material in the office next to his bedroom. Fortunately that afternoon's test cards, freshly marked by one of the interns, hadp 63 M69 1957
telephoned his secretary at the medical school and postponed that afternoon's supervision. When she expressed regret at Laing's illness he brushedp 27 HR 1975
Pangborn lay back in his chair and scanned through the afternoon's public television programmes. With her slapdash manner, the girl hadp 991 MA 1978
I wanted only to help them. The first of the afternoon's helicopters hovered over the river by Walton Bridge, its crewp 176 UDC 1979
waiter slapped the table-top with his towel, already cancelling the afternoon's performance. ‘Away, away ... it's impossible!‘ He seized the newspaper thatp 1109 MWM 1985
my hands in her lap, shaking her head over the afternoon's folly. Looking up at her concerned face, I could stillp 206 KW 1991
competition section of the festival I watched Dick introduce the afternoon's programme on the theme: ‘Aversion therapy -- desensitisation in thep 240 KW 1991
bowl of the satellite dish, at that moment transmitting the afternoon's first performance to the watching world. The only element missingp 57 RP 1994
him and at least appreciate the finer points of the afternoon's display, and that his mother, sitting on the edge ofp 58 RP 1994
underworld. The tennis machine sounded across the lawns as the afternoon's practice sessions began. As ever, Bobby Crawford was busy withp 160 CN 1996
screening the first day's rushes. He seemed content with his afternoon's work, like a neighbourhood evangelist who had unloaded his stockp 242 CN 1996
I suppose we were always together. Sometimes in the late afternoons we'd drive out along the beach to the Scented Desertp 9 PB 1956
quickly. ‘They'll lynch us if they think we're Pyros.‘ Three afternoons later Franz took the elevator up 150 levels to 677-98p 27 CC 1957
in one of the amorphous suburbs, a zone of endless afternoons. Sometimes he went to school, until he was ten spentp 151 CH 1960
about little else, working away tirelessly through the long desert afternoons. Powers had watched him from his office window at thep 169 VT 1960
cipher on which he had laboured patiently for so many afternoons, he climbed into the car and drove off on ap 190 VT 1960
mind and his one lung, often lay awake through the afternoons, while the metal outer walls of the cabin creaked andp 235 DE 1961
with Beatrice, knowing that the base was deserted in the afternoons. Half the crew were away with either Riggs or thep 31 DW 1962
which descended on Ciraquito on one of those empty August afternoons looked like the entire D-Day task force, and even thep 543 SG 1963
town after the season ended, idling away the long, empty afternoons under the awning at the Cafe Fresco, and was alreadyp 544 SG 1963
to the summer-house. It was one of those dull featureless afternoons when the desert is without lustre, the distant hills illuminatedp 558 SG 1963
the following noon. The Blocks As usual on these enervating afternoons, when not even a breath of on-shore breeze disturbed thep 589 TB 1964
comfortable car and chauffeur, and spent most of the winter afternoons and evenings at his club; soon he found himself thep 562 TP 1964
middle-aged neighbour dying of cancer watched him through the long afternoons. Her handsome face, veiled by the laced curtains, resembled thatp 13 AE 1966
figure with its melancholy gaze scanning the desert sea. The afternoons she spent alone in her studio, working on her paintingsp 725 CHC 1967
he walked to the elevator. Last Summer. For Travers, these afternoons in the deserted cinema were periods of calm and restp 79 THF 1969
together in some complex car-crash? During the mornings and early afternoons he followed her from her hotel to the film studiosp 172 C 1973
Wandering among the dunes above the beach-house during the warm afternoons, he had been too preoccupied at first with the taskp 812 DFW 1974
weeks. Also, pathetically, I began to drink, and in the afternoons would sit around drunkenly in my friends‘ empty apartments, holdingp 870 S 1976
the end of his life and career. Free during the afternoons, Halloway returned to Stillman's apartment house. Invariably he found thep 901 UC 1976
one television studio. Wandering around these narrow streets in the afternoons, Halloway noticed that the stores and offices, banks and supermarketsp 905 UC 1976
fugues, Franklin steered himself into the kitchen. In the warm afternoons the steam from the soup tureen soon turned the solarp 1034 NFS 1981
next week he slept during the mornings and spent the afternoons repairing the old Plymouth he had commandeered from a localp 1071 MNF 1982
my derelict appearance. For her it's one of those quiet afternoons three weeks ago. We could still leave, start up onep 1054 MSA 1982
forward into the light. NINE As always during his last afternoons at Cocoa Beach, Mallory rested by the swimming pool ofp 1059 MSA 1982
hedges and cut the grass. Jim played there in the afternoons, crawling through the rockery and pretending to be one ofp 64 ES 1984
her everything it would seem like one of those secret afternoons before the war when he had cycled all over Shanghaip 138 ES 1984
of my feet. I believe in migraines, the boredom of afternoons, the fear of calendars, the treachery of clocks. I believep 38 WIB 1984
bombers were massing for a final nuclear countdown. On Sunday afternoons I drove Miriam on my motorcycle to Cambridge airfield, wherep 89 KW 1991
with the excited but reassuring eyes I remembered from our afternoons in Shanghai, when he invited the wary Chinese bar-girls top 105 KW 1991
were leached away. Even sex became more stylised. In the afternoons, while the children slept through the heat, Miriam and Ip 145 KW 1991
