beside his desk, Dr Nathan studied the elegant and mysterious advertisements which had appeared that afternoon in the copies of Voguep 46 DM 1967
overlay of her own potent sexuality. ‘You, Dr Austin. These advertisements constitute an explicit portrait of yourself, a contour map ofp 47 DM 1967
Sexual Ecstasy was launched recently in a series of mail-order advertisements in magazines and underground newspapers. Elegant typography and a nakedp 255 UGM 1969
Karen Novotny seemed more and more isolated by these excursions. Advertisements of the film of her death had appeared in thep 75 THF 1969
long; (4) a slide show of rectal cancers; (5) six advertisements placed in Vogue and Harper's Bazaar; (6) a board gamep 77 THF 1969
latter, despite a hiatus of thirty years, were still up-to-date advertisements of the products they bought and sold in the storesp 914 UC 1976
old Time and Look magazines, almost drugged by the lavish advertisements. Then there had been the embarrassing matter of the christeningp 28 HA 1981
bunk and at last opened the magazine. There were no advertisements in the Reader's Digest, which was a shame, but Jimp 229 ES 1984
Life and the Saturday Evening Post. For once the lavish advertisements, the headlines and slogans -- ‘When Better Cars are builtp 296 ES 1984
fish, Jim stretched out among the reeds and studied the advertisements in his magazine. He listened to the deeper sound ofp 335 ES 1984
billboard murals of James Rosenquist, seem as dated as half-forgotten advertisements. By contrast, Warhol's silk-screened soup-cans and celebrities, criminals and racep 59 UGM 1989
time of writing I was publishing my series of paid advertisements in Ambit and other magazines. One of these, "The Anglep 46 DMa 1990
selection of cards pushed through the letter slot. There were advertisements for taxi services and yacht-brokers, estate agents and investment advisersp 284 CN 1996
were places of magic. I was forever showing my mother advertisements for new toasters and washing machines, hoping that they wouldp 54 KC 2006
as I left her office. Its pages were crammed with advertisements for a huge range of consumer goods. Every citizen ofp 64 KC 2006
radios. In a way the Mustangs and Lightnings were themselves advertisements, 400-mile-an-hour commercials that advertised the American dream and American powerp 99 ML 2008
memories. Flying still interested me, and I began to notice advertisements for short-service commissions in the RAF. The flight training wasp 161 ML 2008
that I made her the centrepiece of two of my ‘advertisements‘, which were published in Ambit, Ark and elsewhere in thep 232 ML 2008
if I wanted to? Those dream plays are packed with advertising commercials and all sorts of corrupt material.‘ He shook hisp 340 PE 1962
service. But they obviously get a rake-off, and may pump advertising into the lower medullary centres. Whatever they're selling I wouldn'tp 348 PE 1962
got a shred of evidence, and you know it. Subliminal advertising was banned thirty years ago, and the laws have neverp 413 SM 1963
generating obsessive fantasies such as his latest one about subliminal advertising. The ability to react to stimuli, even irrationally, was ap 414 SM 1963
now and only one thing is left. More work. Subliminal advertising will provide the spur.‘ ‘What are you planning to dop 420 SM 1963
was in the grip of an obsession. If he hated advertising signs so much why didn't he dynamite those we canp 424 SM 1963
would distract him. ‘Hathaway was right,‘ he said. ‘Was he? Advertising is here to stay. We've no real freedom of choicep 424 SM 1963
from the Site Tycho, but he had seen a poster advertising the lecture and driven down to the school despite himselfp 491 VH 1963
the faces of Elizabeth Taylor and Sigmund Freud on the advertising billboards, as unreal as the war the film companies hadp 10 AE 1966
returning astronaut suffering from amnesia, the figment of an ill-organized advertising campaign, or as some have suggested, the second coming ofp 81 YMC 1966
Some remarkable entrepreneur has arranged this tour de force; in advertising circles everyone is talking about the mysterious international agency thatp 82 YMC 1966
