Briefly, my strategy was to precipitate a crisis in the affairs of the firm which would force the board to appointp 101 NZ 1959
soon demonstrate his adult mind, a circumstantial knowledge of social affairs that no infant prodigy could ever possess. His first taskp 260 MF 1961
Dr. Kerans and I are used to are very different affairs, Colonel. They really go with a bang.‘ ‘So I believep 157 DW 1962
you're discreet no one gives a hoot about your private affairs, but this garden party is a public matter, and wellp 383 WT 1962
senior commissars, the party secretaries at the ministry of foreign affairs and, ultimately, the members of the central committee themselves. Herep 505 EG 1963
know. I can devote these last days to putting my affairs in order and coming to terms with the world. Ifp 510 EG 1963
it is fortunate that I remain aloof from the day-to-day affairs of Green Hill. I take no credit upon myself, thatp 529 MO 1963
The populated infernos of the twentieth century are more private affairs, the gaps between the bars are the sutures of one'sp 140 UGM 1966
the rear seat. What was he doing? After his little affairs he seemed to enter a strange zone. A young manp 64 SCN 1969
weapon. For years I had been able to spot Catherine's affairs within almost a few hours of her first sex actp 31 C 1973
of us. There were times when I felt that these affairs took place merely to provide the raw material for ourp 31 C 1973
qualified as a doctor into a series of uncertain sexual affairs, happily climaxed by a deep emotional and genital union withp 44 C 1973
those of a self-centred spinster with a history of unhappy affairs. Later, even more bruises appeared on her arms and shouldersp 98 C 1973
her lovers, not out of sexual jealousy, but because these affairs would cut irrelevantly across whatever Vaughan was planning for usp 107 C 1973
his death she moved through a series of rapidly consumed affairs, as if taking the genitalia of all these men intop 119 C 1973
service manager at her garage. What I noticed about these affairs, which she described in an unembarrassed voice, was the presencep 120 C 1973
most of all, was that she no longer noticed his affairs with the bachelor women in the high-rise. Even if shep 45 HR 1975
nothing by turning a blind eye. At least, however, his affairs had prepared the ground for his ascent of the high-risep 118 HR 1975
on all spiritual matters, its absolute authority in all religious affairs. A rumour began that an announcement of worldwide importance wouldp 847 LDG 1976
of the energy and enterprise of the ruthless men of affairs who had erected these skyscrapers. She had been brought upp 30 HA 1981
been amazed to find me complaining about a state of affairs that must in every respect have resembled paradise. However, yesterday'sp 1124 LCC 1989
housewives in maternity smocks, while off the set she enjoyed affairs with a succession of Hollywood's leading men, among them Robertp 34 UGM 1991
we sat together in the meteorology theatre during our current affairs classes, watching the propaganda newsreels and the endless VD filmsp 111 KW 1991
proxy. I dimly guessed that one day she would have affairs and this second childhood would be over. I had learnedp 129 KW 1991
charm and excitement of men. She had been through many affairs, but had kept herself untouched by them. There were nop 270 KW 1991
for cordon bleu and flower-arrangement classes. Time for having little affairs and for messing about in boats, learning Spanish and playingp 217 CN 1996
been unfaithful, but in the old, unhappy way. My father's affairs complicated his busy life, giving him the harassed existence ofp 155 SC 2000
are fighting each other.‘ ‘Makes sense. TV commercials are life-or-death affairs.‘ ‘Wait ...‘ A huge melee had engulfed the terrace. Groups ofp 220 SC 2000
infidelities or rows with the girlfriend, no time for adulterous affairs or coveting their neighbours‘ wives, no time even for friendsp 255 SC 2000
perfectly well, Sally insisted on the freedom to have her affairs. There had been only a few during the years, nonep 144 MP 2003
she had displayed at St Mary's. I knew that the affairs would go on until she found a convincing explanation forp 144 MP 2003
to the shoppers, as if ready to make a consumer affairs announcement about the porridge supply. ‘Impressive,‘ I said. ‘Completely bear-likep 42 KC 2006
grouped around a commentator's desk and the guest banquettes. ‘Consumer affairs programme,‘ Carradine explained. ‘It's very popular. Customers come on, talkp 45 KC 2006
than shopping, Mr Pearson. Health and lifestyle issues, sports, current affairs, key local concerns like asylum seekers ...‘ A monitor in thep 45 KC 2006
