After Thorensen had gone Sanders examined the shot-wounds in the African's leg and chest, and cleaned the rough lint pads. Ap 111 CW 1966
second blast from the shotgun. As if far away, an African's voice cried plaintively. Sanders made his way back through thep 114 CW 1966
the enforced leisure that fossilized the nervous system; the almost Africanized aspect, but a North Africa invented by someone who hadp 34 CN 1996
hand, disappeared into the darkness near the piers, the two Africans moving quickly ahead of him. Sanders gave him five minutesp 43 CW 1966
frame that served as a gangway. Pushing past the few Africans watching from the shore, Sanders climbed on to the pierp 45 CW 1966
the forest and then holstered his pistol. As the two Africans made their way round to the back Thorensen turned thep 105 CW 1966
couple of guides for you.‘ He pointed to the two Africans who stood at the bottom of the steps. Members ofp 112 CW 1966
the bedroom. Surrounded by the glistening figures of the four Africans, etched in hoar frost against the darkness, Sanders waited forp 113 CW 1966
northern and western provinces of England, West Indians, Asians and Africans. For four years they have been bombed but they arep 962 TW 1967
no racial bias. We hire a disproportionate number of north Africans as gardeners and road sweepers. The immigrant population gains fromp 260 SC 2000
of about thirty, she wore her hair in a simulated Afro wig. A small child watched us all from between herp 93 C 1973
to stricken towns and villages. In the UN Assembly the Afro-Asian bloc has tabled a resolution calling on the United Nationsp 33 WFN 1961
and the programmes transmitted by the huge American, European and Afro-Asian networks each claimed audiences of a billion viewers. Yet despitep 806 GTS 1972
road. The driver opened his communicating door and came swarming aft, furious with what had happened, waving his arms and shoutingp 80 WFN 1961
give them.‘ A large three-decker paddle-boat, paddles set fore and aft, had entered the lagoon, and was slowly moving over top 87 DW 1962
through the aperture and took up their positions fore and aft, boat-hooks at the ready. They had entered a large bow-shapedp 440 QR 1963
from New Delhi,‘ George Schneider, the West German attache, came aft to tell us. ‘This time there are millions of reliablep 607 IM 1964
found the youth, Philip Jordan, fastening the skiff fore and aft to the rail. ‘What's this, Philip?‘ Ransom peered down intop 19 D 1965
There is, doctor!‘ His face stiff, Philip Jordan seized his aft line and jerked it loose. ‘All right, I'll find somep 22 D 1965
river, it came up behind us and cruised alongside, slightly aft of the Salammbo's funnel. Kagwa crouched in the open passengerp 130 DC 1987
from the door into the forward hold. The Filipinos slept aft in the engine-room and would hear Neil if he approachedp 54 RP 1994
to give the Malayans a share in their own government. After all, they're entitled to it." "They're not entitled to anythingp 9 VN 1951
reached that ebb somewhere round Act 3 Scene 3 just after the old farmer learns that his sons no longer respectp 12 E 1956
by the clock on the mantelpiece it was still just after 9. I went back into the hall and dialled Tomp 16 E 1956
KBC-TV, Channel 9. A girl at reception answered the phone. After haggling with her for a couple of minutes I persuadedp 18 E 1956
have been a sonic one. The noise has gone now.‘ After they'd left I cleared up the mess and had ap 3 PB 1956
a blossom he could listen to its music. Strangely though, after he went deaf he never looked at an Arachnid. Thatp 3 PB 1956
The next morning Vermilion Sands hummed. Jane created a sensation. After her performance three hundred people swore they'd seen everything fromp 6 PB 1956
and raiding my scotch. ‘What about coming out with us after the show tonight?‘ Tony asked her. ‘We can go dancingp 6 PB 1956
and Tony, of course, didn't mind. ‘She's charming,‘ Harry said, after she'd left. ‘Who cares? It's a stupid game anyway.‘ ‘Ip 7 PB 1956
burst their calyxes by the score. By the third day after Jane's arrival I'd lost two hundred dollars‘ worth of Beethovenp 7 PB 1956
it to me and I'll show you how to look after it.‘ ‘Are Tony and Harry keeping you happy?‘ I askedp 7 PB 1956
them. But I wish you could come out more often.‘ After another two weeks I had to give up. I decidedp 7 PB 1956
notes into the air. The music remained with me even after she'd gone, hanging faintly in the darkness around her chairp 10 PB 1956
carrying and started towards the rear entrance. ‘Harry!‘ I shouted after him. ‘Get back!‘ Tony held my shoulder. ‘Is Jane inp 11 PB 1956
floor and his thighs felt like slabs of inflamed rubber. After three hours of cross-questioning logic had faded. ‘The concept wasp 23 CC 1957
up. ‘Why? You've proved your theory.‘ ‘That's not what I'm after.‘ ‘I don't get you, Franz. What are you after?‘ ‘Freep 29 CC 1957
I'm after.‘ ‘I don't get you, Franz. What are you after?‘ ‘Free space.‘ ‘Free?‘ Gregson repeated. Franz nodded. ‘In both sensesp 29 CC 1957
hoses were playing on the remains of the house and after a few minutes the crowd shifted and began to thinp 31 CC 1957
I'm going to get a good night's sleep.‘ A little after midnight Avery and Gorrell were playing table-tennis in the floodlitp 52 M69 1957
But tonight Lang had opened with a new attack and after ten moves had completed his development and begun to splitp 53 M69 1957
a small ward containing three cots, was kept carefully locked.) After a few moments the face withdrew. Lang smiled at thep 53 M69 1957
fast backhand low over the net and Avery was running after the ball. ‘They seem to be okay. How about youp 54 M69 1957
you're interested I can recommend you to a good narcotomist.‘ After five o'clock they felt a gradual ebb of tonus fromp 56 M69 1957
and the subject salivates; but suddenly stop ringing the bell after a long period of conditioning and it temporarily loses thep 57 M69 1957
first two weeks, when he caught a bad head cold after sitting up all night and decided to spend the nextp 57 M69 1957
of even the most minute size anywhere on their surface. After a while his left eye began to throb painfully, andp 61 M69 1957
his legs, stood up and sauntered off across the floor. After sitting over the chessboard for half an hour he feltp 61 M69 1957
this entire circus set up for?‘ It was a little after five thirty a.m. After working hopelessly on the threep 65 M69 1957
for?‘ It was a little after five thirty a.m. After working hopelessly on the three men for a couple ofp 65 M69 1957
loses its meaning. Try saying the word "sleep" fifty times. After a point the brain's self-awareness dulls. It's no longer ablep 65 M69 1957
Low notes on a high afternoon. As we drove away after the unveiling my secretary said, ‘Mr Hamilton, I suppose youp 39 VS 1957
the look of a tamed Mona Lisa. What we saw after Raymond Mayo pulled the tape I tried not to thinkp 40 VS 1957
out against the desert like something in a vodka advertisement. After a few days I could almost ignore it. A weekp 42 VS 1957
week or so later we were out on the terrace after lunch, lounging back in the deck chairs. I was nearlyp 42 VS 1957
had been up with the statue most of the night. After Carol went to bed I drove my car on top 44 VS 1957
throwing off secondary and tertiary shoots in its turn. Shortly after midnight it began to lean and then suddenly toppled overp 44 VS 1957
start. The final judgment was not delivered until ten months after we had first unveiled the statue in the centre ofp 48 VS 1957
It looks as if we should have taken the pylon after, all,‘ I said to Carol as we left the courtroomp 48 VS 1957
paused, then tore himself from the memory. ‘Last Saturday, just after midnight, you and Susan were lying back in this samep 71 T12 1958
box and sought relief in my diaries. I wrote page after page, re-enacting in my narrative the day's events, then reachingp 98 NZ 1959
to save me from dismissal. My last lines were: ... Shortly after 2 o'clock the next afternoon, spying from his usual positionp 98 NZ 1959
placed gently between my fingers. Coming back to the office after lunch the next day I was surprised to find ap 98 NZ 1959
Jacobson died at 2.43 P.M. the next day after slashing his wrists with a razor blade in the secondp 101 NZ 1959
my ears, glowing before my eyes like jewels of Hell. After Jacobson's death -- exactly according to my instructions -- thep 101 NZ 1959
full and dispassionate account of all that had happened. Accordingly, after a considerable labour, the story was written and published inp 105 NZ 1959
faced up to. I remember that on the first evening after my arrival at Murak he asked me a question I'vep 72 WG 1959
he was referring to the desolation around us which he, after fifteen years, was leaving thanklessly to my entire care. Laterp 72 WG 1959
heaved my suitcases across the burning, lava-thick sunlight, legs weary after the massive deceleration, stumbling in the unfamiliar gravity. The gesturep 72 WG 1959
of time one can spend continuously in a single place. After that one gets institutionalized --‘ ‘Continuously?‘ I broke in. ‘You'vep 77 WG 1959
and stepped quickly through the lock. I started to shout after him: ‘Those two geologists are out there ...!‘ but the five-minutep 78 WG 1959
a little crude but the sort of tonic I needed after an overdose of Tallis. Mayer had met Talus only oncep 78 WG 1959
X‘, and I should have been off like a rocket after a geldspar mine or two mysterious graves. I was almostp 79 WG 1959
a mayday call on the Chrysler's transmitter. It was just after dawn when I gunned the half-track out of the observatoryp 79 WG 1959
Bibles? Fourteen, fifteen with this one. They ordered them all after they got here. This was the last one.‘ He pulledp 81 WG 1959
£10 note. ‘Any time you want some more,‘ he called after me. ‘Maybe I can arrange a discount.‘ He was chucklingp 81 WG 1959
depot and that it had been ordered by the geologists after their arrival. ‘According to Pickford they ordered a total ofp 81 WG 1959
to give up just before dawn on the fourth morning, after waking from a couple of hours of cramped and restlessp 82 WG 1959
me. The basin was empty, the air warmer, strangely silent after three days of the Chrysler's engine roaring inside my headp 84 WG 1959
first entries had been made roughly 2200 years earlier, shortly after the birth of Christ. However, the frequency of the entriesp 86 WG 1959
Through the windscreen I hesitantly scanned the tilting sky. Soon after reaching the basin we would have to shut down forp 87 WG 1959
they'll give you the lease.‘ ‘I'm serious, Quaine,‘ Mayer called after me. ‘In a couple of years we'd be rich menp 89 WG 1959
of the gigantic rifts that had driven through my mind. After a few minutes I pulled myself to my feet andp 93 WG 1959
to grow up; the adult world was unsynchronized and ambitionless. After his mother died he spent long days in the atticp 151 CH 1960
intervals, but this seemed barely adequate grounds for outlawing them. After all, a whole variety of timers were in general usep 152 CH 1960
refused to play, however, gave him a non-committal beta plus, after class quietly asked Conrad what had prompted the fantasy. Atp 153 CH 1960
stopped they all seized at the same moment. One minute after midnight, thirty-seven years ago.‘ The afternoon had darkened, as thep 158 CH 1960
and frosted glass. The expressway divided and pressed on westwards. After a few more miles the apartment blocks gave way top 158 CH 1960
even if it had been running off an inexhaustible battery, after thirty-seven years it could never have displayed such accuracy. Hep 162 CH 1960
the pool in the cafeteria, suppressed his hunger and shortly after midnight fell asleep in a corner behind the desk. Hep 164 CH 1960
five? They have started the clock again. It seems strange after these years.‘ And all through the day they would pausep 166 CH 1960
if they could have their watches and clocks back again. After sentence, twenty years for the murder of Stacey, five forp 167 CH 1960
sentence and made no comment when invited by the judge. After waiting trial for a year the afternoon in the courtroomp 167 CH 1960
electrically driven, moving in rigid half-minute jerks. For an hour after the warder left he watched it without a break, thenp 168 CH 1960
in the stockrooms had seen Durrant all morning, but shortly after 12 o'clock Mr Goddard spotted him hurrying down the streetp 201 LW 1960
and we agreed that you well deserve an uninterrupted rest after all these years.‘ Mr Goddard frowned. ‘But I don't wishp 205 LW 1960
without you? How can I ever repay you for looking after me?‘ The questions, whatever their sinister undertones (had he detectedp 109 SS 1960
gradually the public discovered that the silence was golden, that after leaving the radio switched to an ultrasonic channel for anp 112 SS 1960
consequently there was no need to call in the sound-sweep. After an audible performance of most symphonic music, walls and furniturep 112 SS 1960
Madame Gioconda. Driving his sound truck into the city shortly after nine the next morning, Mangon decided to postpone his firstp 113 SS 1960
the dictaphone, then began: ‘Memo 11: Ray ...‘ It was just after four o'clock when Mangon braked the sound truck in thep 118 SS 1960
the sounds you sweep? You can hear complete conversations hours after they have taken place?‘ Something about Madame Gioconda's curiosity madep 120 SS 1960
The miracle happened shortly before eleven o'clock the next morning. After breakfast, sprawled across Madame Gioconda's bed with her scrapbooks, anp 121 SS 1960
as an enormous black thundercloud. Occasionally, when super-saturation was reached after one of the summer holiday periods, the sonic pressure fieldsp 122 SS 1960
showed only a cursory interest in Mangon's meagre belongings, and after a few general remarks came to the point and wentp 124 SS 1960
at his crabbed handwriting, she gobbled them eagerly, disappointed when, after half a dozen, he lost the thread and stopped. ‘Gop 125 SS 1960
Every day he and Madame Gioconda followed the same routine; after breakfast at the studio they drove out to the stockadep 127 SS 1960
Zero?‘ Merrill pressed. ‘Let's switch the premiere to the week after.‘ ‘Paul, you're missing the point. Let me fill you inp 129 SS 1960
they would spend the future together. For half an hour after she had gone he wandered around the deserted sound stagep 131 SS 1960
the stockade had ceased. All this he accepted as inevitable; after the performance, he assured himself, after her triumph, she wouldp 132 SS 1960
he accepted as inevitable; after the performance, he assured himself, after her triumph, she would come back to him. He noticedp 132 SS 1960
hammering out the rolling phrases with tosses of her head. After a dozen bars her pace slackened, she slipped into anp 135 SS 1960
away from Merrill, pushed past into the corridor. Merrill shouted after him. ‘Mangon, help me fix this! Where are you goingp 135 SS 1960
carrying away the cement chips in a small canvas bucket. After Whitby's suicide no one had bothered about the grooves, butp 169 VT 1960
work at the Clinic and planning his own final withdrawal. After the first frantic weeks of panic he had managed top 169 VT 1960
had unwittingly made him realize the pointlessness of this course. After Powers had resigned from the Clinic he still continued top 169 VT 1960
cheek began to flicker irritatingly. He flexed his facial muscles, after a few seconds mastered it with an effort, obviously annoyedp 171 VT 1960
which the biologist described his work out in the Pacific after the H-tests. Many of them Powers knew almost by heartp 173 VT 1960
the next day at Whitby's laboratory. He had driven over after breakfast with the new specimen, eager to get it intop 174 VT 1960
was at last paying a dividend!! Waking that morning just after 6-45 -- ten minutes later than the previous day (hep 174 VT 1960
mile from Kaldren's summer house. The chalet had been closed after Whitby's suicide, and many of the experimental plants and animalsp 174 VT 1960
do no damage to the remainder of the chromosome. However, after about ten years‘ work Dr Whitby successfully developed a whole-bodyp 178 VT 1960
had noticed that there appeared to be more biological damage after the tests -- that is, a greater transport of energyp 178 VT 1960
out, the dies inscribing the protoplasmic signature have become blunted. After all, they've been running now for over a thousand millionp 181 VT 1960
remarked dryly. ‘I'll have quite a collection when we're finished.‘ After she had left he chucked the card into the wastep 183 VT 1960
He's convinced that they refused to leave the moon deliberately, after the ‘reception party‘ waiting for them had put them inp 185 VT 1960
to one elbow, glanced at his watch. It was just after eleven. For a moment his brain blurred, and he swungp 186 VT 1960
mirror cabinet he took out a syringe and an ampoule, after the shot leaned against the door waiting for the stimulantp 186 VT 1960
like lime.‘ Powers peered down, brushed at the white streaks. After Kaldren had left he threw the clothes away, took ap 186 VT 1960
jacket, watching Coma impassively. ‘It's six o'clock,‘ he told her after a few minutes. ‘I'll go and get the police. Youp 194 VT 1960
then slid the reel into his pocket beside the tape. After he had spoken to the police he turned off thep 194 VT 1960
hours later he heard Coma outside, calling up to him. After half an hour she went away, but a little laterp 194 VT 1960
as yet only dimly suspected. God, he needed the stimulants after those massive barbiturate shots Bayliss had pumped into him afterp 137 ZT 1960
after those massive barbiturate shots Bayliss had pumped into him after the attack). He tried to settle down with Kretschmer's Anp 137 ZT 1960
probably for me to get straight back to the plant. After all, there's no point in sitting around here indefinitely. Ip 138 ZT 1960
Larsen still looked back on the encounter with a shudder. After lunch on his third day at the chalet he hadp 140 ZT 1960
who had been having everything too much his own way. After laying the table in Bayliss's kitchenette and getting plenty ofp 145 ZT 1960
Larsen guffawed. The incident put him in high spirits, and after several martinis he began to feel extremely buoyant. He talkedp 146 ZT 1960
eager to get rid of him; he realized why shortly after he returned to his chalet. His pulse had quickened. Hep 146 ZT 1960
the library would call in, eager to rest their elbows after the bruising crush of the public reading room. The cubiclep 267 B 1961
and then beckoned Ward into the room, closing the door after him. ‘It's a nominal five,‘ he told Ward. ‘New regulationp 273 B 1961
gothic cathedrals, with their massive organ lofts crossing vast naves. After three weeks they both slept in the room, finding thep 275 B 1961
might fall into bad company. ‘There's always a rent freeze after a revaluation but all the landlords know about it sop 275 B 1961
we'll have to make sure they don't gossip about it.‘ After due precautions, they let the two girls into the secretp 275 B 1961
their regular calls at the cubicle. However, half an hour after they arrived neither of them had unpacked her suitcase. ‘What'sp 276 B 1961
application list and nodded grudgingly. ‘Yes, but she's just looking after her grandmother. As soon as the old girl dies Katyp 236 DE 1961
old girl dies Katy will be off like a flash. After all, there's nothing to keep her here, is there?‘ ‘Nop 236 DE 1961
over a forgotten Earth. But the grandmother died three days after the migration officer left, and the next day Katy hadp 236 DE 1961
commissioner and justice of the peace, and then set off after seeing Holliday on the next leg of his journey. Forp 236 DE 1961
absolute decisions (or, more accurately, not to make them) but after that he would have committed himself. This was the migrationp 236 DE 1961
last man on the beach who decides to stay behind after everyone else has left. Maybe you are a poet andp 238 DE 1961
the breach in the bank fifty yards away, gestured Granger after him and began to run towards it. Five minutes laterp 240 DE 1961
force the sides of the fish-pool in towards each other. After two or three hours he had narrowed the diameter fromp 240 DE 1961
asked Holliday soberly. ‘He'll be waiting for you.‘ ‘Leave here? After last night? It's out of the question.‘ Granger shook hisp 241 DE 1961
something to be done here. Earth isn't dead and exhausted after all. We can breed new forms of life, a completelyp 241 DE 1961
on to the terrace at Idle End, cool and refreshed after his shower, he watched the helicopter roar overhead, its blackp 242 DE 1961
door. ‘I'm impressed. I really am. I wish you'd look after me this way. I'm gasping for air too.‘ They werep 242 DE 1961
foyer, the noise from Oxford Street dinning in his ears. After a five-minute wait, he reached the desk, the suitcase pullingp 281 GA 1961
the Abbey ceremony, but otherwise the street was quiet. Shortly after three o'clock, when the deep droning of an organ onp 283 GA 1961
on that.‘ ‘But of course you will. I'm absolutely sure. After all, you've more or less discovered time travel.‘ The youngp 284 GA 1961
few yards away, kicked underfoot as the crowd surged sideways after the royal coach. Then it exploded. There was a blindingp 287 GA 1961
unknown assassin was, the man he had returned to kill after thirty-five years. So his attempt to alter past events hadp 288 GA 1961
Elizabeth. I'm sorry. It's been good of you to look after me. Perhaps we should call a doctor.‘ No! something screamedp 255 MF 1961
become aware of the transformation six weeks earlier, almost immediately after Elizabeth's pregnancy had been confirmed. Shaving the next morning inp 257 MF 1961
colouring. His beard, too, was lighter; normally dark and heavy after only a few hours, it yielded before the first fewp 257 MF 1961
of the stares of his colleagues around him. The day after he found he could no longer reach the reference booksp 258 MF 1961
had degenerated into a piping treble, Freeman shook his head. After she had gone, however, he pulled off the heavy dressingp 260 MF 1961
on the spot. Fortunately, Elizabeth left him alone. Once, just after lunch, two men arrived in a van from the departmentp 260 MF 1961
easily fell asleep -- he had begun to feel tired after lunch -- and woke two hours later to find thatp 260 MF 1961
wide eyes. Dimly he remembered snapshots of his own childhood. After breakfast, when Elizabeth was out in the garden, he creptp 260 MF 1961
shirts and socks, and wrapped them away inside a sheet. After she had carried everything out she returned and stripped thep 263 MF 1961
felt fresh and alert, but his energy faded rapidly and after each meal an overwhelming lethargy closed his eyes like ap 263 MF 1961
effort of standing upright on his buckling legs tired him after a few minutes. His power of speech had vanished. Allp 264 MF 1961
Utah Beach.‘ THE OVERLOADED MAN Faulkner was slowly going insane. After breakfast he waited impatiently in the lounge while his wifep 244 OM 1961
their meaning, the abstract masses of colour dissolving, drawing Faulkner after them into a world of pure psychic sensation, where blocksp 249 OM 1961
place. His wife reached home at 6.00, tired out after a busy intake day, annoyed to find Faulkner ambling aboutp 249 OM 1961
his eyes wander around the room when she looked up. After supper, thankfully, there was television. Dusk blanked out the otherp 250 OM 1961
her chair he moved his hands up behind his neck. After a few discretionary grunts, he slid his fingers into hisp 250 OM 1961
away from him, then quietly replaced it in the cradle. After a pause he took it off again and laid itp 252 OM 1961
face of the villa like a vivid cerise bougainvillaea. Once, after I had been to Red Beach for three days, Ip 208 S5 1961
can remember clearly howl found the first of her poems. After dinner one evening I was resting on the terrace --p 209 S5 1961
view to seeing her in person. On this last occasion, after a dying ray had plummeted out of the sky andp 209 S5 1961
half-a-dozen of the jewels, and was about to call out after her disappearing figure when I felt something wet in myp 212 S5 1961
dew. I found out who she was the next day. After breakfast I was in the bar when I saw thep 212 S5 1961
the top step, closing my eyes as my brain swam. After a few seconds my head cleared again. Leaning on myp 219 S5 1961
for her?‘ ‘Good,‘ Aurora told me. ‘You're not completely illiterate, after all. Yes, the court poets found that they had lostp 221 S5 1961
last. ‘No one writes verse any more. Let's face it. After all, do you or I?‘ Tony pointed to the notebookp 225 S5 1961
you should find it interesting.‘ He was right. Five minutes after I opened his parcel the next morning I knew hep 225 S5 1961
smooth them out. He's got his set there working away after all.‘ ‘What are you going to do?‘ Tony asked. ‘He'llp 226 S5 1961
waited. Nothing came the next morning, and nothing the morning after that. Luckily, however, Aurora wasn't in the least surprised; inp 227 S5 1961
their relationship, but to be truthful I cared very little after the initial disappointment had worn off. The beach fatigue fromp 228 S5 1961
senses insidiously, blunting despair and hope alike. When, three days after their first meeting, Aurora and Tristram suggested that we allp 228 S5 1961
the thousands, scores of double mambas sleek with off-season hibernation. After we had settled ourselves under the awnings Raymond and Tristramp 228 S5 1961
over and scooped it into the net, where it revived after a few seconds, threshed its black triangular wings helplessly andp 229 S5 1961
writhing rays, he looked like a figure from Hieronymus Bosch. After exchanging a few words with Raymond and Tony I turnedp 229 S5 1961
through the fault -- The escape route had been open after all! Astonished, I realized that Aurora had deliberately told Tristramp 231 S5 1961
the motionless body of Tristram. Then they hurried away. Racing after them, I began to shout at the top of myp 231 S5 1961
you killed.‘ Tristram shrugged. ‘Don't look so shocked, old boy. After all, poetry is a serious business.‘ Raymond and Tony Sapphirep 232 S5 1961
it yourself. Remember the prophecy. Perhaps it will come true. After all, Aurora thinks I'm dead.‘ I cursed him roundly. ‘Ifp 233 S5 1961
Do you know what this is going to cost me?‘ After he had gone I went into the study and addedp 233 S5 1961
Day. I was musing over it when I stood up after the last call. It was 12.45, and I shouldp 233 S5 1961
as he rode back in the taxi from London Airport, after waiting a fruitless forty-eight hours for his Pan-American flight top 7 WFN 1961
Vet, an enormous South African footballer who had doggedly trailed after Susan during a tour live years earlier, had collapsed againstp 11 WFN 1961
during a tour live years earlier, had collapsed against it after a party. Blessing de Vet for his foresight, Maitland bentp 11 WFN 1961
other of her beaux. Most of them were tossed aside after a few weeks. For two or three years they hadp 13 WFN 1961
While the taxi was coming he phoned London Airport, and after a long wait was told that all flights had beenp 16 WFN 1961
himself to the rhythmic rise and fall of the submarine. After the three-day crossing of the Mediterranean, at a steady, comfortablep 26 WFN 1961
However, presumably some debt of honour was being paid off. After three years as NATO Supreme Commander, Van Damm was duep 28 WFN 1961
and glanced at himself in the mirror, straightening his uniform. After putting on his cap, he opened the door. ‘Let's gop 29 WFN 1961
turned to leave the nave and the big Italian ran after him and seized his shoulder, his face contorted with angerp 36 WFN 1961
himself to a shot of whiskey. ‘So he was dead after the crash?‘ ‘He was dead before the crash. Van Dammp 39 WFN 1961
steady five mph a day, by the latest estimates 117. After the initial period of inaction at last some organized attemptp 40 WFN 1961
built, they're probably O.K. up to about 150 mph. After that it looks as if we'll really have to holdp 43 WFN 1961
then massaged his pallid face, heavily bruised and barely recognizable after being dragged across the rough farmland. For a few fruitlessp 47 WFN 1961
Are you strong enough to make it?‘ She nodded weakly. After a moment's rest they darted forward across the clipped turfp 47 WFN 1961
her baby within a fortnight at the outside -- usually after she was asleep. Along with the wives and families ofp 52 WFN 1961
surge through her. On the way back to Marshall's office after the meeting closed, they met Symington, carrying a teletype memop 57 WFN 1961
the original mounting six-inch-thick perspex window pieces had been fastened. After helping Deborah into the truck, Marshall followed, swinging himself upp 61 WFN 1961
extricate themselves and most of their luggage, but five minutes after they retreated to the adjacent building the barracks toppled inp 76 WFN 1961
into one of the half-tracked personnel carriers and climbed in after it, there were only a dozen men left in thep 78 WFN 1961
him; an RAF flight sergeant and a young signals corporal. After a long wait the engines roared out and they edgedp 78 WFN 1961
Gradually it slid helplessly down the incline, pulling the Centurion after it. Finally it rooted itself immovably. The driver raced hisp 80 WFN 1961
he pulled himself in, then helped the others who came after him. When they were all inside they saw the Centurionp 81 WFN 1961
to the signals unit set up in the ticket booth. After the deserted, darkened streets, the station was a blaze ofp 81 WFN 1961
till they located the two signallers operating the radio transmitter. After five minutes they contacted the Hammersmith control point and confirmedp 82 WFN 1961
swirl around him in the thin beam of the torch. After a few minutes he edged forward carefully. The quake hadp 88 WFN 1961
exhausted. They had arrived at the pillbox two days ago, after a frantic 90-mile-an-hour ride in a renovated staff car. Herep 93 WFN 1961
face. ‘Crumbs, I don't know whether I'll come with you after all.‘ She paused, her face worried. ‘Steve, do you reallyp 95 WFN 1961
on? I know you're the captain and all that, but after the admirals‘ wives have made themselves comfortable there just mayp 95 WFN 1961
Pat,‘ he whispered. ‘Try not to move. Someone came in after us through the grain store. I'll see if I canp 99 WFN 1961
to the map. ‘We take you,‘ he said to Lanyon after he and Luigi had muttered softly to each other. ‘Butp 104 WFN 1961
would be of any immediate use was the printing press. After this holocaust the reassembling bureaucracies of the world would havep 106 WFN 1961
and he gave her an encouraging smile. Together they moved after Luigi as he climbed down a narrow spiral stairway thatp 107 WFN 1961
the Terrapin! Paul Matheson waited while Lanyon towelled himself down after the shower and climbed into a clean uniform. ‘We're allp 112 WFN 1961
and deep shelters to have had any time to look after her appearance, attractive as she had once been (Marshall hadp 118 WFN 1961
the airfield. They're O.K. there for three weeks, but after that there'll have to be a general election.‘ A wryp 118 WFN 1961
a perfect team and hates to see it disbanded even after it's outlived its purpose. He gave them all a widep 119 WFN 1961
the problem?‘ Marshall backed sideways into the office, drawing Symington after him. Kroll was behind the door. ‘Sorry to bother youp 130 WFN 1961
shoulder holster. Thumbing off the safety catch, he moved forward after Kroll. Kroll's helmeted head had just disappeared down the shortp 131 WFN 1961
shave-and-a-haircut, shampoo‘ rhythm of childhood. Two hours later, several eternities after the battery had exhausted itself, he heard an answering shoutp 140 WFN 1961
battery had exhausted itself, he heard an answering shout below. After 6 o'clock the lounge would begin to fill. One ofp 140 WFN 1961
stream. Thank God for the Underground system.‘ Maitland echoed this. After his rescue at Knightsbridge he had been astounded by thep 142 WFN 1961
shrewdness,‘ he said quietly. ‘But I hope we can look after ourselves if we have to.‘ ‘Well, we can't,‘ Avery scoffedp 143 WFN 1961
in the best possible company. Marshall knows how to look after himself.‘ He talked to her for a few minutes andp 145 WFN 1961
words. ‘We're just passing through Biggin Hill,‘ he told them after they had been under way for half an hour. ‘Usedp 150 WFN 1961
be an RAF base here, but it was flooded out after the east wall of the main shelter collapsed. About fivep 150 WFN 1961
he added: ‘Looks as if Pat may get a story after all.‘ They followed the signal, steadily increasing in strength, towardp 155 WFN 1961
its surface. ‘Looks as if this isn't an approach road after all,‘ Halliday commented. ‘No entrance bays or locks. We'll havep 157 WFN 1961
half asleep, drugged by the carbon-monoxide fumes. Waking some time after midnight, Maitland stirred, trying to return to sleep, then layp 172 WFN 1961
the stairway. Lanyon steadied himself, then helped Patricia Olsen through after him, followed by Waring and Maitland. As they left thep 174 WFN 1961
THIRTEEN TO CENTAURUS Abel knew. Three months earlier, just after his sixteenth birthday, he had guessed, but had been toop 321 13C 1962
tests and homework. ‘Abel, what's the matter?‘ Zenna Peters called after him as he wandered off to the empty store-room onp 321 13C 1962
tried to read the entire phrase. Conditioning was too strong. After he trapped her in the store-room Zenna had been ablep 321 13C 1962
thought. When did you first start thinking along these lines?‘ ‘After the dream,‘ Abel said. Dr Francis had deliberately sidestepped hisp 322 13C 1962
about 800 tons, and that's not allowing for any supplies after planet-fall. There should be at least 1,500 tons aboardp 331 13C 1962
be moving down to C-Deck, so if you come in after me they'll all know. Believe me, I won't try top 335 13C 1962
on the desk and he would have to start afresh. After a few hours the buzzer rasped out every ten secondsp 335 13C 1962
on anyone making an unauthorized entry into the space simulator. After resting for an hour or so, he left his cabinp 337 13C 1962
Francis panicked, wondering whether Short had decided to come in after him -- the reading, although meaningless, indicated that a breachp 337 13C 1962
for his ‘Boy, what a ride,‘ Major Titov's dreamless sleep after the first night in space was the biggest let-down sincep 196 UGM 1962
eclectic pastime, its few magazines sustained by opportunist editorial swerves after the latest popular-science fad. Rejecting this view, however, and believingp 197 UGM 1962
now reached up to within two feet of Bridgman's balcony. After the next sandstorm he would be forced yet again top 355 CS 1962
of some long-delayed tourist arriving at a ghost resort years after its extinction. ‘Bridgman, are you coming?‘ When the latter stillp 355 CS 1962
about five yards wide and weighed over three hundred pounds. After he had snapped the lines of rivets, dragged the sectionsp 356 CS 1962
the few years he had at his disposal. Later, shortly after Louise Woodward's arrival, he had thought of dismantling one ofp 357 CS 1962
nearby hotels. Initially Bridgman often joined their nocturnal vigil, but after a few nights he began to feel something repellent, ifp 359 CS 1962
courted by magazine columnists and TV reporters. For fifteen years after his death -- Woodward had been killed testing a newp 359 CS 1962
bay. Travis's real motives were probably more complex. To Bridgman, after they had known each other for a couple of yearsp 359 CS 1962
seemed to have reached his own decision about himself. Night after night, he watched the brilliant funerary convoy weave its gildedp 360 CS 1962
as the chief architect of a big space development company after the large government contract on which the firm depended, forp 360 CS 1962
moon-dust, then waded up to the firmer ground, pulling Louise after him. They climbed through a breach in the tilting palisadesp 363 CS 1962
in a hollow between two dunes, with a laugh stumbled after Bridgman as he raced through the dips and saddles. Thep 363 CS 1962
down with flame-throwers. The virus would be a sufficient excuse. After all, we three are probably the only reservoirs left onp 365 CS 1962
Louise Woodward, peering impatiently into the empty moon-filled streets. Shortly after midnight, at an elevation of 35 degrees in the south-westp 368 CS 1962
at her husband he had never been able to understand. After her arrival he once invited her to the hotel, remarkingp 369 CS 1962
been a common one when the first astronauts had died after failing to make contact with the launching platforms in fixedp 369 CS 1962
the Martian sand, in a sense Merril had reached Mars after all. ‘Damn it!‘ he cried exultantly to himself as thep 372 CS 1962
the madonnas he had seen in the Louvre two days after his release, when he had run from the filthy prisonp 290 IO 1962
The analysis had failed tragically when the clinic was raided; after her death a lavish show trial (making endless play ofp 291 IO 1962
a motel here. I'll pick you up in the morning.‘ After they had gone to their rooms he sneaked back top 292 IO 1962
forlornly up and down the verandas, whispering out his name. After breakfast he came back from the sea, found a bigp 292 IO 1962
been had he personally handed the razor blade to her. After Libya, Tunis. He blazed steadily along the coast road, thep 293 IO 1962
offered.‘ ‘Dangerous. Of course you were right,‘ Philip assured him. ‘After the last three years who could argue otherwise?‘ Gregory lookedp 293 IO 1962
not criminal proceedings. My father killed himself five years ago after Bortman had him thrown out of the Bar Association.‘ Gregoryp 295 IO 1962
It was never entered. Some World Bureau investigators saw me after I started to be a nuisance and suggested I leavep 295 IO 1962
out on the balcony, jack-knifed over the edge. Gregory dived after him, kicked away his feet and tried to pull himp 295 IO 1962
to your problem. It was the stroke your mother suffered after your father's death that made you realize the guilt youp 296 IO 1962
forward out of his hand. Gregory ran through the dust after it, stumbling over half-buried stones, realizing helplessly that when theyp 296 IO 1962
floor. ‘Let's go, then,‘ Vansittart walked on ahead, beckoning Forbis after him. Together they climbed up to the final doorway, andp 409 M99 1962
slid him on to the ledge, straightening his legs one after the other. Vansittart stirred helplessly, head lolling from side top 410 M99 1962
for the psychology professorship, remembered the long sessions of hypnosis after Fowler had picked him up in a bar three monthsp 410 M99 1962
with an anxious laugh. ‘You're being absurd.‘ ‘No, I'm not. After all, Harold Kharkov and his wife haven't got a play-boyp 342 PE 1962
Clifford's personal assistant, came over to the Gorrells‘ villa immediately after lunch. He was a brisk, polished young man, barely controllingp 343 PE 1962
balustrade. ‘Now tell me more about these Canopan prayerbeds ...‘ When, after two days, Tony reported back to the Gorrells he lookedp 346 PE 1962
No,‘ Tony groaned, sinking down on a sofa. ‘Margot, please, after all the trouble I've gone to.‘ ‘Yes, definitely that onep 351 PE 1962
They must be Arco's!‘ Tony shouted. ‘The police will look after them, but wait until the extra-sensory gang take over!‘ Crouchingp 351 PE 1962
about switching it on?‘ Stamers stepped around me and headed after Fay. ‘You'll want to see the kitchen first, Mr Talbotp 309 TDS 1962
dropped her. Later she briefly reappeared on a narcotics charge after a car smash, and then disappeared into a limbo ofp 312 TDS 1962
feminine wills. A major problem of psychotropic houses is that after several months one has to increase the volume to getp 312 TDS 1962
her point of view, more dangerous quarter of the past. After doing her best to put up with them she madep 313 TDS 1962
to pulse and knot for over half an hour, long after my own irritation had faded and I was sitting upp 314 TDS 1962
but later that evening, when I went into Fay's bedroom after I heard her crying, I noticed it again. Fay hadp 315 TDS 1962
mood set off by my own anger, it persisted long after the original cue. I followed it into the corridor asp 315 TDS 1962
east to stay with her sister. Callously, my first reaction, after the initial twinge of indignation, was sheer relief. I stillp 316 TDS 1962
at her trial, should have known better. A few days after Fay left I became aware that the house had takenp 316 TDS 1962
Tremayne in full flight. Starr's black and menacing personality crowded after the tenuous but increasingly resilient quintessence of his wife. Thisp 316 TDS 1962
it was, I'm sure, an act of self-defence. Two months after she went east Fay filed a divorce suit against mep 317 TDS 1962
ramming the car into the garage on the third pass after wrecking both auto-doors. My keys jammed in the door lockp 317 TDS 1962
the walls literally blue with a salvo of epithets. Shortly after three o'clock I fell asleep, the house revolving around mep 317 TDS 1962
suffocating as it duplicated the expiring breaths of Vanden Starr after he had been shot. The tremendous spasm had been hisp 318 TDS 1962
of awe and bewilderment on his face. It was just after six o'clock. The last of the three police cars hadp 319 TDS 1962
be too hot. Looking out from the hotel balcony shortly after eight o'clock, Kerans watched the sun rise behind the densep 7 DW 1962
long splendid history. He had commandeered the Ritz the day after their arrival, eager to exchange his cramped cabin among thep 9 DW 1962
don't think I'll be able to help you this morning after all. Something rather urgent has come up.‘ He noticed Riggsp 15 DW 1962
Right. I saw her last night, and again this morning after the news came through. You'll have to convince her, Robertp 15 DW 1962
and Riggs moved slowly northward across Europe, leaving one city after another, the miasmic vegetation swamping the narrow canals and crowdingp 19 DW 1962
pulling out for good. We can't very well stay on after he's gone.‘ ‘We?‘ she repeated dryly. ‘I didn't know therep 26 DW 1962
