the dusk around the radio tent. At last, as the aerial's shadow stretched along the Mall to the hundred or sop 84 HA 1981
him, and rollicked in his seat, urging on this lunatic aerialist. He reached the last of the mirrors, straddled the metalp 1035 NFS 1981
interest going. There were about twenty of them, half million aerials of the volcano jungle within a fifteen-mile radius of thep 79 WG 1959
became derelict and forgotten, its windows smashed, neon portico collapsing, aerials rusting. The huge eight-lane flyover built across it sealed itp 112 SS 1960
had laboriously built during the past month; antennae of metal aerials holding glass faces to the sun, the slides of diseasedp 19 UD 1968
time as well as space. Their glass curtain-walling, and telecommunication aerials were obscured by the traffic smog, blurring Laing's memories ofp 8 HR 1975
and Arecibo, not to mention a number of commercial TV aerials and any other structures that vaguely resembled radio antennae, waitingp 844 LDG 1976
the cleaning until later and have a look at the aerials. I think one of the sets is picking up ap 994 MA 1978
come tomorrow? It's on my route. I can say your aerials need tuning.‘ Pangborn reversed around her, keeping an eye onp 997 MA 1978
unfamiliar, but each of the roofs and chimneys, the television aerials I had nearly impaled myself upon, I recognized clearly. Ap 69 UDC 1979
among the cactus trees, drawn in some way to the aerials above the radio tent, cryptic beacons of a new cargop 86 HA 1981
a bulldozer that cleared aside the fallen palm trees. Walkie-talkie aerials whipped and quivered, there were ten, twenty, then a hundredp 207 HA 1981
the now empty Hughes penthouse bristling with radio and television aerials. The two gunships had also spotted the isolated hotel, andp 231 HA 1981
the penthouse, and cut a violent swathe through the tottering aerials. Unsatisfied, the gunships turned away in frustration. They soared acrossp 231 HA 1981
had entered Amherst Avenue, its crew standing among their radio aerials. They moved along the centre of the road, forcing ap 61 ES 1984
Muslim convert? He only paused to stare at the distant aerials of Daventry visible through a skylight. When a warder closedp 1090 OOA 1984
could fire upon the glider it became entangled in the aerials above the royal mausoleum at Frogmore House and fell top 1091 OOA 1984
to enter the exercise yard -- the high British Telecom aerials clearly unsettled him -- so Henson arranged for him top 1094 OOA 1984
mud-covered cargo, eagerly helping me to transfer the cabinets and aerials to the car-deck of the ferry. Leaving her behind, wep 151 DC 1987
punched through the air and soared high above the radio aerials and mast-tops of the ancient cruiser. A second squadron ofp 22 KW 1991
heady charms of alienation and anonymity. A forest of TV aerials blotted out the poplars and church spires. Multi-storey car parksp 183 UGM 1994
camouflaged radio-cabin stood in the undergrowth fifty yards from them, aerials pointing to the empty sky. At its southern limit thep 19 RP 1994
office buildings of Eden-Olympia, at the satellite dishes and microwave aerials. The business park had adopted her. ‘Jane, you like itp 79 SC 2000
and the policemen jostling him, and stared at the radio aerials above the station, as if expecting a message from ap 27 KC 2006
team shirts, surrounded the Land Cruiser and tore off the aerials and wing mirrors. People turned to watch them, with thep 119 KC 2006
the embankment. Buses converted to mobile diners, pantechnicons loaded with aerials and communications gear, and flat-bed trailers carrying three huge bulldozersp 200 KC 2006
size of this truck's?‘ Far too heavy. I'll find an aero-engine. They crossed the river and headed northwards through the cityp 893 UC 1976
and exploding fuel tanks, Halloway heard the clatter of the aero-engine. The propeller span briskly, pumping the heavy smoke out ofp 922 UC 1976
onto the road when he heard the drone of an aero-engine. The Fokker triplane had emerged from the space centre. Itp 1043 MSA 1982
drawn into the air by the distant drone of an aero-engine. ‘Listen -- an hour ago you were nearly killed. Ip 1047 MSA 1982
--‘ She broke off at the sound of an approaching aero-engine. An aircraft was hovering over the nearby streets, its shadowyp 1058 MSA 1982
from side to side, like the stunt pilots at the aerobatic displays at Hungjao Airfield. ‘Jamie, leave your bike! Come withp 23 KW 1991
