terms a negative Oedipus complex, forming an alliance with his adulterous father and dreaming of the cruellest revenges on his absentp 125 UGM 1993
for infidelities or rows with the girlfriend, no time for adulterous affairs or coveting their neighbours‘ wives, no time even forp 255 SC 2000
heart. You can follow your imagination, wherever it leads.‘ ‘Ennui, adultery and cocaine?‘ ‘If you want to, but they're rather old-fashionedp 96 SC 2000
along with bouncing cheques and credit card overruns. Double-parking, like adultery and alcoholism, was a vital part of the social gluep 88 KC 2006
knew people who were morphine addicts. But bridge, alcohol and adultery are the royal cement that holds societies together, and toop 40 ML 2008
guilty child, a startled Alice who had suddenly grown to adulthood and found herself trapped on the wrong side of thep 97 CN 1996
and confident teenagers, and I into a kind of second adulthood enriched by the experience of watching them grow from infancyp 225 ML 2008
trailer had parked, and the families of four or five adults and half a dozen children were setting up a smallp 17 D 1965
effect upon an audience of spastic children. Even with mature adults the verbal material was found to have minimal effect, asp 757 WIW 1968
playtoys and sonic jewels. They drove off together like two adults playing at being children. Two days later I heard musicp 800 SGW 1970
defective, knocked about by a race of unkind and indifferent adults but still clinging to his innocent faith in a simplep 62 CI 1974
-- we arrange set hours for the children but the adults come anyway.‘ She took Laing's arm and squinted nervously acrossp 18 HR 1975
tell his mother about his dreams, but like all the adults in Shanghai that winter she was too preoccupied to listenp 14 ES 1984
Amherst Avenue, each loaded with a peasant family's entire possessions. Adults and children bent under the bales strapped to their backsp 22 ES 1984
steered his balsa plane through the verandah doors. As the adults‘ world continued above his head he made a circuit ofp 26 ES 1984
he had always tried to work into his conversations with adults. ‘It's a corruption of Shanghai Czech.‘ ‘A corruption ...?‘ Basie wasp 97 ES 1984
Did it fly?‘ ‘Well, in a way.‘ Confidences given to adults often led further than Jim intended. He was aware thatp 131 ES 1984
of change, politically ultraconservative, eager not to think about what adults do after dark. At any rate, it is inconceivable thatp 19 UGM 1987
Pangbourne Village. This was an idea of childhood invented by adults. The children were desperate for the roughage of real emotionsp 51 RW 1988
a.m. Within the next seven minutes all the remaining adults in Pangbourne Village meet their deaths. Puzzled by the blankp 74 RW 1988
cloakroom. 8:30 a.m. By now all the remaining adults in Pangbourne Village are dead. Only Richard and Carole Sterlingp 77 RW 1988
of the Children Having murdered their parents and the other adults who stood in their way, the children vanished from thep 78 RW 1988
ten years old, but they have the look of crushed adults, with eyes far sharper than any one can see todayp 82 UGM 1991
children, as long as they are with their parents or adults they trust, can feel touched by war even during thep 83 UGM 1991
and the probability that most would grow up to become adults, one can be grateful for even this small measure ofp 83 UGM 1991
courier between the dormitory blocks? In fact, most of the adults in the camp shied away from me when I loomedp 35 KW 1991
war. Unhappily, this choice carrot failed to energise the Lunghua adults, so sunk were they in their torpor. If I wasp 40 KW 1991
the officers in the British forces and most of the adults in Lunghua. Only Mariner and the Ralston brothers would havep 58 KW 1991
with its unhappy memories and their reduced status like the adults in Lunghua camp. Over the rubble of bombed streets andp 94 KW 1991
if I were a child about to stray into the adults‘ bedroom. ‘Sally's busy, Jim -- before I forget, I wantedp 195 KW 1991
the children with their homework and prepared our lunch. Deviant adults? The reproof stung, however much I reminded myself that Peggy'sp 209 KW 1991
my own childhood during a similar Japanese occupation, when the adults seemed to lose their belief in themselves, like actors inp 251 UGM 1994
developed the beginnings of an adult mind. I had seen adults under stress, a valuable education I would never have receivedp 292 UGM 1995
the residents‘ committee organize the defence of Grosvenor Place. Fifty adults, almost every neighbour in the cul de sac, had gatheredp 197 MP 2003
were covered with stitched medallions, in effect scout badges for adults, another of the schemes I had devised. Each bore thep 152 KC 2006
came across in my reading. All this gave the British adults in Shanghai a certain authority, which they lost completely ap 21 ML 2008
From then on I was slightly suspicious of all British adults. My closest friends were an English family called the Kendall-Wardsp 21 ML 2008
