A Silent Tableau. The young man climbed the rim and walked down the sloping bowl to the centre. The only way we can make contact with each other is in terms of conceptualizations. He touched the dented fender, feeling the reversed contours, the ambiguous junction of rust and enamel, geometry of aggression and desire. Often he spends hours sitting in it, trying out the front and back seats. An hour later a landing craft came alongside. Catherine Austin unlocked the door and followed Travers into the deserted laboratory.

Obscene Mannequin. 'Travers...?' At a nominal charge, fortunately -- most of the studio is disused now.' Other correspondences of respiratory and urinogenital function come to mind, enshrined both in popular mythology (the supposed equivalence in size of nose and penis) and psychoanalytic symbolism (the "eyes" are a common code for the testicles). Travers vaulted over the concrete balustrade and pushed through the swing doors of the lecture theatre. These studies confirm that it is only in terms of a psychosexual module such as provided by the Vietnam war that the United States can enter into a relationship with the world generally characterized by the term 'love'. Bernouli's monographs on imaginary defects of speech are a classic of their period, equalled only by his series of imaginary diseases of the bladder and anus.

No U-Turn. The sky remained constant, the warm air touching the shreds of test papers sticking up from the sand. What was he looking for? It was as if they sensed that something was missing. One day . . . He said, 'Perhaps. We might find Mrs Kennedy there. Or her husband. How different from Lautreamont, who brought together the sewing machine and the umbrella on the operating table, identifying the pudenda of the carpet with the woof of the cadaver.' 'Travers...?'