the Sacred Heart, And sang within the bloody wood When Agamemnon cried aloud ...!‘ During the fortnight since his return from thep 650 GTN 1964
the gloomy water, their blank eyes glowing like phosphorous, mouths agape. In the smaller tanks the tropical fish effloresced like putridp 50 D 1965
back and was already moving into a deep fugue, mouth agape, the blood in his face making a livid lace-work ofp 891 UC 1976
the manifesto of middle-class rebellion to the listening nation, mouths agape over their muesli. The other BBC man, a slim-faced Anglo-Indianp 155 MP 2003
man was Robert Fontaine's successor, an affable American named George Agassi, to whom I had briefly spoken in Jane's office. Theyp 236 SC 2000
these crimes?‘ ‘Senior management at Eden-Olympia. Pascal Zander, Alain Delage, Agassi and any number of company chairmen and managing directors. Plusp 245 SC 2000
surgeon glanced down at the charge sheet. Name ... Franz M. Age ... 20. Occupation ... Student. Address ... 3599719 West 783rd St. Level 549-7705-45p 24 CC 1957
matter entirely one-sided. For Mangon was a mute. From the age of three, when his mother had savagely punched him inp 109 SS 1960
companies. Concert halls and opera houses closed overnight. In the age of noise the tranquilizing balms of silence began to bep 112 SS 1960
only four or five hours, painting all day at the age of eighty and then working through the night over hisp 180 VT 1960
see the escarpment, but he was aware of its enormous age, felt distinctly the countless millions of years since it hadp 192 VT 1960
the images deepen and strengthen within his mind. The vast age of the landscape, the inaudible chorus of voices resonating fromp 192 VT 1960
large he never altered his routine. Brought up from the age of ten in a municipal hostel, he had gradually lostp 270 B 1961
office at the rear of the sheriff's cabin, ‘the average age of the settlement is over sixty. In ten years‘ timep 236 DE 1961
realize you'll literally be the only one here under the age of fifty?‘ ‘Katy Summers is staying,‘ Holliday pointed out quicklyp 236 DE 1961
while he mistakenly believed there was. Katy was his own age, twenty-two, the only person, apart from Granger, who seemed top 236 DE 1961
peculiar. But good luck to him, and the new Jack-a-what's-a-name Age.‘ ‘The New Jacobean Age,‘ Dr Jamieson corrected, laughter softening hisp 281 GA 1961
to him, and the new Jack-a-what's-a-name Age.‘ ‘The New Jacobean Age,‘ Dr Jamieson corrected, laughter softening his face for the firstp 281 GA 1961
and he drew out a large newspaper cutting, yellowed with age, folded to reveal a man's portrait. Dr Jamieson propped itp 286 GA 1961
she was having her first child at a comparatively late age, in her early forties. Besides, he had been ill andp 255 MF 1961
loss of health. He had, in fact, reverted to the age and physique of a fourteen-year-old schoolboy. But what was thep 259 MF 1961
the dome is little more than 45 years. At the age of 30 Abel will probably be an old man. Whenp 334 13C 1962
space. The darkened portico of the house, its patina of age stripped away, loomed with a curious spectral whiteness as ifp 299 GT 1962
facial tic from which Clifford had last suffered at the age of ten began to twitch ominously. Tony Harcourt, Clifford's personalp 343 PE 1962
its face value -- heralding the momentous return of the age of the great reptiles -- an army of ecologists wouldp 9 DW 1962
truth I'd more or less forgotten it -- at my age all you have are the memories of memories. After wep 74 DW 1962
of hot black coffee and a canned gorgonzola green with age. ‘A present for you.‘ He examined Kerans‘ dulled eyes withp 112 DW 1962
he rose and fell He passed the stages of his age and youth Entering the whirlpool.‘ He continued to pester Keransp 114 DW 1962
back into the paradisal sun-filled world of a second Triassic age, and their gradually mounting awareness of the ambivalent motives propellingp 199 UGM 1963
such dangerous ground. Among the characteristic fauna of the Triassic age were the crocodiles and alligators, amphibian creatures at home inp 199 UGM 1963
man of action, the self-proclaimed world citizen who at the age of forty-two, after a life spent venting his spleen onp 438 QR 1963
figments are part of the casual vocabulary of the space age, shared by all people born after the year 1920, justp 129 UGM 1964
from our dreams and nightmares the authentic mythology of the age of Cape Canaveral, Hiroshima and Belsen. His novels are thep 130 UGM 1964
