Foreplay. He seemed to take a certain sardonic pleasure in compiling this one-man Kinsey Report on her ... positions, planes, where and when Travis placed his hands on her body -- why didn't he ask Catherine Austin? Why on earth had he followed her? A pointless vacation had led him by some kind of negative logic to the small resort on the sand bar. The two men shook hands. In his face the diagram of bones formed a geometry of murder. Soon the climax of the scenario would come, JFK would die again, his young wife raped by this conjunction of time and space.

The Him. Duchamp's glass construction, on loan from the Museum of Modem Art, reminded her of the ambiguous role she might have to play. She sat up, aware of the absence of any sounds or movement in the apartment. To calm him, she read through the catalogue introduction: 'Bernouli's Encyclopedia of Imaginary Diseases was compiled during his period as a privat-dozent in Frankfurt. Both subjects had purchased cars of this make and experienced continuing erotic fantasies in connection with the trunk mouldings. 'What does it mean to our sense of time and the images we carry of our finite lives? Are space vehicles merely overgrown V-2s, or are they Jung's symbols of redemption, ciphers in some futuristic myth?' She laughed, disengaging herself from Koester.

Pontiac Starchief. He waited by the window as the young woman dressed. Ignoring her question, Talbot studied her broad hips, with their now empty contours of touch and feeling. He had met her in the demonstration cinema during the interval, immediately aware that she would form the perfect subject for the re-enactment he had conceived. Symbols in a machine apocalypse, they seeded the cores of unknown memories in the furniture of the apartment, the gestures of unspoken affections. (2) The overpass below the apartment: the angles between the concrete buttresses contained for Talbot an immense anguish. Since their meeting at the emergency conference on Space Medicine he had done nothing but shuffle the photographs of wrecked capsules and automobiles, searching for one face among the mutilated victims.