going to get you a drink, if that's what you're after. I think you men only come up here to boozep 27 DW 1962
a terre, and Beatrice's home since her parents‘ death shortly after her birth. She had been brought up under the supervisionp 28 DW 1962
wealth Kerans had never established; when he asked Beatrice, shortly after he and Riggs stumbled upon her penthouse eyrie, she repliedp 29 DW 1962
sink one of the office buildings into the exit creek after Riggs had left, blocking any attempt to return -- hep 33 DW 1962
often, from Beatrice Dahl's apartment, Kerans would watch him long after midnight standing in the moonlight beside the helicopter on thep 34 DW 1962
difficult, all you have to do is re-set both alarms after each twelve-hour cycle. They'll wake you once every ten minutesp 36 DW 1962
were dry within a few seconds. Although it was well after o'clock, the sun filled the sky, turning it into anp 39 DW 1962
other, had become closer to that of observer and subject. After a pause Bodkin glanced away at the program charts, andp 40 DW 1962
small marmoset caged in a converted fume cupboard. ‘Though obviously after two or three hundred million years Homo sapiens might wellp 41 DW 1962
was to understand fully only much later, Lieutenant Hardman disappeared. After a night of deep, dreamless sleep Kerans rose early andp 46 DW 1962
at the most there was a bare three months‘ stock. After that they would have to live off the land, switchp 47 DW 1962
make even a nominal concession to the hazards facing him after Riggs‘ departure. At first he assumed that this reflected ap 47 DW 1962
the gap between the two closed, like curtains drawing together after the end of a play, Kerans stood in the sternp 48 DW 1962
he had almost certainly left the previous evening, probably soon after the final ward-roll at 9-30. None of the smaller scowsp 53 DW 1962
the tell-tale signs of a camouflaged raft or make-shift hut. After twenty minutes, however, and a dozen careful sweeps of thep 57 DW 1962
He must have taken a spare bed from the sick-bay after ward-roll.‘ ‘Good.‘ Rubbing his hands together with pleasure, Riggs steppedp 58 DW 1962
Pursued by the ascending roar of the helicopter, they raced after Hardman, Riggs and Kerans helping the injured Wilson, stumbling inp 64 DW 1962
the alley-way, Macready and Caldwell twenty yards behind him. ‘Keep after him, Sergeant!‘ Riggs bellowed when Macready paused to wait forp 65 DW 1962
themselves slowly with their forage caps. Ten minutes later, shortly after noon, he looked up at the square. Completely obscured byp 66 DW 1962
voices filled Kerans with a dull fear that persisted even after the cutter's arrival and their return journey to the basep 68 DW 1962
moved down the corridor to the galley. It was shortly after 6 a.m. and the testing station stirred with ap 70 DW 1962
total biopsychic recall. We really remember these swamps and lagoons. After a few nights you won't be frightened of the dreamsp 72 DW 1962
a worker bee about to return to the home nest. After a few minutes he ignored the Colonel completely and listenedp 73 DW 1962
it calmly. ‘Do you know where we are?‘ he asked after a pause. ‘The name of this city?‘ When Kerans shookp 74 DW 1962
my age all you have are the memories of memories. After we left here our existence became completely nomadic, and inp 74 DW 1962
one of the cabins went on, then flicked off again after a few moments. Kerans seized the boathook on the deckp 76 DW 1962
the Ritz in the furthest of the three central lagoons. After a futile attempt to re-float the station, Riggs had setp 78 DW 1962
the thermo-alarm he wore next to his wristwatch. It was after 3-30, but the temperature was still a hundred and tenp 78 DW 1962
enervating humidity made it almost impossible to leave the hotel after ten o'clock in the morning; the lagoons and the junglep 82 DW 1962
spider raced around its prows. It was a few minutes after seven o'clock, and the temperature was only eighty degrees, comparativelyp 84 DW 1962
the huge fern trees and calamites were flung down one after the other, their branches waving as they fell like vanquishedp 85 DW 1962
the horse-tails and a few drifting spars of the catamaran. After half an hour, and a few minor duels with thep 86 DW 1962
to leave?‘ Kerans hesitated, wondering whether to invent a date. After waiting an hour for Strangman to change, he had offeredp 90 DW 1962
Kerans turned to leave the hold. In annoyance Strangman rushed after him, pressed the palm of his hand in Kerans‘ backp 94 DW 1962
but the real centre of his consciousness was elsewhere. Curiously, after his initial irritation, Strangman had developed a sneaking liking forp 95 DW 1962
waited patiently for the coming of the rain. It was after the diving party arranged by Strangman that Kerans first realisedp 96 DW 1962
million years, they're among the oldest creatures on the planet.‘ After the animal had been dispatched he still stood elatedly byp 99 DW 1962
themselves across the dome by the cracks in the surface. After their return a third sailor descended, with suit and linep 99 DW 1962
cocktail. ‘Don't go down for too long, Robert,‘ Bodkin called after him. ‘The temperature of the water will be high, atp 102 DW 1962
Clumping slowly to the rail, the sailors carrying the lines after him, Kerans paused to wave cumbersomely to Beatrice and Drp 102 DW 1962
slowly towards the slack green water below. It was shortly after eight o'clock and the sun shone directly on to thep 102 DW 1962
began to return to the control room, dragging the air-line after him. As he reached the panel door he felt thep 107 DW 1962
skin divers (perhaps he had counted on them setting out after him when the telephone cable was disconnected) he would certainlyp 111 DW 1962
an effort pulled himself off the bed. It was already after 7-30, an hour later than he had woken a monthp 112 DW 1962
see --‘ ‘Good. I'm getting a little impatient, Strangman.‘ ‘What, after thirty million years you can't wait five minutes? I'm obviouslyp 117 DW 1962
jacket and with an exultant shout began to fire salvo after salvo of coloured star-shells into the air overhead. ‘The Balladp 122 DW 1962
sidewalk, tail whipping slowly, jaws flexing, and Kerans pulled Beatrice after him. They broke into a run and had covered tenp 126 DW 1962
time locked fast to the empty streets and gutted buildings. After his first surprise at seeing the drained lagoon he beganp 127 DW 1962
like a troupe of lunatic waiters at a dervish carnival. After the initial abandon, the looting began to take on ap 128 DW 1962
private reasons, Strangman was solely interested in objets d'art, and after a careful reconnaissance identified one of the city's principal museumsp 129 DW 1962
near her, within her orbit of protection, and the evening after Bodkin's disappearance leaned across the cushions to say: ‘Alan's gonep 129 DW 1962
along the barrage. Kerans jumped to his feet and ran after the others. As he reached the perimeter wall star-shells werep 131 DW 1962
Whipping on the cries of his followers, he set out after Bodkin as he scaled his way painfully up the pontoonp 131 DW 1962
for Beatrice. He had not seen her since his capture after Bodkin's death, and assumed that Strangman had locked her awayp 136 DW 1962
had locked her away within the depot ship. At last, after the exploding night with its bravura of drums and star-shellsp 136 DW 1962
Immediately afterwards he sank off into a profound torpor, waking after dusk just before the night's festivities were to begin. Thenp 137 DW 1962
outing, Strangman began to shout and brandish his flare pistol, after a short scrimmage made them reverse the direction of thep 139 DW 1962
shafts, unaware of their direction, raced along the street, panting after Strangman and the Admiral, Big Caesar pursuing them with ap 139 DW 1962
pistol and ran away down the street, beckoning the others after him. With a chorus of jeers and shouts, the packp 140 DW 1962
the afternoon heat mists lay across the plastic floors, and after climbing the central stairwell Kerans lay down and bathed hisp 141 DW 1962
liquid, slowly soothing his wounded wrists. No search party came after him. Rather than concede complete defeat -- the only interpretationp 142 DW 1962
and retired to a service cubicle behind the elevator shaft. After wedging the door with a few lengths of rusty banisterp 142 DW 1962
scent of perfume and the brocaded rustle of her gown. After the violence and filth of the past days he feltp 148 DW 1962
others on. As the long knives lanced through the air after him Kerans turned and raced around the paddle, trying top 151 DW 1962
hydroplane in the central lagoon. The unit had arrived shortly after midnight, and a reconnaissance patrol reached the testing station onp 153 DW 1962
or sensible enough not to press the matter so soon after Kerans‘ ordeal. He pointed to the streets below glowering inp 154 DW 1962
door, part of the damage gratuitously inflicted on the station after Bodkin's death. Most of the mess had been cleaned upp 154 DW 1962
able to do nothing. He's a clever fellow.‘ Tired out after only three hours‘ sleep, Kerans leaned against the window, smilingp 155 DW 1962
nightmare world that's dead and finished, Strangman's resurrecting a corpse! After two or three days here you'll --‘ Riggs swung awayp 156 DW 1962
the terrace. Reaching the corner as Riggs and Daley shouted after her, she sank down on her knees beside Kerans. ‘Robertp 161 DW 1962
sphere he had known during the previous days. At times, after he had dropped one burden, he would totter down intop 165 DW 1962
a special exhibition of sonic sculpture for the tourists. Shortly after we opened one morning I was sitting inside my largep 395 TSS 1962
failure to register photogenically. By a macabre twist of fate, after a major car accident had severely injured her face shep 396 TSS 1962
it, the music enveloping her like an overflowing fountain. Shortly after two o'clock it died down and I saw her atp 401 TSS 1962
sounds of her breathing. Three times I visited Lunora's house after midnight, taking with me another spool of tape, another love-songp 402 TSS 1962
one of the spires and watched Lunora on the terrace after dinner. She lay on a couch before the statue, andp 402 TSS 1962
lay on a couch before the statue, and until long after midnight it played to her, endlessly singing. Its voice wasp 402 TSS 1962
the disturbed occupants of a zoo settling down with difficulty after a storm. Even Mme Charcot looked worn and tense. Atp 402 TSS 1962
drove along the beach road towards the summer-house one evening after Nevers told me that they had gone. The house wasp 403 TSS 1962
next day. When they tired of hanging around the hotel after breakfast he and Hanson went down to the Town Hallp 375 WT 1962
whether the Council would altogether approve.‘ ‘I'm sure they wouldn't.‘ After Hanson had left he remained at the table and returnedp 377 WT 1962
the houses in this road? I'd be able to look after you then.‘ Renthall glanced up at her sardonically. ‘Perhaps Ip 379 WT 1962
no doubt we'll get it. Are you up to looking after the catering?‘ Mulvaney's sallow face watched Renthall sceptically. ‘Of coursep 380 WT 1962
to take all those seats out, if that's what you're after.‘ ‘Not the cinema. Though we could use the bar andp 382 WT 1962
so, Mr Renthall. No doubt you understand what you're doing.‘ After he had gone Renthall drew the blinds over the windowp 385 WT 1962
would be a full attendance at the meeting that afternoon. After lunch he retired to his room, made a desultory attemptp 385 WT 1962
at his watch, cursed when he saw that it was after a quarter past two. The Town Hall was a goodp 386 WT 1962
fingers contemptuously at the air. ‘So they've had second thoughts after all. Discretion is the better part of valour.‘ Smiling broadlyp 386 WT 1962
his watch. ‘Twelve-thirty-one. I'll see you in a few minutes.‘ After Hanson had gone Renthall sat on the bed, his couragep 390 WT 1962
breath. ‘Charles, what on earth is going on? Is someone after you? You look terrible, my dear. Your face --‘ ‘Neverp 392 WT 1962
front door, fifty yards from the house heard her call after him, turned quickly into a side road and hurried towardsp 393 WT 1962
you mean?‘ ‘This is the merry-go-round. And you're driving.‘ END-GAME After his trial they gave Constantin a villa, an allowance andp 504 EG 1963
the lounge in one of the faded armchairs, watching Constantin. After a week Constantin tired of reading the old novels inp 504 EG 1963
father, the priest at the seminary he had seen hanged after the revolution, the first senior commissars, the party secretaries atp 505 EG 1963
another obsession, the need to know: when? In the weeks after the trial and sentence he had remained in a curiouslyp 505 EG 1963
don't merely know in a general sense -- for example, after receiving an instruction from so-and-so -- but you know specificallyp 506 EG 1963
condemned man's crimes might well provoke an agonized reappraisal and, after the execution of the sentence, a submerged sense of guiltp 507 EG 1963
The Prosecutor-General advised you to make your final arrangements immediately after the trial.‘ ‘But what does that mean?‘ Constantin asked, pitchingp 510 EG 1963
of Malek always before him. Every morning, when he woke after two or three hours of sleep to find his consciousnessp 513 EG 1963
tread like that of a hangman descending from his gallows. After breakfast Constantin would challenge Malek to a game of chessp 513 EG 1963
Constantin would challenge Malek to a game of chess, but after a few moves would begin to play wildly, throwing piecesp 513 EG 1963
simply a means of passing the unending days. Six weeks after they had first begun to play chess, Constantin more byp 513 EG 1963
a move, not halfway through it.‘ ‘Very well.‘ Malek hesitated, after a further glance at his watch. He climbed to hisp 514 EG 1963
as they played their usual morning board some two weeks after the incident on the veranda. ‘Far from it. But thep 517 EG 1963
first concession to him -- but it failed to materialize. After one palpably lame excuse Malek merely ignored his further remindersp 518 EG 1963
really most extraordinary,‘ he told Malek almost exactly two months after his arrival at the villa. ‘Everyone else is satisfied withp 519 EG 1963
Mellinger from raising the general alarm during the first hours after Hinton's disappearance, when some doubt still remained whether the latterp 522 MO 1963
admitted for observation -- the door was not unlocked. Shortly after nine o'clock I decided to visit the patient --‘ ‘Whyp 523 MO 1963
brief moment Dr Mellinger gazed abstractedly at the file. Then, after a discreet glance into the corridor, he slipped it underp 525 MO 1963
hare?‘ ‘Sir --?‘ ‘Is it in fact Hinton we are after? I wonder, perhaps, whether the search for Hinton is obscuringp 526 MO 1963
hand on her heart and swear that Hinton really existed.‘ After Booth had made his exit, Dr Mellinger returned to hisp 528 MO 1963
was already convinced of their absolute validity. He recognized that after its nightly withdrawal the water failed to leave any markp 474 NWS 1963
The next morning he told Miriam: ‘It was a dream, after all. I think the sea has gone now. Anyway, Ip 476 NWS 1963
held up her hand. ‘I insist. I feel all right after last night, and I want to drive this thing awayp 476 NWS 1963
It sounded very old and blind, like something waking again after millions of years.‘ On his way to the library, Masonp 476 NWS 1963
the sounds of the sea booming in its hurtling darkness. After listening to the policeman's description, Professor Goodhart shook his headp 478 NWS 1963
induced by the tepid beer he and Pereira had shared after lunch. This first encounter with the jungle had disappointed Connollyp 435 QR 1963
his time ferrying UN investigators up and down the rivers after their confounded lost space capsule like so many tourists inp 436 QR 1963
to remind Pereira that the successful landing on the Moon, after some half-dozen fatal attempts -- at least three of thep 436 QR 1963
for mankind, and that the failure to find the astronaut after his return might induce unassuageable feelings of guilt and inadequacyp 436 QR 1963
the self-proclaimed world citizen who at the age of forty-two, after a life spent venting his spleen on civilization and itsp 438 QR 1963
do represent a certain form of untamed, natural existence, which after all made us what we are. The hazards facing themp 438 QR 1963
like an enormous bird over the canopy of leaves. Then, after drinking a can of Pereira's beer, he excused himself andp 438 QR 1963
the parcel containing the cabinet clock and began to stroll after Ryker towards the bungalow at the end of the jettyp 443 QR 1963
they were about to climb into the launch he came after them. Now and then glancing over his shoulder at thep 446 QR 1963
that it's strange. Perhaps a little investigation would be worthwhile after all.‘ After a cool jungle night in the air-conditioned cabinp 447 QR 1963
strange. Perhaps a little investigation would be worthwhile after all.‘ After a cool jungle night in the air-conditioned cabin, the nextp 448 QR 1963
their visit, when Connolly accidentally lost himself in the forest. After breakfast Connolly sat under the awning on the deck ofp 449 QR 1963
would set off in high spirits and then lose interest after a few miles, returning dispiritedly to the campong in smallp 449 QR 1963
rise. Ryker's behaviour the previous evening had been curious. Shortly after dusk, when the sunset sank into the western forest, bathingp 449 QR 1963
a moment I almost believed they were preparing an attack.‘ After waiting half an hour, Connolly climbed up on to thep 449 QR 1963
lost its potency. Uneasily, Connolly returned to the launch. Shortly after 3 a.m. they were wakened in their bunks byp 449 QR 1963
and vividly coloured cajus with their astringent delicately flavoured juice. After spitting away the pith, he searched for a way outp 450 QR 1963
the opportunity to unlatch his monitors and wipe the dials. After ten minutes no one had appeared. Feeling slightly demoralized, andp 450 QR 1963
counters of the monitor. The six meters were swinging wildly after the stampede across the clearing, and the Indians craned forwardp 451 QR 1963
the Captain stared fixedly at Connolly ‘ -- in certain circumstances, after a fertility ceremonial, for example, they will eat human fleshp 452 QR 1963
trees leaning across the jungle paths radiating from the campong. After only two days the jungle had begun to invest hisp 453 QR 1963
Indians on their midnight romp through the forest. Once again, after dusk, the same ritual silence descended over the campong, andp 453 QR 1963
ormolu clock had been locked away in the mahogany dresser. After testing the doors, which had been secured with a stoutp 454 QR 1963
of the eighty or so pages was covered with column after column of finely printed numerals and tabular material. Curious, Connollyp 454 QR 1963
Wait a minute, boy. Let's have another look at that.‘ After a pause the pantomime was repeated, but the youth wasp 456 QR 1963
youth, who instantly dropped the instrument, his barter achieved, and after a delighted yodel turned and darted off among the treesp 456 QR 1963
sat down on the rail, and pointed to the manual. ‘After all, he had no choice. Without that his existence herep 457 QR 1963
satellite, but sooner or later they would have become impatient. After the Goliath crashed, of course, they were prepared to gop 457 QR 1963
was a polite silence on the subject of his work; after eleven years this attitude had barely changed, although the exigenciesp 428 RE 1963
the sunlight. The almost complete absence of noise and movement, after the long hours of festering motion, seemed strange and uncannyp 431 RE 1963
work their magic. ‘What is going on?‘ Pelham asked, when after several minutes there was no indication of movement from thep 432 RE 1963
He decided to take a brisk walk across Hampstead Heath after lunch, returning in time to tidy everything away before Judithp 530 SA 1963
his eyes from the weak sunlight which crossed the Heath. After a few minutes the attack subsided slightly, leaving him withp 530 SA 1963
The burnt-earth colours of the Calcutta waterfront were still vivid after an interval of thirty years. Smiling pleasantly over this memoryp 531 SA 1963
the rows of eggs and milk bottles in the refrigerator. After lunch, he decided, he would settle down on the sofap 531 SA 1963
rain, eyed at a safe distance by a wandering mongrel. After a pause to collect himself, Elliott deliberately began to explorep 533 SA 1963
ended and a light mist dissipated under the branches, but after the warmth indoors it was colder than he expected, andp 538 SA 1963
during the summer at Ciraquito we play the screen game. After lunch today, when the arcades and cafe terraces were emptyp 541 SG 1963
Garland ... I first saw Emerelda Garland the previous summer, shortly after the film company arrived in Ciraquito and was invited byp 542 SG 1963
galleries filled with Rubens and Rembrandt, had been widowed shortly after Charles's birth, and obviously regarded Charles as providence's substitute forp 543 SG 1963
glimpse of Charles Van Stratten dispelled the possibility. Five years after his mother's death, Charles still behaved as if she werep 544 SG 1963
if he lacked complete conviction in his own identity. Shortly after the arrival in Ciraquito of Orpheus Productions, the property managerp 544 SG 1963
longer creative pauses. I had stayed on in the town after the season ended, idling away the long, empty afternoons underp 544 SG 1963
80,‘ Raymond Mayo explained when he returned to our table after a kerb-side discussion. ‘The whole thing reeks of integrity --p 544 SG 1963
of the time I was alone in the hot sun. After the initial frenzy of activity Orpheus Productions had lost momentump 548 SG 1963
that would involve us all in its cathartic unfolding. Shortly after noon, when an intense pall of yellow light lay overp 548 SG 1963
job of the screens.‘ We walked out into the sunlight. After a pause he said, ‘That is Emerelda Garland; she's livedp 552 SG 1963
lead her out into the rest of this synthetic landscape. After all, if she knows that everything around her is unrealp 552 SG 1963
sky. ‘Why don't you join the game?‘ I asked Charles. After his earlier elation he was becoming impatient. Each evening asp 554 SG 1963
Stratten at last played the screen game. He arrived shortly after the game had begun, walking through the throng of extrasp 555 SG 1963
final plaintive cry of Charles Van Stratten. A year later, after Orpheus Productions had left Lagoon West and the scandal surroundingp 558 SG 1963
the sky! What do you think Dora will be like after six months of that? We've got to stop them, Doctorp 413 SM 1963
bore me. The same model, same styling, same colour, year after year. It's a sort of communism.‘ He rubbed a greasyp 413 SM 1963
carefully to the slowest of the four-speed lanes. As usual after his discussions with Hathaway, he felt vaguely depressed. He realizedp 414 SM 1963
probably thinks.‘ Carefully he poured his whisky into the sink. After parking his car on the supermarket apron at seven o'clockp 417 SM 1963
and glanced around the lines of parked cars. ‘Is someone after you?‘ Franklin laughed sombrely. ‘I don't know. I hope notp 419 SM 1963
knee up on the dashboard. ‘So you've seen something, Doctor, after all.‘ ‘Well, I'm not sure yet, but there's just ap 419 SM 1963
Hathaway's counter-attack kept his suspicions alive. He began his inventory after hearing the newscast, and discovered that in the previous fortnightp 423 SM 1963
Similarly, the TV sets had been replaced by identical models after developing the same irritating interference pattern (curiously, the new setsp 423 SM 1963
decades earlier. Shepley snapped irritably. ‘I can't go with him. After five minutes he drains me like a skull. What's thep 460 TT 1963
the desert. ‘I can't remember. Everyone has his own reasons. After a while the stories overlap.‘ They walked out under thep 460 TT 1963
face. ‘Once I tried to kill someone,‘ he explained tersely. ‘After they cured me I found I wanted to kill myselfp 461 TT 1963
their roofs holed, the group Traxel had shown to Shepley after his arrival when he demonstrated how the vaults were robbedp 461 TT 1963
the physical re-creation of the coded personalities would be possible. After five thousand years the attempt had been reluctantly abandoned, butp 462 TT 1963
relay of the memory store, it would continue to play after the code had been removed, though the induction coils wouldp 464 TT 1963
mine. The Doctor will confirm it. They run in sequence after the first I gave you a week ago. I wasp 467 TT 1963
in a million it may be all they bargained on. After all, we don't commit suicide because the chances of lifep 467 TT 1963
across the slope towards the half-track, the Old Man hobbling after them. He turned back to wait for Shepley, who wasp 470 TT 1963
Professor Cameron first introduced him to Kandinski. About a week after Ward came to the Hubble he and Cameron were lunchingp 480 VH 1963
to show our landing permits,‘ he said to Cameron when after three or four minutes no one had appeared to servep 482 VH 1963
friends swear he was perfectly normal both immediately before and after the landing, and all of them saw the inscribed metallicp 483 VH 1963
most people in Vernon think he's crazy. About three months after he met the Venusian, Charles saw another UFO chasing itsp 484 VH 1963
he might well turn out to be a garrulous bore. After serving him, Kandinski sat down on a bench by thep 486 VH 1963
maintained; only the professional astronomer has any business in space. After the Rainbow tests there isn't an astronomer anywhere in thep 489 VH 1963
belonged to an aboriginal sub-species, perhaps employed as work animals. After all, if he observed that despite this planet's immense resourcesp 496 VH 1963
reporters to the fortnight's programme of lectures and discussions. Shortly after 11 o'clock that morning Ward and Professor Cameron completed theirp 496 VH 1963
founder of the Christian church made that pretty plain.‘ Shortly after seven o'clock that evening Charles Kandrnski mounted his bicycle andp 498 VH 1963
in Santa Vera. Maybe the Russian delegates have turned up after all.‘ Ward pushed his chair back, made his apologies andp 500 VH 1963
of their stroke. Laboriously he covered a hundred yards, and after careering helplessly into a clump of scrub was forced top 501 VH 1963
Cameron thought it might be tactful of me to leave. After our statement to the Secretary-General was published in The Newp 503 VH 1963
vocabulary of the space age, shared by all people born after the year 1920, just as Mata Han, the Mons Angelp 129 UGM 1964
flying to Wake Island. THE DROWNED GIANT On the morning after the storm the body of a drowned giant was washedp 641 DG 1964
almost deserted when we set off for the coast shortly after two o'clock, and throughout the day people continued to leavep 641 DG 1964
corpse, strolling past the long white flanks of the legs. After a pause to examine the fingers of the supine handp 642 DG 1964
made a half-hearted attempt to cordon off the beach, but after walking up to the recumbent figure any such thoughts leftp 643 DG 1964
up on to the palm, but the experts hastily demurred. After they returned to the shore, the crowd once more climbedp 644 DG 1964
its bulk was too great even for their matchless enterprise. After they had gone the children continued to run up andp 645 DG 1964
removed, dragged up the slope and trundled away by cart. After questioning the small group of people huddled by the breakwaterp 646 DG 1964
those who first saw him cast up on the shore after the storm, now remember the giant, if at all, asp 648 DG 1964
anyone at will, Gifford often used the exhausted half-lucid interval after his fever subsided to make his more pointed comments. Asp 631 DS 1964
self-loathing. ‘Do you think they'll send an aeroplane?‘ Louise asked after breakfast the next morning. ‘There was a noise then ...‘ ‘Ip 632 DS 1964
Gifford when they had received no word of Mechippe's messenger after a further week. She gazed down at him critically asp 635 DS 1964
Too early, though. Where's that whisky?‘ ‘Coming, sir.‘ Panting slightly after the exertion of sitting up, Gifford looked around restlessly atp 636 DS 1964
in a day or two. I'm so glad Mechippe looked after you and changed the dressing. How do you feel? Youp 636 DS 1964
brooding presence of the Toltec ruin and his dying leg. After midnight, Gifford lay quietly in the stretcher-chair, watching the fullp 637 DS 1964
across the sand, Gifford steadied himself on the head-boy's arm. After a few steps he found his left leg too heavyp 638 DS 1964
the horn when you come back.‘ The task of looking after the rambling country house singlehanded -- Maitland's widowed mother wasp 651 GTN 1964
There's no hurry, though. I want the job done properly.‘ After Judith had walked back to the house Maitland tried top 653 GTN 1964
sleep and consciousness. I'd expect all sorts of strange things.‘ After he had gone Maitland said to the unseen walls, hisp 655 GTN 1964
the pale lantern of her smile, floated before him. However, after breakfast Dr Phillips returned. ‘Right,‘ he told Maitland briskly, leadingp 656 GTN 1964
the elaborate precautions of the military still seemed ludicrously exaggerated. After an interval for coffee we were officially welcomed and issuedp 608 IM 1964
but we ignored them and hurried on through the trees. After fifty yards we were well within the body of thep 613 IM 1964
reminded me of my daughter's toys scattered on the lawn after my return from the hospital. They had glowed for ap 613 IM 1964
canopies overhead. ‘Get back! There's another wave coming!‘ He ran after the soldiers a hundred yards away, his boots crushing thep 614 IM 1964
floor of some perfumed pool in the Arabian Nights. ‘Just after we ran to search for the helicopter. Why are youp 617 IM 1964
the rocks. ‘Can't we get back to Maynard?‘ I shouted after him, my voice echoing among the vaults. ‘We're going deeperp 618 IM 1964
the visiting party?‘ I explained that I had been trapped after the crash of the helicopter. ‘Can you take me backp 619 IM 1964
you shoot at him? Is he a criminal?‘ Shelley nodded after a pause. His manner was somehow furtive and shifty. ‘Worsep 619 IM 1964
yourself, or you'll get lost.‘ ‘Wait a minute!‘ I called after him. ‘Can't I rest here? I need a map --p 619 IM 1964
the floor. ‘What were you shooting at, Shelley?‘ she asked after an interval. ‘There was a gun going off, it gavep 620 IM 1964
abruptly abandoned his work in disgust. He had married Emerelda, after bribing her parents, within a few hours of seeing herp 621 IM 1964
the swamp. According to Shelley he never spoke to Emerelda after the marriage ceremony, and prevented her from leaving the housep 621 IM 1964
and shoulder, and I ran past the trees for hour after hour, only pausing when I slumped exhausted on the glassp 624 IM 1964
into an army cordon ten miles from Maynard two days after seeing the helpless phantom that had once been Charles Marquandp 626 IM 1964
not inconsiderable limits. I myself reached Paris over twenty-four hours after what was being called ‘the great Leonardo scandal‘ had takenp 574 LL 1964
the painting still retained its majestic power. Completed two years after da Vinci's Virgin and St Anne, also in the Louvrep 575 LL 1964
a dozen languages and flying a score of speculative kites. After a brief resume, delivered in a voice of sepulchral resignationp 577 LL 1964
the last time the picture was removed for cleaning, and after a brief bout of questioning it transpired that this hadp 577 LL 1964
he called to see me in London some four months after the disappearance of the Leonardo, it was not in ap 578 LL 1964
the painting, the Christ hung from the cross some hours after the crucifixion, by a sort of spatio-temporal perspective -- ap 580 LL 1964
was superimposed by some unknown retoucher, only a few years after da Vinci's death.‘ He smiled at my scepticism. ‘Believe mep 581 LL 1964
doubt original. These additions were discovered five months ago shortly after the painting was removed for cleaning. The infra-red examination revealedp 581 LL 1964
is that this painting, like the Leonardo, was stolen shortly after being extensively cleaned. When it was recovered in Florence twop 582 LL 1964
version of Ahasuerus would be found. Veronese's original depiction.‘ ‘Exactly. After all, the present treatment makes no sense. If you're stillp 582 LL 1964
In each case, Charles, all six paintings were stolen shortly after they had been cleaned -- even the Holbein was lootedp 582 LL 1964
looted from the Herman Goering collection by some renegade SS after being repaired by concentration camp inmates. As you yourself saidp 582 LL 1964
someone else too,‘ he added pensively. For the next month, after Georg's return to Paris, I spent less time in myp 583 LL 1964
annoyance two of them also vaguely remembered such a person. After this I found myself unable to drive George de Stael'sp 583 LL 1964
day's sales had fortunately given it a high lot number, after some three dozen 20th century paintings. As the bids forp 586 LL 1964
bait untaken. ‘He must have smelled a rat,‘ Georg whispered, after the attendants had confirmed that Count Danilewicz was not presentp 586 LL 1964
of pockmarked stone. Almost certainly there would be further falls after the storm. I stepped cautiously from my shelter, peering upp 569 PCD 1964
of my holiday -- needing a complete change of scene after an unprecedentedly busy term at school, I had been packedp 569 PCD 1964
gone on holiday specifically to escape from other people, but after the storm and my walk along the abandoned coast, Ip 570 PCD 1964
global armageddon. Third Beach He had come ashore at midnight, after a hazardous search for an opening in the reef. Thep 591 TB 1964
movement. For several hours Traven wandered about, inspecting one bunker after another for a convenient place to sleep. He crossed thep 592 TB 1964
quarter of a mile to the west. The Terminal Bunker After sleeping for a few nights in the open, Traven returnedp 592 TB 1964
make a bed. One day, lying in the bunker shortly after the first attack of beri-beri, he pulled out a magazinep 593 TB 1964
never leave the island. At this stage, some two months after his arrival, Traven had exhausted his small cache of foodp 594 TB 1964
his foot on a broken coca-cola bottle in the sand. After postponing his search for the night, he set out againp 594 TB 1964
maze, eager to shut out the rest of the island. After a few random turns to left and right, he foundp 595 TB 1964
the decrepit figure of Traven. Osborne spoke to her and after a downward glance at Traven she went back to thep 598 TB 1964
she looked around her. ‘Here?‘ ‘In a manner of speaking.‘ After inspecting the bunker, Osborne joined them. ‘The child in thep 598 TB 1964
if for nothing else?‘ ‘Not now, I think,‘ Traven replied. ‘After all, in effect we are men raised from the deadp 599 TB 1964
1945 -- carrying a full load of cosmic guilt. Shortly after Traven was strong enough to walk, he had to bep 599 TB 1964
place. Fortunately the search was perfunctory, and was called off after a few hours. The sailors had brought a supply ofp 600 TB 1964
of a shallow crevice below the brow of the ridge. After dusting his clothes, he gazed out patiently at the greatp 602 TB 1964
them dissolve in his mouth with an almost intoxicating sweetness. After a few moments he felt light-headed and sat back besidep 603 TB 1964
behind the dunes, Traven found a bale of rusty wire. After unwinding it, he secured a harness around the corpse's chestp 604 TB 1964
shone for a few minutes upon Falkman's open eyes. Even after the beam had moved away a faint glimmer of lightp 560 TP 1964
understanding. Then apparently exhausted he lapsed into a deep sleep. After securing the blinds over the windows, his sister and thep 561 TP 1964
perfectly well.‘ He had stated no more than the truth. After the accident he began to recover spectacularly, his progress towardp 562 TP 1964
returned to her own home, acknowledging his ability to look after himself, and her place was taken by the housekeeper. Afterp 562 TP 1964
after himself, and her place was taken by the housekeeper. After re-establishing himself in the house, Falkman became increasingly interested inp 562 TP 1964
ebb, he went to the cemetery to collect his wife. After the congregation had dispersed, Falkman paused outside the vestry top 563 TP 1964
sat beside her, waiting patiently for her to wake. Shortly after five o'clock, in the few minutes of light left beforep 564 TP 1964
their life together. As she recovered from the long illness after her arrival, Falkman entered the prime of his life. Hisp 564 TP 1964
for notifying mourning relatives closed down and was sold. Finally, after the gravedigger, Biddle, recovered his own wife from the lastp 565 TP 1964
Falkmans‘ apartment, to which they had moved some years earlier after the house was closed and sold, was let to newp 565 TP 1964
of his energy went into helping his mother and looking after his sister Betty. By comparison with his own house hisp 566 TP 1964
the additional weight accumulated during her confinement. Some nine months after she returned from the hospital, a period during which shep 567 TP 1964
the car with a tarpaulin. Satisfied, the men drove away. After breakfast Vandervell walked out across the lava seams to thep 659 VD 1964
you say.‘ A rattle of sticks sounded from the road. After warming up, the stick-dancer had begun his performance in earnestp 660 VD 1964
jacket off the chair. Inside he felt for his wallet. After he had paid the policemen they saluted and drove awayp 661 VD 1964
the door. That afternoon, when she came into the lounge after waking up, she found that Vandervell had left. She wentp 662 VD 1964
he waited for the evacuation of the city to end. After the closure of the hospital at Mount Royal he intendedp 7 D 1965
yacht basin, with the Quilters‘ barge moored against its bows. After signing the vessel over to them at the depot, Lomaxp 9 D 1965
a maze of filthy recesses veiled by old lace shams. After filling her tea-pot from the flask of gin in hisp 9 D 1965
go ashore, leaving the houseboat for the last time, but after a week on board he felt uneager to leave thep 12 D 1965
water-world and then vanished among the reeds. He appeared again after a lapse of one or two nights, and this timep 20 D 1965
wondered whether to report him to the police, frightened that after a cold week-end he might find the boy's body followingp 20 D 1965
parting shot, he leaned out of the window and called after Ransom: ‘Remember, Charles, charity shouldn't be too easy to givep 27 D 1965
it difficult to recognize, as if he were returning home after a lapse not merely of a week but of severalp 28 D 1965
brought little more than a few inches of rain, and after two years these farmlands were totally devastated. Once their populationsp 30 D 1965
car approached along the avenue and stopped fifty yards away. After a discreet interval, stemming more from custom than any sensep 32 D 1965
out. She leaned through the window, talking to Captain Hendry. After checking her watch against his, she hurried up the drivep 32 D 1965
door on to the dusty drive. ‘Good luck, Charles. Look after that Jordan boy.‘ ‘He'll be looking after me.‘ ‘I knowp 34 D 1965
luck, Charles. Look after that Jordan boy.‘ ‘He'll be looking after me.‘ ‘I know. You need him, Charles.‘ As they wentp 34 D 1965
the city. ‘Don't worry. It's the city. It's on fire.‘ After she and Hendry had gone he went back to thep 34 D 1965
for a further two or three weeks at the most. After that, whatever happened, and even if he chose to stayp 36 D 1965
who still remained, the men's shot-guns discreetly out of view. After the hymn, Johnstone mounted the pulpit and began his sermonp 36 D 1965
It is better for me to die than to live.‘ After a brief summary of the previous career of Jonah, whosep 37 D 1965
a laugh he made off down the avenue, beckoning Ransom after him and pointing with his forefinger at the observation platformsp 39 D 1965
a firm of commercial builders to complete the university project after local conservative opinion, outraged by the glass minarets and tiledp 41 D 1965
they think. Back to old Father Neptune, yes. They'll look after you, and Quilter's a willing lad, full of strange notionsp 43 D 1965
It's you who's missing the point now.‘ ‘Wait!‘ Lomax scurried after him. ‘Those of us staying behind have got to rallyp 43 D 1965
better face that.‘ When he reached the door she called after him: ‘Doctor, have you ever seen an army of antsp 46 D 1965
be able to add an anti-rabies vaccine to the water. After his meeting with Lomax and Miranda the mention of Catherinep 48 D 1965
would not be there. This change of heart had occurred after his visit to Lomax. There he had realized that thep 48 D 1965
roofs of the cages. The bear swayed along the bars after him, trying to embrace him in its ponderous arms. Thep 50 D 1965
his shoulder. ‘You have a lot in common.‘ Quilter stared after him, his eyes suddenly glazed, fingers feeling the blood-streaked neckp 55 D 1965
hanging from his belt. Then, with virulent energy he hurled after Ransom: ‘We'll have more in common later, doctor! Much morep 55 D 1965
the ashy dust, the flints of quartz stinging his eyes. After walking for a quarter of an hour Ransom regretted notp 56 D 1965
the light, Saul.‘ The tall man pushed his arm away. After a pause he shut the door, then moved forward amongp 59 D 1965
farther along the road. Leaving the dogs, Ransom limped forward after the youth as he ran on, the tail speckling atp 62 D 1965
like a sombre volcano. The Burning Altar The next morning, after a night of uproar and violence, Ransom began his preparationsp 64 D 1965
of fireflies. He had reached home at seven o'clock, exhausted after his escape from Jonas and the fishermen. The lakeside townp 64 D 1965
gardens. Only Lomax's house showed any lights from its windows. After taking off his suit, Ransom had filled the bath, thenp 64 D 1965
