the chest, sat back in the seat then rolled round against the door. The car careered straight off a bend inp 9 VN 1951
through the rear window and saw the Chinese spread out against the undergrowth. Mrs. Allison was sobbing and whimpering and Hargreavesp 9 VN 1951
concentric metal rings, and fiddled with a ripple tank mounted against a mirror on the table. One of the newsmen askedp 17 E 1956
the sofa I was standing up, leaning on one elbow against the mantelpiece, looking down at the newspaper. My eyes werep 18 E 1956
no,‘ I shouted. I grabbed it and pushed it back against the wall. We jumped back to 9.07. Helen wasp 20 E 1956
what seemed to be a demonstration of dynamic tension, straining against each other like a pair of catatonic bulls, their necksp 21 E 1956
and Tony leapt out of their chairs and dived back against the wall. ‘Steve, look out!‘ Tony yelled at me. Hep 2 PB 1956
it open-eared when I felt a glow of heat burn against my arm. I turned and saw the woman staring intentlyp 5 PB 1956
Tony said. ‘You admit it yourself.‘ ‘What have you got against her?‘ Harry asked. ‘That she cheats at i-Go?‘ ‘It's nothingp 8 PB 1956
They took their places in the chemistry cafeteria queue. ‘It's against the laws of hydrodynamics. Where would you get your buoyancyp 25 CC 1957
any indictable sense, and the transport authorities can do nothing against you. How this curvature was built into the system theyp 36 CC 1957
he asked. Morley was sitting on one of the desks against the back wall, playing aimlessly with a pencil. At thirtyp 50 M69 1957
mouth, he watched the pieces closely. He had played regularly against Morley since he arrived at the Clinic four months earlierp 53 M69 1957
to move he checked the time from the clock mounted against the wall. Twelve twenty. Morley yawned, his face drawn underp 53 M69 1957
long body hunched up in an armchair. Gorreil played chess against himself. Morley dozed. Lang felt restless. The gymnasium's silence andp 58 M69 1957
was on. Two emergency trollies stood in their usual place against the wall near the door, a third was in thep 59 M69 1957
in here, even if we moved the chairs right up against the wail.‘ He walked off across the floor, surreptitiously peeringp 61 M69 1957
stretched himself. ‘Quarter past three,‘ he remarked, pressing his hands against the ceiling. ‘This is getting to be a long nightp 62 M69 1957
shoelaces and Avery bumped into him sharply, knocking his shoulder against the wall. ‘All right?‘ he asked, taking Gorrell's arm. ‘Thisp 62 M69 1957
understand why Neill ever put us in here.‘ He leaned against the wall, head bowed to prevent it from touching thep 63 M69 1957
Vermilion Sands, the chromium struts and abstract shapes standing out against the desert like something in a vodka advertisement. After ap 41 VS 1957
the air moved across the vanes and went on vibrating against my palm. I gripped it in both hands and triedp 42 VS 1957
keep it rigid. A low but discernible pulse pumped steadily against me. I backed away from it, wiping the flaking chromep 42 VS 1957
mouth. There was no need to check the notch intervals against the file. They were all at least double the originalp 43 VS 1957
low rhythmic pulse. I bent down and pressed my hands against the beam. Raymond and Carol watched me curiously. ‘Mr Hamiltonp 48 VS 1957
stoical forbearance. The compensation was welcome, for simultaneously Rankin's campaign against me increased. He became openly abusive, criticized my work beforep 97 NZ 1959
obviously designed to elicit information. No charges were ever laid against me, but subsequently my employers also began to watch mep 104 NZ 1959
about them. Certainly he never did, and the implied judgment against me is one I haven't yet faced up to. Ip 72 WG 1959
Murak had never become. ‘There it is,‘ Pickford said. Standing against the back wall of the depot was a three-by-three woodenp 80 WG 1959
five miles from the far edge of the lake, silhouetted against the sunrise over the volcanoes, was a long 100-foot-high escarpmentp 83 WG 1959
from me. He leapt to his feet, pressed his hands against the surface of the slab behind us and ran hisp 88 WG 1959
on my knee caught my eye; a poor weapon, though, against Mayer's physique. I had climbed almost up to the rimp 89 WG 1959
duck. The shell missed him by three feet and exploded against the cabin roof. There was a brilliant flash of lightp 90 WG 1959
the symbols of the four alien languages, and then, proudly against the stars: CHARLES FOSTER NELSON EARTH AD 2217 ‘Tell mep 94 WG 1959
time, when he wasn't recalibrating the dial, he would press against the grille, keeping an eye on the orderly room. ‘Brockenp 150 CH 1960
the question that contained the central riddle. ‘Why is it against the law to have a clock?‘ Stacey tossed a piecep 153 CH 1960
of chalk from one hand to the other. ‘Is it against the law?‘ Conrad nodded. ‘There's an old notice in thep 153 CH 1960
million. Thinking of going into business?‘ Conrad ignored this. ‘It's against the law to have a gun because you might shootp 153 CH 1960
day.‘ For half an hour they drove on, Conrad hunched against the window, Stacey watching him in the driving mirror. Graduallyp 157 CH 1960
so that some of them had been built right up against the concrete palisades. In a few minutes they passed betweenp 157 CH 1960
pulled a fire-extinguisher from its bracket, tossed the heavy cylinder against the centre of the plate. The glass slipped and crashedp 163 CH 1960
man put down a steel ruler he had evidently tapped against a cabinet, waited for Conrad to collect himself. ‘What arep 164 CH 1960
over to a wall chart, pointed to the total listed against a column of dates. ‘Look at this. There are nowp 165 CH 1960
office blocks stretching away to the horizon. The hammers rested against their trips in long ranks just below him. Once hep 166 CH 1960
a momentary intermission. He made no attempt to defend himself against the charge of killing Stacey, partly to shield Marshall, whop 167 CH 1960
in astonishment. It was a clock! He pressed his hands against the bowl, reading the circle of numerals, noting the inclinationp 168 CH 1960
pushing Newman back. ‘Nothing. But why is it here? They're against the law.‘ ‘Oh, is that what's worrying you.‘ The warderp 168 CH 1960
Mr Goddard's efforts to steer it out without banging it against the safe, but with long practice he withdrew it inp 198 LW 1960
and by pulling on a system of ropes extended it against the wall to a point about fifteen feet above theirp 201 LW 1960
him so early it ran forward, purring and rubbing itself against his legs as he latched the gate. But Mr Goddardp 206 LW 1960
the door and pulled it back abruptly, wrenching himself slightly against its great inertia. Impatient to open the box he ignoredp 206 LW 1960
box and leaned his elbows on the lid, his shoulder against the safe. The position was awkward, and he could onlyp 206 LW 1960
clatter. Kneeling beside the safe, Mr Goddard slumped back limply against the wall, head lolling onto his chest. The box layp 206 LW 1960
Mr Goddard pulled himself slowly to his feet. Leaning weakly against the safe, he looked down at the upended safe beneathp 207 LW 1960
object for a few seconds, then stood up and leaned against the cupboard, his eyes closing involuntarily. The cat pounced, itsp 207 LW 1960
make-shift home -- the great collapsing Byzantine bed (Othello) mounted against the microphone turret; the huge framed mirrors with their peelingp 106 SS 1960
dressing table lay on the floor, its contents upended. Propped against the mirror was an old silver portrait frame, dull andp 119 SS 1960
a circular concrete apron below the cabin and backed up against one of the unloading bays, a battery of red-painted hydrantsp 123 SS 1960
going to be a sonic revival, Mangon. Every sign is against it.‘ ‘They have not heard Madame Gioconda sing. Believe mep 128 SS 1960
through into the apartment in a tempest, kicking a chair against a wall. It was Alto. He raced down the staircasep 128 SS 1960
the sound burst from her throat Mangon's finger locked rigidly against the trigger guard. An instant later, before he could thinkp 134 SS 1960
the apex of the yellow-ribbed dome, her slim figure silhouetted against the sky. She waved to him, then began to stepp 174 VT 1960
happily and then jumped down to a miniature control panel against the rear wall of the cage. Rapidly it flicked ap 175 VT 1960
out a syringe and an ampoule, after the shot leaned against the door waiting for the stimulant to pick up. Kaidrenp 186 VT 1960
where his lean angular figure stood out like a gallows against the sky, his lonely eyes sifting out radio lanes forp 187 VT 1960
he called, then turned back to the sky. Powers leaned against the car. Once, a few months previously, he had acceptedp 187 VT 1960
the Maxitron, then started to stack the lead screening shields against the rear wall. A few minutes later the generator hummedp 191 VT 1960
breaking over the ancient limestone cliffs like shallow rollers dashing against a towering headland. Closing his eyes, Powers lay back andp 192 VT 1960
the desert lay in the sunlight like an enormous bone, against which the aztec-red fins of Bayliss's Pontiac flared like thep 137 ZT 1960
had noticed a full can of petrol in the shadows against one corner. For a moment he paused, adding up hisp 140 ZT 1960
to see into the darkened garage. Hiding in the shadows against the back wall near the bench was the indistinct butp 140 ZT 1960
in and jammed it closed with both hands, knees pressed against it. Half paralysed by cramp and barely breathing, his suitp 141 ZT 1960
the huge lanes of shadow that reached from the mountains against the sunline. Larsen looked back at the chalets. There wasp 141 ZT 1960
the spine between his hands. Pulse thickening, Larsen braced himself against the window-ledge. Something about the man, his posture, the wayp 142 ZT 1960
the corner when he heard Bayliss shout. Leaning one hand against the wall, he looked back. Mouth open, Bayliss was staringp 149 ZT 1960
of Larsen, one beside him, the other twenty feet away against the chalet. But how was he to know which wasp 149 ZT 1960
using the staircase as an informal lounge, although this was against the fire regulations, women talking to the men queueing inp 270 B 1961
slowly worked their way back to the food-bar, shoulders braced against the countless minor collisions. ‘What are the latest population estimatesp 270 B 1961
entrance and joined the scrum of customers pressing six deep against the counter. ‘What is really wrong with the population problemp 271 B 1961
to join me in a private venture?‘ The girl leaned against him as they reached the counter. ‘Well, I might. Itp 271 B 1961
There he found himself with similar problems. The manager leaned against the flimsy door, a damp cigar butt revolving around hisp 272 B 1961
fifteen feet square, empty except for the dust silted up against the skirting boards. The floor was bare, a few stripsp 274 B 1961
it?‘ Ward sat down on his bed. The partition pressed against his knees and he could hardly move. He looked upp 278 B 1961
marked in pencil was hidden by the encroaching partition. Leaning against the wall, he tried to ease it back again, butp 278 B 1961
Canaries -- Granger called to him and rattled his cane against the window, pointing to the dark outline of the migrationp 237 DE 1961
on the apron, at the lights of the settlement reflected against the salt hills that encircled the town. Each day theyp 238 DE 1961
Granger sat on the bonnet of the jeep, his back against the windshield, watching Holiday with admiration. ‘You obviously have hiddenp 241 DE 1961
packed on to the pavement, the metal suitcase bumping painfully against his knees, he reached the entrance to Bond Street, therep 280 GA 1961
have a room reserved on the first floor.‘ He leaned against the counter as the clerk hunted through the register, listeningp 281 GA 1961
Dr Jamieson rested the suitcase on the floor, securing it against the desk with his foot. ‘I assure you, I madep 281 GA 1961
pavement, where a crowd ten or twelve deep was pressed against the wooden palisades. Lowering the blind so that the bottomp 282 GA 1961
folded to reveal a man's portrait. Dr Jamieson propped it against the window ledge. The cutting showed a dark-jowled man ofp 286 GA 1961
exhausted to climb on to the bed. Panting, he leaned against it for a few minutes. Even if he reached thep 260 MF 1961
and was forced to stop. Out of breath, he leaned against a tree, his legs exhausted. He heard a gate openp 262 MF 1961
out she returned and stripped the bed, pushed it back against the wall, putting the baby cot in its place. Clutchingp 263 MF 1961
strapped in the cot under the miniature blankets. Time was against him. By now, he found, he was asleep for thep 263 MF 1961
and all traces of him had been carefully removed. Propped against a cushion on the carpet in the lounge, Freeman notedp 264 MF 1961
wore a long white gown that billowed out behind her, against which her blue hair drifted loosely in the wind likep 211 S5 1961
window of her villa. Belting my dressing gown, I leaned against a pillar and watched her quietly, for the moment forgivingp 211 S5 1961
Still too weak to more than register an automatic protest against this act of vandalism, I pulled myself to my feetp 219 S5 1961
the wheeling rays rising out of our way would brush against the reef and drifts of fine sand would cascade overp 229 S5 1961
at the drab shopfronts and grimy areaways, the congested skyline against the dark low cloud like a silhouette of hell. Itp 8 WFN 1961
The people on the pavements had turned up their collars against the hard gritty wind which made the late June dayp 8 WFN 1961
more like early autumn. Chin in one hand, Maitland leaned against the window, reading the flapping headlines on the newspaper standsp 8 WFN 1961
had come down in the wind. The dust lay thickly against the curb stones, silting into the crevices in the lowp 9 WFN 1961
end of the lake; white-topped waves a foot high broke against the wooden palisades, throwing up the wreckage of one orp 9 WFN 1961
now had rusted solidly into their casings. Maitland hunched himself against the harsh wind driving across the dark face of thep 11 WFN 1961
after Susan during a tour live years earlier, had collapsed against it after a party. Blessing de Vet for his foresightp 11 WFN 1961
thickly on the grass in the square, a foot deep against the walls at the far end. The trees switched andp 16 WFN 1961
side streets into corridors of high pressure air that rammed against the stream of cars, forcing them down to a cautiousp 17 WFN 1961
the driver pulled up without warning, and Maitland pitched forward against the glass pane, bruising his jaw viciously. As he stumbledp 18 WFN 1961
the pen had been closed, but the sea outside pounded against the heavy grilles. It drove high swells along the 300-footp 26 WFN 1961
Terrapin up and down on its moorings and then slapped against the far wall, sending clouds of spray into the airp 26 WFN 1961
95,000 ton carrier Eisenhower and the two cruisers moored against the piers. When he had last seen the Eisenhower shep 27 WFN 1961
passed through a succession of drab villages, windows boarded up against the storm, alleyways jammed with the wrecks of old carsp 32 WFN 1961
should still be on the air.‘ A rain of pebbles against the side of the carrier drowned out a newscaster's voicep 33 WFN 1961
thankfully on a teak chest resting on a low table against the wall. Putting out his cigarette, the major hurriedly pushedp 38 WFN 1961
of local shopkeepers, had built narrow roofed corridors of sandbags against the walls of the streets, and a maze of thesep 39 WFN 1961
As the carrier swung around a corner she rolled slightly against him, and Lanyon felt warm strong shoulders through her tightlyp 42 WFN 1961
Goldman accelerated sharply, and the Buick locked for a moment against the heavy nose armour, then lifted sharply into the airp 42 WFN 1961
With a savage jolt the occupants were hurled off balance against the roof. Lanyon pulled himself away from Goldman, struggled painfullyp 44 WFN 1961
two of the buildings, a collection of trucks huddled together against the storm. ‘Looks like a barracks,‘ Lanyon decided. The interveningp 45 WFN 1961
her into a sitting position. She rolled her head weakly against his shoulder and glanced at the body. ‘Charlesby?‘ When Lanyonp 47 WFN 1961
in returning. With her blue coat and clear white skin against the drab background of the basement wall, she reminded himp 49 WFN 1961
blindly for several moments, bunching his fist and drumming it against his forehead. ‘Deborah, get this out to all casualty unitsp 58 WFN 1961
her heart, and she stopped for a moment and leaned against Marshall. He put an arm around her shoulders, smiled reassuringlyp 59 WFN 1961
the Bethlehem slid into reverse and backed suddenly, throwing them against the traverse. Marshall swore, holding his left elbow, the armp 64 WFN 1961
arm paralyzed for a moment. Deborah had struck her forehead against the steel rim. She pushed herself away and Marshall wasp 64 WFN 1961
where the Bethlehem had stalled with its rear wheels jammed against the steps of one of the houses. Before they collidedp 64 WFN 1961
pulled himself downward and spilled onto the ground, driven back against the underside of the chassis. The wind drove under hisp 65 WFN 1961
to the concrete beam, bunching every muscle as he strained against its massive weight. Through the swirling half light the hugep 66 WFN 1961
like armoured mastodons feeding on an enormous corpse. He pressed against the beam, hopelessly trying to lift it, his eyes blackingp 66 WFN 1961
lift it, his eyes blacking out momentarily, then slumped down against the tire just as two Centurions approached the Bethlehem, theirp 66 WFN 1961
turret and into the cabin. While Marshall sat back limply against the radio, the man ran expert fingers over him, wipingp 66 WFN 1961
fumbled at the console he looked down at Marshall, lolling against the cabin wall, his great head like a weathered rockp 67 WFN 1961
Maitland reached up and secured the hatch, then sat back against the traverse and pulled off his helmet and goggles. Marshallp 67 WFN 1961
tiles and the lines of silver trophies in their cases against the wall. The room was expensively and carefully furnished, withp 68 WFN 1961
a lot harder.‘ As he spoke Deborah moved her face against his, then brushed her lips softly across his forehead, murmuringp 69 WFN 1961
by Musgrave's body, so he squatted down on the floor against a ventilator shaft, listening to the wind drumming in thep 70 WFN 1961
out of the Bethlehem he leaned for a few minutes against the car, trying to free himself of the muscle andp 73 WFN 1961
left in the depot. The troop carrier was shunted up against one of the Centurions, the two jibs locked together. Bothp 78 WFN 1961
littered with stones, gravel and miscellaneous debris that piled up against the embankment walls like refuse in an abandoned municipal dumpp 79 WFN 1961
were sitting all the way down the stationary escalators, huddled against each other's knees, blankets wrapped around them, plastic bags atp 82 WFN 1961
Spare a minute, will you, Doctor?‘ He was sitting back against a large expensive suitcase to which Maitland guessed he hadp 82 WFN 1961
as a temporary first-aid post. Two or three cubicles stood against one wall, behind a boiler. There was a tin deskp 84 WFN 1961
of air that swept out through the balcony, pulled her against himself. ‘Susan, for God's sake, what are you playing atp 85 WFN 1961
is no time for putting on an act.‘ She leaned against him, smiling wanly. ‘I'm not, Donald,‘ she said mildly, ‘believep 85 WFN 1961
he could move it whirled her back off her feet against the door frame; then spun her head over heels intop 86 WFN 1961
steps, then pitched forward on his knees, banging his head against the far wall. Picking up his torch, he shone itp 87 WFN 1961
lay half asleep in his arms on the old mattress against the wall, then nestled closer to him. With his freep 91 WFN 1961
to keep his four-day stubble away from her skin. Pressed against him, she felt warm and comfortable, wearing his leather jacketp 91 WFN 1961
tops, spitting at the ground around Lanyon's feet. Bracing himself against the wall of the ravine, he slid along through thep 94 WFN 1961
vortices span off the lips of the ravine and burst against the floor 300 feet below. Higher up, just under thep 96 WFN 1961
They moved forward down one of the aisles. He brushed against a square waist-high object that gonged metallically, then shone thep 98 WFN 1961
about all this. Look at those.‘ He swung the flashlight against the wall, where the blank eyes of 20 or 30p 98 WFN 1961
Patricia. The shot roared out into the confined air, slamming against the tiers of metal cabinets, the flame flashing off thep 100 WFN 1961
he was pulled back on his feet and propped up against one of the packing cases. He had a confused imagep 101 WFN 1961
back, holding her down on the floor. Lanyon rolled wearily against the case, trying to clear his eyes of the bloodp 101 WFN 1961
mud toward the firmer ground under the sewer, supporting herself against the concrete pillars. Lanyon turned to Luigi, held his squarep 109 WFN 1961
pillars to where Patricia was sheltering on a narrow flat against the rear wall of the pier. He took her armp 110 WFN 1961
At the far end Lanyon could see heavy seas smashing against the open doors, hear the deafening unrelenting roar of thep 113 WFN 1961
the ready signal he backed the Terrapin astern right up against the rear wall, so that 150 yards of clear waterp 114 WFN 1961
and bit in, kicking the Terrapin forward, the torpedo exploded against its target. There was a vivid white flash that filledp 115 WFN 1961
their dominance of the natural order which would guarantee them against everything but their own folly, that they had made grossp 120 WFN 1961
Court had vanished; only spurs of masonry were sticking up against the backdrop of the blackened sky. The camera swung, followingp 122 WFN 1961
to move for the door where banks of teletypes stood against the wall. ‘Not much coming through,‘ he said to Symingtonp 124 WFN 1961
R/T set cluttered the desk, crates and suitcases stood against the walls. First testing the door to make certain itp 125 WFN 1961
find them.‘ Marshall reached past Kroll, pressed his elbow firmly against Kroll's arm and edged his hand off the knob. ‘I'mp 129 WFN 1961
He opened the door, to find it lodged almost immediately against Kroll's black leather boot. Marshall looked down at the steelp 129 WFN 1961
think you're playing at?‘ He started to lean his shoulder against Kroll's, but Kroll suddenly swung around with his back top 129 WFN 1961
an exploding bomb in the confined office. Shattered glass spat against the walls of the corridor. Through the aperture Marshall sawp 130 WFN 1961
up, dragged him back into the office and propped him against the sofa. Behind him the emergency door opened and Deborahp 131 WFN 1961
in the corridor, Crighton face downward with his head tilted against the wall, hands raised in front of him. The girlp 133 WFN 1961
arms swinging like windmills. He stumbled past Kroll, spun heavily against the wall and crashed downward into a corner. He wasp 134 WFN 1961
at him. ‘Simon? What have you --‘ Kroll knocked her against the wall with the back of his hand, forced herp 134 WFN 1961
comfortable, tried to feel the stiff caress of crisp sheets against his face. Yet he could never find them. Whenever hep 137 WFN 1961
faded. Maitland stretched and flexed his legs, pressed his feet against the foot of the bed. Burns? How? He remembered beingp 138 WFN 1961
the voices more clearly when his left ear was pressed against the shaft. Abruptly he sat up, pulling himself roughly ontop 140 WFN 1961
as he could, he examined the shaft, pressing his ear against it. In the majority of positions he could hear nothingp 140 WFN 1961
cut it. He pounded on it with his fists, shouted against it, pressing his ear to the focal area to hearp 140 WFN 1961
ten feet thick, designed to provide protection at ground zero against megaton nuclear weapons, the presence of the storm wind ragingp 145 WFN 1961
car -- bouncing and cartwheeling along the ground. Maitland leaned against the periscope mounting. With the topsoil gone, and the root-systemp 150 WFN 1961
surface together and provided a secure foothold for arable crops against the erosive forces of rain and wind, the entire surfacep 150 WFN 1961
into the compartment over the noise of the wind beating against the tractor. With one hand he rotated the set inp 154 WFN 1961
an elbow into his attacker and fell backward with him against one of the tracks. He kicked himself loose from thep 159 WFN 1961
control himself, spread his legs apart and pressed his shoulders against the stiff backrest of the chair. Above, fluorescent lighting shonep 160 WFN 1961
then nodded to the guards, who took up their positions against the rear wall. ‘Good. While you were resting your companionsp 161 WFN 1961
indicated the tall guard with the single helmet triangle, lounging against the wall beside the desk ‘ -- was somewhat delayed onp 161 WFN 1961
will find this one of the most efficiently organized bastions against the wind in existence, if not the most efficient, myp 162 WFN 1961
swayed slightly under their feet. Caught off balance, Maitland stumbled against the wall. The guard steadied him with one hand. Thankingp 168 WFN 1961
had rested. ‘He told you all about his moral stand against the hurricane?‘ Maitland nodded, his eyes half closed with fatiguep 170 WFN 1961
and Waring began to concoct their story of Hardoon's stand against the wind, Lanyon and Maitland did what they could top 172 WFN 1961
down the stairway. As Maitland and Lanyon heaved their shoulders against the steel door panels, the jet from the ventilator suddenlyp 174 WFN 1961
breastwork to the floor and walls as the water swilled against it down the corridor. He held Lanyon's shoulder. ‘Come onp 175 WFN 1961
chambers on its right. Waring and Patricia Olsen sat down against the wall opposite the stairway, trying to squeeze the waterp 175 WFN 1961
elevator suddenly swung back, lodged momentarily in its housings, banging against the rear wall of the shaft. Lanyon stabbed the roofp 176 WFN 1961
Hardoon's office they heard the sound of the wind battering against the panels, and for a moment Maitland wondered whether thep 176 WFN 1961
train the gun on him again. Lanyon had backed up against the side of the car, stabbed frantically at the controlp 178 WFN 1961
head. Suddenly, without warning, the floor tipped sharply, knocking him against the side of the elevator. As he straightened himself hep 178 WFN 1961
got him,‘ Maitland gasped. He stood up and staggered back against the wall and Kroll sank loosely onto his knees andp 179 WFN 1961
their surface. The floor tilted again, throwing the two men against each other. Maitland steadied himself, helped Hardoon back onto hisp 180 WFN 1961
back into the tunnel the pyramid jerked heavily, throwing them against the wall. Deep fissures had appeared in the cement. Theyp 181 WFN 1961
was dragged forward a dozen feet before he held himself against a step in one of the walls. Through the openp 182 WFN 1961
down on the top step of the stairway. Lanyon leaned against the wall, while Maitland squatted on the floor. ‘I guessp 183 WFN 1961
others. They had moved into the left-hand corridor, were pressed against the collapsing breastwork of sandbags. Maitland gestured Lanyon over quicklyp 184 WFN 1961
into its socket. ‘Quite a shock, that one.‘ He leaned against a metal crate. ‘I thought we'd have a talk togetherp 322 13C 1962
man.‘ Letting himself back into his cabin, Francis leaned wearily against the bulkhead, feeling the heavy rivets with his fingers, herep 326 13C 1962
TV cameras. You've got to talk to them, measure yourself against people like Granger and Peters.‘ ‘You're right, they're fine menp 327 13C 1962
insane situation as the normal one. I think the reaction against the project is healthy.‘ Francis stared out at the domep 329 13C 1962
panel. Immediately adjacent to the end wall of the corridor, against the outer skin of the dome, was a small firep 338 13C 1962
frozen gas. As Bridgman watched, his lean bronzed arms propped against the rusting rail, the last whorls of light sank awayp 355 CS 1962
is Mamie Goldberg, 62955 Cocoa Boulevard, I really wanna protest against this crazy evacuation ...‘ or resigned ‘Sam Snade here, the Pontiacp 356 CS 1962
sea, the long green rollers of the middle Atlantic breaking against the red Martian strand. When he had first come top 356 CS 1962
former margins. The tireless shoulder of the Gulf Stream drummed against the soft Martian dust and piled the dunes into grotesquep 357 CS 1962
later, and the two of them sat side by side against the elevator house, the frosted letters of the hotel's neonp 359 CS 1962
over the memories of his lost comrades-in-arms. The wind gusted against the balcony window, and a light spray of sand rainedp 361 CS 1962
he fell to one knee. Louise Woodward pulled him back against the wall, then pointed at a squat, bow-legged figure trudgingp 363 CS 1962
windows and submerged the desk and bed, three feet deep against the rear wall. Outside the sand-break had been inundated, andp 365 CS 1962
circuits, he paced about, fiddling with the architectural drawings propped against the wall. He felt restless and hyper-excited, perhaps because hep 365 CS 1962
the rail, over the intervening roof-tops saw two figures silhouetted against the sky on the elevator head of an apartment blockp 370 CS 1962
slowly to the ground. The sounds of the impact rolled against the hotel, mounting in a sustained crescendo that drummed againstp 370 CS 1962
against the hotel, mounting in a sustained crescendo that drummed against the windows. A series of smaller explosions flared up likep 370 CS 1962
the brine-filled slipstream cut into his six-day tan. Lolling back against the headrest as the palms flicked by, he almost missedp 289 IO 1962
went to see the pyramids.‘ She lay back, rolling slightly against his shoulder. ‘That was wonderful. They're the oldest things onp 290 IO 1962
last three years I've been out of touch. Anyway, it's against the MF laws. Do you know what would happen ifp 290 IO 1962
the MF laws. What had begun as a popular reaction against ‘subliminal living‘ and the uncontrolled extension of techniques of massp 291 IO 1962
to an ambulance. A tall Libyan police colonel was leaning against the Jaguar, drumming his leather baton on the windscreen. ‘Ahp 292 IO 1962
I'm sorry,‘ he said noncommittally. ‘What happened to your suit against Bortman?‘ Christian stared out through the window into the darkp 295 IO 1962
the bed, pointing his finger at Gregory, who was leaning against the wardrobe, gasping in exhausted spasms. ‘Big mistake there, doctorp 295 IO 1962
There had to be one hundred exactly. Why? Leaning back against the wall, Forbis managed to ask himself the question. Whatp 405 M99 1962
him up by the lapels on to his shoulder. Backing against the balcony, he slid him on to the ledge, straighteningp 410 M99 1962
hobbies. I'm tired of all these play-boys.‘ She drooped languidly against Clifford, her voice silky and reassuring. ‘I want to bep 342 PE 1962
eight of them alien. The Department had initiated legal proceedings against five, three had closed down, and eight more were frontsp 344 PE 1962
his steel-grey moustache. ‘Procyon always put up a great fight against us and an expedition there was invariably lively.‘ Tony noddedp 344 PE 1962
hostages. Cost: 300,000 credits. (b) Operation Klingsor. 15-year crusade against Ursa Major. Combined task force of 2,500 ships. Missionp 347 PE 1962
Quantum Jumping, 7-dimensional Maze Ball and Psychokinetic Bridge (pretty tricky against a telepathic Ketos D'Oma). The only Terran ever to winp 347 PE 1962
creatures in the Galaxy are waiting to pit their charms against yours, but however divine they may be -- and twop 349 PE 1962
Altair (76-953-?) certainly will be -- they'll stand no chance against you. Your specifications will be defined as the ideal onesp 349 PE 1962
whirring, and the spheres tipped and began to rotate, brushing against the undergrowth. Fay sat in the car, staring up inp 305 TDS 1962
months after she went east Fay filed a divorce suit against me. Frantically I telephoned her, explaining that I would bep 317 TDS 1962
the walls closed in on each other. Pressing my hands against the ceiling, I felt it push downwards strongly. The edgesp 318 TDS 1962
clamped around my fists, air whistling through my fingers. Face against the openings, I gulped in the cool night air, andp 318 TDS 1962
a moment later it locked and became rigid. I leaned against the dented wall and let the spray pour across myp 319 TDS 1962
the sun was plainly tangible. The blunt refracted rays drummed against his bare chest and shoulders, drawing out the first sweatp 7 DW 1962
as Colonel Riggs‘ cutter, a converted landing craft, pulled in against the catamaran. Riggs stood in the bows, a trim dapperp 11 DW 1962
the Colonel about Bodkin's Pelycosaur, but on the whole decided against it. The sergeant concerned in the hoax, a dour conscientiousp 12 DW 1962
pinched and drawn, and they sat inertly in a row against a bulkhead. The continuous heat and the massive daily dosesp 12 DW 1962
the smaller white-pointed hull of the biological testing station, moored against a broad hump-backed building which had formerly been a concertp 20 DW 1962
ionosphere. As these vanished into space, depleting the Earth's barrier against the full impact of solar radiation, temperatures began to climbp 21 DW 1962
The oblique incidence of the Sun's rays provided a shield against the more powerful radiation. Cities on higher ground in mountainousp 23 DW 1962
as a matter of fact.‘ Kerans took the magazine propped against Beatrice's knee and leafed through it idly. It was ap 26 DW 1962
man, Robert.‘ She handed him the drink and then leaned against his knees, resting her chin on one wrist. Usually shep 27 DW 1962
her forehead with both hands, her long supple body gleaming against the sunlight. ‘But is there as much urgency as Riggsp 28 DW 1962
danced naked to the waist with dandified skeletons in tuxedos against a spectral bonelike landscape. On another wall one of Maxp 29 DW 1962
than the Beethoven, the image of the archaic sun burned against his mind, illuminating the fleeting shadows that darted fitfully throughp 29 DW 1962
later. We stay.‘ Towards a New Psychology Berthing the catamaran against the landing stage, Kerans shipped the outboard and then madep 30 DW 1962
station into the next lagoon, he stopped and steadied himself against the rail. Smiling ruefully at the absurdity of the fantasyp 33 DW 1962
as ever, if anything stronger, like a steel blade springing against a fencing post and revealing its sinews. Bodkin dabbed atp 37 DW 1962
the metal scows being hauled up in its davits clanged against the hull. He added: ‘The atmosphere in these lagoons isp 37 DW 1962
air like the peeling hull-plates of a derelict ship, moored against its terminal pier and covered with gnomic and meaningless graffitip 40 DW 1962
Lamarckism in reverse?‘ ‘Agreed. I'm not suggesting that.‘ Bodkin leaned against one of the benches, feeding a handful of peanuts top 41 DW 1962
tarmac check, and the swells from the testing station drummed against the prows of the catamaran and drove on through thep 48 DW 1962
withdrawn, greeting him with a half-hearted wave. Leaning one elbow against the bar, she made a drink for herself, stared blanklyp 49 DW 1962
city. Everywhere the silt encroached, shoring itself in huge banks against a railway viaduct or crescent of offices, oozing through ap 52 DW 1962
the central lagoons in their outward spiral sweep Kerans leaned against the hatchway and watched the glistening display, abandoning his searchp 52 DW 1962
masking the molten mirror of the surface. The water drummed against the portico beneath his feet, beating slowly against his mindp 55 DW 1962
water drummed against the portico beneath his feet, beating slowly against his mind, and setting up a widening circle of interferencep 55 DW 1962
Kerans, his tall stooped figure silhouetted like a gaunt crow against the water. Almost imperceptibly he nodded to Riggs, answering thep 56 DW 1962
Pressing a wrist tightly to his forehead, he leaned back against a pillar, listening to the echoes reverberate around him. Fourp 59 DW 1962
top two without Success. ‘Well, where is he?‘ Riggs rested against the stair-rail, gesturing for quiet, and listened to the silentp 60 DW 1962
next landing which let in a thin breeze. Kerans leaned against the wall, the sweat pouring across his back and chestp 60 DW 1962
dripping sundials like daggers in the fused sand. Kerans leaned against the window, waiting as the minutes passed and left behindp 62 DW 1962
him, but the Sergeant, with Riggs beside him, was huddled against a pillar, his eyes staring blankly at the floor inp 67 DW 1962
ceiling like the whispering murmur of some blind pelagic current against the hull-plates of a submarine. The sounds seemed to pursuep 70 DW 1962
themselves would become restive and start fighting each other, anima against persona, ego against id ... Then he remembered that Beatrice Dahlp 70 DW 1962
restive and start fighting each other, anima against persona, ego against id ... Then he remembered that Beatrice Dahl had seen thep 70 DW 1962
along the water-line, momentarily disturbed as the swells rolled in against the base, slapping at the canted sides of the pontoonp 75 DW 1962
was still a hundred and ten degrees, the sun beating against his skin like a fist. They joined Bodkin and wentp 78 DW 1962
perfect slices of glittering spray. As the heavy wash slapped against the wall of the hotel, breaking up the colonies ofp 81 DW 1962
the immense tippings of some distant gold-mine. The light drummed against his brain, bathing the submerged levels below his consciousness, carryingp 82 DW 1962
