of previous tenants can be intrusive, this naturally has its advantages. Many medium-priced PT homes resonate with the bygone laughter ofp 308 TDS 1962
years ago increased efficiency alone would raise output, but the advantages there are minimal now and only one thing is leftp 420 SM 1963
away, sidestepping Bridges, he called him back. ‘And there are advantages in working together, you know.‘ He watched Shepley disappear top 467 TT 1963
a strange sort of way. You began with so many advantages in life -- advantages of character, I mean -- andp 42 D 1965
way. You began with so many advantages in life -- advantages of character, I mean -- and you've deliberately ignored themp 42 D 1965
Ransom ...!‘ he called warningly. Ransom stopped again. Despite Philip Jordan's advantages in strength and years, Ransom found himself seizing at thisp 130 D 1965
his cabin. The desire to travel incognito, with all its advantages, might well reveal itself in some unexpected way. As Sandersp 14 CW 1966
with a kind of amiable curiosity, as if balancing the advantages and drawbacks of becoming involved with him. Dr. Sanders motionedp 52 CW 1966
themselves to the contours and personality of the wearer. Other advantages are the continued growth of the materials, fed by thep 797 SGW 1970
around the shop that morning I reflected that these immense advantages had been bought at a price. For some reason wep 797 SGW 1970
the success of Waterloo the Time Vision companies realized the advantages of preparing their ground. From then onwards almost all importantp 808 GTS 1972
Wilder naively believed that he wanted to pass on these advantages to Helen, to look after her and provide an endlessp 48 HR 1975
a curious way. Nonetheless, Jim realized that there were certain advantages in being poor. No one could be bothered to cutp 75 ES 1984
the faintest scent of an opportunity. ‘Woosung? There might be advantages, doctor ... being the first people here ...‘ Dr Ransome began top 143 ES 1984
individual and his own reproductive life, the neo-Darwinists consider the advantages which more complex strategies offer to the gene pool asp 157 UGM 1992
to a future generation, but this is offset by the advantages to those who survive. Part detective story and part philosophicalp 157 UGM 1992
and Dali's Un Chien Andalou and L'Age d'Or. This had advantages and drawbacks. There was never any chance that I wouldp 139 ML 2008
and reveal a miniature sun, one window in the immense advent calendar of nature. I could see the same intense lightp 81 UDC 1979
to become aged. Again I thought of myself as an advent calendar -- I had opened the doors of my facep 177 UDC 1979
selves, the leaves and flowers were glowing windows in the advent calendar of nature. ‘Jim, look towards the camera ...‘ Dick satp 203 KW 1991
programme at the Villa Grimaldi -- it looks like an advent calendar.‘ ‘Armed attacks?‘ ‘Shotguns, pumps, semi-automatics. The bullets have Ahmedp 376 SC 2000
a selection of hymn books and missals, a child's home-made advent calendar, and a copy of a BBC publication, A Neuroscientistp 101 MP 2003
the United States, from which it didn't recover until the advent of Star Wars decades later. Aware that I needed ap 181 ML 2008
obscene about this human zoo; what began as a grand adventure of the spirit of Columbus, has become a grisly jokep 329 13C 1962
conventions ideally suited to a period of great tales of adventure in the Conradian mode, or to an over-formalized Jamesian societyp 126 UGM 1964
garish hotels was silent, a stage-set designed for just this adventure. The metal rungs of the bridge rang softly under hisp 834 LFA 1975
incurious bewilderment‘. Aldiss, in Barefoot in the Head, ‘interlards an adventure story with stylistic oddities, bits of freak talk, poems, somep 190 UGM 1981
time to relax here. We can talk about our great adventure together, all the things we tried to do ...‘ ‘Mr Mansonp 217 HA 1981
and fantasies which had wound him up to the great adventure of crossing America he was once again becoming the youngp 230 HA 1981
open-air cinema. Here, before the outbreak of war, cartoons and adventure serials made by the Shanghai film industry were projected atp 108 ES 1984
details of the European war. Together they described an heroic adventure on another planet, filled with scenes of sacrifice and stoicismp 287 ES 1984
and yet uncertain about the whole purpose of this strange adventure. I remembered my first appointment after graduating, when I hadp 142 DC 1987
bed, I too felt that I had invented the entire adventure. The irony is that, in many ways, I remember ourp 285 DC 1987
were busier than before. The radio stations broadcast their American adventure serials, the bars and dance halls were filled with Numberp 28 KW 1991
the same old scene. Every day here is a new adventure.‘ ‘Even so, you can't spend all your time mothering thep 172 KW 1991
