another in my series of examinations of the present malaise affecting poetry. However, in place of the usual half-dozen paragraphs ofp 218 S5 1961
presenting arms beside the files of slaughtered deer. Stillman, now affecting a military tunic and peaked cap, had swapped his limousinep 918 UC 1976
out only our best profiles, our wittiest dialogue, our most affecting expressions filmed through the kindest filters, and then stitch thesep 226 UGM 1977
screen, the TV-style graphics, the sudden zooms on to any affecting image -- the constant favourite of these books is thep 167 UGM 1978
from the vehicle and busied himself in the ticket kiosk, affecting not to notice me. However, when I walked out top 42 UDC 1979
into a hibernating self. As the illness became more widespread, affecting one in a hundred of the population, blame seemed top 1064 MNF 1982
For heaven's sake, find a human-interest story! Something tender and affecting, that's what they want upstairs -- life isn't an avant-gardep 1106 MWM 1985
head. My hall telephone rang while I was watching this affecting scene on the television screen. I paused at the doorp 90 RW 1988
accelerated growth, and that the toxic reagents might equally be affecting himself. In Galloway's cabin mirror he inspected the hairs onp 1167 DCG 1990
began to appear in Britain. Change was in the air, affecting the nation's psychology for good or bad. Change was whatp 192 ML 2008
exposing. Invisible persuaders were manipulating politics and the consumer market, affecting habits and assumptions in ways that few people fully realisedp 192 ML 2008
Neil's familiar image -- broad shoulders, determined chin and, most affectingly of all, his small but pronounced limp -- again bouncedp 96 RP 1994
she said, stroking the fronds gently. ‘They need so much affection.‘ Her voice was low in the register, a breath ofp 4 PB 1956
of her fantasy world she showed little personal interest or affection for Mangon, but he assumed that this indifference was merelyp 107 SS 1960
time his relationship with Madame Gioconda revealed areas of sympathy, affection and understanding that he had never previously seen. If hep 128 SS 1960
him with a tremendous smile, her eyes glittering with sudden affection. ‘Goodbye, Mangon, it's been wonderful to see you.‘ She bentp 131 SS 1960
his fingers. He gazed into the girl's face with patent affection, listening to her light chatter with occasional amused interjections. Drp 283 GA 1961
Jamieson smiled at him, a feeling of deep, almost paternal affection for the young man coming over him. His naive earnestnessp 285 GA 1961
scrutinised her closely, smiling to himself in a mixture of affection and despair. ‘I'll see if I can repair the motorp 49 DW 1962
insane alligators, and, with a deep pang of regret and affection, holding her memory clearly before his mind as long asp 171 DW 1962
understand.‘ She patted her huge stomach, looking down with tolerant affection at its giant girth. ‘If you haven't brought any waterp 180 D 1965
him from behind her sunglasses. A brief smile, not without affection, touched her lips. ‘What more could I do?‘ She laughedp 171 CW 1966
he would have had with his mother and father, their affection and loyalties more conscious and constant. Yet he found himselfp 685 TIM 1966
tell the truth, though, I can't say we felt much affection for him; he didn't invite it.‘ She knew nothing ofp 775 CA 1968
all, these images from Koester's film reminded him of his affection for the young woman, discovered after so many disappointments withinp 79 THF 1969
altogether. Even after their affair Vaughan's moods would swing from affection to protracted spells of boredom. He would sit behind thep 90 C 1973
moment of complete lucidity. Her expression showed both irony and affection, an acceptance of a sexual logic we both recognized andp 163 C 1973
Vaughan. She touched my shoulder in a gesture of domestic affection. In the driving mirror I saw the weals on herp 165 C 1973
his jeans. I now felt the elements of a true affection for Vaughan, elements of jealousy, love and pride. I wantedp 167 C 1973
Vaughan, by contrast, I felt at ease, confident of his affection for me, as if he were deliberately guiding me alongp 196 C 1973
if the excitement suffusing my mind hovered between hostility and affection, emotions which had become interchangeable. We joined the fast westwardp 196 C 1973
resurrected corpse, watching me with a mixture of irony and affection. I knew that Vaughan could never really die in ap 209 C 1973
us we now maintained an ironic calm, the same stylized affection we showed to each other at parties whenever she orp 216 C 1973
keep awake, playing on any feelings of guilt, hostility or affection he could rouse. Carrying the wrench, he clambered from thep 39 CI 1974
isn't it, Proctor?‘ Maitland said. He felt a surge of affection for the tramp. ‘It's good ...‘ Proctor nodded muzzily. Most ofp 92 CI 1974
bore me right now. You never had any love and affection as a child. Don't commit any acts of violence tonightp 119 CI 1974