put her hands on his shoulders and pressed her head against his damp shirt. ‘Have you seen the alligators? There arep 87 DW 1962
covered with a mass of crates and cartons, piled up against the wire mesh windows so that only a faint reflectionp 92 DW 1962
of the late Renaissance, stacks of heavy gilt frames propped against them. Beyond these were several smaller altarpieces and triptychs, anp 93 DW 1962
astride the booms. As they entered the lake and moored against a shaded waterside balcony on the eastern side the lastp 97 DW 1962
the vessel, watching expectantly as the crocodile thrashed and slammed against the grille, almost toppling the giant negro into the waterp 98 DW 1962
to the tacky vinyl envelope that enclosed him, clamming damply against his chest and legs, and he looked forward with pleasurep 102 DW 1962
the soft loam which covered the floor, and steadied himself against a barnacled lamp post. In a relaxed, graceful moon-stride hep 104 DW 1962
carpet. The door was locked, but he drove his shoulders against it and the two hinges parted easily, the door glidingp 105 DW 1962
lay back, spreadeagled across the steps, his hand pressed numbly against the loop of line around the door handle, the soothingp 108 DW 1962
some painter of the school of Tintoretto had been propped against the funnels and screened the service hatches, looming down overp 116 DW 1962
The marriage ceremony was being celebrated aboard a galleon moored against the Doge's Palace, and its elaborate rococo rigging seemed top 116 DW 1962
rockets to flicker and dazzle, their sharp explosions etched clearly against the tinted crepuscular sky. The smile on Strangman's face grewp 117 DW 1962
curious silence hung over the ship, and involuntarily Kerans leaned against the rail to brace himself in case Strangman was aboutp 118 DW 1962
It doesn't matter that much,‘ Kerans temporised. He steadied her against his arm as the ship touched bottom and rolled slightlyp 121 DW 1962
described, now encircled the lagoon and formed an impenetrable dyke against the encroaching sea. Down the side-streets they could see thep 124 DW 1962
effect with pleasure. The entwined weeds among the sparkling stones against the white skin of her breast made her look likep 126 DW 1962
the perimeter wall of the lagoon high above them. Outlined against the setting sky was the small square figure of Drp 131 DW 1962
the base of his mind, he let his weight hang against the bloodied thongs around his wrists, indifferent to the painp 134 DW 1962
a momentary respite as they circled the square, Kerans lolled against the velvet back-rest, pulling automatically at his clamped wrists. Thep 135 DW 1962
dais and lashed to the cart Kerans lay back limply against the head-rest, looking up at the dark flanks of thep 138 DW 1962
lagoon, almost as if he were an abducted Neptune forced against his will to sanctify those sections of the drowned cityp 138 DW 1962
in the bank of caking silt. He flexed his wrists against the loosened thongs, but they Were still too tight forp 140 DW 1962
uncertainly to his feet, stumbled across the sidewalk and leaned against the wall, his head pounding from the exertion. He pressedp 140 DW 1962
his head pounding from the exertion. He pressed his face against the cool still-damp stone, staring down the street into whichp 140 DW 1962
like translucent wax. A hundred yards away it slapped lazily against the shattered remains of the jetty below the Ritz, throwingp 142 DW 1962
up in a row below the giant painting still propped against the funnels. Voices sounded below again, and the gangway creakedp 146 DW 1962
the distance, over the rooftops, a signal flare glowed briefly against the chimney stacks. As it faded Kerans stood up andp 146 DW 1962
seconds he looked straight at Kerans, silhouetted in the darkness against the mass of figures on the canvas, but he gavep 146 DW 1962
drawn up on a semi-circle of low tables. Head back against the chair, one hand touching the slender stem of ap 147 DW 1962
the open teeth of a necklace clasp, involuntarily stumbled back against a sofa. As he steadied himself against the wall Bigp 149 DW 1962
involuntarily stumbled back against a sofa. As he steadied himself against the wall Big Caesar launched himself through the air atp 149 DW 1962
sat down in the sofa, watched the mulatto crash crookedly against the doorway, the knife spilling from his hand. A strangledp 149 DW 1962
cruiser, a well-armed 30-ton PT boat which was now moored against the hydroplane in the central lagoon. The unit had arrivedp 153 DW 1962
full well knows, he was absolutely entitled to defend himself against Bodkin, kill him if necessary.‘ When Kerans looked round overp 154 DW 1962
fellow.‘ Tired out after only three hours‘ sleep, Kerans leaned against the window, smiling wanly to himself as he tried top 155 DW 1962
a few feet deep, blotting out the fires and splashing against the hull of the ship, still rocking slightly from thep 160 DW 1962
beats. He woke at seven the next morning, lying back against the mast in bright sunlight, the medical kit open inp 163 DW 1962
wreath of bubbles. He furled the sail and paddled slowly against the head-breeze. By the time he reached the shore itp 164 DW 1962
he beached the craft, then sat down with his back against one of the drums. Staring out over the immense lonelinessp 164 DW 1962
man sitting with his back to the altar, head propped against the stone. The sounds had obviously come from this emaciatedp 167 DW 1962
more than a resurrected corpse, without food or equipment, propped against the altar like someone jerked from his grave and abandonedp 167 DW 1962
so devastatingly upon his retinas, then slumped to one side against his stone pillow. Flies began to swarm across the groundp 168 DW 1962
his brows creasing slightly in puzzlement. While Hardman lay back against the altar, Kerans began to dig up some of thep 168 DW 1962
he managed to support himself on his legs, leaning back against the doorway as the sun sank behind the wooded hillsp 169 DW 1962
arms vibrate and howl, Nevers and I involuntarily steadied ourselves against the wing-piece of my sculpture. In general it's probably truep 395 TSS 1962
gather outside the gallery. Able now to see Lunora clearly against the hard white walls, I stepped into Orbit and watchedp 396 TSS 1962
What does it matter? She won't know.‘ Nevers was groaning against the wall, drumming his forehead on his fist. ‘Relax, you'llp 399 TSS 1962
rails (or safety net), this jutted out over the lagoon against the skyline of Vermilion Sands, low furniture grouped in ap 399 TSS 1962
receive you.‘ She walked quietly towards the chaise longue pulled against the statue at the end of the terrace. Lunora wasp 402 TSS 1962
hair over her face matted with tears. She leaned limply against the dark trunk of the statue. I knelt down andp 403 TSS 1962
up to it, but how serious are you?‘ He leaned against his roll-top desk. ‘You think you'll get permission? You're wrongp 381 WT 1962
I underestimated you. I thought you merely had a grievance against the Council. I hope you know what you're doing.‘ ‘Mrp 382 WT 1962
distance over the Town Hall. One of Renthall's long-standing grievances against his room was that the tip of the nearby watch-towerp 390 WT 1962
upon a technicality in the margins of the main indictment against him, a mere procedural device, like a bad twist inp 507 EG 1963
out of its way to avoid preferring any serious charges against him whatever. This ironic inversion of the classical Kafkaesque situationp 507 EG 1963
the grey rain fell outside and the damp leaves gathered against the walls. The difficulties of establishing a relationship with Malekp 511 EG 1963
the east, the white rectangle of the garden wall illuminated against this dim backdrop like a huge tabula rasa. Excusing himselfp 512 EG 1963
his head through the broken window and began to heave against it helplessly with his thin shoulders, the fragments of brokenp 515 EG 1963
a potential ally of Constantin's. As he reformed his defence against the indictment preferred against him at the trial -- hep 515 EG 1963
Constantin's. As he reformed his defence against the indictment preferred against him at the trial -- he knew he had beenp 515 EG 1963
is obvious. I hope it may be possible to appeal against the court's decision and ask for a re-trial.‘ Constantin gesturedp 516 EG 1963
challenge the competence of the court to try the charges against me, or that I hold it in disrespect,‘ he saidp 517 EG 1963
the leather armchairs around the fire, while Dr Mellinger leaned against the desk, supervising the circulation of his best sherry. ‘Sop 528 MO 1963
pale fingers straying to the coil of black hair lying against her neck. ‘Go out into the drive and look. There'sp 472 NWS 1963
feet. I wasn't dreaming.‘ ‘You must have been.‘ Miriam leaned against the door, as if trying to exclude the strange nightworldp 472 NWS 1963
on which he had slept during his illness still stood against the corner, his bookcase beside it. Mason sat down, takingp 473 NWS 1963
a citadel above the sea. The deep swells had rolled against its flanks, sending up immense plumes of spray that fellp 474 NWS 1963
the promontory seemed larger and more gaunt, an uneroded bastion against the sea. One evening, Mason promised himself, he would gop 474 NWS 1963
sigh of the deeper water. Out of breath, he leaned against a fence as the cold foam cut across his legsp 476 NWS 1963
a police patrol car found him in its headlights, slumped against a gate-post in an open drive. On another night hep 477 NWS 1963
and the late afternoon in an uneasy stillness. They bumped against the jetty, rocking lightly into the palisade of poles andp 441 QR 1963
are these Indians cannibalistic?‘ Pereira shook his head, steadying himself against a stanchion. ‘Not at all. Don't worry about that, they'dp 441 QR 1963
the room, dwarfed by an immense Victorian mahogany dresser standing against the rear wall. With its castellated mirrors and ornamental pedimentsp 443 QR 1963
alarm clock, ticking away loudly. An over-and-under Winchester shotgun leaned against the wall beside it. Gesturing Pereira and Connolly into thep 444 QR 1963
over the Indians puzzled Connolly. Slumped back in his chair against the mahogany dresser, one hand touching the ormolu clock, mostp 448 QR 1963
on the crest of the hill. Squatting on their heels against the tree-trunks and among the tall grass was what seemedp 450 QR 1963
He listened to the undertow of the river drumming dimly against the keel of the launch. ‘I doubt it, Captain. I'dp 452 QR 1963
of the mahogany dresser. Connolly watched the door jump lightly against the latch, then walked quietly across the pier to thep 454 QR 1963
Gasping, he sat down on the bale of skins leaning against the gangway. ‘I'll give you a clue: Narcissus.‘ ‘Echo,‘ Connollyp 456 QR 1963
a muffled roar the engine started. The launch pulled lightly against its lines. ‘Connolly!‘ Ryker's voice was shriller now, his bellicosep 458 QR 1963
resignation to Mildred, and the now unbreachable insulation this provided against any new or real experience in his life. For tenp 431 RE 1963
--!‘ Helplessly, they were lifted from their seats and pressed against the rail. A huge concourse of people was moving downp 433 RE 1963
Calcutta 30331. I'll have you transferred.‘ ‘Wait!‘ Elliott steadied himself against the window. The rain beat across the glazed panes. ‘Myp 535 SA 1963
had begun to move in again for the summer, drifting against the yellowing shutters of the cigarette kiosks, surrounding the townp 541 SG 1963
silk gown like a veil of moonlight. She was leaning against a huge Taurus with her pale arms outstretched at herp 554 SG 1963
to the summer-house, where Dr Gruber's black-suited figure was silhouetted against the sky, poised on the white ledge like some minatoryp 557 SG 1963
giant signs everywhere is preposterous.‘ ‘All right, Doctor.‘ Hathaway leaned against the bonnet of one of the cars. His mood seemedp 413 SM 1963
could see the massive bulk of the sign clearly silhouetted against the evening sky. ‘Judith!‘ He went into the kitchen andp 417 SM 1963
to make huge volume purchases of food, clothing and appliances against substantial overall price cuts, and forced to drive around allp 417 SM 1963
Winded, he stumbled back among the cars, and leaned helplessly against a fender as the police began to break the windshieldsp 424 SM 1963
shore of the sand-sea, and a small gyro-car still leaned against the freight platform. ‘We'll go over to Pascal. Something mayp 461 TT 1963
the upper spires merging into the starlight. Propping the car against the platform, Shepley wound up the gyroscope, then helped thep 461 TT 1963
this is a quicker way.‘ Shepley put one leg up against the door and lunged against it futilely. The Old Manp 463 TT 1963
Shepley put one leg up against the door and lunged against it futilely. The Old Man pushed him away. With hisp 463 TT 1963
stylized astrological symbols, at once eerie and obscure. Shepley leaned against the altar, watching the cone of light reach out towardsp 465 TT 1963
seemed to be a sphere of softly luminous gas, inclined against a massive black catafalque, from the sides of which flaredp 465 TT 1963
snow, had a brilliant surface sheen, the reflected light glaring against the black base of the catafalque and the long sheath-likep 465 TT 1963
him jutted the spires of the newly discovered tomb-bed, invisible against the dark background of the ridge. The two wardens inp 466 TT 1963
on to his shoulders, and Bridges snarled and flung him against the wall. Before Shepley could duck he swung a heavyp 469 TT 1963
to Traxel, who weighed two of them in one hand against the other. Bridges added ‘Kinda light, aren't they?‘ Traxel beganp 469 TT 1963
within the tomb. Already it had begun to fragment, fading against the mounting sunlight. Getting slowly to his feet, he enteredp 470 TT 1963
them, the three great Vernon domes gleamed like white marble against the sky. ‘Incidentally, you can meet the opposition.‘ ‘Is therep 480 VH 1963
A classic example of the forces of the Id rebelling against the Super-Ego.‘ He watched a girl in a black bikinip 485 VH 1963
deeply for a photograph. Curiously, the sand-crane was clearly silhouetted against a circular glow of light which emanated from beyond ap 499 VH 1963
gestured towards the low ridge of sandstone, its profile illuminated against the white moonlit clouds, which marked the margins of thep 630 DS 1964
was reliable.‘ Louise looked down helplessly at her husband propped against the back of the stretcher-chair. ‘Dick, I wish you couldp 632 DS 1964
to capture the image in his eyes, he struggled forward against the incubus pressing upon his chest, and then slid backwardsp 633 DS 1964
and wire moss, seemed a huge man-made artefact which militated against the super-real naturalism of the delta. However, the terrace cityp 634 DS 1964
me, but George and Paul Mathieu had fallen behind. Leaning against the frosted white fencing, they were plucking the soles ofp 614 IM 1964
and the white eaves of the house were etched clearly against the surrounding darkness, as if this enclave were preserved likep 615 IM 1964
to clamber over the brittle stems. Once, as I rested against the trunk of a bifurcated oak, an immense multi-coloured birdp 615 IM 1964
small kitchen at the rear. Heavy shutters had been placed against the windows, now locked to the casements by the interstitialp 619 IM 1964
brought them up to her neck and pressed them tightly against her skin, where the bruises formed like fingerprints. Their contactp 620 IM 1964
cramming them into my shirt and cuffs. I sat back against the store front, the semi-circle of smooth pavement like ap 622 IM 1964
upon the altar. Listening to the surging music, I leaned against the altar rail and extended my arm to the goldp 624 IM 1964
signatures of Leonardo became more than mere mannerisms when set against the huge spiral concourse of attendant figures that seemed top 575 LL 1964
however, at some distant landmark, some invisible hill-crest forever silhouetted against the horizon, and I saw in his eyes that expressionp 587 LL 1964
vanished. They found the Leonardo in the Villa d'Est, propped against the wall in its great gilt frame in the dining-roomp 588 LL 1964
del Fuego on the far tip of the world's end. Against the damp cliffs her blue robe glowed with an almostp 570 PCD 1964
time of an immense storm in progress, a titanic struggle against the collapsing isthmuses of a sinking continent. I could hearp 571 PCD 1964
of their runways. This memory of the great night raids against the Japanese mainland had filled his first months on thep 589 TB 1964
somewhere within the centre of the maze. His back resting against the rough concrete surface, he gazed with a phlegmatic eyep 589 TB 1964
him a sense of physical reassurance. Outside, the sand drifted against the sides, half-burying the narrow doorway, as if crystallizing thep 593 TB 1964
the centre of the maze, he sat with his back against one of the concrete flanks, his eyes raised to thep 600 TB 1964
her. He found his way to the conservatory, and leaned against one of the ornamental columns, his nervous fingers feeling thep 562 TP 1964
over him as the years passed. At times Falkman rebelled against this attempt to suppress his own personality, but at lastp 567 TP 1964
pier had touched bottom, and the fishing boats usually moored against it had moved off into the centre of the channelp 9 D 1965
depot was the yacht basin, with the Quilters‘ barge moored against its bows. After signing the vessel over to them atp 9 D 1965
houseboat. The craft was as much a capsule protecting him against the pressures and vacuums of time as the steel shellp 13 D 1965
sunburnt youth, naked except for his faded cotton shorts, bumped against the houseboat, materializing like a spectre out of the canopyp 19 D 1965
moral contempt for those who had given up the fight against the drought and retreated to the coast. In a seriesp 24 D 1965
they would be committing by opting out of the struggle against the elements. By a strange logic he seemed to believep 24 D 1965
a strange logic he seemed to believe that the battle against the drought, like that against evil itself, was the localp 24 D 1965
to believe that the battle against the drought, like that against evil itself, was the local responsibility of every community andp 24 D 1965
rivalry was to be encouraged between the contestants, brother set against brother, in order to keep the battle joined. Notwithstanding allp 24 D 1965
cans and cartons. The bright flint-like dust lay in drifts against the fences. Refuse fires smouldered unattended on the burnt-out lawnsp 25 D 1965
image of it in his mind. Watching the dust accumulate against the walls, Ransom could almost see it several years aheadp 28 D 1965
the window, talking to Captain Hendry. After checking her watch against his, she hurried up the drive. She failed to noticep 32 D 1965
the loop in the dust with his finger. Quilter leaned against the stump of a tree, listening with a bored expressionp 38 D 1965
in his suite on the first floor. He sat back against the bolster on the gilt bed, fully dressed in hisp 39 D 1965
Whitman ignored the question. Ransom had persuaded the one-eyed driver, against his better judgment, to take him to the zoo onp 48 D 1965
meat Catherine moved back along the cages, rattling her pail against the bars. Recognizing Ransom, she beckoned him towards her, thenp 51 D 1965
help?‘ Ransom took the broom from her and leaned it against the wall. ‘In a sense.‘ Catherine surveyed the floor, whichp 51 D 1965
remonstrate with her again when something moved behind him. Silhouetted against the sunlight was the faun-like figure that had already creptp 52 D 1965
fitfully onto his deformed face. His point made, Ransom leaned against the side of the tanker, washing his hand in thep 50 D 1965
the zoo, Ransom waited before crossing the street. He rested against the trunk of a dead plane tree, watching the desertedp 55 D 1965
the roof of a warehouse, a collection of gantries leaning against it. The smells of paint and tar drifted across thep 58 D 1965
he had ever commanded and he was carefully measuring himself against it, taking no chances that a sudden swell might topplep 60 D 1965
him, and Ransom saw the spire of the church illuminated against the night sky. Smoke raced along the eaves, and thenp 66 D 1965
carried the plumes towards the north, the collapsing ciphers leaning against the sky. ‘Which way are you going?‘ Ransom asked. ‘Southp 71 D 1965
the wire skeletons of catherine wheels. Several rockets had exploded against the house, and the black flashes disfigured the white paintp 72 D 1965
opposite bank. The river was motionless, the stranded craft propped against each other. The car's engine resumed its plaintive noise, andp 75 D 1965
pulling the car to a halt and throwing Catherine forwards against the windshield. He rolled her back on to the seatp 77 D 1965
vehicles as he swerved from left to right. Catherine leaned against the door, nursing her bruised head with one hand. Ransomp 77 D 1965
misjudged the corner, and the car jolted to a halt against the side of a truck. Steadying Catherine with one handp 77 D 1965
had abandoned. His skiff, secured by the pole, was propped against the shore. With a quick glance at the men signallingp 78 D 1965
towers like the barrels of some eccentric artillery in mutiny against the sky. Everywhere the bodies of voles and waterfowl layp 80 D 1965
slept peacefully, sitting upright in the boat with his head against the metal posts of the awning. Beside him Catherine Austenp 83 D 1965
like buckled plates of rust. Isolated farmhouses, the dust drifting against their boarded windows, stood at the end of rutted lanesp 86 D 1965
post. He walked up to the car and banged it against the grille. Ransom held his ground. Ahead the road disappearedp 91 D 1965
with spades and pick-axe handles. An old cigarette kiosk leaned against a concrete telegraph pole by the side of the roadp 92 D 1965
We can't risk leaving here, Catherine.‘ Mrs. Quilter sat back against the broken earth. Shaking the flies off her dusty silksp 96 D 1965
the wet sand. Exhausted by the noise, Catherine leaned limply against the wall. Two or three figures came racing across thep 100 D 1965
reflected in the brine-pools. Small shacks of waste metal sheltered against their sides and beneath the overhang of the sterns. Outsidep 104 D 1965
in the streaming salt. The Tidal Waves Nursing his cheek against the rubber pad on his shoulder, Ransom made his wayp 108 D 1965
centre of the room. Two metal beds were drawn up against a table beside it. Lying on one of them, ap 111 D 1965
from the salt flats. Around them, like the hovels erected against the protective walls of a medieval fortress, was a clutterp 117 D 1965
a disruptive influence, someone who had managed to preserve himself against the dunes and salt flats. Certainly their senile father, thep 123 D 1965
else is there, Vanessa?‘ He waited as she lay back against the white pillow, the cold air in the cabin turningp 125 D 1965
Philip Jordan walking among the salt-tips on the shore. Silhouetted against the white slopes, his tall figure seemed stooped and preoccupiedp 125 D 1965
became firmer. He climbed up towards the salt-tips which rose against the hills like white pyramids. The remains of a largep 126 D 1965
watched the stone in Philip's hand, shining in the sunlight against the open sky. Standing on a ledge twenty feet abovep 130 D 1965
remember how you brought us here.‘ Mrs. Quilter leaned back against the wheel. ‘You just started those cars with a pressp 137 D 1965
somewhere.‘ They lifted her up under the awning. Ransom leaned against the shaft next to Catherine, while Philip Jordan patrolled thep 137 D 1965
miles away the aluminium towers of a grain silo shone against the hills. ‘Can you see anything?‘ Ransom called up. ‘Hotp 138 D 1965
eyes, her mind far away. Suddenly Ransom found himself hoping against all logic that they would discover Quilter somewhere. ‘We'll findp 138 D 1965
as he waited for Mrs. Quilter, tapping his spear restlessly against the spokes of the wheel. In the sunlight his beakedp 141 D 1965
Ransom!‘ Philip Jordan strode over to him as he leaned against the shaft of the cart. ‘Did you light a firep 144 D 1965
would burn simultaneously in a long line, their billows leaning against the sky. More than half their supplies of water werep 146 D 1965
attempt to dig for water in the sand. Backs bent against the cart, they plodded on towards the rising skyline ofp 146 D 1965
built. Here and there the remains of a shanty leaned against a wall, or a group of buildings stood alone likep 147 D 1965
burning somewhere in the harbour. Below them Catherine Austen leaned against the side of the cart. Under her awning Mrs. Quilterp 147 D 1965
old cans and pieces of broken furniture, had been blown against the metal balustrade overlooking the piazza. Holding their spears theyp 148 D 1965
cart below her tattered awning. For ten minutes Ransom leaned against the balustrade in the centre of the deserted bridge, watchingp 151 D 1965
view of the fire. A man's hunchbacked figure was silhouetted against the screens. There seemed no point in lighting the firep 159 D 1965
was the stilted figure of Quilter, the swan's head wavering against the evening sky. The Androgyne For the next week Ransomp 166 D 1965
tightly, it toddled away among the ruins. Ransom leaned back against the column. He was debating when to leave the oasisp 169 D 1965
kicking the wet sand into a damp spray. Ransom leaned against a chimney stump. The reservoir was almost drained, the shallowp 172 D 1965
like a pig pierced by a drover, Lomax tottered backwards against a low wall. Whitman dropped the bayonet and bent downp 174 D 1965
lines of ruin lay quietly in the sunlight. Far away, against the horizon, he could see the rolling waves of thep 174 D 1965
hand in Dada, a post-World War I movement not merely against war and society, but against art and literature as wellp 84 UGM 1966
War I movement not merely against war and society, but against art and literature as well, out to perpetrate any enormityp 84 UGM 1966
of both the inner and outer worlds can be standardized against each other. At the same time we should not forgetp 88 UGM 1966
for his own advancement. In due course, an unsuccessful putsch against the palace regime is scotched when the powers of heavenp 144 UGM 1966
of the Lord Sammael. This time a more ambitious plot against heaven is abruptly forestalled, and the agents of God carryp 144 UGM 1966
the fact of its own consciousness, and of his revolt against the present continuum of time and space. Dr Austin mayp 12 AE 1966
its landscapes of touch and feeling, was their only defence against her husband's all-too-plain intentions? Above all, how could he invitep 12 AE 1966
panels. They floated across the road, an eddying smile plastered against the radiator grille of a parked car. The Atrocity Exhibitionp 15 AE 1966
God's sake --‘ She looked down at his strong wrist against her breast, then wrenched herself away. ‘Mrs Travis! Why dop 16 AE 1966
crossed an exposed causeway to the next bunker. He leaned against the dark decollete. When the searchlight flared between the blockhousesp 16 AE 1966
and non-differentiation of all matter. What the patient is reacting against is, simply, the phenomenology of the universe, the specific andp 34 AW 1966
left breast, Nurse Nagamatzu stepped across Webster's body and leaned against the bogie of the telescope pylon. Eighty feet above herp 35 AW 1966
in rut. Quimby could hear her wide Slavic hips brushing against his Paisley dressing gown behind the escritoire. What these obsessivesp 663 BM 1966
Kovarski's chest for the off-side door handle. The Russian lay against the sill, his handsome face beginning to sag like thep 666 BM 1966
To the east the margins of the river were etched against the dark horizon, the ridges of exposed limestone like thep 670 DF 1966
sand lay in lacelike patterns across the tiled floor, silting against the pastel-coloured elevator doors and the dead palms by thep 671 DF 1966
roofs, Halliday entered the drive of the Fine Arts School. Against the cerise pall of the dusk, the angular building rosep 671 DF 1966
a reclining chair beside the easel. He placed the portfolio against the back rest. ‘They're for my room at the hotelp 673 DF 1966
onto his balcony. Although his solitary figure stood out clearly against the dawn sky behind the hotel the woman seemed notp 676 DF 1966
the distant tower of the hotel, its cerise facade raised against the dimming air. ‘A neighbour?‘ The woman nodded at thisp 676 DF 1966
down a stairway to the terrace below. She leaned closely against Halliday, her fingers clasping his arm, walking so stiffly thatp 681 DF 1966
around, and for one moment distracted from Gabrielle's swaying body against his own, he became aware of a pungent smell comingp 681 DF 1966
battle the birds had been everywhere, wings like screaming crosses against the sky, their corpses crashing through the rigging on top 698 SBD 1966
passed, he realized that the only witness of his stand against this aerial armageddon had been a club-footed idiot to whomp 698 SBD 1966
where he lived to follow the course of the battle against the birds all over the world. The farm, only tenp 701 SBD 1966
to Crispin, presumably in the hope of seeing further action against the birds. When there was no reply Crispin shouldered hisp 702 SBD 1966
to silence her. ‘I'll help you.‘ He leaned his rifle against the pergola and took hold of the saw, after ap 703 SBD 1966
calling to itself. Waking, Crispin lay still with his head against the metal stanchion, listening to the faint whoop and swervep 706 SBD 1966
the rifle into the air, he caught a last glimpse against the moonlit night of a huge white bird flying awayp 706 SBD 1966
across the water, Crispin watched the house below the cliff. Against the dark vegetation of the meadows and marshes the birdp 707 SBD 1966
distance. In the morning sunlight the plumage shone like snow against the rusting masts. When he neared the house he sawp 708 SBD 1966
the small oak which hid him from the house below. Against the trunk rested his rifle and bandoliers. Crispin lowered thep 709 SBD 1966
the address had been cut out. As the steamer bumped against the jetty, Sanders read through the letter for the lastp 18 CW 1966
You're wrong, Sanders. I assure you, I have no prejudice against your particular calling ... far from it. Believe me, Doctor, Ip 25 CW 1966
to him as he went out and then sat back against the window, her face motionless and without expression. A hundredp 32 CW 1966
lobby. The desk clerk sat asleep with his head leaning against the small switchboard. To their left the brass rails ofp 38 CW 1966
glimpse of the shoes and trousers of a man leaning against a column. ‘It's too late to go out,‘ Louise saidp 38 CW 1966
and later of some kind of humiliation during the revolt against the central government after independence, when she and several otherp 40 CW 1966
an abandoned motorcar, one of them sitting on the hood against the windscreen. As Sanders entered the bar they watched himp 41 CW 1966
torn down the side of his denims. Holding the blood against his leg with one hand, he scrambled across the nextp 44 CW 1966
vaulted down on to the second rank of boats moored against the pier, crushing the rattan roof as he landed. Thep 44 CW 1966
shoulder at the two men behind him, both now motionless against the handrail, their dark bodies almost invisible. Holstering the pistolp 44 CW 1966
geyser of flame lifted into the dark air. Knocked back against the tiller, Ventress looked up at the flames burning acrossp 45 CW 1966
hidden away beneath the awnings. The burning motor-boat had drifted against one of the catwalk supports, and the tar-streaked wood hadp 46 CW 1966
She leaned forward to catch Aragon's replies, holding her hair against her cheek. ‘Not for five weeks. The police took myp 54 CW 1966
mesh hanging from the pontoons. More amphibious craft were moored against the wharf on the upstream side of the barrage, theirp 62 CW 1966
to clamber over the brittle stems. Once, as he rested against the trunk of a bifurcated oak, an immense multi-coloured birdp 78 CW 1966
glace sheath, the arms and legs of the straight-backed chairs against the walls embellished by exquisite curlicues and helixes. The imitationp 86 CW 1966
in the harbour at Port Matarre. He pressed his hands against the crystal breast-plate, trying to detect any signs of warmthp 98 CW 1966
to watch Sanders with his bitter eyes. Propping his shotgun against a tree, he helped Sanders carry the body to thep 99 CW 1966
a rifle in his hands. Moving stiffly, he leaned himself against a pillar, then fired off a shot at Ventress crouchingp 101 CW 1966
edge of the bank. His immense black body, etched clearly against the surrounding forest by its white outline of frost, leaptp 101 CW 1966
brought them up to her neck and pressed them tightly against her skin, where the bruises formed like fingerprints. Their contactp 108 CW 1966
Sanders. Turning on his strong leg, he leaned the other against the table. ‘You are speaking, Doctor, in medical terms. Listenp 112 CW 1966
glistening figures of the four Africans, etched in hoar frost against the darkness, Sanders waited for Thorensen to reappear. Then hep 113 CW 1966
dying figure of one of his guides. The man half-sat against the trunk, knocked back across the roots by the forcep 115 CW 1966
the trees were duller, the crystal sheaths lying in patches against the sides of the trunk like half-melted ice. Fifty yardsp 117 CW 1966
black silk that made her tall figure seem almost invisible against the shadows in the lounge, the pale lantern of herp 123 CW 1966
his fair share already.‘ Max bent down behind the sofa against the bookshelf and switched on the desk lamp that hadp 123 CW 1966
then sat down in a chair near the blackwood cabinet against the far wall. ‘Is that quite the word to usep 123 CW 1966
half-filling his own glass from the whisky decanter, Sanders leaned against the mantelpiece. Hidden in the shadows by the cabinet, Suzannep 124 CW 1966
His first feelings of anger at this crime of nature against someone who had already spent much of her own lifep 126 CW 1966
from a forgotten world. Her white skirt and blouse shone against the dust and the sombre trees with their hidden audiencep 133 CW 1966
the sombre trees with their hidden audience. Feeling her hips against his own, Sanders almost believed for a moment that hep 133 CW 1966
blades so that they let in the afternoon light. Silhouetted against the sun, her white suit and pale skin became suddenlyp 136 CW 1966
wine. The black velvet curtain behind her -- obviously placed against this single window for Sanders's benefit -- made her darkp 137 CW 1966
to his chest. Sanders embraced her, feeling her dark hair against his cheek. Her waist and shoulders were like ice, thep 140 CW 1966
cramming them into his shirt and cuffs. He sat back against the front of the depository, the semi-circle of smooth pavementp 148 CW 1966
chances!‘ His mottled face pressed toward Sanders as he lay against the side of the hollow. Then Ventress looked out againp 152 CW 1966
Ventress crept forward, his small body crouching with knees pressed against his chest. Sanders picked up the bayonet in his leftp 154 CW 1966
down upon the altar. Listening to the organ, Sanders leaned against the altar rail and extended his arm to the goldp 159 CW 1966
he passed the half-crystallized bodies of men and women fused against the trunks of the trees, looking up at the refractedp 164 CW 1966
carbon and corundum. Only the large emeralds still burned strongly against the white hulk of Thorensen's cruiser trapped in its faultp 166 CW 1966
deserted arcade below. A few military landing craft were moored against the police jetty, and beyond them the dark river sweptp 170 CW 1966
fresh envelope, he addressed it to Derain and propped it against the inkwell. He then took out his cheque-book and signedp 174 CW 1966
prefecture, he flexed his injured arm for the last time against one of the pillars. Somewhere in the crystalline streets ofp 174 CW 1966
The host body, even though it was dying, still fought against the graft as it would against any alien organism.‘ Conradp 688 TIM 1966
was dying, still fought against the graft as it would against any alien organism.‘ Conrad shook his head. ‘I thought they'dp 688 TIM 1966
be someone else. It's not that I feel any grudge against him, but ... There's some other reason, isn't there?‘ Dr Knightp 690 TIM 1966
element in a puzzle. ‘Glanville, I have to prefer charges against you -- you're aware what you face when you getp 716 TMY 1966
rhythmic stride, Glanville could see clearly Thornwald's tall figure pressed against the wall of the veranda, his appalled face, in thep 717 TMY 1966
the way? She's around here somewhere.‘ Thornwald paused, steeling himself against the name and the memory of the previous night. ‘Yesp 718 TMY 1966
lantern before he snatched the pistol. Glanville flexed his shoulders against the ropes. ‘Captain, I don't know about Judith ... she's notp 719 TMY 1966
in white tights and sweater that made her almost invisible against the sloping sand, moved like a wraith up and downp 41 YCM 1966
around the half-empty amphitheatre Karen Novotny saw his hands stiffen against the mirror on his lap. All week he had beenp 82 YMC 1966
feet left bloody prints in the sand. I was sitting against the mast, bathing my torn feet in the cold Martinip 723 CHC 1967
draped behind the sofa resembled an immense velvet sail, collapsed against the deck of a becalmed ship, while the spiral bolsterp 727 CHC 1967
Most striking of all, the white lace cushions I lay against appeared as the plumage of an enormous sea-bird, hung aroundp 727 CHC 1967
They've repaired the yacht.‘ I pointed to the sloop moored against the quay, fresh tyres on its wheels. ‘Besides ...‘ ‘No! Robertp 727 CHC 1967
