helping Faulkner. Besides, it was pleasant to see the world afresh again, to wallow in an endless panorama of brilliantly colouredp 247 OM 1961
alarm on the desk and he would have to start afresh. After a few hours the buzzer rasped out every tenp 335 13C 1962
a huge team of men was used, digging the channel afresh as they moved ahead of the stream. The remains ofp 109 D 1965
to Fort Isabelle and try to work out his life afresh there in terms of her rather than Suzanne. Yet thep 40 CW 1966
same cheerful smile, as if he were seeing the world afresh at every Street corner. We drove along the lower cornichep 206 CN 1996
had hobbled me since childhood, and ready to face myself afresh without fear. The corniche road forked, the beachward arm runningp 276 CN 1996
America were still little more than inconvenienced, while South America, Africa and the East had suffered complete dislocation, and the firstp 40 WFN 1961
with a large brass lighter. ‘First Europe, then Asia, now Africa. You'll run out of continents soon.‘ Hesitating, she volunteered: ‘Carolep 289 IO 1962
memories of the prison for the empty highways of North Africa. He didn't want any more trouble. ‘I'd like to helpp 291 IO 1962
then shook Gregory's hand. Gregory had decided to stay in Africa, find a hospital where he could work and had givenp 296 IO 1962
a rare practice on this continent. Much more typical of Africa -- and Europe,‘ he added with sly humour. Pausing top 442 QR 1963
the Germans while fighting with the Eighth Army in North Africa and spent most of the war as a POW, Elliottp 531 SA 1963
a noted zoologist in her own right, had died in Africa while Catherine was a child. Watching her, Ransom reflected thatp 17 D 1965
the unmoving shadows across the desert floor, the twilight of Africa, endless and unbroken, that beckoned to him with the promisep 669 DF 1966
the forever day, he had brought with him to North Africa in the hope that here, in the psychic zero ofp 669 DF 1966
lay under the glaciers like closed jewels. By contrast, in Africa the night air was still warm. On the west ofp 670 DF 1966
Why do you think we're all here, Halliday? Out of Africa, dreams walk. You must meet Leonora. She'll like you.‘ Theyp 672 DF 1966
questions. He gathered only that they had arrived separately in Africa several years earlier and had been moving westward from townp 674 DF 1966
was tempered by the knowledge that he had come to Africa to seek, not this white-haired young woman with her amiablep 674 DF 1966
the north, I think; to the coast. He was leaving Africa. Is it urgent?‘ Before she could reply Halliday was awarep 677 DF 1966
past the empty swimming pools that seemed to cover all Africa, he saw the Peugeot parked below one of the portsp 678 DF 1966
remember. I dreamed of this city before I came to Africa. Miss Szabo, I used to see you walking here amongp 681 DF 1966
Gabrielle ... why are you here? Why did you come to Africa?‘ She gathered the silk robe in one hand as theyp 681 DF 1966
only too well that by now, after fifteen years in Africa, ten of them at the Fort Isabelle hospital, any chancep 17 CW 1966
we are here. The forest is the most beautiful in Africa, a house of jewels. I can barely find words top 18 CW 1966
Japanese jeweller's art than of the crude massive sculpture of Africa. Next to the spray was an even more bizarre piecep 34 CW 1966
a brilliant luminary outshone only by the moon. All over Africa, from the Liberian coast to the shores of the Redp 39 CW 1966
dissolving yantra, a symbol in a transcendental geometry. Impressions of Africa. A low shoreline; air glazed like amber; derricks and jettiesp 41 YCM 1966
of this determined woman preparing for her solo flight across Africa, testing her aircraft at this abandoned airfield beside the dunesp 815 DFW 1974
circles in Washington, London and Moscow, it soon spread through Africa, South America and the Far East, and among people inp 841 LDG 1976
the shape of the post-war world as it emerged in Africa and the Far East, in Central America and the Caribbeanp 138 UGM 1978
over Europe and the Americas, spreading outwards across Asia and Africa, ten thousand similar suburbs will empty as people gather top 10 UDC 1979
timber and iron ore from the rag-tag nations in southern Africa and South America. McNair gazed confidently at the empty cityp 25 HA 1981
Zanzibar, which would have made it the Rotterdam of Central Africa, was halted overnight. Elsewhere, too, the effects were equally unsettlingp 45 HA 1981
back to its original ethnic departure points in Europe and Africa, Asia and South America, a vast reverse migration duplicating thep 48 HA 1981
and Germany, eastern Europe, Britain and Ireland, black Americans to Africa and the West Indies, Chicanos waded south across the Riop 48 HA 1981
