they might throw some light on the extraordinary and malevolent agency which linked the statements in my diaries with the inevitablep 100 NZ 1959
government's conspiracy of silence, was it aware that a monstrous agency was at work, and was somehow hoping to trap itp 103 NZ 1959
For a moment I thought seriously of telephoning the IBM agency in Red Beach and asking them to send a repairp 210 S5 1961
then noticed a letter on the desk to the IBM agency in Red Beach, enclosing an order for three new VTp 234 S5 1961
all incoming information, and also to serve as the executive agency of the Combined Chiefs of Staff and the Home Officep 52 WFN 1961
disengaged her arm and straightened his collar. ‘I called the agency, but their bookings have been pretty heavy. They've got ap 342 PE 1962
portico, and the whole place looked less like a travel agency than the last redoubt of some interstellar Seigfreid. As hep 344 PE 1962
Can I help you?‘ ‘I thought there was a vacation agency here,‘ Tony said. ‘Sure. I'll call the girls for youp 346 PE 1962
synopsis which gives one or two principal suggestions from each agency. Most of them are out of the question.‘ Clifford unclippedp 347 PE 1962
they're selling I wouldn't advise anybody to buy. (6) THE AGENCY. Registered. M33 in Andromeda. The executive authority of the consortiump 348 PE 1962
think that means you'll get away with the kitty. THE AGENCY has just launched UNILIV, the emergency relief fund for victimsp 348 PE 1962
really like any of these. I still think the best agency was the little one I found in the Bazaar.‘ ‘Nop 350 PE 1962
inaugural address welcoming the 92 delegates and 25 newspaper and agency reporters to the fortnight's programme of lectures and discussions. Shortlyp 496 VH 1963
in advertising circles everyone is talking about the mysterious international agency that now has the Vatican account. At the Institute Drp 82 YMC 1966
looking at them every day.‘ He pointed to a news agency photograph of a Kremlin reception for Premier Ulbricht of Eastp 776 CA 1968
Updike do that J. Walter Thompson, the world's largest advertising agency and its greatest producer of fiction, can't do better? Atp 205 UGM 1971
as plausible and rejecting others as too extreme. A faded agency picture of the car in which Albert Camus had diedp 136 C 1973
she was a copywriter with a small but lively advertising agency. The proximity of her apartment, like her easy style, appealedp 13 HR 1975
joined Charlotte Melville for drinks. She had left her advertising agency before lunch, worried about her son. ‘I didn't like himp 37 HR 1975
Judith had lived in Geneva. Working for a United Nations agency, he moved from city to city across Europe, in chargep 833 LFA 1975
her lover. Mr R. W. Butterworth of the Advance Detection Agency testified at Kingston Crown Court that he followed Loughlin andp 851 NTM 1976
behind him was a display of framed photographs, old news agency pictures from the middle and late twentieth century. Wayne recognisedp 137 HA 1981
joined NASA. You've been pilfering from your wife and the agency in the same way, stealing the parts for your spacep 1028 NFS 1981
She spoke sharply, angered by the mention of the space agency. ‘He was the last astronaut -- Alan Shepley -- thep 1047 MSA 1982
Field at Manila. Pencil drawings supplied by a neutral news agency showed apocalyptic scenes of smoke rising from the slumped Americanp 53 ES 1984
of the team, Mr Carey, the owner of the Buick agency in Nanking Road. But six weeks earlier he had diedp 178 ES 1984
led by Mr Tulloch, the senior mechanic at the Packard Agency in Shanghai, set off across the fields, intending to walkp 235 ES 1984
him as Mr Tulloch, the chief mechanic at the Packard agency in Shanghai. He had spent the entire war playing cardsp 292 ES 1984
maternity unit, a ruined telephone exchange and even a travel agency. As the palms grew through the rusting roofs there wasp 225 DC 1987
Pompeii. The police barracks, the tobacco factory and the Toyota agency are all covered with the same dust. Out on thep 284 DC 1987
of the future. Working as a copywriter for an advertising agency in London, I thought constantly of the pioneers of aviationp 103 KW 1991
Avenue now contained the New China Electronic Import and Export Agency. Its drive was overgrown, its rotting window-frames were supported byp 332 KW 1991
Force Base in California, marked an immense triumph for the agency. During the 1990s, after the failure of the Shuttle projectp 1175 MFM 1992
