spouse about birds. One isolated case reported to a psychiatric after-care unit involved the first definitive sexual congress with a rearp 89 PAJ 1967
resort he had contacted Dr Laing, as instructed by the after-care officers at the hospital, expecting the physician to follow himp 812 DFW 1974
until the intranasal incisions were soundly healed (two weeks). During after-care, Her Majesty found it difficult to understand that her nosep 20 QER 1976
failure, like the incinerated musculatures of the three astronauts whose after-deaths were now being transmitted from Cape Kennedy, had dominated theirp 43 DM 1967
companion-way behind the funnel-house, he could see down into the after-deck, where the steerage passengers were pulling together their bundles andp 14 CW 1966
helicopter, the last of the stretchers settled itself onto the after-deck of the Sagittaire. Neil shielded his face from the downdraughtp 236 RP 1994
to the Arabs lolling with their women on the white-leather after-decks of their rented yachts. I knew we were very happyp 40 SC 2000
seats away on his right, make the third of the after-dinner speeches. Ward was to speak next, and he ran throughp 500 VH 1963
the vehicles forming a continuous carapace of polished cellulose. The after-effects of the LSD had left me in a state ofp 208 C 1973
version of herself that Neil had never known, like his after-hours glimpse in the Honolulu hospital of an intimidating senior sisterp 87 RP 1994
open to him, the concealed entrances to exclusive hotels, the after-hours drinking clubs where the important contacts were made. In turnp 174 SC 2000
of the 11 a.m. fugue there was a curious after-image, almost a pentecostal presence, a vaguely bio-morphic blur that hungp 1026 NFS 1981
her as she stood motionless in the shower stall. Curious after-images, sections of her anatomy seemed to be splayed across thep 1024 NFS 1981
rapidly through the experiment, which would test the persistence of after-images in the optical centres of the brain. ‘You'll find itp 86 KW 1991
idea of your psychological profile. Do introverts have more persistent after-images than extroverts? Nothing personal, we don't need to know ifp 86 KW 1991
eat their dead so they don't need to invent an after-life in an attempt to re-animate them. In general they subscribep 452 QR 1963
who used the shadow side of the street for their after-lunch siestas. The Sanger villa stood across the road, windows shutteredp 201 CN 1996
quarry beneath us. I opened the starboard side of the after-peak, and removed the manhole door, exposing the propeller to viewp 119 DC 1987
her naked body, partly hidden from me by the vessel's after-peak, reminded me of other confusions, and of the great streamp 146 DC 1987
his way in the wheelhouse and blunder over the ferry's after-peak. But his sharp ears, their acuity honed by years ofp 189 DC 1987
had died on the premises was part of the mall's after-sales service, but I was too distracted to brush him offp 14 KC 2006
of surprising intelligence. Yardley Sir Giles helped himself to Statler's after-shave lotion. He looked down at the Princess. Even allowing forp 668 BM 1966
and opened his overnight case. The vivid scent of his after-shave filled the air. He took out his patent dress-shoes andp 33 CI 1974
into strips. He soaked one of the strips in his after-shave. The tart Cologne stung his injured hand, biting at thep 33 CI 1974
overshoes that he had given to Proctor, a bottle of after-shave lotion and aerosol of shaving cream, the trinkets with whichp 115 CI 1974
over the debris of broken bottles. The scents of expensive after-shave lotions mingled with the aroma of kitchen wastes. These bizarrep 92 HR 1975
that he could smell the medley of expensive scents and after-shaves. He was curious as to what exactly they were goingp 26 HR 1975
go on?‘ ‘Affair? Sordid word.‘ She grimaced at an unpleasant after-taste. ‘It sounds like some dodgy business with the petty cashp 217 SC 2000
looked down at Ventress lounging in the speedboat on the afterdeck, Sanders pondered on this cryptic introduction. The faltering light stillp 16 CW 1966
threatening, a place of omens. Here he had seen the afterglow of the atomic flash at Nagasaki. Its white glare stillp 314 ES 1984
light seemed to dim somewhere beyond the bedroom, the faint afterglow of a dying bulb. The beam of the Marbella lighthousep 81 CN 1996
Lewis's heart casts a pall over his panorama of the afterlife. ‘Is this Heaven?‘ Pullman at last blankly inquired of thep 141 UGM 1966
ascend to paradise and there conclude their journey through the afterlife. The Childermass The inner eye of the blind painter, warpedp 141 UGM 1966
we drove together through that landscape of war and its aftermath, past the endless canals and deserted villages, I was uncertainp 937 DT 1977
renewal, a coming to terms with violent action and its aftermath. Together they form a powerful and moving record, not onlyp 74 UGM 1991
stage. The entire terrain of trees and meadows resembled the aftermath of some harmless and cheerful Waterloo. Bodies lay in thep 185 KW 1991
Second World War into an England that seemed like the aftermath of the third. In this overlit realm ruled by imagesp 190 KW 1991
year in which Britain at last emerged from the grey aftermath of the Second World War and became a recognizably modernp 242 UGM 1992
of the Mercedes like a relief administrator gazing at the aftermath of a small earthquake. A sideswipe had scored the metalp 52 SC 2000
call on Simone Delage, easing this highly-strung woman through the aftermath of some troubled dream or advising her about the impotencep 82 SC 2000
the balcony together, glasses at our elbows, and talked the afternoon away. She told me little about herself, but I gatheredp 9 PB 1956
the steps. ‘Well?‘ he asked. ‘Let's try it out this afternoon,‘ Franz said. ‘We'll cut Text 5 Pharmacology. I know thosep 26 CC 1957
dropped slowly towards him, its bell jangling. ‘Wait until this afternoon,‘ he called back. ‘You're really going to see something.‘ Thep 26 CC 1957
cope on their own. All morning and most of the afternoon they worked on a series of IQ, associative and performancep 56 M69 1957
of the window. VENUS SMILES Low notes on a high afternoon. As we drove away after the unveiling my secretary saidp 39 VS 1957
teeth of passers-by. ‘Raymond Mayo is having it dismantled this afternoon,‘ I said. ‘If it hasn't already been done for usp 39 VS 1957
contract. I saw the statue for the first time that afternoon thirty seconds before I started my speech to the speciallyp 40 VS 1957
a pleasant melodic harmony, its soft rondos warbling across the afternoon heat. The sitar-like twangs, which the statue had broadcast inp 41 VS 1957
inactive, as Dr Blackett had stated. By two o'clock that afternoon I had cut back about half the statue and gotp 46 VS 1957
staff, even threatened to report me to the directors. One afternoon he drove me to such a frenzy that I barelyp 98 NZ 1959
My last lines were: ... Shortly after 2 o'clock the next afternoon, spying from his usual position on the 7th floor stairwayp 98 NZ 1959
the page, found a clean sheet and wrote: The next afternoon Carter died in a street accident outside the office. Whatp 99 NZ 1959
patiently all day, waiting for the inevitable interruption of the afternoon programmes by the first horrified reports of the vast Midlandp 103 NZ 1959
almost obsessive activity -- all evening and most of the afternoon he would sit up on the lounge deck, gazing outp 75 WG 1959
rule and determined to start work on my thesis. One afternoon, two or three months later, as we turned the boardp 80 WG 1959
for me. Mayer deputized at the observatory, driving over every afternoon. He helped me recondition an old diesel generator in onep 82 WG 1959
have qualified for its first entry had I died that afternoon. A single row of letters, filled with shadow by thep 94 WG 1959
nor anyone else knew. Probably it would be during the afternoon, when the principals concerned -- judge, jury and prosecutor --p 150 CH 1960
from an unexpected source, a watch came to him. One afternoon in a cinema an elderly man sitting next to Conradp 154 CH 1960
handed the watch back. ‘Cancel whatever you're doing on Saturday afternoon. You and I are taking a trip.‘ ‘Where?‘ Conrad askedp 156 CH 1960
same moment. One minute after midnight, thirty-seven years ago.‘ The afternoon had darkened, as the high cliffs cut off the sunlightp 158 CH 1960
the side street, indistinguishable from those he had seen all afternoon. Except for the fact that one of them was workingp 162 CH 1960
the stairway up which he had escaped directly opposite. All afternoon Stacey drove up and down the adjacent streets, sometimes free-wheelingp 163 CH 1960
by the judge. After waiting trial for a year the afternoon in the courtroom was nothing more than a momentary intermissionp 167 CH 1960
the ground floor he felt less uneasy, but throughout the afternoon, while he roved among the busy counters, patting the childrenp 196 LW 1960
Goddard looked at his watch. It was 2.45, early afternoon. The houses around him were silent, the sky a distantp 207 LW 1960
his apartment once a week, calling at three in the afternoon. Today, however, he wanted to make sure of finding Altop 114 SS 1960
went over to Mangon, sat down next to him. ‘This afternoon I went down to the rehearsal studios. They'd found anp 129 SS 1960
however, that he was beginning to stutter. On the final afternoon, a few hours before the performance that evening, Mangon drovep 132 SS 1960
circular bowl of the radio-telescope revolving slowly in the clear afternoon air, as Kaidren tirelessly trapped the sky, sluicing in millionsp 173 VT 1960
I still orientated my time around the meridian, morning and afternoon set their old rhythms. Now, with just over eleven hoursp 184 VT 1960
who had to do the worrying -- by three that afternoon Bayliss had still not materialized. What was he doing exceptp 137 ZT 1960
away. The mountains behind loomed up enormously. It was late afternoon, on the edge of dusk, and the sky was ap 141 ZT 1960
of the image was weak. The one you saw this afternoon was much stronger. I cut you off barbiturates deliberately, knowingp 144 ZT 1960
would have happened if, when you saw your double this afternoon, you had gone straight into the lounge and spoken top 144 ZT 1960
and moodily surveyed the roof of the library through the afternoon haze. ‘It's not bad here,‘ Rossiter told him, unpacking hisp 273 B 1961
the dummy section could be replaced instantly. Then, picking an afternoon when the house was half empty and the manager asleepp 274 B 1961
drifts which had melted across the wire roadway during the afternoon. Mutating kelp, their genetic shifts accelerated by the radio-phosphors, rearedp 237 DE 1961
