of her hand on my ann. A mood of acute agitation had come over her. ‘Relax,‘ I said. ‘I'll tell themp 551 SG 1963
You Like It, playing a spirited Rosalind like a feminist agitator. Already she talked of going back to her career inp 144 KW 1991
school in Cheltenham, and the role of rebel and classroom agitator had come early to her. On my last day, ap 43 SC 2000
and gun-happy roughnecks, no-goods from the villages, hopped up by agitators from the slums of Canton and Shanghai, promising prosperity top 9 VN 1951
defaced since its unveiling, a favourite target of vandals and agitators. ‘Major, we're ready to move off, sir.‘ Tulloch saluted himp 786 KG 1969
out-and-out madness. In some way, people need the notion. The agnostic world keeps its religious festivals alive to meet the vacationp 193 KW 1991
represent the insane's idea of the normal. Just as the agnostic world keeps alive its religious festivals in order to satisfyp 278 UGM 1992
American machine, they seemed worldly in the extreme, the fashionably agnostic priest and his hyper-observant girlfriend, outriders challenging the placid streetsp 64 MP 2003
was not for religious reasons -- my parents were strongly agnostic. But scripture was my best subject, perhaps because I respondedp 53 ML 2008
Methodist missionary called George Osborne. Knowing of my father's strongly agnostic and pro-scientific beliefs, he generously urged him to send mep 85 ML 2008
impressed by strong religious beliefs. His mother and father were agnostics, and he respected devout Christians in the same way thatp 206 ES 1984
My faith? I'd say it was beaten out of me. Agnostics give too much weight to faith. It's not what youp 106 MP 2003
The scotch. You brought it in a couple of minutes ago. It was on the table.‘ ‘You've been dreaming,‘ she saidp 15 E 1956
picked up the phone. ‘Did I call you five minutes ago?‘ ‘Who's that again?‘ ‘Harry here. Harry Bartley. Sorry, Tom.‘ Ip 16 E 1956
intelligible. ‘Tom, did you phone me up about five minutes ago? We've had a little trouble with the line here.‘ ‘Nop 16 E 1956
were flying?‘ ‘Before the Foundation,‘ Franz said. ‘Three million years ago.‘ When they were outside the museum they started down 859thp 30 CC 1957
had started off on his journey -- exactly three weeks ago. Today! Take a westbound Green to 298th Street, cross overp 37 CC 1957
ichthyoid took out of the protozoic sea 300 million years ago. At last we've freed the mind, raised it out ofp 51 M69 1957
Morley thought: Absurd. How fast can you run? Three weeks ago you were strictly a hep-cat. The next few hours passedp 54 M69 1957
I mean up the evolutionary slope. Three hundred million years ago we became air-breathers and left the seas behind. Now we'vep 58 M69 1957
Didn't he go off into the orderly room?‘ ‘Ten minutes ago,‘ Lang said. ‘He hasn't looked in since. There's supposed top 59 M69 1957
trying to fight a battle the public lost thirty years ago.‘ We drove back to my office in a thin silencep 39 VS 1957
asked when I stood up. ‘Raymond,‘ I said. ‘How long ago did they first start on this building? The steel frameworkp 48 VS 1957
members of the team died here. Just over a year ago.‘ He told me about the incident. Two Cambridge geologists hadp 76 WG 1959
Your parents? Don't worry, the Time Police were disbanded years ago.‘ Conrad examined Stacey's face carefully. ‘It was my mother's,‘ hep 155 CH 1960
at the same moment. One minute after midnight, thirty-seven years ago.‘ The afternoon had darkened, as the high cliffs cut offp 158 CH 1960
five hands, the inferior three halted at random. ‘Fifty years ago,‘ Stacey explained, gesturing at the ruins below the tower, ‘thatp 159 CH 1960
slowly down the plaza towards the clock tower. ‘Fifty years ago, when the population was only ten million, they could justp 159 CH 1960
Anyway, the wiring of the electrically driven clocks perished years ago. It would take an army of engineers to recondition themp 166 CH 1960
sonovacs. It's hard to believe that only a few years ago people completely failed to realize that sound left any residuesp 115 SS 1960
the last vocalist sang at Video City over ten years ago. No audience would stand for it. If I even suggestedp 117 SS 1960
Well, as the last show she appeared on ten years ago was cancelled to make way for Ray Alto's Total Symphonyp 129 SS 1960
the same unironed shirt and dirty white plimsolls a week ago -- Powers looked composed and self-possessed, like a Conradian beachcomberp 170 VT 1960
were renovating the derelict gold-panning equipment abandoned over eighty years ago. They had noticed the bright yellow tints of the cactip 174 VT 1960
decline! Do you realize that only two or three decades ago the Neo-Malthusians were talking about a ‘world population explosion‘? Inp 180 VT 1960
number of occasions. I myself sleep eleven. Yet thirty years ago people did indeed sleep eight hours, and a century beforep 180 VT 1960
last signals sent back by the Mercury Seven twenty years ago when they reached the moon, and can't think about anythingp 183 VT 1960
50 bags of cement he claims I collected ten days ago. Says he helped me load them on to a truckp 185 VT 1960
were first picked up at Jodrell Bank about twenty years ago. Nobody bothers to listen to them now.‘ Powers turned top 188 VT 1960
it was, I'd have pulled you out of here long ago. Perhaps I should have done that anyway, but I thinkp 143 ZT 1960
saying,‘ he commented. ‘I can remember that rumour ten years ago.‘ ‘It's no rumour,‘ Rossiter warned him. ‘It may well bep 269 B 1961
the ultimate argument, isn't it? They used it twenty-five years ago at the last revaluation, when the minimum was cut fromp 269 B 1961
no one has ever tried to tackle it. Fifty years ago short-sighted nationalism and industrial expansion put a premium on ap 271 B 1961
