make sure he appreciated his superior savvy. ‘Chungking ...‘ Jim was agog. This was the kind of information on which his mindp 217 ES 1984
women they came across. I and my friends were all agog at the prospect and keenly awaited developments. The commandos camep 117 ML 2008
I always sleep with my leading ladies.‘ This left me agog. ‘You've had sex with Sigourney Weaver? Tell me more.‘ ‘Nop 262 ML 2008
his apartment, let alone the legion of annunciations, nativities and agonies in the garden that he has spent his life observingp 81 UGM 1991
soul, and a vast literature already existed about the moral agonies of being paid $3,000 a week to do sop 121 UGM 1993
him. Abruptly the helicopter began to lose lift, with an agonised acceleration of its engine slid out of the air intop 66 DW 1962
Gaelic love-poem, then speeded it up to normal time. An agonised ‘Hinton ... Hinton ...‘ It's taken her twenty years to learn. TAPEp 1056 MSA 1982
Germans were in retreat, though the Russian front advanced with agonising slowness, a village at a time. All the same, myp 57 ML 2008
complicity in the condemned man's crimes might well provoke an agonized reappraisal and, after the execution of the sentence, a submergedp 507 EG 1963
from the blades like St Elmo's fire. Then, with an agonized roar like the bellow of a stricken animal, the aircraftp 613 IM 1964
who became trapped within our atmosphere. Given to flights of agonized and poetic moralizing, he was one of the few top 78 UGM 1991
followed by a sharp cry of terror, and then, an agonizing second later, by a third shot. The sounds stunned thep 133 WFN 1961
with a well-lunched midriff and strong legs that have spent agonizing hours on an exercise cycle. He has been shot twicep 9 RW 1988
Christopher Robin became a West Country bookseller and endured an agonizing struggle to free himself from the fictional character who threatenedp 119 UGM 1992
collapse, the whole system twists and thrashes in its mortal agony, thrusting outwards huge cataracts of fragmenting energy. In parallel, timep 92 WG 1959
if this might be getting her down. Supper was slow agony. The smells of the auto-cooked pot roast had permeated thep 250 OM 1961
he had got himself involved again, gone through all the agony of having to refuse help to someone desperately needing itp 293 IO 1962
had been spared the spectacle of their father yelping with agony. Reluctant to get out of bed and precipitate another attackp 531 SA 1963
I became aware of the extremity of this last physical agony of the giant, no less painful for his unawareness ofp 646 DG 1964
had magnified everything to absurd proportions. Released from weeks of agony by this decision, I paid off the taxi at myp 871 S 1976
the sight of Jim's pain would clear away all the agony that he himself had endured. ‘There might have been Scotchp 298 ES 1984
a false space and time, recapitulating in their weightlessness the agony of the First Fall of Man ...‘ COSMOLOGICAL TESTAMENT, BOOK Ip 1094 OOA 1984
filled with photographs of street-fighting and graphic reports on the agony of Beirut, a city then at the centre of thep 1147 WF 1989
get it off in a few days. You've been in agony and never complained.‘ ‘I'm sorry I couldn't help with thep 9 SC 2000
centre was the car that had carried the bomb, an agony of splayed body panels, exposed seating springs, engine block andp 115 KC 2006
What are you looking for -- a slight case of agoraphobia?‘ Franz straightened the maps spread across the counter. ‘I wantedp 27 CC 1957
gamble that it exists. Crowd theory -- Claustrophobia masquerading as agoraphobia or even, conceivably, Malthusianism. Lysenkoism -- A forlorn attempt notp 277 UGM 1992
population of Europe into an armed peasantry, the first intelligent agrarian community since the eighteenth century. That peasantry had produced thep 785 KG 1969
the rural backwaters determined to build the first scientifically advanced agrarian society. Within a generation they, like countless similar communities aroundp 877 UC 1976
