the visitors drawn to Saint-Esprit were members of his own age-group. A second piratical craft had joined the psychedelic Parsifal, ap 109 RP 1994
over-educated class unable to hold their own against a younger age-group thrusting their way into the professions. Pundits, backbench MPs, evenp 149 MP 2003
in their dead ships -- was the culmination of an age-old ambition with profound psychological implications for mankind, and that thep 436 QR 1963
deity had been proved beyond a shadow of doubt. Mankind's age-old faith in a divine principle had at last been scientificallyp 843 LDG 1976
dreamed that we might actually meet in person. In fact, age-old though rarely invoked ordinances still existed to prevent this --p 947 ICU 1977
bitterly contested, had certain unexpected consequences. The fulfilment of this age-old dream was a cause of justified celebration, of countless streetp 1139 LTP 1989
Mr Goddard quietly watched his lilliputian scene like a discreet aged Gulliver. He sat forward, the green shade shielding his eyesp 199 LW 1960
to Earth derisively old-fashioned, a last desperate resort of the aged and infirm. And to tell the truth, Clifford realized, theyp 341 PE 1962
her halfclosed eyes gave her the appearance of someone preternaturally aged, reminding me of my own wife in the last minutesp 620 IM 1964
now settling on the lawn outside, made her look prematurely aged, and she was in fact like a wise, evil childp 44 D 1965
In the ten years among the dunes she had barely aged. If anything her beaked face was softer, giving her thep 127 D 1965
a tattered mannequin. His immature but at the same time aged face seemed as rigid as a plaster mask. For monthsp 10 AE 1966
her half-closed eyes gave her the appearance of someone preternaturally aged, reminding Dr. Sanders of his patients in the children's wardp 107 CW 1966
was hovering at the foot of the bed like an aged flamingo in a dried-up pool. ‘I thought Dr Nathan wasp 685 TIM 1966
been looking forward to the visit, but his uncle had aged ten years since the accident and the sight of thesep 687 TIM 1966
for geriatric purposes, that is, for prolonging life in the aged.‘ Dr Knight nodded deliberately as Conrad sat up. ‘Now you'llp 689 TIM 1966
majority of younger people around them they see only the aged like themselves. The one way of escape is death.‘ ‘It'sp 691 TIM 1966
Conrad's presence elicited nothing but sympathy and goodwill from the aged occupants of the residential hostels and bungalows. Wherever he wentp 692 TIM 1966
secretive animals? Perhaps they were simply delivering a group of aged creatures to an abattoir specialising in circus animals, and pausingp 737 R 1967
stresses of a hard life had combined to produce this aged defective, knocked about by a race of unkind and indifferentp 62 CI 1974
the end of our second year together Serena Cockayne had aged a full decade. At times, looking at her hunched onp 871 S 1976
had passed in his absence and he himself had never aged beyond his twenties. For all his sarcastic manner, he seemedp 896 UC 1976
an empty penitentiary, the sole prisoner looked after by one aged warder, he had been freed by Buckmaster, who took himp 901 UC 1976
creature to escape death, to rise above mortality to become aged. Again I thought of myself as an advent calendar --p 177 UDC 1979
the poppies, then crouched whimpering by the Cessna's propeller. The aged chimpanzee I had fed when Stark abandoned his zoo squattedp 196 UDC 1979
and hair with a fine frost, as if he had aged by decades in the anxieties of the past week. ‘Nop 182 HA 1981
face was expressionless, and strangely old as if he had aged himself by a fierce act of will. Wayne guessed thatp 217 HA 1981
two graduate students, distributed food parcels and medicines to the aged townspeople asleep on their rotting porches. It was also theirp 1070 MNF 1982
his face seemed almost adolescent and at the same time aged by some strange fever. ‘Doctor ... I've reported --‘ Anne Godwinp 1071 MNF 1982
Mallory with open amazement, as if surprised that Mallory had aged at all in the past twenty years, but delighted thatp 1050 MSA 1982
Russian was the Shell Company caretaker, and lived with his aged mother in a small bungalow beside the gate. A Japanesep 70 ES 1984
changed benches and sat beside Mrs Hug, who supported her aged father against her breast. Two of the missionary women layp 132 ES 1984
the top of Jim's head, white with dust as if aged by the air raid. ‘Jim, I need you at thep 195 ES 1984
washroom in Terminal 3. 22) Approx. 5 ft 7 in, aged thirty-three, slim build, albino skin and thin black beard, somep 1101 ATQ 1985
of an ordnance round drummed through the hull, rattling its aged bones. A spray of water lashed the wooden shutters ofp 251 DC 1987
Elizabeth electrocuted on her booby-trapped exercise cycle. Their daughter, Marion, aged eight, and their son, Robin, aged thirteen, were the youngestp 25 RW 1988
