for a moment?‘ ‘Well ...‘ Sanders made no effort to be agreeable. The incident with the automatic pistol reminded him of thep 42 CW 1966
perform anywhere else?‘ ‘Perform?‘ I glanced from this pretty and agreeable young woman to the pale chimera with jewelled eyes inp 748 CSC 1967
of attention paid to the mise-en-scene: ‘The place should be agreeable to both participants. If it is to be a publicp 256 UGM 1969
on the fleshy points of her knees and pubis. This agreeable young woman, with her pleasant sexual dreams, had been rebornp 99 C 1973
on the white plastic settee, listening to her in an agreeable way. There is an unforced casualness, a degree of indifferencep 861 60Z 1976
the cities of the former French East Africa with this agreeable carcinogen, should be given an entire warehouse of last cigarettesp 12 DC 1987
houseman roused by Kay from his afternoon sleep. A less agreeable odour than engine oil or Cathay Pacific toothpaste hung aroundp 59 MP 2003
On the whole, however, Lunghua seemed full of easygoing and agreeable characters. What I liked most was that everyone, of almostp 70 ML 2008
the source of most taxes today) should pay for the agreeable hobby of a north London children's doctor, or a self-importantp 234 ML 2008
it away over the baffles. Madame Gioconda backed away, laughing agreeably. ‘We can hear you, Mangon. Dear me, how sweet.‘ Shep 127 SS 1960
will be quite a curiosity to the Indians.‘ He smiled agreeably, showing the yellowing teeth which made his olive complexion evenp 439 QR 1963
should be -- but that's true of us all.‘ These agreeably expressed remarks cautioned Laing. Listening to the animated conversations aroundp 32 HR 1975
Ever seen a camel in a tin overcoat?‘ Steiner laughed agreeably. ‘Could they be behind these space-ships in the sky?‘ Butp 67 HA 1981
seemed an alien element, with its clear geometry conforming so agreeably to the contours of the shore-line, containing nothing in itsp 47 DC 1987
lonely.‘ I couldn't take my eyes off her. ‘Yes,‘ I agreed, brisk and businesslike. ‘What about something colourful? This Sumatra Samphirep 4 PB 1956
a little odd inside your lounge.‘ ‘Yes, of course,‘ she agreed, suddenly smiling back at me. ‘I was stupid.‘ She gavep 5 PB 1956
you're not awake, you're somnambulating.‘ He called back to Morley, ‘Agreed, Doctor?‘ Morley swallowed a yawn. ‘Well, if he is, thatp 54 M69 1957
time and give us some exercise.‘ ‘A good idea,‘ Lang agreed. ‘If we can get the table through the door. Ip 61 M69 1957
the centre of Vermilion Sands, Raymond Mayo and I had agreed that we should patronize a local artist. There were dozensp 39 VS 1957
rigs. ‘My ears feel like gongs.‘ ‘By all means,‘ Sheringham agreed promptly. He placed the record carefully on the turntable andp 68 T12 1958
continue the work in another sector of the city, Marshall agreed immediately, gave Conrad as many tools as he could sparep 166 CH 1960
fact the board carefully considered your case yesterday, and we agreed that you well deserve an uninterrupted rest after all thesep 205 LW 1960
leisurely life among overstuffed furnishings. ‘I'm all for it,‘ he agreed, indicating the empty corners. ‘There's plenty of room here. Butp 275 B 1961
and I know how you feel. Why not?‘ ‘Sure,‘ Ward agreed. He pointed to the space between the girls‘ beds andp 276 B 1961
still staggers me. It almost gets larger every day.‘ Rossiter agreed readily, averting his eyes from one of the girls changingp 276 B 1961
to the wall between his bed and Ward's. They had agreed that this would provide a little extra privacy. ‘No doubtp 277 B 1961
nothing to keep her here, is there?‘ ‘No,‘ Holliday had agreed automatically. There wasn't now. For a long while he mistakenlyp 236 DE 1961
