space programme was a symptom of some inner unconscious malaise afflicting mankind, and in particular the western technocracies, and that thep 453 QR 1963
nuclear reactors. More thoughtful opinion was aware that the crisis afflicting the Zeus crew merited careful study in its own rightp 1180 MFM 1992
the only person to understand the real nature of her affliction and its meaning for them both. To Louise, as shep 137 CW 1966
the hijack is an unconscious attempt to cure this organic affliction. Prayer, vestibular defects, hijacking -- watching Col. Stamford in thep 1098 OOA 1984
same token, when medical science has conquered disease certain mental afflictions will be mimicked for social reasons -- I'd put myp 193 KW 1991
so when medical science has conquered all disease certain mental afflictions, schizophrenia chief among them, will be mimicked for social reasonsp 278 UGM 1992
of cricket bats and tennis rackets, as a haven of affluence. The unheated cement dormitories at least received an erratic supplyp 31 KW 1991
the last century had aspired to exactly this level of affluence and leisure, and it occurred to me that I wasp 77 MP 2003
The whole world's rotting with it, yet all they can afford is a few people like Mangon fooling around with sonovacsp 115 SS 1960
his coke bottle. ‘Snow? That's tough. But how does she afford it?‘ He glanced at his watch. ‘Dammit, I've got top 116 SS 1960
ago, but the impulse faded as soon as I could afford a VT set. In the old days a poet hadp 213 S5 1961
-- what would I put in the issue? I couldn't afford to miss an edition or my subscribers would fade awayp 223 S5 1961
of choice, anyway. We can't spend more than we can afford, the finance companies soon clamp down.‘ ‘Do you accept thatp 425 SM 1963
awkward position. I could hardly have challenged you. I can't afford to subscribe to every astronomical journal. Though a sixth moonp 495 VH 1963
was taking up more of his energy than he could afford. If she was dying there was little he could dop 150 HR 1975
domo, keeper of finances, confidant and marriage counsellor. ‘Can you afford the Bahamas this year, dear? Yes ... if you divorce yourp 226 UGM 1977
Though with everyone agreed as to the ends, we could afford rather more discussion as to the means ... Or, for thatp 171 HA 1981
panels, and Jim was sorry that Mr Guerevitch could not afford a real shirt. Perhaps he would come back to livep 71 ES 1984
As I sat there, guarding the brandy I could barely afford, I resented Scranton's bogus celebrity, and the tourist revenue itp 1108 MWM 1985
leaving school at fifteen, when the family were unable to afford any further education, he became a solicitor's clerk, financing hisp 105 UGM 1990
of the day when Chinese women would be able to afford lipstick and high-heeled shoes, a more revolutionary notion, given thep 55 UGM 1993
wall, mostly those of British retirees whose relatives could not afford to repatriate them. If the cemetery was a gloomy placep 62 CN 1996
to flush me out. I liked him, but I could afford to, knowing that he would never become director of thep 31 MP 2003
cable and hose-pipe extensions over their garden walls. Unable to afford the children's school fees, the Turners hung a large bannerp 197 MP 2003
Well ...‘ Enjoying himself, Christie closed his eyes. ‘Seriously, you couldn't afford it.‘ ‘Try me.‘ ‘No point. Believe me, the price isp 91 KC 2006
to tell him that I would never be able to afford another pair. He sipped noisily at the whisky, relying onp 98 KC 2006
of corpses of Chinese whose impoverished relatives were unable to afford a coffin and instead launched them onto the sewage streamsp 9 ML 2008
detached view of their children, whose welfare if they could afford it was assigned to servants, whatever the hazards. My parentsp 44 ML 2008
preferred make-do-and-mend to buying anew, even when I could easily afford it, is that my small and untidy house reminds mep 80 ML 2008
the flotsam of down-at-heel post-war England who could not even afford to be poor. Yet respectability kept breaking through, and youngp 171 ML 2008
It is Fulham. "Chelsea Marina" is an estate agent's con. Affordable housing for all those middle managers and civil servants justp 51 MP 2003
