ahasuerus is promenading somewhere on those pavements below us now, andp 583 LL 1964
I almost wonder.‘ Curiously it was the retouched portrait of Ahasuerus, rather than Leonardo's original, which seemed more real, closer top 583 LL 1964
his mind, or had he in fact seen the phantom Ahasuerus? When he greeted me at the doorway of Normande etp 584 LL 1964
beasts. For some reason the Samaritan's face reminded me of Ahasuerus. Just then I looked up across the crowded auction roomp 584 LL 1964
the right man. Previously his appearances have been solely as Ahasuerus, but few painters today are doing crucifixions in the hep 584 LL 1964
was sure he would come back today if he was Ahasuerus, and I needed twenty-four hours to get hold of youp 584 LL 1964
his greatest commissions to date. Exactly! A crucifixion. Our friend Ahasuerus is once more doing his rounds.‘ Georg pulled a leather-boundp 585 LL 1964
doing some research on the identity of the models for Ahasuerus -- usually some petty princeling or merchant-king. The Leonardo isp 585 LL 1964
in and posed. But the others were more select. The Ahasuerus in the Holbein was posed by a Sir Henry Danielsp 585 LL 1964
Danilewicz, Daniels, Danieli, Da Nella, de Nile and Nielson. Alias Ahasuerus. You know, Charles, I'm a little frightened, but I thinkp 585 LL 1964
the final rut, and I shouted through the engine fumes: ‘Ahasuerus! Ahasuerus!‘ His wild eyes swung back, and he rose forwardp 587 LL 1964
final rut, and I shouted through the engine fumes: ‘Ahasuerus! Ahasuerus!‘ His wild eyes swung back, and he rose forward inp 587 LL 1964
unwilling for the world to see the true image of Ahasuerus's character exposed and deliberately painted in these apologies.‘ ‘But Georgp 582 LL 1964
to Gorrell and concentrated on adjusting himself to the period ahead. He knew he would find no trace of fatigue, butp 52 M69 1957
the corridors and down the stairway had been left on. Ahead of them two orderlies checked that windows they passed werep 54 M69 1957
amused smile and shrugged, trying to disguise his uneasiness. ‘Go ahead, if you want to. As Neill said, the wires arep 55 M69 1957
the future, was I in some fantastic way twenty-four hours ahead of time when I described the deaths, simply a recorderp 101 NZ 1959
climbed back into the half-track and a couple of miles ahead I had to stop as the cooling unit was drainingp 80 WG 1959
the megaliths were deserted. I reached the pentagon fifty yards ahead of Mayer, climbed up and waited for him, gulping inp 88 WG 1959
in here. You lads have got a lot of time ahead of you, it'd be cruel not to let you knowp 168 CH 1960
front of him, a clear six feet to the wall ahead, was uninterrupted. Then Helen's father arrived. Knocking on the doorp 277 B 1961
crisp tyre-prints in the soft salt flowing over the road ahead. ‘Someone's there already.‘ Granger shrugged. ‘What of it? They've probablyp 242 DE 1961
way towards the pool, the erratic track of the car ahead winding in and out of the pools. Two hundred yardsp 242 DE 1961
hurling them into the pool. Leaving Granger, Holiday sprinted on ahead, shouting at the top of his voice. Too preoccupied top 242 DE 1961
deciding not to offend his passenger. ‘Still, maybe it's just ahead of its time.‘ Dr Jamieson smiled thinly at this. ‘That'sp 280 GA 1961
himself than to the driver. ‘Let's say about thirty-five years ahead. They'll think very highly of it then.‘ His voice hadp 280 GA 1961
McPhersons on the right; the other six houses were directly ahead, on the far side of a muddle of interlocking gardenp 246 OM 1961
in a tremendous burst of speed to overtake a car ahead. Settling myself, I put the question again and waited forp 212 S5 1961
had made him happy was hard to decide ... Horns sounded ahead of them and cars were slowing down in both trafficp 17 WFN 1961
War Office whose job is to stay permanently three jumps ahead of the politicians. If the wind goes on increasing, sayp 23 WFN 1961
concrete control cage jutting out from the wall ten feet ahead. Lowering himself through the hatch, he climbed down the companionwayp 26 WFN 1961
housings, chilling Lanyon's legs. He peered through the periscope. Directly ahead, straight into the wind, he could see down a narrowp 31 WFN 1961
traverse and afforded a satisfactorily wide sweep of the road ahead. A quarter of a mile away were the gates intop 32 WFN 1961
up and peered into the periscope, but the cobbled street ahead was empty. ‘What's going on?‘ he asked the driver. Goldmanp 34 WFN 1961
into the wind, up a long narrow slope. Twenty yards ahead of them, caught by its bumpers between the walls ofp 42 WFN 1961
swirling down the road 50 yards away from them. Just ahead it left the roadway and spilled down into the valleyp 44 WFN 1961
command post dug into the mouth of Holborn Underground Station. Ahead, along Southampton Row, was a group of vehicles -- threep 62 WFN 1961
pulled them back on course, and with the Centurion pulling ahead they moved toward the gateway and then through into Greenp 79 WFN 1961
had trapped itself in a shopfront and now skittered off ahead of them, they avoided the debris piled across their pathp 79 WFN 1961
ditch. Behind was the ragged edge of the asphalt roadway, ahead the massive outline of the tank, its rear track wheelsp 80 WFN 1961