the presence of a second figure in the painting. Standing against the skyline on the terrace behind Hope was the imagep 728 CHC 1967
would pass. As she swept by soundlessly, her tall figure against the last light of the sun, I stood in thep 734 CHC 1967
come? Don't tell me you're going to fly?‘ Nolan leaned against the rail, hands in the pockets of his suit. ‘I'mp 754 CSC 1967
guessed that in some strange way Manuel was pitting himself against Van Eyck. Leonora grimaced, as if swallowing some poisonous phlegmp 754 CSC 1967
through the wiring, lighting up the coloured globes. I leaned against the overturned Rolls, holding Beatrice's shoulders. ‘There's no sign ofp 756 CSC 1967
His face and suit dappled by the projector, Talbert leaned against the screen, as if bored by his own exposition. Everyp 51 GAN 1967
white car cruised towards her. Out of breath, she leaned against the parapet. Talbert gazed at her with an almost benignp 52 GAN 1967
He was holding her discarded programme. He raised the fragment against her left breast, matching the diameters of cleavage and nipplep 52 GAN 1967
around the city, examining a dozen architectures. Talbert pushed her against walls and parapets, draped her along balustrades. In the rearp 52 GAN 1967
As they sped along the highway the young woman flinched against the door pillar, eyes fixed on the huge trucks swayingp 54 GAN 1967
the audience, culminating in psychomotor disturbances and aggressive attacks directed against the still photographs of the subjects hung from the wallsp 90 PAJ 1967
top as he regained his balance. He dusted his hat against his boots and put it back on his head, thenp 738 R 1967
ladder further along the cage, trying to balance the shafts against the bars. On an impulse, more or less out ofp 738 R 1967
ladder, turning her face away as I settled the shafts against the bars. Through the dim light she watched the horsesp 738 R 1967
point one of the doors sprang open. As it clanged against the bars the noise fell away. Everyone stepped back, asp 741 R 1967
continues. This week the Liberation Front launched a major offensive against a dozen cities. Here in Lambeth a suicide squad fightsp 954 TW 1967
How many soldiers will be needed to hold the line against the NLF? Despite the General's easy optimism it isn't hisp 957 TW 1967
other side wants to do. The latest offensives -- attacks against the ordinary people of this country -- don't suggest thatp 99 TW 1967
this mission, many more will die. What are they up against? Last month a Swedish film crew smuggled itself through thep 961 TW 1967
strongholds of the National Liberation Front. In the four-year war against the British central government hundreds of underground schools and factoriesp 961 TW 1967
dialogue of motion and perspective played out in complete silence against the background of the air terminal. The young man lookedp 46 DM 1967
the settling tank. As I walked towards them, steadying myself against the hull of the weather satellite, Quinton came down. Whenp 767 DA 1968
of sterile cleft and flaccid mons. He placed his palm against the mud-coloured areola of her left nipple. The concrete landscapep 19 UD 1968
the cars, staring through the steam at the bodies propped against the fractured windshields. Here he would find his alternate deathp 21 UD 1968
to him, but she stared at her hands, lips clenched against her teeth. Against the drab concrete the white fabric ofp 22 UD 1968
she stared at her hands, lips clenched against her teeth. Against the drab concrete the white fabric of her dress shonep 22 UD 1968
were lifting her breasts, as if weighing their heavy curvatures against some more plausible alternative. The landscape of highways obsessed himp 24 UD 1968
the dark-skinned young man in the black coat. He leaned against one of the cars, his face covered by the rainbowsp 24 UD 1968
the driver's seat. While he lit her cigarette she leaned against the fender of a white Pontiac, their thighs almost touchingp 25 UD 1968
diaphragm lip, (3) in the a tergo posture, thighs pressing against Talbot, (4) collision: crushed right tibia against the instrument consolep 26 UD 1968
posture, thighs pressing against Talbot, (4) collision: crushed right tibia against the instrument console, left patella impacted by the handbrake. Thep 26 UD 1968
tyres and oil drums. Beside him the young woman leaned against his shoulder, her grey eyes surveying Talbot with an almostp 26 UD 1968
a conceptual auto-disaster.‘ Idiosyncrasies and Sin-crazed Idioms. As she leaned against the concrete parapet of the camera tower, Catherine Austin couldp 27 UD 1968
The Acceleration Couch. Half zipping his trousers, Koester lay back against the torn upholstery, one hand still resting on the plumpp 28 UD 1968
the Modern Movement belongs to the nineteenth century, a reaction against the monolithic philistine character of Victorianism, against the tyranny ofp 92 UGM 1969
century, a reaction against the monolithic philistine character of Victorianism, against the tyranny of the paterfamilias, secure in his financial andp 92 UGM 1969
the paterfamilias, secure in his financial and sexual authority, and against the massive constraints of bourgeois society. In no way doesp 93 UGM 1969
for the testament: A Four and a Half Years‘ Struggle Against Lies, Stupidity and Cowardice: A Reckoning with the Destroyers ofp 222 UGM 1969
of Hitler's anti-Semitic and racialist notions. Reading Hitler's paranoid rantings against the Jews, one is constantly struck by the biological ratherp 222 UGM 1969
political basis of his entire thought and personality. His revulsion against the Jews was physical, like his reaction against any peoplesp 222 UGM 1969
His revulsion against the Jews was physical, like his reaction against any peoples, such as the Slays and Negroes, whose physiquep 222 UGM 1969
with ‘cleanliness‘. Rather than use economic, social or political arguments against the Jews, Hitler concentrated almost solely on this inflated biologicalp 222 UGM 1969
of anatomical loss (an extreme 2 percent of cases maintained against all evidence that they had lost their genitalia) this wasp 99 CRA 1969
nine hundred Marine artillerymen had been holding out for months against two divisions of rebel troops. Supported from the air byp 782 KG 1969
the British Isles, a remote backwater in their global war against dozens of national liberation armies. The underground free radio systemp 782 KG 1969
waved with a show of temper at the men slumped against the sandbags. ‘Corporal, in half an hour we're going intop 783 KG 1969
of encouragement. Already his age had begun to tell doubly against him. Over the years the losses in manpower had beenp 783 KG 1969
through the thick crust on his mouth and chin. Leaning against him was a young private hunched over the knapsack onp 783 KG 1969
the first Vietnam, showed their contempt, whether the soldier fighting against them was a Riff tribesman, Catalan farmer or Japanese industrialp 784 KG 1969
the caked, blood on his lips. The young private slept against the plinth of the memorial. The captain pointed with hisp 786 KG 1969
car, conscious of the target his black leather jacket made against the white station-wagon. At any moment the bright paintwork couldp 791 PTD 1969
on either side of the road, then leaned his shotgun against the wall of the ditch. As far as they couldp 793 PTD 1969
A manoeuvre of remarkable chasteness. He listened to the waterjet against the frosted panes of the shower stall. As the doorp 59 SCN 1969
him as a trophy. He looked at her body. Humped against his right shoulder, her breasts formed a pair of deformedp 60 SCN 1969
their passage through consciousness. Soft Geometry. The audience's laughter drummed against the walls of the cubicle behind the pay kiosk, dislodgingp 60 SCN 1969
steering from side to side as he varied her position against the roadside hoardings, against the screen of the open-air cinemap 64 SCN 1969
side as he varied her position against the roadside hoardings, against the screen of the open-air cinema and the inclined floorp 64 SCN 1969
arching his toes in the hot sand. Deliberately he leaned against the car as he walked by, staring at her andp 65 SCN 1969
at the mouth of the underpass. Travers rested his head against the mud-caked quarter-window. He had spent the past days inp 69 THF 1969
drew her white fox collar around herself, rubbing her cheek against it. The fur slid around her neck and shoulders, nestlingp 799 SGW 1970
watched us as we walked arm in arm, Raine's head against my chest. As she listened to the music jewel inp 803 SGW 1970
I felt hands pulling at my chest. I was lifted against the balcony and sat there limply, my bruised ribs movingp 805 SGW 1970
like a dying angel, Samson.‘ ‘For God's sake ...‘ I leaned against the rail. A network of weals covered my naked bodyp 805 SGW 1970
traverses of enormous aircraft, an armada of Starlifters. Vorster leaned against the bonnet of the car, uneasily aware of the crudep 42 JAC 1970
followed the crippled woman into the gallery. The sunlight pressed against his skin, lying over the bright pavement like excrement. Roadp 45 JAC 1970
reverse thrust of a taxiing Boeing. Salon Chatter He leaned against the crashed car mounted on its plinth in the centrep 46 JAC 1970
people all over the world are now beginning to rebel against. They look with horror at Los Angeles -- nicknamed Autopiap 262 UGM 1971
densities at the destination, metered toll charges to be recorded against the driver's account (or perhaps even instantly debited from hisp 266 UGM 1971
many thousand strong and to have decisively turned the battle against Napoleon, was in fact found to be a puny forcep 808 GTS 1972
more old-fashioned clerics, printed under ironic headlines such as ‘War against Heaven?‘, ‘Sinai Truce Offer rejected by TV Producers Guild‘. Atp 809 GTS 1972
bookmakers throughout Europe and the United States the odds lengthened against the Israelites. On the day of transmission, January 1st, 2006p 809 GTS 1972
death-born Aphrodite, by the compound fractures of their thighs impacted against their handbrake mountings, and above all by the wounds top 8 C 1973
by a reversing truck in a motorway fuelling area, crushed against the nearside door of her car as she bent downp 14 C 1973
whose contours only a few minutes before had drawn steadily against my penis. Now that Vaughan has died, we will leavep 17 C 1973
the embarrassment of embracing me. My chest was severely bruised against the steering wheel, my knees crushed into the instrument panelp 20 C 1973
formed along Western Avenue, sirens wailed as police headlamps flared against the rear bumpers of stalled vehicles tailing back along thep 21 C 1973
emergency theatre found that both my knee-caps had been fractured against the instrument panel. Long spurs of pain reached along thep 26 C 1973
be marked for years by the bruising of her abdomen against the seat belt stanchion. Each time she slipped away top 27 C 1973
unmoved eyes. The cold rim of the kidney pail pressed against my cheek. Its porcelain surface was marked by a smallp 28 C 1973
blood from some nameless previous user. I leaned my forehead against the nurse's strong thigh as I vomited. Beside my bruisedp 28 C 1973
of black cotton. I stared at the loosening coils lying against the round surface of her left buttock. Their curvatures seemedp 29 C 1973
the road-death. Clearly the accident and any possible manslaughter charges against me had made her something of a celebrity. ‘This wardp 31 C 1973
her nipples, liberally painted with lipstick, which I would press against my face, arms and chest, secretly imagining the imprints top 32 C 1973
I held her arm above the elbow, my wrist pressing against her breast. Behind her was the X-ray camera on itsp 42 C 1973
paused near the entrance to the women's casualty ward, resting against the partition wall of the external corridor. An altercation wasp 42 C 1973
profession was an open door to anyone nursing a grudge against the human race. He looked me up and down, takingp 43 C 1973
whose traffic deck seemed almost higher than the balcony rail against which I leaned. I began to orientate myself again roundp 48 C 1973
its true nature had been exposed by my accident. Leaning against the rear window of the taxi, I found myself flinchingp 49 C 1973
housewife, I strolled along the avenue, now and then resting against a polished fender. It was a minute before two o'clockp 52 C 1973
reflecting the sunlight like a glass testudo. As I leaned against the concrete balcony I became aware that an immense silencep 53 C 1973
I leaned forward, feeling the rim of the steering wheel against the scars on my chest, pressing my knees against thep 55 C 1973
wheel against the scars on my chest, pressing my knees against the ignition switch and handbrake. We reached the foot ofp 55 C 1973
driver watched me through his mud-spattered windshield, broad shoulders hunched against the door pillar. As I crossed the road he pickedp 57 C 1973
woman came forward as I nodded to her. She leaned against the offside door, her strong right arm pressing against thep 61 C 1973
leaned against the offside door, her strong right arm pressing against the chromium window pillar. As she stepped into the carp 61 C 1973
a camera sat on the bonnet of a car parked against the concrete balcony. I recognized the tall man with thep 62 C 1973
reversed past me, the left fender of the Lincoln brushing against my knee. I crossed the roof as he swept awayp 64 C 1973
twenty or so crashed vehicles were parked in the sunlight against the rear wall of an abandoned cinema. At the farp 67 C 1973
of the engine compartment so that my knees were pressed against my chest. In front of me the instrument panel hadp 68 C 1973
don't make it more difficult.‘ Her strong wrist pressed back against my fingers, out of a kind of wayward irritation, asp 71 C 1973
wayward irritation, as if she were rehearsing her physical revenge against me. Her eyes lingered on the black confetti scattered acrossp 71 C 1973
Airport. Holding herself well away from me, she leaned back against the door pillar, surveying the interior of the car withp 72 C 1973
they moved across the controls. The pressure of her thighs against the hot plastic formed a module of intense excitement. Alreadyp 72 C 1973
of the fuel tanker. The arch of the flyover rose against the skyline, its northern ramp shielded by the white rectanglep 73 C 1973
mind with the contours of her calves and thighs pressed against the vinyl seating. Clearly unaware that we were moving towardsp 74 C 1973
junction with the Drayton Park motorway spur. She steadied herself against the chromium pillar of the quarter-window, almost dropping her cigarettep 74 C 1973
control the car, I pressed the head of my penis against the lower rim of the steering wheel. The car sweptp 74 C 1973
moved into the centre of the seat, strong shoulder pressed against mine, her hand on the wheel over my own. Shep 74 C 1973
ceremony; no charges of manslaughter or negligent driving were brought against me by the police. After the inquest I let Catherinep 76 C 1973
chromium pillar of the quarter window. I pressed my lips against the bared and unmarked dentine of her upper teeth, fascinatedp 79 C 1973
lifted her right breast from her brassiere, pressing my fingers against the hot nipple. I kissed each breast in turn, runningp 80 C 1973
in a roar of dust and diesel exhaust that drummed against the doors of my car. This surge of excitement drewp 80 C 1973
see the curve of her hips. I moved her slowly against me, pressing the shaft of my penis against her clitorisp 80 C 1973
her slowly against me, pressing the shaft of my penis against her clitoris. Elements of her body, her square kneecaps belowp 80 C 1973
the car. As I pressed the head of my penis against the neck of her uterus, in which I could feelp 80 C 1973
inside an Apollo capsule. The volumes of Helen's thighs pressing against my hips, her left fist buried in my shoulder, herp 80 C 1973
stroked the damp aisle of Helen's perineum. Her hand pressed against my right testicle. The plastic laminates around me, the colourp 81 C 1973
windshield. She pumped her buttocks rapidly, forcing her pubic bone against mine, then leaned back against the dashboard as a Land-Roverp 81 C 1973
rapidly, forcing her pubic bone against mine, then leaned back against the dashboard as a Land-Rover thudded past along the trackp 81 C 1973
thudded past along the track, sending a cloud of dust against the windows. She lifted herself off my penis when itp 81 C 1973
an unknown who would make Vaughan's reputation, he leaned intently against the windshield pillar, outlining with aggressive gestures some new choreographyp 85 C 1973
recovered his sense of balance, and rested his huge body against the windshield pillar. Looking at his unfocused eyes and bruisedp 88 C 1973
cold appraisal of hoped-for wound areas. Vaughan propped the cine-camera against the rim of the steering wheel. He lounged back, legsp 90 C 1973
brain. During the drive from the hospital he lay back against the rear window-sill, his dyed blond hair lit like ap 93 C 1973
album at random and handed it to me. Leaning back against the door, he watched me as I adjusted the deskp 97 C 1973
sag like the first slide of an avalanche, lay back against the oil-smeared seat. Around the crushed car was a groupp 97 C 1973
a series of grotesque implements. Behind me, Vaughan still leaned against the door. For the first time since I had metp 98 C 1973
her white skirt heavy with blood. Her face leaned emptily against the arm of a fireman raising her from the bloodyp 98 C 1973
the contoured flanks of the window pillars. Vaughan leaned silently against the door. I turned the pages. The remainder of thep 100 C 1973
the polished cellulose panels and vinyl seating, his face silhouetted against the instrument dials. The leitmotiv of this photographic record emergedp 101 C 1973
dented by the chromium gear lever, my bruised wrist pressing against the white flank of her thigh; my still-numb mouth againstp 101 C 1973
against the white flank of her thigh; my still-numb mouth against Renata's left nipple, lifting her breast from her blouse asp 101 C 1973
black saloon, skirt hitched around her waist, scarred knees pressing against the vinyl seat as my penis entered her vulva, thep 101 C 1973
off the zoom lens I recognized Vaughan. He was leaning against the roof of a second Citroen, staring at the producerp 109 C 1973
the windshield. Waiting beside her, I watched her thighs move against each other as she pressed the foot-brake. As we drovep 112 C 1973
the car. In my mind I pressed her moist vulva against every exposed panel and fascia, I crushed her breasts gentlyp 112 C 1973
every exposed panel and fascia, I crushed her breasts gently against the door pillars and quarter windows, moved her anus inp 113 C 1973
and quarter windows, moved her anus in a slow spiral against the vinyl seat covers, placed her small hands against thep 113 C 1973
spiral against the vinyl seat covers, placed her small hands against the instrument dials and window-sills. The junction of her mucousp 113 C 1973
drew my penis from her vagina and placed the head against her anus, but she pressed it back into her vulvap 116 C 1973
the steering wheel; the horn of his half-erect penis pressing against the lower rim through the damp crotch of his trousersp 117 C 1973
lighter; his hard nipples through the frayed blue shirt brushing against the horn boss; his broken thumbnail scratching at the semenp 117 C 1973
aberrant gaze, I felt my loins surging, my penis pressing against the steering wheel. ‘Have you come?‘ Helen Remington touched myp 118 C 1973
patient she had worked hard to revive. As I lay against the rear seat of the car she dressed herself withp 119 C 1973
guillotine of the near-side windshield wiper, and then its forearm against the face of the front-seat woman passenger, taking with itp 127 C 1973
wife, hands raised prettily in front of her neck, rolled against the instrument panel. Her detached head bounced off the vinylp 128 C 1973
the first rush-hour traffic exiting from the city. Vaughan leaned against the window-sill, fingers raised to his nostrils as if clingingp 137 C 1973
irony? When I returned from the bar he was leaning against the windowsill of the Lincoln, rolling the last of fourp 139 C 1973
cork from the second bottle and pressed the wet end against her white teeth. In the rear-view mirror I could seep 140 C 1973
jerking the car forward. Vaughan and the girl rolled back against the rear seat. The cabin was lit only by thep 100 C 1973
rested on the seat, and began to move his penis against the skin of her thighs, drawing it first across thep 100 C 1973
first across the black vinyl and then pressing the glans against her heel and ankle bone, as if testing the possiblep 100 C 1973
involving both the car and this young woman. He lay against the rear seat, left arm stretched above the girl's headp 100 C 1973
the wine bottle. When I declined she leaned her head against my shoulder, giving a playful touch to the steering wheelp 142 C 1973
into her rectum, as she sat back with her knees against her shoulders, drawing mechanically at the second of the cigarettesp 142 C 1973
Braced on his left elbow, he continued to work himself against the girl's hand, as if taking part in a dancep 142 C 1973
of the car. I pushed away the blonde girl lying against my shoulder. I realized that I could almost control thep 144 C 1973
almost standing behind me in the car, legs outstretched, head against the rear seat, hands propping up his own buttocks asp 144 C 1973
last managed to pull herself from Vaughan, who lay exhausted against the rear seat. Clumsily, she reassembled herself, remonstrating with Vaughanp 144 C 1973
vehicle crash victims, gently bending the arms of these girls against their shoulders, pressing their knees against his own chest, alwaysp 145 C 1973
arms of these girls against their shoulders, pressing their knees against his own chest, always curious to see their reactions. Thep 145 C 1973
looking down at a display photograph of the actress leaning against a motor-car. He had taken a pencil from my inkwellp 148 C 1973
shaking towards an orgasm, the edge of his left hand against his groin in a karate-like hold, as if he werep 149 C 1973
the disfigured photographs. With an effort, Vaughan straightened himself, leaning against my arm. He stared at the mutilated pictures of thep 149 C 1973
and police engineers worked on the vehicles, oxy-acetylene torches flaring against door and roof panels. A crowd was gathering on thep 152 C 1973
worked on the driver, an elderly man who sat upright against the rear fender of his car, face and clothes speckledp 152 C 1973
the car, Vaughan peered at the scores of legs pressed against the metal railings, then opened the door and dived outp 154 C 1973
three deep on the sidewalks and central reservation, crowded together against the wire mesh fence that separated the roadway embankment fromp 155 C 1973
human arithmetic of these injuries, he swept the darkening clots against the verge of the central reservation. More spectators strolled acrossp 155 C 1973
we had observed with the most unlikely partners. Catherine leaned against the rear body panel of the Lincoln, crotch pressed againstp 157 C 1973
against the rear body panel of the Lincoln, crotch pressed against the chromium fin moulding. She kept her head away fromp 157 C 1973
like a bored gangster behind her, his left knee leaning against her thigh. One hand rubbed his groin absent-mindedly. He staredp 158 C 1973
automatic car-wash. In the darkness the three nylon rollers drummed against the sides and roof of a taxi parked in thep 159 C 1973
Through the driving mirror I saw that Catherine was leaning against the rear seat. Her shoulder was pressed tightly into Vaughan'sp 159 C 1973
touched it with his lips, laying each scar in turn against her mouth. I felt that this act was a ritualp 161 C 1973
of bubbles burst across the windows. As the rollers drummed against the roof and doors, Vaughan began to drive his pelvisp 162 C 1973
eager to get to Vaughan's body again. Vaughan laid her against the rear seat, opened her thighs and began to strokep 163 C 1973
penis jerked emptily into her bruised vulva, Vaughan sank back against the seat. Already he had lost interest in the whimperingp 164 C 1973
of the car, scarred mouth lying open like a child's against the sweat-soaked seat. His face seemed drained of all aggressivenessp 165 C 1973
of his jeans, marking where my wife's vulva had pressed against his groin. Vaughan opened the driver's door of the Lincolnp 166 C 1973
the sharp edges of the fractured glass and metalwork, pressing against the crushed roof and hood panels. Resting for a momentp 169 C 1973
panels. Resting for a moment, he urinated in the darkness against the still warm radiator grille, sending a cloud of vapourp 169 C 1973
to help him identify this strange organ. He placed it against the right-hand front wing of the car, and with thep 169 C 1973
seat and began to draw the outline of his penis against the instrument panel and centre arm-rest, marking out the eroticp 169 C 1973
marriage of his own genitalia and the skull-shattered dashboard binnacle against which this middle-aged woman dentist had died. For Vaughan thep 169 C 1973
her scarred hands on their paintwork, rolling her injured hips against them like an unpleasant cat. She provoked a young salesmanp 174 C 1973
nightmare technology of cripple controls. I watched her thighs shifting against each other, the jut of her left breast under thep 175 C 1973
watch the aircraft landing. As I pressed her left shoulder against my chest I could see the contoured seat which hadp 176 C 1973
lifted her left foot so that the leg brace rested against my knee. In the inner surface of her thigh thep 176 C 1973
my right arm the unfamiliar contours of the seat pressed against my skin as I slipped my hand towards the cleftp 177 C 1973
face, and I avoided her mouth as she lay back against the head-rest. I lifted her breast in my palm andp 177 C 1973
and some pleasant pharmaceutical compound. I let my tongue rest against the lengthening teat, and then moved away and examined thep 177 C 1973
be made of her own flesh. Gabrielle was sitting forward against my shoulder, a forefinger feeling the inside of my lowerp 177 C 1973
forefinger feeling the inside of my lower lip, her nail against my teeth. The exposed portions of her body were joinedp 177 C 1973
ditch. Holding the semen in her hand, she wiped it against the silver controls of the clutch treadle. My mouth wasp 179 C 1973
black American limousine, marked by the pressure of Catherine's arm against the left door-sill and celebrated by the sustained erection ofp 182 C 1973
the actress herself stepping from her car and stumbling briefly against the half-open window, her grimace recorded by Vaughan through thep 182 C 1973
touch his thigh, press the knuckles of my left hand against his mouth. ‘You've got to tell Vera.‘ ‘Who?‘ Vaughan's eyesp 187 C 1973
martyr of the super-highways. These precious square inches had pressed against the vulva of the dying woman, stained with the bloodp 188 C 1973
lips on those bleeding apertures, lay his own nasal septum against the lesions of her left hand, press his eyelids againstp 189 C 1973
against the lesions of her left hand, press his eyelids against the exposed tendon of her forefinger, the dorsal surface ofp 189 C 1973
of her forefinger, the dorsal surface of his erect penis against the ruptured lateral walls of her vagina. The automobile crashp 189 C 1973
their cars after an early afternoon fog patch, or pinned against their instrument panels, Vaughan and I felt a sense ofp 190 C 1973
and anger had returned. After his orgasm the woman slumped against the seat. She let the semen drip on to thep 191 C 1973
braked sharply at the intersections he deliberately let himself slide against the instrument panel. Blood mingled with the dried semen onp 192 C 1973
us on either side. Vaughan lay back, right cheek resting against the cool seat, his arms limply at his sides. Nowp 195 C 1973
loomed above us like generous dive-bombers. I pressed my palms against the rim of the steering wheel, pushing the car unaidedp 196 C 1973
swerve the Lincoln crossed the fast lane. The tyres roared against the concrete verge, lashing the windshield with a storm ofp 197 C 1973
the truck. Distracted by Vaughan's physical presence as he leaned against me, I held the wheel again, steering the car downp 198 C 1973
landscape around us. Taking his hand, I pressed his palm against the medallion of the horn boss, an aluminized emblem whichp 200 C 1973
the glowing dials of the instrument panel, pressing his fingers against the sharp toggles, the projecting lances of the direction indicatorp 200 C 1973
I lowered my head to his chest, pressing my cheek against the bloody profiles of a collapsing steering wheel, the collisionp 201 C 1973
of nervous spasms. I crouched behind Vaughan, forcing his thighs against my own. The jutting carapace of the instrument binnacle presidedp 202 C 1973
exhausted and still half asleep, he leaned his naked body against me. His face was pallid, eyes exploring the contours ofp 202 C 1973
yet to die. Flies crawled across the oil-smeared windshield, vibrating against the glass. The chains of their bodies formed a bluep 204 C 1973
were open and alive, watching me as his head lay against the seat with a calm gaze. I tried to brushp 204 C 1973
of a fugitive orchestra. But as I turned, the sunlight against the concrete walls of the overpass formed a cube ofp 205 C 1973
across him. Afraid to move for fear of burning myself against this luminous surface, I put my hands on the roofp 205 C 1973
instrument panel of this hollow wreck, I tightened my knees against my chest wall, flexing the muscles of my calves andp 206 C 1973
that Vaughan would not stop for me, I pressed myself against the concrete wall of the lay-by. The Lincoln swerved afterp 206 C 1973
road above. I walked to the abandoned car and leaned against the roof. The passenger door had been crushed into thep 206 C 1973
through the air around me, pasting themselves at various points against the crushed door panels and radiator hood. Glass aeroplanes climbedp 207 C 1973
I held her shoulders. ‘Are you all right?‘ She leaned against me, as if memorializing the image of this collision intop 210 C 1973
my own thighs and abdomen, visualizing Vaughan's buttocks lifted high against my hips, remembering the tacky texture of his anus. Byp 212 C 1973
traffic stream. Apparently uninterested in Catherine or myself, Vaughan lay against his door sill, almost asleep at the wheel as hep 215 C 1973
From the kitchen window I saw Vaughan's grey face, leaning against the cracked quarter window, marked by a deep weal thatp 218 C 1973
as we wandered among the derelict cars, pressing her fingers against the muscles of my stomach wall. Already I knew thatp 224 C 1973
so exactly. Unfortunately, here, unlike the western, the clock runs against it. The ever-accelerating changes brought about by science and technologyp 203 UGM 1974
wheel, dazed by the impact of the chromium window pillar against his head. The car veered from side to side acrossp 7 CI 1974
the embankment. Thirty yards ahead, it came to a halt against the rusting chassis of an overturned taxi. Barely injured byp 7 CI 1974
as if they had been dissected. He pressed his palms against the rim of the wheel, and pushed himself upright. Thep 7 CI 1974
and stood in the waist-high grass. As he steadied himself against the roof the hot cellulose stung his hand. Shielded byp 9 CI 1974
as safety engineers modestly termed it. Calming himself, he leaned against the Jaguar's trunk; he wanted to fix in his mindp 10 CI 1974
being maintained. He put down the case and leaned weakly against the open lid of the trunk. In the polished panelsp 11 CI 1974
a wooden trestle. He brushed the dirt on his hands against his trousers. The briefcase and raincoat lay at his feetp 14 CI 1974
at the last moment. Realising that he would be crushed against the trestles, Maitland moved away from them. His right handp 15 CI 1974
with a maintenance walk between the crash barriers. Maitland leaned against a trestle, trying to rally all his powers of self-controlp 17 CI 1974
Maitland had kicked into the road. The pinewood frame hurled against him. He felt his legs knocked away and was flungp 18 CI 1974
labouring. Maitland lay back in the darkness, his head resting against the soft slope of the embankment. His legs were hiddenp 19 CI 1974
about his wife's name, Maitland looked towards the west. Silhouetted against the evening corona of the city, the dark facades ofp 19 CI 1974
he no longer tried to control himself. He leaned helplessly against the embankment, hands deep in the cold soil. A faintp 20 CI 1974
island like the nightmare of this slumbering continent. Headlamps flared against the roof of the overpass tunnel. A car hummed alongp 20 CI 1974
with his face in the broken soil, the cold earth against his cheek. Already he knew that he would never bep 20 CI 1974
on to his left leg, supporting himself on his arms against the slope of the embankment. His right leg hung inp 21 CI 1974
time. Stirred by the night air, the grass pressed closer against the windows, shutting out the embankments of the motorways. Maitlandp 21 CI 1974
lay with the bottle in his hands, his head resting against the window pillar. One by one the points of painp 22 CI 1974
water reservoir He woke in broad daylight. The grass brushed against the quarter window by his head, blades dancing an urgentp 23 CI 1974
and lifted it out onto the ground. He leaned unsteadily against the door, exhausted by this small effort. Deep spurs ofp 24 CI 1974
a hand to the rusty chassis his injured leg tripped against a discarded tyre. His left knee buckled, dropping him intop 24 CI 1974
clear water. As he tasted the cool stream Maitland rested against the car, waving the crutch at the vehicles moving alongp 26 CI 1974
hole through the mesh. Laughing quietly to himself, Maitland lay against the rear window of the Jaguar. For some reason hep 27 CI 1974
ignored the pain in his thigh and propped himself roughly against the car, waving the crutch and trying to call backp 28 CI 1974
of the overpass, Maitland was exhausted. He leaned his crutch against the fence and sat down on the black earth. Fromp 29 CI 1974
The heavy metal tools had dragged at his shoulders, bumping against the bruised chest and abdomen. No grass grew under thep 29 CI 1974
worked away at a metal link, testing the steel cord against the teeth. In the dim light he saw that hep 29 CI 1974
that struggled with the invading nettles. The crutch rang out against a metal object underfoot, an iron plaque set into ap 30 CI 1974
of a thousand films and TV plays. As he sat against the trunk in the dim light he tried to rememberp 38 CI 1974
in the cigarette lighter. Ten seconds later it jumped back against his palm. The red glow warmed his broken hands likep 38 CI 1974
In these first minutes after he had woken, Maitland lay against the rear seat, looking through the smeared glass at thep 42 CI 1974
Even this small effort made his head swim. He leaned against the seat as the blades of crushed grass sprang throughp 43 CI 1974
grass sprang through the open door, reaching into the car against his leg. The resilience of this coarse grass was ap 43 CI 1974
was a model of behaviour and survival. Maitland vomited emptily against the door, watching the globes of silver mucus drip onp 43 CI 1974
He lifted himself unsteadily on to the crutch and leaned against the car, doubting whether he would be able to standp 43 CI 1974
with him on his endless journey around the world, and against whose chain-driven wheels Maitland's already broken body would be appliedp 44 CI 1974
marked up his message. HELP INJURED DRIVER CALL POLICE Leaning against the cold concrete, Maitland surveyed his handiwork. Like a dyingp 46 CI 1974
himself and his ability to reason clearly, Maitland leaned unsteadily against the metal crutch. The fever poured from his chest andp 49 CI 1974
grass, soaking the torn fabric of his trousers and dinner-jacket against the rain-wet stems. In the overbright sunlight the island andp 49 CI 1974
fence. He would place his chest where he had sat against the concrete wall. At each point a small ritual wouldp 51 CI 1974
the faded costume of some pre-war circus acrobat. Maitland leaned against the curving wall, deciding that he would pass the nightp 55 CI 1974
sticks and scruffed-up tissues. An expensive leather suitcase was propped against the wall. A skirt and sweater, and various pieces ofp 58 CI 1974
was sitting with her back to him, her hip pressing against his right elbow. Her hands worked away expertly at hisp 60 CI 1974
of tatters less and less resembled an eccentric costume. Leaning against the wall, Maitland swung himself around the room. The Guevarap 67 CI 1974
careful build-up, the repeated pacing about and measuring of himself against the air, it was clear that this next acrobatic turnp 68 CI 1974
a one-second glance. Her red hair was brushed back tightly against her head like a hard-working mill-girl's, exposing her high, bonyp 69 CI 1974
four feet deep, reaching to Maitland's chest. He leaned unsteadily against the young woman. The high causeway of the overpass spannedp 74 CI 1974
were still stunned in the car.‘ She supported him, standing against his shoulder, one hand pressed against his stomach. The scentp 74 CI 1974
She supported him, standing against his shoulder, one hand pressed against his stomach. The scent of her warm body contrasted withp 74 CI 1974
hopping on his left leg. Choking with anger, he leaned against the shuttered pay-box. As he calmed himself he massaged hisp 75 CI 1974
the shoulder with the crutch. His rising blood pressure pumped against the loose sutures of his skull, but landing this singlep 78 CI 1974
