Veteran of the Private Evacuations. A conceptual flight. Her breasts and shoulders recapitulated the forgotten contours of Karen Novotny's body, the motion-sculpture of the highways. An hour later a landing craft came alongside. For several hours they waited on the concrete slope. 'What are you trying to build?' she asked. She had picked him up in the empty hotel cinema after the conference on space medicine, then taken him back to her apartment.

Gioconda. The apartment was a box clock, a cubicular extrapolation of the facial planes of the yantra, the cheekbones of Marilyn Monroe. By the way, where's our volunteer?' 'He's asleep.' She hesitated, but only briefly. 'In my apartment.' All week they had watched the montaged sequences of commercial pornographic films, listening without response to Talbert's analysis of each posture and junction. Where would the pubis lie? Her intelligent face, like that of a student, occasionally showed a nervous reflex of hostility. He took me on the Mollar line ferry to the cotton mill he owned on the Pootung shore, two miles down-river from the Bund.

Marey's Chronograms. The abandoned motorway ran off into the haze, silver firs growing through its sections. 'But even more disturbing is Talbot's deliberate self-involvement in the narrative of the scenario. Dolls consisting of plastic models of Reagan's alternate genitalia were found to have a disturbing effect on deprived children. What was he looking for? Data indicate a significant upswing in (a) frequency of sexual intercourse, (b) incidence of polyperverse behaviour. The billboards multiplied around them, walling the streets with giant replicas of napalm bombings in Vietnam, the serial deaths of Elizabeth Taylor and Marilyn Monroe terraced in the landscapes of Dien Bien Phu and the Mekong Delta.