proportions of the features made it impossible to assess the age and character of the giant, on my previous visit hisp 644 DG 1964
however, he appeared to be at least in early middle age. The puffy cheeks, thicker nose and temples and narrowing eyesp 644 DG 1964
the junior camp-followers. Now he was in the late middle age of the Indian, the notches on his cheeks lost inp 629 DS 1964
his doctorate. I wouldn't have had the nerve at his age. A third-rate PhD for work that I did for himp 633 DS 1964
he was, had he despaired of returning to his own age, selected a beautiful shell and cast it into the seap 573 PCD 1964
bottom of the crevice. That of a man of middle age and strong build, it rested on its back with itsp 602 TB 1964
On the left was a snapshot of himself at the age of four, sitting on a lawn between his parents beforep 13 D 1965
shoulders and domed head that he was in late middle age, but as the light cleared he saw from his stick-likep 80 D 1965
he was at least seventy-five years old. Despite his advanced age he held himself erect, his lined patrician head turning asp 81 D 1965
the grave. By comparison Wyndham Lewis's hell in The Human Age is a more conventional affair. Layered like a department storep 140 UGM 1966
he brought out the next two volumes of The Human Age -- Monstre Gai and Malign Fiesta. When he died inp 141 UGM 1966
working on the notes for its projected successor, The Divine Age, in which the principal characters would ascend to paradise andp 141 UGM 1966
Already cut off by temperament from the mood of his age, he inhabits a private purgatory or, rather, sits with thep 141 UGM 1966
Sattersthwaite at the refugee camp. Both have died in middle age during the First World War, but are incarnated here inp 142 UGM 1966
here, at the opening of Monstre Gai, that The Human Age loses its way. Pullman's willingness to accept the logic ofp 143 UGM 1966
mannequins. The Enormous Face. Dr Nathan limped along the drain age culvert, peering at the huge figure of a dark-haired womanp 16 AE 1966
date in the passport that he had now reached the age of forty, Sanders tried to visualize himself ten years aheadp 17 CW 1966
at one of the mines. The man, roughly his own age, he assumed from the cut of the trousers and jacketp 128 CW 1966
accident left Conrad without any sense of relief Since the age of five, when the deaths of his parents in anp 685 TIM 1966
was considerably younger, and by comparison seemed almost the same age as Conrad. His strong, square-jawed face looked down at Conradp 685 TIM 1966
a child Conrad had known few friends of his own age, for the single reason that children were almost as rarep 687 TIM 1966
been born into a middle-aged world, one moreover where middle age itself was for ever moving, like the horizons of ap 687 TIM 1966
However, in the case of the young, particularly in your age group, the demand exceeds supply a hundred-fold. Tell me, Conradp 689 TIM 1966
criminal or psychopath. As I explained, for someone of your age it's not easy to find the appropriate donor ...‘ ‘But, Doctorp 690 TIM 1966
admits he doesn't know. He feels that as the average age of the population rises there's a tendency for the oldp 691 TIM 1966
seventeen?‘ When Conrad nodded Dr Matthews went on: ‘At that age, if I remember, life seems to stretch on for everp 694 TIM 1966
hard lines drawn between you and me, Conrad, differences of age, character and experience, differences of time. You have to earnp 695 TIM 1966
actress -- one of the few valid landscapes of our age -- he finds what seems to be a neutral groundp 56 GAN 1967
seemed to me then that she was young, but her age was so much a matter of her own moods andp 735 R 1967
always the same: the prodigy had mastered chess at the age of three, Sanskrit and calculus at six, Einstein's General Theoryp 769 CA 1968
Duval was then fourteen, a slim-shouldered boy small for his age, self-composed in a grey flannel suit. His face was palep 770 CA 1968
youngest since Descartes. Leroux described Georges's career: reading at the age of two, by nine he had passed his full matriculationp 770 CA 1968
kneecap and rib, were the unique relics of the space age, as treasured as the saintly bones of medieval shrines. Afterp 762 DA 1968
the first to accept completely the logic of the Freudian age, to describe the extraordinary world of the twentieth-century psyche inp 93 UGM 1969
