a stronger sense of security than all Bayliss's drugs and advice. The revolver was a simple symbol of aggression, and evenp 145 ZT 1960
the navigation of the ship is concerned.‘ This sort of advice now meant nothing to Abel. In the previous two monthsp 330 13C 1962
Philip, I could have given her the sort of general advice any sensible layman would have offered.‘ ‘Dangerous. Of course youp 293 IO 1962
nodded doubtfully, apparently unconvinced but prepared to accept the Sergeant's advice in default of any other. ‘Well, you may be rightp 56 DW 1962
he merely assumed that the biologist had followed his own advice and moved out to one of the lagoons to thep 129 DW 1962
to descend from them. ‘Look, my dear fellow, take my advice. Drop the whole idea. You don't stand a chance anywayp 384 WT 1962
compelled him to reciprocate at least a modicum of good advice: ‘Doctor, things are going to be rough soon. You pullp 30 D 1965
got to think ahead.‘ Hendry nodded to himself. ‘That's good advice.‘ He turned in the door to his cabin. For ap 121 D 1965
Do not hasten towards his climax, but towards yours.‘ Good advice, but at one point the author contrasts his idealized sexualp 257 UGM 1969
on Anne -- unless you want her to be ...‘ ‘Sound advice. You've never thought of leaving? The conditions now ...‘ The gynaecologistp 84 HR 1975
-- and much more dangerous.‘ Royal listened to her cool advice without comment. He was not surprised that the dinners hadp 134 HR 1975
upstairs -- life isn't an avant-garde movie!‘ Pondering this sensible advice, I wandered into the crowded streets. I dreaded the thoughtp 1106 MWM 1985
in his cryogenic capsule periodically revived to be asked for advice, and its intelligent bombs that have to be argued outp 20 UGM 1987
the sandstone underlay. I resigned myself to heeding the heavy-handed advice of the local police chief. I would close the clinicp 19 DC 1987
ultimate mother-in-law's wedding gift -- an illustrated pillow book of advice on sex techniques and ways of ensuring a male heirp 50 UGM 1989
Export U.S.A." was the title chosen, against my advice, for the edition of The Atrocity Exhibition which Grove Pressp 93 LNEa 1990
cancerous breast nodule, she demanded a total mastectomy against the advice of her doctors. But as one of the surgeons commentedp 35 UGM 1991
local physician, Dr Rogers, with his jovial humour and misplaced advice, resembled a lightheaded tour guide searching none too confidently forp 135 KW 1991
too. I needed to stop thinking for a while.‘ ‘Good advice. I wish more people would take it. What about yourp 35 RP 1994
follow those leads up, Inspector.‘ ‘Naturally ... I happily take your advice, Mr Prentice. As a journalist you've seen so many policep 98 CN 1996
himself in confirmation. ‘I'll leave you, Charles. Take care.‘ ‘Good advice.‘ As he opened the door I said: ‘I assume itp 247 CN 1996
There are projects galore -- a local newspaper, a citizens‘ advice bureau, kung fu classes, hypnotherapy, everyone seems to have anp 256 CN 1996
There were no town councils or magistrates‘ courts, no citizens‘ advice bureaux. Civility and polity were designed into Eden-Olympia, in thep 38 SC 2000
eye on you, Mr Sinclair.‘ Halder nodded at this sage advice, his eyes scanning the cars in the garage. His nostrilsp 165 SC 2000
I'll see the British consul in Nice and take his advice. The French authorities need to be told about this.‘ ‘Ip 252 SC 2000
I had to see, a retired judge. I needed his advice.‘ ‘I hope you take it. Everything at Eden-Olympia is startingp 331 SC 2000
echoes of Lotte Lenya inside my head and remembered Jane's advice. With or without Frances Baring, I would soon be backp 370 SC 2000
there's an element of danger.‘ ‘Really? Keep clear, Henry.‘ ‘Sound advice. Perhaps too sound.‘ As we shook hands, he said: ‘Tellp 32 MP 2003
a good citizen. It means not bothering the police.‘ ‘Sound advice.‘ I caught myself breathing too deeply, and eased the airp 52 MP 2003