vulva as if I had parted its lips on countless afternoons in this bedroom of a loving husband. When I pressedp 168 KW 1991
of their husbands. I collected them from school in the afternoons and felt a thrill of relief when they clambered noisilyp 170 KW 1991
the Vincents making love in their tired way on Sunday afternoons in Lunghua, and Mrs Vincent's knowing eyes when she sawp 196 KW 1991
aircraft had been carefully instilled by David, who spent endless afternoons driving him to remote light airfields. But David had takenp 217 KW 1991
he had been discarded by them. He remembered his long afternoons with Trudi and Inger, when they had played like childrenp 231 RP 1994
the air, drawing troupes of eager volunteers from the sleepy afternoons. The Residencia Costasol had decided that it needed a faceliftp 252 CN 1996
were sensible, and kept it down to one or two afternoons a week. The same rules apply to society at largep 264 SC 2000
carried the sports cars that raced for ever through faraway afternoons, in a happier world of speed and glamour and elegantp 200 KC 2006
noir, and I must have sneaked away on our free afternoons to see everything that the Hollywood studios could produce. Ip 129 ML 2008
the cinemas in Birmingham. I liked to go in the afternoons, when the vast auditoriums were almost empty, and sit inp 131 ML 2008
what the author terms ‘the clean-up operation immediately following the afterplay period.‘ He warns his readers that certain substances secreted underp 257 UGM 1969
across which waves would often break, depositing dead rats, empty aftershave bottles and drenched copies of Paris-Match. The tide swirled aroundp 78 DC 1987
dust-sheets. A faint scent hung on the air, an effeminate aftershave of the kind favoured by David Hennessy. I walked intop 82 CN 1996
the pillow. ‘Your perfume -- I thought it was David's aftershave.‘ ‘Are you staying here? You'll smell me all night. Whatp 85 CN 1996
man's face? Or recognize his shoes or his clothes? His aftershave ...?‘ ‘No. He seized me from behind. There was a strangep 95 CN 1996
the misguided idea that it's water -- detergent, sun-oil, anti-perspirant, aftershave, vaginal jelly, pee and God only knows what else. Youp 226 CN 1996
essential for any successful police chief. I could smell his aftershave on my right hand, and was tempted to walk top 88 SC 2000
the heady air of north African tobacco, and the cheap aftershave of nerve-gas potency, I crossed the Rue Jaures to thep 157 SC 2000
from me. ‘Use the men's restroom -- there's some expensive aftershave. Jane might spot that La Bocca pong ...‘ We stepped throughp 236 SC 2000
of medical society dinners in London, cigar smoke and long-forgotten aftershave that rose from the worn silk lining. Yet I feltp 288 SC 2000
an odd odour in the air, a medley of cheap aftershaves that were almost familiar. ‘Frances ...? I've booked Tetou.‘ Was shep 371 SC 2000
the flash lit the trembling windows around the square. The aftershock thrashed the trees, sucking at the air in my lungsp 124 KC 2006
plastic bull, forcing her lips together as she swallowed the aftertaste of some toxic emotion. ‘I like her American spunk,‘ Miriamp 154 KW 1991
he clenched and unclenched his jaws as if savouring the aftertaste of the night's violence. Then he caught my eye, andp 251 KC 2006
seemed unlikely. The room had obviously been built as an afterthought into the central well of the house and any noisep 277 B 1961
Burlington, Professor -- Emeritus,‘ he added to himself as an afterthought, ‘ -- of Applied Drama at the University of Alpha Leporisp 352 PE 1962
there, poor chap, the dreams were having him.‘ As an afterthought he added: ‘You spotted the sun-pulse equation? Hardman's gramophone recordp 71 DW 1962
here,‘ the sergeant said. ‘It's quite a climb.‘ As an afterthought he added: ‘Down at the library where he works theyp 479 NWS 1963
crazy house in the middle of the swamp.‘ As an afterthought, he added: ‘She was married to Marquand.‘ As we atep 621 IM 1964
young woman nodded. ‘I hope you find them.‘ As an afterthought she added: ‘Dr Osborne is going to tell the Navyp 600 TB 1964
Conscious of Sanders's critical eye, Father Balthus added as an afterthought, to reassure the doctor: ‘The light at Port Matarre isp 13 CW 1966
21) suppressor(22) m.v.d.(23)‘ etc.). 17 This afterthought, attached to the previous 16 words with their apparently straightforwardp 855 NTM 1976
he nodded at the Japanese officer. Then, almost as an afterthought, he said, ‘You can drive a truck?‘ ‘Yes ...‘ The presencep 929 DT 1977
that Britain shows all too many signs of becoming an afterthought of Europe, it may be that the best British writersp 137 UGM 1978
to mention a hazard to shipping.‘ She added, as an afterthought: ‘I think we're sinking.‘ Sure enough, a clamour of shoutsp 20 HA 1981
the viewing theatre in the Whitehall basement, and as an afterthought asked if I could see the police video recorded atp 6 RW 1988
was crossing the grey sky over Washington. Almost as an afterthought, I said to Susan: ‘By the way, World War 3p 1122 WW3 1988
she had seemed to mention in an earth mother's vague afterthought, as if she now intended to be permanently pregnant forp 281 KW 1991
in the context of modern medicine. At last, as an afterthought, the specialist recommended the complete excision of the thyroid glandp 302 KW 1991
never long enough. When my mother passed away ...‘ As an afterthought, she added: ‘My second husband died. An English dentist inp 342 KW 1991
the hallway of an airy penthouse, apparently built as an afterthought from sections of glass and aluminium panelling. Deep balconies lookedp 97 KC 2006
slumped into a chair, counting his huge limbs as an afterthought. He seemed tired but at ease, as if events takingp 164 KC 2006