morphology and musculature. 6 Nuclear phase. Dali's marriage with the age of physics. Many of his most serene paintings, such asp 96 UGM 1969
extraordinary experience, by any standards, of the new-born child's remarkable age; lying between his mother's legs, older than pharaoh, older inp 162 UGM 1969
Scotland -- gave Pearson some kind of encouragement. Already his age had begun to tell doubly against him. Over the yearsp 783 KG 1969
a forgotten shrine. One day soon, before she reached the age of thirty, even that face would dissolve. However, as shep 799 SGW 1970
the bio-fabric fashions he designed. Four years later, at the age of nineteen, she had her first face-lift, followed by evenp 802 SGW 1970
oral mount. Many considerations should be taken into account: the age of the patient, the degree of enlargement, whether the conditionp 16 C80 1970
It should always be borne in mind that after the age of 30 years breast tissue may behave in a veryp 16 C80 1970
the common people, according to his own biography, at the age of eight. In the established tradition of populist leaders hep 259 UGM 1971
see, all too clearly, the speed and violence of our age, its strange love affair with the machine and, conceivably, withp 262 UGM 1971
Buried beneath this new geological layer laid down by the age of the automobile accident would be my own small deathp 57 C 1973
her psyche which would have emerged only in late middle age. I was struck by the prim lines these bruises formedp 97 C 1973
manned flights are concerned, one can say that the Space Age, far from lasting for hundreds if not thousands of yearsp 165 UGM 1974
of Sputnik I and the beginnings of the short-lived space age) has already become a victim of this nostalgia. Despite thep 203 UGM 1974
air obviously unnerved her. She dearly felt that at the age of thirty Laing should have been working twelve hours ap 12 HR 1975
of being with students who were still almost his own age. Charlotte, he guessed, would understand this. In his mind Laingp 16 HR 1975
a casual menage with a rich young wife half his age whom he was happy to see taken out by otherp 73 HR 1975
these mutilated bodies -- residents who had died of old age or disease and then been attacked by wild dogs, Laingp 170 HR 1975
generation of men who had been forced in early middle age, by sexual necessity if nothing else, to a weary acceptancep 864 S 1976
was forced to realize that the young man was Serena's age, and that she would always have more in common withp 870 S 1976
-- antique gear-boxes and carburettors, mementoes of the vanished petroleum age, and the designs for a series of progressively more ambitiousp 874 UC 1976
distributor, the young of Garden City were expert by the age of twelve in joining and flitching and dovetailing. Within ap 875 UC 1976
and the tides, had progressed far ahead of anything the age of oil and coal had achieved, with its protein-hungry populationsp 879 UC 1976
well over a century to the dawn of the automobile age, huge perambulators of brass and steel with high seats andp 887 UC 1976
to the memorial, was a small, pugnacious man of advanced age. Although well into his eighties, he was dressed like ap 895 UC 1976
the sky and have yourself a time ...‘ Although twice Halloway's age, with slicked-back hair and a pale skin that would alwaysp 896 UC 1976
down a high ladder, Halloway had difficulty in guessing her age. At Garden City the emancipated women wore simple home-woven smocksp 898 UC 1976
gauche and clumsy beside her. Although she was his own age, there was something naive, and at the same time knowingp 898 UC 1976
Mead and the anthropologists who had followed them. From the age of sixteen, in the approved Polynesian style, young people ofp 899 UC 1976
and helping him to build his monuments to a vanished age of technology. All the while he could barely contain hisp 901 UC 1976
myths should slam the door on it all at the age of fifty and opt for exile, silence and cunning, andp 47 UGM 1977
War has been the life and death of the space age. Almost twenty years ago to the day, October 1957, Ip 224 UGM 1977
fiction writer, I listened to this harbinger of the space age with strong misgivings -- already I was certain, though withoutp 224 UGM 1977
less, I fully expected that the impact of the space age would be immediate and all-pervasive -- from fashion to industrialp 224 UGM 1977
far from extending for ever into the future, the space age lasted for scarcely fifteen years: from Sputnik I and Gagarin'sp 224 UGM 1977
