A Shabby Voyeur. Damn it, this is The Man ...' It is believed that the act was conscious. Comparison of Vietnam atrocity films with fake newsreels of Auschwitz, Belsen and the Congo reveals that the Vietnam war far exceeds the latter's appeal and curative benefits. The highest speed ever achieved on land by a mechanically-propelled wheeled vehicle was 1004. This Venus of the dunes, virgin of the time-slopes, rose above Tallis into the meridian sky. An empty beach with its fused sand.

The Abandoned Motorcade. Among the thousands of cars in the parking lot she could see the white Pontiac. As they left the cubicle beside the kiosk he followed them towards the car park. Holding his throat with one hand, Dr Nathan stared at the body. After a brief initial period of withdrawal, relatives would revisit the site, usually attempting a discreet re-enactment of the crash mode. What act between them would provide a point of junction? He was trying to make contact with her, but in a new way.'

Rune-filled Eyes. After their long drive he had stopped on this isthmus of clinker only a few hundred yards from their apartment. '"Novotny, masturbating,"' she read out aloud. Talbert gazed at her with an almost benign curiosity, his eyes exploring the templates of her face. As his fingers touched her armpits she stared into the sculpture garden between the apartment blocks. (3) A 'neural interval' -- a balcony unit on the twenty-seventh floor of the Hilton Hotel, London. With an effort, he began: 'The imaginary sex-death of Che Guevara -- very little is known about Guevara' s sexual behaviour.