of too easily.‘ His wife nodded, watching him pensively. All afternoon she spent ironing and cleaning, moving the piles of dryp 259 MF 1961
was shifting from his eyes to his skin. The thin afternoon light stung his eyes, and as they closed he slippedp 265 MF 1961
open the oil storage manifolds for the delivery tanker that afternoon, and retracted her section of the garage door. Faulkner followedp 244 OM 1961
of the auto-cooked pot roast had permeated the house all afternoon. Unable to eat more than a few mouthfuls, he hadp 250 OM 1961
you. I was saying that I saw Harriet Tizzard this afternoon.‘ Faulkner groaned and his wife swerved on him. ‘I knowp 250 OM 1961
victim to a limbo of endless sunbathing, dark glasses and afternoon terraces. Later, however, the streamers drifting across the sand becamep 209 S5 1961
I came back I felt quietly pleased with myself. That afternoon a colossal boil developed on my right cheek. Tony Sapphirep 217 S5 1961
to find material somewhere.‘ So we launched our scheme. All afternoon I pestered Tristram, telling him that Aurora had adored hisp 226 S5 1961
the compass screen. Next, he watched Matthias Granger begin his afternoon inspection of the ship. Most of the passengers seemed reasonablyp 326 13C 1962
insect. Francis had finally hobbled over to the door that afternoon, entangling himself in the electrode leads, found to his annoyancep 335 13C 1962
of an hour late. ‘Your meal time was changed this afternoon,‘ Baker told him, lowering the hatchway. ‘I got nothing readyp 336 13C 1962
Abel. Damnation, I've been sitting inside your test rig all afternoon.‘ ‘But you went back to your cabin, Doctor,‘ Abel pointedp 337 13C 1962
meet him that evening for the conjunction. In the early afternoon he went down into the streets, ploughed through the driftsp 367 CS 1962
to the echoes boom away among the dunes. Later that afternoon he walked out towards the north-east, picking his way carefullyp 367 CS 1962
his desk and locked the door behind him. During the afternoon he busied himself in the drawing rooms, unobtrusively assisting hisp 302 GT 1962
the Jovian Heresiarch's vestals, on board a leisure-liner leaving that afternoon for Venus, but instead of enjoying the fruits of weeksp 343 PE 1962
then pushed it away with a gesture of uncertainty. ‘This afternoon I may have been taking a risk with Hardman, usingp 44 DW 1962
cabin at the testing station. There he passed a quiet afternoon, nursing a light fever in his bunk, thinking of Hardmanp 68 DW 1962
silt. Thin pools of water which had condensed from the afternoon heat mists lay across the plastic floors, and after climbingp 141 DW 1962
around the lagoon, the blood and copper bronzes of the afternoon sun giving way to deep violets and indigo. Overhead thep 142 DW 1962
six sticks of dynamite lashed together. He had spent all afternoon searching through the nearby buildings for them, confident that Bodkinp 159 DW 1962
and more sporadic, and the flights were finally discontinued that afternoon. By then, at five o'clock, Kerans was almost completely exhaustedp 163 DW 1962
palliasse of leaves for them to sleep on. During the afternoon and evening Hardman would sit in the open doorway, watchingp 169 DW 1962
return suddenly to his great ragged frame, and during the afternoon he managed to support himself on his legs, leaning backp 169 DW 1962
these now seemed concentrated during a few hours in the afternoon and evening. When the course of the river required himp 170 DW 1962
the window at the disc of water, he watched the afternoon rain discharge itself into the surface with relentless fury; asp 170 DW 1962
let himself through the door. Mrs Osmond invariably spent the afternoon sitting out on the veranda in the sun, gazing atp 374 WT 1962
the sofa again. ‘Are you coming to the recital this afternoon?‘ ‘Hasn't it been cancelled?‘ Mrs Osmond asked, putting the magazinep 375 WT 1962
stood up and buttoned his jacket. ‘I'll see you this afternoon at the Institute, Julia. The recital starts at three.‘ Mrsp 375 WT 1962
of these cross-currents when he went to see her that afternoon. She had cleaned the house and was in high humourp 379 WT 1962
called back, then walked away to his hotel. The next afternoon the town clerk's secretary called upon him in his roomp 384 WT 1962
there would be a full attendance at the meeting that afternoon. After lunch he retired to his room, made a desultoryp 385 WT 1962
give you an urgent message. He said the meeting this afternoon has been postponed.‘ ‘Ha!‘ Leaving the door open, Renthall snappedp 386 WT 1962
long, Mr Renthall. I'll send you an invite.‘ Later that afternoon Renthall went to see Dr Clifton in his room belowp 391 WT 1962
beware of over-hastiness. I suggest that we both rest this afternoon. Now, these will give you some sleep --‘ For thep 392 WT 1962
a vista down the principal boulevard, yet unperceived by the afternoon strollers. Renthall passed the cafe, surprised to see the terracep 392 WT 1962
than that of lentils. These thoughts preoccupied him as the afternoon light began to fade in the east, the white rectanglep 512 EG 1963
impatience continued to mount. He now used their morning and afternoon chess sessions as an opportunity to hold forth at lengthp 519 EG 1963
upon the door. Dr Normand stepped into the office. ‘Good afternoon, Director.‘ ‘Ah, Normand. Do come in. Dr Booth and Ip 527 MO 1963
haze over the water embalmed the jungle and the late afternoon in an uneasy stillness. They bumped against the jetty, rockingp 441 QR 1963
we were nearly in time to say grace.‘ Later that afternoon Connolly sat back in a canvas chair on the deckp 451 QR 1963
You're always seeing Sherrington. That's the fourth time alone this afternoon. Do stop worrying.‘ ‘I'm not worrying. I can't be certainp 427 RE 1963
for her to die and set me free. THE SUDDEN AFTERNOON What surprised Elliott was the suddenness of the attack. Judithp 530 SA 1963
placid back of the Ganges turning crimson in the late afternoon light. The burnt-earth colours of the Calcutta waterfront were stillp 531 SA 1963
thin sunlight gave way to darker clouds and the first afternoon rain. The small boy had gone, but the solitary figurep 531 SA 1963
said the police have been looking for him here all afternoon.‘ ‘Maybe they've got the wrong man. Unless there are twop 540 SA 1963
the footprints vanish in the sand. THE SCREEN GAME Every afternoon during the summer at Ciraquito we play the screen gamep 541 SG 1963
plinths by the drifting dunes. Looking out at them this afternoon, I felt, not for the first time, that the wholep 542 SG 1963
the screens stood where we had left them the previous afternoon, their zodiacal emblems flashing like serpents. We walked across top 542 SG 1963
few isolated chords at first, the fragments hung on the afternoon air, the sustained tremolos suspended above my head like thep 542 SG 1963
want?‘ I asked. ‘About a million,‘ Raymond said. Later that afternoon, as we turned off the Red Beach road and werep 544 SG 1963
introduced a curiously appealing element of uncertainty into the placid afternoon, an impression reinforced by the emptiness and enigmatic presence ofp 547 SG 1963
sharper, almost plaintive notes that drifted away across the still afternoon air towards the labyrinth of great hoardings that now surroundedp 548 SG 1963
Surrounding me, their brilliant crowns glittered with diamond hardness. Each afternoon, as I returned from the reefs with my sketch padp 549 SG 1963
a purring voice. ‘I think you should come indoors. The afternoon heat is intense and you tire very easily.‘ The insectsp 551 SG 1963
going -- Emerelda my dear?‘ Smoothly, Dr Gruber interjected. ‘Good afternoon, sir. Miss Garland is about to return to her roomp 551 SG 1963
nails locked together like a clamp of daggers. So, each afternoon, we began to play the screen game, moving the zodiacalp 553 SG 1963
several new screens, duplicating the zodiacal emblems, so that each afternoon the game became progressively slower and more intricate, the thirtyp 553 SG 1963
in the canyon keening behind us like banshees. The next afternoon, as I guessed, Charles Van Stratten at last played thep 555 SG 1963
had been left, and on an impulse spent the first afternoon digging them out of the sand. Those that had rottedp 558 SG 1963
carmine smoke first brought our presence to Emerelda. The next afternoon, as we played the screen game, I was conscious ofp 558 SG 1963
blue gown among the shadows. However, although we played each afternoon throughout the summer, she never joined us, despite the newp 558 SG 1963
stretching away through the haze, their outlines blurring in the afternoon heat. He glanced at the book lying on the seatp 490 VH 1963
out here today?‘ ‘Idle curiosity,‘ Ward said. ‘I had an afternoon off and I felt like a drive.‘ They reached thep 494 VH 1963
from which he emitted barking noises like a dog. That afternoon the police returned, and cleared a way through the crowdp 643 DG 1964
following day I deliberately postponed my visit until the late afternoon, and when I arrived there were fewer than fifty orp 645 DG 1964
me down to the snakes.‘ Now and then, during the afternoon, when the pain in his foot became acute, he wouldp 634 DS 1964
Gifford coming soon, sir. Sun very hot, she wait till afternoon.‘ Gifford lay back for a moment, thinking of Louise andp 635 DS 1964
feel? You look a lot better.‘ Gifford nodded drowsily. The afternoon fever had subsided but he felt drained and exhausted, hisp 636 DS 1964
beach across the open ground towards the camp. During the afternoon, at the height of his fever, he had tried top 636 DS 1964
across the delta. The snakes never appeared until the early afternoon, and the disappointment of failing to reach them the previousp 638 DS 1964
chafed under the bandages, Judith had spent all morning and afternoon reading the newspapers aloud to him, then a volume ofp 651 GTN 1964
what on earth's going on? You're pouring with perspiration!‘ That afternoon, when he was left alone again, Maitland approached the darkp 654 GTN 1964
who have been blind for a long time.‘ Throughout the afternoon and evening he returned to the grotto at intervals, movingp 655 GTN 1964
the glass canopy, a golden oriole flexed slowly in the afternoon light, liquid ripples of its aura circling outwards like thep 619 IM 1964
fire at me from the veranda. At last, late one afternoon, when the deepening ruby light of dusk settled through thep 624 IM 1964
President himself had remarked at his press conference the previous afternoon, the theft of a Leonardo was an affair not onlyp 574 LL 1964
I had come to Paris to attend a conference that afternoon of art dealers and gallery directors who had also sufferedp 575 LL 1964
