An Erotic Game. These images are the residues of a remembered moment of time. As he walked towards Trabert across the broken bodies of the plastic dummies, the screen jerked into a nexus of impacting cars, a soundless concertina of speed and violence. He crossed the ditch and walked towards the fence, within five minutes found an opening. This unattractive and obsessed young man -- why had she made love to him? She stared at the outline of her breasts on the black tiles of the shower stall, Talbot's hands traced around them. Dr Nathan looked down at the photostats which Catherine Austin had placed on his desk: (1) Front elevation of multi-storey car park; (2) mean intra-patellar distances (estimated during funeral services) of Coretta King and Ethel M. Kennedy; (3) close-up of the perineum of a six-year-old girl; (4) voice-print (terminal transmission) of Col. Komarov on the record jacket of a commercial 45; (5) the text of 'Tolerances of the Human Face in Crash Impacts'.

Rune-filled Eyes. The burning fuel had traced a delicate lacework of expressed tissue across her naked thighs. The need for more polymorphic roles has been demonstrated by television and news media. With an effort, he began: 'The imaginary sex-death of Che Guevara -- very little is known about Guevara' s sexual behaviour. Later, as he sat in the cabin of the helicopter, Talbot looked down at the motorway below them. Her breasts and shoulders recapitulated the forgotten contours of Karen Novotny's body, the motion-sculpture of the highways. She gave a start as Webster took her elbow.

The conceptual auto-disaster. Perhaps, like Koester, she was merely a vector in Talbert's dreams. This accords with the behaviour of a volunteer group of suburban housewives during New Year truce periods. The runways of the former airfield radiated from her in all directions. At dusk Talbot drove around the deserted circuit of the research laboratory test track. Already he had built up a substantial collection of erotica. As she touched the white acrylic smears across the trunk Koester swung himself aggressively out of the driver's seat.