back to the desk and sat down, elbows thrust forward aggressively. Bayliss irritated him, with his neurotic music and inaccurate diagnosesp 139 ZT 1960
the white acrylic smears across the trunk Koester swung himself aggressively out of the driver's seat. While he lit her cigarettep 25 UD 1968
grip on the shotgun. His jaw was still sticking forward aggressively. Watching him, Mannock realized that Forbis genuinely wasn't afraid ofp 790 PTD 1969
clattered down the staircase, barely waking him. Jane stepped forward aggressively. Deferring to her, the visitor stood outside the door, ap 62 CI 1974
found a piece of gum and was chewing on it aggressively. ‘You're the one who needs help. You were screwed upp 73 CI 1974
wine.‘ The young woman stood in front of him, swaying aggressively, one hand holding the bottle by its neck. Most ofp 118 CI 1974
attention. ‘Who are you going to hate next?‘ she asked aggressively. ‘Aren't you being a little selective? You humiliate me withp 119 CI 1974
Perhaps because the denomination was meaningless to him, he pointed aggressively at the other notes. I fended him off. ‘Look --p 826 AD 1975
Presumably in retaliation, three air-hostesses from the 2nd floor were aggressively jostled by a party of marauding top-floor matrons led byp 29 HR 1975
of his apartment Wilder watched his neighbours jostle each other aggressively like bad-tempered miners emerging from their pit-cages. They strode pastp 50 HR 1975
scene. But Wilder was in the thick of the fray, aggressively wielding the cine-camera as he urged on his new alliesp 89 HR 1975
developing between them and the 28th-floor residents. Crossland was bellowing aggressively into the empty elevator shaft. Usually, at this early hourp 97 HR 1975
time getting out of the car, and slammed the door aggressively. As he strode towards the entrance he felt like ap 116 HR 1975
shoulder, inspecting him with a shrewd eye. She tapped Laing aggressively on the arm. ‘All right. First thing, though, find somep 153 HR 1975
unconscious need. ‘Well, what do they want?‘ Hodson was arguing aggressively with the Japanese sergeant, who for some reason was shoutingp 933 DT 1977
Miriam?‘ ‘Of course I haven't! Though Stark and I --‘ Aggressively she waved me away, and on a sudden impulse followedp 100 UDC 1979
easily identified as Gangsters. Riding at a slouch, they ambled aggressively past the White House entrance, the man wearing chalk-stripe suitsp 80 HA 1981
the war gets rougher, the shoulder-holsters will presumably jut more aggressively, like the corsetry of barmaids in a tough roadhouse ... Canp 73 UGM 1991
mobile phone and pretended to speak into it. He stared aggressively at the salesmen, but the leader of the trio, anp 19 SC 2000
calm me. ‘Think about it a little. People drive more aggressively through immigrant areas. They're frightened of being stopped and robbedp 247 SC 2000
sat Pascal Zander, eyes fixed on Jane's cleavage. He was aggressively drunk, gesturing in a coarse way at Alain Delage, whop 286 SC 2000
of Sergeant Jucaud's comment that I had been seen acting aggressively towards Zander. It had taken the detective five days top 322 SC 2000
our appointment was over. When I stood up, he turned aggressively to face me, as if about to knock me top 32 KC 2006
intercede, and sounded my horn. The stewards turned on me aggressively, then saw the Metro-Centre flash on the windscreen with itsp 161 KC 2006
cloakrooms. ‘I fear we won't see our beds tonight ...‘ Pushing, aggressively through the crowd, and almost marching in step, was ap 215 KC 2006
stabled their horses in the squash courts. The Japanese army aggressively enforced its presence throughout the Settlement, and street executions ofp 55 ML 2008
that showed the immense pomp of the royal family, the aggressively cheerful crowds at a new holiday camp, and the triumphp 124 ML 2008
seat at the peepshow.‘ ‘No,‘ Morley said mildly. Sometimes Neill's aggressiveness surprised him; it was almost as if he regarded sleepp 52 M69 1957
First World War and founder of the review Blast, Lewis's aggressiveness and talent for polemics served him well enough in thep 141 UGM 1966
floor. Once away from the Laboratory he recovered all his aggressiveness, as if his appetite was quickened by the passing carsp 130 C 1973
against the sweat-soaked seat. His face seemed drained of all aggressiveness, as if the semen he had voided into Catherine's vulvap 165 C 1973
by some paradoxical logic, were satisfied by being abused. Maitland's aggressiveness fulfilled their expectations, their half-conscious estimates of themselves. Much asp 98 CI 1974
with its civilized people and sane behaviour. Thinking back, his aggressiveness at the gliding championships embarrassed him. ‘ ... too eager for actionp 885 UC 1976
to take over the ship.‘ Could he already see Wayne's aggressiveness in his broad shoulders, in the thickening bones of hisp 11 HA 1981
they were the victims of the war rather than the aggressors. As a nation the Japanese have never faced up top 293 UGM 1995
Aren't they going to help?‘ he called up in an aggrieved way when the Japanese made no effort to move. Needlessp 933 DT 1977
their hoes among the eroded coffins, the first of those aggrieved by the war now coming to greet him. He shoutedp 341 ES 1984
even a simple threat to kill them ..." He sounded almost aggrieved, and I commented: "All the same, I think we shouldp 5 RW 1988
younger.‘ ‘Good. Sounds like an honest answer. Rugger brawls, nightclub aggro -- that sort of thing?‘ ‘That sort of thing.‘ ‘Didp 98 KC 2006
forward and stepped straight out of the shadows towards him. Aghast, Larsen backed away. The dark patches across the man's suitp 141 ZT 1960
nightmare life-in-death was she, who thicks man's blood with cold.‘ Aghast at the sight of Judith's head on this lamia, hep 719 TMY 1966