hand closed shyly over the damp banknote Maitland leaned exhausted against the crutch. Wary of each other, the three of themp 79 CI 1974
-- tell them that!‘ Tired and cold, Maitland lay back against the damp pillow. The young woman moved around the dimlyp 81 CI 1974
girl and Proctor. Already he was playing these two outcasts against each other, feeding their mutual distrust. Yet for the timep 81 CI 1974
he drank from the plastic cup, half-working her plump breast against his forehead as if feeding her own baby. A minutep 81 CI 1974
effects of the smoke. The young woman's strong body pressed against his own as the bed sank in its centre. Herp 82 CI 1974
along the eastbound lanes of the motorway. Robert Maitland sat against the curved roof of the air-raid shelter in which Proctorp 85 CI 1974
relied on being able to react to brief sharp movements against the background of a static visual field. Watching him, Maitlandp 90 CI 1974
the embankment and lay on his stomach, his face pressed against the fence. He turned and beckoned to Maitland, pulling himp 90 CI 1974
returned to Proctor's den the rain had ended. Maitland sat against the shelter, watching the passing traffic. The rush-hour had endedp 91 CI 1974
disengaged his left leg from Proctor's embrace. Proctor rolled back against the shelter, smiling to himself over the bottle of winep 93 CI 1974
He raised the bottle in a toast, and leaned blearily against the curved wall of the shelter, his overblown belly burstingp 94 CI 1974
tramp's acid breath gusted into his face. Proctor fell back against the shelter in a spray of wine. He sat helplesslyp 95 CI 1974
as a pleasant roof garden. Below him, Proctor leaned patiently against a tilting gravestone. One arm was clasped around Maitland's uninjuredp 102 CI 1974
crippled man on his broad back. His creased face pressed against the worn letters of the nineteenth-century inscription. Maitland noticed himp 102 CI 1974
empty bottles. Maitland gripped the roof gutter, forcing his palm against the sharp edge in an effort to rally himself. Top 104 CI 1974
need. Hopping from one foot to the other, he jostled against Maitland, and nudged him in a not altogether friendly wayp 106 CI 1974
himself. ‘Free to go ...‘ Resting in the sun, he sat against the wall of the air-raid shelter, the yellow shawl wrappedp 106 CI 1974
at his handiwork. ‘God Almighty ...‘ Maitland leaned his head wearily against the crutch. The ruse had failed, partly because he hadp 109 CI 1974
tramp lifted him in his powerful hands and placed him against the rear fender of the Jaguar. He shook Maitland's shouldersp 111 CI 1974
and pressed it gently into Maitland's hand. Maitland lay back against the embankment, listening to the murmur of the afternoon trafficp 112 CI 1974
clung to the back of the tramp, his legs swaying against the rustling grass. The sweet scent of Proctor's body rosep 114 CI 1974
I can see that you're a real architect.‘ She leaned against a door, talking to Maitland through a window after windingp 117 CI 1974
in the fading light beside the pay-box. The bottle smashed against the wooden shutters. The glass fragments gleamed like crazed eyesp 119 CI 1974
her. Holding off her strong arms, he pulled her shoulders against his chest. He soothed and comforted her, brushing the wetp 120 CI 1974
anyone to know I'm on the island.‘ She leaned wearily against his chest. ‘Proctor wants to leave. He asked me top 120 CI 1974
his body struck the pillar it thudded like a punchbag against the massive column. Unconscious now, he hung limply from thep 123 CI 1974
the way down to the coastal plain had described. Lying against the wall of the ravine were the remains of ap 826 AD 1975
spade. The body of a small child, freshly disinterred, sat against the lid of its open coffin. ‘Cadaver --‘ All thep 827 AD 1975
in the dim light in front of the hovels, propped against the stone walls like neglected relations, put out to atp 827 AD 1975
Lowering his eyes to the tiled floor, he steadied himself against the door pillar. The immense volume of open space thatp 8 HR 1975
high-rise provided at the same time, that neutral emotional background against which the most intriguing relationships might develop, had begun top 16 HR 1975
built, not for man, but for man's absence. Laing leaned against the parapet, shivering pleasantly in his sports-clothes. He shielded hisp 25 HR 1975
alone between the bar and the buffet tables. Laing leaned against the parapet, for the first time conscious of the immensep 26 HR 1975
about in the water, drinking champagne on a rubber raft against the swimming-pool rules and splashing people leaving the changing cubiclesp 30 HR 1975
last attempt by Wilder and the airline pilots to rebel against this unfolding logic? Sadly, they had little chance of successp 36 HR 1975
small son trying to open the kitchen door, she leaned against it and pulled Laing on to herself, kneading his armsp 38 HR 1975
think about it, that's really rather interesting ...‘ When she leaned against him, resting her head on his shoulder, Laing said: ‘Somethingp 40 HR 1975
further. The passengers scrummaged their way out, drumming their briefcases against the closed doors of the elevators in what seemed top 51 HR 1975
private sector kept pushing these vertical townships into the sky against the real needs of their occupants. The psychology of high-risep 52 HR 1975
fire safety door, every kicked-in electricity meter represented a stand against decerebration. What angered Wilder most of all about life inp 52 HR 1975
along the already closed windows, her small hands pressed numbly against the latches as if trying to push away the nightp 54 HR 1975
to take refuge on the balcony. Their neighbours were crowded against their railings, craning up at the roof as if hopingp 57 HR 1975
the deck of the shopping mall. Hundreds of residents jostled against each other, pulling and shoving among the wine-bins and shelvesp 62 HR 1975
In the 10th-floor lobby a crowd of residents pressed impatiently against the elevator doors, their arms laden with liquor cartons andp 63 HR 1975
flinched back as the steel chair struck the railing, glancing against his right arm before spinning away. Wilder crouched against thep 63 HR 1975
glancing against his right arm before spinning away. Wilder crouched against the steps, shielding himself below the overhang of the nextp 63 HR 1975
violence by their pushy wives. However, he calmed himself, deciding against a frontal attack -- he would reach the top ofp 63 HR 1975
first dipping warningly and then going out altogether, he backed against the wall to allow the group to pass. The woodenp 67 HR 1975
away from the sofa towards the entrance and steadied himself against the glass doors. The lines of parked cars stretched throughp 67 HR 1975
legs and back had begun to keen again. Royal leaned against his drawing-stand, feeling the pain radiate upwards from his kneesp 68 HR 1975
props. In principle, the mutiny of these well-to-do professional people against the building they had collectively purchased was no different fromp 69 HR 1975
different from the dozens of well-documented revolts by working-class tenants against municipal tower-blocks that had taken place at frequent intervals duringp 69 HR 1975
of the building as a social structure was a rebellion against himself, so much so that in the early days afterp 69 HR 1975
stay on, come what may and whatever the hostility directed against him, in the hope of acting as its midwife. Inp 70 HR 1975
the stale air with the same stroke he had used against Wilder. At any moment a battalion of police would arrivep 76 HR 1975
the building's electrical switching systems, as a means of retaliating against the lower floors. This supposed power over the high-rise wasp 83 HR 1975
a falling bottle burst on a balcony, a brief explosion against the rising background of over-noisy record-players, shouts and hammering. Thep 84 HR 1975
among the cornices of a mausoleum, they flicked their wings against the bone-like concrete. As if agitated by Royal's confused statep 85 HR 1975
greasy tiles by the diving-board. When the dog relieved itself against the door of an empty cubicle her face was expressionlessp 86 HR 1975
realized the full extent of its deterioration. The residents‘ rebellion against the apartment building was now in full swing. Garbage layp 87 HR 1975
wielding the cine-camera as he urged on his new allies against his former neighbours. The raiding party was shouldered back towardsp 89 HR 1975
he showed off with some pride. He held the cine-camera against his cheek as if he were visualizing the setting andp 89 HR 1975
away the bloodstained jacket, glad to wear the dog's blood against his chest. He refused any offers to clean it fromp 90 HR 1975
the 35th. ‘To survive, we need allies as a buffer against any attacks from the lower levels, and also to givep 90 HR 1975
gained a foothold there we can play these people off against those lower down -- in short balkanize the centre sectionp 91 HR 1975
floor. He was lying back on a settee with Jane against his shoulder, surrounded by tables loaded with dirty glasses andp 93 HR 1975
lay back in the darkness, steadying his slowly rotating brain against the illumination of the nearby high-rise. Without thinking, he beganp 93 HR 1975
her breast. As if aware of this, she leaned passively against him. ‘Use my kitchen this evening,‘ Laing told her. ‘Fromp 99 HR 1975
and utensils stacked in the sink. He was leaning comfortably against a plastic sack filled with rubbish. Seeing the kitchen fromp 99 HR 1975
wiped his hands on his dirt-stained trousers and shirt. Reclining against this soft bed of his own waste, he felt likep 100 HR 1975
aerosols and contraceptive wallets. Laing reached his car and leaned against the window pillar. He knew that he was testing himselfp 103 HR 1975
the window pillar. He knew that he was testing himself against the excitements of the world outside, exposing himself to itsp 103 HR 1975
and security. Feeling the warm cellulose of the window pillar against his shoulder, Laing remembered the stale air in his apartmentp 103 HR 1975
sat in the darkness on the living-room carpet, his back against the reassuring bulk of the barricade. He was reluctant top 106 HR 1975
raid was in progress. Laing and his fellow clansmen crowded against the fire-door, peering into the darkened stairwell. They could hearp 107 HR 1975
Behind him the electric lights came on. Startled, Laing flinched against the parapet, expecting an intruder to attack him. After ap 110 HR 1975
in front of Wilder's broken-backed desk. The tilting chairs leaned against each other in a scarecrow parody of a children's classroomp 117 HR 1975
she had momentarily fainted from hunger. Wilder let her subside against the cooker. He scanned the empty shelves of the pantryp 119 HR 1975
restrained. At the 7th-floor landing Wilder stopped and relieved himself against the steps. In a way he was surprised by thep 120 HR 1975
suggestion she sidled up to him teasingly, pressing her hands against his heavy chest. ‘A dog? Please, Dicky ...‘ Wilder tried top 125 HR 1975
punish them,‘ Wilder reassured her. ‘All right?‘ They were leaning against the barricade, Mrs Hillman's sharp-chinned face against his chest. Nop 125 HR 1975
They were leaning against the barricade, Mrs Hillman's sharp-chinned face against his chest. No more ill-suited couple, Wilder decided, could havep 125 HR 1975
and was sitting comfortably on the floor with his back against the cooker, the remains of a meal scattered around himp 128 HR 1975
this image, he sat down on the floor and leaned against Charlotte Melville's shoulder, falling asleep as she stroked the wine-colouredp 131 HR 1975
beyond the circle of candlelight the garbage-sacks were piled six-deep against the walls. Outside, the corridors and staircases were filled withp 132 HR 1975
for obtaining food and women, for defending the upper floors against marauders, their plans for alliance and betrayal. Now the newp 136 HR 1975
recognized him, the dogs began to whine and strain, pulling against their leads. These retrievers, poodles and dachshunds were all thatp 139 HR 1975
Royal heeled the Alsatian behind a tattered awning that leaned against the elevator head. For once he was glad that hep 141 HR 1975
Anne. Sloppily dressed, her hair in a mess, she lolled against Pangbourne's shoulder and then wandered about in the circle ofp 141 HR 1975
by a crowd of semi-literate children. The zoo had rebelled against its keeper. Hearing Royal's voice, the gynaecologist turned from hisp 142 HR 1975
-- they would take turns standing with their hands pressed against the metal walls of an elevator shaft, feeling the vibrationsp 146 HR 1975
furniture and unravelled recording tape lay among the garbage-sacks piled against the walls. Laing's feet crackled among the polaroid negatives scatteredp 150 HR 1975
come back later for the set.‘ She shrugged vaguely, swaying against Laing like a drunk in a bar accepting a dubiousp 153 HR 1975
the sunlight approach him. He sat on the steps, leaning against a dining-room table which formed part of a massive barricadep 155 HR 1975
crone fawning with exaggerated pathos over the dog, Wilder leaned against the table, laughing soundlessly to himself. At any moment shep 157 HR 1975
to him, an arm around her shoulders, Wilder sat down against the rear wall of the elevator. He gazed across thep 159 HR 1975
he sucked at the skewer. The young woman leaned affably against him, content to have Wilder's strong arm around her shouldersp 159 HR 1975
tongue. Pleasantly high on the meat, he lay back comfortably against the young woman, playing with the silver handbag pistol. Withoutp 159 HR 1975
placed his hands over the small nipples and settled himself against her. He felt drowsy, murmuring to the young woman whilep 159 HR 1975
early afternoon. The young woman sat beside him, her breasts against his face, nursing this huge, nearly naked man with hisp 160 HR 1975
his safari-jacket, and the thin linen gave him no protection against the wind moving across the concrete roof. In the over-litp 162 HR 1975
sidled around him, rolling their heads and wiping their beaks against the concrete. The surface was streaked with blood. For thep 163 HR 1975
of these human intruders unsettled him. He pulled the dog against his legs, deciding to wait in the sculpture-garden until thep 163 HR 1975
gristle attached to his shoe. Pulling it away, he leaned against one of the concrete sculptures, a waist-high sphere that hadp 164 HR 1975
of this untenanted cube. Feeling the pressure of his back against the wall, he could almost believe that he was thep 164 HR 1975
geometric forms of the play-sculptures, their vivid colours standing out against the white walls. Everything had been freshly painted, and thep 166 HR 1975
landscape, except for their sunglasses, whose dark shades stood out against the blood-notched concrete of the roof-terrace. Wilder waited for themp 167 HR 1975
excitements to come. Feeling these gather within him, Laing leaned against the railing. Dusk had settled, and the embers of thep 173 HR 1975
pregnancy, seeing it almost as a challenge, a game played against enormous odds for the greatest possible prize. When Judith hadp 829 LFA 1975
the salt-stained windows he could see the rows of bottles against the mirror behind the bar, chairs stacked on tables. Forresterp 833 LFA 1975
time of their marriage there had been a general revulsion against perverse sex of every kind. Chastity and romantic love, pre-maritalp 834 LFA 1975
Tapping them like the keys of a xylophone, Forrester stumbled against the rail, smearing his hands against the still-wet stripe ofp 834 LFA 1975
a xylophone, Forrester stumbled against the rail, smearing his hands against the still-wet stripe of silver paint. Without thinking, he wipedp 834 LFA 1975
a faceted mirror. Forrester turned from the young woman lying against the rear wall of the hangar, the glasses with theirp 835 LFA 1975
people behaved as if some immense victory had been won against an invincible enemy. Here and there, between particularly aggressive rivalsp 843 LDG 1976
Faith Assembly, who remembered the Reformation and Martin Luther's revolt against a clergy claiming privileged access to the supreme being, werep 845 LDG 1976
altar of the Cathedral was desecrated by vandals apparently protesting against the very existence of the deity. The attitude of thep 846 LDG 1976
sales girl at this dowdy end of the King's Road. Against a lustrous blue field, a cerulean of almost Pacific deepnessp 865 S 1976
on a table-lamp, I examined Serena's shoulders more carefully. Seen against the dark background of the study, the down-like nimbus thatp 867 S 1976
of a small lawnmower. Not that there was any taboo against gasolene engines, nor for that matter against oil-or coal-fired steamp 879 UC 1976
was any taboo against gasolene engines, nor for that matter against oil-or coal-fired steam engines. There was merely a tacit understandingp 879 UC 1976
of cigarette packs. Out of control, the sailplane was hurled against the curtain-walling, knocking out a dozen windows. Colliding with hisp 880 UC 1976
a nearby supermarket. Vaguely prudish about eating meat, he decided against opening any of the cans of pork and beef, thep 883 UC 1976
heavy vehicle was vibrating fiercely, and the unlatched door bumped against Halloway's elbow. A blaze of lights lit up the dashboardp 887 UC 1976
of this mysterious pilot the aircraft banked steeply, throwing Halloway against the canopy. Searching for a way to escape from thep 888 UC 1976
by one. When the building was silent again he leaned against the balustrade, looking out at the distant towers of thep 891 UC 1976
the third of whom died in a mysterious scandal, lawsuits against any number of governments, plans for the first trans-Atlantic bridgep 897 UC 1976
the coarse smell of the cordite and the hard recoil against his arms and shoulders, the terrified movement of thousands ofp 901 UC 1976
the once immaculate coachwork, leaves and tags of paper lay against the unwiped windshields. As Olds gazed at the sailplane thep 902 UC 1976
whose white aluminium sails and white steel hull stood out against the dark water like chiselled bone. Using binoculars, Halloway immediatelyp 908 UC 1976
of their hands and crushing two of the complex machines against a fire hydrant. In fact, Halloway was certain that ifp 910 UC 1976
franked with Halloway's name) were advanced to the new recruits against their first week's pay, with which they could buy thep 913 UC 1976
the thirty cars on the production line had been hurled against the concrete wall, and lay heaped across each other inp 921 UC 1976
scratch force of reject robots and gook-like extraterrestrials fighting bravely against the evil and all-destructive super-technology of the Galactic Empire. Whateverp 15 UGM 1977
our living rooms will show us moving down the aisle against a cathedral backdrop. Our wedding night will be a masterpiecep 227 UGM 1977
me my companions stepped back involuntarily. The garage owner stumbled against me, for a moment holding my shoulder. I listened top 929 DT 1977
the bridges and prevented the gates from closing. Humped together against the vents were well over a dozen of the corpsesp 933 DT 1977
me, meagre though it was. As I revived, however, leaning against the radiator grille of the truck, I was suddenly temptedp 936 DT 1977
offer of adoption, 145; loan of Durer etching, 146; law-suits against HRH, 173-85 Bergman, Ingrid, 197, 234, 267 Biarritz, 123 Blixenp 941 I 1977
reconstituted, 588; designated a religion by HRH, 604; first crusade against Rome, 618; infiltrated by CIA, 622 Pill, the, denounced byp 944 I 1977
Movement, 695-9; HRH addresses, 696; HRH calls for world war against United States and USSR, 698 V Versailles, Perfect Light Movementp 945 I 1977
myself taken separately in our own sitting rooms were projected against a cathedral interior and showed us walking together down anp 949 ICU 1977
suggested it before?‘ We decided instantly that the archaic interdiction against meeting another human being deserved simply to be ignored. Unhappilyp 950 ICU 1977
remember the pain as he stabbed me. I brace myself against the settee, ready to kick his face. With my rightp 952 ICU 1977
future left behind here as some kind of psychic deposit against his treatment's failure, many of the staff members complained top 74 IY2 1977
now as nowhere else, its narrowing walls crushing its writers against their airless and over-stuffed furnishings. With few exceptions -- Grahamp 137 UGM 1978
from the wrong side of the social tracks who railed against the restrictions of English life (rich men all of themp 138 UGM 1978
the sequence -- the slewing face of the actress pressed against the tiled floor with its rectilinear grid -- that atp 989 MA 1978
and he had never felt any need to defend himself against it. Looking down at himself, he realized that he hadp 991 MA 1978
analysing the ever larger blow-ups of the actress's face pressed against the bathroom tiles, he felt the presence of an uninvitedp 993 MA 1978
you want me to come in today?‘ Pushing the door against the wheelchair, Vera looked down at Pangborn. ‘You're in ap 993 MA 1978
of an elbow behind the bathroom door, a shoulder framed against the medicine cabinet, the back of a head in thep 995 MA 1978
few feet from the camera, the intruder's angular shoulder silhouetted against the kitchen door, even a portion of an ear reflectedp 997 MA 1978
a start to feel the hot breath of the stranger against his face. Startled, he looked round in the flickering lightp 998 MA 1978
in an armchair and watched the slack sea shrug itself against the beach. He was aware of the complex timetable ofp 974 OAU 1978
neared the blockhouse Ogden visualized himself defending this battered redoubt against the invading sea. An immense calm presided over the coolp 974 OAU 1978
of the barbette ten feet below. Sitting in the half-light against the wet concrete wall, Ogden massaged his bruised hands. Byp 975 OAU 1978
uniform in the shadows behind the parapet, a man lay against the concrete wall. He was resting on one elbow, facep 975 OAU 1978
supported by a bipod, was a light machine-gun, stock pressed against the young man's right shoulder. Around him, arranged like thep 975 OAU 1978
lay passively at his sides, his right shoulder had moved against the wall, swinging the machine-gun fractionally towards Ogden. Too frightenedp 976 OAU 1978
improved. Although barely aware of Ogden, he leaned more comfortably against the damp wall. He held the mess tin against hisp 978 OAU 1978
comfortably against the damp wall. He held the mess tin against his bandaged chest, picking at the remains of the sausagep 978 OAU 1978
had more colour, and the skin was less tightly stretched against the jaw and cheekbones. The German was often irritated byp 978 OAU 1978
get into Angela's bed together -- Ogden pressed his hands against the window. A faint chance still remained. He remembered thep 979 OAU 1978
which Ogden had been gesticulating since his arrival. Ogden crouched against the wall, only too ready to let the German takep 980 OAU 1978
by the stairway, the collar of her fur coat pressed against her cheeks. Avoiding the body on the floor of thep 981 OAU 1978
floor of the barbette, she watched Foster rest his shotgun against the wall and kneel on the floor. ‘Stand back asp 981 OAU 1978
us all ...‘ The Sign of the Clones He steadied himself against the balcony rail, retching on to the turquoise tiles. Twentyp 983 Z2 1978
and weaknesses, to balance the dark side of the sun against the light -- a task, incidentally, made no easier forp 985 Z2 1978
than a neutral and professional concern. He pressed his elbows against the restraining sheet, thinking of Renata's bloodied body, with itsp 987 Z2 1978
became obsessed by the ancient skin of my little husband. Against the rear wall of my womb pressed the carapace ofp 89 IY5 1978
into the faces of any intruders. Gilmore's refusal to appeal against his death penalty soon made him a local celebrity. Thep 42 UGM 1979
the warm roofs of the abandoned cars. When I lean against a pillar-box, trying to straighten my ragged flying suit, thep 7 UDC 1979
on this grotesque costume. But as I held her shoulders against my chest I knew that I was not moved byp 14 UDC 1979
her hard fists I stood by the bed, choking her against my chest. Only when she collapsed around my knees didp 14 UDC 1979
the fuselage, the hot pellets striking my face. Hurled forwards against the harness, I felt my head strike the cabin doorp 15 UDC 1979
canvas. What surprised me, as I pushed the cabin door against the current, was the intense clarity of every detail. Inp 17 UDC 1979
The river swirled across the windshield. A murky foam thrashed against the fractured glass. At the last moment I saw thep 19 UDC 1979
The intense light had gone, and the Ferris wheel rotated against the clouds like an amiable mandala. I felt strong butp 20 UDC 1979
her. I wanted to stroke her skin, place my mouth against her breast. For a moment I almost believed that Ip 21 UDC 1979
Father Wingate -- he's come round.‘ Dr Miriam steadied me against her shoulder. ‘That's one miracle I concede to you.‘ ‘Ip 22 UDC 1979
across the air into an angry grimace. Exhausted, I leaned against Dr Miriam and laid my head across her warm lapp 22 UDC 1979
lap. I could feel the imprint of a strange mouth against my own. My lips were swollen and cut against myp 22 UDC 1979
mouth against my own. My lips were swollen and cut against my teeth. A pair of powerful hands had bruised themselvesp 22 UDC 1979
me across the calm water. I stood up and leaned against the swing, while the three children watched me from theirp 23 UDC 1979
was tempted to grapple with him, force my bruised body against his and hurl him on to the oil-stained grass. Ip 25 UDC 1979
of the Cessna's tail suspended from the upper branches. Pinned against the sky, it flicked from side to side, a flagp 25 UDC 1979
Unaware that I was watching her closely, Dr Miriam leaned against one of the cars and picked at a fleck ofp 28 UDC 1979
reality at an angle. I lifted her and held her against my chest, partly to confirm that her small hands couldp 30 UDC 1979
touched my lips. I held her tightly, squeezing her hips against my abdomen. The mongol was tugging at my wrists, alarmedp 30 UDC 1979
in an almost dream-like way while she pressed my shoulders against the X-ray machine. The exquisite mole like a beautiful cancerp 31 UDC 1979
into an avenue of temples. I felt queasy and leaned against the chestnut tree outside the post office. I waited forp 36 UDC 1979
sandy ground moved past me, the poppies swayed more urgently against my pollen-covered knees, but the motorway remained as far awayp 38 UDC 1979
shoes, part of her witch's repertory? I carefully tested myself against the silent ground. Around me the waste land remained asp 38 UDC 1979
headlamps full on in the bright sunlight. The beams flared against my bruised skin. Unable to face them, I turned andp 40 UDC 1979
Had he revived me? I visualized his handsome mouth locked against my own, strong teeth cutting my gums. In many waysp 44 UDC 1979
childhoods. I was the younger but stronger brother, the yardstick against which Stark would for ever measure himself. I could embracep 44 UDC 1979
I could embrace him whenever I chose, force his hands against my bruised ribs to see if he had tried top 44 UDC 1979
were both actor-pilots. Yet I had flown a real plane against the sky, a powered aircraft, not one of his passivep 44 UDC 1979
and approached the St Clouds‘ Tudor mansion. The river drummed against the boat, clicking against the cutwater, computing some urgent totalp 52 UDC 1979
Clouds‘ Tudor mansion. The river drummed against the boat, clicking against the cutwater, computing some urgent total. I was now inp 52 UDC 1979
over the dark flowers. ‘Blake, stand still. You can lean against us, we're quite real.‘ Miriam wiped my bloodied knuckles. Herp 54 UDC 1979
with warm arms, holding my head with a firm hand against her shoulder as if comforting her small son. Had theyp 55 UDC 1979
St Cloud I woke to feel a mouth press gently against my lips, a hand caress my chest. River light floodedp 60 UDC 1979
me, stroking my shoulder. Wary of her, I lay back against the pillow, surveying the bedroom into which the mother andp 61 UDC 1979
we lay together on the bed. She hid her face against my chest, but I knew that she could smell myp 64 UDC 1979
the park I passed a fallow deer rubbing its muzzle against a silver birch. Only half-playfully, I tried to seize itsp 68 UDC 1979
in the aisle -- press the blood from my hands against their bleeding Christ, expose myself, urinate in the font, anythingp 71 UDC 1979
my shoulders. He stared at my bruised mouth, aligning me against some set of specifications in his mind. ‘Blake, you lookp 74 UDC 1979
could be used as a refuge, a real first-aid station against that death from the sky. But his brusque handling ofp 76 UDC 1979
from pew to pew, dragging these lengths of spent timber against the walls. I pulled off my jacket, exposing the bruisesp 76 UDC 1979
wrestling with this fifty-year-old priest, matching my wrists and shoulders against his. Separated by the length of each pew, we jockeyedp 76 UDC 1979
Good, Blake ... I'm exhausted. Good.‘ Breathing harshly, Father Wingate leaned against his thighs in the centre of the dust-filled nave. Flecksp 76 UDC 1979
was naked she let me embrace her, pressing her hands against my shoulders. ‘We've all been so exhausted -- first yourp 91 UDC 1979
of a pilot's head-up display. Catching my breath, I leaned against a jacaranda tree, a strange visitor to this temperate parkp 96 UDC 1979
briefcases, a small grove of needle-leaved plants had sprung up against the fence. As I turned my back on the stationp 108 UDC 1979
growing sexual need, not only for the young women brushing against me in the crowded streets, but also for the childrenp 108 UDC 1979
clamouring around me, driven mad by lust. The women swayed against me, their voices shriller, creatures of a demented zoo quiveringp 110 UDC 1979
an insane dwarf whirled a rattle in my face. Forced against the plate-glass window, I lifted the girl in my armsp 110 UDC 1979
tasting her damp, frightened breath in my mouth. I stumbled against a trestle table, and a tray of costume jewellery andp 110 UDC 1979
the noisy air. The hot bodies of the women pressed against my skin, their scent inflaming the bruises on my chestp 110 UDC 1979
machines and television sets. Almost swooning, I raised my fists against an excited mother who lifted her child to scream intop 111 UDC 1979
table. Father Wingate held me in his arms, steadying me against the window. With one foot he swept aside the costumep 111 UDC 1979
voice seemed to come down from the sky. I swayed against him. ‘Call Dr Miriam. I need ...‘ ‘No. Not now.‘ Hep 111 UDC 1979
me. ‘Stand up, Blake. Now, see!‘ I felt his mouth against my bruised lips, tasted his teeth and the stale tobaccop 112 UDC 1979
to the pontoon of a steel lighter he had moored against the pier. This ancient craft, which he had floated freep 118 UDC 1979
previous day Father Wingate and I had wrestled the pews against the wall. Behind the cloth-draped altar a ladder rose top 120 UDC 1979
window, Mrs St Cloud's desk and dressing-table, the mirror-faced wardrobes against the wall, hung faintly in the dim light as ifp 124 UDC 1979
grey water. The river ran up to me, rubbing itself against the beach as if eager to shed its dark coatp 125 UDC 1979
the damp soil. The pale leaves of young bamboo shivered against the metal netting. A delicate tapestry of Spanish moss unfurledp 126 UDC 1979
I ran past the tennis courts the warm air rushed against my naked skin, eager to lift me from the groundp 134 UDC 1979
People jostled me, shaking their wounds and bandages, pinning me against the cars. An old woman knelt on the ground atp 136 UDC 1979
I had already once escaped, but to make my challenge against the invisible forces who had given these powers to mep 136 UDC 1979
a desolate way at the gravel floor. Its mate huddled against a pile of old packing cases, hiding its shabby plumagep 137 UDC 1979
the heavy vehicle into the forecourt, throwing the hot dust against my legs. Smoothing his blond hair in a self-conscious wayp 138 UDC 1979
the parked cars, pointing to me as I stood out against the sky on the roof of the car-park. But whenp 146 UDC 1979
blind scream. I caught our falling bodies and steadied us against the air. In the street below people were running inp 150 UDC 1979
light shivered in the air around us. I pressed her against me and felt her trembling skin. Her face touched minep 152 UDC 1979
trembling skin. Her face touched mine, her lips forcing themselves against my bruised mouth. Without pain, our smiles merged into eachp 152 UDC 1979
I felt her tongue within my mouth, her teeth bite against my teeth. Our eyes merged, their retinas fused. Our visionp 152 UDC 1979
for a serious infringement of the by-laws, some medieval statute against miscellaneous and indiscriminate flying. Then I heard him shout outp 157 UDC 1979
seized my hands and embraced me eagerly. I pressed her against my naked body. The cool air rushed furiously between usp 159 UDC 1979
as if diving into a warm pool. His head pressed against my sternum, his hands searched my hips and stomach, huntingp 160 UDC 1979
sped northwards through the air a strange gradient turned me against myself. The wind leaned its great back upon me. Everyp 161 UDC 1979
into the empty shopping mall, ready to dash us all against the ornamental tiles, scatter the corpses of myself and thesep 161 UDC 1979
As everyone happily dismounted from the air I leaned helplessly against a parked car, like some demented roller-coaster driver who hasp 162 UDC 1979
me to Shepperton, pit the resources of my deviant imagination against theirs. And already I dreamed of extending my small authorityp 165 UDC 1979
into my body, felt the knuckles of her bones knock against mine, her vagina clasp my penis, my sexual desire forp 171 UDC 1979
to overcome all her confusions and make a last stand against me. Did she remember that she had already flown withp 172 UDC 1979
him gently, caressed his nervous skin, pressed his cold hands against the gates of my body. At the last moment, asp 173 UDC 1979
of his testicles foam as it dashed in a torrent against mine. While he lay within me, his identity fading forp 173 UDC 1979
that they were naked? Had Miriam St Cloud turned them against me, warning them that I was a god reborn fromp 176 UDC 1979
to the roof of the taxi. Cameras whirred, flash-bulbs flared against the ointment-greased skins. Were they aware that I was aboutp 180 UDC 1979
weight comfortably on my shoulders. The mouth-strap and harness pressed against the bruises on my lips and chest, and I couldp 180 UDC 1979
still flying blood. The Dying Aviator All night I sat against the altar of that derelict church. Trapped by the head-dressp 184 UDC 1979
knew that I was guilty of many crimes, not only against those beings who had granted me a second life, butp 185 UDC 1979
those beings who had granted me a second life, but against myself, crimes of arrogance and imagination. Mourning the young womanp 185 UDC 1979
side-roads. All over Shepperton the remains of winged head-dresses lay against the garden fences, as if during the night an aerialp 188 UDC 1979
that he had been starving himself to protect his body against me. The three, children were with him, Rachel standing asleepp 197 UDC 1979
I took her head in my hands and pressed it against my thighs. I touched the dead windows of her eyesp 201 UDC 1979
pulled him briskly towards me. I held his massive head against my loins. I felt his strong heart beating, nervous thatp 202 UDC 1979
the old fish and the wise snakes. His head reverberated against my loins, a humming planetarium filled with an astronomy ofp 202 UDC 1979
by the police hunting for the downed Cessna. I rested against Miriam St Cloud's red sports car, remembering the young doctorp 202 UDC 1979
my thighs, lifting my scrotum. A woman's sweet mouth pressed against my lips. I was about to be smothered by allp 206 UDC 1979
eyes cleared, and I felt the hands of Shepperton press against me. Each of the townspeople passed something of himself intop 207 UDC 1979
the grass towards them. The light from my body flared against the poppies, turning the red petals to gold, lighting thep 210 UDC 1979
out a final ironic hoot at the world and fell against me. He sank easily through my golden skin, his strongp 211 UDC 1979
skin. David came towards me. He leaned his huge head against my waist, taking a last look at the meadow, atp 211 UDC 1979
among the mortuary birds, the light from my body flaring against the trunks of the elms. I approached the St Cloudsp 212 UDC 1979
me, the bones stirred in my arms. The spine stiffened against my chest. The hands clutched at my face. The bonyp 214 UDC 1979
of the skull struck my forehead, the notched teeth cut against my mouth. Repelled, I tried to hurl the skeleton onp 214 UDC 1979
fought his way past my hands, his bony mouth clamped against my lips, trying to suck the air from my lungsp 215 UDC 1979
of the vestry. The light from my glowing skin flared against the walls, illuminating the spines and knuckles of the ancientp 216 UDC 1979
blossoms outside the clinic, urging them to press their heads against her thighs, as if she were trying to seduce thep 216 UDC 1979
them -- they're all there!‘ Already I was steeling myself against her departure. I knew that she would soon move onp 217 UDC 1979
brightly furnished but modest antechamber. I held her naked shoulders against my chest, breathing the hot scents of her body, countingp 217 UDC 1979
paved with gold!‘ Later, when they beached the SS Apollo against the derelict Cunard pier at the lower tip of Manhattanp 7 HA 1981
you!‘ He almost tipped Wayne from his hammock. Steadying himself against the metal ceiling, Wayne gazed at McNair's inflamed beard. Anp 7 HA 1981