in its infancy, and there were few illustrated books at affordable prices. I had unconsciously done the only thing I couldp 156 ML 2008
of her husband's qualities, that I discovered the curious relief afforded by the exercise of composition, by the formal statement, inp 97 NZ 1959
was that by some freak of architecture or perspective it afforded him a multiplicity of perfect angles by which to observep 200 LW 1960
out through the periscope. This had a 90-degree traverse and afforded a satisfactorily wide sweep of the road ahead. A quarterp 32 WFN 1961
pedestrian tunnel. Part of it had collapsed into the ditch, affording a convenient access point. The driver pointed to it. ‘Takep 80 WFN 1961
thick piece of perspex had been fitted into the hole, affording a view over the entire city. Directly below were thep 107 WFN 1961
a complete perspex bowl, braced by two lateral ribs, and affording maximum visibility. ‘It suits you, Kerans, you look like thep 102 DW 1962
sold off the fragments to a scrap dealer. This deliberate affront had, her lawyers insisted, cost her commissions to a totalp 47 VS 1957
the cheese. Also, he calculated that it would take an affront of truly heroic scale to provoke any reaction from thep 387 WT 1962
suggested that the notion of an all-pervading deity was an affront to the free choice and diversity of human activity. Thep 846 LDG 1976
centre of the pool was the drowned body of an Afghan hound. Party Time During these days after the drowning ofp 21 HR 1975
everyone felt that the water was contaminated by the dead Afghan. An almost palpable miasma hung over the slack water, asp 22 HR 1975
its sleep. He remembered helping the accountant to lift the Afghan from the water, and being surprised by its lightness. Withp 22 HR 1975
in a belligerent mood. Among them was the actress whose Afghan hound had drowned in the pool. She and her companionsp 30 HR 1975
Several of these young women, like the television actress whose Afghan he had drowned in the pool during the blackout, orp 45 HR 1975
his chest. He was sure that he had drowned the Afghan, not because he disliked the dog particularly or wanted top 48 HR 1975
after this amiable young woman since the death of her Afghan. ‘The elevators may be free in an hour or sop 78 HR 1975
grin. The Iran/Iraq war threatened to embroil Turkey and Afghanistan. In defiance of the Kremlin, the Asiatic republics of thep 1117 WW3 1988
together, he waved to us as if we were long-standing aficionadoes of these morbid spectacles in the arena. Twenty minutes laterp 86 C 1973
West. The company, Orpheus Productions, Inc. -- known to the aficionados of the cafe terraces such as Raymond Mayo and Tonyp 543 SG 1963
fuel rods and electronics equipment. Recently they've been spreading further afield, to the old navy base at San Diego and thep 141 HA 1981
saw the woman staring intently at the plant, her skin aflame, the insects in her eyes writhing insanely. The Arachnid stretchedp 5 PB 1956
the road the upper three storeys of the garage were aflame. Powerful explosions were ripping apart the limousines, sports-cars and openp 923 UC 1976
Twickenham.‘ ‘That sounds like a painting by John Martin. Twickenham Aflame. The stadium burning, the tennis courts scorched, swimming pools beginningp 108 MP 2003
the shadow-filled waves, arms raised in a struggle to remain afloat, Noon turned up the volume of the speaker, drowning hisp 190 DC 1987
of industry to eager Japanese corporations had kept the ecu afloat. As for the exiles in Minorca, Mykonos and the Costap 1140 LTP 1989
an advance of £100, barely enough to keep a family afloat for a month. When Gollancz took me out to lunchp 191 ML 2008
got nothing to say,‘ he commented with a short laugh. ‘AFN Munich should still be on the air.‘ A rain ofp 33 WFN 1961
his waist, trying out heavy boots. A helicopter clatters overhead. AFN radio announcer ... in the southern outskirts of London last nightp 962 TW 1967
them in their scheme. That some sort of conspiracy was afoot he was sure. At first he assumed that a massp 204 LW 1960
white dinner jacket had tired him. Considerable preparations were obviously afoot in the lagoon. The depot ship had been moored aboutp 115 DW 1962
