Noon's craft reached my feet like a series of vague afterthoughts, as if the damming of the Mallory, the containment ofp 237 DC 1987
Si, blindfold.‘ The interpreter smiled, then elaborated slowly. ‘And blindfold afterward, you understand? All blindfold.‘ Lanyon nodded. Luigi was watching narrowlyp 104 WFN 1961
long as he could, he clung to his mother. Shortly afterward, Falkman and his mother visited the lying-in hospital for severalp 567 TP 1964
one of the victims of the Pangbourne Village Massacre. Shortly afterward, dental and photographic evidence, and the visual confirmation of bothp 37 RW 1988
died. Where Jane went to I don't know. Not long afterwards the Recess ended, and the big government schemes came alongp 11 PB 1956
speed. Twice he fired into the air, stopping the car afterwards to call out, his words lost among the echoes rollingp 163 CH 1960
the third row of the stalls. ‘Hear anything?‘ he called afterwards. Merrill shook his head. ‘Nothing, no vibration at all.‘ Downp 131 SS 1960
delicate tendrils of some vast and gentle plant. For days afterwards I found fragments of the poems everywhere. I complained severalp 208 S5 1961
Earth with the Canaveral and Caspian ballast. A few years afterwards a drastic increase in a wide range of plant diseasesp 367 CS 1962
petrified. The former launching-ground at Canaveral was closed, and shortly afterwards the Cocoa Beach resorts were sealed off and evacuated, billionsp 367 CS 1962
a team of analysts and writers to interview us and afterwards book a sanatorium anywhere we like for the convalescence. Evep 339 PE 1962
alcoholics hospitals and psychiatric wards. When she died five years afterwards few newspapers gave her more than a couple of linesp 312 TDS 1962
a last carillon of chimes across the water. For nights afterwards, in his dreams, Kerans had seen Riggs dressed as Williamp 61 DW 1962
from the weeds into his mouth like frozen pearls. Immediately afterwards he sank off into a profound torpor, waking after duskp 137 DW 1962
reply he relapsed again into his vigil. One night shortly afterwards, when he was woken in the early hours of thep 637 DS 1964
cheeks, and he moved busily around the house. A month afterwards his sister returned to her own home, acknowledging his abilityp 562 TP 1964
Stunned, he realized that he had forgotten her name. Shortly afterwards, Falkman gave up his job and went to live withp 566 TP 1964
the house-boy. ‘He wants to leave,‘ she said to Vandervell afterwards. ‘Offer him more money,‘ he said without turning. ‘He saysp 660 VD 1964
the children scattered pieces of paper drawings over it. Soon afterwards, Philip Jordan went off to search for his father. Hep 175 D 1965
remained constant at about fifteen miles an hour. However, shortly afterwards, when the governor had been put out of action, thep 720 AE 1966
fragments of these signs litter the suburban streets for weeks afterwards. Bonfires of Jackie's face burn among the reservoirs of Stainesp 32 AW 1966
device and loses herself in the maze of mirrors. Shortly afterwards Kline appears, and sits at a chair and table inp 33 AW 1966
landscape around the picket ship and everything in it. Shortly afterwards, when the woman began to collect the wing feathers ofp 699 SBD 1966
much any longer?‘ They ate lunch together in the chalet. Afterwards, Sanders described his experiences in the forest. ‘I remember, Louisep 135 CW 1966
wheeling above the rock spires in the blood-red air. Shortly afterwards, the first curious changes began to occur to our portraitsp 730 CHC 1967
reporters the wrong way. He vanished off the scene shortly afterwards, though no doubt his mother now has a pleasant white-walledp 780 CA 1968
pass at him. Still uneasy, he submerged, but surfaced shortly afterwards. The 24 hours ended with them tired but amiable, lookingp BAT 1968
the trees to the forward post. When Pearson returned shortly afterwards the American was still working away at the memorial withp 786 KG 1969
key sites -- London, Washington and Peking -- and shortly afterwards the first pilot programmes were transmitted to an eager worldp 806 GTS 1972
make use of me, was fixed on my face shortly afterwards as I stopped the car on a deserted service roadp 78 C 1973
Taylor, were made on the police broadcasts, and cancelled shortly afterwards, I knew whose death-ordeal we were about to witness. Vaughanp 184 C 1973
trip some years earlier, when I had felt for months afterwards as if a vent of hell had opened momentarily inp 192 C 1973
as I recovered from my acid trip and my near-death afterwards, I remained at home with Catherine. Sitting here, my handsp 208 C 1973
my legs and arms during the acid trip. For days afterwards segments of the experience returned intact, and I would seep 209 C 1973
as my hand gathered the semen flowing from her vulva. Afterwards, the semen in my hand, we walked among the carsp 223 C 1973
which she used her body confused him. ‘You'll help me afterwards to get away from here,‘ he told her. ‘I understandp 71 CI 1974
The capacity for sin was a prerequisite of redemption. Soon afterwards, as if cued in by the archbishop, a series ofp 846 LDG 1976
stadium. ‘Some stunt for the Red Cross,‘ someone else commented. ‘Afterwards, make sure they take us back to the camp.‘ Butp 928 DT 1977
door.‘ Pangborn waited while she worked away at the sets. Afterwards he followed her around the solarium in his wheelchair, watchingp 994 MA 1978
capital of the United States. The Phoenix expedition arrived soon afterwards, a mixed brigade of uniformed soldiers, Indian auxiliaries and Mexicanp 212 HA 1981
God in Amherst Avenue, warning them from their ways. Soon afterwards Jim had impressed his school friends by announcing that hep 17 ES 1984
had been able to destroy his codes, and for days afterwards the Japanese sent divers down to the wreck in anp 51 ES 1984
you were once a doctor.‘ ‘Noon is cooking a meal. Afterwards he can lie on my bunk in the wheelhouse.‘ Ip 174 DC 1987
he drives away, disappearing into that over-worked hologram called reality. Afterwards I lean against the door, exhausted by this false alarmp 1133 TES 1989
Margaret again gave my modest meal an added relish, and afterwards I carefully set the dog-trap by the open door ofp 1136 TES 1989
no English, and Melly struggled with his modest French, but afterwards he had the strong sense that both had talked inp 90 UGM 1991
The doctor examined her in a slow but scrupulous way. Afterwards he patted me encouragingly and spoke in Spanish to Lykiardp 159 KW 1991
That's a lot.‘ ‘For two. As long as you like. Afterwards we go to Senor Pereira's party in Ipanema.‘ ‘Fine byp 245 KW 1991
and celebrated their departure with a last dinner in Waikiki. Afterwards Neil kissed his mother's over-rouged cheek and accepted his stepp 29 RP 1994
in the galley, where he shared their modest macrobiotic meal. Afterwards they invited him to their cabin, where they earnestly discussedp 54 RP 1994
an hour before dusk, only Dr Barbara waved them goodbye. Afterwards she stripped and swam in the sea, then dressed andp 125 RP 1994
an hour, perhaps less. I have spoken to Inspector Cabrera. Afterwards he will want to question you about certain details possiblyp 19 CN 1996
the five victims by Inspector Cabrera and the autopsy pathologists. Afterwards, Senor Danvila told me, I would be able to speakp 76 CN 1996
treatment she had prescribed. ‘Everything was part of the game. Afterwards Anne didn't mind.‘ ‘I know -- I saw the smilep 196 CN 1996
seemed all right. He nearly had a fight with Crawford afterwards.‘ Paula sat down and drew me on to the bedp 196 CN 1996
her face within seconds of leaving her. Jane met me afterwards, barely recognizable in trim business suit and court shoes. Ip 39 SC 2000
at the Blue Bar, then an aioli at Mere Besson. Afterwards we'll go to the Casino and watch the rich Arabsp 69 SC 2000
we can speak en route to the heli-shuttle in Cannes. Afterwards the car will bring you back. It's not often thatp 102 SC 2000
noticed the date of transmission. ‘July 25? Nearly two months afterwards?‘ ‘We had some late info.‘ ‘A tip-off? Someone at Eden-Olympiap 130 SC 2000
a kind of weekend fascism, where the stormtroopers clean up afterwards.‘ ‘But the blood-stains remain. You've spoken to the chauffeurs‘ widowsp 389 SC 2000
the chief magistrate closed his eyes. ‘At a cat show?‘ Afterwards my solicitor offered me a lift to central London, butp 44 MP 2003
in, ready to face the coming decades in Broadmoor. Soon afterwards, a flabby loner and celebrity stalker was charged with thep 215 MP 2003
was a signal that the demolition bulldozers would arrive soon afterwards. Smiling cheerfully, the Home Secretary stepped into the rear seatp 282 MP 2003
at a King's Road restaurant not far from Chelsea Marina. Afterwards we strolled through the gates, past the former manager's officep 293 MP 2003
fun. We could go together. You invent the reality and afterwards I'll put on the band-aids.‘ I liked her, and wasp 68 KC 2006
and neighbourhoods, and they would keep them clean and law-abiding. Afterwards, the marshals steered us to the hotels and staff restp 225 KC 2006
the nearby godowns, the large warehouses of the Chinese merchants. Afterwards they would squat with a bowl of rice and ap 15 ML 2008
Harbor. I cycled to school, but always came straight home afterwards, though sometimes I had to wait for hours to getp 57 ML 2008
film of the festival, and the controversy continued for years afterwards, especially in England. Desperate Conservative politicians, facing defeat at thep 243 ML 2008
the pulped face of her baby, and Hargreaves shook her again. "Where's the revolver? The revolver?" She was kneeling on thep 9 VN 1951
The studio must have decided to run it straight through again and pretend no one had noticed. Even so they'd bep 12 E 1956
fifteen minutes behind their schedule. Ten minutes later it happened again. I sat up. ‘That's funny,‘ I said slowly. ‘Haven't theyp 12 E 1956
ten past.‘ ‘Nine or ten?‘ He looked at his watch again. ‘Nine, should be. What's up?‘ ‘I don't know whether I'mp 15 E 1956
9. I went back into the hall and dialled Tom again, trying not to stampede myself. In some way, I hadn'tp 16 E 1956
phone. ‘Did I call you five minutes ago?‘ ‘Who's that again?‘ ‘Harry here. Harry Bartley. Sorry, Tom.‘ I paused and rephrasedp 16 E 1956
and smiled helplessly. ‘You are silly. Now turn it on again.‘ I gave up. As I switched the set on Ip 16 E 1956
right away. Is Helen all right?‘ ‘Yes, she's fine. Thanks again.‘ I went into the dining room and pulled a bottlep 17 E 1956
was looking out into the street. The set was on again so I pulled the plug out at the main. Ip 19 E 1956
the next jump we'd both be back in the lounge again, but probably have decided to drive to the pub insteadp 19 E 1956
Time was --‘ I flinched as the pain bit in again. ‘Sit down and rest,‘ Helen said. ‘I'll come and joinp 21 E 1956
believe I could make myself as ridiculous now, but then again, it might have been just Jane herself. Whatever else theyp 1 PB 1956
pure. At first the Columbine hesitated and Jane went down again and drew them along with her. They went up ap 8 PB 1956
door shut and held them back. I never saw Jane again. The three of us waited in my apartment. When thep 11 PB 1956
his fingers on the edge and swung round on him again. ‘You talked it over with your friends?‘ ‘Only the firstp 23 CC 1957
free himself with one hand, and the crowd started roaring again as one of the grabs wound in and dragged himp 31 CC 1957
along the street and then one by one went off again. M. wondered why Gregson hadn't come down to the stationp 37 CC 1957
wryly. ‘Massive feedback from the medulla?‘ ‘No,‘ Morley said. ‘There again the psychometric tests have shown absolutely nothing coming up atp 51 M69 1957
unimpaired. ‘Nerve fibre, Robert,‘ Neill had told him time and again, ‘never fatigues. The brain cannot tire.‘ While he waited forp 53 M69 1957
am I doing?‘ ‘No,‘ Lang said. He started to laugh again. ‘I've just discovered I'm awake.‘ Morley smiled. ‘We'll have top 54 M69 1957
physical, checking their renal clearances, heart rate and reflexes. Dressed again, they went into the empty cafeteria for a snack andp 54 M69 1957
assembled in the lecture room. They felt cool and alert again. The peripheral numbness and slight head torpor had gone asp 56 M69 1957
and found it had been locked. He tried the handle again, then called out over his shoulder: ‘Avery. There's nobody inp 59 M69 1957
he and Avery came over. They tried the two doors again. ‘They're here somewhere,‘ Avery said. ‘There must be at leastp 59 M69 1957
in the door to Neill's office. Gorrell knocked, waited, knocked again more loudly. Lang tried the handle, then knelt down. ‘Thep 60 M69 1957
and pulled him back off the stool. ‘Lang!‘ he called again. Lang was still staring at the clock, his body inp 64 M69 1957
to Lang's and listened. Five minutes later it came through again. Lang's lips quivered. His body arched under the sheet, strainingp 66 M69 1957
is?‘ ‘Don't worry, you won't see her in Vermilion Sands again. I bet she's halfway to Red Beach by now.‘ Ip 39 VS 1957
back an hour later the gondola had swung right round again, hanging down over us like an immense metal mouth. Therep 43 VS 1957
It sounds like the statue.‘ When I started to laugh again Raymond held my arm. ‘Snap out of it, the wholep 49 VS 1957
lover, and now the refrain was to be taken up again. ‘An authentic Drexel,‘ I said. ‘All the mannerisms. Nothing muchp 49 VS 1957
said. ‘They might,‘ I admitted. ‘But it'll probably get back again somehow. A few pieces always will.‘ I put my armp 49 VS 1957
the task that David Greenwood had begun. TRACK 12 ‘Guess again,‘ Sheringham said. Maxted clipped on the headphones, carefully settled themp 68 T12 1958
of mercury, ice-cold and enormously heavy. He pushed himself forward again, trying to reach the glass, and knocked it across thep 70 T12 1958
his head fall onto his wrists. When he looked up again Sheringham was standing in front of him, smiling sympathetically. ‘Notp 70 T12 1958
an ancient chest or bequeathed by a dying mariner? Or, again, did I stumble upon it myself while researching into thep 96 NZ 1959
at first I failed to recognize it at all. But again you ask: why should I tell you this, describe thep 96 NZ 1959
verified its existence, if not its source, my mind turned again towards the future. Gaining confidence, I realized that if Ip 101 NZ 1959
and sat down, watching me. I looked at the Bible again. It was in mint condition, the King James Authorized Versionp 81 WG 1959
valleys filled with fire and seemed to run with lava again, round to midnight, when the huge cones became enormous mountainsp 82 WG 1959
narrow columns. I stepped over to the next megalith. Here again, the inner face was covered with tens of thousands ofp 84 WG 1959
AD 1960 TETRARK XII ALPHA LEPORIS AD 2095 Dynasties recurred again and again, Cyrark's, Minys-‘s,-Go's, separated by twenty-or thirty-yearp 86 WG 1959
TETRARK XII ALPHA LEPORIS AD 2095 Dynasties recurred again and again, Cyrark's, Minys-‘s,-Go's, separated by twenty-or thirty-year intervals thatp 86 WG 1959
tracks in a squealing circle of dust and kicked off again at full throttle. Mayer pressed me all the way backp 87 WG 1959
straight through the floor of the basin, and then rising again in an inverted torrent. The megaliths were no longer visiblep 90 WG 1959
all the volcanoes in the volcano jungle began to erupt again. I walked on, in a dream, shuffling slowly, eyes closedp 90 WG 1959
hurried him away, reminding herself never to visit that street again. Time Police were still supposed to be around, watching forp 151 CH 1960
the atmosphere and badly holed by a number of explosions. Again, however, his attention was held by the clock face builtp 159 CH 1960
two or three hours to reach their offices, as long again to queue for lunch and get home. As the populationp 159 CH 1960
the left. I want to help wind them all up again.‘ The old man watched him shrewdly. He had an alertp 164 CH 1960
engineers to recondition them.‘ Conrad nodded, looked at the scoreboard again. He noticed that Marshall appeared to have lost his wayp 166 CH 1960
neither the clock nor its twelve satellites would ever run again. The movement house looked like the engine-room of a sunkenp 166 CH 1960
o'clock, or was it five? They have started the clock again. It seems strange after these years.‘ And all through thep 166 CH 1960
to the long count of midnight, wake to hear them again in the thin clear air of the morning. Some wentp 167 CH 1960
asked if they could have their watches and clocks back again. After sentence, twenty years for the murder of Stacey, fivep 167 CH 1960
the bank and supermarket, with the town hall diagonally opposite. Again, these were perfect replicas of their originals: in the drawersp 198 LW 1960
they? Good.‘ ‘You going away, Mr Durrant? South of France again, I suppose.‘ ‘What? No, I don't think we will bep 201 LW 1960
the store, and concluded by wishing him as many years again of contented retirement. It took Mr Goddard several moments top 204 LW 1960
he could only support it for a few seconds. Heaving again at the box, in an effort to replace it inp 206 LW 1960
itself in the full glare of the light, and disappeared again. Ten seconds later three more figures emerged, followed by othersp 206 LW 1960
day. By the time he finished the air was clear again, the atmosphere lightened, its overtones of fatigue and irritation dissipatedp 106 SS 1960
each evening conjuring up a blissful dream of being once again applauded by a full house at the Metropolitan, a dreamp 107 SS 1960
minutes he worked away industriously, pretending to sweep the bandstand again, then put down the sonovac and returned to the couchp 109 SS 1960
said silkily, her eyes watching him thoughtfully. ‘You've saved me again from my assassins. They've become so cunning recently, they canp 109 SS 1960
Mangon frowned, wrote quickly on his wrist-pad: She WILL sing again! Alto read the note pensively. Then, in a harder voicep 116 SS 1960
Gioconda will start blackmail soon. She is desperate. Must sing again. Could arrange make-believe programme in research studios. Closed circuit. Altop 117 SS 1960
old witch, you must be insane! You ever threaten me again and I'll have you destrayed! LISTEN, you pathetic --‘ Mangonp 119 SS 1960
Her thoughts, of course, were solely of revenge. Mangon listened again to the walls, focused on the abuse screaming out intop 120 SS 1960
sounds coming from the stockades began to fill the cabin again, and he turned down the volume. Gleefully, he scribbled onp 123 SS 1960
Mangon, what did they say?‘ she pestered him. He stopped again, sharpened his ears and waited. This time he was morep 125 SS 1960
What, the film? Oh, how ridiculous! Well, come on, try again.‘ Eager to make amends, Mangon picked the next baffle, onep 125 SS 1960
a tremendous tension had begun to dissolve. ‘Stop,‘ he said again in a rough but quiet voice. ‘Don't cry. I'll helpp 126 SS 1960
Say something, quickly, for heaven's sake!‘ Mangon felt his mouth again, ran his fingers rapidly over his throat. He began top 127 SS 1960
aisles. ‘Now don't tire yourself out or you'll lose it again.‘ Mangon danced over to her, seized her shoulders and squeezedp 127 SS 1960
ramming your puns down my throat. Never mind, tell me again how it happened.‘ ‘Once a pun a time --‘ Mangonp 127 SS 1960
and confident. ‘Headline,‘ he announced. ‘The Gioconda is to sing again! Incredible and terrifying though the prospect may seem, exactly twop 129 SS 1960
stream of gold, molten and pure, she will find it again as I found mine. However, something about Alto's manner warnedp 130 SS 1960
a week to her performance nervousness was making her irritable. Again she was going out, as she had done almost everyp 131 SS 1960
GO AWAY YOU UGLY CHILD! NEVER TRY TO SEE ME AGAIN!‘ He shrank back, involuntarily tried to shout as the wallsp 133 SS 1960
are, among your own things, read through Toynbee and Spengler again?‘ Powers laughed shortly. ‘That's the last thing I want top 170 VT 1960
stopped and hesitated, then slowly backed away into the centre again, apparently unwilling or unable to cross the narrow groove. Powersp 172 VT 1960
He paused, then added: Goodbye Eniwetok He saw the girl again the next day at Whitby's laboratory. He had driven overp 174 VT 1960
edited, and Whitby's voice, less querulous this time, picked up again. ... just as a matter of interest, tell me something: howp 180 VT 1960
and a half hours. Kaidren was snooping around the lab again today. Phoned me there when I answered a recorded voicep 185 VT 1960
consecutive pages. Powers shook his head, picked up the tape again and stared at it thoughtfully. ‘The computer only breaks downp 189 VT 1960
disappear into his chalet. Disturbed for a moment, the sunlight again settled itself heavily over everything. A few minutes later thep 139 ZT 1960
you were wondering whether to take the can of petrol. Again, the man reading in the armchair was merely repeating exactlyp 143 ZT 1960
double jolts the psychic projector on to a single channel again. The two separate streams of retinal images coincide and fusep 145 ZT 1960
like an obsessed shadow. Larsen tried to call to Bayliss again, but something he saw choked the voice in his throatp 149 ZT 1960
pointing in all directions. Bayliss raised the revolver and fired again. The sound slammed across the concrete, making Larsen feel stunnedp 149 ZT 1960
single partition would have to be dismantled and nailed up again, the administrative job alone is so vast it's difficult top 269 B 1961
I said to Helen that we ought to split up again and sublet one half at twice our rent.‘ They hadp 272 B 1961
to share the room with them. ‘They've been kicked out again and may have to split up,‘ he told Ward, obviouslyp 275 B 1961
Leaning against the wall, he tried to ease it back again, but Rossiter had apparently nailed the lower edge to thep 278 B 1961
him and he had known he would never see it again. Then he pulled himself together. It was a beautiful wardrobep 278 B 1961
appreciate the distinction?‘ ‘Perfectly, Dr Schopenhauer.‘ Granger began to grin again. He pushed away his glass. ‘You know, Holliday, your troublep 237 DE 1961
ten years ago. Strange, though.‘ Just then the fish jumped again. For a few moments, standing motionless in the half-light, theyp 240 DE 1961
a side street. Dr Jamieson began to search the crowd again, the effort draining his face. A gigantic bellow from thep 286 GA 1961
it had been intended to save. Hoping to see her again for the last time, and warn the young man top 288 GA 1961
until she returned to the house, and then set off again. Suddenly, sweeping down from the sky, a vast arm liftedp 262 MF 1961
getting along, Mr Hanson.‘ ‘Do call me Robert. See you again soon, eh?‘ Elizabeth smiled, her face composed again. ‘I'm surep 265 MF 1961
See you again soon, eh?‘ Elizabeth smiled, her face composed again. ‘I'm sure we will, Robert.‘ ‘Good show.‘ With a roguishp 265 MF 1961
gone he let it fade slowly, then found himself breathing again and gradually relaxed, letting the tension drain down through hisp 245 OM 1961
the empty house, then made his way into the lounge again, ready to begin his serious work. His programme usually followedp 245 OM 1961
Faulkner. Besides, it was pleasant to see the world afresh again, to wallow in an endless panorama of brilliantly coloured imagesp 247 OM 1961
wandered back to the veranda, and took up his position again in the chair, the battery lead strapped to his wristp 248 OM 1961
o'clock the next morning he was out on the veranda again, alarm strapped to his wrist. For the next hour hep 250 OM 1961
had intended. Gradually, however, everything began to secrete its poison again, its overlay of nagging associations, and within ten minutes hep 250 OM 1961
in the cradle. After a pause he took it off again and laid it down on the stack of directories. Outsidep 252 OM 1961
cars driving into Red Beach. I glanced at the tape again. Shakespeare and Ezra Pound? My neighbour had the most curiousp 209 S5 1961
short of breath. I was about to approach the house again, annoyed at having been refused entry and left to sufferp 210 S5 1961
dust squall, when I heard the thin piping refrain sound again into the air. Low, but clear and strangely menacing, itp 210 S5 1961