table, he decided to remain in his bed upstairs. Elizabeth agreed readily. All the while she watched her husband with herp 258 MF 1961
shrugged. ‘Patients here are overpermissive.‘ ‘For once you're right,‘ Faulkner agreed, watching the shower stall over his shoulder. A pink formp 248 OM 1961
give his life for his art. A beautiful myth,‘ I agreed. ‘But I'm afraid you'll find no Corydons here.‘ ‘I wonderp 222 S5 1961
mysteriously reassemble all those smashed machines?‘ ‘It's an idea,‘ I agreed, waving at Tony Sapphire who had just called in. ‘Otherwisep 223 S5 1961
that -- "Write some yourself"?‘ ‘She must be insane,‘ Tony agreed. ‘It's all part of this tragic obsession of hers,‘ Ip 224 S5 1961
either. The VT set merely simplifies the whole process.‘ I agreed with him, but of course Tony was somewhat prejudiced therep 224 S5 1961
Donald. And everything seems so dirty.‘ ‘This dust, yes,‘ Maitland agreed. ‘It's all rather curious.‘ Symington nodded, watching the windows pensivelyp 19 WFN 1961
a couple of typhoid and cholera epidemics.‘ Maitland nodded. He agreed with Avery but felt too tired to offer any commentp 75 WFN 1961
desk, noting the change in Kroll's manner. ‘Good idea,‘ he agreed. ‘Thanks for all the news. By the way, what departmentp 128 WFN 1961
take off, so how about some coffee?‘ ‘Good idea,‘ Maitland agreed. Halliday took the canvas grip out of his hand, top 146 WFN 1961
underground so long I feel like a mole.‘ ‘Sure,‘ Halliday agreed. ‘Not that there's a damn thing to see.‘ They allp 150 WFN 1961
down." Can I look into the street?‘ ‘Of course,‘ Vansittart agreed, bracing himself to seize Forbis if the little man attemptedp 409 M99 1962
rain of sand came down over them. ‘Poor Jumbo,‘ Tony agreed, sitting back and playing with a coil of her hairp 346 PE 1962
for the past six months. The Ritz's reputation, he gladly agreed, was richly deserved -- the bathroom, for example, with itsp 9 DW 1962
Sinanthropus? Unlikely, surely. Wouldn't that merely be Lamarckism in reverse?‘ ‘Agreed. I'm not suggesting that.‘ Bodkin leaned against one of thep 41 DW 1962
might see something -- a raft or an oil patch.‘ ‘Agreed. But the problem is‘ -- here Riggs drummed on thep 55 DW 1962
placed out of bounds to the Colonel's men, while Strangman agreed to remain within the perimeter of the lagoon until Riggsp 157 DW 1962
want something intimate and personal.‘ ‘Of course, Miss Goalen,‘ Nevers agreed hurriedly, looking around desperately. As he knew only too wellp 397 TSS 1962
too much of a good thing.‘ ‘It's an idea,‘ Renthall agreed. ‘If you can find anyone interested. I'm sorry the recitalp 376 WT 1962
escape. When Constantin suggested that they play chess Malek promptly agreed, and so they spent the next long month as thep 505 EG 1963
lips which contained any overtones whatever. ‘It is cold,‘ he agreed at last. ‘I will see if I can borrow ap 517 EG 1963
felt his heart gallop, and then controlled himself. ‘Malek, you've agreed at last, you're going to take me to the Departmentp 519 EG 1963
within the confines of the asylum. At all events, everyone agreed that if Hinton had escaped, he had literally vanished intop 521 MO 1963
he has left of his own identity?‘ ‘True, Director,‘ Booth agreed. ‘I constantly reproach myself for not taking a closer interestp 526 MO 1963
deduction,‘ Redpath murmured. ‘Without doubt,‘ echoed Booth. ‘A profound insight,‘ agreed Normand. There was a sharp knock on the door. Withp 529 MO 1963
itself a fragment of a huge disintegrating fantasy. However, he agreed to Pereira's request to borrow the monitors and follow Rykerp 453 QR 1963
