circle of pleasure seekers made a bigger contribution to the advancement of pure science than they realized. ‘Good trip, Dr. Maitlandp 10 WFN 1961
less interest to Pullman than the need for his own advancement. In due course, an unsuccessful putsch against the palace regimep 144 UGM 1966
head. Helen, of course, was thinking in terms of social advancement, of moving in effect to a ‘better neighbourhood‘, away fromp 47 HR 1975
overall health, self-maintenance and ability to cope with tasks. Similar advances have been shown by disturbed children. Deprivation of newsreel andp 95 LNE 1968
in Britain to make people feel uneasy over the enormous advances in sexual freedom). What is interesting about Nader is thatp 260 UGM 1971
special kind. A month has passed, a period of many advances and a few setbacks. Resting in the kitchen beside thep 1134 TES 1989
1895. The circulation wars between the American press barons, and advances in the technology of colour printing, led William Randolph Hearstp 77 UGM 1991
might have been invented by science fiction. The greater the advances of modern medicine, the more urgent our need for diseasesp 279 UGM 1992
the past that extends far beyond the beginnings of humanity. Advances in genetics, he points out, raise the most subtle moralp 154 UGM 1993
hidden in the dust clouds, one of the wardens was advancing slowly towards them, his lasso twirling lightly in his handp 363 CS 1962
runic emblems, but all these were being defeated by the advancing tendency of the older capsules to vaporize. It was thisp 368 CS 1962
same pace, bowed backs illuminated in the fleeting sun. The advancing throng was almost too far away to be visible, butp 298 GT 1962
particularly when it so obviously marked the progress of the advancing army. By now the forward line had passed the firstp 300 GT 1962
small cemetery sloping down into the water, its leaning headstones advancing to their crowns like a party of bathers. He rememberedp 62 DW 1962
of a dead alligator crushed by the hydroplane. As the advancing armada headed towards the creek on his left, Kerans scrambledp 86 DW 1962
promenade. As they stepped around the corner, however, the crowd advancing down the beach carried them back, tripping over the abandonedp 433 RE 1963
the screen game, pushing the screens along their intricate pathways, advancing and retreating across the smooth marble floor. No one watchedp 542 SG 1963
a wide circle, groups of three or four people tentatively advancing towards the hands and feet. My companions and I walkedp 642 DG 1964
the snakes. Each evening, as the heat mounted with the advancing summer, they came out in greater numbers, as if awarep 628 DS 1964
absence of all movement made Ransom feel that he was advancing across an inner landscape where the elements of the futurep 138 D 1965
moved along at a snail's pace, her tiny booted feet advancing over the cracked sand like timorous mice. Philip strode besidep 141 D 1965
of the stony landscape made him feel that he was advancing across an immense graveyard. Above all, the lack of movementp 145 D 1965
left behind. The streets were deserted, choked with the sand advancing toward the drained river. At intervals the clouded windows ofp 671 DF 1966
True enough. A neat coincidence. However, the dusk line is advancing; I'd say it was a little later here. Still, Ip 672 DF 1966
almost everyone else has left) -- the forest is now advancing at the rate of some four hundred yards each dayp 168 CW 1966
mention journalists, still trying to gain some understanding of the advancing forest were flown in directly, so by-passing Port Matarre. Oncep 170 CW 1966
half the time blinded by their own dust. Like an advancing horde of ants, they spilled across the abandoned farmland, completelyp 788 PTD 1969
Under a fitful sky the fleeing Israelites plodded into view, advancing towards the invisible cameras mounted over the water. Originally threep 809 GTS 1972
the second collision. Their smooth faces pressed on into the advancing windshield as if eager to see the chest glider soaringp 127 C 1973
wire, people were moving. Their figures were coming towards me, advancing waist-deep through the stunted sugar-cane. Astonished, I pressed the childp 939 DT 1977
hints of light that touched the pewter sky above London. Advancing quietly towards Shepperton, the early dawn picked out the mastp 124 UDC 1979
stoical expression he had worn in High Noon. Behind him, advancing calmly across the distant mountains, came a smaller, neatly builtp 102 HA 1981
Yes, Wayne, the virus. Believe me, there are disease vectors advancing from the east. The boys in the laboratory haven't identifiedp 138 HA 1981
spun, and the two robot helicopters rose into the air. Advancing down the Strip was a curious procession of some fortyp 223 HA 1981
from which Chinese fighters had attacked the Japanese infantry columns advancing on Shanghai in 1937. Jim stepped into the waist-high grassp 30 ES 1984
crossed the Bund and enveloped the stalled traffic and the advancing Japanese. As Jim wound up his window the Packard wasp 47 ES 1984
earth rampart around them, a wall of dust which the advancing lake had soon penetrated. By the third day, when thep 57 DC 1987
sense I had saved the oaks and conifers from the advancing desert, and they now repaid me. Calm at last, Ip 108 DC 1987
