stupid about Quilter. The dreamy, ironic smile, at times almost affectionate in its lingering glance, as if understanding Ransom's most intimatep 10 D 1965
me kiss her throat, holding my shoulder reassuringly like an affectionate governess. ‘I saw you just before the accident,‘ I toldp 55 C 1973
planning for us all. Catherine had been untiringly generous and affectionate to me. She continued to urge me to see Helenp 107 C 1973
the possibilities of the car-crash in the same calm and affectionate way that he had explored the limits of that youngp 145 C 1973
her right breast. She watched me with a calm and affectionate gaze as I touched her body with the head ofp 166 C 1973
designed for Elizabeth Taylor. These fantasies were part of the affectionate responses exchanged between us as we drove along the motorwayp 181 C 1973
over-abundant species in this branch of fiction), and above all affectionate towards the strange company of knaves and naives, hacks andp 202 UGM 1974
long grass seethed around his legs, greeting him like an affectionate dog. Fed by the spring rain, the grass was overp 74 CI 1974
body. I felt her strong bones and firm flesh, the affectionate pressure of her mouth on mine, of her breasts inp 218 UDC 1979
Wayne tried out the name on his tongue, remembering the affectionate message this old man had written to his mother. Amazinglyp 171 HA 1981
And God Created Woman created Brigitte Bardot, here turns his affectionate and ironic eye on another of his wives, Jane Fondap 20 UGM 1987
young doctor in London had been too tolerant and too affectionate to seize my imagination, however fond of them I hadp 178 DC 1987
in Pangbourne in the late nineteenth century, a caring and affectionate upper-middle-class community described in a formal prose reminiscent of Janep 54 RW 1988
having dinner, parking their cars. The commentary is warm and affectionate, and the film is a light-hearted parody, before the eventp 55 RW 1988
intense nostalgia for the Reagan years. There was an immense affectionate memory of his gaffes and little incompetencies, his fondness (sharedp 1117 WW3 1988
outposts of the exotic that come alive under the author's affectionate gaze, like so many tropical Samarkands. He takes ship inp 115 UGM 1991
Dick could see that she was everything I needed: wayward, affectionate and perverse. When he invited us to visit his laboratoryp 191 KW 1991
whole. He missed his girl-friend Louise, a highly strung but affectionate music student, and sent her video cassettes of himself surfingp 29 RP 1994
taken in by Crawford's gallantries, but seemed unaware of the affectionate smile on her lips, like a lover remembering a pastp 120 CN 1996
-- don't be.‘ Crawford was smiling at me like an affectionate brother. ‘We'll talk about it at the party. Believe mep 310 CN 1996
And all the while Elaine would watch me with her affectionate and lingering smile, like an older sister observing a timidp 8 DYF 1996
reached each tier she looked down at me with her affectionate but knowing smirk, her contempt rising with each successive storeyp 9 DYF 1996
Because I was fond of him. I was like those affectionate wives who look the other way when their husbands standp 348 SC 2000
now a distorted version of myself, reshaped by my sweetly affectionate and promiscuous wife. I waited for an hour, gazing atp 144 MP 2003
seemed to come alive, and flowed around me like an affectionate wraith. Upstairs in our bedroom a medley of perfumes greetedp 270 MP 2003
the post whenever I met him -- he was always affectionate but distant, as if he had run into a juniorp 16 KC 2006
nasty, when they least expect it. Like a bored husband, affectionate but with a cruel streak. People will gasp, but thep 147 KC 2006
I suspect that a wall divided her mind, separating her affectionate, everyday life with her daughter from the spectral moments imposedp 176 ML 2008
kaleidoscope that revolved around him. As she talked and murmured affectionately to him, the drab flats and props in the studiop 121 SS 1960
reply, then stopped in time, hiccuped and took his arm affectionately. Mangon slowed down as they approached a side road. Twop 123 SS 1960
Anyone else around?‘ she asked. Lanyon shook his head, grinned affectionately at her. ‘No. Go ahead, though, I'm watching.‘ Patricia putp 94 WFN 1961
one arm around his wife's smooth waist and pressed her affectionately to his shoulder, realizing that he had not embraced herp 301 GT 1962
men. I'm not satisfied with it any longer.‘ Marion smiled affectionately at his naivete and enthusiasm. Falkman was now more handsomep 565 TP 1964
serious-faced little boy who leaned his head on her pillow. Affectionately she pinched his square jaw and then touched her husband'sp 567 TP 1964
than of those platonic embraces the book so humanely and affectionately describes. Too many of us would rather be involved inp 258 UGM 1969
last confrontation between my wife and daughter. Smiling at them affectionately, rage thickening the blood in my throat, I am onlyp 952 ICU 1977
me. Infant prodigy, a second Newton, fifth Freud, he lay affectionately within me, though taking up only the wisest postures inp 88 IY5 1978
sailed it away over the abandoned cars, then embraced me affectionately. ‘Blake, you came through ...!‘ All the self-disgust had left himp 206 UDC 1979
Old Man and the Sea, even the great white shark affectionately christened "Jaws".‘ Anne Summers stared doubtfully at the statue. Shep 20 HA 1981
car parks, emotions hung on these abstract webs of space. Affectionately, Franklin placed his hands on Marion's shoulders, feeling the familiarp 1023 NFS 1981
her from that transient, time-locked flesh he had caressed so affectionately. Restarting the engine, Sheppard drove along the slip road, alreadyp 1079 MNF 1982