overtake a car ahead. Settling myself, I put the question again and waited for him to reply, then smartly tapped hisp 212 S5 1961
my brain swam. After a few seconds my head cleared again. Leaning on my knees, I focused my eyes on thep 219 S5 1961
When will you come to your senses and become poets again?‘ I watched the patterns in the pool. In some miraculousp 220 S5 1961
stirring the pool. As the ripples subsided the panels sank again into darkness. For a few seconds Aurora stared at mep 222 S5 1961
her presence that the air itself paled as she did. Again I felt that her world, into which I had steppedp 222 S5 1961
Aurora and pointed this out. ‘We should go to press again within a week, otherwise our contract expires and I'll neverp 223 S5 1961
a loud hammering noise. Finally Tristram picked up the phone again. ‘Sorry, Paul, but it looks as if she paid mep 225 S5 1961
Have you got any old copy lying around?‘ Tristram chuckled again. ‘You know, Paul, old boy, I believe I have. Ratherp 225 S5 1961
caught a glimpse of Aurora's face in profile, saw once again her expression of watchful intent. Changing my mind, I movedp 229 S5 1961
off in disorder. Horrified, I watched them descend upon him again. Before I could shout Tristram had fallen. The rays swoopedp 230 S5 1961
strode firmly through them, trying to reassemble my own reality again. The fragments of Aurora Day's insane poems caught the dyingp 232 S5 1961
noting down the image. Five minutes later the telephone rang again. This time it was Angel Petit. He too had ap 233 S5 1961
had a few hand-written verses I might be interested in. Again, dedicated to Aurora Day. Within the next half hour thep 233 S5 1961
he had optimistically assumed that he would never see it again. He had sealed his two keys into an envelope andp 10 WFN 1961
might suddenly decide to return to him and set up again the ghastly menage of the months before she had finallyp 13 WFN 1961
period of endless bickering and pain. ‘Good to see you again, Susan,‘ he said, kissing her on the cheek. ‘I thoughtp 13 WFN 1961
to himself: I bet you were never at Dieppe. Then again, maybe you were. I suppose it takes nerve of somep 14 WFN 1961
Rather than go to the trouble of changing it back again, he arranged to spend the next day or two untilp 17 WFN 1961
15 miles an hour. The pounding stopped, then took up again more insistently, the voice hoarser above the wind. Lanyon tappedp 34 WFN 1961
to the open doors. As the carrier got under way again Lanyon climbed forward and squatted down behind his seat. Thep 41 WFN 1961
O.K.!‘ He pounded Goldman's shoulder. ‘Get the engine forward again! The water's only a couple of feet deep.‘ Carried byp 44 WFN 1961
and fell onto his knees, and then was swept upright again, his legs racing madly. The Wilsons, arm in arm, werep 45 WFN 1961
moment.‘ Dickinson looked around the table and smiled sombrely. ‘Or again, maybe it's the deliberate act of an outraged Providence, determinedp 55 WFN 1961
killed in the Russell basement and about twice that number again in the station.‘ Marshall took the tape and stared atp 58 WFN 1961
with him just in case he tries to climb out again. How's the driver? Sorry about him ... Can you get himp 67 WFN 1961
drove down the shaft, then picked up and sped on again. Apart from the Bethlehem there was only one other vehiclep 70 WFN 1961
to. I'm staying here.‘ When he reached out to her again she stepped back quickly, only nine or ten feet fromp 86 WFN 1961
deep inky well. Around him, the rubble began to shift again. By now the pyramid was almost complete. Its apex overtoppedp 89 WFN 1961
better get out of here.‘ He switched on the torch again and they ran quickly down the aisle past the stacksp 99 WFN 1961
filling the chamber with hard white light. Voices shouted out again, feet hammered across the stone floor. Spinning around, he ranp 100 WFN 1961
Mauser stopped, feet placed wide apart, then raised the gun again. Dropping to one knee, Lanyon straightened his arm, steadied hisp 100 WFN 1961
men were on him, wrestling him down onto the floor again, their fists slamming at his face. A heavy boot stampedp 101 WFN 1961
angles in the shattered ruins. Then the tunnel sank belowground again and the sounds were lost. Gradually Lanyon noticed that thep 105 WFN 1961
standing, and then slowly slacked off and was sucked out again. ‘Looks as if something just caved in and let thep 109 WFN 1961
away a section of the pier. Then it surged forward again, heading smoothly through the gaping mouth of the entrance intop 115 WFN 1961
sooner had they gone 10 or 15 feet when they again felt the full undiminished force of the wind stream andp 124 WFN 1961
traffic there can pick us up today. I'll look in again in half an hour.‘ He made his way quickly alongp 124 WFN 1961
corridor. As he caught his breath he heard Crighton fire again at the staircase and then shout something at the girlp 132 WFN 1961
into it carefully, doggedly repeating his message over and over again, heedless of the replies interrupting him from the other endp 136 WFN 1961
casts. He wished he could wake. Then sleep would come again, numbing the pain in his head and across his shouldersp 137 WFN 1961
the letters with his fingers. Then, abruptly assembling his mind again, he shone the torch around himself. So he was notp 139 WFN 1961
6:30 P.M., he would officially report for duty again. He watched Charles Avery carry their drinks over to thep 141 WFN 1961
around the waist and pulled him downward onto the ground again. As he lay there struggling he saw the big guardp 159 WFN 1961
his knuckles on the desk. ‘Are you completely with us again, Doctor?‘ he asked, his voice soft yet callous. He waitedp 161 WFN 1961
Hardoon drew reflectively on his cigar. ‘I gather that once again I am persona non grata with the authorities,‘ he wentp 161 WFN 1961
the storerooms on the next level. Sometime later he woke again and found himself sweating uneasily. Everything around him was strangelyp 173 WFN 1961
rear wall of the shaft. Lanyon stabbed the roof button again. ‘Dammit, felt as if the whole place was moving,‘ hep 176 WFN 1961
uncertainly on the wall behind Maitland's head. Then he motioned again to Kroll with a snap of his fingers and turnedp 177 WFN 1961
up, saw Kroll grunt and train the gun on him again. Lanyon had backed up against the side of the carp 178 WFN 1961
and turned him by the shoulder and then slashed him again across the face with the ashtray, knocking his head backwardp 179 WFN 1961
had started to move toward him when the floor tilted again, dropping an inch below his feet like a jerking elevatorp 180 WFN 1961
weight wrenching huge cracks in their surface. The floor tilted again, throwing the two men against each other. Maitland steadied himselfp 180 WFN 1961
forward at the window, holding it desperately. ‘Hardoon!‘ Maitland shouted again. ‘The entire pyramid is toppling! For God's sake get outp 181 WFN 1961
forces its way past the pyramid the shelters should drain again. Already they're well above the floor of the ravine.‘ Asp 181 WFN 1961
its walls twisted like cardboard. At the same time, once again they heard the sound of the wind hammering past. Theyp 182 WFN 1961
off to the empty store-room on D-Deck. ‘You're looking sad again.‘ Abel hesitated, watching Zenna's warm, puzzled smile, then slipped hisp 321 13C 1962
since the Station set off, and birth, marriage and birth again have followed exactly as they were designed to. As yourp 325 13C 1962
balcony. After the next sandstorm he would be forced yet again to move to the floor above. ‘Bridgman!‘ The voice cleftp 355 CS 1962
had once been ten fathoms deep, and Bridgman could scent again the tang of brine among the flickering white-caps of dustp 363 CS 1962
other side of the street. Lagging behind the others, Bridgman again felt the cramp attack his leg, broke off into ap 364 CS 1962
on to the Martian deserts and then been carried back again to Earth. One fragment which he passed, a complete sectionp 367 CS 1962
of an apartment block, then heard Louise Woodward call out again. She was pointing up at the sky with both handsp 370 CS 1962
the balcony, watching the pathetic tableau on the distant roof. Again, somewhere among the dunes, an engine moaned. Before Bridgman couldp 370 CS 1962
to his death a century earlier. Then the gantries sank again into their craggy shadows, and the pall moved off likep 372 CS 1962
a dream. Raising his head, Axel peered over the wall again. Only the farthest rim of the horizon was lit byp 299 GT 1962
relief saw that the army had retreated to the horizon again. Then he realized that the horizon was much nearer thanp 300 GT 1962
softly, the tumult outside momentarily receded, then began to gather again. Shutting his ears to the clamour, Axel looked around atp 302 GT 1962
air closing in upon them as the voices outside mounted again. The mob was battering at the heavy iron gates, andp 303 GT 1962
looked at the girl, abruptly felt a warning signal sound again. She seemed like any demi-beatnik, with a long melancholy facep 289 IO 1962
Jaguar up to 95, eyes swinging to the rear mirror again. The road was dead, palms receding endlessly into the nightp 290 IO 1962
three embittered years to accept that he would never practise again the one craft in which he was fully himself. Trick-cyclistp 291 IO 1962
for only ten days, already he had got himself involved again, gone through all the agony of having to refuse helpp 293 IO 1962
you thought you could free yourself. The temptation may occur again.‘ Christian nodded, standing motionlessly by the doorway. His face hadp 296 IO 1962
I'm completely sane, more than I probably ever will be again. Damn few people in this world are now, so thatp 296 IO 1962
exactly the same pattern as on the three previous occasions. Again the attempt to reach the open roof had failed, andp 406 M99 1962
the attempt to reach the open roof had failed, and again there was no explanation for Forbis's compulsive drive. Vansittart hadp 406 M99 1962
had been the bait to lure Vansittart to the roof again. Cunningly, Fowler had known that sooner or later Vansittart wouldp 410 M99 1962
streets swaying before his eyes. Below, the horns were silent again and the traffic had resumed its flow, a knot ofp 410 M99 1962
quietly through the doorway. Ten seconds later, the horns sounded again. MOTEL ARCHITECTURE Pangborn's suspicion that someone was hiding in thep 411 M99 1962
your friends would prefer him?‘ Tony's mind started to work again. ‘Schapiro Westerling? The former Director-General of Graves Commission?‘ The colonelp 345 PE 1962
Please go on.‘ ‘Thank you, Mrs Gorrell.‘ Dr Burlington bowed again, as Clifford lay half-asleep, groaning impotently. ‘The play we havep 353 PE 1962
and when she was acquitted the world began to revolve again. That justice had been flouted mattered nothing. Hammett, curiously, believedp 311 TDS 1962
off a secret infatuation. Of course, I never saw her again. As soon as her next picture had been safely releasedp 312 TDS 1962
hands over the smooth plastex walls, bracing myself to feel again the impact of Gloria Tremayne's personality. Blissfully, her presence wouldp 312 TDS 1962
that first night was a positive honeymoon debut all over again -- but I was completely immersed in the exhilarating personap 312 TDS 1962
little sanity here and if possible, find my own marriage again. I thought it might be in there somewhere.‘ I putp 313 TDS 1962
steered her back towards the kitchen. ‘Darling, you're getting over-intuitive again. Just relax, don't try to upset everything.‘ ‘Upset --? Howardp 313 TDS 1962
Fay's bedroom after I heard her crying, I noticed it again. Fay had gone into the bathroom. As I was aboutp 315 TDS 1962
pool outside like a tank of cold lead. Fay shouted again. I seized the metal handle of the manual control andp 315 TDS 1962
so preoccupied recently, you're completely changed.‘ She started to cry again, and pointed at the ceiling. ‘If I hadn't been lyingp 316 TDS 1962
me.‘ Around us the walls began to mottle and cloud again. Why did Fay anger me so easily? Was it, asp 316 TDS 1962
sounded better than she had done for years, really happy again. When I pleaded with her she said she needed thep 317 TDS 1962
she said she needed the divorce in order to marry again, and then, as a last straw, refused to tell mep 317 TDS 1962
still working and one day I shall switch it on again. But one thing worries me. The violent spasms which rupturedp 320 TDS 1962
know that I shall have to switch the house on again. THE ENORMOUS SPACE I made my decision this morning --p 320 TDS 1962
problem. My problem.‘ ‘Right. I saw her last night, and again this morning after the news came through. You'll have top 15 DW 1962
boardrooms indicated, the reptiles had taken over the city. Once again they were the dominant form of life. Looking up atp 18 DW 1962
millions of acres of permafrost liquefied into gigantic rivers. Here again the rise of global water levels would have been littlep 22 DW 1962
a system of inland lakes, the British Isles was linked again with northern France. The Middle West of the United Statesp 22 DW 1962
and fauna of this planet are beginning to assume once again the forms they displayed the last time such conditions werep 41 DW 1962
tab down from seventy to sixty degrees. ‘It's broken down again,‘ Beatrice told him matter-of-factly. ‘The engine kept stopping.‘ Kerans triedp 49 DW 1962
Jungle dreams, Robert,‘ she murmured ambiguously. ‘I'm learning my ABC's again. Last night was the delta jungles.‘ She gave him ap 49 DW 1962
the rebuke, Kerans scanned the tilting disc of the jungle again, the tall towers of the central lagoon pivoting around thep 53 DW 1962
Hardman choose to travel south?‘ Looking out across the water again, Kerans replied in a flat voice: ‘Colonel, there isn't anyp 56 DW 1962
to their crowns like a party of bathers. He remembered again one ghastly cemetery over which they had moored, its ornatep 62 DW 1962
himself, then remarked: ‘Be warned, Robert, you may hear them again.‘ About Hardman's escape he made no comment. Kerans‘ catamaran wasp 68 DW 1962
looked down at the dark shadows below the table, seeing again the faint glimmer of the phosphorescing pools. Distantly in hisp 72 DW 1962
world. Phantoms slid imperceptibly from nightmare to reality and back again, the terrestrial and psychic landscapes were now indistinguishable, as theyp 72 DW 1962
in one of the cabins went on, then flicked off again after a few moments. Kerans seized the boathook on thep 76 DW 1962
and the two men went out on to the deck again and lowered Kerans‘ catamaran into the water. Paddling slowly, thep 77 DW 1962
shale, like the dull metallic skin of a reptile. Yet again the soft beaches would glow invitingly with a glossy carminep 83 DW 1962
swung back, barking at the Admiral to cover the exhibits again. ‘Impressed, Doctor?‘ Kerans managed to take his eyes off Strangman'sp 93 DW 1962
powerful that he was soon forced to move it back again. ‘Kerans ...!‘ Strangman's voice echoed warningly down the corridor below. Keransp 112 DW 1962
The approaching scow ran aground on the sidewalk, pushed off again and then stuck finally on a traffic island. Led byp 122 DW 1962
of this dead sea.‘ With a flourish he was off again, the flares vanishing in the darkness with the shouts ofp 126 DW 1962
The machetes were tossed aside, but before Beatrice could protest again the entire pack threw itself on Kerans with a seriesp 132 DW 1962
of portico, hoist them into the ship and then vanish again, ignoring the motionless figure hunched on the throne among thep 136 DW 1962
the sunlight, he waited patiently for the day to end. Again Strangman seemed baffled to find him, swaying in an exhaustedp 137 DW 1962
an old Haitian cargo cult, a deep crooning melody that again underlined their ambivalent attitude towards Kerans. In an effort top 139 DW 1962
helplessly from side to side as the tumbril gained speed again. The men between the shafts, unaware of their direction, racedp 139 DW 1962
would fill the lagoon and the ship would float away again on a sea of its own excrement. Ducking under thep 145 DW 1962
giant painting still propped against the funnels. Voices sounded below again, and the gangway creaked as a last departure stepped downp 146 DW 1962
of festering yellow rooftops. ‘Colonel, you've got to flood it again, Jaws or no laws. Have you been down in thosep 156 DW 1962
the mood of torpor and self-immersion to which she was again returning. Watching Strangman from the distance as he applauded thep 158 DW 1962
the only solution available, Kerans‘ mind felt clear and co-ordinated again, extending outwards beyond the perimeter of the lagoon. Only fiftyp 158 DW 1962
the past week, the archaic sun in his mind beat again continuously with its immense power, its identity merging now withp 158 DW 1962
of the silt was carried away the mouth would widen again. From a small cache below a loose flagstone he withdrewp 159 DW 1962
back along the barrage, reached the terrace as Macready shouted again and then fired a short burst. The slugs tore atp 159 DW 1962
pleasure, savouring the fresh tang that the water had brought again to the lagoon. Neither Strangman nor any members of hisp 161 DW 1962
down, machine-gunning the islands. When it left he pushed on again, within an hour finally navigated the exit waters of thep 162 DW 1962
trees reached a hundred feet into the air. He rested again below a tree on the edge of the forest, carefullyp 165 DW 1962
him, somewhere towards the fading sun. The disc had pulsed again, apparently drawing forth this strangled response, half in protest, halfp 167 DW 1962
then fell limply to the ground. As the disc pulsed again the face showed some slight reaction. The deep recesses aroundp 167 DW 1962
the flies settling on his face and beard. ‘It's gone again! Aa-aah! It's moving away from me! Help me up, soldierp 168 DW 1962
Kerans, like a dying beggar. Then his head slumped back again and the rain poured over his black skull. Kerans kneltp 168 DW 1962
assuming that he might or might not see the man again in the course of their common odyssey southwards. As longp 170 DW 1962
southward he could tell from the marked rise in temperature. Again the heat had become all-pervading, rising to a hundred andp 171 DW 1962
smile. At last he tied the crutch to his leg again, and with the butt of the empty .45 scratched onp 171 DW 1962
Kerans. So he left the lagoon and entered the jungle again, within a few days was completely lost, following the lagoonsp 171 DW 1962
together, they went away on their honeymoon. THE SINGING STATUES Again last night, as the dusk air began to move acrossp 395 TSS 1962
lifting the tempo, I repeated the refrain over and over again, varying the bass lift to simulate a climax. Suddenly Ip 398 TSS 1962
Within a few seconds her personality had changed levels, once again she was the remote autocratic princess. Unobserved, I slipped myp 400 TSS 1962
days, though, I realized that I wanted to see Lunora again. Rationalizing, I told myself that the statue needed to bep 401 TSS 1962
but Mme Charcot held me off. Once I telephoned, but again she intercepted me. When I saw Lunora she was drivingp 401 TSS 1962
telephone finally rang. ‘Mr Milton, the statue has broken down again.‘ Mme Charcot's voice sounded sharp and strained. ‘Miss Goalen isp 402 TSS 1962
Hurry, what are you waiting for? Make the statue sing again!‘ I was certain that she no longer recognized me. Ip 403 TSS 1962
the dark sky like an extinct symbol, she would hear again the lays it had sung. Six months later Nevers commissionedp 404 TSS 1962
of my statue. Many of the pieces had taken root again and were emitting a thin haunted sound, disconnected fragments ofp 404 TSS 1962
later,‘ Renthall told her. He lay back on the sofa again. ‘Are you coming to the recital this afternoon?‘ ‘Hasn't itp 375 WT 1962
the fete at a month ahead, and arranged to meet again at the beginning of the next week. Two days laterp 382 WT 1962
him. Renthall flinched back, heart suddenly surging, then leaned forward again. The activity in the tower had subsided as instantly asp 386 WT 1962
said: ‘Good. Let me know if that fellow Barnes calls again.‘ When Mulvaney had gone he strode up and down thep 387 WT 1962
effectively forestalled him. As he waited for Barnes to call again a growing sense of frustration came over him. The watch-towersp 388 WT 1962
shout the decrepit figure tottered away behind a ruined wall. Again something moved above him, followed by a third sharp angularp 394 WT 1962
was opening and shutting. Then, as suddenly, everything was motionless again. Composing himself, Renthall waited for a last moment. Then hep 394 WT 1962
opponent. ‘It could be within the next ten seconds, or again, it might not be for ten years?‘ ‘As you sayp 506 EG 1963
are so many sadists about, perverts and the like --‘ again he watched carefully to see if the implied sneer provokedp 510 EG 1963
perfunctory, as if he realized that Constantin would not try again to escape. From the start, Constantin was completely frank withp 516 EG 1963
my mind. Perhaps I should have said: your unconscious motives.‘ Again the unfortunate Booth protested: ‘Director, there were no unconscious motivesp 523 MO 1963
and incontrovertible statement of the truth. NOW WAKES THE SEA Again at night Mason heard the sounds of the approaching seap 472 NWS 1963
filling his head as he slept. ‘I saw the sea again last night,‘ he told his wife at breakfast. Quietly, Miriamp 472 NWS 1963
too. It sounded very old and blind, like something waking again after millions of years.‘ On his way to the libraryp 476 NWS 1963
library. You look worn out. It isn't that sea dream again?‘ Mason shook his head, forcing a tired smile. ‘No, that'sp 477 NWS 1963
drifting archipelagoes of a dream. Then the channel would narrow again and the cooling jungle darkness enveloped the launch. Although forp 435 QR 1963
past five years. There's no need to send them out again. Your only hope is that they may have seen somethingp 440 QR 1963
political reasons?‘ ‘No, I don't.‘ Ryker stood up, arms akimbo again, measuring Connolly. ‘I mean the real reasons, Lieutenant.‘ Connolly gesturedp 446 QR 1963
the Indians on their midnight romp through the forest. Once again, after dusk, the same ritual silence descended over the campongp 453 QR 1963
was reluctant to allow Connolly more than the briefest inspection. Again Connolly saw a calibrated dial and a wavering indicator. Thenp 456 QR 1963
to conclude his interrogation of Ryker. The empty campong, deserted again by the Indians, basked in the heat, a single plumep 457 QR 1963
beach, hiding the grey sand. Gazing down at the beach again, Pelham realized that his wife's ungenerous judgment was no morep 426 RE 1963
we might see him so that he could explain it again. I think you'd be amused to hear it, Mildred. He'sp 429 RE 1963
however, the activity subsided. The great throng relaxed and reclined again. Greasily, the water lapped at the supine feet of thep 429 RE 1963
seemed enclosed in an iron maiden of spikes and clamps. Again a curious premonition of some appalling act of violence stirredp 430 RE 1963
You sound like Charles Sherrington.‘ Pelham stared out to sea again. Below him, a radio commentator announced the position and speedp 430 RE 1963
the terrace. ‘Look! There's another group. What on earth --?‘ Again, as everyone watched, this second body of spectators formed byp 432 RE 1963
water.‘ At the mention of the satellite he remembered Sherrington again. ‘Mildred, don't you feel --‘ Before he could continue thep 432 RE 1963
the kitchen and savoured the residue of the curry aroma. Again a spasm of indigestion gripped his stomach, and he immediatelyp 533 SA 1963
was born, his parents and childhood. Instead he saw once again, this time with luminous clarity, the rowing-boat on the crimsonp 536 SA 1963
she spoke the modulation and rhythm of her voice were again instantly familiar. ‘This is Harley Street 30331,‘ she said cautiouslyp 536 SA 1963
looking up at the black rectangle of the front door. Again the headache began to drum at his temples, as hep 537 SA 1963
ended, and already the desert had begun to move in again for the summer, drifting against the yellowing shutters of thep 541 SG 1963
and left on the beach, where they had taken root again. When the heat gradients roused them to life they wouldp 556 SG 1963