2000 that road seemed permanently closed. Struggling to keep the agency alive, the NASA chiefs found themselves reduced to the satellitep 1175 MFM 1992
the Department of Agriculture. However, at the last hour the agency was saved, and given the funds to embark on itsp 1175 MFM 1992
Inger abandoned it to the care of a Catholic adoption agency. Free of responsibility now, she and Trudi spent their timep 146 RP 1994
magazines and waited for their husbands, partners in a travel agency in the Paseo Miramar. I closed my door and rolledp 80 CN 1996
in their thirties who had already set up a small agency direct-selling exotic underwear and perfumery around the complex; Ronald Machinp 257 CN 1996
around the complex, inviting volunteers with massage skills and escort agency experience to phone a number in Estrella de Mar --p 258 CN 1996
chest, striking a Byronic pose for the sculptor. A news agency photographer ran beside the float, and Crawford peeled off hisp 288 CN 1996
often met him after she enrolled with the overseas supply agency that recruited Greenwood to Eden-Olympia. When she first applied forp 10 SC 2000
was advertised she immediately called the manager of the supply agency. She was the only applicant, and quickly convinced me thatp 11 SC 2000
a light aircraft that was circling Eden-Olympia, advertising a satellite-dish agency in Cagnes-sur-Mer. She retreated into her bedroom and stood byp 40 SC 2000
mattered. A group of schoolchildren emerged from a nearby travel agency, and forced me against the BMW. I leaned back, supportingp 118 SC 2000
a missing friend. As they shielded me from the travel agency windows I unlatched the door of the BMW and slippedp 118 SC 2000
It's rented out for big functions -- a Tokyo advertising agency is making a fur commercial.‘ ‘Bizarre. The whole place looksp 216 SC 2000
housewife's, Frances had smiled the microsecond smile of an escort agency whore. She smoothed the damp hair from my forehead, alreadyp 225 SC 2000
they take action on their own.‘ ‘Against a Japanese advertising agency? Why? For making a fur-coat commercial?‘ ‘It could be racistp 226 SC 2000
mall? What was this? A pro-vivisection reading room?‘ ‘A travel agency.‘ She turned to face me, chin raised. ‘As it happensp 54 MP 2003
I'd like to let off a bomb in every travel agency in the country.‘ I held my ribs, no longer thinkingp 55 MP 2003
flexing as it re-engaged with his scarred face. ‘The travel agency you tried to attack. I take it there's a largerp 63 MP 2003
obsessed me until the day I walked out of my agency for the last time. How to rouse a dormant peoplep 3 KC 2006
ever take from them. Sipping my flavour-free lager -- another agency triumph -- I studied the map as the manager hoveredp 8 KC 2006
lid.‘ She knew I had been eased out of the agency -- my last campaign had been an expensive fiasco --p 9 KC 2006
had been seized by a dream of speed no advertising agency could rival. A faint smell had entered the room, thep 19 KC 2006
you're used to this kind of thing. A big London agency, seven-figure salary, share options, duplexes ... Am I right?‘ ‘Wrong. Asp 98 KC 2006
of eastern European men emerged from the doorway of an agency recruiting night cleaners for Brooklands Hospital. They were quickly setp 121 KC 2006
several of the shops. The broken windows of a travel agency lay on the pavement in front of me, a glassp 129 KC 2006
a list of demands.‘ ‘Are the press here?‘ ‘A few agency reporters. They squat on cornices, fouling the stone. Why?‘ ‘Thep 251 KC 2006
Through a Cambridge friend who was working for Benson's advertising agency in Kingsway, where Dorothy Sayers had worked and which housedp 153 ML 2008
a job as a novice copywriter with a small London agency. Like most people living in London for the first timep 153 ML 2008
Vital Discoveries 1953 Working as a copywriter at an advertising agency was not as glamorous or interesting as novels and filmsp 159 ML 2008
income writing freelance advertising copy and direct-mail letters for an agency I knew, but I needed a full-time job to supportp 180 ML 2008
scientific exploration of space was a small part of the agency's claim to existence. Manned flights alone could touch the publicp 1175 MFM 1992
curtain-walling on the seventeenth floor his secretary was typing the agenda for the following week's finance committee meeting, never thinking forp 13 CI 1974
to make sense of the tragedy, with its huge hidden agenda. The mass media created the Kennedy we know, and hisp 34 AWa 1990
to protest against what they saw as the hidden cultural agenda were the French communists, who in 1949 talked about thep 214 UGM 1993