in a variety of unlikely places: textbooks on chemical kinetics, advertising brochures, a pilot for a TV puppet thriller. Even thep 84 YMC 1966
Plaza and the Mekong Delta. The first of a series advertising (1) Claire Churchill; (2) The angle between two walls; (3p AA1 1967
publicity, then shunned by intellectuals and the preserve of newspapers, advertising agencies and film companies. Dali's originality lay in the wayp 94 UGM 1969
of national consciousness formed by mass-produced newspapers and consumer goods, advertising and telecommunications. By comparison Hitler is completely up to datep 221 UGM 1969
same hemispherical module had begun to appear in a new advertising series on the billboards along the highway. Foramenifera Around themp 42 JAC 1970
see the disaster mimetised in terms of faulty stair angles, advertising campaigns that misfire, unsatisfactory sexual relationships, the defective arithmetic ofp 43 JAC 1970
The carpet and bedspread were covered with magazine photographs and advertising brochures, pages torn from a textbook of conical geometry. Shep 45 JAC 1970
a textbook of conical geometry. She picked up a poster advertising a new space film. His face stared out through thep 45 JAC 1970
done for cosmetic reasons. Can you work that into your advertising campaign? By the way, what exactly is the product?" Goingp 47 JAC 1970
John Updike do that J. Walter Thompson, the world's largest advertising agency and its greatest producer of fiction, can't do betterp 205 UGM 1971
our sense of speed, drama and aggression, the worlds of advertising and consumer goods, engineering and mass manufacture, and the sharedp 262 UGM 1971
I had prepared. For this high-budget film, a thirty-second commercial advertising Ford's entire new sports car range, we hoped to usep 35 C 1973
hung from the wall at he foot of the bed, advertising a Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire musical. On either sidep 57 CI 1974
However, one of the weekend groups, led by a former advertising executive named Tennant, had found an intact Messerschmitt 109 ap 811 DFW 1974
standoffish with any visitors who approached the Messerschmitt, but the advertising man was clearly intrigued by this solitary resident of thep 812 DFW 1974
hard ... Few people came to watch him. Tennant, the former advertising man leading the group digging out the Messerschmitt, came acrossp 815 DFW 1974
he was exposing to light, the blackened Messerschmitt which the advertising man was lifting from the sea-bed. After a storm hadp 817 DFW 1974
the fuselage. With the departure of Helen Winthrop and the advertising executive with his Messerschmitt he found that his dreams grewp 819 DFW 1974
setting off all kinds of forebodings that no amount of advertising could dispel. A thousand passengers ... I mentally counted them offp 820 AD 1975
professional people -- lawyers, doctors, tax consultants, senior academics and advertising executives, along with a smaller group of airline pilots, film-industryp 10 HR 1975
that she was a copywriter with a small but lively advertising agency. The proximity of her apartment, like her easy stylep 13 HR 1975
he joined Charlotte Melville for drinks. She had left her advertising agency before lunch, worried about her son. ‘I didn't likep 37 HR 1975
basis of all merchandizing, whether on the level of nationwide advertising campaigns or door-to-door salesmanship, were no longer tolerable under thep 844 LDG 1976
were already affected, though far less than commerce, politics and advertising. Everywhere the results of this new sense of morality, ofp 845 LDG 1976
overseers, time-keepers and inspectors found themselves no longer needed. Long-established advertising agencies became bankrupt. Accepting the public demand for total honestyp 845 LDG 1976
Still surprised by the blatant way in which they were advertising their affair -- during the past two days they hadp 979 OAU 1978
commuters who should already have spent the morning at their advertising agencies and newspaper offices. Behind them, a few feet fromp 108 UDC 1979
twitched like nervous executives in the windows of the old advertising agencies. A sidewinder basking in a publisher's doorway paused top 36 HA 1981
a deep vermilion the great facades were like huge billboards advertising the desert to come. Yet despite this ambiguous welcome, andp 71 HA 1981