at school, and sneaked away to watch Richard Sutherland practise aerobatics in his Tiger Moth. As I guessed, she was waitingp 95 KW 1991
with the practised eyes of enthusiasts judging a display of aerobatics. Two cine-cameras recorded the scene, and the police made nop 220 KW 1991
body at last rebel, tip all those vitamins, douches and aerobic schedules into Boston harbour and throw off the colonialist oppressorp 276 UGM 1992
activities took place, there were classes in judo and karate, aerobics and tai-chi. The variety of fringe philosophies began to rivalp 1141 LTP 1989
fish, already visualizing the native huts clustered around the bar-restaurant, aerobics gym and holistic massage room. ‘The navy may be backp 92 RP 1994
the gymnasium to a mirror-like finish, ready for the first aerobics classes. Despite these efforts, and the expensive pool-side furniture waitingp 224 CN 1996
the Residencia every day with a banner. Free tennis lessons, aerobics classes, massage and aromatherapy, that sort of thing ...?‘ Elizabeth Shandp 232 CN 1996
Yuri Mirikov; she had just recruited him as a special ‘aerobics‘ coach. As she gazed at the scene around her, likep 290 CN 1996
mind. Jane, are you keen on sport?‘ ‘Not me.‘ ‘Squash, aerobics, roller-blading?‘ ‘The wrong kind of sweat.‘ ‘Bridge? There are keenp 18 SC 2000
into them when they were filled with water? The Abandoned Aerodrome Pondering the answer, Jim stepped from the terrace. He ranp 29 ES 1984
here in this peaceful field within sight of the deserted aerodrome. Leaving the burial mound and its family of bones, Jimp 29 ES 1984
to an open sea of wild grass. This was the aerodrome at Hungjao, a place of magic for Jim, where thep 30 ES 1984
glad that he had been forced to visit the old aerodrome. But Jim felt vaguely guilty and annoyed with himself. Hep 35 ES 1984
party and make it unlikely that he would visit Hungjao Aerodrome again. He thought of the crashed fighter in which hep 35 ES 1984
Air Base. He thought of the crashed fighter at Hungjao Aerodrome, and of the Japanese pilot whose seat he had filledp 37 ES 1984
that Jim had taken from the derelict fighter at Hungjao Aerodrome and was now holding in front of him. Briefly toleratingp 59 ES 1984
I have been in a plane, Mrs Hug. At Hungjao Aerodrome.‘ ‘Did it fly?‘ ‘Well, in a way.‘ Confidences given top 131 ES 1984
his face. They approached the military airfield, the largest grass aerodrome that he had seen near Shanghai. There were three metalp 157 ES 1984
of the runway. He remembered the swirling grass at Hungjao Aerodrome, and tried to imagine the slipstreams of the Brewster Buffaloesp 159 ES 1984
had been bombed and overrun during the fighting around Lunghua Aerodrome in 1937. The damaged buildings nearest to the airfield hadp 164 ES 1984
streets were built on the site of the old Croydon aerodrome, and it is almost as if the perspectives of thep 1134 TES 1989
Shanghai International Airport, on the site of the old Hungjao aerodrome where as a boy I had played in the cockpitsp 173 UGM 1991
thought of the crashed Japanese and Chinese planes at Hungjao aerodrome, and of how as a ten-year-old I had often climbedp 297 KW 1991
old Harvard, now abandoned in its storage hangar at Elstree aerodrome, which I had bought by telephone at an aircraft auctionp 41 SC 2000
I listened to the flutter of air over the grass aerodrome, the fabric of parked gliders shivering in the cool windp 174 MP 2003
a uniform rate, exhibiting all the signs distinguishing highly stable aerodynamic systems. The wind mass now has tremendous momentum, and thep 55 WFN 1961
section of grey, riveted metal, the skin of an all-too-familiar aerodynamic structure. He stood up and worked away with both handsp 814 DFW 1974
backwards along a rising wave front, heliodynamic as opposed to aerodynamic lift. Infinitely silent and manoeuvrable, powered by the economy ofp 176 HA 1981
the dream of flight without the effort of growing wings. Aerodynamics is the modern sculpture of non-Euclidean space-time. Pornography -- Thep 277 UGM 1992
into the more potent evolutionary possibilities of wholly conceptualized sex. Aerodynamism -- Streamlining satisfies the dream of flight without the effortp 277 UGM 1992
with both hands, soon revealing the unmistakable profile of an aerofoil curvature. The Cessna had gone, taking the lady dentist backp 814 DFW 1974
