The Water World. The right angles between the walls and ceiling were footholds in a valid system of time, unlike the suffocating dome of the planetarium, expressing its infinity of symmetrical boredom. The white rectilinear walls, Tallis realized, were aspects of that virgin of the sand-dunes whose assumption he had witnessed. Quite unprecedented.' Permutate them? The theoretical number of nucleotide patterns in DNA was a mere 10 to the power of 120,000. A helicopter clattered overhead, a cameraman crouched in the bubble cockpit. Soon the parallax would close, establishing the equivalent geometry of the sexual act with the junctions of this wall and ceiling. As he searched among the tyres and coils of barbed wire he saw the helicopter rising into the sky, the bomber pilot at the controls.

Optimum child-mutilation film. The only way we can make contact with each other is in terms of conceptualizations. Perhaps, like himself, she realized that his instructions would come from other levels? When would she speak to him? He continued to examine the wheel. The cars lay together at the centre of the collision corridor, the last steam and smoke lifting from their cabins. Margaret Traven moved through the darkness along the causeways between the reservoirs.

Love Scene. The director stared at her in a bored way, deliberately exposing the chewing gum between his lips. These were: (1) a spectroheliogram of the sun; (2) tarmac and take-off checks for the B-29 Super-fortress Enola Gay; (3) electroencephalogram of Albert Einstein; (4) transverse section through a pre-Cambrian trilobite; (5) photograph taken at noon, August 7th, 1945, of the sand-sea Qattara Depression; (6) Max Ernst's 'Garden Airplane Traps'. Deferring to Koester, Dr Nathan put down the typescript. As they sped along the highway the young woman flinched against the door pillar, eyes fixed on the huge trucks swaying beside them. Before stepping into the overheated, sunlight on the roof he nursed the bruise on his left ankle. Given that we can only make contact with each other through the new alphabet of sensation and violence, the death of a child or, on a larger scale, the war in Vietnam, should be regarded as for the public good.'