chalet seemed dark and cramped, a claustrophobic focus of suppressed aggressions. He stood up, strode over to the door and steppedp 141 ZT 1960
-- everyone's working off the most extraordinary backlog of infantile aggressions.‘ ‘They'll spend themselves.‘ ‘Perhaps. I had a bucket of urinep 109 HR 1975
she wanted were sympathy and affection. She needed David's unresolved aggressions, and his outbursts of erratic humour when he would slapp 230 KW 1991
gutter of its own abattoir, flushing away its fears and aggressions. The pill -- Nature's one step back in order top 277 UGM 1992
be there -- the minor quirks and complexes, the petty aggressive phobias, the bad change in the psychic bank. Most ofp 51 M69 1957
night duty. Lang hunched forward over the chessboard. Wiry-haired and aggressive, with a sharp nose and mouth, he watched the piecesp 53 M69 1957
in the three years Mangon had known him he looked aggressive and confident. ‘Headline,‘ he announced. ‘The Gioconda is to singp 129 SS 1960
no windows or side doors -- but there was something aggressive about his stance. Larsen was about to call to himp 141 ZT 1960
impulsively and blocked his way, thin legs spread in an aggressive stance. Then, with immense ceremony, he drew from behind hisp 456 QR 1963
threw himself wholeheartedly into his work, growing more extrovert and aggressive as his appetite for the material pleasures of life increasedp 563 TP 1964
The driver rounded on him. ‘Destroyed? Why?‘ Surprised by his aggressive tone, Ransom said: ‘Well, for their sake, if not forp 46 D 1965
forward, in a gesture that was at once defensive and aggressive. The light from the icefalls illuminated his ravaged body. ‘Radekp 117 CW 1966
contrast, Dr Knight's self-confidence and casual air, however brusque and aggressive, quickened Conrad's pulse. Towards the end of the visit, whenp 687 TIM 1966
optical flutter in the audience, culminating in psychomotor disturbances and aggressive attacks directed against the still photographs of the subjects hungp 90 PAJ 1967
those of a massive multiple-sex auto-disaster, with consequent liberation of aggressive and polymorphously perverse drives. The role of Mrs Kennedy, andp 91 PAJ 1967
throne, the 36-year-old commander of the government forces is an aggressive, media-wise opportunist with pearl-handled revolver, black flying suit and whitep 956 TW 1967
suit the director watched Travers with his unpleasant eyes. His aggressive stare had surprised Travers -- seeing himself confused with thep 67 THF 1969
in animated tones about the latest Hitchcock retrospective, launch an aggressive discussion about women's rights, cock one hip in a provocativep 40 C 1973
to walk without being knocked off my feet by some aggressive housewife, I strolled along the avenue, now and then restingp 52 C 1973
panel with its dials and control tabs. ‘Where else?‘ The aggressive stylization of this mass-produced cockpit, the exaggerated mouldings of thep 55 C 1973
at him over her shoulder, surprised like myself by his aggressive pose. She opened my door for me. ‘Can you drivep 57 C 1973
a scarred face, an American combat jacket -- with an aggressive lecture-theatre manner and complete conviction in his subject matter, thep 63 C 1973
reputation, he leaned intently against the windshield pillar, outlining with aggressive gestures some new choreography of violence and collision. Seagrave lolledp 86 C 1973
set the tone for all his behaviour -- by turns aggressive, distracted, sensitive, clumsy, absorbed and brutal. The Lincoln had lostp 89 C 1973
be a real shit.‘ Maitland let this pass. His new-found aggressive role, although completely calculated, had subdued the young woman. Hep 97 CI 1974
He could hear the sounds of deliberately over-animated chatter, the aggressive blare of a record-player. Presumably the bottle had been knockedp 8 HR 1975
his booth behind the diving-boards. The elevators were full of aggressive pushing and heaving. The signal buttons behaved erratically, and thep 30 HR 1975
film technicians from the lower floors, nor the bad-tempered and aggressive wives of the well-to-do tax specialists on the upper levelsp 35 HR 1975
enjoyed the skirmishes of the past week, roughing up his aggressive neighbours, particularly those residents from the top floors who hadp 42 HR 1975
men squared up to each other. Amused by the announcer's aggressive manner, Wilder lifted the camera as if to film hisp 51 HR 1975
