trying to remember his own name. Two paramedics and an Aer Lingus hostess knelt on the floor, treating an exhausted passengerp 17 MP 2003
drank frugally from the reservoir bottle. The rain-water was well aerated but tasteless, and Maitland wondered whether he had suffered somep 35 CI 1974
felt the bubbles play against my nostrils and sipped the aerated wine. ‘Senora, how long have you been at Eden-Olympia?‘ ‘Twop 47 SC 2000
streets reached by escalators and elevator pods. A stream of aerated water marked the edge of the entrance hall, bubbling underp 38 KC 2006
achieved complete local independence. Equipped with its own power services, aerators, reservoirs, farm laboratories ...‘ The car bore. $6 x 10 top 35 CC 1957
the acoustic drapes had the proportions of a medium-sized radar aerial. However, Lorraine Drexel sat beside me on the stand, herp 40 VS 1957
a special platform, and the only microphone will be an aerial about twenty feet diagonally above her. It will be livep 130 SS 1960
175 mph. All skyscrapers in Manhattan windowless and abandoned. TV aerial and tower of Empire State Building down. Statue of Libertyp 52 WFN 1961
fitted with a plug and he clipped this into the aerial socket of the transceiver. Following the wire behind the sofap 126 WFN 1961
clouded with anger, then slowly relaxed. He pulled out the aerial, then folded away the earphones and hand microphone and closedp 128 WFN 1961
of square miles of here,‘ he reported, swinging the direction-finder aerial without influencing the volume. ‘From now on we'll have top 155 WFN 1961
and the workshops had been temporarily transferred during the final aerial sweeps to two vacant offices on A-Deck, beside the officersp 32 DW 1962
the water-ways, where he had the maximum possible protection from aerial observation under the overhanging fern trees. In the starboard hatchwayp 53 DW 1962
central stairway was a bad film set of Versailles, an aerial riot of dusty cupids and candelabra, the grimy brass overlayedp 92 DW 1962
I guessed Strangman was here,‘ Riggs explained. ‘One of our aerial patrols reported seeing the hydroplane about a month ago, andp 153 DW 1962
to give Kerans free access to the medical supplies. The aerial attacks were resumed at half-hour intervals, the aircraft once flyingp 163 DW 1962
of the town and completely lost himself, with only the aerial lines of watch-towers to guide him, but he still refusedp 393 WT 1962
volume. Sombre and unchanging, the forest followed its course, the aerial canopy shutting off the sunlight and cloaking the water alongp 435 QR 1963
half of the South Americas had been covered by successive aerial sweeps, and it seemed unlikely that the beacons were stillp 439 QR 1963
satellites in orbit. Perhaps the final sealing of this inescapable aerial canopy had prompted everyone to seek out the nearest beachp 430 RE 1963
by the painted desert and the sculpture singing from the aerial terraces of the summer-house. Into all this Emerelda Garland hadp 553 SG 1963
the blackening stump, while the solitary youth reclining on his aerial perch a hundred feet away surveyed me with a sanguinaryp 646 DG 1964
its sight. Everywhere the camera towers offered him a convenient aerial view of the confused topography of the island, but hep 592 TB 1964
the canvas envelopes had been transformed into a line of aerial garbage scoops, the bowls of dust and leaves raised likep 10 D 1965
area. Scores of its tributaries had dried up completely, and aerial surveys discovered that much of the former rainforest was alreadyp 31 D 1965
stood above them on its circular embankment, the balconies and aerial verandas reflecting the sunlight like the casements of a jewelledp 39 D 1965
crouched down, watching the line of villas and the dust-filled aerial canopies. Nothing moved on the opposite bank. The river wasp 75 D 1965
again, the shadows searching out the hundreds of caves and aerial grottoes, until the evening light, shining from beyond the cliffsp 125 D 1965
his whisky. Five minutes earlier he had discovered the concealed aerial of Raissa's transmitter. Heterodyne Kovarski was worried. The sight ofp 664 BM 1966
realized that the only witness of his stand against this aerial armageddon had been a club-footed idiot to whom no onep 698 SBD 1966
spur to growth, they were the advance guard of an aerial armada of millions of birds that filled the skies overp 701 SBD 1966
air in the rigging overhead, the muffled hoot of an aerial voice calling to itself. Waking, Crispin lay still with hisp 706 SBD 1966
emphasized by the motes of light that flickered within its aerial galleries. Preoccupied, Sanders almost failed to hear the knock onp 24 CW 1966
the Red Sea, it would now be visible, a vast aerial lantern fired by the same light he had seen inp 39 CW 1966
and led him into a series of galleries like the aerial terraces of a cathedral. Beyond these the icefalls spilled awayp 116 CW 1966
watching from their cars seemed to enjoy this piece of aerial marzipan. It sailed overhead, carried away on the wind fromp 746 CSC 1967