the scandal surrounding Charles's death had subsided, we drove out again to the summer-house. It was one of those dull featurelessp 558 SG 1963
but I could hear the voices of the sculptures calling again and fled at the sight of her white face. Byp 558 SG 1963
dead sculptures along the beach had revived themselves, and once again I heard the faint haunted echoes of Charles Van Stratten'sp 558 SG 1963
the corners of their eyes. ‘The construction gangs were out again last night, laying huge power cables. You'll see them onp 412 SM 1963
greasy finger over the windshield. ‘This is a new one again, isn't it, Doctor? Where's the old one -- you onlyp 414 SM 1963
similarly outmatched. ‘Have you been talking to that crazy beatnik again?‘ ‘Hathaway? As a matter of fact I have. He's notp 421 SM 1963
Betelgeuse, Altair, What twice-born star shall be my heir, Doomed again to be this scion -- ‘Come on, Doctor, this isp 463 TT 1963
got his own living to earn.‘ Traxel smiled, sphinx-like. ‘Right again, Doctor.‘ He tapped the smooth untarnished case. ‘In mint conditionp 466 TT 1963
guessed that the gangs had been working the ruins over again. One of them stood on the running board, flicking ap 466 TT 1963
of sand, letting Bridges swing him aboard. ‘Shepley!‘ he called again. Traxel hesitated, then roared away as a second star-shell explodedp 470 TT 1963
I certainly would,‘ Ward said. Kandinski gazed down at him again. His expression was not so much penetrating as detached andp 482 VH 1963
the Atlantic, he had no intention of seeing Charles Kandinski again. He had read one or two chapters of Kandinski's bookp 485 VH 1963
wearily at the empty tables and picked up his hose again. ‘I don't know whether you've read my book,‘ he saidp 488 VH 1963
the last time I saw you, but I read it again thoroughly.‘ He waited for some comment upon this admission, butp 490 VH 1963
the Prime!‘ Ward nodded non-committally and picked up the photograph again. Kandinski stepped over to him and took it out ofp 496 VH 1963
at the Hubble. The trustees were on to Professor Renthall again this morning.‘ Kandinski smiled and seemed relieved. ‘What does thep 503 VH 1963
the size of a field, our excited chatter fell away again, subdued by the huge physical dimensions of this moribund colossusp 642 DG 1964
then the human likeness I had noticed earlier had vanished again. On close inspection the recumbent thorax and abdomen were unmistakablyp 647 DG 1964
of light-headed and almost euphoric calm coming over him, began again; ‘Dr Richard Lowry. How he loves his doctorate. I wouldn'tp 633 DS 1964
city.‘ But before Lowry could produce a reply he relapsed again into his vigil. One night shortly afterwards, when he wasp 637 DS 1964
It should be loaded, but there's a box of cartridges.‘ Again the head-boy hesitated, his eyes roving to the two tentsp 638 DS 1964
straight out of that grim archaic landscape. The birds settled again, and Judith took a few hesitant steps across the lawnp 650 GTN 1964
pouring with perspiration!‘ That afternoon, when he was left alone again, Maitland approached the dark labyrinth more cautiously. At low tidep 654 GTN 1964
for the lost estuary. At last the luminous beaches appeared again. ‘I think I'd better sleep alone tonight,‘ he told Judithp 655 GTN 1964
flew up from the estuary, he visited the blue grottoes again, and the tall house in the cliff. Knowing its tenantp 656 GTN 1964
there like an old woman. Don't you want to see again?‘ ‘See?‘ Maitland repeated numbly. ‘Of course.‘ He subsided limply intop 656 GTN 1964
cries drowning the sounds of Judith's voice as she called again from the terrace. In a dense spiral, gathering itself offp 656 GTN 1964
in a curt off-hand voice -- he had looked away again, engrossed upon some more interesting inner topic -- I turnedp 609 IM 1964
police captain, but he had run off into the forest again. Uncertain whether to follow him, I watched the approaching wallp 615 IM 1964
the air like exquisite ornamented sculptures. I reached the forest again and waited there as the zone hesitated and veered offp 615 IM 1964
through the stained glass canopy, transfiguring everything with its iridescence. Again the forest was a place of rainbows, the deep carminep 615 IM 1964
alligator resembled some fabulous armourial beast. It lunged towards me again, and I kicked its snout, scattering the crystals which chokedp 616 IM 1964
summer house, a revolver in his hand. As he fired again the crystal trellises of the spanish moss shattered and frostedp 619 IM 1964
cracked faintly in the amber gloom. ‘Shelley, it's getting cold again. Can't you light a fire?‘ ‘The wood won't burn, Emereldap 620 IM 1964
intense frost, and the branches in the centrifuge had blossomed again into brilliant jewelled sprays. I picked up a discarded helmetp 622 IM 1964
sealed by the forest and the erupting roadway. Limping westwards again, in the hope of returning to Captain Shelley, I passedp 622 IM 1964
my arms, I was determined never to visit the Everglades again. By one of those ludicrous inversions of logic, I foundp 626 IM 1964
I shall seize an opportunity to visit the Florida peninsula again with one of the many scientific expeditions. It should notp 627 IM 1964
The hubbub around us had re-started. Two hundred noses once again were lifted to scent the trail. So the painting hadp 577 LL 1964
in these. Though he keeps a watching brief over them.‘ Again I noticed the marked change in Georg's manner, the reflectivep 579 LL 1964
humour. ‘Do you notice anything else?‘ I compared the photographs again. ‘They're all crucifixions. Authentic, except perhaps in minor details. Theyp 579 LL 1964
Jesus himself may have belonged.‘ I picked up the photographs again. ‘The Wandering Jew,‘ I repeated softly. ‘How curious. The manp 581 LL 1964
only the likeness. Look at the pose and characterization.‘ Identified again by his black robes and crossed sandal-straps, the figure ofp 582 LL 1964
unusual feature was not so much that the pose was again that of the retouched Leonardo, with Ahasuerus now looking withp 582 LL 1964
sit back and wait for the Leonardo to turn up again?‘ ‘Not necessarily. Most of the stolen paintings remained lost forp 583 LL 1964
a small portion. The face of the black-robed figure once again looked upwards to the cross, a hint of hope, perhapsp 588 LL 1964
for any signs of the cliff path. ‘It's getting stormy again,‘ I said. ‘The Atlantic is rather bad-tempered and unpredictable --p 571 PCD 1964
hear the sea?‘ I pressed the shell to my ear. Again I heard the sounds of ancient water, this time ofp 571 PCD 1964
receded, I pressed my ear to the conch, and heard again the faint human cry, a stricken plea for rescue --p 572 PCD 1964
Give it to me! It was only a drowned sailor!‘ Again I snatched the shell away from her. Listening, I couldp 572 PCD 1964
After postponing his search for the night, he set out again in earnest the next morning. As he moved past thep 594 TB 1964
pressed on resolutely north or south, he found himself back again at his starting point. Only when darkness came did hep 595 TB 1964
As he walked out to the blocks one evening, he again saw his wife and son, standing among the dunes belowp 596 TB 1964
among the dried-up lakes. At about this time he once again saw the distant light beckoning, and decided to continue hisp 596 TB 1964
on an abacus, had been plucked away. Goodbye, Los Alamos. Again, a block seemed to vanish. The corridors around him remainedp 601 TB 1964
see the whole island and the sea, and then down again through the opaque disc of the concrete floor. From herep 601 TB 1964
and disputing his sister's commentary on them. ‘There's Sam Banbury again,‘ she remarked testily as a small leprechaunlike old man hobbledp 561 TP 1964
called to her. ‘I'll let you know if he dances again.‘ Left alone, Vandervell watched the fire displays. The glow shonep 659 VD 1964
truck drove up to the village, reversed and came down again. Its roof and driving cabin were covered with ash. Thep 661 VD 1964
added: ‘You can repay me when the pressure comes on again.‘ He guided her on board the houseboat and went offp 17 D 1965
the liquid silver of the night-water. Finally he came in again and produced from between his feet a small brown owlp 20 D 1965
his water-world and then vanished among the reeds. He appeared again after a lapse of one or two nights, and thisp 20 D 1965
is,‘ she said matter-of-factly. She bent down to the refrigerator again, flicking at the greasy cans with her well-tended nails. ‘I'vep 33 D 1965
that she was watching herself in the mirror. He noticed again the marked lack of symmetry in her face, the dentedp 34 D 1965
the narrow creeks. It was during this time that Ransom again became aware of the significance of each day. Perhaps thisp 36 D 1965
be surprised, doctor.‘ Ransom was about to remonstrate with her again when something moved behind him. Silhouetted against the sunlight wasp 52 D 1965
Tomorrow I'm moving in here, so I won't see you again, doctor. By the way, your houseboat hardly looks as ifp 52 D 1965
road. Quickening his pace, he set off along the avenue again, ignoring a door that opened behind him. Deliberately avoiding thep 56 D 1965
taken, he turned left at the first intersection, then right again into the next street. Behind him, the ash drifted downp 56 D 1965
from the gardens were disturbed and broken. He strode on again, pausing only at the crossroads. Despite his progress, Hamilton stillp 57 D 1965
his relief his pursuers seemed to drop behind. He turned again into the next street, and then found that he hadp 57 D 1965
the road, and his shoulders struck the ground. Swept up again, he collided head-on with the fender of a car. Ap 58 D 1965
to control some inner compulsive nervousness. The men sat down again, grumbling to each other, some agreeing with Saul's complaints withp 60 D 1965
he woke for a lucid interval, and then sank off again, gazing at the sky with wild sad eyes. Ransom stoodp 61 D 1965
the parapet. A frown crossed his face. The Alsatian whined again. Quilter nodded to Phillip Jordan, and the craft surged awayp 63 D 1965
blood off his bruised forehead. Jonas stirred, his chest moving again. Suddenly he started upright from the grave. His long handp 67 D 1965
the pavement to form a barricade. Then the noise subsided again. It was during one of these intermissions, when Ransom wentp 67 D 1965
army trucks farther down the road. The streets were deserted again. Diagonally across the avenue were the remains of two housesp 68 D 1965
as if the whole landscape were about to fall apart again. Rallying himself with an effort, Ransom went into the kitchenp 68 D 1965
at all.‘ Johnstone shook his head vigorously, his eyes strong again. ‘It was painful, Charles, but necessary. Don't blame those menp 71 D 1965
darted behind the hulk of a lighter, then swung away again, its prow lifting like an arrow. Philip whipped the polep 79 D 1965
As the light flickered in Phillip Jordan's face, Ransom saw again the heated profile of Jonas. He turned back to thep 83 D 1965
his arms. He reached the open shore, shouting Jordan's name again, and then lifted his arms and released the bird. Thep 84 D 1965
as if hoping that they might suddenly spring to life again, then gathered her silks around her and shuffled off onp 87 D 1965
her tea. The Fairground They set off along the road again. The hills began to recede, the road turning until itp 94 D 1965
him. With their return to the drained river he felt again the sense of isolation in time that he had knownp 96 D 1965
their cargo of water. As they climbed into the truck again the crowd fell silent, then came to and burst intop 97 D 1965
but then, after a few hundred yards, sank from sight again. Gradually the pools of water congregated into larger lakes, smallp 103 D 1965
between two dunes. Veering to the left, it set off again for the shore, the man in the cape racing alongp 106 D 1965
down the steadying current, nibbling at the kelp. Counting them again, Ransom followed the line of old boiler tubes that ranp 110 D 1965
I can't understand you, Charles. You'll have to go out again tonight.‘ Giving up the attempt to pull off his thigh-bootsp 111 D 1965
he went on: ‘We don't want me to be ill again, do we?‘ He smiled at her encouragingly, turning his facep 112 D 1965
not see the welt ‘Anyway, they won't be going out again tonight. They brought in a huge lake of water.‘ ‘Theyp 112 D 1965
walked slowly across the water-logged hollows below the tower. ‘Back again?‘ he said. Despite the infrequency of his visits, Ransom seemedp 118 D 1965
mine to give,‘ Ransom said piously. ‘The poachers were out again last night, stealing Jordan's catch as it came in. Ip 121 D 1965
beaches in the bright winter sun, made his mind run again. ‘Hendry -- why?‘ ‘I ...‘ Ransom hesitated. He had visited Vanessap 124 D 1965
into frozen fountains. In the afternoon the colours would mellow again, the shadows searching out the hundreds of caves and aerialp 125 D 1965
lower half of the painted door, then kicked it open again when she recognized Ransom. In the ten years among thep 127 D 1965
rock above his head. ‘Ransom ...!‘ he called warningly. Ransom stopped again. Despite Philip Jordan's advantages in strength and years, Ransom foundp 130 D 1965
subdued and guarded, but already he could feel her reviving again, drawn to the empty savannahs and the quickening pulse ofp 137 D 1965
in the grey light. By day, when they set out again, they would see the fires burning behind them. The darkp 146 D 1965
rocking in the gutter. In the savaged faces he saw again the waxy images of the figures behind the store windowp 148 D 1965
at Mrs. Quilter, and then turned her attention to Ransom again. A smile spread across her face, as if Ransom's arrivalp 156 D 1965
word ‘sea‘. His arms rose at each crescendo, then fell again as he disappeared from sight. Obliquely behind him, Whitman scurriedp 161 D 1965
They said you were coming! How delightful to see you again!‘ ‘Richard ...!‘ For a moment Ransom stared at Lomax. The latterp 163 D 1965
I thought that was why you came!‘ Lomax's voice rose again, reverberating off the tinsel walls. ‘Richard, for heaven's sake ...‘ Ransomp 164 D 1965
atoms in the universe at any given moment, one never again to be repeated, seems to him to be preposterous byp 34 AW 1966
You need a drink. Let's sit down -- I'll explain again why this is so important.‘ Venus Smiles. The dead facep 35 AW 1966
this Kennedy business, for example. He wants to kill Kennedy again, but in a way that makes sense.‘ The Water Worldp 36 AW 1966
square-jawed face of the American girl. Would she hit him again? She glared at him contemptuously, bare feet planted wide onp 665 BM 1966
realizing with a pang that he would never see Manon again. Kleenex Raissa bent forwards over the bed. With the ringp 665 BM 1966
particular found himself obsessed by his broken dreams. Time and again he would wake with an image before his eyes ofp 670 DF 1966
at Trondheim; I couldn't sleep there. If I can sleep again, perhaps I can dream.‘ He started to explain himself butp 672 DF 1966
lose interest in him. Not wanting to compete with Mallory again, he answered, ‘To the north, I think; to the coastp 677 DF 1966
he set himself. However, a week later he found himself again failing to sleep. Deciding to visit his neighbour, he wentp 678 DF 1966
had drawn across the desert. When the clocks were going again he went down to the basement. For ten minutes hep 678 DF 1966
included these melancholy denizens of the sewers. Suddenly he shouted again. ‘Months? Not that one!‘ He pointed again to the bodyp 681 DF 1966
Suddenly he shouted again. ‘Months? Not that one!‘ He pointed again to the body of a man in a white suitp 681 DF 1966
woman cross the overgrown lawn to her house Crispin remembered again the frantic hours before the birds‘ final hopeless attack. Hopelessp 697 SBD 1966
picket ship. But after a single glance the woman never again looked at him. She seemed intent only on searching thep 698 SBD 1966
a pit near the farm. The following day he appeared again in a wooden skiff and punted the woman, standing alonep 699 SBD 1966
hair to her neck with one hand, the woman smiled again. She pointed to the rusting hulk. ‘It's a fine shipp 704 SBD 1966
gestured at the fields around them, feeling his pulse beat again at the prospect and fear of battle. ‘I shot allp 704 SBD 1966
help her. She said she didn't want to see you again.‘ ‘What?‘ The dwarf scurried about, hands dancing along the rustyp 704 SBD 1966
prompted him, later that afternoon, to take the launch out again. A quarter of a mile down-river he moored the craftp 705 SBD 1966
On the night of the storm, Crispin saw the bird again. All afternoon the dark clouds had come in from thep 707 SBD 1966
carrying them back to the nest which she was building again for the great bird that would come one day andp 710 SBD 1966
rang out across the deck over his head, Sanders read again the last line of the letter. But for the unofficialp 18 CW 1966
people are here.‘ Annoyed to be caught reading the letter again by Ventress, Sanders stuffed envelope and letter into his pocketp 20 CW 1966
the arcade facing the hotel. At intervals Sanders saw him again, his dark figure lit by the sunlight, the white columnsp 22 CW 1966
device. Then, for no apparent reason, he crossed the Street again, the skirt of his black robe whipping the dust aroundp 22 CW 1966
and wrenched himself away from Sanders. As Sanders came forward again, Ventress seemed to debate whether to use his pistol andp 25 CW 1966
and then she glanced at Sanders, who was struck once again by her marked resemblance to Suzanne Clair. Perhaps because ofp 25 CW 1966
into his pocket for his wallet, and the woman smiled again and drew the cover back to expose several more ofp 33 CW 1966
the satellite would make a second traverse. He was thinking again of the jewelled leaves he had seen in the marketp 41 CW 1966
passed between himself and Ventress, and the youth slipped out again. With a short bow at Sanders, Ventress turned and pulledp 43 CW 1966
bales of cocoa meal. On the catwalk above, Ventress shouted again, and the youth carrying the suitcase lifted the bag andp 44 CW 1966
his hand, Ventress crouched down on the catwalk. He fired again at the mulatto with the truncheon. As the mulatto backedp 44 CW 1966
subsided, and the cruiser and its watching owner sank once again into the darkness. Halfway along the pier Sanders saw thep 45 CW 1966
white eyes swinging from Ventress to the doctor and back again. A hundred yards along the shore a signal flare rosep 46 CW 1966
night, by day the jungle had become dark and sombre again, as if the foliage were recharging itself from the sunp 48 CW 1966
into the bark-stained water. As the helicopter hovered into view again a quarter of a mile ahead of them, Aragon cutp 60 CW 1966
of the elusive figure of Ventress and its real significance. Again Sanders felt the sense of confusion which the strange lightp 70 CW 1966
he searched for Thorensen, but the mine-owner had run off again into the forest. Uncertain whether to follow him, Sanders watchedp 77 CW 1966
subsided, and a pale light filtered through the stained-glass canopy. Again the forest was a place of rainbows, a deep iridescentp 78 CW 1966
been transformed into immense crystalline rubies. It lunged toward him again, and Dr. Sanders kicked its snout, scattering the wet jewelsp 79 CW 1966
the length and breadth of a coffin. To resolve them again is the greatest aim of natural science -- as youp 84 CW 1966
In this house?‘ ‘Thorensen lives here.‘ ‘What?‘ Incredulously, Sanders looked again at the ornate furniture and gilded mirrors, thinking of thep 89 CW 1966
Sounds like the wrong century -- you're out of time again, Sanders.‘ He made for the door. ‘It's an old ruinp 92 CW 1966
feline step. Ten yards from the summer house he stopped again, distracted by the glowing oriole in the canopy above hisp 101 CW 1966
he raced toward the summer house. He stopped and fired again at Ventress, the roar of the explosion reverberating around thep 101 CW 1966
the clearing, his ears ringing with the explosions. He shouted again at Thorensen, who was waiting arms akimbo below the stepsp 102 CW 1966
to the surface on one leg, then sank through it again as he pulled out the other. Ventress kicked the netp 102 CW 1966
bearded man. Where did you meet him?‘ Sanders explained himself again. Neither Thorensen nor the mulatto recognized him as Ventress's defenderp 104 CW 1966
Her voice cracked in the amber gloom. ‘It's getting cold again. Can't you light a fire?‘ ‘The wood won't burn, Serenap 107 CW 1966
Serena's lingering malaise. However, when Sanders asked to see her again, in the hope that he would be able to persuadep 110 CW 1966
as he crouched behind a trunk. Abruptly everything fell quiet again. Sanders waited, searching the darkness around him. A few fragmentaryp 114 CW 1966
the intense frost. The branches in the centrifuge had blossomed again into brilliant jewelled sprays. Sanders picked up a discarded helmetp 116 CW 1966
nearer. A grunt-like noise came from his throat. He moved again, almost toppled by the swinging spar. ‘Take me --‘ hep 118 CW 1966
pace quickening as the prismatic light of the forest mingled again with his blood, Radek pressed on, the beam across hisp 118 CW 1966
wanted to go back into the forest and be crystallized again! He knew, Max, he knew!‘ Lowering his head, Clair movedp 122 CW 1966
with the skull-like intensity he remembered in Ventress. Then once again the deformed smile supervened. ‘Good night, Edward. We'll see youp 127 CW 1966
By me?‘ Sanders laughed aloud at this. Taking Louise's arm again, he held it tightly. ‘My dear, what have those Frenchmenp 134 CW 1966
it was as if you'd stepped out of the sun. Again, there's Balthus, that priest, with his death-mask face, though Godp 135 CW 1966
him, beyond the perimeter fence, the lepers had moved forward again through the trees. As the afternoon light faded, the brilliancep 137 CW 1966
and waited there like nervous wraiths. After dusk Suzanne appeared again. Whether she had really been asleep or, like Sanders, sittingp 137 CW 1966
Perhaps not -- I may only be thinking of myself again -- and you, Suzanne ...‘ While he spoke she had leftp 142 CW 1966
--‘ ‘What?‘ She turned away from him, hiding her face again. ‘What do you mean?‘ Sanders followed her across the roomp 142 CW 1966
reflected off the tall trees outside. Later, the noise began again. The engine of an antiquated truck was being hand-started inp 144 CW 1966
themselves. By this time his suit had begun to glow again in the dark, the fine frost forming crystal spurs onp 147 CW 1966
against the side of the hollow. Then Ventress looked out again at the river and the distant cruiser. His flintlock layp 152 CW 1966
of frozen grass that skirted the banks before he spoke again. ‘So you saw her, Sanders?‘ ‘Only for a minute. Ip 152 CW 1966
air. Kagwa and the mulatto knelt down by the cannon again and began to reload it. Sanders said: ‘Bad shooting. Butp 153 CW 1966
it stopped and aligned its bows. As it drove forward again, lifting on the exposed water, Ventress reached into his jacketp 155 CW 1966
ground shook beneath the summer house as the cruiser drove again and again into the crystal pack. The smoke of itsp 156 CW 1966
beneath the summer house as the cruiser drove again and again into the crystal pack. The smoke of its exhaust hungp 156 CW 1966
a man's elbows and knees on the ground. Sanders fired again at the thorax and abdomen of the carapace. With ap 158 CW 1966
wound he had torn in his arm ran with blood again, washing the pale prisms of his exposed tissues. At duskp 160 CW 1966
no reason the entire troupe then turned and came round again, as if delighted to take a last look at Sandersp 165 CW 1966
the woman and the remainder of the troupe had scattered again among the trees. Hobbling along, Sanders found the last remnantsp 165 CW 1966
as the crystals deliquesced from its arms and legs. Freed again, the child's deformed hands clasped the air. With a Startp 166 CW 1966
my arms, I was determined never to visit the forest again. By one of those ludicrous inversions of logic, I foundp 168 CW 1966
forest were flown in directly, so by-passing Port Matarre. Once again the riverside town was half deserted. The native market hadp 170 CW 1966