it now. They must have panelled over this door years ago and forgotten about it. Look at that filth everywhere.‘ Rossiterp 274 B 1961
entire planet. The whole zoological class died out ten years ago. Strange, though.‘ Just then the fish jumped again. For ap 240 DE 1961
first amphibians emerged from the seas two hundred million years ago, just as you and I, in turn, are staying behindp 241 DE 1961
reservation myself. Explicitly for Room 17. It was some time ago but the manager told me it was completely in orderp 281 GA 1961
of day, Doctor, your booking was made over two years ago.‘ Finally locking the door of his room, Dr Jamieson satp 281 GA 1961
Hanson? He was supposed to be here half an hour ago.‘ His wife shook her large handsome head and went overp 255 MF 1961
nervously, fingering for his vanished moustache. Yet only two months ago he had weighed over eleven stone. Seven pounds in ap 255 MF 1961
He longed to tell her the truth, that two months ago he had resigned from his job as a lecturer atp 244 OM 1961
quickly, watching the clock. ‘I gave up eating six months ago. You have lunch at the Clinic.‘ Even talking to herp 245 OM 1961
forms. He had discovered this talent only about three weeks ago. Balefully eyeing the silent television set in the lounge onep 246 OM 1961
told me that you resigned from the school two months ago. Harry, what are you playing at? I can hardly believep 252 OM 1961
inspiration. I used to write a fair amount myself years ago, but the impulse faded as soon as I could affordp 213 S5 1961
For them the quest for the perfect sonnet ended years ago. The computer produces nothing else.‘ Aurora scoffed. ‘They're not poetsp 221 S5 1961
her.‘ Tony nodded. ‘She's missing the point, though. Fifty years ago a few people wrote poetry, but no one read itp 224 S5 1961
hand-written verse? I started writing something a couple of hours ago, it's not bad really. About Aurora Day, as a matterp 233 S5 1961
at the most. He had last seen her three weeks ago, when she had left her car to be cleaned inp 12 WFN 1961
strangers he appeared withdrawn and moody, but he had long ago found that a detached viewpoint left him with more freedomp 27 WFN 1961
dead before the crash. Van Damm was killed two weeks ago in a car smash in Spain. He was on somep 39 WFN 1961
exploded from the sun during the solar eclipse a month ago, struck the earth on one exposed hemisphere, and its gravitationalp 55 WFN 1961
then, it looks as if we were optimistic a week ago when we assumed, quite naturally, that the wind would exhaustp 56 WFN 1961
Exaggeration,‘ Marshall said easily. ‘My latest report a few minutes ago was that there had been heavy flooding, but no seriousp 57 WFN 1961
old Russell Square Hotel collapsed suddenly about half an hour ago. Some of the piles drove straight through the sub-soil intop 58 WFN 1961
news, Andrew?‘ Maitland pressed. ‘I got in half an hour ago and it sounded as if the Russell wasn't the onlyp 75 WFN 1961
apparently exhausted. They had arrived at the pillbox two days ago, after a frantic 90-mile-an-hour ride in a renovated staff carp 93 WFN 1961
fingered the movement order. ‘Paul, this came through three days ago. Strictly speaking, you should have got under way immediately.‘ Mathesonp 113 WFN 1961
Chief of Staff?‘ ‘They reached Leytonheath a couple of hours ago. The mine at Sutton Coldfield had been flooded by undergroundp 118 WFN 1961
Symington shrugged. ‘They went off the air about an hour ago. Pulled out to Dulwich. I don't think they've known anyp 118 WFN 1961
Marshall. You got your orders from the Tower two minutes ago. R.H. isn't fooling around.‘ Marshall shook his head. ‘Listenp 129 WFN 1961
you start building this pyramid?‘ he asked. Hardoon shrugged. ‘Years ago. The bunkers were originally designed as my personal shelter inp 164 WFN 1961
understand my real motives, but did you even five minutes ago? I doubt it. In fact, you thought I was avidp 166 WFN 1961
star, the Sun, from which we set out 50 years ago. It's now almost too distant to be visible, but ap 325 13C 1962
the hypnotic reassurance of the sub-sonic voices, they would long ago have become will-less automatons. Switching off the set, he preparedp 326 13C 1962
forced pairing of children -- look at yourself, five minutes ago you were seriously thinking of marrying two teenage children justp 329 13C 1962
suit in which Salvador Dali delivered a lecture some years ago in London. The workman sent along to supervise the suitp 198 UGM 1962
action, not criminal proceedings. My father killed himself five years ago after Bortman had him thrown out of the Bar Associationp 295 IO 1962
swinging the lamp around for emphasis. ‘Listen, Forbis, some time ago, I can't be sure how long, three months, perhaps sixp 407 M99 1962
Neptune City everyone was crazy about two or three years ago, but instead of having to plug into whatever programme happensp 339 PE 1962
people who have ever heard of it. But ten years ago, when Fay and I first went to live at 99p 305 TDS 1962
I helped to defend her. It seems a long time ago. Angel, wait in the car. I want to check somethingp 311 TDS 1962
sharing him with a homicidal neurotic who died five years ago. It's positively ghoulish!‘ I winced as she snapped this outp 313 TDS 1962
that signal from Byrd. We should have got out years ago. All this detailed mapping of harbours for use in somep 16 DW 1962
releasing mechanisms laid down in your cytoplasm millions of years ago have been awakened, the expanding sun and the rising temperaturep 72 DW 1962
You know, Kerans, leaving the sea two hundred million years ago may have been a deep trauma from which we've neverp 95 DW 1962
our aerial patrols reported seeing the hydroplane about a month ago, and I reckoned you might have a little trouble withp 153 DW 1962