the three children, a slim young man of my own age with an amputated left hand, a pregnant woman in herp 935 DT 1977
the intimate of the greatest men and women of our age. After World War II he founded a new movement ofp 940 I 1977
to Sir Richard Underwood, 48 Hamilton, Henry Rhodes, accident-proneness, 118; age, sensitiveness about, 476; belief in telepathy, 399; childhood memories, 501p 942 I 1977
of the classical surgeon's operative skills -- but by the age of thirty I had already established a thriving general practicep 947 ICU 1977
an appointment. But I was immediately struck, first by her age -- she seemed to be in her late twenties --p 948 ICU 1977
appearance -- on television, thanks to make-up, everyone of whatever age was 22, the cruel divisions of chronology banished for goodp 948 ICU 1977
were nervous and unsettled. I was struck by her advanced age and, above all, by her small size. For years Ip 951 ICU 1977
time of his release from an Illinois penitentiary at the age of thirty-five, Gilmore had spent eighteen of the previous twenty-twop 41 UGM 1979
to zero gravity generate not only neuroses but new space age cults and religions, the mythology of a second Fall ofp 230 UGM 1979
Space The Right Stuff Tom Wolfe Now that the space age is over -- or at least its heroic phase --p 273 UGM 1979
all my own failures to get anywhere. Already, at the age of twenty-five, I knew that the past ten years ofp 11 UDC 1979
brought with me the majesty of the right whales, the age and wisdom of all cetaceans. That morning I moved grandlyp 99 UDC 1979
Christina Brossard had been admitted to the Hospice at the age of fourteen after the suicide of her father, who hadp 1001 HFF 1980
as wild or as sad as the end. By the age of forty, Presley had earned $100 million. He gave awayp 40 UGM 1981
a decadent Bournemouth. Time Out New Means Worse The Golden Age of Science Fiction edited by Kingsley Amis Kingsley Amis's stormyp 189 UGM 1981
evident in his choice of 1950s s-f in The Golden Age of Science Fiction, classics such as Pohl's ‘The Tunnel underp 190 UGM 1981
work together ...‘ Not one in a thousand Europeans of Wayne's age would have had the faintest idea what these ancient scenicp 12 HA 1981
young stowaway, but as a man of almost her own age. Wayne was glad to be of use to her, andp 60 HA 1981
them immediately, sleek and wide-bodied vehicles from the last great age of the automobile, a real Buick, Pontiac and Dodge ofp 131 HA 1981
if the American public hadn't gone soft on the Space Age -- and soft on everything else ... You have the pioneerp 136 HA 1981
had style and swing. Three months -- I was your age when I came across, do you know that it tookp 137 HA 1981
apart from Manson there is no one here over the age of twenty. It means that he did all this himselfp 141 HA 1981
In the hundred years since the end of the automobile age homo sapiens has developed stronger legs and lungs -- ourp 164 HA 1981
solar glasses in her hands, shabby mementoes of the vanished age of space. In many ways it had been a sentimentalp 1010 NFS 1981
during these periods of lapsed time the body refused to age. Sitting beside her on the stool, Franklin embraced her gentlyp 1023 NFS 1981
1920 was a critical and commercial triumph, launched the Jazz Age and locked Scott and Zelda into a legend that onlyp 110 UGM 1982
step of a warder at a private prison. Despite her age, the woman fled lightly along the ground and seemed almostp 1062 MNF 1982
swimming pools and silence. With the end of the Space Age thirty years earlier, the coastal towns near Cape Kennedy hadp 1068 MNF 1982
you all have PhDs, the remittance men of the Space Age. Where are you staying? We'll drive you back.‘ As Sheppardp 1070 MNF 1982
-- we're at the beginnings of the first true Space Age.‘ ‘Not the second? So the Apollo flights were ...?‘ ‘Misconceived.‘ Sheppardp 1076 MNF 1982
branch hung weightlessly around him. Relics of the first Space Age emerged from the undergrowth like overlit ghosts -- a sphericalp 1079 MNF 1982
forest maturity, elegant in the grey marquetry of their declining age. Through a break in the canopy Sheppard saw the Apollop 1079 MNF 1982
moment of recognition, Martinsen found himself, his youth and his age merged in the open geometries of his face, this happyp 1084 MNF 1982
can to help her.‘ Minus two. MEMORIES OF THE SPACE AGE ONE All day this strange pilot had flown his antiquep 1037 MSA 1982