irrigation schemes, start up whole industries, people with communications and advertising know-how, finance and merchandising expertise. Frankly, I see the optimump 161 HA 1981
and then moved quickly to the two gunships sitting like advertising displays on the roof of the Sands and Paradise Hotelsp 214 HA 1981
commercial pilot dozed in his dusty office below a sign advertising pleasure trips around the Cape. After a brief haggle, Sheppardp 1071 MNF 1982
its tail rising into the dusk like a silver billboard advertising its squadron insignia. Jim stared at this huge stricken planep 254 ES 1984
the last of the day's sunlight towards them, as if advertising the warmth and benefit which communist rule had brought top 325 ES 1984
seizure after the first take-off Hundreds of London Underground posters advertising Col. Stamford's Easter rally at Earls Court have been systematicallyp 1096 OOA 1984
below the portico of the Luxor Cinema, whose garish posters, advertising some science-fiction spectacular, seemed as inflamed as the mind ofp 1112 MWM 1985
garrison town. There was a galvanized-iron cinema, its faded posters advertising a French tough-guy thriller, a launderette, married quarters and maternityp 225 DC 1987
Mallory, drawing its black trail behind it, an aerial sign advertising a death to come. It crossed the pool and madep 265 DC 1987
How do we make sense of this ceaseless flow of advertising and publicity, news and entertainment, where presidential campaigns and moonp 89 PAJa 1990
Prize, but the influence of the comic strip on film, advertising and the iconography of everyday life has been vastly greaterp 76 UGM 1991
preview of the future. Working as a copywriter for an advertising agency in London, I thought constantly of the pioneers ofp 103 KW 1991
more ...‘ I walked away from him under a cinema marquee advertising the first of the Mondo Cane films, bogus documentaries thatp 176 KW 1991
summer of unexpected cyclones. Exhibitions of Viet Nam atrocities, posters advertising a self-mutilating cabaret performer or an Artaud revival moved beneathp 181 KW 1991
Images of pain and anger floated free, like the billboards advertising the endless deaths of the murdered President, messages of violencep 196 KW 1991
looking at the faded sign on the wall beside us, advertising sets of Edwardian crucibles and alembics. She had spread herp 224 KW 1991
and soft-drink commercials coexist in an uneasy realm ruled by advertising and pseudo-events, science and pornography. The death of feeling andp 226 KW 1991
procession of giant floats that moved along the Avenida Atlantica advertising the star film of the festival, Stanley Kubrick's 2001. Throughp 235 KW 1991
Two light aircraft flew above the beach, and towed pennants advertising rival film attractions. Challenging them, giant fragments of ‘Also Sprachp 236 KW 1991
international film industry. Perhaps she had appeared in TV commercials advertising dog-food or a valet-parking service. I looked up from herp 244 KW 1991
the skin of her breasts and thighs stretched across an advertising billboard or upholstering the seats of a modish nightclub. Whenp 267 KW 1991
the size of a tennis court stood beside the road, advertising the film we had come to see, my own namep 338 KW 1991
surrounded the Zeus, which briefly served as an illuminated landmark advertising an unsuccessful fast-food franchise. In 2070, sixty-two years after itsp 1182 MFM 1992
can never penetrate: the City, the banking system, political and advertising conglomerates, vast entertainment empires. They've made themselves more user-friendly, butp 146 UGM 1993
to grow, exerting a huge influence on the imagery of advertising, film and television, on pop videos, paperback covers and recordp 193 UGM 1993
of Coke. The drink sold almost everywhere, and its relentless advertising was a part of everyday consciousness and an emblem ofp 214 UGM 1993
the health and civilization of France‘, and compared the company's advertising with Nazi propaganda -- both ‘intoxicated‘ the masses. Sadly forp 214 UGM 1993
7X‘ formula, which has never been as secret as the advertising men have pretended. Disappointingly, the formula consists of oils ofp 215 UGM 1993