Sanders noticed that she had begun to wear her sunglasses again, unconsciously revealing her own private decision about Sanders and hisp 171 CW 1966
in the almost empty hotel. Sitting down at the desk again, he read through his letter to Paul Derain. Thinking aboutp 171 CW 1966
us, Conrad, don't you think?‘ Dr Nathan approached the bed again. The smile that hovered around his lips seemed to belongp 686 TIM 1966
Nathan?‘ Dr Nathan's smile, like a returning wraith, hovered once again about his thin lips. ‘I'm sure Conrad will be onlyp 686 TIM 1966
you out of here and back on your own feet again. What do you say?‘ ‘Feet?‘ Conrad repeated. He managed ap 688 TIM 1966
A week later, when his uncle came to see him again, Conrad explained to him Dr Knight's proposition. They sat togetherp 691 TIM 1966
The walk had tired him, and his thigh seemed raw again. He wondered if they would be able to call forp 694 TIM 1966
him be here for my end ...‘ He looked at Conrad again. ‘I wish you the best, Conrad. No doubt you wonderp 694 TIM 1966
as understood.‘ ‘Obviously we can't.‘ Dr Matthews raised a hand again, frowning at the slight noise. ‘I'll only be a momentp 694 TIM 1966
watching him from the quarter-decks. Once, when he could walk again, Glanville went out on to the surface of the lakep 711 TMY 1966
if aware that he might begin one of his rhapsodies again. She brushed away the white sand that lay like lacep 713 TMY 1966
silently, eyes fixed on Tallis. He stopped and then began again with an effort, lips and jaw moving in exaggerated spasmsp 41 YCM 1966
lifted by the cold air. ‘When do we see you again? This time, it's been ...‘ He looked up at the nightp 86 YMC 1966
x 10 to power of N. CRY HOPE, CRY FURY! Again last night, as the dusk air moved across the desertp 722 CHC 1967
expression, of bitter pathos, completed the identification. ‘The Ancient Mariner again,‘ Hope said, weighing my copy of Maldoror in her handp 727 CHC 1967
-- you have some kind of wild magic! You're there again!‘ But I knew the man was not myself. The whitep 728 CHC 1967
I stood in the bows, letting her see the jacket. Again I wore it like a target. Yet others sail thisp 734 CHC 1967
with a broken leg and the prospect of never flying again. Driving into the desert one day, I stopped near thep 744 CSC 1967
large fee.‘ ‘Chanel ... Leonora Chanel, the ...?‘ The young woman's face again took on its defensive posture, dissociating her from whatever mightp 748 CSC 1967
there are the clouds we promised you.‘ I looked up again at the dark billows hanging like shrouds above the whitep 750 CSC 1967
him back? They must have --‘ ‘To paint her portrait again. I know Leonora Chanel better than you do, Beatrice. Thisp 751 CSC 1967
towards the face of the first cloud, stalling and climbing again as the turbulent updraughts threw him across the air. Asp 752 CSC 1967
from the spreading chest of the cloud. He soared in again. As Leonora and her guests watched from their seats thep 754 CSC 1967
Manuel plunged the glider downwards and drove into the cloud again. Then its immense face opened, and in a sudden spasmp 755 CSC 1967
The first gust of air struck the yacht. Beatrice shouted again: ‘Raymond! Nolan's there -- he's flying inside it!‘ Then Ip 755 CSC 1967
heard no more of Nolan and never flew the gliders again. The clouds carry too many memories. Three months ago ap 756 CSC 1967
His dark-skinned face resembled that of a pensive architect. Once again Karen Novotny had died, Talbert's fears and obsessions mimetized inp 57 GAN 1967
mouth was replaced and the remainder of the face removed. Again particular attention was focused on the mouth-parts. Images of thep 90 PAJ 1967
signs over to the cages. He climbed up the ladder again and began to secure the signs over the bars. Inp 737 R 1967
it back on his head, then started up the ladder again. The woman held his arm. She moved the ladder furtherp 738 R 1967
WAR Author's preface After three hundred years, could civil war again divide the United Kingdom? Given rising unemployment and industrial stagnationp 953 TW 1967
Grosvenor Square, the old Eisenhowerplatz of World War II, once again the headquarters of the American and British government forces. Thisp 956 TW 1967
job is to win the war and unify the country again. The enemy is increasingly fighting out of desperation. Our intelligencep 956 TW 1967
can look forward to when that map will be white again. Then I know the Americans will be glad to leavep 957 TW 1967
countryside, leaving their women and children behind until night comes again? THE AMERICANS AND BRITISH ARE WATCHING QUIETLY A farmer appearsp 965 TW 1967
stall is overturned. A barn is burning. Captain Robinson signals again, and the men move forward in a general advance, firingp 96 TW 1967
Company prepares to pull out. The weather has closed in again, and there will be no support coming in by helicopterp 967 TW 1967
light.‘ ‘Rubbish -- these prodigies have been exposed time and again. They bear the same relation to true genius that ap 769 CA 1968
as she stepped from the car, made me realize once again her special motives for coming to Cape Kennedy. I watchedp 761 DA 1968
the balcony as she waited for Koester to find them again, (3) making love to Talbot on the bed. He workedp 25 UD 1968
the climax of the scenario would come, JFK would die again, his young wife raped by this conjunction of time andp 28 UD 1968
chimeras of his mind in the full glare of noon. Again, unlike Ernst and Burroughs, whose reclusive personalities merge into thep 91 UGM 1969
shallow‘, ‘Fit is too loose‘ or ‘Fit is too tight‘. Again, enormous attention is given to the need to satisfy thep 257 UGM 1969
out the hazards of using the inverted-vulva positions during pregnancy. Again and again he emphasizes the need for women to makep 257 UGM 1969
hazards of using the inverted-vulva positions during pregnancy. Again and again he emphasizes the need for women to make the mostp 257 UGM 1969
the corpses. Without thinking, Pearson started to count his men again. They would have to run across the open ground, fordp 783 KG 1969
spattering its surface with broken earth. When it was quiet again Pearson waited as Corporal Benson pulled the knapsack away fromp 784 KG 1969
lying behind the memorial. As he began to sit down again Tulloch stepped behind him and shot him through the headp 786 KG 1969
his balance and fell, stood up and began to wave again at the faces passing him, trying to catch their attentionp 794 PTD 1969
window ledge the novel had opened and begun to curl again in the heat like a Japanese flower. Around them layp 63 SCN 1969
of a slip road. As the helicopter circled and dived again he recognized the white-suited man crouched between the pilot andp 69 THF 1969
would collect me the following morning. We finally set off again in the early afternoon. To my relief, the L.Cp 73 THF 1969
walls.‘ Chase Sequence. As the helicopter roared over their heads again, Travers and Karen Novotny ran towards the shelter of thep 78 THF 1969
in my villa above the beach. As it started once again I stepped from the balcony on to the warm sandp 795 SGW 1970
villas along the shore in the hope of seeing her again, but the beach was a zone of late-risers still asleepp 795 SGW 1970
stand, then stepped back before it could clutch at him again. The robe switched irritably from side to side, the fabricp 796 SGW 1970
at being children. Two days later I heard music coming again from the abandoned nightclub. As I sat on the verandap 800 SGW 1970
its one unlabelled disc? Once, as we walked back, I again saw the young man with the powerful shoulders and brokenp 803 SGW 1970
eyes followed him everywhere. Two weeks later I saw him again at closer quarters. Shortly after midnight I woke on thep 803 SGW 1970
to the lake. The music whined on, the record starting again. I found them by the beach, Raine with her handp 804 SGW 1970
to tear it from my shoulders. Before I could shout again something seized my calves and thighs. I tried to stepp 804 SGW 1970
balcony and sat there limply, my bruised ribs moving freely again. The bare-chested young man knelt in front of me, silverp 805 SGW 1970
was in there somewhere, waiting to live through that attack again. You know, I sat beside her in the car downp 805 SGW 1970
watched the extensor rictus of her deformed spine he saw again the chromium pillars of a wrap-around windshield, the reverse thrustp 46 JAC 1970
almost unfeeling in his dedication, Nader insists over and over again that his only concern is with ‘justice‘ -- love, needlessp 260 UGM 1971
were for real. I returned to the U.S. once again and wrote my senior honours thesis on the social mobilityp 27 SEO 1972
how sorry she was. Can you look at the treatment again? She's made a number of changes.‘ I waved the folderp 35 C 1973
warmth as if unsure whether she would ever see me again. A nurse came into the ward with a bowl inp 38 C 1973
in the hospital I did not see Dr Helen Remington again, but as I lay in the empty ward I thoughtp 44 C 1973
mouth as if she barely expected to see me alive again. She talked on and on as it she thought thatp 46 C 1973
rail against which I leaned. I began to orientate myself again round its reassuring bulk, its familiar perspectives of speed, purposep 48 C 1973
a year or so of our marriage, now aroused her again. She was fascinated by the scars on my chest, touchingp 51 C 1973
I thought she might come along -- handling a car again may be more tiring than I imagine.‘ ‘I'm amazed thatp 54 C 1973
and Renata -- both women wanted me never to drive again -- soon took on a different role. My first briefp 58 C 1973
My first brief journey to the accident site had raised again the spectre of the dead man and, more important, thep 58 C 1973
That's all right.‘ The woman was now searching my groin again for an errant penis. I beckoned to her to sitp 63 C 1973
either of us ever wants to look at a car again.‘ ‘Certainly not this one, Mrs Ballard.‘ ‘Is Vaughan following youp 66 C 1973
She moved away towards the damaged truck. What struck me again was her unusual leg-stance, the inner surface of her thighsp 70 C 1973
with her cigarette. ‘You've bought yourself exactly the same car again. It's the same shape and colour.‘ She turned her facep 73 C 1973
me, watching my hands on the controls as we once again entered the collision course. The same calm but curious gazep 78 C 1973
into the lavatory pan; her cap extracted, regreased and once again inserted (how and where did she make love during herp 83 C 1973
him over the engine roar through the missing windshield. ‘Vaughan again. He talked to you at the hospital.‘ ‘Is he ap 85 C 1973
call Dr Remington for you -- we'll talk about this again, Ballard.‘ He handed to me, presumably as a pacifier, ap 104 C 1973
his horn and spotlights to force the driver back, and again cut in behind Catherine. I moved ahead along the centrep 113 C 1973
you like Vaughan?‘ I moved my fingers to her nipple again and began to erect it. Her buttocks moved on top 116 C 1973
the noise of a climbing airliner. ‘We won't come here again -- you'll have to find somewhere else.‘ I had feltp 120 C 1973
how I could hurt her. I thought of taking her again along the route of her husband's death -- perhaps thisp 121 C 1973
He scanned the visitors with a somehow offensive gaze. Once again he struck me as being a strange mixture of personalp 123 C 1973
silver snow, a death confetti. The loudspeaker addressed the crowd again. I tried to follow the commentator's words, but my brainp 125 C 1973
some mental hurdle. ‘We can have a look at it again on the Ampex. They're showing it in slow-motion.‘ The crowdp 125 C 1973
The crowd was moving towards the trestle tables, voices lifting again in relieved chatter. I turned back, waiting for Vaughan top 125 C 1973
the visitors were watching the motorcycle as it crashed once again into the saloon car. Sections of the collision were replayedp 126 C 1973
signalling limbs, busy with an encyclopedia of unheeded semaphores, settled again into a crudely human posture. Around them, the fountain ofp 128 C 1973
her hand on my thigh. I waited until we stopped again, and adjusted the driving mirror so that I could seep 142 C 1973
the young woman astride him, his penis entering her vagina again. In a triptych of images reflected in the speedometer, thep 143 C 1973
bone, inhaling the floodlit air. I could feel my wounds again, cutting through my chest and knees. I searched for myp 157 C 1973
streaming panes Vaughan and my wife began to make love again. Catherine held his shoulders, staring at his face with possessivep 163 C 1973
hair from her cheeks, eager to get to Vaughan's body again. Vaughan laid her against the rear seat, opened her thighsp 163 C 1973
into a trance of recognition, as if he were seeing again some paradise bird. Often, as we drove along the motorwaysp 170 C 1973
and suggested that we meet at the airport. Seeing him again, tracing the outlines of his buttocks and thighs in hisp 194 C 1973
presence as he leaned against me, I held the wheel again, steering the car down the fast lane. Vaughan's body wasp 198 C 1973
my crash and this metallized Elysium. As Vaughan urged me again to crash the car into the vehicles approaching us, Ip 198 C 1973
into the darkness below the bridge. Everything had become drab again. The air and light were exhausted. I stepped into thep 205 C 1973
Catherine --‘ I took her arm. ‘I need to drive again before it all goes.‘ She held her bare arms acrossp 211 C 1973
to expose them to Vaughan, encouraging him to take Catherine again. At a concourse filling station we saw Vera Seagrave talkingp 213 C 1973
recorded his uncertain movements around the car, was settling itself again, almost hiding the silver Jaguar. A thin yellow light layp 12 CI 1974
choked his throat and stared down at the Jaguar, thinking again about the crash. It had been stupid of him top 14 CI 1974
him to ignore the speed limit. Eager to see Catherine again, he was looking forward to relaxing in their cool, formalp 14 CI 1974
child into the swerving headlamps. He lurched into the roadway again, blocking the outer lane and waving his briefcase like ap 17 CI 1974
his pocket, to a warm suburban bed. ‘Right ... Let's try again ...‘ He climbed two feet up the slope, dragging the injuredp 20 CI 1974
out like a dead sky. Mastering his self-pity, he thought again of Catherine and his son. He remembered his cold euphoriap 22 CI 1974
morning sunlight steepened, warming his cold body, he reminded himself again that even a few mouthfuls of the wine on anp 26 CI 1974
bubble-filled water in the canister, but after five minutes began again in a steady torrent. By the time the storm endedp 34 CI 1974
concussion ... cold here, bloody leg ...‘ As the sun came out again, its rays sweeping through the unkempt grass like the tinesp 35 CI 1974
the deep grass. The roads around the island were deserted again. Carried by a brisk north-east wind, armadas of dark cloudp 46 CI 1974
tired to move, Maitland stared at the Charles Manson poster. Again he found himself losing the will to survive. He neededp 62 CI 1974
surprised -- I thought you could break anything. We'll look again tomorrow, in the daylight.‘ ‘Yes -- Proctor find them tomorrowp 0063 CI 1974
alone. Don't start fiddling around with him, or hitting him again. And I don't want you in this room -- sitp 0063 CI 1974
animal searching for the kindest terrain. When he finally leaped again into the air, attempting a backward somersault, Maitland already knewp 68 CI 1974
at the bundle of damp notes. Calming himself, he started again. ‘Jane, I can help you. What do you want?‘ ‘Nothingp 73 CI 1974
waved the crutch at the passing cars, glad to feel again the polished plates of rust, familiar hand-holds of survival. Thisp 75 CI 1974
the outhouse. He steadied himself on the crutch, standing upright again. His trousers hung in rags from the waistband, but hep 75 CI 1974
billow of acrid smoke and sat down, lifted himself up again and waved the blanket to and fro. As he expectedp 77 CI 1974
something to wear. You don't want me to catch fever again --?‘ ‘No more fever ...‘ Proctor glanced at Maitland's watch onp 86 CI 1974
After the meagre breakfast of scraps he was already ravenous again. Each day that passed had fractionally cut away his strengthp 88 CI 1974
coaches and fuel tankers -- Maitland turned his gaze westward again. He visited this observation post several times each day. Fromp 102 CI 1974
started in its centre, moving outwards to left and right. ‘Again, Proctor!‘ Maitland shouted above the roar of a truck climbingp 109 CI 1974
was garbling the letters together into an indecipherable mass. ‘Start again!‘ Carried away with his enthusiasm, Proctor ignored him. He scribbledp 109 CI 1974
On their third transit of the island, when they once again had reached the breaker's yard, Proctor lowered him to thep 111 CI 1974
his back. As they crossed the island, passing the churchyard again, Maitland saw that Proctor had been chalking fragments of hisp 112 CI 1974
sleep had refreshed him, and he felt calm and clear-headed again. He remembered the endless journeys on Proctor's back across thep 116 CI 1974
between two streams of traffic. Maitland tried to find him again, but gave up as vehicles clogged all lanes of thep 118 CI 1974
and I are finished. I never want to see you again. I regard our relationship as ended. Please do not ringp 119 CI 1974
the reddening light, recognizing him before anger clouded her mind again. ‘You'll get yourself run over, baby. Thank God you'll soonp 119 CI 1974
the air, reversed his hands and propelled the cradle back again. His creased face was transformed by a childlike smile. Ap 123 CI 1974
a hopeless ambition, given all his handicaps -- came alive again when he found the crashed aircraft buried in the dunesp 811 DFW 1974
the sharp frontal migraines that had begun to affect him again. These returning memories of the prolonged ECT treatment unsettled himp 811 DFW 1974
surface by the transits of the sea, and then subsided again without trace. During the summer weekends a few souvenir huntersp 811 DFW 1974
the night winds moved the sand across the ridge, once again covering the fuselage of the aircraft. Dr Laing visited himp 818 DFW 1974
It's a long way.‘ Within moments I had set off again, restraining myself with difficulty from over-taxing the engine. The fewp 822 AD 1975
no one here to make or receive a call. Once again, I began to have second thoughts. Had the old villagerp 823 AD 1975
made sense. It helped him as well to postpone once again any decision to give up teaching and take up generalp 11 HR 1975
provocations took place between the rival floors, setting in motion again the dormant machinery of disruption and hostility. The incidents werep 28 HR 1975
The garbage-disposal chute Laing shared with the Steeles had jammed again. He tried to telephone the building manager, but the exhaustedp 38 HR 1975
for a drink? My wife is keen to see you again.‘ Despite his memories of their quarrel, Laing had no qualmsp 39 HR 1975
case he was suddenly called away, and might take off again from exactly the same point with another boy-friend. The limitlessp 46 HR 1975
injuries to his legs and back had begun to keen again. Royal leaned against his drawing-stand, feeling the pain radiate upwardsp 68 HR 1975
place at frequent intervals during the post-war years. But once again Royal had found himself reacting personally to these acts ofp 69 HR 1975
childlike strains in her character had begun to come out again, as if she was suiting her behaviour to the over-extendedp 71 HR 1975
high-rise. Wilder had obviously begun his ascent of the building again, and had climbed as far as the 15th floor. Byp 92 HR 1975
intermittent noises from the refrigerator. The electricity had come on again, and the machine was sucking current from the mains. Waterp 100 HR 1975
tie into the bottom of the closet and putting on again his grimy sports-shirt and trousers. He knew now that hep 104 HR 1975
sports-shirt and trousers. He knew now that he would never again try to leave the high-rise. He was thinking about Alicep 104 HR 1975
the building succeeded, he would be unlikely to see her again. Laing paced around the apartment, testing the primitive defensive preparationsp 105 HR 1975
the floors as the barricades were reassembled and torn down again. At midnight, as he crouched in the elevator lobby behindp 108 HR 1975
doorway, hoping despite himself that the lights would not fail again. He waited as Steele calmly smothered the cat, destroying itp 111 HR 1975
played somewhere around him. An abandoned record turntable was spinning again. In an empty bedroom a cine-projector screened the last feetp 111 HR 1975
the cine-camera raised in front of him, and began once again his ascent of the high-rise. Body Markings After a delayp 122 HR 1975
residents above them. Skilfully, Wilder played on their fantasies. Once again, as his imaginary scapegoat, he selected the psychiatrist Adrian Talbotp 127 HR 1975
jammed. He freed it carefully, bent down and slapped her again, only stopping when he had recorded her now deliberate criesp 130 HR 1975
the entrance lobby. Wilder knew that they would never leave again. The separation of the high-rise from the world around itp 131 HR 1975
decided to join her fellow residents. ‘Good -- it's excellent again. Wait ... before you go.‘ Royal put down his fork. Casuallyp 135 HR 1975
from his legs with his stick. He-felt himself becoming calm again. If the women and the other members of his dwindlingp 139 HR 1975
only Royal was unable to hear. Pangbourne called for quiet again. ‘Now -- keep our guests amused. They're looking bored. Whatp 141 HR 1975
fastened to the victim's back. The grunting and hooting began again. Dragging the reluctant Alsatian after him, Royal stepped into viewp 142 HR 1975
Controlling himself with an effort, he turned to face Pangbourne again. But the gynaecologist was walking away, looking back at himp 143 HR 1975
him with a stick-like hand. ‘The noise -- you're signalling again to someone. Who is it now?‘ ‘No one, Alice. Whop 147 HR 1975
convinced Laing that everything in the high-rise was becoming normal again. When Steele moved on to the richer pastures above, Laingp 154 HR 1975
on its fleshy stomach and shoulders. As the dog whimpered again, Wilder watched from behind the dining-table. This moment never failedp 157 HR 1975
the air to form an expanding vortex and dived down again towards the sculpture-garden. Royal was certain now that they werep 162 HR 1975
had healed now, and its thick arctic coat was white again. Royal missed the stains, as he did the bloody hand-printsp 162 HR 1975
with smoke,‘ Eleanor told him. ‘Are you sending up signals again?‘ ‘No ... it's the telephone directories. The paper must be madep 171 HR 1975
promised to find her some. She's got to start reviewing again.‘ ‘Yes, I know ...‘ Laing looked down at the blank screenp 171 HR 1975
addiction would tilt the balance of authority in his direction again, and increase their dependence on him. Ironically, it was herep 172 HR 1975
everything was returning to normal. Laing had begun to think again of the medical school. He might well pay a visitp 173 HR 1975
to think of something with which to win their favour again. However, all this, like the morphine he would give themp 173 HR 1975
first told him, six months earlier, that she had conceived again he had immediately made arrangements for their drive to Spainp 829 LFA 1975
art treasures in case the world opened up for business again. Forrester's last meeting with Gould, in the Dali museum atp 830 LFA 1975
hell was the practicante? Forrester walked on to the balcony again and scanned the road to Figueras, past the abandoned nightclubsp 831 LFA 1975
derailed Forrester's mind. Five minutes later he saw the girl again, standing on the observation roof of the Club Nautico, gazingp 831 LFA 1975
Forrester to her. Responding in turn, he touched his face again, ignoring the silver paint on his hands. As if top 835 LFA 1975
think I was the first person she'd ever seen.‘ Thinking again of Judith's baby, Forrester shook his head. ‘She looks likep 839 LFA 1975
memories of the past months. She looked composed and relaxed again, but with the amiable and fixed expression of a display-windowp 840 LFA 1975