family discussion panels and childcare investigations, always ready with sensible advice and good-humoured charm. I had never seen her on screenp 209 MP 2003
past the former manager's office that is now a residents‘ advice bureau. The accounts and billing department, the banks of metersp 293 MP 2003
Pearson.‘ ‘I will. I wish my father had taken your advice.‘ ‘We all do. That was a terrible tragedy. Superintendent Leightonp 21 KC 2006
we need to talk over. You can give me your advice. Already I feel we can work together ...‘ A New Politicsp 140 KC 2006
their car, signalling the traffic towards a detour. Ignoring their advice, I turned into a side street, but the next approachp 199 KC 2006
away from England for more than twenty years, and the advice he gave me about English life was out of datep 84 ML 2008
rather than in a bed. A few words of friendly advice and the address of the nearest family planning clinic werep 228 ML 2008
reached sustained levels of excellence. Given present socio-economic conditions, the advisability of maintaining the Vietnam war seems self-evident. Substitute military orp 93 LNE 1968
Ransom, Your rejection of my poems astounds me. I seriously advise you to reconsider your decision. This is no trifling matterp 217 S5 1961
I can make myself indispensable as back-scratcher and houseboy. I advise you to do the same.‘ Maitland turned and looked curiouslyp 143 WFN 1961
of that, is there?‘ Chalmers paused thoughtfully. ‘Roger, I really advise you not to get too involved with the project. Keepp 328 13C 1962
A purely military operation is perfectly feasible. However, we always advise our clients to invoke some doctrine as a casus bellip 345 PE 1962
into the lower medullary centres. Whatever they're selling I wouldn't advise anybody to buy. (6) THE AGENCY. Registered. M33 in Andromedap 348 PE 1962
wise?‘ ‘Yes -- Kagwa's forces may be here tomorrow. I advise you to leave, Nora. Harare's men are all over thep 204 DC 1987
own reasons for making up his mind. I can only advise him.‘ ‘It's ridiculous ...‘ I sat wearily on the bench. ‘He'sp 77 CN 1996
by the gatehouse. ‘Far too dangerous, sir -- the police advise us to stay out. A Harrods van has been stonedp 150 MP 2003
of us are not good at arithmetic. In general I advise people to steer clear of reason. Consumerism celebrates the positivep 86 KC 2006
away the stench from the pails of soiled bandages. ‘I advise you to come with us. You've been here far toop 255 KC 2006
is as exhausting as being a contestant, and you're well advised to substitute. Cost: 100,000 credits/day. (3) AGENCE GENERALEp 347 PE 1962
prayers. You see my point?‘ Colourlessly, Malek said: ‘The Prosecutor-General advised you to make your final arrangements immediately after the trialp 510 EG 1963
removed. The wound is closed in two layers; drainage is advised. The patient is then turned on her back, and thep 16 C80 1970
that Princess Diana was immortal. 64) Astonishment/disbelief. 65) He advised the audience to invest heavily in leisure industries. 66) Thep 1103 ATQ 1985
unnecessary confidences. Before they could speak again, he added: ‘He advised them in a dispute with the personnel department.‘ ‘With thep 143 SC 2000
with my conviction. Corporate clients might prefer not to be advised by a psychologist with a criminal record. Clearly my statusp 70 MP 2003
dusk, Carradine made an astute move. He was being closely advised by Sangster, whose huge and shambling figure with its babyishp 226 KC 2006
the crowd. The officer, Colonel Wilson J. Tucker, a military adviser in the ‘hearts and minds‘ mission, widely suspected of beingp 958 TW 1967
From the Forensic Diaries of Dr Richard Greville, Chief Psychiatric Adviser, Home Office 7 June 1987. An unsettling week -- twop 1090 OOA 1984
TV broadcast, successfully treats Prince William, becomes confidant and spiritual adviser to Princess Diana. Named Man of the Year by Timep 1096 OOA 1984