a parked staff car -- indicated that something more was afoot. As he began to fold Suzanne's letter, smoothing the petal-likep 20 CW 1966
the Casino. By the way, what do you see?‘ ‘I'm afraid I'm your one failure,‘ I said. ‘Nothing. Except you.‘ Shep 9 PB 1956
a trolley shunted and clanged along the elevated. ‘I was afraid they wouldn't understand what I meant.‘ The sergeant laughed. ‘Dop 23 CC 1957
Franz snapped. ‘I want to see the pilot's log.‘ ‘I'm afraid that isn't possible. May I see your ticket, sir?‘ ‘Listenp 36 CC 1957
an inconvenient symptom of cerebral anoxaemia. It's not that you're afraid of missing, it's the dream. You want to hold onp 52 M69 1957
the relationship between Neill and the three men. He was afraid they were becoming conditioned to identify Neill with the experimentp 57 M69 1957
handled the decanter. ‘Microsonics is a fascinating hobby, but I'm afraid I may have let it become an obsession.‘ Maxted gruntedp 69 T12 1958
it on to him?‘ Tallis watched me pensively. ‘No. I'm afraid the two members of the team died here. Just overp 76 WG 1959
leaving Murak at all. He took the question seriously. ‘I'm afraid I won't be. Fifteen years is long enough, just aboutp 77 WG 1959
lookout for Mr Durrant; reluctant to interfere, he was nevertheless afraid that without some drastic re-direction of the man's fortunes hisp 201 LW 1960
oyster.‘ Mr Goddard sat tight, thinking quickly. ‘Mr Sellings, I'm afraid I can't accept the board's decision. I'm sure, for thep 205 LW 1960
pointed out. ‘No more, though, sad as it is. I'm afraid that the times change.‘ Annoyed by this, Mangon gritted hisp 116 SS 1960
played it over to myself a thousand times, so I'm afraid the quality is poor.‘ An older man's voice, sharp andp 180 VT 1960
seemed to understand completely. Freeman had said nothing to her, afraid that she might be terrified into a miscarriage if shep 258 MF 1961
time gradually realizing something of which he had been dimly afraid for several days -- by an extraordinary inversion of logicp 262 MF 1961
Hanson. Freeman could see that she was momentarily confused. ‘I'm afraid our telephone is out of order.‘ Hanson side-stepped around thep 264 MF 1961
have so much to learn.‘ I smiled at this. ‘I'm afraid you won't find them very sympathetic to that view. Mostp 221 S5 1961
for his art. A beautiful myth,‘ I agreed. ‘But I'm afraid you'll find no Corydons here.‘ ‘I wonder,‘ Aurora said softlyp 222 S5 1961
at Tony Sapphire who had just called in. ‘Otherwise I'm afraid we're never going to get any copy.‘ ‘I can't understandp 223 S5 1961
he said. ‘Must have startled you. Lost my keys, I'm afraid.‘ Susan smiled, then reached over to the phonograph and pickedp 12 WFN 1961
closed the door, then stared pensively at the floor. ‘I'm afraid I couldn't help overhearing some of that,‘ Maitland said. ‘Surelyp 23 WFN 1961
Nice,‘ Lanyon said, ‘but we can't spare the time. I'm afraid you'll have to ride back to Genoa with us andp 42 WFN 1961
carrying a teletype memo in his hand. ‘Bad news, I'm afraid, sir. The old Russell Square Hotel collapsed suddenly about halfp 58 WFN 1961
into a boom mike jutting from his shoulder. ‘Heavy, I'm afraid, sir. At least four hundred dead. The station access platformsp 59 WFN 1961
swell of her shoulder through the jacket. ‘Just about. I'm afraid it startled me.‘ They moved down the steps, Marshall slowingp 60 WFN 1961
Presumably looting is now punishable by death. I suppose he's afraid we'll report him to the military governor.‘ The other manp 103 WFN 1961
off his torch. However, it was obvious he was more afraid of the military authorities than of the wind. ‘What speedp 105 WFN 1961
of the others would try to argue with him. ‘I'm afraid that won't do, General,‘ he said, ‘though I appreciate thep 333 13C 1962
opportunity, remember. Last-minute changes are liable at any time. I'm afraid you'll have to wait until 10.30 now.‘ Francis wentp 337 13C 1962
To the Unconscious!‘ to which the workman replied sagely: ‘I'm afraid we don't go down that deep.‘ Five minutes later, surep 198 UGM 1962
police won't be so patient with you.‘ ‘I know. I'm afraid of that. But if I can't go on trying myp 406 M99 1962