of the empty hotel in Titusville. Dreams of the space age had filled the night, memories of white runways as calmp 1037 MSA 1982
advertised a zoo and theme park devoted to the space age. Through the waist-high palmettos the chromium and neon rockets rosep 1044 MSA 1982
flowed out of Florida, as it had from the space age. After a brief pause, like a trapped film reel runningp 1045 MSA 1982
Cape Kennedy before the curtain came down on the space age. A former Apollo pilot, Shepley had been a dedicated butp 1048 MSA 1982
unease that followed had marked the end of the space age, an awareness that man had committed an evolutionary crime byp 1049 MSA 1982
release him from time, and it has taken the space age, and the sacrifice of the first astronaut, to achieve thatp 1055 MSA 1982
Motors to introduce the annual model change. In the golden age of the Eisenhower years stylists like Harley Earl, inventor ofp 233 UGM 1984
Outside the Raymonds‘ drive two German boys of his own age were playing with a ball as their mother unlocked thep 68 ES 1984
an urchin half his previous size and twice his previous age. Much of the time Jim was aware that he wasp 83 ES 1984
in her mouth, while her two sons, boys of Jim's age, held the sides of the stretcher. A trio of elderlyp 113 ES 1984
were two nuns in black wimples, several children of Jim's age, and some twenty British men and women. Already a crowdp 152 ES 1984
him, he would fight back. Few boys of his own age dared to touch Jim, and in the last year, sincep 166 ES 1984
if in his death he had returned to his true age, to his early adolescence in a provincial Japanese village. Hisp 337 ES 1984
for being drunk and disorderly during ‘Sculpture of the Space Age‘ exhibition at Serpentine Gallery, London. Video-games programmer, Virgin Records, 1980p 1093 OOA 1984
the presence of an Intelsat messiah, a mana-personality for the age of cable TV. His thousands of followers sway in theirp 1098 OOA 1984
precocity. Given this combustible mix, success was guaranteed. ‘At the age of six I wanted to be a cook,‘ Dali hasp 100 UGM 1986
as almost nowhere else in the popular arts of our age, classical myth and scientific apocalypse collide and fuse. Like mostp 17 UGM 1987
the flagging agriculture, a new fertility rite for the television age. Along the borders of Chad and the Sudan, the imagesp 45 DC 1987
I had made my child's world there until, at the age of seven, my father had brought in a local contractorp 60 DC 1987
In a few months she had stepped from the Stone Age and crossed from the spoken to the visual realm inp 160 DC 1987
returned to Eden to destroy Him ... a messiah for the age of cable television ...‘ But I no longer needed his commentaryp 280 DC 1987
her eyes were those of a woman of my own age. ‘Noon ...!‘ As I ran towards her, the Mallory shrank intop 282 DC 1987
And Marion Miller?" "She was only eight -- at that age you enjoy being cocooned in total affection, with someone tellingp 51 RW 1988
the other members of their families of whatever sex and age. Yet it is clearly not the pornographic details that appealp 54 RW 1988
on emotional resonance and ability to relate. Results corrected for age, whatever that means.‘ ‘It means he's practically a basket casep 1118 WW3 1988
cognitive functions are normal for a man of the President's age. Repeat, motor and cognitive functions are normal. Now, here's ap 1120 WW3 1988
future Emperor had never been allowed to cultivate. At the age of ten weeks he was taken away from his seventeen-year-oldp 50 UGM 1989
and eyesight. One of the few respites came at the age of fifteen, when his father, the Emperor Taisho, sent onep 50 UGM 1989
many ways Warhol is the Walt Disney of the amphetamine age. In his silk-screen images there is the same childlike retellingp 59 UGM 1989
painted by Degas had the latter lived on into the age of the great picture palaces. In a gloomy side-chapel thep 68 UGM 1989
Hollywood screenwriter was one of the tragic figures of our age, evoking the special anguish that arises from feeling sorry forp 3 UGM 1990
Kafka, Camus and Hemingway. Reading them at too early an age, long before I had the experience to understand them, wasp 145 UGM 1990
many other factors to be taken into account: Miss West's age, the type of enlargement, whether the condition was one ofp 114 MWR 1990
obesity and an enlargement far beyond the normal. After the age of 50 years breast tissue may behave in a veryp 114 MWR 1990