of Lomax and his sister moving about on the roof. After the initial crescendo, the display continued for ten minutes, thep 64 D 1965
mustn't underestimate old Quilty.‘ As Ransom walked away he shouted after him: ‘Don't forget, Charles -- we'll keep a place forp 73 D 1965
landing-stage. The fine dust rose around him in clouds, and after a dozen steps, sinking to his knees through the brittlep 74 D 1965
up at him. ‘Doctor, I must get to the zoo. After last night the animals will be out of their mindsp 76 D 1965
of its rack and carried it back to Catherine's car. After he had exchanged the batteries he gestured her along thep 76 D 1965
him at the wheel. The fresh battery started the engine after a few turns. Without speaking, Ransom set off towards thep 76 D 1965
Catherine with one hand, he watched the gang setting off after them. Jonas stood on the roof of a car, onep 77 D 1965
on the one hand and abandoning him on the other. After the events of the previous days, he already felt thatp 82 D 1965
tide of air, Philip waved to Quilter, who stood gazing after them as they faded from sight, his pensive face flickeringp 85 D 1965
the river bed. Multiplication of the Arcs Two hours later, after they had found a car, they reached the foothills ofp 89 D 1965
their trailers, others stepped from cars and pulled their children after them. Fifty yards away, where the truck stopped by thep 97 D 1965
swinging himself through the antique horses. The Bitter Sea Soon after midnight Ransom lay on the crest of the dune. Aroundp 98 D 1965
water, were already climbing back on to the sand. Running after the others, Ransom saw Phillip Jordan on his knees byp 101 D 1965
salt and seemed to point towards the sea, but then, after a few hundred yards, sank from sight again. Gradually thep 103 D 1965
continuous channels, but the water never seemed to move. Even after an hour's walk, knee-deep in the dissolving slush, the seap 103 D 1965
dunes and creeks, was there any activity. The Lagoon Shortly after dawn, as the tide extended across the margins of thep 104 D 1965
his two-bladed paddle hurling the water back. His men floundered after him, repairing the breach and driving the water up thep 106 D 1965
pool away across the shallows to the west. Feet splashed after them through the brine, and the air was filled withp 107 D 1965
broke off the attempt to recapture the water and ran after the lake, their rubber suits streaming with the cold saltp 107 D 1965
settlement. There his former friendship with the Reverend Johnstone, long-forgotten after ten years, would have been of little help. It wasp 108 D 1965
tripped on to his knees, then stood up and raced after the pool as it approached the conveyor. A fish floppedp 109 D 1965
twisting on the salt slope. Leaving it, Ransom rushed on after the pool, and caught up with it as it swirledp 109 D 1965
other womenfolk. She left the settlement of her own accord. After living precariously in the old shacks among the salt-tips, shep 113 D 1965
this, but of the first great wave, some six months after their arrival. Then the tide had gathered for them ap 114 D 1965
The thousands of bodies they had tipped into the sea after the final bloody battles on the beaches had come backp 114 D 1965
came down the companion-way to the deck, and beckoned Ransom after him. They walked past the boarded-up port-holes. Unpainted for tenp 119 D 1965
the citizens‘ cooperatives that had taken over from the military after the break-out battles, were each producing tons of salt everyp 120 D 1965
Mr. Jordan. The old negro had died a few days after their arrival at the beach, and Philip had buried himp 122 D 1965
then, but it gave me an idea. I started looking after it, a year ago I found a couple of newp 132 D 1965
the embers. ‘Doctor?‘ ‘Of course, Philip. But I shouldn't worry. After ten years they'll be more frightened of us than wep 141 D 1965
her, trailing it from the hull of an old lighter. After the meal Ransom strolled away along the bank. Cloaked byp 143 D 1965
rags of clothing draped across their waists and shoulders. One after the other the mannequins were knocked over, their arms andp 148 D 1965
the water might well turn out to be a mirage after all. Miranda eyed him thoughtfully. ‘That reservoir, as you callp 157 D 1965
off to the coast, but an awful lot stayed behind. After a while they thinned out.‘ She patted her stomach reflectivelyp 180 D 1965
placed the swan's cap on his head. ‘Quilter,‘ Miranda called after him. ‘Take the doctor. He can have a word withp 160 D 1965
on waiting, Richard. It must sound like a bad joke after all these years, but one of the reasons we camep 163 D 1965
that here.‘ ‘Oh no?‘ Lomax snapped his fingers. ‘Drowning -- after all I've done for him! If it hadn't been forp 164 D 1965
As Ransom reached the entrance to the pavilion Lomax hurried after him. ‘Don't leave yet, you're the only one I canp 165 D 1965
agree, Richard,‘ he said. ‘I think she's beautiful.‘ Lomax gazed after him, apparently stunned by this remark. Ransom set off acrossp 165 D 1965
hall of the house. She retired here in the evenings after spending the day with Miranda and the children. Ransom sleptp 166 D 1965
near the pool. Whitman lived in the next vehicle, but after Ransom's arrival he moved off with his dogs and tookp 166 D 1965
off across the sand. The dogs broke leash and ran after him, Quilter at their heels, the stilts carrying him inp 170 D 1965
hare around the verges of the reservoir. The dogs bounded after him, kicking the wet sand into a damp spray. Ransomp 172 D 1965
ideal tool for exploring these objectives. As Dali has remarked, after Freud's explorations within the psyche it is now the outerp 88 UGM 1966
attack on the already routed bourgeoisie. Painter, writer and propagandist, after the war he launched Vorticism, a cerebral version of cubismp 141 UGM 1966
how he can gain admission. The powers of this world after death seem in no hurry to set him on hisp 142 UGM 1966
changed, and Wilson reported that ‘jokes don't go down easily.‘ After the hazards of the first winter ashore he writes: ‘Menp 253 UGM 1966
bilges, weights and measurements of the expedition members, before and after (Scott put on weight). He has a sharp eye forp 253 UGM 1966
journey into a familiar land, zones of twilight. At dawn, after driving all night, they reached the suburbs of Hell. Thep 11 AE 1966
regard as a set of obscene photographs? The Skin Area. After their meeting, at the exhibition of war wounds at thep 13 AE 1966
abdominal scars like the radiation burns of the young woman. After her death he followed the funeral cars among the reservoirsp 13 AE 1966
he dreams of Max Ernst, superior of the birds; ‘Europe after the Rain‘; the human race -- Caliban asleep across ap 16 AE 1966
vomit. The Danger Area. Webster ran through the dim light after Margaret Travis. He caught her by the entrance to thep 16 AE 1966
the Sarajevo track discontinued in 1914. Kennedy went downhill rapidly. After the damage to the governor the car shot forward atp 720 AE 1966
on two wheels. Turns. Kennedy was disqualified at the Hospital, after taking a turn for the worse. Johnson now continued thep 721 AE 1966
the usual chequered square. Photographs of Johnson receiving his prize after winning the race reveal that he had decided to makep 721 AE 1966
guarding the track were in collusion with the starter, Oswald. After he finally managed to give the send-off Oswald immediately leftp 721 AE 1966
a race of blind seers, remained on the grey concrete after Xero had gone, the detritus of this terrifying psychic totemp 32 AW 1966
walls and the ceiling, a slow mouthing monster. Beach Fatigue. After climbing the concrete incline, he reached the top of thep 33 AW 1966
as carefully as she could in both hands, she hurried after him. One of the telescopes was moving, its dish turningp 35 AW 1966
levels? An Existential Yes. They were moving away from him. After his return to the terminal hut he noticed that Klinep 37 AW 1966
character of Quimby himself lies forever hidden Auto-erotic As always after her bath, the reflection of her naked body filled thep 663 BM 1966
skin, admiring her tough, man-like hips as she dried herself after the swim. Her sharp nails caressed the cold skin ofp 667 BM 1966
then emerge, refreshed in some way, a few hours later. After the first weeks Halliday came to terms with Mallory, andp 674 DF 1966
movements of someone barely aware of what she was doing. After a few minutes the chauffeur took the woman by thep 675 DF 1966
in the service bay he found a Honda motorcycle, and after filling the tank managed to kick the engine into lifep 678 DF 1966
peregrines, as they fled towards the cliff. For an hour after the last of the birds had died, when the riverp 698 SBD 1966
him patrolling the captain's walk of the picket ship. But after a single glance the woman never again looked at himp 698 SBD 1966
and the meadow below her house. On the third day after the battle she had come out on to the lawnp 698 SBD 1966
looting this drowned treasure which he had won so hard. After the battle he had sent a short message in hisp 699 SBD 1966
of silver-tongued rats. This morning, however, his inspection was brief. After testing the turret on the bridge -- there was alwaysp 700 SBD 1966
the fields as a labourer, unable to find anything better after his wasted years of military service. He remembered the firstp 700 SBD 1966
farm, only ten miles from the coast, had been besieged. After the dairy cattle had been slaughtered, the birds turned top 701 SBD 1966
pitchfork, Crispin nailed it by the neck to the wall. After the destruction of the farm, in which the owner, hisp 701 SBD 1966
were massed around the picket ship in a soggy raft. After trying to drive the launch through them Crispin stopped thep 702 SBD 1966
the water the landscape seemed to Crispin like the morning after some apocalyptic battle of the heavens, the corpses like thosep 702 SBD 1966
rifle against the pergola and took hold of the saw, after a few strokes freed it from its groove and madep 703 SBD 1966
to follow her eyes as they swept across the sky after some invisible object that seemed to vanish beyond the cliffp 704 SBD 1966
the bridge and stared across the river at the house. After musing to himself for five minutes he kicked Quimby offp 705 SBD 1966
to nest among the masts and rigging. Shortly before dawn, after a ceaseless watch from the rail, Crispin set off acrossp 706 SBD 1966
first time across the open mouth of the Matarre estuary. After many delays, the small passenger steamer was at last approachingp 11 CW 1966
fingers drawing the cigarette half an inch from his mouth after each inhalation. Like Sanders, he was gazing, not at thep 12 CW 1966
that he was returning to his parish at Mont Royal after a sabbatical month, but there seemed something a little toop 13 CW 1966
nodded at the doctor and asked simply: ‘Is it contagious?‘ After a pause to examine this white-suited figure with his beardedp 15 CW 1966
officials. However, Sanders realized only too well that by now, after fifteen years in Africa, ten of them at the Fortp 17 CW 1966
eye. ‘My name is Sanders, of the Fort Isabelle leproserie.‘ After apologizing for their mistake, the customs men glanced at eachp 21 CW 1966
half-remembered profile of someone glimpsed in a nightmare. Sanders pointed after him. ‘Where's he off to?‘ he asked the porter: ‘Thep 22 CW 1966
envelope in his hand. ‘I found this in the cabin after you had gone, Doctor. I thought I should return itp 24 CW 1966
shrug and left the room, bored by the doctor's irritation. After he had gone Sanders sat down in the armchair withp 25 CW 1966
into the street, pausing in the lobby on the way. After lunch, Sanders began his search for some form of transportp 26 CW 1966
a few natives slept on the benches in the shade. After ten minutes a ticket collector wandered in with a broomp 26 CW 1966
made his way back to the hotel. An hour later, after several fruitless inquiries, he called at the police prefecture nearp 27 CW 1966
here on holiday. What about you?‘ In a quieter voice, after a confirmatory glance at Sanders, she said: ‘I'm a journalistp 30 CW 1966
your friends?‘ ‘If I can. There must be some way. After all, it's only fifty miles, at a pinch one couldp 32 CW 1966
that floated like a dim lantern before his eyes. Shortly after midnight, as Sanders lay asleep across the pillow on hisp 38 CW 1966
kind of humiliation during the revolt against the central government after independence, when she and several other journalists had been caughtp 40 CW 1966
him of the element of calculation in everything Ventress did. After the past few hours with Louise the last person hep 42 CW 1966
running men, swinging themselves along the handrails as they swerved after each other like shuttles. Sanders moved closer to the edgep 43 CW 1966
man was taken from the river at Port Matarre. Shortly after ten o'clock Dr. Sanders and Louise Peret walked down top 48 CW 1966
it was more than that -- this mulatto was really after Ventress. If the police hadn't arrived we'd both have endedp 49 CW 1966
prodded by the two poles, was beached in the shallows. After a pause, someone stepped forward and pulled it on top 50 CW 1966
With a grimace, Aragon sat forward over the helm. Shortly after one thirty, when they were almost halfway to Mont Royalp 55 CW 1966
had also withdrawn into herself. As she smoked her cigarette after the meal she avoided Sanders's eyes. Deciding to leave herp 55 CW 1966
pontoon-barrage. He had promised to return with Max for her after they had visited the affected area, but even so Louisep 67 CW 1966
and disappeared among the sacks of cocoa meal. Sanders stared after him, unsure whether he had in fact seen Ventress --p 70 CW 1966
if searching for someone, he set off at a run after the soldiers. Dr. Sanders rested by the Chrysler. A markedp 76 CW 1966
first journey up the Matarre River to Mont Royal, but after the initial impact of the forest, a surprise more visualp 83 CW 1966
who is with me here, doing her best to look after the wayward whims of your former assistant, had hidden thep 84 CW 1966
the glass-embroidered chesterfields in the bedroom upstairs, Dr. Sanders rested after his chase through the forest. As he climbed the staircasep 86 CW 1966
last see Thorensen?‘ ‘The mine-owner?‘ Sanders pointed through the window. ‘After we ran to search for the helicopter. Are you lookingp 87 CW 1966
He peered down at the crystal vegetation along the stream. After a pause he said: ‘My dear Sanders, you're not thep 88 CW 1966
are you looking for Thorensen?‘ Dr. Sanders asked. ‘Are you after his diamond mine?‘ ‘Don't be a fool!‘ Ventress swore overp 89 CW 1966
worked the barrel of the shotgun through the frosted panes. After his initial moment of stunned panic he had recovered hisp 90 CW 1966
You might well be right, Doctor. Don't worry, I'll look after you.‘ ‘You'll have your work cut out -- those thugsp 91 CW 1966
the inspection site. He realized that Radek had gone back after all, probably searching for Sanders when he failed to emergep 98 CW 1966
Sanders pushed him aside he gave up and turned away. After a pause, his small bitter eyes watching Sanders, he steppedp 99 CW 1966
the rays of a cruciform sun. Ventress drew himself together. After waiting for any sign of movement from the summer housep 101 CW 1966
away among the trees. As a final shot rang out after him from the bandaged African on the veranda of thep 103 CW 1966
Sanders explained how he had been trapped in the forest after the crash of the helicopter. Sanders described his accidental meetingp 103 CW 1966
but circle around on yourself.‘ ‘Wait a minute!‘ Sanders called after him. ‘I want to rest here. I need a mapp 105 CW 1966
turned to Thorensen. ‘What were you shooting at?‘ she asked after an interval. ‘There was a gun going off. It gavep 108 CW 1966
in disgust. He had married Serena when she was seventeen, after bribing her parents, a poor French colonial couple in Librevillep 110 CW 1966
lakes. According to Thorensen, Ventress had rarely spoken to Serena after the marriage, and prevented her from leaving the house orp 110 CW 1966
during Ventress's long absences, and she finally escaped with him after the house had caught fire. Thorensen sent her off top 110 CW 1966
with its imitation antiques, had been prepared for her homecoming. After her disappearance and the first moves toward the annulment ofp 110 CW 1966
the injured African. ‘Kagwa, let the Doctor look at you.‘ After Thorensen had gone Sanders examined the shot-wounds in the African'sp 111 CW 1966
I doubt if any of you really know what you're after.‘ Sanders noticed the mulatto was watching him with more thanp 111 CW 1966
and the other, wearing the peaked cap, ten yards behind. After fifteen minutes, when they had covered very nearly a milep 113 CW 1966
some bloody Golgotha by its intended victim. One lurching stride after another, his pace quickening as the prismatic light of thep 118 CW 1966
around him seemed absolute, the black air inert and empty. After the endless glimmer of the vitrified forest the trees alongp 119 CW 1966
his wife are at the clinic now. They will look after you.‘ He went back to his car. It turned andp 120 CW 1966
off at speed down the dark road. Five minutes later, after a short drive down a side turning past an oldp 120 CW 1966
drew back fractionally in her chair, raising her shoulder. Already, after his years of experience at the leper hospital, he recognizedp 126 CW 1966
he found it almost impossible to express himself to her. After a pause, he said lamely: ‘I was sorry you leftp 126 CW 1966
the group of chalets at the rear of the hospital. After the antiseptic odours and the atmosphere of illness and compromisep 133 CW 1966
and dark that we inherit from the earliest living creatures. After all, the response to light is a response to allp 135 CW 1966
edge of the trees and waited there like nervous wraiths. After dusk Suzanne appeared again. Whether she had really been asleepp 137 CW 1966
afraid you'd find yourself an angel in a rose window.‘ After dinner, Sanders waited for Clair to leave and give himp 138 CW 1966
the sleeves of his shirt. ‘Come on, Max, let's go after her!‘ Ciair held up his hand. ‘Not you, Edward. Ip 145 CW 1966
there, or whether the latter had reached the pavilion first after the attack that morning in the streets of Mont Royalp 152 CW 1966
the summer house during the distractions of the artillery display. After a moment, apparently satisfied, he relaxed. ‘He has other plansp 153 CW 1966
impact, shedding the light from their boughs like liquid blossoms. After a pause the cruiser backed off a few feet, thenp 155 CW 1966
an army cordon five miles from Mont Royal, two days after seeing the helpless phantom that had once been Ventress, thep 168 CW 1966
it's healed. Louise, it's been good of you to look after me. You know that.‘ Louise regarded him from behind herp 171 CW 1966
all along that Suzanne would run away into the forest after seeing Sanders, and that his own pointless search among thep 173 CW 1966
and Louise, and settled their accounts for a further fortnight. After exchanging a few pleasantries with the Portuguese owner, Sanders wentp 174 CW 1966
that his aunt had come to visit him each day after the accident, and that she would return the following afternoonp 684 TIM 1966
ward. ‘Where is he? Here ...?‘ ‘At home. Your aunt's looking after him, he'll be right as rain.‘ Conrad lay back, waitingp 685 TIM 1966
in a dried-up pool. ‘I thought Dr Nathan was looking after you very well.‘ When Conrad murmured something, shy of invitingp 685 TIM 1966
the point immediately. ‘Now, Conrad,‘ he began, replacing the cradle after his inspection, ‘it's a month since your last stroll byp 688 TIM 1966
is even older -- you had a massive blood transfusion after the accident, and later when Dr Nathan amputated the crushedp 688 TIM 1966
to others who needed them. Sadly, all these efforts failed after a few weeks as a result of the so-called immunityp 688 TIM 1966
while I was a student. I lost the top joint after infecting it in the dissecting room. The entire thumb wasp 690 TIM 1966
but ... There's some other reason, isn't there?‘ Dr Knight nodded after a pause. He walked away from the bed, and forp 690 TIM 1966
silent partners in an uneasy marriage. In the first month after his recovery Conrad had agreed to help Dr Knight andp 695 TIM 1966
undergo restorative surgery rather than throw away their lives, but after Dr Matthew's death Conrad decided to take no further partp 695 TIM 1966
by the edge of the reef. During the first week after the crash, when F he could barely move his headp 711 TMY 1966
be free of him for ever. They won't send anyone after Thornwald.‘ ‘Perhaps not.‘ Judith tapped the metal table. ‘But howp 712 TMY 1966
combat? At the moment you can hardly move one foot after the other.‘ Glanvile smiled, with an effort ignoring the sarcasmp 712 TMY 1966
-- damn it, we actually crashed! Can you imagine it, after coming all this way -- very nearly broke our necksp 714 TMY 1966
blank sky. ‘Nothing much here, I know, but it's restful. After a few days --‘ ‘Glanville!‘ Thornwald stopped. Face set, hep 714 TMY 1966
Captain, sit down, we'll have a drink. Judith, could you ...?‘ After a pause she nodded and went into the pavilion. Glanvillep 715 TMY 1966
face when you get back?‘ Glanville shrugged. ‘Of course. But after all, the offence was comparatively trivial, wasn't it?‘ He reachedp 716 TMY 1966
ships moored in the centre of the lake. Two hours after dawn the next morning Captain Thornwald finished his preparations forp 718 TMY 1966
Thornwald shook his head. ‘Any charges there would be minor.‘ After a pause, he said: ‘Murder, Glanville.‘ Glanville looked up withp 718 TMY 1966
feet uncertainly in the sand. The two men shook hands. After a pause, during which he scrutinized Tallis closely, the psychiatristp 40 YCM 1966
were trying to extricate some gum-like residue from his teeth. After several intervals, when he had failed to make a singlep 41 YCM 1966
junction between the walls in the corner on his right. After a few seconds her presence became an unbearable intrusion intop 42 YCM 1966
to the empty house near the reservoirs. Export Credit Guarantees. ‘After all, Madame Nhu is asking a thousand dollars an interviewp 82 YMC 1966
A.S.P. Without doubt there had been certain difficulties after the previous incarnation resulting from the choice of racial stockp 87 YMC 1966
the hierarchies of sand and wind. I would drive on after a fleeing school of rays, firing the darts into thep 722 CHC 1967
landmarks, but I had found the white rays and sped after them through the rising dunes. The twenty rays flew onp 722 CHC 1967
a regression through the principal schools of the twentieth century. After the first liquid ripples and motion of a kinetic phasep 726 CHC 1967
dark gaze across the room. As I read to Hope after lunch I waited for her to comment on this strangep 728 CHC 1967
forehead and hard mouth were signatures of a separate subject. After Hope left to walk along the beach I went upp 728 CHC 1967
unstated elements he had begun to suspect in Hope's character. After their tragic climax, when Rademaeker had either been killed orp 729 CHC 1967
me as if completely aware of my separate identity. Then, after we had made love, she would deliberately keep me fromp 729 CHC 1967
beach chair with droll but wary eyes. One morning, soon after I had suggested to Hope that she send her half-brotherp 730 CHC 1967
stock -- and were producing these diseased images of ourselves. After breakfast we dressed in our yachting clothes and went downp 731 CHC 1967
sight of the island, not returning until the evening. Shortly after midnight, as I lay beside Hope in her bedroom belowp 731 CHC 1967
crewmen watching from the bows of the yacht. I ran after him, wiping the paint off my face with the wigp 732 CHC 1967
callous and macabre game they had played with her, but after a few minutes she wandered away. Foyle's simpering mouth wasp 734 CHC 1967
Their wings shivered in the updraughts. Barely half a minute after he rose into the darkening air, dwarfed by an immensep 753 CSC 1967
and I drove across the lake to collect Manuel's body. After the spectacle of his death within the exploding replica ofp 755 CSC 1967
floor. Vomiting through his bloodied lips, he saw Talbert run after the young woman as she darted towards the car. Thep 54 GAN 1967
was by now little more than a collection of tatters. After watching him for half an hour Dr Nathan walked backp 57 GAN 1967
jacket driving the wooden caravan at the rear. I walked after them across the bridge, wondering if they were late arrivalsp 736 R 1967
to avoid the coloured lights, seemed aware of this exclusion. After a pause they moved off along the narrow road thatp 736 R 1967
of clapboard signs fastened together by a strip of canvas. After untying them the dwarf carried the signs over to thep 737 R 1967
hutches, seemed to transmit itself to the party of visitors. After trying to read the signs, one of the men beganp 740 R 1967
the coins. The sailors moved on to the third cage. After a fruitless effort to draw the animal towards them theyp 741 R 1967
with much the same fascination of visitors to disused cemeteries. After a while they no longer charged any admission, but driftedp 742 R 1967
procession across the bridge suddenly bolted along the bank. Running after it through the confusion, I heard a warning shout behindp 742 R 1967
horses motionless by the water. Collecting myself, I decided that after being knocked down by the horse I had been carriedp 742 R 1967
the cages. As I walked away their derisive voices called after me, and the young woman roused from her bed inp 743 R 1967
the floor behind the seat. THEATRE OF WAR Author's preface After three hundred years, could civil war again divide the Unitedp 953 TW 1967
street battle is over, but the civil war goes on. After four years no solution is in sight. American casualties totalp 953 TW 1967
bright light of day, as London picks up the pieces after the latest NLF offensive, what exactly is the present militaryp 955 TW 1967
peasants are organized in communes, the women farming and looking after the children while the men are fighting. Their leaders arep 961 TW 1967
thirty British soldiers and the District Administrator will stay on after the Americans have left, recruiting local militia, setting up ap 962 TW 1967
his machine-gun. Nobody moves. THE VILLAGE IS COMING TO LIFE AFTER THE RAIN-STORM Young men and women appear. They go aboutp 96 TW 1967
-- Matta.‘ The Karen Novotny Experience. As she powdered herself after her bath, Karen Novotny watched Trabert kneeling on the floorp 45 DM 1967
thinking she had picked him up in the basement cinema after the secret Apollo film, impelled by his exhausted eyes andp 45 DM 1967
three years from now no one will even remember him.‘ After we returned to London my curiosity came back a littlep 771 CA 1968
them. They took external degrees while still at school, but after that they severed all connections with the academic world.‘ Charlesp 773 CA 1968
Wolfgang's father? Frau Herter had arrived with the child just after the war; the husband had probably perished in one ofp 776 CA 1968
There are few closer to Il Papa, or better loved.‘ After that came a photograph of U Thant, taken at ap 777 CA 1968
then on JFK's staff.‘ He went on casually: ‘The year after Oblensky reached the Kremlin, Khrushchev was sacked.‘ ‘So they're inp 777 CA 1968
We tried to argue, but the decision was absolute. Shortly after, my contract with Horizon was ended, and I was givenp 778 CA 1968
the world immobilized. This time there would be no mistakes. After an hour I rang Charles back. ‘Charles,‘ I began, ‘Ip 779 CA 1968
serene spectacle of one of these ghostly voyagers coming back after so many years from the tideways of space. All Ip 761 DA 1968
the great new Planetary Space Complex in New Mexico. Shortly after our arrival, we had met one of the trainee astronautsp 761 DA 1968
we had met one of the trainee astronauts, Robert Hamilton. After two decades, all I could remember of this over-polite butp 761 DA 1968
military flights before the launching grounds were closed. Three hours after lift-off, a freak meteorite collision ruptured his oxygen support systemp 762 DA 1968
constellation; and at first, Judith had shown little response. Later, after her miscarriage, the figure of this dead astronaut circling thep 762 DA 1968
as if waiting for something to happen. Five years later, after I resigned from NASA, we made our first trip top 762 DA 1968
age, as treasured as the saintly bones of medieval shrines. After the first fatal accident in space, public outcry demanded thatp 762 DA 1968
down, he scuttled over to us. ‘Mr and Mrs Groves?‘ After a pause to peer into our faces, he introduced himselfp 763 DA 1968
trouble. They've been up there a long time, Mr Groves. After the impact‘ -- for some reason, he cast a lewdp 763 DA 1968
on the bed, staring at the cracked plasterboard ceiling. Shortly after four o'clock, as I sat beside her, a phosphorescent lightp 764 DA 1968
hands wrapped in makeshift bandages, dragging their booty with them. After this melancholy rehearsal, Judith entered a period of sudden andp 764 DA 1968
reasons. Waiting for him to land, and well aware that after this Judith would have no one to turn to exceptp 765 DA 1968
of metalled road that the relic hunters had dismantled. Shortly after midnight, at an elevation of forty-two degrees in the north-westp 765 DA 1968
illuminating every fragment of the landscape. ‘Mrs Groves!‘ Quinton darted after Judith and pulled her down into the grass as shep 765 DA 1968
particles within it beading and winking. Judith had gone, running after the relic hunters through the swerving spotlights. When I caughtp 766 DA 1968
remaking her face. On the second day, I came in after helping Quinton bury the cabins to their windows in thep 767 DA 1968
It was on the third day that we fell ill. After a long, noise-filled night, I found Judith sitting in frontp 767 DA 1968
all my hair!‘ Neither of us was able to eat. After forcing myself through a few slices of cold meat, Ip 767 DA 1968
She had picked him up in the empty hotel cinema after the conference on space medicine, then taken him back top 20 UD 1968
multiple collision had occurred in the approach to the underpass. After the police had left they walked far an hour amongp 21 UD 1968
tennis court like the profile of an archangel. She returned after a fruitless search among the cafes to find the furniturep 25 UD 1968
Holding the bruise under his left nipple, Dr Nathan ran after Webster towards the burning wrecks. The cars lay together atp 28 UD 1968
preferred mode of entry overwhelmingly proved to be the rectal. After a preliminary course in anatomy it was found that caecump 758 WIW 1968
face the diagram of bones forms a geometry of murder. After Freud's exploration within the psyche it is now the outerp AA3 1968
himself in the situation. By contrast, Louise was completely relaxed after ten minutes. The first to use the lavatory, she thenp BAT 1968
and took a bath. A little later, Roger followed suit. After an interval, Louise took a second Bath, then invited Rogerp BAT 1968
The 24 hours ended with them tired but amiable, looking after the small traffic jam of each other's bodies -- towellingp BAT 1968
the lavish communications systems of the twentieth century. Forty years after his first abortive seizure of power he was followed byp 223 UGM 1969
clean-up begin before any feelings of revulsion may set in. After this first extended narrative seen from the man's point ofp 257 UGM 1969
overall levels of general health. Mourning periods were drastically reduced. After a brief initial period of withdrawal, relatives would revisit thep 97 CRA 1969
to the Bavarian Alps, the Caucasus to Karachi. Thirty years after the original conflict in south-east Asia, the globe was nowp 783 KG 1969
Major. I'm an architect, with US Army Graves Commission. Looking after memorials all over the world.‘ ‘That's quite a job. Thep 785 KG 1969
had watched the mounting activity on the opposite shore. Soon after eight o'clock when Mannock drove through the deserted town, thep 788 PTD 1969
the farmland and pulled to a halt by the bank. After them came an army of infantry and camp-followers, pulling woodenp 788 PTD 1969
empty town had confirmed all his prejudices. The previous afternoon, after an hour spent driving around the town and shooting atp 789 PTD 1969
What had made Forbis stay behind in the deserted town after everyone else had gone? What made him want to defendp 789 PTD 1969
and the bus depot, checking if any refugees had arrived after crossing the river. Nothing moved. Abandoned cars filled the side-streetsp 791 PTD 1969
have guessed. He's decided to stay and meet his friends.‘ After Forbis had torn the flag down from the hotel mastp 792 PTD 1969
down the bank into the water. Thousands of soldiers swarmed after them, bales of equipment held over their heads. The wholep 792 PTD 1969
women and soldiers pushed it free. Together they stamped on after it, bellowing and cheering. As the motorcycle approached, Mannock waitedp 793 PTD 1969
hour, as if following an invisible contour inside his head. After their long drive he had stopped on this isthmus ofp 59 SCN 1969
the suitcase in the rear seat. What was he doing? After his little affairs he seemed to enter a strange zonep 64 SCN 1969
His presence sounded a tocsin of danger and violence. Soon after, Travers became bored with the experiment. At the next fillingp 69 THF 1969
head-on collision.‘ He stared at the surface of the concrete. After four years the oil stains had vanished. These infrequent visitsp 70 THF 1969
this early period of his life, Travers wrote: ‘Two weeks after the end of World War II my parents and Ip 72 THF 1969
four servants and ourselves were still without any food. Soon after, the house opposite was taken over by two senior Americanp 72 THF 1969
cards and I read through old copies of Life magazine. After two hours, when the L.C.T.s next top 73 THF 1969
while the Americans shouted and pushed at each other. Shortly after, three trucks drove up and a party of armed Americanp 73 THF 1969
the conceptual system of sex.‘ Sink Speeds. During this period, after his return to Karen Novotny's apartment, Travers was busy withp 75 THF 1969
widening despair, a deliberate summoning of the random and grotesque. After their meeting at the exhibition Travers grasped her arm sop 76 THF 1969
and pushed Karen to the ground. The helicopter was coming after them below the deck of the overpass, blades almost touchingp 78 THF 1969
the slip road Travers walked back to the car park. After a pause he strolled towards the stairway. The Film ofp 79 THF 1969
reminded him of his affection for the young woman, discovered after so many disappointments within the darkness of this projection theatrep 79 THF 1969
swing. Tourists filled the cafe terraces and the curio shops. After two or three hectic weeks at festivals devoted to everythingp 795 SGW 1970
Sands as he moved among the dunes towards the nightclub. After this rendezvous I assumed that we would see no morep 800 SGW 1970
turned to look at this exquisite gliding snakeskin. Five minutes after our arrival at Raine Channing's villa it had quietened downp 800 SGW 1970
we watched I sensed that they were uneasily settling themselves after some emotional outburst earlier that morning. ‘Someone's been whipping themp 801 SGW 1970
by even more extensive plastic surgery in the years immediately after. When Kaiser died she came back to Lagoon West, top 802 SGW 1970
weeks later I saw him again at closer quarters. Shortly after midnight I woke on the terrace of Raine's villa andp 803 SGW 1970
two stages. It should always be borne in mind that after the age of 30 years breast tissue may behave inp 16 C80 1970
the escape of any discharge. Every effort must be made after the operation to see that the mould cannot be extrudedp 17 C80 1970
concrete cutting his face and wrists. In the drained light after the storm the causeways of a highway cloverleaf crossed thep 39 JAC 1970
debris. Dr Manston stooped to pick up a crushed mollusc. "After all, when one thinks about it, we know very littlep 43 JAC 1970
in the same way as the slave-armies who constructed what, after all, were monuments to the dead? Sadly, despite the enormousp 263 UGM 1971
into the past cost approximately a milllion dollars a minute. After a few brief journeys to verify the Crucifixion, the signingp 806 GTS 1972
of Mao Tse-tung triumphantly demonstrated the feasibility of Time Vision. After this solemn unveiling -- a gesture in the direction ofp 807 GTS 1972
the subsequent decades, all transmitted as they actually occurred. Night after night, somewhere around the world, John F. Kennedy was shotp 807 GTS 1972
Hitler committed suicide in the ruins of his Berlin bunker. After this success the television companies moved back to the 1914-18p 807 GTS 1972
events turned out, spending his last years in baffled exile. After the success of Waterloo the Time Vision companies realized thep 808 GTS 1972
stony rocks of Sinai like a second lost tribe. Shortly after this debacle, these safaris into the past were eliminated fromp 810 GTS 1972
social clubs. My husband and I were separated the day after our wedding for six months so that I could finishp 26 SEO 1972
college, and allowed me to take a summer job abroad after my sophomore year. I had finished my sociology course beforep 27 SEO 1972
found him on the lower deck of the airport flyover after the first rehearsal of his own death. A taxi driverp 9 C 1973
this web of chromium knives and frosted glass. A week after the funeral of the woman cashier, as we drove atp 12 C 1973
He thought of the crashes of honeymoon couples, seated together after their impacts with the rear suspension units of runaway sugar-tankersp 14 C 1973
actress's pubis across the vinyl seat covers of hired limousines. After his last attempt to kill my wife Catherine, I knewp 16 C 1973
masturbate as they move on worn tyres to aimless destinations. After a near collision at a traffic intersection semen jolts acrossp 17 C 1973
I began to understand the real excitements of the car-crash after my first meeting with Vaughan. Propelled on a pair ofp 19 C 1973
open-heart wound. I was barely injured. On my way home after leaving my secretary Renata, who was freeing herself from anp 20 C 1973
of spectators, their silent faces watching us with enormous seriousness. After this brief pause everything broke into manic activity. Tyres singingp 21 C 1973
being drawn through the veins of my legs. Three days after the first surgery on my knees I caught some minorp 26 C 1973
gin, pubis moistening towards the bored widower seated beside her? After a runway accident at London Airport her body would bep 27 C 1973
responding pressure of one's own skin for a few hours after a sexual act. On the fourth day, for no evidentp 28 C 1973
anaesthetics. Lying there with a weak bladder, I wondered why, after this tragic accident involving the death of an unknown youngp 32 C 1973
someone in a science-fiction film, stepping out of his capsule after an immense inward journey on to the overlit soil ofp 36 C 1973
the casualty section, a refined-looking woman in her late thirties. After a pleasant greeting, she drew back the bedclothes and beganp 38 C 1973
confused guilt over the man I had killed. The week after the accident had been a maze of pain and insanep 39 C 1973
accident had been a maze of pain and insane fantasies. After the commonplaces of everyday life, with their muffled dramas, allp 39 C 1973
other people, and with the fact of the dead man. After being bombarded endlessly by road-safety propaganda it was almost ap 39 C 1973
to me, switched her weight from left thigh to right. After a long pause, she looked down at me with ap 41 C 1973
like the nurses who attended me in the first hours after my accident. As my semen jerked into Catherine's palm shep 45 C 1973
held tightly to my penis, as if these first orgasms after the crash celebrated a unique event. Her rapt gaze remindedp 45 C 1973
potted plant.‘ ‘I understand.‘ ‘You don't.‘ For the past week, after being brought home in a taxi from the hospital, Ip 48 C 1973
possessions scattered on the floor and seats of my car after the crash -- a holiday route map, an empty bottlep 52 C 1973
from my car. I stumbled, my right knee giving way after the effort of driving. At my feet lay a litterp 56 C 1973
television crime serials, the signatures of forgotten dramas which, years after being shelved in a network shake-up, would leave their lastp 60 C 1973
an empty bay among the cars on the sloping roof. After tucking the banknotes away in her silver handbag, the womanp 61 C 1973
features looked as if they had been displaced laterally, reassembled after the crash from a collection of faded publicity photographs. Thep 64 C 1973
following me had nothing to do with revenge or blackmail. After our meeting on the roof of the airport car-park Ip 65 C 1973
front of my car. She pointed to the damaged vehicles. ‘After this sort of thing, how do people manage to lookp 70 C 1973
or negligent driving were brought against me by the police. After the inquest I let Catherine drive me to the airportp 76 C 1973
the strong impression that she was completely lost. A week after the inquest she was waiting at the taxi rank ofp 77 C 1973
to the commentator's box behind us. A brief silence followed, after which we were told in tones of some triumph thatp 86 C 1973
as Vaughan held his head, took Vaughan's arm and lurched after Helen towards the casualty department. We waited for them top 88 C 1973
he would dismiss her work and medical qualifications altogether. Even after their affair Vaughan's moods would swing from affection to protractedp 90 C 1973
that he had chanced upon her accident a few minutes after she had skidded into the rear of the airline busp 98 C 1973
that period of unthinking promiscuity through which most people pass after a bereavement. The collision of our two cars, and thep 119 C 1973