own air and land forces?‘ Tony shook his head. ‘I'm afraid not.‘ ‘I see. Can you tell me whether they willp 344 PE 1962
for his own purposes. ‘Maybe,‘ Hardman said grudgingly. ‘But I'm afraid it didn't suggest a concrete image.‘ Bodkin smiled, aware ofp 36 DW 1962
from himself and Beatrice. But Bodkin gestured vaguely. ‘No, I'm afraid I remember nothing. The immediate past is of no interestp 90 DW 1962
Beatrice's arm, and retraced their steps down the street. ‘I'm afraid the magic has gone,‘ he remarked flatly. He forced ap 126 DW 1962
was obviously reluctant to come too close to Kerans, perhaps afraid that the bleeding wrists and forehead would make him realisep 135 DW 1962
up at Riggs. ‘I don't know about that, Colonel. I'm afraid you came too late.‘ Grand Slam Crouched down in ap 156 DW 1962
school committee is no longer meeting,‘ the official said. ‘I'm afraid the town clerk isn't here today.‘ Before Renthall could speakp 376 WT 1962
the Town Hall.‘ Clifton nodded. ‘Yes, there's your problem. I'm afraid I've no influence with the Council, if that's what you'rep 380 WT 1962
fete immediately, pending an inquiry.‘ ‘I'm sorry, Barnes, but I'm afraid our preparations are too far advanced. We're about to issuep 384 WT 1962
want to carry out the hypnosis, Doctor. In fact I'm afraid the operation has already taken place. I don't know whetherp 391 WT 1962
at the villa in this light Constantin no longer felt afraid at the prospect of his own extinction, fully aware thatp 515 EG 1963
a piece. ‘So you have explained, Mr Constantin. I am afraid I do not have a legalistic turn of mind.‘ ‘There'sp 516 EG 1963
the pieces on the board, his lips pursing thinly. ‘I'm afraid this is above my head, Mr Constantin. Naturally I acceptp 517 EG 1963
out when Malek demurred. ‘There's no difficulty involved. If you're afraid of compromising yourself -- though I would have thought thatp 518 EG 1963
but every trace of Hinton has vanished. Reluctantly, I am afraid there is no alternative but to inform the police.‘ ‘Nonsensep 522 MO 1963
He turned to Redpath. ‘Could you describe him, Doctor?‘ ‘I'm afraid not, sir. I never saw the patient.‘ He gestured top 523 MO 1963
uncertainly as Dr Mellinger paused to digest his remarks. ‘I'm afraid we've found absolutely no trace of him. Dr Normand thinksp 526 MO 1963
now nearly forty-eight hours since ...‘ ‘My dear Normand, I am afraid you are rather out of touch. Our whole attitude top 527 MO 1963
to the policeman's description, Professor Goodhart shook his head. ‘I'm afraid not, sergeant. We've been working on the bed all weekp 478 NWS 1963
noticed Connolly's distasteful frown. ‘Not much of a place, I'm afraid.‘ As they moved towards the jetty, the wash from thep 441 QR 1963
years Charles kept her alone with her guilt here, probably afraid that he might be incriminated if the truth emerged --p 557 SG 1963
around here and put himself completely at our disposal. I'm afraid we had to tell him he was a little toop 481 VH 1963
of the most interesting documents I've ever come across.‘ ‘I'm afraid I have a closed mind when it comes to interplanetaryp 484 VH 1963
while I am only an amateur,‘ he admitted. ‘I am afraid I cannot explain the anomaly. Perhaps my memory is atp 492 VH 1963
puzzled. ‘Why?‘ he asked. ‘I don't understand.‘ Ward shrugged. ‘I'm afraid everything here has more or less come to an endp 502 VH 1963
his hand tightly. ‘Andrew, tell me the truth. Are you afraid of what people will think of you? Is that whyp 503 VH 1963
we ran to search for the helicopter. Why are you afraid of him?‘ ‘He's a venomous man,‘ he replied briefly. ‘Asp 617 IM 1964
you brought any water with you?‘ ‘Water?‘ Ransom repeated. ‘I'm afraid we used all ours getting here.‘ Miranda sighed. She lookedp 157 D 1965
knows I've waited long enough.‘ Ransom disengaged the arm. ‘I'm afraid you'll have to go on waiting, Richard. It must soundp 163 D 1965
as if your father is using the same trick. I'm afraid Mr. Lomax isn't as clever as you.‘ He pulled ap 169 D 1965
he waited for Catherine York to come to a window, afraid that a sudden gust might topple the dove to thep 708 SBD 1966
necessary to dispense with the usual preliminaries of friendship. ‘I'm afraid we are keeping all journalists out of the area forp 64 CW 1966