played to herself ... It must be just over three years ago that I first saw Lunora Goalen, in Georg Nevers's galleryp 395 TSS 1962
statues on the lower terraces responding with muted pulses. ‘Years ago, when Father was away, I used to go on top 400 TSS 1962
the recollection, as if it had been a long time ago. ‘Try it now,‘ I suggested. ‘Or is Mme Charcot madp 400 TSS 1962
bear childish grudges. They might have sacked you a week ago, but things are different now.‘ ‘What do you mean?‘ Hansonp 389 WT 1962
raw! You must have grazed them only a few hours ago. Can't you remember?‘ Abstracted, Mason invented some tale to satisfyp 477 NWS 1963
thick, laid down during the Triassic Period 200 million years ago when there was a large inland sea here. The skeletonsp 479 NWS 1963
the bone-bed. This shaft wasn't sunk until about thirty years ago. Still, that's my problem, not yours.‘ Returning to the policep 479 NWS 1963
there was an ancient sea here once. A million years ago.‘ He picked a crumpled flannel jacket off the back seatp 479 NWS 1963
The Espirro tribe, closely related to the Nambikwaras. Three years ago one of them carried influenza back from the telegraph stationp 437 QR 1963
all. Don't worry about that, they'd have been extinct years ago if they were.‘ ‘Not even -- white men?‘ For somep 441 QR 1963
was already thinking of a profitable salvage operation. ‘Some time ago,‘ Pereira said mildly. He picked up the parcel containing thep 443 QR 1963
have heard something about it,‘ Pereira went on. ‘Five years ago, as a matter of fact.‘ Ryker snorted. ‘My God, you'vep 443 QR 1963
a pattern setting off IRM's laid down millions of years ago when other space vehicles were circling the earth. Mildred --p 433 RE 1963
the park. ‘You know, it's rather funny, but twenty minutes ago I tried to ring you from the station and gotp 539 SA 1963
and you know it. Subliminal advertising was banned thirty years ago, and the laws have never been repealed. Anyway, the techniquep 413 SM 1963
when they're all identical, even the same colour? Thirty years ago there were about ten different makes, each in a dozenp 413 SM 1963
his car and began to walk towards it. ‘Sixty years ago there were a hundred makes. What of it? The economiesp 413 SM 1963
on an average income basis with those of thirty years ago they're about forty per cent more expensive: With only onep 413 SM 1963
inflationary five per cent the economy is stagnating. Ten years ago increased efficiency alone would raise output, but the advantages therep 420 SM 1963
in sequence after the first I gave you a week ago. I was storing them.‘ Bridges cut back with an oathp 467 TT 1963
Landings from Outer Space. It was published about three years ago.‘ Ward shook his head doubtfully. They slowed down past thep 480 VH 1963
Five.‘ ‘That was in 1960,‘ Ward went on. ‘Three weeks ago Professor Pineau at Brussels discovered a sixth moon of Uranusp 492 VH 1963
asked: ‘But why the sudden increase in numbers? A month ago there was barely a snake in sight?‘ ‘Dick, please!‘ Louisep 630 DS 1964
like the half-empty lagoons that were here 50 million years ago. The giant amphibians had died out, and the small reptilesp 630 DS 1964
night sky on any evening of the week, four months ago when the party of scientific attaches landed at Miami Airportp 606 IM 1964
tried a flame thrower on it a couple of days ago. Didn't help any.‘ The policeman's objections over-ruled -- he slammedp 612 IM 1964
as if to an old friend. ‘It was obvious years ago, B----. Look at the viruses with their crystalline structure, neitherp 617 IM 1964
Veronese from the Prado in 1891, the Leonardo four months ago as we know, and the Holbein in 1943, looted forp 579 LL 1964
is without doubt original. These additions were discovered five months ago shortly after the painting was removed for cleaning. The infra-redp 581 LL 1964
Cambrian oceans where this snail swam vanished millions of years ago.‘ I detached a thread of fucus clinging to one ofp 570 PCD 1964
a mariner from the distant future, marooned millions of years ago in this cave on the edge of a Triassic seap 572 PCD 1964
remember seeing someone called Springman?‘ Vandervell said. ‘About three months ago.‘ ‘You asked me that before. I remember two Americans withp 660 VD 1964
looking for Springman. I think he came here three months ago.‘ ‘Where is he? Up in the village?‘ ‘I doubt itp 661 VD 1964
to the door. ‘Richard, I have already. A long time ago. It's you who's missing the point now.‘ ‘Wait!‘ Lomax scurriedp 43 D 1965
Barnes to leave you here?‘ ‘He worked for Father years ago. Whitman and I convinced him that we should stay onp 51 D 1965
failure. Did you see Philip Jordan? About half an hour ago?‘ ‘He went by. I've no idea where.‘ She followed ap 129 D 1965
Philip unlocked the driver's door. ‘I found it five years ago. You understand I couldn't drive, there wasn't any point thenp 132 D 1965
me an idea. I started looking after it, a year ago I found a couple of new tyres ...‘ He spoke quicklyp 132 D 1965
bizarre pantomime. Put on by the Third Programme ten years ago with tremendous style and panache, and with a virtuoso performancep 141 UGM 1966
story out quickly.‘ ‘Did he see anything?‘ ‘Well, four days ago I spoke to him on the telephone, but the linep 31 CW 1966
from Mont Royal, yet he died only half an hour ago.‘ ‘What do you mean?‘ ‘Precisely that. He was still warmp 52 CW 1966
his wife were supposed to come down here. Ten minutes ago he phoned that his wife's gone off somewhere, he hasp 73 CW 1966
those jewelled vaults.‘ With animation, she said: ‘A few mornings ago when I went out before dawn my slippers were beginningp 124 CW 1966
of Sanders's gesture. ‘She went off a couple of hours ago, God only knows where -- you haven't seen her?‘ ‘Notp 145 CW 1966