had nearly reached the end of the platform when someone ahead sat up and waved to Maitland. He turned around, recognizedp 82 WFN 1961
big department stores -- had settled itself. A few yards ahead the tunnel ended abruptly. An entire floor section had slicedp 88 WFN 1961
Lanyon shook his head, grinned affectionately at her. ‘No. Go ahead, though, I'm watching.‘ Patricia put her finger on his nosep 94 WFN 1961
pillar that fanned out in the middle of the chamber. Ahead of him he could hear someone moving along the stoneworkp 100 WFN 1961
of the pauses, waiting for Luigi to return from reconnoitring ahead. ‘Three hundred kilometres,‘ the man replied. ‘Maybe more.‘ Lanyon jerkedp 105 WFN 1961
a ledge across the massive blocks of the city wall. Ahead of them was a foot-wide arrow slit. The interpreter gesturedp 106 WFN 1961
They began to move along the ledge. A hundred yards ahead they crossed a small bridge that took them through ap 108 WFN 1961
glanced back at Patricia, who was pointing into the tunnel ahead. Luigi and the others had halted, watching a powerful torrentp 108 WFN 1961
They rounded a bend and suddenly saw daylight 50 yards ahead, the ragged end of the sewer mouth. Beyond, the seap 109 WFN 1961
lip into the gateway, their feet gripping the concrete floor. Ahead of them the steel shutters towered up to the roofp 110 WFN 1961
last lines were cast off, and they began to edge ahead under the big diesels, churning a boiling wake of foamp 113 WFN 1961
floor, and he seized the mouth tube and yelled, ‘Full ahead! Full ahead!‘ As the screws thrashed and bit in, kickingp 115 WFN 1961
he seized the mouth tube and yelled, ‘Full ahead! Full ahead!‘ As the screws thrashed and bit in, kicking the Terrapinp 115 WFN 1961
with it a foaming jetsam of concrete and metal. Full ahead, the Terrapin was moving at 15 knots as they metp 115 WFN 1961
bound to be a little rough stuff here. You go ahead upstairs. Everything will have quieted down by the time wep 128 WFN 1961
head, taking Maitland's arm. ‘If you want to, Doc, go ahead. Frankly, I recommend that you make yourself at home aboardp 146 WFN 1961
have to make visual contact.‘ Maitland peered through the periscope. Ahead the roadway had broadened into a furrowed band of shatteredp 155 WFN 1961
masonry, all moving from left to right across their path. Ahead, high in the air, something loomed for a moment, ap 156 WFN 1961
of lighter air was still in front of him. Straight ahead, its massive bulk veiled by the dust-storm, an enormous pyramid-likep 156 WFN 1961
to Lanyon. ‘It looks as if Hardoon's strongpoint is up ahead. About three or four hundred yards away. A huge concretep 156 WFN 1961
three degrees. With Kroll leading, occasionally stopping to shoulder Maitland ahead of him, they walked along a maze of corridors, stairwaysp 169 WFN 1961
probably just the sauce. I figure we ought to look ahead to the next stage, when the wind dies down andp 170 WFN 1961
them are as keen as you, Roger, they'd been programming ahead for three months. It meant a lot of time wastedp 328 13C 1962
reverie, then flung the tool-bag over one shoulder and raced ahead of them towards the clutter of motel roofs protruding fromp 364 CS 1962
lateral member containing four capsules more or less in line ahead -- Connolly, Tkachev, Merril and Maiakovski -- bisected by threep 368 CS 1962
capsules -- Merril's, he decided, the third of the line ahead -- had fallen from its orbit. Head raised, he sidesteppedp 369 CS 1962
they caught me giving psychiatric treatment?‘ Numbly the girl stared ahead at the road. Gregory flipped away his cigarette, pressing downp 290 IO 1962
the speeding car, until the lights of Tobruk came up ahead, the long curve of the harbour. ‘It's 2 A.Mp 292 IO 1962
to the 80th floor. ‘Let's go, then,‘ Vansittart walked on ahead, beckoning Forbis after him. Together they climbed up to thep 409 M99 1962
in and out of the pot-holes left by the men ahead. At the edge of the silt flat the jungle rosep 64 DW 1962
hole! Morning to you both. We've got a busy day ahead of us so let's get our elbows off the tablep 73 DW 1962
to describe, and which perhaps symbolised the uncertainties that lay ahead now that he and Bodkin had committed themselves to remainingp 77 DW 1962
Still holding Beatrice's arm, Strangman gestured expansively a few yards ahead. Kerans heard him say ‘Sistine Chapel‘ and ‘Medici Tomb‘ butp 93 DW 1962
Robert.‘ Bodkin held his arm, pointing down the darkened street ahead of them. Fifty yards away, its metal dome outlined faintlyp 125 DW 1962
his nightmare. Finally he abandoned the craft and trudged on ahead with a small parcel of supplies, looking back as thep 165 DW 1962
on the edge of the forest, carefully cleaning his pistol. Ahead of him he could hear the bats screech and divep 165 DW 1962
the rising silt and vegetation. For three days he pushed ahead sleeplessly through the forest, feeding on giant berries like clustersp 165 DW 1962
serve as the sonic core for a new statue. Somewhere ahead in the darkness, I heard a familiar phrase, a garbledp 404 TSS 1962
back. There was a watch-tower ninety feet away, almost directly ahead, hanging over the parallel terrace of empty houses. The linesp 374 WT 1962