the key to a new sexuality. During the first months after his death she moved through a series of rapidly consumedp 119 C 1973
image of the dead man within her mind. The day after her first sexual act with me, she had taken anotherp 119 C 1973
ice from the car, as if it had been defrosted after a long embalming. Meanwhile, the driver of the car hadp 128 C 1973
limousine. He had driven into the studios an hour earlier. After Renata pointed him out to me I managed successfully top 146 C 1973
the film actress. At an uncertain moment the previous afternoon, after meeting him at a filling station on Western Avenue, Ip 146 C 1973
air, as if we were members of a congregation leaving after a sermon urging us to celebrate our sexualities with friendsp 157 C 1973
I knew that Vaughan had lost interest in the stunt-driver. After the third of these crashes, when the police and ambulancep 168 C 1973
upon the actress. The crash that I most feared -- after Vaughan's own death, already a coming reality in my mindp 184 C 1973
piece of the strange litter that had materialized from nowhere after the crash. His hands made small movements through the airp 186 C 1973
injured victims, sitting stunned on the grass beside their cars after an early afternoon fog patch, or pinned against their instrumentp 190 C 1973
of re-invigorating these wounded and dying victims. Early that evening, after seeing a woman driver with severe facial injuries, Vaughan layp 190 C 1973
his strong thighs. All his violence and anger had returned. After his orgasm the woman slumped against the seat. She letp 191 C 1973
me. I remembered my first journey home from Ashford Hospital after my accident. The brightness of the traffic, the nervous perspectivesp 198 C 1973
soaring along the motorway drew the semen from my testicles. After my orgasm I lifted myself slowly from Vaughan, holding hisp 202 C 1973
cut unevenly into the soles of my shoes, discarded there after the passage of a hurricane. The concrete walls of thep 205 C 1973
against the concrete wall of the lay-by. The Lincoln swerved after me, its right-hand front fender striking the rear wheel housingp 206 C 1973
Are you?‘ ‘He's going to kill himself.‘ ‘I knew that after Seagrave died.‘ I watched her staring at the traffic sweepingp 213 C 1973
her car. ‘He's following his film actress. The police are after him -- an American serviceman was killed on the Northoltp 213 C 1973
about the flight instructor she lunched with, drawing one detail after another about some small amorous encounter, a brief act ofp 214 C 1973
Vaughan accelerated sharply, turning left at the junction. I raced after him, winding through the roundabouts and intersections which the flyoverp 215 C 1973
As Catherine's small sports car appeared he surged forward. Swerving after him, I waited for Vaughan to collide with Catherine. Hisp 216 C 1973
this was Vaughan's favourite zone, and watch him lunge forward after Catherine as she swept by in the evening rush hourp 217 C 1973
he had watched rising from the airport had now left. After Catherine and I had gone he would be finally alonep 218 C 1973
he had pursued for so long. Trapped within the car after it jumped the rails of the flyover, his body wasp 220 C 1973
certain that she had expected me to be Vaughan, arriving after my death to console her. We drove towards the flyoverp 220 C 1973
love, her vagina drawing off a small spurt of semen after a short throe, her buttocks held tightly in my handsp 223 C 1973
bombarded by immense numbers of rockets filled with oxygen-producing algae. After this will come wholesale ‘terra-forming‘ -- planet-sculpting, that is, literallyp 165 UGM 1974
sustained their dream. CONCRETE ISLAND Through the crash barrier Soon after three o'clock on the afternoon of April 22nd 1973, ap 7 CI 1974
Today, speeding along the motorway when he was already tired after a three-day conference, preoccupied by the slight duplicity involved inp 8 CI 1974
the slight duplicity involved in seeing his wife so soon after a week spent with Helen Fairfax, he had almost wilfullyp 9 CI 1974
Burgundy which he was taking home for his wife Catherine. After the death of his grandfather the previous year Maitland's motherp 12 CI 1974
in their cool, formal house with its large white rooms. After three days with Helen Fairfax, in this sensible woman doctor'sp 14 CI 1974
Italy and Greece, a three-month drive around the United States after he qualified. For years now he had remythologized his ownp 22 CI 1974
the cars that moved along the motorway. It was shortly after nine o'clock, and the traffic had slackened after the morningp 28 CI 1974
was shortly after nine o'clock, and the traffic had slackened after the morning rush-hour. Already the warm sunlight was drawing fromp 28 CI 1974
he had been due to attend would now be re-assembling after lunch -- did any of the delegates have any ideap 32 CI 1974
half a pint of bubble-filled water in the canister, but after five minutes began again in a steady torrent. By thep 34 CI 1974
to climb half-way up the embankment, dragging the injured leg after him like a dying companion on a mountain wall. Thep 36 CI 1974
grass swayed in the warm air. In these first minutes after he had woken, Maitland lay against the rear seat, lookingp 42 CI 1974
persistence, and would continue to survive, unknown and disregarded, long after the motorways had collapsed into dust. Parts of the islandp 50 CI 1974
on the spelling, but ten minutes later, when he returned after an unsuccessful attempt to reach the Jaguar, they had beenp 53 CI 1974
night, Maitland set his course for the breaker's yard, but after a few minutes he followed the grass passively as itp 53 CI 1974
at the same time. Possibly she resented having to look after this well-to-do man who had been brought to her meagrep 0059 CI 1974
of some terminal delusion. ‘It's kind of you to look after me. You have called the ambulance?‘ ‘I've arranged for helpp 60 CI 1974
of her hand picked up the keys. ‘I'd better look after these.‘ Too tired to move, Maitland stared at the Charlesp 62 CI 1974
to sleep, you'll feel better when you wake. I'll look after you, dear. You're sleepy, aren't you, my baby? Poor bundlep 64 CI 1974
his shoulder, the residue of some appalling act of violence. After preparing himself, an elaborate ritual of puffing and panting likep 68 CI 1974
your feet.‘ Ignoring his hostility, she reached into her handbag. After a pause she took out the oil-stained wallet. She tossedp 73 CI 1974
Proctor or the young woman. ‘He straightened them -- right after the crash, while you were still stunned in the carp 74 CI 1974
into the seething grass. Maitland stood up and swung himself after her, hopping on his left leg. Choking with anger, hep 75 CI 1974
Maitland hobbled across the stony ground, dragging his injured leg after him. His long arms hauled his body over the brokenp 75 CI 1974
shallow tiled slope, arranging the stove and blanket beside him. After making certain that neither Proctor nor the young woman wasp 77 CI 1974
almost as if he represented two different people for her. After hanging her clothes she lit the stove and made Maitlandp 81 CI 1974
face. She screamed at him, flinging the vomit-smeared combat jacket after them as Proctor carried Maitland up the staircase and laidp 84 CI 1974
of the vehicles driving into central London. It was shortly after eight o'clock, and the cool air refreshed him after thep 85 CI 1974
shortly after eight o'clock, and the cool air refreshed him after the night of fever. His injured leg lay in frontp 85 CI 1974
than a large kennel, its walls lined with patched quilts. After being carried there on the tramp's powerful back, Maitland hadp 85 CI 1974
practise his gymnastics, clearly with the intention of impressing Maitland. After a clumsy forward somersault he attempted a crude cartwheel, andp 86 CI 1974
they need me. Now, I'm grateful to you for looking after me ...‘ He stopped, realizing that the last sentence was thep 87 CI 1974
exhausting him. ‘I don't want to send you to prison. After all, you've helped me, Proctor.‘ ‘Yes ...‘ Proctor nodded vigorously. ‘Proctorp 87 CI 1974
felt. Even this short journey across the island exhausted him. After the meagre breakfast of scraps he was already ravenous againp 88 CI 1974
The doorway to the shelter was padlocked. Catching his breath after the effect of re-crossing the island, Maitland leaned on thep 88 CI 1974
thought of Proctor emerging from his den in the seconds after the crash, feeling the impact of the Jaguar jarring throughp 90 CI 1974
early lunch, eyeing the scraps of food in both mess-tins. After an elaborate pause he made his decision, handing Maitland thep 91 CI 1974
Proctor stroke his arm. ‘Isn't there anyone who could look after you -- any family or friends?‘ Proctor stared blankly intop 92 CI 1974
lying passively in the pool of urine, he swung himself after the young woman. She walked in front of him, headp 96 CI 1974
Then we'll have some food and I'll fuck you.‘ Later, after Maitland had been washed by the girl, he lay onp 99 CI 1974
end he was able to steer him around the island. After glancing briefly at, the afternoon traffic -- an intermittent streamp 102 CI 1974
of streaming mud. Maitland looked up at the drying embankment. After two days of isolation, waiting for Jane Sheppard to reappearp 104 CI 1974
Jane Sheppard had taken place at the latest possible moment. After a week of illness and semi-starvation he would now bep 104 CI 1974
set of imitation jade cufflinks Maitland had bought in Paris after mislaying his own, an old copy of Life magazine --p 105 CI 1974
Maitland looked up at the high causeway of the overpass. After the days of rain the concrete had soon dried outp 106 CI 1974
with his knife and tore the fading paper into shreds. After giving the tramp the three-year-old copy of Life which hep 107 CI 1974
them, cringing away as if they threatened some terrifying curse. After ten minutes of persuasion he had overcome his fear, andp 108 CI 1974
leaned against a door, talking to Maitland through a window after winding down the glass. ‘Are you going to spend thep 117 CI 1974
asked me to take him with me.‘ The trapeze Shortly after dawn, the first sunlight shone on to the traffic islandp 121 CI 1974
Jane wiped her hands on the grass, catching her breath after helping to drag the body across the island. She wasp 124 CI 1974
she was carried away among the trucks and airline coaches. After an hour, when the police had failed to appear, Maitlandp 125 CI 1974
had spent in the hospital gymnasium, during his long recuperation after the aviation accident, he found the effort of walking throughp 812 DFW 1974
this stage, too, he had other matters to think about. After arriving at the resort he had contacted Dr Laing, asp 812 DFW 1974
the Air Force in confused circumstances, and during his convalescence after the accident the military psychiatrists had been only too gladp 813 DFW 1974
dunes down to the beach. When the sea was out, after a long late-summer day, the sand along the tide-line wasp 815 DFW 1974
the sand-bar at the southern end of the resort, returning after a navigation exercise. ‘If you're keen to fly perhaps Helenp 815 DFW 1974
get there,‘ Melville assured her. ‘Don't worry about the aircraft. After Wake you'll be on your own. I'll strip off thep 816 DFW 1974
Messerschmitt which the advertising man was lifting from the sea-bed. After a storm had disturbed the sand-flats, he stood on thep 817 DFW 1974
debris of old R/T gear, lifejackets and ammunition boxes. After all his efforts, the interior of the fuselage seemed top 817 DFW 1974
killed. Had he, also, committed the first murder in space? After his release he resolved to make his world-wide journey, externallyp 818 DFW 1974
and told him that Helen Winthrop had died two weeks after crashing her Cessna at Nairobi airport, Melville had recovered sufficientlyp 819 DFW 1974
with their usual flair managed to slow down any progress. After an hour of this, my car's engine began to boilp 821 AD 1975
mirror, I carelessly rolled the car over some heavy rubble. After the collision underneath I could tell from the different notep 823 AD 1975
they might not hesitate to use if I remained here after dark. They watched me as I carefully reversed the carp 823 AD 1975
damaged car, my life possibly threatened by these idiot peasants. After resting, I pulled myself together. It took me half anp 826 AD 1975
the cliff face of the apartment building, he had bought after his divorce specifically for its peace, quiet and anonymity. Curiouslyp 7 HR 1975
his lecture at the medical school. While preparing breakfast soon after eleven o'clock one Saturday morning three months earlier, Dr Laingp 7 HR 1975
designed for war, on the unconscious level if no other. After all the tensions of his divorce, the last thing hep 10 HR 1975
a shrewd assessment of her brother's needs in the months after his divorce. She stressed the efficiency of the building's servicesp 10 HR 1975
that moment over his head. Only too keen to relax after demonstrating all afternoon in the physiology laboratories, and with anp 11 HR 1975
a less responsible world. This low-level bickering surprised Laing, but after his arrival at the apartment building he soon recognized thep 12 HR 1975
were all waiting for someone to make a serious mistake. After breakfast, Laing cleared the glass from the balcony. Two ofp 12 HR 1975
he was in a vulnerable zone in this period soon after his divorce -- one happy affair, with Charlotte Melville orp 13 HR 1975
medicine had provided a limitless opportunity for bickering and confrontation. After only six months together she had suddenly joined an internationalp 16 HR 1975
buildings had won their attempt to colonize the sky. Soon after nine o'clock that evening, an electrical failure temporarily blacked outp 19 HR 1975
body of an Afghan hound. Party Time During these days after the drowning of the dog, the air of over-excitement withinp 22 HR 1975
On his way to the medical school a few mornings after the incident, Laing looked in at the 10th-floor concourse. Afterp 22 HR 1975
after the incident, Laing looked in at the 10th-floor concourse. After booking a squash court for his weekly game that eveningp 22 HR 1975
30th -- formed a buffer state. During the brief interregnum after the dog's drowning a kind of knowing calm presided overp 23 HR 1975
uncertain whether he had imagined the imminent attack on him. After all, what could they have actually done -- hardly tossedp 27 HR 1975
he decided to take the day off. Promptly at nine, after pacing about for two hours, he telephoned his secretary atp 27 HR 1975
Laing listened sympathetically, wondering whether he should volunteer to look after the child. But there was no hint of this inp 28 HR 1975
the swimming-pool rules and splashing people leaving the changing cubicles. After a futile attempt to intercede, the elderly attendant gave upp 30 HR 1975
the elevator doors in the 27th-floor lobby. Although it was after ten o'clock, the entire building was alive with noise. Residentsp 32 HR 1975
concrete walls and embankments of the development project. At dawn, after a confused night, Laing went Out on to his balconyp 34 HR 1975
he learned that a number of fresh incidents had occured. After changing, he joined Charlotte Melville for drinks. She had leftp 37 HR 1975
brilliant lights of the apartment building. Up! During the week after the jeweller's death, events moved rapidly in a more disquietingp 42 HR 1975
not spent in bed together they had spent arguing. Now, after the combination of the two boys and a year inp 45 HR 1975
to one of them Helen would approach, tugging the boys after her, as if no longer concerned with what his waywardp 45 HR 1975
wanted to pass on these advantages to Helen, to look after her and provide an endless flow of security and goodp 48 HR 1975
for all his abundant self-confidence he needed to be looked after just as much as ever. Once or twice, in unguardedp 48 HR 1975
I think we can rely on his neighbours to look after everything.‘ Wilder lifted his voice. ‘I've begun planning the televisionp 55 HR 1975
took second place to the struggle to preserve his sanity. After settling the two boys in their bedroom, he and hisp 57 HR 1975
All day Richard Wilder had been preparing for his ascent. After the noise-filled night, which he had spent calming his sonsp 59 HR 1975
his secretary as he slumped snoring across his unread correspondence. After no more than an hour at the studios, he packedp 59 HR 1975
were those taking place within the high-rise. Although it was after eleven o'clock, Helen and the children were still asleep. Ap 59 HR 1975
he had returned to the apartment and its three sleepers after an immense period of time had condensed around them likep 59 HR 1975
moved silently around the apartment, barely aware of her husband. After the fit of compulsive laughter the previous evening, her facep 60 HR 1975
The shelves had been stripped, and the staff had left after locking the turnstiles. Wilder vaulted over a check-out counter andp 64 HR 1975
All day Anthony Royal and his wife had been packing. After lunch in the deserted restaurant on the 35th floor theyp 68 HR 1975
plans and design studies had been superseded by his colleagues after the accident, but in a strange way these old frontalp 69 HR 1975
against himself, so much so that in the early days after the jeweller's unexplained death he expected to be physically attackedp 69 HR 1975
whose far more modest dwellings his own rested securely. Even after his accident, when he had been forced to sell outp 72 HR 1975
to prove himself, this conviction that the building might succeed after all. In addition, their neighbours had accepted him a littlep 74 HR 1975
at him. Royal had taken on the task of looking after this amiable young woman since the death of her Afghanp 78 HR 1975
time tormenting small mammals. He had broken this off soon after the outbreak of hostilities. None the less, he had ap 83 HR 1975
him down to the 35th floor. The restaurant had closed. After serving a last lunch to the Royals the chef andp 86 HR 1975
an elevator when they had finished shopping at the supermarket. After being molested in the lobby by a drunken sound-man theyp 90 HR 1975
body at a future date. Hours later, at some period after midnight when it seemed to Royal that these parties hadp 93 HR 1975
complete deference to the clan leader. The Drained Lake Soon after dawn the next morning, Robert Laing sat on his balconyp 95 HR 1975
if she had lost the key to her own mind. After a few cocktails she was hyper-animated, and flicked on andp 96 HR 1975
Laing had noticed. What had happened to that ruthless ambition? After the battles of the past weeks he was presumably bankingp 98 HR 1975
a martyred older sister forced during her childhood to look after a much younger brother. ‘Come whenever you want to.‘ Laingp 98 HR 1975
convict in his release suit blinking at the unfamiliar daylight after a long prison-sentence. After tightening the bolts on the frontp 101 HR 1975
suit blinking at the unfamiliar daylight after a long prison-sentence. After tightening the bolts on the front door, Laing let himselfp 101 HR 1975
cars. Within ten minutes he had returned to his apartment. After bolting the door, he climbed over his barricade and wanderedp 104 HR 1975
flinched against the parapet, expecting an intruder to attack him. After a brief interval, the lights began to flicker continuously likep 110 HR 1975
same way as their mother lay unconscious on the floor after injuring herself during a drinking bout. The sounds of ap 111 HR 1975
on the mattress in his bedroom. Towards the Summit Soon after two o'clock in the afternoon four days later, Richard Wilderp 113 HR 1975
serious role, a visible index of his success or failure. After several weeks dedicated to his ascent of the building hep 113 HR 1975
on the 20th floor owned by two women stock-market analysts. After trying to brain him with a champagne bottle as hep 114 HR 1975
them for no more than hours on the gymnasium exercycles. After helping the two women, he spent the period before dawnp 114 HR 1975
the women told him firmly, ‘not for appearing on.‘ Soon after dawn, the members of a women's raiding-party appeared. Their husbandsp 115 HR 1975
was stockbroker's pin-stripe, briefcase and homburg. The boys were hungry. After calling to Helen he returned to the kitchen. Helen wasp 118 HR 1975
began once again his ascent of the high-rise. Body Markings After a delay of twenty minutes, as irritating as a hold-upp 123 HR 1975
voice as she pulled a heavy object across the floor. After a prolonged tapping and negotiation, during which Wilder was obligedp 123 HR 1975
him back to his apartment and spent the night looking after him. With her husband out of commission, Mrs Human dependedp 124 HR 1975
was taking place all over the high-rise. In the hours after midnight torches flared behind the barricades in the lobbies andp 127 HR 1975
been made to padlock the door from the outside. Tired after the night's rampage, Wilder wasted no time in breaking downp 128 HR 1975
if words introduced the wrong set of meanings into everything. After she dressed they had breakfast together on the balcony, sittingp 130 HR 1975
stripes on his chest and shoulders. Final Triumph At dusk, after he had strengthened the guard, Anthony Royal ordered the candlesp 132 HR 1975
her sons in an empty apartment on the 19th floor after Wilder had abandoned her, she was totally exhausted, numbed byp 133 HR 1975
sitting on their beds surrounded by the garbage-sacks, together looking after the Wilder children. Their eyes would watch him as hep 135 HR 1975
she realized that he no longer needed her. At last, after all the months of trying to maintain her superior statusp 135 HR 1975
switched on the light. The instant electric glow, so unfamiliar after the wavering candlelight and twitching torch-beams, shone down on thep 137 HR 1975
The grunting and hooting began again. Dragging the reluctant Alsatian after him, Royal stepped into view. Involved in their imminent executionp 142 HR 1975
briskly. Laing had looted the chairs from Adrian Talbot's apartment after the psychiatrist's disappearance. He was grateful for this reproduction Hepplewhitep 149 HR 1975
last. Laing waited for Alice to subside into half-consciousness. Looking after his sister was taking up more of his energy thanp 150 HR 1975
the wooden floorboards and concrete deck to the apartment below. After sealing the door, Laing lay down on the floor andp 152 HR 1975
which formed part of a massive barricade blocking the staircase. After crouching here all night, Wilder was frozen. The higher upp 155 HR 1975
of about seventy. Her tough face peered into the stairwell. After a wary pause, she stepped through the gap to thep 156 HR 1975
they had recently rented. Royal retreated behind an elevator head. After being alone with the birds and the white Alsatian forp 163 HR 1975
the high-rise, that he had found his first patients. Later, after he had carved the dog and served generous but notp 172 HR 1975
to bring the results of the amniotic scan from Figueras. After the next summer storm had done its worst to thep 829 LFA 1975
on the playa and unexpectedly turned up in his aircraft after a weekend's absence. Forrester surveyed the lines of deserted hotelsp 830 LFA 1975
her mahogany desk. ‘What's happened?‘ ‘The practicante arrived -- just after you left.‘ The old man paused to examine the tracesp 835 LFA 1975
regained his balance Judith was at the door. He ran after her down the corridor, kicking aside the display stands ofp 836 LFA 1975
street towards the canal. ‘It's good of you to look after her. The Spaniards would kill her out of hand ifp 837 LFA 1975
come up with me tomorrow -- the Cerveras can look after your wife, she'll sleep all day. You'll find it anp 837 LFA 1975
son, she and Forrester left Rosas to return to Geneva, After they had made their farewells to Senor Cervera and hisp 840 LFA 1975
objected, only offering Forrester his surgical bag. Forrester had declined. After the practicante had left, and before Senora Cervera returned top 840 LFA 1975
he had already displayed for Helen in the hotel bar after dinner. His profession would make him my chief suspect, butp 859 60Z 1976
the sitting room patting his groin, Helen re-enters our suite. After a pause, she leaves the door ajar. Her actions arep 860 60Z 1976
millions of pounds were wiped off the London Stock Exchange after the announcement that the Archbishop of Canterbury would visit thep 841 LDG 1976
the director of the radio-observatory at Jodrell Bank in Britain. After a preamble in which he recalled science's quest for thep 842 LDG 1976
out a declaration signed by three hundred scientists and divines. After two years of the most rigorous tests the existence ofp 843 LDG 1976
if relieved to see these familiar examples of human frailty. After the arrest of a noted wife-poisoner in Alsace a localp 846 LDG 1976
would emerge in an increasingly dissociated state. At one point, after his wife's first nervous collapse, Loughlin secretly hired a privatep 851 NTM 1976
drove at random around eastern Suffolk, visiting one abandoned airfield after another. In his February 1975 Diaries (a few weeks beforep 851 NTM 1976
3.15 p.m. flight to Geneva the following day. After calling Richard Northrop, Loughlin drove straight to Elstree Flying Clubp 853 NTM 1976
liaison with Dr Douglas, whom she continued to see even after the latter's engagement and marriage in 1974. A successful barristerp 853 NTM 1976
fully clothed, when Judith Loughlin returned alone to her room after lunch. 14 All the evidence collected indicates that Judith Loughlin'sp 854 NTM 1976
that I often failed to notice her at all. Soon after her arrival I had discarded the heavy teak stand andp 866 S 1976
evening in November I learned rather more about Serena Cockayne. After working all afternoon in the study I looked up fromp 867 S 1976
Distracted by a professional problem, I had left her there after lunch without thinking, and there was something rather melancholy aboutp 867 S 1976
at times when I caught her gazing across the room after some stray thought she seemed little more than a childp 868 S 1976
relaxed into the contented pose of a fulfilled young wife. After the New Year I decided to bring us out intop 869 S 1976
painfully of the thirty years that separated us, her expression after each visit became fractionally less naive, like that of ap 870 S 1976
an insolent suitor whistling as he sauntered up the stairs. After the last of his visits came the weary denouement. Ip 870 S 1976
from which the body of feeling has vanished. At first, after that blow to her face, little seemed to change. Ip 871 S 1976
a far more disquieting development has taken place. Three years after our first meeting Serena entered upon a radically new stagep 871 S 1976
Take off!‘ As the trolley lurched forward, dragging the sailplane after it like a startled bird, Halloway felt the sudden strengthp 873 UC 1976
attitude. As always, his father's design had been without error. After the first yawing subsided he began to move the gliderp 874 UC 1976
Halloway had begun to build the sailplanes two years earlier. After his parents‘ death he had moved to his grandfather's housep 874 UC 1976
all sides. Already, though, when he stepped from the car after an hour's rest, Halloway was coming to terms with thep 881 UC 1976
pressed on down the long avenues that carried him, block after block, into the heart of the metropolis. The office-buildings andp 881 UC 1976
to some sunlit eyrie among the clouds. The next morning, after an early start, Halloway pressed on towards the city centrep 883 UC 1976
to his starting point. It was at this time, shortly after he left the cloverleaf by an emergency staircase, that Hallowayp 883 UC 1976
the firethorn, rival orders of a wayward nature merging again after millions of years of separate evolution. Little more than halfp 884 UC 1976
out of their way. The forward power of the vehicle, after the agile but passive motion of the sailplane, astonished Hallowayp 888 UC 1976
a good name.‘ He looked at his watch. It was after two o'clock. He felt drawn to this solitary young Negrop 890 UC 1976
any return to Garden City for as long as possible. After the pallid vegetarian cuisine of his childhood, the flavour ofp 890 UC 1976
had become the world's last traffic casualty. Fifteen years later, after a long and incomplete recovery from his brain injuries, hep 890 UC 1976
with my accident. He flashed a self-deprecating smile and added: After that I can learn to fly. Halloway nodded sympathetically, unsurep 891 UC 1976
through the museum, Halloway shouting and pointing to one car after another, Olds leaping like an excited faun, an automotive Aridp 891 UC 1976
making sure that the jigsaw was once again in place. After dragging him to the elevator and taking him back top 891 UC 1976
took the wheel fir the return journey to the airport, after they dismantled the glider and lashed the sections to thep 894 UC 1976
rotting away in an empty penitentiary, the sole prisoner looked after by one aged warder, he had been freed by Buckmasterp 901 UC 1976
aviation fuel, enough to keep us going for a year. After that‘ -- Halloway gestured at the air -- ‘we'll findp 904 UC 1976
were sections of dismantled switchboards and circuitry. But one afternoon, after returning from the airport with a small lathe for Oldsp 906 UC 1976
with them in his own way. During that first night after Olds had given the alarm he spent the long hoursp 908 UC 1976
dawn in the top-floor offices of the newspaper building. Soon after sunrise he watched the landing party disembark from their sailingp 908 UC 1976
had come to life among the silent tower-blocks. An hour after dawn Halloway drove north through the city in his squad-carp 908 UC 1976
car Stillman swerved past in his white gangster's limousine. Racing after him, Halloway switched on his siren. He reached the squarep 910 UC 1976
six hours to reach the ship and set sail. Long after they had gone, when Halloway had switched off the recordedp 910 UC 1976
some macabre hunt through the intense, over-heated foliage. The day after this incident Buckmaster paid Halloway a visit, the first hep 914 UC 1976
were packing their bags and drifting off to the suburbs. After a night of continuous uproar, filled with the sound ofp 918 UC 1976
a warm cadaver that he could infest like a maggot. After locking the police station, Halloway drove along the park top 920 UC 1976
to Garden City, with its pastoral calm. In the morning, after he had rested, he would set off on foot, searchingp 924 UC 1976
profilometer (Straith, 1938), by which Her Majesty's nose would emerge after operation with a standard height, tip angle, and bridge linep 18 QER 1976
dangers of bone dust, and its part in producing thickening after operation. Joseph's nasal saws angled differently for left and rightp 19 QER 1976
for the purpose. In the revision of the nose tip after previous unsatisfactory surgical intervention, asymmetrical alar cartilages presented special problemsp 19 QER 1976
occurred in she Queen's eyelids and cheeks. Packs were removed after twenty-four hours. Her Majesty's nose was interfered with as littlep 19 QER 1976
cleaned with pledget of cotton wool. The splint was removed after seven days and the Queen instructed in the digital pressurep 19 QER 1976
some bruising (black eyes) was likely up to three weeks after the operation, and that her social activities would have top 19 QER 1976
each provided with its own key, all too obvious snares. After a desultory shrug towards an immense dusty restaurant visible throughp 6 IY1 1976
across the water a hundred yards from the beach hotels. After an hour's drive down the coast he entered a zonep 10 IY1 1976
the first splashdown, significantly, not to be shown on television. After a casual glance at the sky, people turned around andp 225 UGM 1977
at present of the space shuttle Enterprise -- named, sadly, after the spaceship in Star Trek -- seem little more thanp 225 UGM 1977
the internees to leave the camp. A week earlier, immediately after the news of the Japanese capitulation, a party of merchantp 925 DT 1977
us -- and of the Emperor's call for capitulation immediately after. But at our camp, eight miles to the east ofp 926 DT 1977
my chief reason for leaving the camp. In the confusion after Pearl Harbor I had been separated from my parents byp 926 DT 1977
from Shanghai, pointed to the abandoned houses. Catching our breath after the brisk walk, we gazed down at the empty alleysp 926 DT 1977
my feet. For the villagers to have left so suddenly, after all their struggles through the war, could only mean thatp 927 DT 1977
camp had been a Chinese middle school. We had arrived after dark, and I had never seen it from the outsidep 927 DT 1977
the dozens of villages between here and Shanghai. Five minutes after I left them, however, as I walked back along thep 927 DT 1977
seemed insane that we would be shot here ten days after the war had ended in full view of our rescuersp 929 DT 1977
on the stadium grass. ‘You're all right?‘ he asked me. After a pause, he nodded at the Japanese officer. Then, almostp 929 DT 1977
loaded the fifty corpses on to the two trucks and after a trial circuit of the stadium had set off inp 930 DT 1977
my parents‘ camp on foot. The prospect of seeing them, after all these years, within literally a few hours made mep 930 DT 1977
absolved me from all future contact or obligation. An hour after leaving the stadium, when we had covered some ten milesp 931 DT 1977
truck. His said bottle followed the corpses down the canal. After throwing a few stones at it, I passed the nextp 932 DT 1977
brokerage business, and no doubt train me as his assistant. After years of war and privation, Shanghai would be a boomp 932 DT 1977
load my vehicle, pausing to rest for a few minutes after I had carefully stowed each of the bodies. The effortp 935 DT 1977
sides of the truck. It was now a short period after noon, and a potent but not altogether unpleasant stench hadp 935 DT 1977
gone I never discovered. Five miles down the Shanghai road, after two further delays to rest the engine, I found thep 935 DT 1977
up the entire enterprise and set off on foot myself after Hodson. But as we turned off the road and rolledp 936 DT 1977
turned over to the demands of my companions. One afternoon, after a brief thunderstorm had driven the American aircraft from thep 937 DT 1977
the different marks of American aircraft that crossed the sky. After we reached the Soochow road the landscape was to changep 938 DT 1977
intimate of the greatest men and women of our age. After World War II he founded a new movement of spiritualp 940 I 1977
3, 7; interest in topiary, 2; unexpected marriage, 3; depression after birth of HRH, 6; surprise recall to London, 12; firstp 942 I 1977
interview. She told me that she was a masseuse, and after a polite preamble came to the point. For some monthsp 948 ICU 1977
frank young woman was to ignore any lapse from convention. After the infra-red examination confirmed that the suspected cancer nodule wasp 949 ICU 1977
course, through AID, Karen was conceived and born, and soon after her second birthday in the residential creche she was joinedp 950 ICU 1977
the entrance hung a faint and not altogether pleasant odour. After this first abortive meeting Margaret and I returned to thep 951 ICU 1977
reminds me of Manet's Olympia, perhaps painted a few hours after the visit of some psychotic client. Margaret, too, is watchingp 952 ICU 1977
the staff members complained to him about his tireless activity. After she discovered the tableau laid out like a small corpsep 74 IY2 1977
that he might freight her genes with too many triggers. After half an hour of small talk he returned to hisp 76 IY2 1977
they watched these thousands of replicas of himself frantically swarming. After ten minutes they began to falter. Half an hour laterp 79 IY2 1977
of his vision are clearly demonstrated by the fact that after half a century, and now well into his seventies, hep 139 UGM 1978
the surgeon behind his mask and gown will turn out, after the operation, to have been one of those likeable impostorsp 168 UGM 1978
Imperial, Playa Inglaterra, Las Palmas We arrived an hour ago after an amazing flight. For some reason of its own thep 968 HWT 1978
with our suitcases packed, but the airport bus never arrives. ‘After an hour or so the desk-clerk rings through that there'sp 969 HWT 1978
with the hotel management. When I went into the lobby after my French conversation class a huge crowd had gathered, listeningp 970 HWT 1978
delivery men who provisioned the solarium's kitchen and fuel tanks. After twelve years of living entirely on his own, Pangborn hadp 990 MA 1978
You're alone here, Mr Pangborn. Perhaps you saw a ghost ...‘ After she had gone Pangborn lay back in his chair andp 991 MA 1978
presence of this young woman. However, only a few minutes after she had gone Pangborn once again heard the sounds ofp 994 MA 1978
bathroom, marking the positions of the antiseptic cream and Band-aids. After a deliberately early supper he left untouched a small filetp 995 MA 1978
faintly acrid flavour, presumably some new spice or preservative. But after a few more sips he had almost gagged. Carefully emptyingp 996 MA 1978
him. Everything now, in this final phase, was in close-up. After recording the position of the girl's body with his portablep 998 MA 1978
first met. ‘I'm taking Angela into Sainte-Mere,‘ Foster told him after lunch. ‘Do you want to come along, David? We canp 974 OAU 1978
as if generating its own weather around itself. An hour after his wife and Foster had gone, Ogden pulled on hisp 974 OAU 1978
blockhouse on Utah Beach as he had done in 1944. After a moment, to Ogden's relief, the machine-gun barrel turned towardsp 976 OAU 1978
oiled the machine-gun, its barrel would need a thorough reaming-out. After checking the contents, Ogden replaced the dais and let himselfp 977 OAU 1978
mission might arrive at any moment. By the next morning, after Ogden had taken the car to Sainte-Mere on the pretextp 978 OAU 1978
cleaned it they would be ready. Two days later, soon after one o'clock in the afternoon, began the last military engagementp 979 OAU 1978
doing,‘ Angela confirmed. ‘I'll read the inventory with Mme Saunier after lunch. She can take the keys to the agents whenp 979 OAU 1978
which the Home Office horoscopist had pushed into his hands after lunch. The Sign of the IUD He could smell herp 984 Z2 1978
the laws of chemical kinetics, the migration song of swallows? After the camera, the computer and the clones, the coil wasp 984 Z2 1978
murderer to be put to death in the United States after a ten-year moratorium. Dedicated to Mailer's agent, at first sightp 41 UGM 1979
huge TV and press encampment waited outside the prison. Soon after dawn the party ended. To the tune of ‘Una Palomap 43 UGM 1979
to a chair in front of the concealed firing squad. After the shots, in the first silence since Gilmore's arrest, thep 43 UGM 1979
energetically towards the bedroom window. It is some three years after her arrival that Judith's diary reveals the first signs ofp 231 UGM 1979
day comes when she no longer recognizes her husband. Soon after, she is admitted to the nearby sanatorium. The last entriesp 231 UGM 1979
Purley. The doctors consider sending her back to Earth, but after these years in the germ-free atmosphere of the colony shep 231 UGM 1979
the germ-free atmosphere of the colony she would perish soon after landing. None the less, they encourage her to believe thatp 231 UGM 1979
pilots who were recruited by NASA in the uneasy days after Sputnik i and carried out the earth-orbital Mercury flights thatp 273 UGM 1979
when the Atlas rockets were failing. Making his political comeback after the Bay of Pigs disaster, JFK pledged to put anp 274 UGM 1979
the aircraft? If I had known that only ten minutes after taking off from London Airport the burning machine was top 7 UDC 1979
that my only formal education had come from in-flight movies. After a year at London University I was thrown out ofp 12 UDC 1979
dream of flight. Flying dreams haunted me more and more. After a few weeks spent on the observation decks I foundp 13 UDC 1979
would soon be caught and charged with stealing the Cessna after attempting to murder my fiancee. Forgetting to raise the flapsp 14 UDC 1979
he had tried to revive me on the beach, and after all these years of wearing the cloth was embarrassed top 24 UDC 1979
was still unsettled, putting herself to unnecessary trouble to look after me, and I suspected that she might try to drivep 27 UDC 1979
I did not take it into my head to run after them. My arms were still shaking from the effort ofp 31 UDC 1979
children played, circling each other like aircraft with outstretched arms. ‘After the crash I had a premonition that there was goingp 32 UDC 1979
with me ...‘ I tried to take her arm. ‘I'll look after you.‘ She placed her hands on my chest, her fingersp 32 UDC 1979
Shepperton.‘ ‘Shepperton?‘ ‘Nowhere better from the publicity point of view. After your crash this morning they'd happily adopt you as theirp 47 UDC 1979
the window. She stood where I had first seen her after the Cessna's crash, one arm raised to the brocade curtainsp 60 UDC 1979
bedroom into which the mother and daughter had carried me after my futile attempt to cross the river. What made mep 61 UDC 1979
the darkened rooftops, gave me a sudden sense of authority. After the years of failure, of never finding a life thatp 61 UDC 1979
like a naked mesmerist with a middle-aged woman in trance. After I undressed her we lay together on the bed. Shep 64 UDC 1979
as they scrambled around me in the whirling air. Soon after dawn the river had disgorged this antique Pegasus on top 67 UDC 1979
be friendly. The strain of physical aggression I had noticed after my rescue the previous day was still present. As wep 74 UDC 1979
of delight. They swerved around me, squealing as I blundered after them with my arms raised like an aircraft's wings. Ip 82 UDC 1979