front seat, she beamed at me pluckily. ‘It's quite an adventure,‘ she told me. ‘Like stepping into a Magritte ...‘ ‘He wouldp 53 SC 2000
ways I'm a kind of leisure coordinator. I run the adventure playground inside their heads. It's open to everyone here. Youp 96 SC 2000
of short cuts to the perverse. We aren't running an adventure playground, but a forcing house designed to expand the psychopathicp 261 SC 2000
choppy stream of her illness. Our marriage belonged to an adventure playground where real danger and real possibility never existed. Thep 218 MP 2003
was hurt, as if Brooklands was a stage set, an adventure playground haunted by malicious and incendiary children. I listened top 125 KC 2006
as if I had completed the psychological equivalent of an adventure holiday. I had walked up to a mirage, accepted thatp 273 ML 2008
by Monique and Dr Barbara, racing across the runway like adventure-holiday commandos. They laid their incendiary flares outside the store-rooms, ignitedp 72 RP 1994
of psychopathy. Nothing too criminal or deranged. More like an adventure-training course, or a game of touch rugby.‘ ‘Shins will bep 259 SC 2000
tragic pattern of sex in our society -- masturbation, illicit adventures, frigidity, perversions, disenchantment, divorce, neuroses, psychoses, alcoholism and drug addictionp 257 UGM 1969
himself says, when he ‘dreamed about running away and having adventures that no one else has ever had‘. Time Out Ap 16 UGM 1977
gentleness. Already they planned an ever-more psychotic series of spectacular adventures -- the assassination of the visiting party leader, the hijackingp 986 Z2 1978
his face. She would have no idea of all his adventures during the past four months. Even if he told herp 138 ES 1984
this rich and saucy confection, in which the interplanetary sex adventures of the French comic-strip heroine are elegantly transferred to thep 20 UGM 1987
of my life, an inventory that summed up all the adventures that had begun in this shabby town in the northernp 9 DC 1987
from a Hollywood melodrama of the nineteen-forties, which described the adventures of an African warrior queen, and drew Noon's eyes top 177 DC 1987
Buck Rogers and Flash Gordon embarked on still credible interplanetary adventures, but soon gave way to an army of superheroes, ledp 77 UGM 1991
sensibilities already well developed. Of his fellow boys and playground adventures he tells us nothing, and recalls only ‘a passable libraryp 80 UGM 1991
gap with happy results. The bear's absent-minded nature and bumbling adventures were perfectly complemented by E.H. Shepard's evocative drawings. Salesp 119 UGM 1992
real trace of Greenwood's tenancy. Some thirty copies of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass sat on the shelvesp 77 SC 2000
who before my arrival would have thought of nothing more adventurous than filming themselves nude in their gardens. I felt proudp 144 UDC 1979
that she encouraged my writing as a way of being adventurous by proxy. I dimly guessed that one day she wouldp 129 KW 1991
which had recruited so many bored widows and a few adventurous wives, the ‘creative‘ cabarets that entertained the more corrupt partiesp 298 CN 1996
with strong moral principles. I think Mary was the most adventurous of the sisters, the youngest but the most ambitious, andp 174 ML 2008
writers, and since the 1990s by the very lively and adventurous Re/Search firm in San Francisco, one of the mostp 237 ML 2008
seriously, whereas the British view their writers in a vaguely adversarial way and success usually comes with a live round stillp 117 UGM 1991
bolshieness, the cigarette stubbed out in a slushy sorbet, the adversarial relationship with her car, the handsome black cat who sleptp 159 KC 2006
to assert himself in the struggle with his equally immortal adversary. But who can foresee with what success and with whatp 72 THFa 1990
some doctrine as a casus belli, not only to avoid adverse publicity and any feelings of guilt or remorse, but top 345 PE 1962
bestsellers, such as All This and Heaven Too, Babbitt, Anthony Adverse and Gone With the Wind. My parents subscribed to ap 20 ML 2008
pressed a bell. ‘Wait a minute,‘ Tony cut in. ‘You advertise something about cultural parties. What exactly are they?‘ The fatp 346 PE 1962
in the copies of Vogue and Paris-Match. In sequence they advertised: (1) The left orbit and zygomatic arch of Marina Oswaldp 46 DM 1967
across the drive, Spanish moss hanging from a sign that advertised a zoo and theme park devoted to the space agep 1044 MSA 1982
the feverish light like figures in the lurid paintings that advertised the Chinese film spectacles. The Japanese squatted beside the trucksp 248 ES 1984
into action. Another factor may have been the reports, well advertised in the architectural press, that the "success" of Pangbourne Villagep 65 RW 1988
from other disasters in that it involves the most powerfully advertised commercial product of this century, an iconic entity that combinesp 97 CRAa 1990