it necessary to get the Council's permission? Couldn't we go ahead without?‘ Without looking up, Mulvaney sat down at his deskp 381 WT 1962
They fixed the date of the fete at a month ahead, and arranged to meet again at the beginning of thep 382 WT 1962
Renthall turned from the window. ‘Do you mean Boardman's going ahead with it?‘ ‘Of course. It looks like it anyway. He'sp 389 WT 1962
mention of ten years, although the period was ludicrously far ahead. In all probability their real game would be a shortp 506 EG 1963
the game had descended, and the prospect of similar games ahead, Constantin castled his king to safety. For some reason, obviouslyp 509 EG 1963
the deck. Pereira raised his binoculars and scanned the river ahead. ‘Since the Espirros vacated the area the Nambas have begunp 437 QR 1963
stern of the launch, and Pereira shouted at the helmsman: ‘Ahead, Sancho! More ahead! Damn Ryker, where is the man?‘ Churningp 442 QR 1963
launch, and Pereira shouted at the helmsman: ‘Ahead, Sancho! More ahead! Damn Ryker, where is the man?‘ Churning out a niagarap 442 QR 1963
as the lines were cast off and the launch surged ahead. They moved out into the channel and plunged through thep 458 QR 1963
the roads of dangerous vehicles. A quarter of a mile ahead, at the approach to the first of the clover-leaves, thep 415 SM 1963
traffic stream was slowing, huge police signs signalling ‘Lanes Closed Ahead‘ and ‘Drop Speed by 10 m.p.h.‘. Franklin triedp 415 SM 1963
the present mortgage and discount schemes reach half a century ahead. A big trade war would be disastrous.‘ ‘Quite right, Doctorp 420 SM 1963
Shepley jerked the car to a halt. As he ran ahead of the Old Man towards the escarpment he could seep 462 TT 1963
He cycled on to where the road ended 200 yards ahead, dismounted and left the bicycle in a culvert. Slinging hisp 499 VH 1963
you promise me that you'll leave then. Richard can go ahead on his own, he'll meet us in Taxcol with ap 639 DS 1964
towards Maynard, and the water around the two landing craft ahead was touched by a curious roseate sheen, as if reflectingp 609 IM 1964
Let's hope the pilots are all right.‘ Several soldiers ran ahead of us, waving us back, but we ignored them andp 613 IM 1964
time with the same prismatic light. The soldiers were still ahead of me, but George and Paul Mathieu had fallen behindp 614 IM 1964
its heavy tyres cutting through the crystal surface. Twenty yards ahead it rocked to a halt, its engine stalled, and thep 614 IM 1964
swung himself onto the hand-rail, feet in the scuppers. ‘Full ahead there!‘ With a cry, Captain Tulloch hopped from his perchp 14 D 1965
fish, his feet sliding on their jellied skins. Fifty yards ahead he found an old dinghy on the bank that wouldp 22 D 1965
forcing him on to the pavement. It stopped twenty yards ahead. ‘Ransom, is that you? Do you want a lift?‘ Ransomp 23 D 1965
against the walls, Ransom could almost see it several years ahead, reverting to a primitive tumulus, a mastaba of white ashp 28 D 1965
them?‘ Ransom shouted, casting his mind two or three weeks ahead, when the couple would be alone in the abandoned cityp 48 D 1965
to break into one of the houses. A short way ahead he passed an open front door. Pushing back the gatep 56 D 1965
upon them. ‘Catherine, I know what you --‘ Thirty yards ahead a driverless car rolled across the road. Ransom pressed hardp 77 D 1965
slipped and fell on his hands, but Jonas pressed on ahead of them. The skiff stopped short of the bank asp 78 D 1965
rows of polished seats, the steamer's engines worked at full ahead, its high prow nudging the curve of a huge sand-flatp 82 D 1965
to stop, wedged between the converging traffic lanes. Ransom walked ahead and climbed on to the parapet. Originally some four hundredp 86 D 1965
to the south shore. Listening for any sounds of traffic ahead, Ransom tripped, nearly dropping Mr. Jordan. ‘Dr. Ransom, please restp 87 D 1965
with the sharp tang of brine. A final bend lay ahead, and in front of them was the grey hazy discp 89 D 1965
the beachward road, Ransom entered the shanty town. Twenty yards ahead was a crude barricade. As they stopped, four or fivep 91 D 1965
and banged it against the grille. Ransom held his ground. Ahead the road disappeared within fifty yards into the jungle ofp 91 D 1965
the coast road below the cliffs. The motor camps stretched ahead of them to the right, the backs of trailers juttingp 91 D 1965
the camps separating them from the beach. Half a mile ahead they climbed a small rise, and could see the endlessp 92 D 1965
woman. ‘Do you mind if I talk to you?‘ ‘Go ahead,‘ the man said. ‘But I've no water to spare.‘ ‘That'sp 93 D 1965
it. Now and then he stopped to scan the course ahead, where the artificial channel had been strengthened with banks ofp 106 D 1965
water up the slope. Leaving them, the leader ran on ahead, where the others were paddling the main body of waterp 106 D 1965
band had disappeared among the salt flats. Ransom pushed himself ahead, the salty air stinging the weal on his face. Byp 108 D 1965
men was used, digging the channel afresh as they moved ahead of the stream. The remains of one of the metalp 109 D 1965
of one of the metal conveyors jutted from the dunes ahead. Small pools of water gathered around the rusting legs, andp 109 D 1965