Jamie, I'm flying over you ...!‘ I lunged through the grass after them, aware that I was not really playing. If Ip 82 UDC 1979
to the river. I knocked over a small girl tottering after a white dove. Setting her on her feet, I placedp 84 UDC 1979
in a sudden shower. A Special Hunger It was now, after this second vision, that I and Miriam St Cloud firstp 90 UDC 1979
real one.‘ ‘Are you, Blake?‘ I had recovered my strength after the swim, and could easily have lifted her from thep 92 UDC 1979
an unsuspected dimension into Mrs St Cloud's suburban life. However, after a night's sleep, and surrounded now by the brilliant dayp 95 UDC 1979
power that had poured into me during my last vision. After my dream of flying I had behaved like an injuredp 98 UDC 1979
as I had been trapped in this nondescript town. But after my vision of swimming as a right whale I hadp 98 UDC 1979
health service notices on immunization, venereal disease and ante-natal care. After locking away my mop and bucket, I debated whether top 103 UDC 1979
there's the clinic tomorrow ... there are your patients to look after.‘ Mrs St Cloud pushed me forward to the circle ofp 120 UDC 1979
Mother, I think Blake is more than capable of looking after the patients. He has the hands of a true healerp 121 UDC 1979
I began to remake Shepperton in my own image. Soon after dawn I stood naked on the lawn among the drowsyp 124 UDC 1979
hung faintly in the dim light as if rejoining me after a long journey. I stepped from the bed on top 124 UDC 1979
her massaging me as I woke on the wet grass after my crash ... Semen jolted into my palm. I stared atp 125 UDC 1979
on the motorway. When I returned to the car-park soon after six o'clock I could see that I had painted thep 128 UDC 1979
time where we shared ourselves with every photon. Drawing Miriam after me, I climbed higher into the clear sky and tookp 151 UDC 1979
Jamie and David ran forward to greet her, Rachel scuttling after them with her blind smile. Together they took her handsp 153 UDC 1979
pride at the flower-decked facades of the stores and supermarkets. After so many exhausting days I now felt transformed, my confidencep 154 UDC 1979
the incline, the crowd of frustrated children and parents ran after me, pulling at the rags of my flying suit. ‘Blakep 156 UDC 1979
alone in Shepperton. He threw away his bicycle and ran after us. Helmet in hand, he clambered on to the airp 157 UDC 1979
eyes wide at the sudden lightness of his great head. After him came Jamie, crippled legs pedalling in long and elegantp 158 UDC 1979
jewellery. Two people alone remained aloof from these festive games. After dusk, when it became too dark for him to continuep 170 UDC 1979
gestured him towards me into the chromium dark. I lusted after this youth. His smell of fear excited me, I couldp 172 UDC 1979
mouth, his pale palms ready to strike me. I lusted after him, but for his body and not for his sexp 172 UDC 1979
ourselves once more within the great commonwealth of nature. Soon after dawn, as I sat in the rear seat of thep 175 UDC 1979
fell like a bomb from the crowded sky. Stark ran after it through the groves of young bamboo, nets and shot-gunp 177 UDC 1979
her eyes closed, a dreamer floating in her deepest trance. After our marriage I would know her only as one ofp 183 UDC 1979
cheeks had been replaced by the purulent yellow wax. Shortly after midnight her thin lips parted into a widening gape, ap 184 UDC 1979
was sickening, poisoned by the despair flowing from me. Soon after dawn the three children returned. Hoping to revive me, Jamiep 194 UDC 1979
divine gardener who supervised this dimmed paradise had suddenly arrived after a late start to his day and switched on itsp 200 UDC 1979
The whole of Shepperton seemed to be resting, as if after an immense effort. The townspeople were no longer trying top 200 UDC 1979
the young doctor and the help she had given me after my arrival. In the dust around the door were thep 202 UDC 1979
seemed little older than the three children she had looked after, her mouth and cheeks as soft as they had beenp 216 UDC 1979
in their limousine that gold-tinted Cadillac parked across the square. After half an hour they emerge from the Casino, when hep 1000 HFF 1980
utter mental degeneration. That I was able to cure her after so many others had failed I put down to anp 1000 HFF 1980
a colleague that brought me into contact with Christina Brossard. After ten years of practice in Monaco as a successful dermatologistp 1001 HFF 1980
been admitted to the Hospice at the age of fourteen after the suicide of her father, who had been her onlyp 1001 HFF 1980
a sumptuous mansion above Vence. Sadly, however, only two years after Christina's birth the young mother had died when the companyp 1001 HFF 1980
her as best I could and set off. It was after midnight when I reached the sanatorium. Spotlights filled the drivep 1006 HFF 1980
of guilt at their responsibility for their parent's imprisonment. So after his death she would naturally return to the house, andp 1008 HFF 1980
in 1977, ‘Good career move,‘ might well have second thoughts after reading this ruthless expose. Everyone watching Presley on television inp 39 UGM 1981
way again and enter New York harbour, their first landfall after the voyage from Plymouth. Winches wheezed and grunted, the anchorp 7 HA 1981
strange humour, McNair had been the first to befriend Wayne after the young stowaway was found by Dr Ricci, shivering underp 9 HA 1981
on board the Apollo, harboured secret ambitions of his own. After his discovery in the rowing-boat, the Captain had ordered Waynep 10 HA 1981
the long calms, Steiner called Wayne back to his cabin after the stowaway had brought his supper from the galley. ‘It'sp 11 HA 1981
Center, the Space Shuttle landing at Edwards Air Force Base after a test flight, and the recovery of an Apollo capsulep 11 HA 1981
let alone my grandparents. My mother died five years ago, after spending half her life as a psychiatric outpatient and thep 13 HA 1981
while going through the unhappy muddle of his mother's possessions after her death -- a mad antique shop of costume jewelleryp 14 HA 1981
the ventilator, trying to identify this curious presentiment of danger. After the long journey across the Atlantic, was he losing hisp 16 HA 1981
wanted to come on the expedition in the first place. After three successful but rigorous years opening up the new Arcticp 26 HA 1981
perishing of thirst in the great salt wastes of Tennessee after inexplicably leaving their planned itinerary. The rescue mission four monthsp 27 HA 1981
a strange impulse she had re-Anglicised back to Anne Summers after her first night in Plymouth), and New York occupied ap 30 HA 1981
little palomino. Ricci had stayed behind, fuming in his cabin after an altercation with the Captain, who had caught him smugglingp 40 HA 1981
whose glass doors had long ago been smashed by vandals. After tethering their horses, they climbed the stairway around the elevatorp 40 HA 1981
and Anne Summers discuss their revised plans for the expedition. After two days in New York, they were still laboriously tryingp 44 HA 1981
1978 to $5 in 1985, and to $25 in 1990. After the introduction of rationing in 1993, the price of bootlegp 46 HA 1981
Berlin, but its role was inevitably ceremonial rather than real. After President Brown's retreat to a Zen monastery in Japan thep 48 HA 1981
all the failure and humiliation of America. Thirstland Ten days after the arrival of the Apollo in New York harbour, ap 51 HA 1981
and Jersey City were at last falling behind them, and after the confused days in New York they were now enteringp 51 HA 1981
and worked the radio in a business-like way. Three days after their arrival in New York she had suddenly pulled thep 52 HA 1981
fully expected to be left behind with the ship, especially after Steiner's surprise insistence on joining the expedition and leaving hisp 53 HA 1981
and leaving his command in the hands of McNair. But after the defection of the sailors a bad-tempered Ricci had gallopedp 53 HA 1981
trivial irritations had filled their ten days in New York. After the first excitements of their arrival on American soil ap 55 HA 1981
the evening with his diary, but Steiner's disappearance unsettled him. After a token inspection of the two mules, now standing quietlyp 61 HA 1981
GM, and their young friend Pepsodent -- they were named after the products manufactured by the great corporations in Manhattan --p 66 HA 1981
Mac, U-drive, Texaco and 7 Up. However, the Professors, named after the great universities in the Boston area, were one ofp 66 HA 1981
of the highway unwound into the haze, lined with mile after mile of abandoned cars and trucks. Each evening they leftp 70 HA 1981
the drained swimming-pools that seemed to cover the entire continent. After supper Wayne and Steiner would ride out through the coolp 70 HA 1981
camels tethered in the shade of the Joshua trees. But after their meeting with Heinz, Pepsodent, GM and Xerox they neverp 70 HA 1981
pup tent on the drained bed of the Potomac, and after breakfast Orlowski strolled off to inspect the Executive Office Buildingp 77 HA 1981
But there were more important things to get on with. After listening to the reassuring drip of pure water through thep 77 HA 1981
tide of dust at which his stone eyes stared pensively. After they had gone the sand would come in again, butp 77 HA 1981
his name from the desk. ‘Wayne, I'm impressed. What ambition! After my third term you can be President. But Moscow mightp 82 HA 1981
let him go!‘ Anne Summers broke into the room, confused after running through the empty White House, like the distraught wifep 83 HA 1981
the winches and pull her off the silt bank. Just after 1.30 I was on the roof of the Panp 84 HA 1981
He has an amazing faith that the desert will look after us. ‘Only adapt, Wayne -- the way you breathe, sleepp 89 HA 1981
is drained dry. Delayed for three days while Orlowski recovered after a bout of fever picked up from infected water --p 92 HA 1981
immense swaying columns of black smoke. Breaking off to look after Gregor. His mouth is full of blood. September 21. Dodgep 96 HA 1981
towards him. From the street a shot had rung out. After a pause, as he climbed to his feet, it wasp 97 HA 1981
excitement beyond anything even the Mercury astronauts could have known. After a week's rest they had left Dodge City and werep 105 HA 1981
enthusiasm, but as Wayne reminded himself, they were true Americans. After the prospect of total disaster, the expedition had come alivep 106 HA 1981
reservation, arid enough for these aboriginal nomads with their hankering after turnpikes, gaudy jewellery stores and drive-ins) and hunt for radiop 109 HA 1981
GM, Xerox and her new baby -- promptly named WTOP after the call-sign of the local radio station in whose lobbyp 109 HA 1981
black smoke left behind at each of the incinerated towns. After zigzagging across the Middle West, finding and then losing thep 110 HA 1981
wooden litter along the highway. Orlowski had ranted away, mile after mile: ‘It's your fault, Wayne, you brought us here, Ip 111 HA 1981
where the musicians were calmly stabbing themselves in the face. After a last whine, everything fell silent. Within the space ofp 128 HA 1981
States,‘ Paco replied quietly. ‘President Manson.‘ The Hughes Suite Later, after a brief struggle, Wayne remembered being manhandled out of thep 131 HA 1981
Sea-King and the gunships, we have a long day tomorrow.‘ After Paco saluted and withdrew, Manson gestured with his aerosol atp 136 HA 1981
Vegas An amazing week. Just back with Anne and McNair after touring the nuclear generating plant at Lake Mead. They werep 140 HA 1981
throwing up a whole series of these laser-projected holographic images. After Mickey there appeared a huge statue of a bare-legged womanp 144 HA 1981
the start of an exhilarating three-day trip to California. Soon after breakfast in my suite at the Sands -- quails‘ eggsp 145 HA 1981
by his obsessions? Curiously, it's not a bad idea -- after all, it's that dam, the manipulation of a whole continent'sp 155 HA 1981
crash programme on our hands, this is like the days after Pearl Harbor, or the Kennedy Moon Project. We need peoplep 161 HA 1981
his unease by a compulsive gambling. Almost every evening now, after his return from the nuclear testing grounds in upstate Nevadap 163 HA 1981
would tour the gambling halls and hotels of Las Vegas. After picking up McNair and Anne, they would move in ap 163 HA 1981
burn out the plague cities,‘ he had confided to Wayne after the board meeting. ‘As well as defend ourselves. But onlyp 164 HA 1981
acetate wings, and twice as flammable. Sensibly checking himself -- after all, he was now only a heart-beat away from thep 164 HA 1981
testing a helicopter we'd reconditioned. They'd wanted to go, anyway, after a row with Manson. That left me, and I owedp 174 HA 1981
made practice runs over the jungle. One evening, a week after his arrival, when the continual noise had shaken a cloudp 179 HA 1981
swivelling his gunnery chair like a manic big-game hunter. One after the other the rockets streaked towards the apartment house andp 180 HA 1981
the jungle air. ‘It's been good of you to look after me, but I ought to get back to the Presidentp 180 HA 1981
had to warn you of the dangers here. Yes, Wayne, after a long journey the ghosts of Charles Manson and IBMp 183 HA 1981
and egging on his robots. The Presidents‘ heavy feet pounded after him, sliding and skidding like drunken skaters on the brokenp 185 HA 1981
Wayne recognised Ursula, who had driven him to see Manson after his arrival in Las Vegas, now handsomely kitted out inp 188 HA 1981
next three days, was the tenth floor of the Sahara. After a first unhappy night of fever McNair began a hearteningp 194 HA 1981
made a roof-top sortie across the city Manson's gunships took after it like deranged sharks from the helipads on the Sandsp 199 HA 1981
Manson's laser genies under its stormy canopy. When, an hour after dusk, all the lights in Las Vegas went out asp 199 HA 1981
come to arrest him? Then he remembered Dr Fleming's words: ‘ ... after a long journey the ghosts of Charles Manson and IBMp 201 HA 1981
the knuckle tattoos on the fists of the psychopath. But after recognising him they swerved away together, careening in and outp 202 HA 1981
away to some quiet suite in the hotel. ‘I'll look after you, sir.‘ ‘Paco!‘ Manson flinched from Wayne's touch, repelled byp 208 HA 1981
the War Room itself. Looking at him, Wayne felt that after his long journey Manson had at last become young againp 222 HA 1981
scrum of Presidents had reached the entrance to Caesar's Palace, after a confused stampede through the trees. With a harsh blarep 225 HA 1981
adolescent puzzled to find himself in this senile flesh, caught after hours in the therapy room with his broken toys, yetp 227 HA 1981
months in the shadowy world of the Arizona rainforest, recuperating after his rescue by Mexican freebooters from across the Rio Grandep 229 HA 1981
a delusion as any of Manson's crippled dreams. Yet now, after the long drive through the tropical rain-forest, he found himselfp 230 HA 1981
Vegas like the last music from an antique record player. After the dreams and fantasies which had wound him up top 230 HA 1981
the neon tubes in the Golden Nugget facade. Wayne panted after her, seized the wire struts and pulled himself into thep 234 HA 1981
through the clear mountain air. They had spread out soon after leaving Las Vegas, and by now were separated from eachp 235 HA 1981
NASA, never dreamed. Or, at least, not until ten years after their flights, when the nightmares began and they returned top 1012 NFS 1981
a psychopath. His pallid skin was almost luminous, as if after ending his career as an astronaut he had made somep 1013 NFS 1981
some kind of psychic deposit against his treatment's probable failure. After an outraged Dr Vaisey insisted on a thorough inspection Sladep 1016 NFS 1981
you going to be all right? Your wife will look after you, you say. I wish you'd let me meet herp 1017 NFS 1981
watched the thousand replicas of this young psychotic frantically swimming. After ten minutes they began to falter. Within an hour theyp 1018 NFS 1981
time-twitch, had long been a joke around the clinic. But after the onset of a fugue the accumulating total gave himp 1018 NFS 1981
mysteriously burnt-out scrambled egg, the air force sergeant who looked after the Mercedes annoyed by his off-hand rudeness, together led onp 1019 NFS 1981
longer able to feed or care for themselves, and soon after would enter one of the dozens of state hospitals andp 1019 NFS 1981
enter one of the dozens of state hospitals and sanatoria. After his arrival at the clinic Franklin's first patient was ap 1019 NFS 1981
fugue had not occurred, perhaps deflected by his buoyant mood after the drive with Trippett. As he walked across the carp 1020 NFS 1981
in the northern suburbs of the city. In the evenings, after visiting his few patients in their retirement homes, he wouldp 1020 NFS 1981
the night, images of the propeller that launched themselves one after another from the wake of the vanished aircraft. Still stunnedp 1022 NFS 1981
city of empty mirrors. He remembered their last month together after the end at Cape Kennedy, the long drive down thep 1023 NFS 1981
die of starvation. I only hope that Marion can look after herself, she doesn't seem to have been here for weeksp 1027 NFS 1981
contours so like those that had lingered in the apartment after Marion's showers. But a second geometry overlayed the first, ap 1028 NFS 1981
and set off along the causeway between the irrigation ditches. After only a hundred yards he sank to his knees. Thep 1030 NFS 1981
had seen them from the desert floor in the hours after his crash. Each fugue, though, gave him a glimpse ofp 1032 NFS 1981
you learn to see?‘ ‘When I brought Dad out here, after they shut the clinic. But it started during our drivep 1032 NFS 1981
Like dragonflies, they hovered in the air around Franklin long after the aircraft had taken off into the sky. The skyp 1036 NFS 1981
as he would do when he returned to the clinic. After the long journey on foot across the desert, he atp 1036 NFS 1981
windows of his taxi. Even Toronto, and his rapid decline after the divorce from Elaine, had not warned him of thep 1064 MNF 1982
withdrawal symptoms shown by the original astronauts in the decades after the Apollo programme, the retreat into mysticism and silence. Couldp 1065 MNF 1982
away into the doubtful safety of the bright sunlight. Soon after, the space trauma recruited another passenger. Sheppard had last seenp 1066 MNF 1982
office below a sign advertising pleasure trips around the Cape. After a brief haggle, Sheppard rented a single-engined Cessna and tookp 1071 MNF 1982
over the woman's shadow, Sheppard paused to gaze around him. After so many weeks and months of avoiding the daylight, hep 1072 MNF 1982
one wing. Too surprised to laugh at Martinsen, Sheppard ran after him. He followed the line of metal thread that unravelledp 1073 MNF 1982
end of the pool, then helped the nervous young woman after him. ‘This is the key to it all,‘ he explainedp 1077 MNF 1982
duel with Martinsen continued in the skies above Cape Kennedy. After a storm the drowned Cessna was washed up on top 1079 MNF 1982
into the dream-time, as he mourned Elaine in the hours after her death. He had seen her come alive from thep 1083 MNF 1982
engine of the old Curtiss biplane woke Dr Mallory soon after dawn, as he lay asleep beside his exhausted wife onp 1037 MSA 1982
Mallory reversed out of the car park and set off after the glider, veering in and out of the palms thatp 1042 MSA 1982
in Cocoa Beach, then make his way back to Titusville after dark. The forest floor was cool against his bare feetp 1043 MSA 1982
out of Florida, as it had from the space age. After a brief pause, like a trapped film reel running freep 1045 MSA 1982
dressed while Mallory recovered from his collision with the cheetah. After dragging away the boisterous beast she settled Mallory in thep 1046 MSA 1982
in arms fiercely cradled by the widow outside the courtroom after the verdict. ‘I hope he comes. And your little zoop 1047 MSA 1982
was distracted by the unswept sky and the massing birds. After tying up the cheetahs she made her way quickly top 1048 MSA 1982
to prevent him contaminating the rest of the human race. After twenty years he was safely forgotten, and even the reportp 1049 MSA 1982
was only briefly mentioned. He was presumed to have died, after crashing into the icy waters of the bay in ap 1049 MSA 1982
that would carry him to freedom. Then, only six months after Hinton's death, Mallory had been told by an old NASAp 1049 MSA 1982
of the Shuttle as it emerged above the assembly deck. After all the years of thinking about Cape Kennedy he wasp 1052 MSA 1982
Pettifer and Turner, is James Dean's Porsche, which was stolen after his death-crash and has never been seen since. In spitep 233 UGM 1984
of Shanghai Cathedral had equipped himself with an antique projector. After morning service on Sunday, 7 December, the eve of thep 11 ES 1984
Bridge that he was writing in a school exercise book. After years spent listening to his mother's bridge parties, trying top 16 ES 1984
school and university in England to which Jim would go after the war, and how, if he wished, he could becomep 19 ES 1984
benefit. There were hard times in Shanghai that winter, and after a week-long cold spell he was too tired to raisep 21 ES 1984
that Coolie had taken a bowl of rice to him. After a heavy snowfall one night in early December the snowp 21 ES 1984
the Nantao and Hongkew districts of Shanghai in 1937. Street after street of Chinese tenements had been levelled to the dustp 25 ES 1984
visiting Hungjao with his parents in 1937, a few days after the battle. Parties of Europeans and Americans drove from Shanghaip 32 ES 1984
the jacket of his pirate costume. Although out of breath after running from Dr Lockwood's house, he forced himself to standp 34 ES 1984
away from the newsreels and their endless reminders of war. After dinner, as Jim lay in his bedroom on the tenthp 37 ES 1984
a motorboat carrying two British officers back to the Petrel after their parties ashore. He had met the captain of thep 39 ES 1984
the staterooms. As he rode back in the company launch after visiting his father's cotton mill Jim always longed to climbp 40 ES 1984
opened his door and stepped into the road. ‘Jamie, look after your mother!‘ Machine-gun fire was coming from the Japanese marinesp 46 ES 1984
wreck in an unsuccessful attempt to retrieve the code-boxes. Soon after ten o'clock the Japanese reopened the Bund, and thousands ofp 52 ES 1984
eager to be rid of him. ‘Your mother will look after you.‘ Jim dressed himself, fastened his tie and carefully straightenedp 55 ES 1984
thank the sister, but she had already left to look after her orphans. The Youth with the Knife Wars always invigoratedp 55 ES 1984
fingertips, he climbed the wall below the barred cloakroom window. After pulling himself on to the concrete ledge, he crawled onp 61 ES 1984
of his closest friends, Patrick Maxted and the Raymond twins. After washing himself in soda water he went into the gardenp 66 ES 1984
whom had been interned by the Japanese in the days after the attack on Pearl Harbor. The Maxteds‘ apartment house wasp 74 ES 1984
abandoned apartment house. Jim was glad to be left alone. After being knocked from his bicycle by the Japanese soldier hep 75 ES 1984
through the begging peasant women and the dozing rickshaw coolies. After climbing into the apartment he sat at the dining-room tablep 78 ES 1984
off their swastika armbands, and sent them packing. A week after his arrival at the Maxteds‘ apartment the electricity and waterp 79 ES 1984
food from the fifty-year-long party that had been Shanghai. Sometimes, after finding an intact box of chocolates in a dressing-table drawerp 82 ES 1984
bows and devouring the entire forward section of the hull. After that he would gobble down the Palace Hotel, the Shellp 87 ES 1984
For two days Jim had wandered along the Shanghai waterfront. After being discovered by the Japanese patrol he set off forp 88 ES 1984
pitched him under the feet of the pedicab drivers. Soon after, he lost his bicycle. He was trying to straighten thep 88 ES 1984
porthole, his eyes on the saucepan. ‘Basie, I always eat after you.‘ ‘I need to think for us both, Frank. Besidesp 96 ES 1984
think for us both, Frank. Besides, we have to look after our young friend.‘ He wiped a grain of rice fromp 96 ES 1984
that Basie and Frank were killing time before dusk. Soon after six o'clock the light withdrew from the facades of thep 104 ES 1984
the Park Hotel had been moving across the white canvas. After a long journey through the godowns and tenement blocks ofp 108 ES 1984
the former store-room since her arrival, but Mr Partridge looked after her patiently, bringing water from the tap in the latrinep 109 ES 1984
in the detention centre, to which Jim had been sent after a week at the Shanghai Central Prison. Compared with thep 109 ES 1984
to the detention centre was a move towards them. Soon after his capture Jim had fallen ill with an aching feverp 109 ES 1984
all the time, he was happy in the detention centre. After the months of roving the streets of Shanghai he hadp 110 ES 1984
person attached to it. Often, when Mr Partridge was tired after feeding his wife, Jim would collect the old man's rationp 112 ES 1984
the amahs of his early childhood. He had never looked after anything before, except for an angora rabbit that had diedp 115 ES 1984
with his first fair ration. Basie was satisfied but unimpressed. After finishing his meal he propped himself on his elbows. Hep 116 ES 1984
a piece of potato skin. ‘Say, thanks, Basie.‘ ‘I'm looking after you, Jim.‘ Jim devoured the shred of potato. ‘You're lookingp 117 ES 1984
you, Jim.‘ Jim devoured the shred of potato. ‘You're looking after me, Basie.‘ ‘You helped Mrs Blackburn?‘ ‘I ingratiated myself. Ip 117 ES 1984
he had been careful to stir the minimum of water. After their meal, when the other prisoners rinsed their tins atp 117 ES 1984
would agree with me.‘ ‘Actually, he would agree with you. After the war you can play tennis together. He's really goodp 118 ES 1984
some encouraging news about the brother-in-law in Nanking, and soon after was able to sell the old woman's hair-brushes to Mrsp 119 ES 1984
of interpretation. Jim collected Private Blake's rations for two days after he lay without moving on the store-room floor, the skinp 119 ES 1984
the streets of Shanghai. The Japanese corporal was unimpressed, but after a leisurely stroll around the truck he allowed the prisonersp 134 ES 1984
that Dr Ransome could not approach the Japanese so soon after their meal without being knocked down or even killed. Hep 134 ES 1984
boy. The corporal laughed at this, in a good humour after his fish. He took a Coca Cola bottle from hisp 135 ES 1984
over their faces, darting in and out of their nostrils. After lifting them into the truck, Dr Ransome was too exhaustedp 137 ES 1984
the Hongkew merchants. But I wasn't worth anything. He looked after me as well.‘ ‘He's done a good job.‘ Dr Ransomep 139 ES 1984
Ransome protested about the condition of the missionary women. Soon after, they left the highway and joined an unpaved secondary roadp 141 ES 1984
jumped on to the ground. He was about to run after Dr Ransome when the driver held his shoulder and pointedp 145 ES 1984
probably will. Rest, Jim -- you'll wear yourself out looking after everyone. We'll be on our way tomorrow.‘ ‘Well ... there mightp 146 ES 1984
the navigation lights of the Japanese aircraft crossing the night. After a few minutes he was forced to admit that hep 146 ES 1984
the worsening condition of their prisoners. On the first day, after setting out from Woosung, a three-hour drive through the openp 149 ES 1984
first prison camps established by the Japanese in the weeks after Pearl Harbor. The seminary was already filled with military personnelp 149 ES 1984
gone the way of the missionary women. He noticed that after leaving the gendarmerie station at the pig farm they allp 150 ES 1984
pit, where the lime-booted sergeants waited with their Mausers. And after laying their stones, he and Basie and Dr Ransome wouldp 160 ES 1984
the gutted residence halls, that Jim set his pheasant traps. After roll-call that morning he had slipped through the fence wherep 164 ES 1984
drawn the last of the adolescent fat from Kimura's arms. After a recent attack of tuberculosis his strong face was puffyp 165 ES 1984
a child, as he himself had been before the war. After crossing the parade ground, the Japanese soldiers disappeared among thep 166 ES 1984
not England. Naming the sewage-stained paths between the rotting huts after a vaguely remembered London allowed too many of the Britishp 167 ES 1984
that it was probably sensible to do anything to survive. After three years in the camp the notion of patriotism meantp 169 ES 1984
of the boys had been close friends in the days after his arrival in Lunghua, when he had needed every allyp 170 ES 1984
series of small rooms, each furnished with four wooden bunks. After the first winter in the camp, when many of thep 171 ES 1984
Shanghai, had been sadly drained by his years in Lunghua. After arriving at the camp Jim had been glad to findp 177 ES 1984
that his mother and father might also have changed. Soon after arriving in Lunghua he heard that his parents were internedp 179 ES 1984
fellow-prisoners. How would they survive, without the Japanese to look after them? He worried especially for Mr Maxted, whose tired repertoryp 180 ES 1984
lecturer, a retired Indian Army officer, claimed to have named after himself a lake the size of Wales, which amazed Jimp 180 ES 1984
But by the winter of 1944 all this had ended. After the American fighter attacks on Lunghua Airfield, and the firstp 181 ES 1984
seemed to find depressing when Jim informed him of it. After counting the eighty-seven weevils -- their numbers, Jim calculated, werep 183 ES 1984
Jim had contracted pneumonia, she had done nothing to look after him, and Dr Ransome was forced to come in everyp 184 ES 1984
and gerundives. Jim waited until she began her sweet potato. After confirming that his own potato was the largest of thep 184 ES 1984
lay in the banks of nettles where they had swerved after crashlanding with their injured crews. For months crippled Japanese aircraftp 187 ES 1984
raid, he watched Jim in a weary but patient way. After the raids, when the Japanese guards began to abuse thep 195 ES 1984
adjacent wards, where the thirty patients lay on their bunks. After every air raid there were a few deaths, from shockp 198 ES 1984
hospital were those without relatives or friends willing to look after them in the huts or dormitory blocks. Apart from thep 199 ES 1984
and tomato plants. Often he visualized staying there forever, even after the war ended. He pushed this rustic fantasy to thep 204 ES 1984
Taking off his shoes, Jim began to buff the toecaps. After three years in clogs and cast-offs, he enjoyed impressing everyonep 208 ES 1984
long as we stay in Lunghua the Japanese will look after us.‘ ‘I'm not sure that they will. We've become anp 211 ES 1984
His long-sleeved cotton shirt was faded but neatly creased -- after Jim had washed and dried the shirts Basie would foldp 216 ES 1984
fields, a forgotten thunder that reverberated over the land long after the bombs had exploded. The sounds drummed at the windowsp 222 ES 1984
drinking water, but the shortage of fuel made this difficult. After rounding up a few sticks and shreds of straw matsp 223 ES 1984
through the pages. Groups of prisoners lounged on the balconies after their meal. The shade between the pillars was reserved forp 226 ES 1984
he heard the air raid siren sound from the guardhouse. After a few seconds, before the prisoners could run for shelterp 226 ES 1984
wagons. Fearful of the Mustangs, the Japanese convoys moved only after dusk, and the sound of their engines kept everyone awakep 232 ES 1984
the sound of their engines kept everyone awake for night after night. Sergeant Nagata and his guards had given up anyp 232 ES 1984
effort, the Japanese engineers continued to fill in the craters after each raid, as if expecting a fleet of rescue aircraftp 233 ES 1984
convinced that the war was already over. On 2 August, after the rumour that the Russians had entered the war againstp 234 ES 1984
that moment he was probably lying dead in a ditch after being murdered by bandits. Headlamps flared along the Shanghai roadp 237 ES 1984
restored his confidence. The prospect of being killed excited him; after the uncertainties of the past week he welcomed any endp 238 ES 1984
about Mr Maxted's exhaustion to notice his own. But soon after reaching the Shanghai-Hangchow railway line Mr Maxted was forced top 245 ES 1984
that would cheer Mrs Philips. ‘It's air I'm short of after all that walking, not food.‘ ‘Yes, Jim ...‘ Mrs Philips openedp 247 ES 1984
side, making a pillow of his arm. He felt drowsy after Mrs Philips‘ potato, and the rumble of bombing and thep 249 ES 1984
sky. Holding tight to his case, Jim increased his stride. After so many years without any belongings, he did not intendp 251 ES 1984
walked through the rain towards the railway embankment. An hour after nightfall they reached a football stadium on the western outskirtsp 257 ES 1984
host to the 1940 Olympic Games. Captured by the Japanese after their invasion in 1937, the stadium became the military headquartersp 257 ES 1984
Ransome to jump down from the hospital truck and look after Mr Maxted. However, the three vehicles were already leaving thep 264 ES 1984
truck lumbered through the tunnel. Jim was tempted to run after it, but he knew that he had decided to stayp 264 ES 1984
closer to them than he felt to the living. Long after Mr Maxted had grown cold, Jim had continued to massagep 272 ES 1984
waited until the Japanese moved on again, and then walked after him, making no effort to hide and carefully placing hisp 280 ES 1984
potent flavour filled his mouth, the taste of animal fat. After years of boiled rice and sweet potatoes, his mouth wasp 286 ES 1984
of nutrition from every morsel, Jim finished the meat. Thirsty after all the salts, he opened the can of Klim, onlyp 286 ES 1984
to the house in Amherst Avenue? They might be hungry after the journey from Soochow, and would be glad of thep 289 ES 1984
detail. Jim had last seen him lying outside the guardhouse after his abortive attempt to walk to Shanghai. He now loungedp 292 ES 1984
same chalk-like skin and deranged eyes in those prisoners released after months in the underground cells of the Bridgehouse police headquartersp 293 ES 1984
bunks. The home-made lockers had been looted by the Japanese after the departure of the prisoners, as if there were stillp 300 ES 1984
and opened the doors of Lunghua. A Reserved Room Soon after dawn Jim was woken by the first reconnaissance flights ofp 305 ES 1984
be filled by every warlord and disaffected general in China. After waiting for Price and his men to leave the campp 305 ES 1984
and waved to the men and their glowering Chinese wives. After three years of trying to leave the camp they werep 308 ES 1984
entire world of silent canals. Fortunately, Price's anger soon abated. After returning to the Shanghai road the lieutenant steered the truckp 312 ES 1984
marines raising the flag on the summit of Mount Suribachi after their battle for Iwo Jima. The Americans in these magazinesp 314 ES 1984
-- Jim! Shanghai Jim!‘ The cabin steward stared at Jim. After a moment's thought he shook his head in an almostp 317 ES 1984
gang. They had left the seaplane base at Nantao soon after dawn, but somehow had managed to rendezvous within a fewp 319 ES 1984
but Basie was sly and evasive. As always, whatever happened after the escape had long since eased to interest him. Hep 321 ES 1984
to your Dad. You can tell him how I looked after you through the war, taught you all your words.‘ ‘Youp 323 ES 1984
the war, taught you all your words.‘ ‘You did look after me, Basie.‘ ‘Right ...‘ Basie gazed thoughtfully at Jim. ‘You stayp 323 ES 1984
dead communist soldiers were stacked like firewood. In the silence after the bombers had passed Jim could hear the aching rumblep 330 ES 1984
at Soochow, and Jim had ample time to tour Shanghai. After calling at the White Russian dentist in the French Concessionp 346 ES 1984
projected above the crowds on the Bund, endlessly fascinated Jim. After the dental work to his jaw, and the healing ofp 347 ES 1984
suspected that Jim had chosen to stay on at Lunghua after the armistice, playing his games of war and death. Jimp 350 ES 1984
the royal family and their guest at Windsor Castle. Soon after the President and Mrs Reagan arrived by helicopter, a miniaturep 1091 OOA 1984
dish. Jesuit novice, St Francis Xavier seminary, Dundalk, 1978; expelled after three weeks for sexual misconduct with mother of fellow novicep 1093 OOA 1984
at Elstree Flying School, only to suffer an epileptic seizure after the first take-off Hundreds of London Underground posters advertising Colp 1096 OOA 1984
on apace. Colonel Thomas Jefferson Stamford has arrived in London, after completing his triumphal tour of the non-communist world. He hasp 1098 OOA 1984
Boy, the self-sworn enemy of all astronauts. On the day after the Colonel's arrival in London for the Easter rally, top 1099 OOA 1984
was imminent -- a nuclear catastrophe, or a sudden epidemic after a research laboratory accident -- and that by some unfortunatep 3 SAJ 1984
when he woke to another luminous morning his confidence returned. After an initial doubt, he was relieved to see that Sheppertonp 3 SAJ 1984
this effort failed to get me to the top, and after ten years I found myself displaced by a younger generationp 1105 MWM 1985
almost deserted, as the office workers returned to their desks after lunch. Behind me, in the shade of the canvas awningp 1106 MWM 1985
gone, strolling past the leatherware and jewellery stores. Alone now after his brief fame, the American sat among the empty glassesp 1107 MWM 1985
my voice. ‘The studios must have been grateful to you. After all, you could describe the actual moon-walks.‘ Scranton nodded sagelyp 1110 MWM 1985
projection booth had been let as apartments, which we reached after climbing a dank emergency stairway. Exhausted by the effort, Scrantonp 1111 MWM 1985
a pillow, stained with sweat and some unsavoury mucus, perhaps after an attack of malarial or tubercular fever. Eager to leavep 1111 MWM 1985
table. Ill the American might be, but I needed him. After ordering a brandy, I helped Scranton to hold the glassp 1113 MWM 1985
Scranton. Frequently, though, the American would recover his strength, and after I had shaved him we would go down into thep 1113 MWM 1985
city forever. So ended my connection with the newspaper. Soon after, the two women evicted me from my apartment. I wasp 1114 MWM 1985
died I was reading the mucus-stained headlines on his pillow. After Scranton's death I remained in his room at the Luxorp 1114 MWM 1985
that pierces walls‘ (or bank vaults, as George Melly commented). After Gala's death in 1982 Dali lapsed into extreme melancholy andp 100 UGM 1986
Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb (1964) Nearly twenty-five years after its release, Stanley Kubrick's black satire has lost none ofp 18 UGM 1987
create a disturbing world that resembles a chromium-plated 1984. Sadly, after Alphaville Godard abandoned the genre. Barbarella (1968) Sex, which manyp 19 UGM 1987
politically ultraconservative, eager not to think about what adults do after dark. At any rate, it is inconceivable that the mastersp 19 UGM 1987
straight from the paintings of Francis Bacon that materializes just after Weaver strips down to her underwear. Dinner, fortunately, is delayedp 22 UGM 1987
and weird punk hairstyles, the sense of a world discarded after Judgement Day. In its raw power and vast scenic effectsp 22 UGM 1987
had emerged from the forest at nine that morning, soon after the government spotter plane completed its daily circuit of Lakep 15 DC 1987
of dentistry at a French university, he had named himself after the capital of a recently liberated African nation, like thep 15 DC 1987
Kotto River. The dream of a green Sahara, perhaps named after myself, that would feed the poor of Chad and thep 17 DC 1987
company in the ramshackle trailer where I spent my evenings after the long drives across the lake, hunting the underground contourp 17 DC 1987
A light aircraft piloted by a Japanese photographer landed soon after the airstrip extension was complete. This mysterious young woman, whop 18 DC 1987
the Belgian manager, run down by the military convoys. Soon after, the engineers left, without returning the bulldozer, and all thatp 19 DC 1987
cataracts, and another showed the clear symptoms of brain damage after childhood meningitis. Only the twelve-year-old squatting behind me among thep 21 DC 1987
of an airline advertisement, which his audiences took for objectivity. After a day spent in the emergency unit, treating road accidentp 31 DC 1987
and urged their hollyhocks and lupins to deny the sun. After this fiasco Sanger began a second career in Australian televisionp 31 DC 1987
had detonated a hand grenade as a farewell present. Exhausted after the hours in Harare's custody, and the tomfoolery of Sanger'sp 41 DC 1987
had brought me to central Africa in the first place. After a childhood in Hong Kong, where my father had beenp 42 DC 1987
Puerto Rico, Lagos -- I found myself in central Africa. After six months in northern Nigeria, trying to isolate a suspectedp 42 DC 1987
was then transferred to the Central African Republic, still devastated after the rule of Bokassa, and finally sent across the borderp 42 DC 1987
discover why. When Captain Kagwa called to see me soon after daybreak, I told him that I was closing the clinicp 43 DC 1987
you to go.‘ ‘All right. I'll take that mercy flight after all.‘ ‘Be at the airstrip by twelve noon. It's ap 44 DC 1987