for privacy, their perception of time and death? The Space Age lasted barely 25 years, from Gagarin's first flight in 1961p 43 DMa 1990
and in particular the most extreme auto disaster of our age, the motorcade assassination of JFK. "Neuronic icons on the spinalp 44 DMa 1990
herself. PRINCESS MARGARET'S FACE LIFT As Princess Margaret reached middle age, the skin of both her cheeks and neck tended top 111 PMF 1990
submit them to any passion or humiliation. And as they age, we can remodel their features to sustain our deathless dreamp 111 PMFa 1990
the first time since the Edens of a more primitive age. In a sense we now all take part in sexp 54 GANa 1990
so completely at odds with the logic of our own age, when even the concept of privacy is constructed from publiclyp 19 UDa 1990
lawn-mower design. Real change is largely invisible, as befits this age of invisible technology -- and people have embraced VCRs, faxp 77 THFa 1990
came in and stayed to watch. On stage from the age of seven, as a child vaudeville performer, she never leftp 9 UGM 1991
left it until her death in 1980 at the probable age of eighty-seven. Sex, the Broadway play she both wrote andp 10 UGM 1991
1902, Lansky arrived in America with his parents at the age of four. A clever child with a flair for mathematicsp 45 UGM 1991
upon their father. By the time he died at the age of eighty he seems to have wearied of his reputationp 46 UGM 1991
will become extinct at his death. Their triumph in the age of the common man is one of its minor andp 79 UGM 1991
to redecorate the office of his mind from the earliest age. A major-general's son, he was sent to Downside at thep 80 UGM 1991
A major-general's son, he was sent to Downside at the age of nine, his aesthetic sensibilities already well developed. Of hisp 80 UGM 1991
a kind of dandified super-infant, adept at computerspeak by the age of four, tuned in to the latest consumer fads andp 83 UGM 1991
fittings by revealing that he wore no underwear. At the age of nineteen Henry began a long-standing affair with a sympatheticp 112 UGM 1991
white witchcraft and Ramakrishna. He lived to an immense old age, his charm and optimism intact, delighted by his long-delayed successp 113 UGM 1991
aware that the novel's greatest days lie back in the age of steam, we occupy a rung on the ladder ofp 116 UGM 1991
to become unfunny pessimists if they live past a certain age, which he estimates to be sixty-three for men and twenty-ninep 117 UGM 1991
a misfit, and aware of his homosexuality from an early age, Burroughs began to experiment with drugstore chloral hydrate when hep 132 UGM 1991
of the twentieth century, the Babylon or Nineveh of our age, buried for the past forty years under the dead sandp 218 UGM 1991
guess who will take their place: virtual reality programmers, New Age dieticians, eco-doomsters ... ‘The psychotic is a guy who knows what'sp 238 UGM 1991
though I had seen a dead boy of my own age sitting against the steel entrance grille of my father's officep 18 KW 1991
about it. ‘You'll be happier with boys of your own age.‘ ‘Mrs Dwight, I'm never happy with boys of my ownp 39 KW 1991
Mrs Dwight, I'm never happy with boys of my own age. They play games all the time.‘ ‘That may be. You'rep 39 KW 1991
a strong-shouldered woman who had died in her late middle age. Fine blonde hairs rose from her shaved eyebrows, lips andp 79 KW 1991
the newly mown grass. Women were ruthless from an early age, and needed to be. ‘We've made a fresh start. It'sp 166 KW 1991
concern for him and his younger self, now the same age as Henry, who had emerged from his Japanese camp intop 263 KW 1991
to stray into psychology. Dick's a shaman for the TV age.‘ ‘For years you've been encouraging him to buy all thosep 268 KW 1991
realised that his Triumph was twenty years old, the same age and model as the car that Dick Sutherland had oncep 315 KW 1991
series, they perhaps saw Dick as a mana-personality for the age of global TV. We were attending the funeral of someonep 316 KW 1991
to be her son (a fourteen-year gap, Cleo noted, Peggy's age when I had left the children's hut in Lunghua), andp 323 KW 1991
it, Cleo -- modernism is the gothic of the information age. Dreams sharp enough to bleed, and no doubts about man'sp 344 KW 1991
begins her memoir with Yu-fang, her grandmother, who at the age of fifteen, in 1924, became the concubine of an elderlyp 36 UGM 1992