go a little mad -- it makes shopping and love affairs more interesting. Every so often people want to be disciplinedp 147 KC 2006
were now three channels, mixing sport, consumer information and social affairs, and they were popular viewing in the motorway towns. Thep 154 KC 2006
of God‘, a tactful dismissal of the Almighty from human affairs, which drew many of the English missionaries in the campp 71 ML 2008
led, the long years as a medical student, her first affairs, marriage and children. One day I found her dissected headp 144 ML 2008
about the sexual lives of the internees. Did they have affairs, in the warrens of curtained cubicles that must have beenp 249 ML 2008
is left on the spool and can do little to affect the rate at which it unwinds. Spend the time slowlyp 184 VT 1960
carefully. Anyway, forgive my saying so, but the decision doesn't affect you very much, does it?‘ ‘Not an iota. Don't worryp 14 WFN 1961
addition, there was the gradual numbness that had begun to affect everyone, a blunting of the sensibilities, by the filth andp 147 WFN 1961
my hair to my waist even at the clinic, and affect a melancholy expression, although in fact for the first timep 18 CW 1966
more and more a conceptual act, an intellectualization divorced from affect and physiology alike, one has to bear in mind thep 54 GAN 1967
the most sinister casualty of the century: the death of affect. This demise of feeling and emotion has paved the wayp 91 UGM 1969
his wrist. ‘We're all in the movies.‘ The Death of Affect. He parked the car among the over-luminous pines. They steppedp 70 THF 1969
lies elsewhere, in what we might term "the death of affect". Consider our most real and tender pleasures -- in thep 75 THF 1969
conceptual character, in an attempt to surmount this death of affect. In many ways he is the first of the newp 77 THF 1969
him from the sharp frontal migraines that had begun to affect him again. These returning memories of the prolonged ECT treatmentp 811 DFW 1974
a mere four years older than Wayne, McNair liked to affect a distracted, world-weary manner, particularly when showing anyone round hisp 9 HA 1981
like the Sahara in the twentieth century. It's going to affect the mission -- we aren't equipped for this sort ofp 41 HA 1981
been waiting for the first symptoms of the malaise to affect him, that he was all too eager to be inductedp 1066 MNF 1982
past year he had waited impatiently for the malaise to affect him, ready to make his challenge. Like everyone else hep 1068 MNF 1982
The silent interior spaces of the station have begun to affect our sense of time. We have been travelling in ap 1087 RUS 1982
give birth, and its finish line was that death of affect, the lack of feeling, which seemed inseparable from the communicationsp 72 THFa 1990
China. The demise of feeling and emotion, the death of affect, presided like a morbid sun over the playground of thatp 190 KW 1991
to talk to him. What about the trial will this affect it?‘ ‘If he withdraws his confession I will petition thep 184 CN 1996
like you, which I hadn't bargained on. But that didn't affect my real goal.‘ ‘Which was?‘ ‘The same as Penrose's. Ip 339 SC 2000
larger infection incubated within the dome that had begun to affect all of us: a deepening passivity, and a loss ofp 222 KC 2006
encouraging.‘ He spoke in a light, pleasant voice absolutely without affectation. ‘There's so much confusion here it's a relief to knowp 546 SG 1963
towards me on her stick. This aid was clearly an affectation, a postural disguise that allowed her to press her facep 43 C 1973
of the doctor's silver helmet -- one of Gould's irritating affectations was to paint stripes on his helmet and flying-jacket, andp 830 LFA 1975
And as the senior bloom in the shop it naturally affected all the others. Invariably when I opened the shop inp 3 PB 1956
had begun to suggest that the secrecy which surrounded the affected area in the Everglades -- then no more than threep 606 IM 1964
security cordon as tight as Los Alamos's around their own affected area in the Pripet Marshes of Byelorussia, where a legionp 606 IM 1964
the water-line, where we saw that the process had not affected the vegetation alone. Extending outwards for two or three yardsp 610 IM 1964
out.‘ ‘Both sides?‘ George Schneider echoed. ‘How big is the affected area, corporal? We were told three or four acres.‘ Thep 612 IM 1964
the corporal had been correct in his estimate of the affected area's extent. Parallel with us one block to the northp 612 IM 1964
such inanimate objects as cars and metal fencing were equally affected. However, by now even the Lysenkoists have grudgingly accepted thep 616 IM 1964
as far as I knew, by now might be similarly affected), lit by subterranean lamps burning below the surface of thep 618 IM 1964
