The men sat down again, grumbling to each other, some agreeing with Saul's complaints with forceful nods, others shifting about uncertainlyp 60 D 1965
even for these days ...‘ To some extent, Laing found himself agreeing. However petty the complaints might sound, the fifty-year-old owner ofp 39 HR 1975
was needed to show some appreciation of these material objects. Agreeing with me, an amiable crowd followed Stark, urging him onp 143 UDC 1979
new recruit. President Wayne? FDR sat forward in his wheelchair, agreeing with Wayne on the merits of rearmament. ‘ ... tanks, guns, planesp 168 HA 1981
you lived in Dublin?‘ ‘An honorary Berliner.‘ Wayne nodded firmly, agreeing with his verdict on himself. He leaned across the tablep 218 HA 1981
trip to the mouth of the Canton River, before reluctantly agreeing to my father's wish that I study medicine, and hadp 47 DC 1987
presumably the manager opening the shop in the morning. In agreement with this, a second doorway opened farther down the streetp 199 LW 1960
appeared that information was being deliberately withheld. A murmur of agreement had spontaneously swept the entire room, but what exactly hep 204 LW 1960
to the figures near by, nodding to it in apparent agreement. ‘Bayliss!‘ The shot drowned his cry. Bayliss had fired somewherep 149 ZT 1960
As if hearing this, his wife shook her head in agreement. ‘You'll be all right soon. Let nature take its properp 255 MF 1961
her first approval. ‘Don't worry,‘ she had said lightly. ‘Our agreement will apply to one issue only.‘ Amazingly she showed nop 220 S5 1961
only too glad to give him her imprimatur. Remember, our agreement only refers to this issue, and the onus is onp 226 S5 1961
negative talk around.‘ Vice-Admiral Saunders, sitting next to him, nodded agreement. ‘I hope your information is right, though, Marshall. One ofp 57 WFN 1961
Patricia Olsen, resting on another of the beds, nodded in agreement. ‘He'll discover some other moral drive then, of course.‘ Shep 170 WFN 1961
right.‘ Francis glanced at Dr Kersh, who was nodding in agreement. ‘Believe me, General, contrary to what you and the Spacep 333 13C 1962
Mellinger gestured eloquently, as Normand, Redpath and Booth nodded their agreement. He walked around his desk and took his seat. ‘Perhapsp 529 MO 1963
available to scientific observers throughout the world, there is general agreement upon its origins and the few temporary measures that canp 616 IM 1964
reply. He was nodding slowly, eyes watching mine in unspoken agreement, all trace of humour absent. ‘Georg!‘ I exclaimed. ‘Are youp 581 LL 1964
me to have all we want.‘ His wife nodded in agreement, sipping her tea. The Fairground They set off along thep 94 D 1965
grass seethed around him in the light wind, speaking its agreement. ‘Explore the island now -- drink the wine later.‘ Thep 50 CI 1974
even at the point of death. There was an unspoken agreement among the residents of the high-rise that their confrontation wouldp 126 HR 1975
is looking me straight in the eye, violating our never-spoken agreement in a blatant way. In a blur of light Ip 862 60Z 1976
abandoned, its once teeming cities empty and silent. With the agreement of its European partners, the President, Supreme Court and Congressp 48 HA 1981
cryptically: ‘Headquarters of the Strategic Air Command.‘ Wayne nodded in agreement, without knowing why. ‘The military aspect is important, sir --p 162 HA 1981
myself. ‘You were to leave Port-la-Nouvelle, doctor. We made an agreement.‘ He seemed unable to grasp my real reasons for clingingp 13 DC 1987
strode along the wharf, waving three copies of the provisional agreement. ‘The lease is signed, the river is yours for ap 70 DC 1987
rules of the contest between us, and denied the unspoken agreement that we would act out our duel within the riverp 163 DC 1987
RCAF Moose Jaw in Saskatchewan. As part of the Nato agreement, the aircrews of its European members received their flight trainingp 106 KW 1991
and morphine was openly administered by Dr Barbara with the agreement, she claimed, of the patients and their relatives. But notp 39 RP 1994