Now, no one ever seriously disputed this, and fifty years ago a number of brave men and women, many of themp 688 TIM 1966
average life span has risen from sixty-five half a century ago to something close to ninety-five.‘ ‘Doctor ... the driver of thep 689 TIM 1966
take?‘ ‘Over two thousand. It is large, but fifteen years ago, before I came here, it was barely big enough top 690 TIM 1966
your case. You see, Conrad, about ten or twelve years ago hospital boards all over the country noticed that admission ratesp 691 TIM 1966
this?‘ ‘It was finished before I came -- two months ago. She refused to have it framed.‘ ‘No wonder.‘ I wentp 751 CSC 1967
gliders again. The clouds carry too many memories. Three months ago a man who saw the derelict gliders outside the studiop 756 CSC 1967
it was rented by someone at the Institute three months ago. At a nominal charge, fortunately -- most of the studiop 53 GAN 1967
relax during a weekend of R & R. Two days ago they were fighting off a Liberation Front offensive in thep 954 TW 1967
GI REACHES OVER AND SWITCHES OFF RADIO Commentator Five minutes ago a senior American officer was assassinated as he sat inp 958 TW 1967
the process. Perhaps if they'd gone through it twenty years ago there wouldn't be a war now. GENERAL VIEWS OF PEOPLEp 99 TW 1967
residue of the armies conscripted by the government three years ago, armies now decimated by casualties and desertions. MAJOR CLEAVER Ap 963 TW 1967
are driven out into the field. 2nd Commentator Two hours ago, in the attack on this small village beside the M4p 967 TW 1967
and CalTech. And then what? ‘That was nearly three years ago,‘ I said to Judy Walsh, my secretary. ‘What's he doingp 772 CA 1968
Georges Duval. It's Oblensky, the Russian boy, taken six years ago. Quite a resemblance, though.‘ I spread the twelve photographs onp 774 CA 1968
Bergman -- he moved to the United States fifteen years ago from Sweden, is now very high up in the NASAp 777 CA 1968
forehead and eyes, the mother who lost her husband years ago, our friend in the villa business. This boy looks reallyp 779 CA 1968
isn't a funeral. For heaven's sake, Robert died twenty years ago. I know all he meant to us, but ...‘ Judith wasp 760 DA 1968
watching the gantries fade into the night sky. Fifteen years ago, when orbiting the earth in his burned-out capsule had beenp 760 DA 1968
sent up from a site near the Urals twenty-five years ago to work on a television relay system.‘ ‘Television? I hopep 761 DA 1968
the contours of a face that had vanished twenty years ago. As she spoke about Robert Hamilton, she almost seemed worriedp 764 DA 1968
so,‘ she said. ‘Do you know, though, a few months ago I hated them? I really wanted everyone in the worldp 799 SGW 1970
A little while. I first came here a long time ago, Mr Samson. Nothing in Vermilion Sands ever changes, have youp 799 SGW 1970
helicopter. "As you can see, the runway leases expired years ago." He waited as the tall man in the shabby suitp 40 JAC 1970
motives at work are so hard to identify. A year ago my novel The Atrocity Exhibition was due to be publishedp 261 UGM 1971
and initiative, undreamt of by the ordinary man eighty-six years ago when Karl Benz built the world's first successful petrol-driven vehiclep 263 UGM 1971
at any moment, I would never leave him. Ten days ago, as he stole my car from the garage of myp 8 C 1973
has come to an end. Anything that happened five minutes ago is already the centre of a cult, embedded in lucitep 203 UGM 1974
I think you're safe from me, doctor.‘ ‘A hundred years ago you'd have been digging a diplodocus out of a chalkp 815 DFW 1974
to be found out. I expected him to leave months ago. He has a rich young wife, so why stay onp 15 HR 1975
is that we're going. We should have left a month ago when I wanted to. Why anyone stays on here Ip 71 HR 1975
wound on her forehead. ‘Everyone must have stocked up months ago.‘ This was not true, Wilder reflected as he walked awayp 121 HR 1975
Alice lay asleep, but whether he had woken five minutes ago or the previous day Laing had no means of tellingp 145 HR 1975
to cook. The secret cache of cans he had long ago been obliged to surrender to the orthodontic surgeon next doorp 149 HR 1975
sea-lion which Helen bought me, with cruel irony, two years ago at Venice Lido, and which I, refusing to be outdonep 858 60Z 1976
that carried us through our first summer together three years ago her presence beside me, beautiful, silent and forever reassuring inp 864 S 1976
cluster of high-rise apartment blocks but which only three years ago was still an enclave of second-rate antique shops, scruffy boutiquesp 864 S 1976
In the past she leaned forward slightly, but three days ago I found that she had slumped back in her chairp 872 S 1976
flicked across the keyboard. Yes. As in Oldsmobile. Ten years ago I renamed myself. He stared at the illuminated message, hisp 890 UC 1976
late, I closed down my last design office ten years ago.‘ He steered Halloway to the elevator, nodding sagely to himselfp 897 UC 1976
so uneasily into the cinema? Unlike the western, which long ago took over the literary form and now exists in itsp 14 UGM 1977
life and death of the space age. Almost twenty years ago to the day, October 1957, I switched on the BBCp 224 UGM 1977
Therapy Travels in Inner Space John St John Five years ago John St John, a successful publisher in his fifties, formerp 268 UGM 1977
armchair again, I think of our first meeting ten years ago, then as now within the benevolent gaze of the televisionp 947 ICU 1977
day, like the best Irish writers of half a century ago, Joyce and Beckett, are forced by internal necessity to seekp 138 UGM 1978
Hotel Imperial, Playa Inglaterra, Las Palmas We arrived an hour ago after an amazing flight. For some reason of its ownp 968 HWT 1978