unit would be stationed at the nearest margins of the affected zone, and the soldiers would be able to retrace myp 621 IM 1964
at least a third of the earth's surface will be affected by the end of the next decade, and a scorep 626 IM 1964
sea -- swim?‘ He sat back with a rictus of affected pain and gazed limply at the decorated ceiling, like ap 40 D 1965
That doesn't make sense. According to the police captain, these affected areas of the forest are suffering from a new virusp 31 CW 1966
he said: ‘Two of my closest friends are in the affected zone, as well as Louise's American colleague. Naturally we're worriedp 59 CW 1966
in confidence of course, that this is not the only affected area in the world. At this moment at least twop 65 CW 1966
return with Max for her after they had visited the affected area, but even so Louise had made a half-hearted attemptp 67 CW 1966
he asked Radek. ‘It was half-empty when we came. The affected zone moves about from one place to another, it's toop 68 CW 1966
water-line, and they could see that the process had not affected the vegetation alone. Extending outwards for two or three yardsp 69 CW 1966
had been so distracted by the prospect of seeing the affected zone for the first time that he had not botheredp 70 CW 1966
silence of the jewelled trees seemed to confirm that the affected area had multiplied many times in size. A frozen calmp 88 CW 1966
Thorensen's motives for trying to keep Serena Ventress within the affected zone. Fearing that she might die, he preferred this half-animatep 113 CW 1966
unit would be stationed at the nearest margins of the affected zone, and the soldiers would be able to retrace hisp 113 CW 1966
beach that seemed to mark the southern limits of the affected zone. The vents of the buried channels lay among thep 116 CW 1966
to turn. The road marked the final boundary of the affected zone, and to Dr. Sanders the darkness around him seemedp 119 CW 1966
the forest -- they think Captain Radek is dead. The affected area is spreading out in all directions. It's many timesp 120 CW 1966
shrugged. ‘I understand, Suzanne, but you may have to. The affected area is spreading. God only knows what the source ofp 125 CW 1966
back by the perimeter road near the Bourbon Hotel, the affected zone seemed to have spread several miles down-river, extending itselfp 130 CW 1966
they're starting to take their sick and dying into the affected area. A kind of instant mummification, I suppose.‘ ‘But farp 138 CW 1966
in the moonlight below him. In a few places the affected zone had crossed the highway, and small patches of thep 139 CW 1966
at least a third of the earth's surface will be affected by the end of the next decade, and a scorep 168 CW 1966
window a thickset young man, wearing the black military overcoat affected by the students, was loading a large display billboard intop 20 UD 1968
the grass. I knew that he had been even more affected by the test crash and the slow-motion film than myselfp 128 C 1973
were unconsciously steering myself into his path. His presence had affected my driving, and I guessed that I was really waitingp 146 C 1973
launderettes and travel-agencies which the residents of the high-rise most affected to despise. Wilder waited impatiently by the elevators, his temperp 44 HR 1975
he was being standoffish. Like everyone else he had been affected by the atmosphere of confrontation. ‘Have the police arrived yetp 55 HR 1975
the only one.‘ The tampering with the electricity system had affected the air-conditioning. Dust was spurting from the vents in thep 57 HR 1975
always irritated Wilder, the kind of garment that might be affected by an eccentric camp-commander or zoo-keeper. The corridor lighting flushedp 66 HR 1975
scarred forehead and chromium cane, the white jacket which he affected and wore like a target, together seemed to be thep 73 HR 1975
place for some time, a steady erosion of standards that affected not only the apartment, but his own personal habits andp 100 HR 1975
either in man or in the few animal species also affected. In fact, birth-rates had soared, but almost all the offspringp 833 LFA 1975
government concern over the consequences. Industry and agriculture were already affected, though far less than commerce, politics and advertising. Everywhere thep 845 LDG 1976
Row, a long way from Cagney and George Raft, hardly affected him. Mailer vividly describes this depraved zoo, a bedlam ofp 42 UGM 1979
of boredom, listlessness and self-regard which in the previous century affected Norwegian and Swedish settlers living above the Arctic Circle. Boredp 231 UGM 1979
me than it did to my appalled headmaster. Expulsion hardly affected me. Since early adolescence I had been certain that onep 12 UDC 1979