also concealed his original point of departure. Half a mile ahead, when he passed below a second conveyor, a stout beardedp 117 D 1965
year or two from now -- we've got to think ahead.‘ Hendry nodded to himself. ‘That's good advice.‘ He turned inp 121 D 1965
to Catherine, while Philip Jordan patrolled the bank fifty yards ahead, spear in hand. Mrs. Quilter's upgrading of Ransom's status hadp 137 D 1965
violet silks ruffled like half-furled sails in the warm air. Ahead of them the river continued its serpentine course between thep 137 D 1965
the sand-hills. Ransom stopped and let the others move on ahead. He looked at the craft beached around him. Shadowless inp 138 D 1965
a woman's fancy. But I couldn't rest until I've tried.‘ Ahead of them was a sharp bend in the river. Ap 138 D 1965
open on to the line. Ransom assumed that the route ahead had been blocked, and that the crew and passengers hadp 138 D 1965
the drained bed. He left the cart and went on ahead, searching for the footsteps of this enigmatic figure. In frontp 145 D 1965
verges of the river, taking his spear and running on ahead whenever the others rested. Pushing away at the cart, Catherinep 146 D 1965
Recognizing the rectangular outline buried in the sand, he ran ahead through the drifts, He knelt down and brushed the flowingp 149 D 1965
the future, and then stranded on the bank ten years ahead in anticipation of his present needs. ‘Over here, doctor!‘ Philipp 150 D 1965
avoiding the half-filled swimming pools, the dust rising behind them. Ahead he saw the ring of higher dunes that surrounded thep 152 D 1965
full regalia, came Quilter, Ransom at his heels. From somewhere ahead of them the low monotonous harangue sounded into the airp 161 D 1965
his waist and whipped it across their faces. Ten yards ahead the dogs entangled themselves around the stump of a telegraphp 161 D 1965
it?‘ Quilter shrugged. ‘Lions there,‘ he said, and strode on ahead. The Pavilion A hundred yards away, across the stretch ofp 162 D 1965
pieces, the sky full of mock suns. One's mind moves ahead a few years to when his body was found besidep 254 UGM 1966
across the floor of the wadi to the opposite bank. Ahead of him, its silver gantries and tank farms shining inp 678 DF 1966
of the town. The tall arcades of the forum loomed ahead, the rebuilt statues of Olympian deities standing on their pedestalsp 680 DF 1966
prevent them slipping off his shoulders, Crispin climbed the bank. Ahead lay a small meadow filled with corpses. He walked throughp 702 SBD 1966
the tree, Crispin walked forward down the slope. Ten yards ahead he reached a patch of worn turf. He began top 709 SBD 1966
age of forty, Sanders tried to visualize himself ten years ahead, but already the latent elements that had emerged in hisp 17 CW 1966
previous day, Sanders said: ‘No, Ventress, early. I'm a day ahead of you.‘ Ventress nodded eagerly, as if glad to seep 42 CW 1966
the darkness near the piers, the two Africans moving quickly ahead of him. Sanders gave him five minutes to make hisp 43 CW 1966
Aragon a cigarette from his case as Louise walked on ahead. ‘That incident in the native harbour last night -- didp 57 CW 1966
helicopter hovered into view again a quarter of a mile ahead of them, Aragon cut the throttle and began to turnp 60 CW 1966
possible distance between themselves and whatever was to face them ahead. For ten minutes they moved forward, the green walls ofp 67 CW 1966
widened in its approach to Mont Royal, and the water ahead was touched by a roseate sheen, as if reflecting ap 68 CW 1966
detached half a dozen of his men. The soldiers ran ahead of Radek and Dr. Sanders, stopping every twenty yards top 75 CW 1966
wheels starred into brilliant jasper crowns. The soldiers were still ahead of Dr. Sanders, but Radek had fallen behind, limping alongp 75 CW 1966
the heavy tires cutting through the crystal surface. Twenty yards ahead it rocked to a halt, its engine stalled, and Thorensenp 76 CW 1966
surface than the crystal teeth of the lawn. Fifty yards ahead Dr. Sanders came across what was unmistakably a jewelled rowingp 78 CW 1966
lift the jewelled body from the hollow. A hundred yards ahead they reached the bank of the stream. The tributary hadp 99 CW 1966
minutes later Sanders found that he was alone. The pathway ahead was deserted. He made his way back to the gladep 114 CW 1966
bank. His running shadow, illuminated by the sweeping searchlight, flickered ahead of him among the vitrified trees, the dark image speckledp 115 CW 1966
me --!‘ ‘Radek --!‘ Winded by the blow, Sanders stumbled ahead, like an onlooker driven towards some bloody Golgotha by itsp 118 CW 1966
reached the entrance hall she was more than fifty yards ahead of him, running through the tumbled columns, her dark gownp 143 CW 1966
drifting along its hull. It stopped and straightened out. Full ahead, the cruiser surged forward, its bows lifting through the placidp 155 CW 1966
when he walked along without thinking, it seemed to stride ahead with a will of its own. Yet despite its goodp 695 TIM 1966
bows dipping through the warm sand. Intent on the pavilion ahead of him, where the silver figure of Thornwald had stoodp 717 TMY 1966