out he could embrace it, comfort all the memories of Africa, soothe the violence from its old pelt ... FOUR Time hadp 1045 MSA 1982
tours Alabama and Mississippi as self-proclaimed 13th Disciple. 1984, visits Africa, SE Asia, intercedes Iraq/Iran conflict, addresses Nato Council ofp 1096 OOA 1984
Port-la-Nouvelle and supply the cities of the former French East Africa with this agreeable carcinogen, should be given an entire warehousep 12 DC 1987
magazines on this deserted beach at the forgotten centre of Africa, and that I had already decided on my own fatep 14 DC 1987
so many lives to save. There are mouths to feed, Africa is still starving, the world is starting to forget. Thep 32 DC 1987
stowed between the seats. ‘We have complete studio facilities here. Africa Green, the television charity to which I have donated myp 32 DC 1987
But the important task is to feed the mouth of Africa. We have five tons of rice here, bought with fundsp 33 DC 1987
to pacify him. ‘That wasn't sacrilege -- not everyone in Africa is starving. The people of Lake Kotto have always beenp 33 DC 1987
the same curious obsession that had brought me to central Africa in the first place. After a childhood in Hong Kongp 42 DC 1987
Toronto, Puerto Rico, Lagos -- I found myself in central Africa. After six months in northern Nigeria, trying to isolate ap 42 DC 1987
finally sent across the border to the former French East Africa. Yet even in Port-la-Nouvelle I was never happier than whenp 42 DC 1987
of the primordial river in the desert gorges of central Africa, where man's primitive ancestors had broken their pact with thep 60 DC 1987
The Black Nile, doctor -- carried by this river, black Africa will move north against the Arab world.‘ He sat backp 93 DC 1987
Your project is a triumph, you will be honoured throughout Africa, you will often be interviewed by Newsweek and Paris-Match.‘ ‘Ip 94 DC 1987
dating from the colonial days of the former French East Africa. I spread the mildewed pages across the desk, trying top 110 DC 1987
an almost empty hessian sack stamped with a familiar cipher: ‘Africa Green‘. I opened the sack and ran my hand throughp 111 DC 1987
with a feverish vision of refilling all the wadis in Africa, of seeing the ancient fossil channels of the desert runp 146 DC 1987
strongly disagreed, and pointed out that the West's image of Africa was now drawn from the harshest newsreels of the civilp 175 DC 1987
had clearly been wasted. The more improbable the picture of Africa, the greater was Noon's fascination. What most held her attentionp 177 DC 1987
in Beirut the peace movement might spread to Asia and Africa, everyone would lay down their arms ... Despite numerous rebuffs Ryanp 1151 WF 1989
and apartment houses, haunted by criminals running hash from North Africa, stealing antiquities or on the lam from Scotland Yard. Couldp 59 SCNa 1990
of mysterious equations. Raymond Roussel (1877-1933), author of Impressions of Africa and Locus Solus, travelled with a coffin in which hep 41 YCMa 1990
novel about a European trader driven mad by an impenetrable Africa: ‘Hello, James. Mr Kurtz returns to the Heart of Darknessp 173 UGM 1991
the white hotels, haunted by criminals running hash from north Africa, stealing antiquities or on the run from Scotland Yard. Afterp 145 KW 1991
parents died and war-time friends retired to Australia and South Africa. Concerned for David, I wanted to help him, just asp 218 KW 1991
Waugh and Graham Greene set out in the 1930s across Africa and the Far East, protected only by their passports andp 240 UGM 1992
and went abroad. Years of exile followed, in Malawi, South Africa and New Zealand, where clandestine medical work was inevitably followedp 40 RP 1994
petty bunion of the heart that had sent him to Africa and South America on his missionary jaunts. During one ofp 63 RP 1994
he seemed to be back among his native congregations in Africa or South America, his voice barely audible in the windp 74 RP 1994
his father, and the prestige of his missionary trips to Africa, these raids against the hippie settlement on the beach madep 135 RP 1994
the nervous system; the almost Africanized aspect, but a North Africa invented by someone who had never visited the Maghreb; thep 34 CN 1996
a flight of martins setting off for the coast of Africa. The flesh of his cheeks and scalp was stretched acrossp 138 CN 1996
and Melilla can really shift.‘ ‘So it crosses to North Africa?‘ He was about to move away, but I reached outp 138 CN 1996
was.‘ He stared at the waves rolling in from North Africa, ice-cold crests sweeping towards the shore. ‘Cocaine coming in, Charlesp 207 CN 1996
shore. ‘Cocaine coming in, Charles thousands of lines. Out of Africa always something white and strange.‘ I leaned against the railp 207 CN 1996
