Vietnam and sexual polymorphism of individualized relationships of a physical character. In most roles the machine assumes a benign or passive posture -- telephone exchanges, engineering hardware, etc. His eyes turned to the multi-storey car park beside the apartment blocks above the beach. Half zipping his trousers, Koester lay back against the torn upholstery, one hand still resting on the plump thigh of the sleeping young woman. They stopped by the test course. Narrative elements: a week of hunting the overpasses, the exploration of countless apartments. 'We can regard them in all cases as "poses".

'Homage to Abraham Zapruder.' Strangely surprised by even this blemish on her otherwise under-pigmented skin, he bent down and touched it with his lips. A bearded young man with an advanced neuro-muscular tremor in his lower legs stood in the brilliant pearl light, his laminated suit bathed in the magnified image of Mrs Kennedy's mouth. Two hundred yards beyond the pines was the perimeter fence. The lunar basin of the river lay below. As he walked towards Trabert across the broken bodies of the plastic dummies, the screen jerked into a nexus of impacting cars, a soundless concertina of speed and violence. The smell was intense.

Vega. The apartment was a box clock, a cubicular extrapolation of the facial planes of the yantra, the cheekbones of Marilyn Monroe. The next day, as he walked back to Shanghai, the peasants were planting rice among the swaying legs. We must bear in mind, however sadly, that psychopathology is no longer the exclusive preserve of the degenerate and perverse. She looked up at the shutters, thinking of the sun-blackened bodies sprawled together in the darkness, as inert as the joints of meat on supermarket counters. 'Travers asked you to collect these for him?' These ideograms, like the hieroglyphs of a race of blind seers, remained on the grey concrete after Xero had gone, the detritus of this terrifying psychic totem.