had given to Proctor, a bottle of after-shave lotion and aerosol of shaving cream, the trinkets with which Proctor would dressp 115 CI 1974
the metal objects taken from the Jaguar, and the overshoes, aerosol can and other gifts which he had made the trampp 125 CI 1974
except for the towel around his waist, and held an aerosol inhaler in one hand, a remote-control TV unit in thep 134 HA 1981
stepped forward, crossing the white line, he quickly raised his aerosol, fingers working the remote transmitter to prevent Wayne from loomingp 135 HA 1981
tomorrow.‘ After Paco saluted and withdrew, Manson gestured with his aerosol at one of the television screens. The picture showed thep 136 HA 1981
aware of Wayne. He lay on his couch with the aerosol and TV control unit in either hand, a modern Pharaohp 136 HA 1981
lay half-asleep on the couch, his left hand clutching the aerosol like a baby bottle, his right hand tirelessly switching thep 138 HA 1981
we choose.‘ ‘Omaha, Nebraska,‘ Manson interjected. He gazed at his aerosol container, and explained cryptically: ‘Headquarters of the Strategic Air Commandp 162 HA 1981
the boardroom table. Sitting back in his electric blue suit, aerosol raised in his hand like a divining rod, Manson hadp 162 HA 1981
the twelve-year-old squatting behind me among the beer bottles and aerosol cans seemed to remain alert. She ignored the music, herp 21 DC 1987
covered by a swirl of brown water, beer cans and aerosol cylinders. A steady current moved among the mounds of earthp 49 DC 1987
rafts of brushwood, and a legion of beer bottles and aerosol cans. Watching this tide of man-made rubbish, I could almostp 59 DC 1987
A few minutes earlier, as I waded ashore, past an aerosol can and a plastic hair-dryer, I had cut my rightp 215 DC 1987
which flies now sipped at my drying blood, past the aerosol can and the hair-dryer, lying in the sand like objectsp 220 DC 1987
channel of the river between the exposed sand-bars, covered with aerosol cans and beer bottles, fuel drums and tyres. Six hundredp 257 DC 1987
a dead water-beetle, but they were more interested in an aerosol paint-can that floated between the reeds. It still held somep 123 KW 1991
she screamed at her mother, surrounded by loose tissues and aerosol containers, road-maps and cigarette stubs that had risen from thep 327 KW 1991
roll of lint to bandage a wounded albatross, there were aerosol paints, a protest banner, a machete, and a video-camera top 11 RP 1994
The vandals had continued their work inside the house, and aerosol slogans covered the walls and ceilings. On the stairs thep 202 CN 1996
jump leads and electronic immobilizers. A smaller valise contained several aerosol paint cans, two camcorders and a clutch of fresh video-cassettesp 240 CN 1996
into the group of demonstrators and tried to seize the aerosol can from a young man in a tiger mask. Anp 40 MP 2003
--?‘ ‘Mud. A synthetic liquid mud, conveniently packed in an aerosol can.‘ Kay adopted the singsong voice of a department storep 93 MP 2003
limply when we pushed past them. Mrs Templeton drew an aerosol can from her handbag. As smoke drifted into the chamberp 156 MP 2003
wit and imagination, these complex acrostics, palindromes and civilized obscenities aerosolled across the walls soon turned into a colourful but indecipherablep 44 HR 1975
the choice of wall surfaces, now covered by thousands of aerosolled obscenities. It was stupid of him, perhaps, but it wasp 69 HR 1975
strewn with garbage sacks. The lurid outlines of lettered slogans, aerosolled in luminous paint across the walls, unravelled around him likep 87 HR 1975
apartment, trying to hang the shattered picture-frames over the slogans aerosolled across his walls in the supermarket paint-section's most fashionable coloursp 108 HR 1975
dead concrete. The walls were spattered with blood, overlaying the aerosolled graffiti like the tachist explosions in the paintings that filledp 150 HR 1975
The bird motifs multiplied around the streets of Cocoa Beach, aerosolled on to the flaking storefronts. The outlines of giant birdsp 1079 MNF 1982
blurred traces in the face, overlaid by slogans and swastikas aerosolled in day-glow paints. Litter and beer cans were strewn aboutp 325 KW 1991
doors. Graffiti covered every inch of the steel panels, an aerosolled display of fluorescent whorls and loops, swastikas and threatening slogansp 172 CN 1996