the long line of white-capped waves that rolled in from Africa. I had wilfully forgotten Frank, pushing him and his absurdp 276 CN 1996
the sun. Their dark faces, among the blackest of black Africa, had a silvered polish, as if a local biotechnology firmp 19 SC 2000
-- Americans, French, Japanese. Even Russians and east Europeans.‘ ‘Black Africa?‘ ‘At the senior level. We're a melting pot, as thep 19 SC 2000
view -- on a clear day you can practically see Africa, the next best thing to for ever ...‘ ‘I wandered intop 246 SC 2000
giving a free room to a refugee family from black Africa. Try taking a holiday in Benidorm, or driving a brand-newp 86 MP 2003
physician leading a one-man charity in a blighted corner of Africa, his presence alone giving hope to the natives. He watchedp 244 MP 2003
told wonderfully broad stories of their service in India and Africa, and Shanghai to them was just another name on thep 30 ML 2008
talked about retiring, not to the Cotswolds, but to South Africa, with its abundant cheap servants. I think that, despite themselvesp 38 ML 2008
never locked securely since Bobby de Vet, an enormous South African footballer who had doggedly trailed after Susan during a tourp 11 WFN 1961
surveying the winding creeks and hanging jungles like an old-time African explorer. ‘Good morning, Robert,‘ he greeted Kerans, jumping down onp 11 DW 1962
landscape across which dim forms moved like animals over an African veldt at dusk. At other times forgotten memories would impingep 651 GTN 1964
straight to the point, Sanders showed Suzanne's letter to the African charge captain. ‘Perhaps you could explain, Captain, why it wasp 27 CW 1966
light was a neutral point, a dead zone on the African equator to which they had both been drawn. However, nothingp 41 CW 1966
was still open. In the alleyway opposite the entrance two African youths in blue denims were lounging around an abandoned motorcarp 41 CW 1966
At the far end a European plantation manager and his African foreman were talking to two of the local half-caste tradersp 41 CW 1966
could question him the door opened and one of the African youths he had seen by the car entered. A quickp 42 CW 1966
the boat below. Ignoring the boat's owner, a small gray-haired African trying to gather together the harvest of jewelled leaves scatteredp 44 CW 1966
The back door of the summer house opened. A naked African, his left leg and the left side of his chestp 101 CW 1966
a final shot rang out after him from the bandaged African on the veranda of the summer house, Dr. Sanders stoodp 103 CW 1966
Thorensen held up his hand. With a gesture at the African on the veranda, who moved his rifle to cover Sandersp 103 CW 1966
You did the right thing.‘ The mulatto and the naked African half-swathed in surgical tape were sitting on the steps ofp 104 CW 1966
mine?‘ There was a laugh at this from the young African with the rifle. Thorensen nodded without expression. His manner wasp 104 CW 1966
him. ‘Thorensen!‘ Sanders stepped forward. He pointed to the young African with the bandaged leg, ‘Let me look at his dressingp 105 CW 1966
the kitchen, by the door, the mulatto and the naked African sat on a bench, half-asleep over their weapons. The kitchenp 109 CW 1966
shelf beside the cooker, and then beckoned to the injured African. ‘Kagwa, let the Doctor look at you.‘ After Thorensen hadp 111 CW 1966
tendency to bleed or fester. ‘You're lucky,‘ he told the African when he had finished. ‘I'm surprised you can walk atp 111 CW 1966
not giving you any ju-ju magic, I am an educated African. But many strange things happen in this forest, Doctor, youp 112 CW 1966
forest he looked back at the veranda, where the young African, Kagwa, was still watching him. His dark body, almost exactlyp 113 CW 1966
stamped into its crown. Sanders knelt down beside him. The African looked away. His wet eyes were staring through an intervalp 115 CW 1966
would make short work of him, Sanders stood up. The African was dying quietly at his feet. Leaving him, Sanders crossedp 115 CW 1966
sand by its steel cradles; the unique clarity of the African light: fluted table-lands and jigsaw bastions; the limitless neural geometryp 41 YCM 1966
Harry's Bar, Venice, 256 Hayworth, Rita, 311 Hemingway, Ernest, first African safari with HRH, 234; at Battle of the Ebro withp 943 I 1977
apparently stole an unseaworthy motor-boat and set off for the African coast. His body was washed ashore yesterday on one ofp 971 HWT 1978
into the Pacific, bring the Gulf Stream back from the African coast. The first heavy rain will turn this desert greenp 81 HA 1981
shabby town in the northern province of a remote central African republic. I held the cartridge case to my lips, andp 9 DC 1987