new proletariat. It's time for another elite to set the agenda.‘ ‘How did David take all this?‘ ‘I think he agreedp 97 SC 2000
with only the roughest idea of how to pursue her agenda. I was struck by how much she differed from Janep 112 SC 2000
would peer into every murky space. But Halder had an agenda of his own. He had used the murder tour top 205 SC 2000
Major Tulloch and the Home Office, who would have an agenda of their own and write off the Heathrow atrocity whenp 37 MP 2003
ready to agree. But I sensed that she had an agenda of her own, and would defer to Kay only asp 85 MP 2003
suspicious, convinced that my interest in Chelsea Marina concealed an agenda of my own. The policeman had returned to the carp 111 MP 2003
Northfield psychiatrist, Dr Tony Maxted. An odd man, with an agenda of his own. Part of him welcomes the violence --p 195 KC 2006
commerce and university life. For all the formal vocabulary of agendas and minutes, proposed and seconded motions, the verbal paraphernalia bequeathedp 136 HR 1975
have tried to identify what I see as the hidden agendas. Also, clearly, my younger self was hoping to understand hisp 72 THFa 1990
us the war years in Shanghai still set the hidden agendas of our lives. David dreamed of violence, in his concernedp 105 KW 1991
bad. Change was what I wrote about, especially the hidden agendas for change that people were already exposing. Invisible persuaders werep 192 ML 2008
themselves. I could only conclude that I was merely the agent, the willing clerk, of some macabre nemesis struck like anp 103 NZ 1959
extraction plants clanked and slammed. Talus introduced me to the agent, a morose old man called Pickford, and to two youngp 74 WG 1959
do with geology, Murak hasn't got one.‘ Pickford, the old agent down at the depot, was the only person on Murakp 78 WG 1959
they were wearing off he began to see the real agent -- a stimulant Bayliss had given him in the hopep 146 ZT 1960
Hardoon's attention was elsewhere. His voice seemed to be an agent that was automatically carrying out instructions given to it previouslyp 162 WFN 1961
them pulled a hypodermic on me. There's even an Anti-Cartel agent sleuthing around, wants to see you about block bookings. Thinksp 350 PE 1962
and we must have been the easiest prospects the young agent had seen for months. Presumably this was why he triedp 305 TDS 1962
collection of forgotten spaceships in a vacant lot. Stamers, the agent, left us sitting in the car, partly shielded by thep 305 TDS 1962
the volume down as low as possible. Usually a property agent will select medium/full, trying to heighten the PT responsesp 306 TDS 1962
uncovering the spies who infest every nook and cranny: ‘An agent is trained to deny his agent identity by asserting hisp 128 UGM 1964
nook and cranny: ‘An agent is trained to deny his agent identity by asserting his cover story. So why not usep 128 UGM 1964
is his identity and that he has no other. His agent identity becomes unconscious, that is, out of control ...‘ However, questionsp 128 UGM 1964
relativistic. As one spy laments: ‘So I am a public agent and don't know who I work for, get my instructionsp 128 UGM 1964
dark-striped lounge suit, gold-topped cane and spats, bidding through an agent ... ‘You have seen him?‘ Georg came over to me. ‘Charlesp 583 LL 1964
the mystery of -- involving a Romanoff Princess, a CIA agent, two of his Russian counterparts and an American limbo dancerp 663 BM 1966
talcum she recognized the handsome, calculating face of the Russian agent whose photograph she had seen in Statler's briefcase that afternoonp 663 BM 1966
basement cinema. Holding in his hand the commercial replica of agent Greer's driving licence he had bought in the arcade nearp 48 DM 1967
door of the Lincoln and took up his position in agent Greer's seat. Behind him the helicopter pilot and the youngp 28 UD 1968
the names of the dead. Meanwhile, science fiction, as my agent remarked to me recently, is spreading across the world likep 206 UGM 1971
the United States after a ten-year moratorium. Dedicated to Mailer's agent, at first sight the book is off-putting, perhaps the lastp 41 UGM 1979
the world. Gilmore's own lawyer, who doubled as his literary agent, defended his right to die, claiming: ‘I think executions shouldp 42 UGM 1979
as an interpreter for the Japanese, or as a Kuomintang agent working on the side for the communists? On the dayp 347 ES 1984
every way indistinguishable from contemporary Paris. The ‘spaceship‘ of secret agent Lemmy Caution is his Ford Galaxy, and similar linguistic playsp 19 UGM 1987