in my thirties and forties. Like many people of my age, my reading of the great works of western literature wasp 178 UGM 1992
possibilities of their own talents than I was at their age. I seriously wonder what Kafka and Dostoevsky, Sartre and Camusp 179 UGM 1992
taught me to read before I entered school at the age of five. There were no cheerful posters or visual aidsp 179 UGM 1992
clergyman whose preferred bible was Kennedy's Latin Primer. From the age of six we were terrorized through two hours of Latinp 180 UGM 1992
more important part in shaping my imagination. Even at the age of ten or eleven I recognized that something strangely morbidp 180 UGM 1992
an interplanetary brain. Modernism -- The Gothic of the information age. Apollo mission -- The first demonstration, arranged for our benefitp 280 UGM 1992
confirmed that mankind had at last entered the second Space Age. Two months to the day after leaving Cape Canaveral, thep 1176 MFM 1992
the spacecraft, intoning their carefully rehearsed ‘Hymn to the Space Age‘. From that moment no Congressman dared to deny the NASAp 1177 MFM 1992
engineers had already suspected. Colonel Irwin had died at the age of 62, and his remains had been vapourized and returnedp 1181 MFM 1992
books or ornaments beside their simple beds. Despite their extreme age they were clearly alert, tidy and reasonably well nourished. Mostp 1183 MFM 1992
millennia at an almost geological pace burst into the modern age with the overthrow of the Manchu dynasty in 1912. Ap 54 UGM 1993
of a prosperous landowner in Sichuan province, and at the age of sixteen travelled to France as a worker-student, where hep 54 UGM 1993
life contains all the ingredients of his novels. At the age of four he was taken from his mother, who immuredp 125 UGM 1993
surgery with his humour and intelligence intact, and at the age of nearly eighty is a walking advertisement for the misspentp 134 UGM 1993
and genetics has begun to unravel the mysteries of sex, age and death, and the even greater puzzle, so dear top 154 UGM 1993
their effects. The rate at which mutations occur accelerates with age, and most babies are now born to women who arep 155 UGM 1993
their thirties, Feynman felt increasingly unfulfilled as he entered middle age. Fortunately, on a beach beside Lake Geneva in 1958, hep 160 UGM 1993
and their authors, by and large, live to an advanced age. I never for a moment believed anything else. Daily Telegraphp 194 UGM 1993
collected works of Krafft-Ebing, but perhaps I am showing my age. The author combines vast erudition with a charming French insistencep 246 UGM 1993
a grove of tamarinds, a forgotten totem of the nuclear age that seemed more ancient than any Easter Island statue. Rainwaterp 18 RP 1994
want you to come with us. We need someone your age who'll encourage other young people to join the sanctuary. Inp 44 RP 1994
in a dream of his oceans. A group of New Age hippies carrying an anti-vivisectionist banner had taken up residence onp 50 RP 1994
they found tourists dancing on the quay to the New Age tambourines, eco-banners floating on the cool harbour air and anp 50 RP 1994
affection suffocated him. There were no youths of his own age on Saint-Esprit. The Frenchmen from the Croix du Sud calledp 85 RP 1994
fore-mast, a balding man with two blonde-haired daughters of Neil's age. Dr Barbara strode in her measured way along the pierp 196 RP 1994
fatigue in our faces that have nothing to do with age or tiredness. Gibraltar, though, soon surprised me. The sometime garrisonp 10 CN 1996
Smuggling was one activity we had practised from an early age. The older boys at the English school in Riyadh talkedp 12 CN 1996
curious that there was no one present of Bibi Jansen's age, for all the talk of her popularity. Nodding my respectsp 62 CN 1996
appeared on screen, but the dark-skinned man was of middle age, with the swarthy, fleshy arms of a nightclub bouncer. Thep 126 CN 1996
it somehow, but I'm still stuck in Riyadh at the age of twelve.‘ ‘And now you're in Estrella de Mar. Perhapsp 193 CN 1996
more left banks and Latin quarters. We're moving into the age of security grilles and defensible space. As for living, ourp 219 CN 1996
be a history of tourism and its eclipse of the age of travel. After despairing of me for so many monthsp 289 CN 1996
the old-money discretion that the mercantile rich of the information age had decided to observe at the start of a newp 7 SC 2000