cycle. Their daughter, Marion, aged eight, and their son, Robin, aged thirteen, were the youngest of the Pangbourne children. While Sergeantp 25 RW 1988
the world stubbornly refused to be banished even by the aged President's ingratiating grin. The Iran/Iraq war threatened to embroilp 1117 WW3 1988
an American Legion ceremony on the White House lawn. His aged, ivory face was set in its familiar amiable grin, hisp 1122 WW3 1988
retreated behind his handsome face, and he seemed to have aged since setting out from the hotel. The cheap cine-camera threatenedp 247 KW 1991
of the spacecraft, its empty flight decks and corridors. An aged couple, Commander John Merritt and Dr Valentina Tsarev, now inp 1182 MFM 1992
his mother had tactlessly released a family snapshot of Neil, aged 4, in a paddling pool -- he was about top 39 RP 1994
as Dr Barbara's clinic and medical store. Monique's father, the aged Rene Didier, had joined the flight from Papeete after ap 108 RP 1994
silent camp, past the tent where Monique slept beside her aged father. The riding lights of the Andersons‘ sloop seemed top 111 RP 1994
screw. He knew that she had refused to allow Monique's aged father to leave Saint-Esprit, not because she had closed thep 130 RP 1994
had shrunk like an old woman's, and that she had aged since coming to Saint-Esprit. ‘Dr Barbara, you'll have to tellp 208 RP 1994
bones of his nose and cheeks. He seemed to have aged in the brief time we had toured the murder sitesp 190 SC 2000
always suspected that this was an ill omen. He had aged rapidly during his time with Laura, and already he lookedp 29 MP 2003
and in the hospital mortuary failed to recognize the tiny, aged face that clung to the bony points of his skullp 14 KC 2006
Full marks to the police. Who is he?‘ ‘Duncan Christie. Aged twenty-five, white, a Brooklands resident. He's already been charged withp 22 KC 2006
I sat up, then turned and nestled easily into the aged pilot's mould. A strange night passage had exhausted her. Restlessp 136 KC 2006
into every factory, shop and office. As a small boy aged 5 or 6 I must have accepted all this withoutp 15 ML 2008
and less interested in what I was doing. My sister, aged three, irritated me immensely, and I tried to devise entirep 41 ML 2008
born in West Bromwich, near Birmingham, in 1905, and died aged 93 in Claygate, Surrey, in 1999. Her parents, Archibald andp 48 ML 2008
think that by this time, early 1945, I was already (aged 14!) starting to worry about the future of Lunghua. Ip 96 ML 2008
the first Gomorrah. At 35 he was a thin-faced, prematurely ageing man with receding hair and a remote abstracted expression, andp 340 PE 1962
Georges. He looks older here, those TV cameras are certainly ageing.‘ ‘It's not Georges Duval. It's Oblensky, the Russian boy, takenp 774 CA 1968
heights had somehow preserved him from the ordinary processes of ageing. His bony forehead, still marked by the scars of hisp 27 HR 1975
I am completely bound to Serena. Fortunately, Serena is now ageing faster than I am. Helplessly watching her smile, my overcoatp 872 S 1976
his voice sounded strangely bass, as if his body were ageing in the few moments of life left to it. ‘Lunghuap 316 ES 1984
into the human germ plasm would arrest the process of ageing and extend human life almost indefinitely. 62) Perhaps 1 millionp 1103 ATQ 1985
cot which the nuns at Port-la-Nouvelle had purchased for their ageing priest, and on whose hard Victorian springs the poor manp 76 DC 1987
radio station. For the next five minutes we hauled the ageing trainers around the sky in a mock dog-fight, and onlyp 108 KW 1991
the bathroom, seemed to beckon across the years from this ageing but still glamorous woman. She spoke with scarcely a pausep 342 KW 1991
architecture dedicated to the abolition of time, as befitted the ageing population of the retirement havens and an even wider worldp 34 CN 1996
in her handbag. ‘Tell me, how's your car?‘ ‘The Jaguar? Ageing gracefully.‘ ‘I was worried about it. I hear it wasp 117 SC 2000
that my arithmetic was at fault. Jane breathed quietly, an ageing Alice in an expurgated chapter of her own book. Carefulp 268 SC 2000
pennants above the beaches of the Cote d'Azur in their ageing Cessnas and met to drink at a Thai restaurant inp 281 SC 2000
debris of beer cans and forgotten rubber flippers where the ageing Picasso had once played with Dora Maar and his childrenp 311 SC 2000
of an approved school in Hendon, my responsibilities for my ageing mother whom I liked less and less, the tiresome fundraisingp 111 MP 2003
with one another.‘ Old-fashioned story-telling, in other words, with its ageless appeal and direct access to the great myths and legendsp 236 UGM 1986
time the face of my childhood governess. That youthful and ageless mask was her true self, which time had stolen fromp 347 KW 1991
well advised to substitute. Cost: 100,000 credits/day. (3) AGENCE GENERALE DE TOURISME. Registered. Venus. Concessionaires for the Colony Beatificp 347 PE 1962
