"Celebrations of his wife's death, " Further studies are in progress to construct an optimum sexual module involving mass merchandizing, atrocity newsreels and political figures. 'Conscious of Catherine Austin's nervous hips as she stood beside him, Dr Nathan studied the photograph of the young woman. The hyoid bone in her throat flutters as if discharging some subvocal rosary. We could go down to the beach.' However, a small minority (2 subjects) expressed a significant preference for the Lincoln Continental, if possible in the adapted Presidential version (qv conspiracy theories). Should he help Vaughan to escape?

Action Sequence. Using assembly kits of atrocity photographs, groups of housewives, students and psychotic patients selected the optimum child-torture victim. From the radio of the car sounded a fading harmonic. Memories of others than himself, together these messages moved to some kind of focus. Karen seized his arm. Exhausted by the sun, the resort was almost deserted -- beaches of white pumice, a few bars, apartment blocks in ice-cream colours. She was waiting for him at the cafe terrace.

Imaginary Diseases. Talbot climbed the slope, following this spectre along the embankment. Time-zones: Ralph Nader, Claude Eatherly, Abraham Zapruder. As for wanting to magnify the photographs and paste them up on enormous billboards, ostensibly to save her from Travis ... 'One of the casts is of Margaret Travis -- I won't describe it, but you'll see why we're worried. With stove and sleeping-bag, they camped like explorers on the sitting-room floors. Talbot brought the young woman and guided her down the embankment.