half an hour we spoke in whispers. The conference that afternoon, at the Palais de Chaillot, offered no further clues. Chiefp 577 LL 1964
and 20th century masters. With luck you'll see him this afternoon.‘ For once my incredulity returned, but before I could stutterp 584 LL 1964
and great ravines.‘ ‘When did you first see him?‘ ‘Yesterday afternoon. We had almost completed the 19th century sales when ap 584 LL 1964
the police. Two of Carnot's men will be here this afternoon. I told them some vague story and they'll be unobtrusivep 585 LL 1964
therefore, than the failure of our quarry to appear that afternoon. The transfer of the Van Gogh from the previous day'sp 585 LL 1964
aisles and at the line of doors facing him. Each afternoon he left his cell in the abandoned camera bunker amongp 589 TB 1964
the emergency landing strip and the abandoned aircraft. In the afternoon light their shifting rectilinear shadows made them appear to writhep 593 TB 1964
the roadways and took off into the wind. Later that afternoon the young woman drove over to the blocks by jeepp 598 TB 1964
concrete floor. Abruptly, he would find that it was early afternoon or evening, the shadows everywhere like pointing fingers. ‘Goodbye, Eniwetokp 601 TB 1964
she was carried upstairs, her presence filled the bedroom. All afternoon he sat beside her, waiting patiently for her to wakep 564 TP 1964
A girl with red hair?‘ ‘Please, she was here this afternoon.‘ ‘A girl ...‘ ‘ ... called ...‘ Stunned, he realized that he had forgottenp 566 TP 1964
lava flow like the hide of an elephant. In the afternoon and evening the man, Charles Vandervell, sat by the windowp 658 VD 1964
to Vandervell, on the settee in the lounge. In the afternoon she woke briefly when the ‘devil-sticks‘ man performed his dancep 658 VD 1964
The men in the village are leaving for good this afternoon.‘ Vandervell watched the stick-dancer twirling his devil-sticks like a drum-majorp 660 VD 1964
house-boy had gone, she returned to her bedroom. During the afternoon she came out to collect the film magazines in thep 660 VD 1964
Don't burn your fingers,‘ she said, closing the door. That afternoon, when she came into the lounge after waking up, shep 662 VD 1964
tanker for any signs of the Alsatians. ‘Is this your afternoon off? I didn't know you enjoyed zoos.‘ ‘Doctor ...‘ Quilter gazedp 50 D 1965
metal sheeting, port-holes and sections of bulkhead. In the turning afternoon light the mournful wreck was filled by a last fleetingp 58 D 1965
firework display last night?‘ ‘Not altogether, Richard. I'm leaving this afternoon.‘ ‘But, Charles --‘ With an expansive shrug Lomax gave upp 73 D 1965
joined the main channel, a siren sounded into the hot afternoon air. Philip Jordan pointed two hundred yards to starboard, wherep 82 D 1965
crystals evaporated out into the sunlight, but by the early afternoon these began to deliquesce, and the grey flanks of thep 103 D 1965
He's over in the cliffs. He won't be back till afternoon.‘ Ransom looked back at the distant hills, debating whether top 122 D 1965
who could influence his admission to the settlement. Almost every afternoon Jordan went out to the hills above the beach, disappearingp 122 D 1965
sand in the ravines turning into frozen fountains. In the afternoon the colours would mellow again, the shadows searching out thep 125 D 1965
on walking for a few miles each morning. During the afternoon she agreed to sit on the cart, half asleep underp 135 D 1965
of the dry bed framed within its pillars. In the afternoon light the thousands of shadows cast by the metal refusep 140 D 1965
agent whose photograph she had seen in Statler's briefcase that afternoon. Brassiere Statler waded through the breaking surf. The left cupp 663 BM 1966
lawn with Quimby, and the dwarf spent the morning and afternoon clearing away the bodies of the birds that had fallenp 698 SBD 1966
of responsibility towards Catherine York that prompted him, later that afternoon, to take the launch out again. A quarter of ap 705 SBD 1966
night of the storm, Crispin saw the bird again. All afternoon the dark clouds had come in from the sea alongp 707 SBD 1966
quietly: ‘I'm sure you are, Doctor. I spoke briefly this afternoon to the steward on the steamer.‘ She added: ‘My aunt'sp 37 CW 1966
same light he had seen in the jewelled flowers that afternoon. Thinking lamely that perhaps the balloon might be breaking upp 39 CW 1966
The bar which Louise and he had visited the previous afternoon was still open. In the alleyway opposite the entrance twop 41 CW 1966
the jewelled leaves he had seen in the market that afternoon, when someone touched his shoulder and murmured: ‘Dr. Sanders? You'rep 41 CW 1966
the glass canopy, a golden oriole flexed slowly in the afternoon light, the ripples of its liquid aura circling outwards likep 100 CW 1966
and sapphires of many sizes, they glittered in the thinning afternoon light with a fevered power. ‘Thorensen, thank you ...‘ The girl'sp 107 CW 1966
and the mulatto had taken from the wall-safe earlier that afternoon. Sanders was about to protest, but the young woman turnedp 108 CW 1966
can walk at all.‘ He added: ‘I saw you this afternoon -- in the mirrors at Thorensen's house.‘ The youth smiledp 111 CW 1966
talked about you a lot -- I'm sorry about yesterday afternoon. Suzanne had promised to visit one of the mine dispensariesp 122 CW 1966
that he's been trapped in the forest since late yesterday afternoon?‘ ‘Trapped --?‘ Turning away from Sanders, Suzanne went over top 123 CW 1966
she raised the blades so that they let in the afternoon light. Silhouetted against the sun, her white suit and palep 136 CW 1966
army launch going back to Port Matarre tomorrow. In the afternoon. I've decided to go.‘ ‘But, Louise --‘ ‘I must gop 136 CW 1966
send a car for you.‘ During the rest of the afternoon Sanders remained in the chalet, watching the corona of lightp 137 CW 1966
lepers had moved forward again through the trees. As the afternoon light faded, the brilliance of the sun was still heldp 137 CW 1966
piece, its breech embellished with exquisite horns and crests. The afternoon light was fading. Sanders watched the bank on his rightp 157 CW 1966
lantern shone in the glazed windows. At last, late that afternoon, when the deepening ruby light of dusk settled through thep 159 CW 1966
after the accident, and that she would return the following afternoon. ‘ ... Theodore -- Uncle Theodore ...?‘ Conrad tried to sit up butp 684 TIM 1966
Conrad, he can still help you.‘ At three o'clock that afternoon Conrad's uncle appeared. Seated in a wheelchair, and pushed byp 687 TIM 1966
of mock suns, but it was probably in the early afternoon when I felt an immense shadow fall across the yachtp 723 CHC 1967
our portraits emerged like pale ghosts from the paintings. Each afternoon I would see Hope in the library, when she wouldp 726 CHC 1967
portraits of Leonora Chanel As I look back to that afternoon last summer when she first came in her white limousinep 744 CSC 1967
on some half-formed impulse I began to drive out each afternoon. From the lathes and joists left behind I built myp 744 CSC 1967
by their cables, they would hang above me in the afternoon air like amiable ciphers. One evening, as I wound thep 744 CSC 1967
and finally the powerful currents of Coral D. Late one afternoon, when I began to wind them in, Nolan cut awayp 745 CSC 1967
the four of us drove out in my car that afternoon and I saw the clouds waiting for us above thep 746 CSC 1967
wings slipping as if unveiling his handiwork. Illuminated by the afternoon sun was the serene face of a three-year-old child. Itsp 747 CSC 1967
to and fro, gathering together the equipment. In the fading afternoon light they resembled a threadbare circus troupe. ‘All right,‘ Ip 748 CSC 1967
the random movements of this sauntering phantasm of the burnt afternoon. Ignoring their open stings around her legs, she was gazingp 749 CSC 1967
was the last by the cloud-sculptors of Coral D. All afternoon, before the guests arrived, a dim light lay over thep 753 CSC 1967
shots of individual American and British soldiers. Fade to early afternoon. A long shot of farmland and the motorway on thep 965 TW 1967
the low sky through binoculars. Commentator Three o'clock the same afternoon. Alpha Company has arrived at its objective. No signs ofp 965 TW 1967
studied the elegant and mysterious advertisements which had appeared that afternoon in the copies of Vogue and Paris-Match. In sequence theyp 46 DM 1967
taking the light from her faded blonde hair. The previous afternoon, in the hotel in Tampa, she had fallen ill brieflyp 760 DA 1968
fascination upon Talbot's mind. The Annunciation. Partly veiled by the afternoon clouds, the enormous image of a woman's hands moved acrossp 23 UD 1968
arrival of the conic anamorphosis‘ ‘Suburbs of the Paranoic-Critical town: Afternoon on the outskirts of European history‘ ‘The flesh of thep 95 UGM 1969
and to plan his escape from the island. CRASH! Each afternoon in the deserted cinema The latent sexual content of thep 97 CRA 1969
an empty grain silo. By now, though, in the early afternoon, all sections of this huge field army had reached thep 788 PTD 1969
the empty town had confirmed all his prejudices. The previous afternoon, after an hour spent driving around the town and shootingp 789 PTD 1969
faded, and for a moment it seemed like any drowsy afternoon ten years earlier. Mannock leaned into the back seat ofp 791 PTD 1969
rictus that had fixed itself on her mouth during their afternoon in the dusty heat trap below the bank. Was hep 60 SCN 1969
their position in relation to the river was uncertain. All afternoon they had been following this absurd sexual whim of hisp 63 SCN 1969
shoulder and abdomen shifted across the screen, illuminating the late afternoon sky. He waited in the arcade behind a wall ofp 64 SCN 1969
as he loaded his suitcases into the car on the afternoon he resigned. Avoiding Catherine Austin's embarrassed attempt to embrace himp 67 THF 1969
ease. He crossed the empty seats below the screen. Each afternoon in the deserted cinema Travers was increasingly distressed by thep 67 THF 1969
of bones formed a geometry of murder. Internal Emigre. All afternoon they had driven along the highway. Moving steadily through thep 71 THF 1969
aircraft flying to and from Japan. We left the next afternoon, but instead of going to the Nantao airfield we setp 73 THF 1969
following morning. We finally set off again in the early afternoon. To my relief, the L.C.T. was still berthedp 73 THF 1969
of the overpass. The concrete slope ran on into the afternoon haze. Karen Novotny followed a few steps behind him, absentlyp 78 THF 1969
