J.G. Ballard - The Concordance

concordance (n.) An alphabetical list of the principal words used in a book or body of work, with their immediate contexts.

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Ballard always experimented with the form of his fictions; fiction as book index, as questionnaire, as psychiatric report. This concordance of Ballard's books is part of a project to 'decode' his work using some of Ballard's own techniques — as he says:

'...the open-ended character of my fiction requires the reader himself to make a significant contribution. I'm offering a kit with which the reader, using my books as a sort of instructional manual (fit nozzle A into socket B, and you'll hear a loud whirring noise, which is the cosmos getting through to him).' (Interview with Graeme Revell, July 1983)

The concordance is based on all the material in Ballard's published novels, his non-fiction books; A User's Guide to the Millennium and autobiography Miracles of Life. Also included is all the material in the one-volume Complete Short Stories (Flamingo 2001), the stories from The Atrocity Exhibition (Re/Search 1990), and various uncollected pieces, such as Neil Armstrong Remembers His Journey to the Moon. See details in table below.  

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This is a companion project to my concordance of JG Ballard interviews.

In the main panel of the concordance, the contexts are in order of: Year of first publication, Abbreviated title (a guide to the abbreviations is below, together with editions used in this concordance), and Page number.

Please help to improve the concordance - let me know of any errors or suggestions.

