Spinal Levels. More than this, one could say that the precise, if largely random, configuration of atoms in the universe at any given moment, one never again to be repeated, seems to him to be preposterous by virtue of its unique identity...' They stopped beneath the half-painted bowl of the radio-telescope. Above all, the montage landscapes of war and death: newsreels from the Congo and Vietnam, execution squad instruction films, a documentary on the operation of a lethal chamber. A very different world was revealed. From the radio of the car sounded a fading harmonic. Convincing radiation burns required careful preparation, and might involve some three to four hours of makeup.

The New Eros. As he walked towards Trabert across the broken bodies of the plastic dummies, the screen jerked into a nexus of impacting cars, a soundless concertina of speed and violence. With a group of American servicemen we climbed the stern gangway and went to the forward rail above the cargo well. Dr Nathan accepted a cigarette from Catherine Austin, who had sauntered forward from the incubator at the rear of the office. For Talbot the most disturbing elements are the rectilinear sections of the beach and sea. Malcolm X: the death of terminal fibrillation, as elegant as the trembling of hands in tabes dorsalis; Jayne Mansfield: the death of the erotic junction, the polite section of the lower mammary curvature by the glass guillotine of the windshield assembly; Marilyn Monroe: the death of her moist loins; the falling temperature of her rectum embodied in the white rectilinear walls of the twentieth-century apartment; Jacqueline Kennedy: the notional death, defined by the exquisite eroticism of her mouth and the logic of her leg stance; Buddy Holly: the capped teeth of the dead pop singer, like the melancholy dolmens of the Brittany coastline, were globes of milk, condensations of his sleeping mind. His irritated eyes compared her figure with the outline in the bath.

The Impact Zone. As they walked along the catapult rails Talbot was aware of the young woman pacing out the triangle of approach roads. Talbot's bruised hands were lifting her breasts, as if weighing their heavy curvatures against some more plausible alternative. A conceptual flight. He stared up at the young woman standing on the roof of the maze, helplessly trying to hide her naked body behind her slim hands. His greatest work without doubt is his exhaustive "imaginary diseases of the genitalia" -- his concept of the imaginary venereal disease represents a tour de force of extraordinary persuasion. The deck was crowded with passengers already aboard, who shouted at us as we climbed the gangway.