clearly exhausted by the seven-week voyage across, the Atlantic, laboured against the slack coastal water. Annoyed with himself -- already hep 8 HA 1981
with him. On either side of him people were pressed against the rail, ignoring the spray whipped up by the rustyp 15 HA 1981
But now the serene, far-away look had returned. She leaned against Ricci's arm, and even had time for a reassuring smilep 16 HA 1981
other through the shafts of overbright sunlight. Wayne steadied himself against the ventilator, trying to identify this curious presentiment of dangerp 16 HA 1981
mass of churning bubbles dissolved in the water that swilled against the hull. Lying on her back beside the ship, likep 20 HA 1981
baggage, a clutch of hopes and ambitions to be bartered against the possibilities of this new land. McNair was thinking ofp 24 HA 1981
he stood alone on his bridge, pressing his tired back against the spokes of the helm. Out of curiosity he hadp 31 HA 1981
Can't you control your crew? Captain!‘ But Steiner leaned amiably against the helm, like a tolerant gondolier watching a party ofp 33 HA 1981
from the effort of climbing the sand-hills. As he leaned against the dusty eyes of a traffic light there was ap 36 HA 1981
of respect, Orlowski took off his Stetson and held it against his plump chest. ‘Nothing but desert, probably all the wayp 41 HA 1981
the admonitory instructions below the General Motors medallion, the warnings against excessive acceleration, speeds above thirty miles an hour, unnecessary brakingp 43 HA 1981
terrace of the hotel, and watched the evening light fade against the cerise facades of the Trenton office blocks. These desertp 60 HA 1981
drive, and disappeared among the dusty date palms that leaned against a neon sign whose letters were still legible in thep 61 HA 1981
hands and casually ignoring the rifle which he had propped against the diving-board. The three nomads, their woman crouched behind themp 63 HA 1981
that same hard gaze, the same glint of white teeth against the dark desert. The Oval Office For the next tenp 69 HA 1981
voice shouting in the corridor outside. Wayne felt himself pinned against the desk. Orlowski had seized his elbows in a powerfulp 82 HA 1981
Ricci has started to use a little of the face-cream against the sun, and I've suggested that we all follow suitp 93 HA 1981
Corral, to settle for once and for all his grievance against the human race. August 28. Topeka, Kansas. Interstate 70 Anp 95 HA 1981
few weeks before he died. But Ricci just sat back against an old juke box, staring at me glassily. The onlyp 96 HA 1981
Steiner has finally abandoned us. One moment he was leaning against a pump in a filling station forecourt, the next hep 96 HA 1981
Target practice, Wayne. Take care ...‘ Sitting in the dim light against the bar, Anne Summers raised a warning hand. Through thep 97 HA 1981
water, Paul‘ Angrily, Wayne rapped the butt of his rifle against the door panel of the replica Boot Hill stage-coach parkedp 98 HA 1981
and jerrican on the ground, he sat down and rested against a now indecipherable headstone. He looked at the town belowp 100 HA 1981
first seen in Stagecoach? Unaware of the exhausted youth slumped against the gravestone far below him, the giant hitched his gunbeltp 101 HA 1981
the theme park saloons of Dodge City. Wayne lay back against the gravestone, certain that he was kept alive by hisp 102 HA 1981
window and peered down at the exhausted young man slumped against his tombstone. No longer surprised by anything he saw, Waynep 103 HA 1981
the engineer's seat, their infant son asleep in his goggles against her breast. Pepsodent's powerful Ford Galaxy brought up the rearp 106 HA 1981
the grotesque painted masks clearly intended for more than protection against the sun, whatever Wayne and Anne maintained, together warned himp 110 HA 1981
Wayne pointed to the ragged white aprons that were draped against the steep ridges cutting the roof of the sky ap 114 HA 1981
River. A thousand feet below them, its flocculent canopy lay against the waists of the mountains, and stretched across Utah andp 115 HA 1981
hot metal hood of the Chrysler, spitting like angry insects against the furnace door. McNair pulled out the glowing fire-box shovelp 116 HA 1981
bumper behind them, the awed faces of the Indians pressed against their windshields like those of beggars at a banquet. ‘Comep 122 HA 1981
here.‘ Paco glanced at the comic -- Batman and Robin against the Cat-woman -- and tossed it into the waste basketp 134 HA 1981
was checking a line of steel-blue electronic consoles set up against one wall. Although the windows looked out on the lightsp 134 HA 1981
remote-control TV unit in the other. The blue light trembled against his white skin, and gave it a look of engorgedp 135 HA 1981
expertise ...‘ I listened to him as the rain beat steadily against the dark foliage. I knew I was rationalising my doubtsp 154 HA 1981
vast machine of prey, outstretched wings and silver dagger emblazoned against the sun. With a nasal bleat it thrashed itself intop 158 HA 1981
did, my boy.‘ The old man rested his grey head against Nixon's shoulder, as if comforting his prodigal son. ‘It's ap 170 HA 1981
the starboard wing above his head. As his fingers splayed against the transparent pane a ripple of stress lines trembled inp 176 HA 1981
staircases of light that beckoned to the glass aeroplane straining against its guy-ropes. Wayne gripped the arms of his wheelchair, quietlyp 177 HA 1981
other the rockets streaked towards the apartment house and impacted against the glass curtain-walling. A flock of agitated birds rose fromp 180 HA 1981
of the Dunes and Paradise Hotels. Silhouetted like striped fish against the sky, three reconnaissance planes moved from west to eastp 187 HA 1981
in a palace coup, and the defence of Las Vegas against its real and imaginary enemies was being conducted by Pacop 190 HA 1981
hidden out in the jungle, he's ready to use them against the expedition fleet at Malibu.‘ In a moment of furyp 192 HA 1981
Anne Summers as she gripped the steering wheel, shocked face against her wrists. ‘It's gone now we'll get McNair into thep 193 HA 1981
Anne Summers, he lay in a darkened bedroom, blinds drawn against the ever more livid neon light from the city belowp 194 HA 1981
as their barely conscious patient sipped at the tea-cup held against his singed beard by Pepsodent. ‘Perhaps the guidance systems arep 195 HA 1981
He stood back from the roulette table, pressing the pistol against his hip, like an intelligent child who has stayed upp 206 HA 1981
tracked it for the last time, a point of gold against the morning. Manson sat back exultantly, nodding to Paco. ‘Comep 209 HA 1981
of the cruises had gone. Exhausted, Wayne leaned one shoulder against the table and watched the roulette wheel rotate in frontp 211 HA 1981
Boulder Highway into Fremont Street and parked nose to nose against the Malibu tanks. Cautious, bearded men in caftans and thigh-lengthp 213 HA 1981
monoplane with striped fuselage, it came in from the sky against the wind and touched down in little more than itsp 214 HA 1981
and defused in its empty niche. No city was marked against it! With relief he blurted: ‘Mr President, there's nothing therep 215 HA 1981
and casinos. But the blades of the gunships were turning against the sky, the prayer wheels of a sinister machine religionp 220 HA 1981
all theme parks. Wayne could hear his flat voice boom against the facades of the hotels down the Strip, and seep 222 HA 1981
the doors, at the thudding Presidential feet. Wayne flattened himself against the steps, left hand cuffed to the tennis player's bronzep 226 HA 1981
gaze. ‘Paco, we can still ...‘ Manson stood up, and slipped against the helicopter control consoles. The cockpit pictures swerved eerily, ap 227 HA 1981
splendid fur coat, her baby in a sable muff propped against the open hatch. Feet apart, Steiner stood in the emptyp 229 HA 1981
jacket, he once more resembled a ship's captain, legs braced against the coming storm. Under the mariner's cap his face hadp 229 HA 1981
Hawk. Far away to Wayne's right, McNair's plaster cast hung against the sky like a melting icicle that had fallen fromp 235 HA 1981
and soared away. Franklin walked to the car and leaned against the roof, catching his breath. The old man was quietp 1014 NFS 1981
experienced future left here as some kind of psychic deposit against his treatment's probable failure. After an outraged Dr Vaisey insistedp 1016 NFS 1981
walked on the moon and the last to hold out against the fugues -- all the early astronauts had long sincep 1019 NFS 1981
that he could almost touch with his hands. Steadying himself against the hard pavement under his feet, he turned to followp 1022 NFS 1981
original objects Slade had added a small chromium pistol. Deciding against the wristwatch, he tossed it into the waste basket. ‘Ip 1028 NFS 1981
by a sheer effort of will, by a sustained anger against the very dimensions of time and space. ‘This time, doctorp 1028 NFS 1981
fugues were coming at fifteen-minute intervals. He found himself leaning against a rusting pump-head. Huge pipes emerged thirstlessly from the forgottenp 1030 NFS 1981
at the same moment. He stood up and steadied himself against the air. The hills undulated around him, the copulating bodiesp 1030 NFS 1981
terraces of Soleri II, its concrete architecture a reassuring shoulder against the light. An old man sat on a terrace acrossp 1031 NFS 1981
She held his wristwatch in her hand, and pressed it against his forehead. ‘ ... wake, doctor. Come back just once ...‘ ‘Ursula, you'rep 1034 NFS 1981
the piazza. ‘Slade's been here. He's taken Dad!‘ She swayed against the mirror as Franklin dressed. He searched unsteadily for ap 1034 NFS 1981
and Ursula would escape from time for ever. Franklin leaned against the rim of the washbasin, no longer recognizing the monk-likep 1034 NFS 1981
to follow me.‘ At the city gates he steadied her against the portico, trying to rub a few more seconds ofp 1035 NFS 1981
dream-like violence of Slade's propeller. He fell to his knees against the nearest of the mirrors as the engine clattered intop 1035 NFS 1981
mirrors. Turning from the cockpit, he brushed his sunburnt shoulder against the starboard wing. He winced, and dropped the chromium pistolp 1035 NFS 1981
I left her on the runways for you.‘ Franklin swayed against the brightening air. Trippett was still conducting the propeller, impatientp 1036 NFS 1981
glazed everything around him. Slade was a naked angel pinioned against the stained glass of the air. ‘Doctor? I could savep 1036 NFS 1981
touching and romantic, but far less so in the thirties against a background of real failure and despair. His last threep 110 UGM 1982
reached the wheels of the Cessna, kicking spurs of spray against the fuselage. Tirelessly, the dark night-water sluiced its luminous foamp 1061 MNF 1982
a hundred yards from the aircraft. The young driver stood against the windshield, shouting at Sheppard over her headlamps. Sheppard releasedp 1063 MNF 1982
Holding its image to his mind, he forced the door against the flood and jumped down into the waist-deep water asp 1063 MNF 1982
obsession with pornography. Sitting in the darkened bedroom, blinds drawn against the festering sunlight that clung to the balconies of thep 1066 MNF 1982
this huge hemisphere, its curvatures splayed between Sheppard's fingers, glowed against the walls and ceiling of the bedroom. Eventually, even thep 1066 MNF 1982
hospital beds. Martinsen had abandoned his post at the clinic, against the open criticism of his colleagues and allegations of misconductp 1067 MNF 1982
of the sun was taking place. The light flickered, trembling against the window. Lying on the bed, Sheppard saw the profilep 1072 MNF 1982
plumed hair projected on to the plastic blinds. Bracing himself against the eager morning sunlight, and any unpleasant phobic rush, Sheppardp 1072 MNF 1982
air. The painted figure of a winged woman was silhouetted against the sun's disc, arms outstretched across the canvas panels. Herp 1072 MNF 1982
the road reversed its camber. He stopped to steady himself against the roof of an abandoned car. His retinas smarted, stungp 1073 MNF 1982
a hundred outlines superimposed upon one another. His feet drummed against the floor, sending the same rapid eddies through his legsp 1074 MNF 1982
face the sun. ‘Were you trying to fly?‘ Sheppard sat against the wall beside his bed, arms held tight like crippledp 1075 MNF 1982
the eyes -- and the mind.‘ Sheppard pressed his face against the cool wall, wondering how to get rid of thisp 1076 MNF 1982
of the police car faded through the forest, Sheppard rested against the steering wheel of the Plymouth. He had reached thep 1079 MNF 1982
he had seen from the Cessna, its luminous facade glowing against the foliage. Sheppard hesitated by the water's edge, and thenp 1081 MNF 1982
slope towards them. A giant butterfly spread its harlequin wings against the air, halted in midflight. Avoiding it, Sheppard strode towardsp 1081 MNF 1982
circle the rusty gantries of Cape Kennedy. The sunlight flared against the pilot's helmet, illuminating the cat's-cradle of silver wires thatp 1037 MSA 1982
Above the causeway the gulls were wheeling in alarm, screaming against the sky. The powered glider side-slipped out of the airp 1042 MSA 1982
back to Titusville after dark. The forest floor was cool against his bare feet, but a soft light fell through thep 1043 MSA 1982
a long time ago. Besides, it's a million to one against him coming down here.‘ ‘That's not true. According to Hintonp 1047 MSA 1982
the Shuttle's delta wing fanned out above them, Mallory swayed against the rail. Exhausted by the climb, he tried to pumpp 1052 MSA 1982
at Hinton. But Hinton had already gone. His feet rang against the metal staircase. As he took off in the Fokkerp 1053 MSA 1982
flesh quickened in Mallory's nose. His right calf was pressed against the exhaust manifold of the idling Yamaha. Charred fragments ofp 1057 MSA 1982
giving her blonde hair an ash-like whiteness. The heat flared against Mallory's sallow face as he searched the aircraft for anyp 1059 MSA 1982
of the stairway. The flames from the burning aircraft wavered against their faces, as if they were already moving through thep 1059 MSA 1982
wars. At night the same silent films seemed to flicker against the wall of his bedroom in Amherst Avenue, and transformedp 11 ES 1984
the Chinese people to ever greater sacrifices in their struggle against the Japanese. A faint light, reflected from a faulty neonp 14 ES 1984
holster himself one day, feel the enormous Webley revolver press against his thigh. Among the shirts in his father's wardrobe Jimp 22 ES 1984
it too. In 1937, at the start of the war against China, two hundred Japanese marines had come up the riverp 24 ES 1984
of dead soldiers sat side by side with their heads against the torn earth, as if they had fallen asleep togetherp 32 ES 1984
coffin decked with paper flowers. Arms linked together, they lurched against the radiator grille of the Packard and swayed past Jim'sp 37 ES 1984
Jim climbed on to the window ledge and pressed himself against the plate glass. Two picket-boats had set out from thep 41 ES 1984
through his megaphone. Laughing to himself, Jim drummed his palms against the window. None of the American officers were on boardp 41 ES 1984
Americans? Jim knew that they were wasting their time. Standing against the window with his arms outstretched, he tried to rememberp 42 ES 1984
the Petrel. The pressure wave of this detonating round cracked against the hotels of the Bund, and the heavy plate glassp 42 ES 1984
swivelled jerkily around an abandoned tram, and crushed a rickshaw against a telegraph pole. Sprung loose from the wreckage, a warpedp 45 ES 1984
if hunting for the vanished craft. Jim's father lay back against the mud. Jim squatted beside him. The noise of thep 49 ES 1984
linked the two wings, blocked by heaps of sandbags packed against the windows in 1937 to protect them from stray shellsp 54 ES 1984
Francais the vendors locked wheels as they jostled their carts against each other, lines of pedicabs and rickshaws ten abreast hemmedp 56 ES 1984
mirror in the downstairs cloakroom. As his front tyre trembled against the smudged glass Jim shouted at his excited reflection. Thep 67 ES 1984
the front wheel and straightened the forks by bending them against the balcony railing. He tested the cycle in the drawing-roomp 76 ES 1984
as if all the Americans and Europeans had been murdered against their front doors. The Japanese occupation forces were too busyp 80 ES 1984
begun to circle their buoys. The river no longer pressed against the boom of freighters. For a few moments the surfacep 90 ES 1984
waves, made him feel giddy again, and he steadied himself against a waterlogged sampan that bumped against the pier. Looking upp 90 ES 1984
and he steadied himself against a waterlogged sampan that bumped against the pier. Looking up at the decaying freighter, Jim steppedp 90 ES 1984
and its rusty hull creaked and sang. The plates sawed against each other, and the trailing hawsers swung across the foredeckp 91 ES 1984
sailor pulled him roughly into the dinghy, jarring his knees against the brass portholes. He sat Jim upright and fingered hisp 92 ES 1984
metal cabin behind the bridge. Faint with hunger, Jim swayed against the door frame. A familiar scent hung in the airp 93 ES 1984
reached out a powdered hand and gently pressed his thumb against the hunger tic that jumped across the left corner ofp 95 ES 1984
be useful.‘ Jim finished his stew and sat back contentedly against the metal wall. He could remember none of his mealsp 97 ES 1984
out. But Basie pressed the back of his powdered hand against Jim's mouth. ‘Quiet, Jim. Silence is a good friend top 104 ES 1984
good friend to a boy.‘ Jim rested his swaying head against Basie's shoulder. They embarked on a rambling journey through thep 104 ES 1984
journey through the narrow streets. Hundreds of Chinese faces pressed against the windows as they edged between the rickshaw and buffalop 104 ES 1984
hall. He stood on the top step, a Mauser holster against his stocky thigh. Frank was trying to reverse the truckp 107 ES 1984
polished boots of the Japanese sergeant, whose angry thighs rapped against his holster. The soldiers had trapped Frank within the cabinp 107 ES 1984
a smile and patted his head. Quickly he sat down against the wall, his cadaverous face turned to the damp cementp 113 ES 1984
Jim, he moved his mat from the English soldier dying against the wall. Within a week he had recovered enough ofp 115 ES 1984
shoulders of the two boys. Sergeant Uchida pressed his fingers against Jim's grimy forehead. With his constant bowing and smiling, hisp 122 ES 1984
to engulf him. He dusted the map and spread it against the fender of the truck, shrugging hopelessly at the mazep 124 ES 1984
clambered forward to the camouflaged driving cabin. He steadied himself against the pitching roof, and ignored the stream of oaths hurledp 125 ES 1984
spray cooled Jim's face, but the driver's fist drummed warningly against the door, and Jim knew that he was deciding whenp 130 ES 1984
English boys as they slipped from Basie's grasp and swayed against the missionary woman. He helped Jim from the floor. ‘Goodp 131 ES 1984
and sat beside Mrs Hug, who supported her aged father against her breast. Two of the missionary women lay on thep 132 ES 1984
up and shouted. But the Japanese guard pushed him roughly against the bench. The soldiers on the railway platform sat amidp 133 ES 1984
was a minor eccentricity shared by their wives. Jim leaned against the roof of the driving cabin. Aware of the gapp 137 ES 1984
of urine at their husbands‘ feet. The English brothers huddled against Basie while Mrs Hug leaned on her father's knees. Deliberatelyp 143 ES 1984
women. Her husband sat beside her on the floor, leaning against Dr Ransome's legs. Eager to catch sight of the freighterp 144 ES 1984
As it fell with a clatter he rattled his stave against the swinging chains. He shouted at the prisoners and wavedp 144 ES 1984
tailplanes of a row of parked aircraft, feathers of bone against the darkening air. Jim studied the aircraft, recognizing the plumpp 156 ES 1984
held the tattered garment together. Before the war finally turned against the Japanese, Private Kimura often invited Jim to the bungalowp 163 ES 1984
An aircraft was taking off from Lunghua Airfield, clearly silhouetted against the yellow facades of the apartment houses in the Frenchp 164 ES 1984
Private Kimura called to his companion. He leaned his rifle against the pine fencing-post, stepped through the wire and stood inp 165 ES 1984
rations had failed, few men. However, if he fought back against Kimura he would be dead. He calmed himself, calculating thep 166 ES 1984
Jim envied the reptile its massive shell, a private fortress against the world. From below his bunk he pulled out ap 175 ES 1984
the open road, staring at the barbed-wire gates being strengthened against them. The first of these impoverished people had appeared threep 179 ES 1984
back, the warm plate like a piece of the sun against his chest. He felt drowsy, but at the same timep 182 ES 1984
that carried the Zeros and Hayates into the air war against the Americans. Jim was well aware that his commitment top 188 ES 1984
Airfield, which they used as their base for suicide missions against the American carriers in the East China Sea. Neither Privatep 189 ES 1984
Japanese had closed the camp school as a cunning reprisal against the parents, who were trapped all day with their offspringp 190 ES 1984
of attacking planes had swept across the airfield. Clearly visible against the apartment houses of the French Concession, they flew towardsp 192 ES 1984
Is anyone else dead?‘ ‘Let's hope not.‘ Dr Ransome leaned against the balustrade, and fanned the dust from his beard withp 195 ES 1984
fence. Jim stood on the rotting steps, flexing his shoes against the bamboo rods. He had been tempted to snatch thep 197 ES 1984
the Pacific area this new tactic might turn the war against the Americans and so save Lunghua Camp. He drummed hisp 210 ES 1984
at Woosung?‘ But Basie was preoccupied. He rested his head against the pillow and stared at the contents of the cubiclep 218 ES 1984
Around him the Americans were leaving their cubicles and pressing against the windows. Demarest pointed to the columns of smoke thatp 222 ES 1984
the rickshaw and kicked the wooden seat, hurling the vehicle against the coolie's legs. At the centre of the parade groundp 227 ES 1984
land from the dockyards of Nantao. A Japanese troopship leaned against the mud-flats, bombed again and again until Jim could seep 233 ES 1984
after the rumour that the Russians had entered the war against Japan, Sergeant Nagata and his soldiers withdrew to the guardhousep 234 ES 1984
outside the gates now clutched a white tennis racquet. Lounging against their vehicles, the soldiers and NCOs of the gendarmerie watchedp 242 ES 1984
at the surface of the flooded paddies. Anti-aircraft fire flickered against the windows of the office buildings along the Bund, andp 244 ES 1984
drifted past the burnt-out hulk of an armoured junk beached against the opposite bank. Jim was glad to lie down. Hep 246 ES 1984
yet dreamed of by the war. Jim propped his head against Mr Maxted's chest. The rapid flashes of the air raidsp 260 ES 1984
at the northern end of the football pitch. Supporting himself against Mr Maxted's shoulder, Jim surveyed the hundreds of men andp 261 ES 1984
grass, staring at the exit tunnel. The shallow sunlight veered against the concrete walls from the deserted parking lot. Already onep 271 ES 1984
rice scattered towards him by the Japanese soldiers. Jim leaned against the metal rail and looked down at the parking lotp 272 ES 1984
mango's milky sap, Jim slid to the ground, his back against the drop-tank. He stared at the level surface of thep 282 ES 1984
his abortive attempt to walk to Shanghai. He now lounged against the gates, picking at an infected bruise on his lipp 292 ES 1984
spent ammunition clips and the tatters of old infantry boots. Against the rear wall of the commandant's office were stacked dozensp 295 ES 1984
the commandant's office. Jim helped himself to the cans stacked against the wall. He made a quick meal of Spam andp 306 ES 1984
going?‘ ‘G Block, Mr Tulloch ...‘ Gasping for breath, Jim leaned against the Opel's shaking fender. In the doorway of the guardhousep 309 ES 1984
crossed the road and entered the parking lot. Price leaned against a trackless tank, and spat the prison phlegm from hisp 313 ES 1984
awake was all-important, as Jim knew. He propped his feet against the ammunition boxes on the floor of the car, thenp 318 ES 1984
his lips until his eyes brightened. Next to the Frenchman, against the right-hand passenger door, sat the coolie with the bamboop 318 ES 1984
mess. The Frenchman wandered back from the village and leaned against Basie's window. ‘Nothing -- not even one piece of shitp 323 ES 1984
to the south of Lunghua. The shabby, single-storey houses huddled against the walls of a ceramics factory, like the mediaeval dwellingsp 325 ES 1984
junk sailed along the canal, its engines drumming like fists against the wooden hull. Jim could see clearly the fresh pleatsp 327 ES 1984
soared over the heads of the fleeing villagers and burst against the roofs of the houses. At a signal from thep 328 ES 1984
a gloomy air lay over the slack tide that swilled against the beach. The glowing barrel of the Kuomintang howitzer behindp 330 ES 1984
barrel of the Kuomintang howitzer behind the Pootung mole flickered against Jim's knuckles as he held the steering wheel of thep 330 ES 1984
by the Japanese. Collaborating with the Nationalists, though sometimes fighting against them, were the remnants of the puppet armies, groups ofp 331 ES 1984
from the crutch of his overall. His narrow shoulders stirred against the crushed grass, trying to animate his useless arms. Jimp 339 ES 1984
images, which were barely strong enough to hold their own against the neon signs and strip lighting on the hotel andp 346 ES 1984
-- she is strongly for the former, I as strongly against the latter ... I suspect that her patients are suffering forp 1090 OOA 1984
I arrived. Henson paced around his office, pressing his hands against the bookshelves and re-arranging the furniture, as if not trustingp 1094 OOA 1984
There was a therapeutic aspect, of which he convinced me against my better judgement. The contortions seemed to mimic his epilepsyp 1097 OOA 1984
Sahara. As always, he urges the combatants to join forces against the real enemy, pushing an anti-Soviet, church-militant line that makesp 1098 OOA 1984
Stamford has returned to earth to lead a moral crusade against atheistic Marxism, a Second Coming that has launched the 13thp 1098 OOA 1984
sets and painted panels from a discontinued science-fiction series leaned against the walls in a dusty jumble. I entered the aislep 1099 OOA 1984
Hall. In his televised speech he called for a crusade against the evil empire of the non-Christian world, for the constructionp 1100 OOA 1984
camera window, and listen to him urge his nuclear jihad against the forces of the anti-Christ. From that narrow but neverp 1100 OOA 1984
resented this, but soon she and my mother teamed up against me. They became impatient with the hours I spent delayingp 1106 MWM 1985
as if he were a camel driver posing for pennies against a backdrop of the pyramids. I ordered a small brandyp 1107 MWM 1985
its office messengers and lottery touts, the off-duty taxi-drivers leaning against their cars. ‘It was just like being here.‘ ‘So ...‘ Ip 1110 MWM 1985
a dank emergency stairway. Exhausted by the effort, Scranton swayed against the door. He wiped the spit from his mouth ontop 1111 MWM 1985
I lay on the broken mattress, trying to steady myself against the promises and threats of this invisible channel. As onp 7 DC 1987
when I approached. In the darkness the ivory dust played against the beach in a ghostly surf. Nomads had built smallp 7 DC 1987
whiteness of the dust which the night air had washed against the flattened tyres. From the tower of the drilling rigp 17 DC 1987
circuit of Port-la-Nouvelle. The drone of its elderly engines shivered against the galvanized roofs of the warehouses, a vague murmur ofp 25 DC 1987
trucks rolled past, their wheels driving a storm of dust against the windows of the beer parlour. As they passed Mrsp 27 DC 1987
walked to the wingtip of the Dakota, running my hand against the weather-worn trailing edge of this elderly aircraft. I nowp 31 DC 1987
failed to put up any great fight, but lay passively against the tractor's scoop, a gnarled mass of dead roots somep 39 DC 1987
ironic that I should find fulfilment in an unnecessary struggle against an imaginary disease. But I was then transferred to thep 42 DC 1987
keeping Sanger in Port-la-Nouvelle, probably to publicize his bush war against the guerillas. ‘This means that Sanger will be staying onp 44 DC 1987
statue of a new Ozymandias ... A cloud of grit swept against my legs as one of the police trucks stopped outsidep 45 DC 1987
with a clear fluid. I reached the rig and rested against the wooden frame. Looking down into the bore, I feltp 46 DC 1987
that the well was still dry. I pressed my head against the fire-scarred platform, staring at the charred timbers that hadp 46 DC 1987
my hands, I could feel the pressure of a current against my legs. I was standing in a jungle stream morep 48 DC 1987
her flying suit. The remaining members of the team leaned against sections of the satellite dish, watching this quarrel with dourp 50 DC 1987
had concealed itself among the overhanging branches that thrust themselves against my chest. I pushed them aside, and waded through thep 52 DC 1987
into the bed of the stream. He held the craft against the current, staring at my modest efforts with an expressionp 55 DC 1987
time. As Mr Pal will tell you, the geology is against you. Anyway, this stream will soon cease to exist, oncep 56 DC 1987
by all this, I seized the ladle. Her arm pressed against mine, and I felt the tension of a fierce bodyp 66 DC 1987
extending far beyond the line of drilling rigs, those water-mills against which I had tilted. A skiff was moored to thep 68 DC 1987
been loosened by the ceaseless passage of water. She paddled against the current with strong, impatient movements, obviously suspicious of myp 69 DC 1987
took the ill-typed documents from his unsteady hand. Sanger leaned against Mr Pal, his face as pallid as the bone-like surfacep 71 DC 1987
assault on this ever-growing river, recruiting three elements of nature against the fourth. Earth, air and fire would be brought top 73 DC 1987
formed between myself and this strange waterway. The cot trembled against my back, the castors turning on the stone floor asp 79 DC 1987
the veranda. A child's head emerged into view, hands raised against this fusillade of blows. Poupee flailed at her shoulders, knockingp 80 DC 1987
twelve-year-old?‘ ‘I like to think so.‘ Mrs Warrender settled me against the pillow. ‘It's a good thing you're leaving, doctor. I'llp 82 DC 1987
and then slid a bottle-top into the bulb, pressing it against the underside so that the red letters of the medallionp 89 DC 1987
looked up at the imposing figure of Captain Kagwa silhouetted against the sun, aware of how much the river had risenp 90 DC 1987
into the flood. On both sides the dense forest crowded against the water's edge. The overhead canopy was richer and morep 92 DC 1987
We can hold back the desert, and begin our advance against the Sahara.‘ ‘So you think the river will last?‘ ‘Ofp 93 DC 1987
-- carried by this river, black Africa will move north against the Arab world.‘ He sat back, arms outstretched to touchp 93 DC 1987
sergeant had released the handbrake and thrown the two men against the diesel drums. I dressed the abrasions on their scalpsp 96 DC 1987
with me. Now, where's the rifle?‘ I placed the oar against my shoulder, aiming the handle at the sentry. ‘The riflep 101 DC 1987
his looted calculator watch. The ferry swayed sideways and drifted against the white hull of the restaurant barge, but the truckp 102 DC 1987
the helm, and then strode alongside, beating the rifle butt against the ancient plates of the hull. Crouching behind the fuelp 103 DC 1987
world without time. For six days we had moved upstream, against a slow amber current that slid smoothly between the forestp 106 DC 1987
would no longer steer. Fortunately, the pressure of the current against the hull soon freed the keel. Around us raced thep 107 DC 1987
while the current swirled past us, whispering its little warnings against the hull, as if confiding to Noon. We were trappedp 109 DC 1987
she lay asleep, one eye wide open, her cheek rested against the bullet hole in the black upholstery. Careful not top 110 DC 1987
trap the birds and small mammals. The Lee-Enfield rifle leaned against the helm. I pulled back the bolt, ejecting the spentp 111 DC 1987
river swept by, enveloped in its great calm, fingers tapping against the steel hull of the Salammbo, reassuring me that allp 111 DC 1987
the Salammbo, reassuring me that all was well. I swayed against the rail, still lightheaded after my night's sleep. I wasp 111 DC 1987
submerged sand-bars. Then, when the deep water began to surge against the bows, I felt the deck rear upwards against myp 119 DC 1987
surge against the bows, I felt the deck rear upwards against my feet, as if the diesel had broken loose fromp 119 DC 1987
the river, and fleeing out into the desert. Kagwa leaned against his lap-strap and loosened the buckle of his holster. Thep 124 DC 1987
scarred heel touched the deck. Captain Kagwa braced his feet against the gantry. I saw his hand move to the heavyp 127 DC 1987
and I heard the bullet strike the funnel. It shattered against the cast-iron casing, and a small fragment hit the sidep 127 DC 1987
back. Still shaking with panic, I tried to steady myself against the helm, steering the ferry away from the submerged sand-banksp 129 DC 1987
roar of the Salammbo's engine, the clicking rush of water against the hull plates, and my own anger at the riverp 129 DC 1987
the car and closed the door. She sat back, head against the bullet hole in the seat, clasping a cassette betweenp 130 DC 1987
French commanding officer, the bows sent a gust of spray against the galvanized iron panels. Then the helicopter lowered its nosep 131 DC 1987
heard the machine-gun fire a short burst. A bullet rang against the steel hull and another kicked the last of thep 131 DC 1987
his chest. I snapped down the bolt, steadying the barrel against the doorpost of the wheelhouse. Kagwa looked back at hisp 133 DC 1987
She had crawled between the front seats and now crouched against the driver's door, the cassette pressed to her lips. Shep 134 DC 1987
her elbow away from me. She tapped the cassette rapidly against her teeth, as if trying to talk to me byp 134 DC 1987
exhausted to hold the helm. The pressure of the current against the ferry's rudder almost forced me on to my kneesp 138 DC 1987
Noon gnawed the nail of her thumb, tapping her foot against the rifle stock, as if wondering how to shoot mep 144 DC 1987
my own sweat. Trying not to frighten Noon, I leaned against the body of the limousine. From the rear seat rosep 147 DC 1987
its helmsman sitting with his back to the tiller. Slumped against the wooden seat, he steered the launch with his slimp 148 DC 1987
wall in two dust-caked monitor screens. Mr Pal sat back against the tiller, staring stiffly at this beach on which hep 148 DC 1987
he scrummaged about in the debris, and then heaved himself against the tiller beside Mr Pal, who spoke a few wordsp 149 DC 1987
put, doctor, that describes it exactly ...‘ Nodding sagely, Sanger leaned against Mr Pal as they sat propped together against the enginep 151 DC 1987
Sanger leaned against Mr Pal as they sat propped together against the engine locker. Sanger nudged the Indian, urging him top 151 DC 1987
the Indian, urging him to continue. His sun-blistered face lay against Mr Pal's shoulder, eyes hidden behind the dark glasses. Forp 151 DC 1987
back into my thighs. I listened to the river drumming against the rusty pylons of the tower, and began to countp 154 DC 1987
the rapid beating of my heart, as it thrust itself against my ribcage like a creature frantic to escape its penp 155 DC 1987
helped to create, together left me unable to rally myself against anything but a direct physical assault. The unspoken threat inp 155 DC 1987
to pain and thirst, to the sun and the air. Against my thighs, I felt the smooth rush of water betweenp 156 DC 1987
game than the car ferry -- any action he took against me for firing a bullet through the helicopter's pontoon wouldp 156 DC 1987
the launch Sanger and Mr Pal were still sitting together against the engine-locker, two Alice-like figures stranded in this backwater ofp 156 DC 1987
channel I felt the powerful shoulder of the Mallory press against the vessel's hull. The steady surge of darker water beneathp 160 DC 1987
within a few minutes. The sergeant stood amidships, legs braced against the wooden frame-boards, loudhailer raised to his chin. Mr Palp 164 DC 1987
ferry sheered across the stream, and a huge wave rolled against the wheelhouse. The motor-launch lashed to the port side rosep 165 DC 1987
Harare's guerilla force stood behind the driver. They steadied themselves against a machine-gun mounted on the roll-bar above the driver's headp 165 DC 1987
to embrace her, and felt her sternum throbbing with fear against my ribs, a hammer pumped by her heart, but shep 166 DC 1987
drift across an island of reeds. The serrated fronds rasped against the hull, scraping away the layers of rust and mudp 169 DC 1987
formed the northern wall of the lagoon. The reeds rasped against the hull, thrusting at my face through the broken windowsp 171 DC 1987