ex-public relations man who threw it all in two years ago and has been here ever since. This afternoon he's teachingp 968 HWT 1978
place with an X. I'd last seen him two months ago, but I gather he'd been moving around the island, livingp 971 HWT 1978
unsuccessfully to set up his resistance group. A few days ago he apparently stole an unseaworthy motor-boat and set off forp 971 HWT 1978
in the ceaseless light of the solarium, he had years ago given up wearing even his loin-slip. So distant and anonymousp 991 MA 1978
the print-outs. ‘A routine cytoplasmic scan was performed six months ago on the patients of this obscure mental institution, as partp 983 Z2 1978
I entered that unguarded hangar at the airport. Seven days ago my mind was as cool and stressed as the steelp 7 UDC 1979
mid-game by the children when they ran away an hour ago, and one of my neighbours has forgotten to turn offp 8 UDC 1979
this quiet suburban town where I crash-landed only a week ago into some corner of a forgotten Amazon city. The helicoptersp 9 UDC 1979
to take off for those skies I sought seven days ago when I flew my light aircraft into the air-space ofp 10 UDC 1979
want to take an X-ray of that head. Five minutes ago we thought you'd ...‘ She left the sentence unfinished, less outp 24 UDC 1979
you to recover so dramatically. Since father's death two years ago she's spent all her time by the window, almost asp 27 UDC 1979
of the most robust mental health. Yet only five years ago, as the physician in charge of her case, I sawp 1000 HFF 1980
florid signature. ‘We found this in Christina's room an hour ago. She seems to have injected herself with the entire dosagep 1006 HFF 1980
fossils of an America that had vanished a hundred years ago. Then, two weeks out of Plymouth, during one of thep 11 HA 1981
was, let alone my grandparents. My mother died five years ago, after spending half her life as a psychiatric outpatient andp 13 HA 1981
a small six-storey office block whose glass doors had long ago been smashed by vandals. After tethering their horses, they climbedp 40 HA 1981
from San Francisco. They moved out of the West years ago.‘ ‘There's something funny about the Gays,‘ GM added, holding hisp 67 HA 1981
across the sea. There was a big expedition twenty years ago, led by a man with white hair --?‘ GM lookedp 68 HA 1981
Fermis, 223, 235, then over 254 Fermis half an hour ago. That's three times the lethal limit. I'm afraid McNair andp 86 HA 1981
before the share-out of the evening water ration!) An hour ago one of the lame baggage camels slipped and fell intop 91 HA 1981
hangar out at the airport. Crossing the Wabash two days ago another of the baggage camels fell into an ash-filled gulleyp 91 HA 1981
around him, the sun-filled museum of the USA? An hour ago Steiner rode into Kansas City, an empty metropolis of giantp 95 HA 1981
ash-tip. 2.38 P.M. Orlowski died half an hour ago -- he looked twenty years older and half the weightp 97 HA 1981
him. There was an edgy meeting with him three days ago in the lobby of the Desert Inn -- we hadp 142 HA 1981
could cope for long in the real world. An hour ago, when I went out for a breath of evening airp 143 HA 1981
important midnight meeting with Manson. It ended a few minutes ago, leaving me confused but determined to do something. There's anp 151 HA 1981
looked pale but alert, as if he had decided long ago to dispense with sleep by a simple executive decree. ‘Comep 151 HA 1981
My original partner joined me in Las Vegas fifteen years ago. A great engineer, until he cracked up. In fact, hep 153 HA 1981
born in Dublin. You knew my mother there, twenty years ago.‘ ‘A fine woman, on her happy days. She'd be proudp 171 HA 1981
different kind. When they levelled the ancient fortress a century ago no Germans wanted to build on the ground, so theyp 183 HA 1981
are ready, someone armed them for Manson only a year ago. Six cruises and two Titans, all with nuclear war-heads.‘ ‘Ip 193 HA 1981
been a fantasy! These dreams were dead a hundred years ago! All we've done here is build the biggest Mickey Mousep 218 HA 1981
learn ...‘ ‘You've made a start, doctor. I knew it months ago when we drove Dad out here. There's enough time.‘ Theyp 1032 NFS 1981
bearing in mind that the space programme ended thirty years ago.‘ ‘It hasn't ended.‘ Quietly, Sheppard did his best to correctp 1076 MNF 1982
life.‘ ‘Your wife -- when did she die?‘ ‘Three months ago. But she's here, in the forest, somewhere near the Sparep 1077 MNF 1982
part of a contingency plan laid down millions of years ago, a real space programme, a chance to escape into ap 1078 MNF 1982
chance to escape into a world beyond time. Thirty years ago we opened a door in the universe ...‘ He was sittingp 1078 MNF 1982
of the drained swimming pool. ‘Roger, she died three months ago. You showed me a copy of the death certificate.‘ ‘Yesp 1078 MNF 1982
of the young student he had first seen twenty years ago, smiling at him across the tennis club pool She wasp 1083 MNF 1982
headaches again, just like the ones I had fifteen years ago. It's uncanny, I can feel the same nerves ...‘ ‘I'll givep 1038 MSA 1982
himself, time had run out of their marriage fifteen years ago, driven away by the spectres of the space complex, andp 1040 MSA 1982
the distant drone of an aero-engine. ‘Listen -- an hour ago you were nearly killed. I tried to warn you. Ourp 1047 MSA 1982
now to the course of action he had planned months ago when he left the clinic in Vancouver. ‘So Hinton isp 1047 MSA 1982
Kennedy in the early days.‘ ‘I remember -- twenty years ago I worked for NASA.‘ ‘So did my father.‘ She spokep 1047 MSA 1982
Shouldn't I, doctor?‘ ‘Yes ... but it was a long time ago. Besides, it's a million to one against him coming downp 1047 MSA 1982