there was a lunch party, and if one of the adults saw me slipping through the fence I would say thatp 31 ML 2008
wanted the whole of Shanghai to be filmed. The English adults began to talk now about ‘home‘, a rose-pink view ofp 38 ML 2008
a response to the greater tension I sensed among the adults around me. The outbreak of war in Europe and, laterp 40 ML 2008
new kind of education had begun. The sight of English adults under stress replaced the Latin unseens. By the end ofp 61 ML 2008
legs, malnutrition had prolapsed my rectum, and many of the adults had lost heart. But all that was two years awayp 67 ML 2008
the time, was that I was meeting a range of adults from whom my life in Shanghai had screened me. Thisp 73 ML 2008
without speaking for a full minute. But I loved hearing adults talk together. I would sidle up unnoticed to a groupp 73 ML 2008
would sidle up unnoticed to a group of G Block adults discussing the servant problem in Shanghai, their last leaves inp 73 ML 2008
eyes and ordered me to hop it. What all these adults shared, of which I took full advantage, was the crushingp 74 ML 2008
Packard and the Rolls-Royce could help the afternoon along. The adults in the camp were also coming to terms with thep 74 ML 2008
a great liking to. Somehow my parents and the other adults forced this down, but I always had a strong appetitep 75 ML 2008
was tolerable for my parents and most of the other adults. There were very few rows between the internees, despite thep 77 ML 2008
we lived or ability to shape events. Like all the adults, they were nervous of the highly unpredictable Japanese and Koreanp 82 ML 2008
realise how much I have missed. The experience of seeing adults under stress is an education in itself, but bought, sadlyp 84 ML 2008
Japanese. Occasional Red Cross supplies kept us going, but the adults must have been weak and demoralised, with no end inp 89 ML 2008
landings. This must have deeply alarmed my parents and other adults in the know, however uncertain the rumours. Unaware of allp 90 ML 2008
did at 31 Amherst Avenue. Prison, which so confines the adults, offers unlimited scope to the imagination of a teenage boyp 115 ML 2008
about Britain's place in the world. Most of the British adults I met genuinely thought that we had won the warp 126 ML 2008
evolved into bizarre public schools with the boys played by adults and the masters by overgrown boys. The French and Americanp 146 ML 2008
Lunches and Films 1987 By 1980 my three children were adults and away at their universities. Within a year or twop 247 ML 2008
and one is sharing the family home with likeable young adults who are more intelligent, better company and in many waysp 247 ML 2008
for my children to grow up. Until they were young adults I was too protective of them to expose them inp 249 ML 2008
overall story I assumed that the central characters would be adults, and that children of any age would play no partp 249 ML 2008
you realize it yet, but this is as big an advance as the step the first ichthyoid took out of thep 51 M69 1957
mesh, like the skeleton of a crushed building. Already the advance tendrils had reached the bedroom windows, while others had climbedp 46 VS 1957
cycle will receive its impetus here, and that we are advance spectators, five kings come to attend the genesis of ap 94 WG 1959
of the window. The Coronation procession was already passing, the advance files of marching soldiers and guardsmen, in their ceremonial uniformsp 286 GA 1961
the transformation, the comprehensive wardrobe had been purchased well in advance, the succession of smaller and smaller garments, the play-pen andp 265 MF 1961
pick-up from The Graphis Press in Vermilion Sands delivered the advance five-hundred of the next issue of Wave IX. I carriedp 218 S5 1961
at the cover to make sure Graphis had sent me advance copies of the right journal, then raced rapidly through thep 218 S5 1961
expires and I'll never get another. And reimbursing a year's advance subscriptions would bankrupt me. We've simply got to find somep 223 S5 1961
of giant sculpture, he had calculated by triangulation that the advance was little more than thirty yards per year. At thisp 357 CS 1962
flowing from his wife's graceful hands, he saw that the advance column of an enormous army was moving slowly over thep 298 GT 1962
be the central mass was no more than a minor advance guard, one of many similar arms reaching across the plainp 300 GT 1962
of life had passed momentarily through the body. Unable to advance, Kerans watched the huge emaciated figure on the ground beforep 167 DW 1962
began to eat voraciously, as if preparing himself for another advance through the jungle, by the end of the third dayp 169 DW 1962
redistribution of wealth I like to see. How about an advance on my cut?‘ Nevers examined me moodily. He was alreadyp 399 TSS 1962