Nostrils quickened in the drifting smoke and engine fumes. The advertised highlight of the afternoon was the recreation of a spectacularp 233 KW 1991
carved from the hillside. A placard by the ticket kiosk advertised a season of Katharine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy films, thep 37 CN 1996
never referred to Greenwood again. But when the vacancy was advertised she immediately called the manager of the supply agency. Shep 11 SC 2000
settlement in the woods. This was the lavish sports centre advertised in the brochure, a complex that contained two swimming poolsp 38 SC 2000
overtook the excavator, and turned left at a sign that advertised ‘Port-la-Galere‘ in rustic lettering. Beyond the guardhouse an asphalt roadp 140 SC 2000
were filled with dioramas of lakeside apartments, and illuminated displays advertised vacancies for office juniors, cleaners and gardeners, the invisibles ofp 194 SC 2000
entrance, only to discover that a rival studio's production was advertised on a huge billboard above his head. He had turnedp 278 SC 2000
the sense that people's lives were only complete when they advertised the consumer world. A vast social experiment was under wayp 152 KC 2006
the Mustangs and Lightnings were themselves advertisements, 400-mile-an-hour commercials that advertised the American dream and American power. I noticed that thep 99 ML 2008
Express, she moved into the Stanley Crescent Hotel because it advertised a handbasin with hot and cold running water in everyp 171 ML 2008
standing out against the desert like something in a vodka advertisement. After a few days I could almost ignore it. Ap 42 VS 1957
a random labyrinth of alleyways, like a store lot of advertisement hoardings. Only the top two or three feet were visiblep 122 SS 1960
side of the road. As soon as he saw the advertisement describing the staircase cubicle he had left (like everyone elsep 267 B 1961
be literally squeezed out of existence -- in fact, the advertisement ‘quiet clientele‘ was usually a tacit invitation to this sortp 268 B 1961
some endless global pantomime, and have the conviction of giant advertisement hoardings. The task of the arts seems more and morep 88 UGM 1966
with the main road in the background a British Airways advertisement hoarding is riddled with bullet holes. A sullen-faced young Englishp 954 TW 1967
and thorax), the serial deaths of Ralph Nader on the advertisement billboards that lined the airport approaches. Later, when he sawp 44 DM 1967
rear seat. Greasy mechanic's hands expose her buttocks to the advertisement hoardings that hurl past them. The wet highways flash byp 17 C 1973
sea of fire. Next to them was a full-page colour advertisement for a Packard motorcar, as beautiful in Jim's eyes asp 174 ES 1984
his possessions -- Latin primer, his school blazer, the Packard advertisement and the small newspaper photograph. Now that he was aboutp 242 ES 1984
and the apartment houses of the French Concession rose like advertisement hoardings in the August sunlight. The river was a fewp 252 ES 1984
Sanger had perfected the rootless international style of an airline advertisement, which his audiences took for objectivity. After a day spentp 31 DC 1987
to see so much effort go to waste. A bad advertisement.‘ ‘Good. I appreciate your support, Captain. As soon as Ip 68 DC 1987
girlfriend Claire Churchill who formed the subject of my first advertisement. Working at a London publisher's office in the late 1960sp 67 THFa 1990
world was always filled with possibilities. Every American was an advertisement for confidence and success, like the vivid pages in thep 41 KW 1991
of the peacock is precisely that -- a deliberately blatant advertisement of its abundant wealth, power and confidence, the avian equivalentp 157 UGM 1992
and at the age of nearly eighty is a walking advertisement for the misspent life -- especially to any aspiring writerp 134 UGM 1993
surveillance camera fixed on the litter of cigarette packets and advertisement flyers in the drive. Pushed by the wind, they edgedp 201 CN 1996
into S/M?‘ ‘That kind of thing. Not a good advertisement for Eden-Olympia.‘ ‘That explains the soundproofing.‘ I reached across Halderp 192 SC 2000
board covered with room numbers and film stills. Leaflets and advertisement flyers were stacked on a desk, showing a selection ofp 285 SC 2000
and they were popular viewing in the motorway towns. The advertisement showed a grainy close-up of David Cruise, no longer thep 154 KC 2006
British Embassy newsreels. The American aircraft had sprung from the advertisement pages of Life and Collier's, they embodied the same consumerp 99 ML 2008
from a set of building blocks provided by consumerism. An advertisement for a new cake mix contained the codes that definedp 189 ML 2008
glossy, high-quality photograph, and the intention was to take paid advertisement pages in Vogue and Harper's Bazaar. I reasoned that mostp 232 ML 2008