if this gangrene at the tip of the Mallory was advancing up its limbs to poison the main body ... One ofp 226 DC 1987
inventory of scores to settle. Even if we evaded his advancing force, there lay the papyrus swamps where Mrs Warrender andp 243 DC 1987
the waters of the Mallory, I can see the dust advancing from the northern horizon. The sharp grains slip between thep 284 DC 1987
was a man of eighty-three, showing all the signs of advancing senility. Like many old men, he enjoyed a few minutesp 1117 WW3 1988
the tip of her sword, making plain that she was advancing on the bull as more than a mere man, andp 153 KW 1991
in her deep largactil stupor, unaware of the wraith-like figures advancing past her. They froze whenever the nurse glanced imperiously overp 275 KW 1991
small craft had materialized from the sun-lit mist and was advancing upon Saint-Esprit. ‘Neil, wake up!‘ Carline ran past them, gesturingp 76 RP 1994
towers on the high island had been swallowed by the advancing forest, ancient megaliths left behind by a race of warriorp 86 RP 1994
thinking of you.‘ ‘Doctor ...?‘ Startled, Neil tried to evade her advancing smile, approaching him like a tsunami. ‘I don't think theyp 148 RP 1994
last, the craft porpoised through the rough water towards the advancing waves. I leaned against the harbour wall, surrounded by peoplep 143 CN 1996
across the eastbound lane towards the watching police, like an advancing chorus in an agit-prop musical. Behind me, a young womanp 34 MP 2003
screen of poplars at the western perimeter of the park. Advancing across the grass were rows of timber-framed houses, the vanguardp 133 MP 2003
by the nearby helicopter, the orange billows swayed across the advancing police and touched the raised scoop of the bulldozer, wherep 228 MP 2003
I wasn't really bargaining for ...‘ She stared at a wave advancing towards us. Exposed to the light, her face was palep 67 KC 2006
prison. Defeat, inflation, grotesque war reparations, the threat of barbarians advancing from the east. Going mad would set them free, andp 104 KC 2006
would ultimately recommend themselves to the directors, Rankin deliberately took advantage of his seniority, seizing every opportunity to offend and denigratep 97 NZ 1959
upon the office, of which I was able to take advantage by retaining the only cool head. To my amazement thep 102 NZ 1959
of a fossil lava lake. Wherever possible the route took advantage of these, and I soon picked up the tracks leftp 79 WG 1959
to understand, and the sundial had given Newman a tremendous advantage over them. Most of the time, when he wasn't recalibratingp 150 CH 1960
been played the listener identified the real source. A second advantage of ultrasonic music was that its frequencies were so highp 112 SS 1960
statutory maximum for a single person, the carpenters having taken advantage, illegally, of a recess beside a nearby chimney breast. Consequentlyp 267 B 1961
the midtown section of the city and the passageway took advantage of the old city wall, running along beside it forp 106 WFN 1961
were deliberately three degrees off course, in order to take advantage of the motorway's firm foundations. Halliday was following a bendp 153 WFN 1961
you thought I was avid for political power and taking advantage of my industrial interests to seize a defenceless world. Andp 166 WFN 1961
smaller flowers additional time to grow and mature, and this advantage would be lost if he retained the larger flowers top 301 GT 1962
took their cue from the Lieutenant, and this had the advantage, from Kerans‘ point of view, that the group never developedp 34 DW 1962
looking out across the silent lagoon -- and then took advantage of an attack of malaria to excuse himself from flyingp 34 DW 1962
one Kerans began to cast off the restraining lines, taking advantage of the swells to lift the loops off the rustingp 75 DW 1962
Throughout the meal Strangman supervised the succession of wines, taking advantage of his absences from the table to confer with thep 117 DW 1962
We -- er, I was wondering if Boardman was taking advantage of some perfectly innocent remark he might have overheard. Thisp 383 WT 1962
of guilt upon which opportunists and intriguers could play to advantage. By means of the present system, however, all these dangersp 507 EG 1963
situation invariably resulting from the opening would be to his advantage and allow him to get on with the more seriousp 509 EG 1963
to her former square, unwilling or unable to exploit the advantage he had gained and satisfied by the captured piece. Boredp 509 EG 1963
those who were prepared to use him for their own advantage. But despite these considerations, the whole business of playacting lackedp 511 EG 1963
to concede by his manner that he had lost his advantage, lingering for a perceptible moment over the board when Constantinp 512 EG 1963
easy-going manner had stiffened. Making the most of his temporary advantage, he reached out and touched one of the skins gingerlyp 444 QR 1963
that is a parasitic invasion of the sexual area taking advantage, as all invasion plans must, of an already existing muckedp 127 UGM 1964
himself and Louise from Gifford's waspish tongue. Like Hamlet taking advantage of his madness to insult and cross-examine anyone at willp 631 DS 1964