drew blood from a thumbnail. Neon signs lined the verge, advertising the beach bars, fish restaurants and nightclubs under the pinep 29 CN 1996
worked at the marina boatyard. Above it was a billboard advertising Toro cigarettes, a coarse, high-nicotine brand. I drew up atp 79 CN 1996
dozed by their swimming pools were sometime lawyers and musicians, advertising and television executives, management consultants and local government officers. Thep 289 CN 1996
in the deep cushions, watching a light aircraft haul its advertising pennant along the Croisette. ‘It's blissful here. Absolutely perfect. Sop 26 SC 2000
breakfast room, letting the warm air bathe my legs. An advertising plane was taking off from the Cannes-Mandelieu airfield, and Ip 36 SC 2000
robe, then noticed a light aircraft that was circling Eden-Olympia, advertising a satellite-dish agency in Cagnes-sur-Mer. She retreated into her bedroomp 40 SC 2000
and listened to the commercial break from the adjacent studio, advertising a gourmet caterer eager to perform his magic in thep 127 SC 2000
the aircraft that patrolled the beaches of Cannes and Juan-les-Pins, advertising the discount furniture sales and speedboat auctions that helped top 149 SC 2000
the local gendarmerie.‘ Penrose showed me his teeth, as if advertising a dentifrice. ‘I'm sorry you were involved. It sounded ratherp 171 SC 2000
here. It's rented out for big functions -- a Tokyo advertising agency is making a fur commercial.‘ ‘Bizarre. The whole placep 216 SC 2000
so they take action on their own.‘ ‘Against a Japanese advertising agency? Why? For making a fur-coat commercial?‘ ‘It could bep 226 SC 2000
answer in their sealed pages. ‘We borrowed them from an advertising company. We're using them in a film for Wilder Penrosep 239 SC 2000
of French, American and South African flyers who towed the advertising pennants above the beaches of the Cote d'Azur in theirp 281 SC 2000
small independent producers, and every balcony was draped with banners advertising the company's latest film. ‘"Where Teachers Dare" ... "Schoolgirl Killers" ...‘ Ip 285 SC 2000
publicity plane was carrying out its morning tour of Eden-Olympia, advertising a clay-pigeon range in the hills beyond Grasse. I layp 316 SC 2000
had eliminated the need for food, bread and wine. The advertising displays in the estate office overlooking the roundabout on thep 324 SC 2000
photographers‘ flashbulbs, the television lights and the distant drone of advertising aircraft, he raised the mortar in a proud gesture, hisp 355 SC 2000
by an involuntary steel band. Banners fluttered across the air, advertising a supermarket in Le Cannet, a kitchenware store and ap 358 SC 2000
clapped-out cars ...‘ ‘You're wrong, Paul.‘ Penrose pointed to a billboard advertising a new hair spray. ‘That's just the point. Reality isp 361 SC 2000
a gap he made no attempt to hide, as if advertising an innate flaw in his own make-up. I remembered Kayp 62 MP 2003
the rear-view mirror, and more than a little foolish, an advertising man's ingrained habit of tasting the wrapper rather than thep 3 KC 2006
the suburban outlands. But in fact I had spent my advertising career in an eager courtship of the suburbs. Far fromp 4 KC 2006
shoulder of the M25 were virtually an invention of the advertising industry; or so account executives like myself liked to thinkp 4 KC 2006
dinghy. At least I went on to a career in advertising, successful until I made the mistake of marrying a colleaguep 5 KC 2006
no cinemas, churches or civic centres, and the endless billboards advertising a glossy consumerism sustained the only cultural life. On myp 6 KC 2006
a chain store selling garden equipment and a travel agent advertising ‘executive leisure‘. I waited for the lights to change, anp 6 KC 2006
of comfortable houses, stylish office buildings and retail parks, every advertising man's image of Britain in the twenty-first century I passedp 13 KC 2006
public had been seized by a dream of speed no advertising agency could rival. A faint smell had entered the roomp 19 KC 2006
ask what business you're in? Your father did tell me.‘ ‘Advertising. I'm thinking of a career change.‘ ‘Thank God for thatp 32 KC 2006
his actor's handsome but empty face, a suntan like an advertising campaign and a smile that owed nothing to humour. Hisp 55 KC 2006