no sign of Hinton today. Anne is asleep. An hour ago, when I returned from the drugstore, she looked at mep 1054 MSA 1982
For her it's one of those quiet afternoons three weeks ago. We could still leave, start up one of the abandonedp 1054 MSA 1982
time I've had in days. When I woke fifteen minutes ago Hinton had just finished strafing the hotel -- the palmsp 1054 MSA 1982
growing confusion. Two of our number set out 48 hours ago to explore the lower decks of the station, and havep 1086 RUS 1982
persistently tried to telephone the Archbishop of Canterbury. Three days ago the vergers at Westminster Abbey briefly apprehended a youth prayingp 1097 OOA 1984
springboard which will propel him across the Atlantic. Three days ago he addressed the joint Houses of Parliament in Westminster Hallp 1100 OOA 1984
his voice, apparently transmitted from the star Betelgeuse 2000 years ago. 50) Interference to TV reception all over London and thep 1102 ATQ 1985
I am certain that I was once an astronaut. Years ago, before I went into space, I followed many professions --p 1105 MWM 1985
helicopter, and all the other events which began a year ago when General Harare and his guerillas first came to thisp 9 DC 1987
is that there aren't any people -- they fled months ago, as Captain Kagwa should have told you.‘ ‘Well, they mayp 33 DC 1987
to question me further. ‘But this river, doctor. A week ago you were leaving us in despair. Now you have thesep 67 DC 1987
Of course not -- he has left Port-la-Nouvelle, many weeks ago.‘ ‘His film equipment is here.‘ So, I surmised, when Kagwap 97 DC 1987
become a fossil of itself. Although abandoned only two years ago, Port-la-Nouvelle seems as remote as Pompeii. The police barracks, thep 284 DC 1987
bulletin. ‘ ... here's an update on our report of two minutes ago. Good news on the President's CAT scan. There are nop 1120 WW3 1988
The President convened the National Security Council some thirty minutes ago. SAC headquarters in Omaha, Nebraska, report all B-52 attack squadronsp 1121 WW3 1988
that towers above the fishing-boats in the harbour. Two years ago it was moored at Cannes, as if taking its revengep 69 UGM 1989
logic had begun to run through my life many months ago. Some unknown source of strength sustained me through the unhappyp 1130 TES 1989
have been sacked. Brenda called to see me three days ago, still puzzled by my cheerful demeanour. She told me thatp 1134 TES 1989
survived, though my last reserves of food were exhausted weeks ago. As I expected, Margaret paid a second and final visitp 1136 TES 1989
doesn't exist any more.‘ ‘That's true -- almost. Fifty years ago the World Health Organisation launched a huge campaign to eliminatep 1157 WF 1989
learned so much since the UN rebuilt Beirut thirty years ago.‘ ‘They planned it all -- the Hilton, the TV stationp 1158 WF 1989
printed word into something far more glamorous and evocative. Years ago I was offered the chance to do the novelization ofp 4 UGM 1990
and was even more impressed than I was forty years ago, though clearly it's excessively interiorized, is curiously lacking in imaginationp 145 UGM 1990
one seems to enter the Provence of a hundred years ago, a Cezanne country of secluded villas with terra-cotta roofs. Thenp 82 YMCa 1990
to a two-dimensional world, eliminating the sense of time. Years ago, while on holiday in Greece, I would borrow my son'sp 45 DMa 1990
dream of them. In a TV interview a few years ago, the wife of a famous Beverly Hills plastic surgeon revealedp 111 PMFa 1990
can almost believe that I came to Shepperton 30 years ago knowing unconsciously that one day I would write a novelp 11 AEa 1990
occur. In Springfield Mental Hospital near London a few years ago, while visiting a psychiatrist friend, I watched an elderly womanp 40 YCMa 1990
seems less absurd than it would have done a week ago, despite the destruction rained from the air and the hugep 11 UGM 1991
chief Hyman Roth in The Godfather II. A few years ago I drove along Miami Beach where Lansky had retired, pastp 45 UGM 1991
Europe and Asia he began to photograph nearly sixty years ago. Television has glamorized war for us, whether the movie-drenched junglep 82 UGM 1991
us realize that the world Conrad described nearly a century ago is still there, far from our marinas and airports andp 114 UGM 1991
high-rise enclave of late twentieth-century commerce, but a hundred years ago the home port of the character who dominates Young's bookp 114 UGM 1991
world, Shanghai's history has been remarkably brief. A hundred years ago it was scarcely more than a mosquito-ridden swamp near thep 218 UGM 1991
Jamie's planning to escape.‘ ‘Really? I thought he'd escaped long ago. I've got something new for him to think about. Jamiep 39 KW 1991
dust. ‘Miriam told me that you come from China.‘ ‘Years ago. I've settled in England now.‘ ‘Do you like it?‘ ‘Itp 156 KW 1991
moving in and out of time.‘ ‘That began some while ago. Look at the garden and see what you make ofp 201 KW 1991
about you -- mentally, maybe?‘ ‘Sally, that was long, long ago.‘ ‘Not for him. Car crashes bring it all back forp 222 KW 1991
her bones. ‘Peggy ... I wanted to do this thirty years ago.‘ ‘Poor boy, you couldn't have managed it then.‘ She kissedp 273 KW 1991
church fetes. I should have moved in with you years ago. Now, tell me about the pixies.‘ She poured tea, happilyp 286 KW 1991
water. ‘I heard it in his voice. He died years ago.‘ ‘That's unfair. And it's not true -- you could sayp 291 KW 1991
dying person -- me. I'm Dr Dick Sutherland. Three months ago my doctor told me that ...‘ While Dick rested from hisp 308 KW 1991
into the roof. ‘I should have bought it 30 years ago.‘ ‘Then you'd have had nothing to write about. And wep 334 KW 1991