wave, Sanders began to run toward him. ‘Wait!‘ he called, afraid that the man might sidestep into the forest. ‘Over herep 117 CW 1966
quieter voice, she added: ‘I'm glad you're here, Edward. I'm afraid Max doesn't understand what's happening in the forest -- Ip 125 CW 1966
been doing to you? I'm spellbound by you, but I'm afraid those people are only interested in the forest.‘ They walkedp 134 CW 1966
like the new Jerusalem. Before you could turn around I'm afraid you'd find yourself an angel in a rose window.‘ Afterp 138 CW 1966
drive. ‘Edward --!‘ Sanders reached out to take her hands, afraid that she might stumble, but Suzanne slipped past and pressedp 140 CW 1966
contours of Karen Novotny's body, the motion-sculpture of the highways. Afraid to smile at him, she stared at his hands asp 21 UD 1968
forward aggressively. Watching him, Mannock realized that Forbis genuinely wasn't afraid of what would happen to them. He glanced back atp 790 PTD 1969
arms. ‘The past is something of a disaster area, I'm afraid, Mr Samson. I know I brought you out here underp 802 SGW 1970
dash.‘ Vaughan turned away abruptly, almost as if he were afraid of Seagrave stealing a march on him. The scars onp 95 C 1973
that I was one of the flies crawling across him. Afraid to move for fear of burning myself against this luminousp 205 C 1973
tanks and the refuelling points in the Azores and Newfoundland. Afraid that she might leave without him, Melville decided to approachp 815 DFW 1974
domain ‘You're here to play squash with Anthony Royal? I'm afraid he's decided to decline.‘ He added, as much to himselfp 27 HR 1975
about Alan -- you said you'd look for him.‘ ‘I'm afraid he's gone.‘ Laing disliked these references to Alice's husband. Thep 148 HR 1975
everything he had done, on the other he was vaguely afraid of this young and naive Diana of the botanical gardensp 914 UC 1976
by the thousands of reporters besieging the astronauts‘ wives, ever afraid? The answer, almost certainly is: no. Not, according to Thep 273 UGM 1979
to me. ‘Have you seen Miriam this morning?‘ I was afraid that she might have fled from Shepperton to the safetyp 132 UDC 1979
her to wear her wedding dress for me. I was afraid that she too might appear naked in these evening streetsp 171 UDC 1979
been a disaster here -- Christina Brossard has vanished! We're afraid she may have taken an overdose. I've tried to reachp 1006 HFF 1980
an hour ago. That's three times the lethal limit. I'm afraid McNair and your men, Captain, are already as good asp 86 HA 1981
treat. Paco tells me you're our new Vice-President. But I'm afraid I haven't built any Vice-Presidents yet ...‘ Wayne lay back, realisingp 169 HA 1981
months they would be conscious for only half the day, afraid to drive or go out into the streets, desperately fillingp 1019 NFS 1981
and water tower, at the guardhouse and dormitory blocks, almost afraid that he had been banished from them forever. Dr Ransomep 164 ES 1984
Vincent gave him a small piece of skin. Was she afraid that Jim would attack her husband? Fortunately, Jim was fedp 234 ES 1984
to reassure him, but I assume that far from being afraid he felt nothing but contempt for us and was deliberatelyp 1090 OOA 1984
here is the shortage of water. And the Sahara. I'm afraid you've lengthened the wrong runway.‘ Captain Kagwa was about top 33 DC 1987
trying to build dykes around the tobacco fields -- I'm afraid they're lost.‘ ‘Tobacco fields? Port-la-Nouvelle is under water now, thep 92 DC 1987
of bone in the dusk. But I was no longer afraid of them. The water-world of swamps and papyrus screens, theirp 218 DC 1987
Like a child, I had wanted to destroy the river, afraid that I could not keep all of it to myselfp 260 DC 1987
parents who weren't interested in everything they did, who weren't afraid to be irritated or bored by them, and didn't tryp 51 RW 1988
They're upstairs.‘ ‘No, Ryan. They're not here any longer. I'm afraid they've gone.‘ ‘Where? My God, I told them to stayp 1155 WF 1989
her career. Nervous of the moralistic Hearst press, producers were afraid to offer her roles. Gutsy to the end, she reinventedp 10 UGM 1991