the dark streets to the canal. He had put on again the silver jacket he had worn on the day whenp 840 LFA 1975
to unravel by writing Notes Towards a Mental Breakdown. 8 Again (cf. footnote 1) the use of the indefinite article underlinesp 851 NTM 1976
frozen posture -- I bent down to speak to her again. Then I saw the brass plaque fastened to the apexp 865 S 1976
Year I decided to bring us out into the world again, and held the first of a few small dinner partiesp 869 S 1976
that I decided to call on the young man's services again, and his visits became a weekly event. Thanks to hisp 869 S 1976
and gripped the catapult release lever in both hands. Once again he reminded himself that the Wright Brothers‘ first sustained flightsp 873 UC 1976
dockyard cranes. Barely clearing a warehouse roof, the glider rose again in the warm air lifting from the hot concrete ofp 879 UC 1976
on towards the city centre. He felt refreshed and confident again, fortified by an exotic breakfast of grapefruit juice, beans andp 883 UC 1976
of the firethorn, rival orders of a wayward nature merging again after millions of years of separate evolution. Little more thanp 884 UC 1976
river he would be safe. When the streets were quiet again, and the cloud of petalled dust had drifted away downp 885 UC 1976
that he had left the city, Halloway began to relax again. The airport was a zone that he found curiously reassuringp 886 UC 1976
can hear it now ...‘ Lights flickered in the Negro's palm. Again the strange alphabet sorted itself into a message. His pensivep 889 UC 1976
scars as if making sure that the jigsaw was once again in place. After dragging him to the elevator and takingp 891 UC 1976
the engines one by one. When the building was silent again he leaned against the balustrade, looking out at the distantp 891 UC 1976
of cars. Waiting for this strange old man to start again, Halloway remembered that he had seen his combative jaw andp 897 UC 1976
Any more like him and I may have to think again about opening my design office.‘ As the old man wanderedp 898 UC 1976
that they were yours. I'll help you to plant them again -- they'll soon grow.‘ ‘I know.‘ She strolled around himp 898 UC 1976
to prevent him from assaulting Miranda. Seizing the yellow taxi again, Stillman set off down the street, the shattered mannequins lyingp 900 UC 1976
knew that he was half-hoping that he would be violent again. He imagined the city filled with people, their lives invigoratedp 900 UC 1976
all waiting for us here. We can start it up again. Olds can bring it back to life for us.‘ Duringp 901 UC 1976
he explained to Buckmaster. ‘I want to bring everything alive again, and give back to the city all that lost timep 905 UC 1976
would be able to get most of its activities going again. Through the weeks that followed, Halloway and Olds, with grudgingp 905 UC 1976
the sidewalk, in clear contravention of the local ordinances. But, again, Halloway made no attempt to reprimand them. If anything, hep 911 UC 1976
When he woke he found that the TV monitor was again showing a jumble of interference patterns. Part of the excitementp 915 UC 1976
and might well be able to charge everyone with enthusiasm again. Outside Buckmaster's hotel Halloway hesitated before stepping from his carp 918 UC 1976
westwards across the continent, until he found the old man again and could help him raise his pyramids of washing machinesp 924 UC 1976
the cities. Maybe, then, she would wear her wedding dress again for him. Confident of all this, Halloway set off acrossp 924 UC 1976
desk-clerk's eyes watched him like blunted hypodermics. Hearing the helicopter again, always shielded from him by the walls of apartment buildingsp 8 IY1 1976
sort of military installation, the Americans had bombed the factory again and again. A few of the buildings were still standingp 926 DT 1977
military installation, the Americans had bombed the factory again and again. A few of the buildings were still standing, but thep 926 DT 1977
already I was convinced that we would not die. Yet again I had that same presentiment of death I had inexplicablyp 929 DT 1977
to the Protestant cemetery.‘ ‘All right.‘ The garage owner had again held my shoulder, this time to prevent me changing myp 930 DT 1977
looked strong and aggressive. The experience of driving a vehicle again had clearly restored his confidence. I could see that hep 931 DT 1977
of war and privation, Shanghai would be a boom city again ... everything would once again return to normal. This pleasant reveriep 932 DT 1977
Shanghai would be a boom city again ... everything would once again return to normal. This pleasant reverie sustained me, when Hodsonp 932 DT 1977
in our lightened trucks. I was beginning to feel hungry again, and regretted eating all my rice, particularly as Hodson hadp 932 DT 1977
some reason my hands were unable to touch him. Once again I felt that presentiment of death I had sensed sop 935 DT 1977
I tried to pick up another of the corpses, but again my hands froze, and again I felt the same presentimentp 935 DT 1977
another of the corpses, but again my hands froze, and again I felt the same presentiment, an enclosing wall that envelopedp 935 DT 1977
bodies between my feet, relieved now that I would never again be forced to distinguish between us. I hurled the tarpaulinp 935 DT 1977
ironic or even threatening, but I am merely struck once again by her remarkable beauty. Watching her, and relieved that shep 946 ICU 1977
relieved that she will probably never rise from her armchair again, I think of our first meeting ten years ago, thenp 947 ICU 1977
casual offer lodged in my mind. Curious to see her again, I arranged an appointment for the following week. Without realizingp 949 ICU 1977
and that the subject needs to gather a little mystery again (or, more worryingly, is sex itself losing its charms --p 168 UGM 1978
him tomorrow. Diana. 18 July. Hotel Imperial Surprise! That computer again. Apparently there's been some muddle at the Gatwick end, ourp 968 HWT 1978
At the same time Vera Tilley intrigued him. He thought again of the intruder. ‘See you next week,‘ she told himp 991 MA 1978
and watched the dozens of programmes move past silently. Once again, unmistakably, he was aware of the presence of someone nearbyp 991 MA 1978
sister, and of his brief and abortive marriage. But once again, as he lay back in his chair, analysing the everp 993 MA 1978
only a few minutes after she had gone Pangborn once again heard the sounds of the intruder behind him, and thep 994 MA 1978
contour couch. When he woke the next morning he once again heard the intruder's breathing, so rested that his mysterious visitorp 995 MA 1978
scattered around the place. ‘I can see you've been reading again.‘ ‘I'm lending some books to a friend,‘ Pangborn reversed hisp 996 MA 1978
not hear the obvious sounds of the man's breathing. Once again Pangborn was amazed by his nimbleness, his ability to movep 996 MA 1978
coquettish, trying to unsettle him for his own sake. Once again his skin began to scream. ‘You ought to get outp 997 MA 1978
wounds in the pain in his leg, and aware once again of the deep breathing around him. Everything now, in thisp 998 MA 1978
The German had shifted his position slightly, and was once again scanning the beach. His left hand moved to his facep 976 OAU 1978
taking place than we realized. Were they, to put once again the question which Tom Wolfe states was asked more thanp 273 UGM 1979
The blood from my grazed knuckles spotted her hands. Once again I felt a strong sexual attraction to her, part ofp 23 UDC 1979
at the door, glad that she wanted to see me again. Avoiding my eyes, she was gently rubbing her fingers, strokingp 32 UDC 1979
Yes, you did, Blake. We saw you.‘ She touched me again, reminding herself that I was still with her. Confused byp 33 UDC 1979
angrily struck my hand. ‘You died ...! And then came alive again!‘ Trapped by the Motorway ‘The girl's mad!‘ I slammed thep 34 UDC 1979
and then swerved behind a line of rusting fuel drums. Again the motorway receded further from me. Gasping at the dustyp 38 UDC 1979
the town approached me, as if glad to see me again. Calming myself, I stepped on to the perimeter road. Clearlyp 39 UDC 1979
I could count the rivets under the flaking paint. Once again I was sure that we were making no progress. Farp 47 UDC 1979
sunlight. Wavering shadows crossed the instrument panel and cockpit floor. Again I saw the dark figure at the controls -- myp 52 UDC 1979
my attempt to cross the river, I began to row again, setting out on the long journey back to the Sheppertonp 54 UDC 1979
if to make sure that I had begun to breathe again. As she dressed she stood beside the bed with herp 65 UDC 1979
my own service. Overhead the gulls had begun to circle again. Led by the fulmars, they surrounded the church, heavy wingsp 72 UDC 1979
hands did not fit the bruises on my chest. Once again I felt a surge of warmth for him, a regretp 77 UDC 1979
feather from him and raised it to my mouth, tasting again the smell of the night air, the sebum of myp 77 UDC 1979
rid myself like a golden snake of my glowing skin. Again I was sure that this abundant life had sprung fromp 83 UDC 1979
struck the water, driving the sunlight into a frantic maze. Again I leapt at the surface, and hurled the spray fromp 85 UDC 1979
vivid birds and flowers within the meadow. I was aware again of my bruised mouth and chest, as if the deadp 88 UDC 1979
miles up in the air.‘ ‘Miriam, I'll rent an aircraft.‘ ‘Again? By the way, Stark's a pilot -- of a sortp 92 UDC 1979
to make sure that I was allowed to rest. Once again I felt the presence of my first real family. Togetherp 94 UDC 1979
woman carried my sex in her hands towards the clinic. Again I sensed the power that I had felt all dayp 98 UDC 1979
and the infants in their prams. I might never eat again, but their bodies would feed me their sweat and odourp 111 UDC 1979
and labourers. I moved nervously between the lines of cars. Again and again I coupled with the females, mounting one andp 115 UDC 1979
I moved nervously between the lines of cars. Again and again I coupled with the females, mounting one and then breakingp 115 UDC 1979
antlers had gone, my semen-spattered hooves and powerful loins. Incarnated again as myself, I sat in the twilit grave. Around mep 117 UDC 1979
and breasts, her nervous hands ready to push me away. Again I wanted to embrace and reassure her. Standing in thep 125 UDC 1979
As I ran through the trees I thought of Miriam. Again I ejaculated beside the tennis courts, and hurled my semenp 126 UDC 1979
London, I ignored the hornblasts of the passing drivers. Once again I was sure that none of them realized I wasp 129 UDC 1979
forest wall behind which the motorists would soon be stranded. Again, on the road to the airport, at the northern boundaryp 129 UDC 1979
fuel pumps in the filling-station. Looking at them all, I again felt the need to fly. Beside me a ten-year-old boyp 140 UDC 1979
the railway station the last of the office-workers were once again making a half-hearted attempt to set off for London. Butp 141 UDC 1979
out their goods and giving them away to the passers-by. Again and again I saw Stark, in a heaven of excitementp 142 UDC 1979
goods and giving them away to the passers-by. Again and again I saw Stark, in a heaven of excitement, pushing ap 142 UDC 1979
for ever. The Wedding Gown I was ready to fly again. It was now noon. The air was still, but ap 144 UDC 1979
their words, they were waiting for me to ‘dream‘ them again. I strolled through these relaxing family groups, who before myp 144 UDC 1979
done during my previous visions, and I knew that once again I was moving through the doorway of my own bodyp 149 UDC 1979
to me with complete confidence, a wish to see me again triumph over the death I had already defied. ‘Blake, flyp 149 UDC 1979
form an immense head-dress. Calm now, I began to breathe again. A cool air moved up the face of the buildingp 150 UDC 1979
confidence restored. Not only had I been able to fly again, but I had taken Miriam's body into mine. Like ap 154 UDC 1979
of breadfruit. Everywhere the birds were rising into the air again. ‘David! Jamie!‘ I decided to distract them. ‘All of youp 154 UDC 1979
towards Walton Bridge like a berserk test pilot. But once again I was deflected by my passengers and curved back uponp 161 UDC 1979
rose through the rushing air. At the last moment I again felt the steadying affection of the people within me, ap 161 UDC 1979
streets, urging the frightened birds at their feet to fly again. As they passed me they smiled shyly with the sweetnessp 162 UDC 1979
at it, I knew that I would never wear it again. I kicked the trousers and jacket over the ledge intop 164 UDC 1979
dissolved upon my penis, the fontanelles of his skull opened again for the first time since his birth. The mosaic ofp 173 UDC 1979
for something to happen. Were they expecting me to fly again for them? Irritated by the silence, I hurled a concretep 176 UDC 1979
to escape death, to rise above mortality to become aged. Again I thought of myself as an advent calendar -- Ip 177 UDC 1979
lighten. My feet had left the ground. I was moving again into the real time, taking my congregation with me towardsp 182 UDC 1979
which I had briefly stepped since my forced landing. Once again I had been plucked from the air, at the veryp 185 UDC 1979
own blood by these grimy and excited women. I woke again as Stark propelled the trolley along the street. We swervedp 188 UDC 1979
as the excited shouts subsided around me I felt once again that sensation I had known on my first day inp 189 UDC 1979
muttered to me. ‘But before it's all over you'll fly again for the television companies ...‘ For the next hour we roamedp 189 UDC 1979
cars separated by miles of empty parking bays. Driven back again, we retreated to the town. The post office and supermarketp 190 UDC 1979
mine, Stark led us behind the furniture store, where once again we lost ourselves within an endless terrain of furniture suitesp 190 UDC 1979
had decided not to bury her until I had died again. Meanwhile the outside world seemed to have forgotten Shepperton. Thep 191 UDC 1979
of blood through my vessels. My skin warmed, blood seeped again through my frozen capillaries. For the first time I wasp 198 UDC 1979
to feed on my flesh, I felt the hand press again on my heart. Then I saw the face of thep 198 UDC 1979
open eyes. At the moment before he died I felt again a surge of life in my chest, as if hisp 198 UDC 1979
I stood up in the cockpit of the grave. Once again I had freed myself from the aircraft. The forest wasp 199 UDC 1979
forest felt me quicken within its tissues. I was born again from the lowest of the creatures, from the amoeba dividingp 199 UDC 1979
own child. I Give Myself Away The forest was bright again. Vivid blossoms shone out among the once sombre trees. Ap 200 UDC 1979
plants I would never be able to flee from Shepperton. Again I was about to be trapped here. David waited forp 203 UDC 1979
to choose whether or not I helped them. ‘Thank you again, Blake.‘ I climbed the steps to the terrace. One byp 203 UDC 1979
congregation. Far below us the town had begun to blossom again into the brilliant forest that had dressed the roofs ofp 208 UDC 1979
me and took the fish into my hands, absorbing once again within myself the fragments of my dead flesh which theyp 215 UDC 1979
faded, its light dimmed. Around me the vestry grew dark again. For the last time I gave myself away. Now Ip 216 UDC 1979
every window-ledge, and crowded the roofs of the film studios. Again I felt that the town was closing upon itself, forcingp 218 UDC 1979
to Prof. Derain but the child is simply too distraught again.‘ I thought nothing of it at the time, but forp 1001 HFF 1980
-- perhaps the girl's name, or the nun's use of ‘again‘ -- I asked for the clinical notes. I noticed thatp 1001 HFF 1980
to the fireplace. ‘Sister Julia, I see we're very busy again. Dr Charcot, I'm sure you'll be pleased by the sightp 1003 HFF 1980
resistance to that pseudo-science, it occurred to me that once again a psychoanalytic explanation made complete sense of these bizarre eventsp 1007 HFF 1980
to have offered Presley rock-like support throughout her short life. Again, Goldman reveals that Presley was a natural blond, and basedp 39 UGM 1981
and it is not worth taking.‘ Yet Amis still returns again and again to spit into the poisoned well. What havep 189 UGM 1981
is not worth taking.‘ Yet Amis still returns again and again to spit into the poisoned well. What have we donep 189 UGM 1981
test the atmosphere. Now they were ready to make way again and enter New York harbour, their first landfall after thep 7 HA 1981
to the indifferent sea. Wayne stared at the approaching city, again unable to reconcile the scene in front of him withp 8 HA 1981
to the beginning, all right. Perhaps you'll start everything up again, Wayne. You could even be President. From stowaway to thep 12 HA 1981
-- the forty-fifth President? -- Wayne thought of his mother again. During her last years in the asylum she often rambledp 13 HA 1981
wiped his plump face on his sleeve. He called out again to the Captain, his voice lost in the drumming ofp 18 HA 1981
returned to his own country, where he would soon ride again, one foot on the stirrup of the land, the otherp 32 HA 1981
vast buildings abandoned only the previous day. Pausing to rest again, Wayne stepped into the second floor of a large officep 37 HA 1981
this emergency decree, there was a widespread sense that once again the government of the United States had been overtaken byp 46 HA 1981
and tame this wilderness, in some way make it bloom again. Almost three hundred yards away now, Sterner rode his blackp 51 HA 1981
you call Steiner back? He's leading his own separate expedition again ...‘ Dr Ricci had dismounted, and was setting up the seismographicp 52 HA 1981
waiting for one huge puff to be blown into life again. Already Wayne felt a sense of challenge -- the fivep 57 HA 1981
their meeting with Heinz, Pepsodent, GM and Xerox they never again came close enough to these wandering ‘Indians‘ to barter somep 70 HA 1981
trees towards the Washington Monument. They began to spread out again, and soon there was at least fifty yards between eachp 72 HA 1981
pensively. After they had gone the sand would come in again, but the effort, Wayne knew, was worthwhile. Resting with hisp 77 HA 1981
had spoken by radio to McNair the previous afternoon. Seaworthy again, the Apollo would set sail in three days‘ time forp 79 HA 1981
coast. The first heavy rain will turn this desert green again, American will run with rivers, Kansas and Iowa will bep 82 HA 1981
but then the desert came back and took him over again. June 18. Louisville, Kentucky. Interstate 64 Camping in a dustyp 90 HA 1981
Anne Summers had a nagging row with Steiner, who once again went off ahead, out of sight all day, and thenp 90 HA 1981
pointing to the route indicators, but Gregor, who is feverish again, insisted that this is San Clemente, Nixon's old seaside hauntp 94 HA 1981
Orlowski is a dead weight, his fever goes and comes again. Anne lies exhausted on her bed, drawn up alongside minep 95 HA 1981
railroad station. He had thrown away his burnouse, and once again wore his black mariner's jacket and peaked cap. He watchedp 100 HA 1981
many times, My Darling Clementine. Yet another figure joined them, again in sheriff's garb, Gary Cooper with the tired, stoical expressionp 102 HA 1981
the prospect of total disaster, the expedition had come alive again. Their rescue by McNair marked another turning point, another provingp 106 HA 1981
his own ambition of putting this huge clockwork dream together again. He was cautious now about confiding in Wayne, and evenp 110 HA 1981
some reason he had found himself thinking of the desert again, of the endless white world of the Kansas plain, withp 119 HA 1981
great icons, its emblems of self-confidence, forcing them to return again and again to the stage. As the applause continued thep 125 HA 1981
its emblems of self-confidence, forcing them to return again and again to the stage. As the applause continued the waiters movedp 125 HA 1981
they were still there, and gave a characteristic skip. Once again Wayne had recognised her -- Judy Garland. The audience applaudedp 125 HA 1981
into excessive close-up. Controlling himself, he smiled his strange smile again. ‘That was quite a trip, Wayne. I was proud ofp 135 HA 1981
that could expand to transform the planet, start everything up again. Manson's working towards this, anyway, and in many ways hep 140 HA 1981
is right about the freeways, though. When we took off again this morning on a north-east circuit of the city, thep 149 HA 1981
Bering Dam, reverse the Arctic current. The Mississippi would flow again, you could grow enough wheat to feed the world, reallyp 155 HA 1981
the old Yankee virtues. He wants to see America great again, and becoming President is little more than decoration on thep 155 HA 1981
I need is ten years to make this country great again. President Wayne ... it sounds less strange than it used top 157 HA 1981
the street. Laughing good-naturedly to himself, Wayne began to pedal again. He followed the giraffe in and out of the desertedp 158 HA 1981
outside the entrance. Ursula was shaking her handsome head, once again pretending to be shocked by Wayne. It was two monthsp 159 HA 1981
his work on the Hoover Dam and start it up again, using the abundant supplies of old syrup. Drug-stores and discosp 160 HA 1981
Moon Project. We need people who can switch America on again, turn on a hundred nuclear power stations, plan and buildp 161 HA 1981
the glittering streets. Legs cycling happily, Wayne mounted the air again. He loved his mild flirtations with Anne, an elaborate courtshipp 165 HA 1981
or even I won't be able to put you together again.‘ When he saw Wayne having to avoid FDR's upraised fingerp 169 HA 1981
point of his loyalty. ‘He wants to make America great again.‘ ‘And so do you, Wayne. And so do I. Thoughp 171 HA 1981
Charles's happiest period.‘ ‘And you helped him start everything up again?‘ ‘Helped, Wayne? We did it all! In fact, for mostp 173 HA 1981
man, and only wished he would turn his talents once again towards helping Manson. Wayne looked up from their lunch trayp 182 HA 1981
soon, in even larger expeditions, eager to colonise this land again ...‘ Wayne tried to stand up, hoping to embrace this furiousp 182 HA 1981
and drummed at the roof of the Convention Center. Alert again, Dr Fleming tapped the buttons on his transmitter. The Presidentsp 184 HA 1981
He climbed to his feet and fell to the floor again, rose with an eager smile, as ever keen to pleasep 185 HA 1981
his shoulders and flung himself backwards, only to bob up again. ‘Gerry ... for heaven's sake.‘ Dr Fleming waved the transmitter atp 185 HA 1981
at the sounds of anti-aircraft fire that had started up again from the roofs of the Sands and Paradise Hotels. Shep 191 HA 1981
and Manson had achieved, what they had brought to life again in these desolate Nevada jungles, and that he himself hadp 215 HA 1981
San Francisco, that long-ruined city as forgotten as Ur, destroyed again and again by a succession of earthquakes as the Sanp 215 HA 1981
that long-ruined city as forgotten as Ur, destroyed again and again by a succession of earthquakes as the San Andreas Faultp 215 HA 1981
The house? Which one, sir? The White House?‘ Manson chuckled again at this. ‘In a way. This house, Wayne. Las Vegasp 216 HA 1981
after his long journey Manson had at last become young again. He was no longer in Las Vegas, and was goingp 222 HA 1981
to the door. But the Presidents had come to life again. Rifles at the assault, they broke into a run, andp 225 HA 1981
himself to his feet. When the Presidents raised their rifles again, watched by the impassive Paco, Wayne limped up the stepsp 227 HA 1981
to the great adventure of crossing America he was once again becoming the young stowaway, cared for by this capable womanp 231 HA 1981
his First Lady. But he was glad to see Steiner again, to play the role of second in command to thisp 231 HA 1981
for a few moments Trippett might even feel at home again. Followed by the daughter, Franklin entered the darkened ward. Thep 1010 NFS 1981