the photographs in the art reviews. ‘Kanin told me you'd agreed to do the scenery. It's wonderfully encouraging.‘ He spoke inp 546 SG 1963
became more and more preoccupied. An outline scenario had been agreed on. To my surprise the first scene was to bep 549 SG 1963
sort of thing?‘ Ward asked moodily. ‘Perhaps he has,‘ Cameron agreed. ‘Is he still working on his crossword puzzle? The tabletp 497 VH 1963
He laughed crisply, finding an unintended irony in my remark. ‘Agreed -- it's pretty pointless! But I guess they'll come backp 609 IM 1964
for most of the Louvre -- and the National Gallery.‘ ‘Agreed.‘ Georg straddled his desk, his patent leather shoes twinkling inp 576 LL 1964
it's quite obvious. You know, Georg, it's a remarkable likeness.‘ ‘Agreed. But it's not only the likeness. Look at the posep 582 LL 1964
There's nothing to hide from.‘ ‘Of course not, Howard,‘ Ransom agreed. ‘It's purely penitential. Actually, I thought it suited me.‘ ‘Itp 23 D 1965
The man nodded, stirring the tea. ‘You probably are,‘ he agreed. ‘Still, I wouldn't worry, we're not much better off.‘ Hep 93 D 1965
for a few miles each morning. During the afternoon she agreed to sit on the cart, half asleep under the awningp 135 D 1965
Ironically, Philip also told Ransom that there had been no agreed decision to exclude him from the settlement. However, Hendry hadp 138 D 1965
that's their lot -- eh?‘ ‘Sounds a good idea,‘ Ransom agreed cautiously, He decided not to tell him about Philip Jordanp 154 D 1965
For a few minutes they argued over the price, then agreed. Aragon started his motor, and shouted: ‘I'll see you atp 53 CW 1966
the surface at least, to despise. ‘It's a theory,‘ he agreed when Ventress had finished. ‘Not ...‘ ‘Not scientific enough?‘ Ventress threwp 89 CW 1966
marriage. In the first month after his recovery Conrad had agreed to help Dr Knight and the hospital authorities in thep 695 TIM 1966
light they resembled a threadbare circus troupe. ‘All right,‘ I agreed. ‘I take your point. But what about the clouds, Missp 748 CSC 1967
point.‘ I opened Charles's note-pad. ‘We'll revise the programme -- agreed? We start off with the Georges Duval conference, follow upp 778 CA 1968
and what a sigh he must have breathed when Hitler agreed. Hitler's own title would have been far too much ofp 222 UGM 1969
him at a filling station on Western Avenue, I had agreed to help him, well aware that I was no longerp 146 C 1973
might have heard him. ‘No prison for Proctor.‘ ‘No,‘ Maitland agreed. Even this brief conversation was exhausting him. ‘I don't wantp 87 CI 1974
out, as if the tenants, like Anne and himself, had agreed to shut off any contact with the world outside. Thep 87 HR 1975
from the central mass of the building.‘ ‘Right,‘ the gynaecologist agreed, glad to see that Royal had at last woken upp 91 HR 1975
Hell.‘ ‘A sharp guess at the future, all right,‘ Gould agreed. ‘The ultimate dystopia is the inside of one's own headp 830 LFA 1975
most exclusive clubs, and applicants were admitted only if they agreed to accept the church's guidance on all spiritual matters, itsp 847 LDG 1976
nearby hairdressing and beauty salon. When I telephoned them they agreed instantly to send a member of their staff to myp 869 S 1976
line as fully functioning vehicles. Delighted by this, Olds had agreed to stay on in the city. In fact, Halloway's ideap 912 UC 1976
from the football stadium to some destination they had never agreed upon, I had lost the chance of seeing my parentsp 936 DT 1977
the suggestion with Margaret, and I was delighted when she agreed. ‘What an odd but marvellous idea! Why on earth hasp 950 ICU 1977