feeble a protest to be her handiwork. The cryptic signs aerosolled across windscreens resembled teenage graffiti tags, and were soon scrubbedp 362 SC 2000
When we reached Eden-Olympia he scarcely noticed the fresh graffiti aerosolled across the glass doors of the administration building. He droppedp 366 SC 2000
by hooting cars emblazoned with St George's insignia. Bizarrely, the aerosolled Star of David began to appear on the garage doorsp 190 KC 2006
life, I thought of returning to it one night and aerosolling a million ascending numbers on every garden gate, supermarket trolleyp 37 UDC 1979
spray-paint. In a few thrilling minutes I vandalized her car, aerosolling bizarre hieroglyphs over the doors and windscreen in what Ip 91 SC 2000
Laing beneath a pyramid of wine bottles and ashtrays, deodorant aerosols and contraceptive wallets. Laing reached his car and leaned againstp 103 HR 1975
and shuttered, time capsules that contained their melancholy cargo, the aerosols, douche-bags, hairpins and sun-oil tubes left behind by the thousandsp 832 LFA 1975
forecourt, pyramids of transistor radios outside the appliance stores, deodorant aerosols in the entrance to the chemists. I was proud top 169 UDC 1979
a canvas bag across his legs. Among the tape-recorders and aerosols of mosquito repellent he had found a small chromium pistolp 188 DC 1987
In the bathroom the hand-basin was filled with shaving gear, aerosols and vitamin packs swept from the shelves of the medicinep 44 CN 1996
in foil dispensers, packs of syrettes and ribbed condoms. The aerosols Crawford put to immediate use. Barely bothering to step fromp 240 CN 1996
with a shotgun. They carried buckets and mops, brooms and aerosols of furniture polish, enough equipment to buff and shine thep 242 KC 2006
Crockett, but an army of ambitious PhDs, government planners and aerospace bureaucrats. How efficiently will these space colonies function, and whatp 229 UGM 1979
had not been heard. Yet the restricted capacities of their aerospace technology rule out this escape route, and we assume thatp 1184 ROP 1992
nudged me in the ribs. ‘You can sell your British Aerospace shares, buy me a new diamond choker and have ap 16 SC 2000
a different breed, scarcely women at all but furies from Aeschylus who intensely loathed their clients. They were obsessed with thep 156 SC 2000
more essential than a basis for comparison. Adam had no aesthetic sense, or he would have realised that Eve was ap 28 DW 1962
normal commercial restraints, and the unswerving dedication to the highest aesthetic standards. All this, of course, was made possible by thep 543 SG 1963
freighted also with an immense weight of reference to geology, aesthetic theory, metaphysics, metabiology, Christian iconography, haute couture, mathematics, film criticismp 95 UGM 1969
cater for ‘illicit sex traffic, which should be avoided for aesthetic as well as practical reasons‘. Given the appropriate situation, allp 256 UGM 1969
and never ostentatious furnishings -- in short, to that whole aesthetic sensibility which these well-educated professional people had inherited from allp 81 HR 1975
a physically intimate family life (not to mention the hazards, aesthetic and otherwise, of a shared domestic hygiene). But far fromp 947 ICU 1977
was sent to Downside at the age of nine, his aesthetic sensibilities already well developed. Of his fellow boys and playgroundp 80 UGM 1991
it's no longer possible to stir or outrage spectators by aesthetic means alone, as did the Impressionists and cubists. A psychologicalp 240 ML 2008
him say ‘Sistine Chapel‘ and ‘Medici Tomb‘ but Bodkin muttered: ‘Aesthetically, most of this is rubbish, picked for the gold contentp 93 DW 1962
is a redemptive ideology. At its best, it tries to aestheticize violence, though sadly it doesn't always succeed ...‘ Sangster stood upp 86 KC 2006
were designed into Eden-Olympia, in the same way that mathematics, aesthetics and an entire geopolitical world-view were designed into the Parthenonp 38 SC 2000
dispense with morality the important decisions become a matter of aesthetics. You've entered an adolescent world where you define yourself byp 255 SC 2000
human rights and civic responsibility? What we want is an aesthetics of violence. We believe in the triumph of feelings overp 168 KC 2006
