the day we first drove down Stellavista in the property agent's car, and how exhilarated Fay and I were, despite ourp 305 TDS 1962
like ...‘ ‘Fulham? It is Fulham. "Chelsea Marina" is an estate agent's con. Affordable housing for all those middle managers and civilp 51 MP 2003
unlikely. There were monitor receivers as well as the critics, agents, sponsors, and, unforgivably, the playwright himself weighing every minute andp 14 E 1956
explained; probably to the theatre restaurants, to renew contacts with agents and managers. He would have liked to go with herp 131 SS 1960
consequently he had been able to take it off the agents‘ hands at a comparatively low rent. In the evenings Powersp 187 VT 1960
position. He listened interestedly to the voices, the first hallucinatory agents he had ever encountered, his mind automatically analyzing them. Movingp 139 WFN 1961
trained men, half a dozen big vehicles, a radio station, agents all over the country -- it's a really well-run militaryp 170 WFN 1961
in love with a myth manufactured by a thousand publicity agents, but for me the sensation was the real thing, andp 311 TDS 1962
and that Malek and the orderly were merely the local agents of this distant apparat. In a sense his sentence andp 515 EG 1963
a faded blue suit, took the chair, flanked by other agents of the Deuxieme Bureau. All of them looked tired andp 577 LL 1964
of New York. By contrast, the two hundred dealers and agents sitting on the gilt chairs below the platform presented anp 577 LL 1964
represent an angel of death, or rather, one of those agents of the unconscious, terrifying in their enigmatic calm, in theirp 580 LL 1964
experimenters at Chaillot. At this moment three strange figures appear. Agents from an even more distant future, they are policing thep 29 UGM 1966
more ambitious plot against heaven is abruptly forestalled, and the agents of God carry Pullman away to whatever judgement awaits inp 144 UGM 1966
so long. His wife, the patients at the hospital (resistance agents in the ‘world war‘ he hoped to launch), his undecidedp 10 AE 1966
seized upon. Equipped with a lavish supply of gold coinage, agents of the television companies moved across the Belgian and Northp 808 GTS 1972
actors playing the roles of detectives and petty criminals, secret agents and absconding heiresses. The worn steering wheel carried in itsp 59 C 1973
reality, as if the Steeles were a pair of secret agents unconvincingly trying to establish a marital role. By contrast, Wilderp 19 HR 1975
Saunier after lunch. She can take the keys to the agents when we've gone.‘ To Ogden, who was still staring uncertainlyp 979 OAU 1978
in the future will give themselves away haggling with their agents for the biggest film advance and the right prime-time TVp 41 UGM 1979
him, the advance guard of an army of hustlers and agents, veteran wheeler-dealers from the Manson and Ruby cases, film andp 42 UGM 1979
and mesquite shaded the doorways of airline offices and travel agents. At the intersection of Fifth Avenue and 57th Street, Waynep 36 HA 1981
Rattlesnakes rested in the burrow-weed on the window-sills of theatrical agents, clicking their rattles at Wayne as if dismissing him fromp 36 HA 1981
88) Assassination. 89) I was neither paid nor incited by agents of a foreign power. 90) Despair. I wish to gop 1104 ATQ 1985
murdered residents and their children were, unknown to themselves, deep-cover agents of a foreign power. Their mission accomplished, the parents werep 22 RW 1988
them variants of earlier theories that the children are the agents of a foreign power or have been brainwashed by advancedp 62 RW 1988
the streets of Shepperton and played in their gardens like agents of an exuberant foreign power. The number of children alwaysp 122 KW 1991
like expensive call-boys mingled with a lower echelon of film agents, journalists and television executives who formed the proletariat of thep 253 KW 1991
the intruders who sometimes gatecrashed my parents‘ parties -- Axis agents posing as real estate dealers, professional bridge-players with a sidelinep 335 KW 1991
full six months. NASA had already appointed firms of literary agents and public relations experts to look after the commercial interestsp 1177 MFM 1992
work. Thanks to his friendship with Hoover, teams of FBI agents frequently visited Mojacar in an effort to trace Disney's parentagep 217 UGM 1994
the run ashore, taking Dr Barbara's talk of chemical warfare agents and imminent nuclear explosions all too literally. Only Kimo hadp 10 RP 1994
sailed for New Zealand, where she was sunk by French agents hoping to put an end to anti-nuclear protests in thep 36 RP 1994
Neil drove to the harbour, hoping to find that French agents had scuttled the ship. Dr Barbara was usually absent, lobbyingp 49 RP 1994
bulletins at his rooming house, waiting for the French intelligence agents in Honolulu to carry out the same act of sabotagep 54 RP 1994
of marines?‘ ‘Far more dangerous -- TV crews, journalists, publishers‘ agents. Unlimited destructive power at every finger-tip.‘ The cheerful travel agentp 91 RP 1994
-- hoteliers and restaurateurs, a taxi company proprietor, two satellite-dish agents, a cancer specialist from the Princess Margaret Clinic, property developersp 62 CN 1996
them? I'm surprised. They're sitting around the pool like Hollywood agents.‘ Mrs Shand sighed deeply, and I realized that she hadp 131 CN 1996