clocks, he noticed, outnumbered all others; obviously the major governmental agencies had operated from the plaza area. ‘Highly organized but betterp 161 CH 1960
-- 0400 hours. Everything here is closing down, all government agencies pulled out yesterday. The Titan will carry U.S. Navyp 127 WFN 1961
would-be astronaut. A test pilot for one of the civilian agencies setting up orbital relay stations, his nerve had failed himp 359 CS 1962
different. Something new, exciting, original. So go round all the agencies and bring me their suggestions.‘ ‘All the agencies?‘ Tony queriedp 343 PE 1962
all the agencies and bring me their suggestions.‘ ‘All the agencies?‘ Tony queried. ‘Don't you mean just the registered ones?‘ ‘Allp 343 PE 1962
at Margot benignly. ‘But there must be 50 or 60 agencies organizing vacations,‘ Tony protested. ‘Only about a dozen of themp 343 PE 1962
Tony, we really need a holiday.‘ Fifty-six travel and vacation agencies were listed in the Commercial Directory, Tony discovered when hep 343 PE 1962
Margot asked anxiously, ‘we thought you'd been going round the agencies.‘ ‘Exactly,‘ Tony said. He slumped down in a sofa andp 346 PE 1962
Tony. ‘Did you give our names to any of the agencies?‘ Tony hesitated, then nodded. ‘I couldn't help it. Some ofp 350 PE 1962
the humid air. Recently certain of the UN Space Department agencies had begun to circulate the unofficial view that Colonel Spenderp 439 QR 1963
directories and registers, we've contacted the original magazines and news agencies, checked with the universities that originally offered them scholarships, talkedp 773 CA 1968
then shunned by intellectuals and the preserve of newspapers, advertising agencies and film companies. Dali's originality lay in the way hep 94 UGM 1969
no qualms about the invasion of their privacy by government agencies and data-processing organizations, and if anything welcomed these invisible intrusionsp 36 HR 1975
gainful. Manufacturing industry was able to keep going, but the agencies responsible for selling its products to the public found themselvesp 844 LDG 1976
time-keepers and inspectors found themselves no longer needed. Long-established advertising agencies became bankrupt. Accepting the public demand for total honesty, andp 845 LDG 1976
were dozens of one-man businesses, minor printing works and travel agencies, tailors and TV repairers. Sitting on a stool in anp 905 UC 1976
who should already have spent the morning at their advertising agencies and newspaper offices. Behind them, a few feet from thep 108 UDC 1979
like nervous executives in the windows of the old advertising agencies. A sidewinder basking in a publisher's doorway paused to observep 36 HA 1981
the task of finding new energy sources. A dozen UN agencies initiated crash programmes to develop feasible systems of wave-generated powerp 46 HA 1981
the gasoline comes from secret tanks left behind by government agencies and the big multinationals) or hunting the Los Angeles areap 141 HA 1981
-- these regimes are choosy. Oxfam, UNICEF, the other big agencies are there. This was all I could find. I knowp 34 DC 1987
where we could talk to the press and the UN agencies, but to some remote village, held under house arrest byp 100 DC 1987
By contrast the professionally produced ads for the large escort agencies are as inspiring as commercials for a new hotel chainp 74 THFa 1990
his officers waited while the camera-men from the American news agencies recorded the sombre scene. The lenses panned across the runwayp 72 RP 1994
but not haggard, or his parents and a dozen child-protection agencies would agitate to rescue him from the sanctuary. Yet hep 98 RP 1994
identical to the one we left, with the same car-rental agencies and hotel rooms with their adult movie channels and deodorizedp 10 CN 1996
a big case. CNN, the London tabloids, all the news agencies. They found nothing.‘ ‘They were looking for a crime passionelp 129 SC 2000
a really big story he can sell to the news agencies. I think I can give him one ...‘ She nodded top 332 SC 2000
There were lists of video stores to be torched, travel agencies to be attacked, galleries and museums to be sabotaged, andp 9 MP 2003
I'm with you. What exactly is the project? Picketing travel agencies? Banning tourism?‘ ‘Much more than that. We aren't defined byp 62 MP 2003
and the London Library, Legoland and the British Museum, travel agencies and the V&A, a Hendon shopping mall and a minorp 153 MP 2003
why I lost interest in smoke-bombing video stores and travel agencies.‘ ‘But after Heathrow everything changed.‘ Still controlling myself, I keptp 254 MP 2003
the street, their lights sweeping the lapdancing clubs and bucket-shop agencies. I parked in the Fulham Road, half a mile fromp 264 MP 2003
dome, and the shopping areas were dominated by cut-price travel agencies, bookshops and charity stores, areas of commerce where the lackp 247 KC 2006
down a narrow street of car-rental offices and discount air-ticket agencies. From the doorway of a luggage store I watched thep 247 KC 2006