why Raine Channing had come back to Lagoon West. Every afternoon I would drive out to her villa and we wouldp 803 SGW 1970
humour. Yet when I pointed him out to Raine one afternoon she denied that she knew him or had even seenp 803 SGW 1970
the child was virgin, innocent of Jocasta's clutching blood. Each afternoon she would take me into the garden of the trailerp AA4 1970
fuel burning in wayside ditches, paintwork boiling through the dull afternoon sunlight of provincial towns. He visualized the specialized crashes ofp 14 C 1973
use one of a number of well-known actresses. On the afternoon of my accident I had attended a conference with Aidap 35 C 1973
at the unfamiliar neighbourhood ten storeys below. On the first afternoon I had barely recognized the endless landscape of concrete andp 48 C 1973
streams on the Western Avenue interchanges. The flashing lances of afternoon light deflected from the chromium I panel trim tore atp 49 C 1973
the foot of the flyover half an hour later. The afternoon traffic passed along Western Avenue and divided at the motorwayp 55 C 1973
traffic waited on the raised deck of the motorway, the afternoon sunlight crossing the windows of the airline buses and carsp 79 C 1973
which she could put our sexual act. Lit by the afternoon sun, the fading scar on her face marked off thesep 82 C 1973
and ex-stewardesses. Many of them were shift-workers, sleeping through the afternoon and evening, and the windows were curtained as we wheeledp 87 C 1973
Taylor film -- there's a crash sequence being taken this afternoon.‘ ‘She'll drive that car? Don't tell me.‘ ‘She'll drive anotherp 108 C 1973
this one is used for the post-crash sequences.‘ Later that afternoon I thought of Gabrielle's crippled body as I looked downp 108 C 1973
disguised as the screen actress, remained in my mind all afternoon, even overlaying my response to Catherine when she came top 111 C 1973
a passing pump attendant, and set off across the early afternoon traffic. Vaughan was right. Catherine's sexual fantasies began more andp 114 C 1973
arms and heads. This dreamlike logic hung over the entire afternoon. In the bright afternoon light the several hundred visitors tookp 121 C 1973
dreamlike logic hung over the entire afternoon. In the bright afternoon light the several hundred visitors took on the appearance ofp 121 C 1973
his mouth and forehead formed a clear hatchwork in the afternoon light, the marking areas of a future generation of woundsp 135 C 1973
expressway. He peered at me solicitously. ‘You've had a hard afternoon, Ballard. Buy yourself a drink in the bar. I'll takep 138 C 1973
Road Research Laboratory he had come to the studios each afternoon -- ostensibly to see Seagrave, but his real motive wasp 146 C 1973
to the film actress. At an uncertain moment the previous afternoon, after meeting him at a filling station on Western Avenuep 146 C 1973
failed to provide any excitement for us. Through the fading afternoon light the airliners moved across our heads along the east-westp 178 C 1973
stunned on the grass beside their cars after an early afternoon fog patch, or pinned against their instrument panels, Vaughan andp 190 C 1973
between us had been devoid of all sexuality. All that afternoon we drove along the expressways. The endless highway systems alongp 212 C 1973
the open deck of the flyover. Vaughan cut through the afternoon traffic, throwing on his brakes at the last moment, rollingp 215 C 1973
Through the crash barrier Soon after three o'clock on the afternoon of April 22nd 1973, a 35-year-old architect named Robert Maitlandp 7 CI 1974
the high embankment, the still air was heated by the afternoon sun. A few cars moved along the motorway, their roofsp 9 CI 1974
the overpass into the fast righthand bend lit by the afternoon sunlight they would be too busy to notice the scatteredp 9 CI 1974
motorway. The towers of the distant office-blocks rose into the afternoon air. Searching the warm haze over Marylebone, Maitland could almostp 13 CI 1974
of crushed blades marking the route he had taken that afternoon. Hobbling along, the injured thigh held in both hands, hep 21 CI 1974
yellow haze that had hung over the island the previous afternoon, blurring the perimeter walls. As he swung himself along, Maitlandp 28 CI 1974
sat quietly in the rear seat. Resting through the early afternoon, he took stock of himself. He realized, above all, thatp 32 CI 1974
Saturday! The weekend had begun. He had crashed on Thursday afternoon, and had now spent two nights on the island. Itp 44 CI 1974
tall blades, which leaned towards him, swaying in the late afternoon sunlight as if urging him to his feet. He satp 53 CI 1974
sealed off all but a faint glow of the late afternoon sunlight, and he could almost believe that he was lyingp 54 CI 1974
from the stove. Along the motorway the flow of Sunday afternoon traffic was intermittent. Maitland watched, matchbox in hand, controlling hisp 77 CI 1974
room. She straightened her suitcase, and re-hung her clothes. The afternoon light was fading, and Maitland regretted that he had burnedp 81 CI 1974
a complaining way as if blaming Maitland for the falling afternoon light. ‘Jane ...‘ Maitland pulled out his oil-stained wallet. ‘Do youp 81 CI 1974
central valley of the island. In the course of their afternoon patrol they had reached the abandoned churchyard to the southp 102 CI 1974
steer him around the island. After glancing briefly at, the afternoon traffic -- an intermittent stream of cars, airline coaches andp 102 CI 1974
turned his head away from the traffic. Refracted through the afternoon heat, the motorways seemed to veer and loom, reverberating top 111 CI 1974
back against the embankment, listening to the murmur of the afternoon traffic. Already the sun was beginning to fall in thep 112 CI 1974
was fixed on the rows of banknotes fluttering in the afternoon air, Maitland gathered them up. ‘I was delivering a wagesp 113 CI 1974
whipping at his face. Maitland lay back in the late afternoon light, his arms outstretched, feeling the sunlight warm the bonesp 116 CI 1974
Let's keep our cool and we'll be separated by tomorrow afternoon. It's beautiful music, actually. Listen, I don't need anyone top 119 CI 1974
of the dunes varied from day to day, but one afternoon Melville noticed that a section below the ridge retained itsp 814 DFW 1974
was unlikely to reach the crash site until the late afternoon, I looked away from the almost stationary traffic to thep 821 AD 1975
strand myself up here in the mountains. Already the early afternoon light was beginning to fade. Fortunately I had ample fuelp 823 AD 1975
that the crashed aircraft lay above. At four o'clock that afternoon, I finally reached the remote valley lying between two mountainp 824 AD 1975
discovered that the slow puncture I had suspected earlier that afternoon had flattened one of the front tyres. Exhausted now, myp 826 AD 1975
his head. Only too keen to relax after demonstrating all afternoon in the physiology laboratories, and with an eye on anp 11 HR 1975
swimming-pools and restaurant in the slack hours of the early afternoon, or strolled arm-in-arm along the 10th-floor concourse. Laing watched themp 13 HR 1975
minor but unpleasant incident that had taken place the previous afternoon on the 10th-floor shopping concourse. As he waited to cashp 18 HR 1975
these aren't the people who really live here.‘ During the afternoon Laing found himself thinking of this last remark of Helenp 19 HR 1975
mother if he could go to his 3rd-floor playgroup that afternoon. Without thinking, she refused. Laing watched her with growing interestp 28 HR 1975
They did not have long to wait. In the early afternoon the first of a fresh series of provocations took placep 28 HR 1975
promptly launched into a vigorous denunciation of the tomfoolery that afternoon. In some way she clearly associated Laing with the lower-floorp 30 HR 1975
enclave.‘ He added, ‘My car had its windscreen smashed this afternoon by a failing bottle. Could I move it back top 31 HR 1975
the expression of a truly ‘free‘ psychopathology. During the long afternoon Laing slept in his office, waiting until he could leavep 36 HR 1975
and provocation was a long one, even for a single afternoon. Two successive groups of children from the lower floors hadp 37 HR 1975
footage into the documentary. He returned home in the early afternoon. He had telephoned Helen each evening from his hotel andp 42 HR 1975
covered the tops of cupboards and bookshelves. By the late afternoon the residents began to return from their offices. The elevatorsp 50 HR 1975
the apartment building. Even Helen, talking to her mother that afternoon on the telephone, had said vaguely, ‘Everything's fine. There's somep 56 HR 1975
ended the frigid isolation of the previous months. During the afternoon Wilder played with his sons and waited for the eveningp 60 HR 1975
possible to move freely around the building, but as the afternoon proceeded this became increasingly difficult. By dusk any movement wasp 75 HR 1975
the shrouded furniture suspended around him like under-inflated clouds. The afternoon had passed, and soon the danger period would begin. Thinkingp 84 HR 1975
lost student supervisions. Perhaps he would stay at home that afternoon and prepare his notes for his next lecture. He reachedp 103 HR 1975
draw her to him. Punitive Expeditions By four o'clock that afternoon the last of the residents had returned to the high-risep 105 HR 1975
in some way unsettled him. Laing had rested during the afternoon, deciding to calm himself and gather his strength for thep 105 HR 1975
early evening. He waited in the lobby through the late afternoon, standing about with a group of his fellow residents. Perhapsp 106 HR 1975
I had a bucket of urine thrown over me this afternoon. Much more of that and I may take up ap 109 HR 1975
bedroom. Towards the Summit Soon after two o'clock in the afternoon four days later, Richard Wilder returned from his television stationp 113 HR 1975
and overcome that need to return to the apartment each afternoon and whatever threadbare links it maintained with his own childhoodp 117 HR 1975
set off in search of food and water. During the afternoon lull, one access route to the 10th-floor supermarket was stillp 119 HR 1975
the one safe staircase to be used during the early afternoon, and the obligatory curfew time, three o'clock. Wilder raised hisp 119 HR 1975
through the abandoned apartments nearby. During the brief period each afternoon when he and Steele emerged from their apartments -- ap 146 HR 1975
as if pursuing some unknown quest. Steele slept in the afternoon, giving Laing a chance to prospect for water. As hep 149 HR 1975