Made with the help of Concordance - Mike Bonsall - August 2008

13C Thirteen to Centaurus (1962)
60Z The 60 Minute Zoom (1976)
AA1 Advertiser's Announcements: Homage to Claire Churchill (Ambit 32 1967)
AA2 Advertiser's Announcements: Does the Angle Between Two Walls Have a Happy Ending? (Ambit 33 1967)
AA3 Advertiser's Announcements: A Neural Interval (Ambit 36 1968)
AA4 Advertiser's Announcements: Placental Insufficiency (Ambit 45 1970)
AA5 Advertiser's Announcements: Venus Smiles (Ambit 46 1971)
AD The Air Disaster (1975)
AE The Atrocity Exhibition [short story] (1966)
AJK The Assassination of John Fitzgerald Kennedy Considered as a Downhill Motor Race (1966)
ATQ Answers to a Questionnaire (1985)
AW The Assassination Weapon (1966)
B Billennium (1961)
BAT The Bathroom (The Running Man 2 1968)
BM The Beach Murders (1966)
C Crash [novel] (1973) (Vintage 1995)
C80 Coitus 80: A Description of the Sexual Act in 1980 (New Worlds 197 1970)
CA The Comsat Angels (1968)
CC The Concentration City (1957)
CH Chronopolis (1960)
CHC Cry Hope, Cry Fury! (1967)
CI Concrete Island (1974) (Panther 1985)
CN Cocaine Nights (1996) (Flamingo 1997)
COL Untitled Collages (New Worlds 213 1978)
CRA Crash! [short story] (1969)
CS The Cage of Sand (1962)
CSC The Cloud-Sculptors of Coral D (1967)
CW The Crystal World (1966) (Panther 1978)
D The Drought (1965) (Penguin 1974)
DA The Dead Astronaut (1968)
DC The Day of Creation (1987)
DCG Dream Cargoes (1990)
DE Deep End (1961)
DF The Day of Forever (1966)
DFW My Dream of Flying to Wake Island (1974)
DG The Drowned Giant (1964)
DM The Death Module (1967)
DS The Delta at Sunset (1964)
DT The Dead Time (1977)
DW The Drowned World (1962) (Penguin 1968)
DYF The Dying Fall (Interzone 106 1996)
E Escapement (1956)
EG End-Game (1962)
ES Empire of the Sun (1984) (Panther 1985)
GA The Gentle Assassin (1961)
GAN The Great American Nude (1967)
GOA The Generations of America (1990)
GT The Garden of Time (1962)
GTN The Gioconda of the Twilight Noon (1964)
GTS The Greatest Television Show on Earth (1972)
GVD A Guide to Virtual Death (1992)
HA Hello America (1981) (Panther 1985)
HFF A Host of Furious Fancies (1980)
HR High Rise (1975) (Harper Perennial 2006)
HWT Having A Wonderful Time (1978)
I The Index (1977)
ICU The Intensive Care Unit (1977)
IM The Illuminated Man (1964)
IO The Insane Ones (1962)
IY1 The Invisible Years (Ambit 67 1976)
IY2 The Invisible Years (Ambit 69 1977)
IY3 The Invisible Years (Ambit 72 1977)
IY4 The Invisible Years (Ambit 73 1978)
IY5 The Invisible Years (Ambit 75 1978)
IY6 The Invisible Years (Ambit 78 1979)
JAC Journey Across a Crater (New Worlds Quarterly 1971)
JFA Jane Fonda's Augmentation Mammoplasty (Semiotexte 1990)
KC Kingdom Come (2006) (Harper Perennial 2007)
KG The Killing Ground (1969)
KW The Kindness of Women (1991) (Flamingo 1994)
L Love: A Print-Out for Claire Churchill (Ambit 37 1968)
LCC Love in a Colder Climate (1989)
LDG The Life and Death of God (1976)
LFA Low-Flying Aircraft (1975)
LL The Lost Leonardo (1964)
LNE Love and Napalm: Export USA (1968)
LOM How Dr Christopher Evans Landed on the Moon (New Worlds 187 1969)
LTP The Largest Theme Park in the World (1989)
LW The Last World of Mr Goddard (1960)
M69 Manhole 69 (1957)
M99 The Man on the 99th Floor (1962)
MA Motel Architecture (1978)
MF Mr F. is Mr F. (1961)
MFM The Message from Mars (1992)
ML Miracles of Life (2008) (Fourth Estate 2008)
MNF Myths of the Near Future (1982)
MO Minus One (1962)
MP Millennium People (2003) (Flamingo 2003)
MSA Memories of the Space Age (1982)
MWM The Man Who Walked on the Moon (1985)
MWR Mae West's Reduction Mammoplasty (1990)
NAR Neil Armstrong Remembers His Journey to the Moon (Interzone 53 1991)
NFS News from the Sun (1981)
NTM Notes Towards a Mental Breakdown (1976)
NWS Now Wakes the Sea (1962)
NZ Now: Zero (1959)
OAU One Afternoon at Utah Beach (1978)
OM The Overloaded Man (1961)
OOA The Object of the Attack (1984)
PAJ Plan for the Assassination of Jacqueline Kennedy (1967)
PB Prima Belladonna (1956)
PCD Prisoner of the Coral Deep (1964)
PE Passport to Eternity (1962)
PMF Princess Margaret's Facelift (1990)
PTD A Place and a Time to Die (1969)
QER Queen Elizabeth's Rhinoplasty (1976)
QR A Question of Re-Entry (1962)
R The Recognition (1967)
RE The Reptile Enclosure (1962)
ROP Report from an Obscure Planet (1992)
RP Rushing to Paradise (1994) (Flamingo 1995)
RUS Report on An Unidentified Space Station (1982)
RW Running Wild (1988) (Arena 1989)
S The Smile (1976)
S5 Studio 5, The Stars (1961)
SA The Sudden Afternoon (1962)
SAJ The Secret Autobiography of J.G.B****** (Ambit 96 1984)
SBS Storm-Bird, Storm-Dreamer (1966)
SC Super-Cannes (2000) (Flamingo 2001)
SCN The Summer Cannibals (1969)
SEO The Side-Effects of Orthonovin G (Ambit 50 1972)
SG The Screen Game (1962)
SGW Say Goodbye to the Wind (1970)
SM The Subliminal Man 63 (1962)
SS The Sound-Sweep (1960)
T12 Track 12 (1958)
TB The Terminal Beach (1964)
TDS The Thousand Dreams of Stellavista (1962)
TES The Enormous Space (1989)
THF Tolerances of the Human Face (1969)
TIM The Impossible Man (1966)
TMY Tomorrow is a Million Years (1966)
TP Time of Passage (1964)
TSS The Singing Statues (1962)
TT The Time-Tombs (1962)
TW Theatre of War (1977)
UC The Ultimate City (1976)
UD The University of Death (1968)
UDC The Unlimited Dream Company (1979) (Flamingo 1992)
UGM A User's Guide to the Millennium (1996) (Picador USA 1997)
VD The Volcano Dances (1964)
VH The Venus Hunters (1962)
VN The Violent Noon (1951)
VS Venus Smiles (1957)
VT The Voices of Time (1960)
WF War Fever (1989)
WFN The Wind From Nowhere (1961) (Penguin 1967)
WG The Waiting Grounds (1959)
WIB What I Believe (Interzone 8 1978)
WIW Why I Want to Fuck Ronald Reagan (1968)
WT The Watch-Towers (1962)
WW3 The Secret History of World War 3 (1988)
YCM You: Coma: Marilyn Monroe (1966)
YMC You and Me and the Continuum (1966)
Z20 Zodiac 2000 (1978)
ZT Zone of Terror (1960)