rhododendrons. ‘Am I dead and mad?‘ Why was I so affected by this infantile game played by three handicapped children? Ip 51 UDC 1979
me in a smiling, but drugged way, as if still affected by the sedative her daughter had given to her thep 95 UDC 1979
world were now emerging. Yet all of them were strongly affected by the sight of this once powerful nation lying derelictp 42 HA 1981
only safe course is to obliterate the entire urban area affected. But how? Has Manson laid his hands on some nuclearp 143 HA 1981
they had been seconded. None of them had yet been affected by the fugues, and that Franklin should be the onlyp 1016 NFS 1981
the population involved, probably another five unaware that they've been affected, certainly out here in Nevada.‘ ‘It's the desert -- topographyp 1017 NFS 1981
rightness of space exploration. Sadly, not only the astronauts were affected. Each space-launch left its trace in the minds of thosep 1020 NFS 1981
had kept up the pretence that neither of them was affected by the fugues. Marion needed the illusion, more in Franklin'sp 1022 NFS 1981
a stretch of conscious time. I'm not the only one affected. Las Vegas is almost deserted, everyone has retreated indoors. Thep 1026 NFS 1981
Sheppard that he was one of the last to be affected, this outwardly cool architect who concealed what was in factp 1064 MNF 1982
there was something absurd about their high-pitched voices -- as affected as the rugby match which Dr Ransome, in a rarep 214 ES 1984
what would happen to them once the Japanese were defeated, affected everyone in the camp. Often there were cheers from thep 233 ES 1984
seemed overcome by a deepening lassitude, as if we were affected by my failure of will, a weakening of the imaginativep 207 DC 1987
bony faces flicked over by flies. The anaemic women seemed affected by the slack water in the channel and slapped thep 224 DC 1987
colouring book. The same banalization of celebrity seems to have affected Warhol himself, ensnaring him in the reductive process he hadp 60 UGM 1989
of a maverick, one of those wayward young women who affected an antic air as a way of rising above thep 1127 LCC 1989
damage. What did they dream about, how were their imaginations affected, their emotions and need for privacy, their perception of timep 43 DMa 1990
One can't help wondering how the events in Dealey Plaza affected him. Has his sense of space and time been alteredp 28 UDa 1990
his feet. In the later years of his fame, Spencer affected an eccentric and almost bumpkin manner, trundling his easel andp 101 UGM 1991
I stared at my hands, wondering if I had been affected, and tasted the tepid water in my bottle. For thep 55 KW 1991
deal of death. Looking back, how do you think that affected you?‘ I watched the sound engineer's tape-deck turning, and lookedp 310 KW 1991
Monroe that is uncannily prophetic. With her platinum hair and affected little-girl wisdom, her nights spent as a call-girl and herp 122 UGM 1993
his teeth. Professor Saito and Monique were next to be affected. Mrs Saito found her husband lying among the seedling orchidsp 153 RP 1994
two nurses to his tent, perhaps fearing the fever that affected him, and which her injections did nothing to cure. Sometimesp 200 RP 1994
were already the ghosts of themselves. This glacier-like slowness had affected my attempts to free Frank from Zarzuella jail. Three daysp 75 CN 1996
his mind now.‘ ‘Even so, his trial will not be affected. Think of your safety -- a man tried to killp 94 CN 1996
a strain of insecurity that I found pleasantly attractive. She affected to look down at the expat communities along the coastp 102 CN 1996
Something happened on May 28, something that wasn't right.‘ ‘And affected you badly. That's what our tour has really been aboutp 200 SC 2000
fairly clear -- your first wife's death at Heathrow. That affected you deeply.‘ ‘Is that all?‘ ‘Don't underestimate it. First wivesp 138 MP 2003
bears?‘ ‘The Three Bears ... the Metro-Centre mascots. People were very affected ...‘ Carradine pointed to the centre of the concourse. On ap 42 KC 2006
feet avoiding three condom sachets on the floor. ‘We've ...‘ He affected a mild stutter, pointing to the sachets, and smiled bleaklyp 82 KC 2006
He wore a large American pistol in a holster, and affected the manner of a military policeman. He pretended not top 114 ML 2008
the operation at Ashford Hospital, and perhaps her resistance was affected, or some infection lingered. She was keen to go onp 200 ML 2008
a mother's loss was irreplaceable and the children would be affected for ever, as maintained by the child psychiatrist John Bowlbyp 202 ML 2008
part of my anatomy that did not seem to be affected was my prostate, a common feature of the disease. Butp 277 ML 2008