had named himself after the capital of a recently liberated African nation, like the other four Generals in the revolutionary frontp 15 DC 1987
project, I had tried to take his place, but the African crew had soon given up in boredom. The few tobaccop 16 DC 1987
between the borders of Chad, the Sudan and the Central African Republic in the dead heart of the African continent, ap 17 DC 1987
the Central African Republic in the dead heart of the African continent, a land as close to nowhere as the planetp 17 DC 1987
its small farm were now staffed by half a dozen African women. She called one of the women to her, ap 22 DC 1987
did not wish to recount her ordeal for the South African newspapers. I then produced the marmoset, which sprang into herp 23 DC 1987
clinic. A large hand seized my elbow and a handsome African in a parade-ground uniform, Captain Kagwa of the national gendarmeriep 27 DC 1987
At last, having convinced himself that he had landed, the African pilot shut down the engine. The noise faded, and thep 29 DC 1987
took to be Sanger's scientific researcher. Behind them were two African journalists from the government information office, gazing sceptically at thep 32 DC 1987
trace of the passing imprint of western technology on the African land, as the tractor reversed down the slope. On eitherp 38 DC 1987
imaginary disease. But I was then transferred to the Central African Republic, still devastated after the rule of Bokassa, and finallyp 42 DC 1987
for the rest of us.‘ ‘No ...‘ I gestured to the African women to stop ladling, but after the barest glance theyp 65 DC 1987
river ...‘ We struggled together around the cart, bumping into the African women, who turned and began to shout at me. Thep 66 DC 1987
doing with all this water ...‘ Poupee, the youngest of the African women, who had once been a hostess on the Dianap 80 DC 1987
tourism and bourgeois hegemony ... the natural park as neo-colonialist folk-lore ... African wild-life and the exploitation of racist stereotypes ...‘ Embarassed at beingp 118 DC 1987
decaying stump. ‘This river may well be the most important African waterway since the Suez Canal -- another Nile sprung uponp 158 DC 1987
melodrama of the nineteen-forties, which described the adventures of an African warrior queen, and drew Noon's eyes to within six inchesp 177 DC 1987
the Diana running alongside the car ferry. One of the African women had stepped through the glaring spotlight. She had leanedp 196 DC 1987
latch. In the corridor stood Fanny, the oldest of the African women, the broad-shouldered bouncer and bar-keep at the oil-riggers‘ saloonp 196 DC 1987
-- water. Quite hopeless. You can squeeze blood from the African stone, but never water. Doctor ...?‘ ‘Mallory. I looked after yourp 227 DC 1987
Patsy Kennedy, who were working their passage on a South African yacht sailing from Hong Kong to San Francisco. Keen environmentalistsp 199 RP 1994
door, a slim, light-skinned black with refined and almost east African features, a narrow nose and steep forehead. He picked thep 22 SC 2000
The kids adored him. Mostly, orphans abandoned by their north African and pied-noir families. They'd never met anyone like David. Hep 26 SC 2000
with Halder. And the nasty way he stared at the African salesmen. He's racist.‘ ‘No. He was trying to provoke usp 32 SC 2000
would put me through to the emergency medical team. The African was now on his feet, straightening his torn robes, butp 72 SC 2000
in their mid-forties, watchful and circumspect women with faintly north African features, the daughters, I guessed, of pied-noir parents who hadp 141 SC 2000
roof, and was the schoolhouse of a teaching order of African nuns. The dozen nuns, black sisters from former French coloniesp 150 SC 2000
of lust and fortune. Inhaling the heady air of north African tobacco, and the cheap aftershave of nerve-gas potency, I crossedp 157 SC 2000
Frances stood beside the bed, swaying to the faint North African music that came from an apartment above us. ‘Don't tellp 231 SC 2000
Cannes-Mandelieu airfield, an engaging crew of French, American and South African flyers who towed the advertising pennants above the beaches ofp 281 SC 2000
already know. You're no more part of Eden-Olympia than those African salesmen they're always roughing up. Your wife's practically moved inp 283 SC 2000
expression that I had seen during the beating of the African trinket salesman. I realized that a target was being primedp 318 SC 2000
left Jane and were on the way. They put the African and the Russian up against the wall and made surep 336 SC 2000
security guard, the young man began to comfort a middle-aged African lying beside him. The other passenger gazing at the baggagep 18 MP 2003
their mood. Think of a herd of wildebeest on the African plain. They decide where they want to go.‘ ‘How bigp 146 KC 2006