a gigantic boredom prevailed. Sharing that boredom, I broke an advertising man's habit of a lifetime and began to read thep 64 KC 2006
their lives, give them a sense of direction. You've run advertising campaigns -- any ideas?‘ ‘None. Narcotics? A complete drug culturep 103 KC 2006
a very good living -- everything we believe comes from advertising. Tonight was different, though. The Metro-Centre bomb was supposed top 133 KC 2006
light a fuse, but it didn't work.‘ ‘Maybe it wasn't advertising anything?‘ ‘You're right. There needs to be a message. Nextp 134 KC 2006
the end of the road.‘ ‘With her?‘ ‘And with the advertising business. The economy is rolling along an endless plateau, andp 134 KC 2006
of them.‘ ‘That's what I thought. Another of the great advertising breakthroughs that got nowhere.‘ ‘Its time will come.‘ She brushedp 134 KC 2006
God, I needed that job. What business are you in?‘ ‘Advertising.‘ ‘That's it! The crazy Skoda commercial. I played the dangerousp 140 KC 2006
I was a complete professional, in that electric realm where advertising and popular taste met and fused. Brooklands and the motorwayp 142 KC 2006
looked up at the billboard above a TV rental store, advertising the Metro-Centre and its cable channels. There were now threep 154 KC 2006
Ashford High Street and the dual carriageway was a billboard advertising a local insurance company's endowment policies. It showed a derangedp 155 KC 2006
at the clever in-joke. Like all the posters, it was advertising nothing except its own quirky waywardness. Yet the concept workedp 155 KC 2006
You're sane, kindly, with all the genuine sincerity of an advertising man.‘ ‘So what have I done?‘ ‘You've created a fascistp 167 KC 2006
is king of the castle, you're his grand vizier.‘ ‘Writing advertising slogans?‘ ‘Oh yes ... the kind of slogans that convince peoplep 185 KC 2006
further-education college near the town square with its irritating posters advertising classes in cordon bleu cooking, archaeology and brass rubbings. Thep 204 KC 2006
90 per cent Chinese and 100 per cent Americanised. Bizarre advertising displays -- the honour guard of fifty Chinese hunchbacks outsidep 4 ML 2008
wearing. Through a Cambridge friend who was working for Benson's advertising agency in Kingsway, where Dorothy Sayers had worked and whichp 153 ML 2008
place. Vital Discoveries 1953 Working as a copywriter at an advertising agency was not as glamorous or interesting as novels andp 159 ML 2008
of education as a gateway to success. Information came through advertising and the television set. They would show off their hugep 160 ML 2008
the war. The dangers to a docile public of television, advertising and the American media landscape were their terrain. They lookedp 166 ML 2008
of psychiatry and at politics conducted as a branch of advertising. Many of the stories were droll and pessimistic, with ap 166 ML 2008
ambiguous as Kafka. It recognised a world dominated by consumer advertising, of democratic government mutating into public relations. This was ap 166 ML 2008
this was true. I made a small income writing freelance advertising copy and direct-mail letters for an agency I knew, butp 180 ML 2008
imaginations tuned to the visual culture of the street, to advertising, road signs, films and popular magazines, to the design ofp 188 ML 2008
what is it ...? depicted a world entirely constructed from popular advertising, and was a convincing vision of the future that layp 188 ML 2008
the 20th century, with a vast influence on film, television, advertising and consumer design. Science fiction is now the only placep 194 ML 2008
Ambit, Ark and elsewhere in the late 1960s. I was advertising abstract notions largely taken from The Atrocity Exhibition, such asp 232 ML 2008
television is regarded as nothing but a continuous stream of advertising, the programmes included. Publicity and promotion are the air thatp 259 ML 2008
had gone, and Shanghai was a Chinese city. All the advertising, all the street signs and neon displays, were in Chinesep 269 ML 2008
sign in the English language, except for a huge hoarding advertising Kent cigarettes. There were no American cars and buses, nop 269 ML 2008