of his exit. If a definite date were known in advance there might be a last-minute rally of sympathy, an attemptp 506 EG 1963
given to him and he would have no discretion to advance or delay the date to suit himself. Malek would bep 510 EG 1963
quietus to be made on a date never known in advance. Seeing his role at the villa in this light Constantinp 515 EG 1963
to greet me. His blue silk summer suit, well in advance of the season, glittered like his smooth brilliantined hair, hisp 576 LL 1964
frantic highways where each morning they met their deaths the advance causeways to the global armageddon. Third Beach He had comep 591 TB 1964
horizon of his world. At times they would appear to advance towards him, looming over him like cliffs, the intervals betweenp 601 TB 1964
had hired. He offered to pay a month's rent in advance, but they rejected this and pointed at the clinkers thatp 659 VD 1964
river allowed Ransom to approach the wire without having to advance directly towards the sea. Once or twice he found hisp 95 D 1965
The firing had slackened as the main impetus of the advance spent itself, and many people were retreating back to thep 100 D 1965
cold water infiltrated among the saddles and culverts Like the advance front of an invading army, its approach almost unnoticed. Ap 104 D 1965
thoughts that had preoccupied him more and more during their advance up the river. As he pondered on the real reasonsp 142 D 1965
him. Obviously they assumed that the little party was the advance guard of some official expedition from the coast, perhaps thep 157 D 1965
rhythm. Whitman scuttled about. ‘Jonas!‘ He seemed uncertain whether to advance or flee. ‘I'll catch him this time!‘ Quilter stood upp 160 D 1965
given them this wild spur to growth, they were the advance guard of an aerial armada of millions of birds thatp 701 SBD 1966
side! I'll look out for Thorensen!‘ This time the smooth advance of the cruiser was checked more abruptly. Hitting the heavierp 155 CW 1966
night the Liberation Front moves in. At this moment their advance positions are no more than two hundred yards away, theirp 960 TW 1967
force arrives, part of a self-styled Pacification Probe that will advance ten miles into country recently occupied by the Liberation Frontp 960 TW 1967
signals again, and the men move forward in a general advance, firing as they go. The World in Action commentator andp 96 TW 1967
runways, assembling an immense motorcade of wrecked cars. Behind the advance car, the Presidential limousine waited in the sunlight. The silencep 47 DM 1967
was almost white twenty minutes later when they began their advance across the meadow. Fifty yards from the bank a murderousp 787 KG 1969
then began to inspect the town. An hour later an advance battalion of field engineers took up their position by thep 788 PTD 1969
hate and resentment had driven these people in their unbroken advance across the world, and here in this town in ap 789 PTD 1969
believed that the two of them could hold up the advance of this immense army. ‘Maybe for only a few hoursp 790 PTD 1969
old police jacket had been enough. An hour later the advance began across the river. One minute Mannock was sitting onp 792 PTD 1969
viewers, was a brilliant spectacle more than equal to its advance publicity of the past two hundred years. The thousands ofp 808 GTS 1972
gruesome climax of my life was being rehearsed years in advance, and would take place on some highway or road junctionp 39 C 1973
from the car-park, everyone looked round, watching this black-jacketed figure advance towards the motorcycle. I myself half expected him to mountp 123 C 1973
arrive to park their cars, like a city abandoned In advance of itself. Through the open doorway Maitland watched the poolsp 48 CI 1974
airliners had come into service. Although they represented no significant advance in aviation technology -- in effect they were double-decker versionsp 820 AD 1975
By dawn he had been forced to retire from this advance position to his present base camp, an apartment on thep 114 HR 1975
posing as her lover. Mr R. W. Butterworth of the Advance Detection Agency testified at Kingston Crown Court that he followedp 851 NTM 1976
test-card, a demonstration film of s-f movie possibilities. 20th Century-Fox's advance publicity describes the modern motion picture as ‘the most magnificentp 16 UGM 1977
be no surcharge, but the desk-clerk said they would happily advance us any cash we need. Hey-ho ... A slight let-down, allp 969 HWT 1978
themselves away haggling with their agents for the biggest film advance and the right prime-time TV coverage. The Executioner's Song isp 41 UGM 1979
a local celebrity. The first curious journalists interviewed him, the advance guard of an army of hustlers and agents, veteran wheeler-dealersp 42 UGM 1979
sat in the sunlight with numerals on their windshields, the advance guard of a digital universe in which everything would bep 37 UDC 1979