not sure. If I had a blackout now ...‘ Giving in again, Franklin steered the Mercedes into the centre of the roadp 1011 NFS 1981
bird. ‘Ursula, bring your father ...‘ The old astronaut could once again see himself suspended in space, this time upside down inp 1012 NFS 1981
Trippett to the ground the plane banked and came round again in a wide turn. The pilot steered the craft withp 1013 NFS 1981
take him with me -- we'll fly out into space again, one day. Just for him I'll build a gentle space-craftp 1014 NFS 1981
the roof, catching his breath. The old man was quiet again, his brief fit forgotten. ‘That was Slade. Do you knowp 1014 NFS 1981
daughter's hand with sudden affection. But before he could speak again, a door closed within his face and he had gonep 1015 NFS 1981
to go back to the beginning and think everything through again.‘ Before Dr Vaisey could stop him, Franklin had started top 1017 NFS 1981
Arrange a meeting.‘ ‘What?‘ Marion looked round at her husband again, her left contact lens trapped under her eyelid. ‘He wasp 1023 NFS 1981
driving to the clinic, must think hard about going there again. The first fugue came at 8.15 a.m., synchronizedp 1024 NFS 1981
arms and heads were flying everywhere. Slade at his games again, this time with a pump-gun on the roof of thep 1024 NFS 1981
reply from the police or ambulance services. Marion is away again, hunting the empty hotels of the Strip for any signp 1026 NFS 1981
space-crews you'd be like Trippett.‘ ‘I am like Trippett.‘ Calm again, Slade stepped to the window and stared at the emptyp 1029 NFS 1981
that dusty Samarkand. Then time side-stepped in front of him again. He woke to find himself lying under the torn ceilingp 1029 NFS 1981
glass, someone might ... ... the sun was trying to trick him again. More confident now, his shadow had emerged from beneath hisp 1030 NFS 1981
of that real world, streams flowed to fill the lakes again. Ursula and her father, of course, could see the valleyp 1032 NFS 1981
and the old astronaut would make their way into space again, on their forever journey to the stars. ‘Slade, we wantp 1035 NFS 1981
concrete causeways that lay beneath the forest canopy. When he again picked out the nightclub he throttled back and soared inp 1063 MNF 1982
peninsula have come in from the past and submerged us again. There are strange creatures here that seem to have steppedp 1067 MNF 1982
inert now, raised to the light it began to glow again, summoning its brief past and limitless future to its ownp 1075 MNF 1982
attempts to bring these separated elements into a single whole again. Emotions were the stress lines in this over-stretched web ofp 1076 MNF 1982
more advanced. The rotting palms lay beside him, but alive again, the rich scrolls of their bark bright with the jadep 1079 MNF 1982
to his arms and shoulders, the transformation of himself once again into that angelic being who strode through the shabby streetsp 1081 MNF 1982
him across the tennis club pool She was a child again, her parched body flushed and irrigated by her previous selvesp 1083 MNF 1982
off to join them. Soon the forest would be alive again, and they could return to Cocoa Beach, to that motelp 1084 MNF 1982
one thing we've run out of. I'm getting those headaches again, just like the ones I had fifteen years ago. It'sp 1038 MSA 1982
is far enough. We need to set out into space again ...‘ Anne shuddered. ‘Edward, don't say that -- a crime wasp 1038 MSA 1982
Twenty years?‘. ‘A long time. Perhaps he'll take you flying again. You enjoyed that.‘ ‘Yes ... He was strange. But even ifp 1039 MSA 1982
like a trapped film reel running free, it sped on again, rekindling a kinetic world. Mallory sat in a deck chairp 1045 MSA 1982
She scanned the sky, where the gulls and swallows were again gathering, drawn into the air by the distant drone ofp 1047 MSA 1982
were here. Doctor Mysterium ... I nearly killed you!‘ ‘You're trying again ...!‘ Mallory clung to the frayed seat straps as Hinton openedp 1050 MSA 1982
we were collaborators -- believe me, Mallory, we will be again. I've a lot to tell you ...‘ Happy to see Malloryp 1051 MSA 1982
able to shake off the attack, but it would come again. ‘Doctor --? You'll be all right.‘ Hinton was plainly disappointedp 1052 MSA 1982
rail. The glider slewed sideways, wheeled and flew towards them again. The sunlight lanced from its propeller, a stream of photonsp 1053 MSA 1982
the strength of the new-born. SIX TAPE 24: 17 August. Again, no sign of Hinton today. Anne is asleep. An hourp 1053 MSA 1982
He could almost believe that he was driving through Florida again, through the hundreds of small towns that merged together, ap 1057 MSA 1982
land here at its departure point at the space centre. Again he passed the overturned truck beside its scattered television setsp 1057 MSA 1982
he passed the overturned truck beside its scattered television sets, again the laundry van in the liquor store window. He wouldp 1057 MSA 1982
presence here. Estimated diameter: 10 miles. Survey Report 4 Once again our estimate of the station's size has been substantially revisedp 1086 RUS 1982
missing soundtrack inside his head. He would never threaten Amah again. They were going to a party, and he would tryp 20 ES 1984
Dr Lockwood's lawn lay like green shantung. ‘Hello, Jamie. Cogitating again?‘ Mr Maxted, father of his best friend, emerged from thep 26 ES 1984
peasants had been laid out on pallets of silk. Once again Jim was struck by the contrast between the impersonal bodiesp 29 ES 1984
and make it unlikely that he would visit Hungjao Aerodrome again. He thought of the crashed fighter in which he hadp 35 ES 1984
shoulders. Already a sizeable traffic jam blocked the Bund. Once again, the crush and clatter of Shanghai had engulfed its invadersp 45 ES 1984
at Nantao. ‘ ... ah ... ah ...‘ The soldier shook his head, stumped again, and searched the immaculate floor for a cigarette end. Inp 50 ES 1984
wrenched his arm away. Before the youth could seize him again, Jim hurled the wicker basket from the knees of thep 58 ES 1984
bell drill through the empty house. Too tired to reach again for the button, he sat on the polished steps andp 61 ES 1984
his airgun, shooting himself down into the flower-beds and rising again to storm the rockery below the flagpole. From the shadowsp 61 ES 1984
amahs walked up to him, clearly intending to slap him again, he mounted his cycle and pedalled away. Outside the Raymondsp 68 ES 1984
world for the Shell Company. ‘I'll come and see you again, Mr Guerevitch.‘ Jim felt sorry for the old caretaker, butp 72 ES 1984
Jim closed the door he was unable to open it again, but no one called apart from an elderly Iraqi womanp 75 ES 1984
way out of the sky. During the next days Jim again tried to give himself up to the Japanese. Like hisp 78 ES 1984
for the Bund. His only hope of seeing his parents again was to find one of their Swiss or Swedish friendsp 88 ES 1984
carcasses of dogs, and the coffins that had drifted ashore again on to the beaches of black mud. In the afternoonp 89 ES 1984
the swilling rhythm of the waves, made him feel giddy again, and he steadied himself against a waterlogged sampan that bumpedp 90 ES 1984
met these two American sailors he would be seeing her again. He would stay with Basie and Frank; together they couldp 99 ES 1984
edged between the rickshaw and buffalo carts. Jim felt hungry again, and the endless bumping of the wheels over the disusedp 105 ES 1984
staves, but at least he would soon see his parents again. Prisoners were constantly coming and going at the detention centrep 110 ES 1984
them. He fanned the embers until the briquettes caught light again. Half an hour later, with the Japanese soldier's approval, Jimp 116 ES 1984
never dared to ask about Frank -- he had once again become the ex-steward of the Cathay-American Line, ready to assemblep 116 ES 1984
part of a ramshackle world around himself. He surveyed Jim again, taking in his ragged clothes and scarecrow appearance, his deepsetp 117 ES 1984
and a Zero-Sen.‘ ‘And American planes?‘ ‘I haven't seen those again. Not since you came, Basie. I saw them for threep 118 ES 1984
Jim his fair ration. He would see the American aircraft again, and he would die. ‘Basie ...?‘ Jim threw down the riddlep 123 ES 1984
on the head, bruising both his ears. He cuffed him again, bringing blood from his mouth. At that moment a cloudp 124 ES 1984
lungs, happy to be on the way to his parents again. The Water Ration Were they lost? For an hour, asp 125 ES 1984
poor soul can't take much more.‘ The truck moved forward again, trundling at a half-hearted pace down the empty road. Jimp 129 ES 1984
vividly as this. Were the American planes about to come again? With an exaggerated squint, intended to annoy Dr Ransome, hep 133 ES 1984
plane hidden beyond the haze of white dust, and thought again of carrier decks out on the Pacific, of small menp 136 ES 1984
with his confidence that he would soon see his parents again. A single-engined fighter overtook them and climbed into the latep 141 ES 1984
sense to the detention centre, than he would ever be again to his house in Amherst Avenue. The truck stopped byp 153 ES 1984
lungs until the dizziness left his head, and ran forward again. Turtle in hand, he raced up the steps into thep 171 ES 1984
end for you, Jim? You'll see your mother and father again.‘ ‘Well ...‘ Jim preferred not to talk about his parents, evenp 178 ES 1984
their battleships at Pearl Harbor. Then Lunghua Camp would once again be the happy place that he had known in 1943p 181 ES 1984
as they crossed the perimeter of the airfield, then dived again to fire at the Japanese aircraft parked beside the hangarsp 192 ES 1984
and dead insects subsided and then whirled along the pathways again as they hunted for the slipstreams of the vanished Mustangsp 193 ES 1984
the fighters, falling to earth when his plane exploded, rising again as one of the childlike kamikaze pilots who cheered thep 201 ES 1984
Radik's face. ‘Mr Radik's soul has already left. Doctor's calling again. I hope you've done your Latin prep.‘ ‘Of course.‘ Jimp 207 ES 1984
much longer. You're keen to see your mother and father again?‘ ‘Yes, I am. I think about them every day.‘ ‘Goodp 210 ES 1984
war. Jim almost welcomed the hunger, when he would see again the curious light the Mustangs had brought with them. Aroundp 222 ES 1984
an end, and he would find himself building the runway again. The light that emerged from the burning body of thep 225 ES 1984
at Jim's raised fists. An Escape ‘Is the war over again, Mr Maxted?‘ All around Jim, as he waited by thep 230 ES 1984
Sergeant Nagata is going -- the war has ended!‘ ‘Ended again, Jim? I don't think we can stand it ...‘ During thep 231 ES 1984
of Nantao. A Japanese troopship leaned against the mud-flats, bombed again and again until Jim could see daylight through its superstructurep 233 ES 1984
A Japanese troopship leaned against the mud-flats, bombed again and again until Jim could see daylight through its superstructure. Throughout allp 233 ES 1984
Jim watched the guards patrolling the wire. Seeing the Japanese again had restored his confidence. The prospect of being killed excitedp 238 ES 1984
can't imagine why the Japanese should want us to go again.‘ ‘Our rations are in a godown there.‘ Jim was alreadyp 240 ES 1984
lead the way.‘ Hitching up his shorts, Mr Maxted bowed again to the Japanese soldier and helped Jim to his feetp 250 ES 1984
was a shuffle of clogs, and the procession moved forward again. He looked back at the ammunition truck. He was startledp 251 ES 1984
characters proclaiming the power of the Kuomintang had emerged once again, threatening slogans that hung over the darkness like the hoardingsp 258 ES 1984
some pre-war memory. She wanted him to be a child again, to run the endless errands that had kept him alivep 265 ES 1984
until the late afternoon, when an air raid at Hongkew again lit up the stadium, Jim lay in his dream-wake, feelingp 267 ES 1984
of leaving his body, had died inside his head? Thirsty again, Jim walked down the concrete steps, scooping the water fromp 273 ES 1984
climbing the stand, Jim was aware that he was once again asserting the ascendancy of the European. ‘That's okay, kid.‘ Thep 276 ES 1984
on their green banks of nettles, letting them fly once again inside his head. Dizzied by their derelict beauty, he satp 279 ES 1984
He stopped to shake his head, and Jim was reminded again of the pilot's youth. At the outbreak of war, andp 280 ES 1984
a damaged Zero. He waited until the Japanese moved on again, and then walked after him, making no effort to hidep 280 ES 1984
Spam tin and waited for the Japanese pilot to appear again, so that he could repay him for the mango. Threep 287 ES 1984
at the same time, eager to work up his irritation again and put to good use all the violence he hadp 297 ES 1984
reading his magazines behind Sergeant Nagata's desk. ‘Tulloch! He's here again! The boy with the Packard ...‘ ‘The lad was in thep 297 ES 1984
Jim's bunk, and he was tempted to pin it up again. A marked smell hung in the room, one he hadp 301 ES 1984
camp. Already he could feel Lunghua gathering itself around him again. As he approached the hospital he began to hope thatp 302 ES 1984
the dead. In its way the camp was coming alive again. The days of powdered milk and chocolate bars had madep 309 ES 1984
strange to be leaving Lunghua, but he realized that once again he had been imprisoned by the camp as he hadp 312 ES 1984
the sunset as if the ancient ovens had been lit again, to be fuelled by the bodies of the villagers lyingp 328 ES 1984
wiped his blood from the steering-wheel, as the shelling began again from the Pootung shore. His nose had been bleeding onp 333 ES 1984
of downtown Shanghai, but Jim ignored them and set out again for Lunghua Airfield. Smoke rose from the Olympic stadium, ap 333 ES 1984
edge. As if trying to reassure Jim, the head nodded again. He reached out one hand and parted the grass, carefullyp 336 ES 1984
had been bayoneted in the small of his back, and again through the thighs and buttocks, then thrown down the bankp 338 ES 1984
best when Mrs Vincent opened her eyes and saw him again. He wiped his wet hands on the cheeks of thep 340 ES 1984
called to him, as if surprised to find themselves alive again with this modest implement in their hands. Jim climbed throughp 341 ES 1984
but far from being abandoned the former prison was busy again, fresh barbed wire strung along its fences. Although the warp 348 ES 1984
projectionists had rewound their film, and an air battle started again over the heads of the crowds. As the sailors werep 351 ES 1984
the incoming tide among the quays and mud-flats, driven once again to the shores of this terrible city. THE GENTLE ASSASSINp 351 ES 1984
the door he began to whimper and pump his lungs again. I asked the orderly to clean the wound on hisp 1090 OOA 1984
free himself from Col. Stamford's sinister embrace. I read once again the testimony collected by the Special Branch: Margaret Downs, systemsp 1097 OOA 1984
sights of his rifle, Matthew Young will be ready once again to dismantle an illusionist space and celebrate the enduring mysteriesp 1100 OOA 1984
crossed the Thames to the nearby town of Walton. There again he found the streets completely silent. He stopped in frontp 3 SAJ 1984
as if he had forgotten that I was there. Once again I was aware of his ability to isolate himself fromp 1111 MWM 1985
with Scranton. I had not intended to see the American again, but the germ of his loneliness had entered my bloodp 1112 MWM 1985
satisfy me. The crowds and traffic, which had begun once again to close around me, halted their clamour and withdrew. Onp 1113 MWM 1985
to 35mm. Watching this brilliant extravaganza, one is forced yet again to accept that talent alone is always enough. Like manyp 20 UGM 1987
lake-bed was giving up its dreams to the night. Once again I noticed that a strange woman had been here, gatheringp 8 DC 1987
the police barracks, and his murmured reproach, as if once again I had wilfully betrayed myself. ‘You were to leave Port-la-Nouvellep 13 DC 1987
my jeep to the drilling site, the town was silent again. However, as I opened my bottle of breakfast beer onp 15 DC 1987
of Lake Kotto filled with water.‘ Without looking at me again, she crossed the road and set off towards the breedingp 26 DC 1987
to the beach below the wharf of the tobacco warehouse. Again I saw the mirage along the shore, the same illusoryp 46 DC 1987
the flecks of mud on his suit. ‘You are wrong again, doctor. Television doesn't tell lies, it makes up a newp 62 DC 1987
these yellowing cadavers for the fears they prompted. ‘Not that again ...‘ As I calmed myself I saw one of Kagwa's mechanicsp 70 DC 1987
river failed, as I intended, Lake Kotto would be dry again. But no doubt the Captain viewed my plans with somep 70 DC 1987
in, doctor. We can't have you trying to drown yourself again.‘ I felt Nora Warrender's hands on my shoulder. She steeredp 81 DC 1987
of mammals at a fashionable zoo. ‘So you will try again? All this water to waste. I can think of betterp 84 DC 1987
mercenaries, and you, too, doctor. I could open the station again. I'd like to breed leopards and impala, not these toyp 85 DC 1987
the fisherman. As the spray flicked at my calves I again remembered that liquid, gravel-filled crypt in which I had almostp 87 DC 1987
an attempt to keep me at Port-la-Nouvelle, to commit myself again to the river. A hundred yards from the barracks, whenp 100 DC 1987
men would shoot her on sight if they saw her again. ‘Go back! Hide with Mrs Warrender!‘ ‘Doc Mal ...!‘ Necessity hadp 104 DC 1987
as I stirred the rice with a greasy screwdriver. Once again I was puzzled by the way in which she hadp 113 DC 1987
was hopelessly snagged. ‘You've come a long way, doctor. But again you've been thinking too much. You are very tired. We'llp 126 DC 1987
the buttons of the cassette player, as if she could again save me from Kagwa and the helicopter with a fewp 129 DC 1987
the air. Kagwa leaned sideways in the cockpit, and fired again at the wheelhouse. The first bullet passed through the woodenp 131 DC 1987
and banked above the partly submerged hangar, ready to attack again. I rolled the wheel to starboard, in an attempt top 131 DC 1987
for me. The wound in my head began to bleed again, and Noon watched solemnly as the drops fell on top 135 DC 1987
where the wounds to my head and ear had dried again. But the torn muscles of my scalp set it askewp 137 DC 1987
deep channel, Noon reengaged the propeller, and we set off again, scarcely disturbing the green lacquer of the surface. As shep 138 DC 1987
had created, now almost three hundred yards in width. Once again I was struck by the richness of the vegetation thatp 140 DC 1987
fuel depot for the helicopter, the machine would attack us again. Noon had begun to housekeep, washing the decks with waterp 141 DC 1987
Mr Pal tells me that we have saved you once again ...‘ The Documentary Film All morning the warm sunlight had pressedp 149 DC 1987
gathering firewood for the galley stoves on board the landing-craft. Again I felt a pang of regret, as if pieces ofp 154 DC 1987
promptly elbowed him aside and pressed the toggle, throwing up again the pictures of herself emerging bare-breasted from the river withp 160 DC 1987
Kagwa's bivouac, I was at last able to relax and again become the captain of the Salammbo. Sanger and Mr Palp 161 DC 1987
glass, with the gaze of an old woman seeing once again the lost world of her childhood. Into the Lagoons Myp 167 DC 1987
him.‘ Sanger snatched at my hand and squeezed the wrist-bones, again making sure that I was not some imposter. ‘Try top 172 DC 1987
island of burned reeds beside the jetty. Then he lapsed again into his fever. There was little I could do forp 176 DC 1987
I gradually increased the throttle setting. We were moving north again, towards the source of the Mallory. Unaware of this simplep 182 DC 1987
seemed suddenly chill. My fever had begun to shake me again, and a frozen sweat bathed my arms and chest. Ip 191 DC 1987
thin and drawn. She seemed to have grown younger, once again a child, and I realized that she was starving. ‘Noonp 193 DC 1987
was waiting for me to revive before it could flow again. A few rails and coucals called to the air inp 195 DC 1987
brief examination of Sanger and Noon, that I realized once again to what physical extreme we had been carried by ourp 199 DC 1987
in the centre of the lagoon. I needed to feel again the spring of the Salammbo's decks beneath my heels, top 200 DC 1987
Mallory. To the macaques I confided: ‘They're shooting the birds again ... they're still trying to clip my wings ...‘ Nonetheless, I wasp 208 DC 1987
stronger pulse, and noted her clearer eyes and healing gums, again aware that it was she who was assessing me. Shep 208 DC 1987
shot from the tilting dance floor of the Diana, Noon again became the young woman I had courted from the helmp 217 DC 1987
theft of the Mallory, the Sahara had begun to bloom again. The nomadic farmers and herders who for decades had beenp 220 DC 1987
course -- you syringed his ears. You must treat him again, he can never catch my orders. Dr Mallory ... we heardp 227 DC 1987
doctor, their precious see-through gold.‘ ‘But the Sahara is blooming again. General, it's a lost dream come to life.‘ ‘At whatp 228 DC 1987
by General Harare's jetty, waiting for me to set off again on our journey. It was already late when I wokep 230 DC 1987
Mrs Warrender and her women had hunted, and might hunt again. The widows‘ ship was now berthed only fifty yards awayp 243 DC 1987
lavish but formal garment made her seem a young woman again, as if she were deliberately returning to the naive worldp 245 DC 1987
came from the soldiers‘ cassette player, setting off my fever again. The pain drummed at my head, a fierce frontal migrainep 247 DC 1987
which would soon perish when the land turned to desert again. Above all, I wanted to fill the draining channel withp 260 DC 1987
source I could rekindle its springs, send it coursing once again between its broad banks. As the last of the smokep 260 DC 1987
They're sick with your dream ...‘ ‘I'll bring them fresh water again. I've done it before, Sanger.‘ I propped Sanger against thep 263 DC 1987
boulders. As I searched the empty shore I noticed once again that no echo of my voice returned from the steepp 269 DC 1987
in the current. Always suspicious that I would trick him again, he began to slap the water as if the riverp 272 DC 1987
in the shallows. As I dragged him ashore Noon was again waiting calmly for us in midstream, her skiff moored againstp 272 DC 1987
that he was my patient and that I was once again his physician. Nonetheless, I was reluctant to leave him, awarep 273 DC 1987
could smell disease as the allotments faded, transforming themselves once again into desert. He gazed sightlessly at the silence, well awarep 273 DC 1987
only two days later, I was ready to abandon Sanger again, a blind man marooned on these cold beaches. ‘Sanger --p 274 DC 1987
Rushing water?‘ ‘Sanger, I'm going to make the river run again.‘ ‘I must be there, Mallory. It's the climax of ourp 274 DC 1987
help, doctor.‘ ‘I know -- I can't start the motor again.‘ ‘We'll have to row. You're strong enough.‘ He guided mep 276 DC 1987
shielded his face from the vivid sun, and then launched again into his rambling exposition. ‘A primaeval lake, Mallory, the originalp 280 DC 1987
really thinking of Noon, and waiting for her to appear again. Below the shoulder of the dam I can see thep 284 DC 1987
quest for the Mallory's source. The green desert had faded again when we reached the cascade at Bonneville, and below thep 285 DC 1987
when she comes the Mallory will also return, and once again run the waters of its dream across the dust ofp 287 DC 1987
Drive, shuts his eyes to the city below and once again brings us the candied dreams of his mythic west. Guardianp 64 UGM 1988
indefinitely in reserve. Left alone, I was able to think again about my visit to Pangbourne Village and my talk withp 38 RW 1988
into the socket, then made the familiar turn, press, turn again motion which the stricken child in the TV film hadp 42 RW 1988
for the dawn chorus. And we'll never hear from them again." "Oh, we'll hear from them again, Sergeant. One act ofp 46 RW 1988