rather than bring them together. By the same paradox, the affection and concern he felt for her as they lay acrossp 38 HR 1975
Royal turned his head away from her, his smile of affection stiffening. Through the windows he watched the light fading acrossp 71 HR 1975
in his stride. In an obscure way, it was his affection for Anne that had led him to display her top 90 HR 1975
the fireplace in the columnist's drawing-room, Royal watched her with affection. She was no longer flirting with the elderly businessmen andp 93 HR 1975
outraged by all that over-indulgent toilet-training, dedicated breast-feeding and parental affection -- obviously a more dangerous mix than anything our Victorianp 109 HR 1975
that he did with the dog. However, for all his affection and loyalty towards the animal, the dog would soon bep 156 HR 1975
back to a state of childishness and even, perhaps, feel affection for him. Then, the moment he was asleep, cut hisp 160 HR 1975
were in darkness, and he felt happy at this. His affection for the two women was real, like his pride inp 173 HR 1975
and regret. In a way, I feel a kind of affection for Helen. 2.52 P.M. They lie together onp 861 60Z 1976
taken their seats, they would watch with amused and tolerant affection as I carried Serena to her place at the oppositep 864 S 1976
Wars, and a resentment of any response other than loving affection. Star Wars, written and directed by George Lucas, is engagingp 14 UGM 1977
whoever watches it will gain some idea of the immense affection I feel for my wife, and for my son andp 946 ICU 1977
wife, and for my son and daughter, and of the affection that they, in their unique way, feel for me. Itp 946 ICU 1977
sizing up of emotions and advantage, no distrust and insecurity. Affection and compassion demanded distance. Only at a distance could onep 951 ICU 1977
All the same, we are at last together, and my affection for them overrides these small problems of mutual adjustment. Asp 952 ICU 1977
scalp. Her uncertain hands, with their tremor of guilt and affection, summed up all the uncertainties of this dangerous experiment conductedp 986 Z2 1978
most fitting materials these suburbanites could find to celebrate their affection for me. Each of these arbours contains a fragment ofp 9 UDC 1979
chest I knew that I was not moved by any affection for her but by the need literally to crush herp 14 UDC 1979
Shepperton, but he looked up at me with the sudden affection of a man who has wrestled with a stranger hep 77 UDC 1979
people. The three children waited patiently for me. Despite my affection for them, I feared them. I feared that I mightp 103 UDC 1979
I know ...‘ She smiled at her clumsiness, pleased by her affection for me. ‘It's we who dream, Blake, I know thatp 133 UDC 1979
mine, the tides of her arteries poured their warmth and affection into the remotest corners of my body. As we embracedp 152 UDC 1979
me pulled at my heart with the draw-strings of their affection. A thousand needs and loyalties formed an immense embankment aroundp 161 UDC 1979
air. At the last moment I again felt the steadying affection of the people within me, a warm hand that steeredp 161 UDC 1979
I must first escape from them, from their care and affection. They moved away arm-in-arm through the quiet streets, urging thep 162 UDC 1979
tried to teach themselves to fly, confident that through their affection for each other they could regain the air. None ofp 174 UDC 1979
and deformed head, I felt a surge of pity and affection for him. I thought of taking him with me, mergingp 178 UDC 1979
the garden, the vivid plumage of the birds. Out of affection for the children, I went back to them. Kneeling inp 201 UDC 1979
lips. I was about to be smothered by all this affection, a deformed baby deliberately suffocated by loving relatives. A tidalp 206 UDC 1979
huge cloud. Looking up at them, I could see their affection and concern for me. Father Wingate, his arm around Mrsp 207 UDC 1979
death. She held my waist in a sudden gesture of affection. ‘Where is everyone? Mother and Father Wingate?‘ ‘They've left alreadyp 217 UDC 1979
wing of the parked aircraft. Stung by this show of affection, Wayne snatched the ivory ball from the roulette wheel, thisp 217 HA 1981
of the ICBM. Touching Paco with a sudden show of affection, Manson watched Washington lead his colleagues past the Holiday Innp 224 HA 1981
you like that?‘ He squeezed his daughter's hand with sudden affection. But before he could speak again, a door closed withinp 1015 NFS 1981
your star.‘ She held his face, compressing twenty years of affection into her desperate hands. ‘For God's sake, see someone!‘ Butp 1066 MNF 1982
secret door, had been worthwhile. He felt a race of affection for his wife, a need to give way to allp 1082 MNF 1982
Edward ...‘ She took Mallory's hands in a sudden show of affection. ‘Dear, that's one thing we've run out of. I'm gettingp 1038 MSA 1982