about military matters.‘ ‘Isn't he -- for a non-combatant,‘ Foster agreed. ‘And I don't mean that in any critical spirit, Davidp 973 OAU 1978
waited for the nausea to pass, regretting that he had agreed to be flown here. The lobbies of the hotel werep 983 Z2 1978
course of treatment. The distinguished psychiatrist Dr Valentina Gabor has agreed to take on the case -- perhaps you know ofp 1005 HFF 1980
the end of the world.‘ ‘Certainly sounds like it,‘ Steiner agreed. He smiled reassuringly at the nomads, as if believing everythingp 65 HA 1981
these space-ships in the sky?‘ But Heinz and the others agreed that this was beyond the Astronauts‘ reach. Watching these sun-wizenedp 67 HA 1981
had emerged from the loudspeaker, but at seven o'clock, the agreed rendezvous hour, they heard McNair's jaunty voice. ‘He's coming throughp 84 HA 1981
had just suggested that we abandon the water-wagon, and I've agreed. It was already slowing us down, and we have thep 89 HA 1981
somewhere, but Anne and Ricci voted him down. We all agreed that there isn't anything we'd want to say, anyway. Ip 92 HA 1981
of the brine and the ozone. Meanwhile Ricci and Anne agreed that we had reached Lake Tahoe, they were ready top 94 HA 1981
jive steps. Or maybe you're the tango type?‘ ‘Maybe,‘ Wayne agreed promptly. He was eager to please this broad-shouldered beauty inp 132 HA 1981
100,000.‘ ‘Wayne is right, Mr President.‘ McNair, surprisingly, had agreed. But McNair, with a larger vision than Anne Summers, hadp 161 HA 1981
been sighted since. None the less, McNair and Anne had agreed with Wayne, accepting that their reclaimed US citizenship might notp 162 HA 1981
do you, Wayne. And so do I. Though with everyone agreed as to the ends, we could afford rather more discussionp 171 HA 1981
real Presidents. He's trying to protect everything you've built here.‘ ‘Agreed, Wayne.‘ Dr Fleming flinched as a series of explosions soundedp 182 HA 1981
a copy of the death certificate.‘ ‘Yes, she died,‘ Sheppard agreed. ‘But only in a sense. She's here, somewhere, in thep 1078 MNF 1982
you all the time.‘ ‘Frank, we've got my lungs, you agreed that.‘ Basie inhaled a little smoke from his Craven Ap 95 ES 1984
were only too keen to collaborate. Jim vaguely disapproved, but agreed that it was probably sensible to do anything to survivep 169 ES 1984
lectures. But he deferred to Basie and Dr Ransome. Both agreed that he should never miss a class, if only, Jimp 181 ES 1984
examined his scalp for any signs of blood. ‘Jim, we agreed that you wouldn't go up there during the raids. Thep 195 ES 1984
court and on the verges of the swimming-pool. God, Vera agreed, was taking photographs of the wickedness of Shanghai. The noiselessp 259 ES 1984
I had bought a year's lease of the river. As agreed, I had ceded all mineral, fishing and navigation rights, butp 69 DC 1987
garage doors by their own cars. In a period generally agreed to be no more than twenty minutes, some thirty-two peoplep 11 RW 1988
the fashionable sociologist who would front the documentary had also agreed to visit the estate, and had already spoken to thep 65 RW 1988
and two Russian), to the first peace-feelers and the armistice agreed by the President and Mr Gorbachev, lasted no more thanp 1116 WW3 1988
well aware that war had been declared, and a ceasefire agreed four minutes later. But I have yet to meet ap 1116 WW3 1988
are forecast overnight, and a cessation of hostilities has been agreed between the US and the USSR. After the break --p 1121 WW3 1988
that the last word, Ryan?‘ ‘It certainly is, captain,‘ Ryan agreed devoutly. ‘How do I even dare approach her?‘ ‘What?‘ Gomezp 1153 WF 1989