them through the rising dunes. The twenty rays flew on ahead, as if leading me to some unseen destination. The dunesp 722 CHC 1967
the girl! Rademaeker, they were there -- ‘ Already he was ahead of me up the path, only pausing to shout top 732 CHC 1967
Leonora laughed. We tried to stop Manuel, but he raced ahead up the slope. Stung by Leonora's taunt, he skipped amongp 754 CSC 1967
first warehouse. Here they stopped, the wagons still in line ahead, the horses obviously glad to be concealed by the darknessp 736 R 1967
the past. THE CONVOY MOVES OFF The infantry spread out ahead and to the side of the tank. They follow ap 963 TW 1967
past him, neuronic icons on the spinal highway. Fifty yards ahead, the young man in the astronaut's suit plodded along thep 44 DM 1967
pointed through the windshield with his cigarette. Two hundred yards ahead Margaret Trabert's car had turned out of a motel drivewayp 48 DM 1967
of the sky. ‘The perimeter fence is half a mile ahead,‘ I said. ‘We'll wait here until it's dark. Do youp 760 DA 1968
and helicopter raids were now computer-directed, patrols and sorties programmed ahead. The American equipment was so sophisticated that even the wristwatchesp 784 KG 1969
the cover of the trees lining the road. Forbis sprinted ahead to a pile of fifty-gallon drums lying in the ditchp 793 PTD 1969
skin area of a typist. Veteran of the Private Evacuations. Ahead, stalled traffic blocked three lanes. Oxyacetylene flared over the roofsp 69 THF 1969
insect. Travers swerved into the nearside lane. Three hundred yards ahead he plunged down the incline of a slip road. Asp 69 THF 1969
of Vaughan's tennis shoes had left a line of imprints ahead of them, tracks which they were helplessly following. Vaughan wasp 78 THF 1969
often empty. The straightening procedure must always be performed well ahead of any attempt to reconstruct the canal, and may orp 17 C80 1970
in the minutes before the crash. By chance the road ahead was empty. Four hundred yards ahead a truck climbed thep 55 C 1973
By chance the road ahead was empty. Four hundred yards ahead a truck climbed the overpass. A black saloon appeared onp 55 C 1973
offered her a lift to her surgery. ‘Thanks.‘ She walked ahead of me. ‘To the airport, if you could.‘ ‘The airportp 71 C 1973
driver back, and again cut in behind Catherine. I moved ahead along the centre lane, shouting to Vaughan as I passedp 113 C 1973
Seagrave had built an abattoir of sexual mutilation. Horns sounded ahead of us. We had reached the first heavy traffic inp 135 C 1973
a piece of unusual laboratory equipment. Brake-lights flared twenty yards ahead of me. Horns sounded from the line of cars inp 100 C 1973
car. My head seemed to float on these fumes. Somewhere ahead, beyond these immense lines of nearly stationary vehicles, was thep 142 C 1973
blindly across a street. I had stopped a hundred yards ahead and walked back to find two schoolgirls vomiting into theirp 158 C 1973
and his wife were invisible and mysterious mannequins. The car ahead advanced a few yards. Its brake-lights illuminated the interior ofp 159 C 1973
his car, double-parked alongside an airline coach. A few paces ahead of me, Vaughan moved like an over-careful dream-walker. He staredp 194 C 1973
He cut in and out of the traffic lanes, surging ahead in the fast lane until he was abreast of Catherinep 215 C 1973
and walked towards the revolving accident beacons half a mile ahead. A brilliant evening sky lit the entire landscape, exposing thep 221 C 1973
plunged down the grass slope of the embankment. Thirty yards ahead, it came to a halt against the rusting chassis ofp 7 CI 1974
swept by, swerving under the route indicators towards the junction ahead. Brake lights pumped, and the sunlight flared off the windshieldsp 15 CI 1974
the eastbound carriageway, eyes fixed on the empty road curving ahead of him. His shabby clothes and antique machine were illuminatedp 44 CI 1974
the grass, but he picked himself up and doggedly pushed ahead. By now he ignored the nettles that stung his legsp 45 CI 1974
disconnect his right leg and throw it away. Proctor scurried ahead, his body bent horizontally at the waist, always below thep 90 CI 1974
scooping all my colleagues and at last impressing my editor. Ahead of me was a small village, a run-down collection ofp 822 AD 1975
village. Another younger man stood by the verge fifty yards ahead, also with a spade. The body of a small childp 827 AD 1975
easily bartered than any woman, in the future that lay ahead. He decided not to throw away the bloodstained jacket, gladp 90 HR 1975
had been some kind of unconscious preparation for the emergency ahead. He himself felt alert and confident -- despite the bruisesp 95 HR 1975
would pick his way with equal skill through the hazards ahead. He never left the building now, Laing had noticed. Whatp 98 HR 1975
crackled under his tyres, as if unzipping the treads. Directly ahead of Wilder, in the front rank reserved for the top-floorp 116 HR 1975
the face of the building far below. Urging the Alsatian ahead of him, Royal emerged from behind the rear wall ofp 163 HR 1975
away it was wet with blood. As the birds strutted ahead, clearing an open space for him, he saw that thep 164 HR 1975
and sloughs between the market settlements and the old metropolis. Ahead of him, across the mercury surface of the sea, ap 877 UC 1976