had hoped would keep them bickering and awake, had generated affection instead. Suppose they conceived a child, here at Cape Kennedyp 1039 MSA 1982
to the war news he became almost lightheaded. A fierce affection had sprung up between his parents, which he had neverp 19 ES 1984
woman with her weary husband and sick child. Thinking with affection of Mrs Vincent, Jim wished that they were still togetherp 301 ES 1984
father had been through their own war. For all their affection for him, they seemed older and far away. Jim walkedp 350 ES 1984
his fraud tapped a certain good-humoured tolerance, much like the affection felt in the United States for those eccentric old menp 1108 MWM 1985
christened him Salvador and lavished on him the most tolerant affection. The young Dali found himself saddled with this double burdenp 99 UGM 1986
it glimmered on the screen, a brief show of electronic affection, all that remained of parents and child in this desertedp 30 RW 1988
-- at that age you enjoy being cocooned in total affection, with someone telling you what to do every moment ofp 51 RW 1988
they foul the lawns and are a distracting focus of affection). He watches Turner and Burnett settle into the gatehouse, andp 69 RW 1988
firemen. As before, she continues to enjoy respect, if not affection, as a leader now sometimes known as the "Mother ofp 79 RW 1988
our clandestine affair I discovered a wealth of emotion and affection that made me envy all earlier generations. At the startp 1128 LCC 1989
I have forgotten her. There are no tugs of old affection. I have changed, my senses tuned to all the wave-lengthsp 1135 TES 1989
to the embrace of our children as a source of affection and mystery. But no kinaesthetic language has yet been devisedp 63 SCNa 1990
life Nancy never contacted her natural father, transferring all her affection to Dr Loyal Davis, a taciturn Chicago neurosurgeon whom herp 33 UGM 1991
kind of enemy ... my feelings towards him varied from amused affection to a black loathing. There were moments when I thoughtp 71 UGM 1991
love many other times, and that an unlimited store of affection lay waiting for us in some bonded warehouse of thep 92 KW 1991
everything to help me. The kindness of women and the affection of my children steered me safely through those first longp 161 KW 1991
their scent. Even Mrs Nordlund, with her determined smile and affection towards the children, stared at me with the gaze ofp 161 KW 1991
widowed husband and reminding him that Miriam endured within our affection and shared memories. Greeting us, Dorothy would hold me brieflyp 169 KW 1991
play with their children. You'll see all the care and affection in the world, while the women are busy fussing overp 172 KW 1991
his eyes to the charms of a beach culture where affection and approval came, not from within the family, but fromp 191 KW 1991
While I drove back to Shepperton I thought of Sally's affection for me, and her thousand kindnesses towards the children. Deepp 196 KW 1991
for me, and her thousand kindnesses towards the children. Deep affection and the most casual disloyalty coexisted, separated by that tolerantp 196 KW 1991
levels, in their good humour, resilience and confidence in unearned affection. Strangely, Miriam had begun to recede even from me, whilep 199 KW 1991
eccentric Victorian balloonist, tethered to the ground by the children's affection for her. But once we left its gentle gravity shep 214 KW 1991
children, as if trying to take back part of the affection she had given them. Alice and Lucy were too fondp 215 KW 1991
the seat beside me like an almost visible photograph of affection and desire. I thought of her as we pushed throughp 219 KW 1991
ever. But the last things she wanted were sympathy and affection. She needed David's unresolved aggressions, and his outbursts of erraticp 230 KW 1991
lip with my forefinger, feeling a rush of memory and affection for her worn but still even teeth, now marked withp 272 KW 1991
medication, he began to improve. I felt a surge of affection for him as he rallied himself, sitting up in bedp 304 KW 1991
and fish pond, his sense of triumph at winning the affection of his neighbours‘ cat. But these pleasures seemed as abstractp 311 KW 1991
artless vanity of the young Richard Sutherland only prompted my affection for him. I was glad that he had died quietlyp 320 KW 1991
never known anyone who remembered Pooh with less than total affection, something rare in children's fiction. I still dread even thinkingp 120 UGM 1992
Dr Barbara, her strong will and her disconcerting coarseness and affection. He remembered how she bullied him during the voyage top 45 RP 1994
surrogate parents he regularly recruited, only to find that their affection suffocated him. There were no youths of his own agep 85 RP 1994
on him. He waited for her to show him the affection she had displayed during the voyage from Honolulu, but affectionp 173 RP 1994
affection she had displayed during the voyage from Honolulu, but affection was far from Dr Barbara's mind. The albatross screamed throughp 173 RP 1994