the runway. ‘Professor Sanger, take care!‘ Mr Pal, the Indian adviser, pushed me aside and placed an arm around Sanger's headp 35 DC 1987
current carried away the damp clods. Mr Pal, his scientific adviser and general factotum, stood in the bows, punt pole sunkp 55 DC 1987
From the Forensic Diaries of Dr Richard Greville, Deputy Psychiatric Adviser, Metropolitan Police August 25, 1988. Where to start? So muchp 5 RW 1988
arrived in Peking in 1899 and became unofficial editor and adviser to Dr George Morrison, local correspondent of The Times, whop 53 UGM 1992
his greatest admirers, his secretary Helen Dukas and his financial adviser Dr Otto Nathan, erected a protective screen around Einstein's reputationp 149 UGM 1993
you as my bodyguard.‘ ‘I thought I was your literary adviser. You were supposed to be here at ten.‘ ‘Pressing workp 253 CN 1996
in the back alleys of their minds. As Cruise's media adviser, I had taken a gamble, but I was ready top 155 KC 2006
away. The marshals still saw me as David Cruise's media adviser, and reined in their abuse. A Zimmer frame scraped thep 222 KC 2006
dangerous obsessions. Still nominally playing my role as David Cruise's adviser, I was left alone by Carradine and his marshals asp 245 KC 2006
and TV screen -- a consummation of which his political advisers had dreamed for so long -- the White House staffp 1119 WW3 1988
ordering a counter-attack, and there were rumours that the German advisers to the Generalissimo were urging him to abandon the northernp 10 KW 1991
the task of balancing the national budget, and their scientific advisers had long insisted that the exploration of the solar systemp 1175 MFM 1992
advertisements for taxi services and yacht-brokers, estate agents and investment advisers. One card, so freshly printed that its ink was dampp 284 CN 1996
and his retinue of worthies. The visitors -- Home Office advisers, concerned churchmen, senior social workers and psychologists, including myself --p 4 MP 2003
view possible of the Cabinet Minister and his sagely nodding advisers. Finding me in their observation post, they would assume thep 11 MP 2003
courts. You can stay as and when you wish. I'm advising you, Mr Prentice, as a friend. What good can youp 94 CN 1996
highly-strung woman through the aftermath of some troubled dream or advising her about the impotence problems of over-promoted accountants. He hadp 82 SC 2000
for escape. "Take Marion Miller," I pointed out, playing devil's advocate against myself. "I'm convinced that she dropped the live hairp 47 RW 1988
the Chinese girl and the downcast clergyman. So this spirited advocate was not a solicitor but one of the accused. Shep 45 MP 2003
The same rules apply to society at large. I'm not advocating an insane free-for-all. A voluntary and sensible psychopathy is thep 264 SC 2000
the bookshelves beside the desk. There were rows of green-covered AEC publications he had removed from Whitby's library, papers in whichp 173 VT 1960
floodtime, with its rampart cities like the islands of the Aegean Sea. Riggs opened his map wallet and spread the polythenep 54 DW 1962
archpriestess in the Aeneid who lets off blistering tirades whenever Aeneas sits down for a moment to relax. I was stillp 214 S5 1961
the whole tone reminded me of the archpriestess in the Aeneid who lets off blistering tirades whenever Aeneas sits down forp 214 S5 1961
strange vision swept like a flame through my mind. For aeons I plunged, spiralling weightlessly through a thousand whirling vortexes, swirledp 90 WG 1959
drowned beside him among the star-fish in the shallow pools, aeons sifting through gill-slits. He slept in the rear seat ofp 11 IY1 1976
appearance of this dark water that had spent so many aeons within the earth. Resigned at long last to closing thep 41 DC 1987
and closed eyes, streamlined as if by time, by the aeons that had preceded this child down the biological kingdom. Wakingp 134 KW 1991