he inspected the design, which he had painted the previous afternoon with a lipstick he had found in an abandoned apartmentp 155 HR 1975
in this comfortable lakeside pavilion Wilder rested during the early afternoon. The young woman sat beside him, her breasts against hisp 160 HR 1975
four high-rise blocks nearby, suspended like rectilinear clouds within the afternoon sky. The warmth within the elevator, which seemed to emanatep 160 HR 1975
had been freshly painted, their white surfaces gleaming in the afternoon sunlight like the entrance to an abattoir. Wilder climbed top 161 HR 1975
white bones picked clean by the birds. It was late afternoon when Wilder woke. Cold air moved through the empty roomp 164 HR 1975
lenses once more over her face. He stepped into the afternoon light and ran across the runway as the aircraft camep 835 LFA 1975
on the balcony. Now and then something flicks through the afternoon light, a bottle-top or cigarette packet flung from one ofp 856 60Z 1976
her charitably, one may say that her actions that fatal afternoon in the bathroom of her Gatwick hotel had been provokedp 853 NTM 1976
the 3.15 p.m. flight to Geneva the following afternoon. It was while they were having lunch in the hotelp 854 NTM 1976
I learned rather more about Serena Cockayne. After working all afternoon in the study I looked up from my desk top 867 S 1976
his visits came the weary denouement. I had spent the afternoon drinking alone in a deserted restaurant, watched by the patientp 870 S 1976
cable. He had recovered from his seizure of the previous afternoon. Something about the prospect of flying had given him backp 891 UC 1976
become the central obsession of his life. On the one afternoon when Halloway could spare the time to visit the airportp 902 UC 1976
of flying lessons, Olds drove in from the airport each afternoon, equipped with his generators, cables and tool-kit. Sceptical of Halloway'sp 902 UC 1976
there were sections of dismantled switchboards and circuitry. But one afternoon, after returning from the airport with a small lathe forp 906 UC 1976
window above, stared at Halloway with equally clear hostility. That afternoon Halloway had stripped the last of the poppies and forget-me-notsp 908 UC 1976
and carefully reprocessed their kitchen and other wastes. By early afternoon they were already pitching their elaborate tents and laying outp 909 UC 1976
which Stillman had screened for him in his nightclub that afternoon. For the next fifteen minutes, as the noise of policep 910 UC 1976
in the avenue below. It was five o'clock in the afternoon, and the rush-hour traffic was beginning to build up. Thep 910 UC 1976
himself and his bride, were deadly nightshade. In the early afternoon Miranda and her father left the city for good. Thatp 919 UC 1976
Not a Chinese was in sight, though only the previous afternoon they had been doing a profitable trade with groups ofp 926 DT 1977
me that the war would finally be over by the afternoon -- and complete the short journey to my parents‘ campp 930 DT 1977
future, and about seeing my parents and sister later that afternoon. We would move back to our house in the Frenchp 932 DT 1977
found the truck abandoned by a Japanese road-block. In the afternoon haze the surface of the road seemed to be speckledp 935 DT 1977
more living than the living who had deserted me. The afternoon sun had begun to set. I woke in the cabinp 936 DT 1977
concealed by the dark fronds of the wild sugar-cane. All afternoon I had been lost in a golden world, following thep 936 DT 1977
be turned over to the demands of my companions. One afternoon, after a brief thunderstorm had driven the American aircraft fromp 937 DT 1977
two years ago and has been here ever since. This afternoon he's teaching me to hang-glide. Wish me happy landings! Dianap 968 HWT 1978
let-down, all the same. We walked along the beach this afternoon, together for the first time. I hadn't realized how vastp 969 HWT 1978
a wrongly incarcerated mental patient. For the rest of the afternoon Pangborn pretended to watch the defective television screens, while systematicallyp 995 MA 1978
you will join eternity ... three ... two ... one ... Now! Zero. ONE AFTERNOON AT UTAH BEACH ‘Do you realize that we're looking downp 972 OAU 1978
felt like the stage-set of a claustrophobic drama. The strong afternoon light had turned the beach into a brilliant mirror, ap 974 OAU 1978
flare-pistol of a type he had seen only the previous afternoon in the D-Day museum at Arromanches. He recognized it immediatelyp 976 OAU 1978
listening for the sounds of any intruders. On the first afternoon, when he had snatched the children's blankets, flung together anp 978 OAU 1978
sufficiently to see the boathouse two hundred yards away. Each afternoon Angela and Richard Foster climbed the dunes to this woodenp 979 OAU 1978
ready. Two days later, soon after one o'clock in the afternoon, began the last military engagement to take place on Utahp 979 OAU 1978
the telephone in the hall. ‘We'll have to leave this afternoon. The weather's closing in.‘ ‘What?‘ Ogden left his chess tablep 979 OAU 1978
the great music of the quasars Even now, through the afternoon sunlight over this provincial city, he could read the comsatp 984 Z2 1978
produced by half a million space-wives switching on their favourite afternoon television programmes can fill the enclosed sky of the colonyp 230 UGM 1979
of London. Around me the streets are silent in the afternoon light. Toys lie by the garden gates, dropped in mid-gamep 8 UDC 1979
-- while dissecting a thorax in the anatomy laboratory one afternoon I suddenly became convinced that the cadaver was still alivep 12 UDC 1979
much of my spare time. For five minutes one rainy afternoon I was gripped by a Pied Piper complex, and genuinelyp 13 UDC 1979
by the burning aircraft that had burst out of the afternoon sky and fallen into the water at their feet. Althoughp 17 UDC 1979
leaves were restive, as if the elements of the disrupted afternoon were trying to reconstitute themselves. ‘Do you want to gop 27 UDC 1979
belong to someone who died. Tempting providence twice the same afternoon isn't the kind of thing your priest would approve ofp 28 UDC 1979
into a witch. I decided to lose myself among the afternoon housewives and catch the first bus back to the airportp 35 UDC 1979
by the bus stop, laughing to myself. In the strong afternoon light the deserted road had become a dusty tunnel, ap 39 UDC 1979
winged horses of the miniature carousel gleamed hopefully in the afternoon light, but I guessed that the only people who camep 42 UDC 1979
lift. In fact, I'm surprised more people aren't here this afternoon. It's rather funny, Blake, that you're the only one who'sp 43 UDC 1979
the perimeter road the police car approached, headlamps inflaming the afternoon sunlight. When it stopped by the kiosk I saw thatp 44 UDC 1979
I was convinced that despite all the uncertainties of the afternoon neither Stark nor Father Wingate, neither Miriam St Cloud norp 45 UDC 1979
we queued to cross Walton Bridge. It was now late afternoon, and the bridge approaches were filled with traffic returning fromp 46 UDC 1979
on the communion wine. I was tempted to spend the afternoon playing tennis with these women. For all my exhaustion, Ip 48 UDC 1979
a premonition that I might be dead. Yet from that afternoon, in the deserted arbour, sprang my determination to prove thatp 50 UDC 1979
bank, looking at the calm water and at the untroubled afternoon light. A small dinghy had been pulled on to thep 52 UDC 1979
both still as tender as they had been the previous afternoon -- and thought of my dream. It had been nop 61 UDC 1979
When they had gone I walked alone through the late afternoon, my damp suit covered with a coat of rainbows, ap 89 UDC 1979
first eyes were straying to these cannabis plants and the afternoon day-dreams to come. Happy to leave them to it, Ip 108 UDC 1979
would mate in sight of the drowned aircraft. Already the afternoon light had begun to fade, turning the park into ap 116 UDC 1979
with blood and excrement, as if I had spent the afternoon driving a herd of violent beasts. I stared down atp 117 UDC 1979
above the river, I thought of my third vision that afternoon, of my lordship of the deer. Although I had notp 121 UDC 1979
the night. I was certain now that my vision that afternoon had not been a dream but another doorway into thatp 121 UDC 1979
further shore where I had run with the deer that afternoon? Below me the river flowed towards London and the seap 122 UDC 1979
chilled skins let corridors of cool air through the humid afternoon. However, there were no longer as many of them asp 162 UDC 1979
I watched the unhappy mothers wander away through the late afternoon. One of them stopped to speak to the peacocks sittingp 164 UDC 1979
by the winches of the exhausted police. By the late afternoon the sun's disc at last touched the forest canopy abovep 168 UDC 1979
moored his dredger and returned to Shepperton. Through the late afternoon he had worked the capstan and jib, manoeuvring the pontoonp 170 UDC 1979
of the three children I had taken into me that afternoon. For a few final seconds he soared within me, asp 173 UDC 1979
Heavy with the scent of blossom excited by the late afternoon sun, the air in the street formed a sweet seap 179 UDC 1979
the right one for me. Everyone waited. Lit by the afternoon sun, a thousand faces were raised to me as Ip 180 UDC 1979
Shepperton reflected only their own passing thoughts. Through the humid afternoon a faint rain fell on the smoke-stained houses, dripping fromp 191 UDC 1979
the television transmission vans were packing away their equipment. That afternoon no helicopters flew. From the dead elms I heard voicesp 194 UDC 1979
metal barrel and cut steaks from the porpoise's flesh. All afternoon the slaughter on the river banks continued. The damp grassp 195 UDC 1979
of its spirit call to me in my tomb. That afternoon blood ran through the flowers and feathers in the streetsp 195 UDC 1979
forest, shooting the last of the birds. In the late afternoon a small stag entered the arbour and tottered on skeletonp 196 UDC 1979
her elderly companion are sitting down behind us. Every Thursday afternoon they leave the Casino and come here to the cafep 1000 HFF 1980
the Mother Superior discussed a patient to be released that afternoon I strolled across the hall and gazed up at thep 1003 HFF 1980
sticks. ‘There are three more grates to be done this afternoon! You told me to clean them, didn't you, Mother?‘ ‘Yesp 1004 HFF 1980
late evening news an interview with Dr Gabor recorded that afternoon at Nice Airport before she flew back to Paris thatp 1006 HFF 1980