the sun, the wind and the tides, had progressed far ahead of anything the age of oil and coal had achievedp 879 UC 1976
of his foot on the accelerator sent the truck hurtling ahead. It was the raw energy of the machine that mostp 888 UC 1976
vehicle half a mile from the landing point and walked ahead through the deserted streets. The white masts and square metalp 908 UC 1976
back or encourage inflation, vary pay-rates and productivity. I'm looking ahead, I know, but I already visualize a central radio transmitterp 917 UC 1976
the other bodies revealed any signs of violence. Twenty feet ahead of me one of the Japanese soldiers by the trucksp 929 DT 1977
cross this before we reach the main road. Somewhere up ahead there's a sluice-bridge. It looks too small to have beenp 931 DT 1977
I would lose all hope of catching up with Hodson. Ahead of me, above the fields of uncropped sugar-cane, I couldp 935 DT 1977
than be burned alive I would drown. Half a mile ahead, beyond tennis courts and a park ringed by dead elmsp 15 UDC 1979
away than ever, the lines of cars and buses extending ahead of us like huge conveyor belts. Behind me the Sheppertonp 47 UDC 1979
of light from its green and yellow wings. Fifty yards ahead of me, Miriam St Cloud walked through the trees towardsp 96 UDC 1979
of my blood shivered in the cool air. Stark ran ahead, raising his rifle to the sombre trees, ready to makep 187 UDC 1979
the voyage. Through his miniature pocket megaphone he bellowed: ‘Full ahead, Captain! We're all waiting for you! Don't change your mindp 10 HA 1981
on a small patch of open water a hundred yards ahead of them. Checking their speed, he glanced at Wayne inp 16 HA 1981
mill-pond Mediterranean for OPEC corsairs. Despite the steep Atlantic seas ahead, he had really been preparing himself, not for the openp 32 HA 1981
get away. He looked back at Steiner, who waved him ahead, pointing towards the city. The Captain's complex motives unsettled himp 34 HA 1981
come on! There's the whole of America here.‘ He sprinted ahead to the great dunes which spilled from the riverside streetsp 35 HA 1981
turned in a flurry of flinty dust. Watching him gallop ahead, Wayne had a sudden premonition: one day Steiner will ridep 55 HA 1981
catch up with Anne Summers, but she was riding on ahead, annoyed with the bickering men. Disputes and trivial irritations hadp 55 HA 1981
gila monster disturbed by the horses‘ hooves. Half a mile ahead, a solitary kite circled above some unwary gopher. Under ap 57 HA 1981
a nagging row with Steiner, who once again went off ahead, out of sight all day, and then came back withp 90 HA 1981
rear seat, letting the damp slipstream cool his face. ‘Full ahead, Heinz! Full ahead!‘ he called out grandly. Beside him Annep 106 HA 1981
the damp slipstream cool his face. ‘Full ahead, Heinz! Full ahead!‘ he called out grandly. Beside him Anne Summers clung top 106 HA 1981
pointed out. ‘Were they all timed to detonate a century ahead, like some kind of insane doomsday weapon? Impossible, Anne. Waynep 108 HA 1981
an authority he might need to use in the days ahead. Anne Summers knew this. Clearly she was well aware thatp 112 HA 1981
out below the sun to celebrate its passage across America. Ahead, still in the lead, was Dr Fleming. He sat happilyp 235 HA 1981
two notched metal roads through the forest. Six hundred yards ahead, when the path petered out below a collapsed palisade ofp 1079 MNF 1982
the first bullets struck the metalled road a hundred feet ahead. The second burst threw the car onto its flattened frontp 1043 MSA 1982
pilot sitting in the open cockpit. Barely managing to pull ahead of the Yamaha, the pilot flew down to within tenp 1050 MSA 1982
astronaut in his orbital bier. Smoke moved through the trees ahead of them, driven by the explosions coming from the launchp 1058 MSA 1982
the early hours of Sunday morning, but here, a day ahead in time as in everything else, Shanghai was ready top 36 ES 1984
assault troops, his sword raised as if whipping the wheel ahead of him. Two fighter aircraft streaked along the waterfront, thep 45 ES 1984
each with an armed soldier in the camouflaged side-car, pushed ahead of the tank. Standing on their pedals, they tried top 45 ES 1984
but the pilot was lost among the propellers. Two miles ahead, beyond an empty village and its burnt-out pagoda, they werep 140 ES 1984
advanced up the beach to the embers of the hotel. Ahead of them a military truck was turning through the gatesp 142 ES 1984
have been on another planet -- Jim pondered the jobs ahead of him that day. First, there was the second potatop 184 ES 1984
daily ration, were among the few not to have planned ahead. Jim sat on his bunk, empty plate in hand, andp 234 ES 1984
Jim stood up, almost choking on the mango stone. Straight ahead, some eight hundred feet above the empty paddies, was anp 282 ES 1984
chocolate bars and a bundle of Reader's Digests. Then, thinking ahead for the first time in several days, he added ap 284 ES 1984
oily water of the lagoon swilled around the Buick's wheels. Ahead of them was the Japanese truck carrying a dozen membersp 319 ES 1984
burial mounds that overlooked a village near Hungjao, sent on ahead like a beagle to sniff out the land and drawp 320 ES 1984