herself. Whatever else they said about her, everyone had to agree she was a beautiful girl, even if her genetic backgroundp 1 PB 1956
positive. It needs to be eased off a little.‘ ‘I agree,‘ Morley said. ‘But how?‘ ‘Tell them I'll be asleep forp 57 M69 1957
in a magazine of wide circulation. You show surprise? I agree; as such I should merely have been signing my ownp 105 NZ 1959
us know what the real time is,‘ he remarked. ‘I agree, it is,‘ Kaidren said quietly. ‘Applying the inverse square lawp 189 VT 1960
you think so?‘ Dr Jamieson asked. ‘Not many people would agree with you.‘ The driver laughed. ‘You're wrong there, mister. Ip 280 GA 1961
the usual sense, though I realize the popular press won't agree when my paper in Nature comes out. Anyway, I'm notp 284 GA 1961
him want to vomit. ‘Looks a lot better. Don't you agree?‘ ‘No doubt about it. But those burns are a littlep 137 WFN 1961
Bill Waring concluded. ‘Help us keep our chins up. I agree, it's the best bet.‘ Pat Olsen nodded. ‘We could easilyp 171 WFN 1961
A firm hand, yes, but understanding costs nothing. Don't you agree? She was frightened of him, escaped from the American Hospitalp 292 IO 1962
finished. Already you have chronic barbiturism. Dr Gregory here will agree with me.‘ Gregory nodded. The young man stared blackly atp 294 IO 1962
he hadn't. He and Margot had never been able to agree about their vacations. Clifford's associates and superiors at the Departmentp 340 PE 1962
think the last record was the most evocative, don't you agree?‘ Hardman shrugged with studied vagueness, evidently reluctant to cooperate withp 36 DW 1962
an empirical approach, try whatever remedy we can. Don't you agree, Kerans?‘ Kerans nodded. The temperature in the cabin had begunp 37 DW 1962
the adjacent corridor. ‘This is it without a doubt -- agree, Sergeant?‘ Riggs asked, stepping out into the sunlight to lookp 58 DW 1962
himself and came over to the rail. ‘Perfect, don't you agree, Dr. Bodkin? What a jest, a really superb spectacle! Comep 120 DW 1962
lethargy like everyone else. Clifton considered his suggestion carefully. ‘I agree with you, something of the sort is probably necessary. Ap 380 WT 1962
so my innocence is established by force majeure. Don't you agree, Malek?‘ Malek's eyes searched the pieces on the board, hisp 517 EG 1963
Constantin looked away with a gesture of impatience. ‘I don't agree, Malek. Besides, a great deal is at stake.‘ He glancedp 517 EG 1963
of Justice is concerned with absolutes.‘ ‘Quite right, Malek. I agree entirely.‘ Constantin nodded approvingly at the supervisor and privately notedp 518 EG 1963
Thoughtfully, Pereira moistened the end of his cheroot. ‘But I agree that it's strange. Perhaps a little investigation would be worthwhilep 447 QR 1963
but for some reason it doesn't seem very likely.‘ ‘I agree. Some other explanation is preferable. But what? The Indians werep 452 QR 1963
strange,‘ she said. ‘But it's not particularly warm.‘ ‘I don't agree.‘ Pelham was about to continue when he suddenly stood upp 427 RE 1963
like the faint stars veiled by the mist, refused to agree, knowing that whoever he was now, he had once notp 539 SA 1963
of highbrow sentimentality -- giving immortality only to the dead. Agree, Doctor?‘ Before the Old Man could reply a voice shoutedp 470 TT 1963
and laughed. ‘It is incredible, to put it mildly.‘ ‘I agree with you.‘ ‘What I mean,‘ Ward said, ‘is that it'sp 488 VH 1963
Renthall shook his head. ‘No, it's no hoax. Don't you agree, Godfrey?‘ Cameron nodded. ‘Not in Andrew's sense, anyway.‘ ‘But whatp 489 VH 1963
this delta.‘ He passed his empty glass to his wife. ‘Agree, Louise? Though perhaps you take a Freudian view of thep 631 DS 1964
will really begin when we get to the beach.‘ ‘I agree,‘ Ransom said. ‘It should be clear until we reach thep 82 D 1965
he's done to Miranda.‘ Ransom shook his head. ‘I don't agree, Richard,‘ he said. ‘I think she's beautiful.‘ Lomax gazed afterp 165 D 1965
Matarre are far more interesting than the days. Don't you agree?‘ Sanders looked around at this, uncertain of Ventress's point. Thep 42 CW 1966