the fuel manifold, and the unending pressure of the helm against my arms had together drained half the blood and musclep 172 DC 1987
Pal's eyes --!‘ Sanger crouched under the awning, swaying feebly against the guy ropes. Burning tinder crackled in the stove onp 172 DC 1987
hunting on elephant-back, rallying her lions, leading the cowed villagers against a gang of white slave-traders. These hackneyed images seemed top 177 DC 1987
Mr Pal is dead!‘ ‘Mal! Doc Mal!‘ Noon's fist rapped against the wheelhouse, rousing me from this confused reverie. Sanger wasp 179 DC 1987
heads. When I engaged the reversing gear the diesel juddered against the walls of the engine pit, shaking the wheelhouse likep 181 DC 1987
in the driving seat of the Mercedes with her fist against her chin. She flicked at the controls, as if calculatingp 181 DC 1987
back across the wheelhouse floor. I pressed my right foot against Mr Pal's chest, forcing the botanist back on to thep 181 DC 1987
voyage to its home port. The waves clicked and tutted against the hull, as if regretting that its rusting plates andp 182 DC 1987
listening for any sounds of Kagwa's helicopter. The wavelets chattered against the hull, dribbling their half-forgotten messages, their whispered secrets whichp 182 DC 1987
would once have owed to the dying botanist. I stood against the helm, clasping it to my bare chest, feeling thep 183 DC 1987
the Captain may forgive you.‘ Losing his footing, he slumped against the oil drums. Noon stepped out of his way. Shep 185 DC 1987
on to the source of the river? My hand lay against her cheek. I placed my arm around her shoulders, holdingp 185 DC 1987
ferry remained motionless in midstream. Aided by Noon, Sanger leaned against the radiator grille of the Mercedes, right hand fumbling atp 186 DC 1987
ship's following its compass.‘ ‘Turn back!‘ Sanger beat his palms against the deck, drumming out all his hatred of these rustingp 187 DC 1987
Dr Mallory?‘ I pushed his hands away, and threw him against the oil drums. As I freed myself from his thrashingp 187 DC 1987
across the river. Head down, nails tapping a frantic semaphore against her teeth, Noon took refuge in the rear seat ofp 188 DC 1987
on the current, rocked by the faint swell, waves clicking against the hull as if waiting their time. Behind me Mrp 188 DC 1987
drums, and waited there among the barred shadows. I backed against the metal cabinets, my feet crushing a dusty cassette. Ip 189 DC 1987
around us. I steadied myself as the metal cabinets scraped against each other, looking round for some means of escape. Ip 190 DC 1987
reapplied the handbrake of the Mercedes, pitching the heavy car against its guy ropes. ‘ ... the river as ecological stereotype, saved byp 190 DC 1987
voyage, I shut down the engine and moored the ferry against the western bank. Bands of cerise cloud crossed the skyp 191 DC 1987
stung the sores on my lips and gums. I leaned against the Mercedes, trying to stiffen my unsteady legs. At myp 191 DC 1987
the cases of film equipment. Faint with hunger, I swayed against the car. I finished the last of the whisky, andp 193 DC 1987
I reflected, was waterlogged. Leaning through the window, my head against the metal grille, I saw a rubber dinghy approach thep 195 DC 1987
weight of the dusty limousine. I stood up, steadying myself against the door. Already I felt exhausted, but it was timep 195 DC 1987
companionway. ‘For God's sake ... Mrs Warrender!‘ I drummed my fist against the tempera breasts above my head, dislodging a plaster nipplep 196 DC 1987
then lifted me on to my shaky knees. Steadying myself against her muscular arms, I looked down at my gasping chestp 198 DC 1987
patient industry of the women above my head, I leaned against a padlocked door behind me. The latch jumped from itsp 200 DC 1987
I held the rifle across my chest, pressing the bolt against the sores on my breastbone in order to wake myselfp 202 DC 1987
on the water behind them, and the intense light pressed against their backs and the top of Mr Pal's head, asp 203 DC 1987
as harsh as a police photograph, of the crime committed against herself. ‘Nora, I understand ... you want to revenge yourself onp 206 DC 1987
and began to wave. Seeing me, and my empty hands against the sky, the soldier stopped and raised his head. Hep 209 DC 1987
lying in the stern. A crescent of damp earth lay against the bright steel like the first instalment of another gravep 210 DC 1987
my palms for the labour to come, I rubbed them against my hips. An open wound stung against my hand. Lookingp 211 DC 1987
I rubbed them against my hips. An open wound stung against my hand. Looking down, I realized for the first timep 211 DC 1987
across their bars. ‘Fanny, we're sinking! Poupee!‘ The rifle propped against the bar toppled across Mrs Warrender's feet. A deep judderp 212 DC 1987
a small saloon car embedded in the soft slope. Resting against the fender, I listened to the steady rumble of ap 216 DC 1987
trading canoes which we passed had all been abandoned, lying against the exposed stilts of disused landing stages. The small migrantp 216 DC 1987
yards wide even in its shrunken form. The current pressing against the bows of the ferry showed no signs of flaggingp 216 DC 1987
only the mud-spattered Mercedes amidships, the Salammbo made strong progress against the modest current. Our only fuel consisted of the fewp 217 DC 1987
final berth. The harsh beat of an outboard motor drummed against the rusty door panels of the car. I crouched inp 218 DC 1987
brittle leaves were streaked with serrated yellow fibre that rasped against my arms. An overgrown path ran from an abandoned water-hoistp 218 DC 1987
blue landscape of the plateau, its silver back striking sparks against the rocky outcrops. Somewhere in the dark hills lay itsp 220 DC 1987
their weapons, they stepped into the sun and beckoned me against the mud-caked car. They stared at me with evident surprisep 221 DC 1987
boards of the open truck. Noon and a soldier leaned against the back of the driving cabin, the chalky dust ofp 222 DC 1987
elbow, I looked down at the slack surface that lay against the banks of mud. Half the Mallory was flowing throughp 223 DC 1987
with a length of cord. I leaned my bound wrists against her strong back, trying to read some sort of fellowp 225 DC 1987
paradise. Half these people are sick.‘ ‘Then use the river against Kagwa.‘ ‘How can I? The river has been Kagwa's mainp 228 DC 1987
from their post, urging them to give up the fight against the Captain's forces and to take my place in thep 231 DC 1987
to complete the Mallory barrage, partly as a strategic blow against Kagwa -- we would steal the river literally from underp 232 DC 1987
gravel, borne back by the rushing roar of the Mallory against the craft's hull. Then water drenched me from the stern-cockp 233 DC 1987
barrage Nora Warrender's floating brothel appeared in the pool. Silhouetted against the dark hills to the east, its white hull appearedp 235 DC 1987
the helm in her strong arms. They attempted to moor against the barrage, but were sent away by a patrol boatp 235 DC 1987
as she passed the jetty where the young sentries leaned against the radiator grille of the Mercedes. She raised her puntp 237 DC 1987
stream. The Arcade Peep-Show At dusk I found myself leaning against the helm in the wheelhouse of the Salammbo, the feverishp 242 DC 1987
through the barrage, and to the rattle of my cheekbone against the bullet-marked helm. An hour earlier, at the floating fieldp 242 DC 1987
among the village of small craft which had taken refuge against the barrage. Earlier, as the sounds of gunfire drew nearerp 243 DC 1987
television system. Lounging around the dance floor, their rifles leaning against the restaurant tables, they watched themselves on the screen abovep 243 DC 1987
stardom, the soldiers allowed Mrs Warrender to moor the Diana against the barrage. Followed by a flotilla of small craft, thep 244 DC 1987
small craft, the white liner of the night lay securely against the creaking dam, a veiled assassin pressing herself to herp 244 DC 1987
Unable to sleep on the sloping bunk -- feet pressed against the wall, I felt like a corpse in a bullet-riddledp 244 DC 1987
cheap dance-hall gown several sizes too large for her, leaned against the stem rail and breathed in the night air asp 248 DC 1987
at my head by one of the soldiers, and shattered against the brass step guard. I fumbled in the darkness forp 248 DC 1987
The ship swayed slightly, crowded by the small craft huddled against it. From the cracks in the barrage a hundred jetsp 249 DC 1987
its overheated decks. Stumbling over my own feet, I fell against the door of the cubicle which had served as Mrsp 249 DC 1987
flickered across the bed, as the jets of water cascaded against the window shutters, transforming the interior of this sweaty boudoirp 249 DC 1987
the remaining cabins, I lay across the mattress, my forehead against the brass bars of the headpiece, watching the light reflectedp 249 DC 1987
malarial sweat. In the trembling glimmer of the water jetting against the hull I saw the young whore's alarmed eyes asp 250 DC 1987
other child of the night. I felt the loose sequins against my lips, the flat of a small hand against myp 250 DC 1987
sequins against my lips, the flat of a small hand against my forehead releasing its pressure. The stuttering light transformed usp 250 DC 1987
her small face within my forearms. Her hands were trapped against my chest, but I felt her palms embrace me asp 250 DC 1987
illuminated the breech and barrel of the Lee-Enfield rifle propped against the wash-basin. Arcs of blue phosphorus were falling from thep 253 DC 1987
Stray bullets were striking the superstructure of the Diana, ringing against the iron rails and scattering the furniture on the restaurantp 253 DC 1987
There were shouts from the women, and a broom thudded against the planks. I realized that Nora Warrender was freeing herp 254 DC 1987
The mooring lines had parted, and the blackened cords smoked against the white cutwater, fuses lit beneath the skirts of thep 255 DC 1987
of the gilded princess of the bowsprit. The stern swung against the barrage, crushing the abandoned rafts and pontoons of thep 255 DC 1987
last performance. The entire ship was now alight and leaning against the barrage, its bows burned down to the water-line, andp 256 DC 1987
the Diana. The pilot directed the draught of his propellers against the burning ship, trying to drive it away from thep 256 DC 1987
away from the landing-craft. Bows submerged, the Diana drifted back against the barrage, as the lanterns and television tubes on thep 256 DC 1987
side, landing ramp open to the sky. I steadied myself against the foremast of the Salammbo, and searched the river-bed forp 257 DC 1987
garbage wall moving, the dim scraping of some buried air-conditioner against the keel plates, urging the Salammbo to resume its voyagep 258 DC 1987
push through the breaches in the dam. My long struggle against the river had at last come to an end, butp 259 DC 1987
seen the Mallory as a rival, and measured its current against my own ambition. Like a child, I had wanted top 259 DC 1987
upended world, was Professor Sanger. He sat with his knees against his chin, eyes hidden behind his sunglasses, still clutching hisp 261 DC 1987
my panting breath, and the clicking of the rifle sling against the empty magazine. ‘Mallory? Dr Mallory? You're crawling around mep 261 DC 1987
lens. ‘You escaped from the Diana ...‘ I leaned the rifle against the stern of the ferry and took Sanger's wrist, myp 261 DC 1987
lifted him from the booth and held his skeletal body against my chest. Together we tottered in the shifting earth, tryingp 262 DC 1987
water again. I've done it before, Sanger.‘ I propped Sanger against the rail of the ferry. The effort of supporting himp 263 DC 1987
lay in the front seat of the Mercedes, her head against the driver's door, one arm resting weakly on the steeringp 263 DC 1987
held her arms but she slipped from me and fell against the instrument panel. Embarrassed by her weakness, she smiled atp 264 DC 1987
like the contents of a shopping-bag. Her mouth fell forward against my shoulder, leaving a bloody stain on my skin. Ip 264 DC 1987
He had abandoned his flak jacket, now that his war against Harare was over and, with it, his dream of beingp 265 DC 1987
the down-draught towards the ferry. When he saw Sanger crouching against the wheelhouse he loosened the flap of his holster, butp 265 DC 1987
reached the narrow beach beside my raft. I sat Noon against the passenger door and raised the rifle, drawing back thep 265 DC 1987
I hesitated, she took my hand and held it fiercely against her chest, so that I could feel the bullet andp 266 DC 1987
the bolt. As Noon sat beside me, pressing her hands against my diaphragm, I levelled the rifle at Kagwa. Ignoring mep 266 DC 1987
even to hold back, her silver shell moored in midstream against the punt pole. She stood in the stern, chin restingp 270 DC 1987
the punt pole. She stood in the stern, chin resting against her small fists as they clasped the top of thep 270 DC 1987
handle. When we came into view she would lean wearily against the pole and slide away, losing herself behind the rockp 270 DC 1987
again waiting calmly for us in midstream, her skiff moored against the punt pole. Resting beside the raft, I stared dispassionatelyp 272 DC 1987
I could barely stand on the rolling shingle. Sanger lay against the starboard pontoon, wisely reluctant to part himself from thep 272 DC 1987
He guided me down to the water and leaned me against the raft. We pushed out into the stream, and thenp 276 DC 1987
I needed Sanger to tell me of some heroic voyage, against self-doubt and the fall of night, in search of ap 276 DC 1987
my ankles as I followed her across the lake. Silhouetted against the lava dunes, her strong shoulders emerged through the steamingp 281 DC 1987
less feel that Hockney's ambitious claims suffer severely when placed against the actual photo-collages. The overlapping rectangular prints form a mosaicp 63 UGM 1988
in his mid-fifties, sits in the rear seat, head leaning against the off-side stereo speaker as if to catch some fleetingp 9 RW 1988
Mrs. Garfield, a handsome woman in her late forties, slumped against the glass door of the shower stall, her yellow toothbrushp 10 RW 1988
in their shower stalls, electrocuted in their baths or crushed against their garage doors by their own cars. In a periodp 11 RW 1988
-- the chauffeurs, housekeepers, cooks and tutors -- have turned against their employers? All the servants on leave (one, an elderlyp 22 RW 1988
her lips in an ugly grimace as her incisors gleamed against the camera lights. Although there was no sound track, everyp 40 RW 1988
of the exercise. The children were making a last stand against their parents. The Pangbourne Massacre was a desperate rebellion, fromp 44 RW 1988
after tomorrow. That's why we've got to make our case against them as strong as we can before we go top 46 RW 1988
getting out of control. The parents never raised a hand against the children. If there was some kind of tyranny herep 46 RW 1988
that." "And we never will. The Pangbourne children weren't rebelling against hate and cruelty. The absolute opposite, Sergeant. What they werep 46 RW 1988
and cruelty. The absolute opposite, Sergeant. What they were rebelling against was a despotism of kindness. They killed to free themselvesp 46 RW 1988
almost entirely in Sergeant Payne's company, assembling our detailed case against the Pangbourne children, a case that challenged everything held mostp 46 RW 1988
escape. "Take Marion Miller," I pointed out, playing devil's advocate against myself. "I'm convinced that she dropped the live hair dryerp 47 RW 1988
was standing on a chair by the window, her knees against the sill. Her untidy blond fringe partly covered her eyesp 49 RW 1988
Doctor ..." As the smiling girl lifted her arm she pressed against the window, and her dress flared across the glass. Imprintedp 50 RW 1988
across the floor. A terrified orderly was on her knees against the wall. The second policeman tried to help the womanp 59 RW 1988
down and lifted Marion from the bed, pressing her face against his shoulder. The other had removed her mask, revealing thep 59 RW 1988
Officer Carter dropped her weapon to the floor and crouched against the bed. As the kidnappers fled with the child, pausingp 60 RW 1988
goes into the bathroom, leaning with her palms (E 98) against the mirror as she is sick into the basin (Ep 67 RW 1988
Jasper parts the hanging curtain of a weeping willow. Squatting against the tree trunk is Mark Sanger, the bamboo man-trap onp 70 RW 1988
the bed, barely able to breathe, and presses his hand against the blood leaking through his white linen shirt. He triesp 76 RW 1988
shoots her twice in the head as she lies half-stunned against the glass door of the shower stall. Ignoring his wifep 76 RW 1988
hours of this morning an assassination attempt was carried out against a former British prime minister. All details of the affairp 79 RW 1988
border could be crucial. Gorbachev has threatened a pre-emptive strike against the rebel enclaves. The US has treaty obligations, theoretically ap 1118 WW3 1988
art of his American contemporaries, he protested publicly in 1960 against what he felt was the excessive attention given to thep 68 UGM 1989
line redrawn across her brain. She stood with her back against the bookshelves, a woad-streaked Boadicea facing the Roman legions. Despitep 1128 LCC 1989
disappearing into that over-worked hologram called reality. Afterwards I lean against the door, exhausted by this false alarm. The effort ofp 1133 TES 1989
X-ray viewing screens. Here and there an isolated chair sits against a wall, in one immense room there is nothing butp 1136 TES 1989
me. I spend all day here, sitting on the floor against the freezer cabinet. The cooker, refrigerator and dishwasher have becomep 1137 TES 1989
I sway across the kitchen, trying to steady my arms against the faraway washing machine. A key turns, and a doorp 1137 TES 1989
the floor of the lagoon, their wet uniforms clearly visible against the chalky cement. Then he and Gomez were firing atp 1145 WF 1989
other members of his platoon were propping the five bodies against the reception counter, where they could be photographed for thep 1145 WF 1989
the poor devils.‘ He led Ryan towards the soldiers propped against the reception counter, their weapons and personal letters arranged atp 1146 WF 1989
the TV station. The impact shook the ground and drummed against the pockmarked buildings. Fragments of masonry cascaded into the roadp 1154 WF 1989
was cross with them. But we have to protect ourselves against the possibility of a mad strain emerging, against the chancep 1158 WF 1989
protect ourselves against the possibility of a mad strain emerging, against the chance that another Hitler or Pol Pot might appearp 1158 WF 1989
photographers‘ flashes illuminated the bodies of the twenty hostages laid against the rear wall. Louisa and Aunt Vera rested between twop 1160 WF 1989
he watched the lurid hues, cyanic blues and crimsons, playing against the ceiling above his bunk. Reflected in the metallic surfacep 1161 DCG 1990
acid air. Johnson stepped onto the stern ladder, steadying himself against the sweating hull-plates, and jumped into the shallow water. Carefulp 1162 DCG 1990
even bothered to set a course for port. Propping himself against the helm, a bottle in each hand, he signalled Pereirap 1164 DCG 1990
bridge. He listened to the propeller's tired but steady beat against the dark ocean, and slowly turned the Prospero towards thep 1164 DCG 1990
of abandoned motor-cars. He tried to free himself, and pushed against the driver's door. ‘Sit back! I'll cut you loose.‘ Shep 1165 DCG 1990
pointed to the weal on his arm, a temporary reaction against some invading toxin in the vine sap. ‘There's something elsep 1166 DCG 1990
dense vines and flowering creepers that crowded the porch, pressing against his shoulders. The amber of her eyes was touched byp 1170 DCG 1990
When he fixed his eyes onto them they seemed suspended against the sky, wings fanning slowly as if shaking the timep 1171 DCG 1990
and Napalm: Export U.S.A." was the title chosen, against my advice, for the edition of The Atrocity Exhibition whichp 93 LNEa 1990
Jordan, the Intelligent and likeable editor at Grove, and arguing against the title on the grounds (a) that the Vietnam warp 93 LNEa 1990
Tinian, in the Marianas, that the atom bombs were launched against Hiroshima and Nagasaki, which ended the war unexpectedly and almostp 33 AWa 1990
huge Japanese armies had intended to make a last stand against the expected American landings. Kennedy's assassination presides over The Atrocityp 33 AWa 1990
and Bill Butler was found guilty. By chance the charge against the Reagan piece was dropped on the grounds that thep 105 WIWa 1990
actor. By the mid-fifties Hollywood was desperate to defend itself against the rising power of television. Led by Darryl Zanuck, thep 9 UGM 1991
actress Nancy Davis (she had forced through her legal adoption against the wishes of her reluctant step-father while still a teenagerp 34 UGM 1991
had a cancerous breast nodule, she demanded a total mastectomy against the advice of her doctors. But as one of thep 35 UGM 1991
gangster owners of the Vegas hotels is the main charge against him, but like many a corrupt book-keeper he led ap 46 UGM 1991
of fire and death. The Homeric scale of their stand against German barbarism comes through these paintings more strongly than inp 74 UGM 1991
villa, and satisfying the spectator's sense of dignity and occasion against a familiar backdrop. Spencer's intention, in his ‘Betrayal‘ and ‘Crucifixionp 102 UGM 1991
to found a group called the New Instinctivists (they were against admirals but for rear-admirals, against prostitutes but for whores, againstp 113 UGM 1991
the New Instinctivists (they were against admirals but for rear-admirals, against prostitutes but for whores, against the photographing of hands --p 113 UGM 1991
against admirals but for rear-admirals, against prostitutes but for whores, against the photographing of hands -- particularly poets‘ hands -- andp 113 UGM 1991
of hands -- particularly poets‘ hands -- and, of course, against the New Instinctivism) and began a heady, ten-year affair withp 113 UGM 1991
Reading these essays and speech-day addresses, one senses that Vonnegut, against all the odds, has forgiven us everything. Only plague, faminep 116 UGM 1991
do ... any God you create is going to be up against Miami Vice and Clint Eastwood and Sylvester Stallone. And stayp 118 UGM 1991
our view of the world. For all his heroic rebellion against the convention-bound middle class, Burroughs was born in 1914 onp 132 UGM 1991
one of the most remarkable achievements of modern fiction, composed against the greatest conceivable odds. Independent on Sunday Sticking to hisp 133 UGM 1991
Pearl Harbor, the first sustained counter-attack by the colonized East against the imperial West. The vicious fighting in the Chinese districtsp 219 UGM 1991
had seen a dead boy of my own age sitting against the steel entrance grille of my father's office block. Hep 18 KW 1991
the steps of the Socony building. As he held me against his hip the metal hammer of his revolver tore thep 24 KW 1991
her last grimace. An office clerk without his arms sat against the rear wheel of a gutted bus. Everywhere hands andp 25 KW 1991
old silent films that David Hunter's father screened for us against his dining-room wall. The bomb that destroyed the Amusement Parkp 27 KW 1991
empty rice fields, when the Japanese made their last stand against the Americans at the mouth of the Yangtse. I linedp 32 KW 1991
Gardner, joined me at the doorway, her thin shoulders hunched against the cold. She nudged me with a bony elbow, asp 32 KW 1991
board, the British block commander behind him. Peggy pushed me against the door and forced my hands into my back. Glaringp 32 KW 1991
would not appreciate serving as my practice target. I leaned against Peggy, glad to feel her strong wrists and smell thep 33 KW 1991
Jamie, you're in trouble! Sergeant Nagata saw that ...‘ I froze against the door. The sergeant was standing on the gravel pathp 35 KW 1991
by now, November 1943, the war had begun to turn against the Japanese. After the attack on Pearl Harbor and theirp 36 KW 1991
the dwarfs‘ cottage in Snow White. The heavy sacks slumbered against the walls, and their comforting bulk reminded me of ap 43 KW 1991
the wooden table in the guardhouse. The Japanese soldiers stood against the wall, their boots covered with wet grass. The campp 45 KW 1991
escaping. Good.‘ He seemed immensely relieved. The older Ralston leaned against me, his eyes dazed by the blows. ‘Look after yourselfp 47 KW 1991
the overbright air, I signalled to Peggy as she pressed against the wire, breathlessly waiting for me to be shot. Ip 50 KW 1991
the Japanese forces in China would make their last stand against Chiang Kai-shek and the Americans at the mouth of thep 51 KW 1991
the first revolt by the colonised nations of the east against the imperial west. Shanghai, which had endured throughout the warp 53 KW 1991
longer concerned him. Exhausted by the long walk, I leaned against the platform, unsure whether to risk eating my sweet potatop 57 KW 1991
to surrender? Among the canvas packs and ammunition boxes piled against the waiting room was a field radio only issued top 58 KW 1991
in the heat, a sound like pain. The Chinese slumped against the pole, his neck so flushed that it was almostp 59 KW 1991
he cleared away the flaking chrome, then placed the pin against the brass clip of his ammunition pouch. Keen to displayp 60 KW 1991
the small duplicity represented by this transparent belt, virtually invisible against my khaki shorts. He inspected the belt, holding it upp 60 KW 1991
wire that looped along the embankment. The resting soldiers lay against their packs, watching me as I rolled up the celluloidp 61 KW 1991
loose coils of wire, watching me as I steadied myself against the platform. I waited for him to call me, butp 62 KW 1991
the sleepers, waiting for a rifle shot to ring out against the steel rails. When I looked back, the station hadp 62 KW 1991
had recruited units of the Japanese army in their fight against the communist Viet Minh. For all this, whenever I sawp 65 KW 1991
the war were charged with an endless catalogue of atrocities against the Chinese civilian population. Almost in passing, we heard thatp 66 KW 1991
into the entrance of the casino. Gilt chairs lay heaped against the walls of the foyer, and the red plush curtainsp 68 KW 1991
holding my arm in a strong grip. Her hip pressed against mine, trying to remind me of something I had forgottenp 70 KW 1991
in the women's huts at Lunghua. I let her lean against me as we walked across the dance floor, our shoesp 70 KW 1991
free hand had slipped under my jacket and was pressed against my abdomen. She was hesitating, as if aware that shep 70 KW 1991
Japanese soldiers. They sat packed together in rows, knees pressed against each other's backs. All were in a bad way, andp 72 KW 1991
hedges lay forgotten wartime airfields, from which the bombing offensive against Germany had been launched, but there were new and largerp 84 KW 1991
she would lose interest in me, preoccupied with some grudge against one of the women teachers at the Perse, or afterp 90 KW 1991
her breasts, hunting for the scent glands, running my tongue against the hard pippin of her nipple. I moved down top 91 KW 1991
me about unqualified doctors ...‘. I embraced her, pressing my lips against her nipple. The only women I had made love top 92 KW 1991
my hip. She sat astride me and rested her vulva against my penis, teasing me as she held the tip betweenp 92 KW 1991
to the moist membranes of her heart as it pulsed against my lips ... ‘Jim ...‘ Miriam paused, a forefinger on my nosep 92 KW 1991
So, in her wise and kindly way, she kissed me against the mantelpiece, formally turned my surrealist paintings to the wallp 93 KW 1991
and with the young Chinese clerk I had seen murdered against the telephone pole. By dissecting her, exploring her body fromp 94 KW 1991
trembled with the noise of propeller steel setting its edge against the wind. A ground crew moved their battery cart underp 99 KW 1991
ice across the windshield. The blades lurched in unwieldy staggers against the air. I cracked the throttle, increasing the fuel supplyp 99 KW 1991
buffeted the yellow wings and tailplane, jarring the control column against my knees. An organ loft of noise filled the aircraftp 100 KW 1991
the engine came to life and the Harvard thrust itself against the brake pedals. To my left Captain Hamid of thep 100 KW 1991
a sharp-tempered Frenchman urged me on, flicking his flying gloves against the windshield. Harvards were taking off and making right-hand circuitsp 100 KW 1991
Force two niner niner one ...‘ A Canadian flight controller leaned against the tower windows, watching me through field glasses. Behind mep 100 KW 1991
mind, we're off to the Iroquois tonight.‘ David steadied himself against me. Completely sober for a fleeting moment, he said: ‘Whenp 112 KW 1991
dropped the trousers to the worn purple carpet and rested against the quilted headboard, stained with the hair-oil of a thousandp 112 KW 1991
admiring her shiny shoes. ‘Magic World, Magic World ...!‘ Miriam leaned against the door while I hunted for sunglasses in the clutterp 121 KW 1991
womb; mother and child would begin life together. She pressed against me, knowing that I liked to feel the warm bulkp 121 KW 1991
plane -- it might bring you a present.‘ Henry sat against my knee, pushing Alice's hand from my chin. ‘Daddy, hasp 128 KW 1991
at the end of his short-service commission, after active service against the terrorists in Kenya and a last tour flying thep 128 KW 1991
sleep. Henry woke and shouted at her, rocking his cot against the wall. Miriam lay quietly, her large eyes on Mrsp 132 KW 1991
and placed my hand between her buttocks, pressing my fingers against her swollen anus. The bloated lining of her rectum balloonedp 134 KW 1991
an hour.‘ I undressed and lay beside her, my hand against her shoulder. The faint, smothering odour of anaesthetic gas clungp 136 KW 1991
did you swim?‘ Henry asked. ‘About a thousand.‘ I leaned against Miriam, resting my chafed chin against her sea-cool shoulder. ‘Whatp 140 KW 1991
a thousand.‘ I leaned against Miriam, resting my chafed chin against her sea-cool shoulder. ‘What about Alice and Lucy?‘ ‘They're withp 141 KW 1991
to make love in the bathroom, taking up her positions against the mirrors and white enamel like a perverse gymnast. Shep 146 KW 1991
in some intimate way. When she smiled the sunlight shone against a set of immaculate American teeth, from which the leftp 147 KW 1991
came from the beach, where Henry's sandcastle was holding out against the ferry-boat's bow-waves. Sally was on her hands and kneesp 149 KW 1991
square?‘ ‘My depraved and respectable wife?‘ I pressed her reassuringly against the refrigerator. ‘Miriam, the Jouberts work at a left-wing lyceep 150 KW 1991
Long after the ferry left for Cadaques, its waves rolled against the beach, as if Poseidon himself were reminding me ofp 155 KW 1991
fell heavily on the staircase. The crack of her head against the stone made everyone turn. When I reached the stepsp 157 KW 1991
I saw the swollen bruise above her right ear, pushing against the unbroken skin. Lykiard had put on his jeans andp 158 KW 1991
burial service at the cemetery. Nature had committed a crime against my young wife and her children, and I felt ap 163 KW 1991
The first stones struck the lid like a fist beating against a door. Nordlund handed a spare spade to me andp 164 KW 1991
from me, unsettled by my trembling hands. Then she leaned against me, pressing her cheek to mine, calming my agitated facep 167 KW 1991
the last night before the holiday, and placed my head against her thighs. Dorothy stood calmly in front of me asp 167 KW 1991
the Mercury space flights with an aviation journalist, she leaned against the door and drew me on to her thighs. Ip 169 KW 1991
a chance. Every social convention you can think of is against them, believe me.‘ ‘I do -- but conventions are hardp 172 KW 1991
when I darted into the hut and drove the door against her hand. In the nursery the children were arguing overp 173 KW 1991
smaller than the strip-club stages. Her knees were held tightly against my hips by her short leather skirt. Her hands restedp 177 KW 1991
about that.‘ She unbuttoned my shirt and pressed her hands against my diaphragm. ‘Heavens, you're tense deep breaths, now.‘ She laughedp 178 KW 1991
lifted Lucy into the air and held the excited six-year-old against her shoulder, while gathering Alice and Henry to the foldsp 179 KW 1991
the intermissions, and Sally had persuaded me to take part, against my better judgement. I found it impossible to resist herp 180 KW 1991
him the end of the world, the imminent nuclear armageddon against which protestors marched on every weekend, would merely be thep 182 KW 1991
training to be a military pilot, trying to match myself against the realities of the post-war world. But the 1960s hadp 185 KW 1991
shoulder above the beach and watched the waves splinter themselves against the wooden breakwater. ‘Right!‘ Sally opened the door. ‘I'm goingp 186 KW 1991
on the surface. I seized her shoulders and held her against my chest, stood up and pulled her to the shorep 187 KW 1991
the shingle, teeth chattering while the foam seethed its disappointment against her feet, as if the sea were laying its eggsp 187 KW 1991
good humour returned. During our silent drive she had slumped against the door inside my jacket, eyes fixed on the soddenp 188 KW 1991
double Scotch, but Dick assured me that LSD was pushing against the limits of the brain. I remembered his presentation top 200 KW 1991
pull off the street. He may come back.‘ Sally lay against the head-rest, white hair across her face like a lacep 223 KW 1991
the darkness the broken mirror rang for a last time against a fender. Depressing the clutch with my foot, I startedp 224 KW 1991
of the passenger well, aware of the dashboard panel gleaming against my shoulder, the instrument binnacle jutting forward in the darknessp 225 KW 1991
a beast pursuing its strange courtship. When the headlamps flared against the walls of the warehouses Sally pressed her head top 225 KW 1991
fast lane, forcing an overtaking car to brake. Headlights flared against the bounding tail of the MG, and Sally pushed ap 230 KW 1991
roof had locked the door into its frame. Fuel pooled against the window as a dozen people rocked the car, tryingp 231 KW 1991
car, trying to loosen the door. A man's fist drummed against the pillar. I wound down the window, released my seatp 232 KW 1991
its screaming rails. The last cars on the circuit heaved against each other like the bored bison wallowing in the mud-pitp 233 KW 1991
attractions. Challenging them, giant fragments of ‘Also Sprach Zarathustra‘ drummed against the facades of the hotels and rolled out to seap 236 KW 1991
sand-pitches. No one swam. The morose Atlantic breakers hurled themselves against the Richard Strauss crescendos, wave for wave, daring the filmp 236 KW 1991
of confident pickpockets and the cripples viciously defending their pitches against any rivals reminded me again of Shanghai, with its richp 237 KW 1991
current, noise and other aversive conditioning supposedly turned the subjects against the objects of their desire. As the succession of harrowingp 240 KW 1991
fungi in a cavern. Men in vests and undershorts leaned against the walls, mothers dressed their daughters‘ hair, old women workedp 245 KW 1991
corridor. As Carmen closed the door I saw them leaning against the dingy wall outside the apartment, lighting their cigarettes asp 247 KW 1991
my mouth, she pressed the warm body of the breast against my nose and chin, placed my hand against her buttocksp 249 KW 1991
the breast against my nose and chin, placed my hand against her buttocks and steered my fingers down to her anusp 249 KW 1991
As she smoothed her eyebrows Carmen was measuring her profile against the lens, preparing herself for the even more elaborate sexp 250 KW 1991
crew through the harsh lighting. Guests in evening dress leaned against the walls, watching as Pereira signalled to his cameraman. Hep 254 KW 1991
at Pereira I recognised Carmen's arrow-like profile. The dog struggled against its handler and she slapped her hand on the floorp 255 KW 1991
unconcealed distaste, as if regretting that she had been persuaded against her better judgement into an ill-considered career-move with this incompetentp 255 KW 1991
on Corcovado. He squared his shoulders, not unhopefully, measuring himself against the TV ratings of the ultimate media personality. Along Copacabanap 256 KW 1991
worked within their wards. While the superintendent checked my name against the roster I rattled the chessboard, and guessed that itp 259 KW 1991
Hammersmith flyover, headlamps flashing as he forced the oncoming cars against the safety rail. A middle-aged cellist and her husband, confusedp 263 KW 1991
were. And you love your children.‘ Peggy pressed her hands against the mirror, touching the secure glass. ‘Before we left onp 269 KW 1991
I needn't have worried. Your mind was up there, moulded against that screen. I was so amazed I couldn't stop watchingp 269 KW 1991
wonderful and happy children. How, I don't know.‘ I leaned against the refrigerator, looking around the little kitchen with its elegantp 270 KW 1991
the girl I had known in Lunghua. The soft arms against my chest were those of another woman. Then I feltp 271 KW 1991
the King's Road rooftops. She gazed at her strong ribs against my chest. Her brisk interrogation in the sitting-room had beenp 273 KW 1991
on the draining pedestals of silt. A cabin cruiser creaked against its mooring line, waking from its deep riverine sleep intop 288 KW 1991