happening here, with a little luck ...‘ ‘It is interesting,‘ Johnson agreed. There was a conspiratorial note to Dr Christine's voice thatp 1166 DCG 1990
to interview the guests on closed-circuit TV. She had originally agreed to appear naked, but on seeing the cars informed mep 24 UDa 1990
brought to trial. A defence campaign was mounted, and I agreed to appear as a witness. Preparing me, the defence lawyerp 105 WIWa 1990
be a fool. Everyone knows you're homosexual. That's why I agreed to marry you.‘ In most upper-class English families this wouldp 72 UGM 1991
circuits, the children were whispering to Sally. ‘Me too,‘ Sally agreed. Entrusting the picnic hamper to Lykiard, she spotted a signp 183 KW 1991
the experiment, and explore the locked doors of consciousness, I agreed that Cleo Churchill should look after the children. The amphetaminesp 200 KW 1991
at the opening party on closed-circuit television. She had originally agreed to appear naked with her microphone, but on seeing thep 227 KW 1991
future, airliners would crash and presidents would be assassinated within agreed conventions as formalised as the coronation of a tsar. Whenp 250 KW 1991
he was producing something indistinguishable from pornography he had readily agreed. ‘Except for one thing -- our aim is to analysep 265 KW 1991
off to a confused start. David failed to appear as agreed in the lobby of the Heathrow Penta Hotel, delayed byp 281 KW 1991
Clare likes to begin by asking his guests why they agreed to be interviewed and gets a variety of convoluted repliesp 271 UGM 1992
in Honolulu for the summer. To his surprise, his mother agreed, but Neil was aware that in her vague way shep 29 RP 1994
taking place, an over-rehearsed performance that rarely deviated from its agreed scenario. The sombre stage-set of Saint-Esprit rose in the backgroundp 57 RP 1994
a bully beating his dog to death.‘ ‘Exactly, Neil,‘ Janet agreed, offering him an extra helping of pawpaw as a pacifierp 64 RP 1994
have to leave -- Professor Saito and the French captain agreed. What will you do, Dr Barbara?‘ ‘I don't know, Ip 73 RP 1994
their own blood.‘ ‘That's what I tell Dr Barbara,‘ Neil agreed. ‘She thinks they're bored with us. I expect they'll bep 84 RP 1994
heads, so be careful.‘ ‘Yes, be careful, Neil,‘ his wife agreed. ‘We'll be here to look after you, but don't letp 84 RP 1994
We're short of diesel fuel for the bulldozer. If they agreed to transfer a thousand gallons from their reserve tanks ...‘ Drp 106 RP 1994
hillside and taken refuge in the radio-cabin. Finally Professor Saito agreed to be interviewed about the first endangered species to bep 107 RP 1994
We have to think of ourselves.‘ ‘You're right, doctor,‘ Neil agreed, taking his cue. ‘Tell me, do you think I needp 108 RP 1994
just dreaming all the time.‘ ‘Let him go, Barbara,‘ Monique agreed. ‘He's already living on the beach. Better to take thep 143 RP 1994
Tarzan with two Janes ...‘ ‘No-one can fish like Neil,‘ Trudi agreed as she licked the blistering flesh. ‘Not Wolfgang, and definitelyp 145 RP 1994
was contaminated by faecal matter. Neil remained sceptical, but everyone agreed that Werner and Wolfgang had taken a perverted revenge forp 154 RP 1994
with the bonsai tree -- a signal, he assumed, previously agreed by Dr Barbara and Mrs Saito -- she treated Neilp 191 RP 1994
Cross that the war had ended. The Japanese armies had agreed to lay down their arms. We were told of thep 284 UGM 1995
of guilty also involved me in some obscure way. He agreed, almost casually, that Frank was innocent, as the police's delayp 32 CN 1996
used to say that to me. To be honest, I agreed with them when I first came here. But things havep 43 CN 1996