film. In a sense they started shooting it fifty years ago ...‘ The world premiere would be held in three days‘ timep 338 KW 1991
-- that's sad for you.‘ ‘That was a long time ago. I'll treat you to lunch, Olga, and you can bringp 342 KW 1991
of those that I read ten or even five years ago are completely forgotten. Not only can I remember, half ap 178 UGM 1992
Pages I stole from the Beverly Hilton Hotel three years ago; it has been a fund of extraordinary material, as surrealistp 182 UGM 1992
have thought of the Styx. Roaming around Greece some years ago, I tracked the Styx down to the northern Peloponnese, wherep 245 UGM 1992
producer's creative contribution, always underestimated. The Hollywood of fifty years ago, its greatest era, was a producer's Hollywood where most directorsp 24 UGM 1993
something about the sorry state of today's cinema. Forty years ago, as I mused over my first rejection slips, working asp 121 UGM 1993
fewer millenarian cults at present than there were twenty years ago in the heyday of the Moonies and the Maharishi. Perhapsp 192 UGM 1993
science fiction since Mary Shelley penned Frankenstein nearly 200 years ago. It may be that we have already dreamed our dreamp 192 UGM 1993
all the fun and surprise out of existence. Fifty years ago the Hollywood film convincingly brought to life the s-f writer'sp 193 UGM 1993
saying goodbye, they said goodbye to us a long time ago. Listen, do you have a car?‘ ‘I came by busp 30 RP 1994
strong, but mentally ...? When did all this start?‘ ‘Two years ago, after my father died. He was a doctor, too. Ip 34 RP 1994
skeleton the poor man's bones were picked clean twenty years ago. This isn't a time for superstition, Neil.‘ Fortunately, Professor Saitop 154 RP 1994
a shard of bone from his teeth. ‘Half an hour ago this Mikado pheasant was real.‘ ‘It wasn't real!‘ Dr Barbarap 170 RP 1994
fires.‘ ‘They've gone, David. Wolfgang and Werner left six months ago.‘ ‘Neil ...‘ Patiently, Carline picked the loose fibres from his panamap 193 RP 1994
shack, maybe?‘ ‘Nothing. Werner and Wolfgang left the island long ago.‘ ‘That's what Barbara says. But I know better.‘ Carline staredp 203 RP 1994
failed to appear. Our food supplies had broken down weeks ago, and we were kept alive only by the emergency rationsp 283 UGM 1995
heaven's sake?‘ ‘He set fire to their house. Two weeks ago -- it was clearly an act of premeditation. The magistratesp 20 CN 1996
strange as this coast.‘ ‘You should have come here years ago. You'll find a lot to write about.‘ ‘I already havep 22 CN 1996
Rank Charm School starlets. They retired here about twenty years ago.‘ ‘They were regulars at the Club Nautico?‘ ‘They weren't regularsp 24 CN 1996
should have asked.‘ ‘She's fine. We split up three months ago.‘ ‘I'm sorry. I always liked her. Rather high-minded in anp 27 CN 1996
and Frank set up the Admiral Drake regatta. Forty years ago he'd have been running the Festival of Britain.‘ ‘Perhaps hep 46 CN 1996
too ladylike for me.‘ ‘And they came here twenty years ago? Estrella de Mar must have been very different then.‘ ‘Therep 51 CN 1996
David Hennessy drove me to the house a few days ago.‘ ‘So I heard.‘ Marion glanced at my dusty shoes. ‘David'sp 61 CN 1996
-- he's lying under a headstone. He died a year ago from one of these new malarias he picked up inp 72 CN 1996
absurd.‘ ‘My sentiments too. I was with him a moment ago. He spoke very clearly.‘ ‘But why? For heaven's sake ... youp 77 CN 1996
tried to straighten a creased corner. ‘That was two years ago. Happier days for Frank. I dropped by to look forp 85 CN 1996
Prentice, have you visited the Hollingers‘ house?‘ ‘A few days ago. Mr Hennessy took me there, but we couldn't get insidep 99 CN 1996
in Los Angeles to some film industry audience?‘ ‘Many years ago,‘ Cabrera confirmed. ‘He was much older when he came top 107 CN 1996
father-figure.‘ ‘Even so. When were you last here?‘ ‘Six weeks ago. She'd been swimming at night and caught a kidney chillp 110 CN 1996
infatuation with this glamorous film star.‘ ‘That was forty years ago. She was a glorified starlet with a posh voice. Thep 118 CN 1996
My patients are my friends. I came here six years ago when my wife died. The women I met asked mep 177 CN 1996
can't explain. Anne's diabetes was diagnosed in London six months ago.‘ Sanger stared bleakly at the sun setting above the miniaturep 178 CN 1996
about the film?‘ ‘No, thank God. It was three years ago, soon after I came here. I'd always been interested inp 196 CN 1996
These were the first houses here, built about five years ago. The final plots were filled last week. It may notp 212 CN 1996
more faith in people. Think about it -- a month ago they were dozing in their bedrooms and watching replays ofp 255 CN 1996
what he's done. Do you remember the Residencia three months ago?‘ ‘Of course. I came here a lot.‘ ‘Exactly. The placep 292 CN 1996
Sanger is serious -- I spoke to him an hour ago.‘ ‘The party, Charles. There's nothing to fear. Sanger won't harmp 310 CN 1996
windshield of Paula's car. ‘I spoke to Crawford an hour ago. No one could have planned anything so quickly.‘ ‘They've knownp 315 CN 1996
Try the door.‘ ‘Your BMW? I already have -- weeks ago, when we first met. I've tried every car in Estrellap 319 CN 1996
The third I fished out of the pool an hour ago.‘ Jane watched me as I leaned across her desk andp 65 SC 2000
if trying to present himself as vulnerable but sincere. ‘Years ago people took for granted that the future meant more leisurep 94 SC 2000
the stub of her cigarette. ‘He died a few months ago. Last May, in fact ...‘ ‘David Greenwood?‘ When she nodded, herp 112 SC 2000
said. ‘When did you last see David?‘ ‘About a year ago, in London. It's hard to believe what happened.‘ ‘It wasp 135 SC 2000