as one of the surgeons commented, the Reagans were not afraid of the knife. ‘Both have had numerous facelifts. From thep 35 UGM 1991
shoulder. Sucking her infected arms, she clung to my chest, afraid that she might leave me and run towards the oncomingp 226 KW 1991
this winged man, anger at myself for being so prudishly afraid of her needle ulcers and thieving ... Escaping from my handsp 231 KW 1991
desk in her office. She had never married, as if afraid that she might bear a daughter who would one dayp 270 KW 1991
Dr Barbara stroked his hair, wet with fever. ‘Don't be afraid -- you can stay at the clinic and I'll lookp 209 RP 1994
about the French, doctor? They'll land soon, won't they?‘ ‘I'm afraid so. This is their place of death. The sanctuary isp 217 RP 1994
troubled, they stared at his freshly shaven face, as if afraid that he would hurt her. When he tried to touchp 236 RP 1994
We'll have to wait for them to be translated. I'm afraid the police aren't being very helpful.‘ ‘Do you expect themp 15 CN 1996
Malaga this evening. The police investigation is proceeding. I am afraid that in the circumstances bail is out of the questionp 19 CN 1996
saucers. ‘Are you a guest, sir?‘ He grinned cheerfully. ‘I'm afraid the club is closed to non-members.‘ ‘I'm not a guestp 37 CN 1996
Frank he talked about your mother a lot. He was afraid he'd helped to kill her.‘ ‘No -- we were farp 72 CN 1996
bleu classes and the ...‘ ‘Harold Pinter revivals?‘ ‘Too true, I'm afraid. I don't think the Hollingers ever really got the hangp 130 CN 1996
Let's be charitable and call it street art. But I'm afraid it has other intentions.‘ Sanger stepped from his car andp 172 CN 1996
The Importance of Being Earnest, which would alternate with Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?. Future productions included plays by Orton andp 251 CN 1996
for her.‘ ‘Of course.‘ I searched the empty avenue. ‘I'm afraid I haven't seen her. I'm sure she'll come back.‘ ‘Perhapsp 283 CN 1996
off to join their parents by the supermarket entrance. ‘I'm afraid he will, Charles. I've known it for a long timep 309 CN 1996
his nails. He spoke in a low voice, as if afraid of being overheard. ‘Frank asked me to fix the systemp 320 CN 1996
the dome of Florence cathedral Elaine discovered that I was afraid of heights, a fear that I had never noticed inp 8 DYF 1996
who was a direct link to David Greenwood and not afraid to speak her mind. ‘You wanted to talk about Greenwoodp 114 SC 2000
each other. ‘I'm glad,‘ I said to Bourget. ‘I was afraid they might not want to see me.‘ ‘They know youp 142 SC 2000
fighting he'd taught himself to handle a firearm. He wasn't afraid at the end, and he didn't care if it allp 204 SC 2000
desk. ‘Nasty poor woman. Did David --?‘ ‘Shoot her? I'm afraid so. But have a look at the applicants‘ snaps onp 227 SC 2000
leading you on.‘ Halder spoke quietly but firmly, no longer afraid to point out my self-delusions. ‘There are more raids scheduledp 376 SC 2000
carrying out a survey into social habits.‘ ‘Fair enough. I'm afraid ours are pretty deplorable. I don't know if we fitp 87 MP 2003
all carry baggage. The psychopath is unique in not being afraid of himself. Unconsciously, he already believes in nothing.‘ ‘That's truep 137 MP 2003
what Richard does. He invents zero, so he won't be afraid of the world. He's very afraid.‘ She managed a bleakp 277 MP 2003
so he won't be afraid of the world. He's very afraid.‘ She managed a bleak smile, and noticed my suit. ‘You'rep 277 MP 2003
avoided my eyes and stared hard at the dome. ‘I'm afraid so. It certainly looks like it ...‘ It was the onlyp 35 KC 2006
back to London and get on with your life. I'm afraid Dr Maxted is wasting his time.‘ ‘Really? You've changed sidesp 185 KC 2006
grooming an old dog. ‘Tom? You're doing well; Don't be afraid to look angry There's been a change of plan. Ip 251 KC 2006
eye on Sangster. He'll soon take over.‘ ‘That's what I'm afraid of.‘ Maxted kicked a pedal bin out of his wayp 256 KC 2006
Julia.‘ ‘But after the shooting ...‘ Puzzled, I asked: ‘Weren't you afraid that Christie would talk?‘ ‘Only if he went on trialp 260 KC 2006
delayed telling her about my Shanghai background, which I was afraid might appear a little like a criminal record. In somep 175 ML 2008