Crash Magazine. He looked down at the huge geometric structure that occupied the central lot of the studio, now serving as the labyrinth in an elegant film version of The Minotaur. The planes of their lives interlocked at oblique angles, fragments of personal myths fusing with the commercial cosmologies. In the distance was the silver span of the motor bridge. Whether in fact this man was a returning astronaut suffering from amnesia, the figment of an ill-organized advertising campaign, or as some have suggested, the second coming of Christ, is anyone's guess. 'A model of the square root of -1?' In terms of television and the news magazines the war in Vietnam has a latent significance very different from its manifest content.

Sexual behaviour of witnesses in Dealey Plaza. Travers started the engine and turned across the central reservation. She took the girl's loose hands. Ignoring Catherine Austin, Dr Nathan walked over to the photographs of the isolation volunteers on the enamel wall beside the window. Infrared studies reveal conspicuous heat emission from the axillary fossae at rates which tallied with general psychomotor acceleration. 'What are they?' She touched the interlocking cubes and cones, mathematical models of pseudo-space. Partly concealed by the sunlight, the camouflage patterns across the complex of towers and bunkers four hundred yards away revealed half-familiar contours -- the model of a face, a posture, a neural interval.

Zone of Nothing. At the young woman's suggestion, Travis joined the C.U., and with a group of thirty housewives practised the simulation of wounds. Without any noise it took off into the sky. In an open category test, volunteers were asked to name those living public figures most suitable as potential crash victims. For the first time, as he wandered along the embankment, one of the aircraft had landed. Holding in his hand the commercial replica of agent Greer's driving licence he had bought in the arcade near the overpass, he walked towards the young man sitting in the back row. There were a number of secret transmissions to which Travis listened: (1) medullary: images of dunes and craters, pools of ash that contained the terraced faces of Freud, Eatherly, and Garbo; (2) thoracic: the rusting shells of U-boats beached in the cove at Tsingtao, near the mined German forts where the Chinese guides smeared bloody handprints on the caisson walls; (3) sacral: V.J.-Day, the bodies of Japanese troops in the paddy fields at night.