with whom I had first made love so many decades ago. That fumbling sex, the miracle of an attic mattress andp 159 SC 2000
much. A joyrider pinched it in Cannes a few days ago. Really thrashed the engine. The garage said he must havep 211 SC 2000
husband was an accountant with Elf-Maritime. We separated two years ago, but it takes the computers a long time to catchp 217 SC 2000
the mind?‘ I ignored this and pressed on. ‘Three nights ago there was an armed robbery at the Cardin Foundation. Ap 245 SC 2000
wasn't always so. When I came to Eden-Olympia four years ago it was approaching a crisis. On the surface, all lookedp 253 SC 2000
You're not upset?‘ ‘A little. We talked it through long ago. Have you?‘ ‘Since school? Once. Heterosexuality is hard work --p 271 SC 2000
Because we were lovers once? It was a long time ago.‘ ‘Never long enough.‘ I felt myself sink slightly. ‘David wasp 271 SC 2000
Jane and our drive through Provence, in those months long ago that now seemed like years ... ‘C'est stupide ... Monsieur!‘ ‘Paul, arep 280 SC 2000
else. ‘Halder, my wife ...‘ ‘Dr Jane? She arrived two hours ago. I think she went home.‘ ‘Was she tired?‘ ‘It's possiblep 291 SC 2000
me like a docking blimp. ‘I saw her five minutes ago.‘ ‘At the Villa Grimaldi? Good.‘ ‘Not good for me.‘ Zanderp 292 SC 2000
hands. ‘She's dead, Mr Sinclair. She died half an hour ago.‘ ‘Wait. How did she die?‘ I let her hand fallp 372 SC 2000
Were you here when they ...?‘ ‘No. I arrived ten minutes ago. The front door was off the latch. They didn't knowp 373 SC 2000
meant a lot to you.‘ ‘That was a long time ago.‘ Aware of her faintly threatening tone, I said: ‘Sally, Ip 19 MP 2003
was a bomb at Heathrow,‘ I reminded her. ‘Two months ago. People were killed.‘ ‘That was dreadful.‘ She gripped my handsp 56 MP 2003
They're the new proletariat, like factory workers a hundred years ago.‘ ‘So how do we free them? Bomb a few themep 64 MP 2003
Olympia. Though once I did make a real bomb. Years ago ...‘ ‘What happened?‘ ‘It killed someone. The intended target.‘ ‘For thep 81 MP 2003
have begun.‘ ‘Here, at Chelsea Marina?‘ ‘No, it began years ago.‘ The clergyman stood by the window, watching a police helicopterp 105 MP 2003
revolt of the middle classes that started over forty years ago with the rise of CND. What's happening now is thep 105 MP 2003
character. Violence was bred out of the middle classes years ago.‘ ‘Does that include Richard Gould? He was involved in anp 106 MP 2003
a change of heart. When did you join?‘ ‘Four years ago. Never felt better.‘ ‘So, you were ... undercover?‘ ‘That sort ofp 157 MP 2003
though you don't seem to know it. Laura was years ago, and you didn't even like her that much. Not thep 164 MP 2003
brought up?‘ ‘Absolutely. Anger was bred out of me long ago. I'm married to a rich man's daughter who's very sweetp 170 MP 2003
It came from a mobile phone, stolen about a week ago from Lambeth Palace. A Church of England task force wasp 195 MP 2003
not distorted her make-up. ‘We heard the explosion two nights ago. The Peter Pan statue. Anything to do with you?‘ ‘Nothingp 219 MP 2003
sticker on the suitcase mentioned a psychiatric conference two years ago. I assumed it was you.‘ ‘Me? So I was ...?‘ ‘Thep 253 MP 2003
in her head, all those idiotic Hollywood films. Fifty years ago she'd have been married to some strapping young curate, arrangingp 254 MP 2003
Grappling with the inconceivable. They should have come three months ago.‘ ‘Those cars driving in -- they look strange ...‘ Headlamps flashedp 281 MP 2003
clubs -- music, amateur dramatics, archaeology. They shut down long ago. Charities, political parties? No one turns up. At Christmas thep 33 KC 2006
on air. ‘I've seen him before,‘ I told Carradine. ‘Years ago. EastEnders, The Bill. He tended to play paedophiles and widowersp 46 KC 2006
calmed myself, touched by her close interest. ‘Half an hour ago I was sure who had killed my father, and whyp 49 KC 2006
use his keys. ‘Perhaps when your father ...?‘ ‘A few days ago. I left the door of the flat open. You probablyp 57 KC 2006
on. Christie and Geoffrey Fairfax saw this a long time ago.‘ ‘Did Christie kill my father?‘ ‘No!‘ Julia stood up, drivingp 70 KC 2006
your brains.‘ ‘Don't tell me you box?‘ ‘A long time ago. Half-blue. But I remember how it feels. After three roundsp 99 KC 2006
you be in --?‘ ‘A&E? My shift ended ten minutes ago.‘ Reminded of her professional role, she eased me away andp 130 KC 2006
high forehead and the inner coldness of his eyes. Long ago he had convinced himself that he liked and felt atp 139 KC 2006
You arrived for your afternoon show.‘ ‘No. Somewhere else. Years ago.‘ He stared into my face with the cold eye ofp 139 KC 2006
crowds, everyone on best behaviour. I watched them an hour ago. Whole families out together -- healthy, fresh, optimistic, keen top 165 KC 2006
to do with me.‘ ‘Nothing? Where were you an hour ago?‘ ‘At the Metro-Centre. In David Cruise's dressing room. Hundreds ofp 183 KC 2006
his time.‘ ‘Really? You've changed sides, Sergeant. Not so long ago you were running errands for Geoffrey Fairfax and his littlep 185 KC 2006
echo its way around the atrium and said: ‘Four days ago. We did everything we could, believe me.‘ ‘Why did theyp 255 KC 2006
Falconer is here,‘ I said. ‘I saw her an hour ago near the North Gate.‘ ‘Mary Falconer?‘ Julia sat forward, suddenlyp 256 KC 2006
Mondrian and Kandinsky appear smaller than they did fifty years ago. Their colour has faded, and they lack the imaginative bitep 154 ML 2008
easy to enter in those wonderful summers nearly fifty years ago, and I would take the children past the sound stagesp 186 ML 2008
received a long and interesting reply from him. Ten years ago she faced the challenge of breast cancer, but fought backp 231 ML 2008