the embankment carrying the Shanghai-Hangchow railway line. Three hundred yards ahead, a spur of the line ran in a wide arcp 325 ES 1984
the Massif du Tondou. However difficult it became to plan ahead, to think in terms other than the next few minutesp 153 DC 1987
she found it difficult to count more than three days ahead. Beyond the fourth day lay infinity. Meanwhile, a resplendent presentp 153 DC 1987
Besides, Kagwa was fully aware that the car ferry was ahead of him, that sooner or later our own fuel wouldp 154 DC 1987
force, they stood on a narrow beach a hundred yards ahead. They had cut down the young bamboo to provide ap 161 DC 1987
the landing-craft several days earlier. They had then driven on ahead, picking this point where the river's banks were constricted byp 162 DC 1987
to draw strength from the leprous yellow water. Ten feet ahead of me, she lifted herself easily on to the carp 217 DC 1987
and murder, had given way to the clearly defined channel ahead, and the sharp sand cliffs which the Mallory had cutp 218 DC 1987
a strip of metalled road. A quarter of a mile ahead we reached the gatehouse of the former French airbase, wherep 224 DC 1987
surface, and the birds kept their distance. Noon had slipped ahead of me, hiding behind the sharp bends in which thep 239 DC 1987
sure that Noon was only a quarter of a mile ahead. Although we were handicapped by the raft and its overheatingp 270 DC 1987
caverns and caves where Noon might be hiding. Eighty yards ahead, the causeway sank into the shallows, leaving a narrow exitp 271 DC 1987
answering a deep migratory call ... can you see the source?‘ ‘Ahead of us -- perhaps half a mile.‘ ‘Prepare yourself, Malloryp 280 DC 1987
a dune beside the stream, and saw her fifty paces ahead. She stared at a dark scar in the sand. Whenp 282 DC 1987
by turning a key ..." For the first time I was ahead of Payne. He watched me cautiously, an unlit cigarette betweenp 41 RW 1988
rear drive behind the garage. They have a busy day ahead of them. Dr. Edwina has a hair appointment in Readingp 74 RW 1988
I hesitated to describe the long counselling sessions that lay ahead, the weeks of being harangued by relays of nuns brandishingp 1128 LCC 1989
trip over my own feet and feel my heart race ahead of me. I find a wall and press my handsp 1136 TES 1989
Eatherly was the pilot of the reconnaissance B-29 which flew ahead of the Enola Gay during the A-bomb attack on Hiroshimap 86 YMCa 1990
on a June day in 1975, then some eight years ahead. As it happens I was probably reading the international Herald-Tribp 46 DMa 1990
too. Putting aside these thoughts, and cheered by the day ahead, I reached the Avenue Joffre and the long tree-lined boulevardsp 18 KW 1991
hunted the vast brown swells of the Yangtse. We steered ahead, the single propeller churning the water and sending its sprayp 73 KW 1991
by itself on the knee-deep grass, and the children ran ahead of me, their faces bobbing like lanterns. Standing in thep 125 KW 1991
sure that I would remember it in the empty months ahead. She waited until I was ready and passed my clothesp 168 KW 1991
up! What's the matter?‘ ‘I'm here, Dr Barbara.‘ ‘That's Saint-Esprit ahead. The albatross island!‘ ‘Saint-Esprit?‘ Neil stared doubtfully at the desertedp 9 RP 1994
in an empty sail-locker, preparing for the confrontation that lay ahead. He always deferred to Dr Barbara, stoically enduring the ecologicalp 12 RP 1994
the Bracewells. Kimo, strengthening his huge body for the confrontations ahead, ran endless circuits of the deck and exercised to ap 61 RP 1994
exhaust pumped from the trawler's funnel as Captain Wu rang ‘ahead‘ and ‘more ahead‘ to the engine-room. Driven by the followingp 66 RP 1994
the trawler's funnel as Captain Wu rang ‘ahead‘ and ‘more ahead‘ to the engine-room. Driven by the following sea, the vesselp 66 RP 1994
expedition team sat on their beds and pondered the day ahead. Dr Barbara was impatient with them all, eager to turnp 130 RP 1994
two German women. Already she seemed to be thinking far ahead, to another island and another sanctuary free of kindness. ‘Allp 143 RP 1994
top-masts of an approaching vessel. ‘I wanted them to look ahead, to what the sanctuary might become, but I moved themp 164 RP 1994
Dr Barbara was preparing him for the task that lay ahead, satisfying herself that he was equal to whatever demands shep 173 RP 1994
beside her. He waved to us, but Dr Hamilton stared ahead, dabbing her eyes with a tissue. ‘She looks upset.‘ Ip 72 CN 1996
into the space between the van and the car parked ahead of him. There was a rasp of torn metal asp 165 CN 1996
work, and that includes the petty criminals. Leisure societies lie ahead of us, like those you see on this coast. Peoplep 180 CN 1996
plaza to the club. A car turned through the gates ahead of me and parked by the entrance. Two middle-aged couplesp 249 CN 1996
was too much for my confused view of the road ahead. ‘A real community has created itself here. It rose spontaneouslyp 260 CN 1996
song.‘ Crawford unlocked the gates and strolled along the drive ahead of me. The kidney-shaped pool resembled a sunken altar reachedp 264 CN 1996
and numbed by the vastness of the task that lay ahead of him, the endless coasts waiting to be brought top 310 CN 1996