him. Partly he resented the old man for having taken advantage of him for so many years, but even more forp 82 D 1965
front of him, Ransom set off across the dunes, taking advantage of the slight slope that shelved eastwards from the beachp 116 D 1965
her own way, mumbling and shaking her head. Ransom took advantage of her slow pace to stroll away across the surfacep 142 D 1965
me, it was those idiots on board I was taking advantage of --‘ ‘Rubbish! You were taking advantage of me!‘ Ventressp 25 CW 1966
I was taking advantage of --‘ ‘Rubbish! You were taking advantage of me!‘ Ventress shook his head vigorously. ‘You're wrong, Sandersp 25 CW 1966
her sunglasses, as if this gave her some sort of advantage in her interrogation. ‘You gave your address as the universityp 30 CW 1966
nodded eagerly, as if glad to see Sanders gaining an advantage over him, even if only a verbal one. Although hep 42 CW 1966
door. He glanced inside the chalet, uncertain whether to take advantage of Sanders's gesture. ‘She went off a couple of hoursp 145 CW 1966
at least four or five days, it had the immense advantage that there was no need for the subject's continuous presencep 725 CHC 1967
had rightly interpreted, and if the captain had deliberately taken advantage of him. Mortar shells fell in the damp grass aroundp 787 KG 1969
sculptors, Paolozzi, Hamilton, Warhol, Wesselmann, Ruscha, among others. The great advantage of science fiction is that it can add one uniquep 207 UGM 1971
brassieres designed to show them off to this or that advantage. Karen was touching my wife with peculiar caresses, tapping herp 34 C 1973
that he would probably go to any lengths to take advantage of the immediate situation around him. I accelerated as thep 106 C 1973
the blanket. He realized that he had gained a small advantage over the girl and Proctor. Already he was playing thesep 81 CI 1974
which in the past would have seized on the smallest advantage the rumour offered them. Yet even this failed to preventp 841 LDG 1976
and facial reflexes, no mutual sizing up of emotions and advantage, no distrust and insecurity. Affection and compassion demanded distance. Onlyp 951 ICU 1977
three children. Richard, as ever fearful of flying, took full advantage of the free champagne and was five miles high beforep 968 HWT 1978
think up some means of putting my crash to his advantage. As he gazed wistfully at the river, at the vanishedp 43 UDC 1979
the previous evening, well aware of her aroused sexuality. Taking advantage of her, I pressed her hands to the bruises onp 63 UDC 1979
of faith-healing and religious charlatanry, almost expressly designed to take advantage of a mentally unbalanced heiress. Lax executors and unconcerned guardiansp 1001 HFF 1980
Already his attention had moved from the boys to whatever advantage could be gained from their situation. ‘Jim, do you knowp 128 ES 1984
man worrying about his hands, ignoring everything but the shortest-term advantage. His one strength was that he never allowed himself top 322 ES 1984
the chapel from one perspective only. Young had cunningly taken advantage of this, re-arranging the pews, pulpit and altar table top 1095 OOA 1984
pill, but without intending to I had managed to take advantage of her. Our brief affair of a few days endedp 23 DC 1987
to read the teleprompter, but his White House staff took advantage of the hearing aid he had always worn to insertp 1117 WW3 1988
announce that the Ukrainian separatists had moderated their demands. Taking advantage of the unsuspected political asset represented by the President's bodilyp 1118 WW3 1988
that the war situation has developed not necessarily to Japan's advantage‘. General MacArthur, an almost preposterously imperial figure, was one ofp 49 UGM 1989
carnality rarely seen before them, though Brando always had the advantage of the bigger breasts. Both completely overwhelmed the parts theyp 8 UGM 1991
-- a disease that flatters our vanity has a huge advantage, like most venereal complaints.‘ Dick turned to the film projectorp 193 KW 1991
A colony of albatross had nested among the hillocks, taking advantage of the wind that rose from the surface of thep 20 RP 1994
as mine were now. The regret I felt at taking advantage of Frank's absence, and having sex with his former loverp 190 CN 1996
off by marine detonators. Charles, it's all true. They're taking advantage of you.‘ ‘I can't believe it ...‘ I pushed past Paulap 315 CN 1996
the sabotaged pedestrian gates, and an amphibious snatch squad took advantage of the high tide to make a river-borne landing atp 264 MP 2003
a warehouse put to the torch, an insurance scam taking advantage of the night's fires. Cruise winced and turned towards hisp 139 KC 2006
shirt of St George. Carradine and his marshals took full advantage of this. Fortunately, the crowd trapped within the dome soonp 225 KC 2006
across the table. With a small boy's logic, I took advantage of Mr Kendall-Ward's carpentry room to construct a large plywoodp 41 ML 2008
What all these adults shared, of which I took full advantage, was the crushing boredom of camp life. The war wasp 74 ML 2008
often well-known scientists. The Methodist message was never blatant. Another advantage was that the school was in Cambridge. Most public schoolsp 128 ML 2008