Peggy assumed a pained stoop, and the missionary patted her affectionately. ‘Ask Jamie to help you. He's doing nothing.‘ ‘He's busyp 38 KW 1991
tissue and ribbon to the serious-faced little girl. I thought affectionately of the hundreds of hours that Sally had happily givenp 287 KW 1991
of a small pile. Lying beside her, I masturbated her affectionately. When a sudden fluxus drenched the sheet she gasped atp 322 KW 1991
accord some trivial privilege to her charge. I kissed her affectionately, glad that she had come through and was happily marriedp 344 KW 1991
and let the night air rush into my face, thinking affectionately of Frances. She made love in the same single-minded wayp 235 SC 2000
to substitute himself for his own child in his wife's affections. Also, Freeman knew, there were other motives, obscure and intangiblep 259 MF 1961
in the furniture of the apartment, the gestures of unspoken affections. He lowered his eyes from the window. Catherine Austin satp 19 UD 1968
and Euclid. These embraces of Travers's were gestures of displaced affections, a deformed marriage of Freud and Euclid. Catherine Austin satp 76 THF 1969
the table, as if hunting for the residues of misplaced affections. Junction Makers Dr Manston indicated the items: (1) Photograph ofp 44 JAC 1970
of my accident. The elements of new technologies linked our affections. Irritated by the aircraft noise, I sat up on onep 32 C 1973
replaced by a small but growing repertory of tendernesses and affections. As she lay beside me, willingly late for her officep 83 C 1973
rectum, an orifice we could dress with all our deepest affections. I visualized the injuries of film actresses and television personalitiesp 180 C 1973
from his childhood, his wife and friends, with all their affections and demands, and to rove for ever within the emptyp 101 CI 1974
tactical infidelity here, an emotional game-plan there, a realignment of affections, a radical change of wardrobe, lifestyle, sex itself, all costedp 227 UGM 1977
chrome-hungry destroyer of cities, has now been restored to our affections and awarded the ultimate accolade of a thirteen-part television seriesp 232 UGM 1984
woke to discover a lost world of passion and the affections whose existence I had never suspected, and to fulfill myp 1126 LCC 1989
mental Polaroids form a large part of our library of affections. Carried around in our heads, they touch our memories likep 61 SCNa 1990
cars and typewriters -- have streamlined their way into our affections. Now and then, as in the case of the helicopterp 21 UDa 1990
made from the commonplaces of my life, from the smallest affections and kindnesses, not from the nuclear bombers of the worldp 119 KW 1991
made up their domestic world. Pride of place in their affections was taken by a ten-feet-high replica of a pink toiletp 125 KW 1991
bedrooms we embraced within a familiar repertoire of gestures and affections. The medium of film had turned us all into minorp 250 KW 1991
rich with the possibilities of new lives, new scents and affections. At the same time they set off a reflex ofp 9 CN 1996
my attention. Already I envied Frank for having touched the affections of this quirky young doctor. After grappling with her onp 92 CN 1996
his face is not so pale now. He sends his affections, and thanks you for the parcels, the laundry and booksp 157 CN 1996
an outbreak of personal rivalry between expatriates, probably over the affections of my wife. ‘At Eden-Olympia we are self-policing,‘ he explainedp 84 SC 2000
You're a domestic man, David. You feel hundreds of small affections all the time. They haunt every friendly pillow and comfortablep 163 MP 2003
deep entropic quiet enveloped the rooms, the peace of spent affections, of emotions run down like the batteries of talking toysp 270 MP 2003
of the Metro-Centre, and in the mysterious logic of the affections this single act erased her guilt over the part shep 277 KC 2006
a few miles away. Helen had quietly hated the hard, affectless architecture with its stylized concrete surfaces, nervous of Maitland's buoyantp 48 CI 1974
their real needs might emerge later. The more arid and affectless life became in the high-rise, the greater the possibilities itp 36 HR 1975
leisure-dominated future would resemble? Nothing could ever happen in this affectless realm, where entropic drift calmed the surfaces of a thousandp 35 CN 1996
eliminated all the dangers of personal involvement, and this liberating affectlessness allowed those who so wished to explore the fullest rangep 948 ICU 1977
Space exploration is a branch of applied geometry, with many affinities to pornography.‘ ‘That sounds sinister.‘ She gave a small shudderp 1076 MNF 1982
more whimsical sense of humour than I realized, and saw affinities between the business park and Alice's hyper-logical mind. The copiesp 78 SC 2000
its subject matter not Reagan's sexuality? Again I had to affirm that it was. At last the lawyer said: "Mr Ballardp 105 WIWa 1990
go shopping we take part in a collective ritual of affirmation.‘ ‘So being modern today means being passive?‘ Sangster slapped hisp 85 KC 2006
a being of vast neutral intelligence. Without doubt, the archbishop affirmed, this was to take a naive and over-simplified view basedp 846 LDG 1976
grave. ‘So many people have turned up.‘ ‘Of course,‘ Blanche affirmed. ‘Bibi Jansen was immensely popular, and not only with thep 61 CN 1996
away at him from morning to evening, every third word affirming the probability of his being found ‘innocent‘, but Malek merelyp 517 EG 1963
their craft. They assumed that a profound spiritual crisis had afflicted the astronauts, and that until this resolved itself the rescuersp 1180 MFM 1992
the galley and threatened him with all the deformations that afflicted the placid turtles of Eniwetok Atoll, the holiest ground ofp 60 RP 1994