Exasperated, Wilder drove his fists together. Like a huge and aggressive malefactor, the high-rise was determined to inflict every conceivable hostilityp 57 HR 1975
with liquor cartons and delicatessen purchases, raw materials for the aggressive parties of that evening. Wilder returned to the staircase. Somewherep 63 HR 1975
he relied on being able to offer himself as an aggressive street-fighter to one or another of the warring groups. Howeverp 126 HR 1975
their state of torpor. This regrouping around more radical and aggressive leaders was taking place all over the high-rise. In thep 127 HR 1975
to be alone with Alice and Eleanor, to be as aggressive and self-reliant, as passive and submissive as he wished. Hep 154 HR 1975
won against an invincible enemy. Here and there, between particularly aggressive rivals, such as the United States and Cuba, Egypt andp 843 LDG 1976
conversations with Serena in which I was both abject and aggressive. At home I began to play the dictatorial husband, leavingp 870 S 1976
you can't help me I'll find someone else.‘ Enjoying his aggressive manner, he added, ‘Old Buckmaster will know someone.‘ I'll helpp 903 UC 1976
of his watch and shoes by the group leader, an aggressive pug-faced blonde from San Francisco who told him to ‘getp 268 UGM 1977
very self-conscious and structured orgy.‘ The encounter-group regulars were histrionic, aggressive and with a repertory of ‘problems‘ they acted out likep 269 UGM 1977
my truck. Though gaunt and undernourished, he looked strong and aggressive. The experience of driving a vehicle again had clearly restoredp 931 DT 1977
usually far exceeded them, presenting themselves with the disjointed cutting, aggressive zooms and split-screen techniques that went far beyond the worstp 948 ICU 1977
first he made no attempt to find the intruder. Her aggressive manner, the interminable whistling she kept up as she wipedp 989 MA 1978
clasped around two fingers. Unnerved for a moment by this aggressive stance, Ogden raised the flare-pistol, cocked the trigger and firedp 980 OAU 1978
elements in a complex calculus. Later, in their apartments, these aggressive women would sidle around him like caricatures from an eroticp 985 Z2 1978
last of half a dozen schools. I had always been aggressive and lazy, inclined to regard the adult world as ap 11 UDC 1979
her, here on this open lawn in front of this aggressive priest. I was sure that the violence of my accidentp 23 UDC 1979
be my father, but despite his dog-collar he had the aggressive physique of a rugby player. I looked at the circlep 25 UDC 1979
to win some kind of physical respect. His manner was aggressive but ingratiating, his mind already hard at work trying top 43 UDC 1979
there any point in your staying here?‘ For all her aggressive stance, she was as angry and concerned for me asp 90 UDC 1979
expedition,‘ Dr Fleming reflected. ‘The Indians were a lot more aggressive then, protecting their hunting grounds. We were ambushed by tribesp 173 HA 1981
But a second geometry overlayed the first, a scarred and aggressive musculature he had seen borne on the wind. The aircraftp 1028 NFS 1981
the Packard's powerful horn, carrying on his duel with the aggressive rickshaw coolies who tried to crowd the foreign cars offp 13 ES 1984
of the three colliers. Jim scurried along, imitating the American's aggressive gait. At last he had met someone who could helpp 93 ES 1984
care for it, so we picture you in close-up, an aggressive mammal answering a deep migratory call ... can you see thep 280 DC 1987
how we can twist the news and trigger off their aggressive drives, how we can play on their religious feelings orp 1158 WF 1989
slab-sided and unornamented flatness, culminating in the Mercedes look, simultaneously aggressive and defensive, like German medieval armour, among the most darkp 97 CRAa 1990
enliven the 1990s, may well take the form of an aggressive and over-the-top puritanism. A pity, I feel, since the sexualp 36 AWa 1990
Stanley Kowalski in A Streetcar Named Desire. Sly, illiterate and aggressive, and supremely confident of his sweating and animal body, Brando'sp 8 UGM 1991
child with a flair for mathematics, he was small but aggressive, and as a teenager became a lookout and strong-arm manp 45 UGM 1991
the wheel-locked rickshaws and their exhausted coolies, the gangs of aggressive beggars and pickpockets. Refugees from Chapei and Nantao streamed intop 10 KW 1991
cannon. The Korean and Japanese guards at Lunghua were more aggressive towards the prisoners, and even Private Kimura was irritable whenp 37 KW 1991