think that Inger and Trudi retained a small core of affection for the young man who had been their lover andp 222 RP 1994
by his depressed and passive mother. Thinking of the robust affection that Dr Barbara had once shown him, Neil tried top 224 RP 1994
sweetly to herself, and then checked this little display of affection, pursing her lips over her strong teeth. I sensed thatp 86 CN 1996
tumblers on the bathroom floor. I felt a rush of affection for Frank, remembering the determined eight-year-old polishing the smeary cutleryp 185 CN 1996
soft underdown. Feeling not only lust but an almost fraternal affection for her, my imagined memories of her embracing Frank, Ip 190 CN 1996
ourselves could really bring us together and draw out the affection we felt for each other. ‘Charles, if I'm going top 194 CN 1996
Crawford.‘ I put my arm around her waist, remembering with affection how we had embraced, and thought of the hands clampedp 198 CN 1996
at Ely Cathedral. Unhappy man, never knew how to show affection to me or my mother. What he did like wasp 246 CN 1996
note in my voice. ‘Charles, that was ... a gesture of affection. It sounds strange, but I mean it. I wanted top 248 CN 1996
itself against the secret enemy within its walls. Yet his affection for the residents was unfeigned. When we left the sportsp 254 CN 1996
glass. His fierce resentment of Sanger, his envy of the affection the psychiatrist was bestowing on the young woman, made mep 270 CN 1996
When I reached the BMW I felt all my old affection surge back. I smiled through the insect-scored glass, ready top 314 CN 1996
alarmed by my moment of panic. Despite this show of affection, I soon noticed that our tour of Tuscany had becomep 8 DYF 1996
zebra frock and the dusty tights. I felt a curious affection for the unknown teenager who had worn them. She wouldp 152 SC 2000
sat behind the desk, and imagined myself dispensing medicines and affection to the girls, until the day when tiredness and despairp 152 SC 2000
my chest, then kissed my nipple in a show of affection. ‘You really woke up. I hope it wasn't just thisp 233 SC 2000
watch me as I caressed her thighs, confused by the affection I felt for her. She had never understood the secretp 284 SC 2000
you do what he wants.‘ She smiled with the first affection I had seen since our decision to stay. ‘Dear Paulp 301 SC 2000
the rose pergola. Once again I felt all my old affection for her, a warmth that transcended Eden-Olympia and everything thatp 319 SC 2000
naive, I think it's why you've survived.‘ A shadow of affection crossed her face. ‘People have been following you since youp 332 SC 2000
before she left. When I winced, uneasy with this bogus affection, she looked at me with sudden concern. ‘Paul? Is yourp 369 SC 2000
Jane with her familiar devoted gaze, showing the same shy affection that I had noticed at their first meeting. Alain noddedp 382 SC 2000
Joan Chang's shoulder, a schoolmaster with a favourite pupil. His affection was clear, but somehow lacked confidence, part of a largerp 62 MP 2003
I'm very fond of them, of course.‘ ‘They need our affection?‘ ‘Absolutely.‘ ‘So you'd sign a petition to revoke laws againstp 92 MP 2003
them.‘ She pinched my cheek in a fleeting show of affection. ‘Do your best, David.‘ ‘And if someone tries to getp 118 MP 2003
car round.‘ She bent down and kissed me with unfeigned affection, clearly glad to see me. ‘How did you know Ip 146 MP 2003
the breakfast news in her kitchen. Despite the closeness and affection prompted by the Tate bomb, I could feel her fingersp 160 MP 2003
given up a lot of heavy baggage -- guilt, bogus affection, the Adler ...‘ ‘Your wife?‘ ‘I hope not.‘ I stopped atp 192 MP 2003
Kay's careworn hand to my cheek, feeling a surge of affection for this passionate woman, with her hopeless dreams and carelessp 212 MP 2003
you, David.‘ Briefly, we embraced. I was glad of the affection I felt for her. I missed her schoolgirl contrariness andp 218 MP 2003
I felt a rush of concern for her, the same affection that touched me whenever I entered the ward at Stp 275 MP 2003
our Chelsea apartment, and walked out on me for good. Affection could reveal itself in the most heartless moments. But Ip 4 KC 2006
the window, leaning against each other in a show of affection. Happy for them, I tapped the broken glass and gavep 8 KC 2006
gripped her free hand, hoping to force something of my affection into her. There was a faint answering pulse, like ap 136 KC 2006
Keep them on their toes with the threat of withholding affection. Treat them like children -- it's what they really wantp 180 KC 2006
most gallant flattery, and my mother always remembered him with affection. ‘Oh, Cyril ...‘ she would chortle when she saw him onp 86 ML 2008
in horror. I remember the old Stanley Crescent Hotel with affection. Above all, of course, because Mary was still there. Ip 178 ML 2008
as some people keep a dog without ever showing it affection, but feel secure when it barks at the postman. Perhapsp 199 ML 2008