for his departure that evening and the tasks that lay ahead of him in Calahonda. With nothing but his battered Porschep 326 CN 1996
only a business park.‘ ‘I can see it -- straight ahead. My God, it's the size of Florida ...‘ The first officep 6 SC 2000
into a state of panic. Penrose and Jane walked on ahead of me, and by the time I reached the sunp 23 SC 2000
swiftly through the outskirts of Le Cannet, a target safely ahead of any possible attacker. Through the window divider I watchedp 102 SC 2000
of unfaithfulness. ‘A month ...‘ I repeated. ‘He was planning well ahead. Madame Duval, he was trying to protect you. Everything youp 136 SC 2000
the harassed existence of a secret agent, forever one step ahead of being unmasked, a fraying conspiracy of rented cars andp 155 SC 2000
calm me. ‘I mean it. He has a long day ahead of him. He's been up for three or four hoursp 177 SC 2000
have been under way.‘ ‘Not yet. Greenwood was fifteen minutes ahead of us.‘ For once, Halder sounded almost defensive. ‘Remember, wep 192 SC 2000
her car, firmly gripping the controls and scanning the road ahead for unexpected potholes. She was still using me, for reasonsp 235 SC 2000
knife to our throat. Look at the century that lies ahead -- an upholstered desert, but a wasteland all the samep 264 SC 2000
a turning. ‘We'll go back to the RN7.‘ ‘They're up ahead. I want to see what happens.‘ ‘Forget about it! Didp 310 SC 2000
going to crash! Paul!‘ ‘Where?‘ She pointed to the road ahead, where brake lights flared in alarm. The Audi overran thep 312 SC 2000
Green pilot was a warning. Besides, we have to look ahead. A titanic battle is about to begin, a Darwinian strugglep 365 SC 2000
with an urgent telegram. Cars cruised the kerb, drivers staring ahead but communicating by some sixth sense with the pimps whop 380 SC 2000
where an apartment block stood beside the roundabout. Vera strode ahead of me in a brisk bobbing walk, like a whorep 77 MP 2003
war could threaten its grip. Nonetheless, Kay was undaunted, striding ahead of me down the Maginot emplacements of Arcadia Drive, searchingp 91 MP 2003
his back, smoke rising from his clothes. Only twenty feet ahead of him, I ran around the parked security van, searchingp 122 MP 2003
wheel. Gould set off for the perimeter road, three strides ahead of me, checking the shine on his shoes. Reaching thep 262 MP 2003
was certain I had never selected. But a hundred yards ahead was a slip road that I had somehow known wasp 3 KC 2006
an empty land, where everything had already been sent on ahead. Nothing now made sense except in terms of a transientp 6 KC 2006
do. Too often a piece of forgotten baggage goes on ahead and lies in wait for me when I least expectp 13 KC 2006
happened to your car?‘ ‘It's ... being serviced.‘ She strode on ahead as I paid the bill. Her confidence, of a gimcrackp 71 KC 2006
I tapped Maxted's shoulder, but he pointed to the road ahead, as if the car needed my full attention. I decidedp 96 KC 2006
aimlessness. Trying to lose them, I crossed the perimeter road. Ahead lay the Brooklands main thoroughfare, a high street of officep 120 KC 2006
street through a gauntlet of kicks and punches. Fifty yards ahead was the main square, spotlights playing on the balcony ofp 121 KC 2006
the second day everyone realized that a further night lay ahead, and that all of them were now hostages. At thisp 226 KC 2006
the car. He actually asked me if he should go ahead. I said ...‘ ‘You said yes.‘ Maxted sat back in hisp 260 KC 2006
too canny for that.‘ ‘So we found. The riot went ahead, Sangster planted another bomb near the town hall, and wep 262 KC 2006
tastes of ... trees and sky.‘ ‘Fresh air! We're there, Julia ...‘ Ahead of us, though, were a dozen of Carradine's marshals inp 273 KC 2006
of British newsreels, thrilling spectacles that showed battleships in line ahead, and Spitfires downing Heinkels over London. Fund-raising drives were heldp 37 ML 2008
authorities in Shanghai, but the construction of Lunghua Camp went ahead. In March 1943 my parents, sister and I entered Lunghuap 62 ML 2008
some forty small rooms. Our bedding had been sent on ahead, and assembled for us by friends of my father. Ip 65 ML 2008
in wartime England, and in some cases we were well ahead. I find it difficult to explain this, but my guessp 72 ML 2008
needed all the strength they had for the uncertain years ahead. But I scavenged what I could, stealing tomatoes and cucumbersp 83 ML 2008
classes above mine who had entered the University a year ahead of me. It gave me an early taste of collegep 128 ML 2008
an Anglo-Indian boy who went up to Trinity a year ahead of me to study medicine, and an American exchange studentp 135 ML 2008
to walk the wards as a trainee doctor, and friends ahead of me at their London teaching hospitals warned that yearsp 149 ML 2008
and was a convincing vision of the future that lay ahead -- the muscleman husband and his stripper wife in theirp 189 ML 2008
I once saw a couple laughing together in the car ahead of me and sounded my horn in anger. After celibacyp 204 ML 2008
Atrocity Exhibition was published in 1970 I was already looking ahead to what would be my first ‘conventional‘ novel for fivep 238 ML 2008