stokers in the coal bunker. While he slept through the afternoon -- he had come off the long night watch atp 7 HA 1981
Brooklyn shoreline, reflected from the silent quays and warehouses. The afternoon sun hung above the deserted Manhattan streets, adding its lightp 8 HA 1981
the library projection room. Dozens of towers rose through the afternoon light. Even at a distance of three miles the glassp 9 HA 1981
clung to the ventilation shaft above the nervous horses. The afternoon sunlight glared down at them from the thousands of silentp 18 HA 1981
and abandoned streets, a million empty windows lit by the afternoon sun. Already they could see the dunes that filled thep 23 HA 1981
sand was now an almost liquid bronze in the late afternoon. A desert sea had flowed through Manhattan and congealed aroundp 24 HA 1981
New Jersey. The harsh and glaring light of the early afternoon had given way to the red earth colours of eveningp 40 HA 1981
sand-filled automobile showroom on Park Avenue. He spent the hot afternoon digging away a huge dune that had rolled in acrossp 43 HA 1981
surprise. They had spoken by radio to McNair the previous afternoon. Seaworthy again, the Apollo would set sail in three daysp 79 HA 1981
beside the receiver, tirelessly repeating the expedition's call sign. All afternoon, while she took turns with Ricci and Orlowski, an unbrokenp 84 HA 1981
through the overheated air. Giants in the Sky Later that afternoon Wayne at last reached the entrance to the Boot Hillp 100 HA 1981
figure that had materialised like a genie out of the afternoon sky. One of the giant legs moved forward, stepping fromp 101 HA 1981
showroom. Two days later, as they drove through the late afternoon towards Las Vegas, their senses had been flooded by thep 118 HA 1981
far, though you probably didn't enjoy the turkey shoot this afternoon. Too bad about that elephant, but target practice is whatp 152 HA 1981
these glass aeroplanes and dreams of the sun. Later that afternoon, as Dr Fleming dozed in a hammock on the podiump 178 HA 1981
of the wheel ... Love and Hate At three o'clock that afternoon the first signal rockets rose from the jungle to thep 199 HA 1981
window, looking at the line of cars in the late afternoon sunlight, and the next moment there was dusk outside andp 1019 NFS 1981
last to leave the clinic. He had expected his usual afternoon fugue, and sat at his desk in the silent laboratoryp 1020 NFS 1981
he set off in the car he realized that his afternoon fugue had still not occurred. Had Marion seen his headlampsp 1021 NFS 1981
the rotating blade that had devoured the darkness. Delayed all afternoon, his fugue had begun as he tripped over the tyrep 1022 NFS 1981
to each other. A day passes as quickly as an afternoon. At lunch I was looking at some album photographs ofp 1025 NFS 1981
a geometric key. Has Slade been reading my diary? This afternoon someone painted the same pattern across the canted floor ofp 1026 NFS 1981
desert as she sat on her verandah during an early afternoon fugue. ‘I'm sorry I couldn't find you, doctor. There werep 1032 NFS 1981
Beach, and of the strange nightclub he had glimpsed that afternoon through the forest canopy now covering the old Space Centrep 1061 MNF 1982
into a bird. I woke up by the window this afternoon and he was holding me down, as if I werep 1067 MNF 1982
Finally giving in to his curiosity, Sheppard drove late one afternoon to the light airfield at Titusville. Little traffic visited thep 1071 MNF 1982
same nerves ...‘ ‘I'll give you something, you can sleep this afternoon.‘ ‘No ... They're a warning. I want to feel every twingep 1038 MSA 1982
those periods of largo when time seemed to slow, an afternoon at his desk stretched into days. His own lapses inp 1039 MSA 1982
set off through the trees. He decided to spend the afternoon in one of the abandoned motels in Cocoa Beach, thenp 1043 MSA 1982
to prepare for the fancy-dress Christmas party being held that afternoon by Dr Lockwood, the vice-chairman of the British Residents‘ Associationp 11 ES 1984
By way of a happy bonus, Sunday was Vera's free afternoon, when she visited her parents in the ghetto at Hongkewp 15 ES 1984
lurid wounds and deformities, but no one noticed them that afternoon. Refugees from the towns and villages around Shanghai were pouringp 21 ES 1984
all-night parties at Amherst Avenue which lasted to the next afternoon, when distracted mothers in crumpled evening gowns wandered by thep 26 ES 1984
of the Studebaker and embarked on unpredictable journeys through an afternoon world of empty nightclubs and casinos. Mr Maxted drove thep 27 ES 1984
of the Japanese pilot whose seat he had filled that afternoon. Perhaps the spirit of the dead aviator had entered himp 38 ES 1984
father, and he wanted the war to end soon, that afternoon if possible. Dusty, and suddenly very tired, Jim reached thep 69 ES 1984
Jim had been too feverish to call to them. One afternoon Jim scaled the wall of a house behind the Americanp 83 ES 1984
down to the Bund to look at the Idzumo. All afternoon he wandered along the waterfront, past the mud-flats where thep 89 ES 1984
again on to the beaches of black mud. In the afternoon he watched the Japanese seaplanes moored to their buoys atp 89 ES 1984
themselves in the heat as they lit their cigarettes. Every afternoon they set off together in the truck and toured thep 101 ES 1984
grimy knees, feet up on the slatted teak bench. The afternoon diorama staged in collaboration by the sun and the Parkp 108 ES 1984
the wooden benches, where a few detainees sat in the afternoon sun. Three rows behind Jim was the grey-haired husband ofp 109 ES 1984
unsuccessfully to make friends with the Japanese soldiers. And every afternoon there was the shadow film of the Shanghai skyline. Jimp 110 ES 1984
But a meal of boiled rice was served in the afternoon, and the previous day, when he had felt feverish, hep 111 ES 1984
of two-engined bombers. A squadron of the machines faced the afternoon sun, ready to take off and attack the Chinese armiesp 141 ES 1984
A single-engined fighter overtook them and climbed into the late afternoon sky, lifted by the golden glaze on the under-surface ofp 141 ES 1984
Harbor. The seminary was already filled with military personnel. All afternoon they waited behind a queue of commandeered Shanghai Transit Companyp 149 ES 1984
abandoned battlefields nine miles to the south of Shanghai. The afternoon light rose into the air, as if returning to thep 156 ES 1984
every month? Perhaps there would be an air raid that afternoon, when he could check the latest design modifications to thep 174 ES 1984
one day to be like him. The Studebaker and the afternoon girls in the gambling casinos had prepared Mr Maxted poorlyp 177 ES 1984
prisoners had continued to stare at the kitchens until late afternoon. The silence had unsettled Jim, reminding him of the beggarsp 179 ES 1984
thought that there might be an American air raid that afternoon -- who did he want to win? The question wasp 182 ES 1984
be run for Basie and Private Kimura, and then the afternoon air raid -- all in all, a full programme untilp 184 ES 1984
invisible encyclopaedias lay in every hedge and ditch. The previous afternoon Jim had dug two fertilizer trenches for a new cropp 203 ES 1984
I don't like saying goodbye. They'll probably come back this afternoon when they find there isn't anywhere to go.‘ Unwilling top 230 ES 1984
ration truck arrived. He had not eaten since the previous afternoon. Although the inmates were about to seize control of thep 236 ES 1984
seduced him with a sweet potato. The Olympic Stadium All afternoon they moved northwards across the plain of the Whangpoo Riverp 252 ES 1984
knew that it was time to move on. By late afternoon this layer of dust on Jim's legs and arms beganp 253 ES 1984
dying world. These games and hallucinations continued until the late afternoon, when an air raid at Hongkew again lit up thep 267 ES 1984
Jim had begun to learn? Lieutenant Price By the early afternoon Jim had rested sufficiently to turn his mind from thisp 289 ES 1984
if Dr Ransome wanted the patients to sleep through the afternoon. Jim climbed the steps, aware of a faint murmur withinp 302 ES 1984
on the balcony of the assembly hall. In the late afternoon a Chinese merchant arrived at the gates of the campp 303 ES 1984
careful watch for Scranton. He usually appeared in the early afternoon, as soon as the clerks and secretaries had finished theirp 1108 MWM 1985
shirt cuffs. Few tourists visited him, and often a whole afternoon passed without a single customer. Then the waiter would scrapep 1109 MWM 1985
a more detached way. The businessmen with their briefcases, the afternoon tarts swinging their shiny handbags, the salesmen with their sheetsp 1112 MWM 1985
three days before Scranton at last appeared. Materialising from the afternoon heat, he entered the cafe and sat under the awningp 1113 MWM 1985
tightly to the awning above his head. By the next afternoon his fever had subsided, but he was so strained andp 1113 MWM 1985
outings with Scranton. Arm in arm, we moved through the afternoon crowds, which seemed to part around us. Our fellow-pedestrians hadp 1114 MWM 1985
conference, it summed up the dangers of that last absurd afternoon at Port-la-Nouvelle. Was I going to be shot? As thep 10 DC 1987
English suburbs which I had fled, where on a summer's afternoon everyone would sit behind drawn blinds watching a tennis finalp 45 DC 1987
the airstrip, whose mouth the tractor had opened the previous afternoon. Why did I feel so strong a sense of reliefp 46 DC 1987
the stream but I had created the spring the previous afternoon. Before I left I would warn Kagwa to replace thep 48 DC 1987
to climb from the cot. I saw the girl every afternoon, paddling across the river to inspect a new sand-bank raisedp 80 DC 1987
her, but every day, while the women dozed after our afternoon meal, I would leave some of my food for thep 81 DC 1987
striped by the shadows of the trees in the late afternoon sun. For all their welcome, these pleasant groves of feather-palmsp 129 DC 1987
navigation lights reflected in the darker water of the late afternoon. Fifty feet above the river, it came up behind usp 130 DC 1987
recurrent fever, my guilt at abusing Noon, and a wasted afternoon which might well have put another ten miles between thep 145 DC 1987
hoped to empty the contents of the Mallory. By late afternoon it was six feet wide. When Noon took the spadep 145 DC 1987
faint odour of her skin, which had sustained me that afternoon as I laboured over my canal. She saw me inp 147 DC 1987
eye ...‘ ‘ ... in addition, certain species of salamander bask in the afternoon sun ... at dusk the phoenix flies ...‘ Already the commentary wasp 173 DC 1987