All these regulations ...‘ I shook my head over the rental agreement. ‘Spare bulbs, first-aid kit, fire extinguisher? This Renault is betterp 11 CN 1996
my fingers kneading the soft, clubman's leather. I nodded my agreement to Cabrera, but I was thinking of the strip ofp 93 CN 1996
She relaxed, and placed her hands over mine. Her over-prompt agreement made me sense that she was following a route ofp 189 CN 1996
from London had begun to fall away, and with my agreement Charles had taken over the editorship of the two aviationp 77 SC 2000
medical valise and a copy of the Peugeot garage's rental agreement. I scanned the debit columns, checking its arithmetic, and notedp 125 SC 2000
the debit columns, checking its arithmetic, and noted that the agreement ran for a year, with the option of a furtherp 125 SC 2000
his death alone on the night sand. Jane nodded her agreement, but I was surprised to learn that she had signedp 318 SC 2000
turned to look at me, and then nodded in full agreement. ‘She's a damaged child, trying to make sense of thep 131 MP 2003
ideal. Right, Sheila?‘ As always, his guests nodded their firm agreement, sitting in their black leather sofas in the mezzanine studiop 79 KC 2006
tonight the Metro-Centre will close for renovations ... management in full agreement ... concern for customers ... for your own safety leave in anp 215 KC 2006
camp, and contained a number of derelict buildings. With the agreement of the camp commandant, a former diplomat named Hyashi, whop 67 ML 2008
Puccini's favourite. It seemed to me that we were in agreement about everything, sharing the same taste in films, whether Europeanp 261 ML 2008
him he looks like Andrew, but I'm not sure he agrees. What do you think?‘ Maitland considered the baby's small wizenedp 145 WFN 1961
No more ludicrous than the theft of the painting. Everyone agrees it could not have been stolen by anyone bounded byp 583 LL 1964
this crystallized glass.‘ ‘What is Tatlin's theory?‘ ‘In general he agrees with the American experts. I spoke to him at thep 65 CW 1966
am, but Dick's been too busy giving TV interviews. Everyone agrees he's the sexiest psychologist in Rio.‘ ‘And in London --p 252 KW 1991
an incidental matter, and in its wisdom the gene pool agrees, seeing to it that the sexual act takes place forp 157 UGM 1992
father -- I think he should return to Tahiti. Monique agrees with me, his fever is worrying ...‘ ‘I'll have a lookp 123 RP 1994
say, your brother holds the key. I'll telephone when he agrees to see you.‘ ‘Inspector ...‘ I paused before committing myself. Forp 158 CN 1996
doffed his cap in return. ‘I talked to Danvila. Frank agrees the yacht will be safer in the Costasol marina --p 221 CN 1996
Now, here's Elizabeth, looking more handsome every day. Bratwurst obviously agrees with her ...‘ The stretch Mercedes was turning into the carp 221 CN 1996
gym equipment and a paddling pool for the toddlers. Hennessy agrees.‘ ‘Then you're both wrong.‘ Crawford reached across my shoulder andp 256 CN 1996
you were friends.‘ ‘I met him a few times. Everyone agrees that he lived for other people. It's hard to imaginep 54 SC 2000
You don't need to escape. Just take things easier. Wilder agrees you work too hard.‘ ‘Wilder agrees with you about everythingp 301 SC 2000
take things easier. Wilder agrees you work too hard.‘ ‘Wilder agrees with you about everything. That way you do what hep 301 SC 2000
of animal husbandry skills that would lead to a useful agri-business career. He failed to notice the one form of husbandryp 186 RP 1994
Trust's colour-coordinated nature trails, is now little more than an agribusiness by-product. We live in the TV suburbs, among the videop 184 UGM 1994
when the seasonal rainfall expected in a number of important agricultural areas had failed to materialize. One by one, areas asp 30 D 1965
that made them glimmer in the moonlight, transforming the placid agricultural backwater into a strange landscape where the forces of somep 700 SBD 1966
go out to the front line. By now all the agricultural areas of England are under control of the Liberation Frontp 961 TW 1967