-- I've still got to find my friends. However, I agree with you, it's an extraordinary experience. There's something almost rejuvenatingp 88 CW 1966
something we're all running out of, Doctor -- do you agree?‘ Dr. Sanders tried to massage some warmth into his handsp 88 CW 1966
laughed here. ‘That would be egotism run riot. Don't you agree?‘ When Dr Knight glanced at him, as if waiting forp 688 TIM 1966
I should have to tell you, anyway, the patient must agree to the donor -- people are naturally hesitant about beingp 690 TIM 1966
but Crusoe's ship would have been more appropriate, don't you agree?‘ ‘Why?‘ Judith glanced at the sand inundating the slatted metalp 712 TMY 1966
her. ‘All it can tell is the truth. Don't you agree, Barbara?‘ Her eyes hidden behind her dark glasses, Miss Quimbyp 726 CHC 1967
at last, giving me a brief smile, as if to agree that this grim charade was at last over. Yet, whenp 767 DA 1968
it has almost unlimited prospects.‘ ‘I hate to have to agree with you, Major.‘ The American's manner had become noticeably morep 785 KG 1969
to fly.‘ As they argued with one another, unable to agree who should have the first flight, a woman's voice rangp 171 UDC 1979
kind of prison. You've seen them now? Then you will agree it's hard to believe that these two are married, andp 1000 HFF 1980
sockets under the weathered overhang of his forehead. ‘I don't agree, Commissar,‘ he replied calmly. ‘It's all that much more ofp 41 HA 1981
lying under the cool wing of a DC-8, trying to agree about what equipment to leave behind. Orlowski suggested we keepp 91 HA 1981
Whatever happens, keep moving around the court. Your dad would agree with me.‘ ‘Actually, he would agree with you. After thep 118 ES 1984
court. Your dad would agree with me.‘ ‘Actually, he would agree with you. After the war you can play tennis togetherp 118 ES 1984
her to the wheelhouse. I gestured with my arms. ‘Let's agree on this. Left equals "solidarity". Right equals "exploitation". Okay?‘ Frowningp 118 DC 1987
remote-controlled TV cameras. All police officers concerned in the investigation agree that the penetration of these defences by a large groupp 14 RW 1988
investigating teams (CID, Special Branch, Army Intelligence and secret services) agree that the murders were carried out by a band ofp 19 RW 1988
one another only as casual acquaintances. All the domestic staff agree that in the three years of the estate's existence therep 21 RW 1988
missing from many of the pages. "The real porn? I agree." I pushed the magazines back into the drawer, covering themp 32 RW 1988
must have some idea." "Well ... they haven't been able to agree." We had entered Dr. Edwina's bedroom. Payne pointed to thep 32 RW 1988
the house. Uneasy with his own reflection, Payne said: "I agree, Doctor, but it's hardest to prove right here, in thisp 44 RW 1988
if concealing a still-visible corpse. "But one last question. I agree the children killed their parents, and that they carefully plannedp 46 RW 1988
Monaco, the Christians are mostly atheists, and the Fundamentalists can't agree on a single fundamental. We're fighting and dying for nothingp 1150 WF 1989
Stones. She spoke wistfully, as if unsure whether Carmen would agree. ‘Rio is much better,‘ Dick assured her. ‘Many beautiful womenp 243 KW 1991
been allowed to swim naked, and why not, I eagerly agree. Given that the Olympics are well on the way top 244 UGM 1992
is nowhere.‘ How many of today's novelists would dare to agree with him? Guardian Memories of Greeneland Parochialism seems to mep 136 UGM 1993
Neil and returned them to the over-crowded shelves. ‘Don't you agree, Barbara?‘ Still wearing her faded shirt, Dr Barbara stared atp 100 RP 1994
they shared the sanctuary with her. ‘David, I'm sure you agree with me?‘ ‘Of course, Barbara ...‘ A series of contrary scowlsp 141 RP 1994
let Neil anywhere near herself. ‘Dr Barbara? Mrs Saito won't agree, not even if the professor dies. I know Mrs Saitop 189 RP 1994