never hear from them again." "Oh, we'll hear from them again, Sergeant. One act of tyrannicide leads to another, especially withp 46 RW 1988
nature of their crime, I assume that they will emerge again at some future date, probably in a spectacular attempt top 78 RW 1988
been a set of coded signals. Will the children strike again? I take it that all authority and parental figures arep 80 RW 1988
her desk. ‘The traffic in Pennsylvania Avenue is seizing up again, while F-16s of the 6th Fleet have shot down sevenp 1120 WW3 1988
biopsied at 4:15 Washington time ...‘ ‘ ... the President's physicians have again expressed their concern over Mr Reagan's calcified arteries and hardenedp 1121 WW3 1988
years, the Emperor Hirohito remarked: ‘It's nice to see it again.‘ The reply accords in every way with the popular imagep 49 UGM 1989
bed as she stares into the street below. She appears again and again, in ‘Night Windows‘ of 1928 and ‘Hotel Roomp 67 UGM 1989
she stares into the street below. She appears again and again, in ‘Night Windows‘ of 1928 and ‘Hotel Room‘ of 1931p 67 UGM 1989
whom Hopper poses in their tired hotel rooms. He never again crossed the Atlantic. He and Josephine bought a car andp 68 UGM 1989
us both. ‘No ...‘ I closed the door and locked it again. ‘They won't get you. Not necessarily ...‘ My love affair withp 1128 LCC 1989
finance committee at which I would have to argue once again for the budget of my beleaguered research department. Then, asp 1130 TES 1989
to close it, and decide never to leave my house again. Of course, this decision involved more than becoming a merep 1131 TES 1989
all practical connections with the outside world. I would never again step through the front door. I would accept the airp 1131 TES 1989
to bring the Croydons of his own day to life again on his island. I want to expel them, and findp 1132 TES 1989
poodle pie. The thought that I would never see Margaret again gave my modest meal an added relish, and afterwards Ip 1136 TES 1989
Just think of it. Everything will be neat and clean again. There'll be no more patrols, no parades or weapons drillsp 1150 WF 1989
really weird,‘ Arkady commented. ‘It isn't weird. Life will start again. It's how it used to be, like it is nowp 1151 WF 1989
Angel and I went sailing there.‘ ‘And you'll go sailing again, with Nazar and Arkady.‘ Dr Edwards seized his shoulders. ‘Ryanp 1153 WF 1989
cemeteries, but if by some freak chance the disease appears again there are supplies of vaccine to protect people and stampp 1157 WF 1989
their scenes of smoke and gunfire. The Hilton was burning again. ‘And Beirut, doctor? Here you're keeping an eye on anotherp 1157 WF 1989
screenwriter's role still remains, especially when the director is once again taking almost all the credit for any success. What partp 3 UGM 1990
surrealists that I found the right model. I read Ulysses again last year and was even more impressed than I wasp 145 UGM 1990
of the stranded freighter, aware that the island's vegetation had again surged forward during the night, as if it had miraculouslyp 1161 DCG 1990
water smothered the cargo in the hold. Able to breathe again, Johnson rolled into Captain Galloway's bunk, made a space forp 1164 DCG 1990
a line from the mid-clavicular point to the nipple was again drawn and the position of the nipples checked for ap 115 MWR 1990
Council withdraw its grant. Soon after we were in trouble again, when Ambit launched a competition for the best fiction orp 89 PAJa 1990
shows my wartime experiences in Shanghai surfacing briefly, before disappearing again for nearly two decades. Heaven alone knows what will surfacep 53 GANa 1990
sober, he was always interesting and sympathetic. "Alternate Deaths" occur again and again in The Atrocity Exhibition. By these I meanp 57 GANa 1990
was always interesting and sympathetic. "Alternate Deaths" occur again and again in The Atrocity Exhibition. By these I mean the re-enactmentp 57 GANa 1990
were, realising that it no longer mattered). This is Traven again, or a saner version of himself, veering between his wifep 60 SCNa 1990
the rarest, 2 deaths by deliberately crashed light aircraft. Nader again. His assault on the automobile clearly had me worried. Livingp 77 THFa 1990
so. Why, then, was its subject matter not Reagan's sexuality? Again I had to affirm that it was. At last thep 105 WIWa 1990
at last, he broke free, first with The Godfather, and again in what I feel is his greatest role of allp 9 UGM 1991
His samurai epics, above all The Seven Samurai, show Kurosawa again subverting traditional views of Japan's historical past. The originality ofp 26 UGM 1991
a dark locker of her mind, never to be opened again. The daughter of an ambitious repertory actress and a failedp 33 UGM 1991
000-a-month astrologer. Since then the grey men have moved in again, led by George Bush (‘Whiney‘ to Mrs Reagan). But perhapsp 35 UGM 1991
autobiography and, one guesses, in its author's life. Time and again he introduces us to remarkable and extraordinary people, and thenp 80 UGM 1991
the daylight where we can see it, rather than plunge again into the subterranean world of repression and taboo from whichp 111 UGM 1991
the years before the Opium Wars, the western visitors are again confined to their compounds -- the Hilton and Sheraton Hotelsp 175 UGM 1991
my main reason for returning to Shanghai, and visiting Lunghua again had opened a door that I thought was sealed forp 177 UGM 1991
after the liberation in 1945 Shanghai was its old self again, the brightest lightbulb in the Pacific and the last bastionp 219 UGM 1991
club?‘ ‘No! Stay here with Olga! I won't tell you again ...‘ My father's voice had an edge of temper that Ip 15 KW 1991
fixed eyes, as if he never wanted to see me again. I looked through the broken windows at Nurse Arnold, whop 25 KW 1991
Amusement Park. As everyone constantly repeated, proud that Shanghai had again excelled itself, this was the largest number killed by ap 26 KW 1991
my playroom, eager to see my army of toy soldiers again. The miniature battle of Shanghai had been swept aside. Brokenp 28 KW 1991
Bund. Nonetheless, I was confident that I would see them again, even if their faces had begun to fade in myp 32 KW 1991
was not merely that the food ration would be cut again, but that Lunghua camp, which had become my entire worldp 37 KW 1991
hear Mr Hyashi's next question for which they were punched again. I frowned at David, warning him to keep a straightp 46 KW 1991
eyes, aware now that he would never see his family again. Even Sergeant Nagata was subdued, waving me away when Ip 51 KW 1991
returned to Lunghua in the hope of finding food, once again abandoned us, marching off into the night. The next dayp 52 KW 1991
of Wales, and he could choose to become a Chinese again. As David's father often reflected during our chess games, thep 53 KW 1991
silver buckle might distract the corporal. The private's gaze brightened again as he examined the worn image of a long-horn cowp 60 KW 1991
next day, August 14, I at last saw my parents again. Throughout the war our house had been occupied by ap 62 KW 1991
of Swiss chocolates. I was happy to be with her again in the children's hut, watching her try on her newp 66 KW 1991
ruthless manipulation, and I had no wish to be manipulated again, by sex or hunger or fear. When I made lovep 70 KW 1991
hesitating, as if aware that she might find herself cast again as my governess, reminded of her parents‘ penury in theirp 71 KW 1991
on to the noisy, organ-weary chapel. Happy to see her again, I watched her stalk around my sitting-room, shaking her headp 81 KW 1991
too much emotional stress, to want us to come together again. During the following weeks, as I began to dissect thep 83 KW 1991
this silent woman I felt that I was joined once again to the Shanghai I had left behind, but which Ip 93 KW 1991
threw open the passenger door. Glad to be with her again, I sat next to her in the car, listening top 95 KW 1991
American air-bases near Cambridge. During the next weeks we met again and talked around the possibilities of a flying career. Ip 105 KW 1991
clearly taken for granted that she would never see me again. I waved from the rail long after the Liver buildingp 107 KW 1991
grain elevators? ‘Did Captain Artvin ever come here?‘ ‘Who's that again?‘ ‘Artvin -- the Turkish pilot who disappeared.‘ ‘They all disappearp 116 KW 1991
Fleet Street newspaper, and I wanted to be with her again and be amazed by her American underwear. I was sorryp 119 KW 1991
smiling at them as if she would never see them again and wanted to remember this moment forever. When we returnedp 121 KW 1991
finished her bath, but insisted on shaving and bed-washing her again. She changed the sheets as Miriam lay on the bedp 132 KW 1991
the whole street if we go on like that. Push again now, dear. Baby's ready. Push harder ...‘ Miriam frowned at thep 134 KW 1991
modest house with its waiting mother. Suddenly it was young again; in a last rush of fluid a pink and hairlessp 135 KW 1991
away from me, Miriam had returned and was a wife again. Miriam slept during the morning, the baby girl in thep 135 KW 1991
I looked down at the baby. She had changed yet again, more puckered and more alive, her lips moving while shep 136 KW 1991
I swim back.‘ ‘Two hundred! Daddy, you're making up fibs again ...‘ An impromptu arithmetic lesson followed, one of the few inp 138 KW 1991
together and piled them into the inflatable. ‘Bye-bye, pixies, come again tomorrow,‘ Sally told the children as they sat in theirp 149 KW 1991
smell of blood and the reek of fundador. Time and again the torrera was about to be caught by the veeringp 152 KW 1991
nurse, would keep Miriam under observation until the doctor called again that evening. While the practicante sat beside Miriam in thep 159 KW 1991
face had relaxed, and her skin was soft and white again. A nurse had combed her hair for me, and herp 163 KW 1991
and now stood behind me. Miriam's death joined me once again to all those nameless Chinese who had died during thep 164 KW 1991
and I often visited Dorothy and her husband, I never again made love to her. She had met her obligations top 168 KW 1991
meaningless deaths that mean everything.‘ ‘Do you think you'll marry again?‘ ‘Not many women would marry a man with three childrenp 173 KW 1991
of love for her, and relief that we would meet again. I was glad that the nightmare of the past monthsp 178 KW 1991
a cheery smile, and walked on. I called to her again, but she strode past the shops, and I saw herp 178 KW 1991
notion they belonged to someone else. The second hand moved again, then halted for a further indefinite moment. A deep rubyp 201 KW 1991
appear among the trees. She would walk in this garden again, while Alice and Lucy played with their younger selves andp 204 KW 1991
be honest, I don't know yet.‘ ‘You're going to try again?‘ ‘In a month or two. Dick is keen to filmp 208 KW 1991
the dose. Don't worry. I'll see you as an archangel again.‘ ‘See me as I am.‘ She stopped by the carp 211 KW 1991
they trying to recruit Cleo into their lost childhood, finding again that idyllic dream for which I was searching with LSDp 211 KW 1991
little Henry sits here by himself, putting it all together again. That's the sort of thing you should write about.‘ ‘Ip 214 KW 1991
he gets back from the States they'll stage the party again at the Television Centre, with studio extras playing the guestsp 228 KW 1991
her graceful hands. I wanted to invite her to Shepperton again, drawn by her intelligence and forthright mind. But Cleo wasp 229 KW 1991
my case. In a desperate sense Miriam would be alive again, Kennedy would drive triumphantly through Dealey Plaza, the casualties ofp 229 KW 1991
after Miriam's death. Sally at least would smile at me again; we would make love and remain as fond of eachp 230 KW 1991
cripples viciously defending their pitches against any rivals reminded me again of Shanghai, with its rich beggars protected by their bodyguardsp 237 KW 1991
sand-island near Rosas ten years earlier. She seemed a child again, the kindly and generous young woman who had come top 264 KW 1991
it, play all that horror and pain over and over again. That really excited Dick. He gave you Miriam as thep 269 KW 1991
touching the familiar broad crest of her pelvis. Kissing her again, I ran my fingers along the shy chin that hadp 271 KW 1991
in my mouth allowed me to play the sick child again. For a few moments we were lying on my bunkp 273 KW 1991
and we were free to go back to Shanghai. Once again we were 12-year-olds who had made a small marriage ofp 273 KW 1991
if all the ordeals of their lives obliged them once again to play a childhood game. Still unaware of the tea-urnp 275 KW 1991
a retreat somewhere in Idaho -- she was in England again, with a young husband, a small daughter and a housep 281 KW 1991
my second thoughts. I was glad to be seeing Sally again, at last with a child of her own and expectingp 281 KW 1991
away down some chute in her mind. She was young again, confident of herself and the world, the sunlight and thisp 286 KW 1991
wants to give up TV and become a serious psychologist again.‘ ‘Hey, you always said that television was serious! Don't tellp 291 KW 1991
become bored with the slow preparations. Delighted to see Sally again after so many years, and bemused by her transformation fromp 292 KW 1991
back in the light breeze, he was smiling and handsome again, mouth working in the ironic way I remembered from thep 297 KW 1991
light, to resemble his former self, but I felt once again that he had begun to reject the affable and good-humouredp 306 KW 1991
his deck-chair and stepped slowly towards us did time begin again. Without any greeting, he led me to his computer roomp 311 KW 1991
There was an edge to his jaw that reminded me again of the photograph of myself before my marriage. As thep 315 KW 1991
Be honest, do you really want to hear Christ preaching again at the regatta?‘ ‘We'll have lunch at Runnymede. We canp 324 KW 1991
I hadn't the nerve. I wasn't ready to face everything again -- I've spent my whole life trying to sort itp 338 KW 1991
filling the screen with low-flying Mustangs, a real Shanghai burning again as Japanese soldiers marched down the Bund and my boyhoodp 339 KW 1991
perhaps the gene pool in its cunning is at work again, steering her book towards a reviewer susceptible to a prettyp 157 UGM 1992
homosexual passion, to which one can only say: ‘Play it again, Sam‘ -- the film's most famous line but one thatp 7 UGM 1993
and in half the left. The tendencies run in families. Again, some of us see the world through rosier spectacles thanp 154 UGM 1993
of my death‘. Who was this mysterious Little Jiu, never again mentioned, and was he still alive? The Empty Throne isp 249 UGM 1993
shirt. ‘Kimo, it's up to you to get us out again.‘ ‘We'll make it, doctor. I'll fool the sea for youp 17 RP 1994
a London radiologist who had died three years earlier, Neil again wondered if Dr Barbara was a real physician. Through herp 18 RP 1994
this terrible century that we've redeemed and brought to life again. It's a wonderful dream, Neil, and thanks to Irving Boydp 42 RP 1994
but cruelly the clock had stopped. I merely started it again for them. Old women deserve special care, they're not lookedp 43 RP 1994
she sailed, and aware that he might never meet her again, he decided to drive to the harbour to say hisp 45 RP 1994
my hero.‘ Despite her ironic tone, Neil found himself reddening again. During her hospital visits Dr Barbara had often described thisp 47 RP 1994
him down like a pig.‘ ‘They shot me.‘ ‘But not again!‘ Monique's eyebrows bristled. ‘You're an emblem, Neil. The TV screenp 48 RP 1994
spray, albatross flashes baiting the weary captain as he once again signalled astern to his engine-room. For an hour the Champlainp 57 RP 1994
If Dr Barbara seriously provoked them, the French would shoot again. ‘Neil, are you coming?‘ Monique shouted to him from thep 59 RP 1994
moved out of the corvette's path, but the French commander again trimmed his bearing, bows fixed on the Dugong. Sirens blaredp 66 RP 1994
He inhaled the tired scent of her skin and thought again of the notion that had been forming in his mindp 75 RP 1994
into the sea. Either that or the French had landed again.‘ Neil tossed the empty can into the undergrowth. ‘Do youp 84 RP 1994
can into the undergrowth. ‘Do you think they will land again?‘ ‘We have to assume so, Neil.‘ Major Anderson pushed backp 84 RP 1994
already been shot by them.‘ ‘We don't want him shot again. Have you thought of going back to Atlanta, Neil? Yourp 84 RP 1994
most affectingly of all, his small but pronounced limp -- again bounced between the satellite dishes of the world, an electronicp 96 RP 1994
find everybody's gone. You'll be sitting alone on that beach again.‘ ‘Won't that be good, Kimo? It's what you always wantedp 97 RP 1994
They're turning Saint-Esprit into a playground. We have to begin again and do it on our own. Now, get into thep 112 RP 1994
away from the world, but it's caught up with us again. You don't need to go to Brazil or Burma top 119 RP 1994
you were great, son. They won't try stealing from us again.‘ Carline set off along the runway, followed by Monique andp 135 RP 1994
Monique prepared soon revived him. He sat up, became alert again and offered Neil an informed commentary on the odours emanatingp 137 RP 1994
Neil raised his palms in apology. ‘I lit the fire again for Inger and Trudi. I'm sorry about the raid, Wernerp 139 RP 1994
but he has a small island that makes him big again.‘ Neil helped him to lay the bird in the gravep 140 RP 1994
always go well here, and then you'll come to me again. Now, take the cans back to my office.‘ ‘No --p 142 RP 1994
pressure bruise around his mouth. ‘Trudi, he's been kissing someone again. I think Neil has a lady friend in the seap 144 RP 1994
rested and returned to work, but fell to his knees again and was helped to his tent by Neil and Carlinep 153 RP 1994
gutted hulk settled to the ocean floor. Saint-Esprit was dark again, lit only by the albatross circling the alarmed sky andp 156 RP 1994
the clinic soon after midnight, closing the mosquito net.‘ ‘And again at two o'clock,‘ Mrs Anderson added. ‘What was she doingp 160 RP 1994
herself, no longer the fierce lover and huntress, and once again the threadbare obstetrician he had met in Waikiki. ‘I'll tellp 175 RP 1994
tried to think of some ruse that might save her, again wondering if they could marry -- his mother would bep 175 RP 1994
born, Dr Barbara would see that he slept with them again. He remembered their last nights together, now five months awayp 183 RP 1994
beard as he dozed over the oars. ‘Inger, he's asleep again.‘ ‘Come on, Neil ...‘ Inger crammed the parachute between her thighsp 184 RP 1994
back from a dangerous war zone. ‘You've come up trumps, again.‘ ‘I did my best, doctor,‘ Neil told her. ‘Are youp 186 RP 1994
that Dr Barbara might absent-mindedly take him to her bed again. When she cleaned and stitched a deep coral wound onp 188 RP 1994
ketch, and it occurred to Neil that she might once again be taking an interest in the sanctuary. Perhaps she hopedp 196 RP 1994
to hold one of their endless meetings. ‘There they go again. Better get out of the way, Neil, it's indoctrination timep 203 RP 1994
the sanctuary. Now promise me that you won't get up again.‘ ‘It's good for me to get up.‘ Neil tried top 215 RP 1994
But I want you to stay here until you're well again.‘ ‘Will I be well again?‘ Neil turned to see herp 215 RP 1994
stay here until you're well again.‘ ‘Will I be well again?‘ Neil turned to see her response, and a wave ofp 215 RP 1994
met. ‘Sometimes I think --‘ ‘Of course you'll be well again. I'll always look after you, Neil.‘ She sat lightly onp 215 RP 1994
Barbara had decided that he would never need his clothes again, Neil drew the kimono around his chest. He assumed thatp 219 RP 1994
slaughtered. ‘Monique, the other arm ...! Little shit, he won't steal again ...!‘ ‘Inger, cut him now ...!‘ As the blood streamed down hisp 223 RP 1994
their eyes. He side-stepped Monique when she lunged at him again, hissing as if he were a mongrel dog with ap 223 RP 1994
came to save yourself.‘ Monique tried to slash his arm again, still nimble despite her pregnancy, eager to avenge herself onp 223 RP 1994
remained a danger to everyone on Saint-Esprit, and would kill again when it suited her. Neil was shocked that he hadp 224 RP 1994
stay on Saint-Esprit until he had proved himself to her again. Still wary of Dr Barbara, however, he only left thep 226 RP 1994
with his spear-gun and wet-suit, ready to take his place again as the sanctuary's hunter, she would appoint him her deputyp 228 RP 1994
daughters lay in their flooded wombs. But his head rang again with the warning pain that had sent him racing fromp 233 RP 1994
she touched his beard. ‘I hoped that I'd see you again. Mrs Saito said --‘ ‘She's dead, doctor.‘ Neil stepped backp 233 RP 1994
Then Neil, too, would join her, happy to be embraced again by Dr Barbara's cruel and generous heart. STUDIO 5, THEp 239 RP 1994
wire, glad to be within the safety of the camp again. Others had already decided to leave Lunghua for good. Halfp 284 UGM 1995
I might miss Lunghua, I was keen to see Shanghai again and visit our house in Amherst Avenue. Most of thep 284 UGM 1995
madness.‘ I held Danvila's briefcases before he could weigh them again. ‘Why would Frank want to murder them? Let me seep 20 CN 1996
drew away from me, the defensive smile on his lips again. ‘It's hard to believe, but I am guilty.‘ ‘Don't talkp 27 CN 1996
douche, another stroke of cruel injustice, promptly set me off again. Senor Danvila heard me out, nodding mournfully at the orangesp 31 CN 1996
he always does. I can't be sure I saw him again.‘ ‘But in the minutes before the fire started? Tell mep 54 CN 1996
our brains. I think it's Frank playing his strange games again, like those peculiar chess problems he's always making up. Kingp 71 CN 1996
Here on the Costa del Sol nothing would ever happen again, and the people of the pueblos were already the ghostsp 75 CN 1996
his translator, as the pathologists testified, stood down and testified again, body by body, death by death. Eager to talk top 76 CN 1996
would-be smoker. For years I had tried to start smoking again, but without any success. In my twenties a cigarette hadp 79 CN 1996
I followed her to the door, eager to see her again but unsure how best to raise the subject. During ourp 91 CN 1996
below the Hollinger estate. His departure seemed to expose us again to the full horrors of the burned mansion. Paula's handsp 115 CN 1996
he was getting over it in his own special way. Again, suppose Andersson wasn't the child's father?‘ ‘It certainly wasn't Hollingerp 118 CN 1996
waited at the deep end, eager to hurl themselves once again into the exhausted water. ‘Crawford's a popular man,‘ I commentedp 120 CN 1996
would confirm that. I don't want to visit the cemetery again.‘ ‘Next time I'm there I'll read the epitaphs. Is itp 122 CN 1996
heavy-handed zoom into its button-nose face. The mirrored door opened again, reflecting a glimpse of a shaded balcony and the rooftopsp 125 CN 1996
veil and used a tissue to wipe away the semen. Again I saw an echo of the Rank Charm School inp 126 CN 1996
cassette of the porno-film, then played through the violent scenes again, trying to identify the other participants. How had this maverickp 135 CN 1996
the balcony of the apartment and the sloping streets below. Again I froze the frame and tried to sharpen the blurredp 136 CN 1996
looked me up and down, and then washed his hands again in the bucket. ‘Did you know Bibi?‘ ‘I wish Ip 138 CN 1996
small white bird. They broke its wings, closed the cage again and said to everyone: "Bibi is happy."‘ I waited asp 141 CN 1996
startled tourists, Crawford reversed and then threw the Saab forward again, his arms raised as the van's crushed wing stripped thep 165 CN 1996
role at the Club Nautico. Towards the end he parked again in the Plaza Iglesias, left the Saab and plunged intop 165 CN 1996
hillside that lay beyond the outer wall of the estate. Again the glider soared forwards, riding the thermals that swept upp 169 CN 1996
a kind of freedom I didn't have.‘ ‘And now you're again assuming your child role, rescuing Frank from another of hisp 179 CN 1996