and realized whose cues she was heeding. In the early afternoon, when the heat from the sun seemed to melt thep 177 DC 1987
off the monitor, shrewdly conserving the battery for the late afternoon, and well aware that it would soon run down oncep 178 DC 1987
any possible ground fire from Harare's guerillas. Lit by the afternoon sun, its exhaust trailed behind the craft like the goldenp 188 DC 1987
at Sanger's oily feet, and looked up into the late afternoon air, listening for Kagwa's helicopter. Too exhausted to continue ourp 191 DC 1987
chair at the edge of the dance floor. In the afternoon the women would allow me to feed the animals inp 207 DC 1987
order, their greatest pleasure clearly came from the hunt. Every afternoon I was forced to listen to the unpleasant sounds ofp 207 DC 1987
from their shells for our evening meal. On the sixth afternoon, the first to leave me free of fever, I wasp 208 DC 1987
appear in every Japanese living-room ...‘ Doctor Mal As always each afternoon when I went out to examine the river, I sawp 230 DC 1987
sailed across the tarry surface of the river in the afternoon light, this grey tank resembled a silver slipper bearing thep 231 DC 1987
at the confused air. A signal shell rose into the afternoon sky, fired from an observer's post in the lift housep 240 DC 1987
niche between the animal cages. The distant gunfire of the afternoon had unsettled the nervous creatures, and Sanger leaned his leftp 246 DC 1987
and ammonites washed on to the deck. On the fifth afternoon the outboard engine failed for the last time, and Ip 279 DC 1987
BBC producer was due to visit the estate on the afternoon of June 25. Perhaps the planned documentary was the lastp 56 RW 1988
nearer to hand than anyone had imagined. Early on the afternoon of November 4 I walked through the lobby of thep 57 RW 1988
only the retired headmaster who patrols the avenue morning and afternoon actually stopped to stare at it. I watched him mutterp 1131 TES 1989
and open the windows to enjoy the full play of afternoon sun. The west-facing rooms above the garden have become giantp 1135 TES 1989
you for breakfast. I'm talking about the soccer match this afternoon.‘ He pointed to the large poster recently pasted over thep 1153 WF 1989
if they knew, the US Navy would move in this afternoon.‘ ‘Would they take away the ship?‘ ‘They'd take it awayp 1166 DCG 1990
images which elicit pity one day have by the next afternoon been stylised into media emblems. Yet the tragic photograph ofp 21 UDa 1990
an elderly woman patient helping the orderly to serve the afternoon tea. As the thirty or so cups were set outp 40 YCMa 1990
whiskey sours Zelda and Scott Fitzgerald drank on a dull afternoon in Atlanta in 1928. Richard Ellmann's much praised biography ofp 71 UGM 1991
the reborn Sun. THE KINDNESS OF WOMEN Bloody Saturday Every afternoon in Shanghai during the summer of 1937 I rode downp 9 KW 1991
last, whether a few minutes or even, conceivably, an entire afternoon. My one fear was that, like so many exciting eventsp 9 KW 1991
of forces, the war obstinately refused to declare itself that afternoon. Disappointed, I wearily pedalled back to Amherst Avenue, my schoolp 11 KW 1991
not to annoy her, I spent the rest of the afternoon in my playroom. I listened to the sirens of thep 14 KW 1991
buoys at Woosung. I guessed that she knew about my afternoon cycle rides around Shanghai. She was well aware that Ip 16 KW 1991
As if to remind themselves of the war, one Sunday afternoon my parents and their friends drove out to tour thep 29 KW 1991
his daughter and he needed to punish me.‘ Only that afternoon one of the ten-year-olds had come back to the hutp 34 KW 1991
and that they had tied him up before taking their afternoon sleep. One of the older soldiers was already dozing inp 56 KW 1991
preparing themselves for whatever end would arrive out of the afternoon sun. A hooded rat was swimming around the carcase ofp 61 KW 1991
the Nanking Road. Thousands of bars and nightclubs lit the afternoon sky. American servicemen swarmed ashore, an army of war embracedp 64 KW 1991
gothic of the university into the empire of light. Every afternoon, as I left the dissecting room, I passed the bluep 85 KW 1991
the designated office, wondering if I would rather spend the afternoon with one of the physiology demonstrators and her cracked nailsp 85 KW 1991
Cambridge airfield. I knew that Miriam often skipped her sports afternoon at school, and sneaked away to watch Richard Sutherland practisep 95 KW 1991
holding my shoulders as if ready to marry me that afternoon. But she was waiting for me to come to termsp 105 KW 1991
Mummy. Home, everybody ...‘ David Hunter came to see us that afternoon. He had left the RAF at the end of hisp 128 KW 1991
must be due any moment -- if it comes this afternoon, can I watch?‘ ‘Only if you can prove that you'rep 129 KW 1991
hugged them tightly. Later I drove them to spend the afternoon with local friends of Miriam, and they were already planningp 135 KW 1991
cleared out the cabin and swept the patio. In the afternoon, after cold chicken and sangria, we dozed in the shadep 146 KW 1991
joined the others under the tattered parachute awning. In the afternoon the French couple, keen bird-watchers, put on their saris andp 151 KW 1991
unsatisfied need for some kind of violent climax to the afternoon. Miriam managed to calm her, holding her hands and wipingp 154 KW 1991
clerk at the rural railway station, first rehearsals for an afternoon at Figueras. Images of the bone-white paddy fields came backp 164 KW 1991
she left the bedroom for the last time. From that afternoon I was celibate for nearly a year. Although the childrenp 168 KW 1991
the lid of the suitcases where I stored them. One afternoon, while repairing the fence, I was aware that the childrenp 174 KW 1991
her eyes blunted. Wine bottle in hand, she spent the afternoon striding around in her long gown, her neck and breastsp 186 KW 1991
have! That intense light -- for a few seconds this afternoon I saw ... heaven and hell.‘ ‘That must be one ofp 207 KW 1991
mainspring of war. Three weeks later, on another warm summer afternoon, I sat in my chair by the open French windowp 210 KW 1991
trump the wind. Glad to be together, we spent the afternoon roaming the air show. At the end of the dayp 218 KW 1991
exit ramp in front of me. I had spent the afternoon at the gallery, supervising the removal of my battered exhibitsp 229 KW 1991
drifting smoke and engine fumes. The advertised highlight of the afternoon was the recreation of a spectacular road accident, a multiplep 233 KW 1991
should have gone to the voodoo. That was quite an afternoon.‘ ‘Gruelling stuff?‘ ‘I was watching the audience. The future mayp 241 KW 1991
in hope of a passing celebrity. Despite his success that afternoon he seemed dissatisfied, as if he accepted that the epochp 242 KW 1991
exactly what you've always needed -- glamorised violence. That terrible afternoon on the railway line near Siccawei -- you'd seen dozensp 270 KW 1991
is death.‘ ‘Rubbish. You're not going to die. Not this afternoon, anyway. Besides, you've got the children, even if they're notp 291 KW 1991
from room to room. Time seemed dislocated, like an endless afternoon in a strange city. When I arrived at Richmond, anp 309 KW 1991
Watched by a single mirror, we made love through the afternoon. As I lay deep within her, I was certain thatp 322 KW 1991
hired to play internees at Lunghua Camp. Only the previous afternoon, leaving the wine store in Shepperton High Street, I wasp 333 KW 1991
atriums, shopping malls and office complexes. Hilton International promises an afternoon snow-shower as a Christmas appetiser. 7.15 News Round-up. Whatp 1173 GVD 1992
cancer. What would Dr Rafferty say to all this? One afternoon in Waikiki he was buying an underwater watch in ap 33 RP 1994
of facing down the French navy. When she arrived that afternoon, making her last visit to the ward, Neil left thep 40 RP 1994
into a natty series of badges and lapel buttons. Every afternoon Neil drove to the harbour, hoping to find that Frenchp 49 RP 1994
quay. Driven by his wife, he usually arrived in mid afternoon, stepped from his seat and spent an uncomfortable hour gazingp 51 RP 1994
inflatables performed their water-borne pas de deux. In the late afternoon the corvette Sagittaire would arrive and escort the trawler top 59 RP 1994
be ferried to captivity aboard the Sagittaire were followed that afternoon by a further half-dozen protest craft. A sit-down demonstration tookp 79 RP 1994
from the ships and the people give us nothing. This afternoon you took our last cans.‘ ‘You stole them from usp 141 RP 1994
us -- fish and dream and make peace in the afternoon.‘ Inger searched Neil's hair for any fleas. Lying between thep 150 RP 1994
allowed several of the rare birds to escape. In the afternoon Professor Saito would emerge from the plant laboratory, blinking atp 159 RP 1994
kitchens, where Monique served a single meal in the early afternoon. Meanwhile Carline sat under his straw hat by the ruinp 172 RP 1994
the medieval constraints of the Spanish legal system. Later that afternoon I would meet Frank and his lawyer in Marbella, ap 11 CN 1996
her slipping hold on the world long before the tragic afternoon when she climbed to the roof of the British Institutep 12 CN 1996
certain kind. The Club Nautico was quiet and cool, its afternoon trade yet to appear. Sprinklers rotated over the crisp lawnsp 37 CN 1996
may say. You ought to meet him.‘ ‘I did this afternoon.‘ I showed Hennessy the sticking-plaster which the concierge had pressedp 45 CN 1996
mark that presided over the gutted mansion. I spent the afternoon tidying Frank's apartment. I replaced the books on the shelvesp 55 CN 1996
was the fire at the Hollinger house. In the late afternoon, when the sun moved behind the peninsula and set offp 66 CN 1996
of a ransacked mind. After lunch I slept through the afternoon in my room, waking at six to the sounds ofp 78 CN 1996
Dr Hamilton. Her opinion will be valuable ...‘ I passed the afternoon on the balcony, my neck chafing inside the orthopaedic collarp 99 CN 1996
of steeples with his slender fingers. ‘I followed him this afternoon -- he could have been arrested a dozen times. He'sp 179 CN 1996
empty courts, playing endless games with his serving machine. One afternoon he left the club in disgust and spent a fewp 181 CN 1996
to speak for himself. The visiting hour is four-thirty this afternoon. He asked you to bring Dr Hamilton.‘ ‘That's even betterp 184 CN 1996
the court in Marbella. Everything depends on your meeting this afternoon. It's necessary to be gentle, Mr Prentice.‘ We arranged top 184 CN 1996