stings around her legs, she was gazing up at the aerial bestiary dissolving in the sky, and at the white skullp 749 CSC 1967
lay in the dusk like the crushed wings of an aerial armada. No U-Turn. ‘Above all, the notion of conceptual auto-disasterp 22 UD 1968
I went through the pretence of withdrawing the car's radio aerial. The accident below the flyover, in a position almost symmetricallyp 160 C 1973
on to the motorway behind us, eager arrivals at this aerial carnival. They sailed along the road surface above our headsp 199 C 1973
No cars or airline buses moved along the motorways. The aerial balconies of the apartment blocks were deserted in the sunlightp 43 CI 1974
flank crossed the sky like the wall of some immense aerial palace. Below the span were the approach roads to thep 106 CI 1974
houses were still without electricity. There was a single television aerial, and a few elderly cars, wrecks on wheels, sat onp 822 AD 1975
as they gazed out for the first time from their aerial ledge on the cliff face, Laing contrasted it with thep 17 HR 1975
take place in the air above the bed, like the aerial copulation of exotic and gentle birds. Little more than threep 861 60Z 1976
air-space of the city, with its empty towers guarded by aerial demons. As the glider banked across the face of thep 880 UC 1976
of poppies soared past, a crimson carpet followed by an aerial causeway of daisies, petals beating as if they were thep 919 UC 1976
centre of Shepperton has become a spectacular aviary, a huge aerial reserve ruled by the condors. Only the condors will remainp 8 UDC 1979
canvas replica of an antique aircraft. As this caravan of aerial fantasies entered the gates of the film studios, dusty dreamsp 37 UDC 1979
spoor-lines that stained the night air. I was no graceful aerial being, but a condor of violent energy, my cloaca encrustedp 56 UDC 1979
the garden below, about to impale herself on a television aerial, then seized the air and climbed up to join mep 57 UDC 1979
as some shy albatross. But for that sudden panic of aerial lust, and the collapsing roof of the church, I wouldp 62 UDC 1979
of aviaries. I followed them into the town, trailing their aerial spoor. A dozen large sea-birds circled above the shopping centrep 70 UDC 1979
cars parked by the churchyard, torn loose during some dizzying aerial tournament. To everyone's surprise, the church was closed, its doorsp 71 UDC 1979
the roof, touching this bone, the relic of a new aerial sainthood. ‘Father Wingate, tell me -- why are you leavingp 78 UDC 1979
the court and take off across the sky like the aerial matrix of a pilot's head-up display. Catching my breath, Ip 96 UDC 1979
elaborate kites, as if about to take part in some aerial festival. The once immaculate lawns and flower-beds were overrun withp 108 UDC 1979
she had set for herself, this adolescent dream of an aerial wedding. Holding the skirt of the wedding gown in onep 147 UDC 1979
aircraft and badgered their parents to be taken on an aerial jaunt. By the time I reached the war memorial onp 155 UDC 1979
the rear of the procession like the guard of an aerial train. Last of all came the three crippled children, hurryingp 157 UDC 1979
a congregation about to worship within the cathedral of my aerial being. Their faces were expressionless, sunk now into an entrancedp 159 UDC 1979
here for me while I took everyone else on our aerial jaunt. Looking down at it, I knew that I wouldp 164 UDC 1979
part well above himself, the death-angel in a film of aerial Armageddon. He stood among the fragments of glass and pointedp 186 UDC 1979
against the garden fences, as if during the night an aerial armada had been shot down over the town. Wan-faced peoplep 189 UDC 1979
and father, they had passed through me, born from my aerial flesh. I reached the filling-station and rested among the fuelp 205 UDC 1979
dressed in aviator's costume, members of a party of Victorian aerial enthusiasts. The priest took off his panama hat and sailedp 206 UDC 1979
outstretched hands, we moved together through the sky, an immense aerial congregation. Far below us the town had begun to blossomp 208 UDC 1979
together for the last time, feeling ourselves dissolve into this aerial fleet. Taking them all into me, I chimerized myself, ap 219 UDC 1979
forgotten burrows. A grey miasma rose from the ground, an aerial shroud that seemed about to blight the trees and thep 219 UDC 1979
knows where he is!‘ Wayne gripped the shaft of the aerial mast. He was still trembling with anger at Orlowski, andp 84 HA 1981
was pinched and fretful. The jagged shadow of the radio aerial marked his cheek with a flicker of black lightning. ‘Gregorp 87 HA 1981
as the mysterious stranger in Shane. They stood together, an aerial Mount Rushmore, heroes resurrected from the tombs of Boot Hillp 102 HA 1981
where two teenage technicians were sweeping a tiled floor; an aerial view of the Strip from the roof of a hotelp 136 HA 1981
array of communications gear in the lobby and the 300-foot aerial that pokes through the ferns on the roof. There arep 148 HA 1981