a local biotechnology firm had reworked their genes into the age of e-mail and the intelsat. By some mix of guilep 19 SC 2000
must be the last surviving relic of the great Bronze Age migrations.‘ ‘So they should stay at home?‘ ‘Yes, but thatp 93 SC 2000
an evolutionary relic that had survived into a more advanced age. Jane belonged to an epoch that accelerated and braked, butp 321 SC 2000
read by bemused housewives, the fading blossom of the disinformation age. My colleagues at the Adler, uncomfortable in their dark suitsp 29 MP 2003
fellow-accused were part of some evangelical group, a cranky New Age cult trying to perform a stone-age solstice ritual in thep 45 MP 2003
her knowledge of motherhood was almost entirely theoretical. Until the age of three, I was brought up by a series ofp 71 MP 2003
could make a million -- it's the product for our age ...‘ The Video Store We debriefed ourselves over large gins inp 94 MP 2003
been preserved as a monument to the 1930s, the heroic age of speed, the era of the Schneider Trophy seaplane racep 19 KC 2006
church. Why bother? They find spiritual fulfilment at the New Age centre, first left after the burger bar. We had ap 32 KC 2006
familiar face of David Cruise, a retail messiah for the age of cable TV. We left the Metro-Centre by one ofp 71 KC 2006
out-of-condition rugby forward in a collapsed scrum. How, at the age of seventy-five, had my father coped with the violence andp 77 KC 2006
level. It's more your world than mine. Politics for the age of cable TV. Fleeting impressions, an illusion of meaning floatingp 100 KC 2006
help them again. They're keen to enter a new Dark Age. The lights are on, but they're retreating into the innerp 105 KC 2006
has never bothered the people in Whitehall.‘ ‘A new Dark Age ... What do we do?‘ ‘We try to control it. Steerp 106 KC 2006
that was left of the stylish tourer from a vanished age of motoring. It occurred to me that the driver, notp 116 KC 2006
with us. The cook's son was a boy of my age, whose name my mother remembered until her nineties. I triedp 12 ML 2008
hall lights ...‘ I did the same from a very early age. No. 1 Boy, answering my father, would say ‘Master, Ip 14 ML 2008
coffins decked with paper flowers containing children of my own age. Bodies lay in the streets of downtown Shanghai, wept overp 14 ML 2008
and save no lives. I remember very little before the age of 5 or 6, when I joined the junior formp 17 ML 2008
match for the highly trained Zero pilots. Even at the age of 11 or 12 I knew that no amount ofp 21 ML 2008
day. My mother was rarely ill and lived to the age of 93. My earliest childhood writings began in the latep 40 ML 2008
lack of any logic in the sequences. Eventually, at the age of 10 or so, I nagged my mother into explainingp 42 ML 2008
rally and swiftly defeat the Japanese. Even I, at the age of 11 or 12, knew that this was a dangerousp 57 ML 2008
What I liked most was that everyone, of almost any age, could talk to anyone else. Striding around E Block orp 70 ML 2008
a game of chess with a man of my father's age who might be an architect or cinema manager, Cathay Hotelp 70 ML 2008
was already showing a keen interest in girls of my age. I once strolled with Cyril through some ruined buildings onp 86 ML 2008
at the centre of a pack of boys my own age, playing chess with bored internees in the men's huts andp 89 ML 2008
none of the lights would come on. Then, at the age of 16, I discovered Freud and the surrealists, a stickp 132 ML 2008
was one female cadaver, a strong-jawed woman of late middle age, whose bald head shone brightly under the lights. Most ofp 144 ML 2008
of us had seen a naked woman of our mothers‘ age, alive or dead, and there was a certain authority inp 144 ML 2008
few who came to science fiction at a relatively late age. By the mid 1950s there were some twenty commercial s-fp 165 ML 2008
from the next world and the dawn of the Space Age. For the s-f traditionalists, Sputnik 1 confirmed all their mostp 181 ML 2008
he was a complete professional, and had been since the age of 16, writing whatever he needed to write in orderp 193 ML 2008
of the post-war Labour government. Pop music and the space age, drugs and Vietnam, fashion and consumerism merged together into anp 208 ML 2008
my mind to the dangers I had known at their age. One question that readers still ask is: why did youp 249 ML 2008
central characters would be adults, and that children of any age would play no part in the novel. But I realisedp 249 ML 2008