to the Gulf of Mexico that would slow down the advance from the east. The Maginot Line mentality, a psychological structurep 154 HA 1981
ball bobbing in Manson's hand. ‘The Malibu expedition, sir, the advance party will be here in an hour.‘ ‘Wayne? Good Godp 207 HA 1981
off Interstate 15. Emerging through the pre-dawn mist were the advance units of the Malibu brigade. A platoon of marines wearingp 207 HA 1981
many futile stands in the attempt to halt the Japanese advance on Shanghai. Ruined trenches formed zigzag lines, a collapsed earthp 32 ES 1984
Dutch East Indies, the surrender of Singapore and the unbroken advance of Japan across the Pacific. The only good news inp 119 ES 1984
around his mouth trembled like miniature antennae picking up an advance warning of the rage to come. He needed to workp 200 ES 1984
barracks and control tower -- were now occupied by an advance brigade of Nationalist troops. For reasons of their own, thep 307 ES 1984
Basie, however, they had left two days earlier, continuing their advance on Shanghai, and the town's few hundred inhabitants were undefendedp 326 ES 1984
looted villages, turned away from the gates of Shanghai by advance units of the Nationalist armies. It was these refugees, thep 331 ES 1984
at the Institut Agronomique had squandered their funds. The southward advance of the desert was Harare's greatest ally, and water inp 16 DC 1987
was no great rush of dunes, but a barely visible advance, seen at dusk in the higher reflectivity of the savannap 18 DC 1987
zone. We can hold back the desert, and begin our advance against the Sahara.‘ ‘So you think the river will lastp 93 DC 1987
of that second army of bureaucrats, agronomists and World Bank advance men whom I expected to see swarming around this vastp 93 DC 1987
seen nothing of Captain Kagwa, and had overtaken the two advance patrols which he had sent to explore the river byp 106 DC 1987
who had once fished and bathed here had sensed in advance that the river was about to die. Nonetheless, I regardedp 216 DC 1987
primitive farms and allotments. The heroic attempt to reverse the advance of the Sahara and make the desert bloom seemed farp 222 DC 1987
Ryan often exploited the physician's good nature, milking him for advance news of any shift in military alliances which the UNp 1146 WF 1989
have frequently coincided with times of greatest economic and scientific advance. "Eniwetok and Luna Park" may seem a strange pairing, thep 36 AWa 1990
Japanese. After the attack on Pearl Harbor and their rapid advance across the Pacific, they had suffered huge defeats at thep 36 KW 1991
had helped to create, a residential zone laid down in advance for the science parks and high-technology projects yet to comep 145 KW 1991
to China last summer, I was startled to find an advance guard of dragon ladies apparently waiting for me in thep 36 UGM 1992
in the last lines of this stimulating work, ‘that economic advance and medical progress mean that humans are almost at thep 155 UGM 1993
be closer to the truth, the battleground where the relentless advance of American popular culture was at last stopped and turnedp 216 UGM 1994
mating couple, and once they produced their offspring they would advance, two by two, towards the kitchen cleaver. Others languished inp 185 RP 1994
Chinese puppet forces. It would be days before the Allied advance guard arrived and took control. The B-29s had returned andp 284 UGM 1995
war crime to rank with Nazi genocide. During their long advance across the Pacific, the American armies liberated only one largep 293 UGM 1995
putting on the plays of Harold Pinter. Isn't that an advance?‘ ‘I suppose it is.‘ As we passed the marina Ip 255 CN 1996
sound. We'll be able to see anything suspicious well in advance.‘ ‘So no one will ever get ill?‘ ‘Something like thatp 68 SC 2000
betrothals are still common in rural Spain. It helps to advance the menarche and accelerate the supply of young farmhands. Whatp 93 SC 2000
the coast road. Had she known of the ratissage in advance? Already I had enfolded her into a fantasy of myp 223 SC 2000
Minister to act.‘ ‘So you knew about the killings in advance?‘ ‘No.‘ Frances took my hand and pressed it to herp 334 SC 2000
credulity. Sally was my field researcher, scanning the net for advance news of obscure protest rallies, and only too keen top 38 MP 2003
swirling into the lift shafts as the elevators carried the advance parties of demonstrators to the upper floors. Led by onep 155 MP 2003
in triumph to the estate. Her agent secured a large advance for her book-of-the-revolution, and Kay went on to become ap 290 MP 2003
by an American paperback firm, Berkley Books. I received an advance of $1000, which seemed a fortune. I celebrated by movingp 191 ML 2008
Victor Gollancz, the patriarch of English publishing, paid me an advance of £100, barely enough to keep a family afloat forp 191 ML 2008
editor, an enthusiastic supporter, made the mistake of adding an advance copy to the trolley filled with new titles that wasp 237 ML 2008