chitchat. Was she a new kind of undercover inspector, an agent provocateur targeted at those potential subversives like myself? Already Ip 1127 LCC 1989
tequila, increased steadily as he realised that the Mexican shipping agent had abandoned them to the seas. Almost certainly the agentp 1163 DCG 1990
agent had abandoned them to the seas. Almost certainly the agent had pocketed the monies allocated for reprocessing and found itp 1163 DCG 1990
engines. In a self-pitying monologue, he cursed the Mexican shipping agent, the US Coast Guard, the world's agro-chemists and their despicablep 1164 DCG 1990
washed sand, older than the planet. On visits with my agent and his wife, I used to photograph them compulsively. "Thep 10 AEa 1990
Coral Gables, ambling pelicans and the witty Architectonica building. Special Agent William R. Greer of the Secret Service was the driverp 28 UDa 1990
of his life and into his fiction like a secret agent charged with the demolition of all bourgeois values. More thanp 131 UGM 1991
Dwight had always urged on me. Was he a Kuomintang agent, one of the thousands in Shanghai, or an office clerkp 59 KW 1991
a few years of working for his father, an import-export agent in the City, he had been a tennis instructor, ap 103 KW 1991
the children for a picnic, Dick was talking to his agent on the telephone, still in high hopes of selling hisp 210 KW 1991
ketch's radio, Neil suspected that he might be a French agent, posing as a defender of the albatross in order top 12 RP 1994
agents. Unlimited destructive power at every finger-tip.‘ The cheerful travel agent raised his short arms to embrace the island. ‘Everyone isp 91 RP 1994
talking earnestly to Kimo and offering to become his literary agent. ‘It's a fascinating story,‘ he insisted, ‘maybe the greatest ofp 107 RP 1994
his cue. ‘Tell me, do you think I need an agent?‘ ‘An agent?‘ Dr Barbara sat up and stared at Neilp 108 RP 1994
Tell me, do you think I need an agent?‘ ‘An agent?‘ Dr Barbara sat up and stared at Neil. ‘What sortp 108 RP 1994
Barbara sat up and stared at Neil. ‘What sort of agent, good God? A press agent?‘ ‘A literary agent. Being seriousp 108 RP 1994
at Neil. ‘What sort of agent, good God? A press agent?‘ ‘A literary agent. Being serious, Dr Barbara ...‘ ‘Serious? If you'rep 108 RP 1994
sort of agent, good God? A press agent?‘ ‘A literary agent. Being serious, Dr Barbara ...‘ ‘Serious? If you're thinking of gettingp 108 RP 1994
Dr Barbara ...‘ ‘Serious? If you're thinking of getting a literary agent it's a great deal more serious than I thought.‘ Top 108 RP 1994
I cancelled my TV assignment in Helsinki and telephoned my agent in London, Rodney Lewis, asking him to put all otherp 64 CN 1996
not just the manager of the club, but Mrs Shand's agent in general.‘ ‘Her representative in limbo.‘ Cabrera stood up andp 273 CN 1996
After despairing of me for so many months, my London agent was now bombarding me with faxes, urging me to providep 290 CN 1996
busy life, giving him the harassed existence of a secret agent, forever one step ahead of being unmasked, a fraying conspiracyp 155 SC 2000
Vera turned to stare at me. ‘Are you an estate agent? This place is a dump. Maintenance is almost nil butp 78 MP 2003
attack the Oxfam shop next door. Deface the cenotaph, spray Agent Orange on Chelsea Physic Garden, burn down London Zoo. We'rep 176 MP 2003
Henry Kendall stepped out, dapper but uncertain, like an estate agent in a more exclusive neighbourhood, where different social rules appliedp 192 MP 2003
in Holloway and returned in triumph to the estate. Her agent secured a large advance for her book-of-the-revolution, and Kay wentp 290 MP 2003
outside a chain store selling garden equipment and a travel agent advertising ‘executive leisure‘. I waited for the lights to changep 6 KC 2006
feet. ‘Go back to London, Mr Pearson. See your travel agent. I'm sorry about your father, but if you stir thingsp 51 KC 2006
The shadow of Freud's statue lies across the land, the Agent Orange of the soul. Believe me, things are different herep 85 KC 2006
was mad.‘ ‘It was mad. That was the idea.‘ ‘My agent warned me not to do it. Too weird, he saidp 140 KC 2006
my eyes. But after that I never looked back. My agent was fighting them off. In a way, thanks to youp 140 KC 2006
closer to the threatening Lord Goodman. I arrived with my agent, John Wolfers, a highly cultivated man who had served inp 222 ML 2008
Captain Ahab sighting the white whale. ‘Brilliant. Jim, who's your agent?‘ We went out to a glamorous lunch in a restaurantp 255 ML 2008