undimmed. The surface gleamed like a salt flat still moist after a few minutes of rain. As for the mirage, Ip 46 DC 1987
the roof of the control tower. His safari suit crumpled after an unsettled night, Sanger was trying to pacify the journalistsp 50 DC 1987
the strategic balance of the arid region under his rule. After my meeting with the armed patrol he clearly suspected thatp 58 DC 1987
I gestured to the African women to stop ladling, but after the barest glance they ignored me. ‘It may well bep 65 DC 1987
it swept sideways on to a narrow sand-bank in midstream. After a change of helmsman the crew pushed themselves free withp 79 DC 1987
spoken to her, but every day, while the women dozed after our afternoon meal, I would leave some of my foodp 81 DC 1987
And then it wouldn't stop growing. When Sanger named it after me ... I had to scotch it.‘ ‘And now?‘ ‘Everything's changedp 84 DC 1987
I spoke softly. ‘I created this river, Nora. It's named after me. I own it.‘ She stepped back and fastened thep 84 DC 1987
asked: ‘Tell me -- why did you decide to look after me? You could have left me in the truck.‘ ‘Ip 85 DC 1987
that she had been abused as a child, driven away after her mother's death and left to fend for herself. Somehowp 89 DC 1987
either mute or autistic, or had suffered slight brain damage after a beating. However, she seemed alert enough as she pursedp 89 DC 1987
tell Mrs Warrender.‘ I walked towards the palm trees, but after two steps heard a race of feet across the sandp 90 DC 1987
of the deluge that would spread southwards from the Sahara, after ten thousand years of drought, to drown the race ofp 92 DC 1987
caught two of Harare's deserters, they came on a raft after sailing for three days. They say that this may bep 93 DC 1987
were clocks without hands. Each morning we set sail soon after dawn, casting off from an overnight mooring beside the bankp 106 DC 1987
diesel -- changes of speed on the wheelhouse throttle, even after a week of practice, would transmit themselves only erratically top 106 DC 1987
the water like the arms of a boisterous hippo long after I had disconnected the drive shaft. From the moment shep 107 DC 1987
all was well. I swayed against the rail, still lightheaded after my night's sleep. I was hungry, bruised and nervous, myp 111 DC 1987
with whatever fish Noon could catch -- left me exhausted after the smallest effort but I was too exhilarated to eatp 122 DC 1987
I was too exhilarated to eat properly, or to look after the chafed skin of my arms and face, already sufferingp 122 DC 1987
Noon looking out with the wide-eyed gaze of a child after her first ride on a roller-coaster. I switched off thep 132 DC 1987
us from any further act of treachery by the river. After our escape from Captain Kagwa I had become aware thatp 139 DC 1987
purpose of this strange adventure. I remembered my first appointment after graduating, when I had hesitated in the same way, beforep 142 DC 1987
tents and unloading their weapons from the grey-hulled landing-craft. Soon after sunrise I had left Noon in command of the Salammbop 150 DC 1987
a shallow creek that ran into a grove of palms. After mooring the launch to a pair of waterlogged trunks, Ip 152 DC 1987
Sanger and Mr Pal had brought nothing with them -- after escaping from the unguarded police barracks at Port-la-Nouvelle they hadp 152 DC 1987
Kagwa climb the gangway into the landing-craft. Clearly he was after bigger game than the car ferry -- any action hep 156 DC 1987
many weeks, now took second place to our survival. Soon after our escape from Kagwa's speedboat, we entered an unexpected sectorp 168 DC 1987
lie you most wish to believe,‘ he liked to opine. ‘After all, your creation of the river has sprung from ap 176 DC 1987
of plaster that each footstep released from the ceiling. Rested after my long sleep, I lay in this fine rain ofp 194 DC 1987
an intermittent fly fever. A posse of armed gendarmerie was after my blood, I was infatuated with a teenage girl, andp 195 DC 1987
told her as she polished the cheap glass. ‘An hour after sunset, if I can start the engine.‘ ‘Is that wisep 204 DC 1987
Pal walking through the papyrus grass to their rubber dinghy. After a few steps they ducked down, hearing something in thep 204 DC 1987
women parted the papyrus grass the other raised her rifle. After a pause they stepped into the dinghy and rowed themselvesp 205 DC 1987
you mean the river?‘ ‘My river.‘ ‘The river you've named after yourself, and which you want to destroy.‘ ‘It attacked myp 205 DC 1987
movement, reminding me of her eerie calm in the months after her husband's death. ‘We were unlucky today.‘ ‘I didn't knowp 210 DC 1987
I realized for the first time that I was naked. After carrying me aboard the Diana, the women had stripped mep 211 DC 1987
had first admitted us to the lagoon. An hour later, after threading our way among the creeks and waterways, we atp 217 DC 1987
the desolate terrain seemed barely aware of the river. Stronger after my rest in the Diana, I steered the Salammbo towardsp 218 DC 1987
and were watching the banks twenty feet above my head. After a wary inspection, they turned back and moved upstream, soonp 218 DC 1987
the central island to the bank a hundred feet away. After driving a line of bamboo piles into the sandy floorp 219 DC 1987
the African stone, but never water. Doctor ...?‘ ‘Mallory. I looked after your teeth, General. I treated many of your men. Thep 227 DC 1987
around my wrists. She seemed business-like and confident, already refreshed after the rigours of our voyage. She met my eyes, inp 229 DC 1987
to collapse and spill itself into the pool below. Soon after my first meeting with Harare, six weeks earlier, I hadp 232 DC 1987
Noon shout out in alarm. She ran along the beach after the mooring line, convinced that in my typically eccentric wayp 233 DC 1987
voyage across the garbage pits of the planet. A week after the completion of the barrage Nora Warrender's floating brothel appearedp 235 DC 1987
sunset, a gliding sepulchre of polished bone. It arrived soon after dusk, under the wary guns of the sentries who guardedp 235 DC 1987
to carry me away to a more serene sky. Soon after, I woke from a troubled sleep to find my legsp 249 DC 1987
path to the east wall where the Salammbo was entombed. After its long journey from Port-la-Nouvelle, Captain Kagwa's landing-craft now presidedp 255 DC 1987
that I can try to clear.‘ ‘You'll save the river? After all your efforts?‘ Sanger retched over his camera. ‘That's anp 262 DC 1987
these in turn to sedges and groundsel. In this realm after death, we were making our passage up the leaking cadaverp 269 DC 1987
of boulders that ran along the centre of the gorge. After scanning the main channel for any trace of Noon, Ip 271 DC 1987
had allowed a grand obsession to capture him. The day after my brawl with Sanger, on whom I soon became almostp 278 DC 1987
art itself,‘ he gushes. ‘Photography is no longer the same after this work of yours ...‘ ‘Picasso and others then took offp 63 UGM 1988
that I had been called in by the Home Office, after my unpopular minority report on the Hungerford killings, was lessp 6 RW 1988
police video? All right, but it's pretty grim stuff. Though after Hungerford, I daresay you have the stomach for this sortp 6 RW 1988
thinking and liable to come up with one embarrassing discovery after another. Later, looking back as I revise these diaries forp 6 RW 1988
twenty-eight-minute film was taken by officers of Reading CID soon after eleven o'clock on the morning of June 25, 1988, somep 7 RW 1988
on the morning of June 25, 1988, some three hours after the murders. Thankfully, there is no sound track, and onep 7 RW 1988
from his wages. It was he who gave the alarm, after discovering the first of the bodies as he delivered ap 8 RW 1988
the livid contusions on his throat, he has strangled himself after blundering into this lethal cat's cradle which his murderer droppedp 8 RW 1988
from the house indicate that he was shot while dressing after his morning shower. He somehow managed to walk downstairs andp 9 RW 1988
nowhere. Garfield's chauffeur had been shot dead a few moments after his employer. A white-haired man in a black uniform, Mrp 10 RW 1988
however desperate, might well be justified. The Massacre: Various Theories After this melancholy parade of murder and kidnap victims, I turnedp 17 RW 1988
a local rifle club, strayed into the Pangbourne estate, perhaps after an all-night drug-taking orgy? Challenged by the guards, they werep 19 RW 1988
even greater now than it was in the days immediately after June 25, fanned by the popular press and by ap 23 RW 1988
was one of the prospective buyers visiting Pangbourne Village soon after its completion. The noise of the distant crowd was lostp 25 RW 1988
reading assignments to be talked over, the hour set aside after dinner to discuss television programs of mutual interest, the socialp 27 RW 1988
unnerving about that, Sergeant." "Isn't there, Doctor? You're sitting here after finishing your homework, and suddenly the computer blips, ‘Well donep 31 RW 1988
back expansively in Dr. Maxted's leather armchair, as if resting after work well done. "The killers knew everything about the placep 35 RW 1988
The Pangbourne children are a Baader-Meinhof gang for the day after tomorrow. That's why we've got to make our case againstp 46 RW 1988
probable that the kidnappers intended to shoot both of us after disposing of the police guards. Their ruthless efficiency confirmed thatp 60 RW 1988
is no time even to wash or brush her teeth. After dressing in her blue tracksuit she begins to unscrew thep 67 RW 1988
middle of the night, but then sleeps deeply until well after dawn. Jasper walks across the landing and opens the cabinetp 69 RW 1988
15 a.m. At about this time Mrs. Miller, relaxed after ten minutes of tai chi, mounts the Exercycle in thep 72 RW 1988
DC, should alone be aware of this unique historical event. After all, the news of every downward step in the deepeningp 1116 WW3 1988
this amiable old actor who retired to California in 1989 after the inauguration of his luckless successor. The multiplication of thep 1117 WW3 1988
with Soviet border patrols north of Kabul. We'll be back after the break with a report on the significance of thatp 1120 WW3 1988
and the President has invoked the Emergency War Powers Act. After the break we'll have more expert analysis of Mr Reagan'sp 1121 WW3 1988
hostilities has been agreed between the US and the USSR. After the break -- the latest expert comment on that attackp 1121 WW3 1988
forgotten that he had recently launched the Third World War. After all, no one had been killed, and in the public'sp 1122 WW3 1988
his thoughts on Halley's Comet, which had visited our skies after an interval of seventy-five years, the Emperor Hirohito remarked: ‘It'sp 49 UGM 1989
his surrender speech on 14 August 1945, a few days after Hiroshima and Nagasaki, calling on his forces to lay downp 49 UGM 1989
sincere man and a genuine liberal‘. At any event Hirohito, after publicly renouncing his godliness, then embarked on the rest ofp 49 UGM 1989
there were lectures on calligraphy and Chinese culture. At last, after the dropping of the A-bombs, Hirohito decided to save whatp 51 UGM 1989
war could not have prevented it in the first place. After defeat he entered the last phase of his rule. Hep 51 UGM 1989
one of his former soldiers, Corporal Yokoi, returned to Japan after holding out for twenty-eight years in the jungles of Guamp 51 UGM 1989
came true. Why did this brilliant and gifted man -- after Warhol, remember, came Schnabel with his wall-loads of broken crockeryp 60 UGM 1989
remote tables. One assumes that his unexpected death in 1987 after gall-bladder surgery would not have unduly surprised him. By thenp 60 UGM 1989
to France, he was consummating an already intense love affair. After the money-driven tumult of New York he found Paris elegantp 67 UGM 1989
had known before the First World War. Still at work after the deaths of Bonnard, Leger and Matisse, Hopper may arguablyp 68 UGM 1989
happy to have made this savage, if curious, bargain. Soon after I reached my twenty-first birthday I was ordered to enlistp 1124 LCC 1989
have envied me. On a pleasant summer evening in 2010, after a tiring day at the medical school, I was ringingp 1124 LCC 1989
wisely insisted that I stick to the script, and already, after only three months of national service, I was aware thatp 1124 LCC 1989
the spring of 2011, when I called upon Lucille McCabe. After meeting her I woke to discover a lost world ofp 1126 LCC 1989
of being harangued by relays of nuns brandishing their videos. After all the talk there was chemotherapy, when she would bep 1128 LCC 1989
expecting the Emperor to come ashore, as he had done after his escape from Elba, the police were unable to copep 1143 LTP 1989
ENORMOUS SPACE I made my decision this morning -- soon after eight o'clock, as I stood by the front door, readyp 1130 TES 1989
I watch the British Telecom engineer return to his van after repairing the Johnsons‘ telephone, an instrument reduced to a nervousp 1130 TES 1989
the exhaust. The engine is still idling, all these hours after I began to demist the windscreen before finishing my breakfastp 1130 TES 1989
merchant bank on my return. Standing by the front door after finishing my coffee, I watched the mist clear from thep 1130 TES 1989
eat only whatever food I could find within the house. After that I would rely on time and space to sustainp 1131 TES 1989
is still running. It is 3 p.m., seven hours after I first switched on the ignition, but I can't rememberp 1131 TES 1989
ten days, three times that period if I ration myself. After that I will have to boil the cardboard boxes intop 1132 TES 1989
at the trapped soldiers, shredding the tamarinds into matchwood long after the two youths lay bloodily together in the shallow waterp 1145 WF 1989
young fighters, Ryan killed with a will. Even so, as after all the battles in Beirut that summer, Ryan felt dazedp 1145 WF 1989
of many atrocities, the Nationalist militia had executed their prisoners after promising them safe passage to Cyprus. Only the kindness ofp 1147 WF 1989
sentry-post 500 yards away. ‘Ryan -- look out!‘ Mikhail ran after him, but stopped as Captain Gomez rode up in hisp 1151 WF 1989
permanent peace was at last in sight. Only six weeks after Ryan had first donned the blue helmet, an unbroken ceasefirep 1153 WF 1989
wearing the blue helmet. ‘Dr Edwards, I have to look after Louisa and my aunt. They're upstairs.‘ ‘No, Ryan. They're notp 1155 WF 1989
helmet from his hands, a stage prop no longer needed after the last curtain. ‘It's your decision. If you want top 1155 WF 1989
of the perimeter fences that enclosed the city, and soon after approached the gates of a military camp built beside ap 1155 WF 1989
and by his mid-teens had already shown a well-developed will. After leaving school at fifteen, when the family were unable top 105 UGM 1990
the Japanese guards in return for precious supplies of paper. After liberation there was a banquet in Singapore laid on byp 105 UGM 1990
Party conference, the latter shared a bedroom with Searle, and after urinating in the wash-basin asked: ‘Ronnie, are you a masochistp 105 UGM 1990
last thirty years he has rarely returned to England and, after a happy second marriage, now lives in Provence. By droppingp 106 UGM 1990
colours from a palette more vivid than the sun's. Soon after dawn, when Johnson woke in Captain Galloway's cabin behind thep 1161 DCG 1990
rubber inflatable. For the past three mornings, when he woke after an uneasy night, he had seen the craft beached byp 1161 DCG 1990
a forgotten garbage dump left behind by the American army after World War II. No one, in Johnson's short life, hadp 1161 DCG 1990
captain's cabin and take his meals at the captain's table. After five years at sea, working as cabin boy and deckp 1162 DCG 1990
Caribbean had rejected, Johnson had begun to jettison the cargo after running the freighter aground. But the elderly diesels had seizedp 1162 DCG 1990
of the Prospero, which he had joined in Vera Cruz, after being duped by Captain Galloway. The short voyage to Galvestonp 1163 DCG 1990
ply for hire between the islands, renaming the old tub after his mother, Velvet Mae. Meanwhile Captain Johnson stood proudly onp 1164 DCG 1990
in the face of the sun. By now, four months after his arrival on the Prospero, the one-time garbage island hadp 1168 DCG 1990
part of her experiment. Even the child she had conceived after their one brief act of lover over so quickly thatp 1169 DCG 1990
I'm very strong now -- I'll be able to look after you and the boy.‘ ‘It might be a girl --p 1169 DCG 1990
You mean the hours go by without you noticing?‘ ‘Yes. After breakfast I fill the oil-lamp and suddenly it's time forp 1170 DCG 1990
was their obesity and an enlargement far beyond the normal. After the age of 50 years breast tissue may behave inp 114 MWR 1990
remained firm. The wounds were redressed the next day, and after 48 hours the drains were removed. Careful attention was paidp 116 MWR 1990
and demanded that the Arts Council withdraw its grant. Soon after we were in trouble again, when Ambit launched a competitionp 89 PAJa 1990
patient was back in social circulation. At a subsequent operation after this successful face lift, Princess Margaret's forehead wrinkles were removedp 112 PMF 1990
result of normal forehead movements relapse may occur unduly early after the operation. To remove the central frown line, the superciliaryp 112 PMF 1990
pilot, unfortunately (though happily for the ratings) a divorcee, and after one or two other blunders had to be written outp 117 QERa 1990
written out of the series. A come-back seems unlikely, even after drastic surgery. By contrast, the Queen successfully plays the residentp 117 QERa 1990
closed. Giant billboards can materialise in unexpected places. Twenty years after writing this, in December 1987, I arrived in Los Angelesp 35 AWa 1990
all those American movies into the tranquil TV suburbs. Soon after, Valentine died in a car accident. By chance a telescopedp 9 AEa 1990
Exhibition were in effect free-association tests. What I find surprising after so many years is how they anticipate the future themesp 53 GANa 1990
on the social mobility of soccer players in Brazil. Named after another work by Raymond Roussel, the locus solus might bep 59 SCNa 1990
exact volumes of these generally white apartments and hotel rooms. After the more sombre light of northern Europe, they seem top 59 SCNa 1990
circumstances, is the attainment of a moral and just psychopathology. After a dinner party in the 1970s I almost came top 21 UDa 1990
Atrocity Exhibition, in particular "The Eye of Silence" and "Europe After the Rain." Their clinker-like rocks resemble skeletons from which allp 21 UDa 1990
leading to Cocoa Beach, Florida. In February 1972, two weeks after completing Crash, I was involved in my only serious carp 26 UDa 1990
Crash, I was involved in my only serious car accident. After a front wheel blowout my Ford Zephyr veered to thep 26 UDa 1990
for change, in areas where change is urgent and overdue. "After reading Edgar Allan Poe. Something the critics have not noticedp 75 THFa 1990
Want to Fuck Ronald Reagan" as a separate booklet. Soon after, his bookshop, which specialised in European and American poetry andp 105 WIWa 1990
depth and bite for which they were rarely given credit. After their first runaway successes, both saw their careers collapse whenp 8 UGM 1991
which he wrote a large part of his own dialogue. After this he made a few guest appearances in second-rate filmsp 9 UGM 1991
George Raft, starred with Mae in her first film, Night after Night. ‘She stole everything but the cameras,‘ Raft observed. Inp 10 UGM 1991
and the huge number of casualties on the Iraqi side. After the arcade video-game of the bombing campaign, the ‘100 hoursp 11 UGM 1991
strangling the Republican Guard in their own tank tracks. Soon after the disastrous US intervention in Lebanon, President Reagan was heardp 11 UGM 1991
least ten years, and continued in the American mind long after its routed troops were airlifted from the roof of thep 12 UGM 1991
imagine Billy Wilder walking stoically into the surf off Malibu after the failure of Fedora. Movies, even those as witty andp 25 UGM 1991
Republican. Dr Davis had treated Spencer Tracy's crippled son, and after graduating from college the aspiring actress Nancy Davis (she hadp 34 UGM 1991
at a stroke. Capone had died in prison of syphilis after being convicted of tax evasion, and he was followed byp 44 UGM 1991
his crippled son was soon reduced to existing on welfare. After the overthrow of Batista, and the loss of the Rivierap 45 UGM 1991
with silks and black velvet, and became a poet. Soon after he inherited both his father's and his uncle's fortunes, andp 72 UGM 1991
Most of Max Ernst's masterpieces, those calcinated landscapes like ‘Europe after the Rain‘ that are pre-visions of the third world warp 89 UGM 1991
challenge to its authority posed by Sartre and the existentialists. After the war the movement lost its bearings, though the consumerp 89 UGM 1991
eye to every visionary chance. Like a street urchin scampering after a visiting parade, Spencer saw everything from knee height, astoundedp 101 UGM 1991
marry that dirty little Stanley Spencer.‘ They were married soon after his divorce from Hilda. For the honeymoon Patricia and Dorothyp 103 UGM 1991
life, and he was with her during her final illness. After her death he continued to write letters to her untilp 103 UGM 1991
reading Tropic of Cancer when I first went to Paris after the war, and being stunned by the no-nonsense frankness ofp 111 UGM 1991
much enjoyed it, a phenomenon visible at poetry readings today. After leaving school Miller worked briefly at his father's tailor's shopp 112 UGM 1991
1934, though it was not until 1961, nearly thirty years after it was written, that it was at last published inp 113 UGM 1991
at least, a desperate stratagem that the young Vonnegut devised after witnessing the destruction of Dresden? ‘I didn't give a damnp 116 UGM 1991
he himself has a long memory for a slight -- after Salman Rushdie's hostile review of Hocus Pocus, he writes: ‘Ip 118 UGM 1991
sleep‘, which a composer friend sets to music. Some time after its Buffalo premiere Vonnegut's wife bumps into Andrew Lloyd Webberp 118 UGM 1991
it. Since coming to England in the grey, austere days after the war, I had kept alive my precious memories ofp 173 UGM 1991
sustained me for so many years. An hour before midnight, after flying through the darkness from Hong Kong, we approached thep 173 UGM 1991
one of my parents‘ steamer trunks had appeared a year after the P & O boat had docked. At midnight wep 174 UGM 1991
the faded apartment houses and office buildings that I recognized after nearly half a century's absence. I saw the old Generalp 174 UGM 1991
who packed the Hong Kong flight. One could go home after all, and somewhere there was always one waiting door thatp 177 UGM 1991
the foreign devils -- Britain and the western powers -- after the Opium Wars. Eager to buy Chinese silks, porcelain andp 218 UGM 1991
began to intern the Allied nationals. For a few years after the liberation in 1945 Shanghai was its old self againp 219 UGM 1991
you ask your father?‘ ‘He doesn't know. I asked him after breakfast.‘ ‘That's a pity. Are there many things he doesn'tp 13 KW 1991
chauffeur often took me into its dirty and feverish caverns. After collecting me from school, Yang would usually stop the carp 19 KW 1991
their spare time, reporting anyone untidily dressed. I set off after the empty tram, steering between the polished rails. When itp 22 KW 1991
but the air was silent and ringing, like the pause after an unanswered alarm. I could no longer hear my feetp 25 KW 1991
Kimura was more alone than I was. In the panic after the Japanese seizure of the International Settlement I had beenp 32 KW 1991
When I was ill it was Peggy who had looked after me, giving me some of the younger children's food. Onep 33 KW 1991
1943, the war had begun to turn against the Japanese. After the attack on Pearl Harbor and their rapid advance acrossp 36 KW 1991
for being kind to me, which my father would pay after the war. Unhappily, this choice carrot failed to energise thep 40 KW 1991
in England. Already I feared that the England I visited after the war would be a larger version of Lunghua campp 41 KW 1991
heads at random. My ears rang, as they had done after the bomb in the Avenue Edward VII. I was surep 45 KW 1991
by the rifle stocks, was a 29-year-old Londoner called Mariner. After being discharged from the Shanghai Police for robbing a rickshawp 45 KW 1991
leaned against me, his eyes dazed by the blows. ‘Look after yourself, lad. You're on your own here.‘ ‘Everyone in Lunghuap 47 KW 1991
Lunghua airfield all concern for the escape attempt was forgotten. After a night in the guard-house cells the three men returnedp 47 KW 1991
travel from Tsingtao, and I would be back to look after her. If Lunghua was my real home, Peggy was myp 53 KW 1991
pre-war Shanghai it would have been a rarity eagerly sought after by young Chinese gangsters. As I released the buckle thep 60 KW 1991
soldier was standing guard when I reached the front steps after the long walk from Lunghua. He made no attempt top 63 KW 1991
the end of October, as I left the Cathay Hotel after lunch with my mother, I shared a taxi with twop 67 KW 1991
the former Lunghua boys, as if we had been released after serving a sentence at a corrective institution. At times wep 67 KW 1991
had to do, James. We didn't have the Japanese looking after us.‘ She sighed headily, swayed by the memory. She wasp 69 KW 1991
pre-war tenement and the boring hours she had spent looking after this little English boy with his cycle and free-wheeling imaginationp 71 KW 1991
of my mind. ‘Are you going back to England, James?‘ ‘After Christmas -- I'm sailing on the Arrawa with my motherp 71 KW 1991
doctor? That's very good. When I'm sick you can look after me. It's your turn now.‘ As I left, promising top 71 KW 1991
you can play hide-and-seek in the whole world.‘ A week after Christmas I left Shanghai for ever. Some six hundred formerp 71 KW 1991
bodies swayed together like sides of lamb packed in canvas. After our evening meal I returned to the stern rail, almostp 72 KW 1991
closed in 1949 with Mao Tse-tung's takeover of China. Soon after arriving at Cambridge I invited Peggy to my rooms atp 80 KW 1991
Nothing personal, we don't need to know if you lusted after your grandmother.‘ ‘She lusted after me.‘ ‘That's the spirit. Miriamp 86 KW 1991
to know if you lusted after your grandmother.‘ ‘She lusted after me.‘ ‘That's the spirit. Miriam, take over, he's ready top 86 KW 1991
helping out while my secretary has a baby. See you after my lecture.‘ He left us while Miriam took me throughp 86 KW 1991
her breast for me. ‘I used to hang around here after school -- it's easily the most interesting department. I gop 87 KW 1991
against one of the women teachers at the Perse, or after the endless rows with her mother about her drinking inp 90 KW 1991
its cadavers, the nuclear bombers and the November fens. Soon after, Miriam returned to her Trinity friends and her work forp 93 KW 1991
Lunghua. The railway lines that carried me back to Cambridge after my weekend visits to London seemed to lead to thep 93 KW 1991
See your tutor, say that you want to read English.‘ ‘After medicine? Why bother? Gray's Anatomy is a far greater novelp 95 KW 1991
and the assistants polished the glass tops. When we returned after Christmas a new set of cadavers would lie under thep 98 KW 1991
first solo I had decided to transfer to Bomber Command after my jet training. I saw myself at the controls, notp 100 KW 1991
remote town in the Canadian west. I had left Cambridge after two years, completely cured of any need to become ap 102 KW 1991
as if he had just escaped from a penal institution. After a few years of working for his father, an import-exportp 103 KW 1991
as we stood outside the RAF recruitment office in Kingsway, after enlisting on short-service commissions. ‘But at least you'll get ap 106 KW 1991
never see me again. I waved from the rail long after the Liver building had dropped below the horizon. Surviving thep 107 KW 1991
cool our pleasure at being in north America. At last, after a four-day train journey from Toronto, we arrived at Moosep 107 KW 1991
heading towards Medicine Hat, and the Canadian instructor set off after me. I took for granted that he was shouting atp 109 KW 1991
the Turkish pilot, Captain Artvin, who had disappeared two months after our arrival. Of all the Nato trainees, the Turks werep 109 KW 1991
demonstrations of how to soap and wash the male genitalia after intercourse, I expected the Turks to seize all the weaponsp 111 KW 1991
cheese on Artvin. He didn't make it to Mother Russia after all.‘ ‘I don't think he was trying. He didn't defectp 111 KW 1991
left the RAF at the end of his short-service commission, after active service against the terrorists in Kenya and a lastp 128 KW 1991
I've been happy.‘ ‘But you shouldn't be too happy, Jim.‘ After David had gone I mentioned his offer to Miriam. ‘David'sp 130 KW 1991
them to me with a refined grimace. She had arrived after midnight, soon after Miriam had finished her bath, but insistedp 132 KW 1991
with a refined grimace. She had arrived after midnight, soon after Miriam had finished her bath, but insisted on shaving andp 132 KW 1991
dawn light was filling the spaces between my neighbours‘ roofs. After a few hours away from me, Miriam had returned andp 135 KW 1991
now and then glancing at the balcony of our apartment. After breakfast I had announced my decision to challenge the bayp 138 KW 1991
Africa, stealing antiquities or on the run from Scotland Yard. After the sombre light of northern Europe, the peculiar geometry ofp 145 KW 1991
earth, conceiving the first of a new race of astronauts. After a year on the Costa Brava we would be totallyp 146 KW 1991
mind I could see in the faces of package tourists after only a week. Before leaving England we had seen Hitchcock'sp 146 KW 1991
out the cabin and swept the patio. In the afternoon, after cold chicken and sangria, we dozed in the shade orp 146 KW 1991
the bullring, he took immense risks with his own life. After exhausting his second bull he began to play the foolp 153 KW 1991
on a pedalo crossing a wake stained with blood. Long after the ferry left for Cadaques, its waves rolled against thep 155 KW 1991
more concerned for me than they were for themselves. Mile after mile, they helped me with the road maps and chosep 162 KW 1991
hills, the plane trees and the grazing cattle. An hour after she died a fierce peace had come over Miriam asp 163 KW 1991
the football crowds, as if leaving a crime behind us. After three days to cross a country and a sea, wep 164 KW 1991
to me, like the pearly light that lay over Lunghua after the explosion of the atom bomb at Nagasaki. Kennedy hadp 164 KW 1991
the girls.‘ ‘Thanks, but no. We'll stick it out together.‘ After lunch, when Brian had taken the children to Chessington Zoop 167 KW 1991
put my hands on her waist, desperate to embrace her. After the spectral women of Rosas beach, Dorothy with her firmp 167 KW 1991
shoulders as if she were one of my daughters, frightened after a fall in the garden. I pressed my cheek top 169 KW 1991
Certainly, many people thought that I should not be looking after the children. But Henry, Alice and Lucy were all Ip 169 KW 1991
sense, tolerance and understanding had totally corrupted her. Six months after our return from Spain she called in to see usp 171 KW 1991
they? Most women think it's wrong of me to look after the kids myself. They feel it's unnatural. Even you dop 172 KW 1991
engagingly odd choice. ‘You're fine -- the children have looked after you wonderfully. I've talked to Alice and Lucy and they'rep 174 KW 1991
looked down. Watching the national mourning of a stricken America after the assassination of President Kennedy, I almost envied his bereavedp 175 KW 1991
rage at the world that had widowed her. One evening, after eleven months of unbroken celibacy, I was taken on ap 175 KW 1991
aircraft emergency drills rehearsed by air hostesses in the minutes after take-off. I waited for them to arouse me, but thep 175 KW 1991
might have saved Miriam, and that the war to come after that might resurrect her from her grave. A secret logicp 176 KW 1991
wondered hopefully, trying to make herself one of my daughters? After ten years of Miriam's level commonsense it was difficult top 183 KW 1991
and Lucy daintily pick their way through the moist grass after Sally, who had gathered up her long skirts. Henry wasp 184 KW 1991
my guide to the secret logic that I saw unfolding. After years of domesticity in my marooned suburb by the Thamesp 190 KW 1991
team at the Institute of Psychology. In the hard months after our return from Spain he had been a generous friendp 190 KW 1991
a last moment. When Cleo had gone, slamming the door after her, I swallowed a mouthful of water. ‘Right,‘ Dick toldp 198 KW 1991
doors of consciousness, I agreed that Cleo Churchill should look after the children. The amphetamines and drinamyls I had sometimes takenp 200 KW 1991
by this archaic structure with its minutes and hours trailing after each other like a procession of the blind. Once wep 200 KW 1991
locked away within the trees and flowers, as if depressed after their brief freedom. I tried to shield my inflamed eyesp 205 KW 1991
irritable and exhausted, and I could neither sleep nor rest. After rescuing me from the river, Dick had driven me backp 205 KW 1991
What about the children -- is Sally going to look after them?‘ ‘Dick's asked a friend of his, Cleo Churchill. Shep 209 KW 1991
an exhibition of crashed cars came to me in 1969 after the road accident near Fair Oaks airfield in which Sallyp 213 KW 1991
of the air he had brought down from the clouds. After they landed he lifted her from the cockpit, formally introducingp 216 KW 1991
I wondered if she were still recovering from the collision after the air show. ‘I didn't feel a thing,‘ she toldp 221 KW 1991
had spread her thighs, imitating her posture in David's car after the Chertsey Bridge collision. She was sedated and aroused atp 224 KW 1991
back of the seat, as if reclining in the car after a spectacular accident. When I caressed her thighs, trying top 224 KW 1991
Tell the viewers how you feel!‘ David dragged the camera-man after him, snatched the microphone and rammed it through the passengerp 228 KW 1991
felt a small part of that loss I had known after Miriam's death. Sally at least would smile at me againp 230 KW 1991
next roundabout, accelerated past an idling truck and set off after Sally. She glanced in the rear-view mirror, and I wonderedp 230 KW 1991
their epic reach. As Dick and I had noticed soon after flying in from London, Rio happily embraced the film festivalp 236 KW 1991
children, I telephoned Cleo Churchill, who had volunteered to look after them while we were away. I spoke to each ofp 251 KW 1991
the party's guests from the world's stock of supporting actors. After a buffet supper together we went in search of Dickp 253 KW 1991
to London. I had missed him when the audience dispersed after the televised panel discussion he had chaired. Giving up, Ip 256 KW 1991
Church Commissioners, he had tried to suffocate his invalid wife. After an hour of thought he would at last embark onp 259 KW 1991
to play a desperate roulette. Late one evening, two years after the exhibition, David had driven the wrong way down thep 262 KW 1991
killed over her steering wheel, and only David's deranged behaviour after his arrest, and his active RAF service in Kenya, hadp 263 KW 1991
for the lost parts of her face and lips. Soon after, the Home Office became interested in the institute, and itsp 267 KW 1991
doubts about my responsibility. I visited her small Chelsea house after seeing David remanded in custody at the magistrate's court, hopingp 268 KW 1991
my shoulders. ‘Besides, I had you. I think I looked after you rather well.‘ ‘You still do -- is that whyp 271 KW 1991
her mother's as she stepped from the American landing craft after the journey from Tsingtao. I placed my hands around herp 271 KW 1991
beds, and spoke to them plaintively: ‘Jesus told me to ...‘ After saying goodbye to David I made my way down top 276 KW 1991
to my car, across the damp asphalt that never dried after the night's rain. Before I started the engine I madep 277 KW 1991
The telephone call from Sally Mumford surprised me. Four years after returning to America for good -- she had sent farewellp 281 KW 1991
Heathrow Penta Hotel, delayed by a late flight from Brussels. After waiting for an hour I headed towards the North Circularp 281 KW 1991
as trying to re-enter the previous weekend's hangover. Eight years after the decade's end there were all too many. Sixties casualtiesp 281 KW 1991
bored with the slow preparations. Delighted to see Sally again after so many years, and bemused by her transformation from Sixtiesp 292 KW 1991
recruited workmen and the two-man crew of the lighter. Even after nearly forty years it was easy to imagine the immensep 293 KW 1991
Dials had appeared in the cockpit, their last readings registered after all these decades. The trim wheels and throttle mounting emergedp 295 KW 1991
that.‘ ‘But do you know it? Piffle!‘ Three weeks earlier, after an exhausting struggle against his thyroid cancer, Dick had dischargedp 300 KW 1991
past year, and urged him to see his doctor. Soon after, Dick entered hospital for observation, passing into the paradoxical worldp 300 KW 1991
had passed when I next saw him. He had woken after surgery in acute pain, unable to swallow and convinced thatp 301 KW 1991
I admired Dick's courage and humour, which sadly deserted him after the second operation. The complete removal of his thyroid loweredp 302 KW 1991
moved in a parallel world to that of its patients. After three weeks of radiation therapy, Dick learned that the lastp 303 KW 1991
the first time. ‘They say factory production always goes down after a film-crew visit. Here I'd expect the opposite effect. Perhapsp 305 KW 1991
retired Dundee accountant, had moved into the house to look after him, but they were unobtrusive, sensitive and reassuring. As Ip 309 KW 1991
nearer to my own death the distance seems to shrink ...‘ After the recording Dick held my hand in a friendly butp 310 KW 1991
a secondary tumour in his knee. By now, two months after discharging himself, he breathed with continuous effort, his diaphragm forcedp 311 KW 1991
which I assumed he had washed in the river soon after saving the child. Cleo waved to him, and he gavep 330 KW 1991
crew were ready for a tracking shot through the party. After talking to each other about the threat of war, thep 335 KW 1991
an interview -- I couldn't understand ...‘ ‘I gave it up after a couple of years -- I wanted to be ap 341 KW 1991
that of the White Russian teenager who had first looked after me. She smiled to herself, perhaps amused by the memoryp 343 KW 1991
selves. On our final day in Los Angeles, a week after the film premiere, Cleo and I decided on a lastp 344 KW 1991
wings. Looking at the great hotels along the Bund, unchanged after fifty years, I could almost believe that my memories ofp 346 KW 1991
endlessly played inside my head during my years in England after the war. ‘They're launching some kind of ship.‘ Cleo pointedp 346 KW 1991
Olga, sailing serenely through the lobby of the Beverly Hilton after we said goodbye. As she pressed her cheeks against myp 347 KW 1991
seemed to be carved from ice, but this was long after we came back front the Moon. Everyone sat around thep 33 NAR 1991
a large harem, she bore a child, Jung's mother De-hong. After the general's death, when his wife might have sold herp 37 UGM 1992
when the prisoner next to her was shot dead. Soon after, she fell in love with a romantic communist guerrilla whop 37 UGM 1992
death of Mao, rehabilitation followed, but Jung's father died soon after, hounded to his grave by petty spite and envy. Asp 38 UGM 1992
had killed its mother. The bear, which Colebourn named Winnie after his home town of Winnipeg, was donated to London Zoop 119 UGM 1992
can, how does one explain the appeal of what is, after all, a stuffed toy Dorothy Parker may have detested thep 120 UGM 1992
energy than propagation alone would justify. The female bower bird, after all, has nowhere else to turn. But most baffling ofp 156 UGM 1992
from my children, who began to read (I suspect) only after they had left their universities. Like many parents who broughtp 178 UGM 1992
pleased to know that, sitting the School Certificate in England after the war, I and a group of boys tried top 180 UGM 1992
tragic nation, the world's oldest black republic, founded in 1804 after an uprising against the French led by the former slavep 241 UGM 1992
one of the zombies he interviews -- victims buried alive after being paralysed by the puffer-fish nerve poison, tetrodotoxin, then resuscitatedp 241 UGM 1992
always believed that their immense sentences were the establishment's revenge after being caught with its trousers down. If so, Ronnie Riggsp 243 UGM 1992
of all was Captain Webb, who became a national hero after swimming the Channel in 1875 (an American had done sop 245 UGM 1992
in the marble baths of the New Orleans Athletic Club, after which he was painfully massaged by an attendant who mightp 245 UGM 1992
the interviewee may not know the real truth about himself (after some 400 interviews on Empire of the Sun I havep 271 UGM 1992
your evening diet-cellulose. 9.00 Science Now. Is there life after death? Micro-electrodes pick up ultra-faint impulses from long-dead brains. Relativesp 1174 GVD 1992
marked an immense triumph for the agency. During the 1990s, after the failure of the Shuttle project, NASA's entire future wasp 1175 MFM 1992
surveyed the likely landing zone, before returning successfully to Earth. After two more unmanned flights, in 2005 and 2006, Zeus IVp 1176 MFM 1992
