Sexual behaviour of witnesses in Dealey Plaza. For Travis, the ascension of his wife's body above the target area, exploding madonna of the weapons range, was a celebration of the intervals through which he perceived the surrounding continuum of time and space. In part a confusion of mathematical models was responsible, Dr Nathan decided. 'Games, Karen,' Travers reassured her. Deliberately he leaned against the car as he walked by, staring at her and almost touching her elbow. At the beginning, when they met in the deserted planetarium among the dunes, he seized on Karen Novotny's presence. Their fuselages formed bonfires across the dark fields.

Dissociation: Who Laughed at Nagasaki? He wandered through the deserted suburbs. The deck was crowded with passengers already aboard, who shouted at us as we climbed the gangway. Yet in the contours of his wife's thighs, in the dune-filled eyes of Karen Novotny, he saw the assuaged time of the astronauts, the serene face of the President's widow. In each case Reagan's face was superimposed upon the original partner. In some way Travis would attempt to relate his wife's body, with its familiar geometry, to that of the film actress, quantifying their identities to the point where they became fused with the elements of time and landscape. With almost dream-like calm, the camera explored her bruised mouth, the thighs dressed in a dark lace-work of blood.

Madame Butterfly. Guam in 1947. The question revealed either astonishing ignorance or a complicity in that conspiracy of the unconscious he had only now begun to unravel. On the basis of viewers' preferences an optimum torture and execution sequence was devised involving Governor Reagan, Madame Ky and an unidentifiable eight-year-old Vietnamese girl napalm victim. Tallis stood behind the door of the lounge, shielded from the sunlight on the balcony, and considered the white cube of the room. One day . . . He said, 'Perhaps. We might find Mrs Kennedy there. Or her husband. What time could be read off the slopes and inclines of this inorganic musculature, the drifting planes of its face?