as he sucked at the skewer. The young woman leaned affably against him, content to have Wilder's strong arm around herp 159 HR 1975
Mr President, there's nothing there, no city --‘ Manson laughed affably, the chuckle of a conjuror who has just deceived ap 216 HA 1981
he persuaded the Bracewells to save their film footage, and affably suggested that they join the other expedition members in thep 52 RP 1994
inside your dreams.‘ Despite Carline's hostility, the Germans greeted Neil affably, ready to share with him the cans of food theyp 127 RP 1994
was waiting in the entrance to the sports club, smiling affably under his reassuring moustache. A Hawaiian shirt covered his amplep 228 CN 1996
standing in his shirtsleeves by the doors. He greeted me affably, unconcerned by his slurred speech and flushed face. He swayedp 238 SC 2000
me standing by the coffee table and rallied himself. Smiling affably, he strolled up to me and held my shoulders. Hep 266 SC 2000
was hoping you'd find me here.‘ Wilder Penrose greeted me affably, lifting his huge body from the chair. As always, Ip 295 SC 2000
myself, I walked stiffly to the door. Henry greeted me affably. We lunched frequently in the Institute dining room, but Ip 111 MP 2003
his eyes, Carradine beckoned me forward. Two marshals preceded us, affably clearing a way through the press of people. ‘You're wearingp 173 KC 2006
or the assembly hall with my chessboard, I would be affably hailed as ‘Shanghai Jim‘ (for constantly telling anyone who wouldp 70 ML 2008
that reason I never questioned myself too closely over my affair with Jane Ciracylides. As I sat on the balcony withp 9 PB 1956
various Tantric and Hindu hymns, and I remembered her brief affair with a world-famous pop-singer, later killed in a car crashp 40 VS 1957
a stepping-stone, reaping all the publicity he could from their affair, then abruptly kicking her away. Mangon fretted. A solution top 111 SS 1960
at Lagoon West, I accepted gladly, eager to observe their affair at closer quarters. As we set off down the Starsp 228 S5 1961
act at all where complete self-awareness was impossible -- his affair with Beatrice Dahl, tilted by so many conflicting passions, fromp 38 DW 1962
would stand up for Renthall's right to carry on his affair with Mrs Osmond. Curiously enough, she seemed unaware of thesep 379 WT 1962
of the Council. Technically, the fete will be a private affair, by invitation only. They've no statutory right to be consultedp 383 WT 1962
him, most conveniently with Redpath, whose blunders in the ‘Hinton affair‘, as it could be designated, would place him for everp 522 MO 1963
our senses corroborate it. Consider the example of the "Hinton affair". Here, by an accumulation of false assumptions, of illusions buttressingp 528 MO 1963
the previous afternoon, the theft of a Leonardo was an affair not only for France, but for the entire world, andp 574 LL 1964
they're convinced that either the whole thing is a put-up affair by the present regime, or else the Kremlin itself isp 576 LL 1964
Lewis's hell in The Human Age is a more conventional affair. Layered like a department store, the presiding bureaucracy of demonsp 140 UGM 1966
in the ‘world war‘ he hoped to launch), his undecided affair with Catherine Austin -- these became as fragmentary as thep 10 AE 1966
their sudden departure from Fort Isabelle three months earlier. Sanders's affair with Suzanne had lasted for two years, kept going onlyp 19 CW 1966
mind with this dark side of the psyche, and their affair was an attempt to come to terms with himself andp 19 CW 1966
old embarrassment still remained. Although Sanders felt that his past affair with Suzanne if anything bound Max and himself together farp 123 CW 1966
this had probably been her one valid role. Even their affair had been an unconscious attempt to bring about this veryp 126 CW 1966
living with him -- Serena Ventress? I take it their affair is common gossip here?‘ ‘Not at all -- Ventress, youp 129 CW 1966
rejoined. ‘If these people want to commit suicide it's their affair. The army is too busy anyway evacuating themselves.‘ He turnedp 138 CW 1966
when I had first met Hope Cunard, and her strange affair with the Dutchman, Charles Rademaeker ... Every summer during the seasonp 722 CHC 1967
sailed the sand-sea together, she told me something of her affair with Charles Rademaeker, this Dutchman, recluse and intellectual who wanderedp 729 CHC 1967
seemed to touch everything at an oblique angle. Their own affair had been marked by the same ambiguities, the sense ofp 45 JAC 1970
of the broken car fender, the uneven transits of his affair with Helen Clement. Urinating -- the posture of her crippledp 46 JAC 1970
the speed and violence of our age, its strange love affair with the machine and, conceivably, with its own death andp 262 UGM 1971