entered the second Space Age. Two months to the day after leaving Cape Canaveral, the Zeus IV landed on Mars, whosep 1176 MFM 1992
firms of literary agents and public relations experts to look after the commercial interests of the astronauts. There were sports sponsorshipsp 1177 MFM 1992
if preparing for another tournament. At this point, an hour after their arrival, the crew became irritated by the grimacing facesp 1178 MFM 1992
consequence of time dilation returned them psychologically hours or days after their physical arrival? Had they, perhaps, died in a spiritualp 1179 MFM 1992
the threat of imprisonment, failed to prompt a single response. After two months, when public curiosity was still at fever pitchp 1180 MFM 1992
came to their senses. This regime was tried but discontinued after two hours, partly for its sheer ludicrousness, and partly forp 1180 MFM 1992
and electronic gauges mapped the smallest activities of the crew. After a further three months the daily pattern of life withinp 1180 MFM 1992
only constant sound was that of the circulation of air. After six months the NASA psychiatrists concluded that the crew ofp 1181 MFM 1992
be convalescing at a secret institution. In 2016, eight years after their return, there was a flurry of activity when ap 1181 MFM 1992
rare tread-patterns crossed the sonar screens in the monitor room. After three years of poor attendances the tours were discontinued, butp 1182 MFM 1992
landmark advertising an unsuccessful fast-food franchise. In 2070, sixty-two years after its return from Mars, a young graduate student at Renop 1182 MFM 1992
walk forward into the water. REPORT FROM AN OBSCURE PLANET After an immense journey we have at last landed on thisp 1184 ROP 1992
of a beautiful friendship‘ -- were written and inserted weeks after shooting had ended. One of the myths about Casablanca isp 6 UGM 1993
role of the severed ear found by the young man after he visits his father in hospital, and which sets offp 30 UGM 1993
their cost. In 1949 my father was trapped in Shanghai after the communist takeover and, like all old China hands, confidentlyp 54 UGM 1993
croissants and met Zhou Enlai, who introduced him to Marxism. After five years he returned to China a committed communist. Hep 54 UGM 1993
as a political commissar during the war against Japan, and after the defeat of Chiang Kai-shek helped to drive through thep 55 UGM 1993
the ‘airplane‘ position with his arms outstretched behind his back. After years of exile in a remote province Deng was restoredp 55 UGM 1993
Deng's achievements, Sir Richard speculates about the future facing China after his departure. He predicts that the present collective leadership willp 55 UGM 1993
during the nineteenth century, Sade was rediscovered in the 1930s after the publication of his lost masterpiece, The 120 Days ofp 124 UGM 1993
written since the Second World War. The correspondence opens soon after his first meeting with Ginsberg, then a nineteen-year-old student atp 134 UGM 1993
yet exist, unless I invent it.‘ Forced to leave Mexico after his wife's death, he moves to Tangier, where he isp 135 UGM 1993
has had immense popular appeal, especially in the uncertain years after the First World War. Everything was ‘relative‘, in the moralp 149 UGM 1993
fashion a theory that revolutionizes our view of the universe. After Einstein's death in 1955 two of his greatest admirers, hisp 149 UGM 1993
never denied. A lonely and dreamy boy, he was told after his sister's birth that he had someone new to playp 150 UGM 1993
would amount to nothing, but he excelled in physics and after leaving school entered the Polytechnical School in Zurich. There hep 150 UGM 1993
of his life, though conceivably she might still be alive. After their marriage Mileva bore him two sons, who could neverp 150 UGM 1993
figure who had attained the status of a lay saint. After his death in 1955 his brain was removed and foundp 151 UGM 1993
the clearest and most accessible guide that I have read. After countless books explaining relativity I felt for the first timep 151 UGM 1993
American Nobel Prizewinner whom many consider the century's greatest physicist after Einstein. Apart from his wartime years at Los Alamos, Feynmanp 159 UGM 1993
member of the presidential commission on the Space Shuttle disaster. After days of testimony and stonewalling, Feynman cut straight to thep 159 UGM 1993
that it became non-elastic, with the catastrophic results that occurred after a freezing night at the launch pad. This ability top 160 UGM 1993
the greatest career open to a poor and determined child. After graduating from MIT, where his brilliance was instantly recognized, Feynmanp 160 UGM 1993
bomb project. Sadly, his young wife had contracted TB, and after years of illness died in a nursing home in Albuquerquep 160 UGM 1993
that would have saved her became available. At Cornell University after the war Feynman continued the work which led to hisp 160 UGM 1993
an equally unhappy fate, but take a small posthumous revenge. After being boiled to death they resist freezing, and the Canadianp 247 UGM 1993
in the wild for fifty years, but loses its flavour after five. Those repelled by pate de foie gras may bep 247 UGM 1993
seats on the Dragon Throne. Aware of the BBC's unpopularity after its Tiananmen Square reporting, Scotland travelled as a tourist, butp 248 UGM 1993
a Japanese puppet ruler and in a Russian PoW camp after the war, and states that ‘just before my return top 249 UGM 1993
a former artillery officer intrigued by the phenomenon of electricity. After being trained by Mesmer at his Society of Harmony inp 152 UGM 1994
lost childhood. Eliot traces Disney's ancestry to Jean-Christophe d'Isigny, named after the village in Normandy, who remained in England after thep 216 UGM 1994
named after the village in Normandy, who remained in England after the Norman conquest and anglicized his name. His descendants emigratedp 216 UGM 1994
plantation in Java with his Dutch father and Canadian mother. After the Japanese invasion Allied males were swiftly rounded up andp 251 UGM 1994
the seven-year-old Hillen, a remark that baffles the boy. She, after all, is supposed to take care of him. But thep 251 UGM 1994
The Way of a Boy opens in the tea plantation after the men's departure, with Hillen's mother and the other wivesp 251 UGM 1994
waiting truck, bullied and berated by the ever-angry Japanese soldiers. After an overnight stop at an excrement-strewn girls‘ school, they arep 252 UGM 1994
they had abandoned in the 1970s as a possible testing-ground after moving to Mururoa, an atoll in the Gambier Islands safelyp 12 RP 1994
its aggression. Still breathless, Neil leaned against the coarse sand. After the three-week voyage, the endless yawing and rolling deck, thep 16 RP 1994
Rainwater leaked down the hillside, seeping between the moss–covered trees. After hiding among the ferns, a small stream fanned into ap 18 RP 1994
hung loosely in his hand, as if he were tired after cutting down the sky. Listening to his flat voice, Neilp 21 RP 1994
a refuelling stop on the air-run between Mururoa and Tahiti. After filming Dr Barbara among the dead birds he wiped thep 22 RP 1994
his camera, like a tourist recording a quaint folkloric rite. After replacing the lens shroud, he beckoned his men forward, andp 22 RP 1994
the faces of the guests. Neil was leaving the hotel after a farewell dinner with his mother and step-father. Having completedp 28 RP 1994
in Georgia. Neil's widowed mother had met the colonel soon after her husband's death, while she worked as the catering officerp 28 RP 1994
the beaches where rare species of turtle laid their eggs after immense oceanic journeys. The whales and turtles were swimmers likep 31 RP 1994
antibiotic that cured the rare strain of pneumonia he contracted after swimming the Severn. His mother and Louise would go onp 31 RP 1994
way he had worried over his mother in the months after his father's death. She too had neglected herself, endlessly frettingp 32 RP 1994
the passing customers. She ordered a tomato and lettuce sandwich, after an argument with the waitress over the origins of thep 34 RP 1994
but mentally ...? When did all this start?‘ ‘Two years ago, after my father died. He was a doctor, too. I neededp 34 RP 1994
to himself. ‘People think you're alone on long-distance swims. But after five miles you're not alone any more. The sea runsp 35 RP 1994
protester who had been forced to resign from the police after taking part in a campaign for an independent native Hawaiianp 36 RP 1994
been contaminated by the radioactive ash that fell on them after the Bravo hydrogen bomb test in 1954, and over thep 36 RP 1994
gave an unexpected focus to his life. When, two months after their first meeting, Dr Barbara told him that she andp 37 RP 1994
was leaving the London headquarters of the General Medical Council after being struck from its register of licensed physicians. A sharp-eyedp 39 RP 1994
the charge, claiming that she had secured her patients‘ consent after an extended period of bedside counselling. At their request, shep 40 RP 1994
director of a fringe company designing a female condom, but after six months she resigned and went abroad. Years of exilep 40 RP 1994
computer entrepreneur now living in Hawaii. He had recently retired after selling his software company in Palo Alto to a Japanesep 42 RP 1994
for them. Old women deserve special care, they're not looked after as gently as old men. Think of them -- exhaustedp 43 RP 1994
her from sailing to the atoll. On the first Sunday after leaving the hospital he parked the jeep near the harbourp 45 RP 1994
her first-class passengers on the Paris-New York and Paris-Tokyo runs. After repeated warnings, Air France had lost patience and sacked herp 47 RP 1994
Monique seemed genuinely reassured by his arrival. He was tired after walking along the crowded quay, and wanted to sit onp 47 RP 1994
botanists, they had flown in from Tokyo the previous day after abandoning their careers at the University of Kyoto and placingp 49 RP 1994
sure that they would never leave port. But a week after his meeting with Dr Barbara he met the latest volunteersp 50 RP 1994
fourth visit to the quay, the American saw her arrive after her last day's work at the children's home. He avoidedp 51 RP 1994
rugby tackle on the practice pitch. The chaplain had resigned after an affair with the sports master's wife, and already Neilp 53 RP 1994
He hoped that Louise, watching the evening news in England after a day at her music school, would see him andp 58 RP 1994
journalists. But the death had calmed her. In the minutes after the fatal collision, when it was still not certain thatp 71 RP 1994
gulls tugging at the carcasses of the albatross. Monique ran after the Sagittaire's captain, her caustic tones lost in the downdraughtp 73 RP 1994
French engineers had cut in the hillside. He was breathless after climbing the radio mast with the tow-rope around his waistp 77 RP 1994
stiffened above the forest canopy, frayed threads snapping and spinning. After working all morning with a hacksaw, Kimo had severed threep 77 RP 1994
force had left at all. In the first uneasy week after Bracewell's burial a grudging truce had prevailed, tempers on bothp 79 RP 1994
oil slick that spilled from the hull of the Dugong. After two days of heavy seas its fuel tanks had rupturedp 79 RP 1994
that the exposure sores on Dr Barbara's lips had reappeared. After three cold nights on the beach, he crossed the runwayp 80 RP 1994
see you, they're all so busy. You must be hungry after climbing the mast.‘ ‘I'm always hungry.‘ Neil read the labelp 83 RP 1994
careful, Neil,‘ his wife agreed. ‘We'll be here to look after you, but don't let Kimo and Mr Carline get youp 84 RP 1994
Sud called to him from the beach as they rested after filling the lighter with rocks and sand, but they werep 85 RP 1994
seen Neil's mother on television being comforted by Colonel Stamford after Bracewell's death. Neil waded into the deeper water, the coldp 88 RP 1994
cleated soles cutting through the ashy slope. As he rested after the long swim to shore, he raised his eyes fromp 89 RP 1994
her legendary tempers and scream abuse at the visitor. But after listening to him through the soft cuffing of the helicopter'sp 90 RP 1994
The yacht-crews switched off their portable radios and listened intently. After a moment's respectful silence a loud cheer drummed against thep 94 RP 1994
that Dakota down and then we can go from there.‘ After returning to the island, Neil paced along the waiting runwayp 97 RP 1994
win his wrestling match with Dr Barbara's conscience. Two days after the Palangrin's departure, in a tumult of cheerful sirens andp 98 RP 1994
du Sud sailed reluctantly back to their jobs in Papeete, after a night of dancing around a beach fire and ap 99 RP 1994
them, Neil ...‘ As if to prove her point, three days after the last of the yachts had set sail for Tahitip 100 RP 1994
great albatross. More than a hundred had returned to Saint-Esprit, after crossing an ocean as wide as Dr Barbara's dreams. Herp 101 RP 1994
had no intention of leaving Dr Barbara alone. Three days after the psychedelic sails of the Parsifal brought their lurid spectrump 103 RP 1994
ignoring Monique's irritated calls. ‘Neil, you're so lazy,‘ she shouted after him. ‘No-one ever taught you to work.‘ ‘I'm just someonep 103 RP 1994
Sydney and Honolulu.‘ When Garfield took off two hours later, after respectfully shaking hands with Dr Barbara and Mrs Saito, ap 104 RP 1994
was mollified, treating the sceptical Garfield to a rare smile. After moving the heavy sections away from the airstrip and itsp 105 RP 1994
a large hydrofoil anchored within the reef a few hours after the Lear's wheels left the runway. Chartered by an Italianp 106 RP 1994
just the rare plants and animals we need to look after. We have to think of ourselves.‘ ‘You're right, doctor,‘ Neilp 108 RP 1994
a screen of camouflage netting with their stop-watches and binoculars. After four days of this, Kimo lit a fire of palmp 108 RP 1994
the aged Rene Didier, had joined the flight from Papeete after a long journey from France, determined to visit his daughterp 109 RP 1994
in his daughter's tent, Didier insisted on seeing the albatross. After the long walk down the runway, he stood smiling amongp 109 RP 1994
while he dressed, her eyes never leaving his naked body. After straightening his mosquito net, she raised the door-flap and beckonedp 111 RP 1994
support flights and media attention had ceased. In the evenings, after a meagre meal, they sat on the beach and watchedp 114 RP 1994
resolve and pugnacity had been recharged by the night's destruction. After complimenting Neil on his heroic act he assured Kimo thatp 114 RP 1994
publicity barrage of the early months had passed. A week after the Dakota's departure a catamaran crewed by three off-duty officersp 125 RP 1994
and easily tired, but he found them refreshingly pleasant company after Dr Barbara's rigorous regime. He knew that they were uninterestedp 128 RP 1994
ration left the expedition members with little energy to spare. After the day's work they lay in their tents, or wanderedp 128 RP 1994
provoke the dormant hostility to the idle and workshy Germans. After their supper one evening Trudi walked up from the beachp 128 RP 1994
foreheads, hands clasping the bamboo spears they had freshly sharpened after breakfast. Neil was still surprised by their new-found taste forp 132 RP 1994
death waited in the wings, ready to take the stage. After the punitive raid, when he had rebuilt the fire forp 139 RP 1994
other?‘ ‘That hasn't happened, Dr Barbara. Not yet. We look after the animals. And the albatross.‘ ‘They're in danger, Neil. That'sp 142 RP 1994
be saved.‘ ‘We can still be kind, doctor. You looked after me when the French soldiers wanted me to die.‘ ‘Andp 142 RP 1994
French soldiers wanted me to die.‘ ‘And I'm still looking after you. Things may not always go well here, and thenp 142 RP 1994
he could place in their wombs. He waded ashore, weary after the hour of deep-water swimming, and the weight of thep 144 RP 1994
island was Neil's amatory bower, or so Dr Barbara hoped. After a week of storm-cloud and incessant gales, a benign sunp 145 RP 1994
meal. ‘You've done wonders, Neil,‘ Dr Barbara had complimented him after the first month of this new regime, as she watchedp 146 RP 1994
beach. There was a shout from Kimo, who set off after him and raced down the sandy slope. Scarcely breaking hisp 151 RP 1994
to inspect him before rolling away like a top-heavy galleon. After borrowing the dinghy, Neil had loaded it with heavy stonesp 152 RP 1994
that the French might have called off their nuclear tests after the bomber's crash, and that the aircraft was in somep 153 RP 1994
lagoon had passed through the filter of those bones. Soon after Neil's discovery of the drowned bomber the members of thep 153 RP 1994
husband lying among the seedling orchids in the plant laboratory. After a feverish night he ate a bowl of tepid tapiocap 153 RP 1994
beach and burn down the modest shacks. But Carline was after a more tempting target. Neil watched the waves beyond thep 156 RP 1994
damp cotton was marked with vomit, like Monsieur Didier's pillow-slip after his death, and stained with the same bloody imprint ofp 157 RP 1994
compass-bearing. Neil missed her keenly, and even now, three weeks after her disappearance, found it difficult to grasp that she nop 159 RP 1994
shacks and the destruction of the Parsifal had been forgotten after the discovery of the dead baby. Carline had even offeredp 160 RP 1994
next morning. Yet we saw her inside the clinic soon after midnight, closing the mosquito net.‘ ‘And again at two o'clockp 160 RP 1994
feet below the cliff. Neil had explored the trail soon after arriving at Saint-Esprit. The unmanned station, once packed with radiop 162 RP 1994
Neil -- how is the sanctuary? Is Kimo still looking after the animals for you? I hope he's feeding them everyp 164 RP 1994
Dr Barbara, I understand why you killed Gubby ...‘ An hour after dusk Dr Barbara woke refreshed from her sleep. She brushedp 166 RP 1994
of him, strong shoulders feinting between the trees. Neil stumbled after her, glancing back at the graffiti on the tower andp 167 RP 1994
Mrs Saito likes washing clothes. Inger and Trudi liked looking after Gubby.‘ ‘Of course they did. Who were the first domesticatedp 171 RP 1994
Neil's shoulders, she knelt across him, urging him on long after he was exhausted. At times it seemed to Neil thatp 173 RP 1994
and indiscreet on his home-brew sake -- had died soon after, but neither Trudi nor the other women had been toop 182 RP 1994
their few nights together -- a narrow window of opportunity after Monique's ovulation --had already begun to fade. Once Neilp 182 RP 1994
hair had begun to resemble an obese transvestite. David Carline, after hours of hunting for wild yams, retired exhausted to hisp 186 RP 1994
Japan. He had caught the botanist in the beach hut after dark, reading his letters with a torch. ‘Doctor, I stillp 190 RP 1994
carrying out his ceaseless search for Werner and Wolfgang. Soon after Dr Barbara's return to her command of the sanctuary, thep 192 RP 1994
walking stick and waved cheerfully at the birds. ‘You look after the monkey house and I'll look after the albatross. Keepp 193 RP 1994
birds. ‘You look after the monkey house and I'll look after the albatross. Keep your eyes peeled for any fires.‘ ‘They'vep 193 RP 1994
to the rain and wind. An uneasy truce had existed after Dr Barbara's descent from her hill-top exile, but someone hadp 194 RP 1994
feared for the craft on the long voyage to Tahiti. After a last look at the creche, Neil crossed the runwayp 195 RP 1994
day for him, with Monique's and Mrs Saito's encouragement. Soon after their arrival, a catamaran crewed by three Mexican ocean-racers putp 199 RP 1994
by the month's end. The elderly Canadians had also sailed after dusk, without saying goodbye to their grand-daughters, and simply tellingp 202 RP 1994
simply telling Monique and Mrs Saito that they would return after a visit to Bora Bora. Neil, by chance, had seenp 202 RP 1994
-- you can stay at the clinic and I'll look after you. Think, Neil, you'll be close to your camera-towers. You'llp 209 RP 1994
loyal workhorses. Dr Barbara assured them that she could look after Neil on her own, and they devoted themselves to strengtheningp 212 RP 1994
--‘ ‘Of course you'll be well again. I'll always look after you, Neil.‘ She sat lightly on the bed, her headp 215 RP 1994
Barbara's babies to be allowed to greet the sanctuary. Soon after, Monique was due to give birth, followed by Trudi andp 222 RP 1994
Saito had failed her and failed the sanctuary. Even now, after everything he had endured, Neil felt guilty that he hadp 226 RP 1994
wary of Dr Barbara, however, he only left the weather-station after dusk. When night had settled over the island he madep 226 RP 1994
women sat by the camera-tower, where they lit a fire after their meal, chanting a French round-song that Monique had taughtp 227 RP 1994
can taken from the bulldozer's fuel store. Both were tired after the long climb from the camp, but they vigorously sprayedp 228 RP 1994
in the mounds of sodden ash, their cores still smouldering after the night's rain. No-one, however, had seen these signals ofp 230 RP 1994
of kerosene. For three days Saint-Esprit had been on fire. After escaping from Mrs Saito and her attempt to burn himp 230 RP 1994
Neil ... it's time, Neil!‘ Dr Barbara strode up to him. After a moment of indecision, when she seemed unwilling to recognizep 235 RP 1994
Barbara expected, their fire-damaged sloop sank in the first rain-squall. After losing almost all their equipment, including the major's jacket, theyp 237 RP 1994
the captain of the Sagittaire that she had become deranged after the helicopter's arrival and had drowned herself near the reefp 238 RP 1994
brought another squad of Japanese soldiers to guard the camp. After carousing in the bars of downtown Shanghai the six Britonsp 284 UGM 1995
breasts. Then at last it was all over. The day after Hirohito's broadcast, we heard from the Swiss Red Cross thatp 284 UGM 1995
all this, I decided to walk to Shanghai. Three days after Hirohito's broadcast, and without telling my parents, I made myp 285 UGM 1995
at the silent rooms, which seemed strangely grand and formal after the shabby clutter of Lunghua. Everything was in place --p 286 UGM 1995
in the International Settlement resumed its glittery whirl. A week after the ceasefire my parents and their friends set out onp 287 UGM 1995
though Britain was then losing the war against Germany, even after Dunkirk and the fall of France, everyone assumed that thep 288 UGM 1995
their parents and a valuable punitive weapon for the Japanese. After an escape attempt or any infringement of the rules theyp 291 UGM 1995
war went well for Japan, but when the tide turned after the Battle of Midway conditions in the camp began top 291 UGM 1995
control the soldiers. But he was a decent man, and after the war my father flew down to Hong Kong andp 292 UGM 1995
in their jeeps. The Ballard family left Lunghua a week after the ceasefire, but I often returned to the camp, hitchingp 292 UGM 1995
descendants are not even born. In 1992, nearly fifty years after entering Lunghua camp, I returned for the first time. Top 293 UGM 1995
like the speedboats in the harbour, their powerful engines cooling after the latest high-speed run from Morocco. As they rode atp 10 CN 1996
drugs and illicit sex. Later, when we returned to England after our mother's death, I realized that these small conspiracies hadp 12 CN 1996
Hennessy had been disturbingly vague, as if rambling to himself after too much sun and sangria, the last person to inspirep 14 CN 1996
mock-Roman columns and white porticos apparently imported from Las Vegas after a hotel clearance sale, reversing the export to Florida andp 16 CN 1996
himself to any serious misdemeanour. I remembered his compulsive stealing after we returned to England, slipping corkscrews and cans of anchoviesp 17 CN 1996
and cans of anchovies into his pockets as we trailed after our aunt through the Brighton supermarkets. Our grieving father, takingp 17 CN 1996
father wanted for him, taking a course in hotel management. After three years as assistant manager of a renovated art decop 17 CN 1996
share my brother's fate. When I returned to the lobby after a shower and change of clothes the concierge had alreadyp 18 CN 1996
clasp my hand before the policeman stepped forward. ‘You looked after me when Mother died and in a way you're stillp 25 CN 1996
when Mother died and in a way you're still looking after me. How long are you staying?‘ ‘A week. I shouldp 25 CN 1996
they were suspicious of the confession, as Inspector Cabrera revealed after my meeting with Frank. If Senor Danvila was the oldp 29 CN 1996
investigation proceeds. You have been more helpful than you know.‘ After leaving the magistrates‘ court Senor Danvila and I walked downp 31 CN 1996
my visit to Arcosanti, Paolo Soleri's outpost of the day after tomorrow in the Arizona desert. The cubist apartments and terracedp 34 CN 1996
semaphore. ‘Right -- Miguel will let us in. He looks after the place, or what's left of it. The housekeeper andp 46 CN 1996
the tennis court, as if a solitary player had waited after a brief snowfall for an absent opponent. A marble terracep 47 CN 1996
drawing room carried the mould-like odours of a herb garden after a rain shower. ‘Ether ...? There's something curious about that. Hospitalsp 49 CN 1996
this ether to Frank?‘ ‘Perhaps, but I somehow doubt it. After all, your brother pleaded guilty.‘ Hennessy searched for his carp 50 CN 1996
Very much so. We stood together during the Queen's toast. After that he started circulating, as he always does. I can'tp 54 CN 1996
shawl in which we had both been wrapped as babies. After our mother's death Frank had retrieved the shawl from thep 55 CN 1996
Prophetically, the collection came to a sudden end a year after her arrival at Riyadh, as if the blank pages saidp 56 CN 1996
if the blank pages said everything about her growing depression. After a quiet dinner in the deserted restaurant I fell asleepp 56 CN 1996
on the sofa, the album across my chest, and woke after midnight as a boisterous party spilled from the disco onp 56 CN 1996
through the darkness, leaping between the Renault's headlamps. I ran after him, but he raced across the knoll beside the gatesp 57 CN 1996
that brings people together. Estrella de Mar is far closer after all this.‘ Other mourners were arriving, a remarkable turn-out forp 61 CN 1996
Dr Paula Hamilton, the dark-haired swimmer I had seen soon after my arrival. A resident physician at the Princess Margaret Clinicp 68 CN 1996
my attempts to free Frank from Zarzuella jail. Three days after Bibi Jansen's funeral I left the Los Monteros Hotel, carryingp 75 CN 1996
packed the case in his apartment at the Club Nautico after a careful search through his wardrobe. There were striped shirtsp 75 CN 1996
the police vans for his return journey to Malaga. But after ten minutes I gave up and returned to my carp 78 CN 1996
and waterlogged crates, like the debris of a ransacked mind. After lunch I slept through the afternoon in my room, wakingp 78 CN 1996
filled a conversational pause, but I had given up smoking after a bout of pneumonia, and the social taboos were nowp 79 CN 1996
one, not even in Estrella de Mar, borrowed a book after midnight. I waited for the elevator, stepped out on top 81 CN 1996
care unit, lying next to Anne, and promised to look after her if she pulled through.‘ I leaned over the railp 89 CN 1996
their ghosts. ‘You can't hate the people here that much. After all, Frank liked them.‘ ‘Of course he did.‘ She checkedp 90 CN 1996
to it. Raped? No. I mistook you for someone else ...‘ After closing the door I returned to the balcony and lookedp 92 CN 1996
for having touched the affections of this quirky young doctor. After grappling with her on Frank's bed it was all toop 92 CN 1996
weren't locked away, Inspector. Once you finished searching the apartment after Frank's arrest you handed them to Mr Hennessy. They werep 98 CN 1996
the car park. Perhaps he telephoned the Los Monteros Hotel after I left, and they told him that I was movingp 98 CN 1996
Exactly, Mr Prentice. But no one remembers speaking to him after six-forty-five. Did you, Dr Hamilton?‘ ‘No -- I was withp 104 CN 1996
firmly dismissed this. ‘Many witnesses spoke to him, but none after six-forty-five. Remember, the arsonist needed to park his incendiary materialsp 104 CN 1996
it she was a heavy drug-user.‘ ‘She definitely wasn't. Not after her overdose. I don't know what she was injecting.‘ Paulap 111 CN 1996
to him?‘ ‘He too has seen everything. On the day after the fire he asked me to take him around thep 113 CN 1996
you're in danger you ought to leave.‘ She had revived after the visit to the Hollinger house and watched me asp 117 CN 1996
we were looking at a snapshot, taken a few minutes after seven o'clock on the Queen's birthday. It's an interesting picturep 117 CN 1996
he raised his mobile phone to his lips. ‘More security after the Hollinger fire ...‘ ‘Good idea.‘ I looked back at thep 128 CN 1996
the payroll, buying rights and never shooting a single frame. After that he asked me to join his property company. Whenp 132 CN 1996
doors, as if an army of housebreakers roamed the streets after nightfall. I returned to the Club Nautico, trying to decidep 135 CN 1996
fire-gutted bedroom. Someone had planted the cassette in the video-recorder, after learning that Paula and I were to visit the Hollingerp 136 CN 1996
seafood restaurants along the harbour were packed with residents relaxing after their day's work at the sculpture table and potter's wheelp 137 CN 1996
the dark water lapping the yachts. ‘She was very fine.‘ ‘After the toast she went to her room. Why didn't shep 140 CN 1996
water three hundred yards from the mole. The cruiser swerved after the circling speedboat, which leapt nimbly past its pointed bowsp 144 CN 1996
who waited for him like a chauffeur outside a stage-door after the evening's performance. A View from the High Corniche CRIMEp 145 CN 1996
waterfront came to life. People were sexually charged, like spectators after a bloody bull-fight.‘ ‘Sexually charged? My dear chap, I'll takep 147 CN 1996
that this intimate world would have given to Alice Hollinger after the vastness of the mansion on the hill. ‘You'll comep 148 CN 1996
otherwise the room was almost antiseptically bare, as if sterilized after the completion of the film. With my back to thep 153 CN 1996
club.‘ ‘Inspector, there's nothing wrong with the atmosphere. Five minutes after the fire service arrived everyone was enjoying a pool partyp 156 CN 1996
happy to leave the policing to your volunteer force. Perhaps, after all, the Renault's fire was a short circuit ...‘ I watchedp 158 CN 1996
carnival blaze that would one day consume Estrella de Mar. After lunch a replacement Citroen arrived at the Club Nautico, andp 160 CN 1996
Paula on the balcony of his apartment on the morning after the speedboat chase in the harbour. I took for grantedp 160 CN 1996
The Cheerleader's Cruise THE TENNIS MACHINE had fallen silent. Soon after four o'clock the players began to leave the courts andp 162 CN 1996
off to visit the outposts of a very different kingdom. After a quick circuit of the Paseo Maritimo, he returned top 163 CN 1996
gaze while logging my licence number into his electronic notepad. After pressing a roll of pesetas into the shoe-shine boy's blackenedp 163 CN 1996
could stay with me. I'd treated her for one addiction after another and always let her in. It was a chancep 177 CN 1996
had travelled to the far side of boredom. I went after them and brought them back, and tried to give theirp 177 CN 1996
miniature garden, with its drained pool like a sunken altar. ‘After all she endured, she had to die with Bibi inp 178 CN 1996
Hollingers‘ deaths in the way a government minister might resign after the misconduct of a subordinate. At the same time hep 184 CN 1996
me from any memories of the remorse we had shared after our mother's death. We had tried too hard to keepp 185 CN 1996
her at the Club Nautico before our drive to Malaga. After my shower I stood on the balcony and watched thep 185 CN 1996
weren't inside the car.‘ ‘I was sound asleep. It was after midnight.‘ ‘You might have been dozing off at the wheelp 186 CN 1996
machine, returning the scattered balls to the hopper. He sprinted after the players, challenging them to race him back to thep 187 CN 1996
film?‘ ‘No, thank God. It was three years ago, soon after I came here. I'd always been interested in cine-photography andp 196 CN 1996
the elevator.‘ ‘But you picked him up from the beach after the speedboat chase? I saw you at his apartment thep 199 CN 1996
in him. When he sees that he'll swallow you whole.‘ After a moment's reflection she leaned forward and kissed me, lightlyp 200 CN 1996
enough to leave me thinking of her for an hour after the elevator doors closed behind her. Cocaine Nights THE PORSCHEp 200 CN 1996
else will follow. The Residencia Costasol will come alive again.‘ ‘After a few games of tennis? You could stage Wimbledon herep 220 CN 1996
been set for 15 October, four months to the day after the tragic fire, and despite all my efforts I wouldp 225 CN 1996
might write a book about it all.‘ ‘"Is there Death after Life? The Resurrection of the Residencia Costasol." How is ourp 227 CN 1996
cash around ...‘ So crime was coming to the Residencia Costasol. After its brief years of peace, the unending slumbers of thep 230 CN 1996
I took for granted that he had selected his victims after carrying out a careful survey, picking those who would sendp 238 CN 1996
of lurid patterns on the garage doors that we passed. After only two hours a lengthy trail of theft and vandalismp 240 CN 1996
into things. But I noticed it made him feel better. After a session with the strap he'd hold me tight andp 246 CN 1996
put some backbone into the colony.‘ ‘You had to leave?‘ ‘After a year. The Colonel asked me to resign my commissionp 247 CN 1996
the new social order sustained by his criminal regime. Soon after midnight I was woken by a flash of light acrossp 249 CN 1996
a fire-ship searching the darkness for a phantom fleet. But after scarcely a minute the flames seemed to snuff themselves outp 249 CN 1996
a one-time police inspector who had resigned from the Met after bribery allegations; Paul and Simon Winchell, both in their latep 257 CN 1996
community's behalf Flabby musculatures were kneaded into shape, stomachs hardened after the couch-bound television years, double chins conjured away by probingp 258 CN 1996
personal threat.‘ ‘Like Londoners in the Blitz? Wartime camaraderie?‘ ‘Exactly. After all, war is a kind of crime. There's nothing likep 260 CN 1996
Sanger found her. Father's a doctor at a local clinic; after his wife died in a road crash he began top 269 CN 1996
two cars have been stolen -- probably borrowed, in fact, after late-night parties.‘ ‘And burglaries, house thefts ...?‘ ‘I don't think sop 274 CN 1996
you startled me ...‘ She had been waiting in the bedroom after letting herself into the apartment with Frank's keys. She steppedp 277 CN 1996
spaces of opportunity I had relished on my first visit. After leaving my suitcases in the bedroom I strolled around thep 284 CN 1996
of tourism and its eclipse of the age of travel. After despairing of me for so many months, my London agentp 289 CN 1996
at the scene around her, like a silken cobra sated after digesting a succulent goat, I could almost see the accumulatingp 290 CN 1996
begin at nine o'clock, giving me ample time to change after an hour's tennis with Crawford, our first and last gamep 305 CN 1996
appreciated. You took her back to Sanger's bungalow?‘ ‘He's looking after her. She's asleep now.‘ ‘Good. Let's hope she remains asleepp 307 CN 1996
no one wants to harm Crawford.‘ ‘It's not Crawford they're after. The fire will be at Sanger's bungalow. They'll kill himp 315 CN 1996
He'd created Estrella de Mar, and I believed in him. After the fire I knew people would go on killing forp 318 CN 1996
Frank was there. He took part in the Hollinger fire, after all. Did he plan it?‘ ‘No, but he knew somethingp 319 CN 1996
exposing his wrists as if offering them to an axe. ‘After the Queen's toast Frank left Mahoud in the kitchen andp 320 CN 1996
the reservoir of the humidifier and filled it with gasoline. After Mahoud left he switched on the air-conditioning system to warnp 320 CN 1996
So the whole thing went wrong. What happened to Frank after the explosion?‘ Paula grimaced at the memory. ‘He ran offp 321 CN 1996
attack of giddiness, and an elderly couple pause to rest after climbing to the first floor, determined to complete the ascentp 6 DYF 1996
return to the few weeks of happiness we had known after the wedding, I suggested a holiday in Italy. I hadp 8 DYF 1996
own, and pretended to prefer California and Texas. But soon after we landed at Pisa airport and took the train top 8 DYF 1996
of the first, financed by the world-wide appeal launched soon after the tragedy. The structure, this time mounted on an immovablep 9 DYF 1996
David Greenwood, had met a tragic and still unexplained death after running amok with a rifle. By chance, Jane had knownp 3 SC 2000
and I sat in the same high-ceilinged breakfast room, unchanged after thirty-five years, where the stags‘ heads still gazed over shelvesp 4 SC 2000
the least enticing alcohol I had ever seen. My parents, after their usual bickering breakfast of croissants and coffee helped downp 4 SC 2000
Aries had revived her, swaying arm in arm with me after a drunken dinner, exploring what I insisted was Van Gogh'sp 6 SC 2000
cycads and bougainvillaea. Ten thousand years in the future, long after the Cote d'Azur had been abandoned, the first explorers wouldp 7 SC 2000
him during their internships at Guy's, and often met him after she enrolled with the overseas supply agency that recruited Greenwoodp 10 SC 2000
waited in the sun for customers who only came out after dark. Undismayed, Penrose gestured at the deserted checkouts. ‘Grasse andp 18 SC 2000
becoming the chatelaine of this imposing art-deco mansion. I hobbled after them as Penrose guided her around the kitchen, pointing outp 25 SC 2000
led the way, hefting her leather suitcase while I limped after her, stick in one hand and two of the softp 33 SC 2000
and lifted my right leg above the foam rubber cushion. After only three weeks at Eden-Olympia, as Jane had promised, Ip 37 SC 2000
this tolerance and good behaviour left me feeling deeply bored. After a light lunch I would set off on foot aroundp 38 SC 2000
assumed that the senior administrators at Eden-Olympia were too tired after a day's work to do more than eat supper fromp 38 SC 2000
sea and vanish for ever. At Maida Vale, a week after our return, a policeman called to question her, and shep 44 SC 2000
love to hear her talk. So many schoolgirl ideas. Look after her, Mr Sinclair.‘ ‘I try to. So far, she's beenp 53 SC 2000
had remained here when the pool motor was switched off after David Greenwood's death. Restarting the motor a few days beforep 62 SC 2000
pillars, and no hint that the floor had been cleaned after an execution. Almost certainly the three men, the luckless chauffeursp 63 SC 2000
the warm roof of the Jaguar. It was a little after six o'clock, and the first traffic was leaving Cannes forp 63 SC 2000
doors in the corridor as Jane's colleagues left the clinic after their day's work. Somewhere a dialysis machine moved through itsp 66 SC 2000
cheek. ‘Too bad, Paul. So the brainstorm theory is right after all. You'll have to go back to the sun-lounger, andp 70 SC 2000
had made love on returning from Cannes, a rare event after her long working days. Sex, at the business park, wasp 77 SC 2000
been testing me, with her talk of extending the contract? After another six months she would be as institutionalized as anyp 81 SC 2000
give it a passing resemblance to an Alpine resort. Tired after my meeting with Zander, I sat down and ordered ap 88 SC 2000
silences provided no useful clues. By now, nearly six months after the event, a relieved Eden-Olympia had erased David Greenwood fromp 88 SC 2000
seconds I imagined that it was keeping watch on me after my collision with Wilder Penrose's car. I had deliberately damagedp 90 SC 2000
first eight had been killed by Greenwood, only forty-eight hours after he began to schedule their appointments. Two of the victimsp 99 SC 2000
He was quick off the mark.‘ ‘Naturally.‘ Delage seemed glad. ‘After all that happened last May. If you want to killp 101 SC 2000
helpful assistant suggested a local newspaper for English-speaking residents, but after a taxi ride to La Napoule I found only thep 108 SC 2000
he knew that one of his prize pupils set out after breakfast to kill him.‘ ‘I don't think he'd mind.‘ ‘Ofp 115 SC 2000
be worth a try. Why not?‘ ‘I wore a knee-brace after my accident. It did nothing for my sex life.‘ ‘Howp 116 SC 2000
choppy, and a pair of tights lay across a sun-lounger. After returning from her conference in Nice, Jane had stripped offp 119 SC 2000
the sombre water. I climbed the stairs, my legs exhausted after pumping the brake and clutch pedals of the BMW. Ip 120 SC 2000
scarred knee. ‘It's inflamed a little, you'll have to look after it. This thing last night. I thought we smoked ap 121 SC 2000
corporate life. At least someone in the family can look after you if things go wrong.‘ ‘I hope nothing does.‘ Ip 128 SC 2000
throughout the business park, still struggling to regain its calm after the tragic events of May 28. Roger Leland, for Rivierap 131 SC 2000
civilized, and very corrupt. Once you are there, they look after you for ever ...‘ Widows and Memories ‘For ever‘ was ap 138 SC 2000
Antibes-les-Pins was a most civilized detention centre. Isabel Duval was, after all, free to leave at any time. I imagined thisp 139 SC 2000
wife. It waits in trust for their son. Eden-Olympia looks after everything, Mr Sinclair.‘ Refuge at La Bocca Port-la-Galere secrets fellp 147 SC 2000
