Internal Landscapes. All political and military explanations fail to provide a rationale for the war's extended duration. In an open category test, volunteers were asked to name those living public figures most suitable as potential crash victims. The dead face of the bomber pilot hovered by the door, the projection of World War III's unknown soldier. For hours his hands had searched her passive flesh, hunting for some concealed key to their sexuality. They sat in the unfading sunlight on the sloping concrete. I struck up a friendship with their driver, Corporal Tulloch, who often took me around with him.

Assassination fantasies in tabes dorsalis (general paralysis of the insane). Thinking of the photographs, she put her hand on his lap, watching the last of the footprints vanish in the sand. His immature but at the same time aged face seemed as rigid as a plaster mask. 'Ah, Dr Austin...' Eurydice in a used car lot? Later, the sexual act between them was a dual communion between themselves and the continuum of time and space which they occupied. When Coma called at the apartment Tallis rose from his chair by Karen Novotny's body.

War-Zone D. 'Considerable interference has been noted with TV reception over a wide area during the past three weeks,' Webster explained, pointing to the map. For Talbot the most disturbing elements are the rectilinear sections of the beach and sea. Tallis stood behind the door of the lounge, shielded from the sunlight on the balcony, and considered the white cube of the room. He looked up from the wheel as the flares illuminated the impact zone. The clinker-like rock towers, suspended above the silent swamp, create an impression of profound anguish. Talbert put his arm around her, pulling her on to his shoulder.