She's gorgeous, Sally ... you're very lucky.‘ She leaned her head against my shoulder and held my hand, tracing my palm-lines withp 290 KW 1991
water carried us through the clicking reeds. The diesel tapped against the deck plates of the lighter, sending its smoky exhaustp 292 KW 1991
Edward wiped the mud from his arms and chest. Leaning against one of the ladders lowered into the pit, he ranp 294 KW 1991
know it? Piffle!‘ Three weeks earlier, after an exhausting struggle against his thyroid cancer, Dick had discharged himself from hospital. Ap 300 KW 1991
the customers aren't going to enjoy the floorshow.‘ Dick leaned against the big pillows, his keen eyes scanning the ward. ‘It'sp 301 KW 1991
of an institution. Exhausted by the radiation therapy, Dick lay against his pillows, his bald head covered by the NASA baseballp 303 KW 1991
the first great scientific discovery on television, and had gambled against all logic that the scientific discovery would be his recoveryp 312 KW 1991
our lives. The tyranny of the lens shored its fragments against us, an infinity of recorded selves that shut out thep 322 KW 1991
to the car-park beside the jetty. Groups of people leaned against their cars, watching a family recover a motor-boat from thep 325 KW 1991
the door pillars of the car, trying to hold it against the current. ‘Cleo, wait here!‘ As I stepped into thep 327 KW 1991
Cleo was weeping into her hands. I held her head against my shoulder. Trying not to look at the child, Ip 328 KW 1991
her eyes focused on the circle of people. She leaned against her distraught mother, coughed and rubbed her nose, sucking greatp 329 KW 1991
I bet it does. It's a good thing you decided against coming to Shanghai with us. How does the house lookp 334 KW 1991
cheeks. ‘Olga! Olga Ulianova from Shanghai!‘ ‘Olga ...?‘ I was pinned against the television screen by my childhood governess, who had materialisedp 340 KW 1991
forty years earlier, I had felt her strong hip pressed against mine as we stood in the glass-strewn ballroom of thep 343 KW 1991
they moved around my body. Delaying herself deliberately, she stood against me, playing the moody governess unsure whether to accord somep 344 KW 1991
Hilton after we said goodbye. As she pressed her cheeks against my own I kissed for the last time the facep 347 KW 1991
Prompted by the poisonous republican propaganda of Chinese revolutionaries campaigning against the Manchu dynasty, Backhouse concocted a stream of fabricated despatchesp 53 UGM 1992
world's oldest black republic, founded in 1804 after an uprising against the French led by the former slave, Toussaint L'Ouverture, laterp 241 UGM 1992
-- the patient and long-awaited revenge of the inorganic world against the organic. Hallucinogenic drugs -- The kaleidoscope's view of thep 277 UGM 1992
triumphed sooner by launching an all -- women guerrilla army against the Playboy -- reading GIs? ‘First Air Cavalry ground elementsp 278 UGM 1992
of a billion Asian viewers, won a hard-fought chess tournament against the Zeus W's combined on-board computers. Romance was in thep 1177 MFM 1992
arrival, the crew became irritated by the grimacing faces pressed against the observation windows, and the interior shutters abruptly closed. Thisp 1178 MFM 1992
hour before dawn two thermal lances played their fiery hoses against the heat-resistant plates of the spacecraft. But the carbon-ceramic hullp 1179 MFM 1992
crew within. But as the demolition squad placed their charges against the ventral hatchway, the shutter of an observation window openedp 1179 MFM 1992
He ordered that pop music be played at full blast against the spacecraft's hull and, further, that the huge ship bep 1180 MFM 1992
have decided to return to the world and test it against those dreams, ready to destroy it like a child boredp 1186 ROP 1992
dreams in the world are turned into light, and play against the silver wall of the planetary imagination. I hope thatp 24 UGM 1993
in 1934-5, served as a political commissar during the war against Japan, and after the defeat of Chiang Kai-shek helped top 55 UGM 1993
Sir Richard points out, Deng's years in France inoculated him against the sinocentrism that marred the vision of Mao Zedong, whop 55 UGM 1993
whip whistles through almost every page of this bracing biography, against a background of the heaviest breathing since Bram Stoker's Draculap 124 UGM 1993
will always be out, unable to weigh his deviant imagination against the countless massacres of our century. Sade's novels have beenp 124 UGM 1993
Others saw him as a political revolutionary, the ultimate rebel against the bourgeois order, constructing a self-sufficient anti-society from his elaboratep 124 UGM 1993
an emblem of American confidence. Predictably, the first to protest against what they saw as the hidden cultural agenda were thep 214 UGM 1993
stood in the bows of the rubber inflatable, steadying herself against Neil's shoulder as the craft swayed in the skittish seap 9 RP 1994
from the small of his back and rested his head against the oil-smeared float. ‘Dr Barbara, I need to sleep.‘ ‘Notp 9 RP 1994
Behind them was the Hawaiian helmsman, Kimo, his knees braced against the sides of the inflatable as he worked the double-bladedp 10 RP 1994
and high-principled English physician was bored by the endless rallies against ozone depletion, global warming, and the slaughter of the minkep 13 RP 1994
of raucous birds. The monotonous thudding of the inflatable's bows against the waves had turned Neil's stomach. He retched over thep 13 RP 1994
albatross?‘ ‘There are always albatross.‘ Dr Barbara held his head against her shoulder, a proud smile on her chapped lips. Herp 14 RP 1994
or the covers of Quick and Paris-Match. He steadied himself against the float as an overtaking wave eased them from itsp 14 RP 1994
in the satchel and sealed the waterproof tapes, bracing himself against the centre bench. Dr Barbara crouched like a commando inp 16 RP 1994
sand. Carrying the satchel over his head, Neil forced himself against the undertow and waded through the slurred foam. Kimo draggedp 16 RP 1994
the sea, openly admiring its aggression. Still breathless, Neil leaned against the coarse sand. After the three-week voyage, the endless yawingp 16 RP 1994
death as they tried to escape. The ruffled plumage glared against the black sand like ice–white blossoms thrown into a refusep 20 RP 1994
a finite number of fatalities would diminish the atrocity committed against the creatures. ‘Kimo ... why are they killing the birds?‘ ‘Theyp 21 RP 1994
wooden pier jutted into the lagoon, a cargo lighter moored against its landing stage. Crates filled with signals gear sat underp 21 RP 1994
Barbara snatched the video-camera from Neil's hands and thrust it against Kimo's chest. ‘Neil, climb the ladder and wrap the bannerp 22 RP 1994
heart, combined religious fervour, high-flown sporting analogies and blatant threats against the French consul in Honolulu and any French tourists daringp 24 RP 1994
the sound mute on the remote control, his last defence against the protest movements, the repeated slogan ‘Save the Albatross‘ seemedp 24 RP 1994
let's not forget someone who gave everything in the fight against ecological terrorism -- Neil Dempsey, lying at this moment inp 25 RP 1994
I don't need steroids ...‘ Neil released the banner, which blew against the woman, wrapping the red-lettered strip around her like ap 31 RP 1994
their silos and by the few women protesters still camping against the wire. Without success, he tried to ingratiate himself withp 33 RP 1994
of the women visited the police and brought a complaint against Dr Barbara. The police seized the hospice's clinical records andp 40 RP 1994
life rather than death. Neil stared at her photograph propped against his pillow, almost dazed by the revelations. The slim, over-intensep 40 RP 1994
naive but muddled crew, Neil drummed his forehead so fiercely against the jeep's steering wheel that he bruised the skin. Alreadyp 49 RP 1994
She clasped him in her fierce arms, forcing his cheek against her hot breast. ‘Think of it, Neil -- they're settingp 56 RP 1994
peak, underskirts lit by the ceaseless flurry of the surf against the beaches of black ash. The sea shifted, its surfacep 57 RP 1994
the thrusts and counter-thrusts of the daily confrontation. Legs braced against the rolling bows, Neil stood on the foredeck of thep 57 RP 1994
been trying to lasso the steel bowl. The downdraught beat against Neil's face, pummelling his skin and almost stripping the albatross-emblazonedp 58 RP 1994
swore and railed at the blond-haired pilot, her direst threats against the young man lost in the din. She set offp 58 RP 1994
the French had not been consulted. As the deck rolled against his injured foot, testing the still tender nerves, Neil rememberedp 59 RP 1994
screen of palms. It drifted past the camera-towers and lay against the steam-drenched hill-slopes, stirring the shaggy leaves of the cycadsp 65 RP 1994
and the shock wave rolled over the swells and drummed against the Dugong, vibrating the rail between Neil's hands. Carline andp 65 RP 1994
two inflatables. Dr Barbara's chalky face shone like a lantern against the darkening shore, eyes alight as she helped the seasickp 66 RP 1994
and the protesters sprawled across the decking. Neil steadied himself against the satellite dish, wondering how long it would take themp 67 RP 1994
the Dugong on a fast sea. Mark Bracewell steadied himself against the waist-high rail of the stern docking-bridge, camera held overp 67 RP 1994
standing behind him, watching the fire-ball of the fuel-tank flare against the startled faces of the saboteurs. ‘Disappointed, Neil? It's notp 72 RP 1994
charges the Ministry of Defence in Paris chose to bring against them. ‘Dr Barbara ...‘ Neil tried to wake her, aware thatp 73 RP 1994
his head to her shoulder, and wiped her wet sleeve against his cheek, tears perfumed with Monique's borrowed mascara. ‘They can'tp 73 RP 1994
stumbled over a rotting palmetto. He pressed his rust-stained hands against his knees and gasped at the air, waiting for hisp 77 RP 1994
boy? Neil, she's coming down ...!‘ Already the mast was straining against the sky, its lattice emitting a medley of plaintive criesp 77 RP 1994
in the lagoon, their crews eager to defend the island against the imminent naval landing. No-one was sure when the Frenchp 78 RP 1994
Dr Barbara's team from the confused soldiers, arms locked together against the raised batons, while other yachtsmen relayed to the world'sp 79 RP 1994
forest, voices lost in the chitter of insects. Neil leaned against the camera slit, his forehead pressed to the cool concretep 87 RP 1994
What is it?‘ Dr Barbara stood behind Kimo, steadying herself against his shoulder. ‘Be careful, Monique ...‘ ‘You'll enjoy this, Barbara.‘ Moniquep 90 RP 1994
her tape-recorder into their faces. The first camera strobes flared against Dr Barbara's high forehead, illuminating the exposure sores on herp 92 RP 1994
a Japanese TV channel, who set up a small studio against the tranquil backdrop of the camera-towers and the nuclear lagoonp 92 RP 1994
intently. After a moment's respectful silence a loud cheer drummed against the roof of the prayer-shack. Carline took off his camouflagep 94 RP 1994
journey from France, determined to visit his daughter, though much against Dr Barbara's wishes. Sharp-eyed and resolute, despite his advanced yearsp 109 RP 1994
Water ruled from the zinc cascade of the aqueduct, inaudible against the breaking waves. Dr Barbara strode through the night airp 111 RP 1994
engine!‘ ‘But what about the food ...?‘ Neil pressed his hands against the steel track. ‘We only have enough supplies at thep 112 RP 1994
Thirty minutes later Neil switched off the engine. He leaned against the metal seat, his lungs filled with the foul breathp 112 RP 1994
it onto the sand at Dr Barbara's feet. Neil rested against the control levers, too tired to step down from thep 113 RP 1994
resembled a warrior queen who had mounted a successful coup against her own followers. Clearly intimidated by her, Professor Saito satp 114 RP 1994
to wade ashore. The Saitos were eager to defend Saint-Esprit against waves of hippies, hotel developers and documentary makers, and theirp 132 RP 1994
rest.‘ Monique crawled forward, her strong shoulders and buttocks pressed against him. Neil looked at the dark freckles on her neckp 133 RP 1994
At low tide, even the sea seemed discouraged, rolling slackly against the black sand. Werner sat alone on the beach, gazingp 133 RP 1994
startled everyone. Gubby began to cry and Trudi rocked him against her breast. Wolfgang gave up his trawl of the sea-bedp 134 RP 1994
the prestige of his missionary trips to Africa, these raids against the hippie settlement on the beach made him feel usefulp 135 RP 1994
his small face resembled a wizened pomelo, blanched lips splayed against his tobacco-stained teeth. Professor Saito remarked to Dr Barbara uponp 137 RP 1994
on the walls of the camera-tower and the sexual threat against Dr Barbara. Someone had mutilated the chicken and drawn thep 138 RP 1994
and their ailing child. Mrs Saito and Monique were united against the wavering men, and glowered at the cowed trio beyondp 142 RP 1994
fleas. Lying between the two women, as the surf hissed against the sand and Gubby chuntered to himself, Neil felt thep 150 RP 1994
and Wolfgang had crossed the runway and were insolently lolling against the bulldozer. As Carline thrust at Wolfgang's tattooed chest, feintingp 151 RP 1994
him filling a wine bottle with the gasoline. ‘Isn't this against the whole spirit of the sanctuary? We can't be surep 155 RP 1994
All were juvenile acts, the revenge of a perpetual child against the overbearing nanny within himself. Wanting no part of thep 155 RP 1994
outstretched as if trying to strike Neil's face. He rested against the plinth of the radio mast and waved at thep 158 RP 1994
weather-station a dozen albatross veered like flecks of flayed skin against a sky that seemed to be the back-projection of herp 166 RP 1994
obsession with swimming and nuclear weapons had provided a yardstick against which they could measure themselves. Once he had gone, theyp 172 RP 1994
times it seemed to Neil that she was testing him against the men she remembered from her past, measuring his heartp 173 RP 1994
from her past, measuring his heart and lungs and genitals against those of the yacht-captains and lifeguards who had been herp 173 RP 1994
-- they're leaving ... the gendarmes are going!‘ Dr Barbara leaned against the bulldozer, her shoulders straightening as the seaplane eased awayp 176 RP 1994
in the safety of the open water, Neil steadied himself against the guy-rope that ran from the stern rail of thep 181 RP 1994
strode in her measured way along the pier, boots ringing against the timbers. She ignored Neil, who was waving to herp 196 RP 1994
and boil, feeding the ailing giant as his head lolled against his knees. As the number of mouths to feed hadp 200 RP 1994
his wife tried to calm him. The botanist had turned against the sanctuary, and had rambled to himself about the seaplanep 203 RP 1994
soft sand as she ran past Neil, and steadied herself against the bows of the skiff. Too confused to recognize Neilp 207 RP 1994
for a moment, Neil. You've worked so hard.‘ Neil lay against her, feeling an immense relief. He could smell her skinp 208 RP 1994
Saito, the van Noort sisters were climbing a ladder propped against the tallest of the trees. Neil smiled bleakly as hep 210 RP 1994
large abdomen towards the chairs outside the mess-tent. She leaned against the sun-blanched canvas and surveyed the floating banners with littlep 210 RP 1994
escape the cooking pot. Dedicated environmentalists and veterans of campaigns against Norwegian and Japanese whalers, they worked through the rain squallsp 212 RP 1994
plants recognized him as one of their own. He leaned against a trestle table, waiting for his mind to clear, whenp 214 RP 1994
his face onto the pillow, and let his hand rest against her thigh. ‘And Monique's father?‘ ‘That's it. A rare fly-feverp 216 RP 1994
into his lungs. He could hear his erratic heart pounding against his breast-bone, its rhythm confused by the drum-beating women. Sweatp 218 RP 1994
private garden sloped upwards to the forest wall. Neil leaned against the fence, pressing his inflamed forehead to the wooden postp 218 RP 1994
soil still dark with the night's rain. Her spade rested against the canvas chair, a straw hat over its handle. Thep 218 RP 1994
silenced the honeyeater with a raised forefinger. Inger's head lolled against her pillow as she crooned a Bavarian lullaby. He steppedp 222 RP 1994
Trudi had been fond of him. Now they had turned against Neil, partly because Dr Barbara's contempt for men had infectedp 224 RP 1994
his mouth, he stepped from the tent and steadied himself against the white geometry of the runway. In the next tentp 232 RP 1994
find the children ... be careful ... Dr Barbara ...‘ Neil sat her against the bed and forced her to vomit. She retched intop 234 RP 1994
between the bridge and the runway. The corvette's engines drummed against the deck, impatient to begin the return voyage to Papeetep 238 RP 1994
bombings as the Chinese communists kept up their underground struggle against Chiang Kai-shek's Kuomintang. The first sign that the lights wouldp 287 UGM 1995
American power. Even though Britain was then losing the war against Germany, even after Dunkirk and the fall of France, everyonep 288 UGM 1995
drinks at the Country Club people boasted that the war against Japan would be over in weeks, or a month atp 289 UGM 1995
cramped that during the day my father propped his mattress against the wall and set up a card-table from which wep 290 UGM 1995
dolls turned to bellow at me. ‘Acceso prohibido ...!‘ He leaned against my windshield, a greasy hand smearing the glass, and salutedp 13 CN 1996
treaty for murder?‘ Frank stood up and pushed his chair against the table. ‘You'll have to take me with you onp 27 CN 1996
a charade, part of some bizarre game he was playing against himself, in which even the police were reluctant to joinp 29 CN 1996
as if this doomed house had tried to camouflage itself against the night to come. Traffic overtook me, speeding towards thep 35 CN 1996
fair-skinned man in a turquoise Club Nautico tracksuit was playing against the machine as it fired balls across the net, barrelp 40 CN 1996
and, a moment later, the sound of a racket slashed against a metal post. He was leaving when I reached thep 40 CN 1996
inches inside the baseline, swerving past my legs to rebound against the fencing. A second ball, faster than the first, clippedp 41 CN 1996
I waited for Hennessy to remove his hand, so soft against my shirt that it might have belonged to the gentlestp 43 CN 1996
tour of the apartment. In Frank's bedroom the mattress stood against the wall, its seams slit by the police investigators searchingp 44 CN 1996
I showed Hennessy the sticking-plaster which the concierge had pressed against my bleeding palm. ‘I still have a piece of hisp 45 CN 1996
play rather fiercely.‘ ‘Not with me. Though he was up against someone he couldn't quite beat.‘ ‘Really? He's awfully good. Remarkablep 46 CN 1996
I'm glad you brought me here.‘ I pressed my hands against the stone balustrade, trying to feel the heat of thep 50 CN 1996
in a cream tuxedo, struggling with someone he had pinned against the passenger seat. In the brief pause between the discop 57 CN 1996
clergyman's eyes were fixed on the grating wheels, teeth gritted against the painful sounds. He seemed embarrassed and uneasy, as ifp 67 CN 1996
clergyman. They stopped to look back when a spade rang against an old marker stone. There was a high and almostp 68 CN 1996
the board and he has to mate himself.‘ Crawford leaned against his Porsche, one hand playing with the tattered roof linerp 71 CN 1996
packet of Toros and test the powers of my will against a narrow-minded social convention. Two young women in familiar micro-skirtsp 80 CN 1996
blouse, watching me with some curiosity and perhaps matching me against Frank. She stepped back and bumped into the other suitcasep 85 CN 1996
bar in the Piazza San Marco. Muffled in heavy coats against a misty Venetian winter, they were grinning like honeymooners. Ip 85 CN 1996
I take it you don't think he's guilty?‘ She leaned against the rail, hands drumming the cold steel in time top 87 CN 1996
drawn up around a low table. A white sailboard leaned against the wall, its mast and rigging beside it. She pressedp 88 CN 1996
its mast and rigging beside it. She pressed her hands against the smooth hull, as if laying them against a man'sp 88 CN 1996
her hands against the smooth hull, as if laying them against a man's chest. The lighthouse beam moved across her facep 88 CN 1996
you do.‘ ‘Then why stay?‘ ‘Why indeed ...‘ She leaned back against the sailboard, one hand holding its keel, her black hairp 89 CN 1996
sailboard, one hand holding its keel, her black hair silhouetted against the white plastic, the pose of a fashion model. Alreadyp 89 CN 1996
the long route to the car park, handbag bouncing jauntily against her hip. She twice waved to me, clearly keen top 92 CN 1996
pair of violent hands seized my shoulders and hurled me against the rail. Stunned by the assault, I sank to myp 92 CN 1996
a skilled rodeo rider. A foot kicked the balcony table against the chairs. The strap fell away, and the man's handsp 92 CN 1996
on the arm of the chair, her hand trembling slightly against my shoulder. ‘You can't help Frank, and you nearly hadp 94 CN 1996
was calm now, and she took my arm, steadying me against her shoulder. ‘Mr Prentice could hardly have attacked himself. Whatp 98 CN 1996
more mad than he is.‘ I leaned my orthopaedic collar against the head-rest and watched her as she crouched over thep 102 CN 1996
perishes in a matter of minutes.‘ I felt Paula stumble against me, and put an arm around her trembling shoulders. Shep 106 CN 1996
I helped Paula along the rocking timber and steadied her against the doorway. In the centre of the room were thep 107 CN 1996
I put my arm around her, glad when she leaned against me. ‘Did you know she was pregnant, Paula?‘ ‘Yes. Fourp 109 CN 1996
tell me.‘ ‘Gunnar Andersson? Dr Sanger?‘ ‘Sanger?‘ Paula's fist clenched against my chest. ‘For heaven's sake, he was her father-figure.‘ ‘Evenp 110 CN 1996
-- a macabre posture, like Rodin's "Thinker".‘ As Paula shuddered against my arm Cabrera added: ‘At least she was happy whenp 110 CN 1996
I searched the floor, almost expecting to find a body against the skirting-board. ‘He was also on the bed.‘ ‘So theyp 112 CN 1996
her self-control, and smoked a miniature cigar as she leaned against the BMW, but her eyes avoided the house. She strolledp 114 CN 1996
at the moment the fire erupted. Admiring her, I rested against the sill, and tried to loosen the orthopaedic collar aroundp 114 CN 1996
there.‘ ‘I can't face the Clinic.‘ She leaned her forehead against the wheel. ‘Those desperate rooms ... I'd like everyone in Estrellap 115 CN 1996
swimmer, held her by the waist and let her rest against his chest. When she had recovered he placed her inp 120 CN 1996
my hand around her waist. She hesitated, and then leaned against me. Despite the show of self-control she lacked confidence inp 121 CN 1996
centre of the scene. A yellow teddy bear sat propped against the pillows, a sickly green tinge to his fur. Abovep 124 CN 1996
Can you think of someone with a strong enough grudge against them?‘ ‘No one. I can't honestly think of anyone who'dp 130 CN 1996
spire was visible between the balcony rails, its weather-vane silhouetted against a white satellite dish on the roof of a buildingp 136 CN 1996
burning tobacco flew from the glowing tip and sparked briefly against his beard. His eyes roved around the boatyard, avoiding myp 139 CN 1996
The Swede was too morose, too immersed in his grudge against the world, to be able to act decisively. By nine-thirtyp 142 CN 1996
heroin for the dealers of Estrella de Mar. Feet rang against the metal steps that led down to the marina. Ap 142 CN 1996
craft, the thief stood calmly in the cockpit, thighs pressed against the helm. The beam of the Marbella lighthouse swept thep 143 CN 1996
through the rough water towards the advancing waves. I leaned against the harbour wall, surrounded by people who had carried theirp 144 CN 1996
around the stairwell. Twenty feet from me, Paula Hamilton leaned against the rail, face raised to the sun. She wore ap 153 CN 1996
changed from his tennis gear into a leather jacket, gangster-black against his white shirt, and his blow-dried blond hair gleamed fromp 162 CN 1996
turned in the cloudless sky, the pilot's vizored helmet silhouetted against the rustling canopy. The last of the villas fell belowp 167 CN 1996
than I remembered them. At last he laid the lilies against the stone and stood back, a hand on my elbowp 170 CN 1996
unlatched the gates and stepped into the street, steadying myself against the roof of a parked car. I tried to readp 171 CN 1996
pool and seemed unsurprised when I failed to recognize him against the background of English sporting prints. ‘Mr Prentice ...? Is therep 183 CN 1996
I had found in the lemon orchard. I tested them against the door lock and, as I assumed, saw that theyp 184 CN 1996
knows why.‘ She lobbed the orange to me and leaned against the rail. ‘So, how are you? For someone who's beenp 186 CN 1996
up to me and embraced my shoulders, pressing her cheek against mine. ‘We've worried ourselves sick over the poor man. Atp 187 CN 1996
about them, deciding to wait until I had tested them against the locks of her BMW. ‘Paula ...‘ ‘What is it? You'rep 188 CN 1996
nets. Yet as I lay between her legs, her knees against my shoulders, she watched me come with the first realp 191 CN 1996
my own.‘ When she came she stiffened fiercely, hand pressed against her furrow, then allowed herself to breathe. She kissed mep 191 CN 1996
to breathe. She kissed me on the mouth and nestled against me, glad to put aside the cynicism she showed top 191 CN 1996
sun, groping each other like ancient lobsters?‘ Laughing, she lay against my shoulder. ‘Never get a suntan, Charles, or I'll stopp 192 CN 1996
those two men.‘ I held Paula's shoulders as she struggled against me. ‘That was a real rape, Paula. She wasn't expectingp 195 CN 1996
to join in?‘ ‘Charles ...!‘ Exasperated with me, Paula lay back against the pillow, scarcely caring whether I approved of her orp 197 CN 1996
and retrieved a schoolgirl's diary bound in pink silk. Sitting against the dresser, he held the diary to his chest, smilingp 203 CN 1996
a postcard view of Malmo. Crawford stood up and leaned against the mantelpiece, running a hand across the stones, and thenp 203 CN 1996
diary and pushed it away. A narrow servant's bed stood against the wall, stripped of everything but its mattress. He layp 204 CN 1996
turning the Porsche into its path. His foot crushed mine against the accelerator, throwing the car forward as the truck's klaxonp 207 CN 1996
Out of Africa always something white and strange.‘ I leaned against the rail and let the spray cool my face. Thep 207 CN 1996
but look in there. You can see what we're up against ...‘ Shielding my eyes from the sunlight, I gazed into onep 215 CN 1996
can get pretty frisky.‘ ‘Frisky ...‘ Wearily, Crawford pressed his palms against his forehead. He stared at the silent villas around thep 218 CN 1996
car park of the sports club. Betty Shand lay back against the leather upholstery, a wide-brimmed hat screening her veiled facep 221 CN 1996
I had twice postponed my visit to Zarzuella jail, convinced against all the evidence that the Residencia Costasol might be ap 225 CN 1996
them to pursue their proper tasks of manhandling hitch-hikers, plotting against their superiors and collecting backhanders from the Fuengirola bar-owners. ‘Theyp 229 CN 1996
handsome body sheathed in a cascade of silks that rustled against my bare chest like the plumage of a tremulous birdp 231 CN 1996
stream of cooler air into our faces, and lay back against the head-rest, so relaxed that I could hardly believe thatp 237 CN 1996
me into this criminal romp. As the Citroen's engine trembled against the accelerator pedal I was tempted to drive back top 238 CN 1996
him, he now urged the Costasol complex to rally itself against the secret enemy within its walls. Yet his affection forp 254 CN 1996
on my shoulder. As a child Frank had often slept against me while I did my homework. With his unlined facep 259 CN 1996
about the Residencia Costasol would be the single greatest testimony against him at his trial, and send him to Zarzuella jailp 262 CN 1996
needles and absent hopes where moral judgements were never made. Against the backdrop of the Residencia Costasol, with its impeccable villasp 268 CN 1996
Crawford. The plastic vanes slipped from his grip and danced against the window, but he controlled himself and steadied them. Hisp 269 CN 1996
into the bungalow behind them. Metal louvres tore and clattered against the window. Ripped from the wall by Crawford's hands, thep 270 CN 1996
its charred timbers, a tinder-blaze of those warrants we issue against ourselves, now never to be served and left to gatherp 276 CN 1996
had decided to lie there for the last time, head against the pillows she had shared with Frank. ‘Betty Shand's rentedp 277 CN 1996
idea. Believe me; they won't convict Frank -- the evidence against him is so flimsy. A bottle of ether planted inp 277 CN 1996
right?‘ ‘I think so. Mr Prentice? I'm sorry.‘ He leaned against the offside wing, and then stepped away from the carp 282 CN 1996
him by a passing spectator. When the location van brushed against the float he leapt aboard, almost falling across the easelsp 287 CN 1996
navigation gear. The waterlogged hulk of the Halcyon still lay against its lighter, like the carcass of a forgotten whale lashedp 290 CN 1996
With a shy smile she opened the door and leaned against the glass panel. ‘Paula ... you look tired.‘ I offered herp 291 CN 1996
she lurched into the dancers around her and then fell against Crawford's chest, mouth ajar below her unfocused eyes. Her hairp 295 CN 1996
you? Speak to him!‘ I stepped through the tourists crowding against the tables. Laurie Fox was swimming naked in the poolp 299 CN 1996
as the other beat the surface, dashing the bloodied water against the legs of the appalled onlookers. Then a silver-haired manp 299 CN 1996
everyone else at the Residencia Costasol. I'm sorry he took against me.‘ ‘You're one of the very few people he personallyp 302 CN 1996
the tumbler from my hand. ‘He uses violence quite openly, against Paula Hamilton and Laurie and anyone else who stands inp 303 CN 1996
children driving away in their parents‘ cars, and then leaned against the float behind him, tearing a handful of petals fromp 310 CN 1996
cars were parked in the numbered bays, Frank's dusty Jaguar against a corner wall with its police stickers peeling from thep 313 CN 1996
his head was bowed. ‘That's impossible!‘ I drummed my fist against the windshield of Paula's car. ‘I spoke to Crawford anp 315 CN 1996
for weeks.‘ Paula tried to calm my hands, holding them against her breasts. She spoke clearly, in a strained but matter-of-factp 315 CN 1996
they picked the Hollingers.‘ Paula steadied me when I swayed against the car, suddenly dizzied by the trembling light. I realizedp 316 CN 1996
chilled blood back to my heart. ‘All right ...‘ I leaned against Frank's car, and waited until my breath was even. ‘Youp 316 CN 1996
Betty Shand to the police but there was no evidence against them. Crawford didn't know we would set fire to thep 321 CN 1996
away. ‘When we killed Crawford's child we committed a crime against him -- that bound us to him even more tightlyp 323 CN 1996
still her shaking shoulders. I could feel her heart beating against my breastbone. All the duplicities of the past months hadp 324 CN 1996
flank. His face is hidden, but his arms are braced against the shifting stone, his back arched above his straining legsp 6 DYF 1996
from which Lorenzo de Medici had suspended the strangled plotters against his rule. I saw Siena cathedral from the roof downp 8 DYF 1996
needing to touch the tower, to feel the unforgiving marble against my skin. I left the cathedral and walked across thep 9 DYF 1996
tower was both too erect and too old. I pressed against the massive flank, urging it on its way. Eight storeysp 9 DYF 1996
crumbling mortar showered my face. The entire tower was trembling against my hands, and a section of cornice fell through thep 9 DYF 1996
Elaine's face still puzzles me. Had she seen me pushing against the tower and assumed that I was responsible for itsp 9 DYF 1996
I feel so nervous?‘ ‘You don't.‘ I pressed her hand against the wheel, steering the Jaguar around an elderly woman cyclistp 6 SC 2000
treating herself like an overwrought patient in casualty. She lay against the worn leather seating, breathing the bright air into herp 8 SC 2000
she first applied for the paediatric vacancy, I had been against her going, remembering her shock on hearing the news ofp 10 SC 2000
world, and too distracted for vintage motoring. When I swayed against the car, feeling light-headed in the sun, he raised ap 14 SC 2000
only place in the world where you can get insurance against acts of God.‘ I felt Jane stiffen warningly against thep 16 SC 2000
insurance against acts of God.‘ I felt Jane stiffen warningly against the steering wheel. The nearside front tyre scraped the kerbp 16 SC 2000
And you?‘ Jane queried. ‘Well ...‘ Penrose pressed his large hands against the roof, and lazily flexed his shoulders. ‘I prefer top 17 SC 2000
bruise the smooth walls of the house. The light drummed against Jane's sunglasses, giving her the edgy and vulnerable look ofp 21 SC 2000
Rover of the Eden-Olympia security force. A uniformed guard leaned against the driver's door, a slim, light-skinned black with refined andp 21 SC 2000
you ever?‘ With a stage laugh, Penrose drummed his fist against the roller doors of the garage. He swung his largep 32 SC 2000
body into the passenger seat of the Range Rover, sprawling against the driver. The sound of his mocking cheer, good-humoured butp 32 SC 2000
in a modern-dress version of a Coward play. I leaned against her, glad to be alone with my sane young wifep 32 SC 2000
towards the bed. I lay beside her, resting my face against her small breasts, with their sweet scents of summer lovep 34 SC 2000
aviation's heroic days, smoking their Craven A's while they leaned against their biplanes and gazed at the stars. We were marriedp 43 SC 2000
very stormy day last May.‘ I felt the bubbles play against my nostrils and sipped the aerated wine. ‘Senora, how longp 47 SC 2000
was intrigued by the stout defence I had put up against the intruder, but my excited sleuthing irritated him, and hep 60 SC 2000
of the bullets. Someone, security guard or hostage, had collapsed against the pumphouse doors, and had then been shot at closep 62 SC 2000
near the house, as David Greenwood made his final stand against the security guards and gendarmes. He had murdered the hostagesp 62 SC 2000
hostages in an act of despair, and then sat down against the pumphouse, ready to kill himself, staring for the lastp 63 SC 2000
doors of the pumphouse. I closed the garage and rested against the warm roof of the Jaguar. It was a littlep 63 SC 2000
dentistry.‘ ‘That doesn't sound like Eden-Olympia.‘ Jane pressed my head against her breast and began to explore my scalp. ‘Awful manp 66 SC 2000
have any contact with a small-time Russian crook?‘ Jane leaned against the desk, watching me in a way I had neverp 66 SC 2000
seeing them clearly for the first time. She pressed them against her heart, as if calculating the effect on her anatomyp 68 SC 2000
David shoot the hostages?‘ ‘In the garden. One probably died against the pumphouse doors. A second was shot in the poolp 68 SC 2000
tapped a computer keyboard, and a stream of numerals glimmered against her pale skin. ‘Jane ...‘ I held her shoulders, watching thep 69 SC 2000
are.‘ Jane held my hands to her shoulders and rocked against me. ‘I need time to freshen up.‘ ‘Fine. I'll getp 69 SC 2000
the gentle, lazy sea that lay like a docile lover against the curved arm of the Esterel. I leaned on thep 71 SC 2000
of protest followed by the sound of a blow struck against human bone. A second voice bellowed abuse in a pidginp 71 SC 2000
ended. I listened to the Russian coughing as he leaned against the wall, trying to wipe the blood from his suitp 72 SC 2000
Paul. You were lining up with all those KGB types against this poor migrant worker and little Natasha.‘ ‘You win.‘ Ip 79 SC 2000
the rival carburettors, for once ready to sink their differences against a common enemy. I edged forward and swung the steeringp 82 SC 2000
International corporations are involved. Claims of negligence may be brought against Eden-Olympia, which of course we deny.‘ ‘Then --‘ ‘I can'tp 86 SC 2000
tried to wrestle me to the ground. I propped myself against the car, held his lapels and threw him against thep 100 SC 2000
myself against the car, held his lapels and threw him against the boot. Then a far stronger pair of arms seizedp 100 SC 2000
from my jacket. I rested on the passenger seat, leaning against the open door with my feet on the ground. ‘I'mp 101 SC 2000
jacket. He was clearly weighing the seriousness of my message against my scruffy appearance. ‘Paul, you've put your spare time top 102 SC 2000
-- what does the sequence matter?‘ Delage pushed his glasses against his eyes, scanning the small print of my quibbles andp 104 SC 2000
Croisette prowl. ‘Marriage a la mode ...‘ She pressed her hands against the display case and peered challengingly at the models. ‘Butp 109 SC 2000
pulled my knee. Wincing at the sudden pain, I leaned against the display case. ‘Mr Sinclair?‘ Her hands steadied me. ‘Arep 110 SC 2000
must strike you as totally deviant.‘ ‘No. Just a little against nature. Rather romantic, though.‘ Tired of this forced banter, Ip 111 SC 2000