on wheels, sat on the roadside among pieces of rusting agricultural equipment. The worn hill-slopes stretched up the valley, and thep 822 AD 1975
own five acres of intensely cultivated market garden, a self-supporting agricultural paradise linked to its neighbours by a network of canalsp 878 UC 1976
energy available, existence soon became untenable except at a primitive agricultural level. The freezing winters and airless summers of the Americanp 47 HA 1981
driver had any idea of the whereabouts of Woosung, an agricultural district at the mouth of the Yangtze that lay beyondp 124 ES 1984
would ever reach the general public. Zoos, schools of dentistry, agricultural research stations, international hotel chains, hairdressing colleges, and a consortiump 239 KW 1991
remotest outposts of their world. The planet's mineral, energy and agricultural resources have been efficiently, and even ruthlessly, exploited. A simplep 1185 ROP 1992
and, then, in a single century, everything happened. The feudal agricultural society that had moved through the millennia at an almostp 54 UGM 1993
was partly rehabilitated in an open prison called the first agricultural societies, and now finds himself on parole in the politep 263 SC 2000
to estimate. Despite the gloomiest prophecies of the Neo-Malthusians, world agriculture had managed to keep pace with the population growth, althoughp 271 B 1961
over the world former suburban areas were being reclaimed for agriculture and population additions were confined within the existing urban ghettosp 271 B 1961
on the eastern side. The War Office and Ministry of Agriculture were down. Beyond them, the spires of Whitehall Court hadp 122 WFN 1961
sense of the term, as used by the Food & Agriculture Organization in its classification of aboriginal peoples. They won't stalkp 451 QR 1963
of forestry workers and biologists from the US Department of Agriculture, few qualified observers had witnessed the phenomenon and there werep 606 IM 1964
capital could be made from this campaign, the Department of Agriculture in Washington announced that all facilities for inspection would bep 606 IM 1964
it is a different phenomenon?‘ One of the Department of Agriculture biologists, a grey-haired man carrying his jacket over one armp 609 IM 1964
been set up in a trailer, ‘U.S. Department of Agriculture‘ stencilled on its side. A platoon of soldiers was wanderingp 612 IM 1964
Maynard, passing the mobile laboratory used by the Department of Agriculture. The trailer, and the tables and the equipment scattered aroundp 622 IM 1964
weather control. A survey by the U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization showed that everywhere river levels and water tables werep 30 D 1965
to the civilians still finding their land-legs. ‘And the others?‘ ‘Agriculture experts. They arrived at Port Matarre by flying boat thisp 63 CW 1966
aboard the craft, even by masquerading as one of the agriculture experts, though Sanders had been so distracted by the prospectp 70 CW 1966
militia, setting up a fortified hamlet and redirecting the area's agriculture. The target area is at a key point on thep 962 TW 1967
first indications of government concern over the consequences. Industry and agriculture were already affected, though far less than commerce, politics andp 845 LDG 1976
melted, and millions of acres of wilderness were reclaimed for agriculture and coal-mining, summer wheat-crops were harvested well within the Arcticp 49 HA 1981
pitched their tents on the steps of the Department of Agriculture building. The second Wayne easily identified as Gangsters. Riding atp 79 HA 1981
Sanger had stumbled upon a method of reviving the flagging agriculture, a new fertility rite for the television age. Along thep 45 DC 1987
with the prospect of being absorbed into the Department of Agriculture. However, at the last hour the agency was saved, andp 1175 MFM 1992
air -- night soil, still the chief engine of Chinese agriculture. We drove into Shanghai down a broad new highway. Lightsp 266 ML 2008