Frank or anyone else. The place is completely gutted.‘ ‘I agree.‘ Hennessy glanced at his watch, already keen to leave. ‘Ofp 49 CN 1996
insists he is entirely sane. Mr Prentice, I have to agree with him ...‘ Dazed by all this, I waited outside thep 78 CN 1996
talked to Danvila this morning. There's a chance Frank may agree to see me.‘ ‘Good. At last he's coming to hisp 147 CN 1996
more likely to admit that his confession is meaningless.‘ ‘I agree.‘ Cabrera started the engine, then switched off the ignition andp 158 CN 1996
of all the leisure communities of the future.‘ ‘And you agree with him?‘ ‘I may do. He's an odd man, withp 187 CN 1996
that no one will be able to resist. Don't you agree, David?‘ ‘Absolutely.‘ Hennessy stood by the concierge's counter, his armp 231 CN 1996
I'm glad you think he'll be acquitted. Does Senor Danvila agree with you?‘ ‘I've no idea. Believe me; they won't convictp 277 CN 1996
speak out. Crawford must be stopped -- I know you agree with me.‘ ‘I'm not sure if I do.‘ I playedp 303 CN 1996
alienation ... I could easily get used to it.‘ ‘Even better. Agree, Paul?‘ ‘Totally.‘ I knew Jane was teasing the psychiatrist. ‘We'vep 15 SC 2000
Sadly, there isn't a doctor in the world who would agree with you.‘ When the waitress served his coffee Penrose brokep 92 SC 2000
clumsiness, and continued: ‘I'm being unfair, but I know you agree with me. For the talented and ambitious the future meansp 94 SC 2000
impossible to believe that Dr Greenwood shot your brother.‘ ‘I agree.‘ Bourget spoke matter-of-factly. ‘Does that surprise you?‘ ‘It does. Comingp 142 SC 2000
will count for nothing.‘ ‘Not just a few. But I agree with you.‘ Penrose stared over my head, weighing the objectionp 262 SC 2000
police wouldn't understand a word. If they did, they'd probably agree with you.‘ Penrose chuckled over this. ‘Still ... the Cardin Foundationp 265 SC 2000
them to use, not their boots and fists.‘ ‘Zander would agree with you. He thinks you're infantilizing them.‘ ‘Zander, yes ... hisp 297 SC 2000
her mummy sitting in your chair at the office.‘ ‘I agree. I'm trying to pick up the scent.‘ ‘Good. Don't givep 70 MP 2003
narrowed at me. ‘A sensible career choice, I think you'll agree.‘ A satisfied smile played around her lips. The film ofp 82 MP 2003
It's in their minds, in their customs and values. You agree, Vera?‘ ‘Absolutely.‘ Vera Blackburn sat behind me, a large sportsp 84 MP 2003
experienced lady's companion, knowing her place and always ready to agree. But I sensed that she had an agenda of herp 85 MP 2003
space-time, wise old men with beards, moral universes ...‘ ‘You don't agree?‘ ‘Not really.‘ Gould finished my coffee and pushed the emptyp 136 MP 2003
I'm impressed.‘ ‘Someone has to keep the streets safe.‘ ‘I agree. As it happens, I was also undercover.‘ ‘Really? Who withp 157 MP 2003
his feet up on the dashboard. ‘As it happens, I agree with you.‘ ‘About the NFT?‘ ‘About everything. Fortnums, the BBCp 169 MP 2003
consumerism is about a lot more than buying things. You agree, Doreen? Good. It's our main way of expressing our tribalp 78 KC 2006
myself out of the ink-stained desk. ‘As it happens, I agree with you.‘ ‘You agree? Good.‘ Sangster stood up and brushedp 84 KC 2006
ink-stained desk. ‘As it happens, I agree with you.‘ ‘You agree? Good.‘ Sangster stood up and brushed the blackboard chalk fromp 84 KC 2006
rules that "they" tell you to obey. Sheila, you don't agree? Frankly, the hell with you. Go back to your littlep 176 KC 2006
more violence if we ban the marches and rallies.‘ ‘You agree with him?‘ ‘It's hard to say. The Home Office seesp 185 KC 2006
want to stay here, Richard. You know that.‘ ‘I don't agree.‘ ‘Of course you do. This place is your ... spiritual Edenp 234 KC 2006
tallest pillars in that establishment. Everyone who knew him will agree that Eduardo was a warm and generous personality, but atp 218 ML 2008
eleven films it soon became clear that we would never agree. Each member of the jury had his or her favouritep 262 ML 2008