doctor.‘ The craft quivered as Wayne propelled himself forwards, an aerial creature nervous at the approach of this wounded pilot. ‘Butp 177 HA 1981
cleansing operation ... do not leave ... cordon sanitaire ... two hours ...‘ The aerial commentary continued, a rambling ultimatum. Everywhere hundreds of soldiers werep 221 HA 1981
on, gyros confidently steering them towards the Pacific. Later, the aerial convoy overtook the column of jeeps carrying the escaping soldiersp 235 HA 1981
valleys, not unlike the desert outside. Could they take an aerial photograph of the Sahara and Gobi deserts, reverse the processp 1018 NFS 1981
was a gallery of huge prints. These strange landscapes resembled aerial photographs of a desert convulsed by a series of titanicp 1028 NFS 1981
Kennedy, perhaps hire a light aircraft and carry out an aerial survey of the Space Centre. At dusk, when the skyp 1069 MNF 1982
Martinsen was now frightened, not of Sheppard, but of some aerial creature about to emerge from the heart of the Spacep 1080 MNF 1982
An antique autogyro, it lumbered through the air like an aerial harvester, its free-spinning rotor apparently powered by the sunlight. Sittingp 1058 MSA 1982
screen trembled with the familiar images of tank battles and aerial dogfights. Jim was eager to prepare for the fancy-dress Christmasp 11 ES 1984
he found it difficult to keep up with the endless aerial activity. For three days Jim had rested peacefully in thep 50 ES 1984
to the graveyard of Lunghua Airfield, as if a titanic aerial battle was taking place far above the clouds. Already gangsp 187 ES 1984
directly involved in a subject close to his heart -- aerial warfare. ‘Dr Ransome, the American bombers that flew with thep 209 ES 1984
visit of President Reagan to the United Kingdom, an unsuccessful aerial attack was made upon the royal family and their guestp 1091 OOA 1984
waiting for the helicopter which would take him on an aerial inspection of his domain. In the orderly room next doorp 96 DC 1987
pressed to her lips. She had been terrified by the aerial attack and by Kagwa's presence, and the scar tissue aroundp 134 DC 1987
trailed behind the craft like the golden brush of an aerial fox. ‘Stop the engine, doctor! You're a sick man ...‘ Withp 188 DC 1987
of the Mallory, drawing its black trail behind it, an aerial sign advertising a death to come. It crossed the poolp 265 DC 1987
the drained bed of the river. I have been shown aerial photographs of the Salammbo still embedded in its rubbish tipp 286 DC 1987
man with the tool-kit who arrived to dismantle the attic aerial. He had made several earlier calls in the avenue, andp 1137 TES 1989
crossed the lagoon in her inflatable Christine stared at the aerial terraces of vines and blossoms that had sprung up sincep 1168 DCG 1990
highest branches above the island was a flock of extravagant aerial creatures, sometime swallows and finches whose jewelled plumage and tail-fansp 1169 DCG 1990
then the largest number of casualties in the history of aerial warfare. We ourselves were forced to evacuate our house whenp 219 UGM 1991
number killed by a single bomb in the history of aerial warfare. My own trivial injury, caused by the police sergeant'sp 26 KW 1991
on the progress of the war and the latest Japanese aerial tactics. My nerveless energy soon tired them and, besides, Ip 35 KW 1991
private aviation, and then bought a small company specialising in aerial photography. He would be away for months, photographing industrial complexesp 128 KW 1991
peer at a Mignet Flying Flea, little more than an aerial skateboard, and Sally strolled towards the Tiger Moth, which Davidp 216 KW 1991
but this is still more than adequate to support life. Aerial reconnaissance of the hundreds of cities that occupy the majorp 1184 ROP 1992
the exposed chimneys, living wreaths feasting on a set of aerial tombs. No albatross had yet appeared, but a steel towerp 15 RP 1994
that the corvette would wait out of sight until the aerial reconnaissance of Saint-Esprit was complete. Meanwhile the tank-landing craft --p 89 RP 1994
La Napoule. She commissioned one of the Frenchmen to take aerial photographs of the Var plain near the Sophia-Antipolis science parkp 281 SC 2000
side chamber a lacquered table was laid with maps and aerial photographs, and I stopped to examine a detailed projection ofp 295 SC 2000
first guests were rising from their seats, suspecting that this aerial display was not part of the official programme. Men buttonedp 357 SC 2000
to the observation rail. He had perspired heavily during the aerial protest at Eden II, and the wind lifted a stalep 364 SC 2000
alley. A black Mercedes was parked against a wall, the aerial of a radio telephone rising from the rear deck. ‘Frankp 381 SC 2000
had allowed the Philippine military to use him in their aerial attacks on the guerrilla forces. Sitting beside me in thep 64 MP 2003
an annexe at the rear. In the windows a retouched aerial photograph represents Chelsea Marina as a place of almost millennialp 293 MP 2003