district officer, then David Hennessy and Elizabeth Shand were the agents of the trading company who dogged his heels, ready top 230 CN 1996
slot. There were advertisements for taxi services and yacht-brokers, estate agents and investment advisers. One card, so freshly printed that itsp 284 CN 1996
a Russian emigre, one of the small-time hoodlums and ex-police agents who were already falling foul of the local French gangstersp 56 SC 2000
recognized the broken brake light, and the heap of estate agents‘ brochures. Before walking away to her dental appointment Frances hadp 211 SC 2000
poodles soiled their favourite pavements, and tourists scanned the estate agents‘ displays of new apartment complexes, ready to invest their savingsp 276 SC 2000
the Croisette, staring coolly at the actors, directors and film agents who occupied the middle terrace. I failed to identify anyp 291 SC 2000
steps to the middle terrace, overwhelming the actors and film agents. As if expecting the worst, the bankers and producers onp 305 SC 2000
to their authority. The television reporters were little more than agents provocateurs, forever trying to propel the peaceful protests into violentp 39 MP 2003
and patisseries, or gazing through the windows of busy estate agents. ‘No beggars rattling their tins, no malnutrition.‘ ‘Physically, perhaps.‘ Kayp 84 MP 2003
attacks. There are some curious targets.‘ ‘Suburban cinemas, McDonalds, travel agents, private prep schools ...?‘ ‘Good guesswork.‘ Henry's chin rose even higherp 112 MP 2003
An occupying army of social workers, do-gooders and carpetbagging estate agents on the prowl for a quick bargain would soon movep 229 MP 2003
Theatre, Tate Modern, the Peter Pan statue and numerous travel agents and video stores were quietly forgotten. The Heathrow bomb wasp 290 MP 2003
that the Metro-Centre had killed my father, and that the agents of his death were now with me inside the domep 231 KC 2006
and I assume that the thousands of plain-clothes Chinese police agents in effect kept watch over us, warning away any pettyp 30 ML 2008
The judge was a senior partner at a leading London agents, A.P. Watt, who commended my story and invited mep 149 ML 2008
and the assorted moral certainties of physical fitness fanatics, New Agers and animal-rights activists. All the same, I miss the largep 192 UGM 1993
vanished from the scene many of the tourists and New Agers drifted away, taking the stall-holders with them. The work ofp 52 RP 1994
count the scores of dark-skinned men and women of all ages, some of them with small children, who were taking partp 165 CW 1966
Strangest of all here, there is no one between the ages of four and forty. TANK APPEARS, FOLLOWED BY BRITISH ANDp 960 TW 1967
paradises of the suburban gardens. Hundreds of couples of all ages caressed each other as they tried to teach themselves top 174 UDC 1979
ECT -- psychiatry cannot wait to return to its dark ages -- and tactfully vetoed the use of NX until Ip 1091 OOA 1984
and Fellows of the Royal Society. 37) Females of all ages. 38) Group sex. 39) Marie Drummond, twenty-two, sales assistant, HMVp 1102 ATQ 1985
openly as the bare breasts of the women of all ages who sunbathed at the Club Nautico. Secure on their handsomep 65 CN 1996
nutrition, self-neglect and arrogance, the face of assassins through the ages, of rootless metropolitan men from an earlier era who hadp 27 KC 2006
in Lunghua, made a huge number of friends of all ages (far more than I did in adult life) and onp 66 ML 2008
and the hundreds of acquaintances I had made of all ages. I missed the chess games, and the American sailors, andp 115 ML 2008
stepped over to him. Johnstone's bullying presence seemed merely to aggravate their difficulties. To the owner of the saloon he saidp 26 D 1965
Its deep-pile white carpets, chromium and leather furniture seemed to aggravate him in some way. "The dogs and cameras keep peoplep 26 RW 1988
In some way this restless English boy, who had so aggravated him, now offered a small measure of security. Jim wasp 150 ES 1984
the arrogant pickpockets plucking at my clothes, the traffic that aggravated the slightest tendency to migraines, all seemed to have recededp 1112 MWM 1985
his hat at a satisfied rake. So Sanger's myopia, perhaps aggravated by scurvy, was as total as I had guessed. Forp 182 DC 1987
him the albatross circled, crying mindlessly at the sky and aggravating the sharp migraine that had plagued him for days. Evenp 198 RP 1994
visible at all. But to Carline they were a constant aggravation. Guarding the storage tent as Kimo swept the runway, hep 101 RP 1994
Crawford's doing, the overture to his campaign of harassment and aggravation. Twenty minutes later we stopped by the next villa, anp 237 CN 1996
over-aggressive film actors or tax consultants, or perhaps a freak aggregation of dipsomaniacs. But Charlotte shrugged vaguely, as if it wasp 14 HR 1975
computer, other computers holding memory banks in which sleep, tension, aggression and other psychic functions were coded and stored, building blocksp 139 ZT 1960
drugs and advice. The revolver was a simple symbol of aggression, and even if the phantom was only an intruder inp 145 ZT 1960
in the missing areas. Mouth-parts provided a particular focus for aggression, sexual fantasies and retributive fears. In a subsequent test thep 90 PAJ 1967
feels that this is a good place to stop communist aggression, and if the government forces do win, and I knowp 957 TW 1967