his Lilienthal glider. And yet ... who better than a pioneer aeronaut to kill a pioneer astronaut, to turn the clock ofp 1096 OOA 1984
rough representation of an aircraft, perhaps inspired by the elaborate aeronautical motifs in the bedroom decor. 16 Not surprisingly, the trialp 854 NTM 1976
escape from winged aviation into absolute flight, poetical rather than aeronautical structures. The roots of shamanism and levitation, and the eroticp 1055 MSA 1982
sources of his self-loathing. ‘Do you think they'll send an aeroplane?‘ Louise asked after breakfast the next morning. ‘There was ap 632 DS 1964
machines would take off into a metallized sky. Vaughan's glass aeroplane flew somewhere above the heads of the bored spectators movingp 18 C 1973
was the last transmission from the pilot of the huge aeroplane, reporting a fire in his cargo hold. So the aircraftp 821 AD 1975
God there's nothing there. Will you come back for the aeroplane?‘ I paused at the door, glad that she wanted top 32 UDC 1979
dragonfly, the slender fuselage and transparent wings of this glass aeroplane were held together by a cat's cradle of steel wiresp 175 HA 1981
as mysterious as a snowflake ...‘ Wayne gazed at this glass aeroplane that shimmered in the bright sunlight above him. It tuggedp 176 HA 1981
entrance hall, staircases of light that beckoned to the glass aeroplane straining against its guy-ropes. Wayne gripped the arms of hisp 177 HA 1981
ONE All day this strange pilot had flown his antique aeroplane over the abandoned space centre, a frantic machine lost inp 1037 MSA 1982
effort. ‘Not the BB gun, Jamie. Not today. Take your aeroplane instead.‘ ‘Amah, don't touch it! I'll kill you!‘ ‘Jamie!‘ Hisp 18 ES 1984
cutting the air. Henry would sit stiffly in his silver aeroplane, embarrassed at being too large for the cockpit, then standp 314 KW 1991
by time. A small boy sat solemnly in a miniature aeroplane, circling to the same music I had first heard thirtyp 127 SC 2000
points against the crushed door panels and radiator hood. Glass aeroplanes climbed into the sky above the airport. Through the brittlep 208 C 1973
vanished world. He slept through the night, dreaming of glass aeroplanes, their wings like mirrors, that circled the dark air overp 883 UC 1976
with tritons and amiable fish, where there were no drowned aeroplanes. The air played on my bruised chest, carrying from thep 126 UDC 1979
back to his duties as Vice-President, away from these glass aeroplanes and dreams of the sun. Later that afternoon, as Drp 178 HA 1981
worked with a will constructing the growing fleet of glass aeroplanes. A small detachment remained to stand guard over Wayne, threep 179 HA 1981
passengers. In the pale dawn this ghostly fleet of glass aeroplanes shimmered around him, eager to fly the day. At nightp 181 HA 1981
Wayne hobbled through the laboratories on Crosby's putter, watching the aeroplanes take shape. The Presidents worked with an energy few ofp 181 HA 1981
spasm through the assembled Presidents. The wings of the glass aeroplanes were trembling in sympathy, as if the floor of thep 183 HA 1981
the putter. He tried to clear his head. The glass aeroplanes around him were shaking with fear, as they picked upp 184 HA 1981
in convoy, sailing down the Strip, a fleet of glass aeroplanes each borne aloft by the smallest caress of the sunp 232 HA 1981
burnt-out jeeps and half-tracks, careful not to dash the glass aeroplanes to pieces among the silver dollars and cartridge cases. Drp 233 HA 1981
would arrive at his inauguration in one of these crystal aeroplanes, to be the first President to be sworn in onp 236 HA 1981
the mysterious pilot who appeared each morning in his antique aeroplanes. He had noticed that as every day passed these veteranp 1041 MSA 1982
half-hearted attempts to ground him. The descriptions of the bird-cage aeroplanes reminded Mallory of the drowned ornithopter dragged up onto thep 1049 MSA 1982
not much. What I'm really interested in is aviation.‘ ‘Aviation? Aeroplanes, you mean?‘ ‘Not exactly.‘ Casually, Jim added: ‘I sat inp 139 ES 1984
hulks of the derelict planes. ‘Are you still interested in aeroplanes, Jim?‘ Mrs Philips asked, as she and Mrs Gilmour emergedp 205 ES 1984
from Hamleys in London), I made a selection of cars, aeroplanes, lead soldiers and model battleships and carried them down top 13 ML 2008