defeat of Napoleonic France, the battle itself was a disappointing affair, a few thousand march-wearied troops engaged in sporadic rifle andp 808 GTS 1972
my secretary Renata, who was freeing herself from an unsettling affair with me, I was still wearing the safety belt Ip 20 C 1973
around the studios and our own offices. Disapproving of my affair with the widow of the man I had killed, Renatap 84 C 1973
dismiss her work and medical qualifications altogether. Even after their affair Vaughan's moods would swing from affection to protracted spells ofp 90 C 1973
own daughter in the early stages of a burgeoning love affair. Often I would stand on the grass verge of thep 217 C 1973
party the previous evening, in its way as confused an affair as the one taking place that moment over his headp 11 HR 1975
in this period soon after his divorce -- one happy affair, with Charlotte Melville or anyone else, and he would slipp 13 HR 1975
In his mind Laing projected the possible course of an affair with her. The proximity and distance which the high-rise providedp 16 HR 1975
Sheridan. Six months earlier, Wilder had broken off a brief affair with the actress, ironically enough because of the effort involvedp 61 HR 1975
of sorcerer examining the patterns of entrails. Characteristically, Pangbourne's one affair in the high-rise had been with a laboratory researcher onp 83 HR 1975
Club, and with whom he had a brief but significant affair. 4 A remarkable feature of Dr Loughlin's confinement at Springfieldp 850 NTM 1976
the sitting room with all the excitement that an illicit affair can produce. Christmas we celebrated alone. Given Serena's youth --p 868 S 1976
naive, like that of a young wife contemplating her first affair. A sophisticated wave now modulated the curve of blonde hairp 870 S 1976
her mouth stronger and more mature. Inevitably I began an affair with another woman, the separated wife of a close friendp 870 S 1976
that his wife and Richard Foster were well into an affair. However, for various reasons Ogden doubted this. For her ownp 973 OAU 1978
by the blatant way in which they were advertising their affair -- during the past two days they had done everythingp 979 OAU 1978
of Science Fiction edited by Kingsley Amis Kingsley Amis's stormy affair with science fiction becomes more and more perplexing. In 1960p 189 UGM 1981
reasons that Marion probably failed to realize. Even their original affair had been part of his elaborate stalking of Franklin. Thep 1021 NFS 1981
deaths and injuries seems scarcely to have dented our love affair with the car, even beyond the grave -- one Texanp 233 UGM 1984
I had managed to take advantage of her. Our brief affair of a few days ended when I realized that shep 23 DC 1987
way. I even had some vague idea of restarting our affair. At that time she had been unable to cope withp 82 DC 1987
against a former British prime minister. All details of the affair have been hushed up, but it seems that an armouredp 79 RW 1988
to comment on two remarkable aspects of the whole terrifying affair. The first is that this long-dreaded nuclear confrontation, which wasp 1116 WW3 1988
visit to France, he was consummating an already intense love affair. After the money-driven tumult of New York he found Parisp 67 UGM 1989
it again. ‘They won't get you. Not necessarily ...‘ My love affair with Lucille McCabe began that evening, but the details ofp 1128 LCC 1989
ever really known. During the six months of our clandestine affair I discovered a wealth of emotion and affection that madep 1128 LCC 1989
for Nancy. By now everyone knows about her White House affair with Frank Sinatra, her legendary meanness as she recycled unwantedp 33 UGM 1991
opting for the casting couch when she began a long affair with Benny Thau, the MGM executive in charge of castingp 34 UGM 1991
an entertaining irrelevancy? But the dream buckled with the Irangate-Contra affair and the revelation that summit meetings with Gorbachev were scheduledp 35 UGM 1991
from 1920 to 1940, Paris and surrealism conducted a passionate affair, broken off when the more fickle of the partners fledp 89 UGM 1991
underwear. At the age of nineteen Henry began a long-standing affair with a sympathetic widow in her mid-thirties. He spent hisp 112 UGM 1991
course, against the New Instinctivism) and began a heady, ten-year affair with Anais Nin. She saw him as the Mellors top 113 UGM 1991
last of his fictions, an account of his long love affair with the lewd and elderly Empress and the weird orgiesp 53 UGM 1992
the Great Train Robbery and Dr Who, of the Profumo affair and the fall of Harold Macmillan, of the 14th Earlp 242 UGM 1992
a trouser-snatching Whitehall farce, which in a way the Profumo affair always was. But on the whole, 1963 still has ap 242 UGM 1992