pale walls lit by the sunlight in the garden, once again the Piranesi antechamber where the psychiatrist had felt so atp 202 CN 1996
I braked in a swirl of litter, hunted the gearbox again and eased the over-eager car down the drive. ‘Good, goodp 206 CN 1996
Where exactly?‘ ‘Into the past, Charles. Where she was happy again -- just for an hour, but the longest and sweetestp 209 CN 1996
to snap the locks and step out into real air again. Think, Charles -- if it works you can write ap 220 CN 1996
everything else will follow. The Residencia Costasol will come alive again.‘ ‘After a few games of tennis? You could stage Wimbledonp 220 CN 1996
she kept away from me. I wanted to see her again, and do my best to ease away the strain ofp 226 CN 1996
something of an amateur painter.‘ ‘Perhaps she'll take it up again?‘ ‘I think she might ...‘ We continued to make our callsp 238 CN 1996
the coast. Think of all those pueblos coming to life again. We're freeing people, Charles, returning them to their true selvesp 240 CN 1996
to catch you redhanded, Charles. You've got that guilty look again.‘ ‘There's a lot of stuff here. Can you remember whop 243 CN 1996
But suppose the police do nothing and I break in again, this time stealing something you really value. You'd start thinkingp 243 CN 1996
your mind that you haven't visited for years become important again. You begin to reassess yourself, as you did, Charles, whenp 244 CN 1996
to Estrella de Mar?‘ ‘They'll keep going. They've found themselves again. Charles, have more faith in people. Think about it --p 255 CN 1996
broken the spell, and the clocks would begin to race again ... ‘Bobby ...?‘ Leaving the master-bedroom, and its view over the palmp 266 CN 1996
day you will go back to London, and you may again need that guilt you shared. Visit your brother before thep 276 CN 1996
of herself. I still hoped to make love to her again, but the video-cassette had come between us. I had seenp 278 CN 1996
and she had decided never to appear naked before me again. She waited while I emptied the wardrobe and then tookp 278 CN 1996
no migraines or depression. It's Estrella de Mar all over again. Even Bobby Crawford has gone. He's sub-let his apartment forp 278 CN 1996
thinking about guitar lessons and a stage career, playing bridge again ...‘ ‘All noise.‘ Paula picked up the computer mouse and heldp 293 CN 1996
there are, the important thing is that people are thinking again, looking hard at who they are. They're building a meaningfulp 293 CN 1996
would begin to relax. I would see more of her again, play tennis with her and perhaps share the costs ofp 298 CN 1996
and dilettante manner now belonged to the past. ‘Thank you again for your help,‘ he told me, as he set ap 303 CN 1996
lover waiting for this wounded child to meet him once again in her waking sleep. Delivery vans were parked in frontp 305 CN 1996
rested her hand on my shirt and began to pick again at the dried blood. ‘That's rather worrying, Charles. Thank youp 308 CN 1996
herself out, Charles, she needed to feel angry and depressed again -- Sanger's the man for that. I couldn't help herp 309 CN 1996
at my weakness. Angered by her open contempt, I pushed again at the solid marble. The wall refused to yield, butp 9 DYF 1996
from a discoloured node of crushed limestone. Curious, I pressed again, only to see that the crack had widened. It inchedp 9 DYF 1996
at last left the headlines Jane never referred to Greenwood again. But when the vacancy was advertised she immediately called thep 11 SC 2000
hold his attention. ‘Dr Penrose? Are you --?‘ ‘Paul?‘ Alert again, Penrose turned to me. ‘The aircraft, they're such a nuisancep 26 SC 2000
the poor man was overworked.‘ ‘No.‘ Penrose closed his eyes again. He moved his head, searching the planetarium inside his skullp 27 SC 2000
do you good. Before we leave, you'll be playing tennis again.‘ ‘I might even beat you.‘ ‘Losing to their favourite patientsp 34 SC 2000
small breasts, with their sweet scents of summer love. Once again I wondered how well she had known David Greenwood. Itp 34 SC 2000
I knew now that I might never take its controls again. The Harvard had nearly killed me, on an autumn weekendp 41 SC 2000
a crosswind. I slewed into the deep grass, throttled up again to regain runway speed, tried to abort the take-off andp 41 SC 2000
her hand at a little doctoring. Keen to meet her again, I was soon out of bed, and spent hours inp 43 SC 2000
curiosity about the murders nagged at my mind. I thought again of his friendship with Jane. Had we come to Eden-Olympiap 51 SC 2000
foot, wrenched his leg and threw him to the ground again. I began to punch his knees, but with a cursep 56 SC 2000
filled my lungs, then turned onto my side and dived again towards the silver pearl. Incident in a Car Park ‘They'rep 64 SC 2000
Now and then, a crevasse appears.‘ ‘So it could happen again?‘ ‘We hope not. Eden-Olympia would never survive. But sooner orp 85 SC 2000
the Cannes police. It's best if we don't involve them again. Other traces of Greenwood will appear. The greater a crimep 87 SC 2000
many interesting games at Eden-Olympia ...‘ His mouth began to purse again, showing the pink lining inside his black lips, but hisp 87 SC 2000
a few seconds, despite myself, I felt like a boy again, with all the covert powers that a disturbed child wieldedp 91 SC 2000
good. It's the turn of the sciences. Everything is possible again -- organisms with radial tyres, dreams equipped with airbags. Whatp 103 SC 2000
me a lot over David Greenwood. We could meet here again. I may have more questions you can answer.‘ ‘I'm surep 117 SC 2000
the shadow-filled garden, glad that I would soon see Jane again. The water in the swimming pool was still choppy, andp 119 SC 2000
the jam dish. She sucked it pensively, my teenage doctor again. We walked arm in arm to Jane's new rented Peugeotp 123 SC 2000
she sped down the avenue, my doctor, wife and lover again. The last residents of the enclave had left for theirp 124 SC 2000
for Riviera News, reporting from Eden-Olympia. I read the transcript again, disappointed that it provided no details of Greenwood's murder routep 132 SC 2000
emergency.‘ ‘Perhaps it was. But Professor Kalman hushed it up again?‘ ‘He set out the situation with the commissaire. Eden-Olympia isp 137 SC 2000
his disapproval of these unnecessary confidences. Before they could speak again, he added: ‘He advised them in a dispute with thep 143 SC 2000
Not now, Mr Sinclair ...‘ Headlamps flared from the Range Rovers, again illuminating the cobbled street, littered with stiletto heels, sequinned pursesp 163 SC 2000
psychiatrist ...‘ The Japanese sports saloon was parked across the drive, again blocking the Jaguar, its damaged door provocatively close to thep 171 SC 2000
day.‘ Halder led the way to his Range Rover. Once again I was struck by how detached he seemed from Eden-Olympiap 174 SC 2000
Isn't that a little strange?‘ ‘This is a hospital,‘ Halder again reminded me. ‘The walls are well insulated. So the patientsp 186 SC 2000
swaying against the steering wheel as if about to faint again. ‘Believe me, Mr Sinclair.‘ ‘Have you seen the photos?‘ ‘Ip 204 SC 2000
cars. Despite the recent tears, her face was resolute. Once again she had made a course correction, steering me back ontop 210 SC 2000
I watched you drive down the Croisette. You had wings again.‘ ‘You're right.‘ The lights had come on at Port-la-Galere, andp 215 SC 2000
Not now. This isn't the time.‘ ‘You're in a trance again.‘ She stood in front of me, small fists raised pugnaciouslyp 222 SC 2000
are one or two things you ought to see ...‘ Flying Again ‘Frances, I'm flying again ...‘ I stood on the terrace ofp 224 SC 2000
things you ought to see ...‘ Flying Again ‘Frances, I'm flying again ...‘ I stood on the terrace of her apartment, and letp 224 SC 2000
my drink, I thought of the swinging clubs, and felt again the blow across my shoulders in the Rue Valentin. Inp 225 SC 2000
wrist. ‘It wasn't great sex -- I'm sorry.‘ ‘We'll try again. A different tack ...‘ She leaned against my shoulder, but herp 226 SC 2000
Despite my lacklustre performance, she was trying to rouse me again. I looked down at her face, with its lips thatp 227 SC 2000
you were in the shower I glanced through the photos again. There's one you ought to see.‘ ‘No thanks. They're ap 227 SC 2000
or Alain Delage. Fucking someone else makes her a stranger again, stranger and more interesting. There are things between them you'llp 230 SC 2000
took a miracle to get into How are you?‘ ‘Young again ...‘ Darkness Curves Darkness curved around the apartment towers of Marinap 232 SC 2000
It's like Everest without the charm.‘ She started the engine again, and tapped a folder filled with property brochures that layp 235 SC 2000
you boxed, Wilder? You look almost professional.‘ ‘That's my father again, back in the fifties.‘ Wilder nodded to the photograph, springingp 243 SC 2000
the dermatitis. It had gone. He felt buoyant and confident again. Not a trace of depression.‘ ‘He knew why?‘ ‘Absolutely. Wheneverp 259 SC 2000
respiratory infections. Corporate profits and equity values began to climb again. The treatment worked.‘ ‘No side effects?‘ ‘A few.‘ Penrose watchedp 260 SC 2000
them to rediscover themselves. An atrophied moral sensibility is alive again. Some of my patients even feel guilty, a revelation top 262 SC 2000
bred out of them.‘ ‘The toy poodle becomes a wolf again?‘ ‘But only when it wants to. Remember your childhood --p 264 SC 2000
my inflamed knee. As Zander's limousine pulled away, I thought again how odd it was that I had to visit thep 277 SC 2000
cure my knee injury. The rogue infection had flared up again, a hospital-bred bacterium that resisted antibiotics, rest and physiotherapy. Thisp 277 SC 2000
it seemed to vanish for a few seconds, then appeared again as if emerging from a defective space-time. Frowning at thep 288 SC 2000
subterfuge that had given me access to the villa. Once again I realized that my role was to play the naivep 295 SC 2000
I have clean feet and I'm turning into a slut again. But I do my job and it doesn't matter.‘ Tiredp 303 SC 2000
Jaguar and set off northwards with our passports. But once again I had hesitated, just as I had postponed my decisionp 304 SC 2000
Trying not to think of Zander, I realized that once again I had yielded to the greater status quo that wasp 306 SC 2000
ran blindly to her car. I needed to see her again, and somehow reassure her that Zander's death had been anp 317 SC 2000
biscuit to a sparrow watching from the rose pergola. Once again I felt all my old affection for her, a warmthp 319 SC 2000
if suspecting that I had overdosed myself. ‘You're getting obsessive again. First David, now this accident. It was tragic for Zanderp 320 SC 2000
all the more determined to save her. My knee throbbed again, counting the hours as reliably as Big Ben. I satp 321 SC 2000
that mapped its own kind of addiction. Then I thought again of the ever-sensible Alice, swallowing her ‘drink me‘ potion. Ip 323 SC 2000
in a display mirror. I was glad to meet her again. After speaking on the phone, I mailed the small packagep 325 SC 2000
Everyone was aware something sinister had happened, and might happen again. Your job was to relive the whole nightmare. They cleanedp 335 SC 2000
was happy to play there?‘ ‘You were a small boy again. Then I started to like you, which I hadn't bargainedp 339 SC 2000
flare drifted through the marquee. A grim-faced Alain Delage, once again the harassed accountant, was calling to his aides, who sprangp 358 SC 2000
a closing of accounts. She had tried to use me again, hoping to trigger an outburst against Eden-Olympia, but I wasp 362 SC 2000
woman I had loved, and one day, perhaps, would love again. At the Col du Pilon, a few miles above Grassep 362 SC 2000
in Clapham?‘ ‘Why put it like that? We'd be together again.‘ ‘They need me here. The project is expanding.‘ ‘Good. Butp 369 SC 2000
Paul? Is your knee acting up? Start taking your shots again. You were happier then.‘ ‘That was the problem.‘ ‘Are youp 369 SC 2000
crossed the room I recognized the security guard. I reached again for the switch but Halder knocked away my arm. ‘Leavep 372 SC 2000
moggie, moggie ... out, out, out!‘ We surged across the road again, fists drumming on the roof of a taxi bringing morep 35 MP 2003
we reached the line of surly constables I noticed once again how huge the police seemed when one stepped up top 35 MP 2003
trousers, I touched the huge blood-bruises already forming. ‘I'll walk again. I think ...‘ I pointed to the policewoman, now efficiently onp 35 MP 2003
Laura's death, Sally more than I expected. Using her sticks again, she moved around the house with the same wristy determinationp 38 MP 2003
among the sawdust and scattered rosettes. As he lifted her again, ready to hurl this small and stunned woman to thep 41 MP 2003
She searched for her mobile. ‘I'll call my doctor friend again. He should be in the theatre by now.‘ ‘Operating?‘ ‘Puttingp 50 MP 2003
unnamed doctor and then, very distinctly, Heathrow. The doorbell rang again as I tried to calm the Rottweiler inside my chestp 58 MP 2003
from my sleep. ‘Kay was really worried.‘ ‘God, I'm breathing again. That pain ...‘ ‘Richard gave you a shot.‘ She wiped somethingp 60 MP 2003
was committing myself to, I added: ‘If I ever walk again.‘ ‘Walk? You'll run.‘ Dexter moved his chair, so that thep 62 MP 2003
there's a larger target -- Chelsea Marina?‘ ‘Far larger.‘ Relaxed again, Dexter raised his hands. ‘One of the biggest of allp 63 MP 2003
time to go. Unless you want to be beaten up again. We'll wait for Kay at my flat.‘ Vera took myp 76 MP 2003
in pointless violence.‘ ‘Richard? Dr Richard Gould?‘ ‘You'll meet him again, when he's ready. He's the leader of our middle-class rebellionp 81 MP 2003
stirred together.‘ Vera smiled to herself, a steely little girl again. ‘The reaction gives off huge quantities of chlorine gas. Lethalp 82 MP 2003
against the vilification of Arab peoples in Hollywood films. Once again, thanks to luck and bungling, we had got away withp 143 MP 2003
bruise on my forehead. ‘You're not fighting with the police again?‘ ‘Nothing like that. I'm still looking into the Heathrow bombp 146 MP 2003
had unlocked the door of my cell. I felt free again, for the first time since I joined the Adler andp 146 MP 2003
Richard Gould, and knew that I needed to see them again. The Siege of Broadcasting House Unpredictable as ever, the policep 147 MP 2003
for some pop star ...‘ ‘Mr Markham? You're talking to yourself again ...‘ Like most of the protesters, Mrs Templeton was listening top 148 MP 2003
corralled on the church steps were listening to their radios again, and began to disperse as the constables beckoned them awayp 158 MP 2003
You and I. Do we need to talk anything through?‘ ‘Again? Slow-motion replays make me nervous. Cinema died when they inventedp 160 MP 2003
Wood. Dust off your briefcase and become a corporate psychologist again.‘ ‘Kay ...?‘ Her calm tone surprised me. ‘Why, for heaven's sakep 163 MP 2003
parts of you are never going to be the same again.‘ Gould talked away to himself, enjoying his own patter. Hep 168 MP 2003
the fast dual carriageway to Bedfont. I picked up speed again, and moved into the slow lane. ‘Richard? I thought youp 170 MP 2003
I wound down the window. A faint rain was falling again, but I recognized the stressed and dishevelled face of thep 184 MP 2003
to have punished him once and would soon punish him again. Staring at the inflamed scar on his forehead, I thoughtp 185 MP 2003
and lethal child. Watching her size me up, I saw again the chemistry prodigy in the suburban back bedroom who hadp 186 MP 2003
a long trip, wistful despite her hopes of seeing me again, realizing that a small revolution, however misguided and amateurish, wasp 195 MP 2003
a deep sleep. ‘No police. He'll kill, David. He'll kill again ...‘ This was the last I saw of Richard Gould. Hep 214 MP 2003
took days to leave the headlines. Fame and celebrity were again on trial, as if being famous was itself an incitementp 215 MP 2003
nervous she seemed. I was glad to be with her again, but St John's Wood was a long way from Chelseap 220 MP 2003
there after Joan Chang's death, knowing that they would never again sleep together in this modest bed. Almost in sympathy, Ip 237 MP 2003
to a jaguar dealer's medallion. I reached into the pocket again and pulled out a strip of printed card. Holding itp 238 MP 2003
window. ‘David, open up. Dear chap, you've locked yourself in again ...‘ Amateurs and Revolutions ‘Richard ...?‘ Using my shoulder, I forced backp 243 MP 2003
a landing airliner to fade among the terminal buildings. Once again I was struck by how this restless and unsettled manp 244 MP 2003
cleared by the GMC you'll be walking the children's wards again, designing an even better shunt ...‘ ‘Feel-good caring. I get morep 249 MP 2003
to correct me. He seemed finally to have relaxed, convinced again that I understood him and was on his side. Standingp 255 MP 2003
everything Tate Modern stood for. Anything to make it wobble again.‘ ‘And Stephen's job was to phone in a warning, sop 260 MP 2003
the Heathrow attack he told me he could feel God again, like a phantom limb coming back to life. He neededp 260 MP 2003
brightened up. He beamed at me, as if I had again become an old friend, and patted me on the backp 273 MP 2003
St Mary's. Despite everything, I was glad to see her again, and sure we would soon be together. ‘Sally, are youp 275 MP 2003
I returned to the Adler Institute, taking up my post again, the only member of the staff who had fired ap 290 MP 2003
reason I was sure that we would see each other again. The traffic into Brooklands had slowed, filling the six-lane highwayp 15 KC 2006
Why, Sergeant?‘ ‘So we buy things to make us grow again.‘ ‘That's interesting. It's almost a slogan. You should be workingp 21 KC 2006
The threat of it.‘ I wanted to take her hand again, but she seemed to be blushing. As the afternoon endedp 24 KC 2006
sun. As we entered these huge temples we became young again, like children visiting the home of a new schoolfriend, ap 37 KC 2006
to reach this air-conditioned oasis. ‘We hope you'll visit us again. Here in the Metro-Centre we're great believers in the futurep 39 KC 2006
grudge against a shopping mall. Now, suddenly, it's a mystery again. Brooklands, the M25, these motorway towns. They're damned strange placesp 49 KC 2006
had arrested the wrong man, and could easily do so again. Sergeant Falconer had done her best to confuse me, butp 52 KC 2006
here?‘ ‘Many. They create real fear.‘ Kumar pressed his bell again, impatient to enter his flat. ‘The Asian community is deeplyp 58 KC 2006
into the streets surrounding the stadium. David Cruise was alone again, talking to his double at the far end of thep 73 KC 2006
Fairfax consulted his war map. I wanted to meet her again, but everything about her was almost too elusive. At thep 79 KC 2006
I remember how it feels. After three rounds you're alive again.‘ Maxted pulled the stopper from the decanter. ‘That's the troublep 99 KC 2006
served them well in the past, and might help them again. They're keen to enter a new Dark Age. The lightsp 105 KC 2006
the lift button and watched the indicator panel, then pressed again and waited. There was no response, and the red warningp 109 KC 2006
ease, like a supporting actor assigned the wrong role. Once again she reminded me of a strait-laced but vulnerable teacher awarep 111 KC 2006
thinking, then resumed their strolling pace when I set off again. None of them looked at me, or seemed aware thatp 120 KC 2006
would return to his haunts, and the hunt would gallop again over abandoned dual carriageways and through the forecourts of forgottenp 128 KC 2006
to the racing circuit. You wanted to hear those engines again. The authentic thing, like your Jensen.‘ ‘You might be rightp 139 KC 2006
to reply. ‘David ...?‘ Cruise was staring at the pool, once again as smooth as a dance floor. He turned and pointedp 148 KC 2006
Metro-Centre shooting for their own ends. The three men tried again on the night of the bomb attack, hoping to seizep 157 KC 2006
The Women’s Refuge The traffic into Brooklands was slowing again, delayed by police setting up steel railings and no-entry signsp 158 KC 2006
me at arm's length. We had yet to make love again after the uneasy night together in my father's bed. Sexp 159 KC 2006
commentary on their car radios. The suburbs were coming alive again. A malignant fringe had done its damage, terrifying a blamelessp 171 KC 2006
than a writer, Mr Pearson. You've given us all heart again.‘ ‘Even so. It's a little too military ...‘ ‘We have top 173 KC 2006
had taken a keen interest in it. ‘Richard, tell me again -- what exactly is he screaming at?‘ ‘Existence. He's realizedp 178 KC 2006
my shoulders. ‘Someone told me you were off to London again.‘ ‘News to me. When?‘ ‘This Home Office delegation. Julia Goodwinp 181 KC 2006
the lift and threatened to kill me if I appeared again. Julia Goodwin, sadly, avoided me and refused to take myp 188 KC 2006
shirts and Hitler biographies. But now I needed to call again on his support, and the key was in the lockp 192 KC 2006
flat and its memories. I felt close to my father again, and impressed by the bravery of this old man. Hep 197 KC 2006
what we believe. The people who did this will try again. I want you all to be ready. You created thisp 203 KC 2006
you know who they are. If I don't see you again, you can be sure I went down fighting for thep 203 KC 2006
was ready to throw open the doors and begin trading again. Naturally, the Home Office refused to negotiate, but by nowp 224 KC 2006
it up and down the floor until the marble gleamed again. The hostages stared stolidly at their reflections but remained silentp 231 KC 2006
security problem -- someone thought he saw Duncan Christie.‘ ‘Not again. People are seeing him all the time. It must bep 238 KC 2006
is too interesting to leave.‘ Sangster nodded eagerly, eyes brightening again now that the bodies were being lifted through the hatchp 252 KC 2006
van. I kept him sedated and told him we'd try again. He was definitely up for it.‘ ‘The police found himp 262 KC 2006
was the whole idea.‘ She thought over my reply, once again the serious young doctor, and drove away with a mock-fascistp 279 KC 2006
ready to revive itself. One day it would become active again, spewing over the motorway towns a shower of patio doorsp 279 KC 2006
veranda and explain that the price of rice had risen again, and presumably my father increased their pay accordingly. Even afterp 13 ML 2008
of patriotic newsreels would put the Union Jack jigsaw together again. From then on I was slightly suspicious of all Britishp 21 ML 2008
than me, and had little hope of seeing their families again soon, if ever. I knew they could be viciously brutalp 78 ML 2008
overhead were emissaries from another world. The camp came alive again, as the internees found a new purpose in their livesp 105 ML 2008
French Concession, and I was eager to see Amherst Avenue again. Without telling my parents, I set off for the fencep 105 ML 2008
off for the Kendall-Ward house. I needed to see them again, after a lapse of nearly three years. I knew thep 108 ML 2008
of the city. I was glad to see the boys again, and Mrs Kendall-Ward greeted me warmly. But I felt slightlyp 112 ML 2008
Chinese business friend, and I began to pedal around Shanghai again. I often went out to Lunghua airfield, and was invitedp 114 ML 2008
possibilities waited for me. At least Shanghai was coming alive again, as thousands of American servicemen filled the bars and nightclubsp 115 ML 2008
we drove all over Europe, I did not see him again until 1950. By then we had grown apart, and hep 117 ML 2008
a little wary but almost relieved to see each other again. Mary lent me her typewriter, and over the next fewp 178 ML 2008
a tribal king, would re-energise us all and bring life again to the barren meadows? The 1960s were a far morep 208 ML 2008
the robots jabbering in the darkness, with their ‘Please come again‘ and ‘Thank you for your custom‘ going on through thep 221 ML 2008
our first holiday alone, I found myself thinking of Shanghai again. I had almost forgotten the war, and never referred top 248 ML 2008
out of its own mirage and become a real city again. Empire of the Sun was a huge success, the onlyp 251 ML 2008