A New Algebra. Here he would find his alternate death, the mimetized disasters of Vietnam and the Congo recapitulated in the contours of these broken fenders and radiator assemblies. He disappeared down a stairway. Almost hidden by the dunes, the distant apartment blocks showed no signs of activity. In each case Reagan's face was superimposed upon the original partner. Further tests were devised to assess the latent sexual fantasies of anti-war demonstrators. More and more Travers found himself exposing Karen to him whenever possible.

the realization of dreams These results accord with earlier studies of the sexual behaviour of spectators at major automobile accidents ( = minimum of one death). As he entered the apartment she was sitting on the balcony, painting her nails. Koester asked with irritation. The geometry of the plaza exercised a unique fascination upon Talbot's mind. In the rear seat the textbooks of erotica formed an encyclopedia of postures -- blueprints for her own imminent marriage with a seventh-floor balcony unit of the Hilton Hotel. 'We can regard them in all cases as "poses".

Pudenda of auto-crash victims. Later, walking across the dunes, he saw the figure of the dancer. They show (1) the left orbit and zygomatic arch of President Kennedy magnified from Zapruder frame 230, (2) X-ray plates of the hands of Lee Harvey Oswald, (3) a sequence of corridor angles at the Broadmoor Hospital for the Criminally Insane, (4) Miss Karen Novotny, an intimate of Talbot's, in a series of unusual amatory positions. Above all, the montage landscapes of war and death: newsreels from the Congo and Vietnam, execution squad instruction films, a documentary on the operation of a lethal chamber. To her annoyance he had even inserted zooms from the film in his little festival of dirty movies -- no doubt his psychotic patients had ejaculated into their strait-jackets. He turned on to a concrete track between the trees. Finally he came out and told me that there had been a delay.