have, firstly, a good ally, and we'll have stopped communist aggression from taking over the United Kingdom and eventually France andp 957 TW 1967
TV and news media, satisfying low-threshold fantasies of violence and aggression. Tests confirm that the war has also served a latentp 94 LNE 1968
of posture concepts, basic equations which re-formulate the roles of aggression and anality. a unique ontology of violence and disaster. Reagan'sp 758 WIW 1968
have little time for any real passion, let alone the aggression and cruelty that drive in the same harness as lovep 257 UGM 1969
study of the automobile, which dominates the vectors of speed, aggression, violence and desire. In particular the automobile crash contains ap 99 CRA 1969
contours, the ambiguous junction of rust and enamel, geometry of aggression and desire. Fake Newsreels. Catherine Austin unlocked the door andp 67 THF 1969
of his mouth was clamped together in a rictus of aggression, as if he were about to commit a crude andp 68 THF 1969
manual hold, part of a new grammar of callousness and aggression. Koester's eyes had moved across her body in the samep 76 THF 1969
and for ill -- our sense of speed, drama and aggression, the worlds of advertising and consumer goods, engineering and massp 262 UGM 1971
death was directed by the vectors of speed, violence and aggression. Did Catherine respond to the image of these which hadp 45 C 1973
her. He was puzzled by her mixture of warmth and aggression, her swerves from blunt speaking to outright deviousness. More andp 72 CI 1974
Charlotte Melville was hard to gauge -- his powerful sexual aggression was overlaid by a tremendous restlessness. No wonder his wifep 14 HR 1975
was had become totally stylized, spasms of cold and random aggression. In a sense life in the high-rise had begun top 146 HR 1975
the world outside -- there were the same ruthlessness and aggression concealed within a set of polite conventions. Still uncertain howp 146 HR 1975
had been genuinely shocked by this. Surprised by the doctor's aggression, he watched him swing away with an unpleasant gesture, thep 831 LFA 1975
been able to outfly his rivals, as much by pure aggression as by airmanship. None of the other competitors would risep 875 UC 1976
out for a Pearl Harbor. Surprised by this strain of aggression in himself, Halloway checked his temper. Most of the threep 875 UC 1976
creatures in the zoo at Garden City, as lacking in aggression as these deer. The Angus and Hereford cows in theirp 883 UC 1976
to ingratiate himself at a moment's notice. With his self-directed aggression and stylized swagger he was a type Halloway had neverp 896 UC 1976
lives invigorated by just this kind of callous and stylized aggression. When they passed another clothing store with a group ofp 900 UC 1976
in no way annoyed. In a sense, these displays of aggression pleased him, confirming everything he had hoped about the reclamationp 911 UC 1976
made no effort to be friendly. The strain of physical aggression I had noticed after my rescue the previous day wasp 74 UDC 1979
makes me uneasy. Ricci is like a neurotic gangster, all aggression and small vanities. Anne is very calm, sits in herp 89 HA 1981
ulcers and mosquito bites, gave off a heady odour of aggression, and Jim could understand the Japanese guards being wary ofp 224 ES 1984
disturbance of their communal life by the human instinct of aggression and self-destruction. It may be that in this respect preciselyp 72 THFa 1990
nostrils, she stared back at the sea, openly admiring its aggression. Still breathless, Neil leaned against the coarse sand. After thep 16 RP 1994
the past. Their genes have been poisoned by all that aggression and competition, so they're like soldiers who have seen toop 217 RP 1994
through the conversational tics and grimaces, a curious display of aggression and self-doubt. ‘But a few, yes. Enough to make myp 17 SC 2000
who, to his own surprise, had transformed his reserves of aggression into universal goodwill. He kept his fists near his waistp 171 SC 2000
through the darkness in the Range Rovers. The speed and aggression of the robbers, their brutal efficiency, had almost winded mep 222 SC 2000
rules, and had effectively switched off our emotions. Violence and aggression were only allowed within the therapeutic regime administered by Wilderp 306 SC 2000
and death's-head emblems represented a violence of the mind, where aggression and cruelty were part of a radical code that deniedp 56 KC 2006
to their own personal smile. I noticed his lack of aggression, and the softness of his hands, which were everywhere, flutteringp 93 KC 2006
the decanter. ‘That's the trouble with the video conference. Primal aggression tamped down, no straight lefts, no uppercuts to the chinp 99 KC 2006
affable and engaging, despite his sly pleasure in his new-found aggression. He would bully and abuse the self-immersed wives and dullp 156 KC 2006
field of play, the more brutal the better. Blood and aggression were the qualities most admired. The hard tackle was thep 158 KC 2006
as if good humour might signal a new kind of aggression. Julia and Dr Kumar sat in the kitchen, sharing ap 162 KC 2006
goose-stepping, no jackboots, but the same emotions and the same aggression. As you say, there's a strong sense of community; butp 168 KC 2006
way to hold a society together. To control all that aggression, and channel all those fears and hates.‘ ‘As long asp 168 KC 2006