why? For heaven's sake ... you told me yesterday that he'd agreed.‘ Danvila gestured to a statue in a nearby alcove, callingp 77 CN 1996
Can you understand me? You may visit your brother. He's agreed to see you.‘ ‘That's ... wonderful. Do you know why he'sp 183 CN 1996
distance, as if she and I were strangers who had agreed to an hour's practice at the nets. Yet as Ip 190 CN 1996
be free to enjoy ourselves in the Tuscan countryside. Elaine agreed, but only grudgingly -- her first husband had been ap 8 DYF 1996
months earlier and still refusing to mend. My cousin Charles agreed to take over the publishing house while I was awayp 11 SC 2000
him. He's not coming back, so stop worrying about him. Agreed? Let's go upstairs and unpack.‘ Jane led the way, heftingp 33 SC 2000
-- Beryl Markham is my hero.‘ ‘A great flyer,‘ I agreed. ‘Totally promiscuous.‘ ‘Aren't all women, if they want to bep 42 SC 2000
municipality for the entertainment of tourists.‘ ‘Unthinkable at Eden-Olympia,‘ I agreed. ‘All the same, there was one tragic failure.‘ ‘Dr Greenwoodp 84 SC 2000
agenda.‘ ‘How did David take all this?‘ ‘I think he agreed. By the way, he visited me professionally.‘ ‘What was hisp 97 SC 2000
wheel. ‘Bad time in La Bocca.‘ ‘And Pierre,‘ Madame Menard agreed. She clapped her hands above the teacups, trying to picturep 143 SC 2000
off it's likely he had all three hostages with him. Agreed, Mr Sinclair?‘ ‘If you believe the story of this "lostp 177 SC 2000
Charles had flown down to visit us, and we amicably agreed that I would give up the pretence of helping top 279 SC 2000
Human enough to play Alain's games with you?‘ ‘Paul, we agreed not to talk about that. It's my way of relaxingp 320 SC 2000
sanity, Sally and my work at the Institute. Sally had agreed not to attend the hearing, saving me any further embarrassmentp 45 MP 2003
distracted by a passing vehicle or some acquaintance she had agreed to meet. I eased back the door and slipped intop 183 MP 2003
picked up by an accomplice in a car. Several witnesses agreed that a black Range Rover was circling the nearby streetsp 211 MP 2003
property on the estate. As in the past, we all agreed, the police were doing the dirty work for a ruthlessp 216 MP 2003
in the two Beaufort Avenue houses nearby. The police inspector agreed that no arson charges would be brought, and promised top 231 MP 2003
background, and how you were working undercover for me. They agreed to leave you in place, unless things got completely outp 268 MP 2003
intact. The revolution would continue on a date to be agreed, seeding itself in a hundred other middle-class estates across thep 269 MP 2003
away from all that vicious nonsense. Your father would have agreed with me.‘ ‘That's what I thought. This morning I foundp 62 KC 2006
a superb job, justifying all my hopes for him. He agreed to every suggestion I put forward, eager to give everythingp 155 KC 2006
planes and hangars, and decided not to test whether they agreed that the war was over. I passed the wrecks ofp 105 ML 2008
which seemed to abut abnormal psychology and surrealism, so I agreed there and then, perhaps not the wisest decision in thep 136 ML 2008
the New Statesman, all hot from the street. Moorcock completely agreed. Moving on the fringes of literary London for four decadesp 193 ML 2008
watch themselves as they strolled around the crashed cars. I agreed, and suggested that we hire a young woman to interviewp 239 ML 2008
interview the guests about their reactions. Contacted by telephone, she agreed to appear naked, but when she walked into the galleryp 239 ML 2008
as vividly as I could. ‘Too original‘ Hinds commented. Aida agreed. ‘Jim, we want that Drowned World atmosphere.‘ She spoke asp 254 ML 2008