and confronting the effigies of a corrupt aristocracy, we stared aghast at the portraits, dominated by the BBC's principal architect, Lordp 156 MP 2003
bulldozer's engine but not lost to the television viewers watching aghast across a million breakfast tables. Urged on by a seniorp 225 MP 2003
them were more than five feet tail, but their plump agile bodies buffeted him about, almost knocking him off his feetp 450 QR 1963
passed, Quilter stepped down into the water, and with an agile leap swung himself onto the hand-rail, feet in the scuppersp 14 D 1965
his feet. Ventress's face shut like a trap. With an agile swerve he feinted sideways on his small feet and wrenchedp 25 CW 1966
dog-biscuits out of the bag. Her small body was surprisingly agile. She gazed at the overweight basset hound on the labelp 125 HR 1975
their way. The forward power of the vehicle, after the agile but passive motion of the sailplane, astonished Halloway. The slightestp 888 UC 1976
not a personal messenger from the archangel Michael.‘ The girl's agile hands, with their acute flexion at the wrists, were alreadyp 30 UDC 1979
pale feet. A coquettish water-nymph, she was as smooth and agile as a seal puppy, a child-siren inviting a passing marinerp 120 DC 1987
the empty glass from my hand. He was a slim, agile man with a strong forehead and bony, almost emaciated facep 124 MP 2003
her at night? ‘Xero!‘ she heard him shout. With the agility of an acrobat he vaulted over the bonnet of thep 35 AW 1966
sank its teeth into the old woman's arm. With surprising agility, she darted through the gap in the barricade, the dogp 158 HR 1975
unlatched her door he swerved around the car, displaying remarkable agility for a big man. His heavy fists took on anp 13 SC 2000
America rippled across Manson's skin, so that he resembled an aging harlequin in an alphabet suit. He glanced at Wayne withoutp 205 HA 1981
towards the watching police, like an advancing chorus in an agit-prop musical. Behind me, a young woman held aloft a bannerp 34 MP 2003
totally dust-free and even the lightest cleaning would pollute and agitate the air. Because the artificial climate within the colony isp 230 UGM 1979
haggard, or his parents and a dozen child-protection agencies would agitate to rescue him from the sanctuary. Yet he tried top 98 RP 1994
whooping through the darkness across the windows. They circled like agitated beacons. In the studio, careful not to wake Hope, Ip 731 CHC 1967
as if some scanning device in his brain was increasingly agitated by the high office blocks. At the end of thep 144 C 1973
nose. I nearly shouted to the police, convinced from the agitated way in which Vaughan bent over the recumbent woman thatp 186 C 1973
to vomit away the paraffin that filled his lungs, Proctor agitated himself in a nervous hunt. He lifted up corners ofp 85 CI 1974
in his bare feet among the sharp fragments, watching the agitated wine seethe across the cracked tiles. High above him, onp 7 HR 1975
they flicked their wings against the bone-like concrete. As if agitated by Royal's confused state, they rose excitedly into the airp 85 HR 1975
the door?‘ ‘You asked me that last week.‘ Ignoring his agitated condition, Vera opened her tool-kit and began to fit togetherp 993 MA 1978
overhead, and the warmth trapped within this secluded meadow had agitated thousands of insects. Cicadas chittered and screeched, dragonflies leaked electricp 83 UDC 1979
shall have a new birth of freedom ...‘ At which an agitated Nixon stepped forward to the foot of Wayne's bed, pointingp 168 HA 1981
stared up at the aircraft. For the first time his agitated little body was completely still. ‘Wayne, let me introduce thep 176 HA 1981
house and impacted against the glass curtain-walling. A flock of agitated birds rose from a jungle lake beside the building, theirp 180 HA 1981
chopped its wings and fuselage into a thrashing heap of agitated matchwood. Glutted by the success of this first assault, thep 222 HA 1981
none had been inmates of Lunghua. Their leader was an agitated young Englishman whose fists were wrapped in a pair ofp 285 ES 1984
Shanghai road to the other, throwing Jim on to the agitated bundle of parachute silk. He clung to the cartons ofp 311 ES 1984
sprang to her feet and began to jabber in an agitated way, producing a stream of choked guttural noise in ap 23 DC 1987
floor the macaques were picking at the bars in an agitated way. I stood at the rail and listened for anyp 205 DC 1987
leaned against me, pressing her cheek to mine, calming my agitated face. ‘All right. We'll go into Henry's room.‘ ‘No ... stayp 167 KW 1991
I must apologize ...‘ Senor Danvila hurried towards me, mournful face agitated by yet another setback. His hands fumbled at the airp 77 CN 1996
the tragedy ... Did you see him behave strangely? Was he agitated or --?‘ ‘We were away, Mr Sinclair. In Lausanne forp 54 SC 2000
heading towards us, towing a long green pennant like an agitated snake. It cleared a pine-covered hill, its fixed undercarriage almostp 357 SC 2000
woman with the child who had shouted at me. Still agitated, she watched resentfully as two traffic policemen remounted their motorcyclesp 378 SC 2000
relief at the news scarcely left the sergeant any less agitated. Threads of blonde hair were springing loose from their braidsp 114 KC 2006
raised a hand to calm me, seeing that I was agitated. ‘It's the fear of fire, you see. Any draught wouldp 217 KC 2006
Suddenly she flinched, shrank back into the cushion and gestured agitatedly in the direction of the darkened bandstand. ‘They're still clappingp 108 SS 1960
windows and balconies along both sides of the street, whispering agitatedly to each other behind the curtains and pointing up intop 373 WT 1962