for his indictment as a war criminal. But MacArthur was affability itself, offering the Living God a Lucky Strike and puttingp 49 UGM 1989
feet, who never smiled or showed the least signs of affability), a gardener, a chauffeur and a nightwatchman who patrolled thep 12 ML 2008
frame, our own sandwiched between the Lawrences above us, an affable English couple from Manchester, and a forty-year-old Irish pharmacologist belowp 860 60Z 1976
what must have been the picture of a dream-like and affable world. The third child was a small, sandy-haired boy whop 29 UDC 1979
into the Seraglio Hockney on Photography: Conversations with Paul Joyce Affable and engaging, his Yorkshire savvy filtered through the warmest shadesp 62 UGM 1988
wholeheartedly to the romantic dream that impelled this obsessed and affable Englishman. More vividly than most novelists could manage, Young lovinglyp 115 UGM 1991
reach of his vast compassion. He rambles away in his affable, cracker-barrel fashion, intoning his trade-mark ‘so it goes‘, spinning ap 116 UGM 1991
veranda where my mother had organized her bridge parties. The affable director, Mr Chang, greeted me like a long-lost colleague andp 175 UGM 1991
inconceivably fast behaviour for a Cambridge academic. He cast an affable eye over me, as if he already had a serviceablep 86 KW 1991
to remember her daughter. She calls it her memory box ...‘ Affable and good-humoured as ever, he surveyed the day-room, looking forp 260 KW 1991
felt once again that he had begun to reject the affable and good-humoured personality I had known for so many yearsp 306 KW 1991
Thwaite's lavishly illustrated tribute to A.A. Milne and the affable Pooh describes the transformation of a charming children's fantasy intop 119 UGM 1992
line in psychobabble, an archly condescending teenage prostitute, and an affable, contraband-running crone who prowls the landing-beach with pocket calculator inp 240 UGM 1992
on the top floor of the television tower with the affable director of the TV foreign news service. He asked mep 55 UGM 1993
friendly article about us?‘ Hennessy was watching me in his affable way, but I sensed that a warning signal had soundedp 44 CN 1996
tie, sunglasses over his eyes, he resembled a handsome and affable gangster. He greeted the mourners with a reassuring wave, hisp 68 CN 1996
outside the doors of the Club Nautico disco. Edgy but affable, these former East End car-dealers sometimes offered me a generousp 163 CN 1996
I tested the spring of the diving board. Handsome and affable, he gazed at me in a generous but canny wayp 217 CN 1996
at the salesmen, but the leader of the trio, an affable, older man, ignored the psychiatrist and swung his bracelets atp 19 SC 2000
at me, glad to welcome me to his den. An affable and fleshy Franco-Lebanese, he stood behind his desk, camel-hair coatp 83 SC 2000
the Avenue de Verdun. The manager, Don Meldrum, was an affable Australian with a drinker's puffy face disguised by a tennisp 127 SC 2000
silk dressing gown, searching through its frayed seams like an affable pickpocket. As the sleeves filled with the night air Ip 224 SC 2000
cable company. The fourth man was Robert Fontaine's successor, an affable American named George Agassi, to whom I had briefly spokenp 236 SC 2000
your neighbours ...‘ He left me and swayed through the crowd, affable and devious in a way I found almost likeable. Halderp 294 SC 2000
Adler. I nodded to Professor Arnold, the Institute's director, an affable but shrewd man with the mind of a small-claims lawyerp 29 MP 2003
to his car. ‘David ...‘ Henry held my arm. He seemed affable and confident, relieved that more than the funeral was overp 30 MP 2003
like a cheap but over-bright lacquer. He was smiling and affable, but faintly hostile, like a bullying valet. Perhaps people inp 60 KC 2006
his position near the display of kitchenware. His manner was affable, but his eyes darkened as a squall blew through hisp 90 KC 2006
And the best preparation? ‘Years of success.‘ He was still affable and engaging, despite his sly pleasure in his new-found aggressionp 156 KC 2006
a highly intelligent, witty and glamorous figure who was pleasantly affable to anyone whose writing he liked. He reviewed science fictionp 195 ML 2008
of Tony Hinds, then the head of Hammer. He was affable but gloomy, and listened without comment as Aida launched intop 253 ML 2008