and walked down to the floor below. As Frances swayed against the display cases I realized that we were slightly drunkp 116 SC 2000
office she slipped on the crowded pavement and steadied herself against an open-topped BMW parked by the kerb. She peered intop 117 SC 2000
mean well.‘ ‘I know what you mean.‘ Her hips pressed against the BMW, and the curvature of its door deflected thep 117 SC 2000
schoolchildren emerged from a nearby travel agency, and forced me against the BMW. I leaned back, supporting myself on the windscreenp 118 SC 2000
a cul-de-sac at Cagnes-sur-Mer, I cracked a rear brake light against a badly sited lamp standard. But the highway police whop 119 SC 2000
with my back to a partition wall and my knees against his desk. ‘If you're in pain, let out a shoutp 127 SC 2000
cafes a Parisian smart set in weekend yachting rig chattered against a backdrop of chandlers furnished like boutiques and boutiques furnishedp 141 SC 2000
was flanked by empty medicine cabinets and Arabic posters warning against the dangers of alcohol and tobacco. Jane had told mep 152 SC 2000
outside the American Express offices in Cannes. Frances Baring leaned against Greenwood's shoulder, clearly trying to support him. Her eyes werep 152 SC 2000
passenger seat. From the darkness around me mobile phones bleeped against the static of two-way radios. I glanced into the secondp 159 SC 2000
schoolgirl rebunching her hair, raised arms pressing her small nipples against her cotton blouse. ‘Natasha ...‘ I put away the photograph, tryingp 159 SC 2000
back. It's best if we wait here.‘ Halder pressed me against a shuttered doorway. He silenced me with a hard handp 163 SC 2000
Richard Maxted, a bridge partner of Wilder Penrose. They lounged against the Range Rovers, joking with each other like hunters returningp 163 SC 2000
with a bandaged knee? The contingent world must have pressed against his temples, clamouring to be let in. But Oswald hadp 178 SC 2000
be let in. But Oswald had kept the shutters bolted against the storm, opening them for a few seconds as thep 178 SC 2000
beside the bed. She lay face up, one hand pressed against the carved oak footboard, the other raised to her facep 180 SC 2000
don't know if it says much.‘ I held the photograph against the instrument panel. The pharmacist's office was a windowless roomp 186 SC 2000
able to see it through. His head and shoulders rested against the ventilation shaft behind his desk. His mouth was openp 186 SC 2000
seal. Why would Berthoud be using the scales?‘ Halder leaned against his headrest and turned to watch me. ‘You think thep 187 SC 2000
him, I held his wrist as he drummed his foot against the ground. ‘You were waiting here when Georges Vadim wasp 188 SC 2000
to our right. I walked around the car and leaned against his windowsill. ‘So this is where it ended? Greenwood hadp 196 SC 2000
fabric of his shirt seemed about to split. He leaned against the parapet, dislodging flakes of white cement into the rainp 197 SC 2000
of the Range Rover reached its melting point. Halder leaned against the car, his hands pressed to the hot surface asp 198 SC 2000
the cool shadows among the parked cars. I steadied Halder against the seat, and let the icy breeze from the air-conditioningp 199 SC 2000
bullets in the back.‘ ‘They don't.‘ Halder spoke tersely, swaying against the steering wheel as if about to faint again. ‘Believep 204 SC 2000
But she stepped forward to steady me when I stumbled against the Saab. ‘Paul -- are you all right? You lookp 208 SC 2000
was shot on the roof. He was probably lying wounded against the parapet. I'm surprised you didn't see what happened.‘ ‘Nop 209 SC 2000
to explain my interest in an eleven-year-old girl. I leaned against the Saab, my legs aching after the effort of sittingp 210 SC 2000
Patients ... they're completely passe.‘ Glad to feel her strong body against mine, I let her help me through the parked vehiclesp 211 SC 2000
Before walking away to her dental appointment Frances had leaned against the car, confident that the world at large would happilyp 211 SC 2000
she braked hard before we reached the sunlight, throwing me against the seat belt like a crash-test dummy. ‘You look betterp 211 SC 2000
engulfed the terrace. Groups of technicians and make-up assistants cowered against the balustrade, watching as vicious fist-fights erupted among the camerap 220 SC 2000
own, a dream of speed and violence that had hovered against the ceiling of my mind since I followed little Natashap 223 SC 2000
I followed little Natasha to the Rue Valentin. She leaned against me, listening to the cries of the Japanese women. ‘Paulp 223 SC 2000
I slipped my arm around her waist and held her against the night. ‘Memories, dreams ...?‘ ‘Yesterday's software. Lots of heavy discountsp 224 SC 2000
we rode the lift to the fifteenth floor she leaned against my shoulder and pressed a hand to my diaphragm. Withoutp 225 SC 2000
I'm sorry.‘ ‘We'll try again. A different tack ...‘ She leaned against my shoulder, but her face had darkened, as if Ip 226 SC 2000
the Cannes police, so they take action on their own.‘ ‘Against a Japanese advertising agency? Why? For making a fur-coat commercialp 226 SC 2000
sitting room.‘ I pointed to a row of polaroids set against the inkstand. In one of the prints a stout blondep 227 SC 2000
I've never been more awake.‘ I sat up and leaned against the quilted headboard, feeling its buttons in my back. Francesp 231 SC 2000
light. ‘Safe to breathe?‘ Penrose closed the door and leaned against it. ‘It looks as if only you and the sunp 241 SC 2000
the large Victorian mirror in a crumbling frame that leaned against one wall. Its faded silver-screen resembled a secret pool cloudedp 242 SC 2000
recreations at Eden-Olympia. And the racial crimes?‘ ‘Raiding parties, usually against Arabs and blacks -- ratissages, Halder calls them. Action groupsp 247 SC 2000
must feel you've been ...‘ ‘Used? A little.‘ The parcel lay against my knee, and I kicked it onto the floor. ‘Youp 250 SC 2000
are more vulnerable than they realize. They have no defences against the psychotic who gets into the system and starts workingp 256 SC 2000
working away like a virus, using the sluggish moral machinery against itself.‘ ‘You're thinking of David Greenwood?‘ ‘He's a good examplep 256 SC 2000
road attacks bothered him, but he knew that the violence against the local prostitutes was a special kind of rehabilitation, ap 261 SC 2000
by the feeble movements of a waterlogged fruit fly, struggling against the meniscus that gripped its wings in a mirror harderp 267 SC 2000
and stepped into the hall, where I bruised my shins against two of my leather suitcases. I gripped the handles, andp 267 SC 2000
I felt myself sink slightly. ‘David was making a stand against Eden-Olympia. It's the proving ground for a new kind ofp 271 SC 2000
you can decide if we leave.‘ ‘All right ...‘ She leaned against me, her breathing shallow, her putty skin giving off ap 272 SC 2000
emerging from the drive of the Martinez. The onlookers surged against the railings, angry cries sounding a clear threat above thep 275 SC 2000
and took the leather hypodermic wallet from my jacket. Leaning against the washbasin, I lifted my injured leg onto the lavatoryp 278 SC 2000
I unlatched the door as a Blue Bar waiter fell against me. He peered into the cubicle, searching the floor betweenp 280 SC 2000
leave her bed. She was still trying to turn me against Eden-Olympia, but approved of my taking part in the ratissagesp 281 SC 2000
dead man's tuxedo was a tight squeeze, the seams straining against my armpits. Frances had taken the suit from the wardrobep 288 SC 2000
towards us and collided with Halder. Steadying himself, he swayed against me like a docking blimp. ‘I saw her five minutesp 292 SC 2000
places.‘ ‘She's very thorough.‘ ‘She's a serious woman.‘ Zander leaned against me, and whispered hoarsely into my ear. ‘How can ap 292 SC 2000
cabinet, chained together through their trigger guards. A notice-board leaned against an easel, listing the fixtures of the Eden-Olympia gun clubp 299 SC 2000
tiled floor between the bath and the bidet, knees drawn against her chest, her left hand trailing in the flow ofp 300 SC 2000
it doesn't matter.‘ Tired of me, she leaned her cheek against the tiled wall. ‘Go, Paul. Just go ... fly back top 303 SC 2000
champagne from a cruising waiter, and thought of Jane, asleep against the bidet in the fourth-floor suite. Despite my knee, Ip 304 SC 2000
sat on the diving board, his dark figure almost invisible against the night. Seeing me, Frances waved her purse. She whisperedp 305 SC 2000
the bath taps. Anyway, she doesn't care about us.‘ Leaning against the door, I watched the Audi over my headrest. Itp 308 SC 2000
still wore her black silk dressing gown, and lay half-asleep against Simone's shoulder. Recognizing me, she raised a hand in welcomep 315 SC 2000
waited for its owner to beat a loose heel plate against the pavement. As I leaned against the door I noticedp 328 SC 2000
a loose heel plate against the pavement. As I leaned against the door I noticed a sandy-haired man with a strawp 328 SC 2000
the door and then carefully closed it, trapping the card against the sill. Only one person had a spare set ofp 328 SC 2000
so. If it pays him enough, he'll play both ends against each other. He wants a really big story he canp 332 SC 2000
the way. They put the African and the Russian up against the wall and made sure you heard the screams.‘ ‘Ip 336 SC 2000
buttons and scuffed through the gravel to the telescope. Leaning against the brass barrel, she stared across the bay to Golfe-Juanp 342 SC 2000
into his salary package. Besides, there was one other mark against him.‘ ‘He was just another Arab? Still, Yasuda is Japanesep 343 SC 2000
held her to me, feeling her heart as it beat against her breastbone. We left the observation platform and walked backp 352 SC 2000
shadows crossing the canvas roof above our heads, engines drumming against the hulls of the graders and bulldozers. The metal scoopsp 358 SC 2000
tried to use me again, hoping to trigger an outburst against Eden-Olympia, but I was too uncommitted for her. We metp 362 SC 2000
to seize the miniature aircraft, no larger than a gnat against his outstretched hand. ‘Those planes. Paul, don't you find themp 364 SC 2000
Kurt Weill's ‘Surabaya Johnny‘ boomed from the CD player propped against the pillows. Jane swayed around the bedroom, a lurid figurep 368 SC 2000
wall switch. A hand gripped my wrist, forcing my fingers against the wall. A slim but athletic man in an Eden-Olympiap 372 SC 2000
an Eden-Olympia uniform stepped from the hall and pinned me against the fitted wardrobe. I wrenched myself from him, and raisedp 372 SC 2000
itself on and off. The quirky lips had flattened themselves against her teeth, and her features were those of a childp 374 SC 2000
me, sidestepping a line of metal trolleys. Exhausted, I rested against the waxy meat when the security guard emerged from thep 375 SC 2000
curving night. ‘Mr Sinclair?‘ Halder steadied me when I swayed against the door. ‘Hold on for a few minutes. We'll getp 376 SC 2000
They already have, Mr Sinclair.‘ ‘Me?‘ I pressed my head against the window, almost hoping that I could break the glassp 378 SC 2000
to a cobbled side alley. A black Mercedes was parked against a wall, the aerial of a radio telephone rising fromp 381 SC 2000
Over Halder's shoulder I saw the Delages. They were leaning against each other in a doorway, her head against his chinp 381 SC 2000
were leaning against each other in a doorway, her head against his chin, like clandestine lovers. ‘They're watching the damned Mercedesp 381 SC 2000
a sequinned shift dress stepped onto the cobbles. She swayed against the open door, and closed it clumsily with her elbowp 381 SC 2000
outside the entrance to the alley. Jane was still leaning against the Mercedes, handbag swinging like a signalman's lamp. Her, eyesp 382 SC 2000
thigh, trying to keep her attention as she lay rigidly against the headrest, a passenger frozen in the last seconds beforep 383 SC 2000
doorway, stepping back to allow me the best view. Pressed against her, I noticed that she wore no scent or make-upp 383 SC 2000
savoury of dishes. I pulled away from them and leaned against the roof of the Mercedes. Calmly, I said: ‘I'm gladp 383 SC 2000
gripped Jane's wrists, trying to restrain her as she struggled against him, small fists striking the roof of the car. Whenp 384 SC 2000
enclave. But then these likeable and over-educated revolutionaries were rebelling against themselves. Even I, David Markham, a trained psychologist infiltrated intop 3 MP 2003
many empty houses, I tripped on the kerb and leaned against a builder's skip heaped with household possessions. The revolutionaries, asp 8 MP 2003
and the cattle prods with which the police defended themselves against their ever-present enemies. The laptop had grown more heavy inp 11 MP 2003
phone when I returned to the sitting room. She leaned against the mantelpiece, smoothing her shoulder-length hair with a casual handp 14 MP 2003
at moments of stress. ‘Your friend Mr Prashar.‘ She leaned against me, scented scalp pressed to my cheek. ‘There's a problemp 14 MP 2003
placed the bomb on the carousel. The dialling tone sounded against my ear, a fading signal from another world. For ap 20 MP 2003
on strike,‘ I told her. ‘You're conducting your own sit-in against the universe.‘ ‘I'm waiting for an answer, Mr Markham.‘ Shep 24 MP 2003
Markham.‘ She played with her hair as she lay back against three huge pillows. ‘It's the most important question there isp 24 MP 2003
The chances of our parents meeting were millions to one against. We're tickets in a lottery.‘ ‘But a lottery isn't meaninglessp 25 MP 2003
break the spell. He carried a woman's handbag, holding it against his chest, a life-support package that might work its desperatep 26 MP 2003
to take at face value. There was a tape protesting against holiday flights to the Third World. You know, sexual tourismp 32 MP 2003
of this pointless protest, one group of cat lovers ranged against another. Locking arms with two middle-aged women from Wimbledon, Ip 34 MP 2003
threatening. Pushed forward by the scrum of demonstrators, I brushed against a small policewoman dwarfed by her male colleagues. She wasp 35 MP 2003
these luxurious pets. The protest rallies I had recently attended against globalization, nuclear power and the World Bank were violent butp 36 MP 2003
were violent but well thought out. By contrast, this demonstration against the Olympia cat show seemed endearingly Quixotic in its detachmentp 36 MP 2003
and Henley Regatta. At times, as I joined a demonstration against animal experiments or Third-World debt, I sensed that a primitivep 38 MP 2003
tried to breathe through my bruised ribs. ‘You have something against cats?‘ he asked. ‘Just against cages.‘ ‘Too bad. You're goingp 42 MP 2003
bruised ribs. ‘You have something against cats?‘ he asked. ‘Just against cages.‘ ‘Too bad. You're going into one.‘ I inhaled deeplyp 42 MP 2003
front of me was a uniformed chauffeur who had testified against his boss, a local businessman convicted of kerb-crawling. He turnedp 45 MP 2003
effort of raising my arm left me winded. I leaned against the stone lion on the balustrade, and the policeman onp 46 MP 2003
and call an ambulance. Hands on my knees, I rested against a parked car, and managed to draw a little airp 46 MP 2003
Then a woman's arm gripped me around the waist. Resting against her hip, I could smell a heady blend of perfumep 46 MP 2003
her evangelical cell. ‘Now, try to stand.‘ She propped me against the car, and waved cheerily to the watching constable. ‘I'mp 46 MP 2003
turned to face me, chin raised. ‘As it happens, we're against the whole concept of travel.‘ ‘Why?‘ ‘Tourism is the greatp 54 MP 2003
the way ...‘ A motorcycle's throat-clearing rumble disturbed the road, drumming against the windows. After a coda of obligatory throttle work, ap 56 MP 2003
a waiting vacuum; with her aggressive emotions, fiercely for or against me, she was the opposite of my mother. After myp 71 MP 2003
Churchill soon after breakfast, watched by a mildly curious Sally. Against a background of angry middle-class voices, Kay answered in ap 74 MP 2003
the good life, full of possibility. You soon come up against the barriers set out by the system. Try getting drunkp 86 MP 2003
as we stepped onto the pavement. She tapped the pencil against her teeth. ‘Nobody can be that passive.‘ ‘You have ap 90 MP 2003
me with skittish look in her eye. ‘No, I'm not against wife swapping.‘ Kay scribbled on her clipboard. ‘You're a liberalp 92 MP 2003
affection?‘ ‘Absolutely.‘ ‘So you'd sign a petition to revoke laws against sexual intercourse with animals?‘ ‘I beg your pardon?‘ Kay smiledp 92 MP 2003
into the darkness, heading towards Richmond Bridge. The clergyman leaned against me, gasping through the phlegm that filled his mouth. Hep 98 MP 2003
furnished cell. The desk and leather armchair had been pushed against the walls, and a camp bed took up the centrep 101 MP 2003
movements -- "Reclaim the Streets", "Save the Countryside", the demos against GM crops and the World Trade Organization. Worthy causes, butp 105 MP 2003
the video shop. The interesting thing is that they're protesting against themselves. There's no enemy out there. They know they arep 109 MP 2003
police station. I stood behind the curtains, my heart leaping against my chest like a trapped animal throwing itself at thep 111 MP 2003
He tried to climb from the car, but Sally leaned against the passenger door, her elbows on the roof. ‘Sally?‘ Henryp 113 MP 2003
room, argued over endless bottles of Bulgarian wine, the action against the National Film Theatre had promised to be little morep 116 MP 2003
ankles and pulled him across the carpet, his huge legs against my thighs. As I paused by the door, trying top 122 MP 2003
me in the chest. Winded by the blow, I fell against the door, too stunned to breathe. The guard was widep 122 MP 2003
rolled away from him into the corridor. He propped himself against the door, turned onto his side and rose to hisp 122 MP 2003
had given up the chase. Bent double, he leaned exhausted against a piece of chromium sculpture, phlegm dripping from his mouthp 123 MP 2003
place in three of the gondolas, and the guests pressed against the curved glass, watching the first fires break through thep 123 MP 2003
jumpy nerves. I had taken part in a serious crime, against a museum of film and my memories of my firstp 127 MP 2003
ear, apparently listening to an update on the night's action against the NFT, but he was more interested in the builder'sp 129 MP 2003
protest movement at Chelsea Marina as an act of defiance against the medical establishment. At the same time I found myselfp 140 MP 2003
emerged, but there was talk of an Islamic group protesting against the vilification of Arab peoples in Hollywood films. Once againp 143 MP 2003
lay back gratefully, hiding my face behind a newspaper propped against the steering wheel. Fifty feet away was Henry's small terracedp 143 MP 2003
killed her. Cramped in the driver's seat, I stretched myself against the wheel, arranging my knees and elbows between the invalidp 144 MP 2003
observe one of London's historic rituals, the raising of fists against the establishment. Across the street two constables patrolled the pavementp 148 MP 2003
realized that we were taking our orders from the organization against which we were demonstrating. During the past three days thep 149 MP 2003
a self-indulgent and over-educated class unable to hold their own against a younger age-group thrusting their way into the professions. Punditsp 149 MP 2003
the new tyranny, enslaving those who huddled for cultural shelter against its brutalist walls. ‘Undressed concrete, David. Alcatraz revival, always bewarep 151 MP 2003
prominent part in the sit-in at Chelsea Town Hall protesting against the new parking charges. A retired barrister led the demop 152 MP 2003
I doubt it. They're gone, David. Nature committed a crime against them. Besides, certain things are meaningless. After all the theorizingp 173 MP 2003
mobile phone. Waiting for it to ring, I placed it against my ear, almost expecting Joan's piping voice. The phone wasp 183 MP 2003
looked down at me. He reached out and pulled me against the door pillar. ‘Markham? What are you doing here?‘ ‘Stephenp 184 MP 2003
the rain. Vera made no attempt to resist. She leaned against me, smiling sweetly, self-immersed and emotionally dead, a vicious andp 186 MP 2003
wheel of the Range Rover, watching the parking ticket flap against the windscreen. I felt closer to the truth about thep 188 MP 2003
global capitalism. Bomb the Ministry of Defence and you're protesting against war. You don't even need to hand out the leafletsp 194 MP 2003
glad to remind herself of my inexplicable behaviour, which went against everything in my nature. That someone as straight and stuffyp 196 MP 2003
may need you.‘ She embraced me fiercely, her body trembling against me. ‘Kay? What are you doing?‘ ‘Changing my underwear. Believep 199 MP 2003
exhausted after spending his nights scrubbing out lavatories. He slept against the window, face tubercularly pale. He revived after a showerp 205 MP 2003
across the park I could see his pale hands held against the light. I walked along the path, hiding myself behindp 208 MP 2003
in his face had come forward, their sharp ridges cutting against the transparent skin, as if his skull was desperate forp 208 MP 2003
people can't cope with the idea of fame ...‘ Kay leaned against me, gripping the remote control, ready to hurl it atp 212 MP 2003
real possibility never existed. The revolution at Chelsea Marina was against more than ground rents and maintenance charges. Unsure that wep 218 MP 2003
his website.‘ ‘Gould? What did he want?‘ ‘Relax.‘ She leaned against my shoulder. ‘I can see why he has such ap 220 MP 2003
misguided demonstration to a halt. A bulldozer was manoeuvring itself against the barricade of cars in Beaufort Avenue. Its scoop thrustp 225 MP 2003
less savoury estates. They tightened their chin-straps, rapped their clubs against their shields and moved forward when the bulldozer at lastp 226 MP 2003
edged through the crowd and reached the pavement. I leaned against a damaged parking meter and searched for any signs ofp 227 MP 2003
with a Garrick Club lighter and dashing his Molotov cocktails against the exposed engine. Already a second car was burning. Flamesp 228 MP 2003
had arrived, the police began to withdraw. I leaned wearily against an overturned Toyota, cheering with Kay and her team asp 230 MP 2003
antique shops and small boutiques. I caught my breath, leaning against the wrought-iron bars. Head-high, the gate was topped by ap 236 MP 2003
passing shoppers. Fifty feet away, three police vans were parked against the kerb. Each carried six constables, sitting upright beside thep 236 MP 2003
camped, the primus stove and trestle bed had been flung against the fireplace. Food cans, a Harley owner's manual and hisp 237 MP 2003
It was good of you to help me.‘ Gould leaned against the Jaguar and looked me up and down. ‘You're drainedp 245 MP 2003
airliner lift itself from the runway. It braced its wings against the sky, a titanic effort of steel and will. Asp 249 MP 2003
mobile and waited until the airport was silent. Gould leaned against the car, picking at his nails, a mentor already boredp 250 MP 2003
easel and artist's bric-a-brac. It was part of our campaign against everything Tate Modern stood for. Anything to make it wobblep 260 MP 2003
knot behind her head, stretching the skin of her forehead against her skull and exposing the sharp bones around her eyesp 275 MP 2003
beside the pillow, hands folded across her lap, eyes lowered against the light. She had brushed her hair, but there wasp 275 MP 2003
held her shoulders and kissed her cheek. She leaned passively against me, as if she had been roused from her bedp 275 MP 2003
I waited for Sally to stand up, but she leaned against the pillow and stroked the bedspread, studying the moire patternsp 277 MP 2003
Sally and walked to the door, then pressed my head against the wooden panel. The living room seemed empty, the silencep 278 MP 2003
and then police and experts scattered behind the cars, crouching against the walls of the empty houses. A helicopter appeared inp 282 MP 2003
front door of a nearby house. ‘Sally ...‘ I held her against me, feeling her heart beating against my breastbone, for oncep 282 MP 2003
Sally ...‘ I held her against me, feeling her heart beating against my breastbone, for once in time with my own. Feetp 282 MP 2003
collar and the crude stitching of his repair work unravelling against his neck. Clasping his hand for the last time, Ip 285 MP 2003
gripped my arm with a tobacco-stained hand and pushed me against the car. ‘You're a better shot than I thought ...‘ Ip 287 MP 2003
charges of arson, assault or public mischief should be brought against the residents. The attacks on the National Film Theatre, Tatep 290 MP 2003
black teen fads. ‘It's all rather nice.‘ Sally leaned comfortably against my shoulder. ‘It must be fun living here.‘ ‘It isp 293 MP 2003
want here.‘ ‘I can see. What exactly were they rebelling against?‘ ‘Well ... I may write a book about it.‘ But Ip 293 MP 2003
Far from the jittery; synapse-testing metropolis, the perimeter towns dozing against the protective shoulder of the M25 were virtually an inventionp 4 KC 2006
war. A pleasant middle-aged couple paused by the window, leaning against each other in a show of affection. Happy for themp 8 KC 2006
tripped onto one knee beside the Volvo, my hands pressed against a charred rag of plastic seating. Legs stepped over mep 11 KC 2006
of public disturbance. He had carried out an eccentric campaign against the huge mall, and a number of witnesses saw himp 14 KC 2006
white overalls lit their Craven A cigarettes as they leaned against their aircraft. The public had been seized by a dreamp 19 KC 2006
arms, sweat and hair oil, but I pinned the door against his hand, forcing his pudgy fingers to drop the truncheonp 20 KC 2006
Christie was well known in Brooklands. He was always campaigning against the Metro-Centre.‘ ‘Quite a target to pick.‘ Sergeant Falconer closedp 23 KC 2006
out over the station car park, where the crowd pressed against the cordon of constables. Uniformed officers filled the hallway belowp 26 KC 2006
lowered like a visor. A bottle of mineral water burst against it, sending a spume of frothing Perrier across the glassp 26 KC 2006
played a wristy game of squash.‘ Fairfax pressed his hands against the lid of the box-file, as if concerned that myp 31 KC 2006
the metal floor. He had spent his last moments resting against the rail, tired by his walk to the Metro-Centre. Thep 44 KC 2006
my father, and why. A mental patient with a grudge against a shopping mall. Now, suddenly, it's a mystery again. Brooklandsp 49 KC 2006
Not a stitch-up. But Fairfax was confident that the case against Christie would be dropped. Otherwise he would have passed myp 51 KC 2006
bought anything unless I needed to. Childhood had inoculated me against the consumer world I longed for so eagerly. Searching forp 54 KC 2006
little weakly, Julia said: ‘People sympathize with Christie.‘ ‘For standing against the mall? Who exactly? Small shopkeepers, Thames Valley Poujadists?‘ ‘Notp 70 KC 2006
sales pitch boomed through the night air, drumming like fists against the windows of the cowed little houses. ‘Julia, we keepp 73 KC 2006
snowballs in a blizzard. I swung the wheel, throwing Julia against the passenger door, and slewed the Jensen into a parkingp 74 KC 2006
Asian was down on his knees, trying to steady himself against a vandalized parking meter. A thin-faced youth in a Stp 74 KC 2006
were two men in St George's shirts, muscled arms pressed against the windows. Both spoke freely to Fairfax and his passengerp 76 KC 2006
the supporters‘ clubs in their patriotic livers they were moving against the immigrant population, harassing them out of their run-down streetsp 78 KC 2006
helped to clear Duncan Christie.‘ Sangster sat back, head resting against the maths equation, tolerating my rudeness. ‘I testified that Ip 83 KC 2006
emphasis on individual rights, habeas corpus, freedom of the one against the many ...‘ ‘Free speech, privacy?‘ ‘What's the point of freep 85 KC 2006
Exhausted by the effort of moving his cargo, Christie leaned against the tailgate and smiled at the Metro-Centre blimp lazing abovep 89 KC 2006
his right hand. ‘ ... Jesus!‘ Unable to move, the refrigerator pressing against his chest, he glared at the unmoving spectators. ‘Is nonep 89 KC 2006
him lower the bulky machine to the ground. He leaned against it, a winded Samson clinging to his temple. ‘Thank youp 90 KC 2006
point.‘ ‘Absolutely. Maya, hear the man.‘ ‘This is your stand against the Metro-Centre, and all the other super-malls. Why not justp 92 KC 2006
violent they really are. Or how brave, when your back's against the wall.‘ ‘Exactly.‘ Maxted sat forward, fists clenched, Laphroaig forgottenp 99 KC 2006
Maxted lay back in the sofa, resting his thick neck against the black leather. ‘That's the real appeal, isn't it? Thep 99 KC 2006
voice on a telephone. The flat was silent, light flaring against the windows from the display screens at the football stadiump 109 KC 2006
sealed in plastic sheeting, video-game consoles and coffee machines leaned against each other in a huge jumble. Over everything hung ap 115 KC 2006
waiting for their day. She turned and swayed, then stumbled against the inspector. Still talking to the journalists, he beckoned top 117 KC 2006
at itself in the mirror and breaking its bloodied forehead against the glass. I knew now that we had all beenp 127 KC 2006
held Julia's shoulders, trying to steady her when she stumbled against the car. I pointed to the hospital, as an ambulancep 130 KC 2006
the road below. A chauffeur in a peaked cap leaned against a door, smoking a cigarette and drawing small sketches onp 137 KC 2006
some obscure game of their own. I rested my head against the window pillar, and looked up at the billboard abovep 153 KC 2006
but her interest in the game was a whimsical stand against the far harder stadium values that now dominated Brooklands. Wep 158 KC 2006
marches in step?‘ ‘Right!‘ Sangster sat forward, jarring the table against my elbows. ‘So beat the drums, sound the bugles, leadp 169 KC 2006
gymnasium. A line of Asian women and their children sat against the parallel bars, suitcases in front of them, new arrivalsp 170 KC 2006
such force that he seemed to be making the case against which he was arguing. I intrigued Sangster because I wasp 170 KC 2006
to step away from me, but I had backed her against the flowerbed. She waved to the two constables interviewing myp 186 KC 2006
shared jacuzzi, he urged his viewers to defend their ‘republic‘ against the corrupt alliance of the snobbish middle class and thep 190 KC 2006
community pride. Feel they are defending Brooklands, though no idea against what. Draughtsman, taxi driver, dental mechanic, hotel receptionist. Have carsp 194 KC 2006
shirts meant something. The supporters stood their ground, bare fists against the Asian knives, holding the line as their grandfathers didp 194 KC 2006
at long last the pieces were beginning to fight back against the players. The Stricken City There was too little airp 198 KC 2006
commentator's relentless harangues, together bruised the afternoon. The din drummed against the windows of nearby houses, turning a pleasantly sunny dayp 199 KC 2006
suitcases. My father's golf bag, clubs untouched for months, leaned against the rear wall. I pulled out the heavy leather bagp 206 KC 2006
was untrue. But the real was making a small stand against the unreal. ‘Defend the Dome!’ A car approached, tyres rakingp 206 KC 2006
moved with us, a mulish mob forced by the police against the dome. Fights broke out, fists flailing through the workmanlikep 211 KC 2006
we have hostages ...‘ The sounds echoed through the mall, drumming against the roof. Carradine, the marshals and engineers were staring upwardsp 216 KC 2006
sports supporters and Metro-Centre employees, determined to defend the dome against all comers, and a larger group of customers caught byp 223 KC 2006
close the dome be lifted, that no charges be brought against its defenders, and that the Metro-Centre re-open for business, alongp 224 KC 2006
uprising, the struggle of consumer man and his consumer wife against the metropolitan elites with their deep loathing of shopping mallsp 225 KC 2006
with Tony Maxted. We slept in our clothes, windows sealed against the unending night noises of the police and army, thep 225 KC 2006
voice seemed to dent the dark water that lay listlessly against the beach. ‘Come down, man ... You're a target ...!‘ As Ip 229 KC 2006
beach. ‘Come down, man ... You're a target ...!‘ As I stumbled against the chair, knocking it onto the sand, the man hurledp 229 KC 2006
tape, drifted towards me, and with a last heave bumped against my chair. As I stepped forward, about to kick itp 236 KC 2006
The six patients lay on luxurious mattresses, unwashed pillows leaning against quilted boudoir headboards. Almost all were elderly hostages unable top 237 KC 2006
That should keep me going.‘ ‘I'm sorry.‘ She leaned briefly against my shoulder, and then watched me with a faint smilep 238 KC 2006
frogmarched from the first-aid post. But Maxted wearily pulled me against the baby bear's massive paw. ‘Maxted ... is Julia safe?‘ ‘Justp 241 KC 2006
the rebellion.‘ ‘Joining ...?‘ Without thinking, I stood up, steadying myself against Maxted's shoulder. I watched the dozen former hostages don theirp 243 KC 2006
from my hand. Smiling a little wanly, he tapped it against his free hand. ‘Richard, what were you doing? Any ideap 243 KC 2006
on the few score remaining hostages and defended the Metro-Centre against the armed might of a government. Meanwhile I did myp 245 KC 2006
the dome. Searchlights swerved and loudspeakers blared. Stun grenades exploded against the metal panels high above the atrium, showering debris onp 246 KC 2006
makeshift clinic in a besieged shopping mall. Her shoulders squared against Maxted, willing him to back away from her. I couldp 257 KC 2006
shooting and he was nowhere near the atrium the case against him would be dismissed. Especially if the witnesses knew Christiep 261 KC 2006
confessed to the murder no one would take his word against ours. Misfits and psychotics are confessing all the time top 261 KC 2006
pieces of heavy ovenware onto the landing. I pressed myself against the wall, almost expecting a furnace of petroleum vapour top 269 KC 2006
my beard. ‘Mr Pearson? Remember? Duncan Christie ...‘ Sergeant Falconer leaned against the doorway, too exhausted to throw herself at Christie. Shep 270 KC 2006
lose his bearings in the swirl of dust. I leaned against the head rail, too weary to push. The entrance hallp 274 KC 2006
death. Victims had to pay twice for the crimes committed against them. By contrast, I was still exhausted, barely able top 277 KC 2006
the 1930s by frequent terrorist bombings, barely audible, I suspect, against the background music of endless night-clubbing, daredevil air shows andp 5 ML 2008
sitting with the White Russian nanny Vera (supposedly to guard against a kidnap attempt by the chauffeur, though how much ofp 5 ML 2008
the Bund, a Chinese family had spent the night huddling against the steel grille at the top of the entrance stepsp 15 ML 2008
driven away by the security guards, leaving a dead baby against the grille, its life ended by disease or the fiercep 15 ML 2008
warfare a coordinated air, sea and land assault was launched against Chiang Kai-shek's Chinese armies, who greatly outnumbered the Japanese, butp 25 ML 2008
in this information war, many of them screened at night against the sides of buildings, watched by huge crowds of passingp 38 ML 2008
on in Shanghai even though it was clear that war against Japan was imminent. There was also the firm belief, racistp 39 ML 2008
impressed the Communist peasant judges that they dismissed the charges against him. In 1950, after a long journey across China, hep 48 ML 2008
of 1942 the war in the Pacific began to turn against the Japanese. Their navy, which had caught the Americans byp 62 ML 2008
beginnings of what would become the heroic Bomber Command offensive against Germany. I wanted to encourage my father, whom I knewp 62 ML 2008
of D and G Blocks the parents had no defence against the children who shared their tiny spaces, and no doubtp 68 ML 2008
our home. During the day my father raised his mattress against the wall, and in the small space we set upp 69 ML 2008
my own way, ignoring him when he strongly urged me against becoming a writer. I had spent five years learning top 84 ML 2008
make their last stand near the mouth of the Yangtze against the expected American landings. This must have deeply alarmed myp 89 ML 2008
the internees that China had fought on the same side against the Japanese, and that their desperate citizens were even morep 115 ML 2008
control of Indo-China used Japanese military units in their battles against the Viet Minh forces, the forerunners of the Viet Congp 116 ML 2008
Open City, the high tide of heroic modernism, played out against the background of the Nazi death camps and the growingp 133 ML 2008
dons had come very near to being prosecuted for offences against the little troupe of choirboys (in miniature top hats andp 147 ML 2008
disadvantages if the claim were true would have been selected against and a less dangerous parental bond would have taken itsp 202 ML 2008
time I felt that nature had committed a dreadful crime against Mary and her children. Why? There was no answer top 205 ML 2008
few people in England were aware of the Pacific war against the Japanese. It was then nearly forty years since Ip 248 ML 2008