was aware of it.‘ ‘You can ask him yourself this afternoon. Get changed and we'll have lunch.‘ She stood by thep 188 CN 1996
Look, I'm not sure I can cope with Frank this afternoon.‘ ‘Why not? Charles?‘ ‘You go on alone. Believe me, it'sp 188 CN 1996
the Residencia Costasol. I had watched him leave the previous afternoon, sitting with the last of his books in a Rangep 201 CN 1996
I was coming?‘ ‘Just a guess. Sanger moved out yesterday afternoon. First the graffiti, then the ...‘ ‘Torch? You underestimate me, Charlesp 205 CN 1996
Bobby. That's Paula-speak. The Costa del Sol is the longest afternoon in the world, and they've decided to sleep through itp 218 CN 1996
by noon the Residencia Costasol was already preparing for its afternoon retreat from the sun. Despite myself, I felt responsible forp 233 CN 1996
itself, blinking as the frame-hold lost its grip on an afternoon serial. Crawford opened the valise and took out one ofp 241 CN 1996
Nautico, but I'm moving my things to the Residencia this afternoon. Mrs Shand has rented a villa for me -- next-doorp 273 CN 1996
Sanger, as it happens. I looked over the house yesterday afternoon.‘ ‘Good. Then we will know where you are.‘ Cabrera's glancep 273 CN 1996
festival. The Costasol Arts Fair, scheduled to last a single afternoon, was now in its second day and showed every signp 286 CN 1996
did you hear about this fire?‘ ‘Gunnar told me this afternoon. They all know about it. Everything's planned -- that's whyp 315 CN 1996
with coloured smoke. Mahoud and I drove there in the afternoon when the housekeeper was busy. I told her I wasp 320 CN 1996
farewell salute and walked up the ramp into the late afternoon sunlight. Paula stood beside the Jaguar, watching me through thep 324 CN 1996
beside the cathedral with its macabre images of hell. All afternoon she gazed at the towers, admiring these symbols of anp 8 DYF 1996
on my knee-brace as Jane steered the Jaguar through the afternoon traffic on the Grasse road. The stench of raw perfumep 5 SC 2000
their immense curved facades glowing like a cauldron in the afternoon sun. The swimming pool had calmed. Halder's glob of spitp 24 SC 2000
her back to the computer. ‘Paul, that was a weird afternoon.‘ ‘Very weird. I don't know whether you noticed, but ap 33 SC 2000
race who had migrated to the stars. By the early afternoon Charles's e-mails brought me final proof pages, cheery gossip aboutp 37 SC 2000
the surveillance camera and the private police force. By the afternoon, all this tolerance and good behaviour left me feeling deeplyp 38 SC 2000
liked seemed to remind her of her lapsed career. One afternoon, when she vetoed a science fiction series in which shep 91 SC 2000
Three spent bullets. I handed them in to Zander this afternoon. I'm surprised you know.‘ ‘Monsieur Zander and I speak allp 104 SC 2000
once needing to get my bearings in the maze of afternoon traffic. Crowds strolled under the palms, enjoying the warm autumnp 106 SC 2000
raunchy wife of a British surgeon attending the congress, an afternoon vamp on the Croisette prowl. ‘Marriage a la mode ...‘ Shep 109 SC 2000
me, I said: ‘We're neighbours -- I saw you this afternoon at Eden-Olympia.‘ ‘Alcatraz-sur-Mer.‘ ‘Where?‘ ‘Catch up. It's my nickname forp 110 SC 2000
reply she waved and strode away, losing herself in the afternoon tourists. I stood in the sunlight, savouring the scented airp 118 SC 2000
from my face, urging everything to flow faster through an afternoon of eroticism and possibility. Relaxing on the coast highway, Ip 118 SC 2000
the business park to the administration building, where earlier that afternoon I had caught up with Alain Delage. Routine security checksp 119 SC 2000
and a radial engine. The store had closed for the afternoon, and an almost tangible melancholy hung over everything, gathering thep 149 SC 2000
he's taking you on a tour of Eden-Olympia.‘ ‘Later this afternoon. I assume he'll follow the murder route. I want top 172 SC 2000
lowered the sun visor to shield my eyes from the afternoon light. Taken by a police cameraman, the first photograph showedp 179 SC 2000
him from the private drama that had dogged him all afternoon. We emerged onto the roof and swerved around an electrician'sp 196 SC 2000
The stain seemed to glow more brightly in the fading afternoon light, as if revived by the breath between her lipsp 212 SC 2000
about pain and death. Without them, he's trapped in the afternoon shopping malls of a limitless mediocrity. We need to revivep 263 SC 2000
them off.‘ ‘That's not true.‘ ‘I talked to him this afternoon. He explained everything -- they realize now they were goingp 376 SC 2000
long canvas shroud containing his fishing rod. ‘I don't like afternoon television, but I'll be watching. Good luck, Mr Sinclair.‘ Hep 389 SC 2000
bail. Still proclaiming the revolution, she held forth on an afternoon cable channel. Her cramped but comfortable home, with its shabbyp 7 MP 2003
her little fantasy that she was handicapped. Only the previous afternoon she had played ping-pong with a colleague's wife, sticks forgottenp 14 MP 2003
chapel, leaving the flowers to shine their last at the afternoon sun. The mourners were returning to their cars, ready forp 30 MP 2003
his thirties, some exhausted houseman roused by Kay from his afternoon sleep. A less agreeable odour than engine oil or Cathayp 59 MP 2003
Marina. I want to be there.‘ ‘Don't forget that. This afternoon was a bit of a farce; I know you disapprovedp 96 MP 2003
Dear, I intend to. All I did was spend an afternoon with them.‘ ‘An afternoon? You set fire to Twickenham.‘ ‘Thatp 108 MP 2003
All I did was spend an afternoon with them.‘ ‘An afternoon? You set fire to Twickenham.‘ ‘That sounds like a paintingp 108 MP 2003
her breasts, then seized my suitcase. We spent a happy afternoon with several bottles of wine, debriefing each other after thep 151 MP 2003
and scent, ready for Henry and a long and pleasant afternoon. ‘Henry, say goodbye to Sally for me.‘ ‘She misses youp 194 MP 2003
carried me to Vera's third-floor flat. I called in each afternoon, hoping they had returned, pressing the doorbell long enough forp 217 MP 2003
had reined in the police and called a truce. That afternoon, a residents‘ delegation led by Kay Churchill sat down withp 230 MP 2003
with my blood. ‘We went to the gliding school every afternoon. Yesterday he flew solo.‘ ‘I'm impressed.‘ ‘So was Richard. Lastp 276 MP 2003
better second growths. Adolescent girls still wearing jodhpurs after their afternoon riding classes flirted around the family Jeeps and Land Roversp 293 MP 2003
Airlines -- set off on one of his regular Saturday afternoon outings to the Brooklands Metro-Centre. Still vigorous at seventy-five, hep 13 KC 2006
tone, as if reciting a bus timetable, she said: ‘This afternoon the accused will be brought back to Brooklands from Richmondp 22 KC 2006
hand again, but she seemed to be blushing. As the afternoon ended, a reddish glow lit the deep mirror of thep 24 KC 2006
was tuned to the Metro-Centre cable channel, and showed an afternoon discussion programme transmitted from the mezzanine studio. The suntanned facep 60 KC 2006
reports usually ended, had ‘headed off further violence‘. On his afternoon cable channel, David Cruise smirked knowingly to his guests. Ip 78 KC 2006
psychiatrist, almost as odd as any of his patients. The afternoon had begun to fade, and the interior lights turned thep 99 KC 2006
Every street brawl, every supporters‘ punch-up, that daft business this afternoon with the Christies ... you're a magnet tuned to violence.‘ ‘I'mp 99 KC 2006
lots. We like control-tower architecture and friendships that last an afternoon. There's no civil authority telling us what to do. Thisp 101 KC 2006
too unreal, too much an electronic illusion, a confection of afternoon television at its blandest and sweetest. They hungered for realityp 123 KC 2006
own existence. In every way he was a creature of afternoon television, with a head of silver hair sculpted to showp 138 KC 2006
you before?‘ ‘Yesterday. Outside the Metro-Centre. You arrived for your afternoon show.‘ ‘No. Somewhere else. Years ago.‘ He stared into myp 139 KC 2006
to himself. ‘But five million, now that's a very big afternoon audience. How do I control them, impose some kind ofp 146 KC 2006
From there they would be bussed to Brooklands, spend the afternoon shopping in the Metro-Centre and then cheer on their teamsp 152 KC 2006
David Cruise, no longer the primped and rouged anchorman of afternoon television, but the fugitive and haunted hero of a noirp 154 KC 2006
taverns of depression-era Munich, but from the hospitality rooms of afternoon TV, a man without a message who had found hisp 156 KC 2006
was thinking of Julia Goodwin: We would meet later that afternoon, when she finished her shift at the hospital, and alreadyp 156 KC 2006
the way, Mr Pearson, the Metro-Centre tailor is calling this afternoon. He'll be happy to measure you up for your uniformp 173 KC 2006
stairs to the mezzanine studio where Cruise was conducting his afternoon discussion programme. The open deck was filled with visitors, asp 175 KC 2006
bet. Someone gave it to me outside the Metro-Centre this afternoon. Not so much a friendly warning, more of a get-wellp 186 KC 2006
of cheering and the commentator's relentless harangues, together bruised the afternoon. The din drummed against the windows of nearby houses, turningp 199 KC 2006
news from the dome. Like most people, I spent the afternoon watching my television set. From the living-room windows I couldp 202 KC 2006
a mausoleum readying itself for death. ‘And the fire this afternoon?‘ I asked Maxted, shouting over the noise. ‘At the domep 209 KC 2006
army units waiting at the racetrack.‘ ‘I saw them this afternoon. They look as if they mean business.‘ ‘They do.‘ Maxtedp 209 KC 2006
A more primitive world was biding its time. By late afternoon of the second day everyone realized that a further nightp 226 KC 2006
was turning into a gigantic sty. At two o'clock that afternoon, when the hostages drifted off in search of lunch, theyp 233 KC 2006
end any day now. Everyone's bored. It could end this afternoon.‘ ‘It won't end. Carradine doesn't want it to end. Hisp 242 KC 2006
needed a new kind of leader -- a smiley, ingratiating, afternoon TV kind of fuhrer. No Sieg Heils, but football anthemsp 258 KC 2006
the greatest danger we faced probably came from the Sunday afternoon trips we took with our parents and their friends top 30 ML 2008
merits of the Packard and the Rolls-Royce could help the afternoon along. The adults in the camp were also coming top 74 ML 2008
the tanker that brought fresh water to the camp. One afternoon in Shanghai I set off on the five-mile walk backp 111 ML 2008