to almost everyone's evident pleasure. Curiously, the Minister of Defence's affair with Christine Keeler, whom he shared with a KGB officerp 243 UGM 1992
whom he shared with a KGB officer, echoes President Kennedy's affair with Judith Exner at a time when she was thep 243 UGM 1992
Mileva, too, withdrew into herself. Einstein had embarked on an affair with his cousin, Elsa, later to be his second wifep 150 UGM 1993
on the practice pitch. The chaplain had resigned after an affair with the sports master's wife, and already Neil saw Carlinep 53 RP 1994
the sexes, and tried to imagine Dr Barbara having an affair with one of the engineers. But Dr Barbara was happiestp 199 RP 1994
Senor Danvila was staring fixedly at me. ‘It's a tragic affair, Mr Prentice, the very worst.‘ ‘But charged with what? Currencyp 19 CN 1996
couldn't cope when Mother lost control. He started that weird affair with his middle-aged secretary.‘ ‘The poor man was desperate.‘ ‘Hep 26 CN 1996
a wink between us.‘ ‘I thought you said that your affair was over?‘ ‘It was.‘ She stared boldly at me. ‘Butp 91 CN 1996
Suppose Andersson discovered that his nineteen-year-old girlfriend was having an affair with Hollinger?‘ ‘She wasn't. He was seventy-five and getting overp 118 CN 1996
puts her in the frame. She may have resented his affair with Bibi. People do the strangest things for the mostp 119 CN 1996
smile on her lips, like a lover remembering a past affair. She clearly resented Crawford's charm and confidence, and I wonderedp 120 CN 1996
second boudoir for Alice Hollinger. Her husband's discovery of the affair might have released an anger strong enough to consume thep 149 CN 1996
have to assume that she and Sansom were having an affair. It may have been going on for years.‘ ‘Unlikely.‘ Hennessyp 149 CN 1996
in his grave and whistle. If Hollinger learned of the affair he must have been devastated. Life would have had nop 149 CN 1996
Five people die. Perhaps Frank, unwittingly, told Hollinger about the affair. He realizes he is responsible, and pleads guilty.‘ I lookedp 150 CN 1996
my lonely, daydreaming mother, always getting over yet another doomed affair. At a hotel in Hauterives, south of Lyons, Jane andp 4 SC 2000
I wish he had been married. He did have an affair with someone in the property-services division.‘ ‘Man or woman?‘ ‘Womanp 27 SC 2000
wasn't homosexual. Did she have anything to say?‘ ‘Nothing. Their affair had been over for months. Sadly, some things are fatedp 27 SC 2000
time to the children's refuge at La Bocca, a warm affair could easily have sprung from their work. But perhaps Drp 50 SC 2000
hard to imagine him wanting to kill anyone.‘ ‘A terrible affair.‘ She appraised me with the same cool eyes that hadp 54 SC 2000
coat and stethoscope. They'll think I'm a patient having an affair with his glamorous young doctor.‘ ‘You are.‘ Jane held myp 69 SC 2000
the laptop, perhaps outlining a cost-benefit analysis of her next affair, the contingency funds to be assigned to minor cosmetic surgeryp 90 SC 2000
Not necessarily. But she and Bachelet weren't having a secret affair. This was a long-standing relationship -- the crack pipe, thep 182 SC 2000
but he knew how to relax.‘ ‘How long did your affair go on?‘ ‘Affair? Sordid word.‘ She grimaced at an unpleasantp 217 SC 2000
how to relax.‘ ‘How long did your affair go on?‘ ‘Affair? Sordid word.‘ She grimaced at an unpleasant after-taste. ‘It soundsp 217 SC 2000
her, holding her hands between mine, and thought about her affair with Greenwood, and their quick sex probably snatched at Guy'sp 272 SC 2000
and realized that nothing had changed. We had started an affair, but our time together had been stolen from Eden-Olympia andp 332 SC 2000
you do.‘ ‘I'm sure you do. Did you have an affair with him?‘ ‘Nearly.‘ She nodded bleakly to herself, unsettled byp 351 SC 2000
she told me, was a memento of a summer love affair on a Greek beach. Beads of moisture covered the framedp 9 MP 2003
had grown the beard soon after the start of their affair, and I always suspected that this was an ill omenp 29 MP 2003
to follow up a chance of weakening his position. His affair with Laura was in part an attempt to flush mep 31 MP 2003
treat your wife, flirt at tennis parties or start an affair. There are unspoken rules we all have to learn.‘ ‘Andp 89 MP 2003
suspected that an accomplice might be lurking outside. ‘A shocking affair, even for Brooklands.‘ ‘For Brooklands ...?‘ I bent down and retrievedp 57 KC 2006
taken Sergeant Falconer with him. Had she once had an affair with Geoffrey Fairfax? I doubted it, though this rather frozenp 183 KC 2006
hand. I remember the wedding ceremony as a slightly disjointed affair. The respective in-laws had not met each other, and thep 180 ML 2008
feature of the disease. But an MRI scan, a disagreeable affair that involves lying in a coffin wired for sound, leftp 277 ML 2008