to provide medical care for the girls in their charge. After May 28 the municipal authorities had closed the refuge, andp 150 SC 2000
them to the nun, I stuffed them into my jacket. After making my thanks and a cash donation to Sister Emiliep 153 SC 2000
parties of passengers strolled under the palm trees, too unsteady after their days at sea to risk crossing the Croisette. Theyp 154 SC 2000
up with them, I rested my knee outside Mere Besson. After scanning the evening's menu I set off towards the multistoreyp 157 SC 2000
of the men spoke to the girl, who trotted obediently after them, eyes lowered to the ground. They paused in thep 157 SC 2000
silver lipcoat and mascara she might have been any girl after an hour at her mother's dressing table. But there wasp 157 SC 2000
who seemed never to find a client but returned evening after evening, teenage boys waiting for the limousines that would ferryp 158 SC 2000
Super-Cannes, the mansions of light that rose above the night. After dinner in the Vieux Port, Jane and I would sometimesp 158 SC 2000
the photo-booth picture I had found in the Russian's shoe after our struggle beside the swimming pool. Even in the garishp 159 SC 2000
and then reached up to smooth my eyebrows, still flaring after the evening's violence. ‘It's time you gave up this wholep 170 SC 2000
Halder's motives were more difficult to read. He arrived soon after three o'clock, when I was working on the latest batchp 174 SC 2000
turns the rifle on her, but perhaps he hesitates -- after all, they were colleagues, they'd started the refuge together. Shep 181 SC 2000
around him at any moment. From now on he was after targets of opportunity.‘ ‘That makes sense.‘ I stared at thep 185 SC 2000
studios and edit suites. Here I had once lost myself after being interviewed about my first impressions of Eden-Olympia. Wandering throughp 188 SC 2000
when Halder waved to him. ‘Time to leave,‘ Halder said. ‘After May 28 they have ... expectations of violence. It's the perfectp 190 SC 2000
office building to be constructed at the business park, but after a bombastic overture the architecture that followed was late modernistp 191 SC 2000
drivers, building-site workers. The photos in Fontaine's office were taken after they were dead.‘ ‘After? How did they die?‘ ‘All kindsp 194 SC 2000
photos in Fontaine's office were taken after they were dead.‘ ‘After? How did they die?‘ ‘All kinds of sudden ways. Trafficp 194 SC 2000
to keep an eye on me. When did this start?‘ ‘After you went to Riviera News. The manager's secretary called usp 200 SC 2000
night. I was concerned for you. When you took off after the girl I thought you might get into trouble.‘ ‘Ip 201 SC 2000
mother worked at the base PX. The Air Force looked after her when my old man left for the States. Hep 201 SC 2000
on this obtuse Englishman. ‘Madness -- that's all they have, after working sixteen hours a day, seven days a week. Goingp 202 SC 2000
park. In fact, it does everything it can to help ...‘ After exchanging seats, we left the garage. I told Halder thatp 202 SC 2000
not far from the pumphouse where Greenwood had probably collapsed after making his way back to the villa from the Siemensp 205 SC 2000
and waited while the Japanese stepped into his sports car. After checking his teeth and tongue in the rear-view mirror, hep 207 SC 2000
eleven-year-old girl. I leaned against the Saab, my legs aching after the effort of sitting in the Range Rover with thep 210 SC 2000
shoulders. ‘Your wife's a doctor -- she ought to look after you more.‘ ‘Patients ... they're completely passe.‘ Glad to feel herp 210 SC 2000
of the orienteering platform helped to straighten my own perspectives, after days of unsettling truths and evasions. Now Frances Baring hadp 213 SC 2000
sitting in their honeycomb apartments. ‘Flying, yes ... the first take-off after having sex. What's the next test?‘ ‘You decide that. Tellp 215 SC 2000
Without thinking, I held my breath, but the filming ended after four or five seconds. The lights dimmed, and everyone beganp 218 SC 2000
in Cambridge. They pushed me in a really loving way. After the LSE I worked at Lloyd's, and then got headhuntedp 219 SC 2000
I loved it. All that alienation. Those huge men shaving after lunch in their private bathrooms. It didn't take long beforep 219 SC 2000
and the reek of his groin on my bath towels after he'd had a shower. He was very sexy. We hadp 219 SC 2000
with their booty. Behind them, the terrace resembled the scene after a terrorist bomb attack. Technicians sat on the floor, clutchingp 221 SC 2000
gripped my testicles like a fist. I remembered my erection after my first solo landing at the RAF flying school, asp 222 SC 2000
It's too late.‘ I waved the phone away. ‘Three hours after the crime -- what do we say to the policep 226 SC 2000
women. At least, men's kind of sex. We clean up after you, like those charladies with brooms who follow the coronationp 230 SC 2000
dress?‘ I asked, certain that I had thrown it away after leaving the refuge. ‘And the tights?‘ ‘Not in the Ruep 234 SC 2000
I knew exactly what it meant. Does it suit me?‘ ‘After midnight? Absolutely.‘ ‘It makes me look twelve.‘ ‘Thirteen. There's ap 234 SC 2000
that I imagined it suffused by a residual glow long after nightfall. Looking around this minimalist space, with its implicit evasionsp 242 SC 2000
his Hampstead house, which I had visited with Jane soon after our wedding. The entire room was filled with figurines andp 242 SC 2000
assumed he was the younger Wilder Penrose, taken years earlier after a testing bout. ‘So you boxed, Wilder? You look almostp 243 SC 2000
But you like it here.‘ I tried to speak jokingly. ‘After all, it is the new paradise. Does it matter?‘ ‘Ip 255 SC 2000
uncouple themselves. Committee meetings are rescheduled for Sundays, holidays abandoned after twenty-four hours. Finally they make their way to the clinicp 257 SC 2000
sane and civilized men. Maroon them on a desert island after a plane crash and they'd be the first to perishp 259 SC 2000
to the last, warning me from any rush to judgement. After inspecting himself in the mirror, he turned to stare downp 265 SC 2000
Think, Paul. Think like a psychopath ...‘ Nietzsche on the Beach After leaving Penrose, I needed breakfast, and the strongest coffee Ip 267 SC 2000
no conceivable answers. I had reached the villa at midnight, after an evening in Antibes with Frances Baring. From the clinicp 267 SC 2000
jeans and white vest, a garb she had abandoned soon after arriving at Eden-Olympia. But her skin was pale and putty-colouredp 268 SC 2000
the Blue Bar, waiting for Frances Baring to join me. After avoiding me for a week, hiding behind the answerphone atp 275 SC 2000
film financed by one of the business park's merchant banks. After the premiere they would move on to a fireworks partyp 276 SC 2000
stuck in a lavatory on the Croisette, like any junkie after a fix, and with scarcely a greater grip on realityp 279 SC 2000
ran a two-room brothel fought to shield her infant daughter. After this I almost broke with Penrose, warning him that hisp 280 SC 2000
still sluggish eyes. ‘Paul? You're hiding in here? Is someone after you?‘ ‘No. Why? Sorry, I fell asleep.‘ ‘I thought, maybep 280 SC 2000
Everything is wrong. But not with my health. Jane looks after me, Mr Sinclair. She takes my urine, she tests myp 292 SC 2000
conservatory entrance of the Villa Grimaldi, where we had parked after the Cardin Foundation robbery. Two immaculate black Mercedes straddled thep 306 SC 2000
It's all right. He's looking for someone's villa.‘ ‘No. He's after us. The car has Eden-Olympia plates.‘ The car, a greyp 308 SC 2000
them, thank God. Those big cars look nasty.‘ ‘They weren't after us. They were chasing the Audi. You were right allp 310 SC 2000
kerb and set off towards Juan-les-Pins. The two Mercedes hurtled after it, engines blowing with an elephant-like roar, headlights picking outp 311 SC 2000
sinking through the water. ‘Three tons of black Merc swerving after you ... most people would do anything to get out ofp 320 SC 2000
back to London for a while?‘ ‘I need to look after you.‘ ‘That's sweet -- I mean it. How is Francesp 321 SC 2000
her face, a mask that hid nothing. On the day after Zander's death we had met while we walked to ourp 321 SC 2000
like the floors of an empty telephone exchange. Each morning, after Jane left for the clinic, I drew a measure ofp 325 SC 2000
a display mirror. I was glad to meet her again. After speaking on the phone, I mailed the small package top 325 SC 2000
that I might report them to the authorities at Eden-Olympia. After the briefest thanks they walked quickly to a waiting taxip 330 SC 2000
in a hit-and-run accident? David was passing by and looked after him. It was quite a coincidence.‘ ‘It wasn't an accidentp 333 SC 2000
Jane was too tired to have sex with you, but after a little pethidine she'd relax with Simone Delage. That wasp 337 SC 2000
die in the gutter like an animal, crying in pain. After that I wanted to expose Wilder Penrose and Zander andp 338 SC 2000
the Merc. Help with the planning sessions, offer to look after the cameras. That should get you nearer the tapes. Findp 350 SC 2000
bleakly to herself, unsettled by the memory. ‘He helped me after the divorce. I needed support, and he was generous withp 351 SC 2000
He started to tell me about it -- a fight after a rowing-club party with a nightclub bouncer, an old prop 351 SC 2000
to save the planet's concrete?‘ ‘I guess it can look after itself.‘ ‘Can it?‘ Penrose turned to stare at me, asp 360 SC 2000
the moment. Too many people know that something nasty happens after dark at Eden-Olympia. Sooner or later, the authorities will actp 364 SC 2000
rivalries and executive washrooms, the relativities of status and success. After a long day at Eden II, the notion of psychopathyp 370 SC 2000
in a pied-noir bar. Have a few pastis too many after a football match and give some Arab a good kickingp 377 SC 2000
-- a small-time Russian crook. He came to the house after we arrived. I saw him in the Rue Valentin, rentingp 379 SC 2000
o'clock she would be rousing the British Consul, and soon after be on her way to the airport. While she flewp 388 SC 2000
the engine and stopped outside the showroom of Nostalgic Aviation. After dismounting, he pushed up his visor, and I recognized Philippep 388 SC 2000
asleep. I would start with Alain and Simone Delage, drowsy after their late night in the Rue Valentin. Jane had toldp 391 SC 2000
set, as our shared lover, Kay Churchill, christened him. Soon after our first meeting, Richard lost interest in Chelsea Marina andp 3 MP 2003
had put on for the first time in six months, after stuffing my torn leather jacket and denims into the dustbinp 4 MP 2003
doctor husband, had left Chelsea Marina with their three children, after holding out to the last minutes before the police riotp 6 MP 2003
pushed into a parking bay. The rebels had tidied up after their revolution. Almost all the overturned cars had been rightedp 8 MP 2003
thinking not of the next drink, but of the one after that. ‘I have a feeling we're not going to makep 15 MP 2003
by a passenger who had entered the baggage-reclaim area soon after the explosion. The film-maker stood with his back to thep 17 MP 2003
If he can hear anything I say ...‘ Five minutes later, after trying to comfort Henry, I walked back to Sally. Shep 27 MP 2003
a future without Laura. He had grown the beard soon after the start of their affair, and I always suspected thatp 29 MP 2003
into the nearest group of constables. By now, two months after Laura's funeral, I was a veteran of a dozen demosp 34 MP 2003
a senior officer, friendly banter could turn into outright hostility. After a flurry of concealed blows, we would be forced top 34 MP 2003
a husband and two children. We had teamed up soon after our arrival at Olympia, bought tickets and carried out ap 35 MP 2003
short-hairs, drowsing on their immaculate straw, coats puffed and gleaming after their shampoos and sets. ‘They're wonderfully cared for. We're tryingp 36 MP 2003
had found during the past two months. On the day after Laura's funeral I began to scan the listings magazines andp 37 MP 2003
valiant trooper. With a wave, she left me to look after myself. Touched by her warmth, I watched the protesters regroupp 39 MP 2003
giving them time to carry out their action. I limped after Angela, aware that she would be no match for thep 40 MP 2003
the constables blundered into me, pushed me aside and ran after Angela. Her ponytailed companion brandished a can of tear gasp 41 MP 2003
to hold my shoulder, checking that I was still alive. After introducing herself, she kept a close eye on the rear-viewp 49 MP 2003
Bank University. Or did.‘ ‘Kurosawa, Klimov, Bresson ...?‘ ‘The last gasp. After that came entertainment.‘ ‘Fair enough.‘ It was time to leavep 52 MP 2003
motorcycle's throat-clearing rumble disturbed the road, drumming against the windows. After a coda of obligatory throttle work, a Harley-Davidson approached thep 56 MP 2003
commiserated, inviting me to join her family at the lunch after the ceremony. I replied truthfully: ‘She's a free spirit. Shep 71 MP 2003
or against me, she was the opposite of my mother. After my gentle grandmother, treating the smallest tantrum with the wisdomp 71 MP 2003
off the King's Road. I had called Kay Churchill soon after breakfast, watched by a mildly curious Sally. Against a backgroundp 74 MP 2003
mind is amazingly clear, like those brain-damaged children he looks after. In a way, he's one of them.‘ She smiled top 81 MP 2003
Branch?‘ ‘Defence, in a way. I was defending my father. After my mother died he met this awful woman. He hatedp 81 MP 2003
towards Terminal 2 at Heathrow. The entryphone buzzed twice, and after a pause a third time. Vera stood up, spoke intop 82 MP 2003
upholstery. Try bad taste.‘ ‘And what's the alternative? What happens after the Maginot Line collapses?‘ ‘We'll have to see.‘ ‘We burnp 86 MP 2003
be cleared away. ‘Today Twickenham, tomorrow the world,‘ Kay announced, after telling me to order another round. ‘Vera?‘ ‘You were greatp 95 MP 2003
We're like children left for too long in a playroom. After a while we have to start breaking up the toysp 115 MP 2003
revolution would ever succeed. Visiting Chelsea Marina in the week after our Twickenham expedition, I listened to the doorstep meetings, tryingp 120 MP 2003
they would ever feel. So, a bit of mild masturbation after lights out. A few seconds of pleasure touched those damagedp 132 MP 2003
warm a saucepan over a can of jellied heat. ‘So ...‘ After spooning instant coffee into the pan, Gould poured the darkp 135 MP 2003
the solicitor's slow progress with our divorce, in the year after she moved in with Henry Kendall. I parked the Saabp 143 MP 2003
I was still gripped by the excitements of the revolution. After leaving Sally and Henry Kendall outside Henry's house, I hadp 150 MP 2003
happy afternoon with several bottles of wine, debriefing each other after the attack on the NFT. Kay had already forgotten thatp 151 MP 2003
first I had seen furnished with a stripped-pine penis. Shortly after dawn, when she was woken by a police helicopter, Kayp 152 MP 2003
freeholds. The first confrontation with the police came a week after I returned. Bailiffs tried to force their way into ap 152 MP 2003
an Inland Revenue office in Fulham was forced to close, after a walkout by the key computer managers, the authorities atp 153 MP 2003
the way that statues of Stalin and Lenin were toppled after the fall of the Berlin Wall. The David, Kay claimedp 154 MP 2003
were very careless or you had some special friends looking after you. But that wasn't it at all -- I knewp 161 MP 2003
suit.‘ ‘I thought all that was going to change.‘ ‘Exactly. After the revolution the middle class will be shiftless, slatternly, light-fingeredp 167 MP 2003
doctor, I'd say you were in surprisingly good shape.‘ ‘Surprisingly? After Broadcasting House?‘ ‘No. After Kay Churchill. Sex with Kay isp 168 MP 2003
were in surprisingly good shape.‘ ‘Surprisingly? After Broadcasting House?‘ ‘No. After Kay Churchill. Sex with Kay is like a resuscitation that'sp 168 MP 2003
almost all bedridden, passive little parcels posted to death soon after they were born. But Gould greeted them like his ownp 172 MP 2003
committed a crime against them. Besides, certain things are meaningless. After all the theorizing, all the chains of cause and effectp 173 MP 2003
leave, he reached across me and turned the ignition key. After an hour's drive, we reached a small gliding school highp 174 MP 2003
cheerfully behind Stephen Dexter on the Harley-Davidson. I guessed that after viewing an exhibition she had passed a few minutes inp 181 MP 2003
in a more exclusive neighbourhood, where different social rules applied. After speaking to Professor Arnold I had called Henry from outsidep 192 MP 2003
death, dismayed by the real violence that had taken place after his relaxed talk of meaningless acts. Violence, I wanted top 202 MP 2003
and fifteen-minute celebrities of the political world, were still leaving after their lunches, an aroma of boozy fame dispersing through thep 204 MP 2003
collapsed into the Range Rover, reeking of carbolic and exhausted after spending his nights scrubbing out lavatories. He slept against thep 205 MP 2003
He slept against the window, face tubercularly pale. He revived after a shower and a change of clothes in Vera's flatp 205 MP 2003
beeches and sycamores that grew along the river. He paused after a few steps and raised his hands to search thep 208 MP 2003
Street shopping mall showed her leaving the Habitat store soon after four o'clock. She then took the escalator and collected herp 209 MP 2003
the previous night at his Notting Hill flat stated that after a morning's shopping she had booked a manicure at herp 210 MP 2003
made all the more meaningless by her celebrity. Three weeks after the murder I watched the funeral service on the TVp 211 MP 2003
killed the television presenter. Richard Gould had hinted as much after I found him in the park at Fulham Palace. Somewherep 213 MP 2003
Joan Chang's death at the Tate? And had Gould, exhausted after following him from the King Street mall, stumbled onto thep 213 MP 2003
going up in Chelsea Marina. The lull in police activity after the Hammersmith murder had given the residents time to organizep 216 MP 2003
This girlfriend, Vera, does a pretty awful job of looking after him. The poor man was starving.‘ ‘She prefers him likep 221 MP 2003
the bathroom and held her shoulders, trying to calm her. After twiddling the taps and light switch, I sat on thep 224 MP 2003
oily smuts on her cheeks and forehead, one arm bandaged after petrol flashed back from an overturned car, Kay led thep 228 MP 2003
top of Beaufort Avenue and would soon control Cadogan Circle. After picking off the side streets one by one, they wouldp 229 MP 2003
side. I assumed that Dexter had placed the cassock there after Joan Chang's death, knowing that they would never again sleepp 237 MP 2003
gate. A helpful Asian manager explained that any vehicles unclaimed after two months were towed to the holding area and leftp 241 MP 2003
telling me that an earlier, unfavourable diagnosis had proved correct after all. ‘I've always felt that the bomb brought us togetherp 253 MP 2003
lost interest in smoke-bombing video stores and travel agencies.‘ ‘But after Heathrow everything changed.‘ Still controlling myself, I kept my handsp 254 MP 2003
was up, we'd talked it through a lot of times. After Heathrow and the Tate, she was the next logical targetp 258 MP 2003
keeping an eye on me.‘ ‘She didn't trust you?‘ ‘Not after Heathrow. She knew what I really wanted. Stephen was veryp 260 MP 2003
in the Bedfont hospice. ‘Stephen was having it both ways. After the Heathrow attack he told me he could feel Godp 260 MP 2003
end. As I feared, the armistice had been brief. Soon after I had left for Heathrow a large force of policep 264 MP 2003
But a pile of newspapers lay on the doorstep, sodden after the night's rain, and I assumed that she was stillp 269 MP 2003
new kind of violence had been born, springing from nothing. After the last shots at Hungerford, the void from which Michaelp 279 MP 2003
Home Secretary visibly lightened, for a moment standing on tiptoe. After a glance at the TV camera, he beckoned the motorcyclistsp 281 MP 2003
reek of fear I could smell on my own skin after the burning of the NFT. I gripped the pistol, surprisedp 286 MP 2003
his lover. The police released her old Saab two months after the coroner's inquest. The forensic team had completed their workp 291 MP 2003
in the garage of my mother's house in High Barnet. After her death my solicitor urged me to sell the housep 291 MP 2003
by the better second growths. Adolescent girls still wearing jodhpurs after their afternoon riding classes flirted around the family Jeeps andp 293 MP 2003
to kill my father. At nine that morning, a fortnight after my father's funeral, I set off from London towards Brooklandsp 4 KC 2006
1930s. My father had spent his childhood in Brooklands and, after a lifetime of flying, the old airline pilot had returnedp 4 KC 2006
to the tobacconist that stocked his favourite Dunhill leaf. Soon after two o'clock, a deranged gunman opened fire on the crowdp 14 KC 2006
stirred, and I climbed the stairs to the top-floor landing. After a count of five, I turned the key and letp 17 KC 2006
flat that I had forgotten to close the front door after me when I arrived. The visitor with the truncheon hadp 20 KC 2006
-- the widows of pilots who died in aircraft accidents. After forty years he must have known a good many. Whateverp 29 KC 2006
find spiritual fulfilment at the New Age centre, first left after the burger bar. We had a dozen societies and clubsp 32 KC 2006
Fairfax signalled to the taxi driver. ‘Someone needs to look after her. She and the child are as much victims ofp 35 KC 2006
one's death in a terrorist attack hit the maximum pay-off. After returning to London I had slept uneasily in my Chelseap 38 KC 2006
given the extent of Christie's arrest injuries and security fears after the police station riot. I spent the day pacing thep 38 KC 2006
One last thing. I saw you in Geoffrey Fairfax's office after the riot at the police station. He read my father'sp 50 KC 2006
been four days earlier. I felt like a student returning after a year at a foreign university; unsettled by the strangep 53 KC 2006
Stars, signed by my mother, sent to him two years after their divorce, a desperate attempt to reach out to himp 53 KC 2006
for her patients from the bottom of a long-exhausted barrel. After introducing myself, I said: ‘It's kind of you to seep 61 KC 2006
seemed a decent old boy, so I thought I'd go. After all, Brooklands killed him.‘ ‘You felt guilty?‘ ‘In a wayp 62 KC 2006
the Holiday Inn. There's a bar near the open-air pool. After a couple of gins you can imagine you're in Acapulcop 63 KC 2006
between the men, and Fairfax switched on the ceiling light. After consulting the map he started the engine, but I hadp 76 KC 2006
the ground. And, as always, the police arrived ten minutes after the fire engines. Almost nothing appeared in the national pressp 79 KC 2006
bitten forefinger from his babyish lips. ‘Right. Your father ...?‘ ‘ ... died after the Metro-Centre shooting. You were there.‘ ‘I remember.‘ Sangster staredp 82 KC 2006
you beat anyone up. I think the Christies can look after themselves ...‘ Towards a Willed Madness The third witness. Biding myp 95 KC 2006
did ...‘ We stepped from the lift into a windowless lobby. After dialling an entry code, Maxted beckoned me into the hallwayp 97 KC 2006
long time ago. Half-blue. But I remember how it feels. After three rounds you're alive again.‘ Maxted pulled the stopper fromp 99 KC 2006
but left the barest marks on the toughened glass. Then, after the third blow, I heard an alarm shrill far belowp 109 KC 2006
but I was sure that they knew who I was. After checking the flat they beckoned me to the lift. ‘Mrp 110 KC 2006
the young widow of a Grenadier lieutenant a few months after his death in the Iraq war. As a nod top 116 KC 2006
turned to avoid a traffic sign the entire column swung after me. I stopped to pick a strip of burnt rubberp 120 KC 2006
that Cruise would calm the crowd and defuse its anger after the attack on the Metro-Centre. The cable announcer ducked hisp 122 KC 2006
are going on.‘ ‘I'm not sure what is going on. After lunch I met the local wild man of the desertp 133 KC 2006
new micro-car, but people got killed. No one liked it after that.‘ ‘Terribly dull of them.‘ ‘That's what I thought. Anotherp 134 KC 2006
to keep alive for a few last hours. I trailed after her, already roused by her scent, a perfume of herp 135 KC 2006
big for the car, they couldn't see my eyes. But after that I never looked back. My agent was fighting themp 140 KC 2006
once in no hurry to escape from London. Three months after first meeting David Cruise, I had sold my Chelsea Harbourp 152 KC 2006
a young brain surgeon. Our solicitors had finally exchanged contracts, after cliff-hanging weeks bedeviled by the surgeon's sharp-eyed wife. She hadp 152 KC 2006
at arm's length. We had yet to make love again after the uneasy night together in my father's bed. Sex withp 159 KC 2006
There was a hint of arrogance that could be dangerous after dark, but a dash of Tabasco spiced up the dullestp 160 KC 2006
refused were visited by drunken supporters who roamed the streets after dark. But these protection rackets were tolerated by the policep 161 KC 2006
thermos, and laid a large hand gently on Julia's shoulder. After a night of turmoil he was exhausted beyond mere tirednessp 164 KC 2006
entrance hall and mounted the travelator to the central atrium. After the moments of ugly violence, the air in the Metro-Centrep 175 KC 2006
and he had the ashy pallor of a hostage released after years of captivity. ‘So, Richard. Sold your flat? Goodbye Chelseap 178 KC 2006
the Metro-Centre bomb. I remembered how she had almost fainted after hearing that Geoffrey Fairfax had been killed. She had beenp 183 KC 2006
she said: ‘There was an attack on the Kumars just after five o'clock. Mr Kumar was driving home in his wife'sp 184 KC 2006
played her part in the interlocking conspiracies that had flourished after my father's death, probably without ever realizing that other livesp 187 KC 2006
community centres were now as routine as a post-match pint. After the evening football games any Chinese and Indian takeaways nearp 189 KC 2006
and disdain for the Metro-Centre, became a popular target. Bored after trashing another halal butcher's and another Sikh grocer's, gangs ofp 189 KC 2006
estates and terrorized every golden retriever in sight. Three days after the attack on the Kumars, a gang of sports supportersp 190 KC 2006
it was about to rehearse the seizure of Heathrow Airport after a terrorist attack. A soldier sat in the driving cabp 200 KC 2006
holding on to life by an effort of will long after his body had decided to call it a day. Butp 222 KC 2006
At the last moment I would slip in among them, after Julia added my name to the list. I wanted top 222 KC 2006
infectious disease, I would be back in my father's flat. After only five days, the deterioration of the dome was startingp 223 KC 2006
but the crowd dispersing across the mall in the hours after the lock-down moved in an orderly way through the supermarketsp 225 KC 2006
ideas. They realized that once they survived the period immediately after the dome's seizure the crisis would pass and their powerp 226 KC 2006
throbbing wound was a tiresome relative who insisted on tagging after me. At the same time I felt reluctant to leavep 228 KC 2006
from hostage to principal ringleader without taking off his overcoat. After the brutal response by the marshals everyone stared silently atp 231 KC 2006
always, came from one's own side, from Carradine's untrained militia. After thirty seconds on the balcony, inhaling the over-ripe air withp 244 KC 2006
of a government. Meanwhile I did my best to look after Julia Goodwin, scavenged through the abandoned supermarkets and brought herp 245 KC 2006
at the Novotel made the mistake of overpowering their guards. After leaving the hotel, they raced across the central atrium towardsp 246 KC 2006
Christie ...‘ ‘There you are.‘ Sangster chuckled to himself, still light-headed after the excitements of the night. ‘You always were a dreamerp 250 KC 2006
bandages in an overflowing bin. ‘Julia had treated Christie's daughter after the accident. He may be schizoid but he's no foolp 260 KC 2006
letting the point sink in. ‘He trusted you, Julia.‘ ‘But after the shooting ...‘ Puzzled, I asked: ‘Weren't you afraid that Christiep 260 KC 2006
machine gun ...? There were rallies at the sports grounds night after night, Brooklands was seriously threatening to turn into a fascistp 262 KC 2006
the one place he hated.‘ ‘And Sergeant Falconer? Is she after him?‘ ‘I assume so. I dare say Superintendent Leighton canp 263 KC 2006
hell exhaling a miasma that drifted over the display counters. After digging in the rubble of unwanted cans, I would finallyp 267 KC 2006
arcade of furniture stores was an arsonist's paradise, retail space after retail space filled with inflammable sofas and varnished cabinets. Wasp 268 KC 2006
first-aid post and set off for the South Gate entrance. After twenty yards we were both exhausted. Out of control, thep 272 KC 2006
and tables. Hostages ran in all directions, distraught and speechless after their forced stay in the Ramada Inn and Novotel. Ap 273 KC 2006
heads were bowed, like a defeated team leaving the field after a fierce but losing struggle, each player communing with himselfp 274 KC 2006
faces revived by the fire, colour returning to their cheeks after the twilight weeks. They were roused by the sight ofp 274 KC 2006
the furnace of shops, hotels and department stores. Three weeks after our escape, smoke and steam rose from the ruin, watchedp 276 KC 2006
was born in Shanghai General Hospital on 15 November 1930, after a difficult delivery that my mother, who was slightly builtp 3 ML 2008
like Hong Kong and Singapore, which I visited before and after the war and which seemed little more than gunboat anchoragesp 4 ML 2008
again, and presumably my father increased their pay accordingly. Even after the Japanese seizure of the International Settlement in December 1941p 13 ML 2008
full complement of servants, though business activity had fallen sharply. After the war he explained to me that the servants hadp 14 ML 2008
loads. In the Nanking Road the Chinese begging boys ran after our car and tapped the windows, crying ‘No mama, nop 15 ML 2008
A tin at passers-by, but no one gave him anything. After a few days he was visibly weaker, and I askedp 16 ML 2008
certain authority, which they lost completely a few years later after the sinking of the battleships Repulse and Prince of Walesp 21 ML 2008
to the west of Shanghai. They held large lunch parties, after which the children were left to themselves while the nanniesp 31 ML 2008
ice cream sundaes. My first Chinese meal was in England after the war. Today, British and European emigres to the thirdp 33 ML 2008
partly because of the standoffishness of the Chinese. And perhaps, after all, too little was hidden in Shanghai. Even as ap 34 ML 2008
I went on doing this when I came to England after the war, a world that was almost too real. Asp 35 ML 2008
morale up? They played cricket at the Country Club, usually after too many gins, and subscribed to Punch, but they drovep 38 ML 2008
that the masters never read our lines, but the day after handing in my penalty pages the Reverend Matthews pointed sternlyp 42 ML 2008
Tower ballroom. Most of his memories of Lancashire before and after the First World War seemed fairly bleak, and he wouldp 46 ML 2008
run its operation there, the China Printing and Finishing Company. After the war he stayed on in Shanghai, and was presentp 47 ML 2008
judges that they dismissed the charges against him. In 1950, after a long journey across China, he reached Canton, and crossedp 48 ML 2008
of music. During the year that I lived with them, after my mother and sister returned to Shanghai in 1947, twop 48 ML 2008
and went. When I first met them, in early 1946, after landing in Southampton, they were both in their late sixtiesp 48 ML 2008
my copybook for ever by asking: ‘Is this my bathroom?‘ After her death my grandfather went through a remarkable transformation thatp 50 ML 2008
which were very popular with young people in the 1920s. After their marriage, in the later 1920s, when my father hadp 51 ML 2008
remained in our house until March 1943. Those imprisoned soon after the Pearl Harbor attack were brutally treated, but in Shanghaip 55 ML 2008
and tennis parties. Except for the chauffeur, who was rehired after the war, we employed the same number of servants, includingp 56 ML 2008
to wait while he stepped through an open rear door. After a few minutes I could no longer restrain myself, andp 58 ML 2008
walked out of the hospital where he was being treated after the sinking of HMS Petrel and spent the war withp 60 ML 2008
were mounds of rubble, cement floors concertinaed together as if after an earthquake. There was a guardhouse by the gates, Japanesep 64 ML 2008
the way that long-term convicted prisoners pass one university degree after another. Lunghua Camp held some 2000 internees, of whom 300p 72 ML 2008
histories of internment often overlook -- the absence of alcohol. After years and sometimes decades of heavy drinking (the core ofp 74 ML 2008
a letter which Hyashi wrote to her husband some time after he had been dismissed as commandant, in which he describesp 78 ML 2008
his horse rides around Shanghai and sends his warm regards. After the war my father flew down to the war-crimes trialsp 78 ML 2008
in their hot tubs and then wear their kendo armour. After handing me a duelling sword, a fearsome weapon of longp 78 ML 2008
haemophiliac son who became a huge success in Hong Kong after the war, once remarked: ‘Jamie, you'll miss Lunghua when youp 81 ML 2008
friction or antagonism, and they did their best to look after me and my sister. Despite the food shortages in thep 82 ML 2008
mission station, to which he returned rather than sail home. After a year there he paid a brief visit to Englandp 85 ML 2008
been brutalised by the Japanese NCOs, and were particularly vicious. After the war we learned that throughout our internment there hadp 91 ML 2008
kitchens, and used the bayonet to scrape away the mortar. After removing two of the bricks, I drew out several handfulsp 94 ML 2008
sky, strangely motionless as they hung between the clouds. Soon after, squadrons of fighters, Mustangs and twin-engined Lightnings, flew in fromp 97 ML 2008
the air attacks, and the bodies of Chinese puppet soldiers. After an hour I reached the Hangchow-Shanghai railway line, which circledp 105 ML 2008
for the Kendall-Ward house. I needed to see them again, after a lapse of nearly three years. I knew the boysp 108 ML 2008
the gutted house whose doorbell I was trying to ring. After resting on the doorstep, I walked down Amherst Avenue top 109 ML 2008
had fled the scene, no doubt in a complete panic after the Japanese surrender. The house was untouched, every piece ofp 109 ML 2008
hour later a Japanese army truck passed me. I ran after the wheezing vehicle and then clambered uninvited over the tailboardp 111 ML 2008
At least half the internees still lived there two months after the war's end, sustained by the American airdrops. These werep 114 ML 2008
Lunghua internees were still living in the camp six months after the war's end, defending their caches of Spam, Klim andp 115 ML 2008
I met my grandparents. Our mutual suspicion was probably instant. After a month or so I entered The Leys School inp 121 ML 2008
in the Aldwick Bay estate, to the west of Bognor. After my father's escape from China, when I was at King'sp 122 ML 2008
of French, Italian, Swedish and German films screened in England after the war. I remember Carne's Les Enfants du Paradis, ap 128 ML 2008
poorly educated people in western Europe, still giving their lives after the war to maintain an empire that had never beenp 131 ML 2008
guides to modern philosophy, both very popular in the years after Belsen and Hiroshima. Freud was still something of an academicp 133 ML 2008
of the faces of friends (I called them ‘death‘ masks after those of Shelley, Blake, Napoleon and other heroes). I nearlyp 134 ML 2008
his number prominently tattooed on his arm. He was adopted after the war by an emigre Cambridge physicist and his wifep 135 ML 2008
his pipe in the evenings and watched his grandchildren grow. After his death his body had been boiled down to thep 145 ML 2008
and sat on benches to eat execrable meals, wearing gowns after dusk and being overseen in the streets of Cambridge byp 146 ML 2008
Simon Raven, whom I would meet in the Copper Kettle after dinner. He told me many years later that he thoroughlyp 146 ML 2008
the surrealists had lost most of their prestige and appeal after the war. Their wayward imaginations seemed tame by comparison withp 153 ML 2008
the Nazi death camps. By now, seven or eight years after the war, I had begun to switch off my memoriesp 161 ML 2008
extrapolating social and political trends already evident in the years after the war. The dangers to a docile public of televisionp 166 ML 2008
takeover. I was more interested in a ‘what now?‘ approach. After weekend trips across the border I could see that bothp 167 ML 2008
only a few hundred yards away. Back in 1953, soon after my meeting with Peter Wyngarde at the Mitre in Hollandp 172 ML 2008
Place. I had originally moved to the Stanley Crescent Hotel after being driven out of South Kensington, when the weekly rentp 173 ML 2008
of the new, not a reminder of the old. Soon after, sure enough, science fiction went into a steep decline inp 181 ML 2008
go out for a packet of cigarettes and never return. After six months I too moved on to a better-paid postp 181 ML 2008
published by the Society of Chemical Industry in Belgrave Square. After our wedding, Mary and I lived, first, in a flatp 182 ML 2008
to stay at home until called. When I arrived soon after the birth I found Mary in a ward with fivep 182 ML 2008
of my men-friends. One of the Twickenham GPs who looked after her became quite besotted, and was happy to be calledp 183 ML 2008
for no more than six months, but three years later, after the success of The Drowned World, there still seemed littlep 184 ML 2008
human habitation in what would be left of the world after nuclear war. Their terminal hut, as I thought of itp 188 ML 2008
that left me too tired to write, except at weekends. After being cooped up all day with the children, Mary neededp 190 ML 2008
the science magazine Discovery, but had become an argumentative alcoholic. After his death I was left alone to produce the magazinep 190 ML 2008
seriously in the same way as jazz at its best. After Victor Gollancz's death Amis joined Jonathan Cape, then the mostp 195 ML 2008
I felt that I owed it to Mary to look after her children, and I probably needed them more than theyp 201 ML 2008
the children to school and sat down to write soon after nine. In those days I finished drinking at about thep 203 ML 2008
car ahead of me and sounded my horn in anger. After celibacy came a kind of desperate promiscuity, a form ofp 204 ML 2008
that Mary's children should be happy. A year or so after Mary's death I saw her in a dream. She wasp 205 ML 2008
kind of extreme logic. My direction as a writer changed after Mary's death, and many readers thought that I became farp 207 ML 2008
flinching whenever I suggested my latest madcap notion. He was, after all, a practising physician, and Lord Goodman may well havep 211 ML 2008
Ambit, I would reply: to get rid of the poetry. After meeting Dr Christopher Evans, a psychologist who worked at thep 211 ML 2008
California licence plates over his desk as a first step. After taking his PhD in psychology at Reading University, Chris specialisedp 213 ML 2008
1970s he was exploring the possibilities of computerised medical diagnosis, after the discovery that patients would be far more frank aboutp 214 ML 2008
before the war, where they ran an ice cream business. After art school he left Scotland and attended the Slade inp 218 ML 2008
of pieces of sculpture or sets of screen-prints and then, after some largely imagined slight, demand the presents back. He fellp 219 ML 2008
Smithsons, his close friends and collaborators on This is Tomorrow. After giving them one of his great Frog sculptures, he laterp 219 ML 2008
US. His early obsession with all things American rather faded after his teaching trip to Berkeley in the late 1960s. Hep 220 ML 2008
has suffered more than her share of ill health. Soon after we met, she underwent a major kidney operation at ap 231 ML 2008
America, to film festivals and premieres, where she has looked after me and kept up my spirits. At the time wep 231 ML 2008
my own name, accepting all that this entailed. Two weeks after finishing the novel I was involved in a car crashp 241 ML 2008
has been published in many countries, and was widely reissued after the 1996 David Cronenberg film. It was a moderate successp 242 ML 2008
when it first appeared in Britain, but twenty-five years later, after a period when the country was supposed to have liberalisedp 243 ML 2008
reaction. ‘Why?‘ he kept asking me. ‘What's going on here?‘ After fifty years, I was nowhere nearer an answer. Lunches andp 245 ML 2008
twenty years to remember. During my early years in England after the war Shanghai had become an unattainable city, an Elp 248 ML 2008
misspelled my name in the credits. In 1986, two years after the publication of Empire of the Sun, a very differentp 255 ML 2008
the former racecourse and a vast brothel for American servicemen after the war, had been one of the tallest buildings inp 268 ML 2008
three Arnold Schwarzenegger videos. Homeward Bound 2007 In June 2006, after a year of pain and discomfort that I put downp 277 ML 2008