Richard says that the only ones who apply are either aggressive extroverts or neurotic introverts.‘ ‘And where are the sane onesp 90 KW 1991
she tore up her sandwiches and threw pieces to the aggressive swans, I felt more contented than I had been forp 323 KW 1991
dominated by matt black and the Mercedes look, at once aggressive and paranoid, like German medieval armour. One reason why thep 193 UGM 1993
turned eco-evangelist, began his address to the student audience. This aggressive sermon, which Neil now knew by heart, combined religious fervourp 24 RP 1994
the plane at Honolulu Airport -- so different from the aggressive stance she had taken as he lay bleeding on thep 28 RP 1994
to order me from the car and carry out an aggressive body-search, before settling down to dismantle the entire Renault untilp 13 CN 1996
their investigation, it fell to me to recruit a more aggressive Spanish lawyer than the depressed and ineffective Danvila, and perhapsp 32 CN 1996
With its tinted windows, the bodywork seemed both paranoid and aggressive, like medieval German armour, and the nearby villas shared thisp 135 CN 1996
edge, the calcinated soil crumbling under his feet. Despite his aggressive stance, he was waiting for me to speak to himp 168 CN 1996
Mrs Shand know when it would wake?‘ ‘Well, Inspector ...‘ Cabrera's aggressive gaze unsettled me, like his youthful face with its toop 272 CN 1996
my villa. ‘Some of his methods are a little too ... aggressive, but on the whole he's a force for good.‘ ‘Goodp 303 CN 1996
counts. I thought of David Greenwood and wondered whether this aggressive humour had helped the desperate young Englishman. ‘What about emergenciesp 16 SC 2000
For a library user, the Russian I saw was amazingly aggressive.‘ ‘Of course he was.‘ Jane lay back on the bedp 78 SC 2000
unexpected death of two or three of its members. An aggressive male banter crossed the night air, watched at a distancep 237 SC 2000
of a young man with the same heavy brows and aggressive build, standing in a boxing ring with his seconds. Hep 242 SC 2000
himself. For all his jovial asides, his manner was relentlessly aggressive. As he flexed his legs and openly displayed his heavyp 258 SC 2000
came down from Eden-Olympia and drove them out. The more aggressive road attacks bothered him, but he knew that the violencep 261 SC 2000
my safety, Halder steered me from the path of an aggressive transvestite who shouldered past, looking down at us with anp 381 SC 2000
going on?‘ ‘Paul?‘ Alain was surprised by my studied but aggressive tone. ‘It's Jane -- she said she told you. Shep 383 SC 2000
handbag, I stepped around the monsignor's Jaguar, sorry that our aggressive driving had delayed his arrival by even a few secondsp 27 MP 2003
absent altogether. Laura stepped into a waiting vacuum; with her aggressive emotions, fiercely for or against me, she was the oppositep 71 MP 2003
many waiters I had known, he was friendly but slightly aggressive, a skin-thin charm overlaying a barely concealed aloofness. When hep 125 MP 2003
brawl between the police and a few of the more aggressive residents. The others sat on the ground, exchanging insults withp 202 MP 2003
reception area, Sergeant Falconer warming milk for her child, Fairfax's aggressive behaviour, virtually accusing me of being responsible for the giantp 38 KC 2006
a podium that faced a chanting crowd. I seemed more aggressive, not in the bully-boy way of the street thugs whop 56 KC 2006
waters of the artificial lake, she had been nervous and aggressive, a little too devious about her reasons for attending myp 79 KC 2006
army to a gypsy hostel beside a bus depot. The aggressive whistles and chanting terrified the exhausted Roma women trying top 126 KC 2006
a black Mercedes. A black stretch Merc with tinted windows. Aggressive but paranoid. At the same time make it clear you'rep 180 KC 2006
into my father's flat.‘ ‘I know that.‘ She was more aggressive than I recalled, shoulders squared and head canted to onep 183 KC 2006
of the crowd. Elite supporters‘ clubs joined battle with the aggressive snatch squads seizing their marshals. A police horse reared, itsp 211 KC 2006
Then there were the Chums and Boy's Own Paper annuals, aggressive compendiums of patriotic derring-do. A.A. Milne and the Justp 20 ML 2008
that he couldn't handle the boy. Perhaps Jim was too aggressive and too conflicted for Lean, who liked his boy actorsp 256 ML 2008