would develop into nightmares of anxiety. 'Any great human tragedy -- Vietnam, let us say -- can be considered experimentally as a larger model of a mental crisis mimetized in faulty stair angles or skin junctions, breakdowns in the perception of environment and consciousness. Through the transom the light from the empty corridor shone into the darkened office. 'Are you writing me into your scenario, Mr Koester?' she asked with an attempt at irony. She lay quietly on her side, listening to the last bars of the scherzo as his hand hesitated on the zip. During this period, as he sat in the rear seat of the Pontiac, Travis was preoccupied by his separation from the normal tokens of life he had accepted for so long. Time-zones: Ralph Nader, Claude Eatherly, Abraham Zapruder.

The Skin Area. He seemed to turn everything into its inherent pornographic possibilities. Comparison of Vietnam atrocity films with fake newsreels of Auschwitz, Belsen and the Congo reveals that the Vietnam war far exceeds the latter's appeal and curative benefits. Sexual fantasies in connection with Ronald Reagan. She began to dress, aware of his eyes staring at her body. 'Perhaps Dr Nathan has given up.' The need for more polymorphic roles has been demonstrated by television and news media.

Some Bloody Accident. Nathan nodded sagely over his cigarette smoke. The students waited as Talbot stared at the photographs of himself arranged in sequence on the blackboard, his attention distracted by the elegant but severe figure of Catherine Austin watching from the empty seats beside the film projector. Perhaps she would make her descent here. Driven back, he traced his steps through the pines. Two films in particular were examined: (1) A montage sequence using portions of the faces of (a) Madame Ky, (b) Jeanne Moreau, (c) Jacqueline Kennedy